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Yang Bethelehem

Yang quickly grabbed and hauled herself into the cage, it's really the worst idea but its better than their current situation.

The Varjans seemed determined to not let them make their getaway as they climbed aboard as well, the champion at the top as he begin to stabbed them. In addition, it was a frantic problem as two others had begun to try to open the door.

She grinned, more out of habit as her blood pumped faster and adrenaline flowed.

"You take care of the doors, I'll take care of the big guy!" She said quickly as she crossed her arms behind her back, an act that seemed suicidal even as she looked at the champion above them.

"Hey now! Why so serious! Let's play a bit!" Yang taunted as she dared to stand up closer upwards, almost offering herself to be stabbed.

The moment the blade came down, she made minimal movement as she dodged it with a hair's breathe. Her eyes reflected in the sword as her feet made small circular movements and turns.

Even as the champion darted his sword to create a quick slash, it was hampered by the cage design as it limited his sword movement and power. In addition, Yang also made a point to stand right under him.

"Come on! Come on! A little bit closer! Oops, nearly got me that time!" She playfully said.

It was a chaotic moment but Yang danced, no wasted movement, no hesitation even as the blade came so close to hitting her. The sword did nicked her clothing but it never touched skin, all the while the biggest smile was plastered on her face.

It's like Master old training! Yang thought as the blade descended again and again, her senses honed to its limit as she is perceiving not only the blade movement but the Varjan entire body as well. Her being under him gave her a perfect view of his next move.

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Yang Bethelehem

Yang smiled even as she dispatched the Varjan warriors too taken by her taunts, charging right into their zone of defence. Despite that, a loud command by their champion interrupted them.

She turned towards Magnus and frowned when she saw the blade at his neck, her eyes turned to her companion who had tossed her weapon aside.

"What a bother." Yang unrolled her prayers beads, slackened them back to normal length and tossed them to the floor. She stretched her neck to sides and relaxed herself. "Sorry, my bad for assigning you to him."

Come to think of it, she was more suited for handling tough opponents in a one on one scenario rather than the big buy who can keep people away. Her master was indeed correct even as she was tinged in regret, she realized that she still had a lot more to learn.

Even as she struggled to figure a way to get out the situation, some swords flew down and interrupted her thoughts as it hit the warriors and champion.

She didn't hesitate as she saw an opening, her foot slid on her prayer beads that she had tossed down and flung it with her feet towards the champion sword. It wouldn't knock the sword from his hand but it was enough to get the sword away from Magnus neck for a moment enough that can move away from it.

In tandem, she moved towards the remnants of the Varjan warriors and resumed her assault with her bare hands. She feinted going high before her leg swept low, send one of the varjan in the air before she fell on top of him with a brutal axe kick to his helmet.

The ground cushioned his fall but the kick was more than sufficient to knock him down for good.

How many more? She looked towards the situation.

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Hey guys. I'm really out of it at the moment so an update is unlikely.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Its fine, take your time and sort things out.
Yang Bethelehem

Yang looked at the numbers that they had and compared to theirs, she scrunched her face, took a long deep breathe and swung her arms to the sides that the prayer beads around her wrist came forward. With one motion and barely any unnecessary moves, she slipped the prayer beads around her knuckles and a foot slammed the ground into a stance.

"Emilio! Get behind me!" She quickly said and guarded Emilio even as she saw Rebecca moved into action, she took the opportunity to scout and saw one of the heavily armored knight went for a beeline for Emilio.

"Big guy, take care of that big one!" Yang said to Magnus as shemoved forward and guarded the sides from the oncoming soldier.

One blow from a sword came and she raised her fist against it, as foolish it looked to the varjan warrior, the sword was then met with sparks when it connected to her prayer beads. The moment it did, the varjan warrior felt his sword moved away from her almost effortlessly. Like his arms was being guided smoothly.

That was the last thing he felt before her fist connected straight to the front of his helmet, creating a loud echoing ring like a bell before the Varjan warrior body was lifted and tossed back right into his comrades. Furthering scattering them apart.

"Come on, or are all of you warriors so weak you can't even take two girls at the same time?!" She taunted them and she joined to the sides of Rebecca. Hopefully they're more focused on them rather than Emiliio.

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Yang Bethelehem

In between Rebecca and Magnus entrance, another presence moved and weaved itself into the encampment as the horses turned their heads and slowly moved away as if beckoned by another.

The horses then neighed as three of them was loosed towards the group, confusing and befuddling the warriors as there was only one lone rider that lead two other horses. It rode past Magnus before they halted in their tracks.

"Get on! Hurry!" A feminine voice echoed loudly and in an accent unused to the language spoken.

Rebecca and Magnus saw the rider, a short blonde woman with blue eyes and dressed in a fashion of clothes that seemed foreign akin to those far eastern monks with one difference, the sleeves had been cut off to provide more movement for her arms.

"Cut him from his bonds!" She quickly pointed to Emilio as she dismounted from the horses and ran to Magnus side without pause, she quickly beckoned them to come as she had prepared an escape path for them to leave should they choose.

Hello, I've been following the thread recently. So i wanted to give this a go.

Here are the character sheets I got so far.


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