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just found out today i have 1500 hours in the sims 4. what the fuck
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Got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today! I feel great.
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That's why I like group RPs much better. In my experience, it's easier to find a good group than it is to find a good 1x1 partner.
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As far as I'm aware, side effects are a good thing! It means the vaccine is working.
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-a n d-

Once the team arrived at the fairgrounds, Alisa went off by her lonesome. She wandered around and marveled at the spectacles. All sorts of games, food, exhibitions, and attractions abounded, and ambiguously safe-looking rollercoasters towered above. She had never been in a place like this before and was constantly being surprised. The colors, the people, the noises… it was all fascinating. An hour into their trip, she had visited an art competition, an animal show (taking care to stay far away from the stables), and had even rode a few rollercoasters.

All the while, she was keeping an eye out for her teammates. While she had purposefully gone off on her own, she did still want to see how her friends were doing. The fairgrounds were so large, however, that she couldn’t really find anyone. She had half a mind to go be useful and scope out the circus, but she was loving this. People-watching was good enough for her. Eventually Alisa bought a giant fried corn dog, a funnel cake, and a milkshake and sat down, a peaceful smile on her face as she watched the fairgoers go about their days. She drummed her fingers on the picnic table, munching on her food.

”You got room over there?”

Maya sauntered over towards the table Alisa was sitting at, a happy look on her face as she made her way over to the table, sitting down next to Alisa before she was given permission to do so. Maya looked a bit like a cowgirl in her current attire, wearing a low-cut cream-colored gypsy top, a pair of jean shorts, and tall cowboy boots that rose up to her knees. On top of her head of wavy brown hair was a comically gigantic cowboy hat that Maya had won at a carnival game, and in her arms were a slew of stuffed animals that Maya had won, which she let spill out onto the table.

”Turns out that after you win 10 of these in a row, they send security after you. Fun fact!” Maya said mischievously as she looked at her stuffed pile of loot. ”You want one? Here, take Fluffy.” Maya rested a large stuffed poodle in front of Alisa. ”Alicia, right? Sorry, bad with names.”

Alisa smiled- a bit nervously, perhaps- at Maya’s sudden appearance. She scooted over on the bench for her, making room. She wasn’t yet sure how she felt about Maya. Her arrival had been significantly overshadowed by Bex’s, and she certainly didn’t like Bex. But a stuffed animal certainly did make her like the Maya a little bit more. Sweet! Another to add to her collection. She laughed at Maya’s anecdote and took the poodle graciously, embracing it. “Ooh! I love him. Thanks!”

“Alisa,” she firmly corrected. “It’s alright, though... I know who you are! You’re Maya Kobayashi. Demonslayer… but you prefer Maya,” she supplied, before realizing this might be a strange thing to say and hurriedly followed up with, “I’m Alisa Fields, but my… alias, I guess, is Cybergirl. It’s nice to meet you!”

If Maya was perturbed by Alisa’s strange response, she didn’t show it at all, instead giving a cheery smile. ”Oh! Sorry, names are tough. Alisa. That’s a very nice name,” the Asian girl said as she removed the ginormous cowboy hat from her head, resting it on the table in front of them. ”You want to grab a bite to eat? I heard the cotton candy here is really good.”

“Oh, no, I already did! But you can have most of mine if you want.” Alisa pushed over her giant, barely touched portions of food to Maya. “I don’t like to eat a lot, so have at it.”

”I don’t know how you can have energy to beat up bad guys if you don’t eat,” Maya said with a snicker as she pulled the food in front of her, sticking a fork in.

“Oh, I’ll live without it! Sometimes I’ll even go a week or two without eating… I don’t really need it,” Alisa explained, not understanding that this might be extremely confusing or alarming to someone who didn’t know her well.

”More for me, I guess. Here, though, let me make it up to you.” Maya stuck her hand into her pocket, pulling out a handful of things. ”I got 27 cents...two sticks of like gum? Ooh!” Maya dropped two slightly-crumpled tickets onto the table in front of Alisa. ”They’re having pony rides here! We should do that. It’d be fun! Where else can you get pony rides, after all? Let’s do that!”

Alisa smiled, and then blanched, realizing what Maya was talking about. If it was possible for her to sweat, she would’ve been- there was no way she was getting on a fucking horse. “Oh, erm… I’m alright! I don’t wanna do that… Why don’t we go ride a rollercoaster instead?”

”Aww, come on! I already rode on a rollercoaster today. The pony thing sounds super fun, though.” Maya casually slid closer to Alisa, the taller girl’s shoulder rubbing up against the android, the smell of orange blossom perfume emanating from Maya’s body. ”I think it would be so cool if we could go together. Pretty please?” Maya batted her eyelashes, a frisky simper forming on her lips as Maya eeked into Alisa’s personal space.

Alisa crossed her arms and leaned back, an uncomfortable look on her face. “I have qualms,” she said, awkwardly, not looking at the girl with the puppy eyes in front of her face. “About… animal abuse. Yeah, um, that. I’ve heard that they really abuse all the animals at these fairs. I don’t want to, uh, contribute to that… Do you?”

”Animal abuse?!” Maya’s eyes widened, and she pulled back sharply. ”Why didn’t you say something, then? We have to go save those poor things! ” Maya quite literally jumped out of her seat. ”Let’s go! Right now! Every second we waste is a second more that those poor animals are stuck in those stables! Ooh, maybe we can convince Red Tornado to keep them in the base for a little while, until we can find them a home!”

Oh God, what have I done. Alisa stood, too, although much more cautiously. A horse rescue mission sounded much worse. “Let’s not get too hasty,” she placated and reached her hands out. “We both care a lot about horses-” A lie, horses were the worst animal- “But we’d be breaking our cover. Jeopardizing the mission and- and our teammates! Plus… Red Tornado is really strict, and he has a no-pets policy. We’d get grounded! Well, you’d get grounded, I’d get more grounded…”

”You kidding? This is important, Alisa! Those poor ponies...poor, poor ponies...” Maya shook her head in sadness at the thought. ”Being a hero is about being a hero, you know? Like, you have to stand up for what you believe in. And also take autographs, hopefully. Come on!”

Alisa shook her head violently. “But Red Tornado said that, um. He said if the new people get in trouble at the fair or breaks a rule on this mission, they’ll get kicked off the team!” That was absolutely not true, but sometimes lies were necessary.

”Come on, Alisa, loosen up!” Maya said playfully. ”We won’t get kicked off the team because we won’t get caught. I mean, I know I won’t get caught. And you probably won’t. You’re in good shape,” Maya said offhandedly. ”You sound awfully robotic right now. We’re superheroes, remember? This’ll be a walk in the park. Literally.”

Alisa blushed at Maya’s compliment, but kept her arms crossed and her eyes to the side. “One, that’s offensive to robots. Two, you don’t think two horses are conspicuous?” Alisa retorted.

”Three, who cares about a bunch of dumb robots? They don’t feel anything. And four, we can just take them out the back when the people in charge are distracted. I’ll make a distraction, and you take the horses out the back. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.” Maya rubbed her hands together. ”This’ll be just like Ocean’s Eight! Except with horses, and not a cash grab.”

Alisa suddenly scowled, looking pissed. She wasn’t sure if Maya knew about her metallic insides quite yet, but that was still… well, maybe true most of the time, but she didn’t like it! “There are robots with feelings,” she snapped. “Asshole.” She then pondered the plan for a moment and sighed. There would be no convincing Maya.

“Fine. But I’m distracting.”
”OK, OK, jeez.” Maya rolled her eyes. ”Whatever you say.” Maya stood from the table, gesturing for Alisa to follow her. ”Let’s go rescue some ponies! Woohoo!”

The duo arrived at the horse rides area, which only consisted of a small tent and a grassy area with a number of fences to mark the path of the ride. A few ponies were leashed to a metal fencepost nearby. Maya stretched her arms. ”Remember the plan. You keep the guy working the horses distracted, and I’ll free the ponies. Then, you meet me out there by that big cherry tree over there. Got it?”

Alisa gulped, staring down the equine animals. Their beady eyes… their giant teeth… their horrible faces all gave her goosebumps. If she had a heart, it would’ve been beating in her ears, but her body settled for a light shaking. “Yeah, yeah. Got it.”

Once Maya left, Alisa walked up the counter, smiling broadly. “Hello, sir, can I-” She then practically threw herself into the table, breaking it with the force of her weight and fall, and began to scream. “MY LEG! MY LEG! Oh god, I’ve broken my leg! I’m going to sue all of you!” A more astute watcher would’ve noted the lack of any tears, blood, or a twisted leg, but this seemed enough to distract the employees. They rushed to her side, offering first aid and apologies.

Maya gave a thumbs-up before dramatically ducking down, rolling out of the line of sight of the pony rides operator and stealthily moving towards the place where the ponies were kept in captivity. As Alisa did her task, Maya quietly made her way over to the fencepost, holding out her hand. A small puff of red mist materialized at her palm, and in a split second Blood Moon appeared in her hand. With a single, precise stroke, Maya sliced free all the horses. ”Run free, horses! Run free!” she whispered, as her eyes flitted over towards Alisa. ”This is a bit over-the-top,” she muttered as she quietly made her way towards the cherry tree, the horses running wild into the plains.

Alisa wasn’t dumb enough to just walk away, so she ushered Maya over as she continued to fake-wail. “My friend is going to take me to the hospital, and then we’re going to sue you and your stupid horses! Right, Ma...ria?”

”O-oh, yeah, right!” Maya jogged over, helping lift Alisa off the ground. ”Let’s go, Stacy! I know a great lawyer that’s going to sue the pants off of you guys!”

Alisa hobbled away with Maya. She limped for a good few moments, putting her weight on Maya, before standing up once they were out of sight. “That… was actually easy!” She also hadn’t had to see a horse, which was great.

”Jesus Christ, you’re heavy...yeah, that was great! We did it!”

“It’s rude to call a girl fat,” Alisa teased.

”I didn’t say you were fat,” Maya retorted with a smirk.

“Not true! You totally did. Meanie.” Alisa playfully pinched a piece of skin on Maya’s arm.

”Hey!” Maya giggled, swatting back at Alisa. ”Stop that!”

Alisa swiped at Maya’s shoulder with her fist, laughing. “Oh yeah? Take that!”

Maya laughed again. ”Bully!” She wound up a fist in response, before stopping. ”Oh my God, Daisy came back! She seems to like you!”

Indeed, right behind Alisa was a tall white horse, which promptly breathed down the back of Alisa’s neck.

With a slowly dawning look of horror on her face, Alisa turned around to stare at the horse. The beast was far taller than her, and it breathed down her neck, going as far as to nose her shoulder. Alisa could only stare for a moment, stock-still, before she let out a blood-curdling scream and ran behind Maya.

“Get it away from me! Oh my God oh my God oh my God-” Alisa clutched Maya’s arms, using her as a human shield.

Maya stood in confusion for a few moments. ”Alisa, you realize it’s a...” The realization then dawned on her, and Maya began to start uncontrollably laughing, in dolphin-like spurts of squeals and giggles. In between laughs, Maya managed to choke out, ”You’re...hah...afraid...hah...of...HORSES!” She then continued laughing hysterically, as if this was the funniest thing she had seen in years, while Daisy nuzzled his nose against Maya’s outstretched hand (Maya’s other hand being wrapped around her stomach, as she was belly-laughing quite hard).

Alisa blushed scarlet, backing away in the meantime. “I am not! And it’s not funny. They’re… they’re freakish! Look at it!”

Daisy the horse stared back at Alisa with doleful eyes.

“It would kill you all in your sleep if it could!”

Maya rolled her eyes. ”Ah, yes. How could I not be scared of its intimidating glare, and its ominous neighing.” She laughed again. ”So, is your backstory your parents being killed at the Kentucky Derby? Or were you captured as a child by a gang of palominos?"

“No. My mom took me to a farm once, and had me ride a horse… and it kicked me so hard it dented my abdomen. Dented it! It also ripped out my hair. I had to get a whole new set.” Alisa still huddled behind Maya, watching the horse carefully as it stared at her with scheming eyes.

”Hey, I get it, we all have our phobias. You should've told me sooner and I wouldn't have- holy shit, wait a fucking second, did you just say DENTED?!”

“Yeah, so? It kicked me here-” Alisa knocked on her stomach, and a faintly hollow sound echoed- “and I got a giant dent.”

”Did you just say. Dented.” Maya repeated, more as a surprised statement this time as her eyes widened.

“Yes. Is your hearing alright?”

”...I am speaking to a robot.”

“I mean, I prefer android, but you didn’t realize that? I thought Katana would at least brief you a little.”

”No! I thought you were, like, an energy armor type! Not a fucking robot!

“So? Do you have a problem with that?”

”Yes,” Maya said bluntly, scratching the back of her head, still looking a bit shell-shocked.

Alisa’s eyes then went wide, looking hurt. She had started to think that her unnatural origins might not have been as big a deal as she thought, but was she wrong? “... You do? Why?”

"I mean.." Maya's eyes twinkled. ”Why didn't anybody tell me? That is, like, so cool! Can you turn into a car like a Transformer or something? I didn't realize robots could be so...normal!" Maya started to check Alisa out. ”So, you're 100% robot? This is all metal?" she asked, gesturing at Alisa's synthetic body.

“... Mostly stainless steel, silicon, and plastic, but with some other alloys too…” Alisa’s hurt look morphed into one of confusion. Such a quick turn-around! “I don’t know what a Transformer is, so no, and yes, I am 100% synthetic.”

”Shit. That's why you weighed so much. I was starting to think you just filled up with Hot Pockets back at the base.” Maya laughed. ”So if you're a robot, can you, like, do my chores too? If you don't run out of energy or something?"

“I’m not that kind of robot, and I’m not doing your chores. I already have extra.” Alisa then raised a brow. “You haven’t told me anything about you, Maya.”

”Fair enough." Maya sat down, withdrawing her hand and signalling for the (very confused) Daisy to run off, which the horse then did. ”What do you want to know, then? It’s not going to be as cool as the whole ‘being a robot’ thing."

“It’s really not that cool. But where are you from? What are your abilities? How did you come to be with Katana? Why are you here? Stuff like that.”

”I’m from a little place called Gotham City and I’m here to carry this team," Maya said with a prolonged stretch of her arms, not a drop of sarcasm on her face. ”Me and Katana both use swords, so it was kind of a natural fit. Here, let me show you. Senshi!"

Maya held up her hand, and the katana phased into existence right in front of Alisa’s eyes

Alisa snorted. “Cool sword, but if you think you’re gonna ‘carry’ the team…” She then put a little thought into it, and smirked. “Tell you what. If you can beat Talon, Rain, and... let’s say, Brightheart in a fight, then you can say that.”

“What’s special about the sword?”

Maya gave a confident smile. ”I could beat both of those Batman wannabe emos with one arm," the girl boasted. ”Brightheart, no way. She is so hot. Jesus. How do you not get self-conscious?" Maya exhaled loudly. ”Damn. Anyway, this is Blood Moon." Maya held up the sword. ”There’s a whole-ass demon in here. Pretty cool, right?"

“You’d be surprised,” Alisa told her. In truth, there was no way that Alisa thought Maya could beat any of the three of them. “Although, I did beat Viktor in our first spar. Also, yes. Aleen’a is pretty, but very nice!” Alisa then shook her head, looking skeptical for a moment, before sighing and letting her shoulders slump. “I guess I’ve seen crazier things. Like everything Zach does…”

”No, it’s actually a cursed sword!" Maya twirled it above her head with expert control. ”A single touch onto a normal person will leave a wound of unbearable pain," Maya said as she brought down the sword, prodding Alisa with it. ”I guess if you’re a robot, you don’t feel pain, though, right? Lucky."

Unfortunately for them, Alisa did feel pain. And the sword happened to hurt like a bitch. Alisa gasped and screamed, again, jumping back from the sword and Maya. “Ow ow ow ow- WHY WOULD YOU TOUCH ME WITH THAT?!” She nursed her still burning hand, knowing there was nothing she could do for it. The sword had gone straight through her “skin” and some of the metal of her hand, leaving a significant slice of her wrist that showed the metal underneath.

”Holy shit I’m so sorry!" Maya said with a start, immediately dropping the sword and reaching to take Alisa’’s hand. ”Fucking Christ, why did they program you to feel pain?!"

“My mom hates me, I guess?!” Alisa closed her eyes tight, biting her cheek and trying not to scream again. She relinquished her hand to Maya, letting her see it. “Ow, god, that hurts…”

”Hang on one second, it’ll be all better in a second. SENSHI, FIX HER!" Maya yelled at the discarded sword next to her. Meanwhile, Alisa’s wound started to grow worse, the metal around the wound starting to corrode and flake away, the unbearable pain only continuing to grow stronger.

Alisa’s eyes widened in panic and pain as the rest of her hand began to corrode. “Make it stop make it stop make it stop-” She barely kept from screaming, only moaning and buckling over. “Seriously, stop it, Maya! It’s not funny, my hand!”

”Stop panicking! The worse you panic, the worse it gets! It’s a demon curse!”


The pain eventually subsided, and Alisa’s hand slowly stopped evaporating. ”There we go. Sorry, Lis. Didn’t realize that you, err, would notice anything there. My bad.”

Alisa looked substantially pissed as she stared down at the missing portions of her left hand. There was a large hole in the spot where the back of her hand met her arm, extending to just below her thumb. Metal and wiring was exposed, and Alisa scowled as she flexed her hand with a bit of fine dexterity difficulty. “I’m going to have to get that fixed, now that my only left hand doesn’t work. Thanks..” ‘Carry the team’ her ass. Maya couldn’t even control her sword.

”You’re welcome,” Maya shot back sarcastically. ”Why don’t you give it a few seconds?” Maya looked down at her wrist, where her watch would’ve been if she had a watch. Indeed, as if it were magic (which it was), the place that the corrosion had occurred was now repairing itself, wires shifting back to where they were before and fragments of metal growing from where the gap had once been. Soon, the only indication that anything had ever happened was a slight scar where Maya had originally sliced through, and of course, Alisa’s memories of the horrible, agonizing pain.

Alisa flexed her hand again, looking surprised after the sudden healing. “Huh… I’ve never had a scar.” She then shrugged. “Don’t try that again. Seriously. If I were flesh and blood, you’d be in deep trouble.”

Maya nodded intensely. ”Yep. And I owe you a favor. Big-time. Anything you want.”


”I hate where this is headed, but yeah.”

“Hm. I’ll think about it. I mean, it won’t be crazy, but I’ll think on it.”

Maya sighed. This was gonna come back to bite her. ”Anyway, it was nice to meet you, Alisa! Don't forget to take Fluffy with you,” Maya added as she strolled back towards the fairgrounds.

“Oh, see you!” Alisa waved at Maya’s back, clutching ‘Fluffy’ in her hands. This had been interesting, but she still wasn’t sure how she felt about Maya. Only time would tell. She cast one last suspicious look at Daisy the horse, who was peacefully munching on grass, before walking off herself. Time to go find a rollercoaster… or maybe another of her friends.

yoooo it's the zoester

I'm not entirely sure if or when you'll get the chance to use him, but this is a great concept. Accepted!

Well...still here...somehow. For those reading, I maybe gone for a bit yet again a storm coming in the east coast and I don't know if I'll lose power or not. But because of my job and the stress it's been building on me, I don't even know if I can make time for this now.

I apologize if I'm just going into a rant but I haven't been active either in here or in the discord. But at the same time, I need something to keep me creative. And doing this help over video games sometimes believe it or not ^_^.

Anyways, this might be my last attempt at making characters for this but here's my latest attempt. There's two now. Another attempt at Crimson Setsuka and the other, now veteran hero K Nine formely known as Alpha of Hero One. I don't know when I'll read a response to this so please be patient with me -__-'.


* * * * * * * * * *

Hate to make you fix anything again, but both personality sections need a lot of work. It needs to be either in bullet points or more than a few sentences. Additionally, Crimson's tier should be at a B-, and Alpha's "blue bomb technique" just won't work.

@Hitman@canaryrose (and on the side @Rabidporcupine)

With Rabid's permission, and after having it looked over by them to ensure it is in-line with Grahm/Enkidu's lore and so forth, I present the calculating, the intelligent, and the young hero...Scarab!

Looks good. I'd say tier should be C+. Accepted!

September 21st, 2064
Academy of Young Heroes
Lighthouse Island, Castleburg

Ricky snorted. “Like we’d climb a fucking rock wall for 10 doll... HEY!”

Drew had already floated halfway up the colorful rock climbing wall, one hand lazily resting on the handhold. “What?!” He flipped off his friend with no regard for the adult heroes standing in front of him. “You know I’m saving up for the XBOX Delta!”

Jack and Michelle started to clamor below the floating Drew. “Not FAIR!” shouted Jack, who then started to clamber up the wall. Michelle followed shortly afterward, looking quite pissed, and gave a swift, electric kick to the climbing Gematria’s head. Seemingly not wanting to be left out, Ricky ran to the wall and started to climb, too. He then promptly got kicked in the nose by Jack and fell to the ground, yelling obscenities. “GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU FUCKING CUNTBAG-”

Teenagers would do anything for some cold, hard cash.

Meanwhile, the four orchestra teachers whispered amongst themselves on the roof, preparing their “attack”. Their ideas ranged from running into the yard and waving around guns to just straight up pelting the children with BB pellets. Evidently, they wanted a bit of revenge on all of teenagekind. Who wouldn’t, after being forced to endure their desolation of the musical arts?

But, unbeknownst to them, four people definitely not authorized to be in the building were walking up the stairs at that very moment, armed to the teeth. They were four men, of varying sizes and appearances. One had wings, while another was very buff and wearing an eyepatch. They all seemed pretty pissed,

When they opened the door onto the roof, the teachers continued arguing, oblivious to the four armed men standing behind them. When the man with the wings raised his hands and they began to choke, however, they did notice- but it was too late, and with barely a noise, they fell to the pavement.

“Fucking idiots,” Eyepatch Man growled as he started to strip one poor teacher out of his SWAT armor. “Can’t believe how easy this job is… just gotta kill one kid and go.”

Jenna held on a few seconds more than was necessary, giving her old mentor a bear hug strong enough to break a lesser man’s ribs. Finally, however, she released, still smiling brightly. “I totally get it. I bet you went to some super cool national parks and really just had an awesome time. I mean, I wouldn’t know, Mom hates camping… You should come over for dinner sometime soon! We can invite everyone, and Mom can cook something. Or you can, maybe.”

Lee, a hint of a smile on her face while watching the reunion, turned back to watch the yard. “Huh…” she said, suddenly pensive. “The orchestra teachers are taking this seriously. Maybe I should ask the school board to give those poor bastards a raise.”

Three men in SWAT armor had jumped down from the rooftop, aiming what looked like very real, modern assault rifles at the heroes and four civilian teenagers. “GET DOWN ON THE FUCKING GROUND!” One bellowed, aiming his rifle straight between the eyes of Polaris. “OR I SHOOT!” The other two had their guns trained on Strain and Ricky Sullivan, respectively. The latter was quivering in fear despite his tough talk earlier.

The fourth- Eyepatch Man- still stood on the rooftop. His eyes were laser-focused on Drew Reedworth, who had already gotten to the top of the platform and was sitting pretty. Then, with a side step, he fell out of existence. Some seconds later, he resurfaced on the platform behind the boy and pointed his assault rifle at his head.

“Listen, we just want the redhead!” Eyepatch Man said from the platform, having wrestled the terrified Drew to his chest with a pistol pressed to his head. He gestured to Michelle Lewis, who had her hands up. “If anyone moves or tries anything, I shoot this kid. But otherwise… let’s just swap, and we’ll get out of your fucking hair! Capiche?”

Location: Communications Complex Interacting with: The Team, Viktor (@FunnyGuy)

“Oh!” Alisa widened her eyes in genuine surprise. She hadn’t imagined that Viktor would want to be Zach’s assistant. People always had a way of surprising her. “Cool. Maybe Zach will teach you some tricks… if that’s how magic works? I don’t know.”

While talking to Viktor, Alisa kept her eyes and ears on the rest of the room, waiting to see what their new teammates would say after their introductions. She heard most of Daphne and She-Devil’s conversation and was pleasantly surprised. She-Devil was sort of nice to Daphne- maybe Alisa had evaluated her personality wrong.

She turned her attention to the montage with the rest of the team. Surprisingly, she had sort of agreed with Talon, although the montage assuaged the majority of her doubts. Both seemed to have good abilities, if not impressive. One could turn into a rampaging demon, and the other had a fancy sword. The irony of adding a girl who could transform into a demon and a girl who slew demons to the team at the same time was not lost on her. In fact, it made her giggle a bit.

Once the montage ended, Alisa turned to Viktor again. “A fair should be fun. And in Gotham! Your hometown.” She smiled, but then dropped it and stared into space. “Any thoughts on our new teammates? I’m not so sure about them,” she whispered.


May 22nd, 2021 | Mount Justice

Daphne was on her second midnight patrol of the HQ. It was their first night back at base since La Hoya. Thoughts of the mission kept her awake, thinking back on the mistakes she made. She tossed and turned, stared at the ceiling, listened to relaxing music, sprayed lavender spray on her pillow, nothing helped her sleep. After a while the walls were closing in on her and she just had to leave her dorm.

So she ended walking aimlessly through the halls of the Sanctuary. The robe she was wearing kept opening up at the front while she walked. A chill ran up her legs and she shivered. She never really did learn, falling into the trap of buying something pretty but uncomfortable each and every time.

What was she going to do all night?
It was looking pretty likely that sleep wasn’t an option anytime soon. Maybe some tea.
She rounded the corner of the lounge quietly, half afraid she was going to run into someone. Obviously no one was awake right now. Daphne adjusted her loose braid and fixed herself some tea. While she waited for the water to come to a boil she suddenly thought of something.

Alisa never slept, so did that mean she could be awake now?
It wouldn’t hurt to try. She got out a second mug and strawberry flavored tea bag and made her way to her teammates room. Daphne walked very carefully holding the two mugs of hot tea in her hands. She spilled some tea on her way to Alisa’s room, but kept going.

Daphne hesitated in front of Alisa’s door. 3 am wasn’t exactly the time for casual chit chat. She slipped her foot out of her slipper and tapped the door lightly.
“Hi it’s Daphne…” She whispered quietly, feeling slightly nervous.

Only a few seconds after Daphne’s knock, the door opened and revealed a bewildered but smiling Alisa. Apart from her hair, which was up in a messy bun, she looked just as peppy and energetic as she did during the day. “Oh, hey!” she whispered. What was Daphne doing awake at 3 AM? “What’s up? Is everything alright?” Alisa knit her brows, slightly concerned. She hadn’t seen the other girl around much since they had got off the plane. Mostly because Alisa had been stuck in debrief drawing for the better part of the last 24 hours, but still. To her knowledge, everyone was worried about Daphne. Seeing her appear in the middle of the night was certainly strange.

“I’m alright, just couldn’t sleep.” Daphne appreciated Alisa’s concern. She smiled softly and held up the cups of tea.
“I have tea if you like….” She didn’t want to be a bother but she also needed someone to talk to, or at least to distract her from her thoughts. Daphne stepped into Alisa’s room and took a good look around. It looked nice, she liked the decorations she put up. They definitely had similar taste. She placed the cups of tea on Alisa’s desk carefully, using a piece of spare paper as a coaster, so the mugs wouldn’t leave markings on the surface.

Daphne took a sip of her tea and blinked at Alisa, realizing she had to say something. She decided a compliment on her room would be a good way to start.
“Your room looks nice...” She touched one of her paintings absentmindedly. Daphne felt a little paranoid. After Viktor’s clear disapproval of her place on the team she wondered who else felt the same way.

“Thanks,” Alisa replied and took the tea in her hands, sipping it carefully to be polite. Then, she put it down again- while the flavor was nice, hot drinks weren’t appealing to her.

Alisa’s room was small and chaotic. Her bed, a twin with a metal frame and a quilted purple comforter was piled high with papers, books, and drying projects. It was in the left corner, the end facing the door. Evidently, the bed didn’t see any use as an actual bed. An easel sat in the corner to the right of the bed with a half-finished painting of two otters hugging laying on it. There was a small table next to it with paint bottles, a palette of paint, a cup of paint-filled water, and a pencil on it. Her desk was directly in front of the bed, the closest thing to the door. It was a tan color and she had a laptop, some blueprints and sketches, and a pile of candy on it. There was a white office chair in front of it. On the right wall, Alisa had her charging station closest to the door, another pile of paintings, a large wardrobe, and then her easel. There was a white shag rug on the dark wooden floor, covering most of the center of the room. There were no windows, and the walls were their original cream color, although she had plenty of pretty posters, paintings, and even a bulletin board hanging.

“Sorry about the state of my room,” Alisa said, taking the opportunity to close the door. She leaned against the wall “I’ve never been very good at cleaning up. I mean, I will eventually, but…” She shrugged. “I’m usually too busy with making something to clean.” Her too-large blue eyes flicked over to where Daphne was touching the painting. It was a landscape, partially inspired by her first sight of Mount Justice. “If you like it, you can have it! I’m running out of room to put everything.” It was true. Her room was pretty cramped.

“I’d try and help you sleep, but…” Alisa gestured to her bed as if to express her inexperience. “Why can’t you sleep? I’ve heard that worrying can make you not sleep. Did you have caffeine too late?”

Daphne shook her head and smiled. Alisa didn’t need to apologize, they were just two teen girls drinking tea at 3 AM, she wasn’t the cleaning police.
“I don’t mind, I grew up with my dad and brother, this is neat compared to what I’m used to”

Her face lit up with a smile at Alisa’s comment about the painting. It was a beautiful watercolor painting, Alisa was really talented. Daphne admired people who were really skilled at some kind of creative hobby, she was trying to do the same with sewing and some simple embroidery. Maybe she could make something for Alisa, as a trade off.

“That’s so nice of you, I’d love that”
She had the perfect place for it too.

A lot of the time Daphne forgot Alisa was an android. It was endearing, the way she knew about things but hadn’t seen them in real life before. Like she studied about life before living it.
“And I don’t drink coffee, I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about La Hoya…..”
Daphne put down her tea and climbed on Alisa’s bed. She quickly changed subjects to avoid talking about the mission.

“I know something fun we can do though, we can braid each other’s hair”
Daphne untied her braid and moved her hair to her back.
“You can do mine first if you like”

“Sure!” Alisa began to braid Daphne’s hair. Her hands moved firmly and steadily across the other girl’s scalp as she tried to get every strand.

Unfortunately for Daphne, Alisa had never been one to forget about a subject of conversation. “I wouldn’t blame you for thinking about La Hoya. A lot happened. Casper and Felix are… gone, you froze, Viktor yelled at you…” She trailed off, a blush coming to her cheeks. She didn’t want to remind her about her failings! “I’ve been thinking about it a lot too,” she admitted. “It was my first mission and all, and it doesn’t help that I have all that data stuck in my head.”

Daphne relaxed while Alisa twisted her brunette hair into a super neat braid. She frowned at Alisa’s last sentence. That sounded much worse, having everything literally stuck in your head. After Alisa finished braiding her hair she switched places with Daphne.
“So it was also your first mission?” She sounded surprised. Without Alisa they wouldn’t have all this information.
Daphne untied the messy bun on top of Alisa’s head. She gently finger combed her hair and smoothed it out before starting to braid. She was done a lot quicker with Alisa’s hair only being about shoulder length.

Daphne was curious about Alisa’s motivation in joining the initiative and how she ended up on the team. She didn’t know anything about her past.
“How did you end up on the Team?” She asked while grabbing her tea from the desk.

Alisa winced. “Long story. Long, complicated story.” She snatched a piece of candy from her desk and chewed on it. `Then, she sighed, and started talking. “For context: I was created and mostly raised by a group of anarchists. They were paranoid and never let me leave the house. No friends, few outings, no school, no… nothing. They mostly loved me, but I was bored and lonely and wanted a life. So I… erm. Last November, I jumped out my bedroom window and ran away.

This was the awkward part. Alisa laid down on her bed, a blush coloring her cheeks. “I headed to the bus station and tried to buy a ticket to San Diego. But, um… turns out, you need an ID and to either have your parent’s permission or be over 18 to buy a bus ticket. I had neither of those things! So the teller calls the cops, the cops pick me up, book me as a runaway, take me to the police station and… there’s a metal detector. And I am made of metal. After about an hour and a half, they figured out I was a robot, interrogated me, figured out how to turn me off, and…” She shrugged. It was a painful, recent memory, but she didn’t want to lie. “I wake up in a closet in a secure government building with a sheet over my head 7 months later, in May, with a superhero standing over me. He explains my circumstances to me- if the Justice League hadn’t taken an interest, the US government would’ve shoved me in an industrial metal shredder and made me into scrap metal- and asks me if I want to join the team or… well, something else. I say yes and end up here a day later.”

Alisa finally met Daphne’s eyes again, still blushing. “That’s pretty much my story. It was by accident, but… I think I’m happy I ended up here. I told you it was long, though!”

Daphne was staring back at Alisa, her brown eyes widened at every twist and turn in her story. She put down her mug, completely stunned for a couple of seconds. Daphne imagined what it must have been like for Alisa. Things could have turned out so differently if the League hadn’t intervened. Without the League Alisa could have still been locked away somewhere, like a piece of obsolete technology, unwanted and unused.

Daphne reached out and squeezed Alisa’s hand.
“I’m glad you’re here too, after all the bad things that happened to you.” “The League is really watching out for us, I know this is one of the better places to be for someone like you and me”

She broke eye contact with Alisa. The way she never blinked was really intense at times. They were discussing sensitive topics and it made Daphne uncomfortable. She played with the tail of her braid, debating whether or not she should share some of her own background.

Alisa gave Daphne’s hand a strong squeeze back too, smiling. “Thanks,” she said. “I’m glad I’m here too. I didn’t set out wanting to be a superhero or anything… but it’s what happened, and I actually kind of like it.”

“So, since you had me bare my soul, it’s your turn! How did you get here? Lemme guess: you were Martian Manhunter’s sidekick or something, and he sent you away because you accidentally strangled someone to death on a mission, and you had to evade prison somehow…” Alisa trailed off, smirking mischievously.

Daphne shifted in her seat nervously, she immediately let go of her braid when Alisa mentioned strangling someone. She realized she really had to do something to improve her reputation. The last thing she wanted was to be known as an accidental killer. She didn’t return Alisa’s smirk, looking serious.

“No that’s not what happened” She shook her head and looked at Alisa again.
“Up until about six months ago I didn’t even have any powers. I was walking home from class, it was late and my family didn’t want me to walk by myself, but I was being stubborn.”

Daphne paused and looked away, so she could continue the second part of her story. She couldn’t look Alisa in the eye while telling what happened in the park.
“Some robbers followed me and attacked me, which activated my powers. It scared them off. Batman found me but he couldn’t transform me back. That’s how I ended up with the Martian Manhunter as my mentor, he used his mental powers to help me”

“Shortly after my dad and I started to study my powers for his research paper. He’s a biologist in Gotham”

She drew her legs up to her chest. Somehow telling her story to someone else made her realize how messed up it was.
“The more we studied the more my dad kept pushing the boundaries to see what would happen. After a while I couldn’t do it anymore, but I couldn’t tell my dad. This is the paper of his career”

“So the Martian Manhunter proposed to bring me here. I would be away from home for a while and learn to use my powers for the benefit of everyone”

Alisa understood. She understood perfectly, in fact. She reached out to give Daphne’s shoulder a firm squeeze. “I get it. You felt more like a project than a daughter, huh?” It was the same way she had felt in what felt like only a month ago.

Her jokes weren’t seeming to land, though- Daphne had not taken that well. “For what it’s worth, I’m glad you’re here too. You’re nice, and while you may not be in the most control… you’re working on it, and that’s what really matters. I mean, hell, you’re so nice that you’ve made friends with Talon. How?! I mean, I made friends with our other resident grump, but he’s on another level.”

Daphne moved over to where Alisa was laying and layed down next to her, looking up at the ceiling. Even though this was what she’d been doing every night, being next to someone kept her from spiraling into negative thoughts. Alisa mentioned Talon which made her smile. She really didn’t know the reason why he seemed to dislike her less than everyone else. Daphne treated him the same as she tried to treat everyone else, with kindness and respect.

“Honestly Alisa, I have no idea. Maybe he has a soft spot for brunettes?”

Alisa’s feet dangled off the bed as she laid sideways on it, staring at the ceiling. Should she get ceiling stars? Maybe she should get ceiling stars…

She laughed at Daphne’s guess. “If that was true, he’d talk to me too. Maybe it’s only for natural brunettes? Wigs don’t count.” That was followed by another laugh. Her hair was really a wig sewn into her scalp. “We’ve never spoken much, I don’t think. He’s silent and broody and I always catch him staring at me. Weird guy. I guess you see something in him, though?” Alisa then paused, and turned to look Daphne in the eyes. “Don’t tell him I called him weird, though. I have a feeling he’ll be mad.”

Daphne laughed at Alisa talking about her wig. She stared into Alisa´s large blue eyes and promised her she wouldn't tell on her. She pushed herself upright and let her gaze wander about the room.
“Boys can be so weird sometimes…” She sounded absentminded, like she was remembering something which fueled her statement.

“Really? It’s not just unique to ours?” It was only a half-joke. Alisa had met very few teenage boys in her life.

Daphne hopped off of the bed and tossed a pillow at Alisa, smirking.
“We’re supposed to be strange, it’s a girls thing.”

She checked the time. Wow, it was already 4:15am.
“Thanks for staying up with me Alisa. It was nice to get to know you a bit better”

Alisa caught the pillow and hugged it to her chest. It was so late already? “Alright, Daphne, go get some sleep. I’ll see you in eight hours. Night!”

Daphne left soon after, taking the tea with her to her room, and Alisa sat back up again and sighed. Time to get back to work on that painting...

Location: Communications Complex Interacting with: The Team, Viktor (@FunnyGuy)

After the mission to La Hoya, life at Mount Justice almost returned to normal for Alisa. Keyword: almost. She spent nearly 24 hours in debrief once they got back home, drawing and explaining the files she had recovered for the Justice League. After that, though, life mostly returned to her new normal. She hung out with and got to know her teammates, painted, went shopping, trained in combat methods, and worked on new augments. An enlightening conversation and hair-braiding session with Daphne in her room brightened up one of her nights, but she spent most of the rest of the time doing normal Alisa things.

Despite herself, Alisa couldn’t seem to properly mourn the disappearances of Felix and Casper. She had liked them, sure, but she hadn’t known them. She hadn’t had the time to know them. She should’ve made that time. Oddly enough, that guilt was more overpowering than the grief. If only she had made an effort to get to know them.

Unlike many of her teammates, Alisa did not pursue a session with Black Canary. She didn’t need it. A computer didn’t necessitate counselling, even if it did have emotions, and she didn’t want to waste any of the superhero’s time.

Perhaps her craziest night came in the early morning of Thursday, the day before they departed for their next mission. She broke her curfew, snuck out with Viktor, tried to sneak into a bar, participated in late-night bowling, drove a car for the first time, crashed that car, and got grounded. It had been a good night, all things considered. Despite crashing a car and getting grounded, the two of them had had a blast. The worst part had been the brutal lecture from Red Tornado and explaining to their teammates afterward what they had done to the Jeep. Alisa found that Viktor was steadily becoming her closest friend on the team, although it was an unlikely pair. He was actually sort of fun.

Outside of her more notable outings, she had spent time watching rom-coms and sitcoms with Aleen’a, occasionally exchanging friendly words and conversing with Kassy and Ja, and watching Zach doing magic (and being very amused when she watched the video with Viktor in it). She hadn’t spoken much if at all with Talon. He always seemed to be either silent, glaring at Viktor, or speaking to someone else. So they stayed away from each other.

Overall, Alisa’s week was (mostly) awesome. Despite now being house-bound and broke (again), she had had fun with her teammates. But things were about to ramp into gear again…

Like the rest of the team, Alisa sat quietly at the conference table, trying to listen to Batman’s briefing. It was hard, though- she was too starstruck by the living legend standing in front of her. For what must have been the gazillionth time, Alisa was feeling like she was slightly out of her depth. Who was she, to think that she belonged here? But this time, she knew that she did- she had proven it more than once.

A circus? Alisa perked up at the mention. Unlike Aleen’a, she knew what a circus was, although she had never been to one. She knew that they were supposed to include acrobats and exotic animals and presentations of fantastic abilities, but she wasn’t sure about much more than that. It should be interesting, at least, she thought to herself, already internally going over the acts she could perform. She wasn’t an acrobat, but she was nearly indestructible…

When the Zeta-Tube announced a newcomer, Alisa’s head whipped to the transportation system, along with the heads of nearly every other member of the team. Gold Rush and Hex’s replacements were here.

The first one- Maya- walked in with a swagger, a sassy attitude, and a sword throw. While Alisa wasn’t necessarily impressed, she could imagine herself being friends with this girl. Seeing that sword in action would be cool.

“She-Devil”, however, would find herself on the receiving end of a stunned, disgusted look and a not-quiet scoff from Alisa. Did she just… call Batman a pedophile? Looking around the room, Alisa found that she wasn’t alone. Why would this girl waltz in here, a newly minted member of their team, and insult them all?

She was about to follow Daphne, anticipating some sort of disaster brewing, when Viktor approached her. Alisa turned to her friend, a smile appearing while keeping an eye on what was brewing between She-Devil and poor, poor Daphne. “I don’t really know,” she told him. She stood from her seat and crossed her arms, showing off her favorite pair of floral hand-painted bootcut jeans, a pair of drawn-on Converse, and a white tank-top. She had matched clip-on sunflower earrings to go with the outfit. Maybe she couldn't be as fashionable as some people, but she could still try, goddamnit! “I’ve never been to a circus. Is sword swallowing a thing there, though? I saw it once on America’s Got Talent… I could do that! I don’t have a complete digestive system, and what I do have is unpuncturable. And, uh… you? Maybe some sort of strongman thing?”

Location: The Jet Interacting with: The Team

Alisa felt useless. Even though she had saved the day with her extraordinary memory recall, she had still failed to get all the information off the computer before Talon had called it. Idiot. It was an irrational feeling, she knew- she had done her best- but surely there was something else she could’ve done. If only she worked like Talon thought she did! Some sort of download port would have to be on her enhancements list, she thought. But that would have to be after the League poked through her memories for the information she had managed to glean.

Still, she shouldn’t have been so upset. Their mission, for all intents and purposes, had been a success! They had gone undetected and had gotten information and a container of Kobra Venom. A feeling of wrongness and dissatisfaction still settled in her gut. It felt like they had done something wrong. The atmosphere on the plane wasn’t helping that. Everyone seemed to be in a similar state to herself, although the negative emotions varied.

She leaned back in her seat and made a sighing sound. Alisa had anticipated having to fly again, but Viktor had insisted. So here she was, sitting with absolutely nothing to do. Before he started flying, she told him to let her take the controls if he was feeling sleepy, but that was really all she could do right now- be a backup pilot.

For once, one of Zach’s quips brought a smile to her face. She turned to him and laughed, reaching her hand up to touch the bubbles. He was right in a sense, although she expected that to be the last time she ever thought that. Nothing had gone grievously wrong. “Thanks for the bubbles,” was all she could manage.

From in front of her, she caught the brewings of… something between Talon and Viktor. She listened, brows furrowed. She was curious about what happened to make the alarm go off. Had it been their error?

Oh. It had been Daphne. Alisa’s eyes turned to her almost immediately, scrutinizing. Yet another malfunction of her power? That must’ve been why she was sitting sadly under blankets in the corner.

“Viktor…” Alisa reprimanded softly. “That’s harsh. Now isn’t the time or the place.” Despite his harsh words, Alisa didn’t disagree with Viktor. First the choking and now this… was Nymph’s power so unpredictable? But she also wondered about herself. If they kicked Nymph off the team for messing up, what would they do once she inevitably malfunctioned?
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