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Current As the bowl of patunias would say, as it falls through the air to meet the planet's hard rocky surface: "Not again."
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Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says the man in Washington it belongs to the poor. No says the man in the Vatican it belongs to God. No says the man in Moscow it belongs to everyone
3 yrs ago
Talking in riddles is fun. Putting them to poem is better. Presentation is the key.


Why does anyone care
No one really looks at this part
Its all just pointless.

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Yeah everyone! Sorry I have a unintended super power of disappearing without warning. I will make a post tomorrow after work for sho.

Heads up.
I am going to be traveling over the weekend and will be unavailable. I will try to post if needed but I won't be back for close to a week after the 4th.

I have been piecing together my post from my dead laptop and hope to have the conclusion up by Thursday. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you all for your support.
sorry for not posting, i had a weird issue where the website said it was going to hack me for like, two days. then i forgot about this RP for one day and now i remembered, but now it's midnight and i am tired.

i'll post in at least 24 hours from now i guarantee it!

I had a similar issue. For some reason the mobile site lost its https.
Alright, the kill bots have made their move. Thanks for being patient.
Dispatching the last of the intruders was no problem for Kimberly and Thatcher. Their battle training was leaps and bounds ahead of anything that the Ulnar could even dream of achieving, let alone trying in practice. As things started to calm down in the Cargo Hold new orders were given from the information presented by both Johnson and Brad.
"Copy that, Commander." Kim and Thatcher said in unison as they started jogging to their new objective. "Proceeding with caution to neutralize threat in the escape decks." jogging through the corridors they came to arrive at the escape deck hearing a few shots from a deck above. "Johnson, Brad?" Thatcher called over comm-link as Kimberly and himself stacked at their ingress point.
"We are good here." Johnson said calmly as him and Brad finished off a small party of Ulnar that had managed to enter through the escape hatch.
"Can't say the same for the rats." Brad added firing several shots into an Ulnar trying to crawl back into the empty boarding vessel.

Kimberly and Thatcher readied to breach as they heard the Ulnar vessel open into the escape deck. "Go!" Kimberly yelled as the two of them opened the door and fired upon the now very angry Ulnar. The two droids separated a bit after getting through the doorway, moving along the walls to divide the enemy focus before closing in from forty-five degrees of either side of the enemy vessel. The Ulnar stood no chance in the fight, but as the two closed in on the final target hiding in the vessel the captian's orders came through. Both Thatcher and Kimberly ceased fire and stood on either side of the open port where the escape pod once was docked. Kimberly pulled out the mono-filament blade she had picked up before and charged the blade, causing it to glow and arc a white-ish blue.
"Whoa! Kim, where did you get that?" Thatcher asked with a slightly jealous tone.
"One of the Ulnar." She said then entered the the boarding vessel. There was a shriek and a hiss followed by a few heavy thuds then a weapon and two Ulnar hands were thrown out of the vessel. Kimberly exited the vessel carrying the last of the rat men, unconscious.
"My proverbial mouth is agape." Thatcher said as Kimberly threw the Ulnar down.
"The last of the Ulnar are dead save for the one in reserve for Devronian."

"Commander, Captain. Astrid, this might be of concern to you as well." Johnson came across the Comms. "Due to the intrusion one escape pod was jettisoned due to damage and two were destroyed by the Ulnar."
"Two more are inoperable on this deck," Thatcher added as he walked around the deck. "but are repairable."
Okay I am finally getting settled in to the new place. I will try to get something up over the weekend. Sorry for the absence.
Hey guys, girls, ghouls. I wanted to drop by with a little bit of unfortunate news. I am without a PC or laptop for a few days. If you need to just npc my kill bots for basic use and I will resume hopefully by this weekend.

Hey guys, I might be late to posting. I am moving out of my apartment due to water damage from some recent storms. I am not sure when I will get time to post before Friday/Saturday.

For now, yes. Idk if Master has something in mind for his next post, but for now both the Monroe and the ship are in a standoff!

Not really, I was going to mop up some stragglers from the escape decks and leave it to you as far as the rats go.
@Akayaofthemoon that's hard. Don't let them push you around though. I have been in that situation, reporting those kinds of things help. I reported an old manager of mine for that kind of situation and after I left I got a letter from corporate HR apologizing for what happened and he was let go.
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