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7 mos ago
Current Being an adult with a job, how does one come back to RPing?!
4 yrs ago
Was excited to dye my hair blue tonight...it is now obsidian black....oops
4 yrs ago
I haven’t been on here in a long time. It looks like everything has slowed down... Not as many new RPGs or posts? Isn’t it summer time? What’s going on?!
5 yrs ago
I want to get back to RPing so bad. The new job schedule is killing me. How do ya’ll manage when you have a full time job?!
6 yrs ago
Windows 10 update...its been at 6% for fifty god damn minutes. I have post I need to write Mr. Laptop hurry the hell up!


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Will be adding to this on the coming weekends.
OK I’ll be done with work in about three hours. Then I’ll post my character, and look over those that have been posted.

Super excited.

Reincarnate - Rebirth of the soul in another body, the belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body.
Image Inspiration Board

I will be posting me official OOC up in the morning! <3
@World Traveler, and @Sedjwick.

I was planning the time period for the RP to be like 2012. I will also take reservations. Once the OOC is up, you have a week to post your character or you lose the reservation.

Honestly I was hoping that the main plot was basically 50/50 of the descriptions you gave. I’m not great at writing action/fighting scenes. But I love reading them and they always add to an RP.

@World Traveler & @Helo

Main plot will revolve around the six and their crew. And the flip side of the coin is the Original vamps teaming up with the witches. The majority of the six don’t want to reincarnate anymore, and want to somehow fix it, but there is also a rage and hate for the witches and original vamps. Side parts would be things like romance, old fueds, Emotional turmoil, and so on.

I don’t understand the “cloak and dagger” reference? I’ve not seen the TV show if that’s what you mean? As for political thriller I’m also at a loss for what you mean? Elaborate please, I really want to be able to answer your question.

As for posting, If your character is interacting with another’s players character in the IC I would exspect you to keep up with the average rate of posting. But otherwise posting at least 3 times a week would be great. Like I said quality over quantity. So if you can only really post a paragraph or two, that’s fine as long as it adds to the story, it’s part of the conversation, describes what’s going on, etc. Also group posting it totally cool too. I put this in casual RP because I don’t expect a novel for each post. But I tagged as advanced, so there is a little more to it.

I can make a Discord. They usually are handy when it comes to more advanced role-plays.
Two more peeps and I’ll make the OOC.

For those of you that have showed interest, do you have any questions or input?
Thanks for the welcome backs! It’s good to see that a lot of my fellow RPers are still here.
Awesome! I will make an OOC once there are at least three more interested people!
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