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Who needs pork and beans when you have porn and memes. That makes no sense but it sounded good so f*** it.
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When you're having a slow day, waiitng for your RP partners to post, and you think, "should I start another one?" But know you'll just burn out if you take on too much...
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Yes, but that's why we love cats. That and they are warm and floofy.
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Go outside, it's winter. You'll be cooler than cool, I promise.


Facts about me:
1. I like writing.
2. I like cats.
3. I like RWBY. (#Yangbestgril)
4. I am 25 years old.
5. I have graduated college.
6. I'm trying to get better at drawing.
7. I'm a dude.
8. I eat far too much cheese.

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"Wait, really?" Kato's head snapped around to look at Nigardt. Maybe the scary lizard man wasn't so bad after all! Books and their covers and all that. With the progress, however temporary, they'd just made, maybe they were finally onto something. Kakra was so excited that the newcomers who burst onto the scene faded totally into the background. Except, wait, was that one made of st-

"Huh, Little Italian?" Sasha's demands brought them back to reality. "I've, uh, never heard of that..."

"Kato, help!"

"I know where it is..." Kato tended to pay more attention to their surroundings, being the one who actually interacted with them most of the time.

"Oh good! Er, can we afford it?"

". . ."


"Not remotely..."


"Uh... ummm... that's actually a bit pricey for us, err-" Kato swallowed hard.

"What's tiramisu!?"

"Basically cake."

"I-I think they cafeteria got some pudding recently. Umm, could I get you some of that?" They were sweating hard at this point.

Rurik's jaw dropped when Christine suddenly hauled him out of the fighting. It turned out to make little difference however, the angel was long gone. He hadn't been in much danger, but neither was he going to accomplish much over there with their visible enemy gone.

"I... but..." Rurik let out a sigh. "Yeah... yeah I'm fine, thanks, Christine," he relented. That might have been short lived, however. The wall nearby suddenly came to life, a giant stone hand sprouting out of it.

It didn't seem to want a high-five.

Rather, it had three knuckles aimed to smash him with the thumb and pinky outstretched to give it a wider range. Rurik wasn't terribly concerned, if anything it would have been a good chance to fake being knocked out and skip the rest of the fight. Unfortunately, Chrstine's rescue had put her literally on top of him, so if it hit him, it hit her.

He just couldn't catch a break -- but he wasn't one to be blindsided all that easily.

He quickly pulled free from Christine as the stone fist was almost upon them and then threw his hand out as if to say "stop." Anyone watching would no doubt have expected him to get flattened, but instead as the stone hand collided with Rurik's palm it, well, stopped.

It shuddered slightly beneath Rurik's hand, as he'd just pumped every bit of stored up energy he'd been holding onto. Even so, he couldn't redirect it. The magic that had sent it at him was still trying to steamroll him even as his own tried to send it back.

Well, if he couldn't have it, then neither could his opponent. In a brilliant chain reaction, the fist and a good portion of the arm attached to it blew apart into pebbles and dust.

When the dust cleared, Rurik's hand was still held out, this time with middle finger extended to show what he thought of the enemies efforts. However, soon something else happened to occupy his hand. Cards flew into it. He flinched at first, but then realized they weren't trying to hurt him.

"... wait, what?" Rurik looked at the cards and then glanced around, quite befuddled, trying to figure out where the hell they'd come from.

Kato looked very concerned. This was very sudden. He hadn't even gotten the chance to tell her the nature of the curse! They hadn't even left the room!

"Bwuh!?" His eyes went wide as she accosted his face. Soon he began to feel something... strange. Something very cold, as if ice was being drawn out of his veins from deep inside. It all came to a head with a sudden dim, violet glow. Spectral chains suddenly appeared all across his body, as if her touch had revealed them.

They seemed to strain and then, suddenly, one by one the links disconnected from one another.

Wait, was this actually working?!

These thoughts were punctuated by a calamitous boom. The chains blew apart, sending anything nearby that wasn't nailed down flying. Papers, pencils, skirts, desks -- Sasha. The force was enough to send the sacred girl into a wall.

When the dust settled, it was a rather spectacular sight. Chain links hovered ominously, orbiting about the room. Standing in the middle of it all were two people. One was Kato, and the other a girl who shone like the sun and gave off an incredible pressure. It had been midday, but by comparison it might as well have been midnight before.

"It... it worked?" The girl laughed giddily, staring at her own hands in awe. "It finally wo-!"

And then with a startling rattle, the chain-links flew together, reforming themselves and then pulling shut, binding the two back together, and in one last flash it all vanished, leaving Kato there... alone once more.

"Oh..." His face fell. Of course it hadn't worked.

It never did.

And then his eye flashed amber again and he flew over to Sasha, yanking her to her feet and grabbing her shoulders. There was an ecstatic grin upon his face.

"That was amazing! No one's ever come that close before!"

"Yes..." Kakra as Kato said to Nigardt while staring down Sasha... before she unleashed the most entitled rant she'd ever heard. "P-peasant!? What the he-" Amber eyes narrowed angrily and she lifted a finger, aiming to jab Sasha in her ample chest before her hand froze. One of Kato's eyes returned to blue and the hand fell back to his side before he could further offend Sasha.

"Kakra, no! We need her to help us!"

"UGH! Fine... you're right..."

And then both eyes were blue again.

"S-so... what I meant to say was of course, w-, I'll be troubling you for your time so if you're hungry I'm happy to get you something," Kato told her politely. He then motioned for her to follow him a few steps away from the others, not wanting to be so close to the witch and the demon if he could help it. "You see, uhh, w-we- I heard a rumor about your powers, a-and when I was young my sister and I were cursed by a-" he glanced again at Alicia, "were cursed and were hoping you could help." No need to mention witches around the witch...

They'd never come across someone with abilities quite like Sasha before, so it was worth a shot.

"Just do it already!" The voice rung inside his head, filled with impatience. "You've been hesitating all week!"

"S-sorry..." Kato mumbled back to his sister. He was the only person who could hear her, of course.

"Do you want me to do it?"

"N-no! That's... always hard to explain, and half the time they never believe us anyway." He sighed.

"Is it because of how she looks?" This time there was an edge to her voice.

"No!" Kato's face tinged red. "I just... don't like it when you get disappointed. Nothing ever works."

"Wanna know what's more disappointing?"

"Me not even trying-"


"OK, OK, fine... I'll go..." Kato hung his head and shuffled off. He soon found the person he was looking for, Sasha, but she seemed in a bit of a hurry. "Uh-... um... excu-" Nope, she suddenly slammed a door open and began shouting. "Sp-spawn?"

He shook his head. This seemed like a bit of a misunderstanding. If he could just interject. "If-if you could give me a mome-" But then some girl began talking back to Sasha. Wait, wasn't that- He felt a chill run down his spine. "I-I-... e-exc-" He was in a cold sweat now. His eyes wandered over to a guy who looked... Oh gosh... it was him. He was scary. Kato froze up.

"Oh for the love of..."

Kato's blue eyes suddenly took on an amber hue and his expression hardened.

"AHEM!" Suddenly his voice was loud and clear. "That's neat and all, but you guys can bully each other later! I have something important I need to take care of here! You, pay attention! I've been following you for the last minute straight!" He pointed at Sasha. A bit of an exaggeration, but... well...

"I... I could have..." Kato whimpered, now in the backseat so to speak.

"No. No you could not have..." Kakra grumbled. ". . . Sorry." Kato hated it when she forced her control over him.

(To be clear, italics is when Kato is talking mentally, and bold is when Kakra is. Only normal text is out loud.)
Name: Kakra/Kato Equinox

Age: 17

Grade: Second

Twins born with powerful blessings from twin gods: Mundas and Celestial. Uniquely, their powers could combine to a degree to be even stronger... but their parents were foolish. At the age of 10, they were cursed by a witch after their parents reneged on a bad deal. The twins were fused together, a large portion of Kato's powers being sealed inside of Kakra... and Kakra was sealed within Kato. Only when on death's door may Kato free Kakra, but if she stays out for too long, the imbalanced powers will caused her to go into meltdown.

Therefore, she must use her powers to heal Kato before it's too late, but in doing so seals herself away.

It's an extremely uncomfortable existence for both of them, as Kakra was always the more dominant personality -- to say nothing of the requirements of Kakra gaining even temporary freedom.

Kato spends much of his time quietly reading, usually occult books trying to find a cure for their situation. Various power users have tried to help them over the years, but so far no one has had a powerful enough ability to counteract the curse.

Suffice it to say, they're also not on good terms with their parents.

Core: Sun/Moon Flower
Kakra gains significant power in broad daylight, and vice-verse for Kato at night, and more so under the moon. This manifests as a shimmering field around their bodies that protects them and makes them physically more adept, but if the field is damaged they lose all their strength until they recharge for a short time. While normally their power would be limited only by the length of day and night, due to the curse, even under the moon Kato is weaker than Kakra would be even on a cloudy day, though still slightly stronger than an average person, while Kakra is limited by the impending threat of a meltdown.

First: Overgrow/Shroud
Kakra overcharges herself, gaining absurd healing and increasing strength overtime. She can shed this energy and gift it to others, healing them and reinforcing them, but loses the effect on herself. / Kato creates a null-zone that blocks light and saps the strength of those inside, giving it to himself.

Second: Starburst/Bloom
Kakra creates a small star that grows, becoming blindingly bright and then exploding after a few minutes. This feeds back into Overgrow. She can direct it like a missile when it's ready to burst, or just set it off early. / Kato summons a ring of eight moonflowers, creating a safe zone for all those inside it. Only people he welcomes in can enter it. The flowers slowly shut one per minute until the circle fails. The barrier can be overwhelmed, and weakens slightly as each flower shuts. Is nearly impregnable at full power, however.

Third: Mixer/Eclipse
Kakra can possess Kato to speak for him, but to take control Kato must be effectively dead. When she takes control, she will go into meltdown after about fifteen minutes, but can use altered versions Kato's powers while she is in full control.
Enshroud = Celestial Cloak: She enshrouds another in sunny energy, effectively granting them a reduced but still quite powerful form of Overgrow. She also gains a small portion of the solar energy that person absorbs, further increasing her own growth.
Bloom = Sun Blossoms: She summons a sunflower where she touches. It blooms over the course of a minute and then releasing a fully charged Starburst. She can plant them one at a time, up to only four, and in fairly quick succession.

Eclipse: Kakra can create a singularity that adsorbs sunlight and projects a dark space for Kato. Similarly, Kato can absorb moonlight and then release an orb that acts like a small sun for a short time. This was a much stronger ability when both were free to move at the same time, obviously...

(Assuming it's known publicly to some degree)
Alicia: They've heard she's a witch. Pretty sure she has nothing to do with their problem, but they still kinda dislike her on principle.

". . . neat." Rurik looked down at the ice around his feet. "Anyway, I guess I'll soften them up for you, but after that it's your turn this time." He might have still been bitter about being left alone with Kath that one time. Pop! The ice around his feet shattered and he casually stepped away, as if he'd never been frozen to begin with.

He began walking toward the angel, of all things, that had just stepped into view.

"All right, co-" BANG! Rurik's eyes went wide and he went stock still. Right, Bak. Well, she'd missed, so he supposed he would still have to- BANG BANG BANG! Right... Bak. She wouldn't be satisfied until she blew something up. Well, less work for him he supposed. He couldn't complain about that.

He let out a small cough as the smoke from all her shots began to waft over to him. It was getting a bit hard to see what was going on. Then something whizzed past his head, a bit of shrapnel from her explosive rounds. This was getting out of hand.

"OK! OK! That's good!" . . . BANG! Nope, she couldn't hear him. "I SAID CEASE FIRE!" He stepped into the firing line in between shots, hoping if nothing else her cameras would let her know to quit shooting. "I can't see shit anymore!"

With any luck, Bak would give it a rest for a second. Of course, he then realized something. He had just stepped into the firing zone... for both sides. Had Bak ever managed to hit her target? He slowly turned his head, peering into the smoke cloud nervously...
Ironically my job right now is to kinda keep the main RP moving, but I still kinda wanna mess around here... We'll see. Kekeke...

Jeet Kun Do was made by Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee lived on Earth.
This isn't Earth.
Bruce Lee was so powerful he transcended dimensions.
This fact is now canon to the RP.
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