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1 yr ago
Hello all! I have returned, after an unexcused abcense. Now, let's have a hell of a time.
2 yrs ago
Sup turd-nuggets
2 yrs ago
I don't really care anymore. If I can't find a RP that won't fall apart in a week, I'm probably going to leave this site. So, let's hope for fun.
3 yrs ago
All RP groups that I'm in, I will be gone until the 4th. GM's, control my characters until then.
3 yrs ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.


What makes a man? Not his muscles or speed. But his courage, intellect, and morals.

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"Do you actually trust me? Or the team?" He asks, only loud enough for her to hear it. "Do you ever doubt your reasons for being with us?" He then pulls out the tools and parts. If he couldn't make it better, he may as well get it to function properly again... This repair may take the last of his spare parts... He may pick some up at the next town. He also needed to be careful, losing this arm would essentially render him useless. This arm is literally where over half of his abilities come from. It would cost a fortune to replace it, and due to his criminal tendencies... Let's just say that if he breaks this arm, he will probably have to go through hell, again, to get a new one. He may be able to get Stride's help for the repairs, but that will have to come later. He needed to have this conversation with Jen first.
"I know... But we must keep going. It will only get worse from here." He says, turning towards the Carriage.
As everything happens, Ariues looks around. "I will admit, this is much worse than I expected. But, we have to power through." He says, determined to save as many people as possible.
Wait, what happened?
"I do not fear you." He says quietly, before covering his left arm in Holy Flames. "We will defeat you." He then takes a swing at the dark presence.
He heads into town, his sword is drawn. He gets roughly twenty feet into town before sensing something. "Everyone be careful... We aren't alone here..."
He calmly walks next to her and sits on the floor. "Uh... Hey, Jen? Can I ask you something?" He says as he takes off his backpack and rummages around for parts to fix his arm. He is a Glass Cannon. He also, at this point, begins taking inventory of his equipment.
Over the next three days, nothing major happens. But, the Darkness seems to be spreading... Soon enough, they reach the nearest town that has been attacked.


"Okay, everyone. We're at our first stop. Search for survivors, and kill anything that attacks." Ariues says as he hops off of the Carriage.
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