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Well, perhaps Basil could just not worry about Cecil. The park is not that large so he was bound to bump into her eventually...or actually sooner than he thought; she was being dragged out of a bush by a pokemon...that was pink...and small. "Wait, what?" And he lost them before he could even do anything. Bloody hell.

Okay, so at least Cecil was safe...probably. She was with someone, very likely the Pokemon that he was looking for. It was not like they could get into too much trouble, no need to panic. Cecil was just making friends. It was not like they were going to commit a heist or do something dangerous. It's a park, what kind of danger could they even put themselves in? The thought was certainly a comfort.

If it was not one thing, it was another; a chill crept in the air just from some man's word and of course Basil could not help, but look to see what kind of terror could do this. What he found was a man that looked like he had not slept for the last ten years with a group of Shuppets that were either fearful of him or were just shyer than all get out and judging by their Pokedex entry, hopefully they aren't too attracted to Basil.

There was definitely some intrigue with this peculiar person, but he was not someone to bother a random stranger. That was until the fact that he revealed the gym leader of what Basil assumed to be Pureplain's gym leader, a much more serene older gentleman compared to his much more sleep deprived companion. The real question though was how the heck did that Stoutland hide behind them. Seriously, if the first thing they would notice would be the tired man them the second thing should have been the giant dog with a glorious beard prancing about.

Well, he may as well go and meet them. It's not like he had anything else to do."Well, uh, gonna go and meet the gym leader? You in?" Basil asked Cyril though regardless the answer he was going to go greet them.

"Um, hello there. He said as he approached the two of them."If I heard correctly, you said you're a gym leader. I'm Basil, I just received my starter today."


For just a brief moment, Basil's heart stopped. He swirved around and let out a sigh of relief that it was only Cyril. "Hey Cyril. Didn't expect to see you so soon." Truth be told, he was actually annoyed with him; his sudden appearance may have scared off any rare Pokemon though he did not show it.

Meanwhile, Cecil was munching on her sandwich as she watched the trainers converse. It seemed like a whole bunch of nothing was going on, but that was quickly not going to be the case; just nearby there was some rustling in one the bushes. "Dar?" Curiosity peeked, she walked over to the bush and somehow on the very tippy-top of her toes she looked over the bush. On the other side, she found a Pokemon doing something."Dar dar?" Wait...they were looking for a pink baby Pokemon. This certainly looked like a baby Pokemon and it most definitely was pink.

There's a thing about standing on being on toe tips; weight begins to shift and gravity does the rest. In Cecil's case, she was leaning forward and began to flail her arms about before she falls through the bush onto her face. "Darrrr..." Hopefully she did not scare the Pokemon off.

Basil was not paying attention though when he glanced down to see how Cecil was doing, she was nowhere to be found. "Hey, did you see where she went?"


Well, he should have guessed that asking a teacher for an answer was going to be vague as hell though he can't necessarily blame her considering its meant to encourage kids to explore and find out on their own. Still, he at least knew what to look for."Actually, yeah, I will. Thanks for the info, miss." Basil said ever so politely before he and Cecil walked back to the patch of grass where he placed his bags.

Okay he said that he would explore, but really, where would he start? Basil scratched the side of his head thinking when a thought came to him; baby Pokemon probably require more food than others since they are at their lowest stage in their evolutionary line and are growing. It was very likely that this Pokemon was foraging for food though that was just a wild guess on his part. For all he knew it could just be playing around somewhere without a care in the world. Still, it was at least a starting point. Pokemon are still food motivated too.

"Alright Cecil, here's the plan. We're gonna look around for places that have food, but low enough to the ground for it to access it...Unless it can climb trees, then look up if you hear anything weird."

She did not even respond to him; her gaze was too focused on the bag of food.

Basil could only roll his eyes and chuckle. "Alright, alright." He crouched down to hand her a sandwich, much to her eager pleasure.


Sandwich in one happy Darumaka's hand, the duo began their plan to explore the park for places that a baby Pokemon could graze. If that doesn't work, they have a bag full of sandwiches as potential bait, but that would have been a last resort.


If there is one thing to know about Basil it's that he has an appetite that rivals a Munchlax, something one would not expect considering how scrawny the boy was. The boy won the genetic lottery in that whatever he ate did not show up as much of a pound for him. So when he was at a local cafe to get food for a nice picnic, well, he certainly ordered enough sandwiches that he was given an odd look by the cashier because really, no one needs that much to eat and asked if he was ordering for more people.

Basil stiffened and with a nervous smile he said,"Oh, uh, I'm sharing with my pokemon." Not entirely a lie, but not entirely the truth either.

The cashier squinted at him doubtfully. "Right..."

Well after that awkward encounter, Basil walked through the city and had at some point let Cecil from her pokeball so she could walk along side him. They both observed their surroundings, which were mainly trainers and a variety of wild normal types. While the idea of catching some was tempting, it was something that he could do later though those Lillipups were certainly adorable.

And that aside, the duo arrived at the trainer school. It certainly was a school alright; it was filled with those eager to learn before they head off into the world, but Basil was more interested in having a hands on experience than cracking open books though that the fact that there seemed to be there own challenge here made it far more interesting. However, it was still a bit to early for him to try so he was more than happy to just go to the park and see what's there.

Kids were strewn about hunting for Pokemon and from what he could tell from his observation there was a great diversity with what could be caught. There was the water type, Finneon. Catching a Finneon to cover his rock and ground type weaknesses certainly would be beneficial to his team, but as his team was right now, Cecil would be at a complete disadvantage if they even attempt to catch one. It would have been unfair for him to force her to do that so he decided against it, after all, they were to eat.

Basil had just placed his backpack and the bag of lunch down on a cozy patch of grass and Cecil sat down, eagerly looking at the bag of sandwiches. One of them being a marmalade sandwich that caught her eye and was all too excited to eat it. They were just about to set up for their picnic, but Basil and Cecil's ears(?) perked at some very interesting news; are rare Pokemon was somewhere around the park. Kids were all over the place searching for it to no avail with the supervision of a lady who he assumed was their teacher.

"What do you think Cecil?"

""Dar! She said with a firm nod. Apparently they were on the same wavelength.

Figuring that it was safe to leave their stuff alone for a few moments, the two of them walked towards the teacher. "Um, excuse me, miss." He said to get her attention if she did not notice them approaching her. "We could not help, but overhear something about a rare Pokemon. What exactly is it?"

@PlatinumSkink@Joshua Tamashii

Well, that was unexpected. Who would of thought that Jacques would have been a wanted man? Of course, Basil knew all too well what nobles were like; treating Pokemon like fashionable accessories before they are tossed aside. His fists balled up just at the thought though that went away when he was told that Zachery was essentially a champion level trainer.

Basil's face was completely vacant, sort of like an anxious slowbro if they could feel anxiety though it was not because it went completely over his head, but the sinking realization that he was surrounded by Elite Four level trainers and beyond. Imagine being a beginning hiker, full of vim and vigor, and ready to take on the first mountain ahead. It is not the biggest mountain, but it is a first step. Now imagine being that hiker and the bloody mountains that were supposed to be the final stretch were suddenly just there looming over him before he even got to the first one. That was exactly what it felt like to Basil, absolutely small and feeble compared to these absolute monsters. He really had a long way to go.

With the shock out of the way, he laughed nervously and said, "Jeez, you guys sure are..." Basil trailed off as he saw something approach Jacques from behind.Huh?, was all he said before he realized what was about to happen.

Basil flinched with wide eyes as he took a step back away from the ghost Pokemon, holding his egg even closer to his chest in fear that they would try to snatch it too though he really had nothing to worry about considering who he was keeping company with, especially with that Gliscor. "Whoa." He said in completely awe at the Pokemon, scanning it with his Pokedex. Wait, 'it’s said catching a single light breeze once could carry it around the globe?' That cannot actually be true. Who in the world writes these entries? Do they just write whatever they feel like and everyone just accepts it?

Puzzlement at grossly improbable claims aside, he definitely would not mind adding one to his team should he encounter it.

His attention was turned to the owner of the two ghost Pokemon who rushed over and scooped up the trouble makers. The owner was a young girl, much younger than him though to his surprise she was acquainted with Jacques as well. Basil looked at Jacques inquisitively and then nodded when told that Amelia too was a trainer that Kalmia scouted for. He smiled kindly at her and said. "A pleasure to meet you. I just got my starter so I guess I've got some catching up to do." Somehow it was easier to talk to children than it was with others around his age...although this girl was a more experienced trainer so could he really treat her like a child? Seriously, she would wipe the floor with him in a battle.

And there was Zachery with his sales pitch. Looks like Amelia will be his first ever real customer, since Basil was technically not one considering he got his egg for free. Something told him that this was the only time he would get something free from Zachery; he could feel a hole being burned through his wallet just at the thought of buying any Pokemon from him. A pirate has to get his booty somewhere.

Basil glanced back at Jacques, who understandably told him to aim small for now, but expects him to keep his word. "See you when I see you." That was all he had to say to Jacques before he flew off back to Kalmia's lab. Jacques wasn't the only one who was going to take off as well; Bail brought his attention to Amelia.

"Sorry to just say hi and bye, but I'm meeting some other beginner trainers at Route 1 and I want to explore the city before then. Feel free to join us later if you want." He offered, but she probably had other things to do than be around some new trainers.

Whatever final words were exchanged with the two of them, Basil left to go explore Pureplain. What he wanted to do was to get Cecil and himself some lunch and eat it at the park by the Trainer School. It would be a much needed reprieve from the craziness that filled the day. What could possibly go wrong?


And Zachery left him alone with the two women and the giant ice bear. It almost felt like a setup to a joke, like a person walks into a bar sort of scenario except it was his awkward self. Basil was certainly looking a little skittish considering who his company was, not that they seemed to actually be bad people, but they were still pirates.

The poor boy stiffened when one of the pirates asked him about about living on the sea. "Life at sea? Um, I've never considered..." He trailed off while the other pirate thankfully told her to stop with the questions though there was something else that brought his attention; the Beartic and the girls staggered back when a shadow was cast over the pier.

Looking upwards, he saw what appeared to be a flying prehistoric beast diving downward from the direction of Kalmia's lab. "What in the?"

His Pokedex scanned the Pokemon and in its robotic voice it said, "Pokédex Entry #142 – Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokémon. A Pokémon who roamed the skies in the age of dinosaurs, it has today been regenerated from genetic material found in amber. It’s a savage creature that is known to go for the throats of opponents with its sharp claws."

If this thing was alive during the age of dinosaurs then why the hell was it flying around in a modern day sky? It had to belong to someone and Basil was certainly right in that assumption; someone jumped off its back and that someone was Jacques. Basil had to step back to give the man some room to land.

Seriously, flashing attire, flashing attitude, and flashy entrance. What isn't flashy about this man? Still, he found himself in a state of awe and said, "Likewise, Jacques." He just observed his interaction with the pirates and he could only wonder what their relation is. Obviously they are fond of him and respect him though if one of them can casually ask about having a battle with him then she must be confident in their strength. In that case, how strong was their captain, Zachery?

Before he could even ask, Zachery came off that ship with a thunderous thud right in front of Basil, causing him to jolt into the air. The captain seemed quite proud of what he came up with and he gave him a Pokemon, technically. Basil reached out and grabbed the Pokemon egg from the captain. It was so large, much larger than he thought they were and yet, it was almost as light as air. His eyes lit up as he held it close to him, so happy that he gets to raise a Pokemon from an egg that he did not notice Zachery's question on whether or not he grabbed the right egg.

"Thank you so much, sir!" He said gratefully, perhaps with a bit more pep than he typically has, but his gratitude was overshadowed by the presence of Jacques.

It looked like he was there to talk to Zachery about the ship hull filled with foreign Pokemon. The way they talked made it sound like they were old friends, which was definitely the case. They certainly were on good terms enough since Jacques was helping him make some serious coin while steering Zachery away from his idea from releasing all the Pokemon into the wild. It was almost like watching someone help a child solve a problem. Was Zachery an actual pirate? First, he wanted to release all the Pokemon in the hull in the wild to populate the region, gave Basil an egg for free, and now it took someone else to lay out what a pirate should be doing when they have treasure, which in this case are the Pokemon.

"Oh, I see." He whispered back to Jacques. Zachery was looking less and less like a pirate with each passing second. At least he had a good heart and a sense of honor so as far as Basil was concerned, the pirate captain was alright with him.

Again, the captain went back to his ship and it was just them. There was a question that had been on his mind ever since Jacques had arrived to the scene. "So Jacques, I've got to ask. Is the captain affiliated with the league? His presence seems to be quite too...large if you were called down to smooth things out." Jacques could respond to that question in the gap of time.

Basil wasn't going to stop Jacques from leaving, after all, he was a busy man after all. He only had one thing to tell him before he left. "And at the end I'll stand at the top of the league." Just one look in his eyes anyone could tell those weren't hollow boasts, he was completely serious. Even if he was an anxious, shaking leaf of a person he was still a trainer with a clear goal and he would get there by his own efforts.

He could not help to chuckle at Zachery's proclamations about pricing the Pokemon at ridiculously high prices for the upper crust of society. While he, if he were in Zachery's shoes, wouldn't sell a single Pokemon to the bloody nobility, Basil knew that Zachery had an operation to run and he certainly was not going to tell anyone who to sell to. Besides, he gave him a free egg so he really couldn't talk. "Um, thank you again, Captain. If you ever need a favor of me in exchange I'll gladly accept it." It was only polite to offer since Zachery really did not have to give him a free Pokemon.

Now if nothing else happened and if Amelia chooses not to interact with Basil, he was going to explore the city more. What he wanted to do was to buy some lunch for Cecil and himself so they could have a little picnic at the park. That is if Amelia does interact with him that does not happen, yet.


The energy in the port was absolutely electric; workers were going about helping hull goods off ships and there were stalls filled with various goods, smells, and sights as far as the eye can see. Basil's eyes lit up at the prospect of finding unique items that could not be found in Isson and began his little adventure in the marketplace. The mail was not exactly the most enticing thing in the world though what caught his eye were the ash glass flutes on display. Of course he was not allowed to touch them since dropping them would put both the the shopkeeper and him in a bad position so Basil just admired them in their glass cases. It was temping to drop some cash to buy one, but it would more than likely burn a hole into his wallet and he doesn't even know how to play to begin with, after all, he was a mandolin player.

Food was also one of the things that caught his eye and there all kinds from all over the world. They all looked so tempting to buy and really he would have bought something if he did not catch something from the corner of his eye, something completely out of place.

"What the hell?" Basil said, looking at what appeared to be an honest to god pirate ship. There were so many questions, but it was so out there that he did not even know what to ask. The only thing he thought to do was to to get closer to it so examine it in greater detail and as he got closer, he saw an actual pirate captain towering over some poor man who looked rather displeased. Behind him were two...interestingly dressed women and a giant bear that looked like it was going to maul someone in a second. Basil took his Pokedex and scanned the angry looking thing.

"Pokédex Entry #614 – Beartic, the Freezing Pokémon. They love the cold seas of the north. It creates pathways across the ocean waters by freezing their own breath, and swims around northern seas to catch prey. It creates fangs and claws of ice using its breath to fight with, and are very capable swimmers."

Huh, and that thing was ready to rip someone into shreds.

What really got Basil's attention though was Zachery angrily proclaiming that he was going to introduce non-native Pokemon to Isson. Now he did not know about anyone else, but that certainly was something of great interest to him though that seemed to be the issue that they were arguing about. Well, it's not like Basil did not understand that introducing foreign Pokemon could have severe ramifications so that Zachery fellow was in one heck of a bind, until his eyes met his and a hooked hand was directly pointing at him.

"Me?" Basil looked left and right to see if he was referring to anyone else, but nope, he somehow got roped into this. So this was the start of his journey: being offered a Pokemon by a scary pirate and his subordinates. It's not like would have objected to it though that Beartic certainly cemented the deal just by looking terrifying.

What did he even want though? It was not like he had that great of an understanding on what kind of Pokemon there were! He was just a beginning trainer!""Um, I literally just received my first Pokemon so I don't think I could handle something insanely strong right now..."

He scratched his neck as he began to think on what he wanted though he had a thought; he wanted to cover Cecil's weakness though he wanted some serious potential for fire power. There was something actually, something he saw on a TV special about the Pokemon in the Galar region. "Actually, there is something. It's a Pokemon from Galar that's electric and poison typing and its evolution plays music though I can't remember what it's called."


"I hope by then I'll be able to stand at your level." He said to Rodger before the older looking boy rode off to the distance. His attention was turned back to Cyril who was informing Basil on where to meet if he ever decides to join Chloe and him.

"Okay, Route 1. Got it." Basil nodded as he made a mental footnote. It looked like he was not the only one to have plans around the city; Cyril seemed to have it all figured it out and meanwhile Basil could barely think of what he would want for breakfast. "Um, see you when I see you." And that boy was running off again. Where did he get that energy?

Well now he had a chance to go and explore the city, but where to start? Actually, when he got off the ship earlier today he saw a bustling marketplace though he was in such a rush to get to the lab that he barely thought of it. The prospect was certainly a fun mini-adventure and maybe he could get something really interesting or useful while he was there.

With a destination set, Basil made his way to the marketplace by the harbor. What will he find there?


"Oh yeah, that's a thing." Basil completely forgot that they were being paid to catch Pokemon so it definitely made sense that she would get her money that way, assuming she had pokeballs. While Growlithe sounded like a fun Pokemon to have, he already had a fire type in Cecil so he would have rather branch out his team for the sake of variety than specialize in a specific type.

Cyril's exclamation made the poor boy jolt in place and looked at the taller boy with wide eyes. He had only been around Cyril for only a few minutes and this boy was already making him exhausted. Still, the offer to join him and Chloe on the journey for a bit was a little tempting. "Um, I'm going to explore the city a bit so-" His eyes trailed to the knocking from the door. "Oh, I'll get-" And Cyril had made a mad dash at for the door before he could finish his sentence. He'll just answer him later.

For the meantime, there was another boy, who was introduced by Kalmia as Ryu. "Oh, uh, hi." Basil waved meekly. It was really beginning to feel like he was staying here for a bit too long; he was actually beginning to get a bit restless.

"Well, I think I have everything I need. Thanks for everything Professor." Basil said, smiling at the professor before he made his way out of the lab where Cyril was conversing with Roger. He approached him and cleared his throat. "So about your proposition...I'll think about it before I leave Pureplain. Just call or text me when you're going to leave."


"Um, a pleasure to meet you both." The next few moments were...interesting to say the least. Chloe asked her questions with incredible energy and Cyril was what some could describe as a colorful character to say the least though his Budew was adorable."No you're fine, you're fine. I just wasn't expecting you two to be so...outgoing."

Basil laughed nervously, his hands fidgeting together. "As for my future team it's an exciting thing to think about, but I can't say I have given it any thought. I'm just flying by the seat of my pants at the moment so, uh, who knows what I will have besides Cecil."

What intrigued him was their plan on getting Chloe money since she was broke, but upon inspecting her again, it was pretty easy to figure out why. He recognized the clothing brands that she was wearing mainly because Basil had seen the women from high society in Worldedge City and they certainly were not cheap. "Money huh..." He scratched his chin in thought until he had a little idea. "Any of you busked before? Street perform?" One would not tell from his nervous disposition, when he sneaked away from his family's estate as a kid he would often take his mandolin and perform for pocket money until he was either found out by his family or by the police when they found a boy without his parents. It only so happened that he had his mandolin attached to his backpack, in its black case of course.

As for where Roger went, well, he had not actually gone yet. "You mean Roger? He's about to leave. Why do you ask?"
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