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Yang Bethlehem

"Soya beans? That's great!" Yang beamed enthusiastically at that, perhaps she can make some soya sauce from it by fermenting it. "I can make something out of it when I get the chance."

She'll have to purchase an urn or pot, perhaps make her own. It's not that hard anyway since she had seen the potteries process before, it'll also be good for her anyways to start making some ceramic jugs for her own and Ozzy training.

Yup, I'll get on that soon. Yang thought even as she quickly chopped and prepared the vegetables without looking at it, her skills in martial arts aiding her greatly as her arms moved like a flurry.

She finished her story "That must have been awkward. I bet you were cute when you looked like a boy too." And then he was back to his chatterbox ways, his harpiness showing. He raised a fist and a wing in the air. "Did you seize the confusion and win the day? And that's another thing - I heard about the whole shaving head thing, why is that?" Just meaningless conversation while they prepared, getting the pans, utensils going to the store room.

"Well, I did get a few looks turned towards me." Yang boasted with a smirk and puffed herself at that. "I did win in the confusion though, but onto the shaving head, it's basically a way to sever our desire from this world and our hair is the start of that journey."

"I got too lazy to keep shaving my hair though, and my master had a beard, so it seemed a bit odd that we can keep a beard but not hair." Yang wryly said in between with a shrug of her shoulder.

That her master also didn't seem to care helped a lot since the older monks dislike it immensely. Something about creating desires within the younger students or something.

Yang pushed that thought away and focused on cooking.

"Maybe we could mix the meat in. And I'll get the potatoes and, I actually thought I saw rice there from last time."

"No meat, I'm not allowed to eat it." Yang eyed at the meat that Ozzy brought in as she carefully moved it aside. She can't consume meat due to her tenets and belief.

That was a bit of a lie since some training regiments allowed it but hers doesn't. Only in desperate times can she do it.

"Hmm, I can't say I approve but eat it all up okay?" Yang looked at the meat Ozzy cooked as she set the food and table. It was dead already so the only thing left was to eat and use every part of the animal.

Soon, they had a pot of thick potato soup and vegetables. A substitute for starch as she hadn't found any rice.

Looking around and seeing their new arrivals,she smiled widely as she gestured everyone to come in.

Yang did a quick headcount and noted that Neil was missing, with a tilted head and feeling the tension, Yang quietly scooped an extra bowl of veggie and potato soup. A quick glance to her side and took a seat next to Haley.


"Miss Haley." Yang quietly said to her with a wink and pointed to the extra bowl of soup she had. "Can you take this to our missing member later?"

Looks like it'll be quite a while before things get patched between the guild master and mister Neil.

Seeing the new arrival, Yang widened her eyes at the conjoined twin walking plant sister. She had never seen such species before, let alone a twin.

"Greetings!" She greeted the twins enthusiastically by standing up and hand over fist, head inclined to them formally.


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Ditzy Stoneclub

"Ooo..." Ditzy watched between lowered eye lids and the pain seemed to disappear. Not a moment had gone by and Ditzy felt much better as he gingerly touched his sides. The wound was gone completely.

"Thanks!" Ditzy smiled at the nice Moth lady and embraced her without a warning, only slowing down at the end to prevent from applying to much pressure. Still, the moth lady found herself lifted slightly despite Ditzy being shorter than her.

Ditzy put her down carefully and the quick burst of energy faded as he still felt tired. Then he perked up when Freyr said he'll bring meat.

"Yes, plenty of meat!" Ditzy nodded vigorously to the point he accidentally lost footing and fall flat on his bottom. Though it didn't keep his spirit down as he got back up immediately.

Entering the guild, Ditzy saw the sumptuous cooked meat. Without much thinking, Ditzy grabbed a plate, angled it and let the steak fall right into his mouth before he chomped on it.

It barely took two chews before it becomes pulp and he swallowed it easily. With a lick of his lips and smack, Ditzy felt much better with food in his stomach. He turned to the soup and blow on it before drinking it slowly.

Ditzy then turned towards the brown harpy,though this one looked more like an owl for some reason. He waved at him in return even as Ozzy introduced himself to them.

"I'm Ditzy Stoneclub!" Ditzy grinned though he doesn't recall anyone called Sand Say Yang, there was Yang Bathelm but it didn't seem to relate at all.

Weird... Ditzy felt something off even as he leaned forward to Ozzy, much to the latter surprise. A moment passed even as Ditzy maintained eye contact for a while before he broke it with a smile.

"Oh, you're like me and Freyr! A boy!" Ditzy was happy to learn that there are other playmates like him, Magnus or Freyr out there. "Let's play a lot!"

This was a nice place, his parents always said he was special but it seemed like there are others that were special too!
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Yang Bethlehem

Yang kept her expression in an iron grip control, not wanting to give out a single hint of a lie as she followed the Guildmaster lead.

"She learned that one should never let their guard down no matter what." She eyed Ozzy at the earlier incident, she should have let the Varjan champion go the moment she was lifted or be aware of that risk happening. Then again, she also assessed her own performance and it was lacking too. "Though I too need to keep this lesson in mind."

Her eyebrow rose at Ozzy statement of her passing a girl, to which she glanced to her own body, sighed and patted Ozzy on the head.

"Just give yourself time, I was flat as a board once and many thought I was a boy too. Did I mention that I shaved my head for almost 10 years before this?" Yang rubbed the crown of her head in nostalgia and wondered just how dumb she was, her short hair was a relatively new thing she had. "It took a while until a monster girl challenger realized I wasn't a boy which was hillarious."

"I'll do the soup, it's been awhile since I cooked something from our temple. Clear vegetable soup, I'll try to add some potatoes and milk to thicken it." She hummed on the menu, there was no soya sauce, miso or even seaweed here. So she'll have to make do with what they have.

"I just wish we have rice, I do miss rice," Yang said as she cracked her fingers to prepare everyone a dinner.


Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy's tired. He wearily thought to himself in between the journey as he trailed Freyr and Nagare. Since he was behind them, they hadn't realized that Ditzy was sweating and the pain on his side grew.

This was a first for him, he had never had trouble with hunting hellboars since his skin and body was usually tough enough to handle it. Then again, he usually handles them so fast he never got injured.

It was new, he admits, to be this tired before. Ditzy hadn't faced such an ordeal, at most, bandits and what not but never something that could and wanted him dead.

Still, Ditzy pressed on the journey until they finally reached it. That's when Ditzy saw the other people from his guild too.


"It was fun," Ditzy admitted with a smile to Haley but in a subdued tone which was a sign that the usually energetic hob-goblin wasn't at his best. "There was lots of bunnies and a big fountain, Mr Tree, and-"

That's also when others noted that he was hunched over and hand on his stomach, and the cloth around his chest had been pulled down to the sides. Red splotches at the side had marred the tightened brown cloth, the scent of iron and blood present for those with sharper senses greeted the air.

Not helped is Ditzy spacing out more than usual, the former not realizing that he had stopped talking for a moment before he continued his story but one that didn't even leave off properly. "Then old mean bunny wanted us to catch a fat varjan knight so Freyr can be friend with Mr.Tree but they're friends already..."

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Ditzy waved at Nagare even as she dragged off red lady and big loud old lizard girl, Ditzy glanced at the side before looking at the remaining moth lady, Haley, Neil, and the double plant girl.

"Old moth doctor, can help Ditzy make this better?" Ditzy worded awkwardly as he pointed to the wound at his side. His speech slurred and words got more direct over time. "Was playing with Bunny and she scratched me."

Accompanying that was this loud rumbling from his stomach that was akin to a thunder roaring, the burning sensation of hunger was gnawing at him badly and far more crucial to Ditzy as he belatedly realized why he was so lethargic.

He hadn't eaten anything since breakfast.

"Also, hungry. Want food."

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Yang Bethlehem

"Hah, Karma can't be ruined. Only added or decreased." She smiled at that, the brevity between them lightened greatly.

"But yes, it's going to be hard but your legs ain't bad. A bit lithe but it's strong." Yang observed in a professional manner as she reached for Ozzy legs and pressed it with her hands. Feeling the muscles and resistance underneath it, completely unaware of Ozzy actual gender.

She then gave a slap to her own thighs and showcased it to him as Yang lifted her robe. It was muscled well, but it was also toned enough that it didn't get in the way of speed. The balanced combination of both was what allowed her to perform almost all of her fighting skills.

"Everything comes from the legs. It's the basis and foundation." Yang let the robe down as she happily said and mentored Ozzy, similar to how she'll teach the younger disciples. "With these, any combination or moves are possible."

As they reached the guild house and discarding their disguise. Yang let out a quick sigh and forced herself to relax. It'll do no good in being tense since Guildmaster Bart is very perceptive.

Though Ozzy this time taken the lead as he moved ahead of her and quickly addressed the master.

"Guidlmaster Bart." Yang had a hand over her fist and bowed to him in greeting formally. "We've returned."

"As Ozzy say, there were not much of job choice and we avoided most of the Varjan missions." Yang carefully picked her words even as she reported to him. "Ozzy had intended to choose a Varjan job at first but I intervened as you ordered. So I offered to train her instead to occupy the rest of the day."

"I apologize for being a little rough on Ozzy training, her legs were much stronger than anticipated and I reacted without thinking." She ended her report and raised her head to meet him head-on. She'll not be surprised if Bart actually knew what they did but she had taken steps to ensure they won't be linked back to them at least.

After all, the rebels and Varjan would know it was an independent woman and harpy that won the day, but that was the course for the Sonarrons and a mixed rebellion. Not to mention how many monster girl around this area, it was a vague guess at best.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy smiled widely as Freyr praised him though he directed his concern to his wounds. Which made him frowned.

"Ah, it hurts. But blood stop cause Ditzy got excited. Have to wash it and wrap it, Papa said its bad to let pain expose." Ditzy said, feeling a little light headed once he realized the wound. He shifted the cloth that wrapped around his chest downward before tightening and making it a makeshift bandage.

It gave Nagara a healthy show of his bare muscled chest, but considering that he was essentially half naked the whole time, it didn't matter much. Ditzy stomach also growled in hunger and he hunched over slightly. "Hungry too. Want meat."

The walk was short but to Ditzy it was a blur, he wasn't sure if it was him or the injury.

That's when the rest of the bunny tribe came out, and he turned towards them sluggishly. Hearing their explanation took some time and Ditzy spaced out a few times, but he understood what they wanted to say. He only smiled and waved at them as they departed.

"That sounds weird." Ditzy hummed a bit as he looked at Freyr with his own smile. "We're friends, friends help each other right."

Sometimes Freyr and others thank others too much even when they're friends. He'll admit that it was nice to have people thank him.

"You don't want to ask Nera to come along?" Ditzy looked back the forest and finger pointed to the back. "She's gonna be sad and angry again if you don't ask her to follow when she's cured."

Still, the quest was done and Ditzy wanted to go home to get his injury treated as well as to eat. Before he leave, he turned around to the forest and waved excitedly to them.

"Bye bye! I'll come and play again!" He smiled at the trees and grass that helped them. Following Freyr and Nagare wherever they went, whether it's the Guild or other place they needed to stop first.

Yang Bethlehem

Hearing Ozzy spoke finally dissolved the awkward and budding tension between them, she was never that great in breaking the silence and this situation was hardly time for her antics at least.

"We're never there in the first place, don't forget that," Yang said as she stretched her arm upwards, not really comfortable with the robe getup. She'll have to get rid of it on the way back. "Besides, we did a job yesterday, so us fooling around for today should be overlooked."

"I'll recommend you take it easy for now, do some jobs that are at least close by or not require physical activity." She added with a hint of worry as Yang glanced at Ozzy injuries. It was due to her weaknesses that Ozzy had to step in, if she had been stronger or more decisive...

Yang shook her head at that and lightly slapped her head. It was best she focus on getting stronger in the right way.

Hearing Ozzy asked that question had her completely silent, not sure on how or where to even answer that.

"Funny, that you would ask me that." Yang finally answered back after a long moment of silence and walking, her mind wandering and thinking to memories past. Both hands behind her head as her thumb tapped the nape of her neck. "My master asked me a similar thing and his master asked him that question as well.

"Why do people suffer? Why do bad things happen? Why do they fight?" Yang had an inkling suspicion that this was a question that almost everyone in the temple probably been asked or ask themselves.

"Well, it's because people are bounded by their desires in the material world. Never realizing that in the end, everything will be for naught and that cultivation of the mind and soul is what matters." Yang recited parts of her temple knowledge with her eyes closed in a bored manner. Almost like an expected answer that a monk would preach.

People fight because they put themselves first and only chase things that matter to them now but not understanding that once they're dead, those things stop to matter a lot less. Karma will also then catch up to them and they'll face judgment. A perfect answer.

One that she herself doesn't fully believe in, recalling how an old woman was unjustly killed as she waited in vain for a lover that never even knew or love her back. That dampened her spirits, eyes cast downwards with a bitter frown. If that was the answer, she wanted no part in it.

"Gautama, the very founder of our belief, cannot answer that till the end. He merely showed us the way to save ourselves from the inevitability of our karma." Yang despondently said though she could be wrong on the details since she can't memorize the entirety of the scrolls.

"But...speaking on more concrete things." Yang gently placed a hand on Ozzy head, ruffling it playfully with a smile. "I'm thankful for you intervening. It was foolish, but also the right thing to do."

"Second, if you want, I can train you a bit in utilizing your legs." Yang went to a more mentor tone as she pointed out Ozzy physical strength. "You managed to lift someone that I thought you couldn't with your entire body, and I'm sure that some kicking techniques and with your talons, it's sure to help you."

"Ultimately, justice without strength is nothing but words. So get stronger, okay?" Yang winked at Ozzy to get his spirits back.

Yang Bethlehem

"Only your shoulder and side? You're lucky then." Yang let out a relieved sigh when she examined Ozzy, if all the damage he got was shoulder and sides then it was considered well. Her worry had been more on concussion and internal bleeding, or a broken neck from all that. She gingerly picked Ozzy up and hoped that they can find a healer after this.

Hearing the uproar nature of the battle, she quickly glanced around to see the lack of leadership had the Varjo knights quickly crumble and folded. The battle turning to their side as the rebels managed to win the day.

Seeing Felipe approach them, she inclined her head slightly to his presence even his attention came to Ozzy.

"It would be much appreciated." Yang politely said with a smile as he helped carry Ozzy to a healer.

When he inquired on this being their first combat, Yang looked around and saw the devastation. She schooled a neutral expression but her brows was furrowed.

"I'm no stranger to combat." She spoke slowly, counting the number of people passed away before reciting the passages for the departed internally in her heart. "It's still never easy."

She was a martial artist. Something she was drilled and taught endlessly. Other from the more wayward path consider the taking of life to be a step closer to true strength, she, however, disagrees with that path and pray would never go there.

"Nevertheless, our task is completed. After my companion is healed, we would have to depart soon." She then turned to Ozzy to share a look that brooked no arguments from her, she was already doing something she shouldn't and now, Ozzy was injured because of it.

Yang softly placed a hand over her heart and chest. A gesture that she copied from Rebecca and those of the western priest have done from time to time. "May fortune smile on you on your endeavor Felipe."


Ditzy Stoneclub

The moment Nera lunged forward again, Ditzy grinned as he immediately dove forward like an arrow.

This time, however, he only hit the air as the Viera had learned her lesson despite her feral state. This nearly offset Ditzy footing but he quickly stamped a foot down forward as he kept a focused look on Nera. Not taking his eyes off her for a single moment, unaware that his stamping had left a deep imprint on the ground itself.

Shifting and standing straight up again to balance himself, Ditzy continued his pursuit. Not letting a single moment of rest to Nera, the blood was still pouring but the adrenaline in him had slowly stopped it.

This continued on until Freyr, who had recovered, ambushed Nera with a tackle. He urged him to pick up his weapon, and Ditzy obliged him quickly.

The sandbag was deftly pulled and then spun around with his fingers, building momentum and force as Ditzy swung it around before he felt the right moment to come. Fingers tightened and snap around the straps, his arm raised before it streaks downward like a meteor.


Nera who was briefly distracted looked upwards and saw Ditzy sandbag descending straight on her head, the force of a hob-goblin now amplified with a weapon, proved too much as she felt the strike went right to the brain. The firm body of the sandbag collapsed and molded itself around her skull as it dispersed much of the lethal strike into a pushing force right into the ground.

Involuntarily, Nera head met the ground first before her body went stiff at first before going limp, collapsing as she lay flat like a fish.

Ditzy slowly lifted his weapon up and approached Nera, knelt down and turn her around. He then placed his ear onto her chest and listened for a heartbeat.

The steady and slow rhythmic thumps confirmed she was still alive.

"Still alive!" He declared proudly with a smile as he stood back up, approached Freyr and offered a hand to him. Feeling like a boy who did something well even as Ditzy didn't seem to register his wounds. "I didn't disappoint Papa at all!"

The sandbag was the only reason why Nera was alive, had it been any other weapon, the results would've been similar to what befell on the knights that faced Nera.

Yang Bethlehem

While her initial strike was true, it still wasn't enough to bring the warrior down as she managed to recover far faster than Yang expected. A long arc of the axe was narrowly avoided as she ducked downwards, only to have a hidden shield strike follow up.

Raising her own shield, it clashed with the champion with a bang and sharp echo. Yang was strong but the champion was larger and stronger, the impact rocked her arm and shock to her head she briefly lost focus for a moment. That was all it took as the champion continued and sent her tumbling to the ground.

Her axe raised to bissect her, Yang eyes snapped upward to it before someone else prevented it from bearing down on her.

Ozzy, bless her, had interrupted the champion and managed to even enrage her. Though whatever joy she had was quickly silenced when Ozzy was brutally slammed several times and discarded like trash.

That brought fury and rage within Yang as her knuckles and teeth clenched tightly, eyes went bloodshot, and her breathe increased. A fire churned within her and the usual stable Ki energies in her was increased in response to her emotions.

Without hesitation, her muscle coiled and legs sprung forward like a tiger bearing down onto its prey. Letting out a wordless cry, she swung the mace with both hand right to the legs of the champion. Mace met bone and kneecap, as a sickening sound and crunch was heard across the battlefield.

The moment this happened, Yang leapt upwards with a single leg, twist and turn in mid-air before landing a hammer blow with both of her fist dead center of the champion head. The impact shock and force went through the helmet and straight to the brain, then the spine and finally the legs.

And still, she wasn't done as she was right on top of the champion shoulders in an upside down fashion. Her hand was already clenched down on the shoulders, and for the champion, it felt like an iron claw had sunk itself into her flesh.

Utilizing the momentum as they fell forward due to Yang extra weight and one broken leg, Yang managed to land feet-first and then tossed the champion like a sack of potato into the ground shoulder first. Combining weight, momentum and force altogether. She barely halted herself ,as one leg was raised upwards into an axe kick position, in time when the haze lifted from her vision.

Yang hissed and clicked her tongue hard before she ignored the champion and head towards Ozzy, smashing and getting rid of any Varjan knight that stood in their path.

Once she reached Ozzy, Yang quickly examined the harpy for any severe damage.

"You alright?!" She quickly said and gently touched him, not wanting to aggravate any damage done.


Ditzy Stoneclub

While he managed to held Nera down, the Viera was still able to find footing and clawed at him desperately in order to escape.

Ditzy saw it and let one hand free from the grasp to protect his sides by raising a guard against it, confident that he can take it.

It didn't and it resulted in having a claw raking his skin and flesh, which elicited a cry of pain and blood pouring from the wound. This brief window slacked his grip on Nera and she was free to escape from Ditzy grasp.

That usually works against hell boars. He thought to himself but then again, he never really tried to simply hold a hell boar down. Ditzy had often snapped it before it could do anything further, unless the boar was really strong or large. He thought a rabbit would've been easier.

To Ditzy luck, the slashes wasn't as deep to expose the bone and was a shallow one as his physical body was a lot tougher than that. He tested his fingers and it still moved, though he winced as each action had blood slowly spurting from it.

"That hurts." Ditzy only responded in a flat tone, not too pleased and trying to ignore the pain.

Ditzy tightened himself and went low, carefully inching forward to her reach. Ditzy had felt Nera body and muscle, deducing that she was reaching the end of her stamina too. Ditzy eyed the sandbag weapon that laid close to Nera, the scuffle had them rolling and moving around that it was next to her.

An idea hatched in his head and he decided to act on it.

Got to keep her moving, dad often said you got to make sure the prey is always on the run. Ditzy thought and he smiled.

"Hey, hey, let's play tag!" He smiled despite the wound and loss of blood that had slowly stopped itself. Ditzy was very good in tag after all.

That was the only warning Nera got as Ditzy moved forward in an almost insulting speed, or at least, insulting for a Viera standard as he jogged towards her leisurely. It was the most stable run Ditzy can afford to do without falling over as he approached her with his guard up, and if Nera wasn't careful, those arms would soon be around her and this time, much tighter and stronger.

If Nera tries to take a fight, Ditzy would immediately dive into her once again but otherwise, he often move, doubleback his steps and try to head straight to Nera. Inadvertently buying time but also keeping pressure in exhausting Nera. He was lacking in agility and speed but he can make it up with stamina and a burst of speed.

"Gonna catch ya, push ya, and wrestle ya!" Ditzy sung a tune that most goblins in his tribe did whenever they're the catcher. Unaware that Ditzy actual aim was his sandbag weapon as he tried to scare Nera from approaching him, and allowing him to retrieve it.

Once he got his weapon, he can use it as a way to make up for range and continued his game of 'tag'. Only this time, Ditzy had a sandbag that he can fully utilized more with his strength. It won't kill outright but it certainly hurt if it hits.

Yang Bethlehem

After seeing Ozzy coming down and relaying what he saw to them, she nodded as he quickly got him to her side.


"Alright then, you seem to have smart thinking." Yang patted his head gently, her face looking like a stone as her focus was already towards preparing herself for combat. "I'll leave it to you on where and how to intervene if needed."

"I'll see if I can take on their leader." With that, no other words was exchanged as Yang waited patiently for their target to reach them. When they did, Yang crouched low enough like a tiger hiding in the foliages.

From there, she sighted her quarry and noted the size as well as weapons. Good thing she decided to borrow some weapons, it'll make things easier and harder for them to track her.

As the battle started, Yang remained in her position for a bit longer. To ensure that the leader doesn't see her instantly.

She took a calm look at the unfolding battlefield and continued her controlled breathing. Her vision was at its widest angle from her position and she was nearly able to see all of the movement.

Now. She thought to herself, dropping herselfs among the chaos. Her movement seems to almost bend around people as she moved past them like a snake.

The moment she's within ten feet of her target, Yang suppressed all thoughts from her head. Going in as if nothing but clear conscious in her and to hide her bloodlust.

Once she was at two feet apart, that's when her entire body sprung into action and the very air whistled as she fell onto her enemy like a panther. Yang aimed a blow straight to female leader head and helmet, with controlled might but unparallel speed.

She didn't aim to kill, but aim to concuss instead. Yang was after all still a monk after all.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Looks like Mister Forest really want us to get Nera. Ditzy idly thought in between as he followed Freyr and Nagare, he was at the tail end of the group but it seem that his surroundings was quite eager in helping him, that he hadn't tripped at all.

Maybe I should be careful next time in how I touch the forest and plants? He wondered if that's possible since stepping on grass kind of hurts them? It makes no sense, the most he can do is to be careful.

After a while, they finally slowed to a stop and Ditzy peered from the sides to see what's going on.

"Is she sleeping?" Ditzy asked as he saw Nera kneeling down with her eyes closed. He wondered if the rest of the other four person is sleeping too, and there's a weird smell in the air.

Isn't that smell when things become bad? Ditzy was too busy wondering about it to notice that there's another barrier forming behind them, and was merely perplexed at this as he looked backward before looking at Nera again.

The kidnapper must been those four, that's what Ditzy deduced until a new voice appeared.

Ditzy frowned heavily and felt immense dislike just by looking at this new person's face, not even Jote prompted this bad of a response to him.

"That's the face of a bad person." Ditzy pointed a finger to the new intruder and promptly looked around for a rock or stone to lob him with. There's no need to discuss things with people like that.

So much so, Ditzy was brought out of his labor only when Nera had jumped onto Freyr, knocking the rabbit man unconscious. When Nera turned to look at them, Ditzy was reminded of how those big boars used to look at him or how mom sometimes looks at dad.

Ditzy dropped the sandbag he carried,spat at both of his hand, rubbed it and widened his stance, lowering himself with arms outstretched.

Ditzy smiled widely at Nera. "Let's play! Let's play!"

He didn't know why, but animals seems to always get more worked up at him when he smiled. Perhaps they understood what he meant?

Ditzy dove forward instead of retreating, catching Nera off-guard and deliver a heavy blow by a headbutt straight into Nera's stomach. His mismatched-horns weren't sharp as Magnus and by comparison, is very dull.

Should Nera be hit:

Ditzy arms wrapped around Nera own arms and body, bringing it into a chokehold as the momentum brought both of them to the ground.

After a rough landing, she was quickly pinned to the ground by Ditzy as he held onto her lower body much how like a child will hold onto their mother.

A Viera was strong, no doubt about it, more so when one's enraged after being fed by strong mana.

That meant little to hob-goblins in a contest of strength, a race that had evolved its strength and physical enhancements so much to the point that their intelligence suffered for it. A race that can contest even Minotaurs and Ogres despite their diminutive size.

And Ditzy, was considered to be a monster even by his own race standards. The latter keeping a quiet face as he focused to only hold her down and not break her spine in half.

Nera finds herself unable to break free at all, evident as despite the immense trashing and furious struggle to break free, Ditzy arms were like a vice clamp. Though Nera legs and foot will able to find purchase on land and stand up, if she recovered quickly.

Nagare was to be left with solving the situation by herself as Ditzy had his hands full.


Yang Bethlehem

She followed the Sonarrans and their troops, never separating from Ozzy side even as she observed the coat of arms and burning it at the back of her head. Since the majority of their gear looks the same as their enemies.

From the distance, she saw the city of Varjo and frowned at it. It gave off a bad vibe to her senses, a chill went down her spine even as she suppressed it. Still, Yang didn't feel comfortable at all just looking at it so she can't imagine how it'll feel if she actually get inside there.

Yeah, she can understand why Bart doesn't want to tangle with that. She gently ribbed Ozzy sides as she directed his attention to Varjo.


"See that? That gives me bad vibes." Yang pointed towards Varjo, trying to restrain her disgust for it. It was completely different from those of her homeland. Sure, there are places where one shouldn't go but none of those places compared to...this. "It makes me sick."

Still, just as their setting up, Felipe approached them and asked what they can. Something that Yang prepared herself.

"Give me a one-handed mace and shield, I'm a fighter. Let me engage their champions, I can defeat or at the very least, stall them out." Yang tapped her fingers, apprehensive since she'll have to restrain herself from using her typical moves but she'll figure a way out.

Yang then turned towards Ozzy, this was his chance to do...whatever he hopes to do.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy frowned and pouted his mouth at Jote words, but kept quiet to the side as Freyr interacted with her.

Hearing the conclusion of the Jote words, Ditzy crossed his arms in frustration even as he stuck his tongue out. Not liking her at all and feeling quite mad at her for insulting Freyr.

When Freyr seemed to respond in a despondent tone, it just fueled Ditzy more to prove her wrong.

"No, we're gonna show that Freyr was correct!" He hotly said to Freyr, taking the two of them by surprised as the usual happy go lucky Ditzy was actually mad. When asked on how, he pointed a finger to a far distance. "We're gonna bring a Varjo that wants to burn this forest down, and put him in front of her! We'll bring a fat one too if she wants weight!"

Despite having the right intentions, his method was completely in the wrong place.

Though that's when Ditzy felt something, he can't explain what it was but the breeze felt weird to him. The trees, leaves, and branches also gave out a weird vibe to him.

When that was finished, the Jote came out and informing them that Nera was captured. That got his attention since that look reminded him of parents that can't find their children.

"We need to find her then. Ditzy will help." Ditzy said to Freyr urgently.

Yang Bethlehem

She nodded to Felipe explanation, Yang never really knew the full story except that the Varjans was being bad. Her previous experience had been a sour experience but further information from them made her distaste for them grew. She resisted the urge to tightened her fist and Yang used controlled breathing exercise to calm herself, ensuring her poker mask wasn't broken.

Hearing what was needed to be done, she glanced towards the drink, then to Ozzy, and reached for the mug. She let the bitter alcoholic beverage touched her lips but she mimicked the gulping sound, placed it down and licked her lips.

"Sounds fun, let's do it." Her hand wiping the foam away and a grin on her face present.

While they cheer at her answer, she turned her head towards Ozzy and whispered to him. "This is it. If you can convince them, do it. I'll serve as your bodyguard. Just remember, we're not related to the Guild."

"So what's the plan? We hit their reinforcements? How many we're talking about?" Yang turned her attention back to Felipe for further details on their plan.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy was having a pleasant time even as he explored around but he slowly walked alongside Freyr as he listened to his side of the story.

"That doesn't seem fair, why boys are seperated from girls? What if they get lost? Then there's no boys to play with the girls!" Ditzy remarked, his eyes wide and then his brow furrowed at what they meant. For Ditzy, born to a goblin and hob-goblin village, everyone stayed together tightly.

It was almost like the opposite of of his own village.

"Maybe Nera wanted to follow you? Nera seem more mad that you didn't ask her to go along your trip." Ditzy postulate as he listened to Freyr as he walked with a skip in his step, his two arms outstretched to balance himself. "I'm sure she'll play with you again if you talk to her!"

Ditzy nodded when Freyr said they needed to look for Jote even if he didn't know who or what a Jote is. Still, he didn't said anything else and just enjoyed the scenery as they moved along.

It was when they arrived to a housing area, that Ditzy got a look at Jote. Ditzy tilted his head at that in curiousity as he looked at the elder bunny rabbit girl. They didn't seem anything like what his father told or described, but maybe it's a different species?

Oh well. Ditzy rolled his shoulders at that and smiled at Jote with a wave of his hand in greetings.

"Freyr came back to tell you about the bad people who wants to do bad things to monster girls!" Ditzy stated obviously, not to mention thequestion of forest abandoning others doesn't really make sense to him. "So that's why we're here! And he's still part of the forest, since he never abandoned it!"

Ditzy was not familiar, and perhaps, would never understand the deeper link of connection between the woods and Freyr species. Such question and understanding is far beyond his comprehension, though he does understand action.

And so far, Freyr hadn't done anything to be warranted to be left behind. He just took a trip outside the forest in Ditzy eyes. Like how he left his village to see the world, that certainly didn't count as abandoning the forest.
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