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I feel like our resident frenchman is underestimating just how racist Americans can be during the 1940's. He will learn soon enough. :P
With permission to meet with the Captain later on secured Johnathan had respectfully offered him a small salute before being dismissed and moving back towards the table that his team had claimed as their own, sitting quietly as he ate a rather delicious tasting serving of spaghetti. As much as it pained him to admit and he would never say it aloud, his mother could not cook spaghetti to save her life. So engrossed in eating his meal was he that he didn't take an active part in the conversation that his team mates were having.

However, soon lunch was at an end and they were ordered to follow the Captain into classroom Lexington. Following happily, he took a seat as he listened to the briefing given by... Actually, the man had never introduced himself, which was slightly strange but wasn't a major concern. As the briefing went on and the first real mission that the team was being put on was reveled to them, Johnathan was quiet as his team mates started to speak up, finding flaws in themselves that might have endangered the mission if they were to be put on it... with the exception of Izkry who simply didn't understand the political nature of the US; He also couldn't help but feel that a lot of Maria's objections seemed to stem for her steadfast desire not to do anything she was ordered to do. Some rather valid points were made, through Johnathan frowned just a little as he felt the need to point at some more issues with the mission as was.

"With all due respect sirs... I don't believe that Kaneda, Zhanna or Walter would be suitable for this mission at all. Zhanna can barely speak english as it is and... well, since this is a high class event Kaneda's and Walter's presences alone would cause problems... Unless the make up of New York's upper crust is that vastly different from Utah's." Asians and black people simply weren't seen at high class events and no amount of paperwork or string pulling that the two men before them could do was going to change that; High society was for the elite chosen few and they weren't invited.

The bad news given, Johnathan quickly moved on to the good news. "I will agree with Belasy that Maria would make for a wonderful counter intelligence operative. If we are given a through enough briefing on how to blend in and what to look out for before the event I fully suspect that we can keep the Senator safe."

Wine is poisonous to humans. It's just that it is a pleasant poison to some.

Nah, you're alright. Khaz can find his own people to smash, it just helps when someone official gives him order to do so.
Khaz is waiting for people to smash.

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day 2, Noon.
Location: Mama's Restaurant
Tag: The many faces of @Holy Soldier, Fox @Etherean Fire, James Varrock @Zarkun

Luigi had never wanted to kill someone more in his life then he did at this very moment in time. Wario and Waluigi had long been a thorn in not just his side, but Mario's and quite a large number of other people as well and this had gone way over the line. However, as deeply... deeply satisfying as it would have been to ram a lethal amount of electricity into the hat tub of lard's brain (and possibly risk bringing it back to life in the process) the threat to those within the city block could not be ignored for petty vengeance.

While he listened to what Fox had to say (and fully agreed with him on it as well), Luigi had dealt with Wario before; He wouldn't be swayed by such things as common sense and sanity... but an alternative did present itself. "Alright. I'll make a deal with the two of you."

Taking a deep breath, Luigi really hoped that those with him considered the words he was about to say very carefully. "I am fully prepared to go in front of the council and vouch for the two of you. As... maligned as you're methods might have been, I cannot argue that they were resourceful and effective for your goals. I will even go as far as to say that you joined in out of concern and a sense of right when we happened to pass you both by chance. However, there is a price to pay for my help in getting your respective feet in the door with the council... You have to help us get my brother's hat and soul back. Do we have a deal?"
And Denis is in!
It was quiet now. In a way, it was worse then the terrible noise that had come before.

As Denis sat down on the edge of a desk, he stared with a hollow gaze over the sheer mindless carnage that had been left behind in the wake of the Betrayal; One final act of desecration of where they had been granted the gifts of life and choice. His body shook as he tried to keep his rapid breathing under control and prevent himself from looking down at the pair of pure white gloves that had been the first gift from his creator... the first gift that anyone had ever given him. He had always taken great strains to keep them in good condition and keep them clean because the idea of letting something so important to him grow tatty and dirty was absolutely unthinkable! He could even remember to a note the music that had been playing in the back ground when he had slipped them on for the very first time...

Despite his efforts not to even think of looking down, his hands met his eyes halfway and he couldn't help but feel sick at the sight of his beloved gloves; Battered, torn along some of the seams and covered in ink... only some of it was his own. His shaky hands started to close into fists before he managed to force them back down to his sides again while his eyes were drawn to the one sight in the room that was worse then the state of his gloves.

He... hadn't seen his creator for a long time. It had been quite a while since he had last opened the book and added a new adventure for him and his friends to go on but that had been alright; Luke was busy creating other worlds and at any rate he wouldn't have wanted to send them on some lack luster adventure that didn't have much thought and care put into it. Even without the wounds and the fact that he wasn't alive anymore, Denis could tell that Luke had changed a lot since he had last looked their way... and it wasn't in a good way either. He looked far less healthy then he had remembered...

Considering some of the creatures that he had born witness too when he had been granted access beyond the forth wall that Luke had created, maybe it was for the best that he had turned his gaze away from him and his friends.

Denis closed his eyes for a moment as he remembered some of the beasts that he had been forced to defend himself against, shivering at the sights he had been forced to bare witness to and the sounds that he had heard so recently...

Then it was quiet. He was left alone to reflect on what he had done.

He hadn't been the last one standing at the end, he had seen several creatures flee the apartment and the battle that was going on within it; He was merely the last one left in the home of their creator. What was he meant to do now?

Taking a large, deep breath, Denis finally opened his eyes again as he came up with a plan. The creatures that had fled the apartment had been bad... very, very bad creatures that only cared about spreading pain and misery wherever they went. They needed to be stopped and by Luke he was going to be the one to do it!

There was still something that he needed to do first through...

Sliding off of the desk that he had perched himself on, Denis couldn't help but wince in disgust as he tried to step around as much of the ink stained carpet as he could while feeling sick to his stomach whenever he saw a little bit of red mixed in with the black. Reaching the door to the bedroom, he turned to gaze at his deceased creator one last time and felt his throat choke up. "...Wherever you are now... I hope you're happy there." was all that he could say before he turned away, crossing the threshold to see if he could find his next objective.

He found the phone in the kitchen. Taking it off the hook and hitting 911, he waited as calmly as he could for someone on the other side to pick it up. "This is nine one one, please state the nature of your emergency."

"I... just found someone who has been murdered in apartment..." Glancing towards the nearby stack of mail for an address, he offered it up quickly. It didn't take him long to be introduced to other operators, asking important questions that he attempted to answer as truthfully and in as much detail as possible. When they asked him who he was, he had answered that his name was Denis and that he had come to see his old friend Luke for the first time in years... only to never even get the chance to speak with him.

When he was promised that some emergency services were on their way, he politely hung up and headed out the front door. He... didn't know how the police would handle his presence and he didn't exactly wish to find out. He had things to track down.

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