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I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Take as much time as you need, your needs come before our game, after all.

Gorm quietly nodded as the older woman told him that food and drink were only three silver. Two gold was perhaps a bit much for a meal for a place like this, he realized, and thus he pocketed the extra gold. Traveling on the dull roads for so long must have left him prone to the occasional bit of daydreaming and absent-mindedness, it seemed. Not a moment too soon after it arrived, he grabbed the mug of mead and took a hefty swig. The warm drink was something he had been yearning for quite some time now. It was a small sense of familiarity, a reminder of the taverns back home, to be juxtaposed with the new circumstances he had found himself in. Gorm found it strangely calming, in a way, and began to relax himself. As the woman spoke, he set the tankard down on the table and began to pick at the plate of knucklehead trout he'd been served.

When she brought the captain of the guard, Gorm looked up from his food, his interest evident. He furrowed his brow in concentration, spearing a small chunk of fish with his fork. He took another bite, chewing slowly while he considered the job offer. Wouldn't be a bad idea to take it up, he thought. Could be a good way to get a lay of the land, probably pay out well enough... After a moment, he quietly took another hefty swig of mead. He planned to speak to the guard captain once he'd finished his meal, he decided. For now, though, he'd just continue to keep an ear open while he ate, just in case anything else of interest came up.
That's good to hear. Hope everybody else is doing alright.
Making rounds, I'm sorry for my absence. It's been a rough couple weeks. I'm ready to jump back in after my concert tonight.

Sorry to hear that. Hope things have been getting better for you recently!

On that note, how's everybody been doing? It's been kind of quiet here as of late. Everybody doing alright?

Gorm entered the inn with a content grin on his face, as he felt the heat immediately hit him. Not quite as warm as he would have liked, but beggars can't be choosers, and he certainly wasn't about to be picky about warmth. When he quickly scanned over the place and its patrons, however, his smile quickly fell. With a stony frown, Gorm crossed his arms as his eyes settled on the back of the halfling's head. "By Hoar..." He groaned to himself. What were the odds of him running into him again? He started to turn around to leave before anyone had noticed him, but before he could do so, the elderly tavern keep had greeted him.

A long sigh escaped Gorm's lips, and he shut his eyes. A small bite, a quick sip, and then he'd go about his way once again. "Somethin' quick to eat and somethin' warm to drink," Gorm grumbled. "Please 'n thank you." With that, he quickly put down two gold coins for the meal. Taking a seat closer to the entrance, he quietly drummed his fingers on the table while he waited.
Sorry to hear you're leaving us @Birdboy. Hope things get a bit less hectic for you so you're able to rejoin us soon!
Probably something along the lines of how the first campaign went, with people just sort of inadvertently gravitating towards each other before the call to adventure cements us as a party?

Although the half-orc had kept himself tightly bundled against the harsh and unpleasant chill, once he was in the city proper, he relaxed himself with a small sigh. He shook himself, brushing off some snow in the process. Finally - civilization. He'd been traveling for so long he'd started to wonder if he'd ever see anyone again. A cheeky grin crossed his face as he cocked his head to one shoulder. "Looks like we're 'ere," Gorm said to himself. "Time to get a couple of drinks and take a load off 'fore figuring out what our next move is. What do you say?"

Expecting no answer - no verbal answer, anyways - Gorm simply continued down the street. Despite wanting to sit down and enjoy a nice mug of mead after having trekked for so long through the snowy lands, he also felt like taking a casual stroll through the town to familiarize himself with it. As he gathered directions to the nearest tavern and took in the sights of people going about their daily business, Gorm began to relax, his heart easing from the strain of travel through these unfamiliar lands. Once he had proper directions to his destination, he switched from wandering aimlessly to wandering towards the tavern.

After how unpleasant the journey had been through the harsh and unfamiliar cold, he was more than ready to take a nice, warm seat, throw down his coinpurse, and treat himself to as many mugs of mead as he could handle and then some. Just put it all behind him.
It's up! I'll try to get a post up tonight. Have we discussed at all how long we've known each other and traveled together?

Usually I prefer to have my character be a total newcomer to the party, but so far Gorm knows at least one member of the party, and I figure his patron probably gave him subtle nudges towards meeting Albus, if that's alright with @Birdboy?
I definitely enjoy having physical copies of the books, especially back when my group met up in person, but after we moved to online meetings I've found 5e tools to be super useful for when I need to quickly look something up. It's especially helpful when it's something just kind of annoying or niche, like the specifics of items or certain class features, like Eldritch Invocations and the like.
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