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Posting for scared guppy Kassandra. She's just a bit nervous about the whole thing.
Kassandra, AKA Mirage

Kassandra looked at the tiny device in her hand as if it were made of precious gold. To her mind, it might as well have been. And to be given a direct order from the King himself? She was going to faint...

Of sheer terror, that was.

Why did she think she was up to this? Aquaman should have left her in the little backwater Tritonis town he found her in. There she'd probably be safe. Unappreciated, unloved, unworthy, but safe. Here - anything was happening. She gave a shy side glance to her other teammates and clipped on the device to her ear. Best to try it out now.

"Um... everyone..." She heard a tiny, distinct trill in her ear and completely forgotthe rest of what she was going to say. "Um... hello? It's me, Mirage. Just testing the equipment. Um... have a nice day."

Oh dear, she was so out of her depth. If only the Queen had decided to start anywhere but Tritonis. But no - it was her turn to do something actually noteworthy, and she would make sure Queen Mera was safe and sound. Somehow.
Ok, I edited my post. Let me know if it reads better.
I'm sad that this died before it started.
That does make a lot of sense. Ok, how about this? She was suspected to be an empath in childhood (a lot of children are because little kids are a bit empathic, they grow out of it) but they can't actually test for it until they're teenagers. Her power was just weak enough to go under the radar, until she was just after testing age. Her parents helped the best they could, until her power got out of her control.

How's that sound?
Her parents were lawyers and they fought for her to at least be with them. She had some control over herself, but was able to home school for most of her life and limited contact with people.

I can rewrite if necessary, but that's what I was thinking.
"My mother and father, no siblings." Devika was relieved that Roxy was talking. She could have sworn she felt the slightest twinge of fear. "I'm both excited and nervous to see them again. It's been years since we've met in person." She sighed faintly, playing with her hair while debating about how much to reveal. Finally she decided to keep talking; it would all come out eventually.

"I was empathic when I was little, but I guess I was too weak for them to test for it when I was a teenager. I guess I was a late bloomer or something. It wasn't until I was nearly out of high school that my power started to increase. I moved out permanently when I was 20 - something I'm still kind of mad about - and I was in the cottage ever since. Believe me when I say, I'm glad you're here." She smiled slightly, but there was something rather sad in her eyes. "I always wanted a normal life, and once we get working with each other, I'll be able to have that. So... thank you."
So... How's the IC coming along?
Damn, that sucks! Is it fixable?
I would say 10%.
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