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Nolan Waltz

He... He was laughing? Sure he didn't put that much into that headbutt, but that was not a light hit by any stretch. "Uh... are you sure you're okay?" Nolan eyed the cracked floor and then back to red discoloration on D'angelo's head. A normal person would have been knocked out completely and yet, this guy took it like a freaking champ.

Now that he got a good luck of him, D'angelo hadn't changed all that much except that he was taller. He still had that round baby face and he certainly was not skimping on the meals with that plump body of his. His smile was still ever ever present as well as that joyful attitude. Was he always this talkative? Well, at least the chubby man was in good spirits if not a bit overly so.

A chubby arm was wrapped around Nolan's shoulder and he was pulled into his cousin until they were side-by-side. In the Slayer's case, he was as stiff as a board from all of this unwanted touching. "I'm hardly gre-AT." His face was then mushed next to his cousin and if looks could kill, Nolan would have slaughtered the entire guild. It didn't help that Ariel's personality was bloody unpredictable!

"Wait, Ariel!" And she's gone with Ethel in tow. This was awkward.

To Nolan's relief, Damian called for the S-Class to assemble for the exhibition match. "Uh, I've got to get going. If you want to watch the match try going with Ariel and Ethel. You can get in for free if they can vouch you're family. We'll talk later." Before D'angelo could get say anything, Nolan was already making his way to the door.

Was she going to be okay? She said that she understood, but it wasn't comforting.

He knew that she was going to struggle with this concept, which was partly his fault as well, but there was one person that Akemi strove to be like, her mother. Zenith kneeled down and hugged her gently. "I know Mimi, you're a good person and so was your mom. It's just... sometimes it's those that we at least expect that hurt us the most. Sometimes, the people we think who are good are not who they say that they are. Do you understand? You must look at the world with a more critical eye." The Takeover mage grimaced. If he could go back in time and tell his past self that, he would. There wasn't an ounce of regret of how he left the Knights nor did he regret doing what he felt was right. The only thing he regretted was being so bloody naïve.

Zenith pulled back from the hug and smiled at her. There was going to be a time when he talked to her what happened, but today was not that day. "Sorry to cast a pall on what should be a fun day out. Let's make it a great day."

I'm a bit interested though I am a bit of a Fate noob. I have an interesting character idea for a Berserker that shouldn't be OP.


Nosepass caught! Another good addition to the team. Basil picked up the Pokeball and smiled at it though now came the part of deciding who he keeps on his person and who he stores. For now seeing as he did not have a way to evolve Lancer yet and lacked a Pokemon that could eat a hit, Basil thought it was best to store the bug-type for now... Which, actually disappeared in a light of a data? What?

And so he had left the cave after finishing what he set out to do and found himself in the Pokemon Center where he healed his team and then found a bed where he crashed face first without even getting changed.

The next day certainly had an interesting start; the strange 'blur' that came from the caves and that the professor had closed off parts of the cave from the general public. It was hard to believe that he was involved in something that incredible. Basil noticed that Anise was in the Pokemon Center too, looking up at a map with a serious expression. "Morning Anise. Trying to figure out where it went?" He asked as he approached her.

"I'm going back to Highhill to report back to Lorette. Do you want to come with?"


How does one react to a god laughing at them? In this case, Basil was just happy that he wasn't turned into mulch for Landorus' garden on the spot. He followed it out of its hide away and just watched it tell its tale with the very earth itself, a tale of the legendary and its siblings stopping a hurricane from annihilating the population of Highhill Town by transforming into the entities from the mural when presented with a small object. By thinking of the context of story, Basil could infer that it was most likely the mirror that they've been using all this time. If it can open secret cave passages from impossibly durable material so why wouldn't it be the case that it couldn't transform these Pokemon too if it seems so closely tied to them?

Landorus thrusted its tail into the map and from it flowers bloomed and then a plant burst out and bore a strange fruit that Basil had never seen before. The legendary Pokemon tossed one to him and another to Anise. What was he supposed to do with this? Lorette probably knew considering she was the one who sent him on this quest to begin with.

"Ah" Wait, why was it stretching? Before he knew it, Landorus had left in a complete gust of speed out back into the world. There were many reactions to them encountering a mythical being such as that; one was awe, one was inspiration, and the other? Basil's legs gave out and he fell down on his knees with a thousand yard stare. That was probably the single most terrifying experience he ever had and now he released a being of unfathomable power upon the world. Whatever the case it was over. He heaved a great sigh of relief and stood back, placing the fruit in his bag, and then dusted his legs off. "I'm fine, sorry about that. It's... it's been a long day." He smiled sheepishly at the other two.

The young man glanced around the cave. It was definitely getting late and he was exhausted, but he just wanted to do one more thing before leaving the cave. "Well, I'm going to go catch a Pokemon. I can find my way out so you both don't have to stay. We have a lot to talk about tomorrow anyway." Regardless of what they say, Basil was set on catching Pokemon; he did not want to trek through the cave again.

Quick catch! Basil was quite interested in catching one of those Nosepass while they were making their way through the ruins. They looked like they were quite sturdy Pokemon and lord knows that he was missing a wall for his team. If he found one, he would use Crocus and just spam Vine Whip and Leech Seed because that was just a winning strategy at this point.

Whether or not he catches a Nosepass, Basil was just done with the day. He would leave the cave and go to the local Pokemon Center, rent a bed, and just crash. It was his first day as a trainer, but it feel like a year.

Well, she didn't completely understand him, but at the very least she would be careful. It wasn't exactly the most reassuring of answers though it was something. "Of course I'm safe. We're pretty much family." Zenith laughed gently before they were walking in silence again. No one else would know it, but Akemi was absolutely elated that they would be visiting. This was her first time actually having freedom to explore the city without her grandparents breathing down her neck about her health.

There were quite a few... interesting stalls to say the least. Some of them were actually complete scams meant for tourists, such as one selling 'remedial crystals' in a bottle with unsubstantiated claims of improving health, among other snake oil products. Apparently, one of them was owned by a famous actress and people were actually stupid enough to buy these obviously fraudulent items. Akemi would pipe up again "I'd assume that everyone is generally safe, except for Kaden." His face soured when he mentioned that blight. "If he says something strange to you or makes you feel uncomfortable, tell me okay? He has a proclivity to flirt with anything wearing a skirt." While he does not disapprove of Kaden's lifestyle, there was still not a chance in hell that he would allow that playboy lays his grubby paws on Akemi. She had absolutely no experience with relationships and would definitely fall into Kaden's pace. Knowing her, this would probably influence her perceptions on what dating is for the worse.

Her innocence was at least amusing at times. Zenith chuckled and said with a smirk, "Nah, that meat head just wanted a fight." Now that was an image; Tone wearing a gardener's hat watering a patch of flowers was such a stark contrast to what that battle addict is usually like. Zenith was twitching, barely holding back his laughter with tears welling up though after getting it out of his system he regained enough of his composure, save for a few aftershocks of giggles. "I wouldn't know. The garden is usually closed off to the general public, but I can bet that they are definitely a sight to behold."

He had gone silent for a large portion of the walk, but there was a nagging feeling clawing the back of his mind; Akemi's concept on good and evil had not changed. The older mage looked down at her and said, "Mimi, the world isn't as clear cut as you think it is. Very few things are."

Nolan Waltz

"You're killing me here." He muttered to himself. There were rules that Ariel had set up for their relationship, specifically to not get swept up in her Charm and Crystal forms since their personalities have a chance to have the two of them get swept up in a moment that she did not intend to happen. Nolan, being the good boyfriend that he was, respected this rule even when it was obvious that it was agony for him though this form was actively trying to kill him. His face was flushed from his cheeks to the tips of his ears while he felt her breath against his ears. The form itself was certainly stimulating, but this personality was absolutely lethal.

Ethel came in to save the day, along with some large person that she brought with her before diving into the mass of fluff that were Ariel's tails. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned his attention to the very chubby man with two dots for eyes, who was trembling in place while his line of sight fell upon Ariel. Was this an overly excited fan of hers? And why the hell was this guy drenched? Nolan glared at the strange man, but he had turned around so he probably wouldn't have noticed the daggers coming from the God Slayer's eyes.

Then the man turned around with a bouquet of... cloud flowers? So this guy was a mage. Well, Nolan didn't like another guy giving her gifts, but he was just going to have to bear it until it was over. Still, this guy said something quite odd. Both of them? This guy was here for him too? "Uh, can I help y-? URK!" The air out of Nolan's lungs was squeezed out in a surprisingly tight bear hug as he was lifted him off his feet. "Let go of me!"

Nolan was able to pull his arms out of the hug and he pulled himself up so that they were able to look each other in the eyes before he pulled his head back and slammed his forehead against the man's. One way or another he had gotten out of that grasp and gasped for air. "Who the hell are you calling cuz? I am not... your..." Nolan trailed off as he looked at the man. "D'angelo?"


"...Ya must be a real big hit at parties." Dalton said after listening to Nyssa's ever cheerful story about death when hypothesizing what would happen if the flames at the tips of his tails were snuffed out. He didn't even pay attention to her playing with the fire though she really should be careful at not taking the words of others at face value. For all she know, she could have burnt her hand if he was lying.

Eh, not his problem. The Exceed gulped down a portion of the glass and was left with a milk mustache."Yeah, but someone has to keep an eye on some of these crazies." He motioned to Nolan headbutting D'angelo. "See?"

Now this was an amusing sight; Trinity was, like everyone else, captivated by those fluffy, bushy tails of Nyssa's. What was even funnier was her suggesting the kitsune lived with Karn. Now that sounded like a chaotic duo, but he was living for it.

Sengoku Enma

The oni squinted at Prince before shaking his head, chuckling. There was no point in holding a grudge over the living embodiment of flirtation and double entendre. His large hand ruffled Keiko's hair though with the size of his hand he may have turned into a knotted mess. "It's fine, just make sure you think before you speak, and don't worry, I'll be back safely. There aren't many monsters that can keep up with me." He flexed a muscular arm to make a point and put the girl's mind at ease.

"Oh come on Hunter, there's nothing wrong with some friendly banter." Enma said in jest though he would not have minded throwing down for a pre-mission warm up. Well, maybe it would have been the case if Ash decided not bring up his lack of sea legs. "Don't lump me with you, hydrophobe. Sea sickness is very common. I bet you haven't showered since yesterday." He said that last bit jokingly, not knowing that he was actually on the money with that.

At Keiko's questions, everyone seemed to be quite eager to inform her about the other two major guilds of Fiore. The oni chuckled at the mention of Phoenix Wing and chimed in. "That guild is filled with some real crazies, but you could say that there are members of that guild that had reached a celebrity status. I like going down to see a few friends of mine there. If you're gonna ask me about Wolven Pyre, I ain't got a clue about them other that they are witches and are more used to the occult. I thought about joining them, but this is a better fit."


"Oh my god." Basil bit off way much more than he could chew. Holy crap he bit off way too much than what he could chew. He felt his heart drop down to his stomach as he realized that he just woke up an ancient deity that looked very, very pissed off at them for entering his domain without permission. Is this what Lorette wanted him to find? She could have told him that this was beyond his capabilities, but instead she had sent him on a mission to wake up a legendary Pokemon of all things! Why the actual hell would she do that?!

By instinct he bowed in apology to this mighty pokemon to hopefully spare them from whatever punishment that it possibly had in mind. The poor boy was shaking in his boots. It did not take a genius to connect that the Pokemon on the mural was the same one floating in front of them, albeit with a very different form. "We are so sorry Landorous! We were trying to figure out the mystery of the never ending rain and of the mirror, but we did not realize that we would enter your domain!" Basil lifted his head back up and looked at the legendary in the eyes. Every fiber of his being was telling him to run, but he refused to after coming this far. "If it pleases you to accept our request, can you please answer our question? What was the darkness you were fighting?" At this point he could already assume that the reason for the never ending rain was because of the other two legendaries that Landorus presided over.

"Actually, I have one more request, a selfish one." Basil pressed his palms together in pray and bowed once again. "Today has been the first day of my career as a trainer. I am inexperienced and have no confidence in myself, but I wish to receive your blessings." He was silent for a moment though he started shaking harder and harder until he was constantly bowing again and again, blubbering many apologies for his selfishness and for asking so much from Landorous considering they were the ones that intruded.
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