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Namie had her reservations about someone being so uptight. It usually meant they were not fun to be around. howeever, she still shook his hand and formally introduced herself. "Amuro Namie." She stated plainly almost sounding bored with the formal presentation. Thankfully it was Seo who would show a little life in the conversation and get her back into. Cracking a slight smile from his punch, she threw a quick no-look jab back into his arm. Returning the strength he used to throw his, maybe even greasing her punc to hit a bit harder, too. [color=indianred]"Oh you're just saying that because there were no jokes or punchlines. It was a good pump-up speech for the year." She felt somewhat relieved to think the Seo she knew was in there. "So how'd you like it?" She looked over at Osamu expecting his answer to be more inline with her own.
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Namie put on a smile as she awaited his initial response. This was supposed to be a happy moment of reunion yet something about this had bothered her. She had heard the rumors that Seo had lost himself through what happened but at the time, it all seemed ridiculous. However when that mouth opened and then closed without a sound, her smile dropped even quietly gasping in shock when he turned to write on his board. She shook the disappointment from her face, masking herself with an easy smile nodding while reading his ecstatic, but written, greeting. "Yea... small world." She responded plainly even trailing off as her mind went elsewhere.

The tour had ended but the pair of them lingered around where it had stopped amid their conversation. This wasn't right. Seo had been so full of life the last time she had seen him but now he appeared as just a mute actor playing the part. Some of that might have been idealizing the memory of him but it hurt to think that those rumors about him were true after all this time. She forced a smile and nodded reading his followup response but the cracks in her expression were beginning to show, inhaling through her teeth as looked away for a moment at a lost for an immediate thing to say in response.

"Ah yea, that's.. good to hear, Seo." She tried focusing again after that momentary pause. There was so much that was unsaid. In truth, she wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him asking for the old Seo, the one she remembered to come back. Slap him, even, if that was required. She controlled herself, however, and tried to move on. "Well it will be fun to see how the year works out."

She didn't know what else to say at the moment. There were burning questions and a few lines in mind to attempt to rouse her friend from the past but she didn't want to push. She had even forgotten at the moment that she learned a bit of sign language to help him readjust if he ever came back to the team so he could "speak" to someone without having to write it down. She had wanted to think of something to say but her eyes wandered over to the boy who was lingering near by. It was a lifeline to save this dying conversation as she just couldn't pull herself up to say anything meaningful for him.

That was Seo's roommate, maybe? In which case that was probably explaining why he was here but it was kind of odd. There was no need to be polite, not that Namie saw it that way, instead it was kind of weird to just be standing nearby as if waiting a turn. She hardened her expression a touch but turned to address him... Aia said Seo's roommate was.. Osamu that's right. "Hey." She gestured her head up as a greeting. "I take it you are Osamu?"
N a m i e

Through the course of introductions, Namie had at least deduced that most of her classmates were awkward. It was actually kind of concerning that so many of them were having a problem just being normal or behaved. Why were some of them already causing problems within the first hour of being here? Then there was that brat who was whining about being bored and wanting to move on to the upperclassman. There was a bit of frustration boiling under her skin at the moment but again, since she actually wanted to be here, she had no intentions of causing a problem.

With the group moving, she made pace and drifted over towards the only face she knew. "Hey Seo." She walked beside him, glancing over to him and offering a friendly smile before focusing ahead. If this had been the Seo she knew, he'd have taken the conversation over at this point but this wasn't the same person that was on her team. "...So how did you decide to come here?" It was a valid question and one that safely navigated the potential awkwardness of other questions that might have been to personal to ask of him at the moment. "To Ishin, I mean." Although Namie felt compelled to add that last clarification just to make sure her question wasn't leading him the wrong way.

As Seo would write, Namie would watch a bit as he worked wondering overall how that would feel not being able to talk. A thought that was interrupted when she heard her name, snapping her attention to the upperclassman. So she was rooming with Utsuya Hajo but which one was that? She glanced around trying to remember who went by what name... Oh. Her eyes found the air-head, realizing that her roommate would be that type. Namie turned away, exhaling a small sigh before refocusing on her conversation with Seo. Well... conversation in the unconventional sense.
Batter Up - Namie Braggs

Namie forced a smile but it really ended up making her look entirely unsure about everything in life. What was this girl talking about? Honey? Well not exactly honey but something like it mixing with her fiber goo? She couldn't even imagine the feeling of someone else's secretion on her like that, let alone controlling it. "..Uh..." She muttered but far to passively to interrupt the other girl's spree. It turned to making paper mache? What would that do and how would that work? Namie had no idea outside of just grasping her own power specifics. "...Well I guess I could..." She mumbled trailing off as she timidly scratched the back of her neck.

She raised her hand to motion for a 'no thanks' on the snack offer. "..Uh no I just really need fiber and I ate two cups of oatmeal before this so I think I should be fine." She put plainly but quickly added, "Thanks though." so she wouldn't appear ungrateful.

She wasn't really sure of herself in this capacity. Everything here was just so different but she had to trust her teammates and that was one thing she could understand. With the training exercise commencing, Namie clenched her fists finding some determination in herself now that she had a clear objective. "Alright, I'm ready. Tell me how you want this to go..."
N a m i e

When it came to the Dean's speech, Namie felt like she had latched onto everything he was saying even to the point of nodding along. This was just the beginning of a long trial to prove that she had the bravery and tenacity to succeed. Humility was a nice touch, too, as many her age held onto ridiculous statements like "I am going to surpass this person" without even a thought about what that meant. Calling out those that were too proud or too doubtful right way was a perfect touch. She just knew Ishin was the right fit for her! She would have stood up and started applauding the Dean's speech had it been appropriate to do so.

After the speech, she was pumped up but did well to hide this fact keeping her expression unwavering. However the energy was coming in her step, she was quickly up on her feet and ready to get on with her day. There was a lot to do for the first day of class, exercise and studying mainly. She was even tempted to ask a few of the upperclassmen about what they've been doing to prepare outside of classes but before she cemented her decision, the call for Class 1-A sounded. She turned and glanced around before she saw the expectant face of an upperclassman that was the likely suspect. It was actually perfect, someone she could casually ask for some regiment advice and she wouldn't be out of order in doing so.

She scooped up her bags in a haste and made it over to the gathering group of her classmates. She quietly joined the group and gave each individual a quick study. Seo was in this group, good. She was curious to figure out how he was doing. The others she did not recognize but she was feeling a bit excited to meet some of them. Thinking of which, she hadn't said anything since arriving and she didn't want to put others off or anything. "Hey guys." She said plainly, raising her hand in a rather relaxed manner. She wasn't much of a talker though.
N a m i e

Here it was: Ishin Academy. Amuro Namie had paused just before passing into the school grounds to let the realization sink in as she disguised it by adjusting her bag that was thrown over her shoulder. One year ago she had to start considering what future she was going to set for herself and it was a decision she was consistently told not to be made lightly. Yet the answer was obvious to her even then in spite of the doubt others projected. She was going to be a hero. Of all the professions, there was none that stood out as more respected or admired in her eyes because heroes were the ones who served society far better than a some baseball star or office worker. How others couldn't see that was beyond her but it was her truth.

Giving her bag one last shuffle, she proceeded taking that metaphorical first step towards her future by entering Ishin grounds. She passively studied the others, upperclassmen by appearance mostly, as she crossed the entry courtyard. Even though she wanted to start projecting how she would be like as an upperclassmen with all the confidence and surety that they had, her thoughts remained on the unknowns of her new start. She had never been away from Tokyo and Sapporo felt isolated from the Japan she knew.

The school also promised to be one of the strictest, looking to shake out those that did not fit the hero mold perfectly. Although that is why Ishin was her first choice. The school promised a person can not just look and act like a hero but be a hero, at least in her opinion and those that made the cut here will be of no doubt, a hero to their very core. Namie was ready for that but she was sure her experiences here would truly test her.

With an occupied mind, she hardly paid attention to the environment around her passing by others quietly as if in a deep focus. She had eventually reached the main hall that was slowly filling with students. Directed to the first year section, she wandered over surveying the rows of strangers she hadn't met before. She wasn't really interested in meeting anyone at the moment since paying attention now seemed important to her image at this school. She was sure, she wouldn't try anything to harm her chances at making it. While scanning the seats she did find an unexpected familiar face in her former teammate but maybe later she can she'd catch up with Seo. She hadn't heard much but she had some idea of what was going on and she frowned at the thought. Although him being here had put some of the unfamiliarity and uncertainty at ease, seeing the small world notion take place had brought her a little familiar comfort.

She would have liked to sit with Seo but he looked occupied making friends and that was fine, more than okay knowing that he seemed like his same old self, but for now Namie was committed to being on her own. She slipped into a seat in the back row just a few positions away from an impossible not to notice girl made of slime. She tucked her backpack and duffel bag under her chair, taking the notion of "packing light" recommendation quite to heart. She straightened herself and watched as the auditorium filled as the school year prepared to get underway.
N a m i e

Personal Dossier

Amuro Namie


Tokyo, Japan

Physical Description
At around 5'6", Namie grew a little too fast for her body to catch up and appears deceptively leaner than she should be. The telltale signs of that is the impressive muscle definition that she manages to get when she flexes. Her natural lighter brown hair has an impressive length reaching her rear end but she usually keeps her air up in a pigtails. Her wardrobe and general presentation of herself is relatively laid back with variations clothes that an athlete would wear: team shirts and jackets, running shorts or tights, and so on. Additionally, a trait that may have come about her Quirk is her eyes are red.


Personal History
For almost every memory has, Namie can only remember her and her dad constantly in between cities. It was the result of her father's Quirk, an ability to project blueprinted or planned construction, and thus, had the two traveling all over Japan to oversee construction or reconstructing efforts. It was the sort of life that was fairly lonely to an only daughter as the constant transferring of schools meant that she didn't have any time to make any lasting friendships. Beyond that, however, was the fact that Namie's mother had passed away and her lack of presence was certainly something that weighed heavily on the family.

At a young age, Namie lost her mother to circumstances that still haven't been made clear to her. She was in the line of duty as a professional hero and lost her life is all that Namie knows about her mother's death. Otherwise, her father isn't speaking much about the subject, even when pressed. However there is one thing that her father lets slip about the subject, she is a lot like her mother. From the Quirk she inherited to her stubbornness, there is a lot of emulation. Thus, there is a rather large part of Namie's essence that drives her to chase after her mother's legacy and become a hero. She can't settle on just becoming one; she wants to become the best. Ishin Academy was her first choice because even though it was the number two school in all of Japan, it would give Namie a chance to finally settle down in school for awhile. Maybe now, she'll find some peace of mind...

Character Development & Conceptualization
Namie is a person of high ambition but believes she is capable of achieving that ambition. She was given a quite versatile Quirk as part of making her capable in her own way but I plan on making her not creative enough to utilize the full versatility of said Quirk. Thus the aim is that she will have to work alongside others to discover not only creative Quirk applications but also to discover a bit more about herself. She hasn't really learned to work well alongside others. This is due, in part, to her past where her father had to travel around Japan a lot for work, often moving him and her around the country. She never really had time to fit in anywhere and make lasting friendships. Her selection of Ishin is in part due to her internal desire to finally be rooted long enough to make friends but mainly due to wanting to very capable as a hero.

Another character arc that I'd like to explore is the reason why Namie wants to be a hero. Her father works in the civil department, using his Quirk to help with rebuilding and building roads. Her mother passed away early in her life so she never really got to know her and even though her father is quite reserved about talking about her mother, she knows that her mother was a hero. This creates the ambition to use her mother's power to do her memory proud. Along the way, discovery of what actually happened to Namie's mother could reveal a potential antagonist or anything the overall story might profit from.

Abilities & Talents

Quirk Type

Quirk Description
In short, [Matter State] uses specialized glands under the skin turn viscous fiber into a maple syrup-like liquid that can be secreted from the body. The user of this Quirk can mentally alter the state of matter this substance is in by altering the temperature, making it warmer to turn into a gas and colder to turn into a solid. The boiling and freezing points are relatively low in energy requirements as in, in order for the for the user to turn the liquid into a gas, one just has to think about the liquid getting warmer until it reaches around 100 *F and for the solid around 20*F. The user can alter the temperature at their best so long as the substance is touching them and may struggle with temperature altering when the substance is away from their body. It isn't impossible to manipulate the state of matter of the substance away from the person but requires great concentration to achieve the almost telepathic thought with severely ramping difficult with distant from the substance (a feat Namie struggles with presently). The substance in all forms is noted to be quite dense, sinking to the bottom of a glass of water in both solid and liquid states. The user of this Quirk must maintain a high fiber diet and overuse of their Quirk will result in extreme dietary fiber loss. Low fiber in the body means that they will have horrid bowel activities and can even risk some more severe consequences of too much Quirk use.

Other Talents & Attributes
Namie has maintained a very healthy amount of athletic activities such as team sports, swimming, and weight training. Although not the biggest, strongest, or most standout Quirk, she still did very well in the psychical tests. Most of her experience with fighting comes from petty sport squabbles, usually due to a bit of stubbornness or self-importance on her part as losing wasn't ever her intent. Outside of a few school yard brawls, she hasn't had any opportunity for proper training, leaving her rough around the edges. In addition, she is motivated well enough to maintain a strong performances in the academic field as well.
Batter Up - Namie Braggs

Namie watched carefully as her teammates approached her. One of them was quite overwhelming and the other was... timid? It was sort of ironic that she was being paired with such opposites like this. Pressing her lips together, she nodded hesitantly as the other two spoke. She didn't bother answer all those questions and gave no other acknowledgement to the others as they listed their quirks. It was only after she was sure they had both quieted down that Namie calmly responded.

"I can make a.. substance, I guess, that I can control." She wasn't really sure what it was. A fat? A fiber? It was something from her body but she didn't remember what it was since she never really concerned herself with it.

Rather than trying to blunder about explaining it, she raised her right hand and opened her palm upward. In the middle of her hand a pool of a very thick reddish pink liquid seeped out of her flesh and collected. "So it comes out as a liquid..." She started pausing as the substance started to harden slowly forming a rough spike. "Then I can freeze it to turn it into a solid. It always tries to form a spike like this, I guess. No idea." She shook her head as she rotated her wrist showing off the spike that clung to her palm. Then rolling her hand back to the original position, she heated the substance rapidly so that a pink steam accompanied by the hiss of boiling. "I can also heat it up and turn it into gas." She allowed the solid to entirely melt, returning to a liquid form for a brief moment before it boiled into a steam until any trace of it was gone.

In spite of the demonstration, Namie shrugged her shoulders. "I hope that helps." She was still unsure of how to properly strategize and approach this. She didn't really have a fighting style and even though she had ideas, they felt like they were incorrect. She wasn't sure how paper girl would fit in but maybe honey girl could trap others and Namie could wail on them since that was really the only thing she imagined would work.
And with four prospective players that is a squad if you all want to work together!

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