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Jin couldn't quite look the emperor in the face. She didn't want this weary, almost broken man to be the last image of her Emperor. So she shut her eyes briefly, trying to banish the sudden urge to cry, just a bit. Tears could wait until it was all over.

Her eyes flew open as they made a choice. "We'll take the passage. Less chance of being spotted, plus, it will be awkward getting you out of the window with that basket on your back. We'll have to deal with the hazards as they happen." Noticeably, she did not say 'the Prince'. It was best to banish that word from their lips now, lest they have a slip of the tongue later.

Once the basket was shifted aside, she opened the passage and padded down the old stone steps carved there. It was damp, and murky, and smelled of wet mold, but it was their best hope for freedom.

"...My Emperor." Jin bowed, one last time, then headed down to scout. Not 5 minutes later, she found the thinnest line of rope she'd ever seen. Another step and she would have missed it. Praising the Two-Faced Monkey for her luck, she snipped the thread with her dagger. A thin blade, hidden Gods knew where in the wall, shot across the path and embedded itself neatly in the wall adjacent.

"Huh. Well that would have been bad." She plucked the still quivering dagger from the wall, and fled back to the beginning to report. "The very first part of the way is safe. Let me lead for the rest."
The briefest of chuckles echoed across the nearly dark chamber hosting the emperor and emperor to be. "Now, now, think about it. If you vanish, who will they come looking to first? Me, of course. And I'm bad with torture. I bruise like a peach."

A small, dark woman toyed with the hilt of her small swords, listening but trying not to at the royals behind her. Her stomach was churning with fear, but her face betrayed very little unless you knew where to look.

Ishawari knew where to look. A near decade of working together could get you to learn things about a person you never thought possible.

Jin flicked her dark eyes to the door once more, steadying her breathing. "We're doing the right thing. To leave him here, in this nest of vipers, just a child?" She sighed very softly. "If only he were older." She exhaled again, now the other hand going to play on the second blade on her hip.

Jin knew what they were doing was akin to suicide. If they were caught, they were as good as dead. And the young Prince would be truly alone. Maybe, if they were caught, she could blame it all on herself and spare Ishawari somehow. After all, it would be an easier story to believe. One small, dark, daughter of a foreigner, finally betrayed the empire and seduced her comrade in arms, in a crazy plot to sneak the Prince out of his very home? Craziness.

Though maybe the hardest bit of that lie would be the seduction. Jin was slim and wiry enough to pass as a man with the correct clothing. In fact, that was how they would be traveling.

But no, she couldn't think of being caught. Those thoughts would just invite trouble.

Gently, without turning, she spoke to the two royals. "We're running short on time..."

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Devika couldn't help but stare as Roxy beat several dents into the piece of metal. She understood immediately that meditation would never be an option for Roxy. No, she had to move to get her energy out. Still, did it have to be so noisy? She flinched several times at the noise, and sort of wanted to cover her ears, but managed not to do that. After a bit, she simply went upstairs and left Roxy to work it out. Once the noise stopped, she came back down.

"Lunch delivery would be good. I'm not quite sure what I would cook today." They were still waiting on most of the groceries. "Well, we had pizza yesterday... Hm..." She tapped her chin with a finger, thinking.

"How do you feel about Thai food?"
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Devika raised her eyebrows, very curious but not asking the dozen questions that were on her mind. "Some asshole, huh? If you say so." She did want to respect her privacy and all. She just hoped this asshole wasn't going to be a frequent trouble, especially if he knew where Roxy lived. Maybe he was some kind of jilted ex-boyfriend or something. Roxy seemed like the type to like tough guys.

"Do you want help calming down? I won't use my power on you, but I do know some good breathing exercises if you'd like to try them." She tried to smile a bit, to show that it was alright. Everyone got bad, it was just dealing with it properly that was key.
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I am the same.

Me too.

It's going to take a bit for me to make a character. There's a lot of info here, more than I usually have to work with.
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