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Well hello.

I guess I should introduce myself, huh.

I'm Gardevoiran, just some schmuck going to college and working towards getting a degree in Fine Arts.

I do commissions and what-not, and you can ask me to do a commission for you through my Discord (Gardevoiran #1429) or up here through RPGuild PMs, and I receive donations and payment through my Ko-fi page. Clicking the box right below here will take you to it.

I'm a nerd. I play Pokemon religiously, I dabble in some anime, I write up here, and I love watching incredibly awful movies and just making fun of them. Specifically things like "Leo the Lion" and what not.

I don't have much else to say, so I guess I can leave you guys with a really bad joke.

"What do you call a cow with two legs?"
"Lean beef."

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Akiko shook her hand clean from the prior engagement, feeling the presence nearby start to creep closer with an ever-growing cold. With Hellsword sinking down to approach his summoner, Akiko turned her attention to Runa. "I don't just stand by when something's trying to kill me. I like pacifism, but I'm not an absolute pacifist." Nephetos trying an attempt on the queen's life made it a valid time to drop the pacifism for a moment. She stretched her arms out as Hellsword landed beside her.

"The presence approaches. Will you be alright to escape."

"Yes, I should be fine. Fantastic work, Bonesword. If your services are ever needed-"

"You have but to ask." Hellsword shimmered in a flash of green light before disappearing, his card returning to its master's possession. A loyal knight and a dashing maiden, indeed. Maybe it wouldn't be too late to get a third to complete the set, barring Eleonor of course, buuut something about Eleonor made Akiko weary of summoning her.

Alas, the time to move was clear. The cold was starting to get harsher and Runa's speed indicated that the group had to move. Akiko chased after Runa, definitely still fast but not nearly enough. After a moment of looking at the other fleeing people non-native to this abyss, Akiko realized she had just put her Stand on display. Of course, nobody would be able to see it outside of Kanbaru to her knowledge, but they knew it was around now. Surely she could maybe play it off, but if she was to do that...

She leapt back onto Kanbaru's bike, assuming that the whale was also trying to get the hell away. Castle remained manifested behind her, but the cat sat on the back and held onto Kanbaru's waist. "Don't get comfortable, bluey, Lorelai's watching you." Akiko would provide cover for the two as they escaped, but she really hoped she didn't have to. The less people aware of her abilities, the better.

Regardless of the events in this time, eventually the group arrived at the ruined structure that Runa led them to.

"God, it's cold." It sucked that Akiko's stand wasn't able to heat her up, but she couldn't really say anything with how potent it was for everything else. Though... she wondered if she could do something interesting with her power as Runa explained the origin of this... broken land.

"I suppose maybe calling this place the Broken Basilica would be fitting?" She figured putting a name to this place was a good idea, so... she did. If she needed to be a poet in the future for a bluff, that was likely the best way to do it. A magical place like this was a solid start.

As the group entered the fort, Akiko stepped over to one of the corners and summoned Lorelai. "Figures if we're gonna be here, we may as well get comfortable." She just hoped that Lorelai wouldn't get any funny ideas with all these people around.

She also took a position herself, sitting down amidst the ground with her legs crossed as Castle manifested behind her. With her own eyes closed, Akiko focused Castle's sight onto one specific person in the group - Runa. Maybe a stretch, sure, but if Akiko focused her energy and tried to find a converging point of Runa's past... maybe she could understand how to see through both the past and the future?

Akiko herself sat in silence, but Castle spoke on her behalf. [ Hello, Lorelai. My user is trying to unlock new potential in her with my assistance. Would you be so kind as to assure her safety for this brief period? ]

Souls? Well, that made things a little more interesting, though Castle still being around meant that if it was Akiko's soul being swallowed it's at least happening at a slow rate. Which... was interesting. That had some odd implication's she'd have to thumb through later. Still, she shook her head and refocused herself. "Trust me, when I mean self defense, it means I'm dropping my pacifism for just a little." Her eyes flashed red towards Nephetos. The wolf chose a rough day to play with this cat.

[ Is it time to advance? ] "Indeed. We're on."

She darted forward, taking advantage of the crabs to obscure her approach before she lunged forward towards Nephetos with aggression in her eyes, and for the first time it seemed like she had somehow approached with an intent to harm. What nobody but some gifted amongst the crowd could see, however, was a mighty slash from Castle streaming straight towards Nephetos that, to her and many others, would seem like an unseen force smashing into her when it hit.

"You're an interesting foe!" Akiko chided excitingly, gripping her Purple Relic to pull a blast of air from behind Nephy to allow her another brutal swing with Castle that seemed to be right on target. "Definitely unexpected for a sheep in wolf's clothing!"

She was about to go in for another blow before her eyes flashed red once more, instead resulting in her diving down below the surface of the water and dodging the incoming attacks. Why didn't she think of seeing a foe's attacks before when they practiced them?! That was an ingenious plan! Though for some reason the vision she saw was... oddly similar to this very fight. Huh. Noting for later. Regardless, as long as she played her cards right and kept being hard to hit, she could easily manage to dance toe-to-toe with Nephy.


"As expected." Hellsword scoffed, sinking down to the surface of the water and watching the crabs saunter towards the center of the arena, converging onto Nephetos and their summoner's position. He couldn't help but admire her handiwork. When Akiko was determined to do something, it seemed like she'd get it done in some way. Or maybe he was just being optimistic, and although that's rare, it was also possible.

With nary a word, Hellsword commanded the crabs nearest to Nephetos to dive under, which they did. It was likely in an effort to help keep Akiko safe with her dive, though he wasn't sure how well that'd work.

The crabs around the battlefield kept up their defense just fine. With them being unhinged, some managed to easily take down their encroaching forces, though others got a little overzealous and simply broke off their claw with a major swing. Thankfully, the spores leaked out, corrupting the other crabs in the process and making them go hazy as they started to mutate the same fungus. Hellsword couldn't help but laugh. Like it or not, his presence here was firmly established. Maybe that'd earn some points with Ira if she could see it.

"I'd like to see you try." Akiko's words were cold and calculating as Nephy got closer, Akiko's attention being momentarily distracted from the presence of the one she felt earlier rushing back and the presence of the two new massive skeletons on the field. For those who could see it, Castle had manifested to block the incoming hit, but something that Akiko wasn't expecting was that she didn't have to do that herself, instead the presence inserting itself between Neph and the cat. Akiko herself flew back a decent way, Castle manifesting to help stop her from a far distance, and then the presence appeared, a quick flashing of red eyes helping Akiko understand a little about this person.

"Yeah, I'm alright." Akiko responded calmly to Runa's sentiment, Castle staying manifested behind the cat as she stepped back to where she had just been. She drew her fans from nowhere before she started to fan herself casually. Given the girl's calm composure and the few seconds Akiko could see with her ability, she let Runa finish her statement before Akiko offered a smile from behind her fan. "Given your appearance and composure, I'm assuming you can see what may happen. Can't say I'm not envious, since all I can see is the past. Might have to ask for a lesson after all this, but for now...~" Akiko got into a fighting stance, smiling. "I'll help in self defense. This wolf did try an attack on my life after all."


Behind the combatants, though, the crabs rose back from the ground, each one adorned with a light blue cluster of mushrooms sprouting from their heads and along their crusty carapaces. They moved forward, almost like soldiers, with intent to no longer attack the newcomers of the Abyss but rather to protect. Some crabs stayed back to fight the others with unyielding presence, no longer bound by the limits of their brains wanting to act with restraint for their own bodies. Some moved forward to protect certain clusters of adventurers, each cluster having one crab to its utility, and the rest all sauntered forward towards Nephy to smite the beast.

Hellsword rose again from the watery lagoon, riding a cluster of algae that strung up from the waters. His eyes were settled on the two behemoths brought forth by Nephy, his voice carrying an energy as he spoke to them.

"Brothers in undeath, bound to servitude under one who could not understand, instead drive your attempts onto your summoner. Leave nothing for the maggots to feast on." If the skeletal warriors Nephetos summoned could feel, they'd have to strangle with a sudden and overpowering compulsion towards what could only be described as freedom and unrestraint at the necromancer's request, with only one desire. Instead of focusing their efforts onto a group of foes, they just needed to worry about one.

Whether that compulsion forced their wills, however, was in the air. At the very least, Hellsword hoped it would stagger them and give a chance for the crabs to move in and take their attention.

Regardless of anything, one couldn't deny that the bioluminescent glow of the mushrooms crabs around the battlefield made for a fantastic backdrop for this fight.
- - Skylar Brighton - -


im bad at posting

"Interesting." Yet again Skylar was at an impasse. He looked up to his buddies and he surveyed his options. "Which way to go..."

After a moment of thinking himself, JoJo grabbed Skylar's hand and started to pull him towards the footprints in the sand. "Kirlia?"

"Yeah, we can check that way. I just wish this challenge wasn't designed without blindness in mind..." Skylar paused for a moment and looked around. "... well, actually I guess it was, what with the sandstorm and all."

"Hello, Ami. Didn't think you'd be showing up." Akiko dealt with an ounce of slight joy in her voice. Truth be told, it was likely better that the hothead was around. At least if it meant that the group was willing to stand more of a chance. Especially with the arrival of a new, yet uninviting, presence into the area. Of course, ignoring Riku and Thomas' arrival alongside, the new face of Nephetos and... interestingly, another unseen presence. It seemed like Nephy wasn't alone, and had someone playing along from the sidelines. Thankfully Akiko happened to have another set of eyes, Castle's own, trailing around and keeping an eye for the lurking soul she could sense.

She rose from the lake on a clasping set of krakenous tendrils, simply sitting and watching for the moment. "Everyone, watch your step around this place. Nephetos isn't the only threat we've got to worry about, and I'm not just talking about the cannibalistic crabs. I'll keep an eye out, just keep focus on the target." Her eyes narrowed onto Nephy, simply watching and observing through that same, callous stare, all the while her fingers simply tapped against each other as she sat.

[ You're planning something, aren't you. ]

"Indeed, though I lament wishing to try it for myself, Castle." She glanced over at her stand, simply observing it. "Speaking of which, is that still a fitting name? I figure you should have a say."

Castle lifted up its master into its arms from the kraken limbs emerging from below. [ It is fine, though certainly you could think of something greater for my abilities. ]

"Hmm, yes, I believe that can be arranged later. For now..." Akiko's hands flicked through her cards, choosing a single one from the pile and summoning it.

"You've requested our aid." Hellsword stood ominously behind Akiko, stretching from the sea below her. "We believe you desire for us to control the crabs and turn them on our side?"

She smiled. "Indeed. I remember somewhere that mycelia and crustaceans formed an interesting synergy." Hellsword did not respond, simply sinking into the lagoon behind the summoner. Akiko grinned with a sheer grim aura. She had a plan cooking, and she just needed to play it safe for now. "We're on the defensive right now, Castle. Let's give the swordsman some time to work..."

"Fuck, more cra-guh?!" The bard was stunned to see that the crab managed to break free from her grasp, but as Riku slammed into it the reason was kind of obvious. The crab was dead, but more were on the horizon, and Akiko backpedaled towards the rest of the group before realizing something about these beasts. Something she learned in her biology class ages ago, back when she wasn't in this crazy Tower. Thankfully, she wasn't paying off her loans, so things were much better up here somehow.

"Someone wanna find our way out of this jam?" Akiko's hands thrust forward to grab hold of another crab, the beast staggering for a moment before it slid backwards in the waters. It worked! Crabs basically lived with their blood suspending their organs, so she could shake them up and send them backwards with a solid push. The beast was stunned, and hopefully it'd be deterred from trying to get any closer. Though, something told her it wouldn't be that easy.

"Okay, this isn't gonna work that easily. Castle, keep that going, I've got another idea."

[ Are you sure you won't be overdoing it? ]

[color=hotpink]"Nope, but we're not with a ton of options here. Might as well try!"[/color[ Akiko handed her Stand the Red Relic, the apparition taking it and continuing to do just what it's user requested. Akiko herself meanwhile manifested the Purple Relic from her Lorelai card, winding up a powerful breeze and sending a wave across the water to hopefully keep the beasts at bay a little more.

"Wow, didn't think I could handle 2 relics at once. Must be getting good at this." She felt a little proud before she stepped back a little further. "But we're still on the defensive. Bastion, any ideas?" She asked to her new friend, hoping she'd be a little more willing to work with her rather than the JSTR-touched Kanbaru. Speaking of her...

"Make waves, Kanbaru, or do something to take them out! Either one's fine!!!"
- - Skylar Brighton - -


"Nice job, you two! Let's keep going!"

Back to square one, eh? That's alright, it'd be fine. Skylar looked at the other options and ruled out the bike one, seeing as the writer of this had learned the secret knowledge that it's not that path. Left with the rocks in the distance or the trail through the desert, Skylar figured maybe heading towards the rocks was a solid bet.

"Alright, to the rocks! Maybe that'll be one step closer." Skylar started off towards the rocks again, cane dancing on the sand and with team in tow. Thankfully the sandstorm didn't hurt unless you were actively in a battle!

Akiko rose from the water with tendrils wrapping around her, all returning to almost where her head and hair met but with a little bit of give, just in time to catch the back end of the group's conversation, though she certainly didn't have much of anything to weigh in with. Adorning her was the lagoon's algae dangling from her shoulders and it seemed her body was already acquainted to this environment the group was in, ever changing to reflect that she was giving an attempt to blend in, likely for her betterment. "Interesting that we're all here in the same area. I second Kanbaru's idea for sticking together." Akiko strode along the surface of the water towards the shore, though she didn't immediately return to the land and rather hung around in the shallow water.

"So... where's the threat that's always immedi- crab's coming, get ready!" Castle manifested behind Akiko as she spoke, turning to face the newly-rising crab and standing on guard. Even if her disguise was convincing, clearly this monster wasn't going to take kindly to something the same size as these interlopers and so near to them. She needed to act here, and if anyone cared to tell, the glowing red light from her chest was indicative of some sort of change of heart.

Her arms reached out, fists clamping and her attempt at taking the beast's blood captive with the Red Relic, hopefully proving her efforts to be effective. Her goals were to make it restrained for her allies to take it down. That being said, she probably needed to light the fire under their asses.

"Oi, bluey! You're an apex predator, right? Get going with the killer whale instinct!" Akiko shouted to Kanbaru, hoping it'd do something to get her fighting so they all didn't get demolished.

[ Do you wish for me to get closer? ] Castle asked it's user, before the user shook her head. "No. For now, just stay close in case we need to keep safe."

A moment passed before Akiko spoke to herself, musing as her grip tightened. "Y'know, I'm starting to think I can amount more to just knights and a kingdom..."
- - Skylar Brighton - -


Ah, well, that was to be expected, right? Couldn't be the perfect run he was hoping for again, could it? Oh well, maybe it'd still be alright. Unfortunately, for both of these Pokemon, Skylar already had two at the ready for this to turn into a DOUBLE BATTLE (because the strats there make it more fun in my opinion.) "Ah, damn, it's the blindness that got me there. But, hey, let's go a round and see how it ends!"

Bird Tamer Skylar accepted the battle!

Hippopotas is kinda odd, but Skylar had a Pokemon out that feels juuuust right to handle this thing. What Pokemon, you ask? Well, the Magical Leaf heading straight towards the Hippopotas was certainly indicative of Paradise firing at the Hippopotas, no doubt the attack going to do solid damage with the type coverage. Plus, it can't miss! Big ups!

Now, the attack that can't miss was fired at the Hippopotas, so what's going on with the Sandshrew since it has higher evasion?! Well, fun fact, Keen Eye ignores evasion boosts! What luck! That, and Seabreeze has a move with 100% accuracy in Water Pulse! Not only that, but type coverage! Huzzah!

They'll just repeat this until a major change. If a foe goes down, Seabreeze/Paradise will do the same attack on the other to help finish the fight out.

Also, yeah I'm using 8882be to explain my thoughts for fights. It just works.

"Alright buds! Paradise, Magical Leaf the Hippopotas! Seabreeze, Water Pulse the Sandshrew!" Skylar called to his Pokemon, hoping that everything would run well.
Akiko's room in the Dangeki was simple and plain for the most part. Aside from a humidity emanating from the bathroom nearby, no doubt indicative of shenanigans, her bed was neatly made and the table in the room held a small bit of what could be assumed as her inventory. A chipped shortsword laid neatly atop it and juxtaposed the golden arrow beside it, not long after a smoky cat appearing to sit over both of them as a way to safeguard the treasures. Akiko herself sat down on the bed, her legs laying beside her and an arm keeping her up carefully.

"First things before we start accosting eachother for our little pals, you said a card had rejected you earlier?" Definitely one for business, it seemed, though you couldn't exactly blame the cat for wanting to get down. Whatever Kanbaru's friend was definitely sent a malodorous waft across the room, and it didn't make Akiko want to loosen up.

This little excursion did confirm the uniformity of the rooms to Kanbaru, it's sole treasures standing out amidst the wooden interior. Should she have felt insulted by the spectral cat hovering protectively over them? Probably hypocritical given her JSTR, and was it a delight to speak so openly of her. "Yes, we're both delighted you'd have us over, and I'll keep my nun on her best behavior."

Her expression soured at the mention of her latest acquisition, the Serei's hostile presence still making it's displeasure known even without actively attacking her. Settling on the bed alongside the lounging cat, she tipped back her hat and plucked the card from where it was sweating between her breasts. "To be perfectly honest with you, we've been lucky not to find more cards that don't agree with us, but this one seems to hate me for the nature of my partner. Rather intensely. Perhaps she knew the JSTR in another form, but she certainly won't work with me willingly. At least she doesn't seem inclined to kill me outright."

"Given what I think about this tower and the floors we've been to, I wouldn't disagree with that assessment" She chose to ignore Kanbaru's chosen spot to place the card in favor of continuing to brainstorm. "These Serei are incredibly useful, but even when one disagrees with the user as seen earlier with... the Henry Card, I believe, they can at least be used. A card outright rejecting seems to be something of more importance." Akiko eyed the ery card she was referring to, the rejecting one, and simply watched it for a moment with her eyes. "I think I could assess the past of that card, if you would like. Maybe figure things out a little more."

Castle had apparated behind its master as she brought up the past of the card, the golden arrow having been taken and now being nowhere in sight.

Kanbaru shrugged, tilting the card towards Akiko to let her grasp it if she wished. "Feel free. I'm still unsure what I plan to do with it If I can't convince this Bastion to play along. At least we have a store to trade her if she's not gonna budge an inch."

That Castle was now hovering over them both was a bit odd, almost defensive when even the JSTR wasn't making an appearence. Crossing her legs she leaned back, boots idly poking at the floating feline. "Though I have to wonder what you're angle is in all this. Curiousity? Some desire for this card?"

"Well if you can't use it clearly you don't need it, but ignoring that little tidbit I have only one desire for what I wish to gain here." Castle's form hovered down to meet Akiko's head, the eyes on both user and stand glowing red for a moment. The girl stared into the card for a solid few seconds before she retched back and basically slammed her hands on her face.

"Gah! Son of a BITCH!" At first, it'd seem that Castle had disappeared, leaving the user to rub her eyes in anguish. Though, that was only the surface level, as above the bed against the wall was a fresh crater in the shape of a hand. Was... waes that new?

"God dammit, of course the wall was where we'd take out our frustratons... dammit. I hope I don't wake up and taste drywall..." Akiko chafed, one eye open and the other clearly still being rubbed.

Naturally Akiko reaction elicited a wild peel of laughter now that someone else could finally understand the pain that card had put her through. Plucking off her hat she dropped it over the cat girl's face lest the light of the room irritate her spltting migraine.

"Just be glad you weren't eaten by a snake after that. Still, this does show we've found a card that really hates our guts. Best not tell anyone or we won't have a chance in hell of conning them with it into trading for something more agreeable." Sliding the Bastion card back where it came, the orca stretched luxuriously backwards, flopping beside Akiko without a care.

"So what was the second issue you wanted to discuss, kitten?"

Akiko pushed the hat up with a face of annoyance at being called kitten. Lest she wanted to get into the specifics of who could and could not call her that, she knew for sure that Kanbaru didn't sit in the first category. Bah, whatever. "I am fairly sure the card just hates your guts. I was able to see gently into the veil of that past, though unfortunately not much. What I was going to ask second however was regarding what your JSTR was."

Akiko sat up, the hat flopping onto her head and her ears gently poking under it. "Is it like Castle? A Stand? Or is it something more?"

"A Stand? Hmm, that must have been an interesting arrow you bought then. But alas, my lovely, luscious, psychotic nun isn't any creation of mine. Really the nun look is the giveaway if you've ever seen those Conjuring movies." Kanbaru snorted, willing the visage of her parasite to waver in the air, just a glimpse before letting it slip away.

"The JSTR....well, when i first met it, it was a malignant program in a video game- No, she didn't meet me, but another me. Guh, multiverse theory is a bitch and a half to explain when it's jammed into your skull with an ice pick!" It was her turn to grasp at her brow, a quiver of pain from forces she didn't properly comprehend. "It seems...some version of me attracted the attention of a parasite. So when I came here, it latched onto me. Was ingratiating itself till we went to Umbra, where it revealed itself fully."

"She's....clingy, in odd ways. A great fuck in bed, and the best partner in a fight I could ask for, but I don't think she's as well intentioned as your Castle."

Akiko nodded along to Kanbaru's explanation. Multiverse theory was something she was suspecting, but some of this was a bit interesting to properly converse about. "Sounds more like a mutualistic exchange than a parasitic one, if you ask me, and she clearly isn't as well intentioned as Castle, but if she isn't a Stand I'm not surprised."

Castle rematerialized on the bed, sitting in a catlike position despite being its humanoid form. "Assuming that what I learned from gazing through the arrow is true, Castle would be effectively a manifestation of what my Soul is, which sounds different than what JSTR is. However, since only Stands Users can see Stands, I'm inclined to believe that the JSTR and Castle are more similar than I would originally envision." Akiko mused to Kanbaru, Castle shrinking to a smaller, more quadruped form before hopping onto Akiko's shoulder and watching. "Assuming that this is true, I believe the JSTR and Castle meet at a crossroads of the Soul, and that... whatever the JSTR is has become fiercely entangled with yours. As you put, like a great fuck that would be clingy in odd ways." She chuckled at her joke.

"The multiverse idea also explains all these odd versions of Earth-like worlds, and I would be lying if I didn't say that what your JSTR is I think I may have encountered before. Only a far-reaching hunch, mind, but definitely noteworthy." She kicked back on the bed, crossing her legs over eachother. "You remember when you and Rose went off to get arrested in the woods after a threesome while I wormed into the local government?"

"Funny you talking about great fucks when your bathroom still carries that delightful fragrance. Hmm, I don't see Castle being the sort, so you must be enjoying a friendly relation with a Serei of yours." Kanbaru smirked, poking the cat girl's side to lighten the mood amidst discussions of existential dread and the pollution of Kanbaru's soul by foreign entities.

"Oh right, that threesome was fantastic. Wish I had gotten her card. Mmm, I would be hard pressed to find a reason not to have had Solanne out at all times~" She dreamily looked up at the ceiling, rather enamored with that floor of the Tower, before focusing on Akiko again. "I take it you were having a more productive time joining the local government?"

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