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If you're buying "health food bars" make sure you check the sugar content. A little natural sugar is normal, but it ain't heathy if it has 20g added sugar.
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Being a small pepper.
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Just shout to the heavens "UWOH SEGGS" and wait for divine inspiration. Or your family's disapproval. Whichever gets there first.
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I love when I shovel myself out, drive through a snowstorm to get to work on time... and then my boss calls me 5 minutes after when I was supposed to arrive that he's not coming in and to go home...


Facts about me:
1. I like writing.
2. I like cats.
3. I like RWBY. (#Yangbestgril)
4. I am 30 years old...
5. I have graduated college.
6. I'm trying to get better at drawing.
7. I'm a dude.
8. I eat far too much cheese.
9. I watched a Markiplier video once. Now I have a crippling Taki addiction. Don't send help, just more Takis.

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At first they'd tried showing reverence. It was "Kami" after all. After a few minutes, they'd gotten a solid read on the godly being and slowly dropped that act. A timeless god probably had infinite patience anyway. That had backfired pretty quick, honestly.

"I see you're more than willing to go to this world. I know all I need to." Kami had told them. It seemed that Kami had gotten a read on them just as quickly.

The world of Naruto. They'd recognized it from the description within moments. At long last it was truly becoming their escape from reality.

. . . being conscious of being born, however, was something they could have lived without. A punishment for being obnoxious, or simply an unfortunate consequence of retaining their mind upon rebirth? Either way, not fun. There were lots of theories about the "trauma of being born" and... yep.

Oh well, memories or not, their new body was still that of an infant. They had the emotional stability to go with it, and the memory of a meth addled goldfish. It was all a big blur for the most part. Literally. Their eyesight still hadn't fully kicked in.

Except for the massive, fucking bee on their chest. That... that was crystal clear, in 4K Ultra HD and way too fucking close to their face.

Their new mother and some other guy were discussing the bee rather than expeditiously removing it for some reason. Unfortunately, despite being able to hear perfectly well... they had no idea what everyone was saying because it wasn't in English. Fuck.

However, precise understanding wasn't necessary, because it was fairly easy to infer the conclusion of the conversation. That being... that the bee would stay. Why, fucking Kami, must the bee stay? It was so.... big... and leggy... and horrible and...


They strained their shitty little baby muscles to tilt their head up and look more closely at the bee. Why would their, presumably very protective of her newborn child, mother agree to allow the bee to stay? Unless...

Fuckin'. Ninja. Bee.

"Awheglsyrs," their shitty little baby mouth babbled. Oh hell yes. Ninja bees. That was workable. That was very workable.

Still, they shuddered as the bee crawled across their skin, it was gonna take some getting used to.

. . .

Kohaku, their name was Kohaku. Finally got that one squared away. Didn't really take all that long with their new mother crooning it in their ear 24/7, but it all sort've sounded the same at first. Also, they had a brother named Kazoo... Kazuha... Kizass... whatever, they had time to figure that one out. At least Kohaku finally had a grasp on their own name for this life.

Kohaku was also finally getting used to their fuzzy, winged passenger. Or, rather, they had been until it began sticking eggs to their body. It felt so highly unnecessary, but, in the name of nin-bees, Kohaku was resolved to suck it up and get used to it.

. . .

Oh fuck, oh gosh, oh shit, they were hatching.

. . .

"Here you ģ̷̹͙̠̪͕̣̌͆̈́͗́͜o̴̢̢̪̘̳͉̖͇̬̮͂̏͑́̑͐̆̊̌̽̿̌̐̈́, Kohaku, ṭ̵̱͉͙͈͇̜̋̈ͅh̵̛̞̉͒̃̌͋̈́̓͜r̴̼͇̗̭̬̤̃̿ō̷͇͓͙̖̏́̓̄͌͘͠͠͠w̸̞͎͈̄͐̀̊̔̓̈́͆̏̏̾̒̋̎͘ the ball t̷̨̻̺̲̬̫͓̖̭͖̤̖̄̈́̋̄̇͛̓͠͠o̶̜͚͖̠̩̯̼̳̱̥̙̩̎̑́ͅ your brother." Kohaku's mother handed him a small, toy ball.

They were slowly picking up the language, but... it was freaking rough. They had a lifetime of English already crammed in there. However, aside from the small colony of bees slowly forming under their clothes, Kohaku didn't have much else going on, so it was easy enough to focus on learning. Meanwhile, it had become apparent that they didn't have a home, really. They traveled a lot and spent a lot of time outdoors. Aside from Kohaku's mother and brother there was also a trio of men.

Apparently those men were the source of the bee Kohaku had inherited. However, Kohaku also got the impression that none of them was their father.

"What kinda messed up life did you plop me into here!?" . . . "I wonder if I can get a headshot?"

"UWAAAAAAAH!" Yep. Headshot.

And so passed year one of Kohaku's new life. For now... there was naught to do but wait. To wait until they absorbed more of the language,
to wait for the bees to grow, and to wait for their own body to grow. Meanwhile, they would plan... and then forget that plan because they couldn't write it down, but still! A plan would be had... eventually!

@Lewascan2 As you can see... I got a little silly at times. May have... gone too far in some places.
I'm in.

Surely my house won't light on fire a second time...

If you know, you know.


Wolf did not protest as Alex led him away, though her need for privacy was... curious.

However, when she finally spoke, he had little to say in response. He couldn't quite form the words. Every time he tried, he seemed to get tripped up as his mind further processed all she'd just told him. Alex had clearly been awake for some time. Time enough that she felt comfortable seeking out fights. Vera had seen her, and she'd told him nothing. Alex had joined a tournament before coming to see him. Vera hadn't told him.


Well, why would they?

"OK." Wolf finally said softly, looking at Alex, yet his gaze seeming to pass right through her. "So, you want me to help you calm Vera down? That can be a little tricky, but I'll do my best." He gave her what was supposed to be a reassuring smile, and while to all the rest of the world it would have looked completely normal, it felt so wrong. "I'm just glad you're OK."


Wolf paused with his thumb over Vera's contact in his phone. It was an unfortunate truth that he'd gotten good at reading faces in order to survive his relationship with Vera. It didn't actually help him that much on a daily basis, as he was really only attuned to Vera herself... but Alex wasn't doing a very good job of hiding her feelings right now.

He could no longer ignore that something was off.

"She... has good days and bad days? Why do you ask?" Wolf tilted his head. It was such an oddly specific question to ask about somebody you hadn't seen in years... unless. "You did talk to her, didn't you? Did she do something?"

But if that was true, why wouldn't Alex just tell him? What was scaring her? Why... why didn't Vera tell him? It made sense though, didn't it? Alex had tried to change her story, but she'd still admitted to it. Her behavior made no sense otherwise, and yet what would drive her to hide it? He felt... dizzy, thinking about it? He felt an overwhelming rushing sensation in his head, as if he was drowning beneath unrelenting waves in the ocean.

He tried to keep it from showing, but it hurt. He wanted her to just tell him what was going on. He wanted her to trust him... but he had no right to ask for that.
Hi, I'm very interested in this & working on a character (assuming it's still open!) - I just have a questions character creation wise.

For the grades you mention points, and say about starting with an average of enough to have D in each but that this can be adjusted as we like. For adjustment, is it a case of having to reduce one to increase another? (Say I reduce endurance to E and increase honkai to C) or is at adjust as you'd like within reason?

Yep. So it works like this:
P: D
E: D
A: D
I: D
H: D
B: D

Then you can shuffle points around (to a max of C, and a minimum of E [or F, but only in one stat and that's risky]). For example:

P: E
E: E
A: C
I: C
H: D
B: D

Then, you'd add/remove bonus points based off of whether you have Artificial or Natural Stigma or SWARA. These points can allow you to go up to B. So say you took Artificial, which is the most common:

P: E
E: F (-1)
A: B (+1)
I: C
H: C (+1)
B: D

The + or - 1 just shows that the stat in question is at that grade because of a bonus (or penalty) point. It does NOT mean it's B + 1 = A or anything like that. I say that because I was a little confused when I first saw it. I hope I explained things well.


Wolf was a little confused by how flustered Alex appeared after the question. It wasn't like he had room to talk, but it seemed to have thrown her off quite a bit. She could hardly keep her story straight, literally changing her story outright from one sentence to the next.

"Yeah. We see each other every day, almost," Wolf told her. That... hardly explained things. He wasn't sure how to explain things. What was the nicest way to say: "we're dating, but I think she hates me almost as much as I hate myself?" He couldn't think of a good way to say it, especially not within the first ten minutes of seeing Alex again. "I know she missed you just as much as I did. I-I can tell her you're here. I'm sure she'd come right over."

Of course he had no idea of Alex and Vera's prior meeting. No one had told him a thing, even now, and so one could only imagine what he might have done or thought had he known -- if he'd been told how angry Vera had gotten, or that she'd withheld that fact that she'd seen Alex from him.

"I-I should tell her..." Wolf began fumbling to find his phone. "Um, if you're OK with that." He couldn't shake how strange her answer had been. Had she talked to Vera or not? If not, and she'd seen her, why avoid her? She'd seemed to feel guilty about her absence from their lives. Was it that simple?

But why did she feel guilty? She was the victim...
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