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"Yeah, I'd knock on the door if it did not knock me in the face first." The titan of a man said with a chuckle, trying to break the tension with a little joke though it definitely fell flat with his current audience of one. Yeah, this was exactly the kind of reaction he expected from her so he was not surprised that the instant that he walked into the room that she would start hurling insults at him as if it was going out of style so he was able to bear through it. It was not like his own family nor the other nobles and foreign royalties did not share the same kind of snobbery that she did so at this point he was pretty used to it. His family definitely would have been ashamed to know that this was the life that he had turned to instead a life of a king.

Well, she said she was fine and really he did not want to impose any further so he was about to leave her be, but then she started on a barrage of insults hurled at him, the crew, and his own country. Oof, she really was going the full mile when it came to her insults. The contempt in her voice oozed and it just kept hitting him over and over again. He really underestimated just how rude this little girl could be and boy, was she ever the nastiest monster on this ship. At this point she may as well had just told him to promptly fuck off and leave her alone, but that would have been both too easy for her and in her case, probably too low brow.

At the mention of his musky smell of sweat and the sweet smell of alcohol, he raised his arm up and took a quick whiff before his face soured. Okay, maybe she had a point about the smell so fair point to her.

He simply just watched her while she walked around with her gaze on his as if she was trying to keep an eye on a wild animal though she ended up getting caught up in some rope and flailed and squealed as she fell onto her butt while tossing her book at his face by accident. Huangdi leaned back and watched the book fly by an inch away from his face. "Not this time." He muttered to himself as he looked back at Adelyn, covering her face.

Huangdi sighed, knowing that this was her at her breaking point. He knew that she was not okay, not by a long shot. "Do you know why we all spend our time acting like barbarians as you describe us as? Everyone here has lost or given up something in one way or another and we're the only people we have to give comfort to each other.

Picking up her book, he knelt down and handed it to her. "I'm not going to force you to come back, but I'm just letting you know this now. Isolating yourself like this and letting this stir inside you is going to do far more harm than good. Just talk to us when you're ready. We'll be here when you want to talk."

It may have been an absolute hell outside of the ship, but inside the spirit of the crew was shining and getting completely wasted on the grog, wine, and whatever other kind of booze there was on hand. Mirth and merriment were in the air as the pirates laughed even when the ship was being tossed around by the wind and getting pelted down an unending storm of hail thought that was probably muffled by the drunken sounds of playful jeering and cusses. While some would be questioning why these pirates would be so cheerful considering that their rickety, technologically inadequate airship could be torn apart at any given moment, but really, if they thought about it then the dread of the fact that they are on a high speed airship thousands of feet in the air that could be destroyed in mere moments then no one would ever have gotten off the ground.

But no, they were not thinking about so their morale was not sinking faster than the ship could at any given moment. In Huangdi's case he was taking part of the festivities with great relish, something that many outside of the crew would considering unsightly considering his royal heritage, but he truly did not give a single damn. The big, muscular Adonis of a man was downing the grog at the same pace as his crew members and slammed the mug down against the table and let out a hardy laugh at one of the verses one of his intoxicated compatriots slurred out before he fell against the table with a a thump.

They were swinging their mugs around with the rhythm of the song and Huangdi now took the lead and started to sing with a rich baritone. "Hey ho to the skies I go, to free my heart and ease my soul. Winds be strong, winds be cruel, but for this love that's my dole!"

"Love?" Yelled out one of the drunken pirates, "What about Louisa?"

"Or Charlotte?", Chimed another.

"Or Bernadette? Your love seems to be everywhere, Huangdi!" The crew burst into laughter along with Huangdi, who took another swig from his mug and wiped the residue from his lips though through the joy in the room he saw that Adelyn had walked out of the party. Somehow he was not surprised that she was doing this. She was still relatively new to the crew, but she was not exactly adjusting well to the life of a pirate.

Huangdi sighed and stood up, deciding to tail her and that he did until he found himself at the gun deck. He went to knock on the door when the ship lurched again and this time, the door swung open and slammed against his face. "Motherf-!" He yelled as he held his nose though he did not finish the phrase when he saw Adelyn sitting there. "Uh, hey there. Are you doing okay?"
Wow, Ash certainly made no effort in trying to hide her disappointment in meeting the currently seasick oni. She probably heard the stories of him being an unrestrained, rough, boisterous man of boundless energy, but at that moment, that was not what Ashelyn had found. It was quite pathetic. He, a warrior from a proud race of oni and a nobleman, was defeated by the rockings of the ocean. Oh, how humiliating, but he took it all in stride...When he was not throwing up of course. Jeez, don't look disappointed Red. I still yet to have gotten my sea legs yet. The oni quipped as he pushed himself off from the railing, trying his best to not look like his insides were being constantlyed churned around. Then again, at this point there probably was nothing left in there for there to be churned.

Light guilders huh? That was an interesting way of putting it consdering she was apart of said light guild. "I wouldn't know. I only joined a few months ago and no offense, you humans are confusing beings." When he said that, he glanced at Karn talking to Ferrin and some other mages and back out to the ocean. "Very confusing beings." The oni grumbled at the last part though his attention was brought back to Ash when she was talking about needing to bash some skulls in to vent and ended up whining about how she was punished for something she was not told about. Now that was something he could relate too.

"I hear you on that. When I took the entrance test, I destroyed the arena in my second bout and then I got restrained for doing that, since apparently that was a rule." Yeah, that was something he was still slightly bitter about though it really was not worth holding against the guild


Zev just looked at the strange fellow who just approached him and sat down on a nearby crate, eyeing him silently, which of course made him slightly uncomfortable. "Uh, hi there." And the flood gates opened. This guy just kept on talking up a storm and it probably would have not ended if it was not for...Not Michael? It was some very curious fellow that looked a lot like his guildmate though he acted far more demure than his counterpart. Actually, now that he thought about it Zev did find something about Michael having a brother when he was snooping around. "No, it's fine. Say, are you Gabriel?"
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A bold and brave man with a mighty sense of adventure and desire to battle. Although he is stubborn and foolhardy, he can be a very clever and intelligent man when it counts. Due to his upbringing he is incredibly knowledgeable in many fields of topics and is able to fill the role as a the royal, polite prince though he typically lets loose when he doesn't have to play the part.

He has a sense of honor as a warrior and pride in his country so when he is forced into situations where he represents them, he will do his best to bring honor to his homeland. However, he wishes to never to return to Xia because he does not wish to become king.

Huangdi takes great pride in his skills in combat and whenever he fights he does not pull his punches. He believes that it is the greatest form of training for him and opponent.

He is someone that be described as a strong, free-willed spirit. Due to his life as a prince, his choices have never been his along with his mistakes. No matter what, he wants to make his own decisions even if they very well the wrong ones simply because they are his alone.

“Come on! Show me your fighting spirit!”

| Name: |
Xia Huangdi

| Alias|Nickames|Titles: |
The Warrior Prince, Muscles

| G e n d er: |

| R a n k: |

| Age: |

| Guild : |
Cloud Chasers

| History: |
Huangdi is the son of the current king of Xia, a country in the far east far away from Pandora that was founded by the first king of Xia thousands of years ago. He is the first born son and thus the eldest sibling out of 82 siblings, all of them are the children of the multiple concubines of the king. Being the eldest of all the children, Huangdi was the one who would inherent the throne in the future and thus lived a life of complete discipline and lack of freedom.

Everyday his life was filled with constant lessons from many advisors and teachers that the king himself had appointed to mold him into an heir worthy of ruling Xia. From political history to mathematics to horseback riding to a massive array of different topics he studied under the best the country had to offer though let's just say that he was not exactly a well-behaved student. He was lazy and did not listen to his teachers and would be criticized for this on a daily basis.

There was one man that could challenge the young prince and make his blood boil was Xia's most powerful general. Zhen Fen Qiao. Fen Qiao was Huangdi's martial arts teacher and he taught him everything he knew by beating it into him every day. It was the only way to teach a child as stubborn and foolhardy as Huangdi. Every day they would spar, forcing the prince to learn his martial arts and magic fast during this intense, hellish training. No matter how many times he lost, he would be set ablaze with a new goal to beat his teacher and train by himself whenever he had time.

As the years grew on Huangdi had not only matured but grew stronger and became respected by many for his intelligence and combat prowess though there was also another change in him. His drive and luster had dulled from a depression that had started to consume him. Never had he seen life beyond the castle walls and felt that his world was confined and small when his desire to experience the world had grown more. Life was predictable and he knew how it was supposed to end for him; become king and be forced to marry some princess from a nation as an act of peace.

Zhen Fen Qiao had saw the results of the years of the prince being confined in his royal birdcage and felt pity for him and devised a plan. The Xia Kingdom was sending over delegates to Pandora as a sort of cultural exchange program to promote a new alliance between the new nations. Fen Qiao had convinced the king to allow Huangdi to travel with them and act as an ambassador for the two powerful kingdoms. For once of his life, the prince had seen the world beyond the walls though little did he know that this would change his life.

The airship that was bringing Huangdi, Quia, and the other delegates were caught in between a battle between a pirate guild and the Librarium after a storm had blown the airship off course. Their ship was blown out of the air and the next thing Huangdi woke up in a field of wheat surrounded by farmers of Pandora. They took him in and treated his wounds, provided him with food and water even though they hardly had any for themselves. Their kindness and selflessness moved him though he didn't realize the squaller and mistreatment they faced until he saw the state of their village.

It was on the day where the villagers had to make offerings to the village Deacon, the crops that they had worked so hard to produce. The Deacon was a fat man, fat like a prize-winning sow protected by the Cleric Knights while herding the fearful villagers. Needless to say, Huangdi was livid and fed the Deacon his fist. Perhaps luck was on his side; during his clash with the Cleric Knights the pirate guild, Cloud Chasers, had arrived on the scene and gave him aid in battle. It turned out that the guild was already going to liberate the village from its Deacon.

At this moment, Huangdi decided that he would join the Cloud Chasers. He could finally explore the world and carve his own path.

| Magic: |
Five Paths of God: A magic completely unique to the country of Xia. It is both a martial art and magic that requires absolute perfect control of the users own body in order to properly bring out its true potential. The Five Paths of God was originally meant to be a spiritual practice that was meant to help its pracitioners reach a perfect equilibrium and become closer to the gods.

To break it down to its simplest form, Five Paths of God is the manipulation of the flow of raw magic within the body and match it with the flow of the body in order to create a perfect unity between the body and magic.

The different aspects of this magic can be split into five parts: Path of the Fist, Path of the Step, Path of the Shield, Path of the Body, and the Path of the Mind.

Very few practitions have ever mastered the Path of the Body and the Path of Mind due to the danger that poses to the mage's body. Many have become crippled and many have died trying to attain these new heights, but those that attain and master these techniques without becoming crippled or dying are revered as gods of war.

Path of the Fist: As the name states, this Path focuses on strikes. The flow of magic is used as a medium for his strikes allowing him a variety of strike attacks.

Path of the Step This Path is all about movement techniques, footwork. This is considered to be the most fundemental and the most important aspect of this magic since it does not matter how hard one can hit if they can't even reach their opponent.

Path of the Shield: As the name suggests, this Path deals with defensive techniques.

Path of the Body: This path focuses on enhancing and healing the user's body. As one the two final Paths of this magic, it is considered to be extremely powerful though not without the risk of destroying their own body.(To be attained)

Path of the Mind: This path is considered by many the most difficult to master. The mage directs the flow of magic to their brain and make temporary alterations though at the risk of detoration of the brain. (TO BE GAINED)


| Miscs : |
Ever since he arrived in Pandora Huangdi had discovered a new genre of books he never knew about before: science fiction.
@Leslie Hall
Cool to hear.

On the Ship


The ocean could go and fuck itself. Fuck the waves, fuck the rocking ship, and fuck himself for eating so much before going on the boat even though he knew he did not have the sea legs. This was the stream of thoughts running through his head as he was heaving over the ship, releasing a completely different stream than the one in his head. This was the first time that he had ever been on the ocean; he lived on an island in the middle of a lake for the majority of his life. The water from the lake was still, but this was a different beast altogether. It was like his insides were being shaken and it just never ended."Why? Why am I here? Just to suffer?" He groaned as he leaned on the ship's railing. Okay, maybe he was able to get it all out.

Nope, he was wrong. Ash's punch jerked his body and almost on cue when asked about being seasick, he was leaning over the ship again making grotesque sounds as he lost his breakfast, his lunch, and snacks. "Please...don't do that again." Enma wiped his mouth with his sleeve and looked at his fellow guild member dully. "Eh, heading to some lost island related to Fairy Tail to stop some dark mages from ending the world. Some crazy shit I guess?" He shrugged as he leaned on the railing, obviously not showing that same robustness that he was known for in the guild.



For some reason, he felt like he was mostly forgotten. Like, he was pushed to the side because for some reason or another there were more pressing things going on before and only now he was at the forefront. It was like a character from a lacrima show that did not get much screen time finally getting his time to shine after being neglected for so long. It was certainly a strange feeling and truthfully, he did not know why he felt this way.

Well, whatever that feeling was it did not match his concern for leaving his mother to watch over his little girl, Fiona. Of course, he had left her with his mother whenever he went off on a job, but it was a feeling that he was and probably will never be able to get over. It is never easy to leave behind your kid, especially in an occupation such as this though he did not really have much choice. There is always the risk that he may get seriously injured or worse.

Zev was hanging on the deck, sitting on a crate of god knows what, minding his own business while everyone else was doing their own thing. It was interesting to watch the strange members of this entourage and it took his mind off his worries. Who would not be interested in watching an oni vomit over the ship or a feminine cross-dressing boy transforming and generally confusing some edgy looking prat? It was like his own personal freak show.

It's all good man. You'll always be welcomed back if you are able to post again.

It’s cool Cait, just keep me in the loop for stuff.

We do have a Discord if you ever need to talk to the gms and mods.

Did anyone here that? That was the sound of Nolan finally snapping and all it took was just the minor insult, edgy kid, to finally set him off. "I'm done. Fuck this, nope, I'm done! Eat shit and die, fuck boy. I'm outta here." He threw his hands up in the air and walked away while bumping shoulders with Sora, completely deaf to Ethel trying to tell him that Ariel was okay. It was not even noon and he had it up to here with everything! The entire fucking world could burn for all he cared!

Dalton watched as his partner stormed off and gave a death glare to some of the nameless faces that belonged to the guild, causing some of them to reel back in fear. The exceed turned to Master Jamie and back to the door that Nolan kicked up and yelled, "Wait for me!" before flying off after Nolan. It was an awkward situation and he gladly would use any chance to get out. He also had to make sure Nolan was not going to kill someone.

Meanwhile, Enma and Zev had wandered into the guild hall and were now wondering what the hell was going on. They were sent from their respective guilds to partake in the island exhibition, but things seemed...chaotic.

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