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own2 by april + vista
album: you are here (2018)
genre: r&b/soul

I'll keep my eye on this. Looks like it could turn into something fun.
rare by ruth b.
album: rare - single (2018)

Where to begin.
I was born on Father's day.

I was also born drunk (mom was on sedatives I believe).
I don't know why but when you said the deadline was going to be pushed back further than usual, I was thinking December. And then you said November 30th. I laughed... but I shouldn't be because I'm in no position to write anything good right now.

Very excited to see what people come up for the prompt this time.
It's hard when you're an average height guy like myself trying to save a dude who is a bit taller and bulkier than you.

Ugh. Yeah. I remember having to train for that. Your 'victims' were supposed to thrash about and try to take you under with them because that was exactly what someone in panic mode would do.

OT: I have an unhealthy obsession with cheezits.
@Denny I want to like your comment a thousand times. I became a lifeguard my sophomore year of high school, not because of a drowning accident, but because I didn't know how to swim... like... at all. So I was thrown into a competitive swim team where every race was just me trying not to die for over a minute (a minute swim time is terrible for those not in the know). And then, it was decided that my exemplary swimming skills qualified me for the position of lifeguard as my first ever job.

A year or so later, I rescued a kid who was found unconscious at the bottom of the pool.

These days, I love the water.

S Y L A R A " S Y L A R " C A S C A D A
"Let's talk."

A G E : 24
S E X : Male
H E I G H T : 5'11"
W E I G H T : 155
H A I R C O L O R : Black
E Y E C O L O R : Brown

S K I L L 1: Pick-pocket lvl 1
S K I L L 2: Precise Shot lvl 1
A B I L I T Y : None
R E L I C : None

P E R S O N A L I T Y :
From the onset, Sylar is as callous as his men are cruel. On deck his demeanor is that befitting of his rank as captain of his ship. He's the authority that's meant to keep his men in line. The eyes meant to see ten steps ahead. The ears meant to pick up everything and the mind meant to shift through the rumors and find the truth. Being a pirate is one thing. The life of such, though hard, only becomes easier as one hardens himself. To be the captain of a crew of pirates however, your skin must be unbreakable. So Sylar is. Tough, unflinching in his rule. Unflinching in his judgement. Never second guessing himself and always sticking to his word. He's honorable in that sense but also feared in the same way. If he says he's going to do something... he will or die trying.

At least that's the facade he puts on while walking the deck.

Behind closed doors, Sylar becomes a little more aloof. Like an adult that hasn't completely grown out of being a child, a tendency made harder to avoid considering his age and that of the one person closest to him. When around Sybil, Sylar is truly himself... which means he's rather stupid. Sometimes forgetful. A little too curious and a little too excited to challenge those around him. Sometimes the word he intends to stick too leads him into trouble and it's Sybil who pulls him back and reminds him that he's only human. She's his guide and he's her shield.

H I S T O R Y :
Sylar began life at sea at a young age. Having been an orphaned child, he was picked up by a group of sailors looking for cheap labor with no ties or family to burden them. Sylar was the perfect choice, not only because he fit both those criteria but also because he actually wanted to work. A job meant life and a job on a boat meant a life of freedom. He acclimated himself to the jobs required of him rather quickly, picking up every manner of odd task from food service to look out to cleaning... everything. It was tough but he didn't care. He wanted to remain and so he constantly stove to prove that he belonged.

During one such voyage out at sea, Sylar discovered a stowaway. There in the lowest deck of the ship was a small redheaded girl with a peculiar bracelet around her wrist, a girl who'd managed to climb aboard during a visit to the mainland and remain unseen. It was no easy task to complete considering the size of the crew on board and yet, here she was, hunched over with a sack next to her and her eyes peering at him through the crimson of her hair. He didn't know it yet, but the burning feeling in his gut was the first spark of attraction.

What followed was a week of trying to keep her hidden. He would sneak food and water down to her. Keep her updated on where they were and how long it was before they made land fall. He'd promised to at the very least get her off the boat safely. Although these men were in the employ of the governed, they were still privateers and there was no telling what they'd do to Sybil if they found her. Of course, some of the more observant men of the crew noticed Sylar spending more time than usual below decks and eventually Sybil was discovered. Thanks to the girl's gift however, and unbeknownst to Sylar or anyone else, the crew was persuaded to take her in.

History would repeat itself five years later when their ship is over taken by pirates. The last two survivors after a rather bloody battle, the captain takes an interest in the both of them after having watched them prove themselves capable of surviving in fire. He adds them to the crew and fives years later is replaced by Sylar with Sybil as his first mate.

This OC conceived for: B L A C K
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