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Rupert might have been polite, professional and respectful, but he honestly had nothing worth saying at the moment so... he didn't. He just watched as his new boss pointed out several of the flaws that were clear to the naked eye with some of his new co-workers before announcing where they were going to be going next.

Truth be told, he didn't know anything about Nionus Seven-Twelve or why it was any different from any other planet in the universe apart from the fact that it was a brown color and (at least in theory) and made of dirt of all things. The very thought of walking on something so unstable and alien that wasn't the construction of human hands sent a shiver running down Rupert's spine, but that wasn't here or now.

While others departed in order to get their affairs in order, Rupert remained. Quietly, he walked over to the food table and helped himself to a rather plain looking meat dish because the idea of letting good food go to waste had long ago been burned out of his soul as a heresy on par with denouncing the Emperor, for rotting food opened the gateway to plague and famine and both of those wretched things opened the doorway to dark and twisted nightmares and horrors to put most ghost stories to shame.

It wasn't until everyone else had departed and it was only Rupert, Livingstone and his bodyguard William before he decided to speak up in the presence of the Captain. "Captain Livingstone,-" He didn't know exactly what title the man wanted to use, so Rupert decided to use the one that held the most value to him personally "- I'm sure you are aware but my name is Rupert O'Donald. Now that we have a moment alone, might I ask you about the request I sent you earlier?"

The request in question had been a simple message asking for the Janitors to continue to act as the Pride's internal security force, alongside a brief abridged history of the now vacant Head of Security post and why trying to reinstate it would cause needless problems that would eat up time and resources. Hopefully, he would have listened.


For his part, Rupert had kept his expression relatively blank as more and more people came into the room. The fact that the first one whom had managed to make their way through the door after him was clearly intoxicated had caused a degree of... concern to swell within, but still he managed to keep a stern and mostly unreadable expression.

Then Livingstone himself arrived. Some might have been awed or inspired by such an entrance but... for Rupert, the 'showmanship' that the man whom he would now be following actually served to turn him off a little bit. The man was a glory hound and a bit of a fop. Yet, he was going to follow him anyway because this was the gentleman whom commanded his ship and his duty to his people was to make sure that they outlived Livingstone (and not just because the bridge exploded first). Still, he was going to be professional if nothing else.

Rupert hadn't been in the room to hear the chiming of the clock. The truth is he was running in order to get to it in order to avoid being late.

While their new captain had seen fit to bring on an influx of new personal, the task of where to send them was somewhat more... complicated then one would originally think. The nations of Pride of Praetoria were always generally welcoming of fresh blood after the the birth and short reign of King Charles the third of the Kingdom of the Portside gunnery decks proved the dangers of trying to 'breed pure' (He had actually seen a painting of the long dead king and it was a gruesome sight to see... if a well done painting. The fact that stories claimed that the painter had gone out of his way to clean up the King's portrait to make it more presentable only raised more questions about how bad the King had truly been to behold).

There were a number of problems with introducing fresh crew through. To start with, while the crew nations were more then happy to accept a wave of fresh blood to help replace losses and give a boon to the local gene pool, the competition to secure the best and brightest could get violent and a Janitor presence was needed to keep old rivalries from flaring up into war. There was also the issues that always arose when introducing new people into the established political world of the nations of the Pride of Praetoria, the boarders between the nations and the various traditions and laws that each individual nation maintained and lived by.

Rupert had spent most of the last twenty four hours managing situations before they could turn into full on fires that would require being put out. The fact that he needed to leave his home had nothing to do with the situation being resolved; the new Captain had requested a meeting on the station they were docked at and his training for his position had made it clear that the short term benefits of missing a meeting with the captain rarely outweighed the long term problem of letting them get ideas on how to try running the ship on their own.

So he had left the Pride of Praetoria, gotten lost on the station at least twice and was somewhat breathless as he finally arrived at the right door. Taking a moment to catch his breath so that he could at least look like he had arrived when he intended instead of having rushed, Rupert took a moment to run his hands down the front of his yellow jumpsuit to brush out any wrinkles, took a second to adjust his carapace breastplate and breathed deep as he checked his laspistol and chainsword were secured at their holster and at his side respectfully. It had felt weird to be so stripped down for a formal meeting, but he felt like the staff on the space station might have taken offense if he had come on wearing his protective goggles and breathing mask... and the flamer seemed a little much.

As the door slid open and he stepped into a room that... honestly boggled the mind a little as far as unused space went, Rupert blinked dumbly for a second before shaking his head and refocusing. There was at least one person in the room beside himself, but his gaze quickly glanced over to the clock in the room to check the time. One minute past twelve. "Sorry I'm late, but helping the new crew adjust to the ship is a time consuming process." He apologized, hoping that at least having a professional reason for not being there early would have been acceptable as he walked over to the food table. Most of it he ignored; He had no idea what it was and it looked to rich for his taste anyway. Instead he helped himself to some of the simple looking but hearty stew.

The Mustaqilun Tribe [Turn 4]

As Rukdug stared into the fire he was seated in front of, he watched the shadows it cast dance as his mind pondered the information he had received and witnessed first hand.

It had been mere hours since sundown and the 'Lord of the Forest' withdrawing into the forest after its show of force. Rukdug had summoned a war council of his captains with haste to bring them up to date on the situation... before dismissing them after the briefing so that they could have a few hours before the war council started properly in order to think about the situation at hand. The Hunter knew well the feeling of blood boiling in ones veins in rage after a threat had been given... and even more so the frustration that lingered afterwards from not being able to strike then and there. But such feelings, while powerful, tended to be impulsive and reckless; Traits they couldn't go into a war against an unknown foe that knows the terrain of battle so well with.

So he had informed his captains of the situation and gave them time to think and have a meal so that the initial surge of fury and desire for blood would have a chance to cool and they would start to put those brains to use instead. It also gave him the chance to do the same, since the desire to smash the skull of the so called 'Forest Lord' with his bare hands was a strong impulse and he couldn't let it effect his judgement... if he wanted to make this nature lover truly suffer, he was going to was going to have to consider it with care.

By comparison, the incident at the mountain was an simple affair to deal with. After the scouts and magic-belchers had a chance to enjoy a night in the relative safety of the walls of Riverforge, he was going to send the scouts and some (but not all) of the magic-belchers back to the mountain ruins with tools to open the door up to start exploring inside the mountain. He did not know this human witch who claimed to be the mountain or what her goals were, nor did he trust her in the slightest. But the belchers were insistent that she was powerful in magic and had chosen to aid one of his people rather then kill them on the spot. He was willing to be diplomatic, if only to figure out how much of a threat she was and if her personal desires would put her at odds with the desires and ambitions of his own people.

Currently she was a mystery, and Rukdug didn't like mysteries. Mysteries got you killed.

As the warchief watched the dancing flame and shadow, an plan started to develop in his mind.


While he had never seen the political gatherings of other races or witnessed the political courts of monarchy himself, Rukdug suspected that at the heart of all political organizations it was just like being apart of an orcish war council, but with pointless restrictions, laws and different weapons. All orcs with the skill and ambition to attain the rank of Captain had an ego to them, though it had to be said that it was bigger in some then others. Most were either self important busy bodies who only wanted to be captain for the perks or narcissists on an ego trip from the power the position offered over their fellow orcs... and the number of captains that he knew had been content with this level of power could be counted on one hand without risk of needing additional fingers.

The Mustaqilun Tribe's own war council of captains wasn't much better, but Rukdug had at least made sure that his captains had earned their rank through talent as well as loyalty to him. If they didn't like or get along with each other sometimes as acceptable as long as things didn't spill over into a body count and they could work together like professionals when the need arose. Thankfully, having some strange and unknown outside force making a show of force and threatening them and their people to deny them anything, let alone a resource was a hell of a rallying cry.

For a time, Rukdug listened to the ideas of his captains. None of them by themselves were better by their own, but elements of them could be used to enhance the scheme that was brewing in his mind as the warchief finally raised a hand to silence his captains to speak. "Having listened to your suggestions, I believe we have a solid plan to work with going forward. I fully intend to do what most of you suggested and and increase the number of patrols along our western, north western and south western boarders, as well as booby trap the hell out of them to ensure that any incursion is going to suffer heavy losses. The lumber mill will remain where it is, but for the time being we won't be drawing wood from the western forest."

Before any of the Captains had a chance to speak up about what seemed like weakness like their leader, Rukdug firmly hammered his point home "As far as I am concerned, we are now at war with this upstart forest lord and his walking fur pile he calls an army. We were at war the moment he threatened our people and mobilized against us. However, our enemy in his arrogance has allowed us the opportunity to make the opening move because he believes we cannot hurt him." The smile that grew on Rukdug's face was a wicked thing indeed.

"He is going to learn otherwise. Once the traps have been set, I fully intend for a fire break to be built to shield us from the western side of Riverforge... and once we're stockpiled enough lumber that we can afford to lose the current lumber mill in the event of an attack, with a little extra potencey and resilience from the magic-belchers, that forest is going to burn." There was a moment of silence before Rukdug continued. "I doubt that even with the magical assistance of the belchers that the whole western forest will burn completely. Either it will burn itself out or the upstart will manage to stop it before it completely consumes his so called 'sacred forest'-" there was a small scoff from the Warchief as he shook his head "- but I believe that is a suitable way to start the war properly, don't you think?"

Strangely, I didn't get a message until you booped me just then for some reason.
@Idol Theory Are you talking about a space human legion whom is abhuman in nature due to a interesting tibit of the gene seed, or are you meaning an abhuman regiment in the Imperial Army? because in the case of the latter the Night Watch would happily have you tag along.

@mattmanganon I didn't mean for the CS to be so long. It just... once I started writing I kept going because I was passionate about the subject material.

Both Primarch and Legion are done. Want me to repost them or are you happy to go back where I originally posted them and look them over there?
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