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I think drawing is worth it even if you only get small chances to do so at a time. As long as you can have fun with it, it's not really a waste of time
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You ever have a character idea that you really want to play but can't find a place to put them


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Ayu's answers helped Io gain some insight into her question. Though they were likely a net positive to the enemy, the nullification obelisks were thankfully not one-sided - that kind of magic was likely beyond their spellcasters. In a sense, they could be seen as a marker that their spellcasters were elsewhere. Any amount of information helped, at least.

Io averted her gaze at Shizuka's words for several reasons. 'They left the task force? That is...' Io would have personally labelled Alice and Carrol as the most unpredictable force on the island... Relative to their potential impact, at least, since Liliana would take that classification otherwise. Either way, she didn't like the implications. She could only hope they were working towards a goal that still aligned with the task force.

Of course, the other reason Io averted her eyes was that he managed to notice her fatigue. A small part of her was flattered, though the swordsman's senses were so keen that she doubted he was studying her particularly intently to discern her 'chi.' He probably would notice much more if he took time to study her...

Io blinked, refocusing both her eyes and train of thought. "It's nothing serious. Like Liliana said, we will cover each other." She gave a nod to Liliana, who seemed to have had her own idea about what Io did during the battle (not that Io would correct her).

"Plus." She coyly turned. "I am still plenty good while dead." In truth she had thought of that retort the moment the words passed Shizuka's lips, but she had to wait for the right time - especially since Liliana was here. Io felt it necessary to prove that her cleverness was not limited to the realm of magic.
I like Cass, she sounds fun. :)

You probably should take another look at the Rules though, before I can approve her~

Oh yeah, fixed that one up.
Wanted to get some thoughts on it, if I need more detail or anything.

I, for one, amn't losing sleep on it.
I'm working out what kinda character I might want to do. Currently feeling something different than what I normally play, so probably something along the classic pirate line of loud, crass, and on the hunt for the best liquor the world can produce. There will be no subtlety from me, rest assured.
General piracy sounds pretty fun to me! I'll put in my interest

Io at Terauchi Temple

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Io took her time tending to wounded as well as she could. Io's growing hunger (or perhaps thirst) for magical energy was becoming more pronounced, especially after the various magic she expended during the battle, but she shoved it aside to aid the survivors of the battle. Of course, she also took note of those who did not survive. Io would have considered this battlefield quite a promising area had the situation surrounding it and her stay at Shizuyama been different. She was on her best behavior, of course, and idle experimentation with such a large amount of corpses would not look good to anyone.

When she had done all that she could, she would join the impromptu strategic meeting that formed amidst the leaders and task force members. "I can help with any of these. Though perhaps the raid would be the best for me." Io would rather be in a situation to attack than rescue, all things considered. She would leave the rescue operation to those with a more suited skill set.

Io's brow furrowed at the discussion of anti-magic. To the others, it may have been the most emotion she had displayed since she came to Shizuyama. "To think they would use such things." The concept of sending them back as projectiles amused Io - a barbaric solution to a barbaric problem. "I wonder how they achieve nullification." There were many avenues to do so, though to a layman the end result would seem the same. She would have wanted to study one of their obelisks, except...

There was a fundamentally troubling issue with anti-magic, in that Io was in no small part suffused with magic from head to toe. 'I may need to inform the Task Force...' She thought to herself. Though it pained Io to reveal a weakness of hers, as well as pained what twisted sense of pride she had, it was true. '...I may need to be physically carried if I am put too far into an anti-magic field...' While it was unlikely that she would be destroyed outright from anti-magic (she had studied extensive contingencies for this), it was very possible that she would not be able to move if put under a strong anti-magic field.

Io would have to find the right time. Not in front of so many people that didn't need to know. And ideally, she would pick someone reliable, level-headed, and unlikely to reveal the secret unless it was absolutely necessary.

'Ah.' A bead of sweat (or perhaps just water from her previously cast spells) rolled down Io's brow. 'Finding someone that fits all of those may be difficult.' She dryly thought to herself as she looked over the task force members near her.


Alex had an uncomfortable realization.

After explaining everything, she was supposed to feel at least a little better. But she didn't. She had been away from Wolf for a while, but she could feel things were off. Just like Vera, he didn't seem right. It wasn't the exact same as Vera, but it was still wrong.

Alex sharply inhaled, the feeling in her stomach physically translating to trouble breathing. 'I don't even know what's wrong. Do I be more assertive? Do I give Wolf distance? Is it even something on my end?' Alex wracked her mind for options. 'Do I do the opposite of what I did with Vera? W-What were the exact actions I took with her again...? This isn't some stupid video game, that's not going to work at all!' Alex felt like if she acted naturally, things would progress to something... Something she didn't like.

She had to act out. Anything to break out of whatever was currently going on. She might scream into her pillow a year from now thinking about it, but...

"I entered that tournament with the name of an old character of mine. Actually, I kind of just played it as her entirely." Alex had to break eye contact for a moment, to steel herself for doing something embarrassing. "Do you remember? This one was just between us two, since Vera wouldn't have 'got' it..." She struck a pose - her arms crossed, one hand dramatically covering half of her face. "Andras. The demon who walked amongst the Rheans. Who broke the contract of light and dark, free to carry out her own whim." She intentionally lowered her voice to add effect, just as she had did years ago.

She relaxed her pose, and returned back to the timid Alex. "I thought winning the tournament would have been... Well, I wanted to come back with something awesome under my belt, since my gift-" Alex nearly froze in place as she realized she never explained to Wolf what her gift had become. "My gift completely changed!" Her cards flared into existence around her, each a flat, featureless square of softly glowing gold light. "It's... Uh... Complicated. Actually, the last part of my time in the hospital was moreso the therapists trying to understand how it worked... They kept saying it was unsafe and delayed releasing me over and over..."


Alex wondered if she had found Vera on a good or a bad day. Obviously she would like to imagine it as a bad day, but the thought of the alternative ran shivers down her spine.

She wasn't keeping it together, either way. Wolf could tell she was withholding information. "Well, I ran into her at-"

Her voice caught in her throat as she called to mind the details of that night. 'Should I be telling Wolf that I made up a persona to enter illicit fighting competitions? Or that Vera is attending them too? ...And that we were all in serious danger when things got out of hand at that time?'

Alex took a step forward. "C-Can we go somewhere more private to discuss this?" She gave a shifty look around, seeing the various students walking past the gates to return to their homes.

...Alex had always wanted to say that. If the situation wasn't so close to home, she might have had a moment to think about how cool it was.

She quickly guided Wolf a block or two away from the school's gate, ducking into a secluded alleyway. Taking a deep breath, she took a few steps from Wolf and put together what she was going to say.

"So. I ran into her at the Midnight Tournament..." Alex was sure that Wolf knew what that entailed. "And we were matched up against each other..." She turned to look at Wolf. "She seemed happy at first to see me, but then during our match things got more heated."

She took a moment to collect her thoughts, before quickly remembering something. "W-We weren't the ones who caused that giant commotion! It was completely unrelated to us!"

Alex realized that Wolf may not have learned about the incident at the midnight tournament, but she had spoke too quickly to cover that up now.

"I tried to talk to her about everything, but it left off on a rough spot, and we had to leave quickly. So..." Alex sighed, crossing her arms and holding herself. "I don't know...

Alex's face was turning red, but she caught herself before she let out any tears. Going over it again only reminded her of how terrible it had all felt.

Io simply looked down at the defeated Varjans. "No need to worry about me." She briefly studied the warlock's body, trying to note anything of interest. She knew little about Varjan magecraft, but most of her experiences with it in the field exposed it as... unrefined. Unfortunately there was little to learn from the body either way. She gave a nod to her comrades. "Good work. But there is likely more work from here on out."

The enemies had been driven off, though Io knew that there was plenty for her to do. She turned to return to the battle line and called to mind her best restorative spells. In her body, there was the slightest twinge of something. Was it concern? Perhaps. Perhaps Io held a slight, tiny sliver of concern for the people she left at the battle lines. Human and mamono. 'I'll heal them if anything happened. There's no problem.' She brushed the unfamiliar feeling aside as she made her way back.
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