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Dan called for help at the Sanctuary. Mariette didn’t have the option to decline. She wasn’t about to bring all her troops, but she alone opened a portal and was out of the beach dimension almost instantly.


Mariette’s focus was the unorganized masses. She’d stand inside an apartment from a significant distance, and use her own smaller portals to locate those one would call civilians and non-combatants right now. Mariette assumed others were in better condition to do battle right around now. There was at least one person trying to get people out. Mariette figured she’d lend a hand.

She charged whatever mana she had left. She was going to locate those she identified as inhabitants of the Sanctuary and open portals in their vicinity. Larger portals for larger crowds, on a distance if they were currently in danger. The portals led to empty buildings in Penrose, from where they could reorganize and come up with new plans.

‘Come! The portals will bring you to safety!’ Mariette called, trying to make herself heard, probably failing. Still, she was trying.

She’d keep her portals away from combat right now and focus on evacuating people that are currently trying to escape and make that process a bit easier.

Pidgey flew about with Aster, and dodged Powder Snow because that’s the one attack that came flying. Spheal’s aim was completely off and almost hit his trainer, the partner’s Grimer and a Wild Petilil that was just flying by out of sheer coincidence. Aster got close enough to Absorb a couple of times, and eventually it became too much. Spheal fainted!

‘Nice!’ Chloe called for the interaction. ‘Now, just-’ Then Pidgey dropped Aster straight into Grimer all on his own. ‘- not that!’

Still, a couple gusts later, and probably Aster helping in some form or another, Grimer would faint, too.

‘W-we won’t forget about this!’ the white-haired called.

‘We’ll be back!’ the red-haired also called, as they beamed back their Pokémon and started running.

Velvet grew to level 10! Velvet learned Baby-Doll Eyes!
Aster grew to level 11! Aster learned Stun Spore!

Cyril was victorious! Cyril gained 433P for winning!

‘Phew! We got them!’ Chloe could comment, but anyway, that was an event. Where would they go now? Pidgey could still escort them to town.

Connected areas:
Route 1. To the south, is the common route of first journeys. Green and straight.
Route 3. To the north, the route to Rainrock or the Silent Shrine. A wet woodland.
Route 14. To the east, the lake known as the Dragon Lake, potentially for crossing.
Path to Silent Shrine. To the west, the Silent Forest and the path to the shrine within.

Or they can stay where they are.

Connected areas:
Route 1. To the south.
Route 3. If you head north-east for a while.
Silent Shrine. Go north, you should be able to find the road there.

What will Cyril do now?



‘Will you be fine? I can lend a hand, if you like?’ Anise looked at him with concern, not quite that affected by the appearance

‘I’m going to stay here. I have a LOT of samples and pictures to take…!’ Paulie said, wide eyed and exploring like the Ruin Maniac he is.


Basil engaged a Nosepass! The instant he threw out his Pokémon against the seemingly immobile statue, it sprung to life! Of course, it still faced north, but for some reason that didn’t seem to hamper its fighting ability the slightest! Not that it mattered a lot, the wild Pokémon started with a Harden and a Block, making it so that it took less damage and that Basil could no longer escape if he wanted to. That wasn’t the intention, however, and after dodging a few Rock Throws Leech Seed had gotten its health down enough and Basil threw a Pokéball! Nosepass was absorbed into the ball with a flash, and the ball fell down onto the cavern floor.

It rolled once. It rolled twiiiice…

Afterwards, he went to the Pokémon Center and ended his first day. Quite a day, eh.

The day after, he’d find Rainrock City just as he left it, except maybe the morning newspaper reporting on the blur that had burst out of Rainrock Caves and that Professor Paulie had sectioned off a portion of the caves for scientific investigation, no civilians allowed. Anise could be found in the Pokémon Center inspecting a map of Isson, if so desired.

What will he do now?

Connected areas:
Route 3. To the south, the route around the mountain, leading to Route 4 or Highhill Town. A wet woodland.
Route 11. A semi-populated road west under heavy rainfall, starting with a descent down towards Redcoast City. Abandoned buildings on the south side facing Silent Forest.


It bears to note that Anise looked at him kinda surprised when Basil suddenly bowed down and apologized. Slightly taken aback, she was somewhat hesitating at what was the appropriate thing to do, but eventually decided maybe she should bow to him, too, maybe?

Landorus glared at Basil as he asked his question, arms perpetually crossed. He didn’t reply to the question, merely glared, until Basil came to his other request. A request to be blessed. Landorus raised an eyebrow, and then…

He laughed.

A stifled laughter of a mighty being that felt itself recognized. Honestly, this little human scum was sort of flattering, wasn’t he?

Landorus drifted forward, Anise (and probably Basil) moving out of the way as the man-creature exited out into the cave outside the shrine. Landorus took a deep breath, like breathing the free air for the first time in quite some time…

Then stuck his tail down into the ground!

‘Woah-!’ Paulie stumbled to his feet and a couple meters away, as the rock and earth itself was formed before their eyes!

The earth took a recognizable shape. Raised rocks at the appropriate place, dipping down at other places, forming a recognizable circle, and larger peaks… he’d made a map of south-west Isson, formed from the earth itself by the Ground-type legendary Pokémon with Earth Power. Landorus put little raised bits of earth that shaped themselves with remarkable detail. Tiny humans tending their crops on what once was Pureplain Plains, all the way to Highhill Town, albeit they were disproportionately huge compared to the scale of the map itself. There was also that little shrine, from the location was the Silent Shrine. Then… Landorus gave Basil a look before pointing towards something just outside where Pureplain City would one day appear.

Something huge suddenly took shape. Earth rose to take a great form, something towering over the manifested landmass, and the little stationary earth-humans were turned to look at it in horror at it. The form started spinning, tendrils launching of it, taking a massive, threatening form… until the details settled in, and it became a very much recognizable form. Landorus had, using only earth and rock, sculpted a recognizable phenomenon that the humans had every right to fear…

A massive hurricane.

Landorus depicted the humans fleeing the hurricane, as their fields were overtaken by the storm. There wasn’t anything they could do about such a natural force… except now, Landorus gestured towards the Silent Shrine. There, a single human sat on his knees, praying to the shrine… and a small entity showed up in front of him. There wasn’t any recognizable shape to it, but with a burst of sand, the tiny entity raised its tiny arm, and with a flash of earth and power, three recognizable entities took shape. Landorus, and his two brothers.

The tiny entity gave a small circular item to the human, really too small to see what it was, but then the three Pokémon and the human headed to face the hurricane. The human raised the tiny circular item, and the three transformed into three shapes, a beast, a bird, and a dragon(?). The beast commanded the two other deities, and they approached the hurricane, and quelled it. Not quickly, but they tamed the massive winds, turning it the other way, sparing the humans holed up in Highhill Town. They defeated the “darkness” that had been threatening the primordial humans and their Pokémon.

Next, he showed how the humans worshipped them, and built three more shrines to celebrate them. That would be the Deepforest Shrine, the now Abandoned Shrine, and the shrine inside the mountain for the earthly one. Each settled into their various shrines, and remains there, including the tiny form that had summoned them to begin with in the Silent Shrine.

And so it remains.

Now Landorus thrust his tail into the map, and it erupted into plants, grass and flowers in all their colours, the Abundance Pokémon sharing his nutrients with the ground itself. Then… a plant grew up, and spontaneously sprouted berries. Orange berries that was somewhat pear-shaped. Landorus snapped up two of them with his tail, before gently lobbing them over to Basil and Anise.
Basil obtained Abundance Berry!

… Landorus then stretched, flexing his shoulders, his back, his waist, and…

‘Wait, is he-’ Anise started, but-

And then Landorus took off in dramatic, overwhelming speed, blowing straight out of the opening and out into who knows where! He probably blew straight out of the entrance of Rainrock Caverns and out off into the skies!

‘Woah. And there… he goes,’ Paulie said, breathing a bit heavily after that experience.

‘Aaaaah…’ Anise made a complaining noise, still holding her own Abundance Berry. ‘I just found the Strong One, and he blows off…!’ she complained. She sighed. ‘Oh, well. I did learn what I wanted. Whenever the storms DO go out of control, I know who to find, now. Finding him is just going to be a completely different issue. I’ll need to get strong and build a team worthy of the task,’ Anise determined, nodding to herself.

So that happened.

What will Basil do?

If he goes back to Rainrock City.

Connected areas:
Route 3. To the south, the route around the mountain, leading to Route 4 or Highhill Town. A wet woodland.
Route 11. A semi-populated road west under heavy rainfall, starting with a descent down towards Redcoast City. Abandoned buildings on the south side facing Silent Forest.


@Joshua Tamashii
appropriate music
‘Hey, I’ve told you what I can!’ Annica frowned in reply to Amelia resorting to threatening, not looking particularly scared. ‘But if you want to fight, I can oblige! My Murkrow has an advantage against your whole little ghostly team!’

‘Y-yeah! And my Barboach knows LOTS of moves it shouldn’t know yet! It can Aqua Tail, E- Mud Bomb and Magnitude on you!’ Leila also called, sounding quite a bit more scared, eyeing the multitude of ghosts that just appeared…!

‘Palp…’ the Palpitoad considered something. Hmmm. Would you like a hint?

Or she could leave.

Connected areas:
Pureplain City. You can get back without complication.
Infested Woods. You’re right next to it.
Wet Caverns. May need to cross a bridge or two to get there.

Eli opened her eyes, and the slime-harpy found herself in a familiar space. The Djinn-Sisters’ home dimension, right where Deni had told her she’d appear. She breathed out a bit in relief, and a little in regret, because the hectic battle was over for her and it felt like she really hadn’t contributed that much. Still, she now looked towards…

Violet and Sakura were off to one side, busy stuffing what looked to be cards in red envelopes. When Eli appeared they quickly threw a cloth over the table, which subsequently seemed to have vanished in a puff of cold air and sound of liny bells as the cloth dropped flat on the ground. The two quickly ran over and gave their friend a hug.

”You made it! Are you hurt? Do you need anything?”

It was clear that Mariette wasn’t with her. A look of concern flashed for a moment as Sakura dragged over a giant pillow for Eli. ”Where’s Mariette? Is she alright?” Her sister ran around behind some tapestry to retrieve something and came back with a couple goblets moments later.

‘Violet, Sakura…’ Eli said, seeing them run towards her and raised her own wings as they hugged around their slime-friend. She wasn’t really about to question what they were doing, because all that was on her mind right now was…
‘Deni… Deni’s alive. Deni’s alive!’ she had to repeat for her friends, small tears (of slime) as she was still in the hug. Sakura pulled over the pillow and a somewhat overwhelmed Eli sat down on it, feeling a little awkward.

‘Mariette’s alright, she was escaping. We were attacked by Justine, as we expected, but we didn’t expect her to bring Beacon with her. Fortunately, we brought allies of our own…’ Eli said, watching the goblets being brought up. ‘The dimension was breaking apart, but we were making a successful escape. Then… Deni came charging at me… But why was Deni…?’ Eli thinks for a bit, perplexed.

The two girls only had the minimal amount of information of what had been likely to happen. Whatever transpired sounded intense but they were mostly in the dark. The two shuddered as they sensed another arrival. They knew who it was as they’d let her in. The djinn girls vanished as several candles around the room were lit with sparks of electricity. The new arrival took a step and her magic traveled across the floor and crisscrossed under the pillow. Beneath the slime girl a magic circle lit up, prepared in advance to ensnare her. Ordinarily being this many steps ahead was tough on a good day, but it always helps when you have insider information.

”Eli.” Janet stated calmly as she took a few steps forward. ”Sorry for the surprise. Your sister requested assistance in making sure you were safe. ” Most of the time she would simply offer the option to be purified in some form of fashion. Knowing that she was almost certain to resist the precautions were put in place to prevent either one of them being harmed as much as possible.

Eli thought a bit, reflecting on what she’d heard. Deni had said she’d save her sister from the horror. Oh. Deni didn’t seem affiliated with Asengav anymore. Then, this odd way of transporting her out, and requesting she put a sleeping curse on herself… Eli connected everything quickly. And of course… that was unacceptable. She had to esca-

‘KAH-!?’ Eli recoiled as her friends vanished and candles showed up, raising her wings over her eyes in alarm. With the candles there, Eli’s slime slightly destabilized, dripping off her like she was slowly melting, and she winced back in pain from the candles into the pillow. From there she was completely unable to do anything about the magic snares of the magical circle. Th-they were going to free her… ‘… AAH-!’ As part of the mind-bending, even the idea of freedom was painful to Eli. The idea of being freed caused an unnatural fear of Asengav himself, a promise of what he’d do to someone who escaped.

As a result, Eli desperately tried to flail against the bindings. Probably to no avail, given her less-than-impressive stat-sheet and the present banes.

Janet had never experienced her bane when she had been under Justine, so she could only imagine how it felt. Holding out a hand she stabilized the circle holding Eli. Raising her other hand she began to use her Psychic spec to get into the monster girl’s head. Thus far Janet had not shown much success in controlling others with her magic. This was not really the same thing and she’d already proven much more effective at breaking the control others may be under. A horror’s control was not quite the same as a magical girl’s, but Deni had given some benchmark to work with. Still the process would take several minutes but with the passing of time Asengav’s implanted grip was loosened.

Somewhere during this time, Deni manifested inside the Dimensional Home, and wasted absolutely no time-

‘Eli!’ she shouted out, skipping next to the ritual currently taking place. Deni, kind of regretted it immediately. There was absolutely nothing she could do, except watch Eli restrained and in pain before her. Looked like Janet had it all under control. ‘H-how’s it going?’ Deni asked with a worried voice, eyes fixed on her sister.

Janet remained calm as Deni came over. ”I’m making headway.” So much so that the girl felt relaxed enough to look down to the tiny samurai. She considered asking about Mariette, but perhaps this was enough stress. ”I expect to be done in a couple minutes. She will probably be out at that point. She should wake up shortly from there and we can discuss your options.”

As expected Eli did pass out. There wasn’t really any indication of when the process finished until Janet ended the magic circle and began to make rounds putting out the candles. She moved the slime girl over to one of the large pillowed seats and they waited for her to come to.

Eventually, after having had Deni stand watch over her possibly unnecessarily for basically the entire time, nervously checking her with Reinforcement magic to check if she needed healing in any sort of way, Eli started to wake up. She grunted, her slime gathering up a bit again, lifting a wing to rub at her eyes.

‘Eli!’ Deni immediately called, leaning forward over her. ‘Are you alright!?’

‘Deni…’ Eli whispered her name, and remembered all that which had happened previously, but didn’t yet know what it had done. ‘Wh-what happened…?’ Eli asked, looking with a bit of fear towards Janet. She found that the Beacon girl was sitting down rather relaxed with her hands folded in her lap.

"Hello Eli. How are you feeling?" She gave a soft smile.

‘Doing…?’ Eli asked, wincing. ‘You restrained me and put a bunch of my bane around me, how do you think I’m doing? I got to get back to-’ she blinked a bit. ‘-wait.’ Why exactly did she want to get back to- ‘Oh.’ Her eyes trailed to Deni. ‘You… you saved me, didn’t you?’

Deni basically immediately burst into tears and fell down on Eli to hug around her. ‘Eliiii…!’

‘Ah…’ Eli winced a bit at the hug, but… ‘You’re… not a monster-girl anymore, huh.’

‘You beeet! I’ve been through some weird stuff you wouldn’t believe…!’ Deni called through sobs and hugging. Her sister was free from Asengav’s mind-bending~!

‘You recruited the Djinn Sisters and members of Beacon to help, too…’ Eli thought on all the things that she’d have to have done to get where she was. ‘How many people there were there to save me…?’

‘Haha, not all of them!’ Deni said with a chuckle, still squeezing Eli and crying. ‘I had to get to you before Justine or Alicia could kill you…!’

‘Oh, so THAT was why Lily threw Mariette at you… you were going to save Mariette too and had talked to Lily beforehand, hadn’t you?’ Eli was looking up in the ceiling just looking back at the battle as she now knew this, her wings slowly closing over Deni, too.

‘Yepp!’ Deni said. ‘She’s all alone and afraid now. Who knows what kind of danger she might get into without us! We got to go save her too, right?’

‘Definitely…’ Eli sighed out, patting the crying Deni. ‘I’m proud of you, Deni. You risked so much. I’m so happy.’

‘H-hey,’ Deni looked up at her with a grin. ‘I’m the older sister, I’m supposed to be comforting you! … Hahaha,’ she said and then laughed, because of course she wasn’t entirely serious.

‘Tihi,’ Eli replied to the laugh with a little giggle of her own, and then the two twins could laugh and giggle amongst themselves for a bit, for the first time in a long time.

The moment was touching. Watching the reunited twins made Janet think about her own sister. They really didn't get the chance to relax like this all that much lately. Hopefully things would calm down a bit so the two could try and have some fun. With a warm smile she scooted closer to the edge of her chair and leaned forward. "You two are adorable." She paused for a moment just to take in the scene. Unfortunately they weren't quite done yet. There was still another matter to attend to.

Keeping her smile the blonde brushed her hair back. "Not to kill the mood, but from what I understand there is still more to do. The mind bending was the first part, what are you going to do now?" She summoned her backpack that Jenna had been carrying. While they answered she opened up the backpack and glanced at a note in it briefly.

‘Tihi, you hear that? We’re adorable,’ Eli reported to her sister with a smile.

‘I’d totally have preferred being sexy, but I’ll take adorable~’ Deni told, grinning in turn.

‘Nope. Child magical girls. Act your age,’ Eli told back.

‘Anyways, yes!’ Deni jumped back on her feet and grasped her fists and looked towards Janet excitedly. ‘Her connection to Asengav needs to be severed! There’s things that can do that, red coins and other purifying magic-changing things, we just need to find some! I’d rather she doesn’t have to join Beacon, but, if we go to the Sanctuary there’s got to be options!’ Deni reports, looking hopeful indeed.

‘… Ah, yeah, Penny definitely has those,’ Eli reports, slight smirk on her lips, looking towards Janet. ‘Mariette kind of delivered them to her… on your request,’ Eli said, looking towards Janet.

‘Oh, really!?’ Deni looked impressed.

While she was listening to the conversation as it bounced back and forth she rummaged through her backpack. Eli spilling that Janet had been in contact didn’t elicit a direct response. Instead she pulled out one of the potions Deni had heard of, a Red coin, and a White coin. She set them down on a nearby table. ”There are a few things to explain with these. Especially since you are twins. The potion will purify you and you will no longer be a monster girl. We haven’t ever tested it with a Twinned Soul but both of you should need to take half. You two are different right now so I’m not sure if that might do anything.” Her hand had been on the potion before moving to the Red coin.

”The Red coin can change some or all aspects of your magic. You will both need to use it and depending on how much you choose to change it can join your soul back together and you both will become a single girl.”

Moving on to the last. ”As you said, with the White coin you will be joined into Beacon. Eli will be purified and no longer be a monster girl. You will both still need to use it so that will induct both of you. I understand if you’re hesitant to choose this one but it will also grant you the protective power of the ShineSpark. Asengav and others will not be able to affect your mind or soul so long as you possess it.”

They both watched Janet pick up the things… ‘Oh, you already got the things for us!? Aw, you’re so sweet~!’ Deni said, beaming at her.

‘Uh. How much are we going to owe you?’ Eli asked automatically, her more cautious mind interjecting.

They listened to Janet’s explanation, both focused as they went through the items, and…

‘We definitely want to remain two,’ Deni asserted confidently. ‘I don’t know if there’s that much about ourselves we want to change. Maybe Red Coin and only change the patron?’ she suggested, looking towards Eli.

‘Eeh. We’re pretty recognizable like this. We may want to change what we look like, if Mariette comes looking for us,’ Eli replied, looking over at Deni. ‘A camera might have seen you saving me. Then they’re definitely coming for you.’

‘Ahahaha, I can pick how I want to look. It’s you we’re thinking about. Want to remain a monster girl?’ Deni asked.

‘Not if you’re not one,’ Eli said, beaming a bit at Deni. Deni blushed the slightest and smiled.

‘Right. I don’t want us tied to Beacon. No offense, but we just served a really bad master for a long time, I’d like us to remain unattached for a while~’ Deni said, smiling to Janet.

‘Maybe the potion will do, then?’ Eli suggested. ‘If all we want is to make me not a monster anymore and sever my attachment to Asengav, isn’t that exactly what it does?’

‘Assuming no nasty side-effects because twins~’ Deni followed up with a grin.

Nodding in answer to the question Janet smiled. ”Yes. It can purge the connection to corrupted patrons. Your appearance will necessarily change as you will become a normal magical girl. I don’t anticipate any negative effects. It’s just you two are quite different from one another so I cannot guarantee the exact results.” Couldn’t say she didn’t blame them for not choosing to join Beacon. Going from one extreme to another probably wouldn’t be her first choice either. Well… maybe. Circumstantial. She had been no fan of Father so going back to Beacon had been easy.

‘Alright…’ Eli said, breathing out. ‘Then that should-’

‘Wait,’ Deni interrupted, her eyes suddenly sharp. ‘Waaaaaait, wait wait,’ she insisted, Eli looking over and tilting her head curiously. Deni looked at Eli all excitedly. ‘Maybe, just maybe, this is our chance to game the system!?’


‘I’ve been theorizing, and I think someone used one of those Red Coins on me, when I became like this. Thing is, I decided to be smug, and then I could choose everything I wanted about myself. If we talk about this, we can decide how we’d like everything about ourselves. It. Could. Be. Amazing,’ Deni said with extremely focused eyes and the frown of determination towards Eli.

‘…’ Eli looked a little lost, but. ‘Do we have time to think about this?’ she instead asked Janet, providing a little smile though looking (whatever is the expression when anime characters have their eyes go happy but with eyebrows that go in the opposite direction of a frown).

Leaning back a bit Janet seemed to give it a little thought. She really didn't want to leave this to chance. It would also be good to report if she had been able to convert or whatever Mariette's closest allies. Not that she wanted to abuse such terms, but any good news she could deliver would help keep her out of hot water. After a bit she sighed. "I will be staying here for a little while longer in case Mariette decides to show up. Beyond that I will extend the offer but my ability to provide it could end at any time." She got quiet. Well aware that she could get in trouble for, well, just about anything at this point. She stood up and seemed to prepare for the event should the other girl arrive.

‘I… don’t think she will,’ Deni said, sighing a bit. ‘I tried getting her first, but she escaped with the other champions of Asengav. I almost had her, but…’ and she sighed again. ‘Second time’s going to be a lot harder…’

‘Hm. Still, Deni did raise a potentially good point. Let’s take the Red Coin, and see what kind of improvements that could be made, while making sure we stay two,’ she eventually said, looking to Janet. ‘Is that acceptable?’

”Of course.” She paused her work and took up the Red coin. Turning she offered it to them.

Eli sighed a bit as she took it with her slimy wing. It did feel different, knowing this form was made out of the darkness of Asengav. ‘It’s better we use it as soon as possible. Asengav may be able to track me through our connection…’ Who knows how far the powers of an interdimensional horror reached.

‘… Alright, but let’s try having a little fun with it, alright?’ Deni asked, as she grabbed the other end of it with her hand.

‘What’s your definition of fun?’ Eli asked, but giggled a bit. She looked to Janet. ‘… I have something I need to tell you later. All of you, actually. As many of you as possible… a bit later. For now, we’re using this coin,’ Eli said, and Deni nodded.

The two exchanged looks with Janet, and then they held the coin together. Together, they closed their eyes, and, with a slight glow…

‘Alright, you heard him! Throw the Spheal at the Grimer!’ Chloe commanded, and Growlithe bit into it to throw! As Growlithe spun around, Spheal shot a Water Gun into him, doing significant Super-Effective damage, but the throw still happened!

Now, a Spheal is twice Growlithe’s weight, and maybe 30 times a Budew’s, but fortunately Spheal is a round ball and they only had to throw it a little bit to make Spheal roll on its own towards Grimer who was already spewing the poison gas!

‘Hey, stop poisoning!’ the white-haired told his companion.

‘It’s too late!’ the red-haired one grunted in reply.

Cyril gave the choice between slow or fun… and Chloe smirked.

‘I’m not planning on becoming champion by taking things slow!’ she said, turning with determination towards the battle. ‘Fast and risky it is!’

As commanded, Chloe returned Growlithe, who had been damaged anyway, and… ‘Go, Pidgey!’

Pidgey, who had been acting as their guide, swooped down from the treetops and mercilessly gripped Aster with his talons, carrying him way up into the air and making Spheal’s next Water Gun miss!

‘Darn it! Switch to Powder Snow!’ white-haired guy commanded. ‘You, help!’ he told his companion.

‘I can’t! Pound or Mud Slap can’t hit when they’re in the air!’ red-haired guy complained, and both looked up rather powerlessly at the flying duo.

So, uh. What exactly was the plan from here?

Because if you leave it to Pidgey, Pidgey’s going to dodge the next Powder Snow behind a tree and then drop Aster on Spheal!


@Joshua Tamashii
appropriate music

The Surskit and the Ledyba were a bit surprised when they were patted, but after getting a bit more comfortable, the two bug-Pokémon looked happy and called their affirmation to Amelia’s words.‘Ledyba!’ ‘Sursk~’

‘… No. They were right by my side,’ Annica said, with a rather blank expression.

‘Ah, er, no, mine was in the Pokéball the whole time…’ Leila said, looking nervous.

Now, this would make it appear none of those present could have done it…

‘Palpitoad…!’ the Palpitoad skipped to her side, looking 100% super determined, also totally filling the role of the assistant here. Problem was, she couldn’t really understand him. ‘Palp, palpa, palpitoad! !’ the Palpitoad insisted, directing at the other three. Somehow, he’d get his point across.

There was a lie here somewhere. Maybe more than one. Could Amelia find it? Or perhaps, simply a minor contradiction that would be the first strand that would unravel the entire web? Perhaps more investigation of the evidence would be in order?

Now, what would Amelia do?

>> Evidence renamed Court Record, because the GM changed his mind

Or she could leave.

Connected areas:
Pureplain City. You can get back without complication.
Infested Woods. You’re right next to it.
Wet Caverns. May need to cross a bridge or two to get there.



They approached the shrine, and Anise nodded towards the fact Lorette wouldn’t have sent them here for no reason. He approached the shrine, and for some reason, he could feel his hairs standing on end. Like there was some form of strength in the air that he could pick up from a distance. It got stronger the closer to the shrine he got.

Anise seemed to feel it too, frowning as she started approaching it with him. She really didn’t need his help to get up, she could climb up herself and did so as if it proved some point, but still nodded to him as they approached the door of the shrine. Anise too was intending to grab one half of the doors. The doors were pulled open, and-


A great, orange man towered above them, his muscular arms crossed before his chest, red dots spread across his body here and there. He didn’t tower over them due to his length, but because he flew, his lower body enveloped in a fluffy cloud. On his head, small horns stood out in front of white hair, below his closed eyes a magnificent white mustache extended in both directions. From behind him, a massive, brown tail extended, as if threatening, a very similar tail to the tail of the beast in the mural from earlier…

The man’s eyelids opened, and his yellow eyes glared at the new arrivals. He was asking why they had come.

No picture found. Click for camera!

What will Basil do?



Skylar started by showing the picture of Entei. Dunstan didn’t actually look particularly interested.

‘Yes, I’ve seen him. Humans built Pureplain City on the plain he used to live on. We’re fortunate he doesn’t do more than steal sheep every now and then,’ Dunstan told, very idly, and then it was on to the next picture…

‘… Oh?’ he made an interested sound at the picture of Mesprit. ‘There has been a couple sightings of her, but this looks like she presented herself to you…’ he said… and then his attention was caught by the pictures of Azelf and Palkia. He was suddenly instantly awake. Then Skylar mentioned his connection to Mesprit, and Dunstan lifted his gaze to stare at Skylar and the crystals for a bit. Florrie looked confused, but Dunstan, his gaze was fixed, eyes somewhat wide. Skylar finished telling his story about going into the mines, and now the focus was on Dunstan, Florrie also looking at him.

Dunstan looked to his computer screen during the introduction of the Pokémon. He took off his glasses, and polished them just a little before putting them back on his nose. He stood up before Skylar with a little sigh, taking out his phone, clicking a bit on it, before giving it to Skylar.

‘This is my phone number. Never mention what you’ve seen to anyone else, and especially never show anyone those crystals. Call me after you become the champion.’

With that, he sat back in his computer chair, identical to how he’d been when Skylar arrived.

‘Uh, professor, that’s a bit…’ Florrie said, sounding a bit worried.

‘Ah, fine,’ Dunstan said with a shake of his head, not looking away from the computer. ‘After you become a powerful, elite trainer. Then call me,’ Dunstan adjusted to a maybe less extreme goal.

‘But, professor…?’ Florrie asked, still not satisfied.

‘… Guh,’ Dunstan made a noise, and then turned his chair towards Skylar, entwining his fingers. ‘There’s something you could help with. In fact, it’s something you’re uniquely suited for, thanks to those crystals. But…’ Dunstan said, raising his neck to look at Mac, and then to Seabreeze. ‘… you’re not nearly strong enough, yet. Come back when you’ve built your team, your bonds, and grown that friendship. Come back when you feel ready to take on the world. Come back when, let’s say,’ he said, picking up a Pokéball. He opened it, and with a flash of light, an utterly giant dragonfly Pokémon suddenly stood on his arm, lightly waving its wings to support some of its weight.

Pokédex Entry #469 – Yanmega, the Ogre Darner Pokémon. It’s wings are strong, it can create shock-waves by churning its wing and can easily carry an adult human on its back while in flight. It has an amazing jaw-strength, which it uses in its preferred combat strategy of soaring in to bite at top speed before flying away again for another run.

‘When you can beat me in a Pokémon battle. I’m not an expert at battle, but I’m not an amateur, either. You’d have to be able to beat me to know you’re a cut above the rest. Then, and only then, should we continue talking…’ So Dunstan said.

Florrie looked a bit more put back in her place by this, but… ‘… But there’s still something he can do, right? Even if we already entrusted that to another trainer. They could, like, cooperate…’ Florrie asked.

Dunstan looked at her a bit, then sighed. He returned Yanmega to its Pokéball, then started looking through some files on his computer.

‘… What Team Virtue was seeking was Zygarde, the Legendary Pokémon. Unfortunately for them, and for us, someone got to Zygarde first and split him into a hundred pieces. Literally,’ he said, and pulled out a picture of a cell. With eyes.

‘We believe they’ve been spread across Isson. There’s a hundred of them. Florrie has diligently been seeking through the Desert Mines, the place where he split up, and found ten of them…’ Dunstan said, and Florrie took up her last Pokéball, the one with the remaining Pokémon.

‘Come out, Zei…’ she said, and opened the Pokéball. With a flash, a green/black dog creature formed, staring idly at Skylar for a bit, before turning around to Florrie to get pet a bit.

Pokédex Entry #718 – Zygarde, the Order Pokémon. Born from many separate cells, this form is born when around 10% of Zygarde's cells have been gathered. This form is skilled in close-range combat, its sharp fangs make short work of enemies, but it’s unable to maintain this body indefinitely. After a period of time, it falls apart.

‘I really didn’t want Team Virtue to see Zei…’ Florrie said with an apologetic smile, as she pet the dog that had happily walked up to her.

‘Zygarde is the Order Pokémon, with a natural sense of where someone is about to commit crimes against nature and is known to attack those who threaten the ecosystem, and as such we figure whoever broke him cannot have good intentions at heart. So, we figure it’d very much inconvenience him if we were to put Zygarde back together. 50% will do. With 50%, they can call the remaining 50% back on their own.’

‘Unfortunately, the rest of the cells are nowhere to be found in the cave or the desert, so they must somehow have transported themselves across Isson. We need trainers to track them down. We know Dawkin has already found one at the Mythic Oasis, no need to look there. To even be able to see them, you need one of these,’ he said, opening a box beside him.

He fished out and placed down a truncated octahedron, with green lines across black sides.

‘This is the Zygarde Cube. Whenever you encounter one of the cells, you can store it inside this. It’ll also give you a hint if there’s a Zygarde Cell in your current area. I have a couple, so if there’s anyone else with a Pokédex that you’d entrust with this mission, you can send them this way and you can hunt side-by-side. Leave the desert and the immediate area around here to Florrie, while you go seek far and wide over Isson for the rest. That should work out, right?’ Dunstan said.

‘Now, we don’t know who broke Zygarde. That’s why this is a very secret mission. We can’t have a leak, and have him find out we’re rebuilding Zygarde, or he may just pay us a visit. We trust extremely few with this information. However…’ he said, but then pointed at the crystals in Skylar’s hand. ‘… I’ll trust Mesprit. I have no reason to believe Mesprit would choose an untrustworthy person. As such, we could use your help…’ he sighed a bit.

‘… But of course, only if you don’t want to. I won’t blame you if you’re frightened. Whoever broke Zygarde… must have been really powerful…’ Dunstan said, sounding like he was despairing a bit himself.

Well? What does Skylar say?

Connected areas:
Route 6. The Vast Plains open up to the north of Raremine. The shorter paths lead to Route 8 and 16, while west far enough leads to Lakewatch Town.
Route 7. The single rocky desert of Isson, it connects to the Desert Mines, the Old Tombs and to the Mythic Oasis.


As they stood there, Anise also inspected the mural, staying quiet as she inspected the three beasts and the mural, and with Basil making his observation, she looked to him.

Basil made his request, and Anise nodded to what it could mean. She took hold of the mirror, and lifted it, reflecting the mural as she did… and immediately, two things glowed. The eyes of the beast. Then, suddenly, it was like the reflection from the mirror punched a hole in the wall, as suddenly the rock vanished in a circular hole, showing a cave on the other side. The mural started to gradually vanish, starting immediately in front of the mirror, and then out towards the sides, until the wall had completely disappeared.

Before them, was a small cavern, shut away from the rest of the world. It had been completely dark in there, and yet…

What does Basil do?

Now, Ronin had stayed behind because she had been intending to see if it was possible to snatch Mariette too. But, uh. A quick look-around confirmed this was probably impossible. She couldn’t exactly run back to the front of the building, because there was a giant hydra in the way. The only way she could see was towards Dan’s portal, but that’s the direction where ALL of Mariette’s troops went. Yea, following in there was suicide.

‘… Aaaaaaaah, I wanted to get Mariette first…’ Ronin sighed out loud. ‘It’s like, great, I saved the one that mattered the most to me…’ Eli, her sister, was obviously more precious to her than Mariette. ‘… But getting to Mariette now is going to be REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLY hard…’ Not to mention, Mariette would start looking for Eli. Keeping Eli safe was going to be… an effort, an effort that may place Ronin in extreme danger. It would have been so sweet if Lily’s effort had succeeded and Mariette had been saved first. Everything would have been so much easier now…

… Had she really just seen MDP, Gaia and Connie go through the portal?

‘Kahaha, what are you doing, heading after Mariette? I can’t help you in there…!’ she yelled, without them actually being able to hear her. Whelp, seems like the battle was over. Everyone was fleeing, and the dimension was collapsing. Better bail, too, she supposed.

After ten seconds of focusing, a glow overcame her, and Ronin vanished from the battlefield.

‘Kh,’ Freya had been a bit injured by Justine, her front a bit damaged, but it seemed they’d been successful. Justine was defeated. Then Freya’s role here was done. Still, in her heart, the “love” she’d received earlier was still biting at her, and she then looked aside-

And noted a horde of Aurelios heading for her (for everyone, but)

‘I’m sorry, not interested,’ Freya turned and dashed off. If any allies of her side were left, like Samantha or maybe Hilaria needed a lift, Freya could grab them as she dashed full speed for the portal, and as the fastest magical girl on Mariette’s team, she’d make it.

Nope. Couldn’t leave, quite yet. As she reached the portal, the super-generic girl turned and lifted her phone, accessing the few cameras around that were still functional. She had to get a picture of what had happened while the rest fled the dimension.

… Ah, Justine had been defeated. Sonia was taken by… huh. Eli was… missing? Alarming. She witnessed everyone disappearing in various ways… Okay, that would do. She turned and leapt through the portal, probably at the last second.

So, perhaps the first thing someone who came through the portal was one of Mariette’s agents yelling at her.

‘WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED, WHERE WERE YOU, WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PLAN!?’ Jelena cried out the question, standing in a swimsuit and waving her hands, in one of which she was carrying a GameGirl XP, which she’d been sitting playing throughout the whole event with nothing better to do.

‘There were, uh, complications… a world-enveloping void of magic…’ Mariette said with a sigh. Because of that void, that particular plan never happened, and Jelena was left out of the battle…

‘Man, I missed the whole thing…!’ Jelena grunted and sighed. ‘I mean, I got some pretty sweet progress in my game, but still…!’ she then added, lifting the console in her hand and demonstrated.

‘Ooooh, your level-number has a number more than since last time you showed me!’ Mayra sounded out kind of excitedly as she leaned in and peeked at the screen, using the information she’d gained last time Jelena had tried teaching her the game.

‘You bet!’ Jelena announced, both proud and full of regret at the same time. ‘Aaaaaaaaah the trick was a mistake…!’

Mariette lifted a hand to open a portal… nothing happened. Odd. Oh, well. She’d wait for everyone to come in…

Suzette, Ronja, Esther and Josefin came in, Esther and Josefin able to make use of the healing items immediately. Esther now resembled a normal human in shape, but that was because her bark was transformed to look like skin, she’s still made of wood. It currently looked like human skin that had tree-scratches showing the tree-texture beneath the skin, and she had to get that patched up.

‘Aaaaah, that hits the spot,’ Josefin said as she and Esther were treated by the magical band-aids and such.

Suzette, meanwhile, was using both hands to feel in her mouth where she was now missing some teeth due to Alicia’s kick. She smiled. Couple teeth missing. Closed the mouth. Tried smiling again. Now she had teeth, fake ones added by Eternal Style that wouldn’t let her look bad. She smiled to Ronja.

‘We can get you new and real ones,’ Ronja said, before handing something over to Suzette. A Soul Jar surrounded by reinforced web. ‘Looks like you survived, I won’t need to look after this anymore, for now.’

‘Thanks for looking out for it,’ Suzette said with a grin, taking her own Soul Jar and putting it away… somewhere.

Then Connie and Mia stumbled in with Taihei, Taihei landing on the floor with a blank face. Gaia offered a hand to the girl that had tripped into her… and found a completely different girl accepted the help.

‘If tripping is all my bad luck did to me, I accept it…’ Taihei said with a sigh, then looked up at the person that lifted her up. ‘… Ah, wait. You’re one of our enemies. I was accidentally portalled directly to the enemy camp, wasn’t I…?’ Taihei asked, staring at Gaia, when suddenly a Josefin came flying from somewhere and glomped Taihei, who stood weirdly rigid as the blonde girl hugged around her.

‘Taihei, Taihei! We lived, we lived! Woooo~!’ she celebrated to the blank-faced Taihei, who kept staring at Gaia like “then what the heck are you doing here”. ‘Woooo…’ she still mimicked her friend, while watching them go greet Dan.

Then came a group of three, plus the thirteen surviving regular Magical Girls. Victoria, Tullia and Olivia. Obviously, all of them were suddenly wrapped into swimsuits.

‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE-!’ Victoria called out, stretching her arms out and skipping inside, grinning as they’d made a successful escape. There was that talk about possibly escaping to Veronica’s mansion, but who needed that when they could flee to a dimension where they pretty literally couldn’t be attacked.

‘Wh-why am I wearing a-!?’ Olivia asked, looking down on herself in panic.

‘It’s a part of the magic in this dimension, it puts everyone in swimsuit,’ Tullia tried to explain, sighing out a little bit.

‘H-huh. I see…’ Olivia replied, there really wasn’t more to say about it.

‘… So, you wouldn’t happen to be able to tell us why you betrayed Mariette?’ Ronja walked over on her spider-legs and asked Lily.

‘Now, we can’t fight in here, but on principle, we’ll be standing here,’ Suzette followed up with a seemingly but actually not friendly smirk, the two of them standing in-between Lily and Alexander and Mariette. Beyond them, Mariette herself cast a single gaze towards Lily… and then looked away, slight regret in her expression. Honestly, she knew why Lily did it, it made sense, from a certain point of view. Still hurt.

‘Hm, those were among our enemies, too, weren’t they?’ Ronja asked, looking over at where Gaia, Connie and MDP are.

‘Huh, yeah, they were. They didn’t bring their own escape route or something?’ Suzette questioned, raising her arms up and crossing them behind her head as she looked towards them.

+ very generic girl

This should be around the time when Freya and the completely generic girl came in, both immediately transformed into swimsuits. The generic one was wearing a very generic dark-purple one-piece and a pair of generic glasses, while Freya was obviously completely transformed.

‘… And that’s all of us,’ the generic girl said, while Freya was mostly scowling.

Mariette blinked at her, her one visible eye wide. Wait. Then. She’d been waiting for two things to come through the portal. If that was everyone.

‘Where’s Eli?’

‘… Where’s the mirror?’ the generic girl asked, frowning and looking at Victoria. She did realize Mariette asked, but frankly, the mirror was more important.

‘Ah, yeah! It’s right-’ Victoria lowered her arms to show the mirror she was carrying… only to find she wasn’t holding it. Her face immediately went into a state of alarm. ‘WHA- wait, it’s- what-!?’ Victoria started spinning around, looking desperately for the mirror.

‘You lost the mirror!?’ Tullia asked in panic.

‘Oh, there it is. My bad luck ruining everything,’ Taihei sighed.

‘I-I’m sure that’s not the cause!’ Josefin tried to encourage.

‘Where’s Eli?’

‘NO!’ Victoria shouted, just as panicked. ‘It was right in my grip as I-!?’

‘… You’re right,’ the generic girl said, frowning at Victoria. ‘I specifically watched you pass through the portal with the mirror. There can be no doubt.’

‘You LOST the mirror!?’ Jelena questioned, wondering if they’d all gone insane without her. Meanwhile, a scared Olivia startled by the volume of shouting went over to the ever silent Esther and hid behind her, seemed safer.

‘Where’s Eli?’

‘… Whelp, guess we got to prepare for a life on the run, then?’ Suzette asked, smirking over.

‘I can make little nests for us, hunt us food and make barriers to fend off pursuers~’ Ronja mused, putting her hands together like dreaming about it…

‘SHUT IT! TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!’ a very upset Victoria shouted out.

‘I had it just as we entered. Then, just as we entered this dimension, it-’ Victoria spun around towards Dan. ‘Hey, Dan! Did you do something to our mirror!?’ she shouted, perhaps sounding more hostile than she needed to be.

Mariette’s heart was beating quickly, looking with a fearful expression towards Dan. If the mirror was truly gone… the artifact entrusted to them by Asengav to run their operation… the consequences would be…

Mariette shook her head, she didn’t need to fear the future right now.

Under the assumption that Hilaria followed through this portal…

‘Where’s Eli?’ Mariette asked her, walking up to her with a scared expression.

‘Ah, Kalmia’s new assistant? It’s a pleasure to meet you! Has she decided what she wants to research, yet?’ Paulie asked with a lighthearted smirk. Then it was Anise’s turn to be introduced, and she nodded to him. ‘Ah, Hector’s disciple. I’ve heard the training is really hard! Can you keep up, lass?’

‘… Not always, Hector doesn’t really hold back, but one day,’ Anise told.

‘Haha. Hang in there!’ Paulie said, then turned to Basil… who said something quite interesting. Paulie frowned in interest, a little spark lighting in his older eyes. Anise unrolled the map at the cue, and Basil continued his explanation of the trip they’d taken so far. He started scratching his chin a little in interest as Anise placed the mirror on the table on the second cue, and he immediately leaned forward pulling forward his magnifying glass to inspect the mirror closely. Eventually Basil finished, and Paulie sat back in his office chair.

‘Hm. Hm. Hm, hm, hm,’ Paulie made several noises, poking his face as he thought it over. ‘Well! It’s worth a try, isn’t it!’ he called, spreading his arms out wide, grinning widely. ‘Come with me. There’s something I’d like to show you two. If it’s that or not, eh, we’ll see!’ he said, standing up, grabbing his backpack and being on his merry way. ‘You needed it right NOW, right? New discoveries waits for nobody!’

If Basil would prefer to stay in Rainrock City.

Connected areas:
Route 3. To the south, the route around the mountain, leading to Route 4 or Highhill Town. A wet woodland.
Route 11. A semi-populated road west under heavy rainfall, starting with a descent down towards Redcoast City. Abandoned buildings on the south side facing Silent Forest.

Otherwise, Paulie led them straight past the academy, through town, and in a very specific direction. The caves behind town. Straight for the opening, no hesitation.

Basil’s actions?



‘Oh! A-alright, then! I’ll see you, there!’ Florrie said, hurrying away for now.

He eventually headed back to the resurrection researcher…

'What? Nope!’ Resurrection dude shook his head. 'One at a time per person! We don’t have an infinite amount of these machines! They’re not popcorn machines, popping out Pokémon in the hundreds from the fossils at once! You’ll have to wait until tomorrow!’ he said, crossing his arms, looking defiant. Trade-off tomorrow it is.

Skylar then headed off to Dunstan’s office instead. He knocked a couple of times, and said his line…

‘Ah, that… that’s him!’ he faintly heard Florrie’s voice on the other side. There was the noise of a chair in need of some oil being leaned back, and then a significantly calmer voice.

‘Alright, come in.’ With that, Skylar could open the door.

A dimly lit lab presented itself, one where a bunch of machines glowing with light green were orderly placed in squares with plenty of room in-between, many documents of research on varying tables as well. There were tubes of who knows what liquids, primarily green ones, that shone a bit and gave the whole place a green shine were placed to the side, along with flasks and vials of similarly green nature that made one ask what chemist was using only the same green fluid for all their experiments. Also inside this very same room, was a man sitting by his computer…

‘I heard you had something to show me?’ Dunstan asked, looking up at Skylar from where he was seated, letting Skylar speak. Florrie was standing next to Dunstan, looking exactly like a couple minutes ago.

What does Skylar do now?

Connected areas:
Route 6. The Vast Plains open up to the north of Raremine. The shorter paths lead to Route 8 and 16, while west far enough leads to Lakewatch Town.
Route 7. The single rocky desert of Isson, it connects to the Desert Mines, the Old Tombs and to the Mythic Oasis.


@Joshua Tamashii
appropriate music
As simple as that would have made the case, there was no Water Stone among Leila’s collection of rocks. There was a Fire and a Leaf stone, however.

>> Evidence updated: Fire and Leaf Stone.

‘Oh. Yeah, they were both out!’ Eric responded pretty quickly, smirking. ‘We’ve been making trips to and from the Pureplain Pokémon Center here to train! Then camping on top of it, because, yeah, why not? So, yes! They were both out at the time of the earthquake,’ he told. Then about taking his eyes off them. ‘Well, uh. I wasn’t training both of them at the same time. I was training them one by one, so I suppose one could have snook off while I was training the other… but you guys didn’t snitch the stone, did you?’ he asked, turning to his two Pokémon. Both the Ledyba and the Surskit shook their heads to the best of their ability.

‘Yeah! Then I trust them!’

Was anything in that important enough to add to the testimony?

Also, may as well add the Earthquake Testimony to evidence.

>> Earthquake Testimony added to evidence.

Or she could leave.

Connected areas:
Pureplain City. You can get back without complication.
Infested Woods. You’re right next to it.
Wet Caverns. May need to cross a bridge or two to get there.



‘Um, don’t you mean faint two poor Pidgeys with one Rock Tomb?’ Chloe asked, sounding like she didn’t like the idea of Pidgeys being Rock Tomb, and especially not to death. ‘Anyway, yes! I’m in! Growlithe, after!’ she turned back seriously towards the battle, and Growlithe turned to dash after Aster!

To they lined up in order to make Spheal crash into Grimer…

‘I see what you’re doing! I’m not going to have Spheal hit my ally again! Spheal, STOP!’ the white-haired shouted. Spheal started spinning violently in the other direction, kicking up dirt and creating a little crater as the round seel slowly came to a stop in front of Aster and Growlithe…

‘HAH! I did not hurt my own ally! Your plan has failed! What are you going to do now, huh!?’ white-haired sounded out, stupidly proud, crossing his arms. Chloe stared at him a bit, then…

‘I suppose we can beat you?’ she suggested.


‘Growlithe, Bite!’ Chloe commanded, unless Cyril had a better idea, and Growlithe jumped forward to bite at the suddenly immobile Spheal.

‘W-Water Gun!’ white-haired dude commanded, Spheal intending to shoot a Water Gun at Growlithe if it survived for it.

‘Poison Gas!’ the red-haired one commanded, and Grimer spewed out a Poison Gas towards Aster and Growlithe, and Spheal because it’s right next to Growlithe. Probably didn’t know Aster’s part poison-type.

Their strategies after this will probably exclusively be to have Spheal Water Gun or Powder Snow depending on effectiveness, and Grimer to Pound or Mud-Slap, because Grimer early moveset is not very good.

Cyril’s actions?

‘Hahaha! I did!’ Mayra just laughed as MDP jumped over to hug her. Meanwhile, Mariette was very confused. Why was a member of the enemy force hugging Mayra? Why did they seem friendly? So confusing.

Dina made her command, and Mayra nodded. ‘Alright, guess I'm jetting! Are you coming?’ Mayra asked MDP, before blasting herself off towards the portal as commanded. If anyone intended to, like, attack Mayra while she was standing still in the previous post, that's still OK, but Mayra's intention is leaving with Mariette in her clutches right now.

‘Wait, but, Eli-’ Mariette started, still clutching her black Bunny, but Mayra took off before she could finish. Last she saw before Mayra turned around with her, Hilaria was looking out for Eli. Ah, good, then she should be safe…

Small collab with @FamishedPants

H i l a r i a

That frightened Eli. Why would an enemy commit to such a suicidal charge against her, of all people? Aim for the weakest link? Fortunately, Hilaria intercepted the enemy charge, and Eli breathed out in relief, however slimes breathe. She was going to turn and run for the portal herself. Still, wasn't there something familiar about the attacker? Almost like… but no, it couldn't be… 

Ronin staggered to a halt as Hilaria fired, flinching as she did. She looked over with a troubled look. Every newly given samurai-instinct in her tiny body told the same thing. She didn't stand a chance against this foe. However, she was too close to stop.

This person… she wasn't a champion of Asengav. She must be some ally that Mariette had called in. In that case, Ronin saw a fraction of a possibility. If it failed, she'd be leaving herself high to dry. Nothing else to it.

‘I'm going to save my sister from a Horror. Please don't stop me,’ Ronin told, giving a happy if tense grin.

‘Huh? Sist-’ Eli's eyes widened, looking over at the speaker. Surely, it couldn't-

Two things happened at once. The beacon that the primary soul of the Twinned Soul carried to alert its partner activated, telling Eli its location… right in front of her. Only the real soul could possibly do such a thing. Eli was in shock.

Secondly, Ronin leapt at Eli. It was now that Hilaria had the chance to intercept her for real.

The eternal knight did not take the chance, however, and repeated what the small samurai had said. "Sister~? Is that so~?" the word seemed to give her quite some pause and she stood, choosing to observe the two as they clashed.

Despite this supposed revelation, Eli couldn't believe it and naturally still raised her wing-blade and shield as Ronin leapt at her. However, infused with her own enhancements along with Aurelio's, Ronin was quicker and stronger. She struck aside Eli's sharpened wing with her sword wielded in one hand, and pushed aside Eli's reinforced wing-shield with her other arm.

With all arms spread out now, Deni used the rest of her momentum to fly straight into Eli's slime-body, used reinforcement to not actually go inside her amorphous body, and then swung her limbs around to clutch around her sister in a tight, tight hug, warm with her love.

‘D-Deni…?’ Eli asked, enhanced wings still spread.

‘I'm sorry… that I took so long!’ Deni said, smiling and crying a little.

‘Wh-why are you-’

‘Shush, little sister. Long story, not now. Listen. You're about to be sent to the Djinn Sisters' home. You'll be safe there,’ Deni said, and a slight glow started surrounding them.

Hilaria, who was still watching, chose not to interrupt the sibling's touching moment. She sighed to herself although it was probably too quiet to hear, and then wordlessly took off in the direction of Mariette and the others.

Deni noticed that Hilaria was leaving, and had also previously noted she hadn't been struck in mid-air earlier. She mouthed a silent 'thank you' that went unheard. Eli was a bit confused about what Deni had just said, but the Djinn Sisters were their friends, so. Still, what was that about… 

‘What did you mean by saving me from-’ Eli was about to ask.

‘Can you please do something for me?’ Deni interrupted her.

‘Uh…’ Eli was confused and couldn't reply.

‘Clear your mind. Don't think too hard on it. When you arrive, put a sleeping curse on yourself. I'll come wake you up, and everything will be fine. Please, please do this for me, Eli. You can trust me.’

Eli had a lot of reservations about this, especially the part about cursing herself to sleep. But… this was Deni. She could feel it. As impossible as it sounded, this was Deni. Eli felt herself overcome with joy at this tiny fact alone, so… 

‘… Alright. I'll trust you,’ she said, removing the enhancements on her wings and closing them around Deni, hugging her back.

Deni smiled so widely. 

‘I'm so happy to see you again,’ she said.

And then, the glow subsided, and Eli had disappeared from the battlefield, Deni standing there looking content for a bit.

Unless one of you decides to be a monster and interrupts, that is. That was at least 10 seconds of conversation, after all.

Yeah… probably best Taihei does nothing. As much as she'd wanted to assist her allies, her bad luck would probably just make everything worse. She started running towards the portal Dan opened as quickly as her abysmal agility could achieve. She'd rather not that her bad luck got her locked inside a collapsing dimension.

Dina made her position absolutely clear, and gave some commands. Ronja wasn't about to not follow.

‘I'll support the flight,’ Ronja told, intending to head over to the edge and run down, but she'd head to the corner to check how it's going for Suzette, Esther and Josefin, preparing to possibly shoot web and pull them in to save them from whatever they'd gotten into.

Josefin apparently managed to save Su from a sword and caused Leena to drop said sword. Her luck strikes again! Then she flinched as her wrist was grabbed and Leena used her as an impromptu weapon… but that, too, may have been a case of Leena fighting Josefin's fortune. 

‘Don't touch… what you can't handle!’ Josefin twisted herself so the hand of her grabbed wrist grabbed Leena's wrist in turn. Suddenly, Leena'd feel her mana being sucked out of her through her hand into the grinning mana-thief, the one titled the Perky Pilferer. Of course, not all of it at once, but prolonged contact would be problematic.

Josefin was ready to swing her sword in her other hand to block attacks aimed to sever her arm. She was also prepared to blast out her drained or own mana at skin-level to slow down impacts as she was swung around at things. She didn't have a way to prevent herself being swinged at Su, though, so up to Su to dodge that!

And if she looked like she was about to die, she'd let go, fall down. She'd done her part, time to survive.


Esther was a strong magical girl, but as a physical magical girl that supplemented her considerable might with not-inconsiderable amount of magic, it was no surprise FanFan had more options in the Void World. As the saw chipped into her mana, it became clear Esther would not win in a direct physical one-on-one, that's what they had Freya for. The expressionless voiceless tree-girl was staring at FanFan, unable to counter, when… 

‘ESTHER, DETACH!!’ A command came from above. Esther immediately detached her roots from the mansion and jumped outwards, wrapping her wooden limbs onto FanFan's rotary blade and other hand to prevent her from moving, lifting FanFan's arms and guard as the tree-girl jumped out and over the metal-armed girl!

Under, coming dashing down the side of the mansion, was…!

An older girl in a purple dress, blonde with yellow details, grinning as her cloth-gloves and eyes glowed with a massive boost of empathic magic. Behind her, her cloth had formed into two giant purple bat-wings, streaming behind her as she dashed down the side of the mansion directly for FanFan!

‘Let me show you…why I'm the Emptiness Empath!’ Suzette boasted, as Esther focused on holding FanFan immobile as gravity was starting to grab her, but Suzette was dashing down far faster than gravity. With her Training, Suzette predicted how FanFan would attempt to counter her, her Wings perk on in case she needed to leap into mid-air to pursue her. Suzette charged all her magical power into her right arm, which glowed in sinister purple energy, and…!

Willpower Blow~ Suzette called, slamming her clothed fist at FanFan!

Despite the Power's name, Suzette's Killing Blow was not made to kill… 

After, hit or not, the plan was for both Esther and Suzette to fall down to the ground, Esther releasing the grip on FanFan to avoid getting cut more just as Suzette passed. From where they could then join the flight to the portal.


So, Freya was ready to fight with Justine, cooperate with Jenna in the battle… except she was suddenly enveloped by this dose of joy and love that wasn't even meant for her.

‘NO!’ Freya cried out, clutching her arms around her chest, the lamia's tail curling up next to her as well, her body-language almost looking as if she was in pain, yet she couldn't stop smiling, tears falling as she felt so loved.

‘It… it happened again…’ she said, before her gaze lifted and looked towards Aurelio as she was trying to force down her smile. ‘And once again… it's  when YOU'RE here…’ This despite Aurelio not being the cause this time, from her perspective. Freya shook her head and turned back to the battlefield, relatively recovered, but heart still beating quickly.

Yet, she was bothered.

She was supposed to be a stone-cold warrior and killer for Asengav, caring little for who lived or died among those unrelated. Yet seeing Eliza dash in the way of that stab… 

Freya suddenly didn't want to lose anybody. She wanted to keep this happy feeling, as long as possible.

She blasted off at Justine once again, intending to strike Justine's attack aside so she couldn't injure either Eliza or Jenna, this hopefully without disturbing Eliza's attack. Freya attempted to dodge any counter-attack as well, for she had no intention to sacrifice her life, either, then she'd definitely lose the happy feeling. 

Should she arrive on the other side of that attack unharmed, she'd quip to Eliza and Jenna.

‘I'll support you,’ she said, simply.

Then I imagine it's now Silhouette called out about Sonia's condition. Freya braced herself to take advantage of any lapses of judgement Justine may make or prevent any allies from being given fatal blows.

Though, then there was Sakura. And at the time she showed up, Freya got an expression of alarm at the massive amount of power Sakura was gathering, and was prepared to grab Eliza and Jenna to pull them back if they looked like they were about to become collaterals… or she could fall back to Sil and ask if she wanted to be evacuated, that works too.

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So, the mansion cracking in half was obviously not a good sign. Still, it gave the girls inside a very convenient exit.

‘Let me just put on a fake appearance…’ information girl briefly said as she applied some of her own magic on only herself. In moments, she now had the most generic background character girl appearance ever. ‘Good. I'm now ready to escape.’

… And then Victoria cracked through a wall because perhaps exiting through a place the dimension is ripping apart is not a good idea. She then picked up the Black Mirror and leapt out, followed by Tullia, Olivia, a totally generic girl and the crowd of surviving magical girls, currently making a beeline for the portal. Just as long as Victoria didn't try to exit with it before everyone else evacuated. That'd be inadviceable.
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