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It would later be uncovered that the construction site of the museum had proven to be the entry point of the activists; Investigation would revel that there had been an unintended gap in surveillance as the site was swapping from the security measures of the early stages of the construction site to the security measures that the museum itself would have due to a public holiday delaying delivery of equipment needed to install and power some of the security cameras. If the activists had acted the night before, they would have been picked up by the patrols that walked around the site and if they had acted the night after the museum's own security cameras would have caught the van before it had managed to get into position to blast the dilong exhibit wide open.

The discussion between the foreman and the head of security about the minor gaps in surveillance of the outside of the museum would be released to the public in the days following the incident. The conclusion they had come to was that there was enough cameras active to protect the museum itself for a night and even in the unlikely event that someone wandered through the gaps into the park itself, they would be picked up by cameras further in the park and intercepted before they did anything too stupid. They had not factored in the possibility of someone driving a car through the gaps to cover the distance to the exhibit before security could detect and mobilize to stop them nor those people having access to enough explosives to blast through the metal wall of the dilong exhibit. CEO Arthur's personal statement about his two employees was that they had been logical and rational in their decision making, but they had fallen into the trap reasonable people have fallen into since the dawn of mankind; They had underestimated just how smart and resourceful some very stupid people could get.

Cretaceous Coast's security team had already been on route to the dilong exhibit due to the activist van having been picked up by cameras further in the park, armed to stun and subdue. After the explosion and the release of the dilong pack, the activist van containing the surviving activists tore out of the park at high speeds. Deeming that launching a pursuit of the van that had already gotten a head start while going at reckless speeds would be both pointless and a reckless endangerment of life, the team had instead opted to go after the now free dilongs.

Tracking down the pack proved rather simple. The team had received training in tracking and part of their job was to grow familiar with the area around the park, both under the sun and at night to ensure that they were prepared for a situation like this, but the dilongs themselves proved fairly easy to track and hadn't traveled far. Their desire to secure and keep their freshly killed meal of two adult humans had left a rather easy trail to follow while limiting just how fast they could travel greatly. Once located, bringing the three dinos down was simply a matter of protocol and they were subdued and secured without further incident.

Unfortunately, the tragedy of the night was not yet fully complete. A janitor working at Cretaceous Coast by the name of Robert Swolls was run down by the fleeing activist van as they fled the park. Despite the parks limited medical felicities and the first aid of park personal to stabilize Robert so he could be transferred to a proper hospital for medical care, he died within the hour. The autopsy of Robert Swolls reveled that the amount of internal and brain damage he had suffered had been great and that, even if he had somehow gotten onto an operating table within minutes of being run down, his chances of survival would have been slim at best. On top of his life insurance, Cretaceous Coast made a further payment of money to the Swolls family, alongside a lifetime pass to the park and a heartfelt apology for their loss.

The final three victims of the incident were the dilong pack themselves. After some discussion, Cretaceous Coast made the grim decision to have them put down. As CEO Arthur said publicly "This decision was made due to safety concerns for both the patrons and staff of Cretaceous Coast. While we fully understand that the dilong were simply doing what carnivores do when presented with an opportunity for an easy meal, the tragic fact is that with the consumption of human meat the reasonable fear is that the current pack of dilongs would now view humans as a natural prey animal. This would likely encourage future escape attempts and endanger the staff who would need to work with them. While the public will likely be saddened by the missed opportunity to see our newest members of the Cretaceous Coast, since we had closed the park to give them a chance to adapt to their exhibit before exposing them to the public, we fully intend to produce a new pack of dilongs in a reasonable amount of time."
Just to make clear, the Dilong aren't in a wire encloser. They've got a low metal wall. @Kale19
Cretaceous Coast's to buy list.

1 Male Protocerotops $300 (The first Protocerotops exhibit is now full)
Bush G $100

1 Nibbler Habitat $1000
1 Live Chicken Feeder $100
Carnivore Feeder (Free)
Low Metal Wall $850
1 Large Auto-Cleaner (Land) $1050

3 Dilong (2 Female, 1 Male) $900

4 AntiDino Stun-gun $1300

2 AntiDino Lethal-gun $750

1 Museum $4000

All up, costing $10350
Cretaceous Coast's official opening to the public had been a big success!

It had to be said, the 'Park' itself was not that big. It only consisted of a singular exhibit that housed the recent three animal herd of Protocerotops as far as dinosaurs went, but they had made a good impression with the public and the positioning of the Cretacous Crunch restaurant so that the patrons could look into the exhibit from the balcony directly into the herd's own feeding area made it one of the best seats in the house to see them from... which in turn brought in some extra cash because to be allowed on the balcony, you had to order something first.

Efforts in Alaska to find new DNA strands for dinosaurs had been a more... mixed success so far. While the team out there had managed to extract healthy strains from two different dinosaur breeds, the issue was that both strands were for carnivorous species. While the Cretacous Coast wasn't against the idea of housing carnivores for the public to see and enjoy, at this stage they simply didn't have the funding to properly invest into a secure enough exhibit to ensure that the animals were safely kept separate from the public for the sake of both sides of the fence. Plus there was the standard isolation and study period that was step one of ensuring that the samples they had discovered didn't contain anything... dangerous. Well... more dangerous then the animal themselves anyway.

Jacob had recently come to him with an interesting idea, both in relation to research and to ensure future public interest in their park; When the time came to complete the herd of Protocerotops, instead of creating a forth female (as was tradition since the days of the original Jurassic Park to try and control the dinosaur population), instead they should develop a fully developed, breedable male so that the full range of the herds social nature could be explored. From a scientific standpoint there were a number of different fields that could be explored and developed from this decision if it was allowed to happen, but it also offered a degree of options for the more entertainment focused side of the park as well.

After all, being able to claim to have the first 'natural born' dinosaurs on the planet in hundreds of thousands of years would be a major promotional boon... and the public generally loved baby animals greatly. They were already having a contest across Australian schools to come up with names for the trio they already had, but having a live feed of the natural born eggs and the hype of being to name them... There were possibilities.

Of course, before Andrew had the chance to explore those further, the email on his computer held his current attention. The email itself had already been scanned by half a dozen different anti-virus softwares in order to make sure that it wasn't some kind of Trojan, giving the CEO the chance to contact and talk with his legal team about the development that the email offered... after taking a picture of it on his phone to ensure that possible evidence didn't slip through the cracks.

The deal was clearly all kinds of shady and rejecting it outright wouldn't be a terrible idea... but Andrew was thinking somewhat bigger picture. He was likely not the only one who had been contacted in this manner, opening up the possibility them some of their competitors might be more inclined to accept it, up front giving them advantages over the park and long term risking an incident that would tar the Coast's reputation solely because it also worked with dinosaurs. To allow this operation to continue was dangerous... but if Cretacous Coast offered to work with the authorities in order to set up a sting operation of sorts, not only could they shut this possible threat down before it had a chance to develop, it would also serve as a strong PR boost to the company itself while also allowing it to tear into any other competitor with less scruples.

With the proper authorities quietly made contact with and arrangements made, Andrew answered the email 'We are interested in your offer.'


Wheel me!

Oh. Spin the wheel then!

Considering how much money I've already spent, I might delay spinning the wheel this week.
Okay @Kale19, I've got some things to be purchased for Cretaceous Coast.

A restaurant for $1000.
A high quality DNA extractor: $640
2 new Protocerotops: $600
All up, that should be $2240

Go right ahead.
It occurs to me that someone could develop a company that produces and sells dino meat for the purposes of eating.
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