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7 mos ago
Current Au Pair adventure in Sweden is coming to an end. Going home in a few days and then I'll be back in full swing on this site!
1 yr ago
Going to be an Au Pair in SWEDEN!!


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I am actually LDS. This is interesting and a tad strange to see on this site. lol
Radford birds name is Pecker. Hahahaha I'm dying!

“Yea, little Pecker, you will ride into battle with me, won’t you boy?”

This is the funniest thing I've read all week! You are a genius @Gunther
EDIT:: I realize I have a dirty mind, and woodpecker, or bird beak should have been what I associate the Birds name with, but I automatically just thought Penis....

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Cole Sprouse
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"It's always fun to explore fabrics and notions that can make each project special."
- The Making of a Rag Doll by Jess Brown
Midline birth defect baby
I'll have my next post up tomorrow. Thanks for the help ya'll. Still kind of lost on what Stelsa should be doing. She's not an Army nurse like Talisa Maegyr sooo... She doesn't fight like Brienne or Arya. She is not the lady of the house officially any more, that would be Madeline. She hasn't been in this situation before. If I'd given her a different personality then I could do the whole young Sansa crying scared hiding thing, but thats not Stelsa. I've come to ask myself what would a hybrid of Shireen/Marjorie/pre-Kahleesi Dany/average noble girl do?

EDIT:: As you can see that promised post didn't happen. Writers block has taken over....
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