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Current If your girl can't crack your skull between her thighs then whats the point of even being a human being.
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Identities are confusing to figure out.
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How do wing.
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You know what's awful? Drawing a resting place for your character. You know what's worse? That same character dying from the setting the same day you drew it. GG Lazo. No hard feelings.
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Omae wa mou shindeiru.


Well hello.

I guess I should introduce myself, huh.

I'm Gardevoiran, just some schmuck going to college and working towards getting a degree in Fine Arts.

I do commissions and what-not, and you can ask me to do a commission for you through my Discord (Gardevoiran #1429) or up here through RPGuild PMs, and I receive donations and payment through my Ko-fi page. Clicking the box right below here will take you to it.

I'm a nerd. I play Pokemon religiously, I dabble in some anime, I write up here, and I love watching incredibly awful movies and just making fun of them. Specifically things like "Leo the Lion" and what not.

I don't have much else to say, so I guess I can leave you guys with a really bad joke.

"What do you call a cow with two legs?"
"Lean beef."

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Digbie listened to everything, standing up when he thought everything was concluded with the voices. He had listened to absolutely everything in the darkness, and all he could think about was what the Earth was to him. The biggest voice had called the Earth just soil - something for Digbie to impose his will upon - and Digbie couldn't deny that was a bit of the truth, though that resonated with him just a little more than anything else.

Digbie was a goblin at the end of the day. Sure, he had a solid amount of magical potential as a demiblin, but at the end of the day he was once a goblin. A goblin without any magical aptitude. Somehow, he had managed to get magical power though he had no understanding of how it worked originally. Maybe... maybe what the god said was how magic worked overall? Maybe magic in this world was just the manifestation of one's will onto the world. Maybe other species and beings could do it better than Goblins, explaining why Oberon had an easier time.

Was that the key to the world?

Digbie gave his answer as he turned towards the exit. He wasn't ready to go all the way down, and he needed to get back to his friends. "If what you said is true, then the Earth is not a great beast, or a father, or monk. The Earth is what you make of it. It's like destiny, in a way, and if the Earth is what you make of it, then I will make all I can of it. Though, I certainly can't do it alone." Digbie bowed his head, smiling, as he stepped towards the exit of the cave. [color=0072bc][b]"I'm heading back to my friends. After all, how can I exert my will without anyone to survive with?"[/color]

Digbie placed his hands close to the White Yill on his head as he stepped out of the cave, focusing as hard as he could to do what he had figured. He worked hard to impose his will onto the flower, trying to help it regrow back into it's former glory before he messed up. He didn't have any specific spell for it, but hopefully with enough will, he could help the flower heal from it's wounds.

"I'm pretty sure Seabreeze and Celebrity can handle a little more, but alright!" Skylar stepped away for Vivia to handle the situation with her Venonat. He wasn't able to do much right now with his team not in the best shape it could be. Best he could do right now is be prepared for what's to come in case Vivia's Pokemon all go down to the scoundrels that were harassing this kid.

In preparation, Skylar grabbed the Potion out of his bag and sprayed the scrapes that were on Celebrity, trying to heal her back up as far as he could. She was averse to this, not liking the spray being on her, but she quickly put up with it after she felt better.

"If things get hairy, trade out with me one of you! Until then, I'll be ready to pick up where you left off!"

Skylar looked at the new kid and posed a question to him. "Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what's your name?!"

Charging the Batteries

Outlet knew the stakes well, and she knew what she was here to do. It seemed a little odd that, for the majority of her time with Zugzwang, she was someone who brought a lot of pain and misery to others, yet in this heel-turner situation she found herself helping out more than she figured. She continued to dance around Behemoth's path with her projectiles, making sure he felt every shock on his legs and abdomen. The Beast occasionally staggered a very slight amount before continuing on like nothing. It was no good, her power wasn't as useful as it could be against the fucker.

Tsk, tsk... what to do... oh? Looks like someone else was using their own electricity, judging from the sound of that bolt smashing into Behemoth. Maybe they had a power similar to Outlet? There was only one way to find out. She raised her arm towards a wall, fired a rod right into the concrete, and tore a hole right through it. She repeated this until she found the source of the lightning smashing into Behemoth. A girl with metal skin.

Without any warning, Outlet rushed over and introduced herself. "Sparky girl, how's it hanging! I see you're using electricity. Need a charge from... oh shit."

Outlet found herself interrupted quickly after the introduction by the giant-ass light projection over Behemoth. It looked like it was finally letting off what was in it's tank that it'd been stockpiling for the last little bit. Well, with any luck, it'd make a strong dent in the fucker.
The Pumpkin King!

Jack and the terror triplets had been wandering around the outskirts of the city in pursuits of any sort of trail that would lead them to Sally for quite some time at that point, and as they traveled they had made sure to stay out of sight of any people. Halloween wasn't going to come early this year, Jack had decided, and that meant he had to make sure that he wasn't going to cause any ruckus out of season. No doubt someone would lose their heads on it if he ran amok with the trio all across Paris, causing absolute mayhem in their path. Though he could excise his restraint to scare, the trio was a group he had to keep a close eye on. No doubt Lock, Shock, and / or Barrel, would use any situation to escape to cause a scare. That, and he had to keep an eye on them. Zero was always well behaved, though. He was a good boy, indeed.

"I do hope you're not absconding with these children, skeleton-creature. It would be a pity to dirty my cloak in a fight after such a nice day of riding."

Jack froze when he heard the voice of a foreigner address him directly. Well, it may not have been a direct thing, but he was fairly certain he was the only person around that could easily be described as a 'skeleton-creature'. That being said, what the man said was actually really reassuring. He wasn't scared, and he certainly wasn't intimidated. He was concerned for Lock, Shock, and Barrel, which was quite nice to know. Either that, or he was being sarcastic, but it seemed like his bird was more responsible for that end of the conversation.

"No sir, we're just a bunch of travelers, far from our home. Though, we normally make our appearance around the end of October, a shadow took us here and stole away someone dear to us." Jack offered a creepy smile and outstretched his hand towards Cassim. "Jack Skellington, the one and only Pumpkin King, and the Spirit of Halloween!" Regardless of whether or not Cassim took his hand, Jack moved on to explain the rest of his friends to the traveler and his colorful bird. "These are Lock, Shock, and Barrel, the truly troublesome troupe of terrifying tricksters, and this is Zero!"
Lorenzo of Windor

The Breathstalker was truly a terrifying beast to behold, but Lorenzo stared headlongingly towards the tower in the distance and knew that this mighty beast could hold it's own in the face of danger. If a hound could do it, certainly he could as well. The crippled trainer flung off his cloak from his body, tying it around his mouth as a bandanna, before he mushed the giant hound forward through the Breathstalker and onwards to victory. There wasn't much standing in their paths now, but the ash would certainly raise a bit of a problem if they stayed in it for long.

Lorenzo heard his new friend whine in reaction to the ash and felt his heart sank. That was a whine that was all too familiar to the trainer. With a few reassuring pats, the hound trainer told his new companion "You're doing great, friend! Just a little further and we'll be out of harms way!" Lorenzo was feeling... fairly confident in his abilities. He might've been horribly scared, but he was ready for what's coming up in the future. All the group needed was to first get out of this ash storm...

"... tempting offer." Eve calmly said as the van pulled to a stop, her climbing out of it and watching it as the van sped off into the city, vanishing without a trace. What an... interesting meeting with the Union, indeed.

She stared down at the registration papers and contract in her hands. Jeez, that was a lot of stuff to take in, especially all at once. Hell, Eve was still trying to figure out how they managed to get her mail for her. Wasn't that illegal? Bah, whatever, it saved her a little walking in any case. She couldn't really walk far with how her feet were shaped and built, not that she complained since flying was definitely a far better form of transportation, wind through her feather and what-not.

"Meteor... poster girl of Ruststone?" That certainly did have a nice ring to it, though.

Regardless, there was someone she wanted to consult first before this went anywhere. Unfortunately, he was currently at work, so she was on her own in thinking this over. Meh, she should probably head back home to mull this over. So much for trying to find a boyfriend.

On her way to the nearby tram, she pulled out her phone and started texting her dad. <something big came up that i gotta discuss with ya>
The Pumpkin King!

"Hmm." Jack hummed to himself as he looked at the new graveyard. It was a familiar feeling graveyard, though he knew he had almost certainly never seen it in his life. Maybe as a once-over? It didn't matter, he was determined to find Sally at most any chance he could take. For this shadow to take her away from Halloween Town... it wasn't right.

Jack looked at a few of the gravestones to try and figure out the location of the group before he "raised an eyebrow" at the stone. He... couldn't read it easily. It took him a little bit of looking at it before he deciphered what it read, or rather, what language it was in. "This is French? Wait..." Jack thought for a moment before things started to click into his head. He and the kids weren't in Halloween Town anymore, they were in--

"France!" Jack rose his voice as it echoed a bit through the trees. "How did we get to France?" He paced around, putting his Frog Gun back into his burlap sack and petting Zero on the head as he paced. "What sort of mess did that shadow bring about...?" Jack pondered as he stepped on a piece of parchment, picking it up off the ground and attempting to read it. There was one main word that stood out amongst most of the other language, which Jack could only tell bits and pieces of. "... okay, we're not totally lost at least. This paper says we're actually in the city of Paris." Jack announced to Lock, Shock, and Barrel. "It's off-season for our act, though, so we all shouldn't try and scare the pants off of anyone we come across. We're just looking for a way back home. Sally's smart, she probably went there first before us." Jack told the group as he led the way out of the graveyard.

"Come on, kids. We'll have better luck getting everything sorted out as long as we don't waste time."

From the Ashes III

"Building to your right has debri blocking the exits."

"On it!" Phoenix looked at the wall and backed up a decent way before charging straight towards it, cracking straight through it and looking at the crowd before her. She stepped to the side and yelled at everyone on the ground floor, pretty standard for evacuation purposes. "Through here, everyone! Head out and run AWAY from the giant monster!"

Phoenix ran out and looked over at Behemoth and the angel of light that was combating it right now. Apparently that was the power of one of the Denver Wards, Tulpa. God DAMN Denver was packing some real heat! Shit! Phoenix was simply in awe of the cape before her senses came back and she got her head back on task.

"Get some PRT dispatched out here to help evacuation attempts for these people, Overlook. We've gotta keep moving."

"Right! I've been scanning with the Eye a little more... there's a few people left in the building closer to Behemoth that could use another way out."

Phoenix ran out and smashed into the next building's wall, cracking it down and letting the flurry of people start rushing out. She looked at the side of her body she'd been smashing into walls with and showed a little concern. "Can't smash into too many more walls, dude!" People started ducking out of the newly-created hole in the wall as Overlook beeped once more.

"Oh shit, there's some people one more building over that aren't looking too good. Third floor, near a decent amount of rubble."

"I'm on it!" Phoenix moved into the next building, charging her way up the stairs and running over to a man and a woman, clad in their business attire. The woman's legs were concealed under some rubble, and she was still conscious but definitely a lot paler than she should be. The man, however, was unconscious, and had a pretty nasty head wound.

"... heroes...?" the woman asked as Phoenix ran up, grabbing hold of the concrete that covered the woman's legs as she tried to lift it up.

"Hero. Don't worry, I'll--" Phoenix had the concrete lifted up just enough over the woman's legs to see that the two legs were completely totaled. Everything about them was wrong, with blood spilling out of them and the structure just... being flat. The legs were hardly recognizable anymore. "... get you out! No worries!" The hero dropped the concrete to the side of everyone as she bent over to grab the woman under her arm.

"I can see the paths of you and that woman, but that man has one very transparent path."

Phoenix didn't understand shit of what Overlook said as she grabbed the man with her other arm, moving down the stairs quickly as she barked a command at him. "Get some Movers to here, now! These guys are in critical condition!"

When Phoenix heard another voice, she was surprised to find out that it was the voice of the woman. "P-please... m-my daughter is a Ward... tell them that... we're proud..."

That... was heavy information.

"Someone's on the way, just get outside!"

"Already on it! Don't you give up on me, ma'am!"
"Alright, ma'am, that should be enough. Drink a few sips every hour and you'll be better in no-time." Ursaren happily told the woman. There was thankfully enough herbs and remedial ingredients in the medical area for him to use in order to brew some pretty strong potions. He mulled over every drink, making sure the concoctions were as perfect as possible, before handing them to a person, and he repeated doing so with everyone in there that needed heavy healing. Those with light scrapes and cuts, but had infected wounds, got some less powerful healing potions. Regardless, Ursaren tended to everyone as soon as he could.

A guard then came running into the room, and what he said had piqued Ursaren's interest. A visitor in this town? There wasn't even a suitable doctor in the town, so what would make someone want to come here? He thought it with all due respect, of course, but there simply wasn't much in this town to warrant someone being a visitor. Maybe they were from here originally or something, Ursaren didn't know.

The old man looked at his patients and addressed them. [b]"I'll be right back, folks. I want to go see what all this commotion is about."[/color] After he said his word, he stepped out and joined Beren, Settionne, and the gang to watch as the visitor entered town.

The two trainers had made it to Silent Shrine after the generally uninteresting walk through the forest, Seabreeze cawing at Skylar every now and again to tell him he was about to walk right into a tree. Thankfully, Skylar didn't, and stood at the shrine's entrance with Vivia. "Cool beans, we made it!" he cheered semi-softly as he stepped into the shrine, walking only a few steps forward before raising his cane to halt Vivia from moving forward. Skylar heard something sketchy, and pulled out his Pokedex, flicking on the camera option and holding his camera around the corner to take a video of the people in the shrine, Skylar watching carefully on the Pokedex display.

‘The alternative is we have an immediate and violent Pokémon battle. So, franky, I insist,’

"Sure, yeah, I'll come with you."
Red-Haired Stranger and Kid

There were three people. A kid with a Porygon and Snivy, a red-haired man, and a cyan-haired woman. The red-haired man had a Growlithe with him, too, and from what it seemed, he was hounding the kid. I mean, maybe it was the case and this was a big misunderstanding on Skylar's end, but it didn't seem to be that way. Not at all. Skylar felt an urge within him to keep his Pokedex rolling as he himself stepped around the corner, quickly moving forward with Celebrity trailing behind him. Whether or not Vivia came with was up to her.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Skylar asked. "Shrines aren't meant to be places of conflict, so what's this I hear about a violent Pokemon battle?"

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