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Reina managed to befall her opponent before her (with a little help again) and felt, for the briefest of moments, she was getting stronger. Regardless, there were more pressing things at hand and her confidence did wane a bit as she heard the sort of boss mercenary charge at them. Thankfully it seemed that Marwood was stepping up to protect them. She was worried about him, merely nodding, in response to his command as she planned on side skirting the fight to approach the shaman that had just arrived.

With Eep firmly established in the ground, he took the poison sting rather well all things considered but even from that exchange, Erika noted that she wasn't exactly being effective in this engagement. "Uhh... Quick! Astonish!" In attempt to mix up her strategy, Erika sought to use Astonish to do better damage.
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Reina glanced up to the mounted prince before glancing down the hallway where Isolde was slowly finding herself surrounded. "Yes, please! Save Isolde! Reina uttered in a bit of a panic as she quickly climbed on top of Marwood's horse, side-saddled right behind the prince. Instinctively, she slipped her arm around the his waist in an effort to hold on better as they rode. When they got close, Reina would attempt to jump off and help engage the enemies however she could.

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Erika would think for a minute as she tried to recall exactly what Lileep can do. Unfortunately no rock moves yet so that meant she had no advantage move wise. Eep was pretty slow, too, so there wasn't really any point outside of attempting to bunker down and do what she could against a Beedrill. "Eep, Ingrain." It seemed logical to literally anchor themselves down for the fight, after all. Of course, Erika wanted Beedrill to come in close, waiting for an oppurtunity to blast the Bug Type with a face full of bug-remover. Following, Beedrill's poison sting, Erika would quickly command Eep to use Acid!

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Reina eyes went wide fearing she'd be struck by the axe fighter only to see a sudden spell blast the man away. She exhaled a hefty sigh of relief before turning to Aldo. "Thank you..." She said under her breath turning her attention forward again but not before taking a brief pause to consider the fallen Grado knight. Some man just gave his life for this cause, Reina could only imagine what it was like upstairs... No. She needed to focus.

Reina began to move only to notice her Isolde, her bodyguard, take off. "Hey! Wait!" Reina called chasing after her, only to be slightly surprised by a mercenary around the corner. Instinctively, Reina moved to engage the man, thrusting her rapier into his center mass. However unlike last time, she learned that one hit might not be it so she called out for help. "Aldo!" Looking for that similar one-two punch as before.

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❄Erika Olson❄

"A badge is still having at least one, right? That's so good! And winning a contest is something, too!" Erika praised Claire's accomplishment, but was secretly quite jealous that she had zero badges to show for her time as a trainer. This exchange didn't help her confidence as she really couldn't think of anything she did as extraordinary as Claire. Of course, Erika wasn't quite giving herself any credit for anything but that's how she was. "Oh well yea but I don't think that's something..." Erika mumbled, looking a bit embarrassed with herself.

It was true, she needed convincing but to be offered a battle so soon was something that took her off guard. "A battle here? Right now? Oh no.. Err I mean okay!" Erika sounded as she was wavering with a chance of just running off before finally finding some confidence in her answer.

"Well how about it, Eep? Want to lead for us?" Erika's first choice was a safe one. She couldn't help but pay attention to what Claire's team composed of. Bugs. Even though they sent a chill down her spine, Erika had a fire type and chances are, a thunder type would be effective as well. However, Erika should be reactionary with her advantage as Claire's Ralts and Chimchar would present a challenge, or so Erika predicted. It was a question whether or not Kay would be of any help but with these berries, Erika though she might be able to convince her. Thus, Erika wanted to subtly defer to Claire to make her first move with her first type.
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