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Current Amen, my friend.
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No matter how many times I've done it, still a little nervous after ordering new computer parts.
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Pew pew pew! Pow! Ka-boom!
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What kind of Friend are you?
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I just finished the Frame Arms Girl anime. I'm going to miss those FAGs.
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I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I could put here but I'm blanking.

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Stella had instinctively shirked away from the disembodied arm that had poked her. She wasn't really scared or anything... But personal space was important. She decided to not say anything to it either way. There are probably only so many ways a hand could greet someone.

Handling the "present" carefully, she weighed it in her hands, thinking about how far she might be able to throw it. "Right. So I should try to deliver it to the breach, but barring that possibility... Use it as I see fit."

Stella looked over her uniform and pondered how she'd carry the present before remembering that one of her questions remained unanswered. "Do we have any clothing that's more... practical than what I have currently?" Stella asked Kelan. "I don't even have a place to keep my knives, and we're awfully close to deploying to this mission."

Stella bit her lip. 'I really hope he didn't answer because he knew there was nothing on board. I can't work in this getup.'

Andras shivered as the wind picked up... Of course, this wasn't any natural phenomenon, considering they were in a dome. That means... "The wind.... Is troubled today. It speaks of forbidden magi-"

That was when the first shell exploded, which totally threw Andras off of her monologue game. She let out a squeak of surprise and quickly scrambled away, clutching her spear. One she deemed she was clear of the salvo, she turned to her angel, and nodded. The angel would use its flight to see what the enemy was doing and quickly report back, before any explosions actually managed to hit someone.

To Andras's surprise, the Angel returned back to her before even reaching the height of the dome. Apparently the blizzard made it both hard to fly that high, and impossible to scope out the enemy's positions. As the angel dusted ice off of its armor, Andras sighed. "We can't see what's going on with that blizzard, so..."

She looked at her hand. If anyone tried a straight shot at the flag, she could stop them with a tidal wave, but that would only work on the defensive side. Using the powerful Furnace of Rath would probably deal with the blizzard, but... The enchantment would cause some serious collateral damage. She didn't want to use her draw spell yet, either. "I'm going to advance! Let's see if all they've got is just bombs and wind!" She nodded to her teammates, and started a brisk jog towards the center of the arena. In between the salvos of artillery, of course. She kept her angel in front of her, just in case.
Stella grimaced a little at the reaction to the scan Legion gave. 'Even he can't help being surprised.' She tried to keep her cool as best as possible, but she didn't feel like asking any questions either. 'At least he's just reacting to me, and not any glaring hazards to my health... I think.'

She filled out the datapad as well as she could, before curtly excusing herself.

Stella had taken some time to prepare for a mission, but it was mainly just playing with some of her prosthetic settings. She didn't even have to stretch. She also didn't have any tactical uniform ready, which she only realized after she had tried to figure out where to sheathe her knives. 'Another thing to ask whoever the armorer is about.'

She strolled over to Kelan's room. She was, after all, the most likely to be able to succeed with his plan. She tried her best to seem professional - or as professional as a girl dressed in casual clothes could be. "Kelan? I'm ready for this mission." She said, knocking on the door. "Or... I may need a few things, actually." Stella muttered an afterthought as she tugged at the end of her skirt.
I mean, it'd be fun, but I'm not sure how I'd fit it into the current situation.
@Stern Algorithm

Stella peeked in through the door of Legion's office. She had tried to come by once before but she just knew that someone else was already there. She definitely wanted doctor-patient confidentiality. At least, as much as one could afford in the situation she was in, being a part of a rebellion and all.

Once she was sure nobody else was in the room, she quickly ducked into the office and closed the door. "So." Stella trailed off for a moment. She decided that being brief and to the point would most likely prevent any awkwardness. "Do you need an access panel, or... Um..."

'Maybe I should have paid more attention when they were briefing me on the prosthetics...' Stella thought to herself, as she tried to remember what an engineer would need to know in order to diagnose her. She quickly diverted her eyes to the ground, fidgeting a little.
Ah. Someone had to ask it. If Stella was a more mischievous girl, perhaps she would have turned invisible the moment he said that and had them wonder what happened for a bit. 'I'm sure it wouldn't be that simple, though,' she thought. Bending light could only get you so far, when there are so many other ways to detect someone. Stella knew that well - during her time fighting there was an extensive amount of tracking done on her. Invisibility meant nothing then they had trackers and heat sensors trained on you at all times... Otherwise she would have managed to flee her captors without such drastic circumstances.

After a short silence, Stella raised her hand. "That's me, I guess. I suppose you all never were briefed on what we could do? Considering you didn't even know our age..." She gave a slight smirk, which quickly disappeared. Along with the rest of her, that is. She very briefly initiated her cloaking, before turning visible a second afterward. During that time, Stella's smirk had returned to a slight frown. "What did you have in mind...?"
Stella held back a sarcastic scoff when Natasha commented on not knowing their fighting power. 'I can't speak for the others, but...' Stella's mind flashed back to the blood-soaked frontlines briefly. It wasn't that she was proud of what she had done back then. But she perhaps felt a bit of indignation at the captain's skepticism. She wasn't used to that. When she was a killer in the Ascendancy, her "handlers" were well-briefed on what she was capable of, and they were all off-put by it.

'Maybe it's a good thing that I will have to prove myself.' Stella considered. This would be the first time she'd be fighting in her new body. While at times it almost felt like the original... There were small things that reminded her every time. Stella flourished her hand, an exercise to loosen her wrists that she had done countless times. Perhaps it was a small birth defect, or a simple quirk of her body, but her wrist would always pop when she did it. But now... Only the very quiet sound of a moving cybernetic joint. She also missed cracking her knuckles. There was a growing list of indignation at the back of her mind, for certain.

Stella had zoned out for a moment, focusing on her own problems, but she quickly returned to the briefing. "I wonder what caused the Circle to crash. Furthermore... Do we know what we'll have to face if we do plan on recovering this AI?" Stella was sure of her abilities, but depending on the forces guarding the AI, it could get messy. She had some ideas, but most of them weren't really something she wanted to do. She'd rather wait for someone else to assert themselves as a tactician over herself.
"Right." Stella nodded to Legion. "Thanks."

Despite being fairly acclimated to the basics of her body, she definitely did not know enough about how it worked to do maintenance on it. Stella grimaced as she thought of having to figure out how to fix her cybernetics out in the field. It was actually a relief that she knew someone could help her out with that. At the same time, she hoped she might be able to learn enough so that she wouldn't be completely helpless on her own.

Stella also took a sideways glance at Reisus. 'No magic near his room, huh? I wonder what the reason is. Of course, investigating it stealthily would require using magic...' Stella scratched her chin for a moment. 'I'm sure if it's that important I'll figure it out naturally.'

Stella stretched her arms absentmindedly. It was a force of habit from her other body, something that she couldn't stop herself from doing. Even though her cybernetics made it so stretching wasn't something she needed to do, it was still ingrained in her mind. Stella felt a little embarrassed to let that slip up in front of everyone, but she just hoped that nobody noticed it as out of the ordinary.
Stella felt like there was something burning into her side. She gave a very slight turn and realized that Orky's gaze had been focused on her... 'Eh? Did I do something?' Stella briefly thought back over what she had done since Orky came around, but nothing came to mind. His stare seemed unfocused, as though she wasn't even what he was looking at.

Even still, Stella felt very uneasy. She had seen a look like that before. In her case, they were usually fixed directly on her and her hardlight blades. It was the look of someone who was backed against a wall. She weighed the pros and cons of cloaking herself just so she could move out of his view - before the fork he was carrying snapped in his hands.

Stella flinched from the metal crack. But that seemed to have snapped Orky back to a more friendly state, and he apologized after coming back to his senses. Stella let out her breath, which she realized she was holding. "D-Don't worry about it." Stella mumbled to Orky's apology. She averted her gaze from those who had turned to her because of the cracking.

After meeting up with her partner and Aram, Andras enjoyed a few easygoing matches. Well, that was kind of mean to say. But at the same time, Andras reasoned that's exactly what a demon would say after beating a bunch of lesser mortals.

Andras looked over her spells. She had expended some resources to get them to this point... The first match unfortunately had her lose a very powerful creature. However, she still had plenty of options.

Andras stuck her holy spear into the dirt. She felt like she may have hurt some hero of legend's feelings by doing that, but to be honest, that thing was heavy. Her active enchantments needed to be reviewed. Her physical strength was boosted by Unholy Strength, manifested as a pentagram on the back of her hand. In her hair was an Angel's Feather, which would slightly heal her in the right situation... Covering the Root was her ever-present savior, Erayo's Essence, which would block a magical effect from someone once. And of course, the Spear of Heliod, which bolstered her summons' offensive and defensive capabilities... And could take out weak creatures if they managed to touch her.

Andras grinned to herself. There were some seriously good options with her last enchantment, Recurring Nightmare. She had kept that one a secret for the matches prior becuase it would need to be brought up as a surprise. It was too powerful to let others just know about it. It had manifested as a rather unsightly tattoo of a mass of eyes and teeth, which seemed to move and writhe along her arms. Luckily her hoodie's long sleeves covered them well enough.

This next match was definitely a little different. As they prepared for the arena, Andras couldn't help but speak up, "Umm... One of them seems pretty mad at us. Like, she was death glaring us when we were watching the other matches. Did you guys do something?"

Andras had to select just one of her existing summons to bring in with her, but it was an easy choice becuase most of her others had been taken out prior. Her angel servant which had brought her here was chosen, and came down into the arena with the team of Vigilantes.

Andras brandished her spear in what she assumed to be a heroic pose. "So. You guys ready? Same plan as always, right?"
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