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I'm starving.

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to leave. to escape. a way out.
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Sterile Tech by day. Writer/gamer by night. 27 and getting old fast. Locked in a relationship of 6 years with a woman I definitely do not deserve. The last decade has been spent in books, at work, and lost in the infinite world that is fiction. Since my introduction to roleplay a lifetime ago, I've been stuck... addicted. Always thirsting to explore the worlds dreamed of strangers I've never met. Always ready to smudge my name in the page of someone else's story. I'm always here... mostly, and I don't think that'll ever change. I hold dear the ability to transport myself into another life and imagine the stories hidden there.

I'm far from the best writer in the guild. Frequently skip proofing. Constantly overlook the smaller details like missing letters or entire missing words. Sometimes I can't read and so respond with nonsense. But with interest comes passion and with passion, a willingness to push boundaries and explore the narrative from a different perspective. Come find me if you need me.

My interests lie in almost anything excluding nation rps or AUs based off existing lore. I can do sci-fi, western, fantasy, dystopian, slice of life, romance or fandoms. My wheelhouse is group but I can 1x1 as well. To whom it may concern: I work a 9-5. I try to be free around 7. Also, don't trust that "Online" thing. I may or may not be at my computer.
projects past and present.
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The Land of Fire
coming 2018
My upcoming project. A world of fantasy and magic is embroiled in war and the King and Queen are looking to raise a new breed of warriors for the fight to come.
Beverly Hills High
January 2018
Jordan and Kara Sterling attend BHHS. Jordan is a junior and his sister is entering the world of high school for the first time. Over the next year, they'll have to juggle school, work, friends, family, life and love and pick their way through the drama that so often encompasses it all.
Wolves and Wild Flowers 1x1
January 2018

friends and family.
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@Exit One where you merely give thoughts on the track provided without number scores? (I suppose that could be fruitful in more ways than one, I still like using rating scores myself. :3)

That would definitely be part of it.

@Cheetuhman This song feels really good. Old school. Kind of transports me to another time and place and makes me feel great. Like a nice song to wake up to in the morning to start your day and empower you. Something to listen to while drinking Folgers. If I had to score it? Probably a good 8 to 8.5.

... Frustrated that I am now no longer able to express my opinion on a matter that I agreed with. Wish I hadn't been so busy.

On a note about myself. I don't like the fact that I seem absolutely blind to the smaller mistakes I make when I write. It's like I have a stroke and just don't write an entire word, or I right the word that sounds like the write one and I don't catch it until after I've already proofed it and posted it.

Then I read through and everything is going great until my writing punches me in the face.

I don't like that I take forever to respond. I don't like that I take forever to read. I also don't like that I need COMPLETE silence when I'm writing or I can't concentrate. My time is short and I don't have four hours to waste on one post when I have three other games waiting for me. Plus I need to sleep because I'm required to represent some semblance of health at work. I have a stranger in my house that keeps telling me I have a girlfriend or something. I don't like developing a system of gameplay around an RP I have no idea is going to workout. I don't like that my back hurts.

I feel good now. Lunch break is over. Back to work! :]
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A chicken is abducted by an estranged high school hooky and forced to watch as he makes awkward advances on a cube of ice.

as for the wetness? we keep a few creatures hovering over our docs. they occasionally tend to slobber.

Oh thank God. I thought I was fangirling or something.
@Ellri Just went through some it. I'm wet somehow.

This just raises more questions like for instance, did the three of you construct that map? What I really need to do is study more advanced roleplays.

But thank you for this. Honestly those docs looked a lot better than I expected and maybe that's just because I have shit organizational skills.

I still want my suggestion to go through but I'm going to take a second and closer look at google docs.
Johndel "Jay" Sterling: Could you please add that he is a junior up in the top section of the sheet. We sometimes use those things as quick references for making lists. Also, as said above, it is always "The Elite" never "The Elites". And a fun side note, he actually looks like he could be related to the Sterling characters that Jordan and I are playing - I'm sure a lot of students will just assume that they are.

I'll get right on those edits. Working on a second character as well. Was simply planning on pushing his sisters age up and get her in as a freshman. Should have that within the next couple days before we officially start?

And yeah about that last name lol. Should make for some fun confusing times. I was about to change it when I realized but then students have the same last names all the time. Sometimes look related too.

For as long as we can remember there has been war. A century of turmoil and struggle fraught in lands soaked in blood and tears and sweat. Man and woman and beast slain in the names of long forgotten Kings and Queens. Generations of children bred to be warriors and sent to die in a world that cares little for their potential. For centuries we have lost ourselves in the allure of a fight that will not end and one that we are poised to lose if we continue. Even as stubborn as we are being unwilling to admit defeat, we cannot deny this truth. Our walls crumble. Our numbers shrink. Our strength is subdued. More importantly, we are a union made fragile by bonds that are weak. A bitter alliance that is slowly falling apart and one that has made our war against the Human race all the more impossible to win. We cannot hope to overcome our enemies when we cannot come together as one and so we move to change that and we urge you to do the same.

On the eleventh hundred and twenty first year during the fifth Lunar cycle and the twenty fifth solar day. When the sun is highest in the sky. Bring yourself, the chosen of your family and he who will carry the burden of his namesake, to the center of Pateraflos. There, in a series of trials, you will be tested and fight for the hand of our fairest Princess Aurelia. By winning her heart and consecrating your union, you will be the first to bring unity to our peoples and bring us closer to a united front.

It is only by joining as one do we stand a chance of defeating our enemies.

Good luck, safe travels and we hope to see you soon in the Fae lands.


King Oberon and Queen Titania



Humans. The largest, strongest, most influential of all races. Beings plagued by curiosity and the means with which to satisfy that thirst. They're intuitive, intelligent, inventive. Constantly crave to improve themselves and the world around them. Because of these defining traits, their known to be a naturally combative people. In their search for knowledge of all things, they are at times willing to take it by force if it is not willingly given to them.

However it's these same traits that have also split their peoples in two. On one hand, their drive for power and knowledge constantly leads them down dark paths and on the other, they openly share and seek this knowledge by benevolent means. The human race is indecisive like that, not entirely willing to stay completely good or bad and often times switching alignments on a whim. Many have left their homelands and have integrated themselves into the populace of other races, tasting for themselves a whole other life previously beyond their reach.

Being as adaptive as they naturally are, humans have been known to delve into any discipline.

Humans hail from either the Kingdom of Eidelon under King Jon and Queen Cassandra or the Kingdom of Yselda under King Ronald-Hugh and Queen Ruth.

Bonuses: +1 Intelligence +1 Strength -1 Perception

A race of peoples blessed with a life of longevity and a deep sense of wisdom that far exceeds any of the others. They're gifted practitioners of magic, sharing the use of the arcane with humans who are nearly as practiced as they are. Their lithe build and dexterous nature make them prime selection for infiltration and they excel in surgically crippling their enemies both within and out of their range. Their prowess on the field is supplemented by a heightened perception of all things. Given their long life and the experiences centuries of shared knowledge has taught them, they are as intuitive as Humans and has even dabbled in a little tinkering with the Dwarves.

Elves boast a naturally weaker constitution and are more susceptible to disease than others. In addition, they are for the most part physically inferior. They were at one point slavers to compensate but in more recent years, and because they had lost in the war previous, they've learned to rely on their own strengths instead of others.

Elves hail from the forest Kingdom of Vinegral ruled by King Celador and Queen Edenwel.

Bonuses: +1 Wisdom +1 Dexterity -1 Constitution

Dwarves have been for centuries the very best tinkerers in the known world. There are none more inventive than they with skill near matched only by the Humans. While their work with all things material is highly revered and steadily sought out, it is their salesmanship that has brought the Dwarves to the heights of prosperity. Their capital is by far the riches, most extravagant and thus far most heavily defended. Dwarves boast the best in weapons and armor; they're smithing unmatched. It has been said that while the sword of a Elf can cut through anything, the metal of a Dwarf is nigh impenetrable. Combining the two would indeed breed a new kind of warrior.

Exclusive to the home of the Dwarves is a natural deposit of arcane crystals. Clear in color, they're warm to the touch and vibrate ever so slightly. It was discovered early on that they can take on the properties of any magical force applied to it, altering it's color and allowing this energy to be stored indefinitely.

As the richest and quite possibly the eldest of the races, Dwarves are inherently selfish. Amid their many feats of ingenuity, they remain careful to keep tucked away the secrets of their more incredible machinations. For the most part, many have little to no knowledge of Dwarven engineering and Dwarves do enjoy keeping it that way.

Dwarves hail from deep within the mountain of Arazil nestled among a rock of treasure. They're ruled by King Torrigg and Queen Evynere

Bonuses: +1 Persuasion +1 Strength -1 Dexterity

The Therians are a younger race hailing from a time shortly after the rise of Dwarves and Elves. They're a race similar to humans in size, stature, lifestyle and lifespan but all Therians boast one unique physical difference. Therians have the ability to alter their physical form into that of a specific animal. The animal in question corresponds to physical cues that can be found on their body. A woman that can turn into a cat may have cat like ears on their head. A man that can turn into a crow may have black wings on his back. A Dragon may have sections of scales instead of skin.

Although Therians make up the largest populace for any given race, they are rarely found in groups together and are assimilated with others with the exceptions of Lycans.

Exclusive Discipline: Beastform

An ancient race and the only race besides the Celestials that do not age. They are however far from immortal. Vampires are as fair and wise as the Elves and near as fast and strong as any Lycan. Their skin is usually of a pale complexion, their eyes turned to dark, dark grey or at times a deep red and of course the canines of their teeth protrude further than normal. They draw their strength from their reliance on blood and the more they feed, the stronger they become. As Vampires are simply a result of a disease that once contracted cannot be cured, victims do not suddenly lose memory of their past life. Any skills learned from before they were turned are carried over to varying degrees.

Although Vampires do enjoy a life of near eternal longevity, they suffer from a number of drawbacks. First of which is their reliance on blood. Feasting is a necessity to sustain themselves and if one should skip one too many meals, they'll soon weaken and die. Standing in sunlight without any protective clothing can weaken in much the same way skipping a meal would. Vampires do not burn in the sunlight.

Vampires can only turn other humans.

Vampires hail from Holstein and are ruled by Tearle and Edana Valentine

Exclusive Discipline: Vampirism

Fae are a race that are tied deeply to the world around them. They have a natural affinity for the elements and also to the very essence of life itself making them excellent healers and gifting them with extraordinarily long lives. It's also why one of their more defining characteristics is their penchant to do good. They strive endlessly to create bonds and foster peace. Most Fae are marked by a physical tell somewhere on their body to clue one in to the season they were born be it the color of their hair or that of their eyes.

Fae are also notoriously selfish and at times emotional. This strong drive does tend to lead to heated lasting (or fleeting) relationships and but can also lead to hastily made decisions, one of the main reasons behind the King calling for a tournament. This emotional drive is also a means to drive a Fae to either extremes of a spectrum. While most Fae are naturally benevolent at heart, those who are misaligned quickly become corrupt.

Fae do not have wings.

The Fae hail from the Forest Kingdom Peteraflos and are ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania

Bonuses: +1 Wisdom +1 Perception -1 Strength

Nephilim are people blessed (or cursed) with the blood of the gods. While those of heavenly descent are rather inconspicuous, blending in reasonably well with the rest of the people of their land, those with the blood of the devils are not so lucky. Their skin is usually a strong tinge of red hue and most are crowned with horns. The Nephilim draw their strength directly from their blood link with the gods. They in essence borrow their power, drawing from them commands of divinity and or those of the devil to do with as they see fit.

The Nephilim heritage is a point of pride for their people but is also the biggest motivation behind their constant and sporadic civil wars. Besides the Humans, no other race is as divided as they are. Originally created by the gods to fight at opposite ends of the same war, their people have continued to do so long after they were left on their own. The throne for example is far from and never was a position one could simply be voted into. Every year the King or Queen is challenged to a dual and the winner, usually these days by submission of their opponent, takes the crown.

Nephilim of heavenly decent are typically called angels. Those opposite them are Demons.

Nephilim hail from the Kingdom of Purtoria and the crown is currently held by Queen Medina, an angel.

Bonuses: +1 Dexterity +1 Persuasion -1
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