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Current Sup turd-nuggets
1 yr ago
I don't really care anymore. If I can't find a RP that won't fall apart in a week, I'm probably going to leave this site. So, let's hope for fun.
1 yr ago
All RP groups that I'm in, I will be gone until the 4th. GM's, control my characters until then.
1 yr ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.
2 yrs ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.
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What makes a man? Not his muscles or speed. But his courage, intellect, and morals.

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"It's down. Time for the kill." He said as he raised his giant steel ball, ready to drop it onto the beasts head.
Taking the hit to his back, he begins to push the Mastodon back, repeatedly punching his abdomen. He needed G.E.B. to hurry up.
Sumo took the brunt of the hit, and locked into the ground. Once G.E.B. created distance, he charged into the Mastodon, launching his armored head into the beasts chest.
Your turn friend. Show us what we're fighting.
As Toby watched Jask flash a smile, he began to follow. He had a good feeling about this.
He read the text. "Can't speak? Well. Juggernaut Sumo is great for distractions. I can draw the attention, and you go in from behind? Since we're both generally melee, we need to get close. My armor is strong enough to take a beating from the Mastodon." He said, thinking. As long as he can draw the Mastodon in, he can do damage to the front, and leave an opening for G.E.B.
"Howdy kid. The Mission has been contracted. What make's you special? I run defense, you need a shield, I'm there." He said with a positive laugh. He was glad to have found a partner so quickly. Now, he just needed to make sure that they didn't stab him in the back.
"Athe? I thought that you were gone? And, don't start with that. I don't even know if these guys still trust me since you died." He said to the voice. He honestly didn't know how the team felt about him. He didn't want to make anything worse, so he saw it better to sit on the side.
Toby requested a communications link with G.E.B., if he was going to be working with this new guy, he wanted to know him first.
As Toby powered up Juggernaut Sumo, he joined in on the Mastodon. "I'm with you." He said as he hopped into the cockpit. He was ready to begin his run as a Hunter.
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