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Current TMJ/TMD causing tooth and mouth pain. *dances* while I am sick with something else and the doctors won't see me at all till mid-march, if that.
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Happy Birthday!
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Me = sick. Me = call doctors office. Doctors office lady = unhelpful with scheduling an appointment for me. Proceeds to tell me to go online to do it myself. *hangs up* Me: goes online. Cannot... :C
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Why would you remind me about Anish Kapoor? D:
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*Gives VampireTwilight a hug* It'll be okay
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Wonderful, we're always accepting! And, as per my promise in the OP, any sheets that were greenlit in the original version are automatically accepted here as well. So your Oddness is Approved. You can drop them in the CHAR tab and start posting whenevers.

I also strongly recommend joining the Discord. All the others are on there, which means that 99% of the planning and discussion about the RP happens exclusively on the Discord Server. You're likely to be a little bit lost without it. discord.gg/5y9EkWyFCW

I appreciate that and I might be a little delayed in joining the discord at first but I'll get around to all of it when I post my characters to the character tab and get myself situated (up-to-date with reading all the IC posts).
@Tortoise I suppose that I will throw myself into this if you are still accepting that is, are you?

Edit: I'll place these here.

<Snipped quote by OddnessApproved>

I really appreciate that.

As Lady mentioned, I resurface after some time. Although I will be frank with you: this most recent disappearance was indeed because of my health issues. We got it mostly figured out, and I'm recovering now- enough to do stuff like this again.

In fact, everyone: I've restarted the RP. If anyone from here wants to try again, all your characters are pre-approved.

I'll definitely consider rejoining!
I'll keep my eye on this.

From time to time the individual would phase out of wherever he was and sometimes, only sometimes, would he phase back into that same reality. Looking at his hands that were seeming to solidify before him, Ghiar glanced around the room and realized that he was back in the tavern. Back in the place where he started work, not too long ago? How long have I been gone?

Deciding to allow his gaze to go around the room, he must have phased out since he was wounded. Maybe his body couldn't handle it in such a solid form. Taking a few steps around, his somewhat curious eyes kept landing on different patrons' faces. This place seemed to always appear busy in one way or another. Should he go back to work?

"Aren't you the newer kid?" He heard someone say and he put his attention to them. That was the man he served last time or was serving? This was an odd ordeal for him.

Ghiar shook his head, "Yes, I would say I am still new," yet he misunderstood the man's gesture for his attention.

"Why don't you go get me a beer?" The man asked.

Ghiar smiled at the individual before going through with the task. It did not take long for Ghiar to deliver the beer to the man and for the man to pat Ghiar on the back. "Now get out of my sight boy."

The gray humanoid gave another smile before removing himself from the situation. What odd folks. Was that the oddest he has ever seen? No. Ghiar went around the counter of the bar and placed his hand on the wood. "I wonder if I still have a job here?" He was curious. Maybe he should just continue working like nothing happened till someone says something? He would figure it out soon enough.

Interaction(s) = Open to anyone
I was able to get the first post up!

”What do we have now?”

Section Chief, Kathleen “Kathy” Larsen called Unit Chief, Lucian Neagoe into her office right when he walked through the doors. “Neagoe, I need you.” she gestured with a few of her fingers to indicate that Lucian needed to come over. They both walked into the section chief’s office before she shut the door.

Going behind her desk and sitting down, “An incident happened yesterday and I can surely say it is because of the festival happening in New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and this festival will be going on for a handful of weeks or so. We do not know what is going on with this situation but I can tell you, it doesn’t look good.

What do we have now?” Lucian asked while taking a sip of his coffee. Black with a few spoons of sugar. He wasn’t much of a coffee drinker since it bothered him, but he allowed himself to succumb to his food cravings from time to time.

Picking up the file, Kathleen sighed, “You know, the usual ones that piss me off. Some asshole went after young girls.” She was always bothered by women getting killed. Sometimes people believed that she was more bothered by women getting killed than men. It might be a true statement, who knew, she wouldn’t ever talk about it in depth. “Two young girls were found shot in a vehicle in a parking garage near one of the hotspots of New Orleans, Mardi Gras festival. They were not even 25 yet —“ She moved a yellow file over to the side where Lucian stood and opened it. Picking up a picture of two young women. One was a caucasian brunette with tighter curls and brown eyes while the other one was a blonde with straight hair and green eyes. The brunette was shot through the head while the blonde was shot in the chest twice and in the left leg.
Other than that, they appeared to be dressed for the occasion of going out and partying, probably at the bars and other hotspots to hook up with people. They had makeup that was messed up from the whole ordeal. They had jewelry and the necklace that the blonde was wearing looked expensive. They were pretty…

Lucian was holding into the photograph at this point and was staring at it. Allowing silence to fill the room before Kathleen showed uncomfortably, “Stop staring like that…” she raised her voice in a quiet and almost threatening way. Sometimes Lucian staring at pictures with such an unmoving expression would cause her to become uneasy. Though, she understood. Someone with many years in many different fields that all consisted of death would do that to someone.

I’m sorry…” Lucian seemed to half-consciously reply as he set down the photograph. His eyes began to linger on the papers that were inside the file. Gently running the tips of his fingers under the words. “What is going on with the victim's contacts being blank?” That could mean a few things. The main ones were that the families could not be reached or did not answer or the victims did not have I.D. on them.

Kathleen glanced at the paper and sighed, “The brunette is currently a jane doe. She had nothing on her. No money. No I.D. —” she waved her hand half-heartedly as if to say she was continuing while talking, “— nothing at all. At first, the police thought the brunette was underage because of how young she looked. Then they found a handbag that belonged to the blonde, Emily Solis, but her I.D. was gone. We only know the blonde’s name because of the photograph and what was written on the back. In the corner, it says 2018 Graduation - Emily Solis. While there are a few notes written. We think this one is from dad “You look just like your mother on her graduation day with those beautiful green eyes and perfect smile. Keep smiling honey!” and another note, we assume is from the mother, “We are so proud of you, never forget that!” and we do not know if the two other girls in the graduation picture were with them or not.

They had a paper copy of the graduation picture in the file and Lucian picked it up. There were four girls, all posed, and all hugging each other. The brunette and Emily are in the middle hugging each other cheek to cheek with big smiles. On the right of Emily, there was a black girl with curly dyed pink hair and on the left of the brunette, there was a caucasian girl with short black hair and blue eyes. It looked like a friend group and he was hoping that the two in the picture and not at the scene were not in this mess.

We are thinking at least one of the other girls or someone was with them.” Kathleen broke the silence again and Lucian put down the photograph. “Black hair in the brunette’s dead hand and that hair matched hair that was found in a used brush in the car.”

Lucian nodded his head, “So, you think this friend group went to Mardi Gras and had a horrible night?

Kathleen sighed while shaking her head, “Yes, and by the identification factors that we found from Emily Solis, that car is under her name, but we figured out that her insurance is tied to what we assume to be her father, Edward Solis. The police tracked that car and figured out that it is from the state of Colorado. Meaning the girls were far away from home.

Has anyone tried to contact Edward Solis?” He asked while looking for more information on the page about the man.

The police tried to contact him based on the phone number on the insurance but the phone is out of commission. They ended up finding someone that we believe is related to Emily and left a message. They have not tried to contact the police back, but I would assume that you are going to try to contact the family?” Kathleen questioned with a raised eyebrow.

You know I can track down anyone.” Lucian smiled while ensuring everything was in the file before closing it up. “Was there any sexual assault?” He asked before walking towards the door of the office.

It is safe to say that neither girl had experienced sexual assault or regular sexual activity before they passed.

This wasn’t adding up in Lucian’s head. Jewelry was still on Emily. Meaning the killer’s motive wasn’t money. Neither girl was harassed in a sexual way, meaning the killer wasn’t getting off sexually to this. The only thing that sat in his mind was if one or both of the other girls were there. Maybe Emily and the brunette were just pawns to the killer and they only needed the other girl.

I see…” With that Lucian left the section chief’s office and went to his own. He was going to study this file before the rest of the group got to work.

Mentions/Interactions: Kathleen and Lucian
Activity: Open for interactions
Notifying: @Emuxe@Theyra

Yeah, I am still interested.

Awesome! As I said above, we will begin moving the RP soon. That said, I will keep allowing people to apply and join throughout the RPs lifetime.
Hopefully, I can nail some time out this weekend for the sheet and other stuff I have to do.

I hope so too!


Hey everyone! This RP will be starting and I hope you are all still interested. I'm apologizing for my absence, but I am getting back into the motion of things. My work boosted me from 16-20 hours to 32+ (along with myself as a full-time student) I was learning to juggle that for the past week. I quickly got into juggling it! I will have a starting post up by Wednesday night and then post looks will begin Sunday 26th - Sunday the 5th.
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