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Oh no, he knew that the Hawlucha was fast, but he did not think that it would be running around Aria in circles and dodge her attack with absolute ease. This was bad, this was real bad... And then the Hawlucha accidentally broke the pole it was bouncing from and hit the floor with relatively loud slam.

That...that was just unfortunate.

Still, this was a moment of opportunity! Basil had ordered Aria to use Defense Curl for the full three turns to boost her defense as much as possible. Now Aria could probably eat one non-critical hit, but he was not done yet.

"Aria, Play Nice and follow up with Disarming Voice!"

He was actually caught off guard with her wanting to invite Ria along for their little bit quality time, mainly because Zen thought that Akemi would have been to fixated on all the places they could go to considering this is her first real festival. With that being said, Ria had seemed to be a little off ever since she came back from her job from Era. Knowing her, she was probably already exhausted after the beating she took and still refused to rest. One of these days he's gonna wrap her in a blanket like a burrito and make sure that she gets a full week of rest or so help him.

Well, at least Akemi was still the kind, considerate girl from when he left home a year ago. Zen smiled and ruffled Akemi's hair again. "You're a good kid, Mimi. If we see her while we're out, we'll invite her."

And there she was again with words that came out of her mouth at a mile a minute. At this rate they will just spend the entire day talking about what they could do rather than actually doing anyway. "How about we decide what else we'll while we head to the garden? Let's get a move on!" He motioned her to follow him away from her barstool and to head outside so they can finally do something.


Man, having Lupin out was definitely a great idea! Lupin did not leave any pile of trash, leave, and old furniture unturned and what he brought back was pretty useful. He even found a TM for Charge Beam, which was a pretty good to find lying around in the dust and clutter of an abandoned building.

Basil looked at Lupin and then the TM, flipping it around in his hand as he inspected it in puzzlement. How exactly do Pokemon learn moves from TMs? Eh, he'll ask a Nurse Joy or Lorette when he sees her again.

The two of them began their search for Pokemon that can exclusively be found residing in the buildings and well, there wasn't much luck there. There were the Budews that reminded him of Aster and Cyril and many Pokemon from outside have made their nests in crooks and crannies that were definitely not meant to be inhabited. Basil did catch glimpses of the Dedenne scurrying about, trying to stay out of sight though there were some peeking at him with curiosity

Then they found an odd room with exercise equipment and what he could only guess to be a ring of some sort in the middle of the room. There were any number of sports memorabilia plastered haphazardly on the wall. Upon closer inspection, the ring was made out of worn rope and vegetation from the forest nearby. "The heck?" He muttered to himself, but his attention was brought to a Pidove with a spotlight on it. The little bird acted as if it was announcer for some big time event and there were Dedenne cheering in the makeshift stands. Did...did he just stumble upon a fight club? Was this a fight club for wild Pokemon?

As if this was completely rehearsed, the spotlight shone on the door and it slammed open with some caped figure standing on the other side before it put on an acrobatic display. It was fast, real fast, but its dexterity and nimbleness was also a sight to behold. The Pokemon was stanced up and if there was thing that Basil was certain of it was that it wanted a fight.

Lupin glowered at the mucho macho Pokemon. "Snease snease!" What a blowhard!

Meanwhile Basil was more curious than anything else. "Hawlucha?" That really was one showy Pokemon. Basil grabbed his Pokedex and looked for its entry.

Pokédex Entry #701 – Hawlucha, the Wrestling Pokémon. Although its body is small, its proficient fighting skills enable it to keep up with big bruisers like Machamp and Hariyama. With its wings, it controls its position in the air. It likes to attack from above, a maneuver that is difficult to defend against.

So judging by the Pokedex entry it was a fighting/flying type? If that was the case then Hawlucha hard countered almost his entire team then! Lancer and Crocus would get blown away by a flying type attack and Lupin was quad weak to fighting type moves so he was not an option either... Speaking of which.

"Oh no you don't!" Basil grabbed Lupin's Pokeball and with a beam of red light, retrieved him before the cocky little Sneasel could recklessly jump into the ring.

He stepped up to the ring with a Pokeball in hand. This was a challenge and he certainly was not going to be one to back down. "Don't underestimate me."

Okay, so his only options then were Cecil and Aria. Cecil had the attack power and modest physical defense for eating hits, but if the entry was true and it prefers to attack from the air then she would be in a world of trouble. Aria was literally a balloon, but when he checked her move set there were buffs, debuffs, and status moves along with Disarming Voice.

He weighed his options and there really was only one choice to make.

"Take the stage, Aria!" Basil tossed out a Pokeball and with a flash of white light the Jigglypuff he had just caught has now made her debut.

"Jiggly!" She puffed up and glared at the Hawlucha who was hogging the spotlight.

So the strategy for this was simple; Basil would order Aria to use Sing on the Hawlucha and if it worked then he would have her use Defense Curl as many times as she could just so when it wakes up, she would be able to fight without getting absolutely one shot by this beast of a bird.

Well she was still blunt as ever. It's not like he could blame her though; a week long festival to celebrate a birthday was pretty excessive, but then again, most people weren't princes. "That's royalty for you. They always make a big spectacle out of everything." Not that it matters to him why there is a festival to begin with. It's been quite a while since Zenith had spent time with Akemi so it was the perfect opportunity for them to reconnect.

It's been so long that he had seen her so excited, not that most people would be able to tell anyway. Akemi never really had the opportunity to go to these kind of events. This kind of freedom was completely new to her, something that she had desperately needed if she were to mature and become the mage that she could be. Well, one step at a time.

"Eh, I'm pretty sure Ria is busy and uh..." His face scrunched up at thought of Kaden. "He's off watching a kid get his teeth kicked in. Maybe next time?" Typically the phrase 'the more the merrier,' would have been a sentiment that Zenith would have agreed with, except for the case of inviting Kaden. He'd rather scrub himself with a sponge of sandpaper than deal with that simple minded twat for more than two minutes.

"Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's standard festival stuff: food and trinket stalls, games, live entertainment. Oh, the royal gardens are open too if you're interested."


There was totally nothing nerve wracking about walking up a flight of unlit stairs in an abandoned building. It was totally fine that he went up with no possible clue that something could have been watching him the entire time, waiting for the chance for him to let his guard down. The thought of being stalked by something or someone was totally a comforting thought.

By the time Basil had reached the roof, his legs shook like jello and was just about ready to fall onto his back. Stairs, not even once.

"Heck of a view." He muttered to himself as he approached the edge of the roof. It was almost immediate that Basil saw something stick out like a sore thumb on the south side of the route. Could it be...? "Let's check it out, but first..."

Basil had already made the effort to scale the building so while he was already there, he had two things he wanted to do: one was he wanted to look around the building and see if there any items that he could scavenge that may be of use to him. He also wanted to see if he could find any hints of any Pokemon living in the building that he would not find out normally. To aid him with this, Basil tossed Lupin's Pokeball and out came the Sneasel. Since this was a Pokemon that used the cover of night to shroud itself, perhaps it would be able to aid him in exploring the darker parts of the abandoned building.


Oh dear god he had never walked more in one day than he had in his entire life. Sure he wasn't the most active person in the world with his spindly legs and all, but he thought all the times he snuck out and ventured through Worldedge would at least give him some more stamina! When this adventure is over he is going to have some seriously toned legs. At least this trek through the wood was thankfully not fraught with peril unless someone counted the flabebe and shroomish going about their lives and staring at the visitor walking through their woods.

It was not long until he found himself shielding his eyes from the sudden bit of sun cracking through the sky. Basil had spent long enough in those dark, rainy woods that he had almost forgotten what the sun looked like. Considering that this place wasn't engulfed in rain, he assumed that this place was Route 11. Actually, he had heard of this route before mainly because it leads to Route 12, the that route breaks off to many major cities, and for its numerous vacant buildings. "What a waste." The homes of Pokemon were torn down for these buildings and now they aren't even in use. Perhaps nature was beginning to reclaim what had been lost.

Okay, so where to begin his search? There were any number of side roads that lead to god knows where so unless he wanted to spend his time using the process of elimination by going down each path, he was at a bit of a loss where to even start. It's not like he could ask a random passing person if they knew anything about a lost shrine because if any layman could provide clear cut instructions of where it was then it would not be exactly 'lost.' Lorette really didn't give him much to work with did she? What exactly did he need to find on Route 11 in order to find the Shrine?

Perhaps he needed to get a better view of the route to find whatever he's looking for. There were plenty of buildings so if he went on the roof of the tallest building then he would definitely have a wider field of view. With that idea in mind Basil searched for the tallest building in the area and if there was nothing stopping him, enter it.


Okay, so he wasn't going crazy. Something actually did hear him though they only listened the first prayer. Basil did not know whether or not he should take comfort that something actually heard him or terrified because something heard him. Lorette did not share those thoughts and chuckled nervously "I'm afraid to ask for more than I already have."

Okay, maybe he could have asked more because it looked like Basil was not going to get any information from her for free. Ever the generous soul she was to help him on his quest! Well it's not like he was actually surprised, but a guy could hope. Besides, if he investigated the lost shrine then maybe he could find some info for his own investigation. "Sounds like a fair enough exchange. I'll do it." He nodded in affirmation.

"Find and examine the lost shrine. Is there something specific I should keep my eye out for?" He asked inquisitively. If he was going to go search some abandoned shrine, he may as well have an idea of what he was looking for.

If there was nothing else important to note, Basil would give his goodbyes to the gym leader and Raltses and make his way through the forest to route 11.


Shrine of the Center? Well, that either was a coincidence or the shrine was really in the center of the rain like the rumors said though it was strange. How could there be so little information on this place when it's just a stones throw away from Highhill Town? It must have been abandoned long before the town was established that the history behind it was lost through the generations or there wasn't much information on it to begin with.

"Oh! Um, this is gonna sound a little silly, but I asked around town for rumors and such that I could investigate because, well, being a trainer is about adventuring and investigating. Right?" Basil said with a sheepish smile. "So I settled on investigating this endless rain and the Silent Shrine, but I ended up with more questions than answers." And did those questions come in spades! There was that strange experience at the Silent Shrine, the forest of fae with those oddly placed arches, and now this abandoned shrine. Were the Silent Shrine and the Deepforest Shine related somehow just because of how close they were? There had to be some crossover if they were built around the same time, assuming if they were.

Maybe Lorrette had some answers? "Uh... This is gonna sound really weird, but whenever you prayed at the Silent Shrine did you ever get the impression that something was listening to you? Not like in the metaphorical, religious sense of having faith that something heard me, but as in something actually heard me?"


Basil smiled and looked down at the Pokeball now containing the Jigglypuff. "Welcome to the team, Aria."

Back to the actual moment, Basil jumped a bit from the Ralts teleporting and sighed. Well, it looked like it did not want to answer his questions, or so he thought. There was a familiar dot of green up ahead behind a tree motioning with its stubby little arms to follow it so Basil did what any sensible trainer would do; he followed the Ralts down the path of oddly placed gates that quite literally lit the way.

It was a deep trek, far longer than he actually anticipated, but he only grew ever more curious where the Ralts was leading him. There were a few moments where he lost it, but the little Pokemon would always make itself known if he was just clueless though through all that they arrived at whatever the Ralts was leading the young trainer.

"A shrine this deep in the woods?" He scratched his chin as he looked up at the red arch. Wait a minute, a shrine deep in Northern Silent Forest? Didn't he hear about something like that when he was inquiring about any local rumors and legends back in High Hill? That the endless rain centered on a shrine? So there was some truth to it after all.

Perhaps even more puzzling were the many little green capped attendees maintaining the temple. Some fled and some stood there with curious gazes as they tried to get a read on Basil. He just waved at them with slight smile just to show that he wasn't a threat.

His eyes trailed about until they fell upon an unexpected sight; a young girl was just sitting on the stairs up the shrine among the little attendants. Basil would have greeted her, but the Ralts that he was following teleported by her side and pointed at him. Turns out this girl was the gym leader of High Hill and the Shrine Maiden of the Silent Shrine! Well, she certainly was ready to throw down if he was, but Basil was just unprepared physically and mentally,

He shook his head vigorously and kept making a hand waving motion as if he was dismissing the idea. "Uh, no, no not yet! I didn't even know you were away from the gym. That Ralts lead me here..." He trailed off as he glanced around the shrine. If it were not for the Ralts, this place would just be completely abandoned though they had to be here for a specific reason. There had to be some importance to this place.

It was then Basil realized that he was perhaps not being the most courteous of guests of this shrine "My apologies, I'm being rude! My name is Basil and I, well, just started my journey as a trainer today." He said in a bit of panic, his words almost running into each other and his face lit up red. Inside, he was screaming at himself.

Basil cleared his throat and tried to play it off as if it didn't happen. "What is this place? It's so out of the way that I didn't expect to find another person here."

Great, this asshole really wanted to play it like that. "Oh ouch, what cutting words. It's not like I've heard that from you for the fifth time since you joined. Now how about you think of something original you syphilis carrying piece of shi- " And he barely just stopped himself when he realized he was about to say in front of Akemi, Zen cut himself short. It was always a point to keep himself from acting out of line in front of her just to be a good example of what kind of mage she should become though that is not to say that there were moments where it slipped through the cracks, particularly when it came to her father.

Zenith smiled a bit at Akemi brightening up at the prospect of going around the festival. She certainly was not the most expressive of all people, but she had her tells.

And then Kaden had to just egg him on. Zenith kept that smiling face of his, but anyone in the guild would have felt an animosity that would have scared off an entire forest of animals seeping from him. It was a good thing that nothing came from Kaden continuing to poke the not so metaphorical bear lest he would be the one with a fight on his hands.

Well, at least he was out of sight, out of mind. He sighed and looked down at his 'sister,' only just realizing that there was no way that she would have heard of it considering she was bedridden for most of the week. "Prince Ryokugyoku Fiore is turning 21 next week so they're holding a festival until then and well, it started today."
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