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5 mos ago
Current Hello all! I have returned, after an unexcused abcense. Now, let's have a hell of a time.
1 yr ago
Sup turd-nuggets
2 yrs ago
I don't really care anymore. If I can't find a RP that won't fall apart in a week, I'm probably going to leave this site. So, let's hope for fun.
2 yrs ago
All RP groups that I'm in, I will be gone until the 4th. GM's, control my characters until then.
2 yrs ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.


What makes a man? Not his muscles or speed. But his courage, intellect, and morals.

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Hey guys... I really wish that I could keep this RP rolling, but I can't. This started out terribly, and I don't know what to do. Is should've planned this out better. I am extremely sorry, but I'm ending this RP.
He continues to sit there. "That kid is going to be the death of me..."
"The lives of few, to save the lives of many." He says, setting the drink down. "I suggest dropping this conversation."
"If you threaten Humanity, I would lay down every power within me to destroy you. But, my rage is not meant for you. Leave my ambitions alone." He says, visibly closing himself off.
"If I die, Humans are left unprotected. I was made to keep them safe. I am not meant to bring the fight to them... You don't know how many times I've just wanted to throw it all away and siege Hell... But I cannot." He says, concealing his unearthed rage.
"Well, I was made of this world. So, as Humans, I was not made to traverse the supernatural plains. My body is just barely capable of Hell, but I am certain that Purgatory will literally tear me apart."
"That is a possibility. Which brings me to why I left." He says, then drinks. "I will traverse Hell with you, but not Purgatory. Traversing Hell is hard enough for me... Purgatory would kill me."
"These beasts don't come from Limbo, if that's what you're saying." He says as he starts drinking. "Those only come from the powers above and below. I can guarantee that the Behemoth came from Hell."
"Whoever it is, they need to make themselves known. We need allies, not shadows." He says as he makes his way back to the store, going inside and sitting at the bar.
"Huh... That's odd. Never seen that before..." He says as he limps over to look at it. "This has to be from a Protector... Has to be."
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