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❄Erika Olson❄

This battle was proving to be quite formidable easily shaking Erika's earlier confidence that came from defeating Daisy. Half of her team had fainted and things were teetering a bit on the edge with her hopeful plan failing unexpectedly. It was a good idea, right? To have Kay sap Nuzleaf's attack like that? It didn't matter now, anyway. She had to think of what her plan was now and despite the quite intimidated expression on her face, Erika was running through who on her team was next.

Eep could maybe hang in there but Confuse Ray is too valuable to lose before it can be used again. If Erika's next Pokemon fainted, Eep was next for sure. She just needed to get lucky. There was... maybe a way to tip the odds in her side's favor: Accuracy. With who remained, Chic and Sno have ways of maybe rigging those horrid unlucky dice to land on her side more often? It was an idea at least and since Sno could only raise her evasiveness, Chic was up.

Raising the Pokeball to her mouth, Erika whispered a tiny goodluck prayer to not only her but to Chic as well. "Alright Chic, we're a bit in danger here but I know we can pull through so hang in there..." With that she cast the ball out and Chic emerged ready to go.

Sand-Attack. Hopefully there was enough of a buffer between the accuracy loss and the confusion to let Chic get a few rounds off. However, the moment Chic gets hit, Erika would switch trying to take advantage of that type advantage, Chic's ability, and hope for the best with ember, looking for a burn.

Um I don't quite get it. Add something but don't add something from the rules? ... Oh I get it. It should be fixed now.
❄Erika Olson❄

Erika hurried over to the Stillwood Village Gym after the Pokemon Center. One glance up to the top of this massive treehouse had certainly been a slightly intimidating sight and perhaps, she was a bit mystified by the view up until she heard some chatter approaching her. Her gaze dropped to the spiraling staircase where two familiar characters were coming down. Of course, these two were some of Elite Four Jacques's prodigies. Erika let those two pass without stopping them, quietly trying to hide by keeping her head down. It was obvious those two had just challenged the Gym and won. She didn't want to broadcast she was up next for that still lingering doubt in her mind.

Despite successfully not attracting the attention of the prodigies, Erika did manage to attract the attention of the Gym Buddy. She nodded along and paid attention as much as she could to be polite. However, she certainly knew all of this already. "Mhm! Thank you for telling me all that." Erika smiled, continuing. "I'm... going to do what my mom wanted. I'm going to be Pokemon Champion and it starts here." She clenched her fists tightly as her gaze wandered over to the stairs. With a deep breath, she took that plunge. Onward.

Erika climbed up to the first platform. A trainer was awaiting her and she didn't know why, but these Aroma ladies always had this smug lording attitude, like they looking down on her! "Let's do this." Was Erika's response.

Since Erika has a fiery spirit right now. She will use one potion on each: Tara, Eep, and Chic. Therefore allowing her to continue on.

Assuming victory came from this battle, Erika would reluctantly retreat to use to Pokemon Center before pressing on.

❄Erika Olson❄

With a session of training down in the books, it was time to consider her first challenge at the Stillwood Village Gym. It was apparent that she'd have to contend with some grass types especially considering she watched a few challengers face some of the other trainers in the gym. So naturally, she had to focus on strategies with Sno, Chic, Gibs, and Tara. The other two on her planned team, Eep and Kay, were not at any inherent disadvantage. That being said, Erika still had some reservations about challenging a Gym. Was she ready? Guess there was no way to tell without going on to challenge.

So Erika hurried on back to Stillwood Village and went to the Pokemon Center, swapping Chu for Gibs at the Pokemon console. Then she approached the Stillwood Village Gym, ready to challenge the leader inside....
❄Erika Olson❄

Indeed, it was quite troublesome for Erika to reach a Swablu on the ground. She was beginning to devise some sort of strategy to hit one at range until her friend, Farfetch'd flew off. Some things happened which Erika hadn't been paying attention to but a Swablu was knocked down to her feet. How convenient! "Huh? Oh! Uuh! Quick Sno!" Erika was a bit surprised but managed to rally behind her strategy of using Sno's type effectiveness. With Swablu being weakened, Erika cast her Pokeball and then waited for the capture.


Erika was pleased as she gripped Gib's Pokeball from her belt and pressed the button to return it to the PC. He certainly needed a rest and he was probably the only one that maybe didn't need training on her team. Erika bent down and picked up the Pokeball of her newly acquired teammate. "Let's see... Swablu.. Lou? No.. Altaria... Tara? Yea that sounds alright." Erika muttered as she filled in the new nickname.

Now, she had certainly realized what Farfetch'd landing there meant. She squatted and reached into her bag. She pulled out all the berries she had and offered him a choice of whatever one looked best to him... or her! "Here, Farfetch'd! For your help, I'll let you pick your favorite! And if you help me a bit more I'll let you have another one."

So with her helper properly rewarded, Erika took the time to heal Tara with a potion and then it was time to begin training. Each member of Erika's team would be given a chance to fight other bird Pokemon, ones that Farfetch'd knocked down within range.

❄Erika Olson❄

Erika quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Gibs had managed to hang in there and she was quite proud of him and herself even if her respect for self was just a little bit. Gibs definitely look exhausted, however, and so she addressed that. She bent down and patted his head. "Good work, Gibs! I'll let you take a break for now but I'll think of something to reward you later, okay? We got the right message across, I think." Erika returned her Gible to his Pokeball, just in time to hear Jenelle's offer.

It felt awful, Erika believed, that she was actually tempted to get herself a favor like this. Any Pokemon was significant and the potential promise of filling in her team made this offer almost too good to be true. Of course, Erika should have immediately declined but she hesitated letting her silence give up a bit about herself. Yet hearing Farfetch'd behind her, she finally replied with her answer. "No... Not if Farfetch'd gets hurt like that. Sorry."

It felt tough to decline but turning away from Jenelle and looking at Farfetch'd made her feel relieved. "You're okay now, Farfetch'd. She won't bother you any more but you'll need to be more careful about people, okay?" Erika bent down offered a few comforting pets. Now, Farfetch'd was interesting in that while Erika might have wanted to capture him, or her, she felt a bit guilty about the idea oddly enough. As if she'd be doing just the same by taking a Farfetch'd out of the environment and hurting their population numbers. It was a complicated feeling. "Farfetch'd, if you want, you can keep me company for a bit. I was going to go catch a Swablu!" Erika beamed, having made up her mind there and now.

So if Farfetch'd wanted to pal around, he or she, was more than welcome too! Erika even brought out Chic to play around with Farfetch'd while she focused on tracking down a Swablu. The evolution into an Altaria was pretty powerful and would let Erika's team be a bit more flexible, she thought.

Anyway, with capturing a Swablu. Erika would draw out Sno and have her use Powder Snow until the Swablu looked tired. Then she'd use however many Pokeballs she needed.

So am I waiting until the s2 app..?
Ted was on a mission for knowledge, viewing it as the ends rather than the means until he met another scientist named Hank Pym at a symposium in New York. But Pym wasn’t the catalyst for change so much as a mirror to help see himself better through.

I'll investigate further since I effectively kill of Hank in Hope's story. It isn't a big deal though since I can just restate that he was injured or something. The effect of Ray being corrupted is kind of central more than Hank's death.
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