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Vera just sat quietly with the faintest smile on her face as Andras rambled in her panic.


It was then completely hysterical when Andras attempted and failed to run away. If it wasn't for the fact that Vera was actually somewhat concerned she probably would have been laughing by now.

"Wow, sleep and run, huh?" Vera clicked her tongue in disappointment. "Well, it was cold last night so we'll call it even," she said, cementing the fact that she'd been awake when Andras had crawled into bed. Finally Vera slid out of bed and stepped over to Andras, looming over her. However, instead of immediately helping Andras, Vera began stretching and loosening up for a few seconds, her sleek abs peeking out from under her shirt as she did so. "All right, it's good that you're so small." Vera suddenly reached down and scooped Andras up completely. This way there would be no escape.

She let out a small grunt of strain and immediately regretted this. Andras was heavier than expected.

Or maybe she was just weaker than she'd thought.

Well, it was too late now. She'd committed. She'd look stupid if she changed her mind and put Andras back down. Instead she just threw on her cockiest smirk.

"Where to... first?" Vera did her best to talk normal.

As Andras for some reason edged closer to the ticking time bomb that was Vera, it seemed she might actually be safe for the moment.

"Well... look who's awake to face the music." Or not. It was a shame that Andras was so sore -- she might have been fast enough to escape otherwise. Instead, a considerably less beaten up Vera rolled over, one of her hands coming down on the other side of Andras, trapping her while Vera's hair cascaded over her shoulders to drape around their faces as Vera hovered menacingly over her. "You sneak into my bed, in my room, in my house?" Vera frowned and glared down at the girl. She waited silently for a moment to let Andras process her crimes.

However, she suddenly just smirked, "And worst of all, it wasn't even on purpose. Did you know you sleep walk or is this new?" She sighed and pulled back, settling for just kneeling next to the girl. "For a moment I thought you were really just that bold. What a shame. Might have kept Wolf on his toes."

One last glare, though. "Seriously though, you're lucky you're you. Anyone else..." Vera drew he finger across her neck. Though, that was a good point. Why was Andras lucky? Vera couldn't quite place why she'd let the little dweeb get so close... or when she'd come to the decision to allow it. "Anyway... how was my bed?" Regardless, Andras would never be allowed to live this down.

Rurik sat in a dank, dimly lit room, cuffed to a metal table. Normally it would have been a simple matter of blasting his way free, but the cuffs or something in the room seemed to be dampening his powers. That and there was an entire station of police to blast through -- which did not tempt him.

This was what he got for getting involved he supposed. He'd had every opportunity to walk away. More than once for that matter. He could have left Bak. He could have let Clara have Katherine. He could have just run off with Yuuto to safety.

But no, now he was cuffed in a room with a sprained wrist and Christine probably hated him for nearly killing her sister or something.

Well, he supposed he'd have a few years in jail for “aiding and abetting attempted murder” to consider how yesterday had reinforced all his pessimistic world views.

“I swear the second I'm out I'm gonna kill Vittorio myself...” Rurik grumbled and laid his head on the cold surface of the table. And at that moment the door opened.

“Mr. Alexeev, please do keep your mouth shut going forward,” a greasy man in a suit spoke.


“Your savior,” the man spoke dryly. “Now shush.”

Following him was one of the arresting officers and a senior detective.

“Look, we have witnesses, so I'm not sure what you're doing here. Talk to your client all you want, he's still got rights, but-”

“But nothing. I simply wanted to gather everyone so we're all on the same page when this is resolved and we leave,” his “savior” spoke. “Tell me again what happened. In short, please.”

“Alto Ganze was stabbed and the kid helped his attacker escape. Aiding and abetting.”

“No no, you have it all wrong. Are this boys powers related to vision? Does he have the eyes of a hawk?”

“I don't-”

“No, I didn't think so. He simply saw his classmate in danger and took action to save him. After all, I believe your witnesses will attest that this... Vittorio was in much worse state in the end.”

“I see where this is goi-”

“Intent matters, detective. Taken further, he was assisting another classmate in this act. He was only a tertiary member in the end. No matter how you slice it, it's a stretch to say he wanted to help kill Mr. Ganze.” The man slicked his hair back as a few strands had come loose. “These are relatively serious charges, so this would go before a jury if taken to court. What do you your odds really are here?”

“With this punk and the reputation of his school? Pretty good actually.”

Rurik scowled, “Hey-” but was silenced as the man in the suit quickly smacked him in the face with a folder.

“Again, all wrong.” The man's face turned very serious. “It's my reputation you need to think about.”

The room went silent.

“Oh come on, the kid's going away, obviously-” the arresting office laughed nervously.

“Let him go...” The detective muttered under his breath.


“Take your keys, undo the cuffs, and let him go!” the detective repeated, face contorted with frustration. He then glared at the man in the suit. “Twist this however you want, but if we get the other kid, there's no twisting that!”

“Yes, well,” the man sighed, not looking all that worried. “A bridge to be crossed another day... perhaps.”

Rurik rubbed his wrists and stood as the cuffs came off, “Well, I'd say it's been real, b-” and was silenced by another smack from the man's folder.

“We're leaving, go.” The man then grabbed Rurik by the back of the neck and roughly directed him out of the tiny room.

“Alright, alright!” Rurik managed to worm free after a few steps. “. . . you're not just Gil in disguise are you?”

His only response was a curious, raised eyebrow.

“I'll take that as a no. Good.”

Another, more impatient, sigh, “I'll be driving you back to the school. I assume you can handle things yourself from there?” Indeed, as they stepped outside there was a black car waiting.

“Sure... thanks.”

“Manners.” The man spoke as he ushered Rurik into the passenger seat, “astonishing...” and then slammed the door behind him.

And so, a short while later, he was unceremoniously deposited at the front gate of Mephisto's.

“Oh, and Mr. Alexeev... try not to get arrested again. I can only work my magic so many times.”

“Damn, there goes my weekend pla-” He was silenced when the folder was this time thrown out the car at his head before the man drove off. “. . . rude.”

And so, now alone but free, he wandered over to the nearest solid surface and sat down. He needed a minute to breathe and process the fact that he'd actually gotten out of that somehow.

Vera flinched as she felt a weight land on her bed next to her. What? Who!? There were only a few options for who it could be, and one of them didn't really make sense. None of them did, really. But, in the end, she kind of had an idea...

"Look... i-it's not that you didn't earn anything... but... I just... I'm not... I need some t-..." she whispered with unusual timidity.

"...representation...leylines..." Andras mumbled in her sleep.


Vera's eyes snapped wide. Her head whipped around and indeed in the gloom it appeared to be... Andras. Vera quickly slapped a hand over her own mouth to stifle any further embarrassing words she might let slip. No one could ever know.

Eventually her heart stopped hammering and returned to a more natural rhythm.

She briefly considered kicking Andras out so she could get back to sleep... but, well, she hadn't been sleeping to begin with. Suddenly the idea of an empty bed with only the chill night air to keep her company seemed unbearable.

"Just... just this once..." she whispered and shut her yes.

Rurik's jaw dropped slightly agape as he watched the portal fizzle out and vanish.

That. Bitch.

Then she had the audacity to claim that she needed new friends while trying to... seduce him?

“I don't.” Pap. Rurik lifted his palm to block her face. He'd have proceeded to push her away, but he was given a quick and painful reminder that his wrist was still sprained or something, so instead he just casually ducked under her arm. “Well, uh, I'll see you guys later then.” He gave them a quick two finger salute, turned on his heel, and began trying to walk away.

He was then forced to let out a tired sigh when a flash of light went off and next thing he knew Alto was next to him, light-sword held to his throat.

“Really, dude? See this? This is why people want to stab you.”

“You helped my attacker escape. You're guilty.”

“Orrr I got your attacker away from you. You could say I was helping... from a certain point of view.”


“Ugh, fine. You're lucky I'm too tired to kick your ass, Ribs.” Rurik rolled his eyes and turned back around. As he did so he “playfully” patted Alto on the side with the back of his hand... right where the boy had been stabbed.

Alto pursed his lips and did his best not to flinch. He'd been bandaged and healed, but it was still sore.

“Sit down and... be quiet,” Alto spoke through gritted teeth, trying not to show that he was in pain.

“Whatever.” Rurik did at least sit down cross-legged. “When do I get my phone call? I get a phone call, right?”

It was at this point that Alto began to wonder in earnest if capturing the other boy had been worth it...

"Uhuh..." Rurik mumbled almost drunkenly as Bak picked him up and thanked him. He was still processing the fact that he'd somehow survived. Things went very quickly after that. A strange, blood-soaked... girl? Showed up and healed them all. Her body was certainly feminine enough anyway.

Well, he was never one to say no to an easy solution.

He managed to get himself put back down and clenched his formerly injured fist-

". . . ow." He clenched his teeth. OK, so it was still kinda sore.

Around then, David offered to teleport them out of there.

"Great idea. This place sucks," Rurik said plainly.

"Not so fast," Alto interrupted.

"Wait, did he really just say-"

"One of your... associates tried to kill me. Not only that, you two helped him escape afterwards. I think you should stay..." Alto narrowed his eyes.

"Are you still hung up on that?" Rurik's shoulders sagged tiredly. Alto's scowl only deepened in response. Rurik took a step toward the luminous boy, but not before shooting a "look" Dart's way, silently urging him to do whatever it was he did. "Look, Alto... it's just... have you ever considered that if you weren't such a prick, people wouldn't try to kill you?"

The audacity of his suggestion actually seemed to give Alto pause, if only to try and comprehend the fact that he'd actually just said that.

"You know very well I did nothing to provoke that."

"Ehhhh, didn't you though?" Rurik, however, was committed to the act.

Alto crossed his arms. "I don't have to prove anything to you."

"I don't know, you are trying to detain me."

"Regardless of his motivations, he-" Alto stopped and pinched this bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. His ribs were aching and this was not what he wanted to be dealing with right now.

"And come to think of it, Vittorio is the only one who tried to kill you and he's not here. We however saved you, so even if we were guilty, which is still up for debate, aren't we even now?

"That's... not... how that works." Alto spoke slowly, trying not to lose his cool.

"Come on, all's well that ends well, right?" Rurik threw on an exaggerated smile.

"He has a point. We were all allies in the end, weren't we?" King spoke up. "And you can hardly blame them for trying to save their comrade."

"Please stay out of this," a now very tight lipped Alto responded.

Rurik, thankful for the extra distraction, was really hoping that Dart was about ready to go by now. He was running out of ways to be annoying.

Well, not really, but there was no way Alto would let him keep this up for much longer.

The convergence of events were rather fortunate for Rurik. One less factor, or one second longer, and he might've cashed it all in at that very moment. As it was... well it still wasn't a pleasant outcome.

Poor D'artagnan would share in this outcome unfortunately. The big man's fist crashed down on the shield. It did not reflect it like it normally would have. It just sort of dispersed the energy... all of it... in every direction.

Rurik felt himself get flattened to the ground, all the air in his lungs fleeing. D'artagnan wouldn't have fared much better in his direction, though it would have been marginally better than the direct hit Rurik received.

The cultist himself? He took a step back as the force of his own attack rebounded into him, if only partially. He looked around at the strange field they stood in, then back at the boy who'd intercepted his attack. Somehow he was alive. How? He didn't understand what exactly had just happened, but he knew it was yet another, infuriating obstacle.

He also saw that he had some sort of... circle drawn onto his chest. It didn't seem to be doing anything, though, so he wasn't worried. A moment later though and he heard an accelerating whirring noise. This was followed by bullets once again harmlessly pinging off of his body. It was as useless as the last time and this time there were far fewer bullets, but it was getting on his nerves.

To further aggravate him, the boy with the energy shield was getting back up. At least the strange machine girl seemed hesitant to keep shooting while he was in the way. It made it easier to think.

"What... that it...?" Rurik panted. "Come on... I don't need... more than one arm... for you..." He clenched his unbroken hand into a fist. The cultist scoffed and stepped forward, raising his own fist as if to just smack Rurik away. At that moment Rurik burst forward and slammed his fist into the cultist, landing a surprise attack first.

The man didn't budge.

"Oh..." Rurik swallowed hard. And then the big man's fist did indeed land. Rurik spun around, twice, and staggered back. It... had hurt less than expected but he was still seeing stars. He fired a short barrage of bolts, but they pinged harmlessly off the man as he marched forward unperturbed. Rurik burst to the side, though he nearly fell over from the sudden movement, his head still swimming.

Even so, he did his best to focus and blasted the man at close range, but it was like water washing over rock. Maybe in 100 years it'd actually have done damage. The big man turned and slammed Rurik across the jaw again. Again Rurik spun about, but before he could stagger away, he was grabbed by his hair and thrown back onto the ground at the man's foot before said foot then stomped down on his chest.

"Pathetic. You're no fighter, you're a wild animal that's learned to play with fire!" He could hear bullets whizzing past him again, the girl trying to stop him, but it was in vain. Half of her shots weren't even connecting in her panic.

"Say... that... to my... face..." Rurik choked out, ever defiant. And then, with a grunt, the man obliged, grabbing him by the shirt collar and hoisting him into the air, face-to-face with him. His other hand was lifted, ready to pulverize Rurik's face one more time. Strange field or not, he'd make sure this one was done.

"Can't... believe... that worked..." Rurik coughed and lifted his hand. WAP! he slapped it weakly against the big man's mask. If anything... it just made the cultist clench his fist tighter.


And suddenly the cultist was rocked back as his mask seemed to detonate. He was thrown back, clear of the strange energy field, sliding to a stop on his back. He lay there for just a moment, but then sat straight up. His mask was slowly knitting itself back together with red, demonic energy, though one could see the fury in his eyes before the mask once more obscured them.

Rurik also landed sitting up, looking at the cultist as he once more rose, shrugging off the attack he'd just taken.

"I am... 110%... done." Rurik groaned and flopped onto his back. That was it. If they died, they died. He was just so tired. Life had hurt way less when he'd avoided anything resembling heroics. He should probably regret it or something.

"Enough!" a voice rang out, "You'll lay not one more hand on these children!" Gloria dashed to stand between the man and the energy field and the students within. She'd been tossed about by all the big attacks, but finally she'd regained her feet.

A flash of light and Alto seemingly materialized at her side, light-blade brandished in the shape of a claymore. King flew over next to her right, his beam saber humming away dangerously. The Mephisto's troop had certainly bought time if nothing else. If Rurik had had any reason to think they'd accomplish something, he might have felt relieved.

"Oh... I will do far more than that!" He didn't care anymore. The veil could collapse in on him if it had to! He'd reduce everything before him to ash! The burning lightning encircled his whole body. It began to be hard to even see him, the whole world seeming to distort around him, as if existence itself was trying to run away.

But then a portal split open next to him.

"My... lord?" It was another masked man, the one that had "fled" from Andreim. "You seem worse for wear. I can't imagine it was these... children?"

"Mind your own business!" the big man growled.

"My lord, please, you're quite disheveled and the veil here is becoming rather stiff. You've left your mark, I believe it is time we go on our way. No doubt we've drawn much attention to this location."

". . ."

"All goes well, do not worry."

"Very well." The lightning faded from his body even as he stared at Gloria and the group behind her. "It seems fate has not yet caught up to you." With that he turned on his heel and stepped through the portal. The other man seemed to smirk at them even behind the mask and followed suit, the portal closing behind them.

For the time being -- it was finally over.

"Hey!" Cassius shouted as he stood. "You! Uh, Clara?"

"That is my name..." She responded somewhat impatiently.

"What happened to Kath?! What..." He looked around and saw the extent of the damage. The area was soaked for some reason, but then the nearby tree was in cinders. Also part of the park had just been completely torn up. "What happened here? What did you do?!"

"Well... let's see..." She turned to him and took a few steps closer. "I did nothing. That said, it would seem her sister's boyfriend fought her and nearly killed her before another student from our school absconded with her... Thobias I believe." She told him. "Does that explanation suffice?"

"Wh-what?! K-k-k- B-but you said almost. Sh-she's alive?" He suddenly felt a bit shaky.

"Last I knew. Though if I recall, none of Thobias's abilities are medical in nature, and that's assuming his intent was even to help her. With how she was bleeding I can't say how long she'll last," Clara said.

"Uh... umm..." Cassius whole body buzzed as waves of sickening stress and worry flooded through him. Thobias... why was that name familiar? He felt Katherine might have complained about him once or twice, but she never really wanted to go into detail about him.

That didn't make him feel better.

If he was a Mephisto and Kath didn't like him, didn't that just make him another enemy!? ANd why had Rurik attacked her? She'd already been so badly hurt! He was dating her sister, dammit! If anything happened to Kath...

"Where did they go!?"

"I couldn't say."


"Thobias is a teleporter. I really couldn't say," Clara didn't so much as flinch as he shouted.

"W-well... but... why are you even telling me anything?" Cassius's shoulders sagged in defeat.

"Because..." Clara stepped closer to him. "I figure we're in a similar situation now. Unable to take another move. What harm is there?"

"Oh..." Had... they not been working together then? Clara and the others? It wouldn't surprise him. They were a whole lot of backstabbers... right? But then again back at the hotel they'd all worked together to fight the demon. Convenience he supposed. Allies one minute, enemies the next when being friendly no longer suited them. "Thanks... I guess."

"Hmm..." Clara tilted her head. "You are welcome I suppose. I appreciate your cordiality. St. Laurels acts like a shining beacon of perfection, but so few of you actually live up to that in the end. It's disappointing in a way. It's almost nice to see someone act the part."

"Errr..." Cassius had no idea how to react to that.

"Well, if you ever find them as disappointing as I do... we always welcome those with power and ambition. You have both, don't you... what was it... Cassius?"

"Just because I'm being polite doesn't mean I'd ever want to join your school." Cassius narrowed his eyes.

"Ah, and so more disappointment." Clara shrugged. "Farewell, Cassius. And do try to keep your cool. Simply accept that there is nothing you can do and steel yourself for the future. You were polite, so you've earned a morsel of advice." And with that she began walking away. Once she was clear of witnesses she'd make her move back toward the arena.

Something was happening there.

The Arena

The hail of bullets slammed into him, but they seemed to bounce off of his magic warding, barely doing more than stinging him. Still, he must have felt it. He flinched, that brief moment saving Alto's life in the end. Nanaca landed on him with meteoric force, dropping the man to a knee. Even still under the withering barrage of bullets, however, he slowly began to rise.

However, his arms seemed to be hanging limply at his sides. It seemed Nanaca had dislocated both his shoulders in one go. His fingers twitched as he fought to ball his hands into fists.

These... these... children. These damnable children were hurting him? Him? His lords chosen? The one who stood at the top?

It seemed they'd done something admirable. They'd completely and utterly shattered his composure.

However, it remained to be seen if that was actually a good thing.

He let out a furious roar, stomping his foot down, the resulting shockwave intended to throw anyone left too close to him back. Alto would have been included, but in a flash he managed to throw himself clear, sliding to a stop on his knee at a safe distance... but not really. The huge man turned his head and his enraged bellow increased tenfold in decibel as his roar began to tear at the fabric of reality again, sweeping his gaze across the group, aiming to batter them all back and throw them to the ground.

He balled his hands into fists as his roar ceased, and in one mighty flex both his shoulders popped and crunched back into place.

"You had your chance to escape as witnesses. Now... none of you will leave alive..." Once more. He could do it at least once more, if only a little. The burning lightning crackled around his fists again. He wouldn't just pummel them -- he'd erase them. He Leapt forward with inhuman force and speed, aiming to land upon Bak and Dart wherever they'd ended up and turn them to dust.

Rurik's head was spinning. He'd been guiding Yuuto away when suddenly the crazy man had started screaming at them and the two had been knocked over. It seemed they'd been on the edge of whatever attack had been launched, but even so it had been enough to knock the two unsteady and unsuspecting boys to the ground.

Rurik opened his eyes and found himself face-to-face and on top of Yuuto.

"Um, uh, don't worry, I'd buy you dinner first if I was gonna do something," Rurik muttered and pushed himself off of Yuuto. He began to do his best to haul him back up again only to overhear the cultist's threat. He looked back and didn't like what he saw brewing. No one seemed to be in position to intercept him -- not in time.

Except... maybe...

"This is gonna suck, but you gotta get out of here. See if you can find Clara again!" Rurik said and suddenly pressed his hand to Yuuto's back. Unfortunately he didn't have a large backpack to protect him like Bak had. Suddenly he'd have felt a massive force propel him clean to the edge of the arena, near one of the exits that fortunately was only half caved in rather than entirely. It would aggravate the hell out of his existing injuries but probably not cause any new ones... Or at least nothing major.

And at least he was well clear of the crossfire by now.

Rurik hoped he could move well enough to find his way back to Clara before too long. Any beholders that had been in the area had almost certainly been killed off by now. If not by Alto then by the massive explosion that had smashed the arena.

And then Rurik saw the big man dig his heel in. Maybe... maybe maybe maybe.

In a burst, Rurik shot back in. He skidded to a halt in front of Bak and David, shield already deploying but it was only at that moment that he realized what he was going to be trying to block. His shield might as well have been an umbrella before a typhoon.

"Oh... fuck." Why did he keep trying to play hero today? He had a feeling this time it'd cost him more than an arm and his dignity...

Rurik looked at Yuuto. What exactly did Bak want him to do? Yuuto was huge and Rurik was down to one arm. However, it gave him an excuse to get out of here...

"Hey, you're a big, tough snow bee, right?" Rurik said to Yuuto. "Can you at least stand?" Rurik figured if Yuuto could stand he could probably lean on him to walk if he needed.

As he was trying to get Yuuto back on his feet, his attention was drawn back to the fighting as it ramped back up.

Yuuto needed to get away, sure... but could he really just walk away from this?

. . . Of course he could! Since when was this something he would even consider? Yet consider he did.

(TL Note: Snow bee = shinobi. Rurik still can't do japanese.)

The Arena

"Oh? You're still going to fight?" The big man shook his head. "Just like cornered anim-" BOOM! His face disappeared beneath a cloud of smoke as Bak's cannon blasted him. Bak's unusual arsenal seemed to have caught him off guard. Alto's attacks struck next, but behind the smoke it was hard to say how much damage had been done.

However, a moment later he fell to a knee. Alto's blade stuck out of his back, blood running down his side from where the hyperlight stream had struck as well. But he was still moving. He lifted his head, one eye now visible from where Bak's cannon had broken his mask. It was... perfectly human looking. A simple, brown eye.

A weak chuckle escaped. His sides shook as he laughed, but then his hands clenched, laughter turning to growls of effort and anger.

"Oh... very well..." The red markings that covered his skin flared with new intensity. The humanity soon fled as the sclera of his eye turned black. "You must not be left with hope."

Meanwhile, Alto didn't care to find out what that meant. The blade disappeared from the man's side as Alto remade it in his hand. He then covered the distance in an instant with one light-speed dash. Meanwhile, King also flew in from the other side. Both aimed their blades toward the man's neck.

It was unfortunate that Alto could not land a killing blow at light-speed. He had to return to normal speed to strike with all his power. The huge cultist roared and surged to his feet, throwing his arms out like a massive bird spreading its wings. The back of his fist caught Alto moments before his blade could strike and sent him tumbling into the air. King was a bit less committed and pulled back, letting the man's fist fly by. He took aim again, but rather than strike was forced to deactivate his weapon.

Alto had been snatched out of the air by his ankle and flung into King like a living flail. Had he left his saber lit he'd have cut the boy in half. As King was flying back the way he came, Alto was slammed to the ground at the man's feet who then lifted both fists high, ready to slam them down and turn Alto to paste...
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