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Did anyone here that? That was the sound of Nolan finally snapping and all it took was just the minor insult, edgy kid, to finally set him off. "I'm done Fuck this, nope, I'm done! Eat shit and die, fuck boy. I'm outta here." He threw his hands up in the air and walked away while bumping shoulders with Sora, completely deaf to Ethel trying to tell him that Ariel was okay. It was not even noon and he had it up to here with everything! The entire fucking world could burn for all he cared!

Dalton watched as his partner stormed off and gave a death glare to some of the nameless faces that belonged to the guild, causing some of them to reel back in fear. The exceed turned to Master Jamie and back to the door that Nolan kicked up and yelled, "Wait for me!" before flying off after Nolan. It was an awkward situation and he gladly would use any chance to get out. He also had to make sure Nolan was not going to kill someone.

Meanwhile, Enma and Zev had wandered into the guild hall and were now wondering what the hell was going on. They were sent from their respective guilds to partake in the island exhibition, but things seemed...chaotic.

Nolan and Dalton

Well, there he was; standing there drenched and confused. In the span of a few minutes, his girlfriend had somehow absorbed a strange girl who is somehow the dominant personality, and he was caught in a torrent of water that had made him soaked him down from the head to his toes. His left eye twitched when he heard Jasmine and jumped back, making a very unmanly scream. His face flushed red in complete embarrassment for getting scared of just a teenage girl, well, he was a teenager too, but that was not the point.

Dalton shook his head as he started to get used to Nolan's reactions towards women. Seriously, this man was a man that dared to fight the Frenzy Plant team in the games by himself and he now makes that shameful sound."Come on, ya scarin' the girl! Could ya at least pretend that she doesn't make ya blood curdle?" The exceed chuckled, receiving a glare from Nolan though the Slayer sighed. He could see that Nolan was not making his usual threats he never followed through with, rather, he just seemed tired. That foul mood that he was famous for in his guild could not be found.

Nolan sighed and glanced at Jasmine. "It's Nolan, Nolan Waltz." He pushed his wet bangs back, slicking his it back to reveal his face. His black eyes gazed into hers and he shook his head. "It's fine, really. Just be careful with your power." He said apathetically to the young girl. There was no amount of energy in the world he could have to deal with that constant worry wart.

"Jamie, is Ariel going to be okay?" He asked his guild master as calmly as he could while trying to hide the slightest quiver in his voice. That same helplessness he felt this morning when Ariel broke down in his arms reared its ugly head and it gnawed at him.

The duo just stood there not knowing how they should react to the sudden turn of events. Nolan was just standing there, wondering what the hell happened and why it happened. His partner too was standing there wondering what in the hell just happened. Before the two of them could even say a word, the stream of water that Jasmine has accidentally shot smacked Nolan in the face. The God Slayer just stood there and took it though anyone within earshot could hear his garbled yells and curses. Dalton, being the ass he is, was pointing and laughing at his partner, but the stream had fallen down towards the feline too though Nolan's clothes were caught as the stream moved on.

By the end of that stream of water, both Nolan and Dalton were drenched. The Slayer's face was covered by wet locks of hair and his clothes were hanging heavily down against his body. Dalton's pompadour had lost its form and his entire body was covered by a mass of straight, dripping hair. "The fuck is goin' on today?"

"I don't know, Dalton. I don't know." He pushed his soaked hair out of his eyes and approached Airel. "Hey, are you feeling okay?" He was about to put his hands on Ariel's shoulders, but he realized that his hands were cold and wet so he stopped himself. He noticed that she was focused on something completely different. "Hey, seriously are you okay? What are you looking at?"

What the hell is wrong with this girl?, Dalton and Nolan thought in unison as they shot each other a look. Just what was her deal? The only way she could be shadier is if she was in a trench coat and wore sunglasses while trying to sell them counterfeit watches in an alley. Was she even a member of the guild anyway? "So, uh..." Nolan had no idea what he should say to her. There was just something off about her.

An audible sigh of relief came from Nolan as soon as Ariel came back to him. "Hey Ariel." He flashed her a brief smile. Of course he was also worried about her though right now was not the time and place to talk about the situation between Penny and her. "Do you two know each other?" Nolan inquired, most likely trying to find something to talk about.


Nolan saw Ferrin's obstinacy towards going to Tenrou Island. To be quite honest, he was not exactly sure of the situation with this Time Lord fellow as well. He had been quite out of the loop and was not sure what the deal with the island itself too. Before he could even try and get any information about what's going on, the voice of a girl crept along his spine like an ice cube. "Ah!" His back stiffened as he made a sound that many would consider to be extremely unmanly. What he saw that caused his terror was a teenage girl that spoke like a little girl.

Dalton stared at Nolan with a deadpan expression mixed with disappointment. "Did ya just scream?" The God Slayer ignored his disappointed furry companion. "Ya can ignore me, but ya can't ignore ya shame." In response, Nolan pushed Dalton back with his foot.

"Anyway..." He sighed and folded his arms. Just who the hell was she talking about? "The only red haired boy I know is Cody and he went out with James on a mission. What do you need him for?"

"Seems like some drama to me." Nolan stated, sliding his hands into his pockets and watched Ferrin stumble about before he finally stood in front of the guild master. The Slayer did not understand what was with Ferrin's anger and he even thought of interfering though that seemed like too much effort. It would make things worse anyway if he got involved anyway. No need to throw fuel on an already raging fire.

Speaking of drama, Penny was approaching the young couple and his rage towards Penny was palpable. Whatever good mood Nolan was in was swept under a rug and his gaze could have cut through iron. It should have been plain as day for Penny that Nolan knew that something had happened between Ariel and her, and if there was any certainty in the world he would have lashed his tongue at her if Ariel did not speak first. Nolan sighed and yielded to Ariel. "Fine..." Nolan muttered to himself.

"Hey Nolan!" A familiar flying purple cat plopped on Nolan's head. Said cat was grabbed by his pompadour and is being dangled in front of him.

"Where the hell have you been you little leech?" Nolan spoke casually, but he was actually very angry that Dalton did not even tell him where he went. He was actually worried about the little bastard.

The Exceed had a knowing grin along his face. "Well ya couldn't have been worried about me right?" Loosening his grip, Nolan dropped Dalton on his bum abruptly.
Fair point actually, fair point indeed.
*Looks at Nolan*

I mean you're not wrong. xD
To be fair, most of the main guilds in this rp have mages that are stronger than their current rank. xD

Yeah I think she would have to first though it wouldn't be that hard. xD
Yeah, so if you really wanna fight someone to get in fight Ash. She doesn't bite...ok, only when a situation calls for it XD
I mean Lug would actually decide who you fight, but just stating here and now that Ash is ready to rumble anytime.
I'm not lol Would've been fun to fight Enma XD
In fact, what Rank is Enma? Just asking for....reasons. >.>

He's an A class mage with an A rank in Frenzy Plant. Thinking of having Ash fight Enma?
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