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Current Sup turd-nuggets
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I don't really care anymore. If I can't find a RP that won't fall apart in a week, I'm probably going to leave this site. So, let's hope for fun.
8 mos ago
All RP groups that I'm in, I will be gone until the 4th. GM's, control my characters until then.
9 mos ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.
11 mos ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.
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What makes a man? Not his muscles or speed. But his courage, intellect, and morals.

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"Well, if they are, then they'll have to get over it. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn about the order. This is about your team, not your boss." He says as he prepares everything. He was more worried about Aith than he was the order.
"Sounds good. As long as we can assure that this indefinite pocket won't collapse." He says as he looks around, assuring himself that Aith is indeed at the circus. "Only problem, is that we will need to keep the tent protected." He says, looking at Jen.
If you have any friends that would be interested in this, inviting them would be awesome. Also, I am hoping for this to have a comedic feel to it, so expect comedic banter.
Dude! That's awesome!
Also, it's okay about the time, I'm still waiting on more people to come. But anyways, The Doorway Man is accepted. He won't quite agree with my character, due to the guns.
Sounds good! @GreenGo
Welcome to the New Generation. We are the ones who will shape the new world into our image. Some call us Dictators, others call us Gods. We call ourselves Liborators. We free those who are bound by forced laws and powers. We are what people call Mutants. We have Special Abilities, anything that you can imagine, we have someone who has it. We are much like the comics, such as the Avengers, and Justice Leauge. Anyone who has ideas and dreams are welcome. Our numbers grow daily. Fight with the winning side. We await your cooperation.

Okay, that was the introduction. This is pretty much a far more intense version of things like the Avengers and JL. Heroes and Villians are welcome. This is just an interest check, so anyone who is interested can come here. Once we reach at least five people, the real story will begin. It's best if you're able to post at least once a day, and we will go in a flexible order. If someone fails to post for three days, they will be skipped and will have to jump back in when they can. Characters that don't post for longer than a week will be forgotten. Now, time for the CS.

Name: Their real name.
Alias: Super Hero/Villian name.
Powers: Keep it reasonable. No invunerability, or anything that puts you on a power level of a God. Anything within that is okay. Remember, have fun.
Background: Why are they joining the New Generation? Where are they from? Who are they as a person?
Appearance: Picture or description. No furries or anything like that. Unless their power changes their body, keep them human.
Equipment: What weapons do they use? Do they have any gadget or tool that's worth noting? This can expand and contract respectively as the story progresses.
Other: Anything we need to know? Do they have something that is extremely different? Anything from a favorite song, to a disease is accepted.
"Good, let's get her in the tent and bandage the wound. Gobbo, your magic will be greatly needed." He said as he carried Maggie into the tent and gently layed her down. "Jen, do you have any bandages in here? Also, the clothes may be too big, but they'll work for now. This is a delay on our plans, but we leave no one behind. If needed, we can send a group to the circus to search for information." He says as he looks for bandages.
"Well, then it's our best lead for now. If we don't find him there, there's bound to be someone who has seen him." He says as he looks at everyone. "Also... That Nigel guy, I feel like he has friends. So we need to be mindful of that, we also need to get Maggie clothes."
"I will tell you as we walk." He says as he looks at Jen. "Where to now?" He says as he helps Maggie stand. "Where could they have taken Aith?"
"Well, then I guess I'll be waiting to finally kill you. Later on." He said as Nigel walked away. He then broke Maggies chains and helped her stand. "Jesus. What happened to you?"
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