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Well hello.

I guess I should introduce myself, huh.

I'm Gardevoiran, just some schmuck going to college and working towards getting a degree in Fine Arts.

I do commissions and what-not, and you can ask me to do a commission for you through my Discord (Gardevoiran #1429) or up here through RPGuild PMs, and I receive donations and payment through my Ko-fi page. Clicking the box right below here will take you to it.

I'm a nerd. I play Pokemon religiously, I dabble in some anime, I write up here, and I love watching incredibly awful movies and just making fun of them. Specifically things like "Leo the Lion" and what not.

I don't have much else to say, so I guess I can leave you guys with a really bad joke.

"What do you call a cow with two legs?"
"Lean beef."

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"Oi? Whaddya doin, all by yerself at this bar?" One of the fellow Golden Guardian members asked, noticing the black hooded Arina sitting at the bar minding her own business, writing note all in the small notebooks she had. She rolled her eyes, seriously wishing to stay out of whatever this guy wanted. Gods, he had all his character armor on, and it regrettably did not hide the smell he had emanating off him. He was with a few of his buddies, no doubt all in a party, and he was intent on getting Arina to notice him.

"Y'better know what's good for ya, young lady, or else y've'ta answer to me, Lord Reddick the Rhino! Now, I'm sure I asked ye a question?" Sheesh, what a name. He almost smelled like a rhino at that. Arina sighed to herself before she turned around to look at 'Reddick the Rhino' before she realized that maybe his name wasn't too far off. He certainly looked the part, or at least, she wanted to say he did. He didn't catch on to who Arina was at first, maybe because she was technically logged out and didn't like showing her face. If it was any reason, it'd be one of those. Regardless, he placed a hand down on the counter beside Arina as he pressed forward, Arina simply bringing up the page to let her log back in.

"Listen here, lassie. Me and m'boys can take ye home, make sure yer safe, if y'want. With people like Graph'te 'round, ye'd d'well wit some comp'n-" Reddick stopped as he watched the girl's outfit finally materialize over her, her model reflecting that of what his superior was. Pestilent simply stared at him, drawing a frowny face on her mask all the while. "Yes? You were saying something?"

Reddick quickly stood back up, raising a hand to his forehead and saluting at his deputy. "M-Milady Em'rald! Aye, 'give me! I didn't know 'twas ye! I-I was wonder'n if'n ya needed some help writin' yer guide!" Reddick quickly changed his entire outlook of Pestilent with his switch, staring at his superior like he knew he had fucked up... which, he did, but whatever.

"Thank you, but I'm quite alright doing this alone. Rest assured, the captain will be hearing about this good work you've done, offering to help, though." Pestilent smirked, swiveling her chair around and leaving Reddick... very scared. He awkwardly shuffled back over to his posse of rank smelling dudes, leaving Pestilent to chuckle to herself.

"God, some of these Golden Members and their gall," she commented, sipping away at her root beer.

I was afraid.

I stood in the darkness of this nightmare as if it was a prison and I had no way out. All around me were shadows of fellow goblins, at first. Why? I'd only been a goblin for a little while, and now I was something different. Despite that, the goblins that were around me tread slowly towards a sea of even blacker darkness. What stood within that I could hardly describe.

Monsters, of all shapes and sizes. Even with what seemed like miles between me and their black outlines, I could still feel their presence. I was mortified. Some were as big as elephants, others were as small as bugs. Some were like humans, others like dogs. Some felt hot and humid on their bodies, and others felt freezing and slick. It was mortifying. It was even moreso when I felt that hand of someone like me rub against my shoulder, leading the others towards the darkness.

I clambered to my feet, staring back at the darkness. I could continue to go that way, join many others in the idea that to grow strong I had to fall to my darkness. I was brought back by a Demon King, so it would only make sense. Though, even with that, I could see my own shadow as it stretched towards the darkness, though, it wasn't like the others. The others were tangible, and I could touch them and feel their grainy goblinoid skin. My shadow was just that. A shadow, cast by a light coming from behind me.

So I turned around, and saw the light. Was that Jehanne's forgiveness for falling into the Taboo that I saw earlier? Was it sanctuary for someone like me to go and find? It didn't seem like there was a path, but as I kept staring, I slowly began to see my path in it. It was slim, no doubt tough for someone to travel, but it wasn't nonexistent. If I was careful, I could do it.

I took one last look at the shadows behind me. A goblin gestured for me to follow as I glanced, but their wishes I had to decline. I knew what I was going to do--what choice I would make--and going down the path of darkness wasn't on my schedule.

One foot in front of the other, I walked towards the light. I swear, I remember saying something as I walked down the narrow path of the light...

"Jehanne protect me... please.

~~~~~~~< The next day... >~~~~~~~

"... ngh..." God, sleeping on the floor was tough. Especially with dreams like that. Regardless, Digbie rose back up from the floor of the cave. Seemed like everyone else had gone back outside, save for Torrent, though from the way that things were going with her, he was scared to even ask what she was doing. That being said, Digbie only had one real thing on his mind. He grabbed his gear once again, slinging his Ratskin Pack over his back and throwing his satchel over his shoulder before he walked outside on his own. He had something he needed to do, and wanted to do yesterday, but couldn't. Hopefully today, he could manage to do what he was trying to.

After snacking on whatever things he could, Digbie stepped towards the stream, away from Oberon, away from Ash, and away from Torrent. At the shore, he began digging through his satchel and pulled out his prayer book and his Maiden Effigy, placing both down on the shore away from the water (as to not let them get washed away). He took a drink from the stream, wiped the remaining water off his mouth, and returned to his book, opening the page to the Great Fast.

... while he wasn't sure what the whole thing he needed to recite was, these books were normally meant for humans. Hopefully he could read something off before the Broken Tower tribe made it to Digbie and the others. If they made it, though, Digbie'd have to put this on hold just a little longer. Man, he hoped they'd take a bit more time...!

"Maiden, I have fallen to the taboo, and am no longer worthy of being called your child. Though I am only a demiblin, I wish to receive your holy guidance and blessing to purge this taboo out of my body, for my own safety, and the strength to provide the same safety to myself and my friends."

"Oh." Mastar said abruptly as she immediately scrambled to her feet in the tank. Gosh darnit Manifold! You could've given a heads up you were gonna throw that! Within seconds, Mastar oozed out of the tank and made it back onto the grass and dirt, making a beeline for where the truck wa- where'd that go? On that note, where did Manifold go...? Bah, she'd worry about that later. Right now there was what seemed to be an imploding ball of pure light expanding right behind her. In an instant, her powers went into overdrive it seemed, her mass growing in front of her to help keep her from getting caught by the blast. At first, it wasn't much of a growth, but then she found herself in front of the blast by a couple of yards, before she actually managed to outrun it entirely and make it back to Arson and... Jackalope? Was that his name? She didn't care, she was exhausted.

"H-Hey... haahh... m-managed to outrun my death... haahh... gimme a second." she said, breathing hard. How much did she lose there for tar generation? Fifty seemed too small, maybe a hundred? Bah, whatever. she was alive, though, and that's all that mattered. "Where's... Manifold? Pretty sure she... was right by the truck..."

"Oh, shit! She's still under there!"

"... s-she should be fine... r-right Arson...? Mastar stuttered, stepping over to the wreckage of the truck and pouring more tar into her arms for more strength. She was going to have to try to heave it to the side, at least enough so that Manifold could be revealed if she was under there. Arson could easily do it, but maybe if Mastar did then everything would be okay. "Y-you and her fought against Endbringers before! What's a truck gonna do, s-scrape your knee?" Mastar smiled as she placed two tarry tendrils under the truck, took a breath, and lifted as much as she could. She tried to keep her smile up, but it wouldn't serve to hide the fact she was definitely worried.

"Whoa, isn't that kinda taboo?" Aesthetic whispered, still paying attention to the situation as her cape identity. That's... wow. She remembered that it was kind of breaking a rule in the past to reveal names like that. Though, that was in the past, back when there was a Protectorate and such. Now it's different... so... maybe it didn't matter as much? Regardless, the situation was still one that was interesting to watch, especially with the development that SWAT took a knee towards Spindle.

"Talk about first impressions." She rolled her eyes at what was going on while still simply watching and observing. C'mon, Judah! You could've at least asked why before you willingly did it!
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A moment and air of silence, at least for a minute. Something to take her mind off of what had happened so far today. This was... quite the interesting debacle that she had been thrust into. What with the morning with Lorelai, facing Selene head on, acquiring the lost Relic for Eleonor, the elusive Jester's appearance, and now this ordeal that probably involved Rose and Kanbaru. It was odd, the pacifistic bard having to spring a heist to bust two of her ex-allies out of a slave ring, but Akiko admitted that she'd need the help moving forward. As great as Lorelai and Eleonor were, having more than three cards amongst a group was a good idea.

The cat checked her equipment, which was honestly just her shortsword. She hadn't a need to use it yet, save for the shackles that bound her to Selene's table, but she still figured it was best to be prepared. In her hands, though, rested a Lorelai Card and an Eleonor card. Surely the executor of the Imperium and her loyal knight were enough to protect her, or at least, she hoped so. In a way, these cards were like those ghosts from that one show her acquaintance showed her. Stands? Bah, whatever. Point is, she had assets, and they'd no doubt be handy for what's to come.

As soon as she was ready, Akiko drew her cloak over her head and rushed outside to join up with Eleonor and Lorelai. Just as she made it out, Lorelai was sending away the infantry, with her debriefing the cat and Eleonor in separate.

"We hunt a black hearted fiend of immense cunning and a casual disregard for the sanctity of the Imperium and its people. Emilia of Warovia has elluded justice for too long, and today we shall show her she is no noble. She is a worm, one I will see receive the full punishment she deserves for her monstrous ways."

There was a pause in Lorelai's speech as she leapt up onto Durgan, offering a hand down to help Akiko and Eleonor up.

"Time is of the essence, and while our horses are superb for navigating our Imperium's highways, there is no beast that can surpass Durgan and I riding as one. We shall shackle that fiend before she feels the breeze of our approach strike her false flesh."

Akiko ran up and took the hand, allowing herself to be hoisted onto Durgan's saddle and finding her arms hugging around Lorelai just for stability's sake. No doubt it'd be a bumpy ride, and she definitely didn't want to fall off.

"When we get there, I'll go try to find my captured friends. No doubt they'll be handy for subduing Emilia if the need arises." Akiko mentioned, though something bothered her. She didn't... actually have a plan for how she was going to save Rose and Kanbaru. Hell, she didn't even know if that bluenette was a sign that it's Rose and Kanbaru. That being said, it was a hunch, and she knew she had to act on it. Plus, it wasn't like she didn't have time to figure out what to do. She had the whole ride to figure out an idea, after all. Something would come to her.

"Hold on, you two. Black Pentacle's on it's way."
The Pumpkin King!

"Cassim!" Jack called as he noticed his fellow trickster getting slogged in the gut and choked out by another shadow. Everyone else was handling their own encounters pretty well, though the king of thieves could use a hand. Jack smiled and obliged without a spoken word to him, tossing a jack-o-lantern over Cassim and banishing a shadow that was going to join the fight on Cassim from the mortal world with a simple flash of a blaze. "Everyone, stay strong! We can handle this struggle so long as we don't falter!" The Pumpkin King shouted to his friends before a spirit came sneaking up towards him, almost like it was trying to get the drop on him...

"Oh? And who are you, trying to spook the most terrifying creature?" Jack turned to face the shadow head-on, grabbing the edges of his mouth and pulling them down past his shoulders. With a terrifying howl, Jack let loose a potent red flame, blasting out of his gaping maw and onto the transparent yet solid flesh of the shadowy figure, though it didn't last for long as the shadowy form began to melt in front of everyone's eyes, it becoming nothing more than a pile of residue on the floor. Letting go of his mouth, Jack placed a hand to his forehead and cackled into the night sky. "I guess it's just too hot for some of these shadows to bear! In fact..."

Jack sprung up into the air, smiled from 'ear to ear', then brought his hands to his side as hes tarted to emblazon the surrounding area of the tavern, courtyard, and several streets with a bright blaze. So much for subtlety, but it kept the area lit up, and hopefully it'd be enough to keep the shadows from continuing an endless assault. At least, that's what Jack hoped his illusioned flames would do. If they didn't, hopefully the pressure could be kept up.

Zero, meanwhile, was rushing through shadow after shadow, 'smashing' into them with his bright red nose and causing them to vanish from the inside out. Seems like the light of the ghost pooch's nose was enough to banish the shadows away from the world. Regardless, it was racking up a decent 'kill' count by simply rushing around, finding himself right back inside of a familiar bathtub. He barked at the creepy cavalcade of cartoonish creations happily before licking Lock, then Shock, then Barrel. Sure, they were mischievous, but they were still Zero's friends!
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It was a silent little bit of walking, but eventually the Jester and Akiko managed to trudge their way back towards the manor that housed the effervescent Eleonor and Lorelai. Akiko held within her hand the Red Relic that was swiped by Selene, and the two were standing back in front of the very house that Akiko slept in the night before. It was actually a little odd for her to be standing in front of such a manor alone again... well... alone metaphorically. In reality, she might've had the Jester beside her, but she was still walking up to the manor without anyone who belonged in it escorting her in. Odd, but nonetheless, Akiko knew what she came to do.

She walked slowly towards the front door, looking back at the Jester and curiously having a question to ask her. "Tell me, Jester, are you going to accompany me into here or are you going to vanish and reappear later? I must say, I am curious."

"That's an interesting question to ask. I think it's much more interesting to not answer it and let you see for yourself," the Jester said with an easy smile. Before Akiko could protest, she knocked on the front door to call forward the Lady of the manor. Immediately they'd be greeted by the maids and perhaps even Eleonor herself.

Although Eleonor wouldn't be the one answering the door, the maids wouldn't waste time in guiding their Mistress' guests into her presence. The redheaded magister waited for them in her study, reading an ancient tome of lore with her back turned to the door. Either she was completely confident in her abilities or totally careless to the point of ignoring the presence of others.

It was only after the maids close the door behind them that Eleonor turned around with a surprised look in her deep-red eyes. "Oh! I haven't noticed that you were back already," she said, looking at Akiko before turning her eyes to the one beside her, frowning if she were met with someone she wasn't expecting to see. "I see that you made some more acquaintances along the way," she added in a dry voice.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you Lady Eleonor." If the Jester was put off by the blatant disdain, she didn't show it, raising her skirt on either side and slowly courtsing in front of Eleonor. "My name is Eris. You see, I stumbled upon Akiko in a time of need and it was through our efforts we obtained that which rightfully belongs to you. The Imperium weeps to hear their champion of justice crippled, but they'll weep no longer once they heard you've been restored to full strength." "Eris" nodded over to Akiko to reveal the treasure she'd discovered.

Akiko raised an eyebrow at 'Eris', but nonetheless presented the Red Relic to Eleonor. "It didn't exactly happen that way, but we did procure the Relic that you had wrongfully taken from you." Akiko smiled towards Eleonor, stepping closer to rightfully return the Relic to it's owner. "I believe this belongs to you?" she asked jokingly, offering the Relic up to Eleonor with an earnest smirk.

"Oh? So that's it? I have to say that this was very unexpected. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for your efforts. If there's anything I can offer as a reward, please, don't hesitate to ask," Eleonor said as she reached for the Relic, feeling its energy course through her veins once more as soon as she got a hold of it. "That said... you don't sound all that unknown to me. Have we ever met before?" she asked, looking at "Eris".

"Though, I suppose that you can answer that later, after we've taken care of your rewards," she said dismissing her doubts in the same careless way that she usually behaved when not in official business.

"Who knows? The world is smaller than we think, or so I'm told," was Eris' casual answer to Eleonor.

"Why was it unexpected, Lady Eleonor? You trusted me with a task that seemed to be of utmost importance, and I accomplished it to the T... with a little help, admittedly." She knew the Jester was up to some ruse, and decided to play along with the ruse. After all, it might just pay out in the long run. Nevertheless, Akiko got back to the topic at hand. "Did you not think I'd be successful in my efforts?"

"Well, the speed in which you did it was certainly unexpected," Eleonor said, finally putting away the book she had been reading until now. "I didn't think that the thief would be hiding right under my nose this whole time. Otherwise, how could you recover it so fast? In fact, I fully expected you to have to take a journey to Emilia and back before you found any traces of the Relic since the only one who would have any reason—or rather, the courage—to steal it would have to be the Doll Princess," she added as she took a seat at her chair and beckoned the two of them to a luxurious couch.

"It turned out that the thief was willing to make a trade, and it just so happened that I had something that interested them far more than the Relic did." Akiko stepped close to the couch before sitting down, straightening out the bottom of her dress as she sat as to continue an air of formality between Lady Eleonor and herself. "As for finding her, she was actually after that exact thing we traded for. It took a few guards, but after managing to spring a trap she was willing to talk for a trade. Unfortunately, she managed to get away after that trade through magic that I, personally, was unfamiliar with." Akiko explained the situation as her tail gently rested in her lap, her stroking it gently as she talked. "She... used a portal. To where, I'm not sure, but she should have no more reason to steal from Rivenwood anymore."

"Ahh, well, it's not like it matters that much anymore. I'll just ask Yggdrasil to send some of his men after them. Police work isn't my duty," Eleonor said as she wrote a request for the Silvery Knight, pushing the work of investigation to the appropriate division. When the time came, she would be the one to judge the thief, and hand out an appropriate sentence, there was no reason to rush it and waste her own resources.

"Anyway, I haven't heard what you want as a reward. It would be highly inappropiate for me to not recognize the work you've done for the Imperium and for myself."

Akiko knew what she wanted, but as for articulating it... well... that was a bit tougher. "Well, there are actually two things that I want, but we can discuss one of them later. For right now, I would like to explain the first thing I would enjoy as a reward." Akiko said as she pulled out the Lorelai card, holding it in her hand and showing it to Eleonor, with the Lorelai side turned to face Akiko. "These cards are the kinds of magic that I can use, as opposed to the tomes that the people around here wield. With these cards, I can do feats that give me features such as these I have now." she explained the card's use as she pointed to her cat ears and tail. "I happen to have had two this morning, though I parted with one earlier to get your Relic back. That being said, I do know that you have the potential to give me another."

"Huh? That's not as usual as you make it sound like. Tomes can take all kinds of shapes, I've seen a few like this one you have in the past," Eleonor said when presented with the card. She'd seen her fair share of types of tomes and cards were a especially popular choice. "But, supposing that I believe your story... how is it that I can give you another one of these? I'm not a Tome artisan or the Librarian, so I can't just make appear from thin air," she added in a curious yet obviously incredulous tone.

"Oh that's easy."

As the two had their exchange, Eris remained silent in watch as the discussion of cards and Tomes were brought up. She looked at the book Eleonor had cast away and said, "My, my Lady Eleonor. For all the knowledge you seek, the simplest of manners evade you? Well, we can keep that little blunder just between us girls." Eris observed them both from her sights now. "I happen to have some experience in the matter of this. Transferring power and sharing the ability of one's Tome to another is a simple practice. All you need is the right push and consent from user to user after all. Do you trust Akiko with the power of your Red Relic, Lady Eleonor?" Once again Eris stared directly at Eleonor now.

Eleonor looked at the other red-eyed girl with suspicion in her eyes. She never heard of anything like that being possible, even for that wretched Librarian. Nevertheless, she allowed her curiosity to take the best of her and said, "Sure, why not? I want to see if this story of yours is true or not. As long as you don't use the Relic's powers against the Imperium, I have no reason not to do it."

Eris' smile widened an inch though it looked plastered all the same. Regardless she obliged the Crimson Guardian by first standing up and approaching her with no care for personal space. Nor did she warn her next motion, which was to snatch Eleonor's arm and point it at Akiko's held card. "Now concentrate deep and hard, Lady Eleonor. Allow your soul and will to be etched into the body of this card. Let it be known by your own eyes that it holds your heart now and forever." As she said this, Eleonor's hand glowed a dark red as streams of power strained out, flowing into the card.

"That's a little—wait! What's is even happening here?" Eleonor said as she allowed herself to be led by this Eris. After seeing the results of her proposal, she couldn't help but think that she fell into some sort of trap. What would happen to her now was beyond Eleonor' grasp, but the fact was that she probably shouldn't ever have trusted Eris' words. What kind of demon was she even dealing with?

"There's no need to fret," Eris said, letting the power siphon away from Eleonor's fingertips into the card. After a few seconds, she forcibly moved the woman's hand away as Akiko's card shined in a bloody red light that illuminated the room. Then the show died down and within Akiko's hand, burning hot with fresh power, was a picture of Eleonor herself, a new Serie Card granted. "Wasn't that fun," Eris mused.

"I suppose, if that's the word you want to use." Akiko said as she turned the card around to show Eleonor the new card she was in possession of. "Regardless, your powers are now in the form of another card. Lorelai was the other card I had this morning, and I still have her as well." Akiko showed the other card to Eleonor before putting both away, returning to the conversation at hand. "Now then, I'm sure you have questions, Lady Eleonor. I can try my personal best to explain to you my personal history and what exactly just happened."

"Well, that wasn't what I was expecting. For a moment, I thought you were plotting something sinist—What do you mean by Lorelai being in the other? If you did anything to her, I'll be sure to give you the worst sentence possible," Eleonor said as she recovered from her early disorientation and glared at both of them.

"No no no! She's fine! I'm not one for being violent!" Akiko quickly explained as she showed the card again. "I got the Lorelai card last night through peaceful means. Completely peaceful means. Your Lorelai is completely fine, if not a little more confused by me having cat ears and a tail." Akiko quickly explained away the situation. "I have a copy of a Lorelai card and I have a copy of an Eleonor card. I can summon either person as someone loyal to me, or I can use a card to obtain powers or items similar to what you guys have. So... I could potentially have a Red Relic of my own while you still have yours here." Akiko put away the Lorelai card and pulled out the Eleonor card as she spoke.

"You'll have to forgive her, Lady Eleonor."

By Eris' expression, she almost looked on the verge of a giggle but it was hard to tell; either way, the subject was the regurgitation of words Akiko was spilling out to the denizen of this world who wouldn't understand much of this, even with their nuclear knowledge of Tomes. "What she's trying to say, my Lady, is that she merely copied a piece of your power and may use it freely as she likes. The same has been done for your precious Lorelai; in fact, you'll find her still sleeping in her bedroom, oblivious of this talk." Eris stood herself up and gave Akiko a passing smirk, though it spoke volumes of how she wasn't going to intervene further if Akiko chose the wrong words.

"Alas, I must bid you farewell my friends. It seems I'm running rather late for a meeting with a friend of mine. She also lives in a manor you know, though one much bigger than this one." Eris bowed once more to Eleonor before taking her leave, patting Akiko on the shoulder once as she passed. Then she stepped out the room to leave the two as they were.

Akiko was silent for a moment until Eris left, sighing before responding. "What she said was correct. I-I'd like to say I'm knowledgeable on these cards but I'm still new to this all."

"Yes, and..." Eleonor took a step away as she thought about what she heard. "... now that that you have what you want, I suppose that you are satisfied, right? If that's the case, I might as well go look at how Lorelai is with my own eyes," she said, crossing her arms under her chest and looking at Akiko warily.

"She was in there this morning, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was still there. That being said, I did want one other thing, though I'm not sure if you would be keen on helping with that after this whole situation with Eris." Akiko twiddled her thumbs as she stood up. "And... I would also like to see Lorelai too. If that's alright."

"Hmm... and this other thing would be?" Eleonor said as she looked down on Akiko.

"I wanted to try and find the other people I came here with." she asked calmly. "As stupid as they were to walk away from this whole meeting, I'd feel a lot safer traveling with them since I'm still somewhat of a stranger to this region."


The voice came from the walls. A figure emerged from just beside where Akiko sat, the Jester revealing himself before the two. The masked man passed through the solid material as if he were a ghost, uncaring for the couch passing through him as he only emerged half-way. He passed one glance at Akiko before turning back to Eleonor. "The Princess of Warovia has been spotted along the border of Rivenwood and Exilia. Given your prior history with her, I felt this might be enticing information for you to ponder as she has remained unpunished by the Imperium for her crimes. Witnesses claim she was last spotted in the possession of a slave convoy. Interestingly, one of the captured sported blue hair."

"Well, I think that you have the answer you sought right here. The guards at the Orello outpost reported earlier this morning, saying that the people who came with you were spotted leaving the Imperium's borders toward Exilia," Eleonor said to Akiko, after listening to the report from the Jester, not even bothering to inquire where the Imperator's Advisor even came from. "You are lucky, though. If they are with that Princess, I'll actually help you along to find them. Bear in mind that, if they chose to become her allies, I'll not spare them any mercy. Now, go get yourself ready, we are leaving," Eleonor as she left her office to get her own preparations done.

"I'll go get Lorelai. No doubt she'll also want to come along, if you're intending to find this woman that you're after." Akiko looked to the door before she turned to face the Jester. As soon as Eleonor was out of the way, she spoke to him. "... so... Eris, huh?" she raised an eyebrow towards him as she stepped away from the couch and to the door.

"Oh brother." Pestilent sighed as she read her emails. Another game mode that Pestilent would no-doubt be writing a guide for soon. Maybe the devs would be kind and send her a beta-version of the survival mode so she could get a jump start on that. Regardless, the other email was her main motivation for the night. A new bar opening for HGO players? What, did that mean a physical bar was open for all patrons, but it mainly catered to a HGO demographic? Weird, but okay. Still, a new bar opening was something for Pestilent to write a guide about, though it might just be a short 'this drink gives these boosts' guide. Easy money.

She kept her face obscured by a black hoodie as she made her way through the city towards the Sixth Chamber, keeping her player handle hidden from view by staying logged out. She wasn't gonna get recognized if she was logged out, which was good. Last thing she needed was a Golden Guardian noob coming up to her and asking her for a date in their roleplay character. That wa,s for sure, not one of Pestilent's scenes. Roleplaying was weird.

Digbie fell backwards and laid against the ground, breathing heavily. Another monster down, and another narrow dodge of some serious damage onto the demigob. He could breathe easy for just a little bit... or at least, until he realized there was a fire spreading, which caused him to back away quickly from it. He was a bit too close to it, or he thought so at least.

After that initial panic, Digbie looked at his new satchel and remembered he had some new things. He excitedly shot to his feet and announced to the group. "I found some things while I was out! I got all this neat stuff! I found some mushrooms that are really poisonous, a-and some blue yills that're potent with normal magical energy, and even this sword!" Digbie raised his Chipped Shank as he finished his statement, putting his satchel on the ground and pulling items out as he called them out. "I even found this book! It's a religious text that might help get the Taboo out of my body, maybe even get some holy spells!" Digbie raised his book up before carefully bringing it back down. "I-It's a little frail though."

Digbie left his satchel beside him on the ground as he stood, cracking his knuckled and talking again. "Also, I'm learning how to dual-cast! Maybe then I can take some big monsters on my own! T-that rat was just really big and I wasn't sure I could take him on my own..." Speaking of Dual Casting, Digbie remembered he could keep practicing that, and he tried to do just that by casting a Mana Orb in one hand while lifting some dirt in the other with Soil Manipulation. Hopefully he could juggle the two, leading to the development of the skill overall.

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The path from Rivenwood to Eleonor's mansion was a short one, but that didn't mean the shattered world stopping turning. People went about their lives, rebels continued to undermine the authority, and the Imperium continued to have its eyes everywhere. Despite the bustle of Rivenwood's daily occurence, the world seemed to almost not matter in a blur in comparison to greater values. Such was the case for Akiko, who now held the power of the Red Relic in her hands. And with it came those who sought interest in such things; it was roughly around Rivenwood's entrance where people were less heavily clustered that a voice called out to her from the side.

"You're not from around here," it said, broached with finality as if already knowing the answer. The voice's owner stood to the side as he observed the girl. "You must be a traveler among this land. In your short time here, I've already heard interesting details about you, Akiko."

Akiko's glance observed the cloaked man, scanning him up and down as he addressed her and what she had done since she entered the shattered world. She turned to face him directly, stopping in her tracks as she watched him closely. "I'm touched. Word in this town does spread quickly of a stranger getting to eat with the local political figures." She stepped closer to the man, hands at her side, and with a hood drawn over her head and ears. "Interesting thing is, only Lorelai and Asgard know of my name, save their soldiers. So how did you get a hold of such information, I wonder..."

"How unfortunate Asgard doesn't refer to her superiors. But in the presence of strangers, who may blame her for revealing information without foresight." The masked man didn't move even as Akiko drew closer to him. "Information passes by me easily and quickly without fail. As the Imperator's advisor and most efficient operative, all things are seen by me, and thus, all are known by the glory of the Imperator. Your arrival is no different."

Akiko raised an eyebrow at the man before she spoke again. "Must be fun, being the advisor. You must get to meet so many different people around this world. Boy, I'd like to have such a luxury. Alas, I'm afraid I've got business to attend to with Asgard and Lorelai, since they assigned me to a task that was critical. Being an advisor to the Imperator, I'm sure you already know." Akiko explained herself, winking at the Advisor and trying to check what was beyond that mask of his.

The man didn't answer her response, as if waiting for something to come and pass. There was a brief shot of pain that spliced into Akiko's eyes, despite no physical intrusion occurring. It burned sharply, like a knife slowly dropped into her sockets from the inside out. It lasted as long as her Gaze gave, only to disperse once five full seconds had passed, as if the miasma of pain parted away, allowing her to see what lay beyond the mask. As always, nothing made sense, more so than her usual sight granted by the ability.

For every second she watched, the pain returned, growing harder and hotter as if daring her to continue her journey into the unknown. Even then, there was only a green smudge around Akiko's vision, blurred and unable to be made out until one image slowly bled out into the center of her vision. Blobs and colors mished together, only to form the visage of a girl smirking right back at her.

"I can see you."

The pain doubled in velocity to the point where any sane mortal may have torn their eyes asunder.

Akiko's eyes fluttered as she tried to keep them open, gazing further and further as she felt the immense pain in the back of her head. What... what was going on? How powerful was this guy, and who was that woman? She felt like her eyes were being eaten while they were still in her head, a fork jamming into her eyes harder and harder, going back for another bite over and over, but she clenched her teeth and stepped closer to the man. As she stepped, she kept her eyes open to continue her Gaze, trying to pry what was down beneath to the surface.

"Are you trying to see past my sights, Akiko? It's rude to be this close to people, so I've heard." Akiko was met by nothing but the same pain, this time increased enough to physically force her back. All the same, the masked man stood resolute and unaffected while the images Akiko strained to see dissolved back into blurry messes. But if she really wanted to try harder, to dare to see past the cloud, perhaps there was something more for her to discover just beyond the unseeable....

"Gnh..." she felt the pain grow, felt her instincts back down, and grunted audibly as if she couldn't manage to hold back a scream, but still, she persisted. Despite the obscene pain, her curiosity needed to delve deeper. She had to know what was going on, but whether she could keep it up for long, she wasn't sure. She knew she could probably push a little further to see the next layer, but if her eyes gave out after that she knew there wasn't going to be another effort.

Akiko would be rewarded with the image of herself. And much like the current her, the one she saw with her sight recoiled in pain, hand clenched to her head as pain wracked her mind from an unmovable force. "Grrgh! Son of a bitch!" she'd hear herself say before the same pain came right back around and forced her Gaze to end once and for all.

"How unfortunate of an ability," the masked man mused. "To what use does it serve when you go around freely tossing it out at every person you encounter."

Akiko held her head as she regained her balance, staring up at the man and wiping the tears from her eyes. "... w-what are you?" She asked, her voice clearly a bit stained from being near a full fit of crying. No words could describe that pain she had just gone through.

"I'm Nobody. Somebody born from Anybody that may become Everybody. But you may call me the Jester." Despite Akiko's shriveled form before him, he reached forward, a gloved thumb pressed to her cheek. In one clean move he swiped away the tear running down her cheek. All the same, his own eyes peered into her behind his mask. "I would like to ask you a question, Akiko. If you would allow me your time."

She stood from her knees, staring at this 'Jester' with confusion in her eyes. A man, speaking in philosophies and riddles, clearly not with any desire to hurt Akiko. For some reason, though, he was interested in something that she could explain. She lowered her other hand, keeping her eye closed as she responded. "W-what's the question...?"

"Why did you try to see within my past." It was a simple enough question with, in theory, a simple enough answer. But whether Akiko would be honest in such dealings remained to be seen, at least to the common eye. True to his word, the Jester waited patiently for his answer. If that meant Akiko needed time to breath easy and compose herself again, so be it, though her hood had since fallen aside by her stumble, revealing the cat ears beneath. The Jester cared naught for them, waiting for his answer.

Akiko took a breath before she considered her answers. She didn't have a clean cut answer prepared, but she could try and piece something together, hopefully such that she didn't get in hot water with the Jester here. "Learning as much as you can about someone is a way to make conversations less confusing. I-I wanted to see what I could learn." She thought for a moment before squinting at the Jester. "And you... you don't seem to be wholly the Jester, if that woman from the Gaze is any evidence of that theory..."

"As I told you. I'm Nobody. And yet, I am Everybody, but still, Somebody. And Somebody can be Anybody." The Jester leaned down until he was bending towards Akiko's level. Their gazes were even until they weren't anymore, Akiko staring past the Jester as the masked man had suddenly grabbed her into a hug, arms wrapped around her frame. "And now I'm Somebody~" The voice that spoke past Akiko's ear was distinctly more feminine and the weight pressed into Akiko was lesser than before. If she looked down, she'd see the body of a girl clinging to her, wearing the same dress as the one in her vision.

"Bodies change, but the right ones can convince the right people to the right answer."

Akiko was taken aback, but didn't leave the hug, though it was unclear if she didn't leave out of fear or enjoyment. "My answers were honest." Akiko felt around her outfit for the Red Relic, finding it and sighing gently with relief. "What do you mean by the right answer, O Jester?" she asked, just a hint of sarcasm reeking from the last little bit of her sentence.

"Did you think me as a petty thief? Oh, but you do have rotting luck concerning people with masks," the Jester mused. She slowly unlatched herself away from Akiko, a smile etched to her face. "Interesting. You didn't flee or run away even as my shape changed and our distance was closed. Be it out of choice or chance. And yet, the right answer lays all around us Akiko. It lays in me, and it lays in you too. There's a desire within you, isn't there. You may not see it, but I do clearly, even without your ability."

Akiko raised an eyebrow at the Jester. "It's not that I think of you as a thief. I just can't be too careful regarding the safety of this Relic." She sized up the Jester in her head before she realized what the Jester had actually said. "What do you mean by a 'desire' inside me...?"

"Oh? Haven't you wondered why was it you were brought into this place and land? Why the Tower chose you." The Jester leaned into Akiko again, if only to keep her words hidden only by their proximity. "This Tower chooses not out of random, but of reason. For someone with such foresight in ability, you're blind to your own potential. Aren't you the least bit curious about yourself~?"

"Of course I am, but please excuse me for being a bit skeptical on how far I'll go in this place." Akiko responded as she placed a hand on her ears and hair, straightening everything out again before she looked back at the Jester. "And also forgive me for being skeptical of what a stranger that is aware of my abilites says."

"A jester serves at the side of the Queen. Am I not worthy to deem such values upon you, the most capable of doing so?" The Jester dipped closer until their noses were almost touching. She maintained the position for a few seconds before backing off. "From the very start of our conversation, you held confidence in my presence. Even under strain of pain, you continued to push yourself and held your head high in face of my wonderful powers. There is no doubt to me, Akiko Miazaki; you were born to lead~"

Akiko held a neutral expression to the Jester as she listened, remembering the pain and instinctively placing a hand against her eye. "I'm touched." she statically commented, clearly being sarcastic yet again. "From the sounds of things you're making me out to be a queen. A queen of what, however, remains to be understood." The catgirl folded her arms together as she kept listening to the Jester.

"Indeed, the queen of what. Who's to say for certain, neither you nor me. But that means your path is open to any number of variables." The Jester stood up from her spot, offering a hand up to Akiko. "If you'll allow me, I'd like to personally look into your journey myself. You are someone who provides great interest to me and I look forward to what more you can seek to conquer in your time in this Tower. Perhaps this humble jester will find new authority to follow provided the right examples can be made."

Akiko looked at the hand, considering the thought of taking it, but simply stood up on her own. Dusting her dress off, she looked to the Jester. "If you care to follow in my adventure, then I highly doubt that I have the power to stop you, nor would I want to with my own hands. Do with that knowledge what you will, Jester." She flicked her ears back and forth before she looked back at Rivenwood. "Surprised you're not going after someone like Rose or Kanbaru. No doubt they've gotten up to more interesting shenanigans than I have."

Despite Akiko brushing off the assistance, the Jester's smile didn't falter. "Who knows. Their adventures may tie back into your own. As I understand, you three are still part of a Guild and are connected by more than just fragile bonds. Now then, let us go forward to Lady Eleonor. I too have much business to discuss with her." The Jester held her hands behind her, walking alongside Akiko with an almost-bounce to her step.

"Yes. Let's." Akiko drew her hood back over her head as she led the way to Eleonor's manor, unsure of how to feel about her new traveling companion. For the time being, she would hopefully bode to be a useful asset, but only time could tell whether Akiko would truly be this queen she spoke of, or merely another peasant. Regardless, the future made her feel somewhat uneasy.

"Alright, lovelies. I'll see you in a moment~." Mastar smirked, turning into a full-tar state as she crept into the tank itself, quickly asserting her control over the two soldiers inside it as she arrested control over the tank. She formed into a partial state as she pressed whatever she used to communicate with Arson and Manifold.

"I'm in a tank! Don't shoot the one that's aiming at the others!"

Mastar 'cracked her fingers' as she watched her tank aim, bringing the barrel of the massive weapon to face another tank. She looked around for a fire button, found what she thought was that (it was a red button that had something that vaguely sounded like fire) and pressed it, a tank shell rocketing out of the barrel towards another tank aiming towards Manifold.

"... I'm guessing this is my time to leave." Aesthetic looked at the cage she was in, but more importantly, she stared at the opening. She stepped over to the opening, reached down through it to grab a ledge with both arms, and gently lowered herself through the opening and onto the building's side below. More and more, she found herself falling towards a lower building, staying on that roof as she waited for the event to die down. There was too much going on at this part of the city such that she couldn't change back into being Charlotte. Once some of the crowd died down, she'd return to being herself. Afterwards, it was off to home.

"Guard, don't fuck this up. You know that it'd spell disaster." Aesthetic commented worriedly. She was really hoping everything went right, because if it didn't, all of the Guard would have blood on their hands they'd have to live with.
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