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The Silverpine Regency: Turn 2

All power demands sacrifice...

The old words that his former master had told him back when he was nothing more then a neophyte echoed in the darkened mind of Jasper Silverpine. The stone in his hand offered much in the way of raw power to be taken advantage of and used, but the... vision he had borne witness to suggested that the stone had secrets that he would need to come to understand before he attempted to delve to deeply. Still, he would keep it close at hand, safely contained if a sudden boost in raw power was required.

As the lock-box that would be the stone's new home was sealed and put away, another of his followers entered his quarters to bring to his attention a matter of mortal concern; While food was no longer a requirement for the undead, having -all- the local animals suffer from a wasting sickness was a serious problem that needed to be addressed and quickly. At first glance it seemed to be a matter of debating between pressing forward with the limited resources they had to try and salvage both herds at the same time in order to benefit the settlement in the long term but risk short term losses, or selecting one of the animals to focus efforts on... but as the Lord pondered the situation, a third option started to present itself to him that he normally wouldn't consider.

There were three major paths for a death knight when it came to magic. While they could access all three, part of the ritual of ascension required one of the three to become infused with your very core, so intertwined with your soul and physical body that it would allow you to defy even death itself. Some chose to embrace the icy chill of the grave and became masters of ice and snow, able to freeze their enemies bodies, minds and even souls. Others instead embraced the power of necromancy itself, becoming plague bearers able to unleash horrific melodies on their victims, as well as raise armies of lesser undead to lead into battle.

Lord Silverpine had embraced the path of Blood. While the layman saw it as a path of battle and death (and there was some justification for that), those who truly followed the path understood that it was a path of life and death. What made those who followed the path of blood so feared was that they fed off the life energy of their enemies and victims, using it to heal and empower themselves even as they moved on to the next foe to meet them in battle and left broken bodies in their wake. Plus he had wanted to test out the extent of his empowered magic anyway...

Slowly, a cruel looking smile started to slowly appear on Lord Silverpine's face. Turning his gaze to the servant whom had informed him of the situation and had politely waited in silence for the Lord's answer, Jasper gave an order. "The animals you have gathered so far. I want the herders to search through them and select two goats and two boars that are the strongest and healthiest of their respective herds, as well as two of the weakest and sickest of both. Secure the rest of the animals together and have those four restrained so they cannot move outside of the pens. I will be informed once this is done. Do not let me detain you."


Things did not take long to get organized. The stronger and healthier specimens of the boar and goats were generally more lively then their counterparts and were easy to spot, but the sad truth was they were still much weaker and smaller then a healthy member of their species should have been. Selecting two animals that were sicker and unlikely to recover was... something more of a challenge. Still, they were separated and restrained outside of the pens in which the rest of their herds were pinned together as per Lord Siverpine's request. A runner was sent... and the Lord appeared shortly afterwards.

The herders saw the look of annoyance on their Lord's face at the sight of the quality of the animals they had selected for him, but it seemed to lose some of the heat when he let his gaze look over the rest of the animals: While the lord was clearly annoyed by the what qualified as the 'strongest, healthiest' of the animals, this was the best that they had to work with and such a fact was clearly understood. Lord Silverpine gestured one of the herders over, but when he talked it was easy for all of them to hear. "We are going to require another 'healthy' boar. Annoying, but we work with the tools we have."

It took a little more time, but another boar was selected and brought out to join the other four. Only then did Lord Silverpine finally step forward. With a gesture, the herders backed away to give their lord some room. Pulling out a thin dirk, Lord Silverpine moved between the animals and repeated the same gesture: A quick thrust with the dirk into their side so that the blade sunk all the way to the hilt before pulling it out again and leaving a small, deep but non fatal wound. The animal would of course cry out in pain and struggle, but they were to weak and frail with sickness to risk breaking free of their bonds.

Once all the animals had been wounded in this fashion, the dirk was put away and Lord Silverpine took a stance in front of the pens that the herders had never seen before. For a moment, nothing seemed to be happening... at least until the restrained animals started to buck and move with renewed energy. At first nothing appeared to be wrong... until from each animal trails of what appeared to be... not blood, but the same red color without the texture of liquid started pour out of each of the wounds and float through the air before meeting and started to form a massive blood red ball that hovered in the air.

As more and more of the strange, blood red energy left the animals their struggles started to slow... then stopped completely as the trails finally ran dry and the sphere was fully formed, leaving the animals dead on the ground. Without a word, his eyes closed, Lord Silverpine gestured and seemed to push the orb so that it hovered out over both pens. At some unspoken signal, dozens of tendrils formed from the orb and zoomed out, each one connecting with a different goat or boar. While the animals were startled at first, their sickly nature prevented much in the way of outcry... but those witnessing what was happening could see the red energy from the sphere being funneled into the animals.

As the orb started to shrink, the animals in the pens started to look... well, healthier. A new strength and vitality that had not been there before was starting to emerge, giving the sick and frail a proper fighting case at recovery and giving the herders efforts to nurse the herds back to health a much needed head start. Once the orb finally ran empty and disappeared completely, Lord Silverpine simply turned to walk away as his ritual was complete. "Tend to them both. These animals are ours now." was all he said as he departed.

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Event Name:
The Kynazar Invasion

Segmentum Pacificus

Date: 898 M30 - 912 M30.

A brief overlook:
The exact date that the Kynazar fleets poured out of a sector of the Halos Zone into Segmentum Pacificus is unknown, but their scourge came at an inopportune time for the Imperium. With an upsurge in the Rangdan xenocides and a dozen smaller, historically overshadowed campaigns across the Imperium, there weren't any major Legion presences in the relatively peaceful and stable Segmentum Pacificus at the time. While the Segmentum was fully staffed by Imperial Army forces (both military and naval) the scale, brutal tactics and the wide range of abilities of the Kynazar was well beyond what they were expected to be able to deal with. Imperium tacticians for the opening years of this campaign were inclined to divert resources and Legion forces that could be freed up towards the western boarder of Segmentum Solar, deeming Pacificus to be a lost cause and that the counter attack would start in Solar.

The discovery that this xenos race were the source of the 'Brood Cults' that the Imperium had been encountering for years, alongside their genestealer masters, served to answer some questions that had been held for some time... alas, those 'Brood Cults' in the Pacificus region only made the situation worse as they fully committed to the cause of the Kynazar to unleash as much havoc as possible and betray defensive efforts.

While many Imperial Army Expedition forces met the Kynazar in battle in both space and on ground and were overwhelmed, four Imperial Army Expeditions independently met prongs of the advancing Kynazar forces and emerged victorious. While these individual victories of Lord Commander Sun-Sin, Lord Commander Horatio, Master of the Fleet Isoroku and Captain Varkarian did little to stop the Kynazar invasion, this would be simply be the start of the legendary careers of each of these men; The presence of not just one military genius, but four of them raising to the occasion during what could have been one of the darkest hours of the Imperium would would become a symbol of the Imperium's destiny to rule the universe.

Working with each other and rallying all elements of the Imperial Army forces in the Pacificus to their banners as they could, the four guardians of the Pacificus (as they would be known for propaganda reasons) turned what would have been an utter disaster for the Imperium into a workable (though dire) situation. While they were unable to stop the advance of the Kynazar completely, their efforts to hinder their movements, supply resistance on occupied worlds where the population were still alive and inflict damages to their fleets and ground forces reduced what had been a blitzkrieg of an invasion that threatened to shallow the whole western Segmentum of the Imperium within less then a handful of years to a slow, planet by planet crawl.

The countless imperial lives lost during this brutal defense would not be in vain. With the time bought, Legion and Imperial Army elements from other segmentums were able to be rallied in numbers to repel the invaders. While it would take another decade before the Imperium to reclaim all the ground that had been lost and the last known Kynazar fleet destroyed, the first four years of the invasion would be considered a major, through bittersweet victory for the Imperial Army. The death toll of Imperial Army elements was high, with all planets the Kynazar had touched suffering from massive depopulation, if not the outright destruction of all life, both human and xenos alike. Many worlds were last barren husks as the Kynazar consumed all biomass from them.

While the invasion could have proven far worse to the Imperium at large if it wasn't for the heroic efforts of the Imperial Army, optimistic estimates suggest that it will be several centuries (with more pessimistic estimates suggesting over a millennium) before the population of Segmentum Pacificus starts to reach the levels that it had been prior to the Kynazar invasion.
Event Name:
The Expansion of House Vakarian.

Kirk's Vigilance. The Kirk System. Segmentum Pacificus.

6 / 549 / 876 / M30

Parties Involved:
Primarch Micholi
The servants of House Vakarian
Popivia Vakarian

During a lull in the Rangdan Xenocides and having suffered heavy losses, Primarch Micholi and his legion largely withdrew from the front to return to their territory in order to rebuild their legion while continuing to meet their obligations.

During this stay in the Kirk System, Micholi publically adopted six orphaned children into House Vakarian (3 human, 3 Tur), partly as a political stunt to further unite the Imperium and the Tur Hierarchy together, partly so that there would still be Varkarian leadership once the now elderly Popivia had passed away and finally out of a desire to let his adoptive mothers family name carry on while also giving her some grandchildren to spoil a little.

Event Name:
The discovery of Taetrus.

Taetrus, Trus System, Tur Hierarchy Space, Segmentum Pacificus.

7/ 171/ 770/ M30

Parties Involved:
Tur Scientific Expedition: Gonk
Pav 2nd Space Borne Regiment 'The Stalking Raptors'
Surviving forces of the Necron Tomb Complex of Taetrus
The Silverpine Regency: Turn 1

While the pangs of hunger... at least for food was long a thing of the past for him, Jasper still remembered the sensation of emptiness well. The pains that came when there was nothing to eat had long burned itself into his memory, even after his ascension. While it could be a powerful motivator in its own right, letting his followers starve was simply not an option for long term stability. So while his people were digging foundations, some of them were shifted towards the task of capturing some of the local animals so that they could be domesticated, thus ensuring long term food production. The fact that the practice also involved gathering furs was just a wonderful bonus.

However, this day to day affair was quickly shoved to the background as he focused on the teal crystal in his palm. Between it and the pull from further down south, this new land had already reveled mysteries that needed to be solved. Exploring the presence of undeath down south was going to have to wait until he had secured his base of operations however. The presence of other undead in this land might have been an opportunity, but it also opened up the possibilities of rivals to contend with his right to rule.

Running his thumb along the crystal, Lord Silverpine's gaze never left it as he reached out to pull the magical energy within it into himself in order to experiment with it. Curiosity demanded that this discovery be properly studied after all... and if it could enhance his powers further.

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