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Could someone help me make one of those cool name banners?

Edit: Nevermind I think I worked it out.

Kassandra was startled away from her spaghetti as a tall, fit, blonde girl sat down across from her at the table. She was about to open her mouth and wonder if the other girl was lost, but the blonde spoke first. It was that obvious that she was alone, huh? That didn't take much. What was surprising is that this girl was bothering. Didn't she know Kassy was a weirdo? But wait, they were all freaks here, or something like it...

"Super school, huh? I'm not quite sure what's super about it yet. I mean, this room probably has more people than my entire junior class, but other than that, I'm not feeling particularly "super"." She did an air quote with her free hand, the other one idly toying with her fork.

"I don't know what I was expecting when I came here, but... this wasn't it. It's like some comic book nonsense and I don't get it. I was like.. one of ten metahumans back in my entire hometown. I don't know anything about anything, you know?" Maybe this girl could help show her the ropes. Or maybe she was just as lost and confused.

@Ruler Inc

Finally posted. It's not much but I wanted to get something up this weekend.

Kassandra fidgeted with the edge of her skirt as she listened to the multiple teachers many speeches. She was nervous, which wasn't saying much as she was usually a nervous sort, but today she was almost sweating with fear. So many new people, so many new experiences. She'd never been on a plane before coming here, that had been a bit fun. Aside from the screaming baby an aisle away, and the snoring man in the seat beside her. And now she was here, at the Academy.

Kassy honestly wasn't sure why she'd been chosen. All she could do was disappear, and make some loud noises in a general crowd. Most of her was wondering just when they'd discover they made a mistake, and kick her back to her awful life. The Academy sounded wonderful, but she knew it was just a matter of time before she failed and had to leave. Imagine it, they had teams, and arena games, things where she would have to work with other people. While it was true she wasn't a "freak" here, it was still hard to shake the feeling that she was inferior.

Most of the students looked so capable. She wondered just what power they all possessed. Probably something truly impressive, like... fire breathing, or unhindered flight, even mind reading. As the speeches ended, she found herself lost in the crowd, holding still and flickering in and out of sight. She followed the immense crowd to the cafeteria, and snagged a tray. Her power was still acting up due to her nerves, leaving the tray floating in midair like some kind of ghost.
@Mistress Dizzy Oh balls I totally missed your character. My bad. Now, she's okay with me, accepted. I use Deviantart and google to find images of people that aren't celeberties/actors. I have a few pictures I could fit Kassandra, in fact.

It's okay, I'm just glad to be accepted. Could you send me the pictures?
Application round 2. Where are you guys finding pictures? I'm really having no luck.

I am still looking for a picture. Please let me know how my app is so far.

How would you feel about a Type Blue illusionist who's got a side order of messy, uncontrolled future visions?
I'm definitely interested. Love the lore you've got so far.
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