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What is a woobie?
@Savo K.


This is my formal petition for use of your faction in Mori's backstory?
I’ll change Death and Decay tomorrow. The whole gimmick is anti-life so I’m going with the drain ki and then damage individuals. I assume that means weaker entities will just wither? Plants, animals, etc... assuming there isn’t an abundance of ki within them.

Um. It doesn’t have to be the Horizon whatever’s. They are established lore though and it does sound like it would fit their MO? Guess I’ll wait for the guy to let me know if it is permissible .

So that’s it for issues? Made a pretty good first go at it, then.

Oh. If I think of anything ability wise to add in the future... is that permissible? (Upon approval, no doubt)
Here you go. @Savo@KaiserElectric@redbaron1234


Oh yes, thank you for already anticipating the capture. Very good post, Skinky! You are doing a magnificent job, yes!

Ok this looks like fun. Now let’s see about if I can come up with something zany enough...
I guess it would be best just to indeed lightly imply it

Or, you know, you don’t have to imply it at all and just have normal relationship with your Pokémon.
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