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@Silver Carrot RBC @Eviledd1984 Maria @PaulHaynek

Yang Bethlehem

Yang groaned, seeing Rebecca approached them. She sighed wearily as nothing is going to plan, that's when she was left with one option.

Guildmaster Bart was going to chew her out heavily on this though, and she can already see the disapproval of her master at Nippon despite the long distance.

"I'm going to help the old woman out, and this one too. Whether they like it or not." Yang said to Rebecca and Maria as she stretched her neck. "So I'm going to be a bit rough."

"Maria, get behind Rebecca." She said to the Mothwoman and gestured to Rebecca to come forward before she moved forward to the guards, ignoring completely their threats.

"I'm kind of in a rush and you're just doing your jobs. So I'll be nice." She changed her tune completely, that sweet voice gone as she cracked her knuckles menacingly. Looking more like a ruffian and rough neck than a polite lady, she was also already in range despite their sword pointed at her. "You all get lost, and no one gets hurt. Or you all come, and get hurt."

Yang doubted they'll take the former, so without a word more, her hands blurred and struck the guard that was threatening her the whole time at his neck with a chop of her hand. Swift and precise that it knocked him unconscious.

With that done, she moved ahead and twisted her hips forward and struck out with her fist at the second guard. Her knuckles colliding with the second one helmet in a crash that sent the shockwave straight to the brain, rattling it like jelly and leaving him unable to move for a moment as he collapsed like a doll that had its string cut off.

Like a scythe among weed, Yang disposed of them as fast and careful as she can. She didn't wanted to injure them but holding herself back was far more immense as she recalled seeing her master making this look easy.

Another strike of a rising back hand to the neck, a precise kick to the temple, a palm strike to the solar plexus with her entire body weight behind it, and holding the last one in a choke-hold with one hand. Her fingers held and cut the blood flow, a move that demand precision, skill and strength all together.

Yang however, was not the top student of the White Tiger temple for nothing, and her skills backed it up.

In the blink of an eye, she had taken down six guards without breaking a sweat and non-lethally. She let out of a breathe that she held in as her concentration abated, her body that was tensed like a spring now relaxed as she looked at the woman.

"Look, Miss. I really meant it when I said I wanted to help, and there's another old woman that needs it as well." She came out clean and rubbed the back of her head in frustration, not really liking what Bart would say and being branded a criminal. She pleaded with her more earnestly and bowed her head to her. "So, please, just...just talk with your husband and sort it out? If he does turn out to be scum, I'll wring his balls myself, for free."

But I'll be damn, I'm not about to turn away from someone that needs my help.
Yang closed one eye in annoyance and resignation, she doubt her guild mate will approved this.


Ditzy stoneclub

@Silver Carrot ELD @PaulHaynek Neil

"Yay! Let's play! Let's play!" Ditzy said excitedly as he joined the goblins for some fun games of tag, or was about to when Neil caught their attention. Ditzy didn't mind, Neil can play with them as well if that's the case.

Hearing Neil unable to react, Ditzy decided to help him out.

"Oh, I'm Ditzy, from the stoneclub tribe. It's somewhere far from here, a week travel or so." Ditzy answered the question as he placed himself next to Neil and the excited goblins. "This is Neil! Member of the guild tribe I joined! Its close, and Neil's a bit shy."

"Ah, this is Eilidh! And she's also part of the guild tribe, and close friends with Neil! So you need to ask her permission before playing with Neil." Ditzy explained further when she made herself known, unwittingly his word of choice gave the impression that Eilidh and Neil are betrothed to one another.

"But I can have sex with you all! But papa said I need to get married to someone I like." Ditzy pouted at that as he recalled his father also asking him to not simple have sex simply, though Mama said the opposite instead. It was confusing.

Nevertheless, Ditzy looked at his two companions and then the time of the sky before he asked them. "Should we be getting back now? Its gonna be dinner soon."
@Eviledd1984 The sisters @Silver Carrot RBC

Yang Bethlehem

"We're here on behalf of her husband to sort out their marriage problem," Yang politely said to the guards with a bow of her head to them, calmly explaining what was going. "We don't have any ill intentions whatsoever to her."

Yang eyes then caught a glance of her two other guild mates and an idea formed in her head, so she pretended like she hadn't seen them yet.

"Do you not think it would be tragic if a couple would divorce with one another simply over a misunderstanding that could be solved if they had talked to one another?" She appealed to their senses as she approached the guards closer, her arm close to her body and giving a pleading look to them. One akin to a sad little puppy.

"One chance, and that's it. We'll leave immediately afterwards."

Come on, please work! This usually work in the temple!. Yang inwardly hoped, she felt bad deceiving them but she can't afford to let that old women be disappointed.

@PaulHaynek Neil @Silver Carrot ELD

Ditzy Stoneclub

"No worries! Goblins are nice." He smiled at Neil innocently as he assured him. "I think they'll like you."

"Eilidh too." Ditzy added as he looked at the tall centaur.

With that, the trio went around to find goblins. Wandering around the town, they learned that there was a goblin tribe at Valoras Wood. Well, more Eilidh and Neil. Ditzy had taken numerous times to understand it but he got it only after they went outside the town.

The sun setting made him a bit worried, dad often say its best to go home for dinner. Though Eilidh and Neil hadn't said anything yet, so maybe it was alright for him to go on?

Soon, they arrived at the woods and his eyes caught the fire burning bright in the dark woods. Seeing that it was indeed goblins, Ditzy beamed as he heard Neil question.

"Yup!" Ditzy enthusiastically said as he entered and waved his arms in greetings to the goblins. "Hello! I'm Ditzy from the Stoneclub tribe! Can I play with you all?!"

To the goblins however, they've never heard or even though a male hobgoblin possible. Ditzy looked like a teenager that dressed in a hobgoblin attire, it was only the horns that jut out from the crown of his head that showed proof that he was a hobgoblin. His slightly stouter stature and muscular build also made him stood out as he carried his large backpack like it didn't weighed anything at all.

Though, in their minds, it was more possible that he looked like a deformed hobgoblin as he didn't have their famous assets.
@Eviledd1984 Maria

Yang Bethlehem

She narrowed her eyes in suspicion from that claim, she herself feeling it a bit questionable considering he doesn't seem that concerned with himself chasing her personally. It could be him just dedicated to his job but...

"Why don't you join us convincing her?" Yang pointed out with her thumb gestured to the exit, diplomatically choosing a way to solve this incident more calmly. "Surely your employer would, you know, be understandable to have you go and prevent a divorce than work."

Maybe he's just too focused on his job, she had seen a few of the monks in her place being so uptight and hidebound it sometimes borders on ludicrous. She sincerely hope that's the case rather than apathy on his part.

Yang waited for Maria to asked a few of her own question before they left to helped convinced the woman. It didn't take long for them to find her, and the greetings they got was as cold as she expect.

"Calm down now, we're just here to listen on your side of the story." Yang said without any attempt to deny or hide that they're indeed sent by her husband, she's grumpy enough as it is. No need to make it worst. "Exactly why you think he's been cheating on you?"

She opened her hands and make herself as friendly as possible while retaining a good distance between her, though she could easily crossed that in the blink of an eye but the woman didn't need to know that. So should she just attempt to escape, Yang was able to chase her down if needed.

Hopefully, it doesn't come to that. She thought idly to herself.


@Silver Carrot ELD @PaulHaynek Neil

Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy listened intently as he tried to keep up with the pace of the conversation, though he was comprehending things slowly as the man was way ahead of it. So much so that Ditzy wasn't able to finished his response as the man bade them farewell.

"Good bye~" He said and waved to him slowly and his receding presence as he left the tavern, he didn't know what he planned but he seemed much more happier than he was a moment ago. Though he wondered if he can follow him.

Ah, papa will get angry if I do... Ditzy recalled his father who asked him to stay with Bart and his guild no matter what, he can always returned to his village if he was bored, angry or sad.

Still, Ditzy wondered how constantly traveling would be like. Seeing new things, exploring new places and meeting new people.

He smiled at that thought, it must be fun!

At the end of his thoughts, he caught Neil speaking and he turned towards the nice man, nodding along at his words before he pressed a finger at his lips in thought.

"I'm too young to drink alcohol." Ditzy recited, his father was very adamant and had to always remind him of that. He wasn't allowed to drink any drop at all for fear he'll accidentally crush everything in his hands.

"I wanna see this village goblin tribe!" Ditzy excitedly said as the thought came up to him and he wondered if there's any goblin or hob-goblin around here, his mother said he should make friends with them if possible!

@PaulHaynek@Eviledd1984 Maria

Yang Bethlehem

Yang nodded as she waved to Rebecca and Lily to handle things here while she and Maria would head for this person.

The bar itself wasn't that hard to find, thankfully, as it still stood despite how long the story was. The person is questioned, was as expected, the difficult part. That person could've been dead a long time ago.

Still, not an excuse to stop as she questioned around and finally got a lead on the next person. A musician apparently.

"I think that's him." Yang said to Maria as she moved towards him as he was taking a break. Listening to what he said and his hand, she clicked her tongue inwardly.

She had forgotten to take the payment, and had left it to her seniors. Her fingers twitched and she kicked herself mentally for that, moments like this where material wealth would be useful often reminded her of the realities of the outside world.

Yang awkwardly looked towards Maria briefly, but turned away from her. She didn't wanted to burden her by paying for her mistakes, literally.

"If we're to convince your wife, you're gonna also cooperate with us." Yang crossed her arm as she looked at the musician skeptically, there's always two side of a story and its best she get it from him first. "Your wife must have a reason why she would leave you, or trying to at least. Mind explaining or what you figure the reason is?"

As personal this question sounds, she's not one to simply jump in recklessly. She wanted to hear his side before going on to see his wife and trying to convince her.


Ditzy Stoneclub

@PaulHaynek Neil @Silver Carrot ELD

"I'm sure we'll meet one!" Ditzy optimistically said to Neil, he didn't know what a hobbit is but they sound fun to meet. If what Neil said to them is true, though he looked at the clothes he wore. It didn't seemed little, it was what everyone wore as he adjusted the strap of cloth around his chest that the female hob-goblins wore.

Maybe the hobbits was cold? That's why they wore more than he did, Ditzy nodded in realization at that. That must be why.

"Oh, can you take me there so I can see your big village one day?" Ditzy enthusiastically said to him with a smile, he wanted to see where Neil came from. It sounded nice if Neil wanted to go back there. Ditzy also then turned toward Eilidh and asked her as well. "I also want to see your village too!"

"I can also show you my village afterwards, its a nice place." Ditzy proudly invited them, he was sure they'll like the place.

With that, Ditzy followed the pair until they finally reached their location. Ambran.

He was overwhelmed with the sights, so much so, he stopped often and had to consciously followed his companions. That didn't stopped his childish curiosity as Ditzy looked around with awe and amazement. He had never seen so many people, things, and movement before.

Ditzy kept on looking as he trailed behind his two companions as they arrived into an inn and was introduced to the person who had asked for their help. Samuel Cubbage.

That sounds like cabbage. Ditzy thought to himself, and felt a light growl in his stomach at the thought of food. Still, he kept quiet and followed them until they sat down around a table. There, Samuel briefed them on what he wanted them to do.

He listened intently, though from outside perspective it looked like Ditzy was just day-dreaming as a blank look was plastered on his face.

After a while of silence passed, Ditzy mind comprehended this man wanted to go and explore around. He hummed a bit as he thought where it would be good, he hadn't explore a lot of this area since he just arrived.

"How about the mountains? There's a few here and there." Ditzy suggested to him.

@Eviledd1984 @Silver Carrot RBC

Yang Bethlehem

"Come now, no need to be such a sour puss." Yang berated the younger sister of Maria with a frown as she looked at the little moth girl. She didn't mind being insulted but insulting others, particularly one who couldn't control it, was a bit too much. "If someone close to you had something like that happen to them, you'll be singing a different tune."

Thankfully, the elder sister was more amiable to helping. One she nodded to her as she gave a thumbs up to her and winked an eye.

When Rebecca joined in the sentiment, that made Yang much more relaxed as she followed up the priestess words. "Yeah! A wedding can't go on without a priestess or monk making it official! I'll leave the preparations to you then."

Yang turned to Lily with a slight smirk and taunting look. "Miss Lily was it? Why don't you help Rebecca for that? Perhaps some flower arrangement as well while you looked around, surely something simple as that could be accomplished by you?"

She purposely goaded her, wondering if it would work or not. For such a fiery and high-handed personality, one of the best way is to attack their pride.

Yang finally turned to Maria and gestured her to walked side by side. "Let's get this Peter, shall we?"


@Silver Carrot ELD

Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy listened intently to Eilidh explaining to them on her tribe and village, his head bobbing in interest as he imagined a village full of Eilidh.

He giggled, it must be so confusing for them to identify each other!

"I think Eilidh is pretty," Ditzy said with a confident smile. "Though not all goblins and hob-goblins are strong like me. Only Mama is, but Papa said I need to be careful since I'll be stronger soon."

"But Papa is a human, he said Ditzy is the only hob-goblin male and is..." Ditzy struggled to recall the word and frowned as he mumbled his next words. "U-u? Uni-que?"

He didn't really understand what it meant though.
@Eviledd1984@Silver Carrot RBC

Yang Bethlehem

"Oh, the three of you are joining me?" Yang raised her hand in greetings when she was joined with the rest of her guildmates, she hadn't expected company but it was good. One of them was also the new recruits, and it was only side by side did the similarities really came to fore.

"Hey there! Welcome to our guild, looks like this will be our first job together!" She addressed to Lily and then Maria warmly and politely with a bow. Her attention then turned to Rebecca, whom she had already fought beside. "Looks like we'll be together again, let's do our best."

With that, she accompanied them to their journey. Yang hadn't known much about the higher tension regarding monster girl but their objective was at the outskirts of Pravar, her head did looked at the city. A twinge of amazement and curiosity filled her but she pushed it aside for now.

Once they did reached the quarry, she looked at ruins of it and what's left of the church. It looked so sad and depressing, she wondered how it looked like if it hadn't gone down.

Her eyes picked up something and she saw an old woman in a white dress, that set her off as that color was worn only during funerals.

Wait, it might be different. Yang thought for a moment and decided to keep an open mind for now, her suspicion hadn't left but she approached this carefully.

One that went out of the window as the old woman caressed her face, and she resisted the urge to step back as she came face to face with her.

That slowly changed when she heard what the old woman asked of them, her heart softened at how desperate and sad the woman felt.

Ghost or not, I can't leave someone like that
. Yang closed her eyes briefly and made up her mind. It might end in tragedy, or sadness but she care not.

"Alright, I'll find him for you." Yang said with a small smile as she held the old woman hands gently like a newborn before she pull the old woman into a hug to reassured her. "Don't worry about it."

Yang turned to the rest of her companions, they may or may not agree but she'll do it by herself if it comes down to it. "Anyone feel like joining in? Or do you want to accompany her while we search for this peter guy?


@Silver Carrot ELD @PaulHaynek Neil

Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy liked the entire journey, specially when Eilidh begun singing. Her voice sounded great and while he couldn't follow the lyrics, he hummed it alongside though lagging behind slightly at it.

When he was asked by Neil whether he was a hobbit, he contemplate on the question, tilted his head and frowned as he tried to understand the question. It didn't make a lot of sense to him.

"Ditzy isn't a hob-bit, Ditzy is a hob-goblin." Ditzy said after awhile to Neil, his fingers pointed to the mismatched horns on the top of him. "See, one horn is bigger than the other! And bigger than goblins too."

"Mama had the biggest horns too, there are other who's the same like mama but she's the biggest." He explained to Neil before curiosity came to him. "What is a hob-bit? Are they like hob-goblins? Are they strong as Ditzy?"

"And are you like papa? Which village you come from?" Ditzy asked Neil in a childlike tone, he always wanted to hear about other villages. "Eilidh, what about yours? Are they all pretty and strong like you?"
Yang Bethlehem

@PaulHaynek @Silver Carrot ELD

Yang clapped the back of Neil in a more assured manner and softened her smile, perhaps her approach was too direct for him.

"Alright then, but if you have any problem. You can just see me, alright? I'll do my best to help you." Yang pointed a thumb to herself and bid him farewell with a nod.

Alright. She gave herself a light slap on both her cheeks to psyche herself up and look at the quest available, she saw one that drew her attention that concerns a woman, a church or temple of sort, and help. Her mind immediately went for the more super natural things, youkais and spirits are prominent in her land but they usually aren't malicious. Usually.

Well, I always wonder if chanting sutras works against foreign ghost since they probably won't understand it. Yang grinned at that as she cracked her neck and poked at the quest board, her fingers pierced the paper at the side to indicate that she was on it.

With that, Yang moved swiftly for the exit. Her path briefly coinciding with Neil, Eilidh and the new hand crushing rock boy. She smirked at that feat, she can probably rivaled that easily.

But he did it without much strain, so he'll make some good sparring partner at least for strength training.

"Alright, Neil. See you later, you too Eilidh." She tapped his back, bowed to the centaur and waved to the hob-goblin boy, unaware that it was a male monster and thought it was a child with a mask.

She looked towards the gentle blue skies and continued onwards to her quest, stretched her arms and begin her journey to Pravar.


Ditzy Stoneclub.

@Silver Carrot ELD @PaulHaynek

Ditzy saw someone approached from the side and he conversed with the centaur lady for moment before he looked at him. He brightened when he did as Neil explained to him what he could do for the day.

"I can work!" He eagerly said to him, so much things to do but he wanted to stick around the centaur lady for now if possible.

"Can I follow you?" Ditzy asked innocently to her, so far she seems like a nice person and he wants to help her. "I'm strong to lift plenty of things!"


Ditzy slowly turned away from the centaur after a moment when he felt something familiar touched from behind, he saw the female lizard talking to him.

His mind processed her words, mind wondering what she meant as he tried to piece everything.

Floor? I broke it? He turned to look at the floor as he wondered what happened to it, it seemed fine as he hadn't damaged it. His initial fall hadn't damaged it and all Ditzy did was crush the rocks in his hands, he was sure that it didn't damage the floor since he turned it into dust like what he do for his dad.

Maybe she meant in the future, he was clumsy after all. It was probably bad that if she has to cover the floor, dad often scold him too when he accidentally pushed or let something go from his hand hit the ground.

"O-kay!" Ditzy replied slowly and nodded a few times at her words.
@Silver Carrot Eilidh

Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy tilted his head to the side from the numerous and different reaction from everyone, he had his smile but he did felt a bit deflated when all of them didn't really seemed to care much.

I suppose dad was right, crushing stones isn't that hard.

At the corner of his eyes, Ditzy looked upwards when he saw a shadow over him and was met with a centaur.

He gawked in awe and curiosity, Ditzy had never seen a centaur before. To see one for real was a great experience for him, more so when she was perhaps the only one that talked to him afterwards.

"Thank you, Ei-lidh C-Chi-ron." Ditzy said slowly and bowed to her, his mind catching up slowly after her introduction to him. He extended his hand towards her for a handshake excitedly, one that his father taught him when he meet with others, and gave her the biggest smile to her. "Let's be friends!"

Oh, I should be careful. Ditzy remembered after his offer of handshake, he didn't wanted to squeeze to hard on Eilidh hands. More so when she had just witnessed him what he can do with his grip.

Yang Bethlehem

Seeing her guild master walked away made her apprehensive and somewhat disappointed in herself, perhaps she should have taken a more stiffer stance against it?

No. She shook her head at that, it would be against her principle if she had simply let innocents suffer while she stood and do nothing.

Still, she can somewhat sympathized with Bart position. They, was his responsibility, and he too had to think about their position. This was supported by the other three of the guild members, to which she nodded towards Neil respectfully. It seemed like he spoke for Bart when he's gone.

"Understood, we shall do our best to abide by it, senior." Yang replied with a hand over fist salute.

With that, Yang retired for the night early.

Before dawn rises, Yang got up early out of habit and exit the guild house momentarily. She brushed her hair aside and did warm up stretches, limbering her entire body up for half an hour before she took a stance.

Got to practice whenever I get the chance. Yang let out a long breathe within the pit of her stomach, oxygen and air filled her as she did slow motions of her martial arts first before increasing its speed. Yang did this constantly as she imagined and shadow box her master, it was only then did she moved seriously and in a flurry of precise but drilled motions of attacks.

She continued on as the dark hours slowly turned into a rising dawn, and she kept practicing until she finally see her shadow clearly.

Morning already? She panted before headed inside, greeting whoever that rose early with a smile and wave. Taking a quick shower to cleanse herself, she emerged from it much more refreshed, dried herself and head downwards.

There, she was greeted with Neil who was posting papers on a board. That was the thing that caught her attention as she moved towards him.

"Are you well?" She approached Neil and asked bluntly as she took a glance to paper he stuck onto the wall briefly before back to him. Yang rested a hand on his shoulder and looked at him with concern closely, her eyes studied his face and body carefully for any outward sickness or illness. "If there's something wrong, there's no need to hide it."

This also gave Neil a close up to Yang and he could feel his arm pressed against her and inadvertently, her bosom as well. Something that Yang was unaware of, more concerned with Neil health as she was raised in a temple and had hundred of others she would call brothers and sisters.


Ditzy Stoneclub

It was a bright sunny day, one that Ditzy appreciated as he looked at the beautiful sky. His steps slow and awkward as he was so engrossed at the sky he often stumbled a bit in his steps before he regained some his balance.

Ah, stand straight, stand straight. He repeated to himself, stood still and straight like a pole before he laughed childishly to take the next step confidently. The large backpack of his seemed mismatched with a huge punching bag that resembled a the typical goblin huge clubs, strapped at the top of his backpack.

I wonder how the new tribe look like. Ditzy wondered, so engrossed in it and hadn't even noticed that his path was joined by two others until he had reached the gates of the guild.

Oh, pretty. His eyes raised in amazement and curiosity, his eyes looked around until he saw at the sides that there was two other people next to him. He also then saw another orange hair human who stood at the gates greeting them all.

Ditzy didn't react to them first until he smiled at them and did a small wave to them alongside a slow in greetings "Hel-lo."

He took a moment to think as he process what Bart said, the name being called the guild seemed nice. He can remember it easily, same with the short name Bart. He wasn't sure if he can pronounce Bartholomew Barker easily, maybe with practice perhaps?

Oh, he spoke again. Ditzy refocused his attention to Bart, his head tilted to the side as the others moved in first before he realized he should do the same. He walked forward as quickly as he can, or as fast as a hob-goblin could without tripping himself down.

Once he was inside, he marveled at everything. There was just so many colors and things! He also never seen the different monsters and humans all so congregated under one roof. So much so he missed the first person introducing themselves.

"I'm Ditzy Stoneclub!" He said slowly in a excitable manner, and wave a hand to everyone.

The most prominent feature to everyone, was the two horns above his red haired head. One larger than the other which clearly symbolized and show that he was a hob-goblin alongside his height. However, the oddest thing aside from his getup was the fact he was a male monster. Mostly noted as one can see the tone body and arm, the horns and most of all, the lack of the iconic large breast that hob-goblins that famed for.

All in all, Ditzy looked like a male teenager that had dressed up as a hob-goblin. Afterwards, there was an awkward silence as that was all Ditzy said.

Oh yeah, he should also tell them what he can do as well. Ditzy looked around and his gaze went outside, without a word he moved outside the guild house and remembered those scattered small rocks. He picked two up in his hands, just the right size of his palm.

He eagerly went back inside, and stumbled on his feet in his haste. He took one, two steps forward before he tumbled down face first with a loud thud. The backpack adding to the weight of the impact.

"Ow." Ditzy slowly said as he dusted himself before he regained his cheerful demeanor as he held out the two rock in his hand for them to see. "I can do this!"

Ditzy hand squeezed around the rock, a strange creaking sounds slowly resound even as Ditzy hand shook with the rock.

Slowly, the rock had a small crack and akin to a dish falling to the floor, simply cracked open like eggs. Small specks of the rock now reduced to stone sizes and flew apart. Demonstrating the strength needed to do so.

But Ditzy was not done, unbeknownst to them as he continued smiling and grinding sound followed as those stones grounded against each other with his hand movement.

Like a hammer against stones,it was now crushed as flakes escaped between his fingers and reduced to small peddles now.

That's when Ditzy brought both hands together forcefully into a slap and rubbed it vigorously back and forth with enough strength that it would have normal human hands bled, for Ditzy however, all it did was created more dust from his hands.

After a moment more, he finally stopped and reveal his hands. It was white and chalky, the rocks in his hands no more and only powder was left. Plastered on Ditzy face was his biggest smile as he proudly said. "I can make powder for mortar!"

@Dealdric@PaulHaynek@Eviledd1984@The Irish Tree@Kyun@Silver Carrot@13org

Yang Bethlehem

"Oh, and I think the idea of having a 'training grounds' and somewhere to store our horses is a superb one! I see we continue to have more and more newcomers here. So many new faces! And some pretty ones at that!" Bast said, looking to the blonde girl with a laugh.

"Haha, thank you but I'm not that pretty." Yang took the compliment with a smile as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Oh... I'm just... thinking about a few things... Nothing serious." Freyr said, immediately changing his expression to the usual smile he had on his face, hiding his troubled expression.

"What's wrong?" Yang asked to the were-rabbit, she then gave an assured smile to her with a thumbs-up. "Is it a love problem?"

"No worries! I'm totally qualified to talk about love problems! I had lesson on it by my master and seniors." Yang said confidently and winked at her, unaware that Freyr was a female instead of a male.

"Ah, that's good, Yang. Oh, before I forget." Bart then announced to everyone on the table. "Everyone! Meet Yang Bethlehem. She was the member that I wrote to to help out. Yang, why don't you introduce yourself to everyone else and maybe a thing or two about you?"

"Yes." She said to Bart, stood up, bowed and introduced herself to the entire guild in a more formal stance. "I'm Yang Bethlehem, disciple of the white tiger temple from the far east and will be part of this guild. It's a great pleasure to be under your wings and guidance."

"Hmm ...But still..." Bart was unsure of Neil's plan. "What do you guys think?"

Yang patiently listened to the conversation, waited for others to voice their opinions first before she voiced hers.

"I'm fine with aiding them but rotating out, however I, as the outsider, will say that Varjo and its soldiers are not pushovers. Perhaps its best we aid them when it's truly necessary and in larger numbers, otherwise, its best we keep to the sides covertly."

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