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Current As the bowl of patunias would say, as it falls through the air to meet the planet's hard rocky surface: "Not again."
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Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says the man in Washington it belongs to the poor. No says the man in the Vatican it belongs to God. No says the man in Moscow it belongs to everyone
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Talking in riddles is fun. Putting them to poem is better. Presentation is the key.


Why does anyone care
No one really looks at this part
Its all just pointless.

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@Mike the Bloodwolf Ssshhhhh, You will only make it worse. We have to act like everything is okay.
I will be posting my character by tomorrow night as to attempt to breath new life into this.
I will be making a post by tomorrow night.
Yes, you are not human, but if you are drunk your blood alcohol levels have exceeded your body's tolerance level. If you have passed out that means the blood alcohol level is to a point where your body has shutdown. Even if you aren't human, you have consumed a level of alcohol that cannot be napped off and remedied with just a few herbs.

You were passed out drunk like ten minutes ago... Have you ever actually been drunk? that is not how alcohol works my dude.
Fight back as you may, I do believe that the story progresses with us being caught.
Edward Teach

Walking casually through the dimly lit alleyways of town Edward felt a strange sensation, it was one he had come to know too well to shrug off; he was being followed. Taking a few quick turns to drop any line of sight his followers might have, he then did a short wall jump to grab hold of a window no too far from the ground. The lamps inside were not yet lit leading Edward to believe the occupants were gone or asleep if it were a bedroom. carefully he climbed to the next window up and turned around to look down on the empty alley beneath him. It wasn't long before his pursuers crept around the corner in a hurry peering each directing to see if he could spot Edward.
"Damn," One of the three men exclaimed under his breath. "He was onto us." Edward began to recognize the man as one of the three at the table where he was playing cards. The other two were obviously hired help by the dumb looks on their faces and the unmotivated fashion they followed the man. "No doubt, he heard you two lumbering like elephants. I told you to be quiet or else-" He stopped and looked up when he heard the sound of metal scraping along leather, the sound of a sword being pulled from its sheath.
Edward was quick to identify his targets, having been in many situations like this, and came down on one of the two hired goons who was brandishing a flintlock pistol. Knocking the man to the ground the goon yelled in pain as a dull cracking noise came from one of his legs. The yelling didn't last long as Edward thrust his sword into the man's chest. His yell turned to a gargling grunt before he lay still on the ground. The other two were still in shock as Edward rose, slowly retrieving his sward and grabbing the man's pistol.
"What is it about you porkers?" Edward checked the pistol making sure it was loaded properly. "That you always think you are being cheated when a younger man, such as I, wins?" in one swift movement Edward fired the pistol at the second goon, sword half drawn and advanced on the man from the tavern. The man was able to get his sword out, but it was really of no good use to him. Edward came on hard with a relentless flurry of slices and jabs that the man had a difficult time blocking. "C'mon! I'm not even trying!" Edward goaded the man. He could see in the man's eye the fear and regret as he realized that Edward was not just some common young man with a sword to impress the local brothel girls. Hearing the foreboding clatter of guards in the distance Edward knew he had to wrap this up. He gave the man a quick slice to the thigh causing him to kneel.
"Please, I'm sorry!" He said dropping his sword and putting his hands up. "It was nothing personal, You can take my money." He reached for his coin purse.
Edward quickly grabbed the man's sword and held the two blades like sheers to the man's neck. "I beg to differ. You followed me for some four blocks and tried to kill me for money I won fair in a damned game of chance. Edward lowered the swords and knelt next to the man whispering in his ear. "I would take that in the utmost of personal offenses." He then thrust the man's sword he had grabbed through him. The man let out a grunt and fell over.
Dusting himself off he turned around to see four guards standing in the alleyway before him. "Let's get this clear-" The guards descended on Edward disarming him as he tried to fight back with only his fists against the armored guards. "What ever, grunt, happen to fisticuffs?" He said fighting to get out of their hold. They landed a few hit to his face giving him a small gash on his forehead and a bruise on his lower right jaw. ""Otay, ill go- ow!" he slurred from his injuries as they proceeded to put shackles on him and escort him towards the center of town.

I assume this has slowed down due to finals and what not?

If it isn't dead I was thinking of bring in another character that would work with all the major parties: The head of a freight shipping/transport service. All good mobs need someone who can move product, and a lot of it, fast and under the radar. If you need some nominal supplies during a lock down, munitions for an up coming stand-off, or "product" for the masses you need someone you can trust.
Edward Teach

In a small tavern a, few blocks from the main square where the town celebration was in full swing; Edward sat at a table with a few others, cards in hand and some already folded. The three other men at the table seemed mildly frustrated and suspicious as Edward sat relaxed a good stack of coin in front of him and a young, red headed, woman draping on his shoulder, both exchanging whispers and muffled laughs. "Well boy your go." one man said in a raised voice. On the table were four cards, not really amounting to much in the way of advantage: Queen of hearts, Five of Spades, Eight of clubs, Ace of clubs. It was Edward's bet on an already loaded pot with eight copper pieces, six silver, and 3 gold doubloons. Pulling up his hand he looked at his cards then to the young woman. "What do you think?" she furrowed her brow and pursed he lips slightly, pondering the cards Edward had and the cards on the table. She then whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. Edward raised his eyebrows looking to his cards. "I do believe that is talk better left behind closed doors." The woman blushed as she playfully smacked his chest. "Teach! bet or fold!" the dealer said annoyed. "All right, all right. Just 'cause they're losing doesn't mean I can't have fun." Edward said as he tossed three silver pieces into the middle of the table off handed as if he didn't seem to care.
The two other men at the table still in the current hand seemed exasperated with what had transpired and shifted in their chairs uneasily. One folded, took what coin he had left on the table and left, leaving the final man against Edward in the final round. The man looked hard at the cards on the table and in his hand then matched Edward's bet. The dealer collected the bets and dealt the last card in the round: Five of hearts. Edward sat up in his chair to look at the cards on the old table before waving his hand to signal no bet. The dealer looked to the other man who was more than happy to see that card pop up and that Edward passed his bet. With a great deal of confidence he pushed his six silver pieces and two doubloons into the middle of the table. "All in." The people watching gasped and looked to Edward who was unfazed by the man's play. Pushing the appropriate coinage into the table the woman draping over Edward looked slightly concerned. "I was hoping you would do that." Edward said. "HA!" the man interrupted Edward. "Your games are over." He turned his cards to show he had the eight of clubs and eight of diamonds. "Full house, Edward. Now take your slut and-" BANG The man was stopped dead in his tracks as he was sweeping the table of coins by a large knife embedding into the table between him and the coins. There was uneasy silence. "As I was saying; I hoped you would do that, cause I have an appointment to keep tonight." he slowly turned his cards to show a pair of fives. "I do say you came close, but one should never jump the gun." The man slowly lifted his hands from the table. "Also, that is no way to talk to a lady, apologize." That was the last straw for the man, he slowly showed his anger in his face as he started to yell and reach for his own knife. "Why should I apologize to-" with a blur of movement Edward grabbed his knife, closed the distance between the two of them and had jammed the handle of the blade into his lower jaw. The man reeled back taking a few steps them dropped to the ground unconscious.
The room was quiet looking from the man on the floor to Edward and back in different combinations. Collecting his coins Edward turned to the young woman he was with holding his hand out into which she placed hers. "With this I must bid you farewell." He kissed her hand in a half bow. "Don't be a stranger, Ed." She replied. Edward then left the tavern and headed towards the docks avoiding the main square with the prize he had just won.
Hey people, sorry I have been missing. I got really busy this weekend, but I plan to get started Tuesday.
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