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Current Aaaaaand I ran out of work again. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I need them to give me more work...
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A breakthrough! I worked pretty much all throughout my shift! Surprisingly refreshing. We'll see how long that feeling lasts...
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Big news guys, today I printed like... FOUR things! . . . I really need to talk to my supervisor...
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When you spend five hours at your job and all you really accomplish is printing two things. Yaaaay... employment... wooo...


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Well damn. Not sure I should really be looking for another rp right now, but I'm weak for werewolves... I'd prefer to take the role of the werewolf though. So yeah, I'm down for that. Let me know if you think we can work something out and get a story going.
"That's an old one," Maedoc said. It was a sonic grenade. Something fancy like that wasn't made anymore. Too delicate and costly. The military had a stash of them, of course, so it wasn't like they were missing out anyway. Every time one burned out, though, they got a little rarer. "Pretty nasty little things. Prolonged exposure can make you go deaf. Permanently. They're reusable, but they burn out after a while. Or just put it to full power and it'll basically explode and knock out anyone in the room, ear protection or not. Only seen them a few times, and only got to use them once."

They'd basically just emit a loud noise for as long as you set it for, unless set to detonate, and they were quite capable of shattering glass and eardrums alike.

"Let's hope we don't have to use this one any time soon. It's not exactly fun for anyone involved and draws too much attention," he told her. The last thing they needed while thieving were incredibly loud noises. "Anyway, pack up whatever gear you want to bring. Once we rob the salvagers, we shouldn't stick around. I want to be on the move immediately. We can risk showing our faces around here again after we pull this off..."

If everything went well, no one would care what he stole. Or at least they wouldn't dare do anything about it. But that would only be after they succeeded. If her stealth skills didn't pan out... they'd care plenty.
"You are the strangest person..." he muttered under his breath, barely audible, but then cleared his throat to speak clearly. "Uhh, well..." Training? "They can shoot guns real good? I don't really know. They're just... mercenaries. Brigands might be a better word. They have lots of weapons and there's over a dozen of them, but that's about it. Rifles and explosives mostly. Maybe a few vehicles, trucks, but nothing heavy."

He groaned, it seemed it would be horses for them. Of course some geniuses had realized "hey, desert planet, bring camels," but that also meant the few camels were at a premium, even more so than horses.

"OK, here's a simple plan," he slowly slid back to a sitting position and began explaining. Honestly, he was coming up with most of it on the fly. First she'd have to find food and water and then head to the edge of the settlement. There were horse stables there. She'd either have to find money to rent them, or steal them. She'd load whatever supplies she'd gathered onto the horses and then head out. He gave her directions to a salvage camp, on the outskirts of the town, but within sight of the walls where she'd head next.

She'd meet him nearby where she could tie up the horses and together they'd find a way to steal the equipment they'd need. Meanwhile, he'd be finding a gun and anything else useful he could managed before slowly making his way there. He had less tasks so that hopefully at his hobbling pace he'd be able to meet her at the salvage camp in a somewhat timely manner.

"That last parts gonna be the hardest. The salvagers aren't an easy bunch. They know how to handle themselves out in the wastes. IF we aren't caught, they probably won't know the difference for some time and it won't be a problem. IF we are caught... I'm not sure your sword is gonna be much use." One woman with a sword, no matter how good, didn't seem like a good match for an armed group of salvagers.
She mentioned a war of sorts with the military. He could guess how well that had gone. Back then, the mechs had worked a lot better. Taking their things? "Yeah, they did a lot of that after the... event." Finally though, his almost trance-like state began to lift, whatever thoughts that had taken over him being pushed to the back of his mind once more.

He snapped out of it completely when he had the chip back in his hands.

"Yeah, well, I suppose I didn't plan on getting you killed. No accounting for stay bullets, though." If they didn't get shot at at least once, he'd be astonished. "I'm Maedoc. And I was shot by my ex-partner's psychotic girlfriend, err, wife? Let's just go with insufferable bitch who I plan to pay back at some point. I teamed up with their crew to acquire-" Well, why lie at this point. "Ahem, steal the chip. I was able to trick them, but I still got shot. My armor had a duel with her bullet and lost after a valiant fight." Valiant enough to at least keep him alive at least. "They're the people we're racing against, to be clear.

"Now, none of what you want is going to much matter if we don't beat them there. So we really need to work on that shopping list I told you about." Shopping list, stealing list, same difference. He pushed himself to his feet, but nearly collapsed immediately, legs wobbling and knees knocking. The pain had almost been gone too... until he'd stood. "Survey says that's gonna be mostly your job..." he whimpered, eyes watering. "Transport would probably be a good start." He took a deep breath to steady himself. "Makes getting everything else easier. Especially if we need to run afterward..."

She'd said she wanted horses. Horses existed, but they were at a premium. They weren't native, and it was hard to breed them with so little native vegetation. They were also usually very skittish and trained to run home at the first opportunity. Kept losses to a minimum...

He'd have preferred some sort of ATV, like a truck... but those were loud, required fuel, and could break down. And in the desert, they weren't necessarily faster what with the sand and rough terrain. But at least they couldn't argue with you. Of course, his ability to argue with her hadn't improved in the last five minutes, so his opinion didn't have much weight he was guessing.
Maedoc grumbled under his breath. Maybe the gunk would help eventually, but at the moment it just stung. Although, by the time he finally was able to finish bandaging it, it wasn't so bad. Another thing that was darkening his mood was her insistence on details. He felt a certain level of secrecy was his only safety net, but she seemed to want to know everything.

He stared her hard in the eye. If he gave away details, there'd be scarce little left to work with. He'd have to trust those last threads of safety to hold him up.

He'd reveal a little more. "It's a military research facility, to be specific. That case holds a microchip that will run one of their last projects. Once we do that, I'm almost positive we'll also be able to get into the computers. Those computers will contain a number of files, including blueprints. They should have been shielded, so the engine going off shouldn't have fried them. Those blueprints will probably include ships -- the fast ones. I'm talking half the time to get to another planet compared to the one that went nuclear." He sighed. "But I've obviously never been there, so I obviously don't know exactly what is in there."

That left why. He could tell her half of that, at least.

"As for why? Well, I'm hoping that once I have access... I can wage war on the military and tear everything down. But since you hate this place, that shouldn't matter to you, right? If you have your way, you won't even have to be here for most of it." His expression almost went blank, his eyes gaining a sort of soullessness -- a coldness. Ice covering up something much more violent deep down.
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