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Current Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says the man in Washington it belongs to the poor. No says the man in the Vatican it belongs to God. No says the man in Moscow it belongs to everyone
2 yrs ago
Talking in riddles is fun. Putting them to poem is better. Presentation is the key.


Why does anyone care
No one really looks at this part
Its all just pointless.

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I am on vacation this week, sorry for the late notice. Feel free to start without me if needed. I will be back this weekend hopefully, if work does not happen.
the roleplay takes place 150 years after the event. This would make it hard for your character to have been a child when the disaster event happened. Just thought I would let you know. Also I plan on making a grave-digger type character for the Unseen, and thought it would be nice if we would know each other since my character would more or less be employed by you OR assigned to you as my handler/logistics lead.
Good question.. as I didn't really decide yet.
More than 50, less than 200. I'll take suggestions?!

It depends on what you are going for. The more recent the event the less organized the society. The timeline also has an effect on the background of the story. You say they built this city as a refuge, but if the date of the event is recent that would bring into question as to how large this city is and how advanced they are in general... There is a lot of weight in this topic.
Quick question before I start my character, and I may have just missed it in the intro, how long has the world been this way?
I am intrigued by this idea. I will be keeping an eye on it while I do some thinking about what character I might play.
Banned for participating in a thread that encourages users to use administrative powers abusively that they are not allowed to use in the first place.
Banned for attempting to impersonate a fox.
Banned for being an unwilling leader.
My party and I were walking up to a ruined structure of some kind and upon arriving in its front lawn the elf, mage, made a knowledge history roll finding that it was a barracks. The Human, warrior, of the group made a knowledge history check with a +7 knowing it was a barracks to see if he could place who it may have once belonged to, and found it was once part of the Old King's FOBs. The Half-Orc, Barbarian failed his knowledge roll cuz Half-Orc. I the Dwarf, Cleric, didn't want to be left out of rolling, but didn't have any knowledge skills to help said. I want to appraise the ruin. Everyone lost it when I rolled nat 20 and an 18 confirm. I looked to the group and said. "This was once a magnificent barracks with THICC mahogany doors, and a skill fully crafted stain glass mural of the Old King... It was a sight to behold in it's time.

The joke for the rest of the session was "Hey Dwarf, how 'bout you appraise this for me."
Banned for thinking my hammer is small.

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