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Just do what you want and have fun. I can let you take the lead if you want.
@The Irish Tree

Yang Bethlehem

Yang looked at the larger boy and bit her lower mouth at his apologies before she forced herself to relaxed and gave him a reassuring smile.

"It's fine, no need to worry about me so much." She reassured Magnus with a hand on his shoulders, and then gently pulling him to her level closer. Magnus would find that despite Yang smaller stature, she was no less weaker as he was brought down before Yang's two arms went around his neck.

She then hugged him, and felt a bit ticklish at his hair mane but she ignored that. She gently pat his back like she would to smaller children, one that she had done for at her temple.

"If anything, I should apologized. I could have stopped him, or at least, be more pushy-" Yang voice cracked for a moment under her voice but she clamped it up with all her disciplined before she sniffed once and broke the hug. A forced smile on her face greeted Magnus.

"What's done." She turned away from him as her shoulders sagged. Yang cleared her eyes as she gestured for Magnus to follow her. "Come on, let's go home."

"Besides, we should probably find out the person Ian was referring to. That way, if the flying machine idea is possible, then Mr.Kyle's death wouldn't be in vain." Yang shifted the topic as they head back for the guild.

Her mood was completely down the drain now, she had thought yesterday was bad but today seemed like a kick to her guts while she's down.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy nodded alongside Freyr explanation and thinking aloud as he listened to what he said intently. It wasn't long though as the competition soon about to start and Freyr had to leave for his position.

Ditzy cheered at the side, or at least, as much as he can. He hadn't really went to much competition, and often was just stuck understanding the rules.

Archery was more simple though, hit the arrows in the middle! So he didn't need to think too much on the rules.

Then he saw Freyr mouthing something to him, which he tilted his head sideways as he watched what the Freyr said. He tapped his lips in contemplation for a moment, thinking what on Freyr said.

Try to find Abundo and ask him if he is into viagra? Ditzy wondered just why Freyr wanted to do that or who Abundo was.

Slowly though, and after enough repetition, Ditzy slowly pieced things together as Freyr was asking him to ask Saburo if he's interested in Vieran arrows.

He smiled and nodded eagerly at that before turning around to find Saburo. Ditzy soon headed and search for who Saburo is and how does he look like.

Ditzy soon figured it was best if he asked one of the guards, surely they'll tell him who Saburo is, right? With that, he approached one of the eastern looking guards and with an innocent smile to him.

"Excuse me, is mr.Saburo free? I have a question for him." Ditzy started slow as he asked as politely as he can. "I want to ask him more about arrows."

The guard will see Ditzy short stature simply as a teenager, albeit one with horns and dressed weirdly with strap around his chest and short pants that was typical of female goblins.
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@The Irish Tree@PaulHaynek

Yang Bethlehem.

Somehow, the pit of her stomach was still very uncomfortable as she watched the man take off. It looked like it flew for a moment, and it did, majestically soaring through the skies like a bird.

That's when things went wrong, and with Kyle being too far, she could do little aside from dashing forward in vain hopes that she can catch him. Far faster than Magnus, she scaled the cliff downwards easily as one would go down a hill.

Yet, for all her might, she can do little save to see the contraption crash and with its occupant.

When arrived at the site, her face soured as there was little to be done. All mood and exhaustion gripped her heart, she felt like bursting into tears.

That's when Magnus, her other companion swept in and cried. She immediately felt her heart hardened at that, she brushed her eyes and forming tears away before she gently place a hand on Magnus shoulder.

"Don't cry, not just yet. There's still things to be done." Yang assured as she looked at the body. "There'll be time to mourn for him."

"Take care of the body, I'll make sure he gets the proper burial." Yang quietly said, there was little she can do aside from that. If she started to bawl and break down, who'll help Magnus or bury Kyle?

Heavy mind, but she forced it aside to focus as she headed for the town and hoped that they'll handle the burial. Her legs enhanced, and she sprinted off like the wind itself.

God, this is such a bad day. She thought offhandedly and bitterly remarked.


Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy followed the group as he saw the archery range where the competition will be taking place. Seeing the different assortments and clothing, he cooed like a kid as he observed the clothes design. He never seen those before, and looked a bit complex to him.

It looks like the blonde hair lady. He noted, just a bit more elaborate compared to hers. That line of thought was soon pushed aside as Freyr addressed them and how to get an arrow.

"Hmm, but wouldn't it be too obvious?" Ditzy posed that question as he thought about it.

Still, it wasn't like he had any other better ideas aside from asking nicely. Hmm, maybe they should do that?

"How about we ask him to make us an arrow? Or give us one after winning the competition? I'm sure he'll allow tha if you win!" Ditzy suggested, though he didn't mind following Freyr plan.

Then again, he could always beat them up and take it later when no one's looking but papa would be so mad if he did that from the start.

Which is why, is all else fails, he'll do that last! Just like how Mama taught him!

@The Irish Tree@PaulHaynek

Yang Bethlehem.

"Hey now, I paid some attention." Yang felt a little miffed when master Kyle pointed how little they know about a bird. She had learned various martial arts and forms all based around animals. To mimic them, learn their movement and imitate them into a fighting form, all of it too was a tremendous effort and a lifetime work as well.

She may not know the exact thing but she had learned enough from it. Yang then raised her finger, wagged it up and down for her next point. "For example, did you know if you moved your fingers upwards just before the bird jumped, they can't fly?"

Yang however completely missed the fact that only accomplished masters and exceptional students could do that. She herself however had managed this at a young age and didn't find it odd, the most difficult part she found was finding a bird that would not peck her.

When Magnus eagerly asked her to name the contraption, she tilted her head at that.

"Hmm, you want me to decide on a name?" Yang hummed at that as she closed her eyes and tried to thought of some good names. Though a problem would be she knew most of them in her native tongue and not the current language, she looked at her surroundings for any good reference.

Nothing. She thought harder, and fell back to her one bird she certainly knew.

"Hmm, how about the red-crowned crane?" She listed one of the more famous bird in her nation, it was auspicious and fitted the occasion.

Most of all, they're long-lived. So that'll probably save Kyle. She hoped that the name will give some luck at least. With that, she still got herself readied for anything to happen. Seeing a kite fly it one thing, but seeing something that large and heavy was another.


Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy listened to the couple prattle on, and the most he got was that the two was supremely dedicated to taking trash out.

Then again, Papa did say its a job. He thought off-handed and tried to focus on what they wanted him to do.

They wanted to get some arrows? Weird, didn't they wanted help clearing trash instead? Or maybe the arrows are the trash? It made sense, sometimes not all arrows are good.

When the woman said she had a musuem, curiosity peaked in him. "Oh, can I see your collection?"

Though he didn't understood what's a Zipang is though. He tilted his head at it. "What's a Zipang?"

"Oh, I can help with holding the arrows!" He beamed when he heard Freyr saying he'll join a competition. Thoughts on collecting the trash was nearly gone since he liked seeing games.
@PaulHaynek@13org@The Irish Tree@AzureKnight

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Yang Bethlehem

"No problem." She gently nudged Magnus side in return with a cheeky smile. He reminded her a lot of her other brothers at the temple, though a little big on the size.

With that, they set out on the journey and headed towards their quest.

Yang saw their employer and she remained silent for the moment while she bowed towards him respectfully. Letting Magnus do most of the talking for now.

Hearing Magnus request in asking him to fly over the guild, she wondered if that was wise. It might crash and make more holes in their building.


When she noticed Kyle asking Magnus who she was, she finally introduced to herself.

"Greetings, I'm Yang Bethlehem." She said and bowed her head formally in the eastern manner respectfully to Kyle. "I was asked by Magnus to witness the flight of a machine, which had greatly interest me."

"About the flight machine, did you put any safety in it should it crash?" She pointed out with concern even as she looked at the cliff warily. It looked like quite a fall. "Otherwise...I could ride with you. It won't help a lot but I can probably land safely with you."

Most of the time. She shuddered when she remember one of her master training that involve throwing her down a cliff. Granted, it was still sloped but it was a long way down.


Ditzy Stoneclub.

Ditzy hummed cheerily as he was back at Ambran, he hoped that he could finish this quest quickly so he can go and play with his goblin friends. He brought his sandbag along for good measure as well even as he slung it across his shoulder.

Even as he followed the trio, they spotted something odd. If Freyr stopping in his tracks was an indication of that.

Seeing a couple dressed fancily and rummaging through garbage made him queasy, it looks like they're really going to clear the trash out. He never really liked the smell, and papa always gets so mad when he gets dirty.

"We're here from the guild village to help someone clear the trash and collect something?" Ditzy tried to remembered the exact detail as he looked in concentration before looking back at the couple. "You should wash your hands too afterwards."
Yang Bethlehem

@PaulHaynek Bart

"Understood, guild master Bart. I'll do my best." Yang raised her head and stood up as she sighed, it seems that Bart was kind enough to let her go off the hook for now.

Though it would seem that in between, she missed almost everyone introduction. She shrugged her shoulders at that and let it go for now, plenty of time to be acquainted with them later.

Her mood was still quite in the rut as she wondered if she should take a mission, that was until Magnus offered to accompany them to watch someone fly.

@The Irish Tree

It seems ridiculous and outlandish but she doubt she can get anything done in her mindset right now.

Ah well, better to watch something until I'm calm.

"Yeah, sure! Sounds fun!" She smiled, though a little forcefully as she tried to cheer herself up even as she walked next to Magnus and patted his shoulders lightly.

"So we're gonna toss that machine off a cliff?" Yang jested and stretched her neck to the side at that. "I sure don't mind being the first to do it!"

With that, Yang will be heading out with Magnus and Neil party.


Ditzy Stoneclub

", nice to meet you as well Mr. Stoneclub! My name is Nagare, although I’m afraid I lack a surname. I hope we get along! I hail from a small mountain village far to the east.” Replied the ice dragon with a friendly shake of her palm.

"Nice to meet you, miss Nagare!" Ditzy widened his smile as he enthusiastically moved his hand but kept a light touch on her hand, not daring to use anymore strength. He also then tilted at Nagare lack of a surname. "Oh, how come you don't have a surname?"

The fire demoness looked at Ditzy with perplexed eyes, she didn’t run into goblins very often. Ditzy, what a weird name, she thought. Well, he seemed to be a decent young goblin, so she returned his hand gesture with a gentle handshake.

“Hello, I am known as Vară Riemsianne, heiress to the Riemsianne clan of fire demons. Bear witness and be amazed at my dazzling prowess Mr. Goblin!” She proclaimed. She began to manifest vividly colored sparks around her sleeves as an attempt to make herself look more radiant.

"Oh, pretty!" Ditzy eyes seemed to sparkle along Vara demonstration of her power, looking a bit out of it as he was so engrossed in it that he blanked out for awhile before he asked with barely restrained glee. "Can I see more sparkles?!"

"Ah, Ditzy is not a goblin. Ditzy is a hob-goblin." He remembered and then pointed to the mismatched horns at the crown of his head, one was smaller and the other was a lot larger. "See, one is bigger than the other!"

"T'is not the yesterday what matters, but the today and the tomorrow! I've come here to take upon your invitation to my late father Arthur, sire Barker, and aid you in your noble endeavors! As of this moment I, Vanessa Blackbourne, declare myself a member of this glorious guild!" Perhaps it was an overdramatic gesture, but the phantom clearly wanted to avoid her own story bringing down the atmosphere.

"Oh." Ditzy nodded along as he listened to Vanessa story before he hummed in thought and then spread his arm apart.

"You can hug Ditzy if you want, Mama often do that when Ditzy is sad." Ditzy offered, not really understanding what happened but Ditzy can tell that the lady seemed a little sad at that. So he tried to offer what he can as help to Vanessa.

Nagare looked to the board and noticed that Ditzy and the man with leporine features took the quest labeled “One Man’s Trash”. She decided to also take the quest, having her spirits lifted by the goblin’s sincerity. She also wanted to learn more about the other man, not being very familiar with his kind.

“Excuse me, I believe I’d like to take this quest. If you don’t mind of course.”

@13org Freyr

"Ah, Ditzy is on this quest too!" Ditzy grew excited as he approach Nagare. "But I hope we won't take too long to clean the trash, Ditzy wanna go and play later."

He also waved to Freyr eagerly as he didn't realized that he was also on the job as well. "Hello, mister rabbit! Ditzy didn't heard your name but he remembers your face! Let's do our best on this job!"
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