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Whelp. Not a happy story, eh. Well! We'll tell that from now on, or something! Yupp, Basil as a character is a-okay. Darumaka as a starter, heh. Very well, then! Unfortunately, in gen 6 Darumaka hasn't learned Incinerate yet at Level 5, so you're going to need to start without it. Otherwise, Basil is accepted!

So, you'll need to arrive to Kalmia's lab in Pureplain City, and from there... hah, there's a battle going on in the front yard... eh, we'll handle it somehow. I have a PM I need to send you, but nothing in it is going to change your starter post, it's mostly 'Worldedge City Native' stuff. Ask if you have any questions to how to proceed. I'll be mostly busy today, but we'll see.

It seemed like Ronin’s question came forth, and then a couple sentences that Ronin barely understood later and a shop rummaged through after something Ronin found a package thrust into her hands and a handful of directions that she only understood because they came with hand-signs. Well, that should do! Ronin grinned widely.

‘Alright, thank you! I’ll make sure to deliver this for you!’ Ronin happily said, turning to Valkyrie for a bit.

‘Looks like we’ve become delivery-girls! I’m not complaining, means Jill should owe us a favour!’ Ronin told and then spun to the mystery shopkeeper again. ‘Thank you! When I’ve got more money, I’ll be sure to come back and buy out your entire stock!’ Exaggerating? Maybe. Still, she was truly thankful.

‘Alright! Slightly left, right, left, over something and then forward a couple of times! Here we go!’ Then it was off with the wooden box, which… holes, protective runes, something alive in here? Eh! Let’s not dwell on it! Off they went!
I've sent a PM.
Alright. If so, you're permitted to read the intro OOC, perhaps the first post IC to know where you're heading, make a character and ask me if you have any questions. Most discussion nowdays happens on Discord, I could send you the link to it if you like.
@Joshua Tamashii

‘Misdreavus!’ Misdreavus called happily to Amelia, with Sneasel and Kecleon also giving their little waves due to Misdreavus affection for this person. In all actuality, the ploy here was that Misdreavus feeds on fearful emotions, so her friends are basically helping her get a meal by scaring people. That didn’t work on Amelia, but they seemed to have gotten along anyway. With that, Amelia left the school and walked off through Pureplain City at night.

There were still people around at night, wandering with no immediately obvious purpose, some Pokémon here and there, and so. Surely the air was far calmer, darker, somewhat colder and with a bit more distinct sounds during the night, allowing Amelia to wander as she wanted. Eventually, she arrived in front of the gym. A big, fairly boring building. A four-story building, square in form with numerous banners hanging out, and an imposing sign hanging out at the front of the building. “POKÉMON GYM”. A sign in front of the gym…

Pureplain Pokémon Gym - Major League
Gym Leader: Dorian
“The Master of Normal”

… Of course, it was closed. Gym Leaders can’t be expected to take challengers around the clock, especially not one which is gaining in age like Dorian. Amelia was contemplating what to do… when sounds of something big approaching came from down the road. Big, heavy steps of something too big to be running coming running… it was… something she recognized since the last time she was here.

Pokédex Entry #143 – Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon. A very lazy Pokémon that typically only eats or sleeps. It is not satisfied unless it has eaten 900 pounds of food in a day, and after having consumed that it becomes lethargic and sleeps. Its stomach acids can dissolve any poison, so it doesn’t have to worry about what it eats.

With a band around his head, Snorlax came running, sweating all over, apparently having been made to work out. And, behind him, dressed in a warm jacket on a bike with a suitable bike-helmet came…

‘Young Amelia,’ Dorian said as the old man on a bike slowed down to have a good look at her.

‘You’re back far sooner than I would have expected you to. Though, it does not appear you’ve been led back with the purpose of the typical Pokémon Trainer. Snorlax, you’ve done well today. The trucks should be done delivering your dinner. You may start without me,’ Dorian told his heavily breathing Snorlax, who immediately got this incredibly happy expression, before turning and running at the building, and a huge partly unseen door just swung open for the oversized Pokémon that made his way into the building. The door closed behind Snorlax, and the old Gym Leader got off his bike and took off the helmet to look at Amelia.

‘What is on your mind, young one?’

Disclaimer: The GM is not a wise old man.
The GM can only pretend to be a wise old man.
You will not actually get genuine wise old man advice from the GM.
As long as you’re okay with this, go ahead.

Connected areas:
Route 1. Easier path, just follow the bigger road.
Route 2. Walk through quite an amount of suburbs until you eventually reach the path.
Sea. There’s water, alright. Can take you anywhere you want to go, assuming you have means to traverse it.



After a lot of trial and error, or just perhaps asking any of the random villagers in Highhill Town for help because you could 100% do that and they’d be more than happy to help, Skylar eventually made his way back to the Pokémon Center, aaaaaaaand…

And, with his arrival, a somewhat yawning Vivia was walking up to him from the side.

‘Good morning, Skylar… You weren’t there when I woke up…’ Vivia then blinked a bit as she realized Skylar was healing his Pokémon. ‘Wait, if you’re healing your Pokémon… and you’ve already been out… You already battled Lorette, didn’t you!?’ she said, suddenly wide awake as she realized. ‘Aaaaah, I’m behind!’ she remarked, spinning towards the exit. ‘I-I’ll be right back-!’ And so, Vivia was running off…

And with that, Skylar’s now free in Highhill Town. What will he do?

Waiting for Vivia to come back is an option.

Connected areas:
Route 1. To the south, is the common route of first journeys. Green and straight.
Route 3. To the north, the route to Rainrock or the Silent Shrine. A wet woodland.
Route 14. To the east, the lake known as the Dragon Lake, potentially for crossing.
Path to Silent Shrine. To the west, the Silent Forest and the path to the shrine within.



Not getting a bite? Are you entirely sure? Because, prepare for the premium Old Rod catch!

Pokédex Entry #129 – Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon. While known for being extremely weak and washed away by even the weakest current, Magikarp can survive even in the most polluted of water. They’re incredibly fertile and have spread to waters all around the world. They jump fairly high, and older Magikarps are known to brave mountains with these jumps, seeking evolution.

… Though given she already has one, these probably doesn’t particularly interest her. Probably. Now, while Eryn sat against Peri and Dei and Eri had their little conversation, Tula swam about searching for a Pokémon to take them down into the ruins. Now, it turns out the waters are a bit dangerous, and very few Pokémon will give a Magikarp the time of day, but eventually, Tula swam into a dumb-looking easygoing Pokémon that stopped, because, when’s the last time a Magikarp of all things is looking for help with something? Are they even smart enough to make requests like that? Regardless, the Pokémon in question was like “sure” and swam along with Tula.

Completely ignoring the fishing line, a big, blue, moderately oblivious-looking head emerged from the water next to Eryn, staring up at her along with Tula’s return.

‘Quaaaaaaaaaaaaag!’ it announced loudly at her, smiling so absurdly widely.

Pokédex Entry #195 – Quagsire, the Water Fish Pokémon. A very easy-going Pokémon, they swim about and don’t even mind if they bump their heads into things. When hunting, it simply opens its mouth and moves no muscles, waiting for prey to blunder in. When not moving, it expands very little energy and does not need food for a long time.

It then turned and started swimming towards Lakewatch Town. No need to catch it, it’ll help anyway. Just because. The Pokédex literally says that Quagsires are easy-going, so.

There we go. What now?

Connected areas:
Lakewatch Town. On the south-west of the route, Lakewatch Town lies adjacent to the lake on the road to the Wet Caverns.
Stillwood Village. In the north lies the forest which hides the village, Mt. Strength lying behind it..
Route 6. Vast plains start in the south-east, this route leads towards Raremine Town.
Frozen Cavern. After an incline up to the ridge of Mt. Chill, a cavern of ice could guide the way to Route 9 and Cooldome City.
Endless Forest. To the south, a dark forest looms. There are no indications as to why you’d ever want to go there.


So, Mariette learned something new today. Apparently, physics does not translate between worlds. Because, she tried this move in the void of Asengav’s dimension, and it worked fine there, a barrage of light-blasts, yet something DIFFERENT happened in this world. Because there was absolutely no way she’d done this for the first time here, she practiced it somewhere else or she’d never have attempted to perform it in the first place. The only explanation for a spell not to do as Mariette intended is that, apparently, physics is different in Asengav’s dimension. Not that Mariette actually knew physics, but she did know to practice her spells. She’d have to keep that in mind next time. That is really annoying, as that made one of her most powerful moves more or less useless. Irritating.

Mariette immediately dropped herself through a portal upon realizing the failure of her attack, hopefully avoiding Billy’s attack, because if she failed we can disregard the rest of this post. Mariette landed in a nearby apartment, still keeping a portal underneath her feet in case Billy was able to detect her within the building so she’d have a quick exit. Time to play WAY more cowardly. Mariette reached out with her portal magic, and because she got weaker over range this would take more time than usual, but still. She opened tiny portals in mid-air outside so she could keep track of the situation as she charged up a light-blast with her mirror as she prepared to open five different portals at the same time…!

The five opened, all surrounding Billy on a remarkable range. One to Billy’s right went directly to Mariette, who cast a powered-up light-blast directly at the ornament at the hilt of his club. In case he dodged, the second portal opened on Billy’s left would catch the light-blast and redirect it to the third portal behind him, still aiming for the ornament on his club’s hilt. If that one missed, it’d be caught by the fourth portal ahead of him, which went to the fifth and final portal above him which would then spew down with a bit more of that internal diffraction for a wider blast on the supposed maybe weak-point. Of course, the blast wouldn’t be as powerful as her earlier effort, but she still focused quite a bit of power into it.

After that Mariette shut all the portals and checked the current situation. She was going to be a coward tonight.

Eli, meanwhile, was already a coward hiding behind a corner peeking at the battle. Because she was way weaker than a normal Magical Girl and did her part by telling the rest things and peeking with her Third Eye. If the rest of them were having trouble then she’d be a fly compared to Billy. Still, she kept her rifle ready, just in case.

@BrokenPromise@Crusader Lord@FamishedPants@ERode

So, after having fortunately dodged the attack by the two kids, they went through the motions of greeting one another. When he asked what Kalmia specialized in…

‘It looks like I’ll be focusing some time researching developments into Pokémon storage, like how different Pokémon experience the conditions and so on,’ Kalmia said, giving a bit of a smile. ‘I haven’t gotten very far yet, but I have special permission to host the Pokémon caught by the trainers I send out in my own servers, which I will be conducting research on. Perhaps I’ll discover how to make things even more comfortable? Can I develop something that can make “stored” Pokémon come out temporarily with the requirement that they can’t do any moves if they’re more than the sixth Pokémon? Things like that!’ Kalmia said, mildly excitedly. Then other questions that Cyril had could be answered…

And then Kalmia could be smiling on the side as Cyril went and had his Budew revealed for him, and then had his outburst and named the little fella.

‘If there’s one time that is entirely fine to get carried away on, it’s when being introduced to a new little partner,’ Kalmia said happily on the first note. She then nodded about how he promised results. ‘I’ll look forward to it. I’m happy to have been of help!’

Then the question about when Kalmia was out on her Pokémon journey.

‘Oh, that was around, seven years ago now?’ Kalmia asked herself, considering the exact timeframe. ‘And then most of my time was spent studying to become a full-fledged professor, meeting Professor Oak at some point during that time, and the plans for this little operation came into being shortly after! Of course, there were some circumstances during those years that made being a Pokémon Trainer difficult…’ Kalmia sighed a bit. ‘… But that’s in the past, now! Isson is free to be enjoyed!’

Something along those lines.

‘And, heh, do call me “Professor”.’ Just… as a tidbit.

Then the door opened again, and the two little boys came running in, excitedly.

‘Professor! Professor!’ one of them called for attention.
‘It’s Dr. Proudlesprout!’ the other said.
‘It’s Sir Snarklespark!’ the first one told at the same time.
‘He’s heading this way!’

‘… Right on cue, huh? Brace yourself,’ Kalmia said with a slight sigh, turning to face the slowly closing door.

There was a knock on the not-actually closed door, polite but firm enough that it wouldn’t let itself be ignored.

‘Oh, come in, already,’ Kalmia said with a bit of a smirk.

And with that, the door swung open. Standing in the opening was a man in a top-hat, white hair and glasses, a black suit and red ribbons on his hat and at his collar, wearing the proudest little smirk this side of Mt. Edge. Of course, there was all the likelihood that Cyril had already heard of him, potentially, possibly, who even knows. The man looked to Kalmia before his eyes fixed on Cyril, one of his hands going immediately for his hat as he made a polite little bow for him.

‘Cyril, I presume? I’m Jacques, member of the Isson Elite Four and also contact of Professor Sycamore in Isson. I’m pleased to meet you.’

Honestly, there was a decent chance they’d actually have met, given Jacques went over to Kalos for a time before the current time in order to discuss the Pokédexes of Isson with Sycamore, but anyways.

‘Couldn’t just let a new trainer pass without greeting them, huh,’ Kalmia asked with a smile.

‘Why, it’s someone fundamentally connected with Professor Sycamore and who’s already on record for being a formidable trainer. Of course I would like to make my acquaintance,’ Jacques told, because, yeah.

‘Got anyone else along with you, this time, too?’ Kalmia asked, getting up on her toes to look over Jacques shoulder to see if anyone else was coming…

‘Actually, yes. However, she got lost in a clothing store downtown before- oh, here she comes,’ Jacques said, taking a step inside the lab to allow for the next person to come running. Said person was a young but flashy female, with long blonde hair, blue wide, attentive eyes, decent amount of makeup and painted fingernails for her age, and mostly just looking positively shiny.

‘Hello! I’m Chloe, and I’ve been looking for you, Professor!’ she immediately told upon coming in and looking towards Kalmia, who raised her eyebrows looking at the young lady.

‘Sorry I’m late! They just had the fanciest- OH, GOSH, HE’S ADORABLE!’ she promptly exclaimed as she turned her face and more or less squealed upon seeing Aster, kneeling over to look at the little leafy creature with her hands on her cheeks. The fact it’s the same exclamation Cyril did earlier was entirely coincidental and the GM didn’t realize it until right now, but it’ll stay.

‘Soooo, did you find another exceptional individual to stake your chances in?’ Kalmia asked as Chloe excitedly inspected Cyril’s Pokémon. Jacques looked amused.

‘… No, actually. I ran into her on the road, asking for directions to Professor Kalmia’s lab. Interested, I asked her why she wanted to come to Kalmia’s lab, found out she’d just burned the last of her money on the road, so I just decided to take her along,’ Jacques explained casually.

‘Ah, that’s right!’ Chloe immediately got up and spun towards Kalmia. ‘I travelled across the land searching for you because I heard you were handing out those Pokédex things, but, um…’ the girl was searching for words to say, but…

‘Oh, I’m sorry. The truth is that I don’t just hand out these Pokédexes, they’re for selected individuals that are decided ahead of time, and…’ Kalmia started explaining, but Chloe started waving her hands to her.

‘I know that now! Sir Jacques told me! That’s what he told me, and then offered to give me one of his own, so I have one now, but then he brought me here anyway…!’ Chloe said, looking kind of surprised about what she was saying herself.

Kalmia gave Jacques an inquisitive stare. He simply smiled.

‘I had one to spare. Besides, I am curious as to how she will fare. I seem to think our meeting may have been fated. I’ll see how far I can trust my hunches,’ Jacques casually responded. ‘Besides, it’s tradition by now that one of your trainers and one of mine will battle their first day on the job, is it not?’

‘Ah, that’s right!’ Chloe said once again, turning to Cyril, holding out a Pokéball. ‘I have a cute Pokémon, too!’ she told, as her Pokéball snapped open and a brown creature with long tail took shape, standing on Chloe’s shoulder.

Pokédex Entry #161 – Sentret, the Scout Pokémon. A very cautious Pokémon, it stands on its tail to spot far-off threats and shouts an alarm if it sees one. When they sleep, they always does so with at least one Sentret on guard. If separated from the pack, a Sentret is unable to sleep.

‘So, I’d like to battle you!’ Chloe said excitedly, looking to Cyril with a wide smile.

‘For your information, he’s an experienced Pokémon Trainer that has already challenged the Pokémon League in Kalos before this. I look forward what you as a sparkling new Pokémon Trainer can do against him.’
‘Eh!? You serious!?’



‘Eeeeh…’ Trial Master looked unconvinced about getting ghost-types. ‘The theme was “Pokémon that unnaturally cause fear”, not “Pokémon people tend to be afraid of”!’ Minor details, perhaps, but.

Then there was the part about rare Pokémon not being good rewards.

‘… Pretty sure that’s just you! Others have been throwing themselves all over my rewards! Hah!’ So the Trial Master said, sounding like he was victorious at something. Now, about Focus Sash not being useful…

‘Oh, it’s pretty good for Pokémon with multiple types with same weaknesses! It prevents them from being knocked down in one shot, regardless of what they’re facing! You could be facing Arceus himself, and you’ll still be able to hold him off for at least one turn! Perhaps that turn allows you to use Teleport, to get you into safety? Don’t underestimate the Focus Sash!’ Trial Master encouraged with a confident smirk.

‘Hu-hu, trials for experienced Pokémon Trainers, eh? I’ll rise to meet the challenge! Until then!’ Trial Master said as he was about to leave and such, when Eryn told him to hold on and asked for if he had a nickname… ‘Huh? Nickname for Trial Master? There can be no shortening of my title! The Trial Master is the Trial Master, and will never be less than the Trial Master…!’ he said proudly, then kind of did an awkward little smile waving his hands about a little, before saying… ‘… But if you want something shorter, I guess Max will have to do…’

‘AND WITH THAT I’M OFF!’ he quickly called before she could comment on that, Umbreon jumping up on his shoulder as he threw out the Escape Rope and letting himself be pulled off into the nothingness so that Eryn could depart.

And then…

The dark waters are safe enough. Just avoid the Carvanha, and Tula should be fine. But, yes, there are Carvanha. In fact, here’s just the list of all decently commonly occurring Pokémon in the waters.

That should do.

Previously not seen on this route because it hasn’t been night yet, there are hootings of owls on Route 5 during the night…

Pokédex Entry #163 – Hoothoot, the Owl Pokémon. It always stands on one leg, and changes leg so fast it’s rarely seen. It’s big, red eyes see clearly in the dark. They have an internal organ that keeps track of the planet’s rotation, allowing them to perfectly tell time. By giving them instructions, people have long been using them as alarm clocks before clocks existed.

And that’s about that. What does Eryn and co do?

There we go. What now?

Connected areas:
Lakewatch Town. On the south-west of the route, Lakewatch Town lies adjacent to the lake on the road to the Wet Caverns.
Stillwood Village. In the north lies the forest which hides the village, Mt. Strength lying behind it..
Route 6. Vast plains start in the south-east, this route leads towards Raremine Town.
Frozen Cavern. After an incline up to the ridge of Mt. Chill, a cavern of ice could guide the way to Route 9 and Cooldome City.
Endless Forest. To the south, a dark forest looms. There are no indications as to why you’d ever want to go there.


Ronin didn't really need to be reassured of Valkyrie's presence, but sure, if that made her less concerned. Ronin gave a grin to the hand-holding thing. Ronin herself was convinced they'd be able to find each other even if they were to be separated. All Ronin had to do is climb the highest building around and yell from there, right? Oh, or find Jill. If they both were looking for Jill and lost track of one another, then both finding Jill would mean they found each other!

‘Alright, hold on to me tightly, then~’ Ronin said with a grin, before heading further into the bazaar, all these amazing noises and shouts and sellers and-

And then someone snapped around Ronin to try to lead her into an alleyway shop. Ronin's eyes just widened in amazement at the proclamation, and with the show of weapons and suggestion of a katana, Ronin laughed.

‘Hahahaha! You know me well for just a glance! But, unfortunately, I can't be your customer, because I'm flat broke!’ Ronin called to her kidnapper happily. ‘But, if you know where Jill of Magical Services could be found, I'd be reeeaaally happy if you could point us in the right direction!’

So she said. ... And also, used a bit of Reinforcement magic to prepare to defend her body. She WAS being pulled into a dark alley, after all, although she did have a protector in Valkyrie now.

With the assumption that the opening post has already been read for Pureplain City…

The day was as pleasant as always, the sky blue and the weather as plain as the name of the city. Getting through the bustle of the city Cyril arrived to Kalmia’s lab at where the suburbs are just starting. The lab itself was a single-floor building with a sign that said “Pokémon Lab” on it that didn’t really look like a lab, and then an offshoot on the right side which looked like a regular home that connected to the lab part. Having parted with Marina, Cyril headed up to the Pokémon Lab and opened the door, calling out for anyone inside-

and a bucket of some water came swinging, fortunately missing him, then it fell outside and made some noise as a bunch of water uselessly spilled on the front yard.

‘We missed! Mission failure!’ a young kid inside called out.
‘Evacuate the premises! Before Kalmia discovers!’ another, identical kid called, and then the two kids ran by Cyril with happy little prankster laughs and off on the streets. Unless, he, like, caught them or something.

Those two aside! Inside the lab was a rectangular room, but the usable space was more round because the room had bookshelves placed in a circle around an area in the middle, not properly taking advantage of the space in the corners. The shelves contained varying books and papers of research, as well as the occasional Pokéballs. In the back and right, a large amount of what appeared to be computer servers filled about 40% of the available space, and they were coupled to a laptop which stood on a desk to the left of it. Other than the laptop, there was also a large amount of papers and binders on it, making it impossible to place anything else on there.

To the right of the table was a healing station from a Pokémon Center, with places to place six Pokéballs, along with a large cylinder thing with a glass middle and a hatch that one likely were to place something moderately large within. There was nothing that said what it actually was. While it was tight in here, it was still decently maneuverable and Kalmia likely knew where everything she wanted was. Also in here, were numerous Pokémon. They are, perhaps not entirely limited to,

From Claire (Rune_Alchemist) a Beedrill and a Ledyba.
From Erika (Pirouette) a Poliwag and a Pikachu.
From Erza (Ephemeral) a Meowth, a Lillipup, a Growlithe, a Castform and a Duskull.
From Amelia (Joshua Tamashii) a Yamask, Golett and a Spiritomb.
From Skylar (Gardevoiran) a Goomy.

As well as a Slowpoke, resting on the servers over there. Yupp, decently crowded. Any of the players mentioned above may have their Pokémon do something, if they so please, if they even read this.

Then the door to the room to the right opened, and there stood a decently tall woman, wearing glasses and had blonde hair tied into a ponytail, and wore casual blue clothes under a white professor-like lab-coat. Her hair was still wet from something.

‘Aaah, Cyril! Welcome to Isson!’ Kalmia greeted him, sounding relieved.

‘Did Tim and Tom do something? I do need their help looking after the lab and taking care of the Pokémon, but sometimes they-’ the professor said, coming over and looking out the door to see the product of the booby trap they’d set on the door… Kalmia sighed a little ‘… I apologize for them. Anyway, nevermind that! We’ve got a Pokédex and Pokémon to hand out! Now, I know this isn’t your first rodeo, but I’ll still be explaining all of the matters you need to know!’ Kalmia said, turning and going over to one of the drawers by her computer to retrieve a Pokédex and a Pokéball. She turned, holding a certain device with a screen and red edges, smiling as she presented it to Cyril.

‘This is your Pokédex. Now, let me explain a few things.’

The two could have any length of conversation after that, but eventually, it would be time.

‘And, here you go. A Pokémon that evolves by happiness, as requested. I look forward to seeing how you do,’ Kalmia said, and with that, the Pokéball was offered to him.

- You've obtained Budew! -

Pokédex Entry #406 – Budew, the Bud Pokémon. It is sensitive to changing temperature. In winter it closes its bud and endures, while in summer it blooms and releases its pollen. This pollen is mildly poisonous and can cause harsh sneezing. It lives near clear ponds.

- Would you like to give Budew a nickname? -

And with the opening block out of the way, here’s the chance for Cyril to check his Pokémon and then actually join the conversation a bit more actively.
@Joshua Tamashii

Johannes silently let his hand be grabbed, looking at Amelia with his usual tired expression as she consoled him. He listened to her attentively, maybe feeling a bit awkward that a child was giving him advice like that, yet still attempted to take it to heart. ‘Something to believe in, huh…’ he considered. ‘I'll try that. Thank you,’ he simply said, before being allowed to put his Lunar Wing back and eventually departed the room. Then Misdreavus came back, and got a thank you for playing with her and a warning not to actually hurt anyone. The ghost wearing a necklace smiled happily.

‘Misdreavus!’ she called out in total happy acknowledgement.

And that's about that. Did Amelia have anything else she wanted to do here?

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