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Current On all levels including physical, you lost me.
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Amen, my friend.
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No matter how many times I've done it, still a little nervous after ordering new computer parts.
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Pew pew pew! Pow! Ka-boom!
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What kind of Friend are you?
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I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I could put here but I'm blanking.

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Andras flopped onto the couch in a manner that could only be described as "undignified." And while she felt herself sink into the cushions, she thought about what Vera said.

'What does that mean, "unless you're Andras?" Is she trying to give me a hint?! Is it a trap? Does she think that I would try and she can use it as an excuse to make fun of me?! ...Can I convince Wolf to peek and then have him get made fun of instead of me? No, he's probably trying to sleep.' Andras couldn't find an answer despite thinking out the possibilities.

Andras struggled to sit up. It was hard to think of something other than sleeping, given her exhausted body and mind with soft couch. Yet at the same time, the Root demanded its host, Andras, something most important: food. Or rather, she herself was hungry, but if anyone asked her, she would definitely have said the first version.

Andras stumbled around the darkened house, feeling her way for a kitchen. She eventually found a refrigerator, which she quickly opened and ransacked without skipping a beat. After laying waste to any food she could find, she tried to feel her way back to the couch.

She didn't want to turn on any lights in case that bothered someone, so Andras had trouble. Her legs were both uncoordinated and felt like lead, and her single eye didn't help the situation. She eventually stumbled through a door into something cushioned, and moments afterward, she was asleep without a thought, happy to leave the day behind her.

The night sky of Rhea was reflected in the glimmering artifact's glassy brilliance. Andras cocked her head, and the image was gone, replaced with an unfamiliar reflection of another world. She lowered the chromatic star, and looked at her surroundings. She was in a library, though it was well beyond what she had ever seen in the real world. It was arcane, massive, and seemingly had little respect for conventions of architecture: the ancient-looking bookshelves extended into the sky as well as the horizon, lined with uncountable numbers of books.

"A seemingly useless trinket, at first. But by now you would see its use, would you not? Others indeed have."

"Huh?" Andras turned around, and found herself face-to-face with herself. There were large differences - her hair was impossibly long, she was draped in ornate robes which were marked with glowing runes, and most startlingly was her deep blue eye, the other covered by her barely handled hair. But her face was Andras's, no doubt, though even that differed slightly in the emotionless and cold look that she gave. "Who-"

The doppelganger cut her off. "Your penchant for delusion is unmatched. No doubt you will think of a good answer to that question on your own." It was indeed true that Andras had already considered ten different explanations. Of course, that statement alone doubled the possibilities. "You are familiar with what you call Perfect Alexandria, but you still do not command it correctly. Perhaps you may remember this place? This is not the first time you have learned something new about your power." The other Andras slowly walked down the aisle of bookcases, scanning the spines of the countless books with a dispassionate look.

Andras took in her surroundings once more, looking amongst the spines of the books. Andras recalled a cherished but hazy memory from her childhood - "The time the Root awakened?! Were you there? Or... here?" She quickly jumped to the doppelganger, trying to grab her shoulder. Her hand went right through, and the other Andras folded into a mist, an illusion the entire time.

"I am here solely to unlock an aspect of your power that you have seemingly been ignoring. One that could be considered only as the most basic fundamental of magic. It is actually quite simple, but since you have foregone the basics, well..." The voice continued, originating behind Andras this time.

Andras turned, but her vision was obscured as the other Andras touched her hand to her temple. Her senses were overloaded immediately, and Andras could not tell if she was being taught something new or it was indeed something she knew the whole time, or whether the thoughts within her head were hers at all.

'A representation of leylines, not cast as a spell or created as artifice, but a magical link to sources of power beyond this world, accessible through a different means of magic entirely.' The thought echoed within Andras's mind for an eternity, while her mind slowly pieced together what the words were meant to tell her.

Andras turned in her sleep, mumbling, "...representation...leylines..." as she slept soundly on top of Vera's bed.
Allie Sydra

Allie had trouble figuring out the situation. She couldn't position herself close enough to hear what the boy was talking about without drawing attention to herself, so she settled for a safe but distant position. She recognized the girl he was talking to, Isobel, from a few shared clubs. 'Does she know? They seem to be talking at length. I may have to ask her next time we're in club.'

After some time Allie pulled out DataSec. "DataSec. Start recording our movements. I think the target is about to start moving." Or rather, the two had stopped eating, at least. Isobel had gotten up and left, so that means that the boy would be next to leave.

...Or a dragon could stomp through the door that Isobel had left through. Allie had not considered that option, but here she was, in the middle of it. She shot up from her seat, quickly scanning the area. There were plenty of ways to exit, but she had to observe what was going to happen next. Allie ran along the walls to get a better vantage of the upcoming fight. The dragon was making a beeline towards the crossdresser. 'Ah. It must be a challenge. Now we'll see his true combat ability. Maybe his choice in clothing has to do with this.'

It closed in on him. He even said something strange about fate. It didn't seem like he was trying to evade. 'How long is he going to play chicken?! He must have a serious last-second technique to wait this long.'

'...Should I have tried to save him?' Allie thought as the possibility that the boy had no plan came to mind.

In case the situation evolved further, Allie began compiling her summon for her Load-Bearing Armor. While it probably wouldn't help against a dragon, it couldn't hurt.
Allie Sydra

Allie had seen it coming. However, she could not act in time to stop it. A girl - Allie had seen her around the school - was about to trip. Allie had just began to turn to her when it happened. And she spectacularly fell.


Allie had a glimpse, for the second time today, of something she should not have. Except for this time, there was something that she suspected nobody should have seen.

But the... person that had tripped seemed to think nothing of it. Even gave her a flippant remark. She could not process things in time to reply to her- him. "Uh." She managed to make a stammered sound, but that was it. He walked away without a care in the world, seemingly unaware of what he had just done to Allie.

Allie eventually found herself able to move, and she managed to put away her dish. But she was still perplexed. The thought she kept returning to was, '...But why?' She checked DataSec. She still had time before her class, since she was not concerned with being early. 'Do other people know?'

She hadn't practiced tailing people much, but this seemed like a good time to practice. It was practice, and not necessarily interest in the boy. She had to know why someone would do that. And of course, if anyone even knew other than Allie. Tailing and fact-finding were well within skills she needed to practice, anyway.

With that in mind, she kept an eye on him while keeping her distance. If he finished eating, she would follow. An exercise to see if she could do so undetected.
Allie Sydra

Though she tried to hide it, Allie's eyes quickly flashed to the bit that Corona summoned. For a split second Allie had tensed up, but she quickly relaxed. Though she knew that Corona wouldn't actually do anything like starting a fight with her, especially not in the cafeteria, Allie's mind liked to move towards what Allie could do if such an unlikely situation appeared. Under ordinary circumstances, Allie would have been searching for exit points or cover, but she had a slight burn of embarrassment as she thought about what the others at her table would think if she froze up and started looking at all of the ways out of the room. Rather than that, she changed her attention to what Esther was doing-

Allie very quickly averted her eyes after she saw something she was sure she shouldn't have. '...There are many types of courage in this world, I see...' Allie wasn't sure what to do with the red-striped information she just gained. 'Maybe it will come in handy some day...' Information was never a bad thing, but in this situation it seemed less than useful.

Allie was still at odds with what she had seen when Esther spoke up about the food. "Ah... It definitely seemed delicious." Which was the truth, from everything Allie heard Esther say about it. And the fact that it was good enough for her to forget her clothing's... issues.

The two finished before her, which didn't surprise Allie. She definitely wasn't a very fast eater, especially in the morning. She gave a shallow nod as the two bade farewell. A little bit after, she herself finished up her meal, and silently walked out of the cafeteria towards her first class.
Allie Sydra

Allie had tried to pick up something balanced for her breakfast, though she did find herself unable to avoid the pancakes. She sat down at an empty table, making sure to set down on a corner of the cafeteria.

A corner was best, of course, because she could not be caught off guard by anyone. Which was, admittedly, not really an issue she was concerned with in the mornings at the school, but most of her manuals read that practicing vigilance at all times was important. When it becomes actually necessary, it will be like second nature. With her position, somebody could never-

"Huh?" Allie was startled as two others had sat down at her table. Maybe she was still waking up, to not have noticed two people coming towards her table.

Muffled from within her coat, she heard DataSec's voice. "Allie. My sensors indicate there are two approaching your table. This report is delayed due to poor sensor placement. Please relocate sensors to a more visible position to-" Allie cut her off.

"Oh. Morning." Allie fidgeted in her seat self-consciously, cutting a slice of pancake dripping with syrup. She glanced at Corona and Esther, two classmates of hers.

Allie couldn't quite understand their outfits, but she had never really considered herself much of a coordinator. 'How are her legs not cold?' she thought as she looked at Esther's dress. Though she didn't really see the need to dress as well as these two, Allie did feel somewhat self-conscious, being the outlier at the table now. 'Does it make me stand out more to NOT wear dresses like these two? Maybe mom was right...' She mulled it over as she ate her slice of pancake.
Allie Sydra

[pending] Floor, Dorm [pending], House Machina Tower

A monotone voice softly broke the silence in Allie's room. "It is the time of your morning alarm." The dark room, window blocked by blackout curtains, was illuminated by a soft light. The hologram of a tiny girl stood within the source of light, and continued. "It appears that you were already awake. In that case, I will give my night report." DataSec paused, as if waiting for some kind of affirmation.

Allie never really was one to talk in the first few hours of the morning. Her stirring from the bed was going to be the only confirmation DataSec would get. She slowly did a few stretches, feeling a light soreness in her muscles from the previous day's training. She had begun to stand as DataSec started speaking, seemingly giving up on the chances of Allie saying anything to her. "There were no attempted entries into your room. There were no attempts at surveillance of your room. There were several statistical outliers in nightly occurences, however. There were three percent more footsteps outside your room than the average for a weekday. You turned over in your sleep eight times which is lower than average. Around two hours into your sleep, you chewed on your pillow and mumbled nonsense about desserts-"

Allie put her hand over DataSec's hologram projector, disrupting the AI's image. Not that it actually stopped her from saying things, but it was a gesture that meant "cease immediately." Allie had configured that after the first few nights that she had DataSec watch her room.

Allie dressed herself in silence, peering outside from the room's blackout shades. It seemed peaceful, like normal. As peaceful as the academy could be at least. She slipped on her pants, shirt, and surplus jacket, tucking DataSec's storage device into one of the jacket's large pockets. With that, she stepped out of her room, making her way to the cafeteria.

Changelog V2:
Shared rooms, huh? I can smell the awkwardness from Machina already.

That being said, anyone wanna room with my awkward character in Machina?
Allie would definitely be in the Military club. Probably as a top member.
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