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Current Ever look back on your old PM and think "Man that was the shit! Why did we stop?"
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As the bowl of patunias would say, as it falls through the air to meet the planet's hard rocky surface: "Not again."
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Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says the man in Washington it belongs to the poor. No says the man in the Vatican it belongs to God. No says the man in Moscow it belongs to everyone
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Talking in riddles is fun. Putting them to poem is better. Presentation is the key.


Why does anyone care
No one really looks at this part
Its all just pointless.

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Hey, sorry I didn't realize that this was active again. I can work on a post to get up.
Not in any way to be rude, but why not a dragonborn?

They are largely used, and appear as mixed blooded/breed creatures rather than humanoid dragons. It is very rare that you get a humanoid dragon, rather; you more often see draconic sorcerers who have an innate magical sense/abilities due to their dragon blood. The depicted dragon has always been odd to me as a half dragon is more of a monster's attribute than a characteristic. They come from the monster manual, but can bee applied to characters. I have only seen practical application as mixed blood. On one occasion I fought a half dragon, like the depicted image, but he was of magical creation with basic monster level intelligence meaning he really couldn't lead a normal life like a human.
I understand. You are looking to play a more tribal form of dragonborn in that sense; you do you! I will very seldom say someone can't in a fantasy setting and never in an RP that isn't mine. I have a friend that I helped to make a sentient slime cube character for one of my D&D campaigns. I will never forget that, it was the most jank character I had ever seen work in a game.

Would a shadow halfdragon be allowed?

Just a me thing, but technically that would be a dragonborn, which is a race in-and-of itself. A "half dragon" would be a dragon type creature mixed with another creature.
@Britanieisrad watch out, Travis is gonna wanna touch the dragon... among other things.
"It did the trick quite well." Travis said with a smile and a nod. "Certainly helped with containing that elemental in order to deter those thieves, if you know what I mean." Travis chuckled a bit as he nudged Cointooth inferring that the thieves met with a more grim fate than just being scared away. Travis sipped from his cup again and almost spilled when a sudden gust came over the table as if a large paper fan had been swung in their direction. "No, this is not a business trip." Travis said peering over the many patrons to see where the gust had come from, but to no avail. He rest in his seat once more before continuing. "I'm not here of my own volition, mind you. I asked Chester if he could find some drink and food for after my ritual. Pretty clear instructions I thought..." Travis sipped once more before putting on a disappointed look. "Nooo... not to an Imp. Chester decided he would do it the other way round, gah... Should have never given him that stone of summoning." Travis looked into his mug. "I guess if you have a live Owlbear for sale?" Travis was joking, of-course, Owlbears were illusive, and highly territorial. The fact that he left one dieing, and would likely be dead soon without completing the ritual, somewhere near meant that it was likely the only one for a few hundred miles. "How's business been? Still able to find those unique trinkets and charms I see." Travis said as he looked over Cointooth's back. He could feel something muffled from within the bag, as usual, a magical presence that Travis was never quite sure was a spell on the bag itself or something hidden by Cointooth for just the right buyer.

@Marcus XVI hey, we're a couple posts in now.
Travis sat patiently at the bar, glancing around casually at the other people present in the Inn as the bartender coyly poured him a mug of port and slid it his way. "Here you are..." He looked him over before finishing. "Sir." The bartender looked as though he wasn't sure what Travis was fully, or if he belonged there.
"Not even in a glass." Travis mutters to himself as he sipped his drink, and placed an amount of coin on the bar. The bartender looked at it a moment as Travis started to get up and walk away. It was at this time that Travis remembered that he had been pulled here in the middle of a rather involved ritual, and he probably looked it as well. He too looked himself over to find that his cloak was tattered with a mix of dirt and blood blotted here and there. "Hmmm..." he said as he sipped again from the mug.
"Sir, uh." It was the bartender still tending to the coins that Travis had left. "this is too much." pointed to where the coins were on the bar. "That port is only half that."
"huh?" Travis looked at the coins then to his cup. "Well then." He proceeded to chug the contents of his mug and set it back down on the bar. "Another, please."

Now with a second cup well underway, Travis sought a table with company. Walking around the room Travis saw many people of differing companies, some friends, some strangers, some who simply sat and drank alone, and one should never drink alone. Travis came to lock eyes with what he recognized as a Moon Elf. She appeared to be a huntress of sorts. Travis looked into his mug I don't think I have had quite enough for that yet. He looked back up to see a rather curious figure in an interesting hat, but what caught Travis' eye more was the backpack the figure had with them. "It couldn't be..." Travis knew Cointooth, as many of his sort did, from past dealings. He really helped Travis when he needed a Soul Sapphire for that Water Elemental eight month ago Travis used to fend off some pesky group of kids attempting to make off with some of his books... even if it was a bit over priced. Hearing vaguely of tubers and cheese from somewhere amongst the Inn Travis raised his mug in Cointooth's direction and hollered out. "Cointooth! I see you, you slippery little stub!" Travis made his way across the room where he sat down next to Cointooth. "How have you been? I feel like it has been forever."

@Winter Star12@TheGrundlesnart@Assallya
A small imp slunk from one alleyway to another peering around each street. It was dressed in what appeared to be child sized clothing with a small sack tied to it's belt line. It chirped and hissed as a few people paused briefly to catch a glimpse of the creature, but only for a moment as it poofed into black shimmering smoke to reappear a distance down the street out of sight. Reaching into it's sack an produced a glowing red and purple stone that looked glassy in nature. The imp began speaking in a language that sounded like a mix of growls and whimpers, the stone made a harsh but low toned hum in response. The imp scrunched his face in a look of disappointment as he walked to the door of an Inn and transported himself inside.

The inn was warm in atmosphere and had already a fair amount of people there, many of which scarcely noticed the imp arrive. The imp found an open area near the bar where a few people had now began to look at him with a mix of drunken disbelief and genuine interest. The imp placed the stone from before on the floor, cut his palm to drop some blood on the stone, and took a few steps back. The entire time he was preparing this the stone was continuing to utter harsh humming sounds. This unsettled a few of the patrons who has began to step back as the stone began to rattle on the floor for a short time before it poofed into a large cloud of that black smoke from before. The smoke was gone almost as quickly as it came and in it's place Travis stood with an angry expression on his face, a bloody dagger in one hand and an amulet in the other.
"Chester!" Travis exclaimed hands still raised as if he was in the middle of preforming a ritual. "Do you know how long it took me to get that Owlbear to roll on it's back for me?" He stared intensely at the imp who began speaking in whimpers.
"I told you, not tonight; but now I am here so..." Travis sat at a stool at the bar without dropping a beat as if this was a regular occurrence for him, and handed the amulet and knife to the imp who grabbed them then promptly disappeared.
"Sure, just leave I guess? Port please!" He said as he waved to the bar tender.
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