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Alright man, I understand. Thanks anyway.
Hi, I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was from that pokemon rp we were in before it died awhile back. I was wondering if there is still room to join?
Zev and Enma

He was going to die. Zev just stood there as he watched those mercury spears melted in the ball of fire that hurtled its way towards him, searing everything that was caught in its path. There was no way to escape it; the fire's range was simply to great and it was moving too fast. The only thing he could do was just stand there and accept the fact that this was completely out of his hands, embracing his body for absolute immolation in a matter of seconds as the heat of the flames grew closer.

Then he heard the sound of the air being sucked in and... the heat grew weaker? Zev opened his eyes and saw that Jack had intercepted the flames and devoured it all. Never before was he as glad to have his guildmaster with him at this exact moment. When he told the duo to go off to help the others so he could fight this scaly abomination he certainly wasn't going to argue with him. "Yes sir, good luck!" Zev ran off and really, he what he wanted to do was just absolutely fuck off and head back to the ship though he knew he could not do that; he wouldn't live it down and he doubted that any of his guild mates would certainly hold it over his head.

"Dammit Hunter, use your head!" He yelled out at the jade slayer and by his will, he summoned multiple of his familiars, their inky black form sunk into the ground and then reappeared underneath the dragon and grabbed onto the dragon to force it to stay on the ground for as long as they possibly could so that Hunter could get a clean hit.

Meanwhile, Enma was pissed. He was going to die and it would have been him being completely powerless to some overgrown fire lizard? No, oh hell no. There was no way that he was going to take it lying down, not a chance in hell...But he knew that in this situation he would probably hold him back and he should assist someone else and then another leathery scaled dragon got in his way and it seemed to be quite immune to poison and that other slayer, the poison kid, had to fight it. "Hey ugly! Eat this!" Enma yelled out as he swung his club, generating a roaring concentrated force of vibrations that, while would not cut through its scales, would serve to act as more like a bomb on impact and hopefully the vibrations would cause more internal damage than external. Chances are it would probably piss it off even more.


@Tenrou Island Crew

There are roles that some people did not even need to be put in nor would they even expect; Enma in this case was being held as some sort of security blanket all the way towards the island by a hysterical Ash who was quite literally sobbing into him with every slight rock the boat made. And may the gods help them even if the tiniest droplet of water fell got in the boat. God damn if they were on that boat any longer the poor guy would be getting a serious case of tinnitus. To top it all off he was dealing with his own seasickness so every time the boat rocked he was trying to hold it in or else he would keep on vomiting over the side of the boat, which in turn would bring Ash closer to the water and cause her screaming to worsen. It was not a fun time.

Meanwhile, Zev was sitting in the same boat as them and just sat there watching silently. "Frenzy Plant, huh? More like Flimsy Plant", is what he would say though he was sure that the two of them would toss him off the boat and he was a smart man so he held his tongue. He wasn't bothered by this at all; he was used to being on the water when he was growing up so it was quite interesting to see...whatever the hell this is.

When everyone had made it to land, Enma joined his Frenzy Plant companion and fell down on all fours and kissed the ground. Never before had he missed sweet, sweet solid, stable land. Zev just stood there and watched the two of them kiss the land like it was a long lost lover and simply just shook his head. He would have to settle for being embarrassed for the both of them.

Then the sudden roars tore through the island and the land mass began to shake violently though Enma and Zev felt this obscene magical pressure hanging in the air. It was as if there were boulders stacked on their backs and they just kept on coming. Just what in the hell did they sign up for? Whatever it was, it somehow involved dragons! Shouldn't they have been extinct? Enma was always one to welcome a challenge and to set his mettle and strength against the strongest, but even he knew that he was far out of his depth. In Zev's case, he would have turned back and gone back on the ship if it were an option. He did not sign up to fight dragons of all things. He had Fiona to look after, he had to come back alive.

At least they had the sense to form groups and plans and egos were thrown about though it looked like that one of them, this Ferrin fellow, had finally just lost it and began to talk to himself. Well, in a worst case scenario they can at least use him as bait for the dragons at least...which was probably now that ruby red dragon had just appeared though it was held back by the Time Lord though that really did not last long. Fighting really was the only option that they all had or else they were going to be some extra crispy mages.

"God dammit!" Zev cursed at their situation. If they ever get out of here alive, they have to warn Fiore that dragons are inhabiting the island. This was a cataclysmic disaster just waiting to happen.

He glanced over to Enma and from the information he could gather from talking to him before this little shit show of a trip, he was physically strong and had the magic to amplify that already. This gave him an idea. "Hey muscle head. Use these." Zev had begun to generate spears of solid mercury and received a nod knowing where this was going.

"Let's hope this works!" He grabbed one of the mercury spears and infused them with his Tremor Magic, making them vibrate at higher speeds until it was emitting an actual noise and then infused it with his Warrior's Magic, the red glow coated it and gave it far more immense durability. With a great throw, he tossed the spear towards the dragon's face. Even if the scales protected it from the brunt of the attack, the vibrations should at least have some sort of effect if it hits.

There were no other words to describe what just happened other than holy shit. He should have just not left Adelyn to her own devices, but who would have though that she would hit the captain in the back of the head with a book and then use cutting words? If there was anything to say about it, she was the only one on the ship that actually was able to shut every person up on it, which is something that he had never seen under Ragnar's leadership. Then the rumblings of drunken pirates rose and then erupted into one big free-for-all with many foolish pirates deciding that it would have been just a lovely idea to challenge the martial artist with a fist fight, which only ended as well as anyone with a brain that was not being shaken around. He had to admit, hitting them was not nearly as satisfying as his spars with Lazulin, mostly because that boy could really take one hell of a beating.

Well, that brawl ended with Ragnar blasting the crew around with Huangdi getting dog-piled by many of his crewmates. With not much effort, he flung them off him and patted the dust off his clothes. Oh boy, it looked like Alex vomited, again. Seriously, when did this guy stop drinking? Shouldn't he stop so his liver would not try and commit suicide later? Where did he get all of that liquor anyway? They've joked that he threw all of the medicine out to hide his booze, but there was no way he actually did that, right?

Huh, how in the world did Sania totally avoid all of that ruckus? Did she got caught in the scuffle at all? Then again, she was not one for bar fights anyway. It looked like she was thinking about the mission and really, he couldn't blame her; neither him or her were really tech savvy people so it would have made sense to send just about anyone else. Well, he had an idea what the plan would be though."I think we're supposed to protect Mona while she tampers the devices. The Librarium are bound to notice instantly that something is wrong."

Enma chuckled and said with a faux-wistfulness,"Ah my entrance test. Feels like it was forever ago, but it really was only a few months hasn't it?" The oni rubbed his chin as if he was running his fingers through a non-existent beard, reminiscing when he had taken his entrance test. Oh boy now that was an interesting time. "My matches were kinda, well, rough. Nearly broke someone's ribs and the other got a bloody gash in her shoulder. Now, fighting Owen, that was a close fight," he said with a click of his tongue. Man that was a wild time. It was the first time he had a serious fight with anyone outside his home besides Nolan.

"I didn't realize at the time because I did not understand his accent, but he made a bet if I could cut the piece of straw in his mouth I'd win, but if he'd cut my ponytail off, I'd lose. I don't think I need to tell you how it went," Enma said with the biggest of smirks that told her everything though it then turned into a look of puzzlement when he heard that she did not take the test. He would have asked, but she cleared it up when she mentioned the whole undead debacle. "Ah right, that mess." Images of being trapped in a hole, fighting off massive cockroaches flashed into his head. That was not a fun time.

Enma saw how nervous she got when mentioning her battle with Riona and pat her head. "It happens, you get too into it and do something you shouldn't have. Lesson learned and something to keep in mind." He was not going to preach to her how she should have been in control and anything like that. It would have been hypocritical of him considering that he was more or less a walking force of nature whenever he fought anything.

There was one thing that he did say though. "Keep that fire for your enemies and rivals. Find someone that you can really let loose with."


"Ah, I see. It must be rough for you two to be in different guilds, being twins I mean. Do you guys keep in touch?" He glanced at the twins and at the chatty spirit, not exactly sure what to say to them either. Sure he kept tabs of everyone, but who wants to hear someone rattle off about their life from someone else's mouth? First off, that is creepy and second of all, why would he? Oh wait, there was something that he could ask about!

"So, you two are both celestial mages? Funny, twins in both appearance and in magic."

Yup, that was a book in his already hurting nose alright. It certainly hurt like hell, like his nose already was aching and a kick from her dainty legs would do jack shit against him, but the book just made it worse. Oh yeah, shit. He forgot that she had an aversion to close contact with people for, well, obvious reasons. But man, he had to commend her for the timing on that kick; if it was on purpose then she may have some talent for martial arts and if not, her luck is pretty incredible. He mused on that thought as he stood up and made some space for the lass, bowing his head in apology though he could feel her gaze burning into his skull. Yup, she was completely pissed off. "Well if you don't need anything else from me, then I won't make myself more a bother then." She had made it a point that she did not want his help and who was he to not oblige even when she looked like a fish caught in a net?

Well, he was going to leave, but Adelyn finally understood that she was not exactly in a situation where she could tell him that she did not need his help. At least she was going to let him help without the threat of castration, like she could anyway."Alright, let's get you out of this mess." It really did take all of his strength to not break into laughing; he had never seen anyone do that to themselves before and really, it was a sight to behold. He knelt down and began to process of getting her out of her bind until all the ropes were all laying around on the ground. "I'll keep this between us. No need to give you a harder time."

Oh boy, even through this violent he could hear the captain's mighty voice. It looked like there was something going and on they were missing it. Hopefully he would not get an earful for being late, again."Alright, let's get going. Whatever it is, we should not miss it."Huangdi said with a far more sterner tone than he had been using previously. Adelyn was apart of this crew, not a guest, so she had to come along and take part in whatever Ragnar was going on about, unless the man was drunk again. In that case he should get her away from him as quickly as possible.

He made sure that Adelyn stuck close by to him when they had arrived back into the barracks for the meeting and...god fucking dammit. They just had to arrive at the point where they were decrying the nobles of Keter, the place that Adelyn used to live. He glanced down to her and said, "Hold your tongue Adelyn. You'll have your chance later." Right now, they just had to listen to what the mission was and what a mission it will be! When was the last time that they had pulled a daring stunt like this? If it was not for the fact that he had a Adelyn right next to him he would have shown his excitement too though with all that had happened with her and the crew's declarations, it really would have been in poor taste.

Of course Laz would be taking part of this mission. He was excellent at gliding and he certainly had a knack for fighting if things get down to it though he hoped that his student could just keep it as a stealth mission for as long as possible. However, as soon as he heard that Adelyn was to work with Laz, Huangdi nearly yelled out in objection though he knew trying to convince Ragnar would have been a useless effort and there must have been a reason for this decision. Still, perhaps he could speak to him when he meets him in an hour's time.

For now, he should at least meet with Sania and Mona though he couldn't just leave Adelyn there. "Hey Adelyn, I'm going to meet up with Sania and Mona. Want to come with?" Really, he hoped that she would say yes so that she would be able to take her mind off the things that been said rather than letting it stew silently by herself. With or without her, he went over to his two teammates for the mission and flashed a grin. "Hey, Mona, Sania. I see you guys got the disruptor working again!"

@Leslie Hall@Lunarlord34@Inkarnate

"Yeah, I'd knock on the door if it did not knock me in the face first." The titan of a man said with a chuckle, trying to break the tension with a little joke though it definitely fell flat with his current audience of one. Yeah, this was exactly the kind of reaction he expected from her so he was not surprised that the instant that he walked into the room that she would start hurling insults at him as if it was going out of style so he was able to bear through it. It was not like his own family nor the other nobles and foreign royalties did not share the same kind of snobbery that she did so at this point he was pretty used to it. His family definitely would have been ashamed to know that this was the life that he had turned to instead a life of a king.

Well, she said she was fine and really he did not want to impose any further so he was about to leave her be, but then she started on a barrage of insults hurled at him, the crew, and his own country. Oof, she really was going the full mile when it came to her insults. The contempt in her voice oozed and it just kept hitting him over and over again. He really underestimated just how rude this little girl could be and boy, was she ever the nastiest monster on this ship. At this point she may as well had just told him to promptly fuck off and leave her alone, but that would have been both too easy for her and in her case, probably too low brow.

At the mention of his musky smell of sweat and the sweet smell of alcohol, he raised his arm up and took a quick whiff before his face soured. Okay, maybe she had a point about the smell so fair point to her.

He simply just watched her while she walked around with her gaze on his as if she was trying to keep an eye on a wild animal though she ended up getting caught up in some rope and flailed and squealed as she fell onto her butt while tossing her book at his face by accident. Huangdi leaned back and watched the book fly by an inch away from his face. "Not this time." He muttered to himself as he looked back at Adelyn, covering her face.

Huangdi sighed, knowing that this was her at her breaking point. He knew that she was not okay, not by a long shot. "Do you know why we all spend our time acting like barbarians as you describe us as? Everyone here has lost or given up something in one way or another and we're the only people we have to give comfort to each other.

Picking up her book, he knelt down and handed it to her. "I'm not going to force you to come back, but I'm just letting you know this now. Isolating yourself like this and letting this stir inside you is going to do far more harm than good. Just talk to us when you're ready. We'll be here when you want to talk."

It may have been an absolute hell outside of the ship, but inside the spirit of the crew was shining and getting completely wasted on the grog, wine, and whatever other kind of booze there was on hand. Mirth and merriment were in the air as the pirates laughed even when the ship was being tossed around by the wind and getting pelted down an unending storm of hail thought that was probably muffled by the drunken sounds of playful jeering and cusses. While some would be questioning why these pirates would be so cheerful considering that their rickety, technologically inadequate airship could be torn apart at any given moment, but really, if they thought about it then the dread of the fact that they are on a high speed airship thousands of feet in the air that could be destroyed in mere moments then no one would ever have gotten off the ground.

But no, they were not thinking about so their morale was not sinking faster than the ship could at any given moment. In Huangdi's case he was taking part of the festivities with great relish, something that many outside of the crew would considering unsightly considering his royal heritage, but he truly did not give a single damn. The big, muscular Adonis of a man was downing the grog at the same pace as his crew members and slammed the mug down against the table and let out a hardy laugh at one of the verses one of his intoxicated compatriots slurred out before he fell against the table with a a thump.

They were swinging their mugs around with the rhythm of the song and Huangdi now took the lead and started to sing with a rich baritone. "Hey ho to the skies I go, to free my heart and ease my soul. Winds be strong, winds be cruel, but for this love that's my dole!"

"Love?" Yelled out one of the drunken pirates, "What about Louisa?"

"Or Charlotte?", Chimed another.

"Or Bernadette? Your love seems to be everywhere, Huangdi!" The crew burst into laughter along with Huangdi, who took another swig from his mug and wiped the residue from his lips though through the joy in the room he saw that Adelyn had walked out of the party. Somehow he was not surprised that she was doing this. She was still relatively new to the crew, but she was not exactly adjusting well to the life of a pirate.

Huangdi sighed and stood up, deciding to tail her and that he did until he found himself at the gun deck. He went to knock on the door when the ship lurched again and this time, the door swung open and slammed against his face. "Motherf-!" He yelled as he held his nose though he did not finish the phrase when he saw Adelyn sitting there. "Uh, hey there. Are you doing okay?"
Wow, Ash certainly made no effort in trying to hide her disappointment in meeting the currently seasick oni. She probably heard the stories of him being an unrestrained, rough, boisterous man of boundless energy, but at that moment, that was not what Ashelyn had found. It was quite pathetic. He, a warrior from a proud race of oni and a nobleman, was defeated by the rockings of the ocean. Oh, how humiliating, but he took it all in stride...When he was not throwing up of course. Jeez, don't look disappointed Red. I still yet to have gotten my sea legs yet. The oni quipped as he pushed himself off from the railing, trying his best to not look like his insides were being constantlyed churned around. Then again, at this point there probably was nothing left in there for there to be churned.

Light guilders huh? That was an interesting way of putting it consdering she was apart of said light guild. "I wouldn't know. I only joined a few months ago and no offense, you humans are confusing beings." When he said that, he glanced at Karn talking to Ferrin and some other mages and back out to the ocean. "Very confusing beings." The oni grumbled at the last part though his attention was brought back to Ash when she was talking about needing to bash some skulls in to vent and ended up whining about how she was punished for something she was not told about. Now that was something he could relate too.

"I hear you on that. When I took the entrance test, I destroyed the arena in my second bout and then I got restrained for doing that, since apparently that was a rule." Yeah, that was something he was still slightly bitter about though it really was not worth holding against the guild


Zev just looked at the strange fellow who just approached him and sat down on a nearby crate, eyeing him silently, which of course made him slightly uncomfortable. "Uh, hi there." And the flood gates opened. This guy just kept on talking up a storm and it probably would have not ended if it was not for...Not Michael? It was some very curious fellow that looked a lot like his guildmate though he acted far more demure than his counterpart. Actually, now that he thought about it Zev did find something about Michael having a brother when he was snooping around. "No, it's fine. Say, are you Gabriel?"
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