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My job is trying to kill me but I'm ok otherwise.
Jin is a numbers person. She could have just made the bubble, but she likes consistency. Also she probably watches a lot of science tv like Mythbusters, so she likes reproduceable results.
How's it going, Blue? How are you feeling?

Anything I can do?
OK! Let me know if what I tried to have Jinny do doesn't make sense.
Jinny’s eyes glittered with delight. She grinned huge. “You understand! Good, because I’m not really sure how to explain how I’m doing it. I wrote it all down, though, if you want to look at the numbers later.” At one point she’d had to step on a bathroom scale to take her own weight into consideration. She was overcompensating a bit, as the bubble wasn’t perfect yet. But it was working, and that made her happier than anything else.

“I had to do it with my dolls first. I was worried I’d mess up the math and crush myself.” She paused, her own mind several steps ahead of her mouth..”Wait. I think I could actually do something with that.” She pulled one of her dart sets off the rack, balancing it in her hand to test the weight. Her lips moved silently, her eyes darted back and forth. It was a look that Slade would have seen on her face before.


Somewhere in Jinny’s mind, numbers and formulas were moving and falling into place like Tetris blocks. At times this was a quick, almost immediate process. But sometimes she had to dive into it, leaving her in an odd sort of state for several seconds. Teachers had worried about it before realizing that she could outdo upper level students.

She murmured, “yeah, that’ll work” before coming back to reality. “Here, hold this. I want you to throw it at me.” A cunning smile slipped onto her face. “Not at my face or anything. Center mass. If I have this right, I should be able to bubble the dart and slow it. I think.” There was an eagerness in her eyes. She got some distance from him, and indicated for him to throw.

If he did, she would stare directly at the incoming weapon and snap her hand forward. It would stutter in the air, then slow down until it clattered at her feet, the momentum being negated. Jinny looked down at it, eyes wide.

“…holy shit!”

She had never sworn before. Not in front of him at least. Today was a day for all sorts of new things, it seemed.
Sorry that's so short. I'm trying to kickstart my writing brain. (I don't think its working)
“Ah, that’s right. Devvie mentioned something about that. But you own your own business! Quite impressive, especially since you’re so young.” Mara nodded, clearly on board. “Most of the time it takes family, connections or sheer perseverance to be a successful entrepreneur. Which is it for you?”

“Mom.” Devika said softly. “Isn’t that a little… I dunno, personal?”

“I’m just trying to get to know her, Devvie. Be calm.” Mara smiled a bit.

Devika sighed under her breath but turned her attention to the window.

“I mean it, though. Whatever the means, having your own gig is the way to go. I was still in school when I was your age. So color me impressed. Maybe we’ll come by for a tune up some day.”
“I see.”

Kijani did not react with much surprise. She had been getting proposals (formal and otherwise) since she’d been about 16. Some were taken more seriously than others, and while she knew eventually she’d have to marry and produce an heir, it had been the furthest thing in her mind. Even further now that she no longer had a planet to call home. Even her parents had been an arranged match, although they did love each other.

“I’m pleased that this Eskel has got the courage to speak out against the Empire. That’s dangerous talk, nowadays, especially for one in his position.” The whole sector knew what had happened to Alderaan. Some had pulled support for the Rebel Alliance because of it. Whether it was out of fear or sheer pragmatism, Kijani would never know.

“However, I am curious – I’m essentially a figurehead now. Does he know I’m more married to running the Alliance and this new Jedi training than anything else?” There was the tiniest of joking smiles on her face. It was true that she was less powerful without Alderaan as a home, and a bargaining chip. But having a united military behind her was no small feat. Maybe that was the game at play here – and with people of her rank, there was always a game.

“Oh well. Give him a noncommittal answer and send me his information, and I’ll look it over.” She honestly didn’t feel one way or another. If she knew more about the man, she'd be able to make a more informed decision.
It's not a bad idea? But I'm wondering how we prove the dice rolls are legit while incorporating them into the post.
Let's make it the second one. Sounds like more fun. In my head, she sort of has TK bubbles like Violet from the Incredibles. Slightly different but it's the best comparison I can think of. She puts the bubble around something and it holds steady until she takes it down, or it is overwhelmed by damage or superior force. I'll get thinking about my post and hopefully have something by the weekend.
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