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Just posting my character so that people know what's been accepted do far.


It might be time to post some of the accepted characters. Let people know who/what has already been accepted.
The link is indeed working as intended now. And I'll work on a new character shortly.
If I could make a recommendation... You might have an easier time finding players in the Casual Rp forum.
Bartolomeo Peckish, Hunter

Interactions: Bobby. Mentioning: Flint@Aerandir, Rowyn@Kitty

A more... overconfident hunter might have believed they knew better and joined the fray, assuming that two on one was better then just a one on one fight. An arrogant one might have ignored Flint's small signals out of pride and a desire to prove him wrong. Bartolomeo did neither; He stayed back with the intent to observe.

Of course, with the whole 'goblin invasion' that was happening having a quiet moment to catch one's breath and watch a brawl between hunters wasn't on the agenda for long. A wolf carrying a chicken of all things ran through the alleyway and proudly leaped over his head... followed by a rather sizeable horde of goblins that were chasing after their 'god' with the zealotry of true believers. In the chaos the two humans disappeared, leaving Bartolomeo very much alone and badly out numbered by smaller, more frail foes... but he had seen what had happened to those who had underestimated the horde before.

Before making a strategic withdrawal out of the alleyway, reinforcements arrived in the form of an ex-hunter turned bartender wielding a battleaxe... and insulting him a bit but for the moment that could be forgiven because more important things required his attention.

Under the circumstances and taking advantage of the bottleneck of the alleyway, Bobby's axe was a prime weapon to do some crowd control; Even in the event that a goblin dodged the blade of the axe, they were small and seemingly frail enough that getting smacked by the axe's shaft would knock them down and hurt 'em fairly badly... or at least put them in prime position to be trampled to death by the rest of the goblins surging forward.

That could prove be Bobby's undoing through: Axes as a weapon drew their power from the swing, creating a small opening where the tide of goblins could simply overwhelm the old man through sheer numbers and determination before he could wind up enough strength in a swing to actually get any meaningful effect... the first one they had and in the pursuit of saving their chuckling 'god', they most likely had the second as well.

Rather than abandon Bobby to his fate, Bartolomeo instead took a more... supportive role. Steel blade in one hand and what amounted to a silver club in the other he might have lacked the reach and crowd clearing ability that the axe wielding Bobby did, but while the old man was preparing for the next goblin clearing attack Bartolomeo would dart forward and reward the front running goblins of the wave with either death via sword and club or by being trampled by the rest of the mob of goblins in their haste. He only needed to stall the green skinned bastards for a second or two before ducking back and getting out of the way to avoid being cleaved and giving Bobby a clear crack at thinning the herd.

Draco Russ, Hunter

Interaction: Bobby

Draco's weapon was not designed for clean cuts; It was designed with the intent of inflicting large, deep and ugly wounds on targets that were not only bigger then the average human, but also had a nasty habit of regenerating or simply ignoring lesser injuries completely. Draco was less curving his way through goblins as he was reducing most of their bodies to torn and shredded chunks of flesh and meat and bone shards with the occasional limb surviving the slaughter... as well as bathing the ground around him in goblin blood as he followed the horde that the wolf had gathered behind her.

Rounding a corner into an alleyway the goblins had traveled down, he quickly noticed that he had caught up with the horde... simply because something seemed to have stalled them out a bit. It was hard to see exactly who or what it was due to the carnage that was happening at the other side of the goblin masses, but he believed he recognized the battleaxe that was being used. Continuing to take advantage of the goblin's single minded focus forwards, Draco grinned wickedly under his mask as he made sure his saw-cleaver was fully extended before joining the fray properly by slamming into the rear of their group, hacking and tearing through groups of goblins with each swing with a health spray of blood... but always mindful of the fact that if the Horde turned around to charge him, he would have to pull back or risk being overwhelmed in a green tide.
Unknown Location.

There was a strange, icy chill in the air as the small group of thugs glanced around the rather spartan room. There wasn't any natural light in the room either; If there were any windows in this room they had cleared been covered up to the point where they were simply lost in the shadows of the room... and boy were there shadows.

The only lights in the room came from two desk lamps on that were carefully positioned on a rather well made and polished oak desk, likely costing more then any of the individuals currently standing in front of it had ever held at any one point in their lives. The lights also seemed to have been strategically positioned so that, while their soft glow did revel the man behind the desk and lit up the area in front of it, beyond that all it seemed to do was cast the rest of the room in deep shadow... shadows which rose the hairs on the back of one's neck and made your skin crawl with the feeling that something was watching from them...

"Gentlemen..." the middle aged man seated behind the desk started, his words filling the chilly silence that hung in the air with an energy and mirth of a younger man... through there seemed to be a hint of an accent of unknown origin lingering in his voice even after all these years "You all have a reputation in our line of work. A good reputation. A reputation for getting the job done despite whatever complications might have arisen. But what is reputation? Word of mouth... rumors... I have a job in mind to confirm if your reputations are more than just gossip."

Pushing himself to his feet, the aged but strangely jovial man took a deep breath. "I too have reputation. Not so pleasant I think you know..." Snapping his fingers sharply, the sound of metal grating against a poorly oiled railing filled the air as a sliding door in the wall behind the desk opened up... and reveled a man hanging upside down from the ceiling, stripped naked of clothing... and from the look of it, a great deal of his skin as well. "See this man? He does not do the job. I show you what I do with him..." walking over to what the light from the new room reveled was a sliding metal door, the man grasped the handle as he started to slide the door closed again "And now my reputation for you is fact. Is solid."

Almost as an afterthought, he man reached up to adjust his glasses before glancing back over his shoulder at the now closed and hidden door. "My wife's nephew. I'm going to be getting earful at dinner... there is no avoiding that." Remembering where he was, he cleared his throat as he turned back to his audience. "Oh yes, why I summoned you. One of my... shall we say... vassals has grown rather cocky as of late. Cocky enough in fact that he has seemingly forgotten the nature of our relationship but not... I feel, to the point where he would need to be replaced. Merely have his poor attitude... corrected."

With the confidence of a man that had no issues with torture or killing, the man returned to his desk and sat down once more. "My associate Crow will meet you outside with the stock standard information. Who he is, where he lives, his family ect. But I do not wish for him or his family to be killed or end up with bad enough injuries that a trip to the hospital is required. If you are successful in correcting his behavior while meeting my requirements then we will have a wonderful business relationship going forward... fail and..." A knowing smile appeared on his face. "Do not let me detain you."

As the gathered thugs left at a walk (through a rather fast paced walk) and the older man turned his attention towards some of the papers on his desk that needed his attention and unknown to either party, one shadowy smoke covered form broke away from the shadows of the room to follow the group of thugs with keen interest. It wouldn't feast from them... at least, not yet. After all, they were leading it towards a place that was soon to be consumed by agonizing dread and suffering of the highest degree... and if they didn't inspire that in other people, they themselves would be the ones to suffer for their failures. Win-Win really.

In the shadows of a dark, icy room barely lit by two desk lamps, shadows shifted to take advantage of the space that had just been made to get more comfortable.

Oh yay!

I'll just join the Discord and I'll talk with you guys soon.

Edit: I least... I swore I saw mention of a Discord.

Hey. Silly question I know but... would you care to take on another Co-GM to create and run Vice encounters?
Bartolomeo Peckish, Hunter

Interactions: Flint@Aerandir, Rowyn@Kitty

Not really giving the academic scholar any answers to his questions, Bartolomeo instead turned his focus towards picking off any goblin that just so happened to get near him... either because they had wandered within range or he had wandered into range of them. He wasn't in any real rush to get anywhere since for the most part other hunters had already moved in to gather the goblins together or break them up from assaulting the general public so he wasn't really in any hurry to get anywhere.

However, taking a slower pace through the chaos afforded a degree of awareness that someone rushing around wouldn't have... such as noticing the odd and interesting... transformation that seemed to have overcome a woman who earlier that evening had proven herself to be more of a healer then a hunter. Granted appearances could be deceiving, but as he watched her fling goblins left and right, he couldn't help but feel like there was a bit more to it then just professionalism.

Interest peaked at this development, Bartolomeo followed the healer as she dragged a goblin that she had personally disarmed (pun very much intended) into a alleyway. Granted he took care not to have her see him and the distraction caused by a wolf carrying a live chicken helped ensure that the goblins didn't give him much in the way of hassle while he did so, intent on seeing how this situation unraveled itself.

Once again, this proved to put him in the perfect spot to witness events that were unfolding. The hunter with the bow that had been tended to by said healer earlier decided to revel himself, shooting an arrow at the one armed goblin that she had been carrying towards what was almost certainly going to be a brutal end. He didn't step forward just yet to join the meeting, but he was almost certainly easy for the bowmen to spot; A simple nod of his head enough to let him know that if the situation went horribly wrong, it wouldn't be a one on one fight.

Draco Russ, Hunter

Interaction: Flint, Mishka @Aerandir

Why did the people he have to work with need to be weird?

It was a question that Draco had asked himself a couple of times in the past when he had needed to work with hunters from outside of the Russ clan, since they tended to be... rather quirky individuals at the best of times. The fact that he had encountered a family of hunters who could speak wolf was... new but far from the strangest thing he had come across so far which honestly started to make him rethink his life.

However, before he could go to far down that rocky road, the call to action was given... in the form of the originally injured hunter throwing a chicken to his pet wolf and having it run around, using the panicking chicken to draw the goblins together. It was honestly a good plan; Considering the strange view of divinity that goblins gave chickens for reasons that would likely never be understood by humans, threatening one of their 'gods' would get there attention in a hurry.

Rather then chase after the man with the bow (assuming he was relocating to get himself into a better position to fire from), Draco made the decision to assist his pet wolf instead. Sure there was no real chance of the goblins chasing the wolf actually catching it, but having hunted intelligent animals like this before it wasn't too difficult to read where the she-wolf was going to go next... and he would make her life easier by ensuring that any rogue goblin that was either lucky enough or cunning enough to try and cut the wolf off rather then chase after her was dealt with shifty in what generally was a bloody mess due to the large, cutting nature of his weapon.
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