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6 mos ago
Mahz mentioned me. I can die now.


T O · D A Y /təˈdā/
o c t o b e r 1 7

s o u n d : RACECAR

E X · I T /ˈeɡzət,ˈeksət/
a s t a t e o f b e i n g
a way out.

t i m e z o n e : UTC -7 PDT 1 x 1 ? : UNAVAILABLE s t y l e : CASUAL/ADVANCED s p e e d : SLOW
Front Desk/Sterile Tech/DA in training by day. Writer by night. The last decade has been spent in books, at work, and lost in the infinite world that is fiction. Since my introduction to roleplay a lifetime ago, I've been stuck... addicted. Always thirsting to explore the worlds dreamed of strangers I've never met. Always ready to smudge my name in the page of someone else's story. I'm always here... mostly, and I don't think that'll ever change. I hold dear the ability to transport myself into another life and imagine the stories hidden there.

I'm far from the best writer in the guild. Frequently skip proofing. Constantly overlook the smaller details like missing letters or entire missing words. Sometimes I can't read and so respond with nonsense. But with interest comes passion and with passion, a willingness to push boundaries and explore the narrative from a different perspective. If that's what you're looking for, come find me.

My interests lie in almost anything excluding nation rps or AUs based off existing lore. I can do sci-fi, western, fantasy, dystopian, slice of life, romance, fandoms. My wheelhouse is group but I can 1x1 as well. To whom it may concern: I work a 9-5. I try to be free around 7. Also, don't trust that Online thing. I may or may not be at my computer.

S T O · R I E S /ˈstôrēs/
a s t a t e o f m i n d
projects present.

c h a r a c t e r s
T H E W H I T E L O T U S P R O P H E C Y as L U N A
august 2018. a roleplay based on the avatar television series.
S U N D A Y 2nd place
rpgc #19 contest entry.

P E O · P L E /ˈpēpəl/
a s t a t e o f g r a v i t y
family and friends.


since 2018. my best friend. thank you for everything.

since 2015. my 1x1 cherry popper. happy to have met you.

S O U N D /sound/
a s t a t e o f s i l e n c e

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Everyone has had the fantasy of a superpower.

I've fantasized about controlling water... but not for any real, heroic reason.

I'd wrap myself in a thin layer of persistently warm water... just to preserve the feeling of being in the shower on a cold morning, throughout the rest of the day.
curiosity by nao
album: saturn (2018)
genre: r&b/soul

too young by diana gordon
album: pure (2018)
genre: pop

Actual trailer for Omori
suffer by petit biscuit feat. skott
album: suffer | safe (2018)
genre: dance/electronic

@SleepingSilence Any recommendations?
@Altered Tundra I'm trying to save my judgement until I see a more substantial trailer. I might also be really guarded on this film because I love the classic so damn much lol. Also means that I'm being a little more nit picky than I should. I'm nervous... but you're right, given the crew and the small snippet given, the film does have the potential to be great.

I also have to remind myself that a story doesn't mature with me just because I've gotten older. It's a family flick and Aladdin should remain there.

Regardless, I'm first in line to see it. Everyone else can get behind me.
I... don't know how I feel about that.
Want to say that everyone who watches movies should have or should see Searching. Seriously.

Watched Venom and it was okay. The first half was hilarious and fun. The second half happened.
The relationship between the Symbiote and Eddie was one thing I thoroughly enjoyed.

Watched a Simple Favor and maybe it's because I'm a simple person but I found the events leading up to the conclusion a bit confusing. Doesn't detract from my enjoyment of it however. Is also a more... lighthearted version of Gone Girl which was an amazingly disturbing film.

Watched Kin. Sloppy setup to a sequel that I could have been excited for but... the setup was... I have never been threatened with falling asleep in the middle of a screening until I watched that film.

...Am I allowed to talk about series on here? Started Maniac on Netflix and that shit is interesting. Making me want to watch and finish Legion which I have not.

Happy to elaborate on any of these.
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