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11 days ago
Current Was excited to dye my hair blue is now obsidian black....oops
6 mos ago
I haven’t been on here in a long time. It looks like everything has slowed down... Not as many new RPGs or posts? Isn’t it summer time? What’s going on?!
1 yr ago
I want to get back to RPing so bad. The new job schedule is killing me. How do ya’ll manage when you have a full time job?!
2 yrs ago
Windows 10 update...its been at 6% for fifty god damn minutes. I have post I need to write Mr. Laptop hurry the hell up!
2 yrs ago
I thought there would be a bunch of new interest checks since it’s the weekend...but nooo!


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@Haeo Darse is accepted! Post him up in CS tab! <3
I would love to see some completed Character Sheets!!!! I would also really love to start up the IC this week, so as soon as two more characters are accepted, that will be happening. Though I will still leave the RP open for new players. I don't want to rush people, but its almost been 2 weeks since the OOC was created.
Will there be a Discord for this RP group, or no?
@Suneli Yes it is! Welcome!
@ShwiggityShwah I’m probably just blind, but how old is Hieros?
Does anyone want a sibling/cousin/friend for their character? I kind of want to play as someone sister or something for my second character.
@Ceta de Cloyes

As far as the inspiration I got from Gargantia, it was the ships they are living on, and how they collect rain. Things like that. The mecha robot things are a no go for this RP.

I've never play SOMA, base on the google images, it looks like an underwater settlement horror? As for settlements underwater for this RP, that could totally be a thing, but I am kind of hesitant because there is already a lot going on as far as places.

I don't really know what you mean by rapture reference. The great flood and natural/man made disasters that covered the earth would have been considered biblical or "gods wrath" by those who were religious at the time.

AI more then Siri or an Amazon Alexa was not established before the end. They could have been created on the Mars colony, but it was not shared on earth. So the people that crash landed form Mars would have knowledge of it, but they wouldn't actually have the tech.

There are new creatures of the deep, scary sea creatures, new fishes, and gigantic animals that once were small, like turtles or something.

As for NPC, they are basically Characters that are around that no one is officially claimed or are playing as their own, so we as players can use them as we wish in our IC writing. For instance I would write as Iris walking around the Docks, and can converse with an NPC who is selling wares or something. Adoptable means that if someone wants to take the NPC and make an official CS for them, then they are claiming that NPC as an official Character of their own to play. It is basically someone taking them on as a main character.

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