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She did not get lucky.

Zeal stayed asleep as Sunfloorall blasted its whole Solar Beam at him, scoring a direct hit. Zeal had already been somewhat damaged by Lilligiant’s Mega Drains, and then he had been touched by slight Solar Beam residue earlier, and this was powerful enough in a direct hit to be way too powerful. Zeal took the whole hit, the Focus Band didn’t help either, and he fainted on the spot. While asleep.

‘Are you having trouble yet?’ Archie asked, smiling so widely and tilting his head a bit while looking at her. Sunfloorall also smiled so widely at her… though the yellow flower was looking somewhat pale. Some of the petals were looking just a bit wilted. Doing those powerful blast was draining it, due to its ability.

So, Claire’s next action?

Oaken did not reply to her first statement, merely raised a single eyebrow and gave her a sideways glance. However, he stopped when Eryn mentioned the parts about a truly great trainer turning the unremarkable. That, he took seriously. He turned to look at her, eyes unflinching.

'You are right. A great trainer can turn any Pokémon into a champion…' Though, then he glanced over to the Mawile. '… But I see no reason to give myself a handicap. A journey raising Pokémon like that will be needlessly tough, and in the end the battles at the Pokémon League will demand the most powerful and efficient Pokémon in order to reliably perform. I will pick the Pokémon that give me the best chance of victory. It’s as simple as that.'

He then simply looked as she approached the Mawile, after declaring she’d use precisely that one to defeat him. '… Good luck with that, then.' He didn’t sound like he understood the point of that. He turned and took a number of steps away.

Meanwhile, Mawile noticed Eryn’s approach, looking up at her with a bit of hesitation. It looked at with a bit of a frown, and wasn’t really convinced by her words. She’d have to work a little bit more than just that.

'… Mawiles bite,' Oaken gave a final little supposed word of advice, before turning to walk. There were still the Pokémon cats, quadrupeds and crustaceans taking part in the honey that had been spread about on leaves and sticks that Oaken had used to lure them all here.

What would Eryn do now?


@Joshua Tamashii

For a brief moment, when the blizzards hit, one of the Goletts imagined an alternate scenario. There, an awesome monster of ice and darkness stood before them, like a dark god who had taken notice of them. “You dare wander outside your tomb?” it would ask. “This is our world! Go back whence you came!” And so, the other Goletts all cowered… but this one stood form. “No!”, it replied. “This world is ours, as much as it is yours! Fellow Goletts! We must stand firm in the face of this injustice, and collect plenty of humans for our master! For our beloved emperor!” And so, the Goletts cried out in passion and huddled together, holding their heat in place before the blizzard. “You dare defy me?” the dark god asked. “Then, you shall face the consequences!”

The terrific blizzard intensified, hitting the group of Goletts with a freezing gale that would surely be their end… but they stood firm. As one, the group of Goletts gathered their individual strengths, and advanced at the dark god before them. “How can this be!?” the god shouted. “You are but mere Goletts! You have no right to survive my storm!” Yet, they surely stood, their little gemstone eyes glinting with determination. “We fight for our own freedom, and for our beloved emperor! You shall not stop us!” And with that, they broke ranks, as a group they charged and struck the menacing god. Their opponent roared out in pain, striking back with massively powerful blows, but the determination of the little Goletts won out, and finally the massive beast collapsed before their assault.

“The god is slain! The world has been conquered for our emperor! We are free!” And so, the Goletts rejoiced and celebrated, free to kidnap as many humans as they liked, and their beloved emperor gave a particularly handsome reward to that one Golett who had led the charge, who was more than proud and happy to accept it. Soon enough, he was a mighty Golurk, standing at its master’s side forever proud and revered as the world was conquered…

Now, of course, that didn’t happen. What happened was that the desert momentarily turned into a snowstorm and the Goletts were left as frozen ice-sculptures. When later the desert turned back into desert and the ice thawed they’d collapse where they were because ice had damaged them enough to faint them multiple times over.

Now, then. Later.

@Joshua Tamashii@Eklispe

Amelia unleashed her team of Pokémon, and the room suddenly grew plenty crowded with ghosts. Then Dawkin added to the fray, and it became quite the ambush.

The Golett wielding a Bronzor and Honedge had been about to put the other girl to sleep, but instead spun to face the noise and promptly ended up in a spinning little inferno of Fire Spin blown Litwick. It staggered back, and the two steel-types it was carrying also felt the damage and promptly abandoned the one carrying them, the remaining Golett then taking Wooper’s Water Gun for more damage and fire spinning about it… Though, it wasn’t quite out yet.

The one carrying Amelia was momentarily confused by the sudden noise, but was then hit by Knock Off, causing the ghost to stagger and Amelia to be Knock-Offed, because she was totally an item and as such promptly fell to the floor, which fortunately wasn’t that far due to Golett’s short height. That particular Golett proceeded to be Astonished three times and Metal Clawed once, which was completely enough, and the Golett fell fainted onto its side.

Counter attack time. Litwick found himself targeted by all three of the armed Golett trio. Honedge flew forth and attempted a Fury Cutter! … Which was hilariously ineffective given Bug-type against Ghost/Fire. The same could not be said for when Bronzor shot a Confusion or when the Fire Spun Golett charged forth for an Astonish of his own, dealing a not-inconsequential amount of damage on Litwick. Still, he had plenty of fight in him to go.

The remaining Golett carrying the girl, looked back at the small army of opponents that it had no chance against. The girl herself also blinked back at the sudden commotion. … Then the Golett lifted the girl above its head and made a mad dash for the exit straight ahead of them, leading deeper into the tomb, the direction all the other captives had been led. The Bronzor flew to hover in the way of pursuit, however temporarily.

Their actions now?



Alice decided she had other things to do elsewhere in Pureplain City, and as such will not be continuing. Now, then.

Vivia was currently in the motion of stopping Rotom from committing arson as the little ghost found it funny to discharge electricity into the grass to cause a bit of fire, but Vivia was swift to stomp out the the result and then gripping Rotom by the head to glare at him, Venonat standing at the ready to Foresight the ghost to allow for Vivia’s grab. Still, otherwise she had Scraggy train against a few birds and mice, then hearing Skylar’s suggestion.

'Oh, yeah, sure. There should be some interesting things in that forest. I never went in there,' she said, sounding decently interested. 'Will you be fine? The ground will get a lot less even, and I imagine roots or little cliffs or such things in the wildlife…' Vivia asked, looking a little worried Skylar before they went on.

So, with the assumption that they did head into Silent Forest, travelling north up past the plains of Route 1. Finally, they stepped past the trees, and entered what may have felt like a new world entirely.

What would Skylar do from here?

Connected areas:
Route 1. To the south.
Route 3. If you head north-east for a while.
Silent Shrine. Go north, you should be able to find the road there.


'Rrloin?' Purrloin asked, the feline turning its head to Eryn as she spoke to it, complimented it. Still, she didn’t spent a long time near it, so the cat simply curled up with a little 'Purr…' as Eryn left.

Eryn then went through the park that was there, looking for things out of the ordinary… and she found something most assuredly out of the ordinary. On a foldable chair among a couple of trees sat Oaken, one leg folded over the other and playing with a jar he was holding. This in itself wouldn’t be so peculiar, if he wasn’t completely surrounded by numerous meowing Purrloins, a couple of blue and black additional little quadrupeds…

Pokédex Entry #403 – Shinx, the Flash Pokémon. When its muscles extend or contract, it generates electricity. When it senses danger, a Shinx will let the electricity run through it, causing it to glow. If threatened, it uses its muscles to flash a bright light to blind the predator while it flees.

… and a bunch of crustaceans with rocks as their shells.

Pokédex Entry #557 – Dwebble, the Rock Inn Pokémon. It finds a rock of suitable size. It melts a hole in said rock using a liquid secreted from its mouth, then crawls in and lives in it. A rock-less Dwebble is known to be aggressive until a replacement is found, so be careful should the rock break.

When Eryn came close, he started talking without even looking at her.

'Honey. A sweet substance that Pokémon find irresistable, they’re drawn to this scent,' Oaken stated, utterly in control of the situation. 'Seeking after the Pokémon myself is inefficient. Especially here. I imagine a fairy shipped here from its natural habitat is either very used to humans or utterly terrified. The former ones should already all be captured. Hence, I seek the latter kind. The shy ones will avoid anyone who’s actively searching for them. But someone who sits still, who holds something that smells so very good and alluring, who’s seemingly distributing this sweetness amongst nearby Pokémon out of kindness…' Oaken stated, as if read from a strategy guide. Then… he pointed to a tree. '… And there she is.'

Indeed, right there, a being different from the surrounding Pokémon was daring to peek out, partly hiding behind a tree. It was a soft little face, yet from the back of her head extended a large, flower-like entity with strong jaws…

Pokédex Entry #303 – Mawile, the Deceiver Pokémon. Attached to its head is a huge set of jaws formed by horns powerful enough to chew through steel. It’s a dangerous Pokémon which fools those who look at it with a docile and fail appearance, before spinning around and chomping those who’d dare approach it.

Not paying the peeking Pokémon any mind, Oaken closed his jar of honey and folded his foldable chair before putting them both into his bag. Then he turned, intending to leave.

'Weak. A Mawile’s average strength is unremarkable, and she has no evolutions beyond the regular. Extremely few gain the ability to see her upgraded form, and even if I one day obtain that ability I’ll be able to simply find a Mawile of my own in its natural habitat at that point. I wager that particular Mawile is worth more as the temporary companion and pride of whatever student finds her than what worth she’d be to me. I have proven I could obtain her, with a trainer of Kalmia’s as witness. That will suffice. I am done here.' So Oaken said, turning to walk by Eryn on his way out of the school.

The Pokémon that had been around Oaken had all been given a bit of honey on sticks and leaves, and they were following hoping for more.

The shy-seeming Mawile over there had gained no such, and was looking a bit distraught.

What would Eryn do?

The monster girl watched Su intently as she summoned the bubble and started to put out the fires…

‘Oooooooh. That’s cool! Nice! Thanks!’ The monster-girl grinned widely and happily to Su as she finished. The girl looked after her curiously… and then most assuredly started following her. There was something sharp in her eyes, with each step she followed Su with. If Su sped up, then so would she.

‘You’re cool. What’s your name? Are you strong? Do you fight for yourself or for others? Are you off to do good deeds in the name good name of good, now? Will it be fun where you’re going? I think I’ll follow you. Are there still skeletons outside? Teh-heh, it’s gonna be such a banquet. I hope Victoria saved some for me, or I’ll be really cross with her.’ She smiled so widely as she said…

‘Oh, Jelena’s fighting someone ahead,’ she added. Then Su likely heard a sound from the following scene.


‘Keh.’ Jelena tilted her head downwards, a dark shadow from her coat’s hood covering her face above her wide grin. ‘“Copycat”, hah, hahahaha.’ There was something slightly hurt in the voice… when suddenly her right arm completely detached, the metal construct falling out of her coat’s arm and rolling over on the floor. The girl threw her head back as she grinned menacingly, her eyes threatening over the grin. ‘How careless of me! What was I thinking!? Of course I can’t go around with the arms I created for myself with my power, because it might resemble any other Magical Girl! I should go around with just my stumps, lest I might risk offending someone! Right, right!? Or are you gonna tell me you don’t have any limbs, either!?’ The girl turned her body and wiggled her right side towards Helga, the length of the coat’s arm fluttering uselessly. There was no arm in it.

Under the assumption Helga couldn’t COMPLETELY stun and leave her opposition speechless by showing off that Helga’s arms were also fabricated…

‘RIGHT!’ With that word, the metal girl suddenly kicked the arm on the floor, and it was sent flying at high speed at Helga. In the midst of the kick, large parts of the arm shattered as small shards of sharp debris, which flew forward like shrapnel of her kick, while the main arm and its claws headed straight for Helga. With the assumption that Helga would jump to target her, the enemy in the coat then jumped back and pulled all the metal back, intending on striking Helga in the back if she came heading for the metal girl. If Helga had dodged the arm itself and it flew out the window, it’d come flying back when the girl applied her metallic grip and her other arm moved to defend her from whatever her opponent was doing, potentially, and her legs were ready to stretch to shoot her to safety if she was otherwise targeted by magic.

The metal girl had apparently been a bit ticked off.


Eryn found the library to be a calm place with students studying and quite the selection of things to study. She was welcome to tell what she was looking for and then be given exactly the resources she needed. So, then…

Then Eryn headed off to the park and investigated. There were a bunch of students already in here, among the grass and trees, seeking what could potentially be a rare Pokémon. Eryn overheard some students searching frantically nearby…

‘C’mon! Keep looking! I heard they released a rare Fairy-type! We have to find it!’
‘Huh? Fairy? I heard it was a Steel-type?’
‘Doesn’t matter! Finders keepers, and I’m gonna find it!’

… And they were running straight past a rock, on which a purple little cat was sitting and resting, watching those around it unenthusiastically, before starting to lick its own paw…

Pokédex Entry #509 – Purrloin, the Devious Pokémon. It puts up a cute act to fool humans around it. It loves stealing things for fun and will act cute in order to make people forgive it. If endangered, it will counter-attack with sharp claws.

That was the current situation. What’d Eryn do?



Statement: Pidgeys gonna be Pidgeys. They peck up food where they find it, pecking food or otherwise flying off wherever they feel like. The ones which Skylar saw around here all obeyed rather typical bird-logic and didn’t entirely seem like they were displaying any specific intention of being particularly special. That said, he could test their natures in various ways if he were so inclined. These Pidgeys were rather used to humans, so there were probably some curious enough to approach if Skylar looked like he in the slightest presented the opportunity to maybe obtain food. As for bravado or resentment, he’d have to engage them in battle for that. Most appeared pretty timid, though. There WOULD be random Rattata attacking, though…

Pokédex Entry #19 – Rattata, the Mouse Pokémon. It has impressive vitality that allows it to live anywhere there is food. It scavenges for food all day and reproduces quickly. Very cautious, it’s ears listen for trouble even when asleep. It’s teeth never stop growing, it will gnaw on things to keep their size in check.

… But Skylar and Seabreeze could handle those pretty easily, it’s not like the rats could catch a water gunning bird, after all.
There. That'll totally do.

Changed Viridia's colour to green because... Viridian.
‘Kah!’ Viridia jumped back as her opponent’s lance lightly hit her side, enough to draw blood and she had to pull back. Her left arm held over the wound while her right still held her lance against her enemy…

‘This is all you got?’ the opposing Soldier asked. ‘I was a bit afraid of fighting the hero’s daughter, but you’re nothing special.’

‘I-I’m working on it! One day, I’ll be something special! I just need a little time to get there…’ Viridia defended, clearly frustrated.

‘Really? Well, pity you’ll die today, then.’

‘Kh!’ Viridia frowned, holding out her lance to continue the battle, knowing the situation looked grim.

‘Young miss! Get behind me!’ Osmund called, his voice bellowing. ‘My armour shall defend us both from their attacks-’

‘HIYA!’ An axe-fighter took advantage of Osmund being distracted to chop at him with his axe, going right past the Knight’s guard to hit him square on… and the axe bounced back with a heavy clang of metal meeting metal. The Fighter bounced back, because it seemed Osmund had taken no damage whatsoever.

‘I-I don’t get it…’ the Fighter told, frowning hard. ‘Other Knights of Grado go down to chops like that. This one is so much slower and so terrible at actually fighting than the others, hitting him is a piece of cake, but I can’t seem to hurt him…!?’

‘Ho-ho!’ Osmund claimed proudly, waving in the hurt Viridia behind him. ‘Indeed, your flimsy weaponry is no match for the magnificent armour of Knight Osmund! How, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple! The secret is-’ Osmund was shouting proudly, when his speech was interrupted by Kergin’s roar from across the street, and the two Fighters suddenly had something extremely worrying to think about.


The Fighter spun around just in time to see Kergin charging into him. He struck back with his axe, though the swing was badly aimed and only slightly graced Kergin’s side before the Fighter was blown back and into the wall. The Soldier at the side tried to The remaining Fighter aimed to strike at Kergin’s head, but failed to take into account the fact that Isolde existed and was deftly struck down by her horizontal swing. The downed Fighter was then struck before he could get down by Osmund.

‘Ha-ha! Even I can hit when my enemy is downed!’ Osmund called. … Then he realized something. ‘… That doesn’t sound very honourable. Hm.’ A puzzling matter, indeed.

Meanwhile, Viridia broke a window open in the adjacent building with her lance, thoroughly terrifying the inhabitants before she gripped the children and started lifting them through.

‘Get in, and stay inside. They won’t hurt you as long as you’re indoors. Stay in, stay safe, find your parents when this all blows over…!’ she told them, before lifting the other child over as well.

The Soldiers in front as well as to the side threw a single look at the new reinforcements before deciding it was best to double back, turning around and dashing to rejoin the rest of the incoming group.

‘It seems we’ve been saved. Thank you,’ Osmund said in the direction of the party, Viridia walking a bit awkwardly to stand at his side, her expression unsure. Osmund is a large man in heavy armour and an intimidating visage, yet clearly doesn’t entirely know how to even properly hold that lance of his. Viridia was an average young girl in stature, with armour that wasn’t of Grado but looked a bit too fancy to be Jehannan, honestly. She was bleeding from her side.

They could take the time to discuss things, but honestly-

‘Enemies approaching from behind!’ Aldo called from behind Titania, as behind them in the alleys, getting terribly close all of a sudden as they were hurrying to get behind the two mounted units on their side but slightly lagging behind due to lower movement speed. It was getting crowded here.

Isolde/Marwood -> 1



So, Servus ran along after the Fighter, and, within a couple of steps…

‘There they are! A group of stragglers, ready for the picking!’ the Fighter announced. Quite right, over there was a Shaman and a Cleric, albeit the Cleric wasn’t wearing the typical white clothing of Clerics, and further away was a Cavalier and a Wyvern Rider… And it appeared the Zane Guild was moving to surround the lot.

What would Servus do now?


@Crimson Raven

The Fire Emblem was above ground and moving towards her. It was in the gathering of buildings Kara might remember. However, it sounded like Jehannan troops were starting to surround its position…

Current Injuries: Kergin got a grazing blow from the Fighter he tackled, though nothing serious.
Viridia has taken a light stab to her side and is currently bleeding and clutching the wound.

Enemy Base Level: 2
Enemy Base Weapon Mastery: E
Enemy Equipment Quality: Iron
Notable Deviations: Fighter at the bottom wields the STORMBELLOWS! Functionally an Iron Axe.
Sheila Hopkins

She had to find two people to provide the vials she had gained to. The only ones she trusted enough were friends from her past. So, Sheila had a few visits to do…

Collab between @BCTheEntity and @PlatinumSkink

During her quest, Sheila heard something troubling about one of those she called friends. While it sounded horrible, it presented her with an opportunity.

Collab between @Old Amsterdam and @PlatinumSkink

The time had come when Sheila had to visit the one she dreaded visiting. The boy who once was her boyfriend, was now one of the few who might lend her his aid.

Collab between @BCTheEntity and @PlatinumSkink

Five days later, it was time to find out what he had decided. The moment of truth, which would decide the course of his life from here on out, was arriving.

Sheila had a vision for how she would lead the Rockers. The following is simply a summarization of the rules, methods and ideals with Sheila imposed upon the team she now leads.

Finally, Sheila had to tell her sister about her actions, about the enemies she was planning to face. However, she may soon realize how ill-prepared she actually was.


The metal girl headed for Su when she presented a hand in each direction, and her visible (and still kind of red) eye widened as she presumably realized what was going to happen. Instead of focusing on attacking, the metal hands were brought in front of her to block whatever might be coming. Su’s blast backwards scattered the metal pieces, sending them flying all over and piercing walls, ceilings and remaining debris of furniture all over behind her, but Su was untouched. The blast in front of her, meanwhile, hit her opponent straight on and sent her careering backwards through the room. Su pushing forth to enhance the blow then blasted the metal girl towards the opposing wall, and-

‘KAH!’ -straight through it, blowing a sizeable hole in the wall and sending her rolling a full lap around before planting herself on her back. Despite just having been knocked through the building by a powerful wind, she was smiling widely.

‘Owowowow… Okay, that’d do it,’ Su’s opponent said with a chuckle on the other side of the hole in the wall.

‘Flirt? What kind of Magical Girl are you taking me for!? Haha…’ she laughed back at Su’s statement, though she wasn’t moving, taking a moment to recover from the blow. The time that took was far enough for Su to seek deeper into the building without being harassed by her current attacked. She entered a corridor and… then she saw the smoke. After that, finding the “monster” was trivial. For, should she choose to, she could but follow the smoke to…

‘Not good, not good!’ a voice called from around the corner.

Inside… a girl with black skin, with yellow pockets of heat surging along her back and limbs. Her hair was visibly orange of fire, her feet and hands with animalistic claws. She wore no clothes, other than the shoulder-pieces of armour on her shoulders, yet no features typically labelled obscene kind could be seen. Behind her, a long black tail extended onto the floor…

‘Victoria, this is your fault! You can’t freeze me and then expect me NOT lit things on fire trying to get free! I know I’m not supposed to put things on fire, but-’

And currently, she was quelling a fire using fire-powers to remove them from the burning furniture and walls to then snuff them out… then breathed a bit extra with her nose.

‘Sniff, sniff. Hm?’ Then she spun about to look curiously in Su’s direction, weather or not she had actually gone past the corner.

‘Who’re you? … Did you get past Victoria and Jelena?’ the girl asked. The fire in the room was not extinguished yet. Then Helga’s voice called from a distance, and the monster girl simply looked on curiously.


Helga swung herself and broke through a window, calling out after Su… and just happened to end up within the room where Su had just sent her opponent spinning into. It was a bedroom, but now the debris of the wall had dusted the whole place up, and the girl with metal legs and hands was lying startled on the floor.

‘Woah, woah! Hold up! I’m briefly out! I’m still recovering! Hahaha!’ she called out, slamming her hands into the floor and making the fingers extend as to shove herself back onto her metal legs, up again and taking a stance just in case she was about to be attacked. ‘Su? That’s the name of the air-girl that just bashed me through a wall? I gotta remember that~’ she chuckled, and now looked to Helga, to see how she’d react to her.


‘Whelp,’ the Victoria next to the Shion said. ‘Looks like Victoria left, so I guess I better be ready to help, just in case. I might not have her ice-powers, but I still got a pretty good punch!’ Victoria said, throwing a single punch forward in demonstration. Indeed, that punch she just threw into the air was way faster and more powerful than the one of a normal human or even a normal Magical Girl.

‘So, uh. Talk to you later! See you!’ Saying so, Victoria bounced off the building, heading for the building which Helga had just swung into. … As were numerous other Victorias all around the building, heading to prepare themselves to invade.
@Rune_Alchemist So, because of the size of that beam, I somewhat count it as that you spent the first turn dodging out of the way, and the second one dashing forth to the opponent. If you had said that you'd do Ember BEFORE dashing in close, that had been launched first, but you wanted into close combat first. Which makes sense... except Archie and Sunfloorall had a counter to that. You know, Gym Leader and all that. So, what will you do?

I kind of need to say that I might be unable to post during all of next week, on account that I'm going on a mini-vacation Thursday through Sunday. So, if I was useless Monday to Wednesday in this schedule normally, now I'm going to be useless Monday to the Wednesday the week after... Hah. My apologies about that. I'll see if I can still try to post somewhere in there, but, er, I'm going to be with my family and likely only have free-time at midnight, don't necessarily count on it, hah. My apologies about that.
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