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The voyage to Hua’ma had been extremely dull and uneventful. Her traveling party was on the smaller side, elegant and modest as her brother instructed. Mierea had been accompanied by a handful of knights, and her most trusted handmaidens, Chloe and Darla. Only five days into the journey, and she quickly had gotten bored of embroidering patterns on cloth, taking naps, and re-reading the same four books over and over again. Long distance traveling was not something she had done very often, and the expectations she had had about her adventurous journey were crushed as each day was filled with bumpy roads, boredom, and no baths. Three weeks in a carriage did not make for a happy princess. Thankfully she and her entourage had arrived at the Hua’mu palace three days ago, and Mierea had been incredibly thankful to finally have a bath, and sleep in a bed.

The Hua'mu royal family had greeted her properly, and she them. Gifting the king and queen with lavish silks and a hand carved ivory box of An'elle's famous chocolate truffles. Each Hua'mu princesses received a gem encrusted brooch created by the famous An'elle designer Sylvester Jiminy. The three days before the masquerade were spent relaxing and recuperating in the Hua'mu Palace. She was escorted around the grounds by a duke who had the kings ear, and show the gardens she remembered from the last time she has come to Hua'mu as a child. She later had tea with two of the middle princesses, and was entertained during a dinner by the palace musicians.

As for the day of the ball, she spent it lazing around in her room, rather than preparing like most of the noble ladies had been. Mierea smelled like she had rolled around in vanilla cake thanks to the bath she had just stepped out of. “I really don’t see a need to rush.” She said as Darla and Chloe ran about the room trying to make sure Mierea was on time and presentable. She only just began getting ready an hour before the party was meant to start, much to her handmaiden’s annoyance. Drapped in a thin towel she walked over to one of her trunks that held some of the books and things she had brought with her from home. Gently she took out a linen bundle, and placed it on the bed. “I will also be wearing that tonight.” She said as she smiled at Darla who looked surprised at and addition to Mierea's attire for the ball.

“Princess do you really think this is a good idea?” Darla said unfolding the linen bundle and staring at the item inside. The questionable idea that her handmaiden was concerned about, was a long brunette wig. She had decided that since this was a masquerade, she would not only wear a mask to hide her face, but also a wig to hide her short honey blonde hair. “It’s a brilliant idea Darla, no need to worry. I’ve already heard that some of the masks tonight will hide the wearer’s face completely, from forehead to chin. Covering my hair is no big deal.” Mierea said trying to assure Darla, who was a notorious worrywart.

Darla and Chloe helped Mierea step into her gown, and began lacing her into it for the masquerade had already started by now. The silk gown had been specifically made for this evening. It was created in a typical Albine style, though Mierea had decided to forgo the corset that was normally worn underneath. The dress was mainly made up of a pretty mauve silk, and trimmed in gold and silver thread. Her favorite part of the gown was the flowy sleeves, and gold beading around the hem.

Her handmaidens fixed the wig to her head and brushed out the curls. “I look a bit mysterious as a brunette, don’t you think?” She asked her ladies, as she peered at herself in the mirror. Both of the girls nodded in agreement, and Chloe handed Mierea her mask. It was made from gold wire, tiny diamond beads, and shaped to look like butterfly wings. It matched her jewelry perfectly. “You should get going now Princess, the ball has already started.” Darla said quickly as she opened the door to the hall. “I don’t think there is a huge need to hurry, it only started a few minutes ago, from what I’ve heard there are some guests who have yet to even officially arrive in Hua’mu. Apparently they decided to arrive during the party.” Mierea explained as she tied her mask on and stepped out into the hall.

She entered the ballroom behind a herd of other ladies, and her eyes brightened at the sight of the party. Fashions from every place danced around the room. It was beautiful, and Mierea was excited.
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