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I might be leaving this setting, but that doesn't mean you guys shouldn't check it out!…
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"And I love you, random citizen!" ~Metro Man, Megamind (2010)
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Time to do some art and be myself, my doods.


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"If my say means anything, it could be a matter of just a famished ghoul eating... well... whatever they could easily get," the junior started off. She wasn't talkative throughout most of the ride over, but now she found an opportunity to talk and she was going to try and help the situation the best she could. "It would explain the erratic behavior, right? You have to find what you can eat, so you'd eat what seems easiest."

Yuno sat there for a few seconds in silence before she piped up again. "If we need bait, I'd be willing as long as you promise to not leave me for dead." Live bait had to be tempting for a ghoul, and with Yuno being a "snack" as some people had called her in the academy, she had to be tantalizing to at least some ghouls.
"I say we locate miss Magdalene next. Her magical aptitude will prove very helpful in our quest to get the team reunited," Jen's voice echoes as she leads the way out of the sewers.

You escape the sewers near the entrance to the Rich District as you notice your clothes are covered in gunk and gack. You can't go into the Rich District like that, definitely not. You'd be burned if you tried. Looks like you might have to find another way in.

"May I hold the book?"

"... Tobias, what do you think?"
Assume OL is still in transit. He's probably having difficulties with that.

Abigail walked over to the table with the assassin leaders, sipping again from her chemically infused drink and grunting yet again. She was definitely drinking some crazy strong stuff, that was certain. Sitting next to Baigo wouldn't actually be a great idea, considering his past and how he was a farmer. He'd have to have experienced the smell of Miracle-Gro at least once in his life. Maybe not Miracle-Gro but maybe pesticide. They smelled similar at least.

The serious mood was interrupted, however, by the cocaine-crazy maniac leaping through the window and shattering glass all over the ground. That. Was. Hilarious. Ok, this might've been the vodka talking, but the sudden and random appearance of this man just tickled Abigail super hard. She couldn't help but chuckle a few good times before sipping her drink again, trying to suppress her emotions with another grunt. Then she didn't grunt. Perfectly timed mess up.

"I-I'm sorry... I get emotional when I drink..." she felt the need to apologize for her behavior then she hushed and waited for the agents to address her.
Xoxi's Super Cool Fortress of Awesome

"... The Sisters...?" Xoxi asked with a tone of ignorance. "Who are the Sisters? My knowledge is a bit off," the amputee asked, unsure of where this conversation was going. Great, she just went down a path of predetermined outcomes. Hey, Foxi... Shoxi... Roxi... bah whatever your name is, try forging your own path for once. God it feels like you're following a predetermined narrative sometimes.
You see a slimy green hand raise up out of the area before you see the familiar face of Gobbo, covered in small blood speckles and with a green glow around his eyes. "Tobiash! It ish really you!" The faint smell of charred goblin wafts into you and Jen's nose as Gobbo climbs up, his other hand covered in a used spell scroll. "I got thish from shomeone on my way in! It was a pyroblasht!"

Jen chuckles softly before covering her nose. "That was quick."

"What he said. We're here to help, not cause you any trouble," Farce quickly agreed before she and Sparce both heard a faintly familiar voice. "Gaia, you heard that voice right?" "Loud and clear." It was similar to the shouts of that one lady on the television that Zach destroyed. That asshole. Still, if she was really here and she was really a parahuman, maybe letting her take out her frustrations on Zach was a decent idea considering he was the parahuman that he was. He needed a real alias, though.

Analyzing the situation, Sparce went over what was going on in the warehouse in Farce's head.

"The Angel seems interesting. Maybe Mantis could recruit her later..."

"The girl a bit away from us is definitely threatening. I don't want to know what the hell she can do with those strings."

"Zach has his own problems. Hopefully our newest could take them o- Gaia, look down and to the right."

A thug ran into the room with Whipstitch, Mantis, and the Twins, shouting something about how he wasn't about to lose his pay because of the meddling affairs of parahumans. Farce's hand snapped over to the thug and, with almost deadly accuracy, fired and killed him. Five bullets left. "He should've knocked," she quipped before she lowered the revolver back down to her side.

I did more Tibulus art. It's actually remiss of Hamlet.

All this art makes me want to get the picture of Tibulus out I did a while back...

... eh fuck it why not?

... dang this is an old image. It was also compressed into a collage of my other characters so, excuse the low quality.

I may draw another Tibulus soon.
I'm assuming because of the nature of "Kno One". Well dang.

Do I need to change what I had in my post to accommodate or can we assume that the crack is there already and Bonesword just was like "hey Charlie made that"?
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