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Well hello.

I guess I should introduce myself, huh.

I'm Gardevoiran, just some schmuck going to college and working towards getting a degree in Fine Arts.

I do commissions and what-not, and you can ask me to do a commission for you through my Discord (Gardevoiran #1429) or up here through RPGuild PMs, and I receive donations and payment through my Ko-fi page. Clicking the box right below here will take you to it.

I'm a nerd. I play Pokemon religiously, I dabble in some anime, I write up here, and I love watching incredibly awful movies and just making fun of them. Specifically things like "Leo the Lion" and what not.

I don't have much else to say, so I guess I can leave you guys with a really bad joke.

"What do you call a cow with two legs?"
"Lean beef."

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"I’m sure you don’t have any intention of stirring trouble, do you? After all, I don’t think you plan to extend your stay here indefinitely. Don’t worry with pleasantries either. I’m not on duty right now so, at the moment, I’m a simple citizen of the Imperium much like you. We are all born equal under the eyes of the Imperator. Now, let’s go before the lunch gets cold. You too, Lorelei."
Lady Asgard

"I have no intent to stir up trouble. I'm definitely not one for violence, rather one for talking, and I mean no harm with my pleasantries. I'm a stranger in an unknown land, and I only want to honor two ladies of your stature with as much admiration and praise as you deserve." Akiko explained with a smile on her face.

Then the visions hit.

"Ngh..." The visions that Akiko saw in her mind were definitely something that helped her clue into Eleonor's personality. It was FAR more than the visions she had of anyone else, including Lorelai. This world was an illusionary plane within the Tower, but could it be possible that Eleonor was more than the Tower had let on? Still, addressing what kind of noise she just had wouldn't be a bad idea. "S-sorry if anyone heard that. Sudden headaches come on and off for me, I should be fine."

As the bard and the political figures neared what could be assumed as Eleonor's estate, Akiko noted the maids in their dresses and scarred skins and pondered on that for a moment. It wouldn't be out of the realm of reason to assume these maids had been promoted to a higher position from being a soldier, hence the scarring and loyalty to Eleonor. It was a working theory, but it was certainly one that made sense.

Reaching inside, it was just as Akiko had assumed from the outside of the estate. Older, but still a homestead. Certainly she was expecting more of a castle to befit someone called "Lady Asgard" but this wasn't too far from the boat. These maids, if her theory was correct anyway, would definitely be equipped well-enough to handle any intruders or threats if the situation arose. Alas, there wasn't much time to dwell on the introductions.

"This way everyone. The weather is too fine for meals in doors."
Commander Lorelai

"Agreed." Akiko simply stated as she followed behind Lorelai and Eleonor. As much as she wanted to explore the manor and try to figure things out for her own sake, she just sooner would not end this meeting with her hightailing it out of here because she entered Eleonor's chambers.

The lunch area was, simply put, unsurprisingly elegant. It wasn't that Akiko was ungrateful (not that anyone could tell), but she was just unsurprising. It was elegant, fantastic, and absolutely decorated with a red hue of many, many strawberries, but it wasn't anything outside of what Akiko was expecting. She was still going to take it in, though, if only because she needed to keep up her act. "Heavens, you both show quite the generosity for a stranger such as myself, allowing me to sit with in the presence of two of the Imperium's finest over lunch."

"Do not hesitate to ask for of the maids if you find yourself in need. Milady's generosity has been extended to you, so do not let propriety halt you here. Sit where you may."
Commander Lorelai

Lorelai took the seat to the right of the head of the table, and assuming there was no other person joining the three for lunch, Akiko calmly sat down at the left of the head. It seemed only fitting for both symmetrical and practical reasons. Though, she certainly did have to ask something to both of her hosts.

"I do sincerely hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries by asking, but if it's no burden on you, may I perhaps inquire as to why you two of radiant prestige are extending such kindness to a stranger like myself?"

"Shoot." Skylar looked down on the Goomy in front of him, still horribly excited but now a slight bit more nervous. He really wanted to make friends with this Goomy, but with how he just slightly blew it there it was a little bit tougher to actually have this Goomy want to join his side. Right now, though, it just seemed neutral to Skylar.

Maybe he could pet it? His Pokedex said they were sensitive to contact, but maybe if Skylar was careful enough he could rub the little bugger's... head? Did Goomies have heads? Their entire body was kind of their head, so technically it wouldn't really be petting it's head rather than it's whole body... hm... eh, whatever. Point is, he was gonna rub it gently.

"Hey bud... uh... mind if I just..." Skylar asked before moving in very slowly with his hand, finally gently placing the hand on top of the Goomy's head. Hopefully she wouldn't mind Skylar's gentle pats on her head. Maybe she wanted another banana as well...? Skylar was just hoping she'd trust him enough to join him in his adventures across Isson. She definitely needed a name if she did join.

Paradise lowered her neck, as if she just knew Skylar wanted to give the precious baby Goomy another banana. Skylar reached up and grabbed one off her neck, somehow managing to peel it with one hand before holding it near the Goomy. If she wanted to eat a little more, she was more than welcome to do so. Nobody seemed to mind (save Smiley, but he was just being moody.)

Just in case she trusted him enough, Skylar had another Pokeball on standby. If the pats went over well, hopefully she wouldn't mind him trying another Pokeball.

"Yes! Vivia, we found one!" Skylar whispered hushedly, still slightly loud and excited that HE ACTUALLY FOUND A GOOMY OH MY GOSH! The trainer could barely hold in his excitement as he thought about what to do next for catching this cute little dragon type and adding him to the roster of Skylar's team. How to go about this, he wondered...

A moment passed before Skylar snapped as he got an idea. He didn't wanna hurt the little bugger, no, but he did want to catch it and add it to the team, and the best way to do that was simply to befriend the little slimy goo ball. The issue is, he needed to get to work with the befriending, though the solution was already right in front of him.

"Paradise, c'mere girl! O-oh, but come slow!" Skylar called his Tropius to his side, the mighty beast walking over slowly as to not disturb the Goomy that was under the roots in the little puddle. Skylar reached up to Paradise's neck, pulling a banana off her bunch, and peeling it a slight bit before taking it in his hand and gently breaking it in half. He grabbed a nearby large leaf off a fallen branch and placed the banana on it, almost like it was a plate. A smile washed over his face as he gently put the banana leaf on the ground in front of the Goomy. Maybe giving it something to eat would help coax it out so Skylar can make friends with it.

In his hand, Skylar still kept the other banana chunk (still in the peel). He was gonna try and use it for hand feeding after the Goomy came out, hoping it would be enough to finish befriending the buddy so he could tap a Pokeball to the dragon-type and end up with the seventh addition to Skylar's team!

... but who would he bench so his dragon could show it's face on the team...?

"Hm... uh... hey." Digbie said to the Fanged Lizard in hiding as he walked close to it. He could feel the rapid heartbeat and judging from where it's coming from it probably was the Lizard's. Maybe it was hurt, like the deer from earlier? If that was the case, though, then what was causing all the pain to these animals? It didn't make much sense, but Digbie didn't worry over it so hard for the immediate moment. Right now, he stuck a hand towards the beast, and let out a {Minor Heal} on the Fanged Lizard, also looking at it with {Monster Analysis} and {Magic Analysis}. Hopefully the beast wouldn't come closer and would leave Digbie be knowing he wasn't going to cause the reptile any ruckus. "It's okay bud. Not gonna hurt you, just gonna heal you."

If nothing was undisturbed and the peace was kept, Digbie would simply... keep moving. He had read the previous pages as well as he could, and as much as he would've liked to stop and do a ritual to Jehanne for forgiveness, he didn't think he had much time to do so. He wanted to get back to his friends first before he did anything to contact her, just in case he started being smitten for being a Demigoblin in the presence of a deity of forgiveness.

"Hello, mister quickster." Mastar said to Jackalope as she looked back towards the tanks, seeing the hell that Arson was currently raising. Jesus Christ on a bicycle, was she actually managing to eat that much delivered force onto her body? She was just taking it like it was absolutely nothing, though it really shouldn't have surprised Mastar as much as it did. It was still absolutely ridiculous how much punishment Arson could take. No doubt there's still gonna be clothes with inconvenient leather in spots in the firebarrel later. Great.

Snapping out of her train of thought, Mastar nodded to herself as an idea came back up in her head. If it were a few years ago, this'd be much more difficult, but as she's grown up with her powers she's gotten more and more used to them. Maybe she could get into one of the tanks...? It was a risky maneuver, sure, but if she could get into one of them and then pilot it herself, that might just be enough firepower to turn the tides of this. Maybe get these Nazis to turn their tails and get out of here.

It was an idea.

"You sweeties mind covering my rear~? I've got a naughty idea, but I'm gonna need nobody to shoot at me so I can get to a tank." Mastar asked the others, fading back into their old persona a little bit. Ah, the sultry Mastar was definitely a good Mastar, that's for sure. Within a few seconds after asking, Mastar's body fell into it's usual tarry form before making its way to the side, reforming into a slightly humanoid form, excluding her legs, which were simply replaced by a tarry wave, letting her move a little faster. To be honest, she was kinda relying on Arson drawing all the attention off her as she made her way over to a tank on the right. Hopefully, she could make it and launch herself onto a tank.
As soon as you looked in the wagon, you could see Jen looking perfectly fine in the corner, if not a little tired from rushing to get you. Jen's hardy as absolute hell, and the grunts that you were just by were handled accordingly. She does look a lot more relieved, though, which could be a testament to how much she cares about you.

"We're getting ready to move soon. I'm gonna go outside to help drive and to keep watch over the roads." Eve commented before she ran over to the wagon exit and flew out of it, back into the skies that you could just barely see poking out from the cracks.

"... uh... hey..." You hardly noticed Digbie being beside you, looking up at you because of the two feet you had over his small goblin body. "Stay still?" Before you could protest, he already had his hand up towards your arm, the burns being covered in a green glow as you felt the pain lessen and lessen until it was, magically, gone. Immediately after, he smiled at you before running off to see Maggie, who was fiddling with her eyepatch a little bit.

Jen's alone. Nows the time to talk, if you were ever going to.
The Pumpkin King!

”If any of you happens to see a tall skeleton accompanied by a ghostly hound, they are allies! The King of Halloween is a friendly figure I have already run into tonight.”

"Over here, everyone!" Jack waved his hand over to the cast of characters. Oh boy, that's a lot of characters. There wasn't any need for him to introduce Cassim once again, but he did notice the arrival of a few other characters from the books kept in his library as well. There was a well-known swordswoman from the far east, an heir to a throne in a country where everyone spoke like dirty bathwater. The large gentleman that Jack had stepped on earlier was unfamiliar, but he might've been your standard 'big strong man' character in the cast of a book, though he thought twice when he uttered something about a beast. Wasn't that... oh well. There was also someone that was known through his lands as a fairly funky emperor, who would no doubt be a delight to meet under other terms, but as it stood right now, these shadows had to go.

That was, unfortunately, all the characters that the King of Halloween had recognized before he felt something in the air. Something strong, something tantalizing. Something... scary.

"Oh, does anyone feel that in the wind? It just makes me feel that tonight..." Jack said as he opened up the top of his bag, an orange light shining out of it's opening.

"... will be an absolutely HORRIFYING night for these shadows!"

Just as he finished his proclamation, Jack dropped the bag onto the ground, the contents that were once in it having been vanished from anyone's sight, at least for the time being. Might it have been a clever illusion, nobody knew, but Jack certainly knew what to do. He stepped onto the empty burlap sack, a pillar of bright orange flame rising out of it and enveloping Jack's entire lanky and creepy form, completely covering him long enough for him to release a positively joyful cackle.


The fire sunk back down, revealing none other than the Pumpkin King in his full luster, a Jack-o-Lantern head topping the raggedy red shirt he was wearing, as well as the woven hay that covered his arms and legs. On top of that, it was unclear that he had actual fireballs in his hand or just really hot pumpkins, but it was evident that some amount of fire was involved. In the end, it was very clear that if there were any more civilians around, they'd certainly have left at the sight of the Pumpkin King.

It was almost as if you could hear a tune in the cold wind of the night...

"Halloween's come early this year, everybody! Though, it's not a matter of simple Trick-or-Treating right now!" Jack announced to his untimely comrades, smiling all the while. "I'm all for a bit of trickery, but these shadows have pulled a trick that not even I'd pull! Mind giving this old sack of skulls a hand at handling these naughty shadows?!"

"Eh, it was nothing. Paradise and JoJo here did the heavy lifting, I'm just the circus leader for this show." Skylar said as he patted JoJo affectionately, returning the tired Ralts to their Pokeball. "Good job, Jonathan. Take a good nap for a little." He'd certainly have to hit up the Pokemon Center before tackling the gym in Highhill, probably to turn in for the night and give the team all some well deserved rest. As JoJo was returned, Skylar grabbed his sunglasses off the horn of the kid and put them back on. They weren't really an "item", so sending them into a Pokeball probably wasn't a good idea. Plus, they did help Skylar a little bit with his sight.

"Quite rude of those guys to assume we were Team Amethyst members, and even ruder of them that they didn't give us a leg to stand on." Skylar said as he patted Paradise's neck affectionately, congratulating her on a job well done. "I'm glad we got some good friends on our side, or else we might've had our Duckletts cooked." He chuckled a little to himself, mainly because of his stupid little quip that he knew was definitely stupid. "Still, our hunt for a Goomy continues! Maybe we'll even find a Shiny one, if we look hard enough!" Despite the sunglasses and glossy gray of his eyes, it was evident that Skylar had an excited glint in his vision.

A moment passed for Skylar to think before he looked down at Mac in his arms. "Tor?"

"And while we're looking, maybe a few of the wildlife would like to help us get a little stronger."

With that, Skylar continued on his quest to find 'the weakest dragon-type.' If it ended up being Shiny or not, it didn't matter, so long as Skylar could find one and make it his friend, everything would be A-OK.

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