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Who needs pork and beans when you have porn and memes. That makes no sense but it sounded good so f*** it.
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When you're having a slow day, waiitng for your RP partners to post, and you think, "should I start another one?" But know you'll just burn out if you take on too much...
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Yes, but that's why we love cats. That and they are warm and floofy.
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Go outside, it's winter. You'll be cooler than cool, I promise.


Facts about me:
1. I like writing.
2. I like cats.
3. I like RWBY. (#Yangbestgril)
4. I am 25 years old.
5. I have graduated college.
6. I'm trying to get better at drawing.
7. I'm a dude.
8. I eat far too much cheese.

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Back to the drawing board.....

But I'm OK with that, this time. XD
Gonna post this here since the discord is a bit of a jungle to navigate right now...

@RoflsMazoy, it's not explicitly stated, but I assume we have a one character per person limit? I only ask because I had a neat idea for another character, but I wouldn't want two people in the same faction, but having characters in multiple factions would give me insight into multiple plotlines which you probably wouldn't like. But better to ask and be told no than to not ask and miss out, aye?

Also a clear answer in case anyone else wonders in the future I guess.
Yes, check the first post?

Or, for your convenience:

*insert long string of profanity here*

Was fine tuning Rurik's profile and remembered Bak is a f*cking first year student. Back to the drawing board...

Edit: OK, made some clarifications to Rurik's powers, don't worry they still work exactly the same, and gave a rundown of Rurik's time at Mephisto's leading up to the beginning of the RP. Also gave some minor details about his skills, or lack thereof, as a fighter.

Any chance we want to make Bak at least a second year so they can actually have some real history together?
I'd say it's fairly important. May I ask what you have against discord? You don't even necessarily need to get the app, you can use it through a browser.

We have a lot of discussions, so you're missing out a tad without it. I'm still trying to put the big and important things here in OOC, but the discord has private rooms for each factions for special plans and stuff, not that that is relevant yet.
OK!!! Paging: @Hammerman,@Gentlemanvaultboy, and @Taytay!

Here are my ideas that I came up with while mindlessly slaving away at my job. Basically, just some history between our characters so we have some more specific ideas to base our future interactions off of. Also, some thoughts on just EVERYONE'S relationship with Sidney.

I was kinda skimming through discord since everyone was just talking so damn much, but I caught you saying that "everyone has it out for Sid" which does and does not make sense. It makes sense in that Sid is a truly awful human being, perhaps one of the students so far who most fits in at Mephisto's. At the same time, he is not overtly awful at first, as it says in his bio, so only a select few victims/"friends" should have any idea that he's as bad as he is deep down. People not at Mephisto's definitely shouldn't have much of an idea unless you have a good reason for them having interacted in my opinion.

I realized that I made Rurik know, so here's my proposal as to why he might:
Rurik would perhaps have been seen as an easy target, being quiet and alone. But unlike most people who are quiet and alone, it's not because he's some shy, sensitive kid. Sidney could have tried to befriend him, but soon enough his malicious intent would have started to come more clear, and Rurik would have done something Sidney may not have expected: Simply noping out and walking away.

Many people may try to repair and salvage a toxic relationship or fight back, making a big mess that may backfire on them. Rurik just shrugged it off and never came back. Perhaps because of this Sidney finds him interesting, or just really dislikes him for not falling prey. That said, Rurik is sort of a inconsiderate bystander, in that he wouldn't have bothered to warn anyone what he learned about Sid, just letting him go on his way to new victims without intervening.

If you don't want Rurik to be quite as aware or don't like that for some other reason, I am also willing to just say that Rurik pays no attention to Sid since he's a fairly low profile person otherwise. Sort of like: oh, that person exists? K. But that's sort of boring in my mind, so let me know if you have a third alternative you might like more.

- - -

Idea two, this time for Rurik and Christine, namely how their relationship started. It's a sort of vague idea, but it's kind of amusing. Basically, one day, a few months after meeting they'd just sort of be hanging out as they'd come to do. Mostly just Rurik silently accepting Christine's presence as she talked at him, with him not having much to offer in return. Some random kid comes up in an attempt to flirt with Christine, probably thinking they're much more worth her attention than the pathetically peasantly Rurik.

Rurik gets annoyed at the interruption after a little bit and tells them to bug off. The kid says something in response to the effect of "What, are you her boyfriend?"

Rurik would sort of just look at Christine for a moment and then shrug, "Sure," just wanting the kid to go away. Christine doesn't contradict him and then the guy leaves, life going on as normal... until one day she catches Rurik off guard, casually referring to him as her boyfriend in the middle of a conversation with someone, and thus it just sort of "happened," with him not even really meaning it to.

If you want her more involved initially, it could instead be they glance at each other in that moment and agree simultaneously.

Again, I'm open to other ideas if you have anything.

- - -

And now for Bak and Rurik, and because I find Bak to ironically be the cutest character in the RP, I'mma strut my writing stuff and play the scene out for you:

Rurik had been at school for a week now. He was kind of regretting it. Was it really worth getting his parents off his back? He wasn't sure what normal high schools were like, but he had to imagine they were easier than schools for gifted kids with combat powers. Not to mention because of that, almost everyone had an ego. He also hadn't been quite prepared for just how, well, stereotypical evil some of the students at Mephisto's were.

Maybe he'd get used to it. Maybe he'd just quit. Yeah, he'd probably just quit.

As he lackadaisically wandered his way towards his first class of the day, almost making good time for once, he heard maniacal cackling and shouting. He had to stop and stare. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. Was... was that a freaking robot? No, wait. It was a person? Also no. Both? It was quite possibly the most disturbing thing he'd ever seen. No, definitely the most disturbing thing he'd ever seen: mangled flesh and metal melding together to create some sort of nightmarish hybrid.

Were those missile launchers?

She, at least he thought it was a she, was surrounded by a group of kids, yelling taunts and insults, no doubt having strong opinions about what she was. Rurik didn't really care; life was cruel, it happened. If he stepped in, he'd be the next victim and they'd continue making fun of her. Nothing would change and there'd be some other victim tomorrow.

The only reason he even still stood there was because he still wasn't sure he was really seeing this. He knew some people had really strange powers, but holy hell.

Also, about those missile launchers?


It seemed the girl had had enough. Taunts turned to screams of panic as a barrage of missiles flew from a pod on her shoulder. The chaos Rurik was now watching with wide eyes suggested that the girl was pissed. She began to turn around, tracking one of her terrified victims, and Rurik's jaw dropped. She wasn't angry, in fact he could have sworn she had a blissful grin on her face. In between explosions, he thought he heard giggling of all things.

Was she having fun?

Oh no. He'd been seen. She stared at him, presumably debating whether or not he needed to be blasted next.

Rurik glanced about, there was no cover nearby. He raised his hands as if in surrender and then slowly bent a knee. He picked up a rock and pointed with his other hand at one of the kids who'd been taunting her, now huddled behind a row a bushes, hoping to go unnoticed, but Rurik had an angle on him.

He tossed the rock at the kid and it detonated, sending the kid tumbling away and leaving a small crater where he'd been.

Rurik gave the girl a shaky smile, hoping she'd understand he was on her side... if only because he didn't want to be next.

He let out a sigh of relief, the girl's eyes had lit up at the sight of his bomb.

Clank... clank... clank It seemed she was trying to clap, but her weapons and armor got in the way... Rurik couldn't decide if it was sad or funny.

And scene.

Edit: I figure after that, Rurik would be like "cool, I've befriended the scary robot girl, maybe life won't be so bad" but then the student council thing happens, Bak maybe even feels betrayed that her first friend ended up being a no good lazy slob, and thusly starts trying to blow him up. This cements Rurik's pessimistic view of the world, ironically halting any potential progress he might have made... but it's not really Bak's fault, because there was never much hope for Rurik in that regard anyway. XD

- - -

There we go! So please accept, add to, or veto my ideas as you see fit! :D
<Snipped quote by Crowvette>

I have a feeling Andreim would not be a fan of that xD

Good. Muahahahaha! Yes, bring on the drama! Make them squirm!
The long awaited moment! XD
Well it seems we have the potato seal of approval :P
Hi, not the GM here obviously, but I'd argue that Cassius is very similar to two characters that we already have as far as powers go. Not sure how the GM feels about that, but it's something to consider.
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