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Kyoka Haizenberuku

Surely a member part of such an organization like the Yomigaeri, had more ambition than being a blacksmith. No matter how notorious he became for his craft, Kyoka doubted he'd be respected beyond the craft. It is why Kyoka had much higher ambition than just her craft...

"Just a man of yer craft, huh..." There was skepticism in the young chemist's voice. Kyoka opened her mouth to try and press the man for further information, considering her words for a moment, but found Rumia's aggressive progression of their twisted foreplay to be quite prohibitive. From Kyoka's experience, it was always a rare and exciting treat to experience the few times Rumia took the dominant role in their romance. It was the surprise and suspense of what her dimwitted cousin could come up with that made it exciting, and this sudden maneuver was certainly surprising. What's more, Kyoka believed that Rumia was caught up in the moment and was willing to take her right here, right now! In front of the Blacksmith! In spite of the battle! Oooh Kyoka's cheeks burned brightly as her body tensed in anticipation. To think her battle-lusting Rumia would take her right now, showing that her pleasure was more important than battle she craved! Closing her eyes, she waited ...

No. No! Kyoka screamed internally as she felt Rumia's fingers pull away. She looked lost, dejected, as she reached after Rumia's hand, stopping herself as she realized what Rumia used her for. A stewing anger replaced her sadness, as it was her turn to glare at her cousin. Kyoka looked clearly annoyed by being shrugged off so easily, but she did consider that if this was all some surprising calculated ploy to make her want Rumia more, even though it was highly unlikely Rumia could outwit Kyoka in such a manner.

Kyoka would leave that for now, after all, the Blacksmith was still present. "N' is yer colleague worthy? Say if he were gonna lose today? What den?" Kyoka asked, only now removing her glare from Rumia and turning fully to the Blacksmith. "More importantly, I reckon I can prove my worth to yer. Yer just gotta give me a chance."
The Throne of Bones
The Undertaker and The Ghoul

It had been maybe an hour or so since Sheriff Hobbs sent his deputy out to try and collect some volunteers for the undertaker's investigation. In that time, Jeremiah took plenty of new complaints, most went ignored as his staff were stretched so terribly thin. It was making the young sheriff quite unpopular but what more could he do? This isn't what he signed up for and having this responsibility fall on him was unfair, and yet.. it felt like he was making a difference. Perhaps it was his youthful arrogance but this town is slowly figuring out how to manage. Then again... it has only been a week.

Jeremiah stepped away to relieve himself and for a bit of fresh air, returning to his office to find two new visitors. Complaints? No. One had a bit more robust appearance while the other... well let's just say he was younger than Jeremiah and didn't quite like the look of his cut. "'Cuse me boys." Jeremiah interuptted whatever conversation they were having as he passed by them to reach his desk. A half ironic word choice considering he was probably right in between their respective ages but he did have authority. "What do you fellas want?" Jeremiah asked curtly, half paying attention as he found his chair and dug into the one of his drawers from some chewing tobacco.

Sticking a dab of fresh tobacco in and tossing the can of chew aside, he leaned back in his chair to take stock of the two in front of him. The way these boys were outfitted made the sheriff remember about the undertaker's situation. "Oh. The undertaker's contract. Jeremiah leaned further back in his chair, so much so that he caught himself before falling back. Slightly embarrassed he leaned forward, turning to spit in the spittoon that sat by his desk. "You know where the graveyard is? The undertaker is there, having a whole mess of trouble with some graverobbers. I ain't gonna lie to you, the whole thing reeks of something unusual. A hundred bodies, dug up, and bones taken without a bump in the night. Undertaker says he's never seen anything like it and I bet'cha it goes beyond some superstition. So the job will be dangerous and I ain't trying to scare ya away, just leveling with ya. John is a good man but some say his head went south after.. well never mind. Anyway, if you boys are gonna take him up, I'm sure he'd appreciate the extra manpower."

Jeremiah turned and spat a bit more tobacco into his spittoon. "If you don't know where the cemetery is, just look for the bell tower of the church, or more specifically, the billowing tower of smoke. Best cover your noises." Jeremiah gave them both a wink. Sometime ago, John had started that mound of bodies on fire. The smoke could be seen well off for awhile now and the stink of bodies burning was driving quite a few from prayer in church.
Graves dug up? Corpses defiled? Bones missing? Who would do such a thing?
The Throne of Bones
The Undertaker and The Ghoul

"What in God's name..?" The sheriff of Wichita, Jeremiah Hobbs, had begun but did not find the words to finish. John Hardin, the undertaker of Wichita, was patient with the young man. After all, it was easy to understand that Jeremiah was only a deputy sheriff up until last week when one of those werebeasts mauled the previous sheriff in his sleep. A damn shame that... Jeremiah wasn't ready for the mantle of leadership, but that's what he was stuck with. Oddly enough, he was voted in by his fellow lawmen so there was a sign of leadership, or so John had believed. Whether or not that was true, it didn't matter was even the previous sheriff might have had a hard time believing the sight before him.

Every grave in the Wichita cemetery had been dug up and the bodies dragged out of their graves. Now burying the dead was no small feat in the Weeping Winter. As temperatures fluctuated, snow would melt and then freeze becoming ice, leading to layers of ice packing upon itself. Getting through that was tough but nothing compared to the frozen dirt underneath. So for all these graves to have been dug up in one night, meant this was a serious undertaking by someone or something but John wasn't going to alarm the sheriff any more than he had to. The sight of the bodies was enough.

Now with the usual graverobbery, the casket is broken into and the valuables pulled. Most folks don't like to touch the bodies too much, but this was at another level. Each body was taken from their grave and seemingly operated on in some sort of staging area. Chunks of muscle, flesh, and frozen blood of the fresher dead were a sign of this area. Once the bodies were operated on, they were tossed in a pile. It didn't take too long to figure out what the graverobbers were after. Bones. Not a single bone was left behind in this graveyard. This motive had struck John as rather unusual. This ruled out some necromancy thing or mortal punishing thing, at least he thought so. If the bones had been left in, then the dead could be raised but removal made them nothing more than useless husks. What is more is that the jewelry and valuables that were buried with the dead were also taken. Greed was at least one of the motives or maybe the motives of the hired men? It was a tricky situation that John had no answers to.

"I need some men to help me get to the bottom of this, Jeremiah. This ain't sitting right with me, and I ain't just talking about the defiled graves. With all this shit going on, I wouldn't rule out anything from your nightmares." John's voice was surprisingly calm but his tone, stern to help convey the potential danger of this situation. Jeremiah took a gulp, still looking around before his attention snapped to the sudden presence by his side. "Oh fuck!" The sheriff cursed, jumping back into John as he scrambled for his gun. John caught him and gently eased him down. "Shh.. It's alright." John's voice was soothing but more directed at his companion as he stared down at his silent stalker. Her green eyes focused on him for a second, another second on the sheriff, before turning to forward to stare at the corpse pile. The sheriff's reaction was quite normal when taking in the undertaker's unexpected companion. Daisy Addams was a girl and no more than 12 years old when she passed away. Her corpse was barely cold before those glowing green eyes opened.

Jeremiah managed to collect himself, but opted to put John in between himself and the ghoul child. "Dammit. I don't know why you keep company with that thing. It ain't right. You're supposed to put the dead down. Not keep them. I-" John raised his hand, motioning for the sheriff to stop. "Don't worry about the company I keep. Just tell me if you can help." Jeremiah took a deep breath as if he were leading into bad news. "I'm strapped, John. I can't spare a soul. Sorry there ain't anything I can do for you." Maybe it was John's sullen, sunken expression or maybe Jeremiah caught the defensive glare of Daisy. "Err.. but maybe I can send some volunteers your way. I'll put the word out but no promises. I don't reckon many folks will be wanting to find out where... this leads to."

John nodded and thanked the sheriff for the support. Many types of people had been stepping up in this time of crisis but the undertaker had his doubts. He was expecting it'd just be him and Daisy on this one...

Jeremiah Hobbs left the undertaker to sort through his problem and returned to his office. He felt short staffed as it was and just had a bad feeling about whatever the undertaker wanted to chase. However, he was a man of his word and ordered one of his deputies to put the word out. A few posters were printed and the deputy asked around, directing anyone interested in helping should seek the undertaker out immediately.

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I’m posting to set a storyline up. All are welcomed to join.
Kyoka Haizenberuku

Some information was better than none and if there would have to be an exchange then so be it. Kyoka had no prized secrets, but the Blacksmith and his association did. Speaking of which, the association between the Blacksmith and the Yomigaeri was still at large. Colleagues was too vague for it to mean anything.

"I reckon I'd be remiss if I ain't gonna ask how yer gotta invovled in all dis, Yo-mi-gae-ri business." Kyoka's thoughts were briefly interrupted by cousin's inquiry. "Ain't de time cuz. I'll tell yer when. Yer just stay right here." Kyoka was relatively short with her cousin for the time being. There were more important studies at present and this opportunity was fleeting. "As I was sayin', yer don't seem to abide by da same philosophy as dat der Shark, lettin' our kin go n' all. Appears to me, yer all got some end goal in mind. Something to bond over."

Kyoka was interrupted again by her cousin's ruffling. "Sweet, sweet, cuz...." Kyoka's attention turned from her present conversation to glance up to her cousin, grinning surprisingly. She was flattered by her cousin's honesty but also annoyed by her constant interruptions. Still, Kyoka could never say no to her cousin. "Yer just writin' a ticket dat Imma punch later. Sweetly so, though. I wanna hamma' ya after dis." Kyoka's tone was rather endearing as she reached up and gently grabbed Rumia by her hand. Turning to face her cousin, Kyoka suddenly and violently pulled Rumia's hand down in a suggestive place right between her legs, forcing Rumia's hand to rub the outside of her clothing a few times before releasing. Kyoka played the action off and instead contrasted herself by sweetly looking up and leaning her head on Rumia's shoulder, teasing her tongue out just enough so it didn't touch Rumia's cheek this time. Of course anyone could understand what Kyoka was meaning here, but only Rumia might understand that the magnitude of what she had gotten herself into. Frustrations could be released in many different ways and Kyoka preferred just one way...

"So as I was sayin'..." Kyoka turned from her cousin and returned to her conversation, her cheeks still bright red from her vivid imagination. " So what are yer hopin' for when dis is all said n' done. Yer own village? Riches? I reckon everyone has der wants and der sweets."

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That's fine.
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