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25 May 2017 15:07
Current SUMMER BREAK! Prepare for some posts from your neighborhood friendly Birdflower!
6 May 2017 0:25
I do hope my new profile picture doesn't freak anyone out... I know my last one freaked quite a few people out.
2 May 2017 0:13
*anguished screaming*
29 Apr 2017 18:19
*hauls self out of abyss*
27 Apr 2017 3:14
Ok, so THIS is something that's happening:
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I'm sort of interested.

has absolutely no idea what's going on

Recap, please?
How can you even FIT in the apartment?
Beacon is suffering.
@Landaus Five-One

Why does he hate them so much?
@Landaus Five-One

Oh god. Zargoth hates Beacon so much.
In Iris Halo 7 May 2017 13:00 Forum: Casual Interest Checks
I'm making a younger girl! About 25 or so.
Natasha is a pancake addict.
@Cultural Titan

Would a spy character be fine? Like, that's how she got arrested (for being a spy).
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