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Right got mine up, not much but it's setting the scene.

Most of this probably will take around 2-3 more post before Korbl officially starts his tenure as a bouncer/muscle for hire.

The dusty, smoggy air lingered in his nose and made it curled as a blonde man leaned back against the wall in an alley. Eye carefully studying the landscape and layout with arms crossed.

Korbl Meier inwardly remarked to himself that there was far too much noise in this city. Was every American city like this?

While not a stranger, this was his first time setting foot on this side of the continent.

Though he bitterly remarked, it should've been in a much more joyous moment instead of his current predicament. His fist clenched tightly and his finger ran through his hair, a bit longer now alongside a small stubble on his chin.

Pulling on his own shirt and sniffing it, it was also starting to smell alongside the coat he had hastily stolen when no one was looking. Leading him to let out a weary sigh.

At least the blood hadn't caught onto his clothes.

There was so much blood-

Korbl shook his head and cleared it of intrusive thoughts as he looked onward to solving his current situation. He was after all an illegal immigrant and murderer. Staying low and blending was the right choice.

I'll need a job, a roof, and a passport.

He supposed that in these streets, someone must be looking for hire. Perhaps a club or bar? They probably have the least chance of rejecting someone from a sketchy background.

Cleaning toilets at worse and such is beneath him but he had nothing to lose at this point.

Except for one issue, his eyes hovered towards the alley and near the pipes of houses as one object stood out—a traditional one-sided sword in its sheath, almost like it's facing and mocking him.

Of all things to bring along by mistake, that was the worst. Yet it was his sword, the one he trained alongside that it might as well be a part of his body.

Damn his muscle memories, Korbl grumbled inwardly as he grabbed his sword and wrapped it with his coat before tucking it under his left arm. It just didn't feel right doing it since it'll slow the draw.

Still, looking at the skies and sun positioning, it'll take some time for them to start opening for business.

Best to scout around for which one that'll likely give him a job.


Close to the piers and water, it gave a nice view of the city ocean and from afar, a small figure of the famous and vaunted Titans HQ.

One person, however, took a far greater interest as they stood behind a telephone pole from afar as they tried to be as inconspicuous. It was only due to their lanky build that it helped boost the image.

Taking a look from afar, Korbl studied the club. It looked unassuming but all the information he gathered from a mix of booklets, asking around, and checking on the internet from unattended terminals, showed that this was a supposed reputable place.

Squinting his eyes, it didn't build any confidence in him but the place was clean, well-kept, and maintained properly. The location was nearer to the pier but he supposed that was because of the noise.

Although, it could also be because it's a convenient place to empty one's stomach after a night of heavy drinking. Korbl stayed a bit further from the pier railing when he spotted some stain of unknown origin.

From the closed doors, he gently rapped once and then twice.

A moment passed and he repeated the motion. Again, this time, finally caught some footfalls from inside and he straightened himself.

"Yea? What ya want?" What greeted him was a swarthy man bearing a red cloth wrapped around his head, barely able to contain the afro underneath his head as his sunglasses peered down at him. "Look, come back at 8, or don't, you look like you've been kicked out whi-"

"I need a job, will clean, carry boxes, anything." Korbl just got right to the point stoically as he pointed to the walls decorated with graffiti. "Can start now with that."

"Hell naw dog, it took me hours to get that shit correct!" The man yelled as he protectively stepped out of the door completely, showing the simple white t-shirt in contrast to his fashion-laden jewelry and necklaces. "Look here boy, you coming here looking for a job? You should've go start tossing newspaper, this here is a well-respected establishment you hear! And I intend to keep it that way!"

"I understand, and I don't plan to do anything. Just something I can do to help out-"

"Tut, tut, I got nothing else to say to you, so why don't you go and buzz off..." His words trailed off despite him about to wave off Korbl before pulling his sunglasses down to study him for a bit as his eyes flicked to the sides and saw his coat.

Does he know? Korbl hands tightened around his sword, he wouldn't be able to draw it in time, but he was confident he could strike the man down before the latter could move.

"Tell you what, you see those garbage bins over there? Move them to the recycling center and I'll pay you 50 for each one and you keep the change."

Korbl blinked at the sudden change of attitude but his eyes went to the aforementioned bins and it looked filled to the brim.

At least it look packed neatly enough. He rolled his shirt upward and tucked the coat behind his back, before lifting it to carry several bags full of trash. The sounds of clacking bottles and waste assaulted his nose but ignored it.

"And where's the centre?"

"That way." The proprietor thumbed over his shoulder, leading to quite a distant away as Korbl caught sight of it. It would'v taken a normal person about half an hour of back forth alone

Well, good thing he wasn't a normal person. Nodding, he quickly jog his way there.

Unaware that the owner was stroking his chin inquisitively before going back inside the club.

"Hey, someone continue cleaning this mess up. I got something important to do!"


Skarsneek of the Red Hill

"Well, dear, with how eager Kerry was. I'm sure others wouldn't mind~" He continued to banter with her. Seeing Takeshi and being invited for dinner lightened the mood.

Seeing everyone together calmed him down after the earlier fight. So many ways it could've gone wrong, he idly thought and brushed against the place where he sustained an injury.

I should get more help. Skarsneek finally settled on before being brought to attention by Atsuha coming close to him.

"We can definitely do more than just 'fool around'. " He held Atsuha hands then into his embrace, his shorter height putting his face right into his wife's chest and whispering. "Want to give Kerry kid some playmates?"

"A baker's dozen should suffice!"

A playful statement, but one that Skarsneek didn't walked back down as indeed, Atsuha would've a near sleepless night.


Come the next morning, Skarsneek woke up much more refreshed as he walked out to freshen himself in preparations for the day.

Once doing so, he quickly went to grab a piece of discarded paper and piece of charcoal that he grinded into dust before adding with water.

Flicking it, he penned a letter before heading towards the temple and found Ayu.

"Morning Ayu! Beautiful as always! Haha!" Skarsneek spoke out before handing her a letter, addressed to a certain acquaintance that he knew. "We need more back up, and I know a person. Kyoko found me and that meathead orc, so finding this person shouldn't be a problem."

"Just don't tease him too much, or do! I'm sure you'll like this person!"

With that errand done, Skarsneek wandered around before deciding it was best to help prepare breakfast for his wife and sister-in-law. A quick soup and a small amount of rice will do the trick.

Skipping about, he went ahead to make it before meeting with Takeshi, Revuel...and the orc.

"Ah, you."

"Tsk, goblin."


Out of interest, any villain or neutral characters that wanted to start off in prison? Bob might come and visit just to be friendly.

Don't think so, I planned for mine to wander around the city finding a job and shelter in a club.
Gringor of the Ironhide Tribe

He only grunted at Takeshi offer and took it up, the steamed rice and grilled fish was passable. Fish in particular was something new as he had only known the vast steppes and open land. So fish was a luxury to them.

Too much bones in his opinions however as he picked a fish bone between bites.

Still, it seemed that they'll head out tomorrow as everyone decided to lick their wounds. Gringor can only pushed that annoyance away as he finished his meal before turning in for the night.

With night passing and a dreamless moment, Gringor woke up, prepared himself as he washed, maintain his weapon and armor, something he never really knew about but was determined to do.

Idly, he wondered who else knows until one person came to mind. With that, he wore the stolen Varjan armor and headed out into the dark cloudy day.

Tromping around, he found his quarry and greeted the person with a raised weapon before resting the axe against his shoulder.

"Ready for the fight, underboss?" He said to Takeshi before turning to Reveul and pointed to his own armor. "How to maintain armor? Only know leather and bone. Also, how to make more?"
[ARC 2]


Once the last of pirates was taken down, Haku measured breath seemed to frost over in the cold air as he looked around and weapon raised closely. No mistakes, no chances, and no slip-up was allowed.

A moment of silence passed aside from the last groans and Haku shot back inside before being met with Coriander curled up, with a gentle touch Haku shook her shoulders and quietly.

“It’s alright now. Let’s leave.” Haku said curtly and softly as he held her hand and led the way.

Moving down the gangplank and spying the surroundings, it’ll take too much time to leave while making it back to the town.

Taking a risk, he sheathed his weapon back, turned to Coriander and muttered. “Sorry for this, it’ll be a rough ride but please bear with it.”

Sweeping off her feet into a bridal carry and keeping her head is close to his chest in case of any stray shots from behind. Haku's pace picked up far faster as he sprinted off, nearly skipping across the ground as the woods seemed to blur around her.

With that, the mission was over as Haku eyes spotted some of the pirates had arrested and true enough, he caught sight of Burnet briefly.

While disappointed, Haku nevertheless learned just how difficult things was considering he had everything laid out well but it still nearly failed simply because of one thing he hadn’t expected.

If anything, it simply showed just how green he was.

I’ve a long way to go.

Once they’re close to the town, he finally let Coriander on her own feet and much to his shock since the moment she did, Coriander mind finally caught up and breaks down.

Coming closer, Haku placed a hand on Coriander head.

“There, there. You’re safe now.” Haku consoled her, while not exactly a kid, he found that the gesture always worked. At least for him. “You’re braver than you think.”

“It was also my fault, I wasn’t fast enough.” He trailed behind before looking up to her. “But It’s okay, I’m here.”

“But how did you end up getting caught?” Haku asked curiously.

Cadog lit up a pipe as he shook his shoulder before taking a sip from an ill-obtained bottle of rum. The scent alone was overpowering as it was fermented haphazardly and no doubt, would’ve laid normal people or even given them ill side-effects from such a strong volume of alcohol.

Phah, taste like water. He tossed the bottle off the ship as his sailors moved around, collecting the unconscious body of the pirates.

It didn’t take long for them to find and destroy the other smaller supplies outposts hidden around the coves. The rain certainly slowed them down but their ship made the trip well enough.

With a little pride as he looked at the pirates being arrested, it seemed that the boy did well. As to be expected, this was the calmest seas out of everything.

He wondered what was taking him so long as he stepped from the pirate ship and onto dryland despite the rain. For an old seadog like him, it was near second nature at this point.

His eyes then spied onto a former member of the Marines, and he tipped his head at Burnet.

“Ah, so you came. How’s the boy?” Cadog didn’t even tried to hid the fact that he specifically assigned Haku here, after all, it would’ve been obvious and judging by Burnet's looks, he too must’ve figured it out.
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Skarsneek of the Red Hills

"Go and eat something, we got some time. I'll handle the rest of the preparation." Skarsneek waited for Shizuka outburst to calm down and only then did he spoke his mind. No doubt the leader must be having an headache in strategic terms.

Turning to Kerry who was currently talking to his wife and Hinami, he interjected softly on Shizuka behalf to smooth things out. "He's just worried about the child inside of you, my dad does the same everytime mom gets pregnant. Can't help but worry."

"Sides, you did get yourself a bun in the oven after all in a situation where we need everyone operating at their best. So cut them some slack." He pointed out the obvious gently.

"But Gwendolyn huh? That's a lucky name." Or perhaps he should say unlucky? Skarsneek smiled as he recalled some fond memories of a certain idiotic knight he met a long while ago. Ah, that adventure was a wild ride.

I wonder if he's still honoring that bet. Skarsneek then burst into a chuckle, who was he kidding. That pompous, stick in the mud definitely was tromping around in that ridiculous get up.

But seeing their situation, an idea formed as he scratched his chin. He had a debt owed to him, wasn't it?

Food for thought later. He put it aside when his ears caught and saw Atsuha catching a look, and approached the two from behind.

Putting an arm around their waist as he pulled them closer for a hug with a grin. "A bridesmaid is to usually assist and accompany the bride. Kerry in this case."

"Though in mamono tradition, there's also more involved~!" Skarsneek added with a wink to Hinami and gestured with his thumb between his index and middle finger.

When an invitation come and Kerry making her leave, the goblin waved before smirking towards Atsuha and quietly commented. "If you're jealous, we can always try and beat them in quantity."

"Hey, Hinami, want to help your sister out as well?" He teased his sister-in-law as well, even as his mind was split on the quest that Alice asked them to go on.

The Heavenly Strike was one that seemed far more trouble than it's worth but considering nearly half of the task force is going alongside Kerry. He'll have to join in just in case, let the other do the heavy work while he sit back and close to Kerry.

After all, like he said earlier, he understood how his father felt the most since he was always by their side and what kind of goblin he would be if he disappointed his father?


Gringor of the Ironhide Tribe

After eating, cleaning and preparing himself, Gringor went back to the pagoda, ready and waiting for the fight to happen. He would've gone straight for it were it not for the fact that he need others.

Smirking darkly to himself, he swore he'll smash each and everyone of the basket 'eads into the ground.

So it was when he came back, he saw Shizuka sitting to the sides tired and exhausted. He also heard the small growl and smell the slight acidic scent that came with hunger.

Without much thought, he pulled a jerky out and offered to Shizuka as he sat next to him.

"Food, eat. Need strength for fight." Gringor tacitly said before gesturing for Shizuka to go ahead and eat it.

Skarsneek blinked once, twice before raising a finger and mouth opened to comment before closing them back. One hand rubbed the back of his head at that.

Now, it wasn't like it was unheard since he knows that there potions granting other mamono ways to simulate a male genitals. He had personal experience before.

But never, had he heard of it succeeding in giving a child. Ever.

That alone should be far more groundbreaking than him being male.

Wait wait, maybe he was overthinking it. The answer is probably simpler.

So with that, he clapped his hands together in revelation."Ah, so Alice is a guy?"

Then a moment came before he shook his head. "Wait, that's not right, that's my stick."

So we looking to do this RP anytime within the month?
[ARC 2]


Slamming into the man, Haku brought him down into the ground though that’s when things started to go wrong.

For one, he couldn’t get to silence the man in time so when the shout happened longer than expected, all pretense of stealth went out the window.

Second, despite his superior strength, the man struggles was enough that he couldn’t cowed it down.

Third, was the ringing sound and stinging pain in his left leg.

Hissing through clenched teeth, Haku raised his arms and slammed it down on the throat with a hammer blow. Hearing gurgled sounds, he rained more blows towards the temple of the pirate's head.

Switching around, Haku swiftly moved upwards until he was in the dominant position and finally, he reoriented himself and managed to land to a clean hit that knocked the pirates out.

The body slacked under him, prompting him to stop for a second as he waited for any signs that this was a fake out.

No, no time. Hake swiftly took the mans clothes and tied the arms together tightly, kicked away the sword and smoking pistol.

That’s when he finally looked down to his leg and the red stain formed into a line.

He forced his breathing to be level, and assess it with all the focus. It was bleeding but not deep enough, not any veins nor bones.

Perhaps it was the cold rainwater seeping in, but he shivered more than expected as he tore part of his sleeves and quickly bound the wound. Once done, Haku looked to the sides for the hostage.

“Cori-Are you okay?” He froze for a moment when he recognized who it was and muttered before silencing himself. No need for her to know who it was as he quickly untie her binding.

Haku certainly prayed and thank the heavens above that he decided to investigate the tracks closer. Otherwise, who knows what would’ve happened.

“We need to leave.” If the scream hadn’t alerted the pirates, the gunshot certainly did as he quickly armed himself with more throwing darts and a short knife in hand. He tested his legs and felt it flexed as he ignored the tinge of pain.

Moving forward and taking point, Haku glanced backwards often to check if Coriander was close to him.

This was truly going to be hard, as he prepared himself the moment one of the pirates came down. His hand blurred and a dart slammed into one of their temple head on, leaving them outcold.

He placed himself forward and knife ready to intercept anything, even bullets as his senses extended to the limit.

Haku charged forward and then tossed another few darts as more came in, distracting them or hitting them dead on.

A second later, he was in their ranks and taking them down swiftly.

One punch to disorient, and single slice to the tendons. Not deep enough to cripple permanently but enough for months of healing.

His leg sweeped to the sides, taking one off balance and using his shoulder to charged into them. Forcing the man into another and tumbling the two down as he snapped his foot to their chins.

Don’t stop the flow. He muttered to himself as he moved forward to the next, giving the enemy time to think allows them to regain the pace and overturn it.

So with that Haku continued fighting as he reached the top of the deck, rain splashing and pouring down incessantly that it was like a curtain of water.

He scanned around the place quickly for more threat, seeing if there are any others before motioning for Coriander to follow.
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