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Lina frowned. What should have been a cold sweat coming from the tension, was a slow blood-like ooze coming from her the top of her head, trickling down the sides of her face. She didn't like to sweat, couldn't sweat technically, but her body still thought it could, triggering perspiration response to exertion or in this case, nervousness, like any other person. She had no control as crimson trials crawled down her face in some macabre display.

She knew this wasn't going to summer camp she had always dreamed of attending. The morning hike refreshed by an afternoon dip in the lake. That night, s'mores by the campfire. She'd be just like everyone else, undaunted by her blood-colored perspiration, and she'd finally be part of the gang. No, that was a hopelessly naive thought, but among others with meta-abilities, the most important part of that could be true. Meeting Nat had been encouraging but as the others began to make themselves known, her perception of her potential friends soured.

The others were turning out to be aggressive, snarling, and underhanded. The stone man barked, backed up by the girl out of time. Delinquency began to show itself in the cast. The gaunt man did something to the winged girl and was taken down by the guards, shifting Lina's image of camp to prison. Would she have to act tough and watch her back now? She had gotten tough before with that boy, Roger Clemmens. He just kept coming after her. Freak, Loser, Witch and he had all sorts of terms to mock her, seeking her out every chance he got. One day she had enough, maybe that was mistake, but she couldn't beat up a boy, not without her edge. She stood up for herself and Roger Clemmens would probably never see again.

It might have been a mistake, but she wanted to stand up for herself. That costed her a visit and the requirement to come here.

As the dust settled, the gaunt thief was down but so was Nat. Lina had shifted to the edge of the group, trying to avoid confrontation but with the event seemingly over, there was only the aftermath to deal with. Her eyes settled on Nat, the cheery and optimistic person she was, lay there wheezing and blinded by the pepper spray applied to her senselessly. She didn't deserve that. Lina shifted, quietly slinking over to kneel at Natsumi's side.

"You're okay." Lina lied, not knowing what it felt like to be pepper sprayed. She wasn't sure what to do to help but found herself reaching out to lightly clasp the other girl's arm, helping her up. The rising fear of others seeing her odd crimson perspiration were falling to the back of her mind as she wrapped her focus around Nat. "Umm..." Lina muttered as she peered at the reddening, watery eyes of Nat. "...Maybe we can wash it out. Hold on to me." She offered, trying to lead Nat to one of the guards who had gestured her over, seemingly for a solution to Nat's current ailment.
In Ju-V 2 mos ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

Almond. Almond. Cashew. Raisin.

Ugh, I hate raisins.
Lina's face soured as she lifted the shriveled-up fruit to her mouth and delicately snatched it from her offered fingers. Her expression didn't soften as she looked down into the trail mix bag she had in her hand. It was nearly full and her shoulders shrank exhaustedly. She had been unfair to the raisin because she hated everything in this bag. Anyone would, she resigned, if they had to eat it for the nutrient and mineral content, every day, for the rest of their lives.


A waste since the little nut contained no considerable amount of iron nor fiber for her. She tossed it to her feet, lifting one of her black dress flats to lightly stamp on the peanut and snuff its existence. The only bit of fun she was getting waiting here was to senselessly destroy something. Although outside, she had to be careful not to push herself. Sighing audibly, she looked herself, namely her outfit over. Her blue floral Brooklyn skirt hung down to her ankles and the loose black top she wore was still unmarred with crimson. She hadn't started sweating yet, but any longer in waiting and she might be in danger of doing so. She retreated further into the shadow of the overhead awning of San Fransico's airport.

Dried Fig.

She chewed on the depressing fruit, turning away from her chore to stare over at the other person who was also waiting. A boy, no that wasn't right, he looked older from his withered experience. Features sharpened through wear and exhaustion that gave his bony features an edge like a knife. The instructions for the shuttle to the Aegis Center did specify this particular region prompting that chance of encounter others like her, Metas, as some liked to shorthand the name. Did others struggle with drawbacks to their meta-ability like her, she wondered. Maybe others did struggle like her. It'd be nice to not be alone because normal people could never understand.

The bus arrived after Lina pulled her third dried fig in a row. Opening its doors for her and the boy that caught her interest early, they boarded to truly mixed group of individuals. Lina would navigate and find her seat behind another girl, Nat, she'd come to know as they set off.

Others. She'd take some time to turn away from her sketching of the Golden State bridge to consider what the other Metas were like, namely what they had to deal with. The girl with wings, Lina considered, wouldn't be able to sleep on her back or maybe even sit in a chair the same. At least she didn't scare everyone with her anomalous power. Some cultish weirdos might even worship her, she mused before considering the others. There was the girl that had chilled her seat to the point of freezing. Did she do that on purpose to prevent anyone from sitting around her or did it just happen? Body temperature changes was something Lina could relate to, and she wondered if it was just always "on". She'd never be able to get close to people, never really feel warmth in the same way.

The others didn't appear afflicted in the same regard, at least in an obvious way. That was until the new and last arrival. An otter.

Lina's eyes narrowed as she watched the little creature navigate up to a vacant seat. Was there a person in there or was an otter a Meta? She couldn't imagine being stuck as an otter. How different would that be? Would her mind still be the same or would it be distorted by the change in species? Filled with thoughts of swimming and eating fish seemed almost blissful but then again, you'd never fit in as a human nor as an otter. How truly lonely that would be.

Arrival to the ferry yielded one more, and the last obvious candidate for adverse meta effects. The boy with the heavy weight and rocky flesh noticeably rocked the ferry with his abnormal mass, cluing Lina off to Meta affliction he had. He would never get to experience the same things as the others. He couldn't ride a bike, for example, crushing the frame under his weight. Elevators, unless they were rated for freight, wouldn't be able to hold him. Hell, could he even feel anything anymore? Although he was still a human and not an otter. So he'd still be alright. Better than being stuck as an otter, at least.

The ferry ride over was uneventful, aside from Lina knocking her trail mix down to a quarter left and her noting her mistakes with her sketch of the bridge. The island, and by extension, Aegis, looked dreary. She frowned, stepping off the ferry and joining the others as the Warden welcomed them.

Lina opened her bag of trail mix again as she looked around the island, her sightseeing tour ending rather swiftly as she came to look at what she drew.


And on top of that, she traded the heat for prison. Great.
In Ju-V 2 mos ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

L I N A Z I E G L E R M A R C H 7TH ( S E V E N T E E N ) F E M A L E
"I hate the sun, sleep a lot, and have bloodlike powers. Call me a vampire, sure."

▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"But seriously, I'm not a vampire."
◼ HEIGHT | 5'3"

◼ WEIGHT | 102 lbs

◼ BUILD | Thin nearing a sickly gaunt

◼ HAIR COLOUR | The Darkest Black


◼ 'VOICE' TEXT COLOUR | "Crimson"

◼ OTHER | Lina cannot sweat, having all her sweat glands substituted for the glands that produce her syrup-like substance. The syrup-like substance is a crimson, colored by the iron binding to the fiber to give it that color. Although comparisons are made to blood, the syrup-like substance is a brighter red, matching more like the color of a discounted blood prop.

Lina is small, being on average shorter and lighter than other girls her age and due to her power, her pale skin gives the impression she is chronically ill. This is due to constant blood-iron anemia and stunting her physical growth with nutritional iron stolen to supplement the strength in Lina’s power. Careful management of nutrient and mineral intake has made sure she is healthy despite this but this requires excessive amounts of intake of foods high in dietary fiber and iron.

The effect has largely impacted her view of herself, believing herself an anomaly compared to others. She makes small efforts into engaging with how she looks but overall, image is presented plainly. Her style of dressing is conservative with muted colors and fashion selections being dated with a religious Sunday service vibe: Simple conservative dresses, dress shoes, long socks, and maybe a cardigan or sweater if the weather is cold enough. Due to thinly physique, it is almost always cold.

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"I was born in the worst place possible, honestly."
Lina has spent her lifetime as an outcast, living in Flagstaff, Arizona. An only child, she’d become the focus of her two parents. Even from the time she was born, she was separated from the other babies as doctors believed she was ill. Her inability to sweat and constant need for certain nutritional supplements had always given her that sickly appearance that she was handled with a delicate but isolating hand. There was little her parents understood about her empowered physiology and so they protected her. She could never be like the other children growing up. When it came to playtime, her parents often told her she couldn’t participate, fearing that she’d become ill either by exerting herself or her parents believing her immune system was weak enough to catch something. In truth, she was far too young to understand how her powers worked so this likely saved her from an early death.

Lina’s parents, for a time, spared her from realizing how different she was. When she would finally gain a little independence from her often too doting parents, it would take one game of tag or a bit too long in the sun for a drip of crimson fluid to scare others around her. As she grew up, fear would turn into contempt. Her parents often cited the other children were jealous but how could they be? Lina had no super strength, flame powers, or any other comic book power that made others dream of having. Her complexion and the syrup’s crimson color lead to the others calling her a vampire, conjuring images of her being some scary creature. Her hiding from the sun to avoid getting too warm often did not help with this.

Her parents, David and Linda, were ironically the bits of positivity in her life to an extend. Their overprotectiveness had been strangling but it kept Lina alive, believing that while she was a freak, she wasn’t freaky enough to be below being loved. When the restriction of the superpowered came to pass, her parents were naturally devastated but privately, Lina thought this to be a potential positive. Her parents, while loved, could not be her whole world. There had to be more and maybe, among her own in a way, she’d find something more to engage with.

▼ M O T I V A T I O N / O B J E C T I V E:

"I dunno where this is all going."
To live. At least find a more compelling reason to, because at the moment, Lina feels like her life doesn’t have a purpose. Why is she here other than to simply exist and take up space. It is all horribly depressing but in a way, Lina likes to imagine she is defying this mantra by embracing who she is. This might be a chance for her to finally explore what that allows her to really be.

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

"Kind of hate it but whatever."
◼ Matter State | In short, uses specialized glands under the skin turn viscous fiber into a maple syrup-like liquid that can be secreted from the body. The user can mentally alter the state of matter this substance is in by altering the temperature, making it warmer to turn into a gas and colder to turn into a solid. The boiling and freezing points are relatively low in energy requirements as in, in order for the for the user to turn the liquid into a gas, one just has to think about the liquid getting warmer until it reaches around 110*F and for the solid around 20*F. The user can alter the temperature at their best so long as the substance is touching them and may struggle with temperature altering when the substance is away from their body. It isn't impossible to manipulate the state of matter of the substance away from the person but requires great concentration to achieve the almost telepathic thought with severely ramping difficult with distant from the substance. The substance in all forms is noted to be quite dense, thanks to a slight presence of iron in the solution, sinking to the bottom of a glass of water in both solid and liquid states. The user of this power must maintain a high fiber and iron diet. Overuse of her power will result in extreme dietary fiber and iron loss. Low fiber in the body means that they will have horrid bowel activities and can even risk some more severe consequences of too much use. Low iron count means the body will become anemic leading to other health complications.

◼ Skipping Gym Class| In lieu of physical activity, Lina has taken up all manner of hobbies where she didn’t have to break a sweat. She loves to sketch and has a practice hand at drawing, for example. She has a preference for realism or drawing things “how they truly are” and can remember a scene quite well. She also has a fairly high textbook knowledge of topics and is well read, but nothing more than your average 4.0 high school student.

◼ Nutritional Supplements Please! | Matter State is constantly pulling fiber and iron from Lina meaning she has to ingest more than usual. A lot more than usual. The result is she will start out with a great reserve of matter syrup to use, enough form a solid, cold suit of armor coating her entire body once over. Unfortunately that is the upper limit of her reserve and depleting it, which it naturally does with usage, will drain reserves. Lina would need to be consuming both iron and fiber and give her body time to start absorbing the replacement nutrients. This process starts at around 3 hours after ingesting food. She could directly feed the fiber and iron into her bloodstream via IV for a more immediate absorption, but that would be incredibly cumbersome if she couldn’t just lay around.

◼ No Sweat! | With the sweat glands replaced by glands to produce the matter syrup, Lina has no means to passively regulate her body temperature. She has to rely entirely on the temperature properties of the matter syrup to help control her body temperature. However this has issues because her control over the matter syrup is not knob to adjust finely but rather more like a switch. Turning the matter syrup solid, drops the temperature down to 20*F, cooling her body but at the danger of her becoming hypothermic if her body cools too much. The liquid state is transitional and more susceptible to outside influences in temperature so in cooler environments can act like a substitute of sweat, so long as Lina is not physically exerting herself too much. The gaseous state can be used to rapidly warm Lina but too much can result in mild burns or even heat exhaustion. The whole act of body temperature regulation becomes a delicate seesaw act of solid, liquid, and gas. That is not even considering the dangers of her not managing her fiber and iron intake as a lack of both can lead to dangerous physical ailments that can severely harm Lina if she is not careful. It is no wonder why Lina prefers not to do much or exert herself.

▼ N O T E S:

Linda and David Ziegler | Her parents, what more is there to say? They are her biggest fans and promised to write her letters everyday. Lina suspects that if she were a true vampire, drinking the blood of others maliciously, she’d still have their support. Some days it is too much…

TBD | Test

TBD | Test

◼ The Shadiest Spot under a Tree | Although she does have favorite places, none quite pull her in like outside under the shade of a dense tree to watch and draw the things she sees. Flagstaff had so few…

◼ Iron and Fiber Suppliments | Be it pills or snacks, Lina is constantly keeping her nutritional levels in check. Her life depends on it, after all.

◼ The Big Binder | Possibly Lina’s most prized possession. It is a large, personalized binder that contains pages of Lina’s drawings, letters, diaries and everything personal to her.

In Ju-V 2 mos ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay


Weird spot for me to be in that I did not anticipate.

I’m kind of getting out of RPs, rn. Like I am leaving my other one that has been long term.

If this seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere, I would have stayed but Wraith made that post like he maybe couldn’t handle it. Which is fine, again, I don’t mind that, but rn, I’m kind of in the mood to be very selectively interested in stuff. If, for whatever reason, were to get postponed or put on Hiatus, I probably wouldn’t get a satisfying conclusion with Jo. And unfortunately, it does seem like this RP still balances on a knife’s edge.

For that reason, I’m out.

Good luck though!
I can work with whichever idea is proposed.

That said, 2 would probably be the most interesting.
It is strange.

There was clearly a lot of effort placed into the front end of setting this all up. But only for it to lead to an assured end from lack of availability. It is a lot to decide it isn’t worth even trying to hang on to but it is your choice.

I do not mind. I can always find other things to join and write. Sad to see something that had a lot of effort come to a sudden end, however.

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Emmelynne 'Melle' Starbuck

There is no student more chill and easygoing than this 7th year from the House of Seraphine; some professors think she's gotten lazy, but you can't really blame her when she's got a personal pocket dimension to occupy her time.


@Stern Algorithm

I’m game and still interested. Haven’t had time to sit down and finalize the concept since it takes a bit of puzzle-piecing into Peter Parker’s already established background.
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