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My GM just threatened to start killing off fictional pet bunny rabbits if I don't post tomorrow. Oh well...
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Me too, Hitman. Me too.
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Why can't I just take an extra-long nap until this whole thing is over? That should be an option.


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The last thing Patricia remembered was a sudden collision to the back of her head, and then darkness.

Patricia woke with her face nestled into someone’s warm, comfy shoulder. She noted several things as she slowly came back to consciousness. One: she was drooling, two: her head hurt so bad it felt like her brain was being crushed by Superman, three: someone was saying her name, and four: the voice that was calling her name was not one that was good to hear. At that realization, she snapped her head up from Kat’s shoulder and stared, bleary-eyed, at the other girl. Her headache got even worse with the sunlight, making her squint, but she knew the girl sitting next to her as Malady. And they were definitely not on the boat anymore. Something had gone very, very wrong. Patricia’s expression morphed into one of panic and bewilderment. “Oh my God! Get away from me!” She tried to shove Kat away, only to find that she couldn’t. She glanced down. Oh. That’s why. A pair of isolene handcuffs bound the two girls together by the wrists.

She glanced up again, her eyes filled this time not with panic but with confusion and suspicion. If they were handcuffed together, that could mean two things. The first was something that she didn’t quite want to think about. The second was that Malady was here against her will. She imagined that the second was more likely. Patricia’s heart still hammered in her chest, though- being handcuffed to a supervillain who could kill you with a touch was not her ideal scenario. She took a few additional seconds to look around their surroundings and was even further confused by what she saw. They were in a tiny metal cage of some sorts, on… an island? This place looked like it was torn straight from the Pirates of the Caribbean. She fixed Kat with a look of bewilderment and groaned. “Where am I? What are you doing here? Why are we... handcuffed together? We aren't on the boat!” Patti launched a furious volley of questions at Kat and tried to subtly scoot away from the other girl. Unfortunately, the length of their cuffs stopped her from doing so. While doing that, she used her only free hand to search her clothes for her stuff. Nada. Damnit.

Guess our plan worked. I did get kidnapped! Thanks, new guy... God, I am so dead.

haha if most of the characters are teens my character idea is... going to be sorely out of place
holy shit, akaya, interested! not sure if i'll have time or inspiration but I can't wait to see you try your hand at gming

@Hitman I hate her so much. Here's my villain C: Affiliation is left blank on purpose, she's meant as a part of a team currently in development. Most details aren't completely solid, I might go back and edit a bit later.

With a grin on her face, Jamie followed Chad to the bar. Drinking with friends was something she was familiar with, at least. Hopefully, no one would get too wild, but even if they did, it’d be fun! Woo! The bar looked tropical, appropriately themed for an island resort. She took a seat on one of the wicker bar stools next to Chad and leaned against the bar. Chad looked a bit nervous. Weird! He did look young though, so maybe that was why?

Jamie signaled for the bartender, and the woman walked over. She was about to order when Chad spoke up… asking to be carded? Her eyebrows shot up and she giggled, almost in disbelief. He knew that you didn’t ask to get carded, right? Weird kid.

“I’ll have a piña colada, please!” Jamie piped up and handed over her credit card. “And… I’ll get one from my friend here, too. “ She gestured to Chad. She would’ve gotten one for Joseph, but she knew that he preferred the harder stuff. A piña colada would be a little too light for him. Plus, poor Chad didn’t seem to know what he was doing here.

The bartender came back with two fruity-looking yellow drinks in coconut cups with umbrella straws poling out of them. She set one in front of Jamie and the other in front of Chad and then walked off. Jamie enthusiastically took a sip of her drink. “Mmmm, this is good. You can really taste the pineapple! And the rum. It’s not very alcoholic, though, so we’ll have to have a couple if we wanna get drunk. And I could drink more than a few of these.”

Jamie cocked her head at Chad’s question and thought a bit. Actually, if she thought a bit, this was the first time Powers had ever done this in her six years of working for him. “No, he really isn’t,” she told him. “I don’t know why he’d suddenly set up a vacation like this, but all the power to him! A vacation on the company dime is awesome. He’s usually super yell-y and strict, but this is cool. Hopefully he’ll be nice this week. Not like he can get mad at me for wrecking any buildings here.”

that’s an alright plan, max. not into getting kidnapped (though i’d bet money some of you are) but we don’t have a lot of options.

blake i HAVE a girlfriend tyvm, and she is not a fucking villain. i’ll see what i can do about distracting her though

Patricia sat back and watched the action happen for a moment. Blake ran after the Black Baron, which she could only hope went well, and Malady disappeared into the hallway with some gangster-looking man. Just as that happened, she got another ding from her phone. Apparently, Blake wanted one of them to eavesdrop. Patricia scoffed quietly. Since when had he become leader? Notmenotmenotme… But nobody else was getting up to go do it. So, with reluctance, Patricia stood from her chair, death-glared at Cerise, Max, and Alpha, and headed over to the side room.

Were those… marbles moving on the wall? Patricia squinted for a moment and tried to reconcile what she was seeing with the laws of physics before she realized what they were. Oh! A little smile appeared on her face. Those would be Rumi’s, and if Rumi was spying, she didn’t need to! Satisfied, Patti turned back around and headed back to the bar.

She was maybe halfway to her seat when she got yet another ding from her phone. She dug it out and read it, brows furrowed… ah. Shit. She stuffed her phone back into her purse. If Malady knew there were heroes on the ship… did she know about the rest of them, or just Brooke and Rumi? And if she was heading to the boiler room…

Patricia could guess that Malady was maybe closer to the boiler room than they were and was probably making a beeline for there at that moment. If they got there after she did, it would be too late for Brooke and Rumi. And if she was closer, she’d definitely get there before them. Although she didn’t know the two very well, she still didn’t want her colleagues to die. That sort of took precedence over the whole not wanting to get recognized thing.

well, that’s bad! I think she’s closer to you two than we are. I’m gonna go delay her. everyone else, get to the boiler room asap

Heart pumping in her chest, Patricia did a full 180 on her heel and headed right back into the hallway. Malady had just left the room after murdering Jim Rockferry and was heading straight down the hall to the boiler room. What should I do? She had options, but little time. Should she sing? No, she’d hear her and send that mist at her. Making someone vomit was a good way to shut them up. Judging from their only reaction, she didn’t seem likely to kill Patricia. Maybe she should mention that ominous note? Bump into her?

Yes, that was the right way to go. She clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and sped-walk towards Malady’s back. Then, just as she was turning the corner, Patricia barreled into her with the grace of an ox, sending both of them falling to the ground.

“Oh! Oh no, I am so sorry, I am such a klutz. It seems I don’t look where I’m walking. I was just looking for the bathroom…” Patricia trailed off. In case Malady didn’t recognize her, she didn’t want to reveal herself too prematurely. But if she did, she’d go on with the second phase of her impromptu plan. Breath held, she waited for a response.

Carmen’s weekend was chock-full of studying, and not much else. Studying for the mission, that was. She didn’t get much done in the way of homework, which she would certainly pay the price for, but this was just so much more damn interesting! And important. Important too. For the next two days, she barely emerged from her room except to eat and go to the bathroom. She was too busy with her research. To the best of her ability, Carmen attempted to teach herself how to listen and speak in Cantonese over the weekend, although she didn’t make it too far. She also researched a fair bit about the general city of Macau, and then she tried her best to learn specifics about Mexican cartel dealings so she wouldn’t look like an idiot in her cover identity. All this left her little time to sleep. As was routine for Carmen, she pulled an all-nighter Saturday night. The only reason she did go to sleep Sunday night was a pesky agent named Bug. The girl had figured out she was still awake at midnight and had wasted no time in pulling embarrassing photos and texts off her phone and blackmailing her into hitting the hay. Carmen had complied, albeit begrudgingly. An extra 8 hours of studying was not worth her pictures being leaked to the rest of the squad.

The next afternoon, Carmen was right on time for the briefing. Having to tell her teachers that she hadn’t done her homework burned, but she knew it’d be worth it. Despite her anxieties over the weekend, Carmen was excited. She could barely contain her grin. She stared bright-eyed at Nadia as she briefed them. Her grin slowly slid off her face. Oh. This was a lot worse than she had anticipated. Carmen fidgeted a bit nervously. They were assassinating someone? She wasn’t sure if she could assassinate someone… although it probably wouldn’t be her pulling the trigger.

Carmen gulped her fears down as they walked over to Professor MacMahon. She ran her hand over some of the gadgets, ear peeled at his lecture. She winced at his simile. Gruesome. Carmen never had much use for gadgets, being mostly the translator, but she did take a deck of listening cards, a discreet two-way earpiece, a nightstick that doubled as a selfie stick, brass knuckles disguised as rings, a gun (which she’d only use if she was REALLY in a bind), a makeup mirror that was also a camera, a lipstick knife, and a host of other knick-knacks she thought might come in handy. After Ollie, she stepped into the stalls and changed hurriedly. She emerged in a lovely red dress and pointed thin black flats. Externally, she looked the part of María Elena Flores García, the American-educated daughter of an incredibly wealthy cartel leader and Mexican mob boss.

Carmen gave Foxtrot and Tango a good scratch on the chins before steeling herself and stepping through the Worm. She really didn’t like this thing. She would’ve clung to Ben’s arm if she had thought it’d make any difference, but it never did in the end. She emerged feeling a bit worse for war and looking a little green around the gills.

Gosh, how did everyone else deal with this? She looked around the room. Yuto looked cool as a cucumber, as always, and Ben and Ollie looked like they were having the time of their lives. Meanwhile, Carmen was just trying not to vomit. It took a few moments of deep breaths to get it under control until she was normal again. Then, she looked around the room.

Her eyes widened. This place was pretty. Certainly better than where they had stayed in Timbuktu. She went off to go poke her head into the girls’ bedroom when she heard her code name mentioned and perked up her head. Oh. It was just Yuto. She was glad he wasn’t actually addressing her- the older boy was notorious for being snappy to the younger agents. Her head snapped to Ollie as he spoke, too, and a raging blush swept across her cheeks. He couldn’t possibly intend for some of them to pretend to be couples!

“I-” Carmen stammered for a moment, at a loss for words. As much as she hated to admit it, though, it wasn’t a bad idea. “It’s… a good idea. I guess. But I don’t like it.” A ding from her watch interrupted her from this travesty of a conversation, thankfully.

Carmen’s eyebrows flew up into her hairline as she read “caramel”. Who did Ben think he was? But, thankfully, it was only a typo, and she let out a sigh of relief. That hadn’t been ground she had wanted to cover, today. He wanted to meet her in the hallway, apparently, and she grinned. Getting to do some recon could be fun!

totes!!!! be down there in a few C:

Carmen grabbed her bag, waved bye to some of the rest of the agents, and headed downstairs. True to her word, she met Ben in the hallway, on the patterned carpet of the casino.

She stood stock-still, glancing around the place. “So? Where to? I don’t really know how to gamble beyond, like, blackjack or anything…” She trailed off. “We could go get a bite to eat at the bar or something? I haven’t really eaten since lunch. And I have the 11:30 AM lunch. My ID identifies me as 21, so we could get the lay of the land from there. We could try to walk around, too, catch some conversation. Drunk people talk, and I can listen and talk back more than you. I- I don’t know, though. You have more experience than me, obviously. I’m deflecting to you, of course.” She glanced at Ben shyly. All she really wanted was to do the right thing on this mission. If that meant listening to Ben, then it meant listening to Ben. Not that that was bad, not at all. Certainly better than listening to Binx.


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