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I think that it's more... I'm just exhausted. With uni... looking for a job... trying to have some sort of social life... constantly having to do what the government wants me to do for my payments (hence why I want a job), and with stuff happening like my laptop getting destroyed (no, I know I've joked about throwing it out the window, but I didn't. The kitten killed it) and having to deal with my family, it's just... I don't know.

That, and I can't post yet unless I skip everyone a few hours.

I feel you there, but I feel like you're splitting yourself too many ways. Many of the things you mentioned are unavoidable, but for the things that are you should try and let go for a bit to give yourself some sort of break. Managing a rp is hard and dealing with all of that is even harder. Maybe for now you should just hand off the rp to Zarkun and Expolar for now until you feel like you're in a better place?
... I just... I don't know... can't really write or do much at the moment... ugh, I'm sorry

Hey it's fine. Maybe it would help if you handed some of responsibilities for the rp to others? It may help make things move along. Or at least give you a break.
It's been pretty quiet lately.
Shouldn't you make the character sheets first so we can make our characters and then see how they will meet each other?
I'm interested, but I am concerned about having the kind of system that Dark Light is suggesting.

My first concern is how points are gained. In other RPs with systems similar to this it became a grind fest to get more points and killed the rp because hardly anyone would interact with each other. And if they aren't earned through training, then are they gained through participation of the story? If so, how do you judge how many points someone gets? Some characters may not even get the chance to get as much screen time as others and that's just a harsh reality.

My second concern is that that it may hold back the story of the rp. While Dragon Ball Z involves a lot of training, it is also about surpassing one's self in the heat of battle and unlocking something even greater, which would be hard to do if skills are barred behind a point system.

My third concern is that if this rp is open to people to join later far later in the rp then they will be left behind right from the start. Other characters will be far ahead by that point and it will be no fun for others to join.

My fourth concern is the Power Up system. Do you intend to have an actual stat system? If not then those are just arbitrary numbers.

Look, I understand why one would want to have a point system. In theory it should work because it should make everything balanced, but in practice I've seen it kill many promising RPs simply because the system is either too arbitrary, people don't have time to accrue points, or people are simply too greedy and want their characters to become the strongest.

If this was an MMO then this would work great, but I feel like points just do not work simply because unlike an MMO, grinding in a RP grinds it to a halt. It would simply be better to just focus on the story and let other characters have their chance to shine. It would be less of a headache.

Hm... I have an image that I want to make a character from but I'm not sure how to write the history.

Just do what I do. Leave it incredibly bare bones and fill it in as time goes on.
I always forget, what is the current year for the RP?

Hell if I know. I never got why they did the years this way. This is why I don't add birthdays on character sheets for this game. xD
<Snipped quote by hatakekuro>

No ulterior motive

None at all

No seriously, we do need more members in Dragon Fang and Frenzy Plant. They may as well be NPC guilds at this point.

can I? XD If I can, maybe I can join Dragon Fang :)

We're always taking new members and yes please join that guild. It really needs more players. xD
That's right you damned past dwellers lol
That was me at my party Saturday night. I learned I'm the silly tipsy drunk XD

I'm either a happy drunk or an incredibly depressing drunk. xD
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