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Current Amen, my friend.
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No matter how many times I've done it, still a little nervous after ordering new computer parts.
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Pew pew pew! Pow! Ka-boom!
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What kind of Friend are you?
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I just finished the Frame Arms Girl anime. I'm going to miss those FAGs.
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I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I could put here but I'm blanking.

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"Hm...?" Lise awoke within the warm embrace of her bedsheets. She languidly turned. Something was off... she fell asleep in a strange position. She was laying across the width of her bed, rather than along the height of it. It explained why her feet were almost falling off the end. "What had gone on..." She rubbed her eye with her hand lazily, brushing her unkempt blonde hair behind her.

'Ah. I was doing work for the school. A lot of things happened...' Lise could feel the residual feeling of embarrassment at her performance during the job. 'I need to work harder.'

Her room was dark and unadorned, save for her very large bed. She wasn't sure what amenities she was to have moved into her room, and it had stayed rather barren even after a few months. She was unfamiliar with what commoners adorned their rooms with... Yet another thing she needed to continue studying. The cool air of the room made Lise bunch the covers around her tightly. "Fix this situation." Lise muttered quietly, to seemingly nobody.

Nobody had heard, and carried out her order. Picked up by nearly unseen hands in the dark room, Lady Valois-Saint-Remy was lifted, rotated, and set down correctly in bed, the covers around her being picked up and re-arranged around her expertly. In moments, she was tucked into a perfectly ordered bed. Laying on her side, her long hair was being brushed gently and rhythmically by a figure that blended perfectly with the room's darkness.

Lise let out a contented sigh. She remembered Andreim leaving her room, and she must have fallen asleep in the strange orientation afterwards. "Andreim... I will see you at the park..." She whispered, almost inaudibly, before falling back into a deep sleep.

Andras averted her eyes as Vera kissed Wolf. 'W-Why is everyone being so forward with each other around me?!' Her mind protested silently.

Andras turned to Wolf after Vera carried off the impish child. "Well, I wasn't planning on sleeping yet, but maybe we should take the open room?" Andras tried her best to act cool, but she was apprehensive about it all as she walked to the spare bedroom.

They were friends, of course, but Andras didn't have any night clothing on her and she didn't want to sleep in her hoodie and skirt. Actually, more importantly, she didn't want to sleep at all yet. She usually waited to sleep when the light of morning began to creep into the sky... When the darkness began to retreat. That time of day provided the perfect synthesis of Light and Dark that Andras believed to help her power grow. Or something like that.

'I can just pass time on my phone until I get tired.' She cast a sideways glance at Wolf. 'Plus it wouldn't give him the chance to peek at me if he's already asleep when I get in bed.'

Andras sat on the bed without really showing an interest in sleeping, pulling out her phone. Something red showed in her peripheral vision as she browsed her phone. It took a few moments for her smile to fade as she realized her phone's battery was in the red. "Oh no. My phone's dead." Her voice came out probably too dramatic for the subject matter being discussed.

But to her, this was a crisis. She bit her lip. 'What will I do for the next few hours? I'm wide awake! I'll have to be quiet for Wolf too...' She held her head in her hands, hoping for a solution to come to her.

Andras stiffened at Meredith's comment. 'Why does everyone all of a sudden have the ability to detect demonic energy?!' She needed to summon a few demons just so she could get some residual energy on her person.

"W-Well, you see, I suppress the wellspring of demonic energy within me, because it's likely that it may cause issues for mere mortals if they were subjected to my full power..." Andras laughed to herself slightly awkwardly, turning dramatically away from the party so they couldn't see her face flush with embarrassment.

"I also don't have any money for a cab." Andras added in a meek voice, turning back to the party.

'Because my paycheck passed out... Poor William. Too pure to handle the night.' Andras's expression softened up with the thought of her friend.

Andras had heard Vernon's remark. "Hey! It's the Demon Lady of Despair! It's not hard to remember!" Andras wasn't just going to allow someone to misuse her titles. She spent a lot of time thinking them up, and she deserved to be referred to as such.

Still, Andras wasn't quite feeling the same as everyone else in the party, apparently. Being the Demon Lady of Despair, she was very active at night. 'Not everyone can afford to brave the darkness daily, I suppose.' She nodded to herself, crossing her arms in a display of confidence. She knew it was her job to guide these tired humans to a sanctuary.

"If you mortals are exhausted, then I suppose I have no choice." Andras let out a low chuckle, as if she was above even the concept of sleep.

She put on an air of coolness, but Andras was wondering at this point if there was a chance to meet a REAL demon. She tried to contain herself. Lowering her voice, she leaned in towards Vera. "T-There's an actu- I mean, there's another demon at that girl's house, right?" She thumbed towards Meredith.

Andras watched with awe as the two healed Vera and Wolfie. Meredith may have been strange to Andras at first, but she seemed to have a level of magic that was unlike anything she'd seen before. Andras felt the need to take notes, if only she had anything to write on handy.

Even the child had a good sense of showmanship. Though, licking wounds kind of... Seemed strange to Andras, she definitely noted that the child got results. 'I'll have to remember these rituals for future use. This kind of practical magic can't be ignored. It'd be perfect for a poem or story.' Andras nodded to herself cooly. Her creative notebook would most definitely see something like this in the future.

Andras noticed that she was staring. Despite their unorthodox appearances, these two were the real deal. 'I can't just keep staring at them! What do I say to a true half-demon, though?!' Andras was visibly speechless, trying to think of something to say but coming up short every time.

Andras's eye sparkled as Wolf asserted his position. Even Vera was talking about becoming besties! 'These two are good through and through!' Andras might have teared up again if she wasn't careful.

Even Masami was worried about her! Andras was overjoyed to see that she was fine... And didn't think any less of Andras for klutzing out previously, it seemed.

Andras cooly turned to Ascot. "Of course I won't run. The Demon Lady of Despair will not be deterred from anything, even if the fires of the Abyss threaten to lick at her flesh."

'Nailed it.' Andras thought to herself.

"But I won't be alone either... Man, you're all the best!" Andras cried after thinking more about her new friends and their offer of help. She tightly hugged the nearest thing to her (which happened to be Vera) and enjoyed the moment of camaraderie that they had all shared. After a moment, though, she looked up once again mid-hug and asked, "Wait... Is that Meredith?" She regarded the new arrival.

'Hah. There he goes, throwing cars around again. Classic.' Andras watched Galbrek fling the car at Vernon with glazed eyes. She had wanted to leave, but a few things apparently halted that plan.

Andras blinked. Galbrek had lost eye contact with her to face Vernon. "Wait..." Her mind felt much more clear. The sound of Mother Ascot complaining helped return Andras to the real world.

'That's right! He hasn't even thrown that many cars around!' Andras huffed indignantly. Taking a deep breath, her thoughts returned to her. 'Okay, wait. I've never even seen this guy before today. This must have been what he was trying to do earlier-'

She heard Vernon speaking behind her. "This way dear. I'm afraid it's one step forward, two steps back today." Before she could turn, a hand covered her eyes.

Andras considered struggling out of it, but she knew that there was a chance that Vernon already didn't like her. She didn't want to give him an excuse to further dislike her. Hopefully she was just being paranoid, and Gilgamesha wasn't right when she said that Vernon might consider her a threat to his relationship.

Andras didn't want to dwell on that. 'I am not a homewrecker! I wish Mother Ascot just kept that thought to herself, now I can't stop thinking it... I can't just ask this crazy boy if he thinks I'm gonna steal his boyfriend!'

After a little bit of walking with Vernon, she finally heard William's voice. "You're forgiven. Make it up in bed when we both have the time."

Andras turned away, taken by surprise by that comment, and blushing. 'What is this boy saying?! Don't imagine it! Andras, don't imagine it don't imagine it don't-' She shook her head, hoping to blur the flash of bare skin that her mind conjured up. She covered her face with her hands, her cheeks burning.

"Ah..." Andras had turned to the new voice without thinking. It was that man from before. He had tried to do something sketchy to her. What was he doing now, in here of all places?

'I was going with him, wasn't I?' Andras thought to herself. Trying to reason past that in her mind ended up coming back around to the single thought.

"You're right. Thanks for the help, Mrs. Ascot!" She stood up, stretching her legs and making sure the band-aids didn't come off when she extended her legs. She bowed slightly to Mother Ascot before turning back to Galbrek. "Shall we?"

Andras lightly laughed to herself at William's line of hope. "Hope and despair are two sides of the same coin. Evil's despair is Good's hope, is it not?" Andras beamed, feeling as though she had regained her mojo at delivering good lines.

Andras winced as Mother Ascot applied the disinfectant to her skinned knee. "I-I can handle my wounds on my own, you don't need to do it yourself..." She felt like she was a child again, being treated by her mom. Andras admired the spinning blades as Gilgamesha continued, regardless of Andras's protest.

Then Mother Ascot said that she might make Vernon jealous. A bead of sweat rolled down Andras's face. 'Oh no. Would he have me shot? He apparently can have that set up within the span of a single phone call. He wouldn't do that, would he?' Briefly considering Vernon's temperament, Andras's face drained of color.

"...I'm done for, aren't I?" Andras said out loud, with a quiet tinge of terror in her voice.

Andras let out a yelp of terror as the entire top half of the car next to her sheared off. She had freed herself, but she was still fairly close. The force of the hammer passing by her was enough to startle Andras, let alone the sound of metal being sheared clean off, and her instincts told her to run. After the arrow missing her by inches, she was too rattled by sudden ranged attacks to stand still. Plus William was talking about fleeing, which was all the excuse she needed.

Andras's legs were in an awkward position after making a well-practiced Demon Lady pose, however. When she tried to take off, her legs caught on each other and she managed to take one step before tripping. Of course, she managed to trip right when her most recently made friend Masami had shown up. Andras managed to see a glimpse of the foxgirl as she tripped spectacularly.

'Masami... Vera... Wolf... Don't think I'm a loser...' Andras thought, her eyes tearing up from a scraped hand and knee. The sting of the physical wounds were nothing compared to the social wound she just inflicted on herself.

Andras sniffled, struggling back to her knees. Wiping her tears, she cried to Ascot, "W-Where do we go?!"
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