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Noble Thunder [working title]

A story of clashing schools amidst an inscrutable divine comedy

Background - Fiction

In the ages of myth, the gods of the world bestowed great gifts upon that of humanity. They used these gifts to rid the world of a profound evil that threatened both the gods and mortals. In exchange for their sacrifices, the gods continued to proffer their gifts generation after generation...

...Or so history says. In this world, while the influence of the gods and their gifts are clear to observe, direct intervention by any specific god is unheard of. The specifics of the divine cosmology are often a subject of personal belief and philosophy moreso than any one true religion - something people may theorize about but never know the full picture.

The city of Theia is the most prosperous city in all of the world, and with good reason - it is essentially geographically at the center, at a cultural confluence of many different peoples, and most notably "the place closest to the gods." A city that has roots all the way back to the ages of myth, it is rumored to have survived centuries of tumultuous times, disasters, and evil due to the gods' protection.

While the foundations date back to ancient myth, the modern-day city resembles most others with all the amenities a big city can offer. Perhaps one of the few mythological traditions that remain are the schools that cultivate the mind as well as the gods' gifts - notably through physical clashes at organized tournaments. To these schools, performance in a clash is just as important as any other subject, and would be treated as such. Whether it is subtle guiding by the unseen hands of gods, something in the water supply, or just a deeply ingrained tradition, the reality for most residents of Theia is a high concentration of student-age young adults training and clashing with each other in spectacular fashion.


Schools make up the factions of Rhea and players will pick one to be a part of. The larger schools have a lot of variance and perhaps even power struggles, so not everyone has to be buddy-buddy even in the same school, but generally there's some expectation of cooperation since you might end up having to back up a classmate in a fight down the road.

These schools tend to be more autonomous and student-ran, though obviously there are adults that step in if things get too out of hand. Of course, different schools pride themselves on having higher or lower standards of what "out of hand" means.

Alexandria's Academy For the Gifted: A historic and upscale school that is said to have been founded by one of the first humans to bear a Gift (though this is completely unverifiable). While its facilities and record are top-notch, it has been known to be sluggish to adapt in the tournament circuit. While the school is at the top, they seem unbeatable, but once behind the curve they take a long time to adapt. Perhaps fresh blood is what they need to fully establish dominance?

Alexandria's Academy is headed by a student council, the president of which is [gigantic name goes here when I think of one that's not just Lise's name again]. She has a claim in a long line of headmasters and headmistresses of Alexandria's Academy, and carries her royal bloodline with great pride.

Celestine's School of the Forbidden: A newcomer to the top schools of Rhea, this shady establishment seems to be poorly organized from the outside, yet has snatched up many powerful students... For whatever reason. Despite the sketchy nature of the school, the headmaster seems to have smoothed over things with the authorities and they never get thrown out of tournaments, so maybe it's fine...? This school attracts those who want to eschew traditional organizations and simply let the most powerful rise to the top however they can, practicing what seems to be complete chaos. Whether they win through underhanded sabotage or fund their school through illegal tax fraud, what is clear is that they are a juggernaut on the field.

The questionable practices of this school, and its chaotic nature, makes most outsiders unsure who really is at the head of the student organization of the school. Perhaps their head figure hides their identity in order to protect the school from reprisals, or perhaps the rumors that the school is in a constant state of anarchy is true and nobody is in charge. Only a few within the school's inner circle know for sure.

Theian Association and Conglomerate of Technical Interest Clubs: This organization is actually a conglomerate of many Theian Technical Schools, which are the government-required schooling available to those that don't make it to more selective or eclectic schools. Normally no tech school has enough strong players to have a presence (since they mainly are just zoned to accept whoever lives nearby), but an enigmatic leader managed to scout and organize enough outliers between the various schools all over Theia to form a formidable group. Given how wide of an area the association can recruit from, their potential is impossible to predict - something this group has used to its benefit to become a top contender in Theia.

TACTICs was organized by a brilliant student who goes by a codename of [chess piece name? it cant just be king]. They organize the group through an extensive communication network, and rarely show their face in-person. Despite that, [name] seems to have eyes and ears in places nobody expects, and uses it to their advantage whenever they can.

So what's this all about?

This is another take on the classic battling schools theme from anime and various other media. A city seemingly ran by absurdly powerful student bodies that clash in sanctioned (and unsanctioned!) events. Ideally there would be fighting, drama, maybe some shenanigans here and there. My loose plan is to have characters interact amongst each other for brief arcs, then come back together for tournament sets, and work in a pattern like that. Schools will have odd jobs for characters to do, and I'm sure players can also make up some of their own shenanigans to get rolled up into. If anything, I would encourage character makers to think of some fun background conflict with others to work on when they're not in a tournament.

The tone I would want to shoot for is fairly wide, honestly I mainly just don't want it going so dark that murders and heinous crimes are occurring. Let's keep it to drawing blood at the absolute worst. If you're not sure run it past me.

As for character powers, don't make something that's going to give me a headache mainly. Powerful is fine, unbeatable isn't. Tournaments will be varied in how teams compete, and not just be 1v1 cage matches, so don't shy away from having utility that isn't just straight up KOing people. Plus your character ideally will have a life outside of fighting people, so stuff they can use in everyday life is obviously a boon.

As things progress players may gain new aspects of their gift, though this often will be at a "big moment" for them. It won't happen often, but it's not unheard of either.

Character sheet:

I'm still okay to go if GM's still kicking.

[at the Breakthrough peeps]

Their combined efforts had defeated Na-Kratz, and through a clever play, they had even caused the remaining soldiers to flee. Io stayed in the back of the Task Force as they were lauded by Ayu, taking some moments to clean her face of blood and adjust her robe. She didn't want the spotlight, and the more friendly faces were already front and center, so it was a win-win for her.

After she had let the others draw the attention of the newly liberated Shizuyaman locals enough, she edged back to the group as they discussed the battle. Io returned just in time to hear Liliana vividly recreating the sounds of Ayu's fighting, and summoning a minotaur. Once again, the fairy's magic only seemed to make a mockery of logic, considering the significant differences between a cow and a minotaur, but Io knew better than to try to make sense of it by now. 'At least she made it out unscathed.' Io thought, noting perhaps the slightest bit of relief.

As the sun rose over the bay, Io pulled her hood further down to block the light from her eyes. "Returning quickly with the new information might be best... Even though the bodies so beautifully decorate the bay now..." A slight listlessness colored Io's deadpan voice at the thought of leaving behind so many corpses. She paused briefly in self-reflection, then added, "Perhaps it is better for everyone else if I don't stay here, after some thought..." Io deemed it better for the sake of the Task Force to not be tempted to do anything out of hand. She would handle some minor preparations, then be ready to set off with any other Task Force members planning on returning.
<Snipped quote by Crowvette>

Also.....poke. As requested.


Hey I said 24 hours or so! Or so commonly means "or several times more than initially stated"

I kinda fell back to square one with my knight, I'm trying to pivot my idea to something easier for me to play. ...Sorry it's taking so long.
I'm still alive! I'm putting some touches on the knight sheet too.

Please poke me if I don't have anything in 24 hours or so
I can't believe there was the talk of forbidden love between knights and nobles and I missed it!

...Okay I'll get back to actually working on my sheet now
<Snipped quote by Crowvette>

Oooh, okay then, in that case:
- Sam: Samuel or Samantha?
- Alex: Alexa or Alexandria?
- Ash: Ashley or Ashton?
- Theo: Theodore or Theophania?
- Vic: Victor or Victoria?
- Yuri: Yuri (Russian, Masculine) or Yuri (Japanese, Feminine)?
- Will: Wilhelm or Wilhelmina?
- Pam: Pamela or Pamphilos?

The answer to all those questions is: Who knooows~?

As for last names, since it's a last name, gendered vibe isn't really an issue:
- Hawthorne, Cornwall, Belrose, Smith, Northridge, Wagner, Hawkins, Blackwell, Collins, etc.

I think I like Ash the most of them all, so I might work off of that. Thanks for the help! Hopefully I'll get a sheet together soon

Funny story, I had another RP character running the Alex as gender neutral name in the past. Small world.
<Snipped quote by Crowvette>

He looks like a 'Phillip' or a 'Wilhelm' to me.

Other suggestions: Arthur, Pierre, Harold, Charles, Sterk, Immanuel, William, Edward.

Unless you're going with the reverse trap idea, then I'll give you feminine (and unisex) names next time.

Well I was going for reverse trap so that's a good sign! :DD

I would like it to be a unisex name to lean into that (though maybe it could be fun if the knight tried to hide her first name and only go by her family name to keep the facade up)
I've sketched a knight character but I am struggling with a good name. I feel like the name kind of sets up everything else... Maybe we can crowdsource ideas based on what I came up with?

I've been tossing around the concept for a boyish/reverse trap knight, but that's about as far as I've gotten. It might be too on the nose.
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