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How do wing.
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Well hello.

I guess I should introduce myself, huh.

I'm Gardevoiran, just some schmuck going to college and working towards getting a degree in Fine Arts.

I do commissions and what-not, and you can ask me to do a commission for you through my Discord (Gardevoiran #1429) or up here through RPGuild PMs, and I receive donations and payment through my Ko-fi page. Clicking the box right below here will take you to it.

I'm a nerd. I play Pokemon religiously, I dabble in some anime, I write up here, and I love watching incredibly awful movies and just making fun of them. Specifically things like "Leo the Lion" and what not.

I don't have much else to say, so I guess I can leave you guys with a really bad joke.

"What do you call a cow with two legs?"
"Lean beef."

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- - Skylar Brighton - -


"Umm... no. Not that I don't plan on going there soon, but I've gotta get back to Raremine." Skylar nodded to the man. "I'm trying to get every badge, and Kristy's my second stop on my quest through Isson." He gestured towards his team and pulled his cane back out. "I actually need to get back. I just didn't want Darcie to be stuck forever if I could help it. Maybe when I get to Witchpeak I'll see you there?"

Regardless of anything, Skylar would offer the man his contact information before heading off back to Raremine. Just in case he needed him.

On the way back to Raremine, Skylar looked over his crew. "Alright, Kristy's up next. For real this time, we're not gonna get distracted, right gang?" Skylar's team all nodded and gave an approval, but Seabreeze gave an affirmative "Gull!" especially. Good kid, he was.

"She's a specialist in the Ground Type, and while I'd love to assume we'll be fine, probably good to go over strategy. So..." Skylar patted Paradise first. "Paradise, you're gonna be our bread and butter here. Seabreeze is right behind you, followed by Bejeebs and Forge. Mac'll be waiting in the back for a final fighter, in case we need to clutch up."

He gave a scratch to the Rowlet on his lap. "Owlfred, you just need to learn from these guys. They're pros, and I really don't want to try throwing you out there if I could help it."


"Good to hear. Now, let's get cracking!"

And with the plans set, Skylar and co. rushed off to go and face Kristy down for real this time.
- - Skylar Brighton - -


"Noted. Let's make like a banana and SPLIT!" Skylar started to rush up the way he came, team in tow behind him and Paradise swooping underneath the man to try carrying him up. Moving like a unit seemed to help with the idea of getting out of there anyway.

Presumably, with everyone running (and of course, if the GM allows), they'd arrive to a spot of safety and Skylar would turn to the man they had just helped... or at least, his general direction. "Phew! That was a little spooky, if you pardon the joke. Anyway, uh... howdy! I'm Skylar, and I hate to bother you but... oh! Seabreeze!" Skylar looked at the little white blur in his field of vision actively staring at the man with a guitar case, something Skylar didn't catch onto.

"Heh... buddy, it's not nice to stare. He's not gonna... oh wait!" Seabreeze finally turned to Skylar and flew back onto his head. Forge and Paradise, meanwhile, rolled their eyes at the boy's density. Regardless, Skylar fumbled around and pulled out the note he had from a little earlier. "Um, you wouldn't happen to know a 'Darcie' would you? I found this note from them, sounded urgent, and we were looking for someone with a guitar case and coat that would answer to Dad, anyway." Skylar paused for a second. "N-not that I'm assuming you're a musician or dad or off-duty cop or anything like that, haha!"
- - Skylar Brighton - -


And dodge Paradise did. Making a big leap, she hung in the air long enough with Skylar and Owlfred on her back that she dodged the Sand Tomb before landing with a thud, still trucking along. Seeing the conflict arising, Skylar stepped off the Tropius and over to the side. Pokemon Battles shouldn't involve their trainers unless they absolutely have to. That, and he didn't want to get hit again.

"Owlfred, stay near Paradise and try to learn what you can. I didn't expect your first battle to be like this, but here we are!" Skylar snapped his hands and pointed his cane forward. "Paradise! Razor Leaf the crowd!" Skylar guided Paradise to her first action, Forge running back around and standing guard of Skylar himself. This seemed like one of those Kalosian battles Skylar heard about... a horde battle? Was that what it was called?

"Man, I wish we had Seabreeze here. I'm sure these are Ground types at least!" Skylar looked up at the rest of the area, unable to decipher his Wingull from the sky due to his vision. Crap.
- - Skylar Brighton - -


Skylar's head turned slowly to watch the swimmer run away from whatever was going on at the shoreline here. All he could really see from where he stood was just a bunch of sandy piles and red specks along the top of them. That said, he approached cautiously in any case. He was still waiting for Breeze to report back if he found anything, and if he was going to get some training in this was probably a good opportunity if he could help.

"Howdy, sir! Do you need a hand?" Skylar rode Paradise closer towards the man, though the Tropius seemed a little hesitant to get much closer as she could actually see the Sandygasts and Palossand. Enough for his Pokedex to prattle off the entries. The hesitation wasn't lost on Skylar, though, and Forge also noted it and stepped in front of Paradise to stand at the ready in case this man wasn't as good as the group hoped.

"What's up, Paradise? We'll be fine, don't worry." Skylar pat the dinosaur's neck. Owlfred waddled off the boy's arms and flew up to his big friend's head, standing atop to watch the situation. "So anyway, are those your Sandygasts? They're not native to Isson, so seeing them here is a little odd."

Forge and Paradise both stood prepared, in case this turned sour real fast.
- - Skylar Brighton - -


"Crap, he's not here." Skylar groaned, looking at the mail once again. Well... darn. What was he to do about that now? He was here at Stalfords, he could look for the guy some more, but... man, this stunk. Skylar looked around once again for a man with... wait.

"Hey, Breeze? One more look around for a man with a guitar case." Skylar asked his pal, who gave a nod and flew upwards to the skies and started to search around for any sign of the man they were looking for. Skylar himself meanwhile ran his hands through his hair in thought, staring at the ferry.

"... alriiight, um. We can't take the ferry without Kristy's badge, but I don't wanna leave unless we're absolutely sure this guy isn't here. So... hmm... let's go down towards Route 16's shore? We'll train a little if we can and pass the time waiting for another ferry to come in, maybe that guy will be on that one?" Skylar gave a smile, though it was clear he was a little worried. If the man wasn't there, he'd have to go to Witchpeak after getting Kristy's badge most likely. Not that he couldn't do that, but...

"Rowlowl?" Owlfred chirped in Skylar's arms, reminding the boy of their goal. "R-right. Let's go train."

Unless Seabreeze found anything or anyone, that was the plan. Down towards the shore, maybe do some training while they waited. Once that was over, well... time to actually finish tackling the Gym.
- - Skylar Brighton - -


Whoops, two weeks later.

"O-Oh! Maybe that's not the greatest option then!" Skylar rubbed the back of his head nervously. Did that bird really drop things for fun? Whatever got your kicks, he supposed, but wow that was... wow. Zachary seemed to have some assurance though that it'd be fine, so Skylar nodded in affirmation. "If you're sure that everything will be fine, then I'm A-OK with the deal!"

Skylar took the pirate's hand and shook it, sealing the deal before passing over the required amount of money.

Skylar paid 2,000 P.

Of course, if everything went well, then Skylar would pay the remaining 2,000 when he got the egg. Call it a tip, call it a down payment, whatever it was, Skylar felt like it'd be fine.

"I'll probably be around Raremine for one more day to take on the gym and finish up some exploring, at the least, then I'll probably move North from there to Cooldome and Freecape, just so you get an idea of where to send the egg if you do go through with it."

With that, Skylar looked over towards the way he came from, and started walking. He waved back to the pirates with a smile, new friend in his other arm. "I'll be in touch!"

Seabreeze and Paradise followed behind Skylar closely, still enthralled with Owlfred. We'll say Bejeebs and Mac were put away as well, to keep things concise. Once properly out of range, Forge was let back out of the Pokeball and hastily affirmed that they were, indeed, not captured by bad dudes.

"Hey hey, it's alright bud. We have another friend."

And, much like their fellow team members, Forge was enthralled with the borb. "Grooo."

"Alriiight, back to business. Let's go deliver that mail, new priorities." Skylar looked back at the water and momentarily saw the Squirtle again, but elected to move on. The Squirtle could stay wild, that seemed fine.

Skylar hopped onto Paradise's back, and off the group ran, back towards town and off to Stafford's Ferry! (I think that's where the mail was going, anyway). They weren't particularly worried about making any stops, none of them had sustained much damage (if any at all) in that prior interaction.
- - Skylar Brighton - -


"He won't stop me, that's for sure." Skylar laughed before offering a jolly wave. "Hello Elma, Mila!" As one of the girls went off to go see about Pokemon, Zachary freaked out about the Relic Vase. Skylar wasn't entirely sure why, other than it seemed like it would be something valuable to him. That said, maybe the boy just valued friends more than money. He wasn't entirely sure, but it made Zachary change his tone really quick.

Once it got a little zesty, though, Skylar zoned out and looked up at the ship where he saw the tiny little brown owl appear on Elma's shoulder and move down towards him. From there, Skylar was immediately captivated by the small lad. "Well hello there, little guy... ohmygodhe'ssocute."

Skylar was absolutely gonna accept, 100%.
Skylar obtained a Rowlet! Sending Pretzlcoatl to the box...!

"Your name is now Owlfred."

Holding the borb in his arms, facing him towards Zachary and the others, Skylar pulled back with the Relic Vase. "Ehhh, I'm not too fond of the idea of giving you a vase and just hoping I'll see you again. After all, if this vase really is that valuable, I feel like maybe working off of that way might be risky... but... I have an idea."

Skylar glanced down at Rowlet. "You have Pokemon not native to Isson. Surely one of them could carry the egg to me and deliver it, if you decide to... you know. When I get the egg, I'll give that Pokemon the Relic Vase to return to you. I think there was a Pokemon from Paldea who carries things in it's feathers, if I'm not wrong about my bird studies."

Skylar put the vase away. "Of course, I know that's also a little bit much of me to ask, but I think you charge for more than one Pokemon, right? Kalmia implied that when she told us about you. So - I'll pay up front, right now, for whatever the price of a second Pokemon would be, as a sort of trust. If and when I get the egg, you get the vase. Sound fair?" Skylar held out his hand from there, offering a handshake. "And if you decide to change your mind, that's fine. You did give me ol' Owlfred here, I won't be mad."

Meanwhile, with all of these negotiations, Seabreeze and Paradise immediately looked down at the small round boy and observed. What a small bean he was, indeed. Paradise moved his beak down and picked a small stray feather off the bird's head, enamored by the small little guy.
"He's friend shaped."
- - Skylar Brighton - -


"Lucky guess, really! I'm legally blind!" Skylar prodded his way closer towards the pirates, team in tow and with the thoughts rampant through his mind of what Pokemon he could request from the pirates. After a moment, Skylar planted one hand firmly into the other. He didn't know how many birds he could get, but he was sure that he was gonna at least get two if he could.

"Skylar Brighton, future Flying Gym Leader, at least after I get a few more badges. I love Flying Types and birds in general, and I've been, uh, studying them for a good part of my life. If... if that wasn't obvious." Skylar gestured to his team of a prehistoric bird, a seagull, a dinosaur with wings, a fighting chicken and a butterfly. He shrugged that off and continued. "And I've actually heard that there are bird Pokemon that were common starters in other regions, one that evolves into like... an archer specifically that seems really fun!"

Skylar paused for a minute. "And I know it's probably a long shot, but I do love Piplup. If you, uh, have one of those. I think only one Pokemon would be free, but I can trade this Relic Vase I found a while ago for another. Some collectors in Raremine seem to think it's quite valuable, anyway..."
- - Skylar Brighton - -


"... man, I wish I could read this easier. I've gotta be so close to it." Skylar commented as he finally pulled the mail away from his face, having read it. "Stafford's Ferry, eh? We'll head right there, once we see the pirates. I think that's them over there."


"Hm? What's that, Breeze?" Skylar looked up at the nesting bird on the top of his head and looked in the same direction. A Squirtle? Skylar had to stare at the blotch for just a second but, sure enough, it seemed to be a Squirtle! Not a bird, definitely a Pokemon he liked.

He looked for a minute before calling back Forge, something he was planning on doing before talking to the pirates anyway, since he didn't want them to think he stole this Pokemon from them and ruined the deal. "Come back just for a minute, Forge. I promise, it'll be quick."

Turning to the boat, Skylar waved and shouted to the group. "Hey! Are you guys the pirates?! Kalmia told me about you!"

- - Skylar Brighton - -


"Haha, cool. Welcome aboard, Greg." Skylar named his Nincada and noticed the item that was on it. Odd. Tunnel Mail seems kind of odd thing to carry around for no reason. He pat Jeebs on the head, following up to pet Forge. "Good work you two. Let's get to the shore."

Back in the present(?), the training went fairly well and Skylar congratulated each of his team members. "Good job, y'all! We'll show Kristy what for in just a little bit!" He looked out at the vast sea and smiled. "Gonna be honest, wasn't actually expecting this place to exist. I thought I just misread the sign, which would be pretty easy to do since... well... can't see that great, haha." After the giggle, Skylar placed a hand on his chin and pulled his Super Potions out of his bag with the other, spritzing Mac and Pretzl with them.

"Well, now that we're here, I guess there's no better time to try and see what kinda rare Pokemon we could find, eh? I've heard about a kind of gorging bird from Galar that I could reasonably bet might be here." Skylar chuckled. He doubted it, since the region had pretty restrictive control, but he could never be too sure!

"Guwingull!" Seabreeze soared back down to the ground and sat on Skylar's head, gesturing a little to Forge. Speaking of the chimaera-esque monster, they were happily basking on the sand in a spot clear of some rocks. Seemed Forge quite liked the sun.

"... oh yeah! I doubt that the pirate would be here, but could be fun to see if he was further down the beach! Let's go check!" Skylar stepped over to Paradise and clambered onto her back, the rest of the team following behind as Skylar and co. made their way down the beach in search of Rare Pokemon and Pirates. Forge also got up, albeit not happy to leave the basking spot.

... and while he was riding, maybe it would be a good time to check that Mail, eh?

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