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"Fair enough. I love breakfast, so I guess I'll be ordering a lot of groceries." She looked curiously at the target, and the knives sticking out of it. Now she was intrigued. "Do you really throw those? That's a stupid question, of course you did... Can you show me?" She grinned widely. "Can you show me how you fight? I've never met a woman who could do that kind of thing."

While she asked, she started picking out groceries with the app. More or less healthy things, but enough for both of them. She had a feeling that she'd be doing a lot of the cooking. If left to Roxy, they'd be having a lot of black coffee and pizza. Neither terrible things, but there was always room for more.
Turns out my laptop just wanted to be restarted, I should be good.
"Thank you, Roxy, for doing this for me." Devika was utterly grateful to the other woman for going through all the trouble. "I'll have to do some research, but I think the government recommendation is to stay in close contact for the first few weeks, and then test the tether as we get closer. For now, I guess I'll have to be on the same floor, and pretty near to you besides. I guess we'll just have to get used to each other." She grinned a bit, but inwardly was fighting a bit of nervousness. It would take a while for them to really get along, and until then, Devika was basically Roxy's shadow.

"Roxy, would you like some breakfast?"
My laptop is acting up, it may be a bit before I post.
Now I'm curious. How far apart can they get without Devika's power going all haywire? What did you have in mind?
"Thank you." Devika took the mug with a shy, sleepy smile. Her own clothing was brighter and full of flowers and pretty designs. She preferred clothes that flowed and moved with her. "If you can't soundproof the room, I'll just have to buy a ton of earplugs, too." She would have to unpack some of her own dishes. Like Roxy, she didn't have a whole lot, so it would fit just fine.

"I guess I'll be putting things away for most of the day. Hopefully I'll get my computer up and running, as well." She was already missing the internet. Not that her little web of friends wouldn't get along without her for a few days, but she missed them.

"What are you going to do?"
It's been a while but count me in.
The next day, Devika awoke reluctantly, looking haggard. Last night had not been good. Who knew a city at night could be so noisy? Honking and people still on the streets, and she could swear, just swear she heard a gunshot at one point. She struggled through her morning routine, then slowly made her way to where the kitchen was.

"Please tell me there's coffee..." She pushed her glasses up and yawned huge, exhaustion written all over her.
That's right. And maybe she's not used to the city noises. Hmm... Alright, I can work with this.
Alright, I am good and stuck. I want to time skip but I'm not sure until when. Thoughts?
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