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Curious about a somewhat odd power:

Character who can take an attribute from a mask. Not all masks, has no idea what masks he can engage with.

The mask he would start out with, would be a mask of an Oni. When he puts it on, he grows a bit, turns red, etc, and gains great strength.

If he were to find a mask that say, was of a Balrog, he would essentially take the form of being, but either gain strength, or control of smoke, or control of fire, or something else. Whatever power he gains, is tied to that mask, so that every time he puts it on, it always grants the same abilities, like if it grants him some fire abilities, it is always locked to fire. He cannot take it off, put it back on, and start using smoke, or strength, etc.|

Slightly more limited version would be that this power seems to be a hereditary trait, passed through a blood line, and there's only but a handful of masks that work with the bloodline, all owned by distant relatives.

Offering my take to maybe next provide something to think about and since you asked.

This RP is centered around biological mutations. In the case of the mask power you suggested, the innate superpower isn’t dependent upon your biological self but the masks since they determine what power you get. Masks could be made of anything and look like anything. So there isn’t something a biological mutation could latch onto. Basically it is arbitrary. How do you determine a plastic oni mask from a wooden oni mask? Is there one for this power? How does the mutation make that distinction?

Accepted. :)
@Lord Wraith

Maybe but it looks like cooperative plots are rare and we mostly do our own thing?

Edit: Oh shoot! Silly me! I mistook this for the other RP where I am in with you, Lord.
@Scribe of Thoth

Let’s see here...

He looks like a standard CCG recruit and I see no issues. You are accepted!
I'll start working on a sheet for this if there's room. How wild do you want us go with the quinques/kagunes? Err on the side of generic or sky's the limit (within reason)?

It should be a bit generic for your initial quinque considering most Quinx candidates will be picked out of the academy in this situation. Your kagune will also be capped at 40%, just like the initial Quinx were in the canon material so yea, you'd be limited a bit there. However, I expect your kagune to grow and develop so feel free to write and explain the extent of your kagune. After all, the previous owner likely used it to its full potential before the CCG seized it. So it would be documented.

And the rest that had interest

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