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Sure! @Cu Chulainn and I have set up a discord server to get things a bit better organized once we get a DM and group ready. We could help you get familiar with the system and answer any questions you have there: click here for the invite link.
Would definitely be interested in giving this a shot if there's still room.
Kesal Sajorren

Kesal sheathed his blade, realizing that holding it would merely impede his ability to climb the ladder. Once he reached the roof, his eyes darted first over to Odin's dying body, then to the bandit standing on the edge of the roof. Odin was in desperate need of medical attention, he presumed, but it would have to wait: the brigand on the roof was still a very near threat.

Kesal Sajorren

Kesal tightened the grip on his weapon as he surveyed the battlefield once more. Gascon had run off to go get Oleg, Rosie was trying to take down the cloaked man, Odin seemed to be in quite a bind from the way things sounded and Ana was in the process of trying to fend off the bandit attacking him. Perhaps it might be a good idea to aid him: he doubted the cloaked figure presented himself a serious threat at the moment, and the burning barn would likely be something that they would have to deal with once they had finished with these bandits. With that in mind, he began to approach the ladder.

Kesal Sajorren

Touching at his wound, Kesal frowned and winced a little. The bandit's attack had fortunately not struck anywhere vital, and there was little cause for concern, but it still stung a little. The real damage he had sustained was to his pride, sullied by not just one, but two instances of considerable embarrassment brought on in this particular encounter. To say that he was irate would be an understatement. When Gascon had managed to knock the whelp down, Kesal decided to finish them off. Drawing the blade back, the alchemist shoved the longsword into the dying bandit's torso. He must have driven the blade in quite far - a bit of a needless act on his end, but he wanted to make sure the brigand was very much dead before he could enact the next part of his plan.

Trodding over the now considerably more dead bandit, Kesal took care to make sure that he didn't make the same mistake Gascon had, focusing his footsteps as he stepped forwards, reaching the end of the cart. His eyes set upon the cloaked figure, who had just begun burning down the barn...

Kesal Sajorren

Keeping watch of the other events on the battlefield, Kesal observed the first few moments as they played out. A faint smile crossed his face as he watched the cloaked man fall off of the cart. He was still alive - this was good. Taking him alive might be a good idea. The fact that he was essentially the only one wearing such strange clothing made Kesal wonder if it was perhaps a sign of rank. Once the two bandits and Gascon had joined him on the cart, however, he shifted his focus back to immediate issues. This time, he'd have to rely on his own readiness and ability to fight at close range.

With a scowl, he gripped the longsword resting at his hip and drew it, tensing up as he kept a cautious and careful eye on the two bandits before him. Stepping closer to the two bandits, Kesal prepared himself to land a strike when the moment seemed most opportune...

Kesal Sajorren

The elf tensed up as he heard the battle cry come from the other side of the cart. The jig was up. They'd spotted him. He figured this wouldn't work, but if they had been able to block off the entrance by obstructing the gate... No matter. It probably wouldn't do them much good now anyways - moving it into position would probably get them killed. With a grunt, the alchemist clamored up on top of the cart. Kesal had the foresight to prepare a javelin in cave things went pear-shaped as they currently were, and he intended to do some serious damage in the split second that he had to take the bandit group off-guard. Aiming for someplace vital with the hope to take him out in one blow, he quickly chucked the javelin at the mysterious figure.

"You inconsequential cur!" Kesal hissed furiously.

Although his blow landed true, even the proud elf would be hard pressed to admit that such a strike was little more than a fluke. Had the cloaked figure been prepared, he probably could have even avoided the thrown spear. In any case, what's done is done: if luck was on his side, he was not about to bid it farewell. Taking another quick glance at the cloaked figure, he tried to estimate if he had hit anything that would have neutralized the figure. While Kesal couldn't get a good "feel" for how much damage he had done to the man, but he was certain it was a rather powerful throw nonetheless.

Kesal Sajorren

Kesal quietly grunted as he listened to Oleg's explanation. Ineptitude would prove to be the death of these two merchants, through little fault of their own. It was a good thing that Kesal had joined up with this group of explorers: after all, safety in numbers was a valuable asset when approaching unfamiliar situations, especially in his own case. Several of his compatriots seemed to already begin preparations for the oncoming threat - it was about time that he contributed to the effort as well. "I don't imagine they'll send a group as large as last time to harry the post, but it would still do us good to prepare a small surprise for the brigands," Kesal thought aloud, opening the pouch at his waist and procuring a small vial containing a strangely colored liquid . "That being said, I believe it might be a good idea for me to position myself near the entrance in waiting, along with Gascon and Herkuel. This potion I prepared earlier should make it easier for me to approach them, or, should my attempts to sneak close be noticed, I have something to minimize injury to myself. Once our little melee begins, with Gascon's assistance, I should be able to take care of anybody we have no desire to speak to." Although he himself wasn't a master of stealth by any means - that was, after all, why he had learned the formula - the magic within the extract would only work on himself. It might be risky, but it would also put him within a position to put his knowledge of where to strike to the test.

Turning to face Ana, he sighed. "These two merchants have asked us to defend their trading post from a group of bandits approaching soon. We're currently discussing a plan of attack to ambush them: I was considering hiding by the entrance, Odin was searching for a vantage point upon which to fire upon, and I believe Rosie was planning on drawing their attention while Gascon and Herkuel move this cart behind them to block their escape."
Kesal Sajorren

Quietly thinking to himself had given Kesal some time to reflect on the matters at hand, especially with the knowledge that they had just so happened to stumble upon a small trading post in need of some assistance. It looked like even on the very fringes of the unexplored territory, the reach of avarice and barbarism held a strong grip on the innocent here. It was quite troubling, and only served to reinforce the thought that this task would prove to be quite daunting. Although these people could definitely use their assistance, Kesal couldn't help but notice that it seemed as if though they had already hired someone to help defend them who failed to show up. What could have been the cause of that? Were they not so pressed on time, it might have been interesting to find out what had happened to them, assuming they truly had the noble intention of returning to assist the trading post.

"If the rest of us are in agreement, I see no issue with stopping here to assist these two. Taking down some heathens sounds much more enjoyable than another dull and dreary hours long expedition through a realm of rocks and roots," Kesal suggested. Once he had stated his thoughts and intention, however, a frown crossed his face as he tilted his head upwards to look down upon the two denizens of the trading post. "That being said, perhaps in the future it may be a good idea to hire a more permanent solution to this problem, yes?" Kesal pointed out, his tone as critical as his words. "These lands are no place for pedestrian businessmen. What did you have in place prior to prevent your business from being targeted by these vagabonds beforehand, and what happened to it? Surely you did not come into this territory of danger and dour without any sort of aid or protection should this sort of situation occur!"
Kesal Sajorren

Silence shrouded Kesal's person as he leaned to the side to look past the others, cocking his head upwards for a moment as his eyes caught sight of the palisade. A barely restrained sigh escaped from his lips as he continued to follow the group, his spirits a little bit higher with the revelation that they were approaching something even a hint of civilization. The trip thus far had been incredibly boring, but it would be all worth it soon. The thought of taming a grand and vast frontier such as this... nothing could deter him from taking the journey. For a moment, he quietly wondered why the others had been brought here. They had talked some during the two nights they had all spent together, giving Kesal a vague idea of what to expect from the group, but he was still wondering the full purpose of the trip for everyone. For him, it was the idea of creating a name for himself, proving his worth to his family.

Of course, these grand ambitions of his would have to wait until they had gained a foothold in this unknown land. It was important to live in the present, and keep a vigilant eye for any threats that might be present in the untamed wilderness.

"To truly tame and entirely conquer these lands is an impossible notion. Enemies and obstructions shall always be present, undoubtedly to pursue the goals similar to ours. Instead, we need to wrest control from the forces that have already claimed it currently, and as for how we will do that, it is simple: we eradicate each threat to our domain in order - one at a time."
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