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Kassandra nodded at the instructions from Talon, then waited on Zatara to do his thing. The illusions were well done; she couldn’t have done better under short notice.

“Nice work.” She smiled at Zatara, then got serious again. She exhaled slowly, steadying her nerves, and then she vanished yet again. Her soft, disembodied voice echoed in the hall. “Back in a bit.”

She approached the door, waiting for Talon to approach as well. Once they were both in position, she opened the door again, very slowly, and slipped inside.

“The damn door again? Gurk!” One of the guards started toward the door, but then he seemed to freeze, his hands going to his neck. Kassy popped up out of stealth behind the guard, holding him in a well-performed chokehold.

She had been working and studying on different types of fighting and combat techniques, to figure out what would suit her best. After much internal debate, she had decided on wrestling. It was a decently popular sport underwater, and she had a lot of fun watching the costumed version on television with the bombastic storylines. Putting it into practice had taken some more time, as she had limited practice partners. The only one who matched her weight class was Victor, so he had become her teacher.

The guard clutched at Kassy’s arm, his fingernails scraping at her skin. She flinched but held tight. After a few seconds, he dropped, unconscious. She let him go, gently laying him on the ground. Then she checked his pulse to be certain he would live. It seemed to be okay.

Once that was done, she went to the nearest terminal and started reading.
It didn't take Jin to get the news either. She sped as much as she could in a gown, to see her sisters and father embracing. She too, joined the group, trying to control her own tears. "Bella, thank goodness you're back!"

She could feel her older sister shaking, and wondered what she'd gone through. Nothing nice, of course, but she wasn't going to ask unless Bella was comfortable bringing it up.

"It's okay now. We have you."
Yes, please change the scene.
@Shiny Keldeo Is Mystic Jungle somewhere Kijani could get to on her own? Or is she going to have to follow the ship?
Also a small reply. It's hard to do conversation posts in a long way.
Jinny nodded, going back to her paper and crossing off a class. “Thank you for the advice. I know I should probably enroll in Power Control but I wanted to do some fun ones.” Controlling her power was necessary, especially given her tendency to get migraines from overuse. That didn’t mean she had to like it, however. Still – better to have it than not have it.

Jinny was just as curious about this woman as she was of her. There were so many questions in her head, but she didn’t want to waste the Headmistress’ time. There was probably plenty for her to do in order to keep things running on the first day. “Just one more question. Why are you running a school like this? I’m really, really happy that you are, by the way. I’m just curious as to… why.”

She gazed up politely, her attention rapt for an answer.
We do have the right to ask questions. I was confused too.
Do you have a Discord?

I think we go no tech, because steampunk is going to have guns and stuff.
Jinny tried her best not to make eye contact as they moved through the school. She could feel the stares burning the back of her neck, and could practically read the minds of those who were looking. Just who was this child with the famous Deathstroke? She felt a little anxious, suddenly, wondering just what kind of expectations she was going to have to live up to. Then, after several moments of this, she raised her chin and looked determinedly forward. She had trained and prepared for this. Her uncle would not abandon her to the wolves. They were going to learn her name, one way or another.

As they settled in to do the boring paperwork, she put everything in her best handwriting. There were others around getting their papers done, some of them adults, some children like her. She was just staring at the class list and schedule when the Headmistress approached and spoke to them.

“Hello, Headmistress.” She offered a small, but polite smile. Something about this woman made her a bit nervous. Maybe because she ran the school? “I’m going to take Algebra – I really like numbers, and they wouldn’t let me take the good math classes in regular school because I was too little. Hm.” She glanced at the list briefly. “Stealth and Spying, Weaponry, Sciences… ooh, is that a mechanics class?” Her eyes lit up with happiness.

“This is so much better than regular school.” She noted that she was under the age bracket for the mechanics class, and frowned. Maybe next year. “There’s a sniper course that looks like fun from the description.”

She looked up, staring the woman in her cool blue eyes. “The ones I’m looking forward to the most are the Stealth and the Algebra. I’m good at them already, but I want to be better.” There was no bragging in her voice, just a level of confidence that had been instilled in her through months of training. She knew what she was good at, and what she wasn’t good at. The English class on her schedule was going to be a struggle, but she was determined to face it.

“Are there any ones you would recommend, Headmistress?” Her question was very polite, but it was clear she was digging for more information.

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