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@Eklispe@Joshua Tamashii There we go. Nicely posted, both of you. I did originally intend to post a bit quicker, but heh.

@Rune_Alchemist Yupp. Nicely posted. Now, then. Here you can tell me to simply post the rest of the introduction, or do something spontaneous if you so feel like. Heh.

@Dusksong Yupp. Nicely posted. I like it. Now, here's... this, heh. I don't think I got to properly show what reasons Kalmia had to not give Oaken a Pokédex last time, hah.
@Eklispe@Joshua Tamashii

Cacnea stared as Atlas came out, stared at the steel-type…

Then like lifted its arms up and smiled a creepy little smile up at Dawkin.

‘Cacnea?’ “Parley?” … It had realized it basically stood no chance of winning. However, as the cactus still wouldn’t be letting itself be captured by talking a battle still would take place if Dawkin wanted the cactus.

Two headbutts would do nicely, as Cacnea was trying to Leech Seed Atlas back but it wasn’t going very well. It tried to Absorb, which would have done more damage but Atlas’ Steel-type prevented it from doing so. Atlas took a bit of damage, but ultimately could decrease the opponent’s health enough for Dawkin to throw a Pokéball. The ball impacted the cactus, and the Pokémon was taken inside the ball which then fell down on the ground.

It shook once. It shook twice…!

Amelia wouldn't be getting any more information than was described from the previous post from here. Though, she could very clearly tell where the tombs they were seeking were located.



Zeal was evolved, and ready to show off his new moves…!

Unfortunately, Whimsicott is a frickin’ speed demon, flying forth at a magnificent pace and got off Stun Spore before Zeal had gotten off his taunt, paralyzing him. Then, it became a Gust VS Ember battle between two basically equal Pokémon, both recently evolved, Zeal’s lower Special Defense countered by that Whimsicott lacked a Flying-type. However, paralyzation kept Zeal from acting out first and halted his movement at one point, resulting in that Whimsicott won the overall battle. Zeal fainted.

Ralia came out. Whimsicott was still taunted, so it went for Mega Drain. First it hit, healing itself somewhat before Ralia could get her Double Team up. Next move, Whimsicott targeted the wrong clone, so Ralia got off a Confusion. Whimsicott located the correct Ralia, and hit with a Mega Drain, but then Ralia teleported and Whimsicott had no idea where she went. It made a futile attempt to keep Mega Draining but couldn’t find the real one before being Confusioned to defeat.

Ralia grew to level 15!

Against Lombre, Ritz came out. On average, Lombre’s Bubble is its most powerful move, so Daisy set to spamming that. However, that unwittingly played against Ritz excellent Special Defense, meaning he was free to set up his barriers with ease. After that, Lombre did frustratingly little damage, and Ritz Comet Punched Lombre on and on, and Ritz got lucky in the number of punches he delivered. Ultimately, while it damaged Ritz heavily, he took down Lombre on his own.

Claire is victorious! Claire gained 356P!

‘Oh, wow. I lost, but I got to see a young trainer grow stronger right before my eyes. That’s the idea of gyms, is it not? I’m strangely happy. Maybe this is my calling? … Tihi. Okay, that aside. You’re free to go on!’ Daisy said, a smile on her lips.

Then, after she went to heal, Butler Ramsey stood ready for her.

Ritz VS Skiddo. Ritz got himself Leech Seeded and Tail Whipped, but the barriers were up. Since Razor Leaf would be laughable against a Ledyba, Skiddo went Tackling. This time Ritz didn’t quite get in as many punches using Comet Punch, most of it got healed by Leech Seed, and Ritz found himself too hurt to continue on. Claire switched to Del. Del Hardened twice as Skiddo seeded him too with Leech Seed, but then Poison Sting was far more effective than what Ritz’s Comet Punches had been, poisoning the target on the second try. While Tackle + Leech Seed took a decent chunk out of Del’s health, he still stood victorious over Skiddo.

Del grew to level 13! Del learned Focus Energy!

Del VS Leafeon. Del was still Leech Seeded, but managed to counter that by immediately stinging and poisoning Leafeon through the Sand Attack. Leech Seed plus Leafeon’s Quick Attacks meant Del would have his health depleted first, and as such Claire switched to Lure. Lure may have found her opponent frustratingly powerful, as Quick Attack was really strong, but through biting and gusting and poison Lure still managed to finish the job.

Finally, Ralia VS Nuzleaf. Ramsey who knows his types better than the GM has Nuzleaf Fake Out shoot itself up in Ralia’s face before she can Double Team, causing her to flinch and getting Nuzleaf into close combat. She still managed to Double Team after, but Nuzleaf was good at following her movements. She still got off two Disarming Voices, damaging Nuzleaf considerably, but Nuzleaf was overall the more powerful Pokémon and Ralia had to switch out. Then came Lure. Nuzleaf tried to Pound. Lure was probably immensely unimpressed and Bug Bit the heavily damaged Grass/Dark Pokémon to oblivion.

Lure grew to level 14!

Claire is victorious! Claire gained 510P!

‘Well done, young trainer. Come, Master Archie’s this way,’ Ramsey said, bowing briefly before (after Claire got to heal) guiding Claire up the stairs…

She arrived at a great platform, gazing out over a sea of trees.



Oaken looked to Eryn as she spoke about lecturing her instead of her Pokémon. He didn’t reply, instead refocusing on what was happening in the battle.

Skorupi missed a Knock-Off because of fear of Dei’s tail, when then the flaming tail hit Skorupi in the face.

'SKROOOOP!' Skorupi yelled out and reversed direction, running away and back behind Oaken before tripping and rolling a few times. It did, however, get back on its feet and scramble a bit in panic. Oaken wasn’t even watching, but he crossed his arms.

'Hmpf, very well. I commend your intuitive battle tactics when all odds were against you. However, as swinging the tail onto your opponent is not an actual Pokémon move, it will merely do superficial damage at best. You cannot win with that move alone. Eventually, Skorpi will get over his fears, and then the battle will be over…'

So he said, but at that time the scorpion came tumbling at his side, looking rather wingly.

'Skor… rup…'

Skorupi has confused itself!

It walked a couple of steps towards Dei, but then tried to Knock-Off way too early, swinging about and falling harshly onto its back over its tail, smacking its face into the asphalt.

Skorpi hurt itself in its confusion!

'… Ugh,' Oaken made a noise, and managed to make a neutral expression look like all of existence had collaborated to make his life nothing but pain. Skorupi scrambled to try to get back on its feet.

'Knock-Off… whenever you can…' Oaken lazily waved his hand, trying to convey the rough idea of the plan. Skorupi was not entirely in a state to respond.


So, um. Eryn’s plan from here?
@BrokenPromise Not so much that I'm confused and more that I have made the active decision to call everyone with an obviously female avatar for "she", heh.
Alright. That could have been done with a little bit more fanfare,
or something, but anyways. Nicely done, Silver.

I’ll go ahead and reply to those that reviewed my entry.

Right, uh. Nicely posted, those who posted. I apologize for any delay. I'm a tad exhausted right now.

Since Hevel's smarter than I am, I'll assume he said that which I couldn't think of because I couldn't think of something to say, so we'll say he said that which he needed to say, heh.
@Lmpkio@Crimson Raven

Hevel blinked in surprise when he was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder and shook, a couple butterflies lifting from him before resettling. Then, okay, he was told to go do that. He looked somewhat towards Kara as if for confirmation, and he got said confirmation. He nodded, and said his piece.

‘Okay. Here goes nothing, then,’ Hevel said, taking a deep breath and bouncing up and down a bit as he was focusing… and then his eyes opened wide in the most terrified expression one could possibly imagine on his face before he ran out to the guards, like in a panic. They noticed, and gathered to block the thief from entering… when he said something to them with panic in his voice. The guards threw momentary distressed glances at one another, before Hevel dashed off. They looked hesitant for a moment, then ran to catch up to him, right by the bushes which the other two were hiding in without noticing anything.

Kara could eventually feel the Fire Emblem moving again… and it was moving up to the surface.



Isolde was first through the tunnels, however she was not fast enough to catch up to the Rogue. By the time she finally came to the end of the tunnel… there was an incline, the path upwards. Then, there was an open hatch, the Rogue had left it open behind him. She’d be first to emerge through the hatch into the humble home of a couple civilians who had long since evacuated. Much of their belongings still remained, flowers, tables and tableware, shelves and whatever else, it was a pleasant home. The door stood open, the Rogue had escaped.

Come outside, and she’d be greeted by the sight of being outside in the castle town of Grado, outside the palace. It was possible that when the passage was built the town wasn’t here, but now it was like this. The Tactician’s Stone gave her an overview of the area. There was no sign of the Rogue… but there was other things of note. Jehannan troops, if nothing else.

[Assumed Marwood action: Give chase]

Marwood came second, mounted on Fiona. He was greeted by much the same as Isolde. Later, having taken the time to pick up the Fire Emblem, Titania arrived alongside Aldo. The four of them were now inside a house in the Grado castle town…

In the below map, note that they are inside the building.

… A couple visions could potentially be viewed by the holders of the Tactician’s Stones…


In the lower right of the map, a pretty big Grado Knight had been attempting to guide a pair of siblings home, when a couple Soldiers came across them. However, while most of the Soldiers intended to attack the Knight, one of the Jehannan Soldiers turned to face back at her countrymen. The argument quickly became heated.

‘These are children, are we really going to stoop to the level of killing children!?’ Viridia asked, glaring back at her fellow guild-members.

‘Sir Zane has commanded us to kill anyone found outside their homes or with weapons,’ the soldier simply replied, lance ready to battle.

‘I know that, but I also can’t accept that!’ Viridia announced, her lance lowered to indicate she did not want to battle. ‘We’re here for the Fire Emblem, not the people of Grado! Can’t we simply let them take cover in a building, and-’

‘So you’re betraying us?’ the soldier asked.

‘I have betrayed nobody! Don’t jump to conclusions!’ Viridia called, anger in her tone. ‘I’m simply saying that our mission here does not call for unnecessary bloodshed-’

‘Then you stand against us. Too bad, your father is such a hero to us all. You’d surely have grown into a fine warrior. … Still, no matter. You’re just one of the rabble, surely you won’t be missed.’ So the soldier said, before the troops prepared their weapons, obviously intent on killing her for this transgression.

‘… My father,’ Viridia spoke in a tone of regret, ‘told me that my assignment to this guild would teach me a lot. He was right, I have. I have learned that not all of Jehanna upholds the ideals that he taught me! When I get back to him, I will tell him what I’ve learned, because he too would denounce the actions we’ve committed to in this war!’ So she said. The reply of the Soldiers was simply to approach to attack with their lances.

‘Tsk,’ Viridia made a noise with her tongue and jumped back to stand alongside the huge Grado Knight, who also stood ready to fight, trusting this former enemy Soldier without hesitation.

‘Thank you, young miss,’ Osmund said to her, holding his lance ready as they made ready to protect the two shivering kids behind them.

‘Sorry. I hope you don’t mind fighting alongside a Jehannan like me…’ Viridia said, sounding defeated.

‘Nonsense!’ Osmund told proudly. ‘As far as I am concerned, you’re an honorary knight of Grado!’

The two exchanged small smiles, Osmund growling towards the Jehannan soldiers who were looking like they were considering just exactly how to attack this giant Knight who was standing before them, looking exceptionally strong and capable. There was a flash of hope in Viridia’s expression.

‘So, uh, you wouldn’t happen to be some legendary warrior of Grado, or something?’ Viridia asked, hopefully.

‘I AM…!’ Osmund announced loudly and intimidatingly, before continuing in whispers only Viridia (and eavesdroppers) could hear. ‘… merely a regular countryside Knight, conscripted out of necessecity, called to arms by the call of war. I’m normally a cook. I’m pretty proud of my stew.’

‘Oh,’ Viridia replied in realization. ‘Oh, we’re going to die.’


‘WHY ISN’T THE COLOSSEUM OPEN!?’ Zane demanded, glaring at the “we’re closed” sign hanging in front of the large building.

‘S-sir, might I suggest it is because Grado is currently being invaded and they don’t have time for activities of entertainment at this moment…?’ a hesitant Mercenary proposed next to him.

‘BAH! WEAK GRADOS!’ Zane grunted angrily as he spun around, glaring angrily around him. ‘I left the Grado knighthood behind to join Jehanna, simply and only because I wanted to fight more and become stronger, fight against monsters… and I was THRILLED to know we were going to war! Yet we come here, and Grado has nothing to match us with!? Disappointment! Pain and disappointment!’ So he shouted, the Mercenaries powerless to do anything but listen.

‘No matter! Point me in the direction of SOMEONE I can fight! Anyone from Grado!’ Zane announced, looking around with bloodthirsty eyes.

‘But sir, we’re just about routing the last of them. All the most capable warriors are in the castle fighting off Sion’s main force, we’re just dealing with the town militia here! There’s just civilians and children left…’

‘FINE!’ Zane roared. ‘Put some armour and weapons on a civilian, tell him we’ll kill him if he surrenders, then make him fight me!’

‘But sir, that’s insane!’ the Mercenary started looking desperate…

‘INZANE!?’ Zane expressed, and suddenly started spinning around looking for something. ‘WHERE IS HE!? I’VE BEEN MISTAKEN FOR HIM MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT! I’M ZANE, NOT “IN”-ZANE! WHERE’S INZANE!? I’LL HAVE HIS HEAD!’ so screamed Zane before the two suddenly very perplexed Mercenaries who were just now starting to grasp what kind of commander they currently had…


In the bottom left of the map, a Fighter walked inside a house…

‘Oh, what have we here? So many weapons, and Sir Zane told us to kill people with weapons…’ the crook said as he came into the house, seeing all the weapons hanging around.

‘Oh, darn it, I’m a shopkeep! I can have weapons! I sell weapons! I’m not gonna fight you with them!’ the man inside complained in a mildly angered tone.

‘Oh, right, yeah. I’ll just settle for taking all the weapons, then!’ the Fighter told, looking proud.

‘Nah-nah-nah. I made a special deal with Jehanna, I’ll be selling these to the guilds now, you’d be stealing from your superiors,’ the shopkeep said, smirking.

‘Uuuh. I’m not sure that’s, uh…’ the Fighter frowned, thinking too hard.

‘You can check with your leaders, if you like. No? Then let me sweeten the deal for you,’ With that, the shopkeep suddenly reached and picked down a great axe. The Fighter’s eyes went wide, seeing it. It was as if the axe glowed with power, the sides looking so very sharp, the shine of the axe unparallelled. What was this axe…?

‘This… is Stormbellows!’ the shopkeep announced, holding the epic axe high. ‘This mighty axe, crafted between the work of a master smith while a Sage was imbuing intense Lightning magic into it, this weapon was wielded by the great hero Grado himself before he obtained Garm from the gods. It holds such strength, it will blast right through virtually anything we have today! Do you feel its power? C’mon, hold it! Hold it!’ the shopkeep said as he handed over the axe. The amazed Fighter took the axe, feeling the weight, a smile spreading on his lips.

‘Yeah, I most certainly feel it…’ he said, admiring the axe.

‘Right!? And if you let this slip, I’ll let you have this for the low-low price of 1,900 gold! It’s a bargain, is it not? Usually, this artifact is priceless…! I can see it now, you, holding this axe, conquering all your enemies and being hailed as a hero across the lands…!’

The Fighter swallowed, but his eyes had drowned into the axe…

‘Yeah… yeah, I can see it!’ the Fighter grinned, picking up his money-pouch and handing it over.

‘It’s the last of my savings, but with this axe, I can easily earn it back ten times over…!’ the Fighter boosted.

‘Great! Here you go, then! May your glory days be long and many!’ the shopkeep called, smiling so happily to the Fighter.

‘Yeah! I’ll find you and pay you back when I’m a general, I promise! For now, to battle! For Stormbellows! Yaaaaah…!’ the fighter spun around and dashed out of the house, Stormbellows in hand, while the shopkeep stood there smiling. A woman, the shopkeep’s wife, approached on the side…

‘Silvio, honey, what was that?’

‘That was an ordinary Iron Axe given a paint-job and dipped in some of that glowing powder we bought in Jehanna, Drina dear. Now grab your things, we’re leaving on the double.’

And with that, the two quickly started to prepare to leave, post-haste.


‘-and that about covers it.’ A woman of dark skin-colour sat with an axe on a seat by the entrance to Grado Keep, just finishing telling what was going on to the man standing beside her by his wyvern.

‘Alright. Thank you for telling me, miss Nurit,’ the man by the wyvern told her, bowing gently, ponytail swinging just a little.

‘What’ya being so formal for, Nadir? Kahaha! Ah, oooouuugh…’ Nurit started laughing at the comrade, but then ended with a sound of not being pleased with something.

‘Does the scenery not agree to you?’ Nadir asked, looking curiously at the woman.

‘Land doesn’t agree with me. I wanna be out at sea. And I wanna fight, not just watch some opening…’ Nurit complained, looking about for something interesting to do.

‘I’m sorry that’s the case, but we are in a state of war. Now, excuse me, I need to ferry this message back to miss Eira. I suppose I’ll fly over town and make sure everything is as it should before I go…’ Nadir said, intending to get up on his wyvern and flying off.

‘Waaaaaaaaaaaaait. Don’t goooooooooooo…’ Nurit called for him silently, sitting lazily in the seat, waving a hand in his direction. Nadir smirked back at her, amused.

‘Oh? I’m happy you find my presence desirable, miss Nurit.’

‘That’s not it, I just don’t wanna be alone…’ Nurit replied, before looking to him… and grinning.

‘Ah, that’s not a good grin,’ Nadir stated with a tinge of worry, before suddenly dodging down and striking up with his spear to deflect the massive axe that came swinging for his head, his wyvern jumping back a bit to avoid the sudden strike as metal clashed towards metal.

‘C’mon, C’MON! Let’s spar! Kahahaha!’ Nurit laughed out loud as she brought the axe around for a slice at Nadir’s mid-section that definitely looked aimed to kill.

‘Miss Nurit, we don’t usually- woah -spar using killer weapons!’ Nadir warned with a scared little smirk, a bit of sweat dropping as he was systematically dodging each of Nurit’s axe-slices just barely, lifting his disadvantageous spear in self-defense.

‘Eh, it’s no worries! You’re not gonna let me actually HIT, are ya!?’ Nurit called out as she did a powerful overhead slice, which Nadir just barely dodged under. Despite everything, Nadir found himself smiling.

‘Well, that does it. If that’s your style of flirting…!’ Nadir dived out of the way and then, with an acrobatic leap, he thrust himself up into the air by his hands on the floor and twisted in mid-air to land in the saddle of his wyvern. ‘Then I better flirt seriously. En garde!’ he called, as his wyvern stood tall and ready to battle.

‘Hah, flirting. As if you have eyes for anyone but your dear pretty miss Eira,’ Nurit replied, grinning as she watched Nadir on top his wyvern.

‘I would have said the same about you and your most manly boss Rhodri?’ Nadir replied with raised eyebrows, smiling teasingly right back at Nurit.

‘Heh, don’t go assuming things.’

‘Then I’ll ask the same of you.’

Both of them met each other’s glares with dangerous smirks, before they both took off against one another, Warrior against Wyvern Knight in a deadly-looking play-fight…


… All this aside. What would they do now?

Enemy Base Level: 2
Enemy Base Weapon Mastery: E
Enemy Equipment Quality: Iron
Notable Deviations: Fighter in lower-left wields the STORMBELLOWS! Functionally an Iron Axe.
@Gardevoiran Supersonic would affect it just like it'd affect any other creature that is affected by supersonic... though that's not really information you can use, now, is it? Have your trainers figure something! Heh.
@Eklispe That's alright. Any update on when you think you're going to be able to post?

@Dusksong Heh. I must admit that the idea to wave the tail at the opponent was quite amusing, and I really had to reward it. That said, you're facing the most disagreeable rival here, so... let's see how you're going to proceed. You have one advantage here. How do you use it?

@Gardevoiran@Old Amsterdam Nicely posted. I will, though, need to occasionally note not all plans are going to go well, if I reason they won't. Also, sometimes I use things that aren't entirely part of the game. Like Barboach's Pokédex entry. ... Yeah, blinding a Pokémon with an internal radar-system is not gonna do you much good. XD

You're obviously free to argue I got something wrong if you feel so, in the meantime. What will you do now?

@Rune_Alchemist Nicely posted. Anyhow, here I'd like some player input before I move on. You can just say "yes/no" and that I should continue with the same strategies, in which case I could just edit in the rest of the battles. On the other hand, maybe you want to type out a post at this occasion. In that case, that's up to you. Teh-heh.
@Dusksong@Old Amsterdam@Gardevoiran@Demon Shinobi

In the background, Kalmia suddenly got a phone-call and had to take a couple steps away from Jacques, but she still very much kept her eyes on the battles. She did look suddenly perplexed from what she heard over the phone, but overall smiled. Her attention was still on the battles, Jacques turning to eye her a bit curiously a little before looking back.



Oaken dropped the confident smirk at Eryn yelling back at him, frowned a little as he internally considered that perhaps his little speech had been uncalled for and he simply refocused on the battle, looking at Skorupi going in to attack against Dei. Then, both Skorupi and Oaken heard Eryn’s next command.

'Heh,' Oaken made a small amused sound, 'I understand your desperation, but something that isn’t a proper move is not going to serve you. Skorupi! Go!'

'Skoruuup!' Skorupi sounded out, Growl reducing its attack as the scorpion tried to go in for another Knock Off… when the flaming tail was waved at it.

'SKRPI!' Skorupi sounded out in a positively terrified tone and winced backwards, crawling back and away from Dei. Oaken blinked a bit in confusion.

'… Skorupi, what are you doing? He has no moves that can hurt you. At him. Knock Off,' Oaken commanded, frowning at the thing not doing what he wanted.

'Sk-skoru-pi…' the scorpion replied, looking back at his trainer and then towards Dei, shaking a little.

'You’re… afraid of the fire,' Oaken stated, getting it finally. … He reacted by closing his eyes, frowning hard in annoyance, lowering his head, and closing his two hands into fists with enough annoyance one could hear the bones knack a bit. Skorupi tensed up, scorpion-eyes wide, hearing the cracks.

'Skorupi… Do you remember… what I told you when we met?' Oaken stated, in a barely restrained focused tone, seething in contained anger. 'You understand… what’ll happen if you lose this battle that by all accounts you should win?'

'Sk-skoooo…' Skorupi sounded scared, this time both of the fire before it as well as the trainer behind.

'You do understand,' Oaken confirmed, like a teacher done lecturing a naughty child. He pushed his glasses back a bit, and then stated in a tone that said that there were no other options. 'Go. Win.'

That command made, Skorupi forced himself forward, trying to find a manner to get a Knock-Off in without getting hit by the flaming tail.

… What would Eryn command?


@Old Amsterdam@Gardevoiran

Cici shot out a Smoke Screen pellet, which hit #8 straight on and a cloud of black smoke emerged around them, close enough to Cici that there was nothing to be seen… except the sudden burst of Mud-Slap coming out of the smoke to hit her in the face. The burst of mud did some Ground-type damage, and some got into her eyes to lower her accuracy slightly.

'That’s it! Keep up the Mud-Slap! Use her loss of accuracy, dodge the bubbles and Mud-Slap again!' Simon commanded from over there, and #8 pressed on the attack. The fish appeared to have a pretty good idea of where Cici was despite the smoke in its face. #8 kept close to Cici, trying to dodge the Bubble attacks and going in for another Mud-Slap. Seeing how Mud-Slap is also the only move in #8’s arsenal, that’s probably how it’d continue, too.

Meanwhile, Seabreeze was setting up and starting to Water Gun at Scraggy’s “pants”. Scraggy didn’t even register anything except the force, stumbling a bit but preparing to attempt to jump. It was a bit heavier, but with such a burst of water it was hard to actually make the make the majority stick to the pants… but Scraggy was confused with reduced accuracy.

'Scraaaaaaaa-!' Scraggy let out a yell and leapt right into Seabreeze! … Except, instead of hitting Seabreeze with a kick, it instead just flew straight up into the bird, headfirst!

Scraggy inadvertently used Struggle! As such, both Pokémon took a significant dose of damage. In addition, Scraggy fell out of the air headfirst and hit with his head first into the ground. It hurt itself in confusion! Seabreeze could just keep afloat.

'Scraggy!' Vivia called, somewhat worried. However, the Dark/Fighting-type wasn’t out yet, struggling back to its feet. 'O-okay. Um. Run and help #8! Go Low Kick the Horsea!' Vivia commanded.

'Scraggy!' Scraggy confirmed, trying to run in the direction of the other battle… in a less than straight line, considerably damaged already.

So, how would Alice and Skylar proceed?



The Gym Guy looked like he was considering how to answer Claire’s first question, then she went on to say she got this. He smiled in reply.

‘Alright. Go show them what you’re made of!’ he encouraged, and then Claire climbed the stairs to enter the gym.

Aroma Lady Tanya would like to battle!

Shroomish was slower than Zeal, meaning Zeal immediately got his Taunt off. Trying to get some damage off, Tanya commanded Shroomish to Tackle, hoping Effect Spore would be induced on the contact. However, while Shroomish got a Tackle in, Zeal was too hot for spores, and Zeal Embered the Shroomish into smoking ruin.

With Tangela, Tanya went all out with the Vine Whips, ignoring any possible Taunt! Despite being Not-Very-Effective, Tanya got an additional Vine Whip off while Zeal was Taunting, counting on just being overall stronger with the vines! Zeal replied with Embers, that did way more damage, however come the time when the burns on Tangela finally caused it to faint Zeal was pretty badly hurt.

Treecko quickly turned out to be Tanya’s most capable Pokémon. Zeal being damaged, Claire switched to Ritz. With Ritz being Bug/Flying Absorb would do Treecko no good, so Leer plus Quick Attack it was. However, after the Leer he was quick to impact into a Reflect wall, making life difficult. The two Pokémon found themselves pretty evenly matched. Treecko was overall more formidable, but Reflect evened the playing field. Quick Attack and Comet Punches were exchanged, the punches doing 3-3-2-5 hits, leaving Treecko badly damaged. However, Ritz was damaged too by repeated Quick Attacks, and as such Claire switched to Lure who promptly Gusted the damaged Treecko to its defeat.

Lure grew to level 13! Lure learned Bug Bite!

for good and bad, hah

Claire is victorious! Claire gained 303P!

‘Fuhuhuhu… Ouch, having to use Grass-types only really hurts~! One day, I’m leaving this gym and town behind and make a name for myself with a more varied team~!’

With that, Claire could walk by Tanya, then up to Daisy!

Lileep was prevented from using Confuse Ray by taunt, but in a move to make Taunt less OP, it instead sent Acid shooting at the chimp-Pokémon without sacrificing a move. Power-Up Punch was super-effective, but as Chimchar wasn’t a Fighting-Type yet and Lileep had considerable Defense, Lileep was still tethering onto a smidgeon of health left after two punches. It had managed to spit acid onto Zeal thrice before Zeal could finish it off with a punch that ultimately was powerful enough to have OHKO’d it, Daisy having to hurry to return Lileep before she flew over the edge. The three acids, the second one lowering Zeal’s special defense, had left him pretty damaged. However… speaking of not being a Fighting-type yet…

Zeal grew to level 14!

… … … … …


Zeal felt a certain energy having gathered within him. He can choose when he wants to release it. Is this the most optimum moment? For dramatic reasons, the event that approaches would fully heal him, along with the more notable thing it’ll do. The choice is his, and potentially his trainer’s if he manages to ask her. Not going through with and leveling more would not have any negative consequences long-term when it comes to moves.

We pause here a bit, because that decision might impact all the battles ahead.

Well, guess I better get a move on. I’ve read all the participating entries, so I might as well.

The following things are just my personal opinion that I’ve formed upon reading the entries. Yeah.

Edit: Here’s to the missing thing. Oh, and I added some more to Sunday, because I don’t think I was being fair there.

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