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Mahz mentioned me. I can die now.


7.7 check back later

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@Eviledd1984 I havent replied only beacause i was waiting on others in the guild to post as well as others in general. Otherwise I'm liable to flood the thread lol.

We could do a collab of our own while we wait. @Kyubi might be down too.
Catching up. My next post will be up by tomorrow.
church by samm henshaw feat. earthgang
album: church - single (2019)
genre: r&b/soul

lucky by choker
album: forever & a few (2019)
genre: pop

I second @GingerBoi123. Is there room for more here?
sweater by spencer sutherland
album: sweater - single (2019)
genre: pop

life after by broods
album: don't feed the pop monster (2019)
genre: alternative/indie

selfish by little simz feat. Cleo Sol
album: grey area (2019)
genre: hip-hop/rap

Lana isn't telepathic.

*Snap snap*

Sorry. That's just how it read to me.

EDIT: @Hellion Given that Damien is a Lieutenant, I think he could give Alex the assignment. Depends mostly on how much the Guild actually knows about DS. Does the Guild know where DS HQ is?
ungirthed by purity ring
album: shrines (2012)
genre: electropop

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