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Really, really sorry for not putting up a post sooner, but I've been busy the past few days and will likely continue to be busy for the next few days as well due to personal circumstances. I'm still interested, but unfortunately I don't have a character ready at the moment and even if I did, I would still be unable to keep a consistent posting schedule due to the way things are at the moment. Had I the time, I would have alerted everybody sooner to my sudden absence, and for this I apologize. I feel like it may be for the best to go ahead and start without me.
@Caitimus Sorry for going silent, I've been busy. I still plan on joining, and should have my character up by tomorrow at the latest!
Make that three in favor of point buy.
I hope it's not too late to express my interest, I've been busy the past few days and didn't have a chance to provide a post. Even though I'm pretty sure you've already got a good idea for the campaign from those who have already posted their interest, I figure it wouldn't hurt to throw in my two cents as well.

a) 40%
b) 50%
c) 10%

I enjoy exploration a lot as a roleplaying element, and think it can really help to immerse myself into the world. It can also help to, in my opinion, make a campaign feel less static. I also like fighting monsters, which is par for the course for most roleplaying adventures, though I prefer exploration if only slightly more. Of the three, the one I dislike the most is solving complex puzzles, especially ones with obtuse or otherwise unclear answers. Puzzles can especially bring things to a screeching halt if the answer is too obscure and the provided hints are out of the scope of the player's consideration.

One element that would be interesting would be elements that tie into character backstories and that present dilemmas. Scenarios that also help to encourage character development are pretty intriguing to me as well. I feel like whenever a player's backstory is brought up in-universe, it helps to both show that time in the world is passing and that there are other events that are happening and decisions being made that the players may not be aware of. It also seems neat because it makes it feel as if though the characters are people who have some form of status, whether it be something as minor as somebody's family member or a wanted fugitive, they have a place in that world as a person, rather than a paper cut-out that can be easily replaced with another.

As for pantheons, I don't really have a preference between original and pre-existing ones. If there is already a method established as to how our characters know each other, then I'm cool with that as well, but if not, I think we could have heard of each other through word of mouth. Perhaps there's a common contact that has met all of our characters, though they haven't had all of the members of the group meet prior, only in occasional groups, if that makes any sense.

The character that I plan on playing would likely be some sort of elven sorcerer/fighter hybrid, though which bloodline I plan to choose eludes me as of right now, as does whether or not he was/is a fighter. I imagine his past had him living in Sceirby under a potentially prominent family, until he committed a crime or some other act that put him in bad graces with the family, and as a result he has sought a new life elsewhere. I also imagine that, somehow, his bloodline would have been the result of his exile; perhaps he had used it wrongly, or perhaps the bloodline itself is too volatile for the family's tastes. His search for a place to settle has brought him to Combedean, though it is unknown whether or not that will be a suitable place for the estranged elven sorcerer to (eventually) settle down.
Cocking an eyebrow at Danny as he left, Jarven sighed. He had his own stuff to worry about once they were done here, but he was sure that he could have his personal inventory stored somewhere on one of the boats as they were to retreat. The inquisitor stood up from his chair, pushing it in as he leaned on it with both hands, briefly gazing towards the other members present at the meeting. "While I still personally think it may be just as quick to divide ourselves amongst the two pressing issues right now, I believe we may be able to try and regroup the Dwarven militia so that they can assist us in the search and rescue as one instead. It may cut down on the chance of any of us dying en route to help either party."

Despite his promotion of the Dwarven army, Jarven was also well aware of the fact that they could all already be dead. The thought chilled him to the core, but he also realized that there were surely others who were as concerned for the two Elves as he was for the entire Dwarven militia. "I believe it may be in our best interest to hasten this conversation. I'm capable and willing to help the Elves out, as am I the Dwarves. My vote still lies, however, with the Dwarves." Jarven finished with a frown. He truly was willing to help the Elves, but that did little to abate his worry about what may have happened to Gammar, perhaps the closest reminder to his home that he'd known here. Jarven's mind seemed to cloud itself again as he took himself back to the orc raid on Oghzammer, the event that would take him to where he was now...

Shaking his head, Jarven anchored himself back to where he was now. That was the past, something he could not change. This was the present, something he was holding a grand stake in, as were the other participants at the table. Turning to face Agatha, he cleared his throat before asking one last question to swap the floor. "You said you could send your friends to help our friend at the dock?" The Inquisitor inquired.
"Whatever action we are going to take," Jarven says, "I believe we need to do so with haste. We should send somebody to keep the docks under control, somebody to assist the Dwarven Quarter, and somebody to help the Elves out in their search and rescue mission." He sighs, rubbing his forehead with both hands before turning to look over at Felix. "We need to ensure that the council is able to reach safety immediately, and to that end I believe it would be best if we were to have them wait for us here while we gathered them. I volunteer myself as part of the group to investigate the Dwarven Quarter. Gammar may need our assistance..." The Inquisitor cringes as he imagines the carnage. He'd always thought the Dwarven militia was a force to be reckoned with, but considering how quickly the Xill took over their ranks... Clenching his teeth, the Inquisitor blankly stares forward for a moment. He had to be calm in times like these. Taking a deep breath, and after gazing briefly at the symbol of Torag on his person, Jarven sighs. "Speaking of, have we heard word from the other members of the council?"

NPC Relationships (WIP)

Gammar: Treats Gammar with high regard, and likely has formed a bond with him despite their religious differences.
Llenasae: Holds her with a fair amount of respect, though suspects she has a dark secret due to her paranoia.
Ayrie: Held with high respect, agrees that knowledge is something that should be preserved at all costs.
Felix: Held with the highest regard compared to the others, can be seen speaking with Felix frequently to discuss the matters of the church.
The Compelling Savages: Agrees that Savages is a very appropriate name, despises Half-Orcs and Orcs but won't turn a blind eye to them in need.
Trin: Trin is considered to be a bit of a whelp in Jarven's eyes, and is less than willing to provide assistance should it be needed. Regardless, however, Jarven would not turn a blind eye to anybody in need, even Trin.
Greetings! I'm the friend that @Cu Chulainn mentioned that had interest in joining, if it's still alright.
This looks like it could be interesting. Count me in!
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