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On all levels including physical, you lost me.
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Amen, my friend.
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No matter how many times I've done it, still a little nervous after ordering new computer parts.
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I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I could put here but I'm blanking.

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Sorry, I've been very busy for the past week. I should be clear of this current workload in a few days - I've been brainstorming stuff so hopefully it will come together easily when I finally get some free time to do it.
My two initial thoughts were a speedy flyer/scout with decent offensive harassment abilities and a sapper-type engineer support. I'm probably going to go with the engineer (unless VILKAS needs an air bud) and I have a question:

Would explosive demolitions charges, mines/minelayer devices, etc count as grenades or some other kind of equipment?
Nice! I'm going to read all this and try and think up a character in the next few days.
Robot girls and/or Mecha Musume? Consider me interested.

@rawkhawk64 (and anyone else at the Vigilante HQ I guess?)

"And so I was just standing there, in the landscape of my own mind, amongst the millions of spells, raw magic contained within the Root of All Magic, before me a mirror image; a reflection not of myself, but a reflection through myself. While she looked like me, I could tell that I was not dealing with any normal dream - this was really happening, and my spirit was contained within the Root of All Magic, and I was confronted by the one of the gods that presided over it!"

Andras was standing in the main entrance of the Vigilante's headquarters, giving some kind of (probably) blasphemous sermon. She had tried to tell plenty of people what had happened, but most of them simply thought it was a strange dream. Andras hoped that telling the people that filtered in and out of the Vigilante's church would have worked, but for some reason all that happened was the people within shuffled away, turning their heads as if to avoid eye contact. Almost like she was being a nuisance.

Luckily, Andras had collected her thoughts a little more since the first time she told about her dream. She didn't need to include that the apparition looked a lot like one of her characters she thought up herself, like she did with Vera. After all, that was just a silly coincidence. She wouldn't have said it anyway if she wasn't so distracted with everything else that was happening at the time. Looking back at the details of what had happened, Andras was surprised that she managed to get out of Vera's house alive. Had it happened a few months or so earlier, Andras would have surely been killed by Vera. To prevent anything like that from happening again (and Vera perhaps not being as kind as she was that one time) Andras had worked out a living situation with Wolf for the time being. She still was apparently sought after, so Wolf's house was a fairly safe place. Provided that Andras didn't, in Vera's words, "run off without telling anyone to a kidnapper's convention."

Andras decided to stop her recounting of the near-god experience, at least for now. It seemed like it wasn't getting through to anyone either way, and if she got King mad again for making a scene then she'd probably be doing janitor work for the next few weeks. The majority of the people filtering in and out of the headquarters were reading leaflets and talking about some kind of party. Her curiosity piqued, Andras stepped outside and saw the outside littered with white pamphlets. Grabbing one, she read the invitation. A masquerade ball. Costumes required. (Probably) free food? And it was close to her birthday! Andras laughed aloud, perhaps too loudly. "Ufufu. Finally, this world is bending to my whims. Prepare yourselves, mortals, for I shall be the shining star of the ball!" Andras let out one of her well-practiced ominous laughs.

As she got her phone out to text everyone she knew about this new development, she spied her partner, Brutus, on the grounds of the Vigilante Headquarters. She put down her phone for a moment, dashing towards the boy. "Brutus! Have you heard about the ball?! What are you going to wear?" Andras's train of thought derailed for a moment as she remembered something. "Wait! Did you get my texts about my dream? I saw a god and the source of all magic in this world! You believe me on that, right?! Everyone else isn't really convinced for some reason!" Andras took a gasp of breath after delivering a barrage of questions on the hapless bystander.
Liselotte and the City-Wide Invitation to the Masquerade Ball

All across the campus of Laurels, innocent students were walking, chatting, studying. All of them completely unaware of the storm that was coming. The days of planning. The sweat upon the brows of the workers. The absolutely exorbitant amount of money that exchanged hands, both to pay for services, and further under the table as a bribe to deal with a spoiled child's whims.

That was, until the PA system rang out with a burst of haughty laughter. "Ohohoho! Students of St. Laurels, listen well! The illustrious House Valois-Saint-Remy is holding a charity event for the brave souls that helped keep Rhea safe during the recent crisis that unfolded! Enjoy the hospitality of true royalty for once in your lives! See your invitations for more details! Ohoho-" The PA thankfully cut off the next bout of laughter.

Throughout the campus of Laurels, snow began to fall to the ground. Or... Rather, like snow, hundreds of pamphlets filtered down from the sky, dispersed by a passing helicopter.

Of course, this was only the beginning. Lise knew that the other schools also were to be invited; and in order to plaster the great name of Valois-Saint-Remy all over Rhea, she had also taken out tracts of advertisement across TV, radio, on billboards, newspapers, buses... Everything.

Of course, the ball was also to benefit the town's emergency response teams, but Lise directed her focus mainly on the part for the schools. She suspected that some other representative of Valois-Saint-Remy was handling the adults' side of the ball, which she didn't mind. Adults already understood her position, but for some reason those of her own age seemed to be unaware. That would change after this, of course.

As Lise confidently walked from the main office, her phone began to ring. Pulling it from her bag, she had trouble with the screen for a moment, before finally answering. On the other end was one of the organizers for the event - Lise remembered his voice, though she couldn't be bothered to remember his name. She had more or less worked out the majority of the ball, but she still was receiving calls now and then about inane aspects of her choices. "Ms. Val- I mean, Lady Valois-Saint-Remy, I understand you have an orchestra scheduled for this high schooler's ball?"

Lise nodded, despite the coordinator not being in person to see her do so. "Yes, and I know for certain there is enough space in the floor plan to have them. So what is the issue?"

"Well, wouldn't something more modern make sense for a high school ball? The venue has an excellent system for a DJ-"

Lise cut the man off. "This ball is not some filthy dance party for peasants! I will hear nothing more on this matter. Goodbye." Lise would have hung up, but she struggled to do so with her new phone.

The man continued, unaware of Lise's struggle to handle a phone. "All right. We're going to leave the equipment there just in case you change your mind. Again, thanks for working wi-"

She eventually managed to turn the call off. Of course, now her phone's screen was far too dark to see. Lise wondered for a moment why her parents wanted her to have one of these 'phones' so badly. They never seemed to work for her.

Lise picked up one of her fliers that had now settled in the Laurels courtyard, looking at it to admire her work.

Lady Liselotte Castellan de Valois-Saint-Remy invites you to a masquerade ball, provided to you by the generous donations of House Valois-Saint-Remy. Benefit those brave men and women who helped Rhea in its time of need. Students of St. Laurels, Mephisto's School, Rhea Tech, and members of the group 'The Vigilantes' are all invited.

A spacious venue ballroom will be the focus of the event, with the outdoors park reserved for ball guests only. Carriage rides through the spacious park will be available.

Entry will not be allowed without a costume befitting a masquerade ball. No exceptions.

Fliers like these were being dusted over all of the invited schools. 'Now... They will all have to recognize how great I am!' Lise swelled with pride as she walked back to her dorm room, all the while ignoring the chatter amongst students who were reading the fliers.

"A masquerade? That just means a costume party, right?" "It is the time of year for a costume party, so that would make sense." "How did she get that place AND the park area reserved at the same time?!" "Are you going to go?"
So what are people thinking power wise. As I finish up the OOC I'm curious what direction people are going in.

Though I have a lot of potential ideas I feel like someone who can turn invisible would fit best and it's a favourite power of mine anyway, so..
I'm interested!

Sunlight filtered into Lise's room from a half-opened curtain, illuminating the mess of soft and undoubtedly expensive sheets in the middle. Within the tangle of bedsheets, Lise listlessly watched the immense TV screen that nearly covered an entire wall of her dorm.

Between the newly bought TV and Lise's excessively large bed, the room was beginning to feel small. Lise had talked to the resident assistant about remodeling the nearby dorms by evicting the tenants and expanding her room into them, but the idea was only given a lukewarm "I will think about it." Lise assumed that she would have to wait for the permits for construction and remodeling to clear.

"I have already seen this episode..." Lise muttered, disinterestedly watching the rerun of Magical Girl Descartes. She was at first overjoyed to watch things on her television, but she soon found herself wondering if anything new was ever displayed on it. "If only I could pick the show I wanted to watch whenever I wanted..." She sighed. "But that is just impossible, isn't it?"

Her thoughts were interrupted by some kind of commotion outside. She wasn't sure what the sound was - some kind of locomotive? Lise wasn't aware of any trains near her. It was too loud to be an automobile, but it sounded close. In fact, the sound was getting closer. Lise's window rattled, the sound reaching a roar, and the light that shone on her bed was obscured entirely.

"What is it now?! There's no peace and quiet in this city, is there?!" She walked up to the window, and gasped as a black helicopter roared just outside of her dorm. Its door was open, and though she could not see who was inside, she knew it must have been a messenger from her family. Quickly, her shadow servants opened the windows, and amidst the gusts of wind an arrow sped straight into her room. Without a sign of acknowledgement, the helicopter rose and sped off, as quickly as it had came. Lise could hear excited and confused speech from her surroundings, so she quickly had the windows shut and the blinds drawn.

Lise looked at the arrow embedded in the floor. It was a familiar sight for someone as high within the Valois-Saint-Remy royalty as Lise, at least - The arrow was constructed of shadow, much like Lise's servants. Wrapped around it was a letter, and as her servants retrieved the letter, the arrow seemed to melt away into nothingness, as if it joined with the shadows and ceased to be.

Lise quickly opened the letter, reading the elegantly handwritten lines:

Dear Liselotte,
With the disaster that recently occurred within Rhea, the House Valois-Saint-Remy has decided to do a charity ball to help the victims. As you, Liselotte, are the highest of Valois-Saint-Remy nobility within Rhea, you are to finance and organize this event. Use this event to promote goodwill amongst the city of Rhea and House Valois-Saint-Remy, and invite those of the schools affected by this event as well.

We know how this may be a difficult endeavor for one so... Precious as you, so We have already informed many vendors and the venue to use. You will have to decide some parts of it, however.

This letter was delivered in such a way because you do not seem to have an e-mail account nor understand how to use your phone. Please look into either. We are having a new phone shipped to you in case you have lost another one.

Lise gasped with excitement. She was finally going to throw her own ball, a dream she had since her childhood. Though in the back of her head, she wondered if the commoners of the nearby schools would even truly appreciate one. "I will show them the grandeur! It will make all others pale in comparison!" Lise nodded her head confidently. This would show everyone her family's importance in the world.

"Servants, fetch me my finest dress." Lise said, a smile growing on her face.
As Duoya said, I've been readjusting my schedule for the new semester so I've been dead, but hopefully I'll try and get caught up and get Fuko to cause trouble do something later today!
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