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Current Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've just... been struggling to get the energy to write something up. I'm trying some new meds through so hopefully that will change soon.


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While personally Jim enjoyed the roaring power of the heavy chain cleaver as it tore apart flesh, muscle and just about anything else that got in the way of the blades, the boning sword had its own charms and benefits. Sure it required a bit more work on the part of the wielder in order to make proper use of it, but in encouraged a finesse in action instead of the brutal style that the cleaver seemed to demand. Of course, the fact that the boning sword was a great deal easier to maintain without the involvement of third parties to get parts, 'misplace' from the equipment roster in the first place or alert the hub block that someone was being dismembered with an almighty roar when all you want is a quick and easy meal on the way home.

It also preserved more of the body, since a quick clean slice with the boning sword encouraged one to aim for somewhere vital on the opening strike rather then mincing the body as one turns it into a corpse. Sometimes the Patrician of Butchery desired a more bloody, messy kill as an offering in and of itself, but this time wasn't such a case.

All things considered it hadn't been as satisfying a kill as either Jim or the Patrician had desired. The hive scum in question had tried to mug him as he had traveled through the darkened hallway leading to his small living space and discovered far to late who was actually in danger. It was clear from the manner she talked, the way that she twitched and the state of her teeth that she was a hopeless addict of one or more dangerous substances who had still been riding her latest fix before she had tried her ill fated life of crime. This was... problematic. While it was possible to cleanse the meat of such impurities, between the location of the kill and the resources he had access to, properly preparing the dying chemhead's meat for consumption (either for pleasure or ritual purposes) wasn't possible. Better she end up becoming corpse starch.

Just as he had been about to continue along his way, the Patrician spoke up. Call it a request, commandment or order but what it wanted was clear; For the dying woman's guts to be spilled as she tried to breath through a windpipe that had been gashed open. Kicking aside the poorly kept, blood soaked pistol that she had dared to try and use against him, all it took was a twitch of a wrist and the cloth and flesh that was holding in her insides gave way. Blood, gore, organs and other substances spilled out onto the dirty metal floor... and both Jim and the Patrician were captivated by the sight of them.

At first Jim didn't really understand why the sight was so enchanting... but soon the Patrician started to show him the meaning of what he was seeing. The message in the offal for the both of them. An invitation of sorts for the Patrician and his Butcher. This meeting would require some traveling to get too... as well as having to cash in whatever goodwill he had built up so that he could disappear from work for a time and still expect a job when he returned; Thankfully he had actually gotten ahead of the quota which would make that process a bit easier.

With an annoyed sigh, Jim turned away from the waste of flesh and continued his journey to his small, cramped box in order to lay down and get some rest before he answered the call from persons unknown, but the Patrician was interested and thus it was worth investigating.
@Richard Horthy

I could... but sadly one of the other Rp's I'm apart of has just kicked off again and I've suddenly found that I don't have the time for another.

I'm going to be honest. The general theme I'm going with this character is 'In drawn out conflicts, after a certain point you don't get to be picky about who's fighting beside you.
You have my interest good sir. I'll try and get a character sheet up in the next day or two.


Yeah it proved to be. Suddenly had a moment of inspiration.

I will make a character for this. But I'll do it tomorrow.

The Hunt Begins.

With the heart of his realm offered enough protection in order to repel the tainted abominations from Node 18, Vatarr had positioned himself near to the defensive walls and waited. Rested. Recovered his power for the fight to come. Despite the hardship that his 'blessing' had caused to the humans as they dug in and prepared for combat, he quietly observed as they strengthened their walls, prepared their cannons and other weaponry while refining their armor. The fact that the very air, ground and water was toxic to the soon to be invaders likely slowed down their efforts to push into the Vex proper... and it gave Vatarr time to reflect and think on many things.

Namely, how it had come to this.

In retrospect, his skirmish into Node 23 had been ill planned... but that had been to overconfidence on his part. He had marched in there, complete sure that he would be able to face and defeat anything that he could encounter. However, it had allowed everything that his enemy had gathered together to be thrown in his path all at once and he had been forced to admit that he couldn't fight an entire army all by himself... At least, not in the manner that he had tried to.

But there were other ways to fight a war... and removing the head was generally a pretty good tactic since few creatures survived long without one. So it was that he decided to take the offensive once again, hopefully throwing his foe off due to him recently preparing his home for defense. But things would be different this time.

With little effort, a small ball of pure molten copper was pulled from the ground and floated in mid air before Vatarr before he started to make small gestures with his hands. The molten orb quickly split into two smaller orbs before they started to form identical ring shapes in midair. As they started to cool into solid copper rings, Vatarr began pouring his energy into both of them, flooding them with power with different, but similar goals in mind.

Soon enough he felt all the power he had gathered up be spent, but the result would almost certainly make up for the temporary lack of flashy, world altering power. The first ring he donned didn't physically change anything about him, but the moment it slipped on his finger he could feel his divine signature disappear. By all accounts, there was nothing divine about him or the various items on his person. This had its uses of course, but it was in combination with its partner that it's true genius shined.

As he slipped the second ring on the opposite hand, Vatarr... disappeared. He himself was still there and aware of that fact, but he had designed this ring to hide himself from the senses of others. Not only was he invisible, but he didn't make noise either. Granted he had considered having it hide his scent as well, but that would have weakened the other enchantments and his scent was a rather subtle, earthy one anyway.

Taking a moment to test his creations, Vatarr returned into view and his divine aura reemerged with barely a thought before both disappeared once again. Satisfied, he shifted into his winged form as he left the ground silently with Life and Death in his grasp, turning his attention beyond the border and seeking to sense the nearby aura of a deity he didn't know.

It was time to go hunting.

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