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There we go. Tell me if I made any mistakes.

@Rune_Alchemist I will be quick to admit I don't know the first thing about actual wrestling. How much chance does a normal human stand against a being that can send trucks flying in such a sport? Hahahaha.

@Pikmin Eye Finding pictures of indoors is a pain. Anyways. Here you are. What do you do now?
Infiltrating bases in the games you battle every person in the base, but in real life, it's not actually going to be that easy, now will it? That said, I still want some infiltrating of bases action, so like this~! XD

@Pirouette This story existed vaguely in some documents of mine. If you're going to tell him a story then I'm going to take the moment to make him tell one in return, hah~!
You mentioned that you'd go challenge trainers on the way to Stillwood? Okay. I added some trainers at the end of the post that you can battle, then. Just describe what tactics you'll use against each Pokémon and I will then tell you how you fare, and you can adjust tactics and all the lot, heh. You can still buy, of course. In fact, you can do whatever you want and tell me I wrote most of my post for naught and decide to do something else entirely, but, heh, anyway. There we go.

@Eklispe@Joshua Tamashii I do realize I've sent you two into an encounter slightly above your level, but heh. Those happen too. I've provided some more circumstances.

Ralia went and tilted her head at Infernape. Infernape, still with arms crossed, looked right back down at the little psychic fairy with a passive look. Ralia felt that there was a certain amount of relief on the Infernape’s mind, like a great tension had suddenly been released. Oh, and Ralia could sense a couple of young, innocent-feeling looks from further ahead. Peeking past a corner…

Pokédex Entry #390 – Chimchar, the Chimp Pokémon. A gas burns in its stomach that fuels the flame behind it, which is extremely difficult to put out except for when it puts out its own flames to protect its surroundings while asleep. It lives on craggy mountains, using its agility and grip to scale sheer cliffs and walls.

… Was a couple of heads, that had a particular relation to this Infernape. Suffice to say, had Maple and Ellyn’s journey reached much further, it may also have abruptly ended at the hands of a protective parent.

Meanwhile, Claire was announcing her challenge. Anise grinned, while Ellyn raised her eyebrows a little in surprise.

‘Wait, you’re gonna wrestle a-!?’ Maple sounded out in amazement looking at Claire from somewhat behind, still surrounded by her fire Pokémon.

Pangoro, of course, heard her. He munched a bit on the leaf in his mouth, glaring at her while all the “henchmen” tried to copy him, one which accidentally bit apart his leaf and is now panicking. Then… Pangoro grinned.

‘Goro!’ He shouted out, jumping forward to meet Claire, large arms held wide in order to wrestle her.

Now, seeing how Pokédex entries tell that Pangoros are strong enough to “send a dump truck flying”, there is likely no discussion about which of the two is the stronger. That said, Pangoro here understood the meaning of fun.

Now, do you want to do this the long version, or the short version?


@Pikmin Eye

Martin pulled the keycard on the door, and a green light lit. The door opened.



With great interest, Joshua listened to the story which Erika found it in herself to tell him. At the end of it, he was smiling widely and looked pretty happy.

‘I see~ Well, I am honored you’d share such a story with me,’ Joshua said and tipped his headphones. ‘Hm. Sno’s your first Pokémon, received by Kalmia, right? … Did she know?’ Joshua asked with a smirk as he looked at her.

‘I actually have a similar story, just a little in reverse. Want to hear it?’

Then Joshua could go off with a wave, and Erika could look after her current team before heading to rest. Then, in the morning, Erika woke up and could head for the Miner’s Shop to see what’s new.

‘Good morning, Erika! Sleep well?’ Isaac asked her. ‘Today’s not as amazing as yesterday yet, but still pretty good. One of our miners found a rare Old Amber tonight, that one will be worth a bunch.’

Then, Erika showed the gem she found to be appraised.

‘Oh! This is… a Bug Gem! Do you know of these gems, Erika?’ Here’s an explanation anyway. ‘If a Pokémon holding a type gem uses a move that’s the same type as the gem, they can use the energy of the gem to make their move magnificently more powerful! This expands the gem, though, making it useless, a grey husk. It’s a bit frowned upon to use them in official battles for a power-boost, but while exploring as a Pokémon Trainer they can help you out in a pinch! Oh, and some collectors would pay a handsome sum for them, if you can find them. Plenty of collectors in Freecape Town…’ So Isaac told. Anyways. She could finish up her task there and then get going. She could now do as she liked. She’s still in the Frozen Cave Mines.


@Eklispe@Joshua Tamashii

Dawkin and Amelia stepped back, though Route 6 is as known the route with no real hiding spots. Vast Plains indeed, the best cover is the fact that the route is not entirely flat so you you can theoretically hide behind a hill. Not really given much reason to bother with them, except for a Tyrunt that momentarily stopped and stared at them curiously, the ancient Pokémon kept on running. There were numerous slams of combat from within the sandstorm, and then a Whirlwind from Pidgeot sent the sand scattering around. The dissipating sand revealed that Hippowdon had dug down into the ground again and escaped as it came under fire, but the chaos it had caused was definite.

Amelia had attempted to look at the trainer. It was a woman, blonde hair, wearing white… but she couldn’t see that much from over here. The driver, a man in a brown coat wearing glasses, spun to look at anyone present, which was more than just Dawkin and Amelia due to being on the road to Raremine Town now.

‘Trainers! Stop those Pokémon!’ He called. His Bronzong had captured quite a few with Psychic abilities, and having dealt with the Hippowdon the Yanmega, Rapidash and Pidgeot once again took off in different direction, using speed, fire and wind to discourage escape by the fleeing ancient Pokémon.

From having been hidden underground, multiple Pokémon suddenly sprung forth from under the ground. Sandshrews showed up and grabbed onto Anorith and Archen, more than one on each, with the occasional Sandslash mixed in to take Tyrunts. Drilburs showed up trying to dig holes for the ancient Pokémon to fall into, while two Diggersby grabbed onto the heads of Craniados with each hand, trying to pull them under.

Pokédex Entry #27 – Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. It lives in arid regions burrowing deep underground. It emerges only to hunt for food, which it catches by lounging out of their burrows. If threatened, it curls into a protective ball and bounces off from enemy attacks. If it gets cold at night, its body will coat itself with a fine dew.

Pokédex Entry #28 – Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon. It uses its claws to dig rapidly and climb trees. It wields these claws to cut at opponents with great skill. If endangered, it either curls into a ball of sharp spines and rolls at enemies or it kicks up a sandstorm. Its spines and claws often break from hard use, but they grow back within a day.

Pokédex Entry #529 – Drilbur, the Mole Pokémon. They and Excadrills dig out mazelike nests underground in which they live. Drilbur is known for being able to travel very fast through soil, able to reach 30 mph by putting its claws together and spinning rapidly, drilling through earth. They’re known to be rather friendly around people.

Pokédex Entry #660 – Diggersby, the Digging Pokémon. It uses its ears, which are strong enough to reduce bedrock to rubble, to dig its way through the earth. With its ears being able to lift tons of weight, they’re often employed around construction sites and is to great help. It is, however, known for lounging lazily for hours at a time.

These Ground-Pokémon had all struck more or less at once, they couldn’t time it perfectly, and they all fought to grab the ancient Pokémon and pull them into the holes they had created. Now, it didn’t always go perfectly, the ancient Pokémon saw no desire to be pulled into holes and resisted, but a ground-type’s advantage over rock-type was mostly apparent, and this was an exercised plan.

‘NO! STOP THEM!’ The driver shouted upon seeing what happened. His and the trainer’s Pokémon were effective where they were, striking away the Ground-types with what moves they had, but there were only four of them. Quite a few were going to get away. A couple of Sanshrews and Drilburs nearby were trapping those four ancient Pokémon that had come running by them earlier.

Would Amelia and Dawkin do anything?
@Joshua Tamashii Alright, nicely posted. Your actions are noted and will be taken into account.

Now, then. That's all of current you, right? Then it's my turn to post. Will see when I find the time. Will note that yesterday was basically not a day of my life as it had all been taken away from me, so I'll say two days.
@Pikmin Eye Alright. Nicely posted. I actually get to type this. Alright. Let's see what I can do.

@Pirouette That's totally alright. This post proves your wish to continue, after all~! ... Would have been fine without the post, too, of course, we all got times things catch up to us. Yeah, nicely posted. Heh, telling stories. Yeah, I'll see if I have something for Joshua to respond with. Amusing and partly endearing little scene with Erika and all the Pokémon. Alright.

I'll prepare some trainers for Route 5, then, heh.
As always, if I did anything I cannot, please tell me. ... I feel lonely being the only one making these kinds of posts.
and Eli

‘Oh,’ Eli made a noise and looked a bit surprised at Valkyrie’s reply, but then quickly nodded. ‘Yes! That’s entirely acceptable. Though, I will warn, even being close enough to observe might put you in danger, teh-heh…’ Eli gave an unsure smile before continuing. ‘Current action is fighting off the Gorelions. Excuse us, we need to protect our friends. You can use the portal if you like!’ Eli said, before spinning around to jump back through the portal to the Bastion, and Sue had seemingly already gone.

Meanwhile, Mariette, opened a portal to send away the blood… and immediately the Gorelions reacted, losing their previous intelligence. Hm. How curious. ‘I may have deprived the lion tamer of her whip…’ Mariette mused, aloud for the people around to hear, her voice containing a certain amount of amusement. It was perhaps a blessing that Mariette did not know enough to lament having been unable to see Justine’s reaction in that one moment…

Unfortunately, Gorelions did not curl back like harmless kittens when losing the connection to their master. They charged as if in a berserker rage, and as such still had to be dealt with. Mariette did indeed open a portal for Helga’s request, who was she to disagree with such foolishness? All the girls were doing their part, for the most part, and that was all Mariette could ask of them. … If things took a turn for the worse, Mariette was only a swift portal from leaving, but so far she was hopeful.

There were multiple slams onto the ship. Mariette’s form wavered a bit, but she held herself in place by tentacles through some portals around her to flat surfaces. Nothing were to disturb her. Certainly not Amber giving her silly commands. Certainly not the Gorelion whose attention she was attracting. Certainly not the idea that anyone from her team was in any kind of danger.

It was time to go with what she did best. Defensive portals. Because portals made good shields.

Any time she saw anyone in danger, most certainly Libby right in front of her, Mariette opened a portal in defense. This portal lead to solid ground, meaning the floor of the Overcity itself would be their shield, and the Gorelions couldn’t crack that. It was a minor effort on Mariette’s part, yet it gave her a barrier with all the strength of the earth.

For those who were already grabbed, like Penny and (apparently) the new girl, Mariette stole projectiles out of the air from their projectile-users to aim straight through the tongues grabbing them in order to attempt freeing them. She could but curse that she had apparently not been efficient enough to protect them the first time.

Those tongues indeed looked vulnerable. If at some point she could intercept one while the Gorelion fired, she’d open a portal that made the tongue fly through the portal and hit itself, making the hooked tongue form an unclosable loop through a portal unless the Gorelion tore its own tongue apart.

And, if she had the power to spare, keep tripping Gorelions with portals in the ground. It was far important they were not taking on all of them at once, meaning delaying some were very important. That should do.

Meanwhile, Eli.

‘You want me to help against that, huh,’ Eli replied to Amber, looking up to the Gorelion Helga was punching. Problem was, Eli’s arsenal wasn’t very destructive. But she could- ‘Oh, Deni would totally do tha-,’ Eli closed her eyes in regret.

‘SUE! FIRE ME!’ Eli turned and dived into Sue’s currently unloaded cannon. The slime-harpy made herself into liquid as she bunched up into the bottom of the barrel, plopping in and forming herself into a ball. She hardened the outer layer and pressed her more vital things deeper inside, to ensure she’d survive the initial blast. On the inside of the ball she formed, she steeled her wings, literally. She hardened them into two, large blades. Ability to shape herself came in handy.

The idea was that she’d be fired, and the moment she’d be out of the cannon she’d unfurl back into a harpy, scream in panic, and then slice the Gorelion(‘s tongue?) right open as she then proceeded to fly right past it. Or into it. Hopefully, she’d do some damage, at least. Well, at the very least, she could be confident Mariette would save her afterwards. She would, right?

Over there, Mariette mentally rolled her eyes. Sure, she would, that didn’t mean she approved of suicidal plans. Sigh.
@Eklispe Indeed, Hippowdon would not occur to anyone as a Route 6 kind of Pokémon, heh. "There was a nagging voice in the back of his head suspiciously similar to Proffesor Kalmia that said doing so would be unethical" - This amuses me. XD

Alright, then. Nicely posted.

@Rune_Alchemist "Cousin of that pangoro from Kung-fu-Pangoro!" - I lost it. XD

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalrighty, then. Thought you might wanna do something like that. Now, let's see how I can phrase what happens next.
There. Just a... slightly Pokémon heavy post. There. There ya go.

@Joshua Tamashii@Eklispe Here's something a bit out of the ordinary. Sorry it took so long. Now, whatyagonnado? Feel free to discuss it with each other, or be in total conflict, that's nice too, heh.
Edit: Added a bit on the end. The sandstorm isn't affecting you two as bad where you are, it's mainly in the area where those other Pokémon were trying to keep the ancient Pokémon from escaping.

@Rune_Alchemist I actually intended to write more, but hah, I figure maybe Claire will try something amusing, so I'm going to pause right there. Hahahaha.

@Pikmin Eye And here's a little something, a reward of a kind for bringing an abandoned Pokémon to a new home. What you do with it is, of course, up to you. I left the whole city-thing there in case you feel unprepared. Teh-heh.
Quick Edit: Oh, right, I wanted to tell you. I rolled the level of Koffing between two agreeable sums. He ended up square on 11, right alongside your other top Pokémon. Ain't that nice. XD

@Pirouette How's it going?
@Joshua Tamashii@Eklispe

The two made their way through Route 6 as quickly as they could. That turned out to be a bunch of trouble, having to avoid several herds of Tauros that occasionally were in movement, and as they had learned Dodrios were potentially a danger if they even saw them. They might have had to battle a couple low-leveled Fletchlings if they didn’t want to take long detours, but otherwise they were getting through with relative safety, occasionally seeing other trainers riding through on Pokémon or otherwise. Seemed like riding on Pokémon was the preferred method of crossing this route. There were more sights of Kangaskhans feeding and playing with their young and Pyroars trying to capture stray Tauros or Bouffalants, but otherwise it was just the Ponytas and Doduos running around that were the regular sight.

However, as the mountain range to the north cleared, the surroundings changed. It was still a vast route of green in all directions, but suddenly, people appeared. This now was the sole route through which to reach Raremine Town, and seeing how most of the traffic to and from Raremine Town goes to Worldedge City in the north this makes the eastern part of Route 6 way more populated, and perhaps as a result, way safer. It was still just a vast plain and there were still herds of Tauros, everyone kept out of their way, but the Bouffalants, Dodrios and the Fletchlings seemed to know better than to make territories in places where trainers commonly passed through. There were wagons of boxes being pulled north, and trainers looking to catch some of the wildlife in Route 6 in a safer environment and the other end of the Rapidash Rapid Delivery could be seen on the outskirts of Raremine Town.

And there, travelling along, was a single motor-powered truck, running carefully over the road-less plains with a huge cargo. A single female trainer on the back of a Rapidash was prancing on the left side of it, standing by as if guarding it… which considering the Route was quite likely. That was all it was, and seeing how the area was safe, Dawkin and Amelia could safely make their way forward towards wherever their next destination was. From here, Route 8 awaited in the north, and further east was the ferry over Route 16 or Raremine Town. Looked like it would be easy sailing from here on ou-

The earth suddenly shook. Something beneath the ground was making it vibrate, and the trainer on the Rapidash staggered by the truck. The force of the vibrations where heavy for several seconds, before suddenly the ground behind the truck exploded in dirt and sand, a massive creature opening its wide maw and blasted out from under the ground.

Pokédex Entry #450 – Hippowdon, the Heavyweight Pokémon. It has sand gathered inside ports on its body which it blasts out in towering twisters to attack. It is known to be quick to anger, and carries within it a huge strength. Its gaping mouth can open over seven feet wide and crush down with enough force to total a vehicle.

True to the words of the Pokédex, the Hippowdon’s teeth stabbed into the back ramp of the truck, and then tore the whole backside of the vehicle off, throwing the flat piece of chewed metal scampering over the plains. This was done before either the driver or the trainer beside the truck realized what was going on. And then…

There was a sudden rush as Pokémon exited the truck. Some were bugs that fell onto the ground and quickly crawled off at high speed. Others were flightless birds that jumped and attempted to glide away. More numerous were two different kinds of two-legged tailed lizards that jumped down and ran angrily in any direction they could muster. What they all had in common, however, was that these were not Pokémon you commonly saw in this day and age. In fact, they should all be extinct.

Pokédex Entry #347 – Anorith, the Old Shrimp Pokémon. It once swan in warm seas, it lives today only through reanimation from fossils. It hides behind rocks and then springs out with speed and clutches onto prey with its two large claws. While it once was a great swimmer with its eight wings, something in the water has changed and today’s water is inhospitable to it.

Pokédex Entry #408 – Cranidos, the Head Butt Pokémon. A primeval Pokémon, it lived in jungles 100 million years ago, alive today only through reanimation from fossils. Its skull is extremely hard, used for headbutting prey and enemies. It’s known to headbutt trees to snap and fell them for no apparent purpose. It noticeably lacks intelligence.

Pokédex Entry #566 – Archen, the First Bird Pokémon. Revived from a fossil, it’s said to be the ancestor of all bird-Pokémon, though later research says this might not be the case. They were unable to fly, but lived in tree-tops and used their wings to jump from tree-branch to tree-branch or simply to glide a considerable distance.

Pokédex Entry #696 – Tyrunt, the Royal Heir Pokémon. A Pokémon that was restored from a fossil, it originally lived 100 million years ago. It is largely known to be spoiled and selfish, if it doesn’t get what it wants it throws a temper tantrum. Such tantrums are highly dangerous as their jaws are strong enough to chew up an automobile.

‘NO!’ the driver of the truck suddenly cried out as the ancient Pokémon spread out. He stood on the breaks, causing the truck to come to a sudden stop, but barely had the truck stopped before he had kicked open the door, holding up two Pokéballs. ‘Yanmega, Bronzong! Recapture them!’ He threw down the two Pokéballs, and with two flashes of light two Pokémon appeared. One large, green, tailed and flying, the other big, blue, metallic and levitating.


Pokédex Entry #469 – Yanmega, the Ogre Darner Pokémon. It’s wings are strong, it can create shock-waves by churning its wing and can easily carry an adult human on its back while in flight. It has an amazing jaw-strength, which it uses in its preferred combat strategy of soaring in to bite at top speed before flying away again for another run.

Pokédex Entry #437 – Bronzong, the Bronze Bell Pokémon. It caused a buzz when it was first dug up at a construction site after 2000 years. Dug up from the ground, these Pokémon were in ancient times revered as a bringer of rain and plentiful harvest. It can summon rain clouds, allegedly by opening portals to another world, it is said.

Meanwhile, the trainer on the Rapidash jumped off her steed, and threw down another Pokéball. With a flash, a majestic bird of brown feathers and long comb spread its wings and drifted into the air.

Pokédex Entry #78 – Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokémon. Can usually be found cantering plains or fields. It is very competitive about speed, loving to run at full speed, around 150 mph. At great speed, its flames blaze ferociously, enhancing its appearance. It only slows down to let its children catch up to it.

Pokédex Entry #18 – Pidgeot, the Bird Pokémon. This Pokémon is known to fly at 1000 meters height to spot Magikarp over water before soaring down to catch. It is capable of flying at Mach 2. If threatened, it spreads its wings to appear intimidating, and if that doesn’t work it can unleash gusts capable of bending trees.

‘Roland, Perseus! Herd in the ancient Pokémon, don’t let them get away!’ the female trainer commanded, and as the wind the horse and the bird were away, faster than even the most energetic critter. With Yanmega, Pidgeot and Rapidash all as quick Pokémon able to catch up to the relatively slow ancient Pokémon, they were herding in most, but…

‘HIPPOOOOW…!’ The Hippowdon in their midst suddenly shouted out, and a vast stream of sand shot out from its insides, the area suddenly blowing into a powerful sandstorm. Yanmega, Pidgeot and Rapidash all had trouble navigating and herding as normal in the midst of Hippowdon’s sandstorm. … But which ones weren’t affected the slightest? Why, the fleeing group of ancient Pokémon of course, courtesy of their shared Rock-type. They could flee right past the Pokémon trying to herd them, and straight towards… why, that would appear to be straight at Dawkin and Amelia.

It wasn’t ALL the ancient Pokémon, they scattered in all the directions of the compass, but…

When you got one of each heading towards you, one can just wonder what the difference really is.

So, what now? Leap out of the way and protect your own skin? Actually make an effort to fight back and keep the truck-owner’s Pokémon from escaping? Figure that there is something really suspicious about a truck-driver travelling with a truck-load of ancient Pokémon and that perhaps Hippowdon’s the good guy and try to act accordingly? Some other possibility?

All up to Dawkin and Amelia.

It should be noted that the sandstorm grows weaker the further from Hippowdon it is, and the two of them are a bit of a distance away, further away than a regular Pokémon battle would be able to take place on. They're outside the distance where it'd count as effective herding by the Pokémon of the herder, so to say, the ancient Pokémon were emerging from the dangerous part of the sandstorm and coming at them. Their Pokémon would not be buffeted by the sandstorm by just this, though notably there's still sand in the air.



Ellyn didn’t look even the slightest amused by Claire’s words, keeping a straight face and staring back with a frown, not saying a word. Her Pokémon returned to her, Mareep stumbling back and both Bonsly and Cyndaquil walking back to her, still focused on Claire and Anise’s Pokémon. Natu jumped back, expressionlessly staring at them. Then, at Claire’s “let’s let them go, Anise”, Ellyn was already retrieving her Pokémon.

‘Maple, we’re running,’ she told Maple after her Pokémon minus Natu were back in their Pokéballs.

‘… Huh, I think that’s the first time you’ve told me what we’re doing instead of the other way around…’ Maple mused. Ellyn didn’t react, though Maple smiled a bit. ‘Okay. Maggy! Flary! Growly! Teppy! We’re running!’

So, while not in the usual way…

Claire and Anise were victorious! Claire gained 2040P for winning!

Ritz grew to Level 14!
Ritz learned Light Screen!
Ritz learned Reflect!
Ritz learned Safeguard!

‘Alright, let’s go then,’ Anise confirmed. And with the assumption that they then skedaddled, they spun around and-


Three Pokémon had landed, two of them with heavy impacts, the third with a nimble drop to one knee and one hand into the ground with supreme grace.

Pokédex Entry #675 – Pangoro, the Daunting Pokémon. It is known to be violent in battle, raging forth at enemies like in a berserker rage. To earn the respect of a Pangoro, a trainer will need to learn to fist-fight with it occasionally. It is, however, quite kind-hearted and will defend companions or the weak in the face of oppressors. Twitches in its bamboo leaf somehow allows it to predict an opponent’s moves.

Pokédex Entry #534 – Conkeldurr, the Muscular Pokémon. It uses concrete pillars as walking canes, and can swing these pillars freely in battle using the centrifugal force of spinning concrete. It is said that, thousands of years ago, Conkeldurr taught humans how to make concrete.

Pokédex Entry #448 – Lucario, the Aura Pokémon. It can sense the Aura of others, and can by that read their thoughts and movements, and can by that detect even far-off or hidden foes. They use this to detect prey, and also employ aura as offensive power. Often hunt in packs.

Pangoro roared out, hands held out wide, Conkeldurr and Lucario standing somewhat behind the roaring Pokémon. The Pangoro was huge, obvious scars going over its shoulders and body, one specific going right through its (still intact) right eye vertically. It was obvious from here this was the Pokémon in charge.

… Aaaaaaaand behind them numerous smaller Pokémon were tumbling down the wall trying desperately to copy their head-honcho but only resulted in them falling on their faces or into uncomfortable piles. Yet, as soon as they were able to, the energetic henchmen did their best to get on their feet and dash to flank their leader to look at Claire and the rest, doing their best to strike poses to look as cool and intimidating as the Pangoro. They were failing.

Pokédex Entry #674 – Pancham, the Playful Pokémon. It follows Pangoro around like henchmen, imitating the leader to the best of its ability, but it’s nowhere near as intimidating. Besides this, it enjoys being played with can be quite mischievous. It’s rather easy to trick, so if you pretend to be scared by its glare it can be very effective for boosting its confidence.

‘Thaaaaaaaaat’s the king of the castle…’ Anise confirmed the obvious about the Pangoro that had blocked the way out. And, just in case they figured they’d turn around and try to make their way in the other way, two other very powerful Fighting-types were walking through the rest, the smaller fighting-types quickly darting aside to allow their superiors to walk through. And these two were slightly different types.

Pokédex Entry #286 – Breloom, the Mushroom Pokémon. It lives in warm and humid climates feeding on trees and plants in fields or forests. It’s a powerful fighter, with light footwork and punches that stretch, it’s said to put pro boxers to shame. The seeds on its tail are poisonous and should not be eaten. It spreads poisonous spores from its head as it fights, taking advantage of the dazed opponent.

Well, this particular Breloom seems to have gotten lost in the mountains, frowning at them and standing guard.

Pokédex Entry #392 – Infernape, the Flame Pokémon. Its crown of fire is indicative of its fiery nature. It uses a special martial art that incorporates all its limbs in addition to the flames on its hands and feet when it attacks. It is known for its supreme agility and speed, as well as its willingness to take on any opponent no matter how tough.

The Infernape was leaning on a building with crossed arms, leg on the building looking at them, ready to spring to action. They were positively surrounded by powerful fighting-types.

‘Welp,’ Ellyn declared in an unenthusiastic and absent tone, ‘we had a good run. Nice knowing you.’

‘Wait, wah-wah we’re not dead yet! Maple objected in panic, spinning towards the king of the castle and bowing. ‘We challenged the castle, and we concede defeat! We’re truly no match to his coolness!’ Maple attempted, smiling to the king.

Notably, Anise was utterly calm, even relaxed, despite the circumstances. The scarred king Pangoro looked over them silently for numerous seconds, his henchmen standing around or occasionally giving coy shouts to intimidate or unnerve the individuals present while the king considered.

So, would Claire do anything?


@Pikmin Eye

Despite Sprout’s consideration, Smog did matter somewhat, doing a decent bit of damage, even if it couldn’t poison. In any case, Koffing rolled from another Vine Whip and sapped a bit more from the Leech Seed growing on him, and then Martin threw another Pokéball. Koffing was hit, and with a flash of light it went inside the Pokéball, which dropped to the ground.

It rolled once, it rolled twice…

@Joshua Tamashii Gotcha.

@Pikmin Eye Alright, a bit more. Nicely posted.

Okay, make it one more day. Or, like, up to 32 hours from now.

Edit: Something I had to focus on came up. Will still attempt posting tonight, but can't promise it. Pretty sure my current stressed-out-of-my-wits state wouldn't be good for the quality of the post.

Edit 2: Nope, this is not happening tonight. But progress has been made, and tomorrow should be the day.
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