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Accepted. :)
@Lord Wraith

Maybe but it looks like cooperative plots are rare and we mostly do our own thing?

Edit: Oh shoot! Silly me! I mistook this for the other RP where I am in with you, Lord.
@Scribe of Thoth

Let’s see here...

He looks like a standard CCG recruit and I see no issues. You are accepted!
I'll start working on a sheet for this if there's room. How wild do you want us go with the quinques/kagunes? Err on the side of generic or sky's the limit (within reason)?

It should be a bit generic for your initial quinque considering most Quinx candidates will be picked out of the academy in this situation. Your kagune will also be capped at 40%, just like the initial Quinx were in the canon material so yea, you'd be limited a bit there. However, I expect your kagune to grow and develop so feel free to write and explain the extent of your kagune. After all, the previous owner likely used it to its full potential before the CCG seized it. So it would be documented.

And the rest that had interest

Look here instead!

Shh... nothing was here.
[h3][sub]PERSONAL FILE[/sub][/h3][hr.]
[indent]Last. First.
[b][u]Personality Profile[/u][/b]
[indent]Brief summary.
[indent]Brief summary of life before CCG enlistment or academy.
[h3][sub]CCG RECOGNITION[/sub][/h3][hr.]
[b][u]CCG Investigator Rank[/u][/b]
[indent]Candidates for Quinx program are enlisted at Rank 2 Investigator. Squad leader will be First Class Investigator.
[indent]Description of your Quinque weapon.
[b][u]Experience Profile[/u][/b]
[indent]Brief summary of experience in CCG enlistment or academy.
[b][u]Quinx Qualification[/u][/b]
[indent]Brief reasoning why you volunteered for Quinx service.
[h3][sub]QUINX PROFILE[/sub][/h3][hr.]
[b][u]RC Type[/u][/b]
[indent]Rinkaku, Ukaku, Koukaku, or Bikaku.
[indent]Description of Kagune appearance. All Quinx are restricted to F2 until approval by the Director.
CCG Database

How This Works:

You guys, as my lovely players, will have free reign of performing your investigative duties as fully fledged CCG Investigators! Write about how you are investigating and I will reply with what you find about your goal! I will update all new information you discover in this OOC post. Meanwhile, I will be keeping you up to date with CCG activities elsewhere, stuff you would naturally hear as being a part of the CCG and a member of society with the news. In addition to controlling all major NPCs, I will play your fun friend and co-Quinx, Yayoi. Your characters and minor NPCs, such as your character’s associates, minor CCG colleagues, and minor no-name bad guys are yours to control. Feel free to propose anything you want as well! :)

CCG Headquarters and Affiliated Branches
  • 1st Ward Main offices, Laboratory Division and 1st Investigator Training Academy.
  • 2nd Ward Branch Office and 2nd Investigator Training Academy.
  • 12th Ward Corniculum Ghoul Detention Center.
  • 23rd Ward Cochlea Ghoul Detention Center.

CCG Quarantine Procedures
  • 9th and 11th Wards under strict crackdown and considered dangerous at night.

~CCG Priority Investigation~

Primal Culling

The CCG is currently engaged in a full on offense against the ghoul organization known as The Primal Union. Leadership is based around two dangerous individuals labeled as the “Matriarch” and the “Patriarch”. This ghoul organization is the culmination of several smaller groups uniting under a strong leadership duo. The minor groups included in but not limited to are: Daybreakers, Undercity, Falcon Five, Howlers, Roaches, Born Losers, Nox Populi, Grave Robbers, and the Hatters.

All CCG personnel are assigned to assist ground troops and investigators with the current offensive against the Primal Union. The current status of the offensive is optimistic with two wards, 11 and 9, being the center of activity. Be advised, marshall law has been declared in these two wards, as well as portions of the surrounding wards and is strictly enforced with a curfew at 8:00 PM until 6:00 AM. Security checkpoints have been established and involve mandatory screening for all people passing through. At night, it is inadvisable to walk these streets without proper clearance and a security escort is advised.

Addendum 015A: By order of Director Washuu, all newly commissioned Quinx and associated personnel will hereby be excluded from the CCG Priority Investigation and assigned to their own assignment until further notice.

CCG Personal Database

Current Quinx Assignment

Date-Nighters Investigation

A group exclusively made of extravagant and wealthy ghouls that get their name from hosting "date nights" with significant others by invading a human household and eating them there. Based around the concept of a “restaurant-for-hire”, they look to be compensated for high quality meals based around human meat. Members of this group are believed to be organized around a central leader. There are no known associates with this group outside of independent hire from affluent ghouls. Additionally, their activities have also attracted non-ghoul cannibals.

The Quinx are tasked with the elimination and dismantling of this group as a secondary objective of their investigation. Their primary objective is the identification and capture of a known member titled the “Tournant” and should treat this with paramount urgency. The Tournant is said to have “the Darkest Kagune you have ever seen” and should be roughly identified by these means. Enclosed below, you will find known information on the ranking members for this organization. All information up to this point has been in credit to Rank 2 Investigator Kosuke Kitajima.

Active leads that Quinx are advised to investigate: Toshiro and the Butcher


Other Investigations

Other Investigations:

Corpus Oath

A recently opened investigation concerning the discovery of medical experimentation on ghouls. A laboratory discovered by a yet unnamed investigator had evidence of attempted ghoul physiology manipulation. The senior management has not, to anyone’s knowledge, assign any investigation into the matter citing the lab was had “10 years of neglect” and believe it not to be a priority right now.


A self-named group revolving around an underground to help ghouls to leave the city. Most association with the group comes from ghouls not wanting any part in the conflict or looking for safety. Despite the Chief Director’s insistence, the CCG senior leadership have voted to not pursue the Runaways at this moment and focus all manpower on the priority investigation. However, an intelligence team is currently working on identifying safe houses and ghouls associated with this organization.

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