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@Apollosarcher? Is there something hanging on your head or so? I'd like an update.
@Joshua Tamashii@Eklispe Yupp. Nicely posted, you two. I'd say Joshua can just keep on talking if he had something to say, the girl's just going to glare at him a bit before running off.

@Rune_Alchemist And yeah, nicely posted. Should I take this as "continue Poison Stinging until the situation changes"? Anyways. Pirouette now.
Sheila Hopkins

Villain’s Meeting

… So, the man she had previously fought made a claim for the vials. He really was a man of action. Dangerous and bold, seeing him gain any form of power would be horrifying. Thankfully, he didn’t have that kind of power yet, but Sheila could imagine him getting it. That was a scary thought. He did clarify that he had gained a new group, Reflections. Seems he had aimed and succeeded elsewhere after failing his takeover of the Rockers. Nice to know he wasn’t the kind to try the same thing twice. Still, his partner or whatever speaking with him implied neither was the subordinate of the other, it was somewhat difficult to figure out the dynamics there.

As Sheila used her power to keep tabs on every person in the room, she definitely noted the unknown man who had made the helpful suggestion (CB) move. What, was he uncomfortable where he was? And he was… humming? … Sheila chalked it up to a weird habit of his. Still, her innate suspicious nature ensured that she kept a part of her eyes looking at him, because she couldn’t shake the feeling he was potentially setting up for an attack. But, as long as he was just over there humming… That was fine, she supposed.

The Broker supplied the name of one of those present, Whipstitch. Who… wasn’t really hiding, huh. Of course, Sheila had watched her along with everyone else through her power, but it was nice to have a name to attach to the figure. She did seem odd. … But what the Broker said next was a hundred times more worrying. They had one of Epsilon’s power-nullification fields? Didn’t that breach the rules of neutrality? Was that just how things went? They could so easily have a squad of grunts waiting just outside with guns, prepared to move in and take them all out when they were without powers. … That… must have been what Visage felt, coming in. Who’s to say they couldn’t at any moment dial the power of the field up?

Still, Sheila kept quiet, as scared as she was. The price came up. Ten thousand dollars per vial, maximum of one per group. And then… Benito was picked to demonstrate. This was huge. If they could show that what they were speaking of to be real, then… then it changed everything. He drank it, and… A vision. A vision that Sheila’d soon forget, but she remembered a sliver of something similar happening when Viola triggered. She’d been dazed from something, unable to process enough to even recognize that Viola had ran and that she had to stop them.

While Whipstitch up and left, a thought wandered Sheila’s mind. He’s… showing an awful lot, isn’t he? He must be aware of that little detail. There’s no way he isn’t. Sheila took advantage of the pause to speak up, something she dared do only because the thing on her mind, a powerful worry she wanted to share.

‘You realize…’ she paused, only to ensure her voice was in fact the voice from the voice-changer, and that it was working fine. Indeed it did, it was the creepy and hoarse but decidedly female voice she wanted it to be, might even disguise her internal insecurity from her voice, good. Creep was still sitting, her head only slightly turned towards where the Broker and Benito were, having needed to lift her head from the table after the vision.

‘… Anyone here could be a spy made by the Patriarch, and I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t at least one. The Patriarch hence knows this meeting is taking place. Even if he doesn’t intend to do anything but spy, he’s still going to want those vials, and he’s going to want to lay claim to you, Broker, to hear how you got them,’ Creep rasped at him, while her heart was beating in overdrive because of actually pulling attention to herself. She suppressed a deep inhale of breath from the effort of speaking, before saying a bit more.

‘… The Rockers will be interested in laying claim to one vial, albeit the means to pay wasn’t brought and as such would have to be delivered at a later time,’ she finished, and then sat back in her seat, tense. She felt that if she didn’t make a claim for one of the vials, then she wasn’t a true villain. She was pretty sure that’s what Shatterpoint and Ceramix would have wanted, now she just has to hope they had the means to pay. That said, speaking up for one had been an effort, because… villains. Villains everywhere. Sheila felt so small, hidden behind her blindfold and mask. And now there was the possibility of her power stopping to work at any point, which would be when she was completely helpless. Her heart was beating way too hard, her chest felt tight, her muscles rigid. Oooogh…

Creep still sat there, with minimal movement, using her power to watch everyone around her through the blindfold. The thought that she might have made a mistake and had shown everyone just how oblivious she was did cross her mind.
@Eisenhorn Yupp. Nicely posted. Okay, I'm going to need to figure out what'll happen from this. Hah.

@Pirouette And nicely posted. All that was needed for now. Just @Apollosarcher left.
and Eli





‘That tea you were drinking. Were was it stored?’ Mariette asked.

‘In the interdimensional apartment, mistress,’ Eli answered. The one that was blown up by Justine, that is. Mariette was disappointed.





‘Mistress, I’m a bit hungry,’ Eli said, looking over to Mariette. This was a bit more worrying than if a normal human was hungry, as Deni and Eli gained a desire to devour life when they grew hungry, which eventually grew overpowering. … Just Eli, now. Mariette simply reached into her hammerspace handbag, which thankfully still opened, and threw a sizable portion of raw meat to Eli. Nothing even near the grade which Joe cooked for them, but Eli’s eyes nonetheless lit up and she grabbed it, and instead of putting it in her mouth she just plunged it into her chest and let her fluids surround and break it down within her, Eli breathing out in relief as she let her hunger subside, temporarily. Of course, meat wasn’t nearly as satisfying as actually devouring life, but it held it at bay, and Mariette was good at managing it.

‘Thank you, mistress,’ Eli said. Mariette did not reply, merely staring at the confrontation between Curie, Doris, Alicia, Penny, Scout, Anaya and now Shannon joining them…





Mariette shifted her weight to slowly roll up on her legs, standing up and breathing in from the physical effort due to her considerable lack of physical capability.

‘Bored already, mistress?’ Eli asked, slight amusement in her voice. Mariette did not deign the remark worthy of a reply.

‘We’re heading through the secret passage. The other group should have cleared the way already. We should arrive in time for the grand finale,’ Mariette instead said, walking towards the entrance Helga unveiled. Eli stood up too, with far less effort and pulling the mirror with her as well.

‘How about them? Alicia seems to be in trouble,’ Eli stated, gesturing towards the battle. Mariette turned to look… and then Eli got to flinch as the Engine of Destruction rose to battle and Alicia radiated herself out of the ice if successful. Mariette smirked, shrugging a bit as the action happened.

‘They seem to be doing fine. Let them fight,’ Mariette simply stated, turning to walk towards that entrance. Whichever one won would be apparent soon enough.

Reaching the stairs down to the secret passage, which probably had become soaked by now, Mariette stopped and reached for Eli.

‘Give me the mirror. You do your job, and scout,’ Mariette commanded, and Eli nodded with slight amusement as she handed the relatively heavy mirror to her physically lacking mistress.

‘Yes, mistress,’ Eli stated, before dashing down ahead with little trouble, scouting for trouble for her mistress to avoid, Third Eye ever so vigilant.

Mariette, meanwhile, sighed as she held the sides of the mirror with both hands, carefully tilting so she could walk down the stairs, lacking any sort of magic to assist her in this task for now.
@Pirouette I appreciate it! Speed's probably preferred right about now, heh! Nicely posted! And since Rune's been waiting a while, here's a post!

@Rune_Alchemist@Pirouette If you think it unlikely you'll change strategies, you could outline your tactics for slight time ahead, or we might be here a while. Neither of you did much damage to the other! XD
Obviously, I'll ask if there's any possibility what occurs could change your minds. Anyways, yeah. First exchange, done, haha.

Del hardened and Eep ingrained, and woo, this is some good ground. Afterwards, Del soared forth towards the ingrained Eep, striking towards him with Poison Sting. The stinger bit in, poisoning the grassy parts of Eep but was otherwise stopped by the rock, Del’s high attack meeting Eep’s high defense for decent damage, Eep avoiding getting poisoned and started working to heal the damage from using Ingrain. In return, Eep shot Acid at Del, and managed to hit Del as he flew off… but it didn’t bother the bug very much. The poison splash was ineffective on the bug/poison-type, and Del’s surprisingly high Special Defense and slightly higher level meant the attack was more or less shaken off… but regardless, the acid burned at Del’s resistance, lowering his Special Defense!

That exchange did little damage to both of the Pokémon, with Acid being very inefficient against Del and Eep starting to drain the damage he had taken from Poison Sting. However, Eep had taken the greater damage from the exchange, and wouldn’t be immune to Poison in case of repeated stings, but Del had just had his Special Defense damaged.

Having used Ingrain, Erika could no longer switch Pokémon.

What would the two do, now?
@Joshua Tamashii Yeah, nicely posted. That'll do. You wrote that Joshua wanted something to say to Dawkin or so, so I assume you'll have to stop him leaving first, then, depending on what it was. Anyways.

@Eklispe That'll do, too. I did intend that perhaps you'd get more to do, but ah, well. Now it went like this. Anyway, the two of you can continue as you wish, I just posted this a bit fast to get you on your way.

@Pirouette So, someplace you mentioned being travelling? Still, Rune's waiting for you now, so it'd be nice to know when you might be able to post, to get a time-frame of when to expect.

@Pikmin Eye@Dusksong How about you two?
@Joshua Tamashii@Eklispe

Angelique did not reply to Joshua’s statement. Spiritomb just grinned to confirm that it was, indeed, a troublemaker. Cofagrigus gave him a glare before turning and hurrying after Angelique, the Trick Room falling just as it reached her. Then Spiritomb dispersed and Angelique continued leaving, this time not being stopped.

Joshua got a stare from a few of the trainers as well, but then their attention was turned to where Angelique went.

‘She appears to be leaving town. Let’s keep a watch on her until her exit has been confirmed,’ the girl with the Seviper stated, and the adults started making their way through the streets… while keeping an ample distance from Angelique. The girl was about to follow, though turned to Joshua for just a moment. ‘Did she do something? Did you do something?’ she inquired, her eyes focused, body ready to continue follow Angelique. If his answer was didn’t keep her here, she’d likely be leaving.

Then, yeah, Dawkin was seemingly intending on leaving. In case he was let to leave, here’s the town options again.

Connected areas:
Route 6. The Vast Plains open up to the north of Raremine. The shorter paths lead to Route 8 and 16, while west far enough leads to Lakewatch Town.
Route 7. The single rocky desert of Isson, it connects to the Desert Mines, the Old Tombs and to the Mythic Oasis.

@Rune_Alchemist Teh-heh. By allowing Kergin to attack as well, I've given Wyvern Riders a considerable advantage in fights. Eh, they still have their weakness to arrows and then the fact they're a significantly larger target, heh. Nicely posted.

@Eklispe Yeah. Quite reasonable in this situation, yeah. I do intend we get into larger battles with a bit more strategy than just following the line soon enough. Nicely posted.

@Eisenhorn Good to hear.

@Pirouette@Apollosarcher How's it going for you two? First one to post gets the first post on the second page~!

Now, Pirouette did state she was travelling, perhaps I should keep that in mind. Hm. And Marwood spoke to Reina, and needs her reply first. Huh. Weeeeeeeeeeeell... Okay.
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