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Current Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've just... been struggling to get the energy to write something up. I'm trying some new meds through so hopefully that will change soon.


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Goblin Gredy


For a moment, Gredy seemed... confused about where he was. A lot of it was because he was swapping from being in the light of the sun to the shadows of a cave, but the sight of the trolls confused him; He had never seen one before after all. However, the confusion was short lived as a goblin called out to him to gain his attention. Deciding to give him his full attention, Gredy somewhat nervously walked up to him before saying "H-Hi. Sorry to intrude like this..."
Just so people know, we're not dead. We just do most of our OOC talk in our discord channel.
Normally I wouldn't do something like this, but I decided that this placed seemed as good as any to promote a youtube channel I've recently started.

At the moment we've got one series with several episodes, but we have the introduction of a second and I have plans for a third in the next day or so.…

It'll be interesting to see if anyone is interested in my content.

Oh whoops. Sorry, it seems like Luz was in a cave, visiting the elder goblin from the start before evolving. My bad. I'll remove the tags.
And posted. Decided to link a couple of other people who were actually at the cave when Gredy arrived.
Goblin Gredy

Being alone felt somewhat natural to Gredy for reasons he didn't quite understand. His tribe had abandoned him, deciding to save their own hides when that pack of wolves had ambushed them and left him for dead without the slightest hesitation; It was only the speed of which he had been able to scale a nearby tree and thus get out of range of fang and claw that prevented him from having a painful, bloody end.

Unfortunately, by the time the wolves had left and he had felt safe enough to climb down again to make a run for it, Gredy had found himself lost. He couldn't remember the way back to the cave where his tribe had called home. So he did the only thing he could do under the circumstances; He wandered. He sort out shelter where he could, risked himself for merger amounts of food that offered only minor relief from the hunger pains...

Almost as thin as a bone, he spied what appeared to be a cave. The promise of shelter for the upcoming night appealed to him, but has he neared he heard... voices. Goblin voices! But... this wasn't the cave that his tribe lingered in. While it was with caution that he made his final approach, desperation and a need to have someone to talk to after so long drove him to cross the threshold of the cave and waiting for his eyes to adjust. "H-Hello?"



I'm happy with climbing, through I would make the argument that he could climb more than rock. Experience teaches how to climb other things as well.
I plan to be a dedicated Rp'er. Honestly I found another rp that was... well, pretty much a copy and paste of this idea and I'm disappointed because the GM seems to have abandoned it... or at least, is busy with the holidays and end of year rush.

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