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Well hello.

I guess I should introduce myself, huh.

I'm Gardevoiran, just some schmuck going to college and working towards getting a degree in Fine Arts.

I do commissions and what-not, and you can ask me to do a commission for you through my Discord (Gardevoiran #1429) or up here through RPGuild PMs, and I receive donations and payment through my Ko-fi page. Clicking the box right below here will take you to it.

I'm a nerd. I play Pokemon religiously, I dabble in some anime, I write up here, and I love watching incredibly awful movies and just making fun of them. Specifically things like "Leo the Lion" and what not.

I don't have much else to say, so I guess I can leave you guys with a really bad joke.

"What do you call a cow with two legs?"
"Lean beef."

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She couldn't do much here. Gauging this demon the group was staring down, it did not bleed, meaning that Akiko's relic wasn't very useful in this situation. Regretful, since she wanted to get a little more practice with it, but probably for the best. Rose's flying wasn't exactly the greatest for concentration, much to Akiko's chagrin.

Though, getting pulled out back onto the main deck wasn't the worst thing that could happen, as the catgirl began to just... gravitate towards her summoned Serei in Lorelai. It might've just been with how Serei worked somehow affecting her soul, or it could just be that Lorelai's imposing presence assisted in keeping the Bard feeling safe, Akiko was not sure, but Lorelai dropping the Corpse Collector overboard was also very reassuring to the bard's state of mind, since CC did something that only a Jester had done before, and she vaguely got the impression that the Jester was some sort of bad news. Maybe not directly, maybe not at all, but something rubbed her the wrong way, and it wasn't Lorelai's hand along her tail.

"I'll come check in a minute, Rose. I'd rather make sure that demon is dead before we get to checking the haul." That was partially a lie, as she stepped right closer to Lorelai's side and shuffled up against her. She drew a card from nowhere, the Monkey Card, and she took a moment to consider things. "... yeah, Monkey, I'm gonna do the thing. Lorelai dear, mind making sure I'm not gonna fall overboard? I dunno if this'll be as easy as the first time."

With all said and done, Akiko began to absorb the willing card of Monkey into her soul.

"Rad." What else did Skylar need to say? He just met two more legendary Pokemon on his plight to become the strongest flying-type trainer in the region, got permission to photograph another one of them so he could help fill the dex for visual completion, and he found out it wouldn't just be him on this quest! That's three whammies, all at once!

Oh, speaking of that photo (if the nod from Azelf was any indication he could take it), Skylar pulled out his Pokedex and flipped it to the camera function he's been using through this adventure. He raised up the camera, got a good sightline of Azelf, and he pressed down on the capture button...

... only to then see that Eryn was sticking out into the picture. She wasn't obscuring Azelf or anything, so it was fine, but it was kinda funny. If Skylar wanted to go take another picture of Azelf later because somehow this one wasn't satisfactory, he probably could. He knew the path vaguely now, anyway.

"Cool, got a picture." Skylar noted, looking over to Vivia and Eryn's general direction (but only looking in between the two of them spatially). "I'm good to go back up top. Though Vivia and I were going to head to Stillwood to go and see Uxie now, plus challenge the gym since this one is way too tough for our team to tackle right now. I don't think I'd be overstepping any boundaries if I said you're more than welcome to come with."

Skylar paused for a moment, thinking ahead. "... how were we gonna get there anyway, Vivia? Land or sea?"

Decisions, decisions, though the one that he wanted to choose was fairly obvious. Even in the midst of being within Jehanne's presence, Digbie somehow knew exactly what he wanted to do. He looked at what he assumed were his hands, oddly enough the light cast onto his form in such a way that made him question, and he clenched his fists in decisive action. He walked forward, step by step, and he stood at Jehanne's figure, merely what seemed like a meter or two away.

Then, he slowly bent over and got on his knees, his head facing down towards Jehanne's feet, seemingly asking for her to forgive his past actions.

"I'm... uh, not sure if I'm doing this correctly, Jehanne, but... please forgive me of my Taboo, so I may continue down a path of redemption, guided by your radiance."

Hopefully that was sufficient for Jehanne? It's not like they gave you a manual for this or anything...

Azelf going to Vivia first was a little intimidating for Skylar, sure, but he really could only wait for things to result from the interaction between Vivia and Azelf. He would've ideally liked to maybe help defend Vivia's character in her interactions with the Legend, if such called for it, but he'd need to wait. After all, speaking out against someone like that would be bound to cause issues in the long run.

Then the blue lake spirit came to Skylar. It congratulated him, but then followed with saying that he was aided by JoJo's mere presence... which Skylar really couldn't deny. He at least hoped that Azelf would know that the Teleport was going to be an only absolute last-resort thing. When all was said and done for Skylar, he sighed for a moment before giving a small smile. "Ah, well, can't win them all I suppose." Skylar shrugged and picked up JoJo from his perch on Skylar, holding the pal in his arms. "Think I could, um, get a picture as a consolation prize at least?"

Regardless of Azelf's answer, it would move on to Oaken... who put up an argument, unsurprisingly. Okay, so maybe Skylar's plans were always a little headstrong, but for someone who was too afraid to try walking through the Beheeyems from earlier to get into this cavern, Oaken seemed a bit offended about not being the chosen person.

Then, it moved to Eryn, and her response to whatever Azelf said in her mind was enough to immediately tip Skylar off to what she had been asked. It was about the same girl that Mesprit showed Skylar in Highhill. Skylar smiled as he watched the blurry scene from the side, glancing down for a moment to look at the Crystals of Emotion hanging from his arm.

“I’ll do my best to help save that girl, and if that’s not good enough, I’ll get stronger and try again. You can count on me.”

"You can count on me, too." Skylar added onto Eryn's statement. "Since Mesprit trusted me with the same task, and I don't intend on losing that trust any time soon." Hopefully that wasn't too far out of line, heh.
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A second passed as 'Kanbaru' stepped up onto Durgan's back to escape with Akiko's group, but Akiko herself kept an eye on the newcomer. Somehow, the light of a broken light post nearby gave way into a gleam of crimson in Akiko's own eye, though the bard didn't say much on that matter initially, instead looking up towards the airship in thought. "That's not Kanbaru... oh well, we've gotta keep mov-"

"Shit!" Akiko swore out of surprise as she instinctively grabbed hold of Lorelai, scared from Durgan's sudden leap into the sky. She glanced up at Lorelai's hand to see she was wielding the Violet Relic, something that Akiko raised an eyebrow at. She had heard something about what it could do when she gazed through Eleonor, but seeing that Lorelai had it herself was incredible. That, plus technically that meant Akiko had both the Red and Violet relics. Good to know for the future, but not immediately now. She had a plan for what to do when the group got up top.

As Durgan was dismissed, disappearing... somewhere, Akiko kept holding onto Lorelai as the two landed upon Rose's Airship deck. Fakebaru could figure out how to land herself. She glanced up at the helm and, sure enough to her suspicions, Rose was piloting the airship for the moment. In the gaze towards Rose, another glint in her eyes gave Akiko enough info to figure things out, and she hugged Lorelai tightly before she broke free.

"Stay here, Lorelai, and help Chen with that demon there. I'm heading up to relieve Rose of her duties." Akiko smiled at her knight one last time before she darted over to Rose's side and spoke. "You're better with combat than I am. I'll take the wheel, you get in there and take that thing down!"

While she was waiting for Rose to move from the wheel (or refuse, if she wanted), Akiko returned to thinking about her Monkey card. "If I had to absorb you permanently, would you be alright with that? Like, willing to let me shapeshift freely and everything?"

"Sure thing! The me from one day to the next isn't that important. Most people are so caught up in who they are right now that they can't see how they've changed from ten years past and how much they will change ten years hence. It just kind of happens on autopilot, and then at the end, when they finally having nothing left but to look back, sometimes they're horrified at what they let themselves become in clinging to the now. I'm just glad that I fell into the hands of someone who's willing to chart their own course on who they want to be. Use me as you see fit."
Monkey, as given from Gecko on Discord

"Thank you, Monkey." Cool, another Serei to absorb and merge into yourself.

The blind kid was taken aback for a moment before he realized. "No wait, I do remember! Sorry, it's been a bit of a day. First badge this morning, met a legendary Pokemon immediately after, then we hopped a ferry and from there it's just been constant movement." Skylar explained, remembering back up to the surface from a little while ago. "Y'know, that did seem like a familiar Pokemon on the surface. Oh, and Xatu just went back to Dad, since I figured Seabreeze was going to keep me fine. Can't wait to get back home to see him, though!"

After that was cleared up, Oaken spoke up and mentioned that JoJo was a Male Ralts, following up with something about Gallade and Gardevoir. Skylar simply tilted his head at Oaken. "Uh, I think you need a Dawn Stone or something for a Gallade, right? I hadn't put much thought into it, but whatever JoJo wants to be then I'll gladly let him decide." Skylar smiled at his buddy, patting the green guy on his shoulder, and receiving an almost-purr from the Ralts. "That, plus no matter what he chooses, he'll still fill a good role on my team. He's done good work so far, and I imagine that'll keep going on."

After the conversation, it seemed that the group passed by the Beheeyem unharmed, save for Oaken's ego probably being throttled juuuuust a little bit. It was understandable, though, seeing as a blind kid walked through and just had his dumb luck work out.

As the group walked, Skylar felt the Ralts on his back begin to shake a little bit at the sheer power of the hostile presence, and JoJo was lifted from the trainer's shoulder and held in his arms for the rest of the walk. There was still... something, though, that kept the two moving forward, maybe the entire group.

Then they stepped into the massive room, and Mother of Lugia that's Palkia. Like, the actual Palkia! Skylar's Pokedex buzzed with not only one new entry, but two meaning that it just had to ACTUALLY BE PALKIA! How?! How had Skylar met not only Entei, but also Mesprit, Azelf, and Palkia within two days?! That's insane and, frankly, really convenient to Kalmia's research and such seeing as their entries were neat to have. Heck, even as a small blue Pokemon fluttered around the massive beast's neck, Skylar couldn't help but reach into his bag and grab his Pokedex, taking a quick photo of Palkia in all it's spacial glory.

As for the blue Pokemon, Skylar immediately recognized it without much worry. It was one of the reasons Skylar had even come down this far into Lakewatch's bowels. As it neared the group, Skylar immediately ignored Oaken's chafe and curt response to the scene and instead raised his hand to wave, the pink Crystals of Emotion glittering within the filtered light that seeped within and JoJo displacing from the room for a moment before reappearing on Skylar's head, normally where Seabreeze would go, and wearing Skylar's sunglasses. Oddly enough, his gray and foggy eyes did fit in amongst the room itself.
(I imagined the crystals would be a bracelet forming around Skylar's wrist.)
"Hello, Azelf... a-and Palkia... uh, I'm sure you can guess why me and Vivia are here, at least. T-though it is certainly an honor to be in both of your presences right now..."

From up here... well, the world seemed very small.

Digbie watched the tiny little ball of blue underneath him in the cosmos. It was... well, almost an incredibly surreal experience. To think that Digbie simply started this main adventure in hopes he could dig to his heart's content, and now here he was, evolving. Not only evolving, but being in a state of heightened awareness as he evolved. He could do something from up here, but what would he do? Surely if this was the situation he was in, he could do so much to help him and the others he traveled with, but that wasn't what he was feeling.

He could do so much, but he found himself going back to the same idea of what he wanted to do. He wanted to ask about what he was doing, what he was turning into, and why he had managed to do this. He had a lot of questions to ask, but he could only muster one.

"Am I doing the right thing, Jehanne?"

After a small pause, Digbie asked again.

"Am I doing the right thing... anyone...?"

After a moment of waiting, Digbie looked back at the planet he rose from, and stretched his hand towards it. Maybe he could cover it with a Sacred Ground, all the way up here...?

"Heh, sorry Vivia." Skylar chuckled. "When we get out, I'll let you hug Mac for a little bit. Dude's a little space heater, should have you dry in no time."

After a little walking, the group encroached onto the next room... where two trainers were already there! One of them must've been the trainer that left their Pokemon at the surface, but the other... well, Skylar didn't know. At least Vivia knew about them.

"... uh... hi." Skylar waved over to Eryn and Oaken, the new trainers that he had never met before, before he introduced himself to the two. "I'm Skylar, trying to find a certain Pokemon in here that wants me to not use any Pokemon to help find my way." The boy smiled before he felt a small body crawling down his back. Without even missing a beat, Skylar spoke while still looking straight for Oaken and Eryn. "JoJo, it's fine. Don't worry about them, they're okay."

At first, the body on his back was hesitant to say hello, before the Ralts peered over Skylar's shoulder and looked at the two. "Rraall..." Clearly, the Pokemon was still nervous, but it at least said hello.

"That's JoJo. He's here in case me and Vivia get stuck and can't move forward or back. He hasn't interfered at all." Was that the right word? It felt a little weird and rude. JoJo didn't seem to be distraught about it, so it was probably fine.

After introductions were out of the way, Skylar prodded around with his cane for a moment, just in case he hit any rocks that would cause him to trip and faceplant. That brought him up to the boogie of Beheeyem in front of the group blocking what seemed to be the only way forward that wasn't completely flooded by water, or at least, wouldn't be flooded anytime soon.

"That's the only way, right there." Skylar bluntly said, vaguely pointing in that direction. "Not sure why the Beheeyem are really blocking it, unless they're blocking it to those who have continued on this trial that me and Vivia were set to, but what if we try walking through? Maybe they'll let us just... pass?" Skylar calmly suggested to the group before stepping closer to the Beheeyem himself. "I mean, if they try pulling any dangerous stuff on me, it'd honestly be more of a waste. I've only got 4 senses at full capacity, after all."

"Well, you can summon little old me for starters. Or you can use my power of transformation! I can transform body and soul from one thing to another."
Monkey, as given from Gecko on Discord

"... I've gotta be honest, that would've been much nicer to have before I absorbed Smitten Kitten for just these cat ears and tail..." Akiko pondered in her mind for but a moment, instead snapping back to reality as she saw the motorcycle piloted once by a "Kanbaru" flying its way towards the bank and, coincidentally, the duo of Akiko and Lorelai. She didn't have much time to think before Akiko flung herself towards Lorelai, pushing the knight to the side and out of the way of the hurtled motorcycle. Compared to all the work that Lorelai and Durgan did on the door moments before, the motorcycle was the last piece of the puzzle that broke down the door, tipping it right into the next wall. From there, the bank vault was almost open. All the two needed now was to br-

... the explosion caused by the wrecked motorcycle was just enough to crack open the wall. Sweet.

"... augh... sorry, didn't want you getting pegged by that bike." The catgirl rolled off of Lorelai and stood back on her feet, looking inside the bank and feeling proud at the sight of the open vault. "C'mon, we've still gotta keep moving, especially with the hordes behind us."

Assuming that Lorelai followed in, and Durgan being left to keep the hordes at bay, Akiko ran into the vault and pulled out the small shortsword she had for safekeeping. Sure, it wasn't really much, but it managed to pry open a few deposit boxes so she could gain access to them... though, interestingly, the money that she kept grabbing dissipated on contact with the bard's hands. At first, it was a little confusing, but placing a hand on her hip revealed that there was yet another card attached to it. Looking at it revealed that Akiko was actually obtaining the money she was touching, however it was being stored in some sort of way on this card, and reading it revealed that she had grabbed 3,000 Bees... wait, bees? She was sure that she had grabbed around 30,000 dollars so far from this heist (since the dollars did evaporate when she touched them), but why did they convert to bees of all things? Ah, no matter. It still seemed to work, as Akiko kept placing her hands on whatever money she could and the number on her currency card kept rising higher and higher. She managed to make it up to... 15,030 Bees on her card before she decided that the duo had to split.

"We've got everything we needed, I think. 150 grand should be able to cover us for a while. Hopefully, what with the bar's prices still kind of in the dark." The catgirl leapt up to the back of Durgan once again, holding out her hand to summon the Red Relic into it. Once she felt it's familiar power, she sent her hand forth and snapped, a small amount of zombies fidgeting and squirming before they began to fall into a pile of viscera and gore, melted from the heat of their own blood. Akiko, admittedly, felt a little dirty about it, but if they were mindless anyway... well... maybe it was fine? In any case, there was now a path for Lorelai and Akiko to leave with, and thankfully there seemed to be an airship directly above the road they were on.

Akiko looked back to the vault to see if she had missed anything, but all she saw was that a few feet away was the rider of the motorcycle. She looked... awfully a lot like Kanbaru, but... well, she wasn't sure if she was. She didn't have that feeling that was Kanbaru's anyway, at least not exactly. Still, Akiko shook her head and leaned over off Durgan to offer a hand for the motorcyclist.

"Hop on, we gotta get out of this horde so we don't lose these games."

"Hm, what to do now..." Skylar pondered aloud. The room they were in certainly had an exit, but to where that was... well, not very many locations overall. The West was blocked by Beheeyems, the North too high to pass, and the South not very much of note. There was also the other room to the East, which Skylar thought was pretty barebones overall too. It extended further than the direction Skylar and Vivia came from, but that was pretty much it, since Skylar wasn't too focused on it to care much. Really, the North direction seemed to be the one that would hold the way further.

The only problem? It was a bit too tall for the two kids to climb to, unless something happened... like the water rising higher... wait a second.

"I think we need to go North, though it's not going to be easy to climb. We might have to get our shoes wet with this room, Vivia." The blind boy started, grabbing JoJo and placing the Pokemon on his head. "The way I see it, we don't really have much of a choice to get up higher unless our path is made for us like the Claydol breaking that pillar. So... we need to wait. The water seeping in here doesn't show any signs of stopping, that's for sure, so we just wait for it to rise higher and higher until we're able to climb up. It'd take longer for that, though, than it would for a Swablu to cross all of Hoenn..."

The boy put a hand to his chin in thought. "This is only a theory, but if we were put through the ringer with our thoughts prying at us, then getting put through it again with almost drowning might be another considerable thing. Even then, we do have our way out if things get too hairy riiight here." Skylar patted JoJo's leg affectionately, the Ralts giggling. "Teleport should be able to get us out of here in a jiffy."
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