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A collab with @LokiLeo789

The effort of blessing this... sanctuary for the damned had left Farxus drained and tired, the demi-god weak until he had a chance to recover some of the strength that he had poured into the ruined city. With nothing better to do with his time he decided to explore the barren wastes and ruins that he had claimed for his own. While many might have found the few remaining buildings and the crater that were all that remained of Xerxes as the only remaining points of interest in the area, Farxus felt his attention going... elsewhere. Towards a strangeness in his domain that he couldn't quiet explain to himself and felt the need to see for himself.

He quickly came upon the anomaly. East of Xerxes proper lie a frozen wetland as barren as the rest of the state. Yet while sterility of Xerxes was a product of conceivable foundation, these wetlands where utterly unnatural and impious in origin. Instead of soil, a layer of ice permeated this frosty tundra, yet sections of it seemed to flow, not like a river, but like molasses. The top ruffled and where it cracked an inky darkness showed through.

Farxus blinked as he looked over the strangely colored, unnatural pools of water and ice that seemed to stagnate in front of him, confused as he inspected it carefully. He could feel some of himself mixed in with the waters, but... the more he peered into its dark depths, the more he felt the lingering presence of another mixed in and altering each other into something now... something that he hadn't foreseen. Taking a deep breath that he didn't need, he knelt down by the side of the pools and lowered his hand into the water to try and gleam some understanding as to its nature.

As his bony hand dipped under the surface of the black water, Farxus closed his eyes as he felt a surge crawl up his arm and into the core of his being; An almost underwhelming desire to go out into the world and track down those who laid down curses and disturbed the dead for their own vile purposes and make them pay for their transgressions! His tome had already alerted him to such a person who had spent decades perverting the dead in order to create an army... Thulemiz would pay dearly for his crimes against the natural order of things!

Pulling his hand out of the waters, the feeling lingered for a few moments... before weakening and fading away as all emotion did to Farxus sooner or later. He blinked a little as he stared blankly at the waters again, the echo's of plans to deal with Thulemiz remaining in his mind even after the waters... 'blessing' had faded. "Interesting..."


Instinctive level... much like the 'homing beacon' effect you describe. Only... you know, stronger. Because demi-god.
I'm interested... but rather then making a nation, I kind of want to just make a single character to do his own thing while traveling around. Maybe he aligns with others, maybe he doesn't.

Fair enough.

I'll leave be then.

...If I made him somewhat less Amoral, would be be acceptable?

Herbert found the party first. Besides, he isn't a necromancer and doesn't care for the minions of Gaia; He'll create his own monsters thank you very much.

I'm here.
The Orc-Grave Swamp Enclave

The Outpost

It took a while, but thanks largely in part to the Heart of the Swamp that had been gifted to him, Fumble was able end the argument between the two factions that had formed in the settlement; However, rather then claim that those who had believed that the spirits of their family and friends who had died were speaking them were wrong, Fumble offered an idea to try and appease the Spiritualists so that they could all be united again and stop the arguments. Logically, since the Swamp was made up of everything in the swamp then that meant that the friends and loved ones who had died there had become apart of the spirit of the Swamp as well... even if they only consisted of a drop in a much, much larger pool now.

Therefore, the Spiritualists hadn't been wrong; the Spirits of their people were still offering wisdom and guidance, but they were doing so as apart of the Spirit of the Swamp rather then as themselves.


The Conclave

Poisons were being brewed, moss and mushrooms were growing... and for the first time in a long time, Gredy allowed himself a little bit of time to sit down and rest. The fungi farms hadn't even yielded their first crop yet and they were already looking promising; For the first time since... well, ever, there was going to be enough food for all of them. The idea that no one was going to starve for a change... it was novel and occasionally he had to pinch himself to make sure that he wasn't dreaming.

Now with a steady food supply secured, it was time to work on other projects. The bridges suspended up in the tree branches to connect the Conclave proper to the Outpost that they had first taken shelter in so that there was relatively safe, speedy movement between the two settlements had been put underway. Some of the scouts that had been deemed to green to go on the expedition out of the Swamp had been already ordered to scout out a route and pass along any messages between the Conclave and the Outpost while other goblins gathered together supplies in order to actually build the thing. It would certainly be the biggest project that the goblins had committed themselves to since they had claimed their freedom, but even as he dozed off for a nap Gredy felt they would be up to the task.


The Scouting Expedition.

While their leader had been lost, after the scouts had gathered together again a vote was quickly passed to continue their mission; They were to scout out the backstabbing Iceborn and locate their holdings and targets for assault and that was what they were going to do.
Worried Mind

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School, lobby

Worried shrugged. The posturing of arrogant ponies did not concern him; If need be, he would try and track down some kind of authority to investigate his finances. Surely Equestria had to have some kind of organization to make sure ponies paid their taxes and would investigate if something looked... off about their records. Even if it actually did turn out that the good Prince was paying for their services legitimately, having his home government check out his finances would be more then enough to cut him down a peg.

"A job's a job then. We should get going." There wasn't any more need to ask questions... or remain in Blueblood's annoying presence any longer for the time being as far as he was concerned.

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