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“Destination, Captain?”

“77th branch, those blistering coconuts in need of supplies again” Cadog said, lighting his pipe and letting the tobacco smoke fill his lungs. “It’s not right. Any Marines worth their salt can last longer than that.”

“But isn’t it the standard? Fighting takes lots of supplies.”

“Not in this sea.”

Haku nodded at that, learning that particular details mattered a lot. If it wasn’t combat, did it meant-?

“They’re sneaking the supplies and selling them?” The quiet air settled between the two as Haku accompanied Cadog, the latter continuing his walk.

“That’s one, or they’ve been in combat and haven’t been reporting it.”

“Isn’t that silly?” Haku blinked but Cadog shook his head.

“Pride does silly things,” The old captain shrugged as he adjusted his smoke pipe. “If those rats are keeping the loot for themselves instead of giving it back, I intend to tan their hides.”

“I…see.” Haku said, eyes looking down to the ground at that and his fingers twitched.

“But we need proof first.”

“Understood.” He replied back and bow, one that Cadog ignored the breach of protocol for now. This was his ship after all.

Cadog turned back to the first mate as he stood at the quarterdeck. “Once the supply ships begin to leave, we do the same as well!”

Like a bee hive, the crew sprung into action, easily practiced hands had them ready for sailing within minutes, and readied with supplies. It’ll allow them to last for months, or a full year if they ration and fish from the sea.

Haku was already at the top of the poop deck and took it further by standing upright on the pole itself with his toes. Arms crossed as he watched the supply ship loading itself in a snails pace.

“Ships are leaving!” He announced once the final supply ship cast off.

Immediately, the crew hoisted the sails with a grin as their captain approached the back of the ship.

“Anchors raised!”

“Cast off!” Cadog replied as his appearance turned to a liquid state, air intensifying in the alcohol scent as he raised his comically large fist that grew into the size of a water tower, compressed itself then pushed against the dock hard.

All crewmates rode upon the ship, some needing to hold themselves but the majority easily found their footing. Haku barely needed to move as he continued to stand upright.

Their ship shot off like a bullet, sending waves as it outright drifted across the ocean, parallel to the supply ship's route and then right into the lead position as it smoothly fell in line.

So with that, the journey begins.

Days turn into weeks, as the convoy of ships trailed behind the leading Marine ship. None dared to challenge or even come close despite only one marine escort ship being assigned to it.

Still, in this peaceful ocean. There was still plenty of things to do.

The supply ships from far can hear traces of noise loud erupting from the marine ship. Prompting them to wonder if they’re partying.

They couldn’t be further from the truth.

Right in the middle of Cadog ship, a ring of men formed around as everyone cheered rowdily. Both in amusement of the spectacle and partly ordered.

In the center of it, Haku stood alone, eyes blindfolded, and one arm tied to his back. Surrounded by the marines as they stood in formation, relaxed but ready to burst into action.

From an elevated position, Cadog nodded once as he sat down with his legs dangling.

Two marines came together and struck out with sticks that originally belong to a broom, currently repurposed as a training weapon.

Haku stood still as the nape of his neck rose before dodging at the last moment. Narrowly escaping their strikes as he hit one of them back but failed on the second marine. The latter was back in position by then, leading to another pair of marines coming from opposite directions coming this time.

This exercise continued relentlessly with no breaks or stops.

“Concentrate your sense, feel your surroundings.” Cadog monitored as he gave another signal. Adding another two more marines in the attack in a much more frenzied and chaotic pace.

“Your basics of Haki, or Ryuo, is there,” He explained as he pulled out a flask and took a sip. “Now you just need it to fully crystallize.”

Haku breath slowed, but he was slowly sensing more. The breath, scent, air, and even the gentle waves of the sea transmitted from the ship's hull to his foot.

Right now, he was surrounded by fifteen marines. Only four of them attacked at once but each with different timing, Haku thought to himself as he pivoted on his foot and spun downwards to his knees, finally hitting all of them at once with one single slash of his wooden stick.

“Finally.” Cadog waved his hand to the marines surrounding Haku.

All at once, they attacked him with their own strikes infused with a little haki. Enough to crack a boulder.


Haku twitched as he held himself in place and curled his body inwards, hardening himself as he wreathed Ryuo all around his body.

Each strike landed perfectly and rung out like a gong before it was forced backward, breaking the formation apart as their attacks was repelled violently.

Standing upwards quickly, Haku felt an attack far faster than anything so far coming straight for his stomach. The cold sensation ran up his spine that he jumped to the sides hard enough that the wind whipped past his hair.

This energy, Cadog! He wryly thought as he knew exactly what it was.

From a bird’s eye view, Cadog body had his fist detached from his body. A feat only possible with the Booze-Booze fruit.

The mass of hardened liquid then swerved and followed Haku accurately, forcing the latter to swing at it with his infused Ryuo stick. A brief clash and resistance rocked through his arms before it lessened in a blink of an eye but the feeling of danger was still there.

Thinking fast, he dropped flat on his back and tucked his legs in. Allowing the liquid fist to flew over him harmlessly as he rolled backwards and snapped back up to his feet immediately.

“Hmph, good. Let’s stop here.” Cadog voice announced as his fist rejoined the main body, allowing Haku to finally take off the blindfold.

After numerous lessons, he had finally gotten observation to a decent level that he can deal with most surprise attacks.

Granted, Cadog hadn’t used his armament, just the basic of Ryuo for most of his strike.
Haku held his stomach and winced from the phantom pain.

I kept my lunch this time.

“That’s enough for Paradise but still a far cry for the Devil’s Sea.” Cadog broke his thoughts as he slowly walked down from the quarterdeck as water was distributed to those who participated in the exercise. “Same for your armament.”

“I know.” Haku said, past moments of Wano came as he remember the strong samurai that did exist there. He would be ranked as a low to mid samurai at most, nothing compared to the elite, daimyo or shogun.

He still had a long way to go.

“Captain! Land ho!”

That drew everyone's attention, prompting them to return to their station as Cadog and Haku went to the front.

“Finally, any longer and I might have to pull those barnacle-ridden ships myself.”

“We do have enough rope and anchor chain.” Haku smiled, eliciting a harumph from Cadog who blew his pipe.

Still, Haku looked on at the 77th Marine base contemplatively.

They had a mission here, and it was something only they can accomplish.


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Gringor of the Ironhide Tribe

Gringor eyes narrowed when the Dragon Warrior sat down before glowing blue for a brief moment, idly, he wondered what the latter did.

That got answered when his weapon bounced off from the body like nothing, reversing nearly all the momentum in his strike. Almost like what Nobutada did against his strikes.

Though it felt different, Nobutada also didn't need to sit on the ground as well to do that.

Any other questions he had flew out as a paper charm came to rest on the Dragon Warrior shoulder and dissipated the blue aura which was why the next strike of his landed squarely to knock him out cleanly and drain his spirit energy.

"What's that?" He pointed to the paper curiously before bending down and grabbing the Dragon Warrior clothes roughly. Examining its material closely to have an idea of what it does.

Looking to the current fight, seems like Gobbo trying to restrain wife's sister. Not sure what's going on why dead girl lose mind but it didn't looked fun.

A brief glance to the Dragon Warrior white robes and back to the action, Gringor had a thought.

Skarsneek of the Red Hills


A swipe that would've cut deep was barely evaded.


Hardened wooden club met thrusting steel at an angle, sending it to off to the sides.

Skarsneek's heart pounded as he weaved past the attacks, gets closer and under their guard before sliding past them in a push. Separating the two apart as he turned to face them again, his club coming together into a staff.

It was not good, Skarsneek thought as his mind reached to a conclusion. This delicate balance would crumble soon, and he had to prevent the worse scenario.

So when a sword erupted from the Dragon Warrior he fought, Skarsneek blinked several times to both clear droplets of blood from his eye and wondering what just happened.

“I owe you one! I’ll tell you later about it!” Skarsneek gestured to Takeshi, his full focus on Hinami now.

Though it seems she had different plans, as she turned towards Alice. Skarsneek didn’t let this chance go to waste for whatever reason as Hinami dove right towards her.

Swinging his body forward for momentum and nearly kissing the ground as he ran parallel to it, his staff twirling rapidly before he struck the ground deeply and embedded his club deep into the earth.

Then vaulting forward for extra speed, Skarsneek managed to catch up to Hinami mid-dive. Disassembled his clubs and snapped onto her like a predator, his clubs locking Hinami's movements as he held on tight like a barnacle.

“Gotcha!” Skarsneek triumphantly said as he went to work.

Arms wrapped around her midsection before he followed it with his legs, sealing her arms and legs completely from moving as he twisted and turned to fall flat on their backs.

All he need to do now was to keep Hinami legs in the air, it wasn’t perfect as she could very much pull herself up-

That ended when a white piece of cloth suddenly lashed out and tied both of her feet together, stringing like she was a hunted deer.

Skarsneek had to blinked in between before seeing Gringor standing over with a familiar white clothing article in his hand.

“Cloth strong. Can hold, if not, Gringor take care of it.” He hefted his axe, Yurine in particular would look at the Dragon Warrior that they both took down, now lacking his famous white robes that are being used as an impromptu binding material.

Right, this took way longer than expected.

But here it is, the 1st marine character so far.

<Snipped quote by Restalaan>

Once more, not the GM, but per the Setting Notes post - there are no canon characters.

Thanks for the clarification, I kind of wanted to tie my char backstory origin and with either an admiral/vice admiral picking them up.

I will see what I can do to hammer things out.
That sounds a lot more manageable.

But just to clarify, as Roger and Vegapunk isnt in this quest.

What are the status of Garp, Sengoku and Kaido in this setting?
Hmm, so if say, I want to make a marine character that's starting out like Koby and making their way up. I have to make an entire marine crew of NPC or if there any leeway?

Cause I feel like I wouldn't be able to make an entire NPC crew of a dozen people and RP them well.
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Skarsneek of the Red Hills

"Hands off her, you moron!" Skarsneek said, but took no shame as he smacked Hinami right on the back as well when she turned to face the Dragon Warrior and added salt to the injury by letting one hit her in the rear as well to offset her balance.

Then shifting to the sides and circling around Hinami, he engaged the Dragon Warrior as he let off multiple thrusts and kept his feet on the move. Constantly keeping an eye on Hinami attacks and Dragon Warrior as it turned into a three-way.

All the while, despite the immense disrespect, he'll also keep close to the tombstones as a way to ensure any slicing attacks be hampered or charges be slowed down.

Gringor of the Ironhide Tribe

Gringor eyes went red as he felt yet another hit against his back, a surge of adrenaline filled his entire body as multiple slashes cut across him and failed to break skin.

This time, Gringor didn't hesitate as he felt the swordsmen grab onto him. His own arms grabbed onto the swordsmen saddling him, not to pry him off but to pin him in place.

Letting gravity take over as Gringor jumped backward, his body weight and force nearly launching the two feet away and into the cemetery's hard ground. Feeling the impact rattling the swordsmen and barely affecting him, Gringor continued to roll backward several times before the swordsmen's body slacked.

Gringor rose from the ground to his feet, his hand still gripped onto the swordsmen's leg and dragged him like a sack of potatoes. He then tossed him towards the Dragon warrior and cracked his neck.

"Slow." He said through broken Shizuyaman and walked towards the dragon warrior, besides their clothes, there was nothing special.


They're not as fast as the heavenly warrior basket heads, nor are they strong as Shizuka.

"No wonder you all lose to Varjans."

It was a waste of his time. The Dragon Warrior will see that Gringor meant every word of it as well. Whether they respond in anger or bafflement, he'll have little time to think of it as Gringor made his next move.

A flurry of blows came as Gringor hammered the Dragon Warrior using the back of his axe and superior range of his weapon, not to destroy in one hit but multiple ones to break the weapon slowly over time as each blow rattled the Dragon warrior down to the bones. There was zero waste, and to Gringor, was akin to chopping a tree.

Skarsneek of the Red Hill & Gringor of the Ironhide Tribe

"Don't worry about it, it happens." Skarsneek waved his hands to Yurine while he kept a straight look at Atsuha. "You know, when mom says she wants dad to pick up eggs, he brought back chicken legs instead."

Though when the mist receded, Skarsneek's eyebrow raised first before noting something was wrong. There's no wind and he can hear faint footsteps arriving, hands reaching for both clubs.

All attention went to the rapidly approaching pace before all good mood fled and a surge of annoyance when he saw who came, not at all welcomed in his opinion as he clicked his tongue.

"He's not a friend, and I'll sooner jump from a high cliff first than call him friend." Skarsneek corrected Yurine as he moved towards the high orc with annoyance, the latter rose from all fours and loomed over the former. "What're you doing here?"

"Heard there was a fight." Gringor resisted the urge to spit on the smaller goblin and replied through clenched teeth. "So I come."

"Of course, of course." Skarsneek rolled his eyes.

Both of them however snapped their attention to the sides as a new scent of metal, robes and multiple footsteps sound came.

Gringor nose flared and a broad smile came, Skarsneek eyes narrowed and twirled his clubs before snapping it into one quarterstaff.

"You want a fight, you get your damn fight!" He shouted, at first impression, towards the Dragon warriors. However, it was meant for the meathead next to him.

"Out of the way!" Gringor moved forward, axe in both hands and ready to draw first strike.

"The usual isn't going to work, you idiot!"

Gringor huffed as he raised his axe for an obvious downward blow towards one of the Dragon warriors, then at the last moment, he snapped himself backwards and switched his weapon for a downward strike instead towards the leg.

The impact itself provided an unexpected resistance for the Dragon Warior, as Gringor didn't struck them with the axe of his head but rather the thick wooden shaft of his axe. Making sure to follow up, he tugged his weapon backwards to off-balance them and thrust forward with the head of the axe.

Whatever the other Dragon Warrior did to intervene, they'll find themselves interrupted as a stray stone struck them mid-way. Skarsneek quarterstaff to the sides and a stone ornament missing the top half.

"That's one you owe me!"

While that happened as Skarsneek put himself in the middle to support either his wife or the big lug, a cold chill went down his spine as he felt something awaken behind. Half-turning quickly, he saw Hinami rising from the ground and the air around looked ominous.

A rush went past him, Skarsneek barely caught it and Gringor thought Shizuka had arrived before both witnessed Hinami take down an enemy brutally.

Hissing, Skarsneek realized what that taboo punishment meant. This was not typical undead behavior.

"Atsuha, I'll restrain Hinami, web us if necessary!" Skarsneek roared as he felt his gut wrench, ignoring the rivalry between him and the orc for now. "Orc, crush the rest! The others, do what you want!"

It wasn't a proper plan, slapdash and rushed but it was a plan nonetheless.

So with that, Skarsneek's movement changed as his very footstep was nearly imperceivable despite him moving at full speed.

He had no illusion that Hinami would be taken off-guard, his brain already moving and working out what she wanted. The basis of all living people, chi or spirit energy.

And what better source than a male monster, rapidly approaching from behind?

So if she turns swiftly for an attack, Skarsneek had already leapt upwards using his quarterstaff like an acrobat and swung it downwards to Hinami shoulder blades, not to destroy but to use her body as a spring board to continue his arc by landing behind her.

"Hey, sis. Want to play catch?" He smirked despite the rising fear pounding in his heart and split his staff into half again. He need to take this into the extreme close-quarter.

Gringor only grunted in the meantime as he focused on the Shizuyaman completely. The latter was completely battle-ready and the morning training fresh in his mind.

Skarsneek of the Red Hill

"It's totally them, I mean, ain't it obvious?" Skarsneek said with a shrug of both shoulders together.

He absolutely had no idea who she was talking about but whatever floats her boat.

"Hey now," He waved his hand to Yurine when she stated she'll leave them alive so they can suffer longer, giving a feigned hurt look. "I'm not that insufferable."

When Yurine said she can help out and explained the details, Skarsneek hummed with a furrowed brow before turning to Atsuha.

"Want me to go?" He said but didn't push the issue, this was after all ultimately Atsuha decision. He trusted her to make the decision, the only thing he can do is offer himself.


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Gringor of the Ironhide Tribe

Grunting as he tested his fingers and muscles by flexing it, it seems that there was no longer any damage left that could impede his performance.

When he turned to Io and stood over her, giving the latter an eyeful of his chest, Gringor nodded in appreciation for her work.

Quickly as that came, Gringor walked over to Kerry and past her before collecting back his axe. A quick inspection revealed that nothing major happened to it.

Indeed, this was what he was far more used to. A spear is too light, this was just right.

Flicking it around and resting it his shoulder as Shizuka explained his shortcoming, he huffed before commenting. "Fight the way you train."

For him, this wasn't just a duel, it was training. Nothing better than live fighting, and he already learned a lot.

Still, it wasn't enough. Gringor's face ticked at that, he needed to find some decent armor and get stronger.

With that and being dismissed, he took a quick glance at the disappearing spellwork that was beyond his knowledge and moved ahead. Seemed like not much time passed despite the fact that it felt much longer inside.

When Ayu came and asked about their training, Gringor responded curtly. "Good. Hard, worth fighting again."

During that interim, another presence made themself known as a woman warrior rode on a horse and let them known that their under-boss was missing.

That snapped him into place, Takeshi had a fight coming to him?

He had no time to waste, he'll miss it all then.

Not caring about the waking Alice, Gringor had his own way to find them.

Taking a sniff on the air for a moment before getting onto all four like a dog, Gringor took in the scent.

Sticky, murky, web. Spider lady.

Gringor trudged along, continuing this spectacle despite everyone looking him like a madman.

Decay, slight blood, acrid and murky too. Dead lady.

He moved to the road and continued on.

Paper, ink, herbs. Rabbit lady.

One caught his attention as he stopped for a moment in a growl and spat to the side.


Ignoring that, he finally caught the scent he wanted. Steel, blood, and mushrooms.


Seems like all five traveled together, makes it easier.

With that, he went straight from all fours into a light jog, his nose constantly on the lookout for any change.

Ayu would've been the only one to note that Gringor was headed the same path that Takeshi and the rest had left since she saw them leave.

It was up to Kikyo to follow or continue on with Alice.

Gringor was already on the prowl.
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