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❄Erika Olson❄

"The Woodland Wanderer." Erika read the gym sign aloud to herself. That meant that grass types could be expected? Erika should have the advantage then. Communicating with some of the nearby locals didn't warrant anything particularly useful so Erika merely nodded and thanked them for their time. It was at this point Erika was surprised by a very energetic guy who seemed to love Pokemon Gyms. He was very informative about the system work.. even though Erika was fairly aware of that. He also kindly provided an analysis of Archie, the Gym Leader, to which Erika appreciated.

Next came her conversation with Professor Kalmia. She was glad to hear Poli was doing okay and being taken care of! It was nice to know how her team evolved, especially considering that Raichu wouldn't learn any new moves making Erika's caution about buying a Thunderstone back in the caves a good move for now. Inkay's evolution was interesting but she'll cross that bridge when Kay is a little more leveled.

Speaking of, it sounded like Erika needed to get her hands on some berries in order to butter Kay up. Wasn't there mention of a battle for berries place or something in town? Maybe that's what Erika would do next while she waited for Claire, who had an interesting text detailing wrestling a Pangoro. Oh my.


Hopefully I'll post soon!
❄Erika Olson❄

Despite the few closecalls Erika had managed to make it through her several trainer challenges and win! Of course now, her team were all worn out, save for Kay who blissfully fluttered around as Erika lead her onto Stillwood Village. As the flora got denser as Erika got closer to her destination, she couldn't help but noticing her increased sneezing. "Wha- am I allergic? Aah-choo!" Erika muttered in between a sneeze. Later Erika would guess that she isn't so much as allergic so much as to not use to the amount of pollen and sweet scents that tickled her nose. Which is was to Erika's relief as Stillwood was quite scenic and something that she had never really seen in Cooldome.

Erika noticed Kay had found the smells rather relaxing as she spun and flipped, ignoring Erika's momentary struggles to adapt to this new environment. Well at least she was having no problems, Erika thought to herself. Carrying on, Erika found the Pokecenter of Stillwood and took the opportunity to heal up her team, again having some struggles to wrangle in Kay who dodged Erika's recapture beams from her Pokeball. Eventually Kay got to confident and stuck her tongue out where Erika was finally able to snipe her team member to get her back into her Pokeball. Finally able to turn over all six Pokemon to the Nurse, they were all healed and then returned to her.

Now with that taken care of, Erika decided to go scout out the town and more importantly, the Stillwood Gym! She would talk to some people outside of the Gym before hand for a few minutes before hunger would finally get to her before trying to find some cafe to have breakfast. While at wherever, she'd finally catch up on things she has been meaning to do. Claire called at some point yesterday and since Stillwood was the proposed meeting place, Erika wondered if she made it here yet? In fact, Erika was wondering just how far Claire had come, what Pokemon she had? Could Erika be behind her other fellow trainers? That would be nerve-wrecking, for sure.

Erika would send Claire a text message through her Pokedex:
Claire, I finally made it to Stillwood! I hope I didn't miss you! Let me know?

Simply and easy. Now there would be another thing pressing on Erika's mind and that was having an official update with Professor Kalmia. Using her Pokedex again, Erika would dial up the Professor, hoping to be able to talk to her this morning. If so,

Thanks so much!


So I have no idea how to translate Inkay's evolution into this RP so maybe if you have an idea, Skink? I have Erika calling Kalmia about it.

Tossed in my post quick. It should still keep things short and easy for you!
❄Erika Olson❄

With the few hiccups encountered, Erika modified her strategy. With Chu having issues with Eevee, Erika hesitantly drew Kay and after a brief argument between the two, Erika managed to convince Kay to do a finish Eevee off. The powerful Foul Play attack would hopefully be enough to tip that battle in her favor. The second hiccup was that of Nuzleaf. He seemed tough and despite the freshness of Eep, the battle was going poorly. With one so tough, Erika decided to return Eep and try Gibs, using Dragon Rage to hopefully give them the edge. Gibs had only seen one battle and he was likely the freshest Pokemon Erika had but in the event that Gibs couldn't edge out the competition, Erika would try to get any ice attack with Sno, hoping that Gibs would be capable enough to at least knock Nuzleaf down.

(Assuming that works, plan remains to go to the Pokemon Center, asap!)
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