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Current On all levels including physical, you lost me.
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Amen, my friend.
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No matter how many times I've done it, still a little nervous after ordering new computer parts.
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Pew pew pew! Pow! Ka-boom!
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What kind of Friend are you?
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I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I could put here but I'm blanking.

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So summoners from the Machina house can summon technological gadgets as well as things like drones or constructs as well? I'm leaning towards that one for a character idea.
How do the summons work exactly? Do you bind a specific being to summon, or is it summoning from the pool available to the house you're in, or something else?
I'm interested in this!
Hey awesome! Glad you're interested ^^
I hesitate when answering a specific city/country(as I personally am not from the US or UK where most commonly I see these settings are based) however it will be set in a rather vast and sprawling city, that I can say with confidence.

As for ai, robots and cybernetics, full ai robots are outlawed(if anyone would like to play as a robot, feel free though, as it's definitely possible for them to be blending in with humans) cybernetics are not outlawed, however there would be a social stigma surrounding them.

Could a character who was revived from serious bodily damage making them more cybernetic than human be possible? I guess an example would be Jensen from Deus Ex HR. Not really set on anything but curious.
I'm interested in this! Been wanting to do something cyberpunk for a while.

"Huh?! What kind of festival is this?!!" Lise took a step back instinctively from the newcomer. She felt a chill looking at it. "You commoners have absolutely no sense of restraint! What kind of tasteless costume is that?!" It disgusted her about as equally as some of the "fashion" that Lise witnessed among the streets. She could only assume the costume was some kind of homage to their filthy harvest gods.

Her shadow reformed into two servants between her and the monstrous cultist, both of them ready to intercept the newcomer. "And furthermore," Lise continued, rubbing her ears, "It is extremely rude to be so loud in public!"

"Must I teach these peons manners all by myself, Andreim!?" Lise said exasperatedly.

Lise scoffed at her foe's ploy. "Do you intend to exhaust me of my servants? Fool! The servants of Liselotte Castellan de Valois-Saint-Remy are endless and unstoppable!" Her other servants were destroyed, but their power returned to the one that was abandoned. "After that scoundrel!" She commanded to it.

The shadow butler took off into a sprint after the true one. With its full strength available, it was much faster than normal, moving to overtake the masked enemy. At the same time, Lise was wary of other threats, so she readied herself to summon another servant close to her if the need arose.

'More strange people... Is there some kind of commoner's festival going around?' Lise remembered as a child being told about festivals where unwashed paupers donned sack-cloths and hit each other with clubs in the name of a good Harvest, so perhaps this was it. She watched Andreim spring into action, knocking one of them away with a vortex. 'Ah, perhaps the gods' blessings have made clubs irrelevant. Well, it would be rude to not help them with their celebration, though I don't intend on receiving any clubbings...'

"Do not worry Andreim, I understand what is happening now!" Lise said. The replicating one closed in on them, and Lise responded with her own copies. Rising from her shadow, four copies of shadow butlers dashed forward, seeking to tackle the doppelgangers before they got close to Andreim and Lise. Even with their strength divided fourfold, they would be a formidable defense for any person. "I will occupy these ones, Andreim. Perhaps you can give the original the beating he desires?"

Though, even if they got past, Lise could summon more. And in the back of her mind, she had another idea entirely, if the need arose.

Lise didn't pay much attention to any of the other fights. While she knew many of her family were fond of watching peasants scramble amongst the dirt of an arena, she considered it rather pedestrian. She felt that entertainment fitting for her would have to come from a higher degree of human ingenuity, something that can be considered art. Her most recent purchase of a television had shown her the breadth of modern entertainment, and although she considered most of it base drivel, there were a few things that piqued her interest.

If only she could manage to make them appear when she wanted to. She would have to bring in someone who was more inclined with such strange creations. She was going over the mechanics of the seemingly magical technology of the black glass television as well as the wonders it displayed to her in her mind as the fights continued.

Lise was knocked out of her internal musings when Andreim spoke up. She didn't really have a good grasp on what was going on, but it seemed like one of the peons on the enemy team - or, wait, her team - went and made a mess of things, and someone hurt someone else? 'Well of course they would get hurt, they can't seem to grasp the spirit of a friendly duel and end up making it personal.'

"We're bailing them out? Are they really that important?" Lise groaned. To her, it seemed like a waste of effort. "Or is this a case of sponsoring a fighter for promotional purposes?" Lise had never really paid much attention to the more business-oriented side of Valois-Saint-Remy, but she knew that sometimes lifting a grubby lowlife to spend some time in the spotlight with the royalty was a common tactic that boosted popularity of both participants.

She sold herself on the idea. 'I may have to hire a manager in the future, so I don't have to do this. But for now, it's a necessary evil.' With that, she took Andreim's hand.

"You are so-" Alyona's complaint was muffled by Sasha's body crushing her. Crying out in frustration, she tried to push her twin off of her.

'She's too heavy... I'm gonna die...' Alyona's head spun with the close contact. Her body wasn't a fan of Sasha's positive energy so close to her, and it was making her feel sick. She couldn't push her away with her own strength, so she tried to roll out from under Sasha instead.

Gasping for breath, Alyona finally got out from under her sister. "Get... Away... From me! I'm lucky my skull wasn't crushed!" Her body still was hurting from her fall, and the headache Sasha was giving her was making things much worse. She scrambled to her feet, and backed away from her twin. "And do NOT follow me!"

Eventually she rounded the corner and was sure she was out of her sight. 'That boy left. I wonder if he's Sasha's boyfriend?' Alyona grinned to herself. 'Well, maybe he can spare some kindness for his girlfriend's sister as well.' She walked out to where Kato went, unknowingly leaving a trail of pudding footsteps.

She would have called out to the boy, but just as she opened her mouth she realized she didn't know his name. She couldn't put the moves on him just calling him "boy." And upon further inspection... That entire situation looked complicated. There was her crashed helicopter, two boys, and... something (someone?) else entirely which she couldn't quite describe.

Alyona decided to hang back and see what was happening before inserting herself into this situation. She spied at the group from around the corner.
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