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Current Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've just... been struggling to get the energy to write something up. I'm trying some new meds through so hopefully that will change soon.


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In a one bathroom one conjoined kitchen/general purpose room in one of the more run down parts of Jump City, Pandor reread the email one of his burner alias accounts had received while laying on a single bed with a cheap laptop. It wasn't his favorite place to hunker down for a while by any stretch of the imagination, but on occasion it was good to physically have someone staying in the place so it didn't have 'safe house' vibes about it. Miss Angela Gabby, original name Mr Andrew Grimes, was a hard core career driven woman who tended to be in and out of Jump City enough for her profession that it was generally better to have a small, shitty apartment rather then fight for a hotel room every time she was in the city for a while... through thinking about it, Pandor needed to double check what job he actually gave their alter ego.

But that had all simply been a distraction from the email he had received.

He hadn't responded yet because he was considering his options. By all rights, he digitally should appear to have opened the email somewhere in Germany... but whomever had sent the email had been talented enough (or at least had access to enough resources to find someone talented enough) to uncover one of his burners. He could simply not respond and disappear: It wouldn't be the first time, plus he had the benefit of being able to trickle feed sales of bitcoin to get the money he had originally taken from Lex Corp over a period of time to set himself up somewhere new as someone completely new.

However, as he shifted around and moved some red cloth out of his line of sight... a part of him was curious. A dangerous thing to be sure but... if things started to get hairy, slipping away and disappearing was second nature to him. Plus he was going to have to burn the laptop just for opening that email anyway.

Email From: $_$
Re: Subject: Burglar

Welcome to Corporate America, the holy ground on which tens of thousands of human life and untold suffering is offered on the alter to the divine Economy on a day to day basis. I can confess to a degree of curiosity to see what you have to offer. Not promising anything, but I'll hear you out. Where and when?
@Crimson Flame

I think it helps that Bob wasn't asking him to stop. Just that there was some sound proofing so he didn't have to hear it.
@Crimson Flame

Sounds like something Max was making a point of sneaking around about then. Slipping a boyfriend through the tower's security system.
@Crimson Flame

Are you suggesting he doesn't?
Thought I would start to inter character conversation in the Teen Tower Kitchen.

Once Bob had managed to break open all dozen of his eggs, he pulled out a bottle of milk from the fridge and a measuring cup from a cupboard. With great care, he measured out what he knew from experience was an acceptable amount of milk for the number of eggs that he had in the bowl in the cup before pouring it into the bowl and began the process of whisking.

Looking towards the group, a spark of remembrance appeared in his eyes as he said "All most for'ot. Been meanin' to brin' it up for a while now, so while we are all here can we talk about soundproofin' Violet's room? I am not sure if the rest of you have noticed but, bein' his nei'hbour and all... He can be rather loud and excitable at ni'ht. Even more so when he invites someone to his room." With the issue finally brought to light, started to look for a frying pan... and the roll of baking paper. He tended to line the pan with the paper when cooking scrambled eggs because it cleaning a lot quicker and easier.
I'm still around. Just waiting.
Historically, the Octopi consider the Battle of Gibb to be the first battle of Gibb, despite the fact that it is the second time the human raiders attacked. The original raid is called the Raid of Gibb and they do not consider it a battle, considering how one sided it was.

Edit: I’m happy to let others play with my octopus people. But to let them know how their first war is going to go: They win the battle of Gibb and launch a counterattack. However, things escalate due to another warlord taking over the southern island during the battle of Gibb… thus when the Octopi show up and attack, they’re fighting someone who has never encountered them before. The octopi for their part don’t notice the minor differences.

I'm interested.
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