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Hopefully, I can nail some time out this weekend for the sheet and other stuff I have to do.
In Z-Land 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'll post soon.
Hopefully I'll be done soon so you can get your ideas presented...
@Pluck What faceclaims would we be using?

I would imagine either period accurate actor shots (if we do a retro timeline) or actors we imagine from today cast for a movie or show. Seems the norm.

I'm pretty interested but there isn't much a plot going on here, I feel like they don't live in a vacuum so "something" has to happen whether good or bad.

Also sure, modern times 2023 minus real-world covid can also work, just making it an AU is another solution

Yeah, the plot is very character-driven and if we end up having a large group we'd have to figure out ways they'd interconnect. But Summer often has parties and kids getting into trouble in all sorts of ways. I could think on reframing things, but mostly I think collaboratively working on GM Events and player-determined ones would be the way to get everyone involved in their own stories.
Does anyone need help with character creation or would like me to look over their character sheet yet?

Just been busy is all.
Then that's 6 (7, if counting GM) people interested. Not sure how many more people @Pluck wants, though.

Yep. I'll be working on it over the weekend.

I have no idea what the name of our agency/co-op is even called. That's be useful info to have in the OOC.
I would say that we could do Baltimore, Maryland for a location. I'll read what you have done on the CS tonight after I get out of work! So far on what I scanned over it is looking pretty good.

Well, NCIS operates out of Quantico. Which, like I said, is south of DC and Baltimore.
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