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Current Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've just... been struggling to get the energy to write something up. I'm trying some new meds through so hopefully that will change soon.


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Party Name: The Union of Industrial Harmony (UIH)

Leader: (To be announced later)

Overview: The Union of Industrial Harmony is made up of individuals that believe that the root cause of the current food shortages (as well as almost all of the other problems plaguing the nation of Uskary at this point in time) is the fact that Uskary is in serious need of modernization in almost all walks of life. The food crisis might have been brought to a head by the ravages of the war but one cannot deny that the lack of investment into modern farming equipment and techniques (as well as an effective method of transporting said produce over long distances so that it wouldn't spoil before arrival) over a long period of time had ensured that the farms would have been struggling to supply the nation with food even if they had been operating at peak performance.

The outdated and almost completely worthless state of Uskary's military equipment when compared to the weapons employed during the war by the powers fighting over Uskary's resources can also be seen as a prime contributor as to the current series of crises; After all, if Uskary had possessed a well trained and equipped military to begin with, their nation wouldn't have been ravaged so badly and they wouldn't be suffering a food crisis right now... or at least, not as bad of one.

The UIH intend to improve the infrastructure of Uskary across the board by first industrializing and modernizing resource collection and production so that it can start trading with other nations in order to pull in the resources required to improve Uskary's infrastructure as a whole to make the country as self reliant and strong as possible, as well as repairing the damages caused by the war as much as possible.

Stance on the Harvest: The long term plan is to modernize farming techniques and equipment so that the live stock can produce a lot more food (and a larger variety of food) at a lot less effort, improving their lives and improving the yields of the harvest greatly in one stroke. Short term, the plan is to use the profits of industry and trade to import food from other nations in order to take off some of the burden.

Desired Government: Socialist Democracy.
I'm interested in joining up.

I have an idea for a party too... just give me a little while to work out the details.
Okay... this took longer then I thought, but I have internet again!
Sorry... delayed due to internet issues at new place. Should hopefully be fixed before the week is out.
Sorry for delays on my part... internet problems at the new place. Will hopefully be fixed within the week.

I wouldn't mind having a manager if you're interested in making one.

Because when people talked about doing a version of this after the invention of guns and gunpowder weapons, the idea of industrialized Uruk's came to mind.

Took me a while, but I found a replacement entrance theme.

Edit: @iGeorge Your suggestion was better. Thank you.

And you believed you could start this again without me noticing. For shame Zeus!
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