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Bartolomeo Peckish, Hunter

Interaction:@Fetzen, @Aerandir

After his confession, it didn't take long for Bartolomeo to notice Andvari being distracted from their conversation by the announcement of a hunt for Wendigos. While he noticed a few hunters raise their hand (metaphorically anyway) for the task, the young noble shook his head as he used the table to push himself to his feet. "Forgive me, but I do have business elsewhere to attend to Bobby. I need to visit a noble scholor I know who's obsession with the occult and rituals is... mostly harmless, but he might have some insight into what the nature of the ritual at Goldencrest was about and I would rather speak to him while as many of the details are still fresh in my mind as possible. I'll try to return as soon as I can, but I must be away. I bid you all farewell until then."

Raising his hat and offering a small bow, he turned towards the door to walk out into the night, cane still firmly in hand as he went to go mount the horse that he had ridden into town on. He had far to go and not enough time to do it in after all.

Draco Russ, Hunter

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To say that Draco didn't exactly believe the injured hunter on the ground would have been an understatement when he said that it had been a pack of three wendigos that had almost done him in. Wendigos were solitary hunters and tended to kill each other in the rare case where two of them actually met... but if his time as a hunter and his learning about the family histories were to be believed, odd things could happen every once in a while. If you didn't account for the unexpected, the unexpected would claim your life.

As the call for a hunt was given by Bobby, Draco more then happily nodded his head and answered it. "I've hunted one or two wendigos before and I'm happy to do so again. If for no other reason then to try and get to the bottom of the mystery of why it appears that three of the damn things working together." His commitment given, he turned his head to look at the girl with the red hood whom he had been trying to comfort and distract earlier, giving a small gesture to beckon her over as he said "Your brother should be stable enough for you to come sit and talk with him now."
Bartolomeo Peckish, Hunter

Interacting with: @Fetzen

Sighing a little, Bartolomeo finally decided to answer the newly named Andvari as he introduced himself as "Bartolomeo. Bartolomeo Peckish. I am a hunter but... I'll admit I'm kind of new to it. I'm sorry if I'm not my normal self at the moment but... I was apart of the group that traveled to Goldencrest and... well, this is the first time I've... seen so much death in one place before. Still... coming to terms with such vindictive slaughter."

Having admitted to what he was feeling, Bartolomeo didn't bother trying to hide what he was feeling from his expression anymore; He felt tired... confused... still a little sick, even if he was fairly certain that he was past the point of throwing up anymore.


Draco Russ, Hunter

Interacting with:@TheDoctor@ghastlyInc@Kitty@Aerandir

Moving the big man onto the floor completed, Draco stood up as he finally decided to ask a very important question. "Are you sure you were attacked by Wendigos? As in plural." Turning to look at the scholorly looking guy who was asking questions about them, he decided to do some filling in on the matter. "Wendigos are created when a human is forced into cannibalism for an extended period of time... normally in an isolated area like a lumber camp or a mine. Somewhere that's easy for a group of people to get stuck with low supplies. However, they tend to be solo hunters by nature; In almost all cases where a group has been forced into cannibalism to survive to the point Wendigos start to develop, the first one to transform either murders everyone else there before they can transform or the humans kill the newly formed Wendigo and that cycle continues until either they are saved, everyone dies before they can transform or one of them successfully turns and murders everyone else."

Taking a deep breath to let that sink in, he finished by saying "It's insanely rare for more then one Wendigo to be in an area. Normally after one establishes itself, it kills off any humans who enter the area afterwards before they have a chance for the food supplies to get low."
Goblin Gredy

Gredy shrugged a little at the statement, not seeming... all that broken up about the idea that those he had been with were dead. "Yeah I... kind of came to that conclusion a while ago. It's sad and I'll miss them but... well, right now worrying about them isn't going to help me." As it became clear that he was expected to work for his lodgings and food, he nodded his head in complete understanding. "Yeah I figured. What do you need me to do currently? Cause I'm not going to lie, some food and water would be amazing right now."


Draco Russ, Hunter

Interacting with @Kitty@Aerandir

While he was quiet during the girl's interaction with her wolf and while she was telling the tale of where she had gotten her hood, Draco's cloth face mask shifted a little as he offered her a smile. The movement however betrayed a fact about the mask that some people might have overlooked at a distance but became easier to spot closer up; Where there should have been a bump in the cloth where his nose was meant to be, it was flat.

Seemingly lack of nose aside, his voice still carried good cheer as he finally answered "If I wasn't sure already that your mother must be a talented hunter in her own right, the fact that she knew how to create an piece of clothing that could survive several years on the hunt would betray it. Only a tailor who's been on the hunt themselves really knows what conditions they work is going to be facing."

Before he had the chance to say anything more, the girl's brother seemed to come around... and within about a minute or two of waking up, somehow ended up face first in the lap of the woman who had treated him. Granted his cursing about Wendigos had caused his mind to race with possibilities, those could wait a moment as he sighed as muttered respectfully to the girl "Please excuse me one moment, I'll be right back." before pushing himself to his feet and walking over to the injured hunter and the healer who clearly didn't know how to respond to the situation she was in.

Reaching down to grab the large man under the armpits to heave him away from the woman's lap and carefully try and lay him out on the floor in the number of seconds he could support his weight, he playfully chastised "I know a lot of hunters can spend months, if not years in the wilderness without seeing a friendly face, but you're in civilization now. It's generally considered polite to ask a woman out for dinner... or a least a drink before you try your hand like that, you cheap bastard."
Bartolomeo Peckish, Hunter

Interacting with: @Fetzen

Blinking a little as someone had actually taken the time to come over to him, Batholomeo turned his attention towards the new comer; The interaction seemed to snap him out of the state that he had been in moments prior. Shifting the cane a little, he placed it end first on the floor; The rattle of metal as it made contact with the ground easily betrayed the fact that it was both A)Hollow and B) contained a hidden compartment of some kind, likely a blade of some sort.

"Hmm? Oh sorry. Was just staying out of people's way while keeping an eye out for anything nasty." He answered somewhat softly, clearly not wishing to distract anyone nearby whom might be doing something important.
Bartolomeo Peckish, Hunter

As the large man who had clearly been attacked by something and followed by a large wolf kicked open the door, closed it behind him and then passed out, Bartolomeo had remained in his seat. If asked about it later he would have said with complete honesty it had been because he had wanted to stay out of the way of the healer woman that had clearly stepped up to rush to his aid, as well as those hunters closer to the man who had gone to move him to a better place to treat him.

However, any eye that had bothered to glance his way during the chaos would have seen the truth; He had frozen at the sight. His inexperience had betrayed him as it was clear from the lost look on his face that he didn't know what to do in this situation and thus... did nothing. Granted, this wasn't the worst thing that he could have done since there were clearly enough people already jumping in to help the man that his well meaning but untested assistance would have merely caused more harm then good but that didn't change the fact that he just sat there, watching and listening with baited breath to find out what had happened as a gloved hand squeezed around the head of his sliver plated sword cane, bringing the weapon to rest on his lap so that it would be close at hand.


Draco Russ, Hunter

Interacting with: @Kitty,@Ellion

The name 'The Pack' rang a bell of ill omen in Draco's mind, through it wasn't something that he had encountered personally before. The rare times when enough members of the Russ family had gathered together to classify as a reunion, stories of a group of so called 'hunters' who were more animal then man would be told from time to time. More often then not, the stories had ended somewhat badly with at least one person who was needlessly dead because of either personal disagreements or simple mistaken identity while in the field hunting actual monsters, not some lunatic wishing they were one.

However, before Draco could have done anything with this new found knowledge, a man kicked in the tavern door while being badly injured and possibly on death's door himself. In the chaos that followed, Draco had stayed out of the throng of bodies that had rushed forward to aid the man or aim themselves to go out and try and find the thing that did it. Draco did neither of these things; Granted his weapon hung from his belt, so in the event that whatever had tried to kill the man assaulted the town or tavern in force he would be able to arm and step into action within a heart beat, but right now his focus and desire to help the situation rested in a different direction.

Walking over to the waitress in the red hood who was currently trapped by a large wolf that had been one of the first to rush over to the injured man's side (clearly more distressed then just a random onlooker would have been for his well being), the masked man took a seat next to her. Originally his attention remained on the proceedings to see how the medical treatment was going, but soon he turned his attention to the girl wearing red. When he spoke, his voice was soft in his attempt to be comforting. The look in his eyes betrayed his intentions: He was trying to distract her from what was happening because there was nothing worse then seeing a loved one be hurt like this and being unable to do anything to help them. "I know this must seem like the strangest time for me to ask but... where did you get your hooded cloak from? It seems like it's really warm and well made and the shade of red suits you nicely."
Draco Russ, Hunter

Interactions and possible interactions with @Cryptek12, @ghastlyInc,@Aerandir

Having had his conversation with Bobby interrupted, Draco turned his head to look at the younger man whom had claimed to have seen the kind of creature that he was looking for. At first, he had looked at the kid with respectful interest... but it quickly became clear that the more he talked, the less that the masked hunter was trying to maintain either respect or interest. The turning point was easy enough to see; He had opened his mouth to ask questions about the 'scaled human' but the boy had kept talking and... well, he was either trying to brag and make himself look like a 'big bad hunter'... or he was insane. Considering the fact that he appeared to be wielding a pair of frying pans and the story he was telling (as well as the boy himself) grew less and less believable.

Without a word and a clear look of disbelief in his eyes, Draco turned back to Bobby. However, before he could pick the conversation back up with big B himself, a new contender caught Draco's attention for... much different reasons then the boy from before. Slowly turning his head towards the man who was sniffing people and acting in an animal like way, he couldn't but stare at him blankly for a few moments as the gears in his brain turned in circles trying to work out just what the hell it was witnessing with his own eyes.

Finally turning back to look at Bobby, he honestly looked confused as he asked "...Bobby, did you hire some entertainers or something to pretend to be parodies of common things that hunters would encounter for the sake of moral? Because I'm struggling to comprehend a world where an actual werewolf would be stupid enough to come in here and act like that."
Bartolomeo Peckish, Hunter
Draco Russ, Hunter

Interactions and possible interactions with @Aerandir@Ellion@blackdragon@ghastlyInc@Kitty@Cryptek12@Fetzen@hotsyrup

While Bartolomeo didn't get an immediate answer about if anyone knew about witches, after a few moments at least two voices had risen to either question him about it... or offer a point that would help explain why he had asked the question he had. Deciding to answer two questions at once, Bartolomeo gestured towards the woman who was hanging rather close to the bar whom had mentioned the idea of rituals as he answered the tavern owner "See, that's what I was thinking. This wasn't just some mindless beast slaughtering everyone, this was done with some dark goal in mind. Personally, I don't know enough about these kinds of things to judge what that goal was, but I'm worried that it might have been some kind of demonic summoning. Having a demonic entity running around slaughtering villages seems like something that's above a lot of our abilities..."

Looking somewhat nervous at his own idea, the young hunter took a moment to down the rest of his glass and waited until he had swallowed before attempting to speak again. "As much as I hate to suggest this, did we actually confirm that all the residents of Goldencrest were accounted for? While some of the advice I've read about those who convert with demons is... questionable at best, the threat betrayal from within does make some sense. I mean, all it would take is some poor bugger coming across something in the woods that man wasn't meant to know about and suddenly he's got voices in his head telling him that all he needs to achieve everything he ever wanted and could dream of is to gut the local priest and nail him to a cross..."


While much of Draco's face was covered by his mask, his eyes betrayed a degree of sorrow as he heard the grim tidings from Bobby. Reaching up to remove his hat and place it against his chest in a moment of silent respect, he didn't say anything as the tavern seemed to fill with snippets of information about what had trespassed and theories of what it could mean. Removing his hat from his chest, he placed it on the bar itself as he watched the large wolf like dog get nudged by Bobby to go find a new spot to rest at.

"I am sorry for your loss Bobby. I'm not sure how well you knew them, but with how close they were to Seren's Folly I'm sure you knew a couple of faces from Goldencrest that will no longer be visiting. I'm more then happy to throw in my hat to find out what the hell happened, there is something I need to ask you about first." While sympathetic, Draco still had business he came to the village to attend to of his own after all.

"Has anyone in Seren's Folly or the surrounding area encountered a chimera like beast? Some kind of creature that's made up of several creatures that shouldn't naturally exist? While it sounds like whatever happened in Goldencrest isn't a beast attack... I'm not going to rule out what brought me here as unrelated just yet..."

Draco Russ, Hunter

Draco had never really been a hunter who had kept pets or animal companions. This wasn't because he didn't see the value in them; Far from it. On more then one occasion a dog had picked up a scent that saved him and others from ambushes or sped up the tracking of the quarry tremendously. The issues were raised between the fact that he traveled vast distances rather often because the job required him to almost always be traveling to deal with the next monster... and the tragic fact that a fair number of dogs he had tried to keep in the past had ended up as monster food.

Still, under his cloth mask he couldn't help but grin a little as he bent down to give the excited puppy in the stables some scratches behind the ears before moving on to secure his own horse in one of the stalls. There was always something about dogs that tended to bring out the best in people.

Still, once the dog had been patted and his horse stored away safely he turned to enter the Witches Paradise proper. Door opening with a wooden creak, he crossed the threshold and glanced around at those who were gathered while feeling an air of... not defeat or fear, but concern in the atmosphere.

Closing the door behind him, the masked man calmly and collectedly walked over to the bar, offering Bobby a polite nod of his head as he asked "Lodgings for one Bobby. What's happened?" It was a simple question, but the look in his eyes reveled that he knew something had gone down... the matter was in the details.

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