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How awesome! I'm glad for you and your family!
*nod* That's us in a month.
Sorry about the wait. My weekend was kinda shot. Also we're house hunting so my time is limited lately.

How are you?
Yeah, they were holding onto the reins a little tight. Ah well. See yall another time.
Awesome map! And I posted. It's super tiny, but I'm still in the game. ^_^
“Ah, Professor Cypress. Always a pleasure.” Norah listened as Cypress explained the situation. “I welcome all challengers with open arms. Since they’re just starting out, I’ll try not to crush their hopes. And, oh! Rory is coming? You mean, my future son in law?” A bright peal of a laugh was clear through the phone line.

“I’ll call Darlene, she’ll just loooove to see Rory again! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll take good care of them.” She hung up, and immediately started a second call with her daughter. “Dar-dar, my lovely, you’ll never guess who’s coming to town…”
I have a searing headache. I was going to write today but that's not going to happen.I'm going to try to get it done tomorrow.
Whew. That took long enough. Kijani says 'fuck this shit I'm out'.

Kijani scoffed under her breath. Her instincts had been right, as usual. That “America” girl was not to be trusted. Even if she wasn’t an enemy, this was still her fault! And then she had the sheer audacity to think she could beat this Beyonder. If he had numbers enough to cross the universe, what kind of fool would try to take him on solo? Even as she listened, some of the other teens were teaming up. Idiots, the lot of them. They were on their own.

Kijani did not waste her breath with a goodbye, or even a quip. As soon as she felt her strength returning, she quickly dumped the heavy winter coat she was wearing. Then she pulled her sword free from the scabbard, eyes darting around for the nearest and clearest escape route. There was nothing around, so she started running. She hid her speed, mostly because she wanted to save it for an emergency. (Also, she didn’t want to look a poser around a real Speedster.)

She kept her gaze sweeping as she headed through the ship. Flashing lights, lots of metal – and one of those strange kidnapping robots headed in her direction. Taking a split second to quell the fear in her stomach, she put the sword away and picked up speed.

“Candidate detected. Moving to intercept.”

“Intercept this, tin can.” Kijani fell into a forward flip, her lean legs swinging upward. She hooked the robot around the head and used her momentum to swing herself right around. Then she used its back like a springboard, propelling herself forward. She landed in a loose tumble, righted, and started running for real.
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