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Current Sup turd-nuggets
8 mos ago
I don't really care anymore. If I can't find a RP that won't fall apart in a week, I'm probably going to leave this site. So, let's hope for fun.
11 mos ago
All RP groups that I'm in, I will be gone until the 4th. GM's, control my characters until then.
12 mos ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.
1 yr ago
I need a 1x1 RP with no romance, but a metric-fucking-ton of action. Anything but romance.
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What makes a man? Not his muscles or speed. But his courage, intellect, and morals.

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“That... was a dragon!” He said rather excitedly as he watched it pass. “Okay, now, let’s go.” He began walking into town, going directly towards the blacksmith.

As he sat in the hole, his insane mind began forming what some would call an idea. "What if... heroes... died...?" He said aloud, to the other two. "Heroes die, we win... We win... I'm free..."


"Guys... Maybe we should just wait. If some of them ran together, then they'll probably attack together." He said as he sat on the ground, in pain from when he went through a wall. "If we just wait, then we'll know how to fight them, and we'll have the upper hand."
@King Cosmos
Cocky? I like it.
It would be funny. If you want to, go for it.
As he is trying to hold back slight laughter, he asks, "Would you like to join me? I'm heading back into town before we leave." He then turned back towards the town, looking for the blacksmith, he slightly forgot where he was.
"Metal it is." He repeats to himself as he begins to walk into the town. Then he stops and turns. "Eve, would you like to join me?"

"Heh heh... I'm in. Anyone down to team up?" He said, scrolling through the new missions. "I'm going for Mastadon first." He says, into the local communications. He wanted to get out there get started, but he was smart enough to not get himself killed. He just hoped that they would come in time. Beforehand, he just needed to check him Mech, and make sure that everything is fine.
Everyone add your equipment to your CS.

Welcome to The Grid. If you're new, then you're insane. Anyways, here's the rules.
1. You never, ever, steal a kill.
2. You never leave a mission open.
3. Never take a mission you can't complete.
4. You are not in a faction. We have teams. You only ever damage another Hunter if they put a Human life in danger.
5. Have fun.

Now that you know the basics, here are the missions. I recommend making friends to take on these freaks.

This is The Walking Island.
We're hunting him for the material that his arms are made of. It a stronger version of wood, that will be used to further supply you hunters with Armor, Weapons, and other supplies. Anything else that you find, that you want, it's yours.
Warning: He is not friendly, he puts up one hell of a fight. He's already killed five hunters.

This is Mastadon. I do not care about what it is, or its gender, or its purpose. Just kill it. This thing has been around for too long. No other hunters want to go for it, so I'm offering it to you guys. Bring back it's tusks and I'll double the payout. Do not try to take this on alone. You will die.

I'm starting you guys off with two for now. Complete these, and you'll get more. Get to work.
@King Cosmos
This is true. My fault.
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