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Current 2021 starting off right when I realized it was only Saturday.
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bbcode and I about to throw hands.
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Please stop inviting yourself to take lunch with me. I actually enjoy my thirty minutes of alone time.
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Mahz mentioned me. I can die now.


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there's this extra warm light in my bathroom that i didn't know existed. i turn it on and it treats me like i'm an egg and it's a bird trying to sit on me.

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PDC HQ · Holding Sublevel B2

Adam ruminated on the details of Kefira's memory, turning them over in his head as he simultaneously recalled the 'what' and the 'why' of one of his own. Although it had been out of his hand, he still thought it fair to share since he happened upon a subject he clearly wasn't supposed to, not to mention it was hard to ignore the fact that they were both currently standing on the simulated surface of another planet. In the distance on the horizon, the smooth floor of the crater against an alien sky was broken up by the jagged edges of a silhouette. Like a bottom row of teeth too small to clearly make out but large enough to easily notice. A city... of sorts.

"Yeah." Adam dropped his musings of Kefira's early life and nodded toward the object in the distance. "That was my home... well I guess this was my home..." He gestured everywhere around him. "But that was where I would return at the end every day. That is also where I more or less woke up... as if from a very long sleep." He shook his head. "And it's not like I woke up confused. I woke up knowing who I was and what I was supposed to do so there was no panic involved. Just... being woken for the first time was a flood of information and... it felt good. It felt natural as if it was something I was always supposed to do. But this out here was different." Adam looked at the sky and began pondering the stars he'd already mapped out a long time ago. "All of human information and we know so little about such an empty place and not knowing. No information. That was quiet and unnatural and yeah... kind of creepy. I can't remember how long I stood out here for the first time, just staring at such a deep and empty nothing."

Adam's voice drifted off as if disembodied and fell away to a space where he was not.

"My first memory of knowing fear. That's where we were... so thank you for sharing that." He said at Peter through the glass, layering the transparent surface with enough sarcasm to tinge the air in the other room. Once again, he was sitting completely naked in the 'interrogation' chamber along with David who was standing as he was before, still plugged into the same workstation. Peter himself was standing beside Kefira, full body suit still donned and plugged into the table she was currently laying on. Her head was cradled in a peculiar device devoid of any straps and the surface of the table had contoured to the natural curvature of her posture. There was nothing keeping her tethered to the machine and besides a pair of off-white circular pads stuck to the inside of her wrists and to either temple, there were no signs she had been touched otherwise.

"Welcome back and uh... before you say anything and kill me, it was Chief's orders to put you under for caution. Caution all around. You're not replaceable and he's very expensive so as a precaution, she wanted you two to meet separately and give you complete access to shut him down before you two are physica- I mean get physic- close enough to touch each other you know what I mean. Also, there may have been a scenario where you wanted to destroy him immediately after meeting him so... had to make sure you couldn't." He backed up and pointed at the monitor next to him. "On the bright side, for the short time you were under, I've already cleared you medically for all field operations. You are quite fin- fit. Healthy. You arrrree goood to go."

The jolly 'scooping' motion he did with a bent arm did little to distract from his awkwardness.
I'll keep my eye on this. While I can't fully commit to another game, side characters that need puppeting I think I can do.
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Adam turned back to the half burned building, waving a hand in the air in a general gesture at everything around them. "It's the uh... nature of this technology. Brain dives are risky for both parties although there's usually a measure of control for the one doing the dive. Plus, human brains are very... fluid." The building suddenly flickered out of existence, the destroyed AIDA unit with it. "Our brains are very much like a maze; It's confusing but there is structure. For a human however, it's more like trying to navigate an ocean and sometimes you have to do it during a storm and all that water leaks through. It's hard to control, even with this tech but it looks like you caught on pretty quick..."

He turned to Kefira again, this time regarding her with a smile and an expression like that of both intrigue and admiration. The woman was holding together extremely well despite having been thrust quite literally into the deep. Very little in the way of warning had been given to her and yet, she'd soldiered on with little more than a curious ask when something so private had been shared, even if only for a moment. "Kefira... You do not have to share but it'd be a lie if I said I wasn't curious." He nodded toward the building that wasn't there. "What memory was that?"

From somewhere else, Peter's voice drifted through on martian winds, muted every so slightly now but still easily recognizable and understood. "All commands are in, including 'Janx' which will cancel any commands he's following. Were there any other commands you wanted to add?"
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Hope I don't die inside a plane I'd like to die a better way And if I live to an old age I would have seen everything change I understand why people leave But leaving seems scary to me I think about these things too much My mind likes to wind itself up And I don't get a lot of sleep 'Cause what if they happen to me? 'Cause what if they happen to me? Yeah, what if they happen to me? What if my room burns down in flames? And I die in my sleep And never wake You say I shouldn't be this way But I don't think that I can change I think about these things too much My mind likes to wind itself up And I don't get a lot of sleep 'Cause what if they happen to me? 'Cause what if they happen to me? Yeah, what if they happen to me? I think about these things too much My mind likes to wind itself up And I don't get a lot of sleep 'Cause what if they happen to me?
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Thomas was somewhere else. Physically he'd been among the others, both on the field and now here in the lobby sending off the trainers of the larger crowds. But while he wore his usual smile and bright eyes and while he shared in the excitement and awe of every hand that passed through his, his mind was stuck on the two whose absence weighed curiously on everyone's mind. The chairman's weary dismissal did little to dissuade his worry.

Not only was Victoria not one to miss out on the festivities that were the season's open, Elijah was never the type to be late. The man had more structure to his life than a well built gift shop and if anything, it was Elijah who remained Thomas's gut check. As the smarter of the two and the one with much better habits than his own, Elijah often made sure Thomas wouldn't arrive late to important functions, even those he had no part in, or checked in to make sure Thomas wasn't trapped under his own clumsy mistakes. The sentiment extended also to Moira.

He glanced over to the Dragon type leader who was busy with her own dwindling crowd of admirers. The plate armor she often donned during her outings as her gym persona, who's attitude often mirrored her own, was a constant draw to enthralled children and the like. They'd timidly reach out and place their hands on it, gawking in amusement at the reflections they found in the polished steel and making faces back at themselves. The adults would awkwardly apologize while fetching their children away and the last few trainers would follow soon after, pushing past each other with trainer cards in hand looking for a signature. She seemed strong in it; Safe, and sometimes looking at her made him forget that they were all wearing masks for these people and it was a hard thing to know what they were really feeling. He had to wonder if she was as worried about Elijah and Victoria as he was... or if exhaustion from a long day and soon to be longer night was influencing his concern.

When the excitement finally died to a hum, and the other leaders had gathered to discuss dinner plans, Thomas pulled away and found Moira, inconspicuously drawing her attention.

"Hey. Did... did Elijah say anything to you about not showing up today?"

"Uh...No? No, he didn't tell me if he was busy or not. You?"

Thomas shook his head. "No... and that's what worries me. It's not like him to not show up and even less like him to 'no-show' and not say anything about it" As he spoke, he pulled out his phone and swiped to his messages. Past the first few contacts was Elijah with messages still unread. He opened the conversation and the last three texts he sent stared back at him:

He felt a thread poke him in the back of his neck and reached up to adjust his collar. Already not entirely comfortable in his jersey, the gradually worsening anxiety was only making it harder to ignore and more than anything now he wanted out of it. With no comfort to be found in his phone, no answers from Moira and a jersey stifling his air, he decided that a change would do him some good.

"I'm getting out of this.." Thomas told Moira, putting his phone away and turning to her again. "It's getting itchy. Uh... text me when they've decided where we're going." He started toward the lockers as he continued. "Oh! And you looked great today. Good job!" A nod at her armor and a warm smile was his final farewell, for now, before turning to enter the locker room. However, before he moved inside, embarrassment tugged at his memory and he found himself quickly turned around and headed in the opposite direction toward 'Lost and Found'.
"It doesn't matter what you do right. People will always remember the thing you did wrong."
The cool old man that is my father.

@rebornfan320 Getting ghosted sucks and not finding any interest in what you're about is equally terrible and I know that once you've tasted them and continue to do so again and again, it's hard to remember anything else.

I don't have the time to read through ten pages of back and forth. I'm sure it's all generally the same and I already know everyone here has tried to leave you with great advice. And maybe someone has already expressed this sentiment, but I'm sorry that you've experienced what you have while trying to RP and I'm more sorry we obviously cannot help you.

This hobby is really a beautiful thing and I hope somehow, whether through a lot of self reflection or a sudden turn of 'bad luck', you get to experience it the way the rest of us do. Till then, remember the quote and keep in mind that it works both ways.
PDC HQ · Holding Sublevel B2

"Memories mostly. Although I'll admit a few years worth isn't much at all." Adam continued looking around the empty expanse, his back turned to her now. "Still important though... like all memories."

"Those bottom boxes are 'factory' in a way. I can't touch them but I can the rest, although... heh... I don't think we'll be needing all of them. The most important commands would have to be whatever you say to keep him in line. Maybe a few other personal ones whatever they may be. No more than a handful should do although it's entirely up to you and something like a 'self-destruct' works just fine. Backing up however... is not really possible. The data for rebuilding his body has already been stored but whatever he's learned is permanent. Everything he picks up whether by nature or edited, like so, is one way. Plus, as I said before, what we're looking at right now is very surface level. Everything beyond that... I mean it's data inside a real grown brain. It's science waaaay beyond me. Besides that, even if we could back him up, I would like to imagine the data as extremely dense and too much for any server to handle the transfer."

As Peter finished, the camera floating in the air began a low 'clicking' once more. After a short pause, the thin green line drew a bead to the uppermost and left most box and centered on it.

"We can edit in the 'self-destruct' command first with whatever phrase or word you want. Also, just in case you were thinking it... the self-destruct would take form in rapid brain cell death... not an actual explosion."

"Memories... but I don't recall this." Adam turned to Kefira and pointed toward a building standing alone and looking as if it had been engulfed in flames. A building that would look eerily familiar to the girl. "Is that you?"
Fine. If I can't find the mysterious sender of this oh so delicious candy cane, soon as I'm home...

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