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Kijani had a hand on her lightsaber as well, head whipping around for the source of the voice. It took her a moment to look down. "Yes, we're looking for Master Yoda. Heard of him?" This planet was big, but so full of isolated places that she was certain this line of questioning would lead them nowhere. After all, if a Jedi didn't want to be found, they could probably make it easy.

"If you don't, that's fine. We'll be out of your way by tomorrow, and not scaring away any more animals." Something about this was very strange. How could this being be so silent as to sneak up on them both? Sure they were relaxed a bit, but neither of them were so relaxed that they would stop paying attention to their surroundings. So how?
I understand completely. Please take your time.
Kijani smacked the back of her neck, feeling a bug squish beneath her fingers. There was already a bump rising there. “Oh, it’s alive, alright.” She wiped her hand gingerly on her pants, before taking the ration pack and grabbing a piece. She didn’t want to complain, but this trip was not off to a good start.

“I will admit, I feel the Force all around us. Animals, plants… even the water itself, somehow. It’s almost overwhelming.” In her six months of training, Kijani’s senses had opened up wide. Her sensitivity had turned into power, and she was getting better by the day. The meditation was nice, the battle training was exciting. She was still working on some of her Force abilities. Her mind tricks came easy, even though she felt guilty about having to try them on friends and family. Moving things had been trickier, but she was getting a handle on it. But try as she might, she hadn’t been able to replicate the massive Force Push she’d displayed on the Death Star. A large part of her knew why. Fear had fueled her – and Adam had taught that fear was a path to the Dark Side. Had she been tapping into that, without meaning to?

She nibbled at her food for a while, before sighing and leaning toward the heat lamp. It was getting cold. “What do you think the Master will start us with? I feel like I have a lot to learn, but I don’t know what it is.”
“You have an Instagram? I’ll have to look it up.” More insight into Roxy; something she didn’t expect. She imagined that Roxy wouldn’t like the internet. Devika figured she’d probably think it was too frivolous. But then again, you could be any one you wanted on the internet, and maybe that was helpful. It also was probably good business.

“When I start making some money aside from the government stipends, I’ll commission something from you. I’m not sure what, but I would like to have a piece for myself.”
Kijani exhaled a held breath as they made a successful landing. While she trusted Adam with her life, she didn’t like for that trust to be put to the test every time she flew with him. “Good job, Adam.” She tried her best not to look too relieved. After all – she didn’t have the skill to be a pilot, so she couldn’t complain too much.

Once they got outside, however, her mood changed. For lack of a better word, she deflated. “We’re going to train… here?” It was dank, and hot, and smelled like… well, she wasn’t sure exactly what that smell was, but she had a feeling she’d never forget it. Her stomach twisted as well, but she wasn’t sure if that was just nausea rather than feeling out the Dark Side.

“...well, I’m going to officially say it. I don’t like it here.” She could feel her whole body keeping taut, on edge for any potential danger. So far there were nothing but plants and unknown fauna to deal with.

“So – where are we finding this Jedi Master?” Better to get moving, lest she become even more disappointed.
Quietly, Jinny mulled over the idea of keeping, and telling secrets. She had learned that lots of people had secrets. Even her classmates. She had an idea of what Slade was talking about, but she wasn’t sure how exactly not to get caught telling a secret. That would be a new line of questioning for later.

“Tie his shoelaces together?” Jinny thought about that, and giggled. It was a rather wicked laugh for someone so small, and probably would have worried a normal parent. Luckily there was no one quite normal in this room.

When she was showed her eyes, Jinny stopped giggling abruptly. “Uh oh. Sorry!” She took a few deep breaths, and her eyes steadily returned to their regular color. That was another thing they had been working on: mindfulness. With such an obvious tell to her power, Jinny had to work on keeping calm, or at the very least, keeping her power under control until she needed it. While she understood the concept, in practice it was a work in progress.

After watching Slade with the gun parts a moment more, she answered his question. “A year is a really long time. But… I think you’d let me use it if I was allowed. Which means I’m not allowed, even with you.” Sound logic, more or less. “I do want to learn though. So I can wait to use one.” She nodded firmly, having made her decision.

“Teach me how to put it together. And I won’t ask how to use it.” Not yet anyway.
"Good. Let me know if you need help moving it when the time comes." She was curious as to what the next art piece would be. "Do you take other people's ideas into consideration when you're making these things? Or does it all have to come from you?" Who had bought the one in the garage, anyway? Where was it going? How many had Roxy sold? A dozen questions flitted through Devika's mind, and she asked none of them. Best not to dominate the conversation. Even if she was the one who usually did a lot of the talking.

She made herself something to eat while she talked. They were running low on some things, so she added them to a little notepad list next to the fridge.
I did have a chuckle over him basically telling her not to get caught. Not 'don't do it' just 'don't get busted'. Fun!

I'm cooking up a post but it will probably be a bit short. And posted either tomorrow or Friday.
Kijani squeezed Adam's hand and exhaled deeply. "Right. There's always another path." Sometimes, she felt like Adam was a rock in a storm. Someone worth holding onto. He was her friend and teacher, but she'd not given thought to what her own heart felt about him, yet. Too much to do, too many people to manage. A Rebellion to run. It was hard to find space for even the thought of relationships.

Kijani looked out the ship window as they breached the atmosphere and not much seemed to change. It was foggy, and gray, and looked dismal. "...had I known that Dagobah looked like this, I would have brought a sun lamp..." But no, they had traveled very light. Adam had explained how simple Jedi used to live in the past, and that they should try to replicate that while training. To say that it was an adjustment for Kijani was understating things. She did not like it. But - if it meant becoming a Jedi, she would deal.

"There. I think that's a good patch of ground." There was a clearing in the thick mist, and what looked like solid ground beneath. "Maybe put the ship down there?"
Sounds more like you have really good instincts to not go out.
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