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Lewis Carroll

Riverside Workshop, Southern Moor


"It's simply a logical deduction." The length of the stride of her step, the length of each corridor, arranging to have tea for both Servant and Master, the exact kind of tea she would require to improve her mood, and even what he was anticipating to be the topic of her meeting with him was predicted after analyzing her. Yes, he had some powerful skills that offered some benefit to his summoner and yet, even he thought that she could have summoned someone who could have offered more combat ability, someone with far more history than what he could offer.

It was no question that he was the most likely candidate of being the youngest Servant taking part of the war, but he was most definitely the weakest. Lewis was able to admit that in a fight he stood no chance of winning so his Master must fight in his stead, something that weighed on his mind heavily. If she were to die, it would be because of his incompetence and yet, she was placing all of her faith on him. "In a roundabout way you were. Rather, you were praising the enemy, but I understood the intent." Caster chuckled and returned a smile although a bit more comforting and self-assured when compared to her feeble attempt."You are correct. It is only as strong as the amount of time and mana I put into it. Of course, I plan on making your weapons the strongest they can be if you are going to be fighting in my stead."

Of course, she was going to need to prepare her part of the war as well so of course she would not be able to watch over him, but he was certain that even without her input she was going to make him work like hell. He would not have been needed to be told anyway as it is his duty as a servant to help her win the war and more importantly, get her out of there alive. "I have expected that, which is why I am glad that we get to speak to each other in peace before the chaos erupts. That will be a luxury soon." He added grimly.

There was a brief moment of pause on his part, ruminating on the thought that this young woman was putting her head in the mouth of the lion. "If you were lacking in resolve, I would have told you to walk away from this, but it still needs to be said. You are young, intelligent, talented, and beautiful, Master. You could live a long, happy life free of this conflict, but you decided to risk it all for a glorified monkey's paw though I suppose it isn't the Grail that you truly seek." The author sighed and shook his head. "I only wonder if it is what you truly want or if you are living for the sake of everyone else."

It didn't matter anymore what her reasons were; what's done was done and now they were in the thick of it now. "Either way, I choose to support you. If you believe in me then I shall believe in you." He placed his tea cup down on its plate and stood up, walking over to the shelve of blank paged books supplied by Fiore. "You can begin to send the items to my study. I will begin immediately."
Lewis Carroll

Riverside Workshop, Southern Moor


"Thank you Goro." He said when the Homunculus placed down a tray holding a rather modest tea set, a plate holding scones, and a jar of cherry jam that Caster requested him to bring to his Study. The Study itself was furnished with Victorian styled furniture that, while not authentic, were quite comfortable enough to make himself at home. The bookshelves he requested were filled to the brim with books contemporary with today's society of all genres and origins, even some manga were shelved in there somewhere. There were also many papers discussing modern mathematical theorem and the sciences of today. Really, the most expensive object in the room was the tea itself, the highest quality that he was allowed to procure without it breaking the bank.

Lewis looked up at Goro who was still standing there waiting for his next order. "You may leave now. I'll call for you when I need your services." Working with Homunculi was a strange experience for him; they are creatures made by man to be exploited until they were of no use, beings that had no place in Gods' kingdom, and yet, they exist nonetheless. Does God even love the creations of man? No, he must for his love is infinite to all living beings, even if they were not crafted by his hand.

He watched the homunculus walk to of the room while he felt his connection with his Master grow ever stronger. Three, two, one... And there it was! Fiore had accidentally knocked Goro onto his bum followed by awkward silence that was broken by her servant audibly sipping his tea.

"Quite well actually. You have been most accommodating. My only regret is that I do not have the ability to protect you, my master." He motioned her to one of the comfy seats that had been placed. If Fiore was paying attention she would have noticed something odd; there were two teacups and two small plates. "Please, sit Master. If you cannot rest your mind then at the very least you could rest your feet."


Oh you've gotta be kidding! How much more was it going to take to win this battle?!

The bloody fire bug was boosted and now trying to pin it down with its sticky webs. It goes without saying that if Cecil gets caught in that String Shot then she was absolutely a sitting duck for whatever attacks came her way. He needed to think quick, something that would both save Cecil from the situation while taking down the bug in one more hit. An idea did pop in his head, a very risky one, but it really was the only option for him to win at this point.

"While using Rollout, use all you've got for Incinerate to propel yourself!" What Basil had pretty much ordered the Darumaka to do was use all of her strength for one last ditch effort to blast fire with enough force to send her flying at the bug to finish it off with one more hit.
Jesus, if looks could kill. Ferris wasn't even looking at the woman and he could feel that icy glare still though he did not feel particularly feel sorry for it being directed at Arlo. For some reason he knew that the phony survivalist deserved it. "Well I can't say that being stuck with a woodsman such as yourself is a bad thing. I'm sure you'll make great Ursaring bait." He sarcastically remarked as he glanced around at the group. It seemed like everyone was present more or less, even Botan's overdressed manservant Machamp who was carrying quite the load on his shoulders. Would this group be okay? Two of them looked like they didn't even want to be in a group together and another two were so evidently green as trainers that it was almost painful to watch.

Well, it'll work out somehow. The Photographer smirked at what Isla said and chuckled lightly. "Heh, looks like they'll just let anyone pair up. I'm sure the wavers we signed at the beginning of this trip is all that they really care about." Honestly that was probably the case; they did not want to be responsible for someone getting hurt especially if they were someone of the upper echelon of society and had the resources to slap a lawsuit on whoever is sponsoring the trip. At least they were offering supplies and an updated Pokedex for this unknown region.

"Well this isn't my first foray out into the wild. I've been travelling the world ever since I was a kid and faced all sorts of trainers and Pokemon so I'm pretty confident that I can take on most things even with a disadvantage. If there is one thing I'm good at, it's tracking Pokemon. I specifically photograph Pokemon so I tend to go to some extremes to find what I am looking for though it seems like I'll have to make another team for this region." He said, lifting his camera to show that it really wasn't for show.

"Let me just go update my Pokedex and get whatever supplies they offer." It was definitely the better option; his personal Pokedex was sleek, thin, and easy to carry. The ones that were offered by the crew were cumbersome and frankly, a pain in the ass to carry around on a belt. It would've have been easier to use the app on the phone instead, but considering that this was the only way they could contact with one another.

Someone was way more excited to pick up a Pokedex than him; Arlo looked upon it the same way that Ferris himself did when he was ten-years-old. "Eh, at least it doesn't talk." He says, remembering the Rotom Phone. "Hey guys, let's exchange numbers and then head out to catch some Pokemon."


Wait, didn't she remember Cecil from when they tried to set the arena on fire? Either way it seemed like that the only thing she knew about Darumakas is that they were fire-types and therefor they know fire-type attacks though, it was a mistake on Lorette's part to send her Larvesta charging in so brazenly without testing to see its move set.

The bug-pokemon was fast and closed in with each second passing. Basil knew that this thing could fly from its entry so it was very possible that it could easily change its trajectory if deemed necessary so there was a gamble to take. He waited until it was half way over until he yelled out, "Finish it with Rollout!" And with that order the Darumaka would begin its very rolly strike against the flame charging bug.
She wasn't much for words, but then again if he were vomiting as she were he wouldn't be up for speaking either. "Uh, that's squared away then. If this wasn't awkward then he didn't know what was. One simply doesn't have a casual conversation with someone who was heaving chum into the ocean for the water-type Pokemon, but luckily Ferris had an out for this situation. "Well, your survivalist is with my group and I'm fairly certain they're on shore already so let's go meet them, shall we? Oh, give me your bag; you don't look, uh, well enough to carry anything." He said, offering an outstretched hand to her if she felt like taking his offer. '

Regardless if she followed him or not, he had returned his Pokemon to their Pokeballs and walked off the ship onto the new world, a green land almost untouched by modern civilization. While his hand was itching to take photos of the scenery, his main priority was to find his group though it actually wasn't that hard of a search when there was a line of people not far off assumingly signing wavers that whatever happens to them on this island is not their sponsor's fault. He didn't see the rest of the group, but he did find a very familiar braggard. "Yo, survivalist. Did you sign us all up already?" Ferris asked as he approached the Unovan.


"Roxanne, return." There was no point in making her suffer if there was no way for her to end it quickly. She was absorbed back into her Pokeball with a red beam of light and Basil now had to make a choice of who to send out. Aria wasn't going to be of much use and Crocus was already close to fainting so there was only one Pokemon that he could send out for this situation. "You're up, Cecil!" He tossed out a Pokeball and out came the Darumaka though there were not follow up orders. It was pointless to give orders to attack something that was hiding so he was just going to make it a waiting game.

"No, this little bugger needs to learn from right and wrong."He fished around his pockets until he found his wallet and pulled out a wad of money and held it out to Arlo. It was a stack of cash that was obviously more than what they used to pay for it, but there was not a chance in hell that he was going to owe anyone anything. "Pokemon food is already expensive enough as it is so take it and split it with your friend there. As for you," said Ferris, turning to the little bearded thief, "We are going to go apologize to that lady for you stealing from her and making her run while she is sick, and I'll have to apologize for letting you out of my sight, but before I do... I believe I owe an apology." The photographer turned his focus to the rightly pissed off Felix.

Perhaps he needed to practice what he preached to Fjord. He had done it again; he let the first thing that popped into his mind blurt out from his mouth and now things were only the more awkward because of his lack of self-control. "Teasing or not, I really did go too far. We've only just met and I already was making you the butt of the joke. I'm the dick in this situation so, uh, my bad. See you all at the office!" He walked away followed by his Pokemon, but he wasn't exactly sure where that girl could have gone. Well, he did, but he heard the sounds of retching and followed it until he found the girl barfing up this mornings breakfast.

Ferris approached her though it was not like he could interrupt someone who was mid-vomit so he waited for her until there was nothing left for her to heave. "You're with Mr. 'Survivalist' right?" He asked the girl as soon she emptied the contents of her stomach. "We would like to apologize for the trouble we caused, don't we Fjord?" He glanced down to the bearded little munchkin.

"Mreow mreow!" There was not an ounce of guilt on its face.

The photographer squinted at the Meowth. "At least pretend to sound apologetic, you little psycho." The trainer sighed and looked back up at the girl. "I should apologize too; I should've kept an eye on him, but the gremlin snuck off as soon as I took my eyes off him." Now he understood why his Perrserker handed her offspring to him; she was the one who needed a break from this little demon so she put the responsibility of taking care of Fjord on her trainer instead.
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