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Lea watched blankly as Kimble responded favourably to her suggestion and took off. Hm, she did have some manner of skill, making this a bit easier. It almost made her wonder. Would she benefit from adopting a cat? Having a sidekick that was hers and only hers, that she actually could trust her back to, it would be nice. The way Mariette had Eli…

She took out a phone and called a number while slicing another tornado. She immediately started talking when she heard the phone be answered.

‘How much can you get from within the smoke of the graveyard?’ Lea asked. She then listened to the reply. ‘Is there a chance they used it specifically to cloud them from you?’ Lea continued. The reply only made her frown. ‘Hmpf. I sent in Mayra, as she’s the one of us that best suits surviving in unknown circumstances. Hopefully she’ll be able to give us detailed reports.’ Regardless, next point.

‘I just introduced myself as Frida Merkel. Remember it for me,’ Lea told the one on the other end while cutting another tornado with a blast of wind. ‘… You’re as impressive as always. There’s one more thing you can tell me. Who is Kimble?’


‘Hahahahaha!’ Mayra laughed as Emily was knocked back into Alexander, looking really happy. The “I’m not mad, just disappointed” look didn’t seem to affect her particularly. That’s, however, when Tonya decided to take it up a notch and decided to make it rain spiders on them.

‘Woah!’ Mayra jumped back and blasted a wave of fire around her to clean out the initial infestation around her, somewhat wide-eyed as she looked. ‘Woooo, enough spiders that I’m wondering if you kidnapped Ronja! Hahaha! Guess I should take you seriously!’ Mayra said, grinning at the girl undergoing her transformation. Orbs of fire started taking shape around Mayra, and she grinned in Lucifer’s direction…

‘I really, REALLY want to fight you! … But I suppose I was really sent here to beat up horrors, so I guess that can wait a bit!’ then she turned to look at a grin up at Tonya. ‘You’re not the only one who can summon monsters!’

With those words, little floating creatures emerged from the orbs of fire around Mayra. Their outer shells held together shoulders, arms and a horned head, but their insides burned in nothing but fire, and they were channeling this fire to bear on Mayra’s enemies. Each was only around a meter to a meter and a half in height, but floated with a stream of fire jetted down. The orbs vanished quickly after the creatures had emerged.

‘Alright, let’s do some exterminating~!’ Mayra called, and then she and her minions alike charged into the field of spiders, blasting fire in sweeping motions to eradicate the spiders and shooting up at the source if they could spare the time. The minions fought by throwing the fire in their hands as little fireballs but also by swinging fiery first with reasonable competence and being composed of fire. Of course, Mayra was way more capable than the numerous minions she had summoned, but the numbers helped in the war against the rain of spiders that was coming down upon them. The spiders of course still had the numerical advantage, but Mayra did what she could to sway the tide.

Eevee tackled past the different Blitzles at the shiny one, and hit for a considerable amount of damage, the shiny Blitzle recoiling from the blow. It appeared that the shiny Blitzle was on the lower spectrum of the level chart, and as such took more than half health from Eevee’s powered-up Tackle. Then Extraordinary Night Shaded it again, and the Blitzle was reduced to almost nothing. Erza cast the Pokéball as Eevee was struck by multiple Quick Attacks in return, causing him to faint. However, Erza’s Pokéball curved towards the target in the air and hit, absorbing the Blitzle into it with a red shine before falling onto the ground.

It rolled once. It rolled twice. It rolled thrice.



The guy smirked a bit at Valen’s reply. ‘Good. I promise we’ll discover some interesting things together. Who knows? After we’re done, maybe we’ll have a job offer for you,’ the guy said, while standing up straight again and holding a neutral expression. … Then Qwerty shot her Psybeam, Growlithe perceived it but was unable to get out of the way in time, and was hit… though not for as much damage as it would have had the two Pokémon been of equal level. Growlithe and the boy both gave Valen a serious evil eye.

‘Well, then,’

Team Amethyst Grunt Allan wants to battle!

‘Growlithe, Bite!’ Allan commanded, and Growlithe immediately skipped into combat, being considerably faster than Qwerty. Unless desperate measures were taken there likely wasn’t a way for her to escape being bitten for noteworthy damage, barely maintaining herself from being flinched. They were in close combat now, it’d be harder to land a Psybeam at this range unless Growlithe was taken by surprise.

‘I didn’t entirely follow what was going on…’ the girl was mentioning as she walked out next to Allan, Pokéball in hand. ‘But I’ll support!’

Though, that’s when…


Skylar came in and talked about peace by the shrines, holding up his Pokédex. The two suited individuals gave him a glance…

‘Hey, that’s a Pokédex. Given to only a handful of young trainers by Pokémon professors, quite the prized piece of technology…’ the girl mentioned.

‘I’ll leave it to you, then,’ Allan said, and the girl gave a smirk. With that, she threw her Pokéball down between her and Skylar, a blue duck emerging from within.

‘Ducklett!’ the duck announced.

Pokédex Entry #580 – Ducklett, the Water Bird Pokémon. These birds are far better swimmers than they are flyers, and make excellent divers. When attacked, it defends itself by splashing water at the offender. Their favorite food is peat moss, and they’ll be found chewing on it constantly.

‘If you don’t like us fighting by shrines, then how about you fight us off?’ the girl said confidently, crossing her arms and looking at Skylar.

Team Amethyst Grunt Mia wants to-

'HOLD IT!' Vivia took a step forward and placed herself in the way in-between Skylar and Mia. She threw a look back at Skylar, with a bit of a frown. 'Your Pokémon are still hurt from the battle with Earl, right? So,' she turned to face Mia. 'I’ll handle you!'

‘Hmpf, handle me? I’ll handle any number of you!’ Mia boasted back, frowning in turn.

'We’ll see!' Vivia boasted right back, before grabbing for a Pokéball, and… 'Rotom, go get-'

Rotom is off pestering the owner of and stealing from the souvenir shop.

'Venonat, go get her!' Vivia commanded, and sent out Venonat, who jumped out confidently.


Pokédex Entry #48 – Venonat, the Insect Pokémon. Its many small eyes function like radars and detect insects at night which it eats. A coat of thin, stiff hair that oozes poison covers its body for protection. Its eyes are capable of shooting beams and enable psychic powers. It's attracted to light.

On account of that Valen is also seeing Venonat now, Venonat Pokédex

Now, Skylar can totally be like “I can handle this anyway” and not let Vivia defend him, but that’s 100% up to him. His actions now is his own. And Valen also saw that part happen, but of course, he’s attacked by a Growlithe, too.

Valen and Skylar’s actions?
Sheila Hopkins

Streets of Denver

Wisp stumbled when the ground rocked beneath her feet from Behemoth's roar. A nearby woman stabilized her, and looking towards her she briefly thought she had been caught by Alexandria before realising it most assuredly wasn't, though the costume heavily reminded of the Triumvirate. Regardless, Wisp nodded her thanks and made her way to join S&R.

‘You, you're Wisp, right?’ Inkscape suddenly asked her, when she had been hanging back for some time.

‘Y-yes!’ Wisp stammered. ‘I shoot light, see in all directions, create small illusions of light unlikely to fool Behemoth…’ she rambled on, unaware how much to say.

‘It'd make us happy if you could talk to us more directly after this, the Protectorate exists to help,’ the octopus case 53 told her, and Wisp recoiled somewhat. This was the Protectorate member she had been the most afraid of, being found while invisible and suddenly tied by his ink… and he was speaking to her so kindly. Wisp was so happy she hadn't come as Creep.

‘Alright, be our scout! I'll assign you a flyer, so head for the brink of damaged areas, use that perfect sight of yours to find people in need of help and report their locations!’ Inkscape told her, and Wisp blinked in surprise. Surely, flyers had better things to do than carrying HER around!?

Regardless, a flier flew close and landed beside her. A young boy, her age, dark costume, who gave her a smile. ‘Hi, I'm Persist! I'm a bit of an Alexandria package, though not take-on-Behemoth level. I'm gonna move debris and save people, and occasionally take you along for the ride!’

Wisp nodded to him, and also got told to be in contact with Hellbent, another Brute that was in charge of a bunch of rescuers. That was fine. ‘I'm a villain, though, you don't mind?’ Persist told her. Wisp was suddenly somewhat more worried about being carried by him, but shook her head.

‘It doesn't matter. Take me around,’ Wisp said. Persist grabbed her and flew, still under the height of the buildings until they reached the area of devastation. … It was horrible. As the one person who had to take in it all, to look over every detail to see who could be saved and who was already dead, Wisp couldn't close her eyes. Soon enough…

‘There!’ She said, while directing small arrows of light for Persist to see. Wisp took out her communicator. ‘Three injured capes needing serious medical attention found in-’ and then she used some street names only someone who knew Denver would know.

‘Where is that?’ Hellbent asked on the other side.

‘A-at the ray of light!’ Wisp replied instinctively, reaching into her pocket and lighting her powerful flashlight, directing it all up in the sky as a focused spotlight with her power, and if that wouldn't actually be visible she could use the green laser-pointer instead.

‘I see it. Sending rescuers,’ Hellbent said, and Wisp breathed out in relief.

This continued, Wisp carried around and pointing the way for other capes. Numerous times Persist was needed elsewhere and Wisp proceeded on foot for a while, but then he came back. On this journey, she saw many things she'd never have wanted to see. So many dead people that she couldn't help. It was heartwrenching. In the distance, she could occasionally see Behemoth, fighting light beasts and beams and other strong capes. How she regretted that she couldn't count herself among their number.

… Wisp glimpsed Behemoth's eye for just a moment. The eye… Wisp's usual primary target to blind an opponent. There, uh… was no way Behemoth would be blinded if she shot enough light at that, right? No way Legend or other capes hadn't already tried shooting that to see if it was a weak point. Trying to shoot that herself would be reckless, stupid and her time was better spent S&Ring…

Then communications briefly went down. Wisp still announced injured people by flashing light into the sky, somewhat worried Behemoth would get interested by the lights and come her way, but she continued. Then she wondered why communications would go down, and…

And she came around a corner, currently on foot, in time to see the PRT building being struck with a bolt of lightning. In horror she identified Salem, far too close to Behemoth for comfort. Then… Inkscape attacked. Wisp found herself in his path as he went through, draining her costume of white pigment before she could react. She looked on in shock as Inkscape pounded on Behemoth… before finally being bursted, his life ending. There too she saw Salem hit by debris, her insides wavering at the sight.

Wisp had seen all this… by using her powers to look around a corner, from relative safety.

Inkscape was the respected leader of the local Protectorate, whom she had hoped to one day serve under and dreaded meeting during her days as a villain, and had also just shown her kindness. Somehow, she’d always trusted him to keep Denver safe, no matter what happened. She hadn't known him, but she had looked up to him. Salem was her dear friend who had accepted to join her in villainy and capedom despite all it meant for his life, standing solidly though awkwardly at her side, who she'd feel eternally guilty about thrusting into this. She knew him, oh, so personally. Perhaps, one day, she could imagine to even be willing to…

As far as she knew, they were both likely dead at the hands of Behemoth. Wisp made her decision.

So what if Wisp's light probably wouldn't bother him!? WHAT IF her beams of light actually had the property that they blinded the people she hit in all dimensions at once or something similarly dumb, and that somehow allows her to blind Behemoth when nobody else could, and she just didn't know!? What then, huh!? She could have the perfect weapon against him, and just not know it! She had to at least TRY!

Wisp ran across streets to get in front of Behemoth. She lit all her laser pointers and flashlight in her pockets, directing their light to swirl around her. She still reported wounded where she could, shooting some rays of light into the air above, starting with Salem and others hurt on the scene. However, her goal was now separate. As she ran, others only saw a ball of darkness running because Wisp was letting no light out of her range for them to see. It was her ammunition, only the barest minimum was sent to her eyes so she could still see around her and detect wounded. She was going to shoot Behemoth.

Finally, she arrived. She was, on a fair amount of distance, in front of Behemoth. Swirling around her was an unseen massive beam of light, which Wisp was honestly struggling to control, more laser and light joining by the second. She'd never show herself directly to Behemoth, using her power to take aim past a corner, but the time had come. Wisp swallowed.

‘Alright. Showtime, you oversized lightning-controlling piece of-’

All the light, all the lasers and all the energy currently at Wisp's disposal focused into a single point within her range, swirling around her. She bent the directions of all the light, taxing her Thinker-power to the absolute max so that all the photons or whatever swirling around her converged into a single supercondensed point of lasers and light…!

‘Take this-!’

She sent the created point forth past the corner as a single burst at Behemoth. No enduring beam, just a single blast focused to be as powerful as Wisp could possibly make it, shot at lightspeed straight into Behemoth's eye. For an instant, Behemoth's eye lit up brightly enough to momentarily blind as Wisp's super-laser burst hit, a burst powerful enough to burn any eye slamming into Behemoth for an instant…

Behemoth didn't even flinch.

Wisp took a moment.

Then she ran.

Lea occupied herself, flying across the sky from tornado to tornado, calming the winds and countering the numerous destructive weather phenomenon. However, she had to put a lot of mana into this. If they were just going to recreate themselves over and over and over, then Lea would eventually run out of mana. Hmpf, she’d consider that issue when the time came…

And then she found herself talked to. By some cat-girl, who had absolutely no idea who she was. Lea gave her an extremely neutral look, trying to figure out what on earth she was being talked to for.

The first instinct was to outright dismiss her. She had no reason to associate with the citizens of Penrose. However, the second thought told her that making enemies was somewhat undesirable. That said, she had no reason to give information about herself to this girl. As such…

‘I am Frida Merkel, protective spirit,’ Lea lied. That she was a protective spirit was not entirely a lie, but it was misleading. ‘Can I count on you to handle the other side, and I handle this side? … This would be easier if there was more of us, but we’ll do for a while,’ Lea said, then shooting off another wave of wind to counter the winds of a nearby tornado, because she surely wouldn’t stop fighting just because this cat-girl engaged her in conversation.


Sooo… There was this giant blob and its minions that the other two were fighting, and there was the barrier-generating wild guy over there and this fire-producing woman here. There was also someone screaming in the distance, and the power of someone’s aura spreading through the graveyard. Overall, supremely pleasant.

The girl told Mayra to attack the blob. But, was that fun? That didn’t seem fun. It didn’t have any personality, not to mention that was just going with the flow. What was a more fun option? A grin appeared on Mayra’s face as she imagined the face of this girl if she were to be betrayed. It looked so sweet.

Lucifer ran ahead of her, turning part of her back towards the monster girl. As she fired her fireball, Mayra got on all four limbs in preparation to pounce, tail swinging lightly in preparation. Then, she shot forward, charging one of her claws full of fire as she swiped towards the girl’s back…

‘CHA…!’ Her claws swung through the air inches to the left of Lucifer’s waist as Mayra appeared on her side and sent a blast of fire to join Lucifer’s, soaring off towards the blob with added fiery firepower. The fire magic of the monster girl wasn’t as powerful as Lucifer’s, but it was still pretty strong and she could certainly tell Mayra’s limbs were stronger and faster than her own to compensate. Side by side, the fire girls most assuredly looked more powerful.

… And then Mayra’s right leg flew up to kick Lucifer in the back, the intent being to send her flying at Alexander. If she missed, then Mayra spun in place counter-clockwise, continuing with numerous quick swings of her flaming claws and legs as well as the snap of her tail that all came from Lucifer’s left. Each of them blasted a fiery burst of fire that was sent directly to the blob as they passed Lucifer. That is, for each swing Lucifer managed to dodge, Mayra shot another fireball into the blob.

Mayra grinned. She couldn’t help it. She just HAD to cause some chaos~!
… Aaaaaaand she failed. A couple thugs had gotten in her way, and while they were a breeze to blow down, they had successfully kept Naja from supporting Llexe in any sort of timeframe that actually helped. Now she was partly injured. And that… was so… immensely… frustrating. It rather felt like it was her fault, even though Llexe had been the one with the suicidal charge. Real anger coursed through Naja’s remaining veins as the rest finished up, enough so that she had to contain herself from kicking one of the downed goons, hard. Or just plain destroy a nearby wall.

Calm down, Naja. You’re better than that. You don’t need to take out your aggression on anything…

She stood there motionlessly, assuming the others could handle their own injuries, containing herself for now. … Or, at least, until a jeep pulled up, and two men came out. Naja turned and walked to somewhat stand in between them and the rest of their team, as some of them were injured. As if they needed protection. Naja inspected the strong-looking men that had come out. Nice bodies. Decently so. Honestly, they looked more like the men she’d been expecting to team up with on this mission, rather than this band of misfits. They were a sight for sore eyes.

Well. Minus the attitude, the loud unpleasant noise made slamming the car, and the nerve to call them “meat”. That could use some work. Naja let a slight smile flash by her lips before she promptly dropped it and replied.

‘You’re part of the big shots in this area? I suppose that’d make you the Black Dragons,’ Naja deduced, looking at the markings of the jeep and the tattoos of the first guy. ‘Good. That saves us the time trying to find you,’ the cyborg gently told them, and then turned around to the rest.

‘How about it? Any of you more eager to take them on than me?’ Naja asked, checking her allies after the last battle. At least two of them was some manner of wounded… she thought. It was a little hard to judge with Light. Regardless, she then turned back to the two, confidently smacking one metal fist in the other’s palm. ‘Otherwise, I’m ready to take you on.’

With that, Naja waited to hear if any multiples of her allies argued that they wanted the fight more than her, in which case she’d honestly just bow down for now, she was willing to watch from the sidelines and inspect the capabilities of her allies… but she also really wanted to beat someone up right about now.

Specifically the talking one. His face would feel good to beat in.
I wrote some fan-fiction. The following is if the event had transpired in such a way that it was only Naja VS Viper and Cobra.

The sound of motorcycle engines alerted Naja to the new arrivals. Seeing how there were no threats left inside the building Naja started walking out in time to hear the reasoning of the two females for attacking them. Hmpf. Llexe was already on her way, so it was likely Naja’s retort would not be heard, but…

‘You fools. Us being beaten by the likes of you right now would only prove that we’re weak. If you want recognition, wait until we’ve dismantled a couple Disasters, THEN beat us,’ Naja told them with a sigh. ‘Though, not like it matters…’ the cyborg then bent her knees in preparation for launching herself. ‘You’re not beating us.’

Their opponents fought like a duo. Naja could see it in their stances. All the holes were being filled by their partner, one through offense and the other through defense. Fighting against them by herself may even have been a challenge. However, she wasn’t alone. As such, Naja dashed in full speed to fill in behind Llexe. The berserker was going to have to live with Naja looking after her, duo against duo, whether she liked it or not.

Llexe’s Roll Over was likely faster than Naja’s top speed, but Naja was pretty fast, herself. She dashed in behind Llexe’s mid-air assault, past the walking Kiyoshi, where she realized how exposed Llexe had left herself. Trying to defend her Naja pulled a swiping kick with a metal leg to slam away any who intended to attack Llexe in her motion. If any grunts came for the cyborg she could easily slam away their attack with a punch and then elbow them with a baji quan elbow slam that probably left them disabled.

The problem was in case the twins were good enough to somehow counter Llexe’s assault. If so, Naja attempted to kick away their counters with quick, defensive long-range savate kicks, hopefully too quick for the enemy to intercept while long-ranged enough to discourage interception before Llexe recovered. There was Kiyoshi’s… clone, too, which could perhaps assist with the matter, perhaps even ensured Naja wasn’t needed, but she wasn’t about to gamble that. Impressive speed, that.

Time was on their side, as Naja couldn’t imagine any of her companions being taken out by the goons. With time, there’d be less thugs about and their victory would come easier. All that really mattered now was that Viper and Cobra didn’t manage to injure any of them. Because that’d mean they were off to a terrible start.

If it turned out her defense wasn’t needed, Naja’d stick around by Llexe, intent on backing up in this fight against the twins.

Eevee went onto the defensive, trying to dodge Quick Attacks… except Quick Attacks are really hard to dodge. Growlithe Embered that one particular Blitzle, which skipped away startled no longer focused on Erza, while Pidgey Sand Attacked at their opponents… Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly stop their opponents. Erza managed to use his Potion on Eevee (because Eevee had no move commanded), but he didn’t have time to also apply it to Growlithe. Despite the lowered accuracy even the affected Blitzle’s were decently accurate, and all three targetable Pokémon suffered numerous Quick Attacks. Pidgey and Growlithe fainted, though Eevee was still about, albeit once again took heavy damage from numerous Blitzle charges.

Extraordinary cast Night Shade on the Shiny Blitzle! The shiny Blitzle shuddered, though only took the equivalent of 5 HP of damage, and turned to attempt Quick Attacking Extraordinary! … It had no effect and charged into a Blitzle behind it! The Blitzles around was starting to get rather annoyed with Extraordinary, whom was turning difficult to harm. One of them was trying to get close to Extraordinary with the horn in order to shoot a Shock Wave straight in the middle of her before it was rerouted to another Blitzle, but Extraordinary didn’t really have any trouble just drifting off before that could happen.

Erza only has Eevee and Extraordinary left right now. What does he do?



The guy was looking over, while the girl recovered from her coughing him. It took a couple of seconds, with Valen of course not seeing because he was hiding.

‘W-well, in any case! We’re here to look for clues, because there may be some hints to the Pokémon supposedly associated with each of these shrines. That is, while the guardians of Silent Shrine and Abandoned Shrine is long gone, the guardian of Lost Shrine is supposedly still there, so if we check here, we might be able to figure out what it is…!’ the girl continued saying… when the sound of a Pokémon coming out of its Pokémon sounded out. ‘… Huh?’

‘Hey.’ Valen suddenly found the guy from the pair crouching next to him, staring at him with a blank stare, a familiar small fire dog species standing at his side.


Pokédex Entry #58 – Growlithe, the Puppy Pokémon. Known to be brave and loyal to it’s trainer, but will bark threateningly at anyone entering its territory. It has superb sense of smell and will never forget a smell once it has picked up on it. Through smell, it can sense the emotions of others.

‘How’d you find our conversation? No matter. Hey, would you like to come on a trip with us? It’ll be fun. I promise,’ he told, holding a blank face the whole time, staring at Valen. The girl over there was looking rather confused. ‘The alternative is we have an immediate and violent Pokémon battle. So, franky, I insist.’

… What does Valen do?



‘You’re welcome. Thank you, as well. Hm,’ Earl said, as Marowak came back with a crying Cubone in her grasp so that Earl could return them both to their Pokéballs. ‘I might depart as well. Some of my Pokémon need to visit the Pokémon Center, and I need to experiment with herbs from other forests as well. Besides, my Budews are more than able to handle the research and the pot in the house without me,’ Earl told, and a couple Budews up at the building went up to the edge and stood at attention, sure to be a big surprise for the next person who knocked on that door that it was a house completely inhabited by just Budews.

‘I won’t go with you, that’s not in my nature,’ Earl stated, shrugging a bit. ‘… But down the line, we might meet each other again, in some forest way away from here. So long, for now,’ Earl stated, before casually starting to walk east, out through the forest.

'… Huh,' Vivia made a mildly puzzled noise at Earl’s departure, but then looked to answer the “sorry to spearhead” thing. 'It’s no problem, I was planning on wandering pretty aimlessly myself, seeing the sights and so. The shrine, huh. Silent Shrine in Silent Forest, where a hero in the past is said to have prayed in order to get the support of different guardians to fight off a monster that had appeared on the Pureplains. Since then it’s been a tradition for young trainers to pray at the shrine for their success, indeed, they say every champion of Isson has prayed at the shrine at some point or another…' Vivia smirked. 'I’d like to go there, so sure.'

And then they were off, Vivia taking most her Pokémon back to their Pokéballs for the moment. Then, they walked through the South Silent Forest again… however, Skylar has pretty much seen every kind of Pokémon that appears in this part of the forest. As such, here’s a list.

With that, coming from the south, they eventually arrived at…

As Naja took on the defensive, she somewhat got aware of the others of her team going on the offensive. She noted Llexe launching herself in, and… so violent! It wouldn’t normally be an issue, honestly Naja herself was equally violent, but Naja had just thrown her target out the building specifically to avoid hurting the any part of the shop, the floor included! … She has claws on those gauntlets, huh. It did look like Llexe took a pretty bad hit, but she seemed utterly unaffected so perhaps she didn’t even need to dodge that.

Light was playing with some of them and Christopher was engaging a few outside. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi was moving to take apart some opponents with his sword… though not literally, she was observing. Somewhere out there Sam acted as a literal wall that their opponents just couldn’t escape against.

With those monsters outside, Llexe in here threatening to kill them and Kiyoshi swinging a sword with movements like a blur, it somehow came to be that the few remaining, panicked gang-members saw the muscular cyborg as their best chance. Honestly, she wasn’t sure if they were wrong. If they somehow took her down, they’d have hostages. Which, of course, was the very reason Naja placed herself here.

Two of them were running in to punch her. Their simple plan was that coming from two directions made them more likely to win. It made sense, but their style… it was untrained. This was just sad.

Rule number one of taking on multiple opponents… take them on one by one. Before they reached her, she sprung forth to meet the one on her right, fists raised to punch. He raised his fists to guard his face… so Naja punched him once in the gut with her right hand, doubling the guy before her second fist struck him him in the face, knocking him out, and the hand in his gut held onto his clothing so he didn’t fly into the wall.

The second guy pursued her to strike her from the side. Naja spun towards him, still holding attacker #1 in her right hand as her right metal foot flew up to almost strike her opponent’s head. He blocked it with his left arm, but his whole guard cracked after blocking Naja’s high-power metal leg. He shouted, and was about to career into the wall of the store’s goods… when Naja jumped from left to right leg bringing up her left leg in a swift kick into the man’s side from the other side, nullifying his movement and knocking him out. Her left hand quickly flew forth to grab him by his clothing before he fell into anything.

‘You’re safe for now, we got you,’ Naja told the couple as she gently put the two Tunnel Snakes on the floor, no harm done to the store on her expense. Nobody took her on after that.

+2 KOs. Total: 13 KOs, 3 injured, 1 winded and 1 fighting Light. 2 unaccounted for, but they’re probably pretty scared by now.
The giant was a man of few words as well, but for a different reason, it felt like to Naja. Not that it mattered. Then there was the feminine male ninja. … And, it made sense that Kiyoshi interested her- er, him. Christopher Falcon, 35th successor. Darn, that’s a long history.

Eve spoke again… and suggested something horrifying. That childish team-building activity that was sure to become exceedingly awkward!? Naja’d rather fight every single one of them in a row! She almost felt her hairs stand on end… when there was a furious knock, and they were spared from partaking in such an embarrassing activity. Naja breathed out in relief.

… So, the Tunnel Snakes were causing a stir of trouble? How bothersome of them. Well, it was about to be their unlucky day, as they were about to be hit from nowhere by the unified force of what was probably one of the most accomplished teams of fighters on the planet, formed that very same day. Much better than what Eve was about to suggest.

‘We’re on it,’ Naja told, before turning to the team. Alright, there was something here.


Naja was more or less in the middle of the street when she looked in and realized the man was about to punch the women. Gritting her teeth, she directed one hand behind her and charged her chi. With a powerful blast the blue chi of her Bolstered Spear shot out at nothing, propelling Naja so she was launched past the whole group of surprised thugs to land behind the main offender, leaving behind a trail of blue chi which quickly faded from visibility.

The cyborg had calculated it so she slowed down just as she approached her target from behind, and there she gripped his raised arm in a mechanized, hard grip. She swung around, twisting his arm as she threw him over her back, sending him careering out past his squad and sliding over the asphalt before finally slamming his head into a pole on the opposite side of the street.

Naja lightly rolled her shoulders for a second as her enemies processed what had just happened, before putting up her metal arms and legs in a defensive savate stance, herself between the thugs and the two women.

‘Alright… let’s warm up,’ she casually stated.

Now, with all likelihood, the rest of the team was already going through their enemies. Still, Naja just wanted to ensure she got in place to block the path to the two innocents first. Now it was just a manner of kicking and knocking out any goons trying to approach the civilians or herself while the rest finished off this barely-mentionable band of thugs.

1 KO.
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