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Yang Bethlehem

Yang eyes widened significantly when he blocked it, she wasn't pulling full weight but she wasn't holding back either in speed.

That elevated the man strength in her eyes and stoke the fire even further within her. She barely controlled herself in just simply not rushing this man down with full strength.

His words, however, brought her attention back and she halts herself for a while.

Well, I'm kind of like the bad guy now. She thought introspectively to herself before sighing, dusting herself and bowed her head and arms forward.

"My apologies, I didn't observe proper etiquette," Yang said before she looked upwards to him. "I shall make it up to you, do you have chores for me to do?"

She offered to help Nero do any work he has for the day, if he didn't then she'll simply nod and leave before making one last offer to him. "If you ever fancy exercising or getting back into form, please inform me. I shall gladly help you."

The day ending, Yang made her way back to the guild. Job done, met a new person and found someone worth fighting. It was a good day.

So when she reached back, she saw the new door and admired its work despite the clashing architecture. She entered the door and was about to close it when she heard noise from afar.

That's when she saw the rest of the remaining guild members coming back to them. Most of all, Ozzy was also in the lead.

Grinning mischievously, she closed the door and waited until he got close. Once she was sure and heard of Ozzy standing in front of the door. She moved with her plans.


The door flung open just as Ozzy finished introducing Ada to the guild entrance before she then quickly scooped Ozzy up into her embrace.

"Hey! Disciple! So how's your quest?!" Yang smiled as she hugged Ozzy before ruffling his hair and feathers. She also spun around once before putting him back on the ground. "Did you get this mysterious beast?"


That's when Yang finally noted the new presence of Ada, which had her slowed down her enthusiasm and raised an eyebrow. She took a moment to process this new beast before raising a finger but slowly dropped it down. Her mind figuring out exactly what and why before coming to a conclusion.

"Dear disciple, why did you bring back the mysterious beast that you were sent to investigate?" Yang deadpanned as she looked at it with a wary and studious eye. It didn't seem to have any hostile intent for now, that Ozzy and Haley were back in one piece is proof of it but one can't be too sure. "Do we even know what it eats? Or how about its family? I can't imagine such a creature would not have family looking for it. Particularly if it's a young one."

Hearing Ozzy explanation only made her sigh as she knelt down closer to the creature. Wary but also careful to not show anything threatening that can be interpreted wrongly.

"Guildmaster Bart will decide on whether she will get accepted. If this one turns out to be a big eater, you're probably going to have to work harder to feed it." Yang then gently stroke the top of the beast head gently and affectionally like how she does to a cat or dog.


Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy wasn't fine, at all, if anything he had his head downcasted the whole time. The usual spirited smile of his was completely gone even as he was accompanied by Freyr at his side.


Ditzy hadn't even noted the new presence or newly repaired door, not really in the mood until Haley landed in front of them and asked what had happened.

That set off an even more somber mood from Ditzy as he looked away from Haley, shoulders lowered, listless and eyes that was red. He sniffed briefly before rubbing his nose.

Ditzy didn't bawl out loud but he took it hard with all four of his newfound friends gone.

"They went to do things. Ditzy don't know, didn't listen." Ditzy shuffled his feet and allowing Haley to see that he was utterly covered in dirt and grass. Completely messy and brown from it but with no physical injuries at all. If anything, he suffered a severe mental blow.

"It's not fair." Ditzy shuffled his feet and headed to wash himself up. Sandbag trailing and dragged by him. "I found friends to play with aside from Mama and they leave."

With that, Ditzy washed himself and headed straight for bed, forgoing dinner as he was too exhausted for the day.

Yang Bethlehem

"Haha, well I had politeness beaten into me at a young age." Yang sheepishly said and rubbed the back of her head.

Though her mind did ponder if she being normal was considered courteous then how the previous members before her treated or acted towards Rinas?

"Ah, he'll be fine. I promise not to beat him up that bad." She jested and waved her hand, a grin on her face as she exuded confidence in her words.

Frankly, so long she gets a good fight and exercise. It was a win for her.

Looking around as she made her way to Nero, she hummed a tune and observe the area where he was rumored to be. Seems to be a pasture as cows gathered to feast on the hays laid out to them.

Her eyes saw a figure that laid down on a hay stack, Yang slowly made her towards him and wondered if it was the person she was looking for.

That's when her sharp eyes caught the build of the man, muscled but also used and steady. It was not one that came from simply working the field but fighting.

Fighting a grin from appearing on her face, she approached and greeted him respectfully.

"Yang Bethelehem, I hail from the Guild." Yang slowly said before smiling and looking upwards to him, a fire burning within her eyes and a tension that built between them. "Today, however, I'm not that. Right now, I'm simply a wanderer that seeks to test oneself against another."

"I ask of you, have a bout with me." Yang went right to the point, her head inclined towards him but keeping her eyes trained for any sudden movement. With a insistent tone and not willing to take no for an answer, she pressed on. "I shan't take much of your time."

Yang eyes were similar to that of a predator now, her breathing steady and calm. This time, being more on the defensive side first rather than offense. Still, she inched forward closer and closer, until she was 10 steps away from him. The best distance for both of them.

"Please, Master Nero. Would you care to dance for a bit?" Yang's wide grin was evident on her face as she was eager to simply fight and spar despite her best effort to maintain her facade of calmness.

"I'll let you take the first move." She offered.

But if Nero didn't, then Yang will be the first to do so with a fast snap kick towards him.

Yang Bethlehem

"...Well, I certainly was expecting something." Yang eyes glanced at all the lewd figures, clashing heavily with the opposite saints and modestly dressed one.

But in a way, she found it nice. The contrast was so whip-lashing that she actually like it.

Hearing her words lifted her spirits slightly, and Yang relaxed herself.

"Me, a partner? Nah, it's not going to happen anytime soon. They got to be strong, if not, stronger than me just to keep up." Yang grinned and pointed a thumb to herself confidently. Completely missing the dark priest double entendre and adding her own. "I'm a wild horse after all, if they can't handle the ride I'll gladly buck them off."

She winked to the dark priest as a gesture of confident to herself. Though she did felt a little silly doing it but still, she felt like doing it and so she did.

"Retired warrior Nero? Alright, I'll take a look at him." She dusted her pants, flipped her short hair back and with a skip in her steps, headed out for the exit.

"Oh, by the way? I didn't catch your name?" Yang stopped and asked for her name. Once getting her name, she turned around, hand over fist and bowed to her respectfully.

"Thank you."

Like a switch, Yang turned that demeanor of respect into a playful one with a smile. "I'll come here from time to time to help you out since you did me a favor. Don't hesitate to drop us a request, anything you need, I'll be right on it. See ya!"

"Alright, time to see what this Nero guy can do." Yang slammed her fist together, feeling a little tension in her body as she kept it at the edge of her mind. It's been a while since she has done a little something naughty like picking fights.

Apologies. Yang corrected herself, sparring, that's what she meant. With a Cheshire grin, she moved out and to find this retired warrior.

Yang Bethlehem

"Greetings." Yang bowed her head in respect, she looked at the priestess for a moment and didn't see any training that indicated that they practice martial arts.

"I'm from the Guild, and one of the newer tenants." She lifted her head and met the priestess gaze with a warm smile. "I was just taking a look around and seeing the area."

"If it's not too troubling, may I look at the inside of the church? I've never been into a church." Yang sheepishly said, not a monster church anyways. She had seen the normal and small ones.

Once inside, she let out her inner thoughts more to the priestess.

"Well...How should I say this? It has just been a rough time for me." Yang didn't quite know why but she felt like talking openly even if it was a stranger.

"I failed an old lady, couldn't stop or help a man from crashing to his death, and even the success I had is making things strained between Guildmaster Bart and Neil." It felt like she had been carrying a lot of burdens on her as of late, what's with the failures and straining relationship within the guild.

A lot of the older people that once made up the core had left, Magnus, the centaur, priestess, and the moth sisters. As brief as their meeting was, Yang treasured those moments she had with them.

A moment of silence passed and she leaned against the wall for a moment before relaxing her posture and back to her sunny smile.

"But that's enough of me, I don't suppose your church has anyone practicing martial arts and such? I was hoping for a friendly spar or such." She felt a bit more relieved taking that out of her chest. "Even those lizardwoman or salamander would be a good test."

Ditzy Stoneclub

Despite the rough tumble and ground slams, Ditzy was having the fun of his life.

Laughing, cheering and smiling, nothing else really mattered as he kept holding on to Rodie talons.

"GAGH! GET OFF OF ME YA PERSISTENT WRETCH!" the winged titan shrieked viciously as she swung her whole body back and forth in a frenzied panic, "WHAT KIND OF MADMAN ARE YA?!"

"No! It's fun!" He answered truthfully to her despite being swung around like a doll.

Though that moment soon ended as Ditzy saw a blur flew past him and Rodie, he blinked several times and hadn't realized it was an arrow that flew past him. What did gave it away for Rodie who had looked down to Freyr.

Ditzy winced when he heard Freyr shouted, it didn't seem like Freyr was happy at all. More so when Freyr had pointed out that they had ruined the surroundings completely.

That had Ditzy looking around when he realized that he had caused more destruction to the forest and grass due to playing with Rodie.

The forest that he made friends with from Freyr village came to his mind, and the disapproval built up in him. Made worst when Freyr livid face told him enough similar to the few times where his father got really mad.

"Sorry." Ditzy apologized with his head in downcast.

Titanica remained neutral on the matter, resting only due to her "moral" high-ground on the situation. Rodie on the other hand, didn't seem to take his statement as respectfully. She became visibly annoyed by he bunny's careless complaints as a bird-like growl emitted from his vibrating throat. She looked down at Ditzy for a few seconds before tossing her to the side, but still kept the same aggressive look towards Freyr.

Ditzy grip slackened during that moment and allowed Rodie to finally tossed him away, much to the latter surprise as he landed on the ground, sunken and leaving an imprint of his body outline.

He slowly got up from it and rubbed the back of his head, relatively unharmed, the shock of the landing was the bigger damage to him than the fall itself.

Planting his feet and making sure he had a good balance, Ditzy pushed himself to a standing position with both hands outstretched at first before bringing his arms together.

"You?" she asked mockingly towards Freyr, "YOU are gonna stop us? Oh, foolish bunny, I don't believe ya recognize who you're talking to. We've existed on this world for far, FAR, longer then you or yer ancestors combined! You think y'all are the dominant and 'SuPeRiOr' species?!"

The pterosaur titan would then rise onto both of her feet and extends her wings as far as she could, rising them into the air for dramatic affect.

"We're KAIJU! TITANS OF OLD! The TRUE alpha rulers of this world! If there's anyone 'ere that's more a'tuned to nature then ya mortals living in artificial houses, it's us!"

Her beak would then lower to face directly into Freyr's eyes.

"And we will do what we please... when we please. So if ya wanna stop us, good luck doin' it pal."

"Freyr is friends with mr.Tree," Ditzy pointed that out to Rodie and her proclamation that they're the rulers of the world. "And the trees also talks to him, he's their friend."

"Also, Freyr is taken, so you can't eat him. Ms.Nera will get mad if you do." He waved his hand at that, completely ignorant that Rodie context was different from what he usually knows.

Within seconds in preparing to eat Freyr alive, everyone would find the entire area being engulfed in a powerful white light from above. In addition, yellow scales began to fall upon them like slow-falling snow. Rodie paused before issuing a creaking growl, shielding her eyes from the intense brightness with her massive wings. Titanica also found herself covering her eyes as she tried to peer through the holy interference that showered upon them. However, she already knew on who was emitting those "God Rays".

"EVERYONE STOP!" a familiar voice echoed with pressured urgency as panicked chirps attempted to nullify the aggression from all party members.

That's also when a bright light filled the place in addition to the daylight, Ditzy had to close his eyes briefly and placed a hand over his brows to limit the amount of light.

Then he saw yellow scales falling down like snow, this had him looked around for the source and landed his eyes on Morgan.

"Oh! Doctor lady moth!" Ditzy waved his hand excitedly to her.

"I wasn't fighting, I was playing with loud lady!" He smiled to her and approached her, though that cheer dissolved when he remembers the damage. "But we broke everything else."

"Can you fix mr.Trees? Like how you fix me?" Ditzy then pointed to the broken and fell trees, wondering if Morgan can do such a thing.

Yang Bethlehem

Huh, that was easy. Yang thought to herself as she stretched her arms upwards and groaned.

Letting out a relieved sigh, she glanced back towards the delirious man before slowly tailing him from afar.

Better make sure he actually gets to Boreal Port. Yang had enough of letting things take a turn for the worst.

Quietly and stealthily, Yang was poised to intervene as she kept following Samuel until he finally reached Boreal Port.

Once there, Yang finally relaxed and decided to explore the small town to see the sights.

She looked around for a bit until she saw the local church converted to the mamono side. Her curiosity brimmed as she wondered just how different their teaching was, or if they practiced martial arts too.

Perhaps there was a chance encounter today?

Ah well. Yang smiled as she headed towards the church and rapped her knuckles against the door.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Seeing Roadie went forward and tumbled non-stop had Ditzy waited anxiously at first, not even acknowledging Titanica words as he waited patiently for Roadie to rise up.

When she twitched and slowly rose back up, scuffed but not horribly injured, Ditzy had the widest of smiles on him. So much so that he jumped up and down at that, gesturing and pointing his finger excitedly as he turned to Freyr.

"Frey, Frey! Look! She can stand back up! They're just like mama! They can play with me!" Ditzy blurted his words so fast that it sounded like one sentence. An amazing feat when one considering how slow hobgoblins usually were.

"Lizard lady! Can I play as well!?" Ditzy shifted his attention to Titanica immediately.

"And YOU!" she screeched impulsively, her face growing hotter as her emotions flared, "Ya dare attempt to plant a successful hit on me with a... FFFFUCKING SANDBAG OF ALL THINGS?!"

"Yup!" Ditzy beamed proudly as he fist-pumped upwards with not an ounce of regret or shame in him. If anything, Ditzy reveled in it since it was absolutely cathartic to let out a strike without the need for restraint.

Perhaps the flying lady didn't like playing sandbag? Ditzy idly thought before he grinned.

He then dropped the sandbag to the side with both of his arms outstretched. "Wanna wrestle?!"

"NO!" Rodie screamed as she began to flap her wings, "I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY A DUMB OAF WITH A SANDBAG! OUTTA MY WAY!!!"

The flying titan's body began to morph into its final stage, transforming her completely into her beastial pterosaur form. Titanica attempted to swing her tail to counter her foe, but Rodie anticipated the movement and swiftly dodged it. This was followed by her using all of her strength to push the lumbering titan out of the way and onto her side. With her foe currently distracted, she can finally enact her sweet, sweet revenge.

With an ear-piercing screech, she extended her claws out as she attempted to grapple Ditzy in a blink of an eye - knowing fully well of her sandbag capabilities. If grappled, Rodie attempted to scrape the giant onto the floor before tossing him straight into Freyr with a quick and violent thrust.

"Ah~!" Ditzy took it as a yes as Rodie transformed into a bigger and bestial version of herself. For him, it was like his birthday present came early.

So excited by this, he didn't even bother to evade Rodie. She snapped him up into her talons easily and introduced Ditzy to the ground with a vengeance. Leaving a furrow behind and upturned dirt wherever Ditzy was scrapped.

As Rodie decided to toss Ditzy with a quick and violent thrust, the momentum and weight in her talons followed through but the offending hobgoblin didn't as he clung onto her.

That's also when Rodie realized that Ditzy hadn't loosened his grip on her limb at all despite the rough scrapping he had. The latter was covered in dirt, twigs and grass but the smile on him didn't fade at all, if anything, he screamed in joy.

"This is fun!" Ditzy shouted as he followed the momentum like a child at a swing whenever he was flung by Rodie. "Faster!"

The momentum and mass advantage was still with Rodie but Ditzy own movements were proving to be a nuisance to Rodie's flight as the latter stuck to her like glue.
If anyone is having trouble following what Ditzy did, here's a summary.

Ditzy saw Rodie who got punched heading for him
Ditzy thought of something fun.
Ditzy used all his strength to hit it back like a ping pong ball

Yeah, sorry all, just tired and been a rough week and it's gonna be rougher.

Yang Bethlehem.

"I wouldn't know." She answered even as stories of the mist continent came to mind. With a shrug of her shoulders, she dismissed it. It was just stories after all.

"Well, Mr.Cabbage, you're certainly dutiful." Yang raised an eye to that and shook her head as she quickly crossed the distance between them easily.

"But that's horizon leads to Ambran, not Boreal port." She dropped the news to him with a deadpanned look. Yang also then handed her own waterskin she had packed before the journey. "Here, drink this first. It's a lot better than swamp water."

She wondered if it would be easier to just knock him out, that seemed tempting but she decided on the other approach first.

"You know, tell me more on why you think it's ridiculous that monkeys are related to humans." Yang slyly changed the topic as she moved ahead of him, then slowly dragged his attention away by controlling how he moved with her own position.

With any luck, she might be able to distract him with her conversation and get him to the Boreal Port without him realizing.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy kept moving until he finally heard the roars that continued on.

That had him excited and with a skip in his step, head straight for the source.

When he finally saw the two, they changed a lot but Ditzy was able to tell whom they were.

Seeing Titanica punching Rodie had Ditzy giddy when he realized that she was flying to him.

"Okay!" Ditzy didn't even consider that it was the wrong thing, all he knew that it looked fun as he built up momentum in his sandbag by letting it twirl around his arm. The thing picked up more and more speed until it managed to push leaves and small stones away from its speed.

As the fiery girl turned projectile headed for him, Ditzy smiled.

Every muscle in his body relaxed for a moment, giving him a light-headed sensation.

Before that changed as every part of his muscle strained, tensed and pulled. Veins was visible as Ditzy clenched his teeth down, his entire being working as one to deliver maximum power in a single move.

If the two Kaiju's was the monsters of the old world, Ditzy was a monster of a new world. Perhaps he would proved a challenge, perhaps he won't. It mattered little to him.

To Ditzy, who can perhaps count the few times with his finger, was going at full strength without anything to hold him back. He found someone that he can play without needing to be so gentle.

The sandbag aimed and swung downwards like a bat, the air warped around and seemed to deform before it outright cracked. Force, mass, and acceleration, all worked together to form a harmony of movement.

Whether Ditzy attack managed to thwarted Rodie momentum, or was part of the casualty, none can say. What can be said, was that the motion of the attack was silent for a brief moment until the sound of explosion like a crack of a whip followed Ditzy pattern.

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