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Yang Bethlehem

Where's the key, where's the key?! She thought in between strikes, even as her eyes searched around for it.

That's when the prisoners shouted something to her and she whipped her head towards them. They pointed and gestured to the red-knight desperately in a broken language, but it was obvious as to what they meant. Her eyes fell onto the large knight and studied her target.

"He's the one? Alright, just sit tight." She smiled as she slammed both of her fists together and cracked her neck. "I'll get you all out soon."

Seeing that person block an ice and arrow and discarding it so easily, made a small part of her laced with worry as she recognized that it was no greenhorn. Even as the man tried to reorganize the party, he noticed her and roared a challenge.

Yang smile turned into a large grin, the blood in her was boiling and heart raced. Yes, this time, she was fully in her element. The past few days of mistakes and failures weighed on her heavily. Somewhere in her heart, she was never more happier.

"Beheader? You're in luck then." Yang slammed a foot down, taking her stance as she brought her arms together. Ready to take on the man with nothing but her body and impromptu knuckle duster beads. "I'm a monk, and I'll be reading the rites soon."

"Yours, that is." She stated coolly and calmy with a smirk even as she fist-pumped to herself mentally. Congratulating herself on such comeback. In between, her foot latched onto a fallen soldier discarded sword.

Then like a viper, she shot out her leg and sent the sword flying forward. Spinning wildly as it aimed squarely towards Krik, Yang took the opportunity to move like a flash with the distraction and head straight forward to Krik.

When she was close enough, she used the wagon close to them as a foothold and propelled herself upwards. With that, she shifted her center and kept her legs tucked together. Teeth clenched tightly and her body filled with Ki as she performed one of the signature moves.

Like a wild tiger pouncing on its prey, Yang aimed her powerful leg towards his head. From Krik view and perhaps, the trick of the shadows with the sun behind Yang, her eyes became predatory and slit as her silhoutte fell on him.



Ditzy Stoneclub

"Okay!" Ditzy followed the two man as they led the way. Ditzy didn't manage to see much this time as he was on the job, but everything looked the same. At least, if the blur around him was an indication. He was still wondering what the job actually entails throughout the entire journey.

That's when they reach some house that look bright and colorful, Ditzy wasn't sure what exactly it was but it seemed like a fun place to be.

Ioseb then shouted something and pointed at something. Ditzy followed at what it was and saw a trio of Zipangu people, with some sort of weird instruments alongside them. When he was asked to stop them, Ditzy blinked for a moment before an idea popped to his head.

He raised his sandbag weapon, gave it a twirl with one finger and then snapped it forward like a slingshot. His sandbag then lurched forward quickly, arced down and then slammed into one of the Zipangu people, knocking him forward and into his other compatriots as they tumbled down like a pile of dominoes.

"Done!" Ditzy smiled innocently to the two as he ran forward to catch his quarry. Years of practicing in throwing his sandbag at trees or rocks had paid off, and he hadn't used all his strength like last time. He was also partly inspired by how Freyr and the arrow competition that he had seen previously as well.

I can't use a bow, but I can throw things well! Ditzy thought with a skip in his step. Once he was caught up to the three Zipangu people, he waved at them as he stood at their side.

"Hello, want to help me in making Ambran number one!?" He said, completely missing the point of his mission and job. "Oh, and these two wanted to talk to you."

If they tried to run, Ditzy would simply hold one of them by the wrist gently and it would be impossible for that one to escape from his grasp. It would be akin to being clapped in iron manacle as Ditzy grip will not budge no matter what.
@Lmpkio Titanica @PaulHaynek@13org Freyr @AzureKnight Vara & Nagare

Yang Bethlehem

Yang smiled at Freyr concerns and raised a fist in assurance. "No worries, it's better I'm down there by myself. Gives me plenty of room to attack."

And if anything happens, at least no one would be hurt first. She told herself even as a small part of her said otherwise as they would only get in the way but Yang shook that notion off quickly.

"Alright." She patted her knees and readied herself to reach her position, smiling as she raised a thumbs up to encourage them.

Then quietly and keeping low, she moved silently like a panther amongst the terrain with nary a sound. Almost disappearing as she approached the unsuspecting convoy. Controlling even her breathe, she was soon close to the guards.

Then when Haley did her distraction, Yang took this chance to get even closer and peeked at the foot soldiers. In her mind, she plotted and identify the most efficient way to get through them.

Knifehand,backhand, solar plexus, neck- Yang made a list as she continued her steady breathing rhythm, muscles relaxed but readied to explode into action. Taking one last deep breathe, Yang fingers twitched as she moved from her hiding spot.

That's when she felt something off from afar, she can't pin exactly what it was but it is growing larger. Briefly, she wondered if it was some wild or untamed monster girl that decided to prey upon the convoy.

Yang instinct was half-right, as she felt something massive but was completely unprepared for the large form of a monster that seemed to appear from the mythical tales told by her master and story-tellers of old. Her mouth opened in a brief moment of shock and stupor as she craned her neck upwards.

That's when the glowing blue aura brightened and Yang felt her hackles rise, there was a large energy being built up and it didn't take long for her to connect the dots.

Changing her plans quickly, she headed instead for the prisoners rather than the guards. Her eyes quickly scanned for the warden or whoever has a key with them.

With that appearing, whatever it was, all manner of subtlety is thrown out of the window and speed was now the key. Targetting everyone near the prisoners, she was like lightning as she was among them in a flash. Swift, powerful and precise strikes aimed to knock out the guards, Yang was a blur to their eyes as she lashed out to them.



Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy nodded slowly as he looked at loseb, and then the man who addressed him. Ditzy wondered if this was his boss even as he listened to him.

He didn't really get how people unwilling to adopt culture was hindering them being Ambran first, it didn't seemed like it was a competition. If anything, Ditzy also wondered how does one adopt a culture when it's not even physically real.

Come to think of it, what does the word culture mean? Ditzy wondered at the back of his head before his attention came back as he was asked whether he was ready to help them.

"Of course! I'll help in making Ambran First!" Ditzy delightfully said as he raised an arm in a cheer.

Maybe they want to make Ambran the best city? It does sounds logical since they're practicing and all. So they're probably trying to make Ambran first, and the Zipanguese are not doing Ambran things but Zipanguese stuff instead.

Hmm, so I have to make them do Ambran things? That sounds easy!

"So where's the Zip-pant-geese are?" Ditzy cheerfully said despite absolutely slaughtering the pronounciation, though his mind went back to Saburo and he recalled everything about him. He seemed nice, perhaps they'll be too?


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Yang Bethlehem

@13org Freyr @AzureKnight Nagare

"What? Don't be silly?!" Yang laughed loudly as she waved her hands towards the Viera comments nonchalantly and seemed to hear nothing of his next word. Whether out of ignorance or disbelief, none can say. "Everyone knows that there's no such thing as a male monster in this world! Otherwise, we would be getting more of them!"

Granted, everyone here dressed so oddly that they could pass for one like. "But yes, this mission is going to be a little tough. Come on then, let's do our best."

With that, they set out on their journey.

Taking a look at their quarry, she looked at the challenges she was to be facing. With so many knights and foot soldiers, and the two at the front seemed to stand out the most.

Not good. She glanced towards the beads she had, it seemed that perhaps for once, she was reconsidering her weapons. So far, the beads served her well but against tough armored caliber opponents, she'll need something more...bigger.

Yang then tightened her fist however as she let out a low breathe, concentrating and psyching herself up. Crushing armor and metal with her bare hands is merely one part of the challenge in her road, not to mention her master can no doubt do the same.

"This is going to be hard." Yang chipped in before her ears picked up a slight wind disturbance.

Yang was mildly surprised when Haley, the siren appeared but she kept a quiet poker face as she joined them. Listening to her suggestion made her frown as she pointed out a flaw in it.

" I can knock out their ground soldiers if you keep their attention, probably some of the knights two but those two look like trouble." Yang volunteered for the close encounter among them, since she seemed like the one equipped and far more trained for it. "I'm concerned that they wouldn't see reason with you and simply fire an arrow towards you."


Ditzy Stoneclub


Ditzy began his journey with his sandbag, wondering just exactly what he would need to do even as he head out alone.

Come to think of it, this was the most he spend time alone as there's always someone near to help or guide him. He wondered if he can do this alone without anyone help.

Then a sudden surge of confidence well up from him, of course he can! That's why he's here, isn't it?

With that, he continued his journey to Ambran. So far, it didn't seem that different as he approached the town so far. There was those in the hood and those that seemed weird. Ditzy wondered about it until something snapped out of his thoughts as two people seemed to stop him.

The next words seemed unintelligible, and Ditzy tilted his head with a finger tapping his horns trying to understand what he just said. It seemed like a mumble of words but he brightened up like a lamp as he decided to introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Ditzy Stoneclub! I'm here from the guild to help Ambran be first!" Ditzy said to them enthusiastically and innocently, though he didn't know how exactly he was going make Ambran first.

Still, doesn't mean he not's going to try!
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Yang's taking [The great escape] while Ditzy is on [Ambran First!] quest.
Yang Bethlehem

Except all I got is my noggin and a sunny disposition to try to make things happen."
He bapped his head in an attempt to be cute and funny.

"Haha, that also applies to me. I got nothing but my own head and personality." Yang laughed at that as she tapped her own head in reply before she rubbed Ozzy own head playfully.

And hopefully, maybe make a difference? We'll see. D-did that make sense?" He cocked his head to one side, his bird like features becoming temporarily more apparent.

To be honest, you lost me halfway. Yang kept a neutral face even as she nodded her head at Ozzy explanation. She got the gist of it but the finer details were lost on her.

But she was envious, Ozzy seemed so smart compared to her. Most she can do was read, write, count and maybe recite a few old poetry or sayings.

Then again, there are those that can't do any of that. So maybe I'm lucky?
Yang thought about it and shrugged her shoulders at her fortune.

Her eyes was drawn towards the armored knight and her gut feeling picked something off about it. There was something weird and she can't identify what was the problem.

Her full attention went towards the armored as she kept an eye out for what's missing before the answer came from her ears. The movement sound too smooth aside from the armor movement and hitting the ground, there was little to no rattling inside.

Weird, it doesn't sound like those armor wearing Varjans. She wondered if it was a tsukumogami. Yang decided against telling everyone for now as she shrugged her shoulders at that.

Still, she felt slightly exhausted mentally and most of it passed in a blur. She had went up to retire quickly and sort her mind out.


After having a good rest, she once again woke up early and went through her usual morning exercises and stretching. Each move that she made refocused her and calm her down, it didn't take long before she went into a trance as she performed each move rigorously.

She struck a fist out, and occasionally, the bend around her fist when she employed more strength. Similarly, her kicks did the same as the air warped and trailed behind her strikes. After awhile, she was covered in sweat and her entire body felt burning.

With that, she sat down and took a few deep breathes for controlling her heart rate. Only when it was back to normal that she leaped upwards to her feet. She moved inwards to take a quick bath and rinse herself.

Once she was done, Yang came back down as she tightened her clothes together.

Seeing everyone together, it seemed she was a little late but she did hear Guildmaster Bart talking about their financial problems.

With that, she gave her cheeks a light tap and observed the number of quests available before she decided on one.

[The great escape]
@13org Freyr

"I'll go with this one." She shot her finger forward and punch a hole clean through the paper to indicate her mark on it before she turned to the tall bunny looking woman, and bowed her head politely. "I'll be under your care, and ask anything of me should I be of aid to you, madam Freyr."

Yang fingers twitched eagerly underneath it. After the two disastrous quests she had, having something she can punch her way through was something she welcomed. Martial arts shouldn't be used for violence but she was feeling a lot of frustration right now and needed something to take out the steam.


Ditzy Stoneclub

@13org Freyr

"That's nice, I never had a bow. Maybe this time Ditzy can play with one!" He giggled and felt he was on cloud nine. He always wanted a bow and be like those hunters, but he often end up breaking them. His father had given up on making one for him, something about the wood not being able to handle his grip.

Ditzy didn't know what it meant, since he was always able to hold onto the bow. It was just that it often was too brittle and fragile.

Listening to Freyr stories, he found it sad. It didn't seemed like Freyr had a lot of playmates if both girl and boy was seperated, almost all his playmates was female goblins. He can't imagine being seperated from them since that'll left him by himself.

Ditzy didn't realized they had reached the guild, and the moment he did, Ditzy yawned loudly before agreeing with Freyr. It was bedtime soon after all.

"Good night." He groggily said before going up to his room, plunked himself down and slept the night away.

When he woke up next, his body automatically went into his normal routine of cleaning himself and brushing his teeth. Taking his time to make sure he was thoroughly clean before going down.

The moment he reached down and not realizing he was the last one. Completely unaware and missed Bart speech, he went for the guild board and decided to try his luck again. Hopefully he can get to play with those goblins again.

"I want this one!" Ditzy pointed to his selected quest.

[Ambran First!]

Unware of what it entails much, Ditzy only knew it seemed fun and it was first. That meant it should be the first to finish right?

With that, Ditzy quickly went up to take his trusty large sandbag and small provision. He is available for conversation for now.

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