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Location: The Tree of Harmony
Interacting with:@Double Capybara indirectly.

Having slept since shortly after their impact with the planet of Galbar, Aethel had been blind to the developments and progress of the planet around them as their counterparts and kin went to work. The booming proclamation of the Monarch of All caused a brief stir from their slumber, but rather then break from sleep they instead merely turned over on their branch and drifted back off again. In the end it was Ruina's mental warning that finally made the sleeping deity open their eyes... even if it was with a degree of grumbling as they slowly rolled off their side in order to rise back onto their hooves with a yawn.

Feeling newly invigorated, Aethel considered the possibility of improving upon the activity of sleep. They had just started to debate with themself how this could best be done with they suddenly stopped moving completely. Whatever good cheer that had been on their face had disappeared in an instant as they slowly turned their head towards a seemingly random direction before, with barely the slightest twinge of one of their legs, they blurred from one section of their tree to another.

A part in which two branches had been gnawed off.

Aethel glared at the defilement of their creation with an intensity that might have threatened to set something on fire if they cared to do so... but as they sniffed the air a softly muttered "I smell a rat." escaped their lips before their senses reached out across the planet, scouring it for... there.

In a blur, Aethel disappeared and left their tree behind completely.


As Aethel reappeared, there was a sudden surprised squeak before one of their hooves pinned the squeaker down onto the ground; Not in a harmful way at the moment, but firmly enough to not only keep the subject pinned underhoof, but make it very clear that a fatal amount of pressure could be applied at Aethel's leisure. For their part, Aethel took a look around at the plant life around them before at last they turned their attention downwards towards The Rat that was currently pinned.

Leaning down so they didn't have to speak loudly, Aethel offered a predatory smile as they said "Hello there little one. My name is Aethel. I would say that it is a pleasure to meet you under any other circumstance, but right now I'm rather frustrated. After all, you broke into my home and stole what was mine. I admit, the only reason you're currently still alive is because I can only detect one of the branches you stole from me. So here is the deal I am willing to offer you, my dear little rat: You tell me where the other branch is hidden and I'll give you a shift end. If you tell me how you managed to reach my tree in the first place and how you've hidden the other branch from me, I'll let you live with no repercussion for your actions."

The Rat gazed into Aethel's eyes with a mixture of fear and hate, tempted to defy the Deity of Magic's requests at the cost of her own life out of spite. However, with her unborn children at risk of never being born, The Rat gulped as she closed her eyes and spoke the truth. "A-After you murdered my husband, I went to my creator Tuku Llantu for help. In exchange for letting me have children alone, Tuku Llantu asked me to steal one of the branches of your tree for him...w-which I did. He gave me a necklace that allowed me to get to your tree... and I took a second branch for myself because the only reason you were able to make that tree was by killing my husband!"

For a moment after that loud, angry squeak, The Rat believed that she was going to die. Despite the word of the deity not to harm her if she told the truth, she had her doubts about the murderer of her husband. So when the hoof was removed from her body, she tensed up for it to come back down again before daring to open her eyes when the stomp didn't come.

Aethel themself gazed down at the rodent in contemplation... before shrugging and saying "You know what? Fair enough. I put you in this situation and Tuku Llantu took advantage of it. In fact... as payment for taking your husband from you..." Aethel's eyes seemed to glow for a moment as he gazed at The Rat... before she herself glowed briefly. "...There. Because of the part your husband played in my bringing Mana to this world, you and your children will always have access to it to use as you see fit. Now if you'll excuse me..."

And with barely a blur, Aethel was gone. They needed to think about how to respond to Tuku's actions properly.

Sorry for the delay. Was distracted by Real Life. I'll get a post up as soon as I can.

Location: The Celestial Palace.
Interacting with: Ruina @Squad 404 (Briefly)
Mentioning: Pretty much everyone else.

Aethel was happy and supportive of their new best friend. Ruina was amazing in just about every way. They got to watch her go and rain down a beautiful display of destruction and... well, not really death since they were pretty sure there wasn't anything living on the planet below just yet that could have been caught up in the various blasts Ruina created but it sounded like a good sentence in their mind all the same. The explosions and the holes in which water refused to flow into where you could see land really blended well with the rings of ice and salt that had been created when they hadn't really been looking.

As Ruina returned and seemed to wander off for the depths of the Palace, Aethel offered her a sitting ovation so that they could use their front and mid hooves to clap them together at the same time in applause. If nothing else, at least one being enjoyed her work.

Of course, this was just a fleeting distraction from the seething rage that was shimmering at their core. Below the smile and the good cheer as they witnessed their counterparts, kin and companions arrive and start putting things into motion, Aethel was livid! The Monarch of All, their lord and father... had rudely brushed them off without a word. Not just them either, but everyone who had been polite and respectful enough to greet the Monarch had also been ignored as well. There would have to be a reckoning for that because there was nothing worse then being rude, but that could wait.

They still had a job to do after all... and while the Monarch hadn't exactly given them permission to do as they requested, they hadn't objected either which under the circumstances Aethel was going to take as consent. They did ask after all.

For a moment they considered how best to go about this... before an idea came to mind. An awful idea. A wonderfully, terribly awful idea.

Taking an overly dramatic deep breath, Aethel followed the example of some of their kin in making their announcement audible to the rest of the divines. "Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and that techno colored rainbow in-between! I am Aethel! I am here to announce a once in Galbar's lifetime event! Due to the nature of this performance, please be advised to wait until after the show is over before attempting to add life to the planet. Granted there is a chance it will survive, but it will almost certainly be greatly distressed. Without further ado..."

Their announcement given, Aethel took another breath before closing their eyes and focusing on the task at hoof. It took a moment before anything visibly started to happen, but as the greenery around Aethel started to sway as the wind picked up that changed quickly. The invisible strands of wind mana were the first to answer the call, easily swirling within the orb that was forming in front of their deity. It would soon by joined by other colors; The waters that Ao-Yurin left behind contributed a blue mana while the plants of the palace easily contributed green. The chaotic energies of themself and their more... passionate kin turned red as it joined the maelstrom of mana that was forming, while those more subdued and orderly provided a milky white mana to the mixture. One of Tuku's rodents that happened to be poking around the throne at the wrong time was suddenly crashed as if by an invisible hand, the life draining from their broken body as quickly as tar like black mana was pulled into the chaos.

These were only the first colors to join the orb of swirling energy. Simple base colors at first, but more complex ones quickly joined the mixture; Soon there were colors joining that Aethel was pretty sure that even some of the other deities couldn't actually comprehend or understand, such as Norh and Victear (Both of which required a mind that was unshackled from certain fundamental concepts to even be able to see).

As the orb of impossible swirling colors and mana inflated to a truly astounding size, Aethel grimaced in concentration and with a noise that was... difficult to describe with words, started to force the massive orb smaller and smaller, forcefully compressing it until it was little more then a rainbow colored ball small enough for Aethel to fit in their mouth without having to alter their form in the slightest with an audible nom and swallow it down.

For a second, nothing happened. Then with the cracking of the palace stone underneath them Aethel expanded in an instant until they were a overly large sphere shape. Their head stuck out, alongside all six of their hooves which appeared rather useless as their respective legs seemed to have been lost in the ball that was the rest of their body. Seemingly unable to speak with their cheeks puffed out, Aethel opened their eyes again with a glint of determination as they focused solely on Galbar. The various, uncountable tentacles and tendrils along their side reached out... and seemed to grasp onto the very air itself in order to find anchor points to heft their bloated master off the ground.

As the spherical Aethel dangled in mid air, their tendrils slowly started to rock them back and forth, quickly building up speed and momentum before, with a combined effort of all of the countless tentacles, Aethel was launched towards Galbar. At first progress was slow but within seconds the equine turned missile picked up further momentum to impossible speeds as they crossed the distance between the Celestial Palace and the planet within mere seconds. Hitting the newly developed atmosphere, Aethel only expired the heat and flare of entry for a slim few seconds before impacting with water and being driven through it with barely the slightest hint of resistance. Leaving behind all light, Aethel hit several different substances beneath the water layer before finally coming to a complete stop... before at last tilting their head back just enough that the larger of their two horns could prick their swollen body.

From the surface, Aethel had hit the water at the top most part of Galbar so quickly and with such unstoppable force that while the center of the impact site seemed to create a hole in the water that went down into the depths at the angle that Aethel had hit the water, the sea around where they hit had been pushed down into a bowl of rather impressive size considering that it had been created via sheer force of impact rather then divine intervention. The shock-wave and sound of Aethel's passage was visible and hadn't even left the 'crater' that the ocean hadn't even began trying to reclaim when the 'top' of Galbar started to glow brighter then the Celestial Palace itself.

For 3.14 seconds, the 'top' of Galbar glowed brightly enough that even most deities would have struggled to gaze directly at it. In that space of time, a seed grew into a tree of ginormous size. The mind shatteringly large and complex series of massive roots borrowed deep into Galbar, some even finding purchase in the core of the very planet itself in order to properly anchor the massive titan of a plant that they were supporting while the trunk and branches found themselves occupying continent sized space in a stormy, ocean covered world.

Such a massive thing suddenly existing resulted in a great deal of water, earth, rock and metal suddenly being displaced at very high speed, most of it being launched upward into orbit. What was flung into the sky carelessly at an angle and didn't quite break the force of gravity came back down again and rained down upon Galbar; Considering that Galbar was still in its early stages and didn't have anything on it apart from ocean and land at the bottom of deep pits where the water couldn't fill in anymore, ton after ton of water and earthly material raining down did little more then add an interesting display to the chaotic rocking of the oceans surface in the form of pockmarks... unless it landed in one of Ruina's holes in the ocean of course, in which case they got just that little bit shallower than they were before.

With the Tree established, the light that created it surged outwards in a ring that would, within the hour, pass over all of Galbar. Wherever it passed, Mana flowed and sunk into the very nature of the world itself, infusing itself with all aspects of existence that it could and each different color of Mana setting into their proper place as best it could. When the circle reached the 'bottom' of Galbar, instead of canceling out it would instead invert and cover the globe again before finally fading once it reached the Tree that was its point of origin.

As the tree stood proudly above the ocean that was even now rushing back in and covering the lower part of the trunk and the start of the root network, from the topmost branches Aethel rose into the air and turned towards where the Celestial Palace stood before giving the bow of a performer at the end of their act. Holding the pose for a few seconds, Aethel righted themself... and promptly fell backwards to disappear under the leaves of the Tree. By the time they landed on their back in one of the larger branches, they were already out cold.


Location: The Celestial Palace.
Interacting with: Monarch of All (@Lauder) and Ruina @Squad 404)

Turning their head slightly to gaze upon the new arrival, Aethel seemed to light up at the sight of one of their siblings. Springing up from their sitting position in order to ponk around Ruina while checking her out like an over excited baby lamb discovering something new. Finally remembering words were a thing after the first bouncing circle, Aethel finally came to a stop in front of her as their front hooves moved up to cover their mouth as a squeal escaped them before the gushing began. "Oh. My. Me! You look amazing! The perfect blend of soft and delicate beauty combined with animistic savagery!... as well as some tasteful sex appeal in just how tight your outfit appears to be! It even matches your hair and eyes! You're going to be so popular! Everything we create is going to want to get to know you!"

Remembering where they were and whom was present, Aethel glanced back at the Monarch with a degree of bashfulness before forcing themselves to calm down with a polite clearing of their throat and a deep, deep breath. "I mean... My name is Aethel. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you... sister?" Glancing back at the Monarch of All as if to confirm if they were using the right kind of relationship to describe a fellow deity, regardless of the outcome they would turn back and offer a polite bow of the head. "I am Aethel. And this-" There was a grand sweeping gesture of two of their legs and a countless number of tentacles towards the world that they were observing "-is going to be our stage of Galbar! Granted its not much to look at right now since all that is currently there is water, but some of our kin have big additions already planned and I'm looking forward to seeing them."

"In fact, I have some ideas of my own but.." Pausing for a moment, Aethel turned back to the Monarch fully before politely requesting "Father, in order to speed up my additions to Galbar during this early development, might I make use of some of the Mana of the Palace? It is not vitally important since I can make due without it, but it would considerably speed up the development of Galbar's own sources of Mana by introducing a supply of it from the start."

In a quite overgrown glade lost somewhere in the various gardens of the Palace, an impossible wind started to blow through. As the leaves rustled softly a joyous, source-less laughter echoed through the branches of the trees while rebounding off of... well, everything it could; The plants, the soil... even the air itself joined in the chorus of thundering laughter, both delightful and sinister in nature as it grew to a fever pitch.

As a violent light burst forth from the center of the glade, the chorus of laughter condensed down into a singular voice. Even as the blinding light started to fade, the localized world of the isolated glade continued to glow even without a source of light to provide it... but the original light had left some things behind in its wake.

The easier to overlook addition was that of the flowers. Around the center of the glade, what had once been a mixture of greens and browns had transformed into a perfect circle of flowers, the coloration of them all at once blended, competed and co-operated together at the same time to create a display that was captivatingly beautiful to behold, even if only a small handful of entities that would ever exist would even have the senses to truly comprehend what they were witnessing.

In the middle of the circle of flowers, sat Aethel. Their hind legs were spread out to the sides while the middle and front pair rested comfortably upon the ground as the equine shaped deity let their laughter trickle off. For a moment they simply enjoyed the colors and the quiet of their birth place... before with a content sigh they rose to all six of their feet, the grass and branches that had been caught in their tail and mane being removed by a combination of an expert shake of said newly created tail and the various tendrils and tentacles along Aethel's sides combing the hair in order to locate and remove the intruders that had gotten tangled up in it.

The trot to the exit of the Palace Grounds that lead to the world of Galbar did not take long to reach. Offering the Monarch of All a respectful bow that required the bending of their front legs fully, Aethel rose as he turned to look at the world in question... before sighing as they took a seat. "If it is all the same to you Father, I think I might wait until it stops raining. I just got my hair just the way I like it and I would rather not ruin it so soon." Turning their head to look at their creator, Aethel offered a soft, affectionate smile as they added "Besides, it would be nice to spend some time with you before I go."

Just to try and call it so someone else doesn't steal the idea... I'm thinking of making a deity of magic.
I want in. I'll start work on a god of something after getting some sleep. I know I've joined and left Divinus games before, but I've never been able to get in on the ground floor to help shape the world from the start before either.
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