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Current Being a small pepper.
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Just shout to the heavens "UWOH SEGGS" and wait for divine inspiration. Or your family's disapproval. Whichever gets there first.
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I love when I shovel myself out, drive through a snowstorm to get to work on time... and then my boss calls me 5 minutes after when I was supposed to arrive that he's not coming in and to go home...
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Don't forget how rough it is
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What are you talking about? The birds totally don't flap their wings at 2fps if you're more than five feet away...
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Facts about me:
1. I like writing.
2. I like cats.
3. I like RWBY. (#Yangbestgril)
4. I am 30 years old...
5. I have graduated college.
6. I'm trying to get better at drawing.
7. I'm a dude.
8. I eat far too much cheese.
9. I watched a Markiplier video once. Now I have a crippling Taki addiction. Don't send help, just more Takis.

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Wolf was honestly taken aback by Alex's behavior. He couldn't believe what she was saying.

"Why... are you apologizing? It's-" My fault. "-not your fault, right?" He was surprised she hadn't wanted forever away from him, honestly. "U-um, well, you found me..."

It was so painfully awkward. He didn't want to bring up the guilt he felt if that wasn't what she wanted to talk about. There was no need to burden her with that... but why had she come looking for him? Did she really not resent him?

What did she think happened?

"Are, uh, are you OK now?" You know, aside from being short one eye...
Kelan & Echo


"Don't you worry, boss. I'm like a well armed homing pigeon. I always find my way back." A moment later, warning klaxons accompanied by flashing, yellow lights went off throughout the ship indicating a depressurization warning. Specifically, in the ship's cargo hold.

Kelan had opened the cargo door at the rear of the ship. As the doors slid open, the enemy ship came into view for Kelan.

"Just know that I still protest this course of action," Echo told him.

"We've done worse."

"I protested then as well."

"'Least you're consistent." With that "settled," Kelan hit the door control once more and then broke into a thundering jog. He leapt out the rear of the ship, the cargo door closing behind him. He wasn't planning on coming back that way.

As he careened silently through the void, he saw one of the enemy fighters streak past. Those needed to be dealt with or else he might not have a ship to come back to. With a quick burst of the suits maneuvering thrusters he spun around so he was flying backwards. He gauged the small ship's trajectory as he cycled the Belial's cannon to grenades.

With a subdued thump, the cannon fired, and a moment later he was rewarded with the sight of a fighter's feeble shields flaring up from the impact, the pilot immediately veering off in panic. A second later, sparks and smoke began to pour from a caved in armor panel on the side of the fighter. It was still flying, but its shields hadn't been able to stop the grenade's concussive force.

Hopefully it'd slow it down and the rest of the crew could take it out.

He couldn't worry about the fighters anymore anyway. He spun back around to see the pirate salvage ship looming ahead. With one more burst from his thrusters, he shot himself toward the bridge.

He slammed into the main viewport, the Belial's feet immediately magnetizing to the hull. He saw the pirate crew inside collectively flinch at the sight of him. They looked between each other, unsure of how to respond. Well, it was time to give them something else to worry about.

He cocked a fist back and slammed it against the viewport. Again, the pirate's flinched.


This time cracks began to form.


The pirate's began to panic as the cracks spiderwebbed outward.


Warning lights began to come on as the ship detected an air leak.


The viewport shattered, a blast of pressurized air hitting him, but he barely flinched. Warning alarms hit his ears and a moment later emergency shutters tried to block off the shattered window. He stepped forward and caught it, servos whining in protest as he held back the shutter. The pirates scrambled to grab onto anything they could as air continued to pour out of the ship.

Kelan stepped forward, jumping into the ship and finally letting the emergency shutters slam down behind him.

"Howdy there," Kelan greeted them. "Oh, don't all y'all look so surprised. You were attemptin' a similar boarding action yourself, weren't ya? Figured I'd return the favor."

Sparks flew off his armor as a pirate drew a pistol and immediately opened fire. The shots plinked off harmlessly, even as the pirate stormed forth, perhaps hoping at close range his shots would finally penetrate. Kelan turned and backhanded the pistol out of the man's hand, then ramming his fist into the pirate's chest, sending the man flying across the bridge to slam into a wall where he collapsed with a caved in chest cavity.

The roar alerted him to the attack of another pirate. He turned to see one charging at him with some sort of axe. Kelan reached out and grabbed the weapon, stopping it dead.

"Now, if the gun didn't work..." Kelan stomped down on the pirate's foot, crushing it flat before headbutting him and dropping him to the ground, skull shattered. Kelan whipped around, finding the next pirate daring to try something and hurled the axe with fatal accuracy, taking him down in kind.

The remaining bridge crew having seen the armored goliath that was Kelan burst into the bridge and casually slay three of their mates froze at their stations.

"Which one of you idjits is the pilot?" Kelan asked, slowly scanning the room. He saw a man at a station that looked like the ship's helm flinch as Kelan's gaze passed over him. Kelan stomped over, clamping his hand over the man's head. "I think you're a smart fella. I think you know what'll happen to ya if I decide to make a fist right now. So, smart fella, do me a solid and untether that ship over yonder and let my pals go."

Shakily and on the verge of hyperventilating, the pilot fumbled with the ship's controls until the tether retracted itself from the Guernica and began to reel itself back in, no doubt much to the dismay of whatever pirates were left behind that hadn't been turned to swiss cheese by Maxima.

"Good boy." Kelan then yanked the man out of his chair and tossed him aside. "OK, smart fella, you guys got a life raft on this boat?" The man nodded. "Good. Now gather up everyone and get yourselves off my new ship."

"Th-they won't just-"

Kelan stomped over to the man, leaning down, "Buddy, if y'all are still here in five minutes, I'm comin' after ya. So you best get to convincin', hear me?" The Belial's main cannon twitched to life and swiveled to point at the man, the suit's visor flashing red to indicate a target lock.

With a frantic whimper, the pirate scrambled to his feet, the surviving bridge crew flying from their chairs to follow him off the bridge. A few seconds later he could hear screaming echoing back as they no doubt began to try and convince the rest of the crew to abandon ship.

"I would have killed them," Echo chimed in.


"If they do resolve to abandon ship, they may try to overload the reactor on their way out," Echo said. "It's what I would do."

"Nah, they're too dumb and scared to try somethin' like that. If they weren't, they wouldn't be pirates," Kelan assured the alien. "But, you make a good point. How's about you go keep the reactor loaded the way it should be, while I steer the ship?"

"And if they shoot at me?"

"Step on 'em. They ain't got nothin' that can hurt ya." With that, Kelan exited the Belial and made his way to the helm.

"I still think this was an unnecessary risk."

"Well, you know what they say-"


"If it's stupid-"

"It was."

"-and it works, it ain't stupid."

The only response was Echo's stomping footsteps retreating deeper into the pirate ship.

"Now, let's see here..." Kelan muttered as he scanned the console. "Ah, old fashioned and analog. You love to see it. Now where's that dang tether gun..."

Anyone on the Geurnica would see the pirate salvager begin to move, reorienting itself to follow on of the fighter craft. Suddenly the tether launcher would fire, skewering the fighter. The salvager then accelerated while simultaneously reeling the ship in, splattering what was left of the craft against its hull... and likely disabling the tether launcher in the process.

A moment later, the radio on the Guernica's bridge would crackle with an incoming call, "Welp, that's probably gonna lower the resale value..." Kelan's voice would speak over the radio. "Howdy there cap'n. Would you be so kind as to relay to the boss man that we have commandeered this ship and are in the process of evicting its current tenants? Also, we have various item's of questionable legality to peruse, so feel free to pick up a souvenir when the battle is over. Err, over."
Kelan & Echo


"I am insisting that this is a terrible idea," an electronic voice spoke from a hulking, mechanical exo-suit as it stomped down the halls of the Guernica, following the man known as Kelan.

"It's a great idea!" Kelan insisted. It was so rare for things to get to this point. Normally they got away before anyone could begin boarding maneuvers. He proceeded to open a comm-channel to Kian. "Hey, boss. How much you reckon one o' these salvage ships would fetch on the used market?"

"Excuse me," Echo spoke, joining in on the call. "Whatever idea Kelan is about to propose, please reject it summarily." Echo then stepped in front of Kelan to halt him. "The enemy ships may have relatively weak weapons, but this suit is not rated for them."

"Sure it is!"

"Correction. This suit is no longer rated for them."

"Aw, relax. They'll never see us coming to begin with. 'Sides, their ships aren't rated for us either." Kelan once more opened the comms. "Just say the word and I'll bring us back a shiny, new toy. Well, less shiny when I'm through with it, but you get the idea."

With that, Kelan ignored Echo's continued protests and cracked open the exo-suit so he could climb in. Now assuming control of the suit, Echo could no longer stop Kelan from heading to the nearest exit. He waited by the exit for Kian's response. Kelan could instead just clear the enemy off the hull, but then they'd know he was there and those little attack ships might actually just bullseye him if he tried anything too foolhardy.

However, he wasn't the only warrior on board. He was confident the others could deal with the boarders while he went and... returned the favor.

"Up to you, boss-man. Tell me where you want me," he said, his hand hovering over the door-control.


Well, that was certainly one way to describe going blind in one eye. Then again, all things considered, maybe that really just was how it was. That was probably his fault too.

"Uh, yeah... it... suits you, somehow." He immediately clenched his jaw after speaking. If Alex liked it, he wanted to agree with her, but at the same time it felt so wrong. 'I know I hospitalized you and blinded you in one eye, but at least you look neat!' It made his stomach churn.

"Um, what are you doing here?" Had she come to see him? Why? Did... she not know? If she did, did she blame him?

Was he about to be sued?

Did Vera know?

He had a million questions. He wanted to ask when she woke up? Was it recent? Had she rushed out to find them? Or had it been a while ago, but then why was he only finding out now? Well, the latter would have made sense. Of course she'd avoid him... but then... that led back to the question he'd just asked.


Wolf was paralyzed. Her words seemed to confirm what his subconscious had immediately realized. Wolf had imagined a day like this many times, imagined Alex waking up and what he'd say to her.

Those daydreams never got terribly far. He didn't feel he deserved happy dreams.

All he'd ever found himself left with were nightmares where she was gone forever. Even if she did wake up, why should he go anywhere near her? Wasn't this all his fault to begin with?

Now here she was out of nowhere. Was this a dream or a nightmare? Or, surreal as it felt, was this actually reality for once?

"I-" He thought to deny his identity, or apologize, but his gaze froze over her face. Since when... why? How? He pointed at her face. "You... have an eyepatch now?" His voice came out small and lost despite how he effectively towered over her.

Everything felt so out of place.
Hello. It's me.


Maybe it was the recent incident, maybe it was just having seen it first-hand, or maybe it had been building up all this time, but he felt his jaw clench. He couldn't ignore the pressure building up inside him as he felt the undeniable twinges of anger as she described the longstanding issues surrounding Zephyr.

However, he quickly buried those feelings. He couldn't afford to get involved. Nothing good could come of tangling with someone like Zephyr. Not for him, Zephyr, or anyone else unfortunate enough to get pulled in.

"I'm sorry. I wish I could help." Wolf looked away and stood up. "I... just... sorry. I should go."

The day was pretty much over, and he still felt the lingering exhaustion from his long night at school. He had no desire to stay any later than he had to. This incident had already held him up enough as it was. After gathering his things, he joined the flow of students exiting the school.

At the exit a bright splash of white stood out from the rest of the crowd, drawing his eye. The individual drew many curious glances, but only Wolf felt himself slowing to a halt. His mind felt like it was swimming Something about this person, this girl, it...

. . .

"We can't see her today... I guess she fell asleep and won't wake up."

"B-but... she was OK..."

"What does that mean?" . . . "What does that mean!?"

. . .

He suddenly realized the crowd of students had thinned, with him just standing there, dazed and glassy-eyed. It had been a long time, but not so long as to render either of them unrecognizable to each other, and yet still his first instinct was denial. It couldn't be her. Why would she be here?

He forced himself back into motion until he crossed by the girl and stopped near her, "Um... are you looking for someone?" It couldn't be her...


Wolf couldn't say he was terribly surprised by Zephyr's response. With the way he acted, all that was missing was a timer ticking down atop his head until the day came he made the wrong person mad and retribution was brought down upon him. Then again, sometimes the most successful people were also the worst people. Perhaps karma would remain blind to him for a long time yet.

"It's fine..." Wolf replied to Melissa, quite used to screaming and shouting -- especially from a woman. He considered asking how he could help, but she seemed to have that part under control at least. He recognized her, though only vaguely. He knew she was on the student council, specifically part of the disciplinary committee.

Unsurprisingly, Zephyr seemed above discipline. Money, power, and an all but, if not total, total disregard for authority made for a difficult to touch combo. All the more reason Wolf wanted nothing to do with him.

"Not your first time dealing with him I imagine." Wolf said to Melissa. "He's pretty much infamous for this, yet nothing seems to change. I get why you'd be frustrated."
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