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Magic the Gathering Arena sucks*
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I think drawing is worth it even if you only get small chances to do so at a time. As long as you can have fun with it, it's not really a waste of time
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You ever have a character idea that you really want to play but can't find a place to put them
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i would like rps but only if they specifically cater to my tiny list of things i like kthx


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Io At Kazenosuke's House

@Nakushita @AzureKnight @PaulHaynek

Io was not surprised by how the situation developed, but she was mildly surprised that it was an offer at all. 'It was simply too much to assume that there wouldn't be some kind of fight, of course.' Io thought to herself.

"Understood." Io said to Shizuka. She reached out a cold hand to touch Shizuka's back. "Take this." She whispered something under her breath, activating a scroll. It snaked around her arm as if it was alive, wrapping around the swordsman. "It will enhance your dexterity." Io mildly wondered if his could be further enhanced, but this was part of the experimentation process.

She stepped back from Shizuka after bestowing the scroll. "To be honest." Io muttered an aside to Yuki, just out of earshot of the others, having heard her previous jest. "Seeing him in combat. He may be enough to handle us both. Unless he seriously turns around in bed compared to the battlefield." Io left Yuki to mentally picture such a situation, quickly returning her focus to the fight as it was about to break out.


"Of course I'm okay!" Alex gave a little laugh. "W-Well, I tripped a lot at first. And... uh... I can't really catch things well." She sheepishly scratched her cheek and added with a lowered voice, "Not that I was ever good at sports to begin with. If anything I think I might be better off now that I've had a few months of physical therapy after waking up. Plus ever since I found the Root, I've-" She stopped herself before she said too much. She wasn't sure how much she should say on that front. Alex wanted to surprise Wolf with what her power had become.

Alex felt uneasy despite her rambling - or perhaps because of it. She could tell when something was wrong back in the day by how long she would speak without Wolf saying anything. It wasn't a record (Alex didn't want to recount the idea that set the record), but still.

"Wolf, is everything all right for you...?" She stepped forward. There was a chance that she was misreading the situation, yet Wolf seemed tense, as if he might bolt at any moment.
I have been out of town and I keep singing butterfly and I hope you're happy

Don't know how I feel about Shizuka's theme being "Smile- Butterfly"...

Maybe he inspires that song to play in other characters' heads?
Io at Kazenosuke's House

@PaulHaynek @Nakushita @AzureKnight

Io regarded both of her companions as they grouped together on the approach. She wondered what exactly would be considered "shenanigans" for her, the thought brought on by Yuki's banter. Perhaps Io's statement earlier about being unable to repair clothing immediately would be considered as such. She gave a faint smile at the thought. Perhaps she was more into shenanigans than any other would expect.

Io was surprised at the relative cordiality that Kazenosuke regarded her and Yuki with. It was certainly better than charging them with a sword drawn, at the very least - which was what Io expected given what others had said about him. "[If only.]" Io muttered in her personal language in response to Kazenosuke's statement about wives.

She cast a glance at Yuki as they were both beckoned forth. Io was not sure that she would be the most persuasive type herself, but she also wondered if letting the oni lead the negotiations would be better or worse. Io had a sneaking suspicion that an undead talking about wishing to save lives may be met with incredulity, even if it was true. "We are working together to protect Shizuyama." Io put it bluntly. "Even if Shizuyama considers us unlikely allies."
Io at Terauchi Temple

@PaulHaynek @AzureKnight @Nakushita

Io was in deep thought as she emerged from her training grounds. The others talked amongst themselves, argued, and decided on what was next. Io found herself once again moving slower than any of the others. There was a massive investment in her brainpower in working out the next steps for the training grounds. She would need to provide a way to cease all fighting, fine-tune healing parameters, add in some contingencies for environmental power leeching... Perhaps Io was retreating into her own thoughts and delving into solving arcane riddles to ignore what had just transpired around her. It was a time-worn tradition of hers, formed even before she achieved undeath.

Io sighed to herself, opening her eyes after mulling over that offending thought. The truth was, she once again found herself erring towards inaction. This was just a training exercise, but it was clear that she could have worked more proactively. True, her spell repertoire was fairly taxed with creating the training grounds, but there were things she could have called to mind quickly enough, even if they lacked subtlety. What would happen when they ran into a Varjan as strong as Shizuka? If one human could achieve such a mastery of arms, it was only an eventuality that they encountered others.

"Hm. Shizuka needing help...?" It was as though Kikyo could read Io's thoughts, if only to say something so alarming so casually. Io pulled her hood up, her agility-enhancing scroll activating once more. She'd move quickly on this one - quickly for her frame of reference, at least, then she'd work on becoming fast to everyone else as well. "I'll move to watch over him."

She gave a small nod to Yuki, the only remaining task force member with her, tacitly signaling it was up to her if she wanted to follow. Io turned and made her way after Shizuka either way. As she took off, she quickly began running through spells in her mind.

'What will I need? At the very least something to hide with. Minor invisibility should work well enough for that. My scrolls can help Shizuka if it comes to a fight.' Her mind raced as she mentally prepared for what might ensue. 'He can deflect any attack?' Io lamented that she did not have several hours to create some projectile spells that would put that legend to the test. 'Let's suppose that is true for now, and instead prepare spells to hinder the enemy. Creating an opening for Shizuka may be more beneficial either way...' Her already well-worn robes received new scratches as she dashed through the Shizuyama forest paths, her mind spending more effort thinking than avoiding obstacles while running.

Io planned to cast a spell of minor invisibility once she neared close to her destination. It wouldn't be perfect, and it would fail the second she cast another spell, but that would be enough to see the situation and act accordingly... Possibly. She could only hope her status as undead may lead to her being harder to notice on top of the spell - but she didn't have nearly enough data to understand how strong these swordsmen's senses were. She also may have to work Yuki into her plan, too, if the fellow task force member joined her.

Maxima gracefully jumped to cover as the brunt of the fire from the pirate party filled the air around her. The feeling of a few errant slugs smashing into her overshield... It was not pleasant, but it was somewhat exhilirating: knowing that it was definitely better than being actually shot. Keeping mobile in near-zero gravity was tricky, but she needed to. Her shield wouldn't catch everyone shooting her at once, after all.

Of course, she wasn't going to let that ruin her performance. She gave an exaggerated salute to Kian and returned to a shooting position with a flourish. "Too bad, I was just getting warmed up!" she feigned an indignant tone as she quickly cut down a pirate who was scrambling for cover with a precise burst to the chest.

Her tone quickly flashed to actual indignance when an identified flying object (Kelan) jettisoned itself from the Guernica and crashed into the pirate craft. It surprised her enough to have a stray shot glance across her face. It was handily deflected by her shield, but the impact snapped Maxima back into the fight. "A backup dancer... Upstaging the main act..." She gripped her automatic rifle firmly, her overshield's glow streaking slightly red for a brief moment. "I would like to file a moral complaint against this!!" Maxima broadcasted to the crew in general. "If we board their ship, we're no better than they are!"

Moments after, the anchor untethered itself from the Guernica, sparking confusion amongst the boarders. Many of them turned, trying to see why they were so suddenly abandoned. That opening was all Maxima needed. She was certain, after taking the first few down, that their suits weren't sophisticated at all and would likely fail under any amount of damage. It was a simple matter, then, to compromise them all as quickly as possible. Space would take care of the rest.

Maxima closed her eyes and fluidly ducked down to a crouch, and in a measured bound, bounced herself upwards in a wonderful pirouette. Her eyes were closed, but she still saw - her weapon was a part of her, after all. As she turned, her mind raced, her focus pinpointing on a single concept: If the weapon's muzzle crosses a pirate spacesuit, fire.

In a sequence of muzzle flashes ringing out from her fast spin, the remaining boarders found their supply of air compromised in a catastrophic way. And before Maxima would spiral off into the great unknown, she turned to right her trajectory - firing her hefty shotgun sidearm into the void to push her back to the Guernica. The harsh recoil it was decried for didn't seem all that bad to Maxima. She considered using it more often.

"Sometimes simpler is better. You don't need to pull out all the stops for such a humdrum affair, you know..." Maxima grumbled as she touched back down onto the ship, irritated that she didn't have a good way to steal the show. She tried to distract herself by peering at the weapons the boarding party left, several of them floating around the remains of the fight, but it did little to console her. "...Oh. Also the surface is clear of our guests." She barely remembered to check back in.

Synthetic fingers carried a finely polished leaf spring, gently guiding it home amidst a beautifully oiled piece of machinery. It was the last part to replace for the restoration of an old but still reliable pistol - Old enough to be more of a collector piece than actually used for its original purpose, but it could still get the job done, obviously.

Until something rocked the ship, forcing Maxima's hand forward. The spring was bent from the force, and the finish marred by Maxima's armored nails. Her eyes narrowed in frustration. She gently set down the disassembled pistol, her expression the only thing betraying her anger. "Unforgivable."

Maxima only grabbed two things from her room: Her beloved machine gun and a recent acquisition as a sidearm. Truth be told, the sidearm had no place being used by any normal person: It was designed as an attempt to have the power of a shotgun in the small package of a pistol... With catastrophic results in regard to human wrists. Needless to say, Maxima had wanted an excuse to use it, and scattering little holes in spacesuits seemed like a good use case.

She wasted no time in directing herself to the nearest airlock. Maxima had a bit of a disdain for the vacuum of space - without sound, there was no music, and what was the point? She would simply have to captivate her audience through choreography, instead. Luckily for everyone else, she could still transmit her lovely voice through local communications channels.

"There's never a bad time for a guerilla live show, right? Luckily you've-" Maxima shouldered her automatic rifle. "Got." She depressurized the airlock. "Me~!" She vaulted into the fray as she delivered her last line, her entire body glowing as her shield emitters projected a bright yellow shield of hard light.

A textbook start to a performance: The arrival of the star. Perhaps literally, in this case, as Maxima was a glowing ball of yellow light peeking out from the hull of the ship - she could be mistaken for a sunrise, in her opinion. Maxima's eyes narrowed as she snapped her aim to the nearest pirate, her expression of cheer twisting somewhat with the sudden focus of aiming. Then, of course, the music started.

To Maxima, it was music - Her machine gun was intimately linked to her, as a purpose-designed peripheral. If anything, it was just as much a part of her as a limb. Each time it fired, she received information from her link - weapon temperature, remaining ammo, trajectory estimations... It all came to her as a sixth sense. It was the gun's music - there was no other way she could manage to describe it.

Perhaps the artistry was lost on the enemy she had in her sight: They of course could not hear the music, just feel the hail of bullets that rained upon them. After what they did to her most recent restoration project... That was the least they deserved. It was a simple fact that a star like Maxima would have pushy fans, but luckily she knew how to deal with them. She tracked to the next pirate, but kept aware of the others in case she needed to move. Her shields would likely hold against anything they had, but what was music without dance? She had an image to uphold.

"The performance for these pushy fans who ruined my pistol restoration project is on! Any aboard the Guernica who want to watch the lights are welcome~!" Maxima kept this comm chatter to the crew only.


Alex scratched her cheek sheepishly, giving a nervous laugh at Wolf's awkward compliment. "Ehehe... Thanks." It did make her feel better, despite the strange atmosphere between them.

The question he asked was one she expected, though she couldn't quite read what the feeling was behind it. While it didn't sound hopeful... It wasn't really hostile either. She quickly blurted it out, before Wolf even had a chance to react. "I was looking for you!! I-It's been a long time and I spent months in the hospital and... I-" Alex's voice caught in her throat before she could finish her sentence.

She sniffled, thinking back to what happened earlier with Vera. "I just needed some time... Please don't be mad..." She felt like she messed it up already, but it was too late now. She braced herself.
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