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@ChozoHunter Woo! You made it!

Anyway- check the first post. It has everything. Fighting styles, weapons and armor, playable races, etc.

Also to my knowledge no one has claimed anything? So go with what you want.
He's definitely interested! He's in the UK so IDK when he'll register and pop in. But he is coming.
@Sho Minazuki Awesome! I'm thinking of inviting someone. They haven't been on Guild to my knowledge, but they were also trying to put together an LoZ RP. I will see if they're interested.
@Sho Minazuki Woo!! Bouncing between a one-punch maiden of ??? descent or a Hylian noblewoman with a high aptitude for water magic.

Or, depending on what everyone else does, I might play a guy to change things up. Lean into the honorable knight thing...

Anyway, my sheet will be the last. Hubby and I are running off to Chattanooga over the weekend, and I doubt I'll be on Guild.
*drags self in* hoo. week was bad. I was tired by Tuesday.

anyway, I read over it. Serious question - is this still for Guild? Because that is more tabletop feel. Now this is not a bad thing, at all. I just don't think it'd work for this site, tbh. Long running RPs are very rare here, and I feel like the complex ones get passed over.

Now, mechanics-wise... I am not the person to ask. I don't understand numbers worth a damn. I see what you're going for, definitely. But it feels like a lot of info to absorb, especially when you consider that players will be new to your environment, your specific lore, weapons, magic, etc.

The only thing I can think of is to keep the Blessings part until later. Once the players hit some important/pivotal plot point in-game, something happens. And then, introduce the Blessings. That way the players feel like they have worked for and earned this awesomeness.
My apologies for the wait. Work was rough. Need an actual pc to post from.
@Martian I would love one. I won't be home for another hour and change so I can't read it yet.
Mechanics are where you'll lose me, haha. I don't know how that part works.
The Doctor is IN
*reading the current list* Hmm. Very interesting so far.

1. Are specialty gloves worth considering? Although, there are only 2 (?) hand to hand combat styles... I guess that would make them rare indeed. Unless you want to get creative with it. Gloves that let the wearer deal elemental damage? To keep with with what you wrote, I will give an example.

A set of soft, seafoam white gloves that are somehow always cold to the touch. Legend says they were worn by an emissary who caught the eye of a Zoran noble, who would always greet them with a gallant kiss to the hand...
Catalyst (Sorcery), lowers the cost of Aquamancy.
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