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Rurik Alexeev
Bak Tsarevna

The Demon had decided that defeating these three would be simple. That was before the distractions. That had been before all this damnable noise. Now the roof overflowed with the babes of man and she was being forced to use all her power against children. Her! A Greater Demon! The very fact that she had to consider this a battle instead of sport was an insult to her entire race.

King landed and stepped forward, as casual as can be, the cat now sleeping in his embrace as though it weren't in any danger at all. Alto stepped forward over the remains of the clone he had been fighting, stoic and intent on just ending the night event. Clara stepped forward, smiling slightly at Christine, eyeing the demon with hungry eyes more befitting a shark than a girl. All three of them stepped forward.

The demon duplicated again. And again. And again. The duplicates warped and teleported, coming at the trio from all angles. From the left one dove at King, and was swatted down at his feet like an annoyance. From the right came one at Clara, but the darkness that welled up around them made it impossible to see whatever altercation took place. At the end it lay dead as she kept moving. From behind one came at Alto, but suddenly Alto was behind it and it was bisected and left in piece on the ground. Over and over again they flew at the trio, the best, the very best Rhea had to offer, but nothing stopped their relentless, steady advance. Someone look at this battle with fresh eyes would have completely mistaken who was the monster and who was the victim.

The demon back away as they advanced amid the broken bodies of her duplicates. Then the demon did something unexpected; it grinned. It thrust its arms out, wicked circles flaring to life
along them and every deliberately weakened duplicate the trio had taken down. They burst into flame, a fire that seemed to melt off them and spread like a fungus across the ground under the trios feet until it reached the wing that King had sliced off. The energy it got from consuming that caused the flames to burst upward, accepting all the sacrifices that she had given it. Under their feet the fire rose up and then folded in on itself, enclosing the three of them in a blazing dome that was soon covered in demon seals.

She let her shoulder sag and breather deep, ragged breaths he then began to chuckle. The chuckle became a laugh and a laugh rose to a wild cackle as she bathed in the warm, nostalgic light of her creation. “Do you feel that, insects? Breath it in. Bask in it! That is but a paltry balmy day for my kind. Experience Hell on earth, the Hellfire Seal! But this is not the authentic experience. There are no screams of the damned undergoing torture.”

She turned a cold gaze across the roof, looking at each child she could see in particular. “Don’t worry. Your ambiance will be provided momentarily.”

Despite her cocky demonour, however, it was clear that she had sacrificed much to create such a trap. The once blazing energy that had been felt had greatly diminished in intensity. There was still that confidence though. That total conviction that she could kill everyone on this roof.

A peculiar sound reaching Rurik’s ears got his attention. He looked up to see a demon flying at him, almost like a perfectly spiraled football. However, it recovered and seemed to decide that if it was going that way anyway, why not take a victim? And then it flinched. Rurik would discover why in a moment, but for now he just deployed his shield, stepping in front of Thobias as he did so.

The demon deflected off the shield and flew in a new direction, towards some sort of weird bunker the Vigilante’s had thrown up. Good. The best kind of problems were the kind that he could make into someone else’s problem.

With that, Rurik was brought fully back into reality, and scanned the chaotic field before him. And there went Christine, pirouetting her way into danger. It was all fine and dandy at first until the demoness got really, really mad. She let loose a veritable horde of clones and Christine wasn’t all that far from the fray.

Of course she’d had to go run into the thick of it.

Rurik pinched the bridge of his nose. Just one moment of peace. Just one. Just once he’d wanted to stay out of it.


“Thobias. Christine. Fetch. Now,” Rurik demanded with unusual firmness. Something told him that just moving Christine a little farther from the action wasn’t going to cut it, though. The shivers that demon had sent down his spine told him so.

And so, with everyone distracted, he made a break for it. In a flash, he zipped across the battlefield, over to where Bak had landed. He stopped for a moment to look at the… ninja? Yes, it was a ninja. Wh-

Never mind.

“Thanks…” Rurik said. It was hard to tell if he was thanking him for covering Bak, or sarcastically complaining about the demon he had so generously sent his way. He then crouched down next to Bak. She was conscious, at least.

“Laying down on the job, huh? Don’t tell me I’m starting to rub off on you,” he joked, but he didn’t sound all that amused. He was far too stressed, and it was plain to see on his face. “Can’t have that, I'm gonna need your help.” He then squared his feet and grabbed Bak’s hand.

It was a strange sensation, but he’d grown up on a farm. You got used to grabbing weird shit… sometimes literally if you weren’t lucky. Well, that was his first thought before his hair on his arm stood up. OK, so maybe it was a little more weird than he was used to. Regardless, not his biggest concern at the moment. He then grabbed her shoulder with his other hand and hauled, “Up we ggghh-” Damn she was heavy…

Bak tried to help as hard as she could in her dazed state. Her feet dug scores in the roof as she struggled to get them underneath her, finally getting into a good, steady spot and pushing along with Rurik's pull to get unsteadily back of her feet. “And look at you, Mr. full of surprises today. Rushing into war zones, fighting the enemy, are you so sure my discipline is not finally having some effect?” She laughed, even though it wasn’t really a joke. Then she noticed that he was still holding her hand. This was like getting hit in the face with cold water, the reality of the situation coming back to her instantly. She rapidly pulled away from him, gripping the hand with her other, holding it flush to her chest for a moment and looking at him anxiously before she started digging around in her breast pocket for her glove.

“Uhhhhh,” she said, looking around halfway between embarrassment and horror to find something to keep Rurik's mind off anything he may or may not have felt. “Have you met the friendly ninja?” She said, pulling out her glove, slipping in on over her hand, and gesturing to Yuuto. “The one I told you of? He is the one that helped me earlier today, and just now. Thank you friendly ninja.” She bowed as deep as she could chance at him, as she had seen other ninjas do in her movies.

“Right… friendly ninja. Uh, coin chihuahua… how’s your mustache… whatever.” Rurik mumbled and shrugged.

She came back up and looked out over the battlefield. She’d unfortunately only gotten bits and pieces of the demons gloating, but looking at her she could tell that the worm had turned. The big ball of hellfire sat on the roof like a miniature sun casting an evil light that could be seen from the street below, and right there, far too close for comfort was, “Christine.” She called out. “Get away from there!”

“If Thobias is doing his job, Christine will be fine,” Rurik told her, now done butchering the ninja’s presumed language. “Instead, just keep an eye on me, all right?” he told her and patted her. Not her shoulder or even her head, but her… cannon? He then bent over and scooped up a handful of the gravel that Bak’s feet had torn out of the rooftop and began walking… right toward the angry demoness.

“Wait, what are you doing?” She asked as he walked out. “Where are you going?” This heroic stuff was a welcome change, but this was serious. Just a cone of this thing had tossed her like being hit by a big truck. She willed her guns to whir to life, the one under the broken armor winding up in jerky burst before finally firing up. She groaned. So, that was a months worth of growing she had to do then. She leveled all her guns at the demon, hoping to the gods the Rurik really had a plan and wasn’t just winging it.
He had a plan. Perhaps a very dumb plan. It all hinged, unfortunately, on making one horrible demon monster very, very angry with him. It looked like she was getting ready to kill them all, so it was now or never. He began by flicking a rock at her head.

POP! It blew up, right next to her face. A minor annoyance, barely more than a distraction. POP-POP! Now it was probably really annoying. POP POP BANG BOOM CRASH BANGBANGBANG! And then it was like a cluster bomb going off around her.

The demon just dusted her shoulder off and turned its gaze to the boy that had so kindly decided to volunteer for the slaughter.

As it’s gaze fell upon him, Rurik just put on a shaky smile and motioned with his finger for it to come get him. It’s response was a bit more immediate than he’d hoped, though...

A circle flared to life in front of her hand, flashed, and fired a white hot stream of light at the young fool.

“Ah sh-” He threw up his hands and projected his shield. Hot hot hot hot! The flames reacted strangely to it, sort of balling up as he did his best to hold on rather than reflect it immediately. ‘Please have gotten the message, Bak…’ he thought to himself. He couldn’t take the heat anymore. He hadn’t lasted quite as long as he’d hoped, but this particular bit hadn’t been part of the plan.

He was sort of improvising, but he had an idea that stemmed from his fight with Kath earlier. He pushed back, the gathered flame and energy that had accumulated against his shield flew back into the beam, forcing it back and actually making it almost halfway before detonating, and with any luck leaving the demoness open.

The demon covered herself with one arm to steady herself from the force f the detonation, and was just lowering it for another shot when-

“You fool, this is plan!?!” Came a shout, followed by a bang! Suddenly the demons face was engulfed in an explosion. Bak stood back, cannon smoking. Rurik had felt that shot go right by his ear. The only reason she hadn’t opened up with the chainguns was that he had put himself between her and the demon. “Next time if plan is to just fight let me go in front of you.”

The demons head had snapped back, and then back down to stare at the two of them. Blood poured from its nose and its perfect teeth were cracked in the front giving it a by far more devilish appearance. It looked like it had just been caught between a hammer and an anvil, except usually the victim of that wasn’t alive enough to be as pissed off about it.

As Yuuto watched on, Rurik came over to help Bak up. He then began to… well, butcher wasn’t even the proper word for what he did to Yuuto’s second language. However, the ninja didn’t even bother to correct him, not that he would’ve had the chance anyway. The two of them started to attack the Demoness with a renewed vigor. Ah, of course. The Demoness had trapped Claire-san and the other two in a dome. With the foe distracted, Yuuto let loose another burst of power, slamming the Demoness with another Void Beam. This one he kept concentrated on their otherworldly foe as long as possible. “Is never wise to harm friends and allies of a ninja. When that happen, ninja usually know how to strike back!”

Rurik’s jaw went tight at the cannon shot. She’d cut that a bit close. He lifted a shaky hand to his ear, touching it to make sure it was still there. He let out a sigh of relief that he was intact. The demoness looked worse for wear. Had they actually done it? Just like that? A headshot to the source?

Then she looked back up and she was clearly pissed. However, before she could attack, the ninja joined the fray. Rurik realized he had the right idea. He quickly stepped aside and lifted his hands, unleashing a barrage of mini-bolts from all ten finger-tips.

“Light her up!” he called for Bak to join in. She had enough bullets to suppress the demon til the sun came back up, but hopefully that wouldn’t be necessary.

“SUPPRESSING FIRE!” Bak yelled yelled, her guns lighting up and adding her fire to Rurik and Yuuto’s.
So, since I know @Hammerman doesn't really keep up with the discord, as far as I can tell, I'mm put this here.

A few of us are waiting for a Christine post. I believe the most obvious target for Christine would be the main (real) demon, not that anyone can know that it's the real one. If she happened to attack it (it's the one of the ones still facing off against the school leaders) that'd be a fantastic way to transition to the next phase of the fight. The other copies are sort of being handled or... disintegrated.

Regardless, just something so we can keep going would be greatly appreciated. :D

Rurik Alexeev

Cassius braced himself as two more demons assaulted him. He saw another shoot by, attacking the others, so he knew help was going to be delayed at best. One of the demons was airborne, while the other leapt forward, slashing with claws. His hand lit up with flames, but as he snapped his fingers, the demon was already upon him. Her hand wrapped around his wrist, directing the explosion away into empty air.

He threw a punch, but the demon caught it and squeezed. Pop! She'd squeezed until one of his knuckles dislocated. She then twisted his right arm behind his back reaching around with her other hand, aiming to tear his throat open. He took a deep breath and his whole body lit up. So what he couldn't snap his fingers right now!? That was just for fun.

To his surprise, the demon seemed to immediately give up, letting him go and stepping aside. The reason was soon apparent as the second swooped down and dive-kicked him, sending him skidding across the rooftop. Their coordination was becoming a problem, and their physical strength was actually quite ridiculous.

He set off a tiny explosion beneath his back, just enough to immediately put him into a sitting position and then threw out both hands, aiming a fiery, explosive wave at his attackers. They countered each with a horizontal torrent of fire, folding the explosion back in on itself and then leaving the whole, burning mess to wash over him.

He lay there, quite flattened and scorched. Seriously, he couldn't take another hit like that. Even he would burn to death at this rate. Hell, it was going to be really painful to continue using his own powers now. He winced when suddenly his wrists were stomped upon, one by each demon. They both raised their clawed hands, looking ready to execute him.

Yeah right! He made ready to blast them off, when suddenly he was stomped on again, this time his head. He lost all focus, crying out as his skull was ground into the concrete rooftop by now a third demon. And then suddenly it stopped. Something, erm, large flew by. A weight fell on him, the demon that had been attempting to curb stomp him had collapsed onto him, the back of its skull almost completely caved in.

Unfortunately, the other two demons had managed to just barely dodge. But now Cassius was free. He erupted, spewing fire and fury in all directions, forcing them even further back and incinerating the demon atop him just for good measure. He rocketed back to his feet and quickly picked a target. He launched himself at the leftmost one, and mid-flight set off an explosion from his elbow, shooting his hand forward like a blade to stab into the demon's stomach before detonating it from the inside out, splattering the demon, though fortunately the gore quickly turned to smoke and ash.

He then staggered his way over to Katherine, now considerably worse for wear. She looked fired up and ready to go. And, um, a bit more naked than usual -- but he was far too tired to worry about that right now.

"Hey... buddy... wanna work together on the next few?" he panted out, doubling over and putting his hands on his knees to hold himself up. "It's kinda rough out there. Thanks for the save by the way. Umm... wait did you throw that mech girl?" he saw Bak lying in the distance. Hopefully she'd just sleep it off and not be too mad at them...

Meanwhile, Rurik stepped away from the edge of the roof as Thobias gave him a reassuring pat on the back before suddenly Katherine.

"Rurik, can we discuss your relationship status?" Thobias said to him, seeming quite terrified of Katherine.

Rurik just blinked once, processed the sight before him, and looked at Thobias. He looked... surprisingly unimpressed, "No," he said deadpan. He let that sink in for a bit as he caught his breath. "Remember the school we go to, now look at my girlfriend, and then remember the school we go to." Rurik just shook his head. Christine was an easy contender for prettiest girl at St. Lucifer's, AKA Mephisto's. In a school populated mainly by assholes and bullies, it had been commonplace for people to try and remove him from the equation -- violently. "This isn't really new for me." Worse, but not new.

He wasn't about to just back away from the one truly good thing in his life just because her sister was a hyper-violent psycho-bitch.

That said, he was already sweating and the heat hadn't even hit him yet. She'd just had to get even more psycho, hadn't she?
Wolfram & Vera & Vernon 2.0

Vera stiffened up as Andras suddenly grabbed her in a grateful hug. She almost made to shove the girl off, but in the end just sort of gave up and let it happen. She'd begun the uninvited physical contact war... she just hadn't expected to lose it. Well, as far as people went, she supposed Andras didn't bother her too much.

"Wait... Is that Meredith?"

Andras's voice snapped Vera back to reality. For a few seconds, she'd been paralyzed. Meredith, and her little sister, had arrived, dropping out of the sky in a hurry. The problem was Meredith's... outfit. It was sluttier than any attention-grabbing getup Vera had ever worn to a nightclub. And she'd pushed the limits once or twice to be sure. So horrified was she, she barely registered Anna's pestering presence.

"Yes." Vera spoke through her teeth as they ground together. "Yes it is." She extricated herself from Andras and threw a hand up, leaving Anna to run into it face-first as she attempted to continue circling her tauntingly. With no further barriers, she stomped over to Meredith.

Well, she tried to. It was hard to stomp menacingly when you were dizzy from bloodloss. She stumbled a step or two, but she made it.

At that same time, Wolf had gone from happy to see Meredith to effectively comatose in shock. Once he'd seen her outfit, or rather near lack of one, his eyes had gone wide and his face beat red. It wasn't that he wanted to stare, in fact he barely knew where to look. Her face, obviously, he should look at her face- Oh dear gods, that was Vera over her shoulder.

"What. The hell! Are you-" Vera raised an accusatory finger to point at Meredith, but finally her blood-deprived brain managed to finish processing the events unfolding before her. This wasn't like Meredith. No, rushing over to help Wolf certainly was, but what on earth would possess her to do so in that outfit? It sure as hell wasn't her usual attire. There was only one answer.

Fucking Nyxdaemona. Meredith's mother.

"Meredith." An extremely forced smile spread beneath furious eyes on Vera's face. "Sweetie. You need to learn to not listen to everything your sexual deviant of a mother tells you!" She spoke calmly, but stiffly, though her impatience definitely bled through at the end. "Just... will you... please!" Vera pleaded as she pulled off her jacket, it was chilly at night after all, and threw it over Meredith's shoulders. "There are witnesses." A few dozen, with cameras already recording, for that matter. "Not that you'll be able to button it up, but it's better than nothing..." If anything, her disapproval was most obvious in that last sentence.

She then put herself between Meredith and the crowd of onlookers and sat down cross-legged, shooting a furious glare at anyone who dare look their way.

"All right, kid, hurry up. Do a good job and, sure, whatever you want," she finally acknowledged Anna properly. She then raised a hand to stop Anna from responding. "Within reason." No, still not quite right. "Reason being dictated by me..." There.

She'd learned to watch what she said around demonic children.

Wolf was quite astonished by Vera's reaction in the end. It had started out about how he'd expected, but then she'd been... reasonable? Maybe he should let her be hit in the head more often...

"Thank you, Meredith. Really," he said with a weak smile. "And sorry. I really shouldn't be getting into these kinds of situations at this time of night. Next time I'll try to get beaten up during the day."

At that moment he caught a snickering Vernon staring at him.


"Pfft... Wolfie..." Vernon looked like he was nearly in tears.

Oh good. That was a thing now.

Rurik Alexeev

Rurik rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah. Hate you too, Katherine," he grumbled at her usual, hyper-aggressive response.

A few seconds later, when she addressed Cassius, the boy just smiled, "Of course!" He bumped his fist to hers. "You're a bit hotheaded," literally, at that, [color=slategray]"but if anyone can take the heat it's me, right?" His smile then split into a full grin once Thobias finished his spiel. "Now, how about we go up there and show them what a real fire looks like?!"

"Touching..." Rurik mumbled, tight-lipped at the prospect of joining the fray up top. Speaking of touching, soon enough everyone was touching Thobias. It made sense that he'd stripped down a bit. He'd needed to make room for everyone to manage skin-to-skin contact for the jump. Don't throw up... don't throw up... Rurik mouthed to himself repeatedly before the world folded in on itself.

When the world put itself back together, they were on the rooftop before quite the chaotic scene.

All three school leaders were present and there seemed to be quite a few demons flapping about. Strangely identical demons. As far as the layout went, there was a rectangular structure on the rear of the rooftop, where both stairwells inevitably let out. Closer to the middle was a smaller, box-shaped structure, likely the top of the elevator shaft where the mechanism sat.

"Why did I get out of bed this morning?" Rurik groaned, clutching his stomach.

"Hey! Alto is here!" Cassius perked up at the sight of his school's number one student. Apparently he'd weathered the jump just fine.

The demons definitely outnumbered the leaders, and furthermore, could Clara really be trusted? "Let's go back him up! Hey, we're here too!" Cassius charged forth.

Unfortunately, the demons seemed to spot him first. One of them changed direction, its hand glowing. Cassius skidded to a stop and took aim, and with a snap of his fingers let out a burst of flames that shot up to engulf the demoness. The demoness fell from the sky trailing smoke from her wings, but landed on her feet. It seemed it would take a bit more than that to really burn a fire-flinging demon. That was when he noticed a glow beneath his feet. He looked down and saw a runic circle burning itself into the ground.

"Oh-" And just like that, the world's least fire retardant fire-user was engulfed in a pillar of flames.

The fire receded, and Cassius was still standing, but he was covered in soot and his clothing was singed all to hell. He also seemed a tad unsteady on his feet, hunched over and arms hanging limp. The first demoness strutted toward him, more runes burning into the air around her hands. Then, a second flew over, and with a wave of their hands, a wall of flames sprouted up, cutting the rest of the group off from Cassius.

The first demoness then reared a clawed hand back, aimed for Cassius's heart.

Click-Click Suddenly, Cassius sprang to life. He rammed both his fists into the demon, one into her stomach, the other her chest. BOOM!

He might not have been immune to fire, but he could take it better than most.

The explosion flung the demon back like a cannon-ball, careening into the second, sending both crashing to the ground. The fire-wall dropped as quickly as it had sprung up, revealing Cassius's handiwork to the rest of them. Cassius was still on the move, however. He rocketed forward, the demons barely having hit the ground. If throwing explosions from a distance didn't work, he'd close the gap.

He screeched to a halt barely more than five feet from then and snapped both fingers as his arms lit up. SNAP! Two series of burning explosions arced out and converged on the demonic dogpile he'd created, creating a massive fireball. When it cleared, all that was left was a scorch mark on the hotel roof.

He stood there panting before he took a deep breath and looked over his shoulder, "Sorry, I wasn't feeling so good earlier, but I think I'm all right now!"

Meanwhile, Rurik's jaw just dropped. He had to assume the only reason Cassius had let himself be tossed around by him was because Katherine had been in the firing line and he'd been holding back. The defeat of the first two demons had caught the attention of another which suddenly split into two -- but something told Rurik that Cassius would be fine.

"Well... he seems to have this all under control. I'm just gonna... go over there..." Rurik stepped aside and slunk off. He made his way to the roof's edge and-

BLORF! So, yeah, he'd lost that battle in the end...

. . . A Short While Ago. . .

Cassius frowned. He wasn't sure he liked this side of Katherine he was seeing. It wasn't the first time, but it seemed more... extreme. She seemed so determined to beat this random guy up. He supposed she was upset her sister was dating a Mephisto's student, so maybe her malicious intent was justified?

Maybe that wasn't his problem at all. Maybe he was just still a little miffed that Kath had taken her frustration out on him.

He was broken out of his musings by a rattling noise behind him. He turned around and saw it seemed to be coming from a broom closet. A Mephisto's ambush perhaps? More monsters? He had to investigate! He couldn't let them be taken from behind!

He walked over, whipped the door open, and-

CLANK! A bucket dropped over his head, followed by something wrapping around his neck and dragging him into the closet, the door slamming shut behind him. He clawed at the bucket, but it didn't seem to want to come free. He had to use one hand to keep himself from being strangled. Finally he got the bucket free, and saw that he was in a fairly spacious maintenance closet with an imp and a ghost. The imp had been using it's psychic powers to pull the bucket down over him and shut the door, but it was too weak to stop Cassius from fighting free.

The ghost, however, was wrapping some sort of rope or cord around his neck and trying to choke the life out of him!

The bucket gone, the imp leapt at him, aiming to stab him with a rusty... butter knife? Butter-focused or not, it was still a knife. Cassius grabbed the imps arm, wincing as it dug it's claws into his chest, clinging to him as it tried to drive the knife into his heart.

He had no choice. He pulled his hand from the rope and grabbed the imp, his hand igniting and then blasting the imp into the wall, leaving it quite dead. And of course, he heard lots of banging and crashing coming from Kath's fight at that very moment. No one would notice the commotion in the closet over that.

His vision began to fade as the rope tightened around his neck unhindered...

. . . Present. . .

Cassius's eyes blinked open. His neck was killing him, but he was... alive? Yes? Yes, he was. The ghost still held the rope around his neck, but it seemed... dormant? Maybe without the imp to guide it, it had forgotten what it was doing. Regardless, he didn't care to ponder the intricacies of ghost behavior.

He lit up.

KA-BOOM! He unleashed fire from his entire body, tearing the rope, the ghost, and the closet apart. The door flew to cinders and splinters and he tumbled back into the hall.

He coughed and hacked, clutching his throat and sucking in air.

"Guys?" he called out weakly, stumbling to his feet. Why was the hallway so... steamy? "Kath!?" he managed to call out a little louder. He heard a horrifying noise and saw something big and glowy coming down the hallway toward him. Nope, he'd be having none of that. He needed a way out.

Right! The last he'd seen of Andreim, he'd been making a hole in the ceiling! He should have been right under it, though it was hard to say exactly where it was with all the steam. Lighting up his feet, he leapt.

CRASH! He'd... almost had it. He'd hit the edge of the hole, smacked his head, but still... he'd made it. Ow.

"Gah... son of a..." he hissed, clutching his head. "Bad day... bad day..." he whispered to himself. He once more climbed to his feet and heard quite the commotion down the hall. He supposed he should check that out.

". . . prisoner. . . Kath. . . of us. . .?"

As he drew close, he heard snippets of a conversation. One he didn't like the sound of. His hands ignited and he ran over to a hole that had been put through a wall. Indeed, he saw Katherine surrounded by people, a few of which he recognized as enemies.

"Kath! Hey, back off or els-"


And suddenly he was thrown back out of sight.

Rurik Alexeev

It couldn't have been done by anyone other than Rurik, and indeed his hand was raised and aimed at the hole where Cassius had been standing.

"What? He was gonna attack us," Rurik shrugged.

"H-hang on... Kath... I got you!" Cassius could be heard from out in the hallway. He rushed back into view only to once more be sent flying by another blast.

"Persistent..." Rurik mused. "I can do this all day!" he called out.

"S-so can I!" Cassius replied as he once more hauled himself to his feet.

At that moment, the glow of fire reached the room they were in... but it seemed to come from the wrong direction.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Rurik shouted, bringing things to a screeching halt. "If you two fire idiots are here, who's lighting the roof on fire?" From his position still atop the pile of rubble, he had a good view of the orange glow that was coming down the hole Bak had made, easily visible against the dark night sky.

"Huh?" Cassius once more made to enter the room, much more calmly this time, ignoring the group as he walked over to look at what Rurik was seeing, "Excuse me," he even said politely as he moved past Bak. "Oh yeah... it is kinda on fire."

Rurik glanced down at him and frowned, "Did I say you could come in?"

"You didn't say I couldn't." Cassius frowned back. The tension was beginning to grow again.

"Are you still gonna try to fight us?" Rurik raised an eyebrow.

"I dunno, are you still gonna take Kath prisoner?" Cassius challenged, clenching his fists, ready to go.

Rurik just leaned to the side to look past him, not looking all that concerned, "Hey Kath, are you gonna try to fight us? 'Cause I'm willing to call a truce if you don't." Kath was a big enough pain in the ass on her own... and now there were two of them. He really didn't want to deal with that kind of nonsense.
So I am dreaming up a little side adventure, and here are some things that would need to/be cool to have take place. Once/if the main objectives have been completed, I will at some point in the future set events into motion. I'm not gonna go out of my way too much to make any of it happen. I am curious to see how you'll go about it, assuming you're interested.

All I'll say is that the prize is a dramatic boss-fight spectacle. There won't be any literal prizes/power-ups handed out by me (dawg I ain't even the co-GM!), but it would be a good opportunity for character progression. That's up to you though.

Necessary events(All events are in order of importance):
1. William's plan succeeds
2. Wolf uses his Agony armor to demolish someone/something.
3. (Nothing atm, but I feel like there should be something here....)
Bonus Objectives:
1. I am allowed to adopt Cassius (+1000 points)
2. Kath fuses/absorbs/whatever the Demoness (+750 points)
3. Vittorio gets healthy enough to walk around. (+250 points)
Relevant people (again in order): @Letter Bee @Dezuel @6slyboy6 @Crowvette @Ebil Bunny @AtomicNut

I may add to the list if I think of/remember anything. (Also, @RoflsMazoy may want to take a quick look at this.)
Wolfram & Vera & Vernon 2.0

Wolf was calmer now, and so Masami's presence didn't put him on edge like it had before. Besides, apparently she knew William.

"Wolf. Likewise." He didn't have the strength to say much more. He was about to take her hand before she got distracted. In that instant, Vera reached out to pull Wolf to his feet herself. Well, she made a show of grabbing his arm, but she wasn't in much better condition and so Wolf still had to do most of the work.

When Masami would look back at them, she'd see Vera giving her a nasty look for daring to try and touch Wolf in front of her...

"Hm, so even at a time like this your mind can go there," Vernon chuckled and rolled his eyes at William's comment. He gave Andras a gentle push so that she could rejoin the group. It seemed the fighting was finally all over. From a silly little scuffle with Wolf to an all out battle against Galbrek's dolls and some masked weirdo. "Don't us men already have a bad enough reputation as perverts, dear William?"

He supposed they had won?

"Cool, great, go bang it out then. We're leaving," Vera grumbled as she and Wolf joined them, once more clutching at her aching head.

"Just going to run away? You were so brave a minute ago." Vernon smirked, though winced slightly at the memory of her kneeing him between the legs. Girl didn't hold back.

"Screw you. This job isn't worth it!" Vera snarled. "We just got here and already all hell has broken loose, and there's no way we can trust you! You attacked us twice!"

"Well maybe if you would just apologi-" Vernon cut himself off at a sinister glare from Wolf. OK, so maybe that joke had run its course. "Fine then, go tell King you're giving up and see if he can send us someone more helpful."

"Why yo-" Vera stopped as Wolf put a hand on her shoulder.

"We'll stay." He sighed.

"Excuse me?" Vera grit her teeth. Was he going against her? "You wanna say that again? I don't think I heard you right!"

"I said we'll stay," he repeated.

Vera's hand shot out suddenly, gripping his face like a claw, forcing him to look at her.

"Idiot! Whose side are you on!? You want to help that idiot and his fucking backstabbing boy toy?"

Vernon rolled his eyes, "I take offense to that. Clearly William is my toy-"

"SHUT UP!" Vera snapped and turned her attention back to Wolf.

Wolf pulled her hand away, even as it caused her nails to scratch his cheeks, "The Vigilantes. You might be right. William's plan might be a huge mistake. Vernon might not be trustworthy. But if Andras is going to be involved with this, then I'm not walking away." He turned to William. "I'm sorry, but if we do stay to help, it's for Andras's sake, not yours. If she at any point backs out, so will we."

"Uuuuuugh..." Vera groaned and smacked his hand away from hers. "I am surrounded by idiots. All you men are idiots." She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. As much as it burned her up inside, he wasn't wrong. These fools would get that girl killed if they didn't help.

They already almost had.

Regardless, she was mad at Wolf for putting her in this situation, and so stomped away from him. She made her way over to Alex. Andras. Whatever the hell her name was.

"Well, lady demon," she spoke somewhat mockingly and heavily threw an arm over her shoulders. "I guess we'll be getting to know each other real well, hm? Who knows, maybe we'll even end up as besties." The wry smirk that spread across her face told that she didn't believe a word she'd just said. However, Andras would notice something. The way Vera sort of leaned into her, it was impossible not to notice how badly she was starting to shake. Between nearly dying, getting thrown clear by Wolf, and getting blasted in the head by Vernon, she wasn't in the best of ways. The wound on her forehead was still seeping blood, blood that had long since been smeared across her face and soaked into her shirt, dying nearly half of it red.

Meanwhile, Wolf wasn't doing much better. He had been thrown too, but only because the car had actually hit him. With his armor gone and the adrenaline fading, it was impossible to ignore how messed up he and Vera were.

He patted himself down, but his phone was missing. Then he remembered Vera had never given it back.

"Vera, you still have my phone?" he asked.

"Yes. And you still have no friend requests. On anything," Vera rolled her eyes and tossed it to him.

"That's not..." Wolf shook his head and just ignored her comment. He went through his contacts, which didn't take long. He barely had ten. There was one in particular he could really use right now as the throbbing in his ribs only got worse. He was also pretty sure it was getting harder and harder to breathe.

Whether she answered or he got voicemail, Wolf spoke, "Hey... Meredith. Um, hope you weren't sleeping." Andras would have been able to practically feel Vera's animosity the second Wolf spoke that name. "I could... use your help. I think I'm bleeding internally. I'm probably not dying, but... can you come to the park?"
Rurik Alexeev

Rurik's jaw dropped when Bak just deployed her guns and began chewing her way through the building with bullets. Lots of bullets. Seemingly endless bullets.

It was a lot of bullets.

Rurik lifted an arm to protect his eyes from dust and debris, and for a moment considered using his shield like an umbrella for himself and/or Bak. He soon realized, however, that shield or not, they would get buried, and so just got clear while Bak played demolition crew.

"You know..." Rurik blinked in surprise at a half-buried Bak. "That's not quite what I had in mind, but I guess that'll do." Saved him the trouble of putting forth any real effort. "Uhh, I guess we all climb on then." He did he best to scale the unsteady pile of debris so that he was next to Bak. Once Thobias teleported them, it would set Bak free and move them all up to the final floor. He waved for Christine to join them and looked at Thobias expectantly. "Maybe you're not a taxi, but how do you feel about elevator?"
Rurik Alexeev

Rurik actually felt a small wave of relief at Christine's words. Finally, some sort of confirmation that he didn't have to do anything anymore. Bak being proud of him was great and all but since when the hell had he actually cared?

Never. Quite frankly, never. And he wasn't about to start now.

After being almost broiled alive by Kath, he was content to relax in Christine's cooling presence. She was his girlfriend, so why not take advantage?

And then all hell broke loose beneath them. Screaming and crashing and... sizzling? He stuck his head out into the hallway and his jaw dropped. As if to add to the atmosphere, steam lit up with an ominous, orange glow seemed to be rising up through the holes in the floor. That couldn't be good.

He wanted nothing to do with that.

"Wait, isn't your sister still down there?" he asked Christine, but also looked to Thobias who actually seemed more concerned with the girl's well being than her own sister. Christine was weird that way, though he was sure she cared regardless of how poorly she portrayed it sometimes.

The last thing he needed was Katherine dying and Christine getting depressed. That would be a lot of trouble for him to deal with.

On the other hand, no way in hell was he going to be mounting the rescue effort, so he'd let them worry about that. In the meantime, he wanted to get as far away as possible from whatever the hell was going on down there. He thought for a moment and then sighed. There was only one option, wasn't there?

He pulled at his hair and let out a frustrated roar before stomping over to where he'd deflected the missile like a tempestuous child, waving for Bak to follow him. He then pointed up.

"So, uh, if we wanna get back on track, I figure you and I can blast a hole all the way to the top and then work our way back down until we meet up with Clara. Thobias can get us all up there in a second as long as we give him a line of sight," he suggested to the girl. And as a bonus he'd have a nice, safe buffer zone between him and... whatever was downstairs.

He just hoped there was nothing upstairs.
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