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There was something in Roxy's face that Devika couldn't quite explain. She had the feeling she'd overstepped a boundary, or perhaps was invading on something private. She took the knife slowly and carefully, touching it as if it was a precious object. "Okay, here goes." She gave the knife a good hurl at the target, and it stuck on the far edge for a split second before dropping to the ground.

"Dangit!" Devika immediately went to retrieve the knife, brushing it off and laying it down. "That's so much harder than it looks. Thank you for letting me do that, Roxy. Somehow I'm guessing I'm the first to ask?"

Kassy gently tuned into the student's mind, then applauded when he turned into a cat. "Oh, aren't you adorable! I can't say I've ever met a neko before. Thank you for the demonstration." She didn't know too much about his kind, and wondered if he could turn into a larger cat if trained properly.
@Letmehaveone2 I have posted.

Whoever else has Powers and Control 2nd, feel free to get yourselves there. Class is in session.
Kassy had left a note on the door of her classroom for the students to meet in the gym. She smiled warmly at the 2 students who had entered. "Almost finished setting back up." Luckily the dummies had an easy repair spell that any of the teachers could activate.

She waited a bit for the rest of the students to arrive, and started class once they did.

"Good morning. This is Powers and Control. Today we'll be doing a bit of power display. I find that it's a lot less boring than going around the class and playing icebreakers. Now, who's going to go first?"
@Letmehaveone2 That helps. I don't really know who else is in what class. I won't be able to post until after work today.
I'm unsure what to do now.
Kassy watched the students leave as the bell rang. "Good work today, everyone!" She headed back to prepare for second period.
Kassy watched the 2 students carefully, and only got concerned nesr the end. "Class should be over shortly, if either of you needs to go to the nurse's office. "
When will 1st period be over? I'm running out of material. ^_^;
Work sucks and I wish I wasn't here. Blah.
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