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4 mos ago
Mahz mentioned me. I can die now.


T O · D A Y /təˈdā/
a u g u s t 1 4
if you're still looking, just remember that i'm still here as a friend. you can always just say hi. that hasn't and won't ever change.

E X · I T /ˈeɡzət,ˈeksət/
a s t a t e o f b e i n g
a way out.

t i m e z o n e : UTC -8 PDT 1 x 1 ? : UNAVAILABLE s t y l e : CASUAL/ADVANCED s p e e d : SLOW
Front Desk/Sterile Tech by day. Writer/gamer by night. The last decade has been spent in books, at work, and lost in the infinite world that is fiction. Since my introduction to roleplay a lifetime ago, I've been stuck... addicted. Always thirsting to explore the worlds dreamed of strangers I've never met. Always ready to smudge my name in the page of someone else's story. I'm always here... mostly, and I don't think that'll ever change. I hold dear the ability to transport myself into another life and imagine the stories hidden there.

I'm far from the best writer in the guild. Frequently skip proofing. Constantly overlook the smaller details like missing letters or entire missing words. Sometimes I can't read and so respond with nonsense. But with interest comes passion and with passion, a willingness to push boundaries and explore the narrative from a different perspective. If that's what you're looking for, come find me.

My interests lie in almost anything excluding nation rps or AUs based off existing lore. I can do sci-fi, western, fantasy, dystopian, slice of life, romance, fandoms. My wheelhouse is group but I can 1x1 as well. To whom it may concern: I work a 9-5. I try to be free around 7. Also, don't trust that Online thing. I may or may not be at my computer.

S T O · R I E S /ˈstôrēs/
a s t a t e o f m i n d
projects present.

c h a r a c t e r s
january 2018. rpgc#15: new beginnings contest entry.

P E O · P L E /ˈpēpəl/
a s t a t e o f g r a v i t y
family and friends.


since 2018. my best friend. thank you for everything.

since 2015. my 1x1 cherry popper. happy to have met you.

S O U N D /sound/
a s t a t e o f s i l e n c e

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lost my mind by elley duhé
album: dragon mentality (2018)
genre: indie pop

Welcome to the guild! Both of you actually actually @gordoth and @CipherFive
Banned because quotes 1-4 were not taken.
My real life name is one that is generally associated to be female.

As a teen, it never did me any favors... until I was on a road trip with a large group of other people my age and we were to be housed in small groups of five separated by gender... determined by name alone.

The host decided to let me stay regardless.
I will as well.
Telling the truth.
My take on the main three:

Funnily enough, one of the RPs that I hold dearest to me and one of the longest running games I've been a part of took place here. It was also my first on the site and inevitably where I learned a lot about what RP should and shouldn't be like. Of course, it was years ago on the 'old guild' so the community was slightly different and there was a lot more activity than there is now.

Call it a stroke of luck but the game I joined just happened to have a handful of dedicated players who were interested in weaving a subplot into the main story... and it worked, until the GM abandoned the site.

Before I start going off on a tangent of the 'good ol' days'... my opinion? Free can and has been the home to some great games and great people. It comes down to what you're looking for and how well you can sort out interest for good ideas from good GMs and those from bad ones. Also, as someone as mentioned earlier, it can be a place for good writers who want to RP without putting the effort into their work... which is actually a perfectly okay thing to do. Take what you've learned in casual or advanced and inspire some minds at the 'playground' like someone did for me. Or, host a game and do the same. You'd be surprised how many people start to put in a real effort to improve when they see what that looks like and what it does for them.

Sometimes, we get so caught up playing a game on hard and beating ourselves up over it, we forget how much dumb fun we can have slaying at a game on easy.

I'm here. So are you. I might be back next week.

I admire some of the GMs here for the games they host, the way they host it, and for being as dedicated as they are. If I had the time, I'd remain here but I don't and can't. What I do have time for is reading and learning and appreciative stalking... and following writers home and watching them sleep through their windo-

My advice to anyone in Casual who is hesitant about joining: sign yourself up and give it a shot. You'll only learn a lot. My hope is to one day host a game here that is actually successful.

Actually I'd like to host a successful game anywhere really...
peach by broods
album: peach - single (2018)
genre: indie pop

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