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Kassy trailed along behind the others, eyes down and looking at her bare toes. She was still feeling very bothered. Years of practice had made her very quick to read emotional tension, and she could feel something in the group ready to spill over. At the very least, they were agreed on the training. Maybe defeating some imaginary enemies would diffuse the energy.

The door opened, and she was rather stunned to see that Tachyus had already done some diffusing. Everything was... quite honestly, a mess. Stuffing everywhere, and Tachyus looking in need of a bath. She backed, her instincts ready to escape the scene of an argument. But instead, Andy seemed to laugh it off, playing it as if it wasn't a problem. Unfortunately, he seemed to be the only one. Magnus, who carried tension in his whole body like a readied trap, looked less than pleased about all of it. Juno didn't look much better, but evidently she was going to let it slide too. Impressive, she said. It wasn't impressive, it was -

"No. It isn't. Dummies don't hit back."

Magnus said it before she could. Kassy agreed- beating up on something defenseless was not impressive. Anyone could do that.

While the others started to debate over how to train, Kassy stepped warily toward Magnus. "Um." Her voice came out as a squeak, and for a moment she regretted coming close.

"I- I think you're right. Destroying dummies that don't move is not impressive. You may as well hit a child." There was something slightly cold in her voice, perhaps the barest hint of teeth. "I don't see how that would make him any stronger, or fix his mistake for next time." Her gaze was still on her feet, but she tipped her head up to peek at Magnus through her white curls. "Can I ask you a question, Magnus?"

It was out of her mouth before she realized, and she went rosy-red with embarrassment. Still, it was there, so she plowed forward. "You were hurt. Bad. How... how did you get up again and keep going? I... I need to know how to do that." Her tone laced the question with the undercurrent that this was not about the body getting back up, but the will to do so. The fighter's will. In one brief, horrible moment months ago, she'd touched it, and was too afraid to come close to it since. She could hurt someone.

"Would you be able to teach me?"

(Coding to be added later.)

Once they returned to the Sanctuary, and were subsequently berated and dismissed, Kassy went straight to the kitchen. She drank, refilled, and drank a gallon-sized pitcher of water that was set aside just for her. Even though she'd done practically nothing in the battle, her body was tired and she did feel a bit dried out. When Andy and Stephanie stepped in to start cooking, she quickly vacated the kitchen, heading for her quarters as quickly as possible. Once there she shed her suit and flopped into the inlaid pool that she had in place of the bed, letting her legs slide and shift away into a long orange tailfin.

Another mission - another failure. At the very least, she’d avoided getting hurt. Then again, she’d avoided doing anything of merit at all during the battle. Sure, she’d managed to startle the psychotic twin girls into disarray, and maybe save Batgirl from a few bruises. However, Fenrir managed to recover and rejoin them shortly after that. He’d either seen through or sniffed out the fact that she wasn’t an enemy, which tipped off the Dee Dees. Mirage quickly cleared the area to let the real fighters work. Honestly, she felt that her presence on the team was rather useless. Again, the doubt started to fill her mind. Was she really ever going to be more than dead weight?

The call for dinner blared from the communication system that linked every room in the Sanctuary, startling Kassy out of a doze. She sighed and surfaced, dressed and joined the others. A small part of her was wishing she had more understanding of how to manage the kitchen. She was good at chopping things and preparing them, but the actual cooking evaded her. Dinner was the usual rowdy affair – cooking for three or four different diets wasn’t easy. Rannik ate nothing with meat, and Magnus seemed to eat nothing else. Kassy herself wouldn’t have minded some fresh fish every now and then, but she was pretty sure the others wouldn’t want to eat it raw. Maybe she could request a lesson in proper cooking? Hopefully the others wouldn’t laugh at her for asking. They made it look so simple.
After she was finished, Kassy washed her used plate and set it away. She was quite ready to escape back to isolation, but Andy called for training. Or dodgeball, whatever that was.

“Um. Andy?” She stepped closer, tugging at her curls in a nervous way. “Can I… join you if it wouldn’t be in the way?”
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July 3rd, 2020 | 3:31p.m. | Happy Harbour, Rhode Island

Kassy was never going to get used to this.

In the two weeks that she’d been a member of the Young Justice Initiative, the young Atlantean was still struggling with her new life. She felt displaced, and not just because she was new to the surface world. No – she felt outclassed by leagues when compared to the others. Sure, she had her power, and she managed to get in her battle suit and on the way just as fast as everyone else. But the others were just… better. Connor was in charge, and he was obviously meant to be there. Others, like Andy, and Juno, moved with obvious experience. This battle was just another day to them. Everyone seemed to simply know what to do- and then they did it.

Kassy simply did not.

She started slightly as Hellfire called for her and two of the others to get in the mix. “R-right, of course!” She managed to squeak out, getting her magus staff at the ready. But what did he want her to do, exactly? She understood that the team could be overwhelmed by these two strangely dressed girls. How could Mirage help, though? Maybe if she hit one with her staff? Or blinded them with a light illusion?

While she was still trying to figure out what to do, Batgirl entered the fray without hesitation. Mirage stepped back, scowling slightly and inwardly berating herself. Why couldn’t she just do something? She was starting to think that the king had made a mistake in thinking she was good enough for this team…

She was so busy insulting herself, that she didn’t immediately notice Batgirl’s mistake. It was only when the two taunting girls’ voices doubled to four, that Mirage jerked her head up and realized that her teammate was in trouble. This was just what Hellfire was worried about. She couldn’t let the others get hurt. But what could she do against an enemy that could just make more?

Make more…?

Mirage smiled, and then disappeared. It was as easy as breathing for her, now. She’d mastered the trick of making herself invisible when she was a child. Simply not being present was enough to keep her away from the ire of others. Even in the middle of danger, she could do it without a thought. More complex illusions took work.

Around Batgirl, a third pair of Dee Dee’s popped into existence.

“We’re going to have FUN Batgirl!” Dee 5 piped up.

“Yeah, let’s get her!” Dee 6 said.

They too, stepped forward to join the fray. But Dee Dee 6 accidentally stepped on her sister's heel.

“Hey, watch it! Hit her, not me!”

“Oh, sorry!” Another punch was aimed, thrown… and instead of into Batgirl, it was into Dee Dee 3.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“She did it, not me!” Dee Dee 5 pointed at Dee Dee 2, whining and pointing.

Now that they were side by side, an observant watcher might see that the two newest twins were just slightly different… They were missing freckles, and the hair color was ever so slightly brighter. Dee Dee 6 gave Batgirl a quick glance and wink, and then went back to "fighting", throwing chaos into the already busy battle.


| NAME |
Kassandra Keigwan

| AGE |


Kassy is about 5’6 and rather pudgy, with dark skin and thick, curly white hair. Her eyes are bright orange, with wide pupils. She tends to wear feminine clothing and lots of jewelry, long skirts and a continuous lack of shoes when inside the base.
What does your costume look like?

| BIO |
Kassandra was born with a rare type of magic, one that had been systematically expunged from her race's DNA long before she was born. Magic powers over the spirit, the mind, the unconscious - things that couldn't be quite quantified or explained. Many centuries ago, Atlanteans with that kind of power used it to do all sorts of unspeakable things. Rule over others, change their emotions, create forced loyalty or fear, or love. They were called 'sirens'. It took a massive uprising to release them from the sirens' control, but once they did, they took care to try and kill each and every siren they found, whether they had done anything wrong or not. Some survived, burying their power and keeping it hidden, never staying in one place for fear of discovery.
Kassy's grandfather could read minds. Her mother could speak to the dead. Kassy herself can cast illusions of all sorts, tricking minds into seeing or hearing things. Her mother and father traveled the planet, never staying in one place for a long time. Her mother took work from those who didn't hate her power, and they lived this way until Kassy was about eight. Her mother's spirit was torn from her body in the middle of a channeling, and despite attempts to keep her vessel alive, her body ceased to live. Her distraught father took young Kassy to the home of her aunt, promising to return for her soon. He never did.

Young Kassy grew up isolated. She was shunned by the townspeople, and shamed by her aunt. Her aunt considered her a freeloader and a budding sociopath, and was determined to beat the magic out of her. Her uncle did nothing to stop his wife's poor treatment of their niece. Kassy's only solace was in her cousin Leonce, who ignored his mother's opinions and treated her as a sister. The two grew up close, and he was her savior many times over.
Her aunt was not much kinder to her own son, and as soon as her cousin became of age, he pledged (married) to someone and moved far away from home. While he did offer to take Kassy with him, she declined. Left on her own, Kassy honed her magic in secret, growing more controlled and powerful by the turn of each tide. All she had to do was make it four more years, and then she would be an adult in the eyes of the law.
Unfortunately, four years proved to be too long. Her aunt’s attitude got worse, and without her cousin interfering, Kassy felt she was close to snapping. After one particularly rough night, Kassy gathered what she had and left home, determined to find somewhere that she belonged. She swam on and on, only stopping permanently in the massive city of Atlantis. When browsing the market for food, she ran into - and stopped - a robbery attempt with quick use of her magic. Instead of being thankful, the man she helped was terrified. She didn't have time to consider the consequences of using her magic in such a public space, and word spread like squid ink in clear water.
She was arrested that same night, and brought to the palace. Although the guards were skeptical of how someone who was still just a girl could be dangerous, Kassy agreed to go, already defeated in spirit and feeling she deserved to be in prison. She spent the night locked up, most of it crying and absolutely certain she’d never see the outside world again.
With the new morning came a change in fate. Kassy was fed, bound, and led to an official chamber for sentencing. There she was introduced to no less than the king of Atlantis, Arthur Curry himself. Her immediate thought was that the lifetime in prison she thought she was destined for had been upgraded to an execution. However, the king took pity on her, saying that she had potential – not to be a hindrance, but a hero.
They spoke for hours, and by the end of it, Kassy agreed to his offer to be trained as a royal magician. She was given a room, a small stipend, and several tutors. Her skill grew, and her magic flourished. When the King got word of the new team being formed, he volunteered Kassy for it. Kassy still isn’t sure she’s the right fit.

*Illusions - Kassy's most versatile ability is that she can form illusions of all 5 senses. Sight and sound are the easiest for her; tactile illusions a bit more difficult. Smell and taste are possible for Kassy, but she's not very good at them; mostly because those are quite subjective. Her favorite tricks are to make herself invisible and soundless, leaving her able to easily surprise unaware enemies.
Her illusions do not work on robots or electronic devices, and most of the time, animals won't be fooled by the sight/smell illusions. The more people she is trying to fool, the weaker the illusions are.
*Resistance - Kassy has a natural resistance, and in some cases, immunity to other mental attacks. Another illusionist will be ineffective against her, and another mind controller would have to be extremely powerful (and only focused on her) to defeat her.
Atlantean Physiology: Due to generations of living under the sea, Atlantean have evolved to breath underwater and be far superior to any other human.
*Mage Armor – Kassy’s battle dress is magically reinforced to be durable and element resistant, made of the same material that other Atlanteans’ suits. It also absorbs water, to keep her cool and hydrated in battle.
*Elemental Staff – The staff Kassy carries is made of metal with a magical core, and it’s covered in various runes. She has elemental spells ‘programmed’ in, ones that she can use at will to control fire, water, air and earth. There is a figure of an octopus that tops the staff, whose eyes light up to correspond with the running spell. (Kassy has named this figurine Damiek.)
*Static Illusion charm – Kassy has a pendant that she wears when outside of the team quarters. It gives her a human appearance, changing her white hair to black, and her orange eyes to a more human-standard brown. When she’s at home with the others, she leaves it off.
*Staff combat – Kassy’s magic staff is very durable, and she’s learned to use it as a physical weapon. The octopus figure topping it is weighted, and packs a punch.
*Knife combat – While she would much prefer to stay out of the action, if she has to, Kassy can defend herself with a small hooked fishing knife.

*Aquatic form - Kassy has to sleep submerged in water, and has to drink constantly to properly maintain a bipedal form. If she gets dehydrated, she reverts back to what many would call a 'merperson'. Further dehydration would be fatal. While she does drink almost constantly to counteract this weakness, there is no way around this part of her physiology.

*No Confidence – Kassy is capable of more than she knows. Due to her Atlantean physiology, she is capable of great strength and has superhuman durability as well. However, she doesn’t really believe she can do anything spectacular. She is usually convinced she will fail, and punishes herself harshly for not meeting expectations.

*Kassy really likes all the fun foods that dry land has to offer. She will eat anything once. Anything. (Do not ask about the team goldfish. Kassy is still apologizing for the team goldfish.)

*Kassy has a beautiful singing voice, but very few people know about this. She only sings when no one is present to hear her.

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