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I heard Dresden Files. How do you feel about running around a White - Court controlled city in California? I've got a witch and some place settings, and it's been so long but I'd be happy to try and dig up what I remember.
Devika quickly wiped her tears away, a little bit ashamed. "Thank you. I appreciate that." She settled in for the ride, trying to quell her anxiety about what this major change was going to bring. Her parents had already emailed her since yesterday, saying that they would love to see her again, and her new Anchor, when she got acclimated. Devika hadn't responded yet. It was too much to think about right now, being around normal people.

It was some time before the city started to come into view. But Devika could feel a change in the air, and the closer they got, the more she started to sweat. Soon they were driving busy streets, and she could feel the press of minds and emotions all around her. It made her want to be sick. She shut her eyes and tried to breathe, obviously uncomfortable. "This... is going to take some getting used to."
Not feeling super great atm, tossed up a post.
The only good thing about a lack of mission was the celebration afterward. Kijani enjoyed many of the facilities at the Legion base, including the pleasure clubs and the restaurants. There was debauchary everywhere, and she had to say she loved it. This was the natural state of things. Everyone would live this way if they had the opportunity - enjoying what they wished without fear of consequences. Whoever thought they were immune was just lying to themselves.

Kijani spent time after the mission decompressing on the dance floor. She was a vision in a glittering red top and short shorts. People stared. She knew she could have her pick of the various soldiers, supers and mercenary men tonight. But - tonight she had other plans. She wanted to watch someone burn. Yes, tonight was the night that Angela Manheim was going to get ousted. That "pretty lady" made Kijani's skin crawl in a way she couldn't explain. Normally, she'd admire a self-made woman. Running her own syndicate, rising to power - good stuff! But there was something so off about Angela's behavior and mannerisms that it did nothing but piss Kijani off.

Once she was done at the club, she went to her quarters. She showered and dressed in a pristine, professional black business suit, and went to watch the woman's trial. Once there, she felt almost sick that Angela's thoughts were very much like her own. She wanted something, so she took it, and to think otherwise was foolish. Damn - if only she was likeable.
I'm here!

Jin was about to say something a bit vulgar about the girl with horns and what might be crammed up her backside, when there was a soft whine of a microphone, and a single command.


She had to admit, her body was moving and she was shutting her mouth before she knew what was what. So, some things may have been ingrained into her, whether she liked it or not. One of those things being: don't get kicked out on your first day of high school.

She settled in for the speech, half listening in and out while doodling a processor on the edge of a notebook sleeve. It was a little sterner than the usual first day speech, that was for sure. Jin felt her stomach tingling with excitement, however. She was going to prove to this man and everyone else that she belonged, and no one would be able to argue the point.

The speech was over a bit too late for her taste, and with a “Soar Skyward” they were left to their devices. After exchanging numbers with Yumi-san, Jin watched her go with a slight wave. She had to fight down a sudden feeling of disappointment. Yumi-san seemed nice and all, but she was pretty sure the other girl wouldn't call once school got going. And yet, Jin plugged her number into her phone anyway.

She started walking in the general direction of the dorm, poring over her map and dorm assignment. The school map was basic and easy to memorize. The roommate thing, however...

Even though Jin had read the Ishin pamphlet back to front once she'd been accepted, even though she knew she'd be sharing space with another girl, Jin hadn't really thought about it until now.

The fear hit her, old anxieties and new popping up. What if this girl hated her right from the start? What if she was indifferent, and Jin had to share her space with the poliite sort who'd smile in her face and stab her in the back? Worse, what if she was like that one bitch on the achery team who got her a “Gift” of skin-lightening cream for her birthday? Jin couldn't have that – it had taken all of her uncle's pull to nott get her expelled after Jin had poured chili sauce into her water bottle and nearly sent her to the hospital. No, Jin was all on her own now, she had to make it work. So if this girl hated her, so what? She'd hate right back! Stuffed shirts, the lot of them, she was sure.

With righteous rage at a confrontation that might never occur, Jin battled down her fear and stormed off to the dorms, head held high, shoulders square, and stomach filled with butterflies on fire.
(She could always teach Devika to ride a motorcycle...)

"That's everything." It was surprising that her whole life fit in one little van. Devika went through the cottage one more time, making sure everything was out. It also gave her time to gather herself, and let memories wash over her. It took about five minutes, and when she exited the door, she was ready to start new.

"Well... goodbye home." She locked the front door one last time. The keys would be mailed back to the government as soon as she got settled in. Silently, Devika climbed into the van and settled in. She was surprised to find a few tears escaping. Maybe if she thought of it as an adventure, it would not be so scary.

"I'm ready when you are, Roxy."

Bangkok, Thailand

January 1st, 2052 | 12:15 AM | Government Office

Two months.

Two months of plotting, planning and bribing. Glad handing, working on the language, hacking her way into the employee roster. 2 months of late nights, posing as cleaning crew, cracking as many passwords and desk locks as she could. Two months of memorizing top secret documents – it was a pleasant surprise how much paper there was to go around this place. To think, an organization of this magnitude, still typing and redacting like a bad 50’s pulp novel.

Two months, all for one night.

Christmas was spent alone as usual, taking a day for herself to eat and train. She was starting to get a feeling for this place, and she would kind of miss it. It was a busy, beautiful, cramped and grungy city, just the way she liked them. On the day of the attack, she enjoyed one last traditional breakfast, packed her sliver of an apartment, and made sure her ready bag was prepped. Her suit was hidden in her briefcase, her sword tucked away in a poster tube. The man she was paying to pass security every day leered at her chest again. She would enjoy killing him personally, later.

When the shooting started, she panicked right along with the rest of the team. Acting was easy when everyone around you was losing their minds as well. All she had to do was run with the flow of chaos. So what if she didn’t go screaming for the doors like everyone else? She ran toward the source of the chaos, knowing her allies would be behind it. And despite all the screaming, blood and panic, she smiled.

“Happy New Year.”

After personally strangling the skeevy security guard with a lariat of toilet paper, Kijani got to work. She could hear the reports from Sin Tzu through her feed as the others got closer and closer to the objective. A bonus really wasn’t for her taking – there were bigger players in this game than she. Sometimes it was better to be a middle-man. Still, she should probably go and help. 5 minutes found her the elevator and up she went. There was a group rather courageously facing down Argonaut and a squad, all suits and ties and dinky guns. Fools. Loyalty that deep was just stupid. But, still in her work suit, she played the game, valiantly defending the general. That, and shooting the other office workers in the back “accidentally”.

There was one surprise. They had some metahuman on their squad, a woman, who seemed a little more ready than others. She felt the room temperature dip as the woman opened her mouth. Ice, probably. However, that was as far as she got, as Kijani quickly and silently emptied the rest of her clip into the woman’s head. There was a sickening squish and thud when she hit the ground. Another one for the 4 AM nightmare bank!

Politely, Kijani bowed to Argonaut and the rest of the Legionaires, then started picking up what was left of the weapons on the ground. “I almost missed the fun.”

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