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Fumiko outside the sharehouse

Fumiko looked over to the alleyway. Crows were supposed to be smart, so maybe something actually interesting was going on. The fact that they were swooping back and forth was what piqued Fumiko's interest most. Wouldn't they just fly away if it was someone throwing open a door to dump their garbage? Fumiko's knowledge of bird behavior was limited to stuff that she caught while falling asleep with nature documentaries playing on the TV, so she couldn't be sure what it really meant. She furrowed her brow. Was this a mating season for birds?

Fumiko gave up trying to remember her animal education. 'Well, if I spent this much time thinking about it, I'd probably end up wondering if I didn't go... Even though it's likely just a dumpster with a week-old lunch in it.' Fumiko didn't intend to make an excursion out of things, but surely checking out a nearby alley was within reason. She cautiously approached the alleyway, trying to take it wide. While they were interesting creatures, she also didn't really want the flurry of crows to ruin her clothes with discarded garbage... or something worse.
Fumiko at the sharehouse

Fumiko set down her bowl. In truth, she had a craving for something fried for dinner, but she wasn't going to say no to someone cooking for her. Not that she did much with her time during the afternoon and early evening. She nearly fell asleep reading for a class, scrolled through a dozen sites with her phone, and... What else happened...?

Fumiko's eyebrow twitched. She couldn't think with the radio on. It just kept saying the same thing, over and over again. Like it was trying to lure her into a trance where the same things just continued to happen forever and everything bled into a gray mess. It made Fumiko want to intentionally start a fire in the mountains. At least if she gets caught, they could talk about how a college girl finally snapped and committed arson.

Fumiko rose out of her thoughts when she realized that she was gritting her teeth. She furtively glanced around the table, unsure if people realized it. She herself hadn't realized it, but something had soured her mood this evening. Maybe it wasn't actually anything in particular. She needed to cool off either way.

She stood up from the table, taking her bowl to the already-full sink. "I'm going to get some air. Just for a little bit." She mumbled. She wished that she could use an easy excuse like a smoking break, but she couldn't bring herself to actually do it. Even if it looked cool. "Ah. Thanks for the meal." Fumiko added, realizing she hadn't thanked Sayuri.

Her trip outside wasn't planned to be one of her city-wide nighttime strolls. She just needed to step outside for a bit. Plus, the last time she went out for the entire night, the group saddled her with extra chores because she couldn't refuse them in person. She had become wary of that ever since.
Fumiko at the Northwestern District

"Ah..." Fumiko felt a flush of heat reach her face. She was being so protective, suspicious, and paranoid, but it was unfounded. The man left the shop with the girl, who had immediately sunk Fumiko's suspicion upon waking.

'Well, you can't always be right...' She tried to console herself. But she felt the embarrassment anyway, no matter how much she rationalized her actions. She had become more familiar with the feeling of embarrassment recently, as she'd been trying her best to try new things. But being familiar didn't make it feel less bad.

The detail around the little girl had dissolved not soon after Gotou left, leaving Fumiko alone on the sofa. She was back to square one: Looking at a hot walk home. Fumiko kicked herself for not asking to walk back to the sharehouse with Aya. Sharing the misery likely would have improved the walk, but Fumiko was too busy being self-conscious to think of it. She needed to work on that. She'd never find a way out of monotony if she was so worried with what people thought of her.

'...That's easy to say, of course...' Fumiko avoided the eyes of the shop regulars as she stepped out, beginning her walk back to the sharehouse.
Fumiko at the Northwestern District

Fumiko nodded intently at Aya's question, as if she was waiting for someone else to assure her suspicions. She in turn replied to Gotou, "Either way, I don't think we should be moving her until she comes to again. So if you could lay her down..." Fumiko felt a little emboldened by Aya's question, ignoring how it was likely easily answered. She gestured back to the sofa with a polite smile on her face. "We should let her recover fully, don't you think?"

Fumiko wondered if she was taking things too far. But it was kind of exciting to assume the man was some kind of criminal. Like she was stopping a crime. Aya had voiced suspicion about it as well, so Fumiko was affirmed in her suspicions, clearly. Plus, if she was right, it was ostensibly the right thing to do. Fumiko quickly glanced to her bag, which had her phone in it. 'Just in case.' She thought, as she casually grabbed her bag, sitting it on her lap.
Fumiko at the Northern District


Fumiko was happy to see that someone had come to pick up the kid, but she felt a slight tinge of suspicion. Maybe she was being paranoid. 'Well, kids run off all the time... But at the same time, running so frantically she fainted? Well if she's sickly, then maybe her running at all could cause her to collapse...' She couldn't quite settle on an answer. She took a sideways glance at the others, hoping to find something in their expressions to affirm her suspicion.

Fumiko stopped as she realized she was staring at the man with a slight look of suspicion. She quickly put on a smile and replied politely, "Good to meet you, Gotou Matsumaru-san. My name is Morita Fumiko." She bowed and sat back down next to Suzuha, before her curiousity got the best of her. "Why was Suzuha running at such a time like this?"

She made sure to inch closer to Suzuha, as if that would somehow help protect the little girl.
Fumiko at the Northwest District

"A-An accomplice?!" Fumiko couldn't hide the note of panic in her voice. Of course, someone who lived with her probably would be able to know just what to say to get her attention. That fact that Aya probably was just saying it to ensure Fumiko's help didn't make the possibility of it being true scare Fumiko any less, though.

Disregarding whether or not the police would be around the corner at any moment, Fumiko helped lift the child, awkwardly taking off her bag and grabbing the legs. Given the time of day, finding a cool spot was probably not happening outside. It was fortunate for everyone involved that the tea store was so close.

Gesturing towards Spice Tea, Fumiko directed the group carry effort towards the shop. "It's cool- er, cooler in there. And the owner is nice, if we tell her that this girl has heat shyn... senu... shynkobi she should help." Fumiko wasn't exactly sure what syncope was, or where that word came from, but it sounded severe.
Fumiko at the Northwest District


Fumiko eyes narrowed. She had an urge to turn away, and pretend she didn't see it. But a nagging voice inside her reminded Fumiko that she could be liable if she didn't intervene. If word got out that she lived with someone who chased around little girls... She wouldn't allow it. She gathered her courage, her belongings, and her travel flask before setting out into the heat.

Fumiko shaded her eyes from the sunlight for a moment as they adjusted. Closing the gap between her and the two runners, she rose her voice, "Shimamoto, why are you chasing a child around...?" She had an uncomfortable smile on her face as she walked between the two, much like how a person on the street regards a homeless person shouting absurdities. "Little girl, where are your parents?" Fumiko said, turning to the collapsed child.

She grabbed her travel flask to offer to the kid, but she seemed to be completely passed out. "Umm... Shimamoto, she seems to be completely out..." Fumiko felt a twinge of panic. She wasn't exactly sure what to do in the event of heat stroke, and she didn't want to be responsible for hurting a little kid either.

She glanced towards Aya, with a hint of panic to her glance. 'What do I do?!' Her expression read.

Fumiko sipped from her travel flask. It was still cool, though in the current weather anything would feel cool by comparison. She looked through the storefront of Spice Tea from inside, with the faintest expression of dread. The sunny world of the Northwestern District looked closer to an inferno to Fumiko.

She had walked to the tea store in the morning, before she realized how horrible the day would become. And now that she had finished tutoring, she had to walk back to the sharehouse... in that sweltering environment. But she was imposing upon the owner by staying.

She let out a sigh, hoping that glaring at the heat would will it away. The store, while still warm, was a haven compared to it. Despite that, she could feel a pricking of sweat on her forehead. She could feel the owner's kind gaze on her, wondering why she hasn't left yet. She could see where the thought process would go: "If she's just sitting here, maybe she's kind of lazy? Should I even let her tutor Maya if she can't even leave promptly after finishing a job? I should probably call the police..."

Fumiko shook her head. Of course that was a stupid thought, she was projecting how she'd think onto others again. The owner of Spice Tea, Ochaya Rie, was said to be an angel by many, and even a few of those many were something other than over-eager high school boys. She was trying to stop from being so proper at all times, so she could afford a few minutes of rest before heading out into the heat. She took another drink, trying to absorb as much of the cooling effect as possible.

'With any luck, something will let me stay here a little longer...' Fumiko wished to herself.

Note: It's joke.
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