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Current Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've just... been struggling to get the energy to write something up. I'm trying some new meds through so hopefully that will change soon.


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I see that.
The Republic of the Isle of Dra-Makra

=-=General Information=-=

I'm not finished yet, but I wanted to see if what I have in mind was acceptable.
Well I need to get some sleep now, but I plan to work on a nation shortly.
It wasn't hard for Londo to notice when something out of the ordinary was happening during the mustering; While such things were naturally chaotic, watching a man push and shove his way through the crowd in a clear attempt to escape from two men pursing him caused a disruption to the process of organizing 'solders' that couldn't be missed.

Giving one last barked order to some lay about before sighing and muttering out loud to himself about how organizing these peasants was like herding cats without them trying to kill each other, he stalked the disturbance through the crowd with the single minded self assurance that others would move to get out of his way and a look in his face that promised that he was feeling socialistic with his ire and was more than prepared to unleash it on anyone stupid enough to draw his attention.

As he made his final approach towards what was clearly devolving into a knife fight, a smile that would have looked right at home on one of the many daemons of the warp started to grow on his face. "Oh good, it's always nice when solders decide to step forward and volunteer for dangerous scouting missions. Saves having to write out the disciplinary reports or calling for a commissar to waste their time on a bunch of worthless dregs who aren't worth the las rounds it would take to execute them for trying to kill their fellow solders. STAND AT ATTENTION WHEN YOUR SUPERIORS ARE ADDRESSING YOU, YOU SMALL MINDED WASTES OF HUMANITY!" Londo started off with an almost friendly tone before he started to bark barked with the tone of enraged command as he glared at all three men who had dared start a fight with each other and disrupt the marshaling of an imperial armed force, even if just in a minor way.

Oh there are reasons he is there. They just haven't been brought to the forefront yet. I'll share it in a Pm with you.
It had been far, far to long since Corporal Molari had been apart of the controlled chaos of an army mustering.

By the standards of those few whom had answered the call to arms from New 'New' Cadia (a name that he had personally found to be utterly ridiculous and had in the past attempted to change it), Londo Molari was somewhat young in that he was clearly middle aged and only now starting to go past his prime rather than the normal series of war torn fossils that inhabited the world that he had been dumped on to 'retire from the Imperial Guard with dignity'... a fate that he refused to suffer the indignity of.

Dressed in his old, royal purple uniform, laspistol hosteled and ceremonial sword resting in its sheath by his sides, the proud son of house Molari walked through the swarm of the disgusting, unwashed masses as he did everything that he could to avoid them touching him while doing what his noble blood had given him the right and duty to do since the day he was born; To yell at the newly mindless lower classes to try and get them to be some degree of acceptable to look at and to get them somewhat organized while their betters decided how best to spend their lives.

An interesting new take on a character sheet... but I like it. I will try to come up with someone worthy of dying quickly and painfully because he wasn't properly equipped or trained... and surrounded by people who are likewise.
I am perfectly okay with joining this. Can you give us some intel on the other worlds in the system that our characters will likely be coming from? It sounds like that Jafetsport isn't going to be supplying the whole regiment.
Question: Does the hero have to be a canon DC character (even if they are heavily edited) or are OC's accepted?
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