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The Mustaqilun Tribe [Turn 1]

The land that they had landed on and decided to settle Riverforge was perfect... maybe even a bit to perfect. The land was untouched, bountiful with food and lumber... and yet, no one else had chosen to settle here. As Rukdug gazed over his new home in the light of dusk, he couldn't help but feel somewhat uneasy about the lack of a prior settlement in what would on the surface appear to be an ideal place to do so.

This wouldn't make him consider relocating somewhere else; Just because another race hadn't decided to take advantage of such a bountiful location wasn't going to frighten him or his people away from what was now rightfully theirs, but he wasn't going to rule out the possibility that there was some danger lurking that they hadn't borne witness to yet. Scouting parties would almost certainly be sent to explore the surrounding area, but first they needed to cement their foothold on the land so that no man or beast would be able to drive them away like they might have done to weaker races.

The first step to securing a new land was rather simple: Establish and fortify a stronghold that would serve as both defensive position and home for the marching force in question. The standard method employed by the Dark One's forces was normally to either claim an old ruined fortress or city that had been abandoned during the ebb and flow of the long war or to claim such a position from an enemy force and making it their own. These methods did have the benefit that it saved a lot of time and resources building such a position from scratch, while also providing some means of shelter and protection from counterattacks during the digging in phase... but that was clearly not an option here.

Stone (ideally enforced with metal) would have been the material of choice for constructing defensive works for the stronghold of Riverforge, but while both would likely be found in the hills and mountains of the area his caution about the dangers this new land might pose warned that it would take far longer then he was comfortable with waiting for the stronghold to be built from the ground up via solid stone. Thankfully, there was a viable alternative within ready reach. Wooden defenses and homes might not have been as solid as stone, but the resource was rich at hand and a wooden wall was better then no wall at all.

There was also the benefit that once they managed to get a lumber yard up and running to supply the foundation of Riverforge, that lumber could also be used in making some fresh, better constructed boats to replace the ram-shackled ones that had managed to survive the ocean crossing and were being used to fish... as well as the creation of wagons to aid in their mining efforts once they got it started. Hell, having some solid supports would make mining a hell of a lot easier in the long run as well.

His mind made up, Rukdug the Hunter turned away from where he had been gazing to go and track down some of his captains. Duties had to be assigned, orders had to be given... Even if it was made of pine, a stronghold required a lot of work to develop. Building a lumber yard and getting it operational would be the first step (with room to allow for expansions to allow the creation of pine tar and possibly turpentine if they could find copper nearby and the trees were right), with the first priority being the creation of a defense wall. After that the lumber could be used for whatever ends were required, but a solid defensive wall that would last long enough to be replaced by proper stonework was the first step.

The Mustaqilun Tribe [Turn 0]

When the first ship had managed to beach itself against the sandy shore, a great cheer had gone up from not just those on board, but also from other ships that were following behind that could see the promise of a new land before them. The ships themselves were ugly and battered things; They appeared to have been made in haste with limited resources by people who might have had a basic understanding of how to make boats but had clearly never had to contend with the trails of traveling across the open sea before. More then one ship in the ram-shackled fleet that was coming ashore had sunken on the journey, taking many of the souls on board with them despite the efforts of some of the other ships to fish their fellow orcs from the icy ocean waters.

Despite the losses and the hardship through, the orcs themselves were in high spirits. They had done what many had believed to be impossible. The Dark One had long ago segregated his slave and worshiper races into specialized rolls in order to prevent any one race from being able to rebel effectively against him; While orcs could create fishing boats and make shift transports in order to gather food and ferry troops across minor bodies of water like rivers or moats respectively, actual sea faring naval craft and their production was kept in the hands of his branded human cultists. No one believed that an orc could make a ship that could survive three days out in open waters, let alone make an ocean crossing. With the impossible achieved, it was with great pride that the orcs celebrated their arrival in a new land.

Their chosen landing zone had actually been somewhat inland, taking advantage of a series of bays that were open to the sea that offered a landing site that was sheltered from the elements. There was a fresh water river leading into the final bay, with a light splattering of trees to the west and a literal forest to the east and a mountain range to the north that promised sources of metal and ores. Even before the scouts had a chance to go exploring in detail, it was clear to those de-embarking from the ships that this was going to be a wealthy land to call home.

Indeed, once Rukdug the Hunter himself had stepped foot on the new shore, he had commanded the scouts to follow the river north towards the mountains with the intent of finding a location for their people to develop a stronghold they could safely mine resources for, the warchief himself remaining behind to help organize those coming off the ships into groups to transport what few supplies they still had to follow them.

Their new fortress home wasn't going to build itself after all.

Opening the Door

A general sense of worry and unease seemed to hang in the air around the Isbryder as the ship glided along a lazy sea. It had long been accepted doctrine of the merchant and diplomatic castes to avoid sailing along the western coast since it belonged to the savage, bloodthirsty green skinned menace that plagued the lands west of Tushina that made land routes dangerous. Truth be told, they weren’t quite sure if the green skins actually had a navy to speak of, but the point had been made to avoid their waters in the event that the answer turned out to be yes.

Sailing with land clearly visible to the west clearly put the sailors manning the ship on edge. Taler couldn’t exactly blame them for their nerves, but as the small ambassador flicked his large, fur covered ears while gazing out at the land that had for longer than Tushnia had existed been firmly clenched in the hands of the goblins, the small diplomat couldn’t help but respect the men and women who were defying their worries to go on what some back home had considered to be a pointless sucide mission.

The skirmishes against and by the greenskins in the western mountains had started back during the city state period decades before Tushina had been forged in diplomacy and war and had continued since. There were many in the republic who believed that the only way that peace could ever be achieved in the west would be to march there in force and drive off or kill every last goblin they could be found, but there had never been the risk of a majority to make such a movement reality.

...At least, until recently.

The leader of what could be considered the ‘Purge’ movement, Blodige of the Western Gates, had managed to make a surprising alliance with a number of the merchant caste representatives in the senate. His arguments that purging the greenskins completely would not only expand Tushina’s borders, secure their cities and people from further attacks and gain fresh resources had been arguments that had long been used before, but Blodige’s arguments for creating and securing land trade to the west while eliminating the possible threat of goblin piracy on the seas and won him a dangerous amount of support for war.

Unable to stop the idea of a war of genocide outright, Taler had made a comprimise agreement between those who wanted war and those who didn’t: Diplomacy would be attempted to bring their age old conflict to an end.

Of course, walking into the mountains would have been suicide. History had proven time and time again that the greenskins in the mountains couldn’t tell the difference between a member of the military caste and Too’ave of other castes and thus took a ‘kill on sight’ approach to any Too’ave they saw… so instead a different idea would be tried.

Instead of reaching out to their immediate neighbours, from whom there was bad blood on both sides of their border, Taler would take a ship to meet with one of the tribes further down south who might be a bit more inclined to enter a dialogue.
While he was small in size, Taler’s soft golden fur had started to turn gray with age. His time among the living wasn’t over by any means, but as his blue eyes focused on what appeared to be some kind of jetty ahead that could be landed at he made peace with the fact that there was a very real chance that he would never get to see his family again. He couldn’t ask another of the diplomatic caste to take his place since he was the one leading the move to stop a bloody war from beginning, despite his status as a senator…

All he could do was hope that his plan wasn’t as insane as some of his peers thought it was as the ship pulled up to dock. Hopefully the locals were relatively friendly… or at least friendly enough not to murder the crew of a strange ship pulling up on sight.

There were good omens as the ship pulled up into the docks. The sun was warm, the sky was cloudless, and the winds were relatively calm. But probably the biggest reassurance the crew could have received was knowing that they were not the only foreign ship in the harbour. Granted, most of the foreigners in question were humans, but at the very least there were more than just greenskins around in case things went south.

But of all the foreigners around, the Too’ave were certainly the most alien to the goblins. As a show of solidarity with their aggrieved brothers, Bwca had a total embargo on any and all Too’ave ships coming into the harbour. This would have been the first time most of the traders on the dock would have seen the beastmen.

And that embargo was still clearly in place. Even before they had docked, there was a contingent of guards waiting for them, ready to arrest anyone who dared drop a gangplank on Bwcan soil.

While it was true that the crew of the ship weren’t exactly… happy to see a bunch of armed guards ready and waiting for them, all of them made a point to stay back (and close to weapons that could be grabbed in a damn hurry if need be). The only Too’ave to walk up to the side of the ship to look at the guards (having to actually grab onto the railing and pulling himself over it to get a clear view), Taler tilted his head as his big ears flopped a little while offering a friendly smile. “Hi there! My name is Taler. Can I speak to your leaders?”

“We don’t take ships from Tushina,” one of the guardsmen, presumably their sergeant, replied. His voice had a strange sing-song quality to it, and he turned the vowels into their own syllables. “You best turn around and go home now”

Taler’s ears drooped a little… before they flicked back up. “Well can we at least drop off a letter, saying when a diplomat is going to arrive?”

The soldiers were obviously suspicious of anything aboard that ship. One one hand, if it was an invasion, they’d surely have brought more men along. But on the other hand, you couldn’t be too careful…

“Alright. One of you, on your own, with no weapons. No more,” the sergeant said at last.

Taler beamed a little, before holding up one of his hands to say “One moment!” before dropping off the railing and disappearing from view of the guards for the most part. After a few moments had passed, the gangplank was lowered and Taler strolled down it alone with no weapons on his person. In his hand was a rolled up and official looking document with a wax seal imprinted on it.

Once he was officially the first Too’ave to step foot on Bwca’s soil, a grinning Taler offered the document to the sergeant as he explained “We left the date of arrival blank because we weren’t sure what calendar you use… what’s the date today? Also, what’s your name and rank?”

The Sergeant opened his mouth as if to speak, but it was another voice that echoed across the dock.
“Thank you, gentlemen. You may go.”
The troops looked towards where the voice had come from. There, walking towards them, was curious figure even for goblin standards. He was tall for a goblin, and his arms were criss-crossed with the scars of old battles, perhaps a lion or a bear of some kind. Unlike the cloth-clad guardsmen, he was decked out in a full suit of lamellar, neglecting only to wear a helmet. But the oddest thing about him? He was white. Not simply pale, but pure ivory white, from head to clawed toe.

“But the law, sir…” one of the soldiers tried to interject.

“If our guests are lying, and they have no authority, I’ll see to it that they are punished.” The newcomer spoke with a cool, breezy tone. Just the sound of his voice was refreshing. “But if they aren’t, we can’t very well throw a diplomat in jail for the crime of showing up”

He had a point. It was really following the letter, and not the spirit, of the embargo to send them on their merry way when they weren’t even traders.

Watching the small exchange, Taler’s ears flopped a little from side to side as he turned his head to focus on whomever was talking at the time in silence. Finally, when it seemed the conversation was at an end, he finally asked the goblin he had been talking to moments ago, before the pale one arrived “I guess I’m being booted up the chain of command. Well sir, it was nice meeting you. Take comfort in knowing that I’m no longer your problem to deal with!”

The goblin sergeant scowled at the diplomat. How arrogant! He almost wished he WAS a criminal, just so he could punish him for his impudence.

“That’s enough of that,” the white one interjected. “They were just doing their job. No need to rub it in.”

Taler blinked in confusion. “...I wasn’t trying to rub it in. He just seemed upset that he didn’t get to deal with me anymore.”

“You’d do best to watch your manners here, Mister. Especially given your, ahem, precarious position.” The white one strode forward, standing between the ship and the contingent. “Do you have any evidence that you’re a diplomat? A royal seal, a letter from your leaders, something to that effect?”

In a moment, the happy go lucky, earnest but maybe a little too enthusiasticTaler’s seemed to lose all of its youthful energy, his expression fading into professional seriousness as he offered the document over to the pale skinned goblin. “Senator Taler of the diplomatic caste, representative of the city of Tro, at your service. I have been empowered by the Senate of the Republic of Tushina to speak with the nation of Bwca and your mountain dwelling kin further up north in order to bring an end to the conflict that has plagued our people for centuries now.”

The white one scanned the document, before nodding, satisfied. “You may call me Ban. Harbourmaster. Anyone who docks here answers to me, and for now, that includes you. Have you contacted anyone from the north before you came here?”

Taler politely shook his head. “Considering that the standard greeting of your northern kin in the mountains when encountering a member of the diplomatic caste is to kill them and take their pelts and tails as a prize, we decided it might be better to try and start this off with the people we’re more at war with in name rather than spirit.”

Ban pinched the bridge of his nose - or at least he tried to. Looked more like he was tweaking the whole thing. “Of course they are. That complicates matters somewhat. I can write you up a stay-of-execution for the time being, so you and your men can get booked into a hotel of some sort - no freebies, I’m afraid. If we had known you were coming, we could have gotten it all sorted. Make sure to keep it on you at all times.” The harbourmaster grumbled. Once again, those short-sighted boneheads at the Foreign Office made his job much more difficult than it had to be.

Lifting a hand, he politely waved off Ban’s concerns. “Oh, we’re more than happy to stay on our ship. We packed assuming that it would take a while to get things organized since we weren’t confident in getting a message saying we were coming out here. After all, considering how… tense the western border of Tushina is, we weren’t completely sure if their ‘kill on sight’ approach had been adopted down this far south… but I’ll happily accept your stay-of-execution so that we can do some trading for fresh supplies and stretch our legs on solid ground.”

Well, they kind of have to accept that, Ban thought. If you didn’t, you’d be arrested. But he didn’t say anything, preferring instead to whip out a notice and scrawl a signature at the bottom.
“Here,” he said, offering it to the diplomat. “Anyone harrasses you, just show them this. If they still won’t listen, mention me by name.”
“Noted. Thank you for the help Ban. I’ll be sure to make our stay as easy for you as possible.”


Oh I apologise. I didn't know there was a post in the character tab yet. I'll get right on it.
Just putting this here, the link to the discord appears to have expired.
Okay, I'm somewhat interested. Is there a map/ sheet for a nation that we have to fill in?
Fair enough, but for the record Lagoggth isn't an evil primordial being. More of a neutral one since a passion for knowledge can be used for both good and bad ends. As for why Jonah would join; Quite simply, to discover new things. After all, there are a bunch of people from a new world standing right there with stories to tell and information to offer that wasn't possible to access before.

Plus uncovering the reason for the Waves and the origins of the creatures that make them up...

But I respect your decision. Thank you for taking the time to look over the character.
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