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@Typical Nicely posted. This little adventure you're having here has entertained me quite well, especially since you had no idea what's going on. I hope you've had fun, too. Though, I do believe it's time to finish this particular event in this room. What will you decide?

@Gardevoiran Nicely posted. Donating a lot makes the GM happy, money well spent, I hope, heh. Posted some reactions to what you said, minus what you said to Valen. Oh, and @prettydrops, you may still reply to what Skylar said and what's going on around there, you've not been completely left behind, hah.

@Ephemeral Ah, you went for her... Heh. Alright, then. I hope you're ready to face the consequences. I mean, you can't just speak to random people in the Pokémon world and NOT expect this to happen, can you!? XD ... Anyways, nicely posted!

@Eklispe Yupp. Nicely posted. You can ask that, but, unfortunately Cresselia has her own beef with Darkrai. She certainly would have stopped if it was ONLY for Roderick... but this is for herself, too. Heh.

@Rune_Alchemist Yupp. Nicely posted. Celebrating someone else, heh. Let's see if I can't reward you a bit for that. That said, this situation is not entirely cleared up, yet. Also, apparently Earth gods are in some kind of legends over here, because I'm having Frans name his Pokémon after them. Though, if you just point out the problem to Frans, I can have you out of this event in the next post, if you just want to move on.

@Joshua Tamashii And nicely posted. It becomes a lot more complicated when there's a whole bunch of Pokémon to control, huh? Well. As requested, I didn't actually write the Moonblast hitting, as I would have otherwise, but now it's descending fast instead. Yeah.

‘Chandelure didn’t have to tell me anything. He had a nervous breakdown the moment I laid my eyes on him,’ Laurinda told with a very simple tone. Delphox chuckled some more in the background. ‘And don’t think I can’t figure out your involvement. Chandelure wouldn’t have agreed to it on his own,’ Laurinda said back to Delphox, who didn’t look like she minded much, just chuckling on. Laurinda sighed, and then looked towards Eryn once again.

‘No, it’s not just you, everyone who arrives there feels the same thing. I’m not going to tell you what’s in these woods, but suffice to say, had you stayed too long you would have died.’ So Laurinda said, with a tone like it’s natural. ‘It would make my life a lot easier if you never mentioned what you found in the depths of these woods to anyone, ever, again.’

‘As for she who has taken your appearance…’ Laurinda gave the slightest of a smile. ‘She existed before you entered this woods, but did not have your shape before. Let’s just say that except for me she had never seen a human before, and as such she was severely limited in amount of shapes she could take, as someone who wants to be human. Her goal, I believe, is to blend in. She seems to want to be a Pokémon Trainer, which is difficult for one such as her. … Hm,’ Laurinda looked over Eryn a bit more, then kept speaking.

‘There’s somewhat of a rule among older Pokémon Trainers. “Guide, but don’t tell”. That is to say, we shouldn’t divulge the secrets of this world to young trainers on their journeys. It takes the fun out of it, does it not? As such, I will leave it at that. Good luck,’ Laurinda wished her, before turning to leave herself. Eryn gave her thanks, which Laurinda acknowledge with merely a slight wave, one Delphox mirrored with a smirk and a wave of the wand before turning to walk after Laurinda.

So, with that, Eryn headed back for Pureplain City.

Connected areas:
Route 1. Easier path, just follow the bigger road.
Route 2. Walk through quite an amount of suburbs until you eventually reach the path.
Sea. There’s water, alright. Can take you anywhere you want to go, assuming you have means to traverse it.

She headed for the Pokémon Center…

And then back towards Kalmia’s lab. The lab remains as decently normal-looking on the outside as one could imagine, except for the Pokéball symbol on the front of the lab-area and the sign saying it’s a Pokémon lab. Now, arriving Eryn found that the front door stood open. Heading inside, Eryn found herself confronting a curious scene.

So, there sat Kalmia inside her lab by the computer next to all the servers, looking curiously at Eryn(?) who also happened to be standing there. Also here were the large Pumpkaboo, who curiously was wearing a backpack, and Cascoon was standing on the other side of Eryn(?). Kalmia’s Slowpoke lay on the servers, staring unintelligibly at the scene. Eryn(?) turned and looked slightly frightened at Eryn. There now was a slight difference between the two of them. Eryn(?) was wearing a white mouth-mask.

Kalmia was seated, and seeing Eryn come in, she leaned slightly onto her left hand with a smile.

'Ah, I see what’s going on, now,' Kalmia said with a smile. 'Eryn, may I present Eryn, a trainer that recently left my lab, trainer card in hand,' Kalmia told Eryn(?), who looked back and forth between the professor and Eryn, her posture somewhat agitated as she realized things hadn’t gone as she wanted.

'Eryn, may I present… Eryn-two?' Kalmia smiled a bit, talking to Eryn, now. 'She just came in, looking like you. She seemingly can’t speak, except for that one sentence. “Can I have Trainer Card”, she asked, grammatical fallacy and all, with the voice of a child younger than you, that may have been male. Quite curious,' Kalmia said, looking at the agitated look-alike who was now backing back away from both of them, somewhat in the direction of the part that Kalmia usually lived in.

'We seem to be frightening her. Eryn, what would you like us to do?' Kalmia asked Eryn. Seeing how Eryn was blocking the door now, Eryn(?) was backing off for the door into Kalmia’s residence, Cascoon starting to roll to follow and Pumpkaboo jumping backwards seemingly in position to protect her if Eryn or Kalmia tried something.

What would Eryn like to do?



The girl was most assuredly crying, sitting by the peer, looking out over the water, when Erza came and asked…

‘… Kh!’ The girl suddenly made an annoyed sound and crying took a turn for sudden annoyance. She shot up to her feet and spun towards him, her eyes suddenly looking all angry instead.

‘I’m perfectly alright! Never better! I can hold my own against this, no problem!’ she said, raising her chin high and looking like she wanted to grow taller in the same motion.

‘In fact, I’ll prove it to you! The fact you dare randomly talk to strangers means you’re prepared for the risk getting trodden upon, isn’t that right!?’

Pokémon Trainer Yvonne would like to battle!

… That, or Erza can just say no to fighting, go and do something else, accept on terms, or just talk to her without actually accepting to battle. If he’d like to go do something else, he can do that. That Tentacool is probably still there.

Connected areas:
Sacred Ground. Over a bit of water, and past the Team Virtue blockade.
Redcoast City. To the east is the resort city also known for Contests.



‘Th-that must have been it! Thank you! I don’t know how to thank you! I can’t believe it! It’s finally happened…!’ Frans called out so happily as he accepted the Pokéball as Claire gave. Then he just laughed out loud. ‘Nah, that’s a lie. I know exactly how I’ll thank you!’ Frans said, and reached back to retrieve items.

Should she accept…

Claire obtained 10 Ultra Balls!
Claire obtained Shiny Stone!
Claire obtained Amulet Coin!
Claire obtained Letter of Recommendation!
Claire obtained Frans’ contact information!

‘The letter of recommendation will allow you, once, to get into someplace that might otherwise have turned you away,’ Frans says with a smile. ‘People with lots to do might feel inclined to help out, you might be given tours of places that would be outside your reach, things like that! That, or…’ Frans smiles a bit more. ‘… or you can use it to be permitted to issue the Pokémon League Challenge once without actually winning the Pokémon League, if you feel so inclined.’ Normally, only those who have won in a tournament called the Pokémon League gets the privilege to challenge the Elite Four. But with this, they’ll fight you anyway.

‘Oh, and of course, I welcome you to visit my home at the Private Palace at any time! I’m running out of time to be out, actually, so I must be going!’ He looked down on the Great Ball containing the Bronzor, smiling.

‘Yes, nickname… I know… you shall be… Tezcatlipoca, for the god of night and lord of smoking mirrors. Yes. That fits perfectly,’ Frans said, his smile going from ear to ear in happiness. Parvati also looked happy where she floated over him. ‘With that, I must depart! I shall see you later, best miss!’

So he turned to leave, still happy…

Except, uh.

Bronzor was still registered in Claire’s party. It should be noted, she didn’t do anything wrong in the transfer of Pokémon from her to Frans. By all means, the Pokémon SHOULD have been transferred to Frans. For whatever reason, it has not. If she lets him leave now, he’ll unknowingly be holding the sixth slot of her party hostage from her.

Claire’s actions?


@Joshua Tamashii @Eklispe

‘Oh, dear. Back!’ Roderick commanded as suddenly one heck of a combined blizzard came flying from beneath, and all three of his Pokémon took cover behind solid ground for a moment, letting the blizzard pass. That is to say, they managed to avoid the blast of the blizzards and the Water Shuriken, but they sure weren’t able to counter-attack. ‘This is a whole lot of ice for a party of dark-type Pokémon…’ Roderick commented with a smirk, looking at the blizzard beam passing overhead.

Meanwhile, Hydreigon cooked Yanmega. There wasn’t much more to see in that scene as the bug was scorched and fainted by the three-headed dragon, and Oscar simply raised a Pokéball and called back his Pokémon. That said, he had not moved. He still stood to protect his Smeargle from the dragon. Still, he wasn’t doing anything.

Meanwhile, Amelia was saying things about Roderick, Joshua agreeing and filling in and such.

‘You know, that hurts, somewhat,’ Roderick said, behind the ground he was taking cover behind. ‘So we see things a bit differently, but that makes me cruel, evil and soulless? At worst, I’d be a well-intentioned extremist…’ he said, actually sounding a bit hurt. ‘Hey, Oscar. I’m not sounding like some insane nutjob, right? My words make some matter of sense, I hope?’

‘Oh, absolutely, your excellency!’ Oscar burst out, eagerly. ‘Each sentence that comes from your mouth is like a river of light, pouring out and cleansing this world of the impurities of the weak, your actions infallible as you stand against the injustice of your incorrigible opponents!’

There was a moment of silence as Roderick stared blankly at Oscar.

‘Oscar. I appreciate everything you’re doing for our organization, but, uh… Where’s Ivory when I need her?’ Roderick asked, looking about himself.

She’s currently fighting off an army of ghosts along with the rest of the Team Virtue grunts.

‘… No matter,’ Roderick finally said, turning back to those he was arguing with. ‘If I let all Pokémon do as their natures decree, I suppose I should stay back as Haunters drain people of their lives, Froslasses lead travelers to their dens and freeze them solid, and Cacturnes prey on travellers that can no longer move. I will do nothing such. There is such a thing as flawed evolution,’ Roderick stated, preparing to command his Pokémon to move again.

Cresselia, meanwhile, was charging her Moonblast. Dawkin shouted to her, raising the staff. It was enough to get her attention, albeit he did not get the reaction he desired. Cresselia turned the slightest, looking towards him with a single eye. Something in her eye looked hurt, acknowledging what he said, yet…

Yet her eyes once again fixed on Darkrai, and now there was hostility instead, despite that Darkrai merely hovered in place at ground-level, committing to nothing and staring back up at her. With that, Cresselia was done charging her beam, and unleashed the massive Moonblast straight down at Darkrai.

‘Chatot, Mimic,’ Roderick commanded, still behind the rock. Chatot learned Moonblast.
‘Archeops, Agility,’ Roderick continued. Archeops boosted its speed.
‘Luxray, Electric Terrain,’ Roderick finished. The ground was suddenly blanketed with a surge of electricity impossibly running underneath the feet of everyone within a large range.

‘Now, then,’ Roderick said, having taken this turn to power up for the next turn.

What would the present trainers do?


@Gardevoiran @prettydrops

Skylar donated 2000 P! … That’s a significant amount.

Vivia momentarily just stood there, looking tired and moderately toasted from the earlier electric shock. Her tired eyes behind her slightly ajar glasses turned to look at Celebrity as she came around glaring.

'… What? Yeah, you’re awfully cute, but I can’t tell if you want to tell me something with that glare,' Vivia told, still standing where she was the moment Rotom shocked her.

Ralts jolted a little from actually being spoken to, but then he actually checked with his emotional sensor… and peeked over the edge at Skylar. ‘Ralts?’ he asked, looking curiously at the nearly blind person.

Now, it actually was a decent drop, so he wouldn’t just jump down.

And now?

There was a moment of bliss the moment when Naja confirmed she had, in fact, not been hit by Pacho’s attack. A moment of weightlessness, that of course couldn’t last as she shot herself back down with a powerful Thunder Axe move, an axe-kick delivered straight down into the man’s shoulder. Beneath her heel, she felt how she had made impact and finished the fight, ending the whole kick standing on top of his shoulder breathing heavily. He’d been a warrior. More so than she’d have expected to run into the first day here in New Carona. She felt a need to honour him, to say a couple words of admiration, relaxing a bit… and noticing the dark blue ball of chi approaching at high speed from her right, way too late. She tried to twist, place her arm in the way to block the force of the attack, but having relaxed at the wrong time meant all forms of too late.

‘KAH-!’ she sounded out as the phenomenal force of O-Chul’s super sent her flying back into the store she had been trying to save, crashing into the wall of the building and an excruciating pain blasting through her side. It all ended up with her cracked inside the wall, hurt and angry.

‘Ah… AGH-!’ Naja quickly broke out from the wall, stumbling, her metallic legs losing no form of strength from the pain in her side. Standing in the shop, she looked down on her right-side mechanical arm, what remained of it, as well as her own right side. It, to put it mildly, did not look good. Naja mouthed numerous foul words, and stomped into the floor a couple of times, perhaps with more force than would have been otherwise recommended while indoors.

Really? Really, Naja? You’re going to be hurt this bad on the first day? Against common thugs? Even if they happen to be strong common thugs? … She asked herself within her mind. That kind of could get her sponsorship revoked, and heavens knew that was a debt she wasn’t close to repaying already. Despite sweating, despite the pain shooting through her, despite broken ribs and all, Naja walked out the door with one deep frown on her face.

‘That’s it? We’re done for now?’ Naja asked, her tone heated as she looked over the others. ‘… I’m going back,’ she plainly said, grunting as she turned and walked, intending to get back where she had come from.

Erza turned around and went back through Redcoast City. This time just heading through, but there seemed to be some form of commotion by the Contest Hall. Seemed like some notable contest had just ended. By all the walls around that particular street was various posters about contestants and idols with their Pokémon being advertised via Dreamer Studios. The entrance to the Contest Hall was completely blocked with people. A group of girls happened to be moving in the same direction as Erza and was speaking loudly enough about it for him to overhear.

‘Woooaaaah! That was such a thrill!’
‘The Queen of Contests herself came down from the heavens! I feel sorry for the poor hopefuls that had to compete against her…’
‘One of them forfeited immediately and ran! Haha, guess they didn’t even want to compared to someone their like, huh?’
‘Everyone said it was between Yvonne or Alberto for whom would win, when Valerie appeared out of nowhere and entered!’
‘Yvonne was the one that forfeited, right?’
‘Who cares about that!? Queen Valerie might still be in the city! Let’s find her…!’

If he actually stopped to inspect the posters then he could learn more about the names of people of note in the Contest business. … Or he could be completely disinterested in the Pokémon Contest side of things and move on to route 15, as intended.



So, Ralia came up and offered Claire’s Great Ball.

‘Huh?’ Frans asked, looking a bit confused. Then, seeing how earnestly she was offering it, he gently took it from her. ‘Alright, I’ll try it,’ he said, giving her a smile again and standing up. ‘Alright, Bronzor! I will catch you!’

‘Bronzor…?’ Bronzor asked.

‘I choose you!’ Frans called, throwing the ball with an extravagant spin of his body as if that somehow enhanced the probability of capturing. Bronzor was hit by the Great Ball, absorbed into the ball which fell onto the ground once again…

It barely rolled once.

It barely rolled twice.

It barely rolled thrice…!


@Joshua Tamashii @Eklispe

Greninja blasted off with Quick-Attack towards Archeops… when suddenly her travel-time was cut short when she flew straight into Archeops’ Quick Guard, who had used similar speed to intercept her attack. Archeops just appeared and slammed with equal force back, blocking the advance where Archeops and Greninja now found themselves in contact with one another. Now, this could have been the perfect time to blast that Water Pulse, except Archeops vanished in a flash of similar speed to block Weavile’s Quick Attack as well, distancing the rock-bird from Greninja and blocking Weavile’s attack on Luxray as well, also with Quick Guard. Both Pokémon had been blocked from ascending out of the crypt. Roderick smirked.

‘Now, now. I saw that speed before. It’s not like I’d simply let you Quick Attack wherever you plea- WOAH-!’ Suddenly Roderick had to dodge aside an Ice Beam aimed for the Chatot on his shoulder. Chatot had been more prepared for that than Roderick, extending its wings before Absol’s Ice Beam came close enough and waved its wings rapidly to blast itself out of the way, its small size helping it avoid the blast as the Ice Beam flew through between Roderick and Chatot, splitting trainer and Pokémon.

In a heck of a stylish move, Pangoro threw Bisharp at Cresselia, intending to Metal Claw through the Moonblast. While the Metal Claw held the type-advantage against the beam Cresselia was about to launch, it quickly became a matter of sheer might as Cresselia held far more power than what Bisharp could deliver. The Moonblast blew up in Bisharp’s face and sent her flying back into the crypt and into a wall hard enough to crack it, while Cresselia had merely floated back a bit in inconvenience. Protected by part steel-type, Bisharp had been able to endure the blow, but perhaps facing the might of a legendary Pokémon directly was a little beyond her scope. Still, the first shot had been deflected.

Hydreigon instead flew to assault Oscar and his bug. Now, Oscar wasn’t actually riding said bug, but still. Hydreigon started Dragon Pulsing at Yanmega, who took horrific damage. With exceptional speed, Yanmega flew in close and sent out waves of Bug Buzz onto Hydreigon, doing pretty bad super-effective damage back onto the dark-type dragon… but we’re dealing with a level 55 Yanmega against a level 70 Hydreigon, the Yanmega was at a disadvantage despite the type advantage. Hydreigon would certainly win and continue on towards…

‘Hold your fire, fierce dragon…!’ Oscar told, walking and standing in front of his Smeargle, spreading his arms to protect the artistic Pokémon, the staff in his left hand. ‘Me and my Pokémon are but audience now, a historian and an artist wishing to depict this moment in all its glory for generations to come! We will not interfere, your enemies are my master and the Lunar Poké-’

And that’s when Dawkin dashed in. He had jumped around the battle, every step feeling immensely light as the strength granted from that Pokémon allowed him to jump with ease at speeds beyond what most of his Pokémon might have. Eventually he had jumped out of the hole in the crypt, up to where Roderick and Oscar were, and then leapt at the distracted Oscar and snatched the staff out of the startled Admin’s hand. Oscar was merely human and did not have the strength to hold onto the staff, ensuring that Dawkin had claimed it.

The staff was a golden one looking to be worth a fortune, with a Pokéball of some custom-made sort adorned in the middle of the red tip of it…

‘That staff will not avail you!’ Oscar yelled to him, head held high, the man looking proud. ‘The gentle Cresselia has already been released from its bounds! She has no intention of being bound again, and thus its holder holds no sway over her actions!’ … So Oscar claimed.

Meanwhile, Archeops was busy blocking the attacks of Greninja and Weavile, blocking them from escaping the crypt with their high-speed Quick Attacks. Luxray took the moment to Charge, his body sparkling with electricity, staring down at the fighters as if with contempt, prepared to leap near Archeops to defend him if so needed. Chatot flew higher after having avoided the Ice Beam, and looked down at the far closer Weavile, and there opened it’s maw to let out a ferocious cry that sounded nothing like what a bird should sound like.


The attack wasn’t that powerful, but it came at the speed of sound and should it hit, Weavile was sure to become Confused.

‘Huff,’ Roderick made a noise as he stood up again from where Ice Beam had forced him to dodge, his shoulder pretty cold. He placed his glasses back as he heard the voice of a young girl talking to him, and he turned to look a bit curiously at her. Amelia felt the eyes of Team Virtue’s leader fall upon her alone.

‘You have gravely misunderstood, young girl. Darkrai is a monster that in the past has ravaged the people of the land with his nightmares, causing a dark age of fear and dread. You won’t deny these actions, will you? Darkrai?’ Roderick asked, turning his eyes towards Darkrai with the last question. Still behind Joshua, the dark-type legendary Pokémon stayed quiet, gazing at the enemies above.

‘Your silence confirms your guilt. Hence, we have no choice but to contain the menace. Cresselia!’ Roderick pointed down into the crypt at the dark-type. ‘I offer him to you!’

Cresselia, showing no hint of having reacted specifically to Roderick’s command, was rising higher towards the moon, and charging another Moonblast, aimed directly at Darkrai. It was a mighty power charging overhead, unwavering and not even bothering to consider what other Pokémon nor people might be present around her. The presence of Darkrai twisted her priorities, and she would not have it.

‘This is… crazy…’ the girl with the camera and an Abra on her shoulder backed away a bit, raising her camera to snap a couple photos of the scene before her, watching wide-eyed at something way out of her league going on. She was relatively close to Amelia and had an Abra. In case that was something.

What would the present individuals and Pokémon do?


@prettydrops @Gardevoiran

‘It was the least I could do,’ Lorette said in response to the thanks.

‘Hello~! This is Ledian, and this is Larvesta! Up there on the ceiling still is Ralts~!’ Lorette responded to Skylar’s introduction.

‘Larvesta…’ Larvesta merely sounded tired while Ledian gave a little wave with multiple arms. Then, a question about potential rare Pokémon.

‘Hmmm? Rare Pokémon at the shrine, huh. Well, that would be Ralts,’ Lorette said, and the Ralts on the building made a little frightened noise and hid. ‘… Though, not THAT one. That particular one was the one that teleported into the woods to find me when it realized you were in trouble. So if you attack it to try to catch it, I’ll get mad~!’ Lorette said with a little playful smile. ‘Though, if you’d try to be his friend instead, that’d be different~’

‘As for Flying-types… There’s Tropius in the Southern Silent Forest, there’s Drifloons on Route 3, there’s Hoppips on Route 4… But otherwise, isn’t the place you usually go to find flying-types the Mountain Valley, or Route 8, right outside Freecape Town?’ Lorette tilts her head as she asks, mentioning Skylar’s hometown not knowing he’s from there.

‘Heal you? There’s a Pokémon Center right over there…’ Lorette said, gesturing towards Highhill Town, which isn’t that far. She then sighed a bit, and pulled out a couple Super Potions. ‘Oh, but fine. Here you go.’

Skylar and Valen got 2 Super Potions each!

‘So, you two here to pray for success as Pokémon Trainers? Then feel free to, should be safe now! Oh, and please consider leaving a donation~!’ Lorette said, happy kind little shrine maiden smile on her face as she said that.

Meanwhile, Vivia walked over to where Rotom was picking up coins from the terrified souvenir-shop-owner. Rotom was happily laughing about, when suddenly he felt the intent to kill and malicious aura from behind him, turning his head to look curiously at Vivia.


Vivia swiftly pressed both her hands into her backpack and slammed down a small washing machine on top of Rotom’s head. Rotom, forced inside the washing machine, suddenly found himself possessing it.



Vivia shouted in his face before she slammed the washing machine and Rotom into the ground right next to her, though Rotom was just grinning. Vivia was furious, though.

'I was fighting a duck! A WATER BIRD! Why can’t you just be a regular, loyal Pokémon!? If I’d have had your electric attacks, I’d have won for sure…!' Vivia complained, almost looking teary-eyed down at the electric ghost… which suddenly grinned.

'Rotom~?' Rotom asked, with a sultry tone. Vivia flinched, eyes suddenly scared.

'Wha- No! I didn’t lose! The match was cancelled! The enemy forfeited! I don’t need the penal-' And then Rotom shot an electric bolt at her. '-tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…!' Vivia cried out, body shaking with some yellow lightning effects as Rotom apparently shocked her, leaving her standing with arms and legs on odd angles smoking a little after he was done.

'Ro-to-to-to-to-to-tom~!' Rotom laughed and drifted away…

… Yeah, that happened.

So, what will Skylar and Valen do now?



Eryn and her team fought valiantly, despite the handicap of Eryn being unable to speak while battling. Despite this, they managed to pull through. The opponents were too weak for Dei or Kylie to receive much experience, but Tula had an even enough fight to toughen up a bit.

Tula grew to level 9!

After which Eryn spent a while entertaining the kids, who thought it was a bit odd how all her Pokémon were different, but they didn’t actually question it because this was fun too. Eventually, however, Eryn managed to escape and gave praise to her Pokémon. Then, it was time to turn and head off into the forest to find her double-

‘Quite an ordeal you just went through. Did you enjoy it?’ A familiar voice told her right as she passed one of the trees. Laurinda was standing there, looking at her somewhat unimpressed, with Delphox leaning at a tree a bit further away. Delphox was smirking.

‘The fact you played along tells me you know of her. The double I saw playing with the kids last night. If you’re looking for the being that followed you, she has left the woods already.’ So she said, looking away into the woods for a bit. ‘I believe I know what she’s trying to do, but it will be hard for someone like her. She’ll be heading for a nearby city, somewhere where she can obtain Pokéballs. However, she may not know that without a trainer’s card, the Pokéballs will not recognize her as a trainer, and will be useless to her. Even if she does, I doubt she knows where to go to get one. … Unless she somehow manages to overcome her difficulty in communicating to ask a question. Impressive, if she does. If she does get that information, that’d take her…’ Laurinda glances at Eryn.

‘… to the same place you got yours, wouldn’t it?’

Delphox is mildly snickering in the background. Something is terribly amusing to the fox.

What will Eryn do?
Sheila Hopkins

Streets of Denver

Wisp returned to her mission of saving as many people as possible. She noted how Behemoth was taking a pounding somewhere in the background, but she was staying far away from him. Occasionally on foot, occasionally carried by Persist, she reported on the locations of wounded people with her perfect sight all around her, and-

‘BACK!’ Wisp suddenly yelled at Persist where she had been carried in the air. Persist sharply broke his speed, and Wisp pointed towards beside a building. It was a bit out of the way (or other people would have seen the interaction), but she had just seen…!

Wisp and Persist landed by Pester. She stared down at him stunned. Her former boyfriend, or more accurately now, her ally as Creep… Along with Salem, it meant both her true allies had been wounded. However-!

‘This wasn’t done by Behemoth,’ Wisp stated, shaking. She used this as an excuse to explain why Wisp would be so startled by seeing an injured Pester.

‘Oh, darn,’ Persist said, alarmed by this.

‘Carry him back, and inform the rest. I’ll-’ Wisp’s voice was temporarily caught in her throat. ‘I’ll continue on my own from here,’ she eventually told.

‘Got it, leave him to me. I’ll get into contact with you later,’ Persist said, grabbing Pester to carry him to the medical areas. He flew off, leaving Wisp standing there…

… That. It was something she could do. Traitors of the truce. It was a threat Wisp could deal with. Far closer to her level. Wisp removed herself from reality, curving light around her so she could no longer be seen. Now, she was back in her element. No more trying to flinch around an unopposable threat she stood no chance against. This was just common human scum, the kind she knew and the kind she had followed to their lairs commonly enough. Now, it was a little bare on evidence around here, but she alone could catch them in the act with her invisibility.

Wisp dashed, invisible, looking for any sort of clue, hint of where the perpetrators had gone. She’d search the area, giving the in and out of buildings brief look-overs as she dashed, allowing her perfect sight to take in everything that happened around her. She still reported if she found any wounded, but now she was on a hunt. She wanted to track down whoever did this to her ally, whatever it took…!


Erza sprinted after the Blitzles, intent on catching up to them, though the equinus Pokémon were definitely faster than him. Then he sent out Extraordinary, whom… is also slower than the Blitzles. When they’re running, Extraordinary will have trouble catching up to them. Astonish is a physical move, after all.

The Blitzles were still running. Might need to rethink that a bit.



Frans looked a bit confused at the pat on the back. Pokéballs? Frans pointed with a smile to his belt. Favorite snack? ‘Huh?’ Partner in crime? ‘Uh.’ Would that be Parvati? Then he looked completely lost for safety goggles, climbing gear and dumbbells. Then… battle face. Frans looked utterly confused, but not dissuaded enough to not attempt to go along with the demand. So, battle face. Make the Pokémon fear him.

‘A-aaaaarrrr…!’ A somewhat nervous Frans raised a fist and opened his lips to intentionally show (extremely white) teeth for Claire, trying to frown to look angry while his eyes still looked confused. For battle stance he’d try to turn his side towards the opponent in a stance that totally looked like he was going to fence with said opponent, except he had only lifted his fists, and looked towards Claire to wonder if he was doing alright and what on earth he was doing.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand then came the physical training. Turned out Frans wasn’t quite as able-bodies as Claire, to put it mildly. He was entirely alright physically for his age, slim and healthy enough, but his physical endurance left something to be desired. 100 pushups, 100 situps and 10 km run was way above his capabilities, but Claire was always there with a giant bee with very pointy stingers to keep him motivated, along with the whistle that she now has and can add to inventory.

Claire had Whistle all along!

All in all, she had Frans sweating and panting in a pile on the ground by the time she was finished, Parvati looking on in mild concern when she arrived to that.

Then she tested Parvati. The Togekiss was, by all intents and purpose, a Pokémon that was already Pokémon League worthy. Agility was exceptional and battle ability was off the charts, as far as Claire could tell. Sooooooooo, attacking Frans.

‘Huh? W-wait!?’ Frans asked in alarm where he lay on the ground, while Parvati looked confused at Claire. Buuuut, okay. Parvati turned and unleashed an Air Slash towards Frans…

‘WAAH!’ Frans jumped out of the way in a weirdly comical way and just got out of the way as the Air Slash carved a small tunnel into the ground just where Frans had been lying. ‘P-Parvati, try to hold back…!’ Frans asked with desperation, shaking in his boots as Parvati looked at her wing considering how exactly to do that. The tests that followed resulted in everything between small puffs of wind that did nothing and additional tunnels formed behind where Frans had just ducked under, leaving his hat in mid-air above the Air Slash he just dodged under before the hat fell back down on his head.

Then, it was time to engage a wild Pokémon! … The first few were slammed off into the distance by Air Slashes. ‘C’mon, Parvati! You can do it! Hold back…!’

They engaged a Bronzor for the specific reason that the steel-type would take less damage from Air Slash. Frans stood determined, displaying the battle face and stance Claire had taught him, Parvati flying cautiously as they faced the Bronzor…

‘Parvati! Held Back Air Slash!’ Frans commanded, and Parvati called out in affirmation, before throwing her wing, and… succeeded! After numerous failures against other Pokémon, a weak Air Slash flew through the air and hit Bronzor, who staggered back in mid-air, damaged but not taken out.

‘Alright! Now, Pokéball! Bronzor, I CHOOSE YOU!’ Frans said, raising a hand and turning his extravagant hat backwards on his head (which did not have the same effect as a peaked cap) before doing the most exaggerated throw over him using his whole body to throw, and the Pokéball flew over at Bronzor and hit. The bronze Pokémon was absorbed by a red light into the Pokéball.

‘Yes! Alright, now…!’ Frans clutched both fists and looked on, seeing the Pokéball fall to the ground.

The ball rolled once, it rolled twice, it rolled thriiiiiice…


@Joshua Tamashii @Eklispe

Darkrai held still, listening to Joshua’s little speech, eyeing him with an analyzing gaze, the cloth-like darkness extending from its shoulders and pelvis flowing as if caught by an unseen wind. It indeed did not accept Joshua’s hand, however it appeared to accept the words he said on account of that it floated back and planted itself on the floor of the tomb, on the other side of the hole it had created when it emerged.

‘…’ The girl was standing silently at the side, camera in hand, determined expression on her face. She was entirely intending on taking pictures of this event.

The people present are free to exchange a number of more sentences… when suddenly Darkrai flew up into the air for a second. That’s when the roof detonated. Or, more accurately, the roof was caved in. A massive beam had impacted the roof above the tomb and cracked straight through, shooting a dangerous rain of rocks down-

And then Darkrai blasted out a Dark Pulse. Not in offensive purpose, merely to scatter the rocks so they didn’t hit anyone present. There was now a giant hole in the ceiling, and light from the crescent moon shone down into the tomb from the heavens, because it’s totally night now, you totally spent that long in the tomb. In the center of that light, right in the way of where the moon was now placed, the Pokémon shining and glittering as if divine.

She looked down into the crypt, gazing towards Darkrai and the other inhabitants, the moon behind her outlining her sparkling form.


@prettydrops @Gardevoiran

Allan looked at Valen as the young trainer gave up, and so gave a bit of a smile towards him.

‘Sure, we can come to an arrangement,’ Allan said, with a tone of victory.

‘Heh, saved by the bell, weren’t you?’ Mia taunted Vivia.

'Ngh-!' Vivia made a frustrated noise, glaring right back at Mia.

‘Now, then, we should get going right over to-’ Allan started… when suddenly a huge fireball fell from the sky and he had to throw himself right aside to get out of its way, rolling on the ground to get back up on his knees and look up at the source of where the fire had come from. Turns out someone new was standing on top of the shrine.

‘Good lord, if you’re gonna mug someone, don’t do it at my shrine!’ a young girl said, standing on top of the shrine in question, with long dark hair and an outfit benefiting a shrine-girl, though with some liberties taken. At her side sat a moth-like larva Pokémon with several fiery hot horns sticking out of it, a large humanoid ladybug floated behind her and hiding behind her left leg was a tiny white fairy with a green cap and a small red horn sticking out of it.

‘Wait, that’s-’ Mia said, suddenly alarmed.

‘-Darn, pull back!’ Allan told, and suddenly the two of them returned their Pokémon and made a run for it southwards, into the woods, leaving the present trainers unharmed.

‘Such rowdiness,’ the girl commented, before jumping down, her Ledian gripping around her shoulders to ease her descent. Larvesta skipped down next to her, emitting a bit of fire to slow the fall. The Ralts remained on the roof, peaking timidly down past the edge. If the individuals present hadn’t all taken off by then for some reason, the girl gave them a smile.

‘Hi! I’m Lorette, Shrine Maiden of the Silent Shrine and Gym Leader of Highhill Town. How do you do~?’ she asked, sounding a bit playful, but at the very least friendly so.

So, the reaction of the individuals present?



Eryn accepted the scarf and then moved on to the battle.

‘Alright, let’s go!’

Youngster Kale would like to battle!

… Though, Kale was pretty underleveled compared to Eryn, and as such she can deal with his Pokémon as she sees fit. He does have four of them, but they’re all about level 5. That said, how will Eryn battle? Without speaking?

Regardless, she’d win eventually, and gain 240P for winning.

‘Aw, I lost again! And… woah, you got new Pokémon already! Awesome!’ Kale called, looking rather amazed.

‘So, um, will you play with us, today, too?’ the bug catcher asked, sounding totally hopeful.

… So, regardless if she spent her time with them or just headed on, she’d eventually find herself in Outer Infested Forest with the ability to move on. But, seems like her doppleganger had played with a couple kids yesterday, after their battle. Apparently.

What will Eryn do, now?

Connected areas:
Route 2. Close, can easily get there without complication.
Wet Caverns. Requires a bit of a walk alongside the outer regions of the woods.

In the midst of her kick Naja noted that her opponent was striking her from overhead and so she attempted to twist her upper body while still committing with her lower body. The blow still hurt, the blow to the upper right chest glancing but aching. Naja used the force of impact from her leg on him to spin back onto her feet, facing him. That was a good hit, but not a finishing one. The cyborg charged the chi within her limbs, preparing for her own super-move, desiring to end this quickly… but Pacho had decided to do so first.

Naja paused and stared a bit in surprise when Pacho talked, polite enough to wait… except then he jumped into the air and his thunderbird took shape. Naja moved through instinct, her knees bent and directing her hands downwards.

‘-Bolstered Spear-!’ she shouted in a hurry, blasting out the energy in her metal hands while leaping with her legs, attempting to launch herself into the air before Pacho hit her. Up, slightly backwards. Up because it was easy to imagine the impact still hurting her if she dodged aside, that he'd continue her pursuit of her if she went backwards. Besides, in the air, she could…

In the scenario where she isn't in fact caught by  Pacho's Thunderbird, Naja was now in the midst of a slow backflip, her hair streaming behind her. Her mind was blank, heart pounding from the danger she had just had aimed for her. … His style changed depending on the cardinal direction he was facing. Then, what would he do if she came from above?

Naja ejected the power in her legs and sent herself spinning down at Pacho, initially curled up to increase the speed of the spin before she extended a single leg to deliver the single most powerful kick in her arsenal.

‘--- Thunder Axe---!’ With risk of being a Pacho copycat, Naja delivered a chi-filled downwards strike with an enhanced mechanical leg slamming down with enough power to probably crack the asphalt below. It wasn't as strong as Pacho's super, of course, but it was one which Naja had found herself in the perfect position to use…!

She was momentarily unaware of Thæng bx lbīch, although it may have struck before she came down if it arrived when Pacho hit the ground.

Unless she was caught by the Thunderbird, of course. Or if someone “saves” her, then the post is cut there.


The Blitzles turned and looked at him for a bit, surprised to hear him talk to them. They looked among themselves, shiny Blitzle as well.

‘Blitzle?’ asked the shiny Blitzle.

‘Blitzle, Blitzle!’ replied another.

They threw another look at him before the whole herd turned and ran away from him. Not Quick-Attack fast, just regular running. Nope, they wouldn't agree with that.
@Joshua Tamashii

‘Oh, yes, as determined by Arceus’ design… We’ll solve that particular problem when we get to it,’ Roderick commented in the midst of Joshua’s statement. Then, he didn’t look particularly impressed by Joshua’s statement about crushing them like bugs, shaking his head disapprovingly. Then, at the next question… ‘Angelique is already being pursued by-’ Roderick started, but he was interrupted by Greninja’s sudden Smokescreen, the man taking a step back as his Pokémon prepared for immediate combat. However, instead of a battle happening, Joshua took the moment to run back into the tomb. Roderick’s Luxray dashed through the smoke to pursue, but then had to jump back due to the army of ghosts standing in defense of the tomb that had gathered at the entrance, an army that simply let Joshua run past now.

‘Hmpf, this will take too long. And with that young man among our opponents, it could be trouble,’ Roderick concluded.

‘Trouble!’ Chatot repeated.

‘Oscar!’ Roderick shouted out to his left, because Oscar hadn’t gotten far enough to get out of vocal range. Oscar stopped short, turning to look back at his boss.

‘Release her!’

‘But, your excellency, if I unleash our vessel of triumph, I fear we may be unable to give her commands, let alone return her to our custody!’ Oscar shouted back, warning of the consequences.

‘That is fine!’ Roderick smirked. ‘Today, our goals align!



‘Oho, what a gentleman,’ the man said, smiling towards Dawkin.
‘I see. Pity about the Pichu, I’d say you'd do great as a Pokémon catcher, but alas. That aside. Something dawns on me. Protecting that girl, who seems to have entrusted herself to the darkness… I asked about your greatest champion, but in reality, you're the champion, aren't you?’ he said, and then looked over and smirked over at his Pokémon. ‘How about it, partner? You're not limited by pesky things like only being able to target Pokémon, right?’ … The two started laughing, sounding like an already twisted man laughing with his shoulder-devil, no angel to be seen.

Then the shoulder-devil reappeared right in front of Dawkin. It wasn't clear if it teleported or just moved exceptionally fast. Two balls of power was shot from the creature, one orange and one blue, directly at Dawkin. There was no space to dodge. The energy surged right into him, and…

Something shone from within him. Some form of power had just planted itself within his chest, and suddenly all form of exhaustion left him all at once. Carrying Amelia suddenly became effortless. In fact, any sort of movement was really easy, and the walls themselves seemed like suggestions rather than rules…

‘That was Power Split and Guard Split. My partner has shared half his power with you,’ the man said, smiling, while the Pokémon cackled something terribly as it floated back to the trainer.

‘I can't stay, even I don't want to contend with the pet Roderick's bringing, but maybe you, with all your convictions, will. It costs me nothing, after all. Have fun being a temporary superhero,’ he said, before turning around.

‘Darkrai's coming free. I leave it to you what you want to do. Partner?’ With that, his Pokémon gripped a hold of his trainer and the floor beneath them turned into darkness. The both of them sank into the darkness effect, vanishing from the room. … Then a dark explosion hit into the feathers surrounding the barrier around Darkrai, the numerous feathers leaving the barrier. The cackle of the Pokémon somehow echoed throughout the room as the effect vanished…

Extended database examined. Match found.

The Pokédex suddenly spoke up, and the picture shifted, showing the creature Dawkin had just seen.

… And that's when the next Dark Pulse broke through. The dark energy surged through cracks in the barrier, and the figure within looked up curiously. Then, with a final wave of his hand, Darkrai clawed his way through the wind and got loose. Darkrai rose up, slowly rising to float unopposed, the aura of a legendary Pokémon filling the area. Darkrai was free. … Or was he?

The whole tomb suddenly shook from something impacting from the outside. Something similarly powerful had just been released on the outside, and it was attacking.


@Joshua Tamashii

Once again, a silence after Amelia spoke her words. A significant amount of time, in fact. Amelia could say more if she liked, but it would not change what Darkrai’s eventual response would be. Eventually, she heard the voice again. ‘I will keep this in mind. You, however, seem to no longer be of use to me asleep,’ the voice stated. It was silent some more. ‘It would appear things are heading towards their conclusion. You should get to safety,’ the voice told her, and with a start, Amelia woke up.

Her current location depends on what Dawkin did during the last post. There’s still a couple Yamask’s floating about.


@Joshua Tamashii

Joshua made his way back into the tomb. He passed numerous ghosts, some more powerful than the rest, spurred into motion by Aegislash, Cofagrigus and Gengar. However, when he had got far enough into the tomb with his Pokémon again, the impact of a huge amount of power struck the entrance behind him, informing that the battle may be over faster than initially expected. There was little time to waste.

Joshua ran and ended up in the room where Aegislash had been commanding everyone from. There, an adult man stood, the one from earlier that had been captured with his daughter and that Joshua had gone off to save. That may have been off-screen, but it’s a fair assessment to say Joshua had probably succeeded with this endeavour. He looked back at Joshua as he arrived in the room. The sleeping humans that had been taken captive were still in here.

‘I’ll look after these, but my daughter and the other two aren’t here, it would appear. I believe they might have gone to the source. That should be-’ and then he could give a description of where to go to get there, since the ghosts were occupied with that there’d be a battle brewing.

So, then Joshua could run by and… eventually arrive to the room where Darkrai floated in the air, majestically considering his options and probably, in some manner of being, waiting for him. That is, if Dawkin didn’t do something first, on account of that Dawkin and Amelia probably has time to react first.



Erza headed back to Route 11, where it was raining a bit once again. Perhaps investing in an umbrella wouldn’t have been the most terrible of ideas? Regardless, Princess took to the skies and scouted for the Shiny Blitzle. Now, finding Blitzles wasn’t very hard here, just follow where the lightning bolts struck, but she had to pass a couple smaller herds before she could find them.

But find them she did. There’s the Shiny Blitzle and its herd.

It’s the shiny Blitzle and a herd, hanging out in a field, letting lightning strike them as they pleased and just resting about otherwise. Erza knew what happened last time, but this time he had a stronger team. What would Erza do, this time?

Erza got his Pokémon healed back up.

So, Erza went to buy Fire Stones, possibly, but nope. He won't find those in a regular mart. The shopkeeper was happy to tell him the great stores in Worldedge City probably has them, though.

Statement; cities are not optimal for the findings of Pokémon. They’re mostly Pidove and Zigzagoons in Redcoast City, same as Route 11 but not as common on account of all the people. He could look into the waters by the side of the city, though his findings there would be limited as well. Here’s two, though.

Pokédex Entry #129 – Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon. While known for being extremely weak and washed away by even the weakest current, Magikarp can survive even in the most polluted of water. They’re incredibly fertile and have spread to waters all around the world. They jump fairly high, and older Magikarps are known to brave mountains with these jumps, seeking evolution.

Pokédex Entry #98 – Krabby, the River Krab Pokémon. It lives on beaches burrowed inside holes it dug into the sand, both by fresh and salt-water. The pincers serve both for balance and as weapons. If one breaks, it grows back quickly. When there’s little food to go around, Krabbys can be seen squabbling for territory on the beaches.

With Pidove and Zigzagoon, that’s two common Pokémon from each of the neighboring routes. Now do something else.

Connected areas:
Route 15. Water Route to the west, with the Sacred Grounds island a bit further out.
Route 11. Land Route to the east, where it commonly rains but it’s the passway everywhere else from here.



Specifically, Eryn's double blinked at her approach before she arrived and jumped back before Eryn had a chance to hug her. At Eryn's statement, the double gave a little shrug and a smile, for Eryn to interpret as she liked. Then Eryn(?) looked surprised when she was saluted, raising her own hand in slight surprise as Eryn turned and left. Chandelure watched the double suspiciously before Eryn walked past and he continued guiding Eryn to the entrance.

She took her farewells with Chandelure, still thanking him profusely (I imagine), before heading back to town to heal. The next day she engaged Outer Infested Forest, and found her Pokémon had basically already out-levelled the Pokémon here, only the weakest and child-friendly of bugs inhabiting the outer reaches. Still, Tula got a few Struggles in.

Tula grew to level 7!

So she went into True Infested Woods, and the going got tougher. Not only did the Pokémon get stronger, they also got more numerous and aggressive. More than once she had to run from Ariados, Whirlipedes, or just hordes of smaller Pokémon. However, it got easier over time to recognize the trees Pinneco fell from like bombs, to perceive the webs of Spinarak and recognize the sounds of larger Pokémon before she walked into them. Training against the likes of Spinarak, Karrablast and Metapod, Eryn's Pokémon grew stronger over time, tougher as they battled the smaller and growing beings of the woods.

Dei grew to level 12! Dei learned Smokescreen!
Kylie grew to level 12!
Tula grew to level 8!

… Then, Eryn ran into a conundrum. See, the weaker and unevolved Pokémon of Infested Woods seem to top at level 9. However, every evolved Pokémon seem to be level 25+. There's a large gap between the fodder and the threats in the woods, and while there are Pokémon that are in the process of traversing the gap they're few and hard to find, not optimal for reliable training. Seems Eryn is stuck at her current level here for now.

Eryn walked back into Outer Infested Woods, currently the day after her trip deeper into the woods, and-

‘Mute lady!’ … she heard that called, and then saw a group of five youngsters and bug catchers running her way.

‘I’m so happy we found you! Can I fight you again!? Please!? Your ghosts were so cool, but I'll win this time!’ a bright-eyed youngster called.

‘Could you do those tricks again? They were amazing! Luke and Peter wanted to see them too, after I told them!’ a bug catcher told, gesturing to two excited friends.

‘I, um, made this for you,’ a younger youngster said, handing something over.

Eryn was offered Silk Scarf!

‘It was really cool of you, to choose to play with us…’ the same kid said, looking timid.

Well. No need to be a genius to figure what happened here. What would Eryn do?



‘Oh… In the midst of your normal Pokémon journey, brimming with excitement… How nice…’ Frans said, looking a bit dreamingly at Claire for reasons that had nothing to do with any charm of hers. Then she got close and put an arm over him, rendering him mildly confused, but then she made her offer.

‘Oh, y-you would!? Oh, thank you! Then… what do we do?’ Frans asked, looking startled but excited.

Sooooooooo… standard coaching would likely take forever in terms of posting, so feel free to post a plan of action when it comes to this guy, and I'll poke about where things went weird.

Eventually Parvati would come back with Ralia on her back, the Togekiss smiling so happily after having taken Ralia on one serious roller-coaster ride.
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