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As the device was planted and activated, a small light began blinking intermittently. It was surprisingly bright, perhaps especially so for Stella depending on the functionality of her eyes. A few seconds passed... and still, it just sat there -- blinking.

Eventually, a full minute passed...

. . .

THUNK, THUNK! Heavy, metal legs shifted impatiently in the ships loading bay/garage. There was some sort of interference blocking communications. It made it hard to keep tabs on what was happening down there, but he'd tapped into the ship's sensor array and was streaming a visual scan onto his HUD. Finally, he saw it -- the blinking of the high intensity UV beacon. Anything tuned to pick up those wavelengths would easily see it, like a small sun. But that was fine, things were about to get real loud anyhow.

"All right, here we go," Kelan radioed up to the bridge, giving the exact flight path the ship would have to take. "If we're doing this cap'n, you'd better hurry down here!" In about fifteen seconds, he was disembarking, whether Natasha was there or not. He set his feet as the loading bay ramp lowered, wind suddenly gusting into the ship still in flight. All one could see past the ramp was clouds and open sky.

"Five... four... three-" The door to the garage opened and and the sound of boots sprinting across the metal floor was barely audible over the whipping winds. Kelan lunged forward, diving out of the ship as it suddenly pulled up hard, practically catapulting him out into the sky. At the same moment, the three fingers of his oversized right arm clamped down on Natasha as she too leapt from the ship.

Tiny thrusters flared to life, angling the suit into a nosedive toward the ground. They weren't nearly strong enough to push the suit into flight, but in a free-fall they could just barely keep him on course. Honestly, they weren't meant for this. They were supposed to be used in a vacuum, but it was what he had to work with at the moment.

As they broke through the cloud layer, the Circle of Hell came into view, a dot in the distance. With the clouds out of the way, the could track the beacon himself, using the thrusters to keep himself angled directly at it. As they got closer, he could zoom in to see the rest of the area. There was already gunfire. Welp, it looked like the party had started without him.

'Kelan!' Tee spoke up.


"Something's happening down there already!'

' . . . You're right. Good call pal.' Kelan decided to let him have this one. 'By the way, you remember the plan, right?' They were getting awful close now.

. . .

Awful close.

. . .

'Pal?' Kelan swallowed hard. "Uhh, cap'n, we might have a probl-"


"Never mind!" Thrusters on the front of the suit blasted to life and Kelan spun around, tossing Natasha behind him, moments later a gravity shift hitting her to slow her down enough to safely maneuver herself with a jetpack. He completed his spin, pulling up and putting his legs in front of him. All that was visible before him was the ship -- and the tiny hull-breach, approaching fast.

"Lock down... lock down... lock down!" Kelan frantically flitting his eyes across the HUD, sending the suit commands.

The landing site was upon him.

The HUD flashed red.

. . .

Meanwhile, it had been nearly two full minutes since the device had been planted.

And moments later, for a moment, it was nothing but noise. A tremendous impact hit the ship, nearly buckling the thick, metal floor. There was a thunderous boom that reverberated through the space as dust and sparks flew with the grating noise of metal grinding across metal. When it was over, a large, metal figure sat hunched over in the corner of the room, having nearly careened all the way into the far wall.

A second later, Natasha also flew in through the breach, though making a much more graceful landing.

Then with a clicking noise and the whine of servos, the metal figure stood up, its legs which had compressed under the impact extending back to their normal length. The lights on its faceplate flickered back to life, turning green as the suit turned to face the group in the room.

"Well hell, we made it!" Kelan laughed and turned to find Stella. "Good work, Darlin'! Now, how about we get to work!" Inspecting the room, he found a bulkhead door sealed shut. It explained why this breach had been left unguarded. They'd almost completely emptied the room and then just locked the door. That wasn't going to cut it any longer.

He stomped over to the door and pulled back his right fist. In one, mighty blow he caved in the front of the door. He then clawed his fingers into the gap he'd created and tore one, then both halves of the door open.

"And we're in," Kelan stepped through first. They weren't exactly making a quiet entrance and if there was going to be shooting, it might as well hit him instead. He was the most bulletproof person present at the moment.

He led them down a hall, just big enough for even him to maneuver somewhat comfortably, until he picked up footsteps and voices.

"What the hell, they're over here now?!" He heard a voice echo down toward them. "It's like they're everywhere!" It was coming from another hallway, coming up on their right. Kelan lifted his left fist, motioning for the group to halt. He then shifted his weight forward. Two Ascendancy troops rounded the corner just as Kelan burst into a run.

"OH FU-" They barely even had time to lift their weapons before Kelan was upon them. BANG! The gun on his shoulder punched clean through the helmet of one while his oversized right arm swung and slammed the other into the wall. He then grabbed hold of the soldier, the three fingers wrapping around their torso like a vice. The whine of servos was heard, followed by the crunch of crumpling metal as the soldier's armor gave way beneath the incredible pressure, literally squeezing the life out of him.

Kelan dropped the crushed soldier and then turned back to the group.

"All right, here we are. This is where we part ways. Natasha'll lead you lot into the ship to find Realist," he told them, pointing farther down the hall. "Meanwhile, I'll be headin' over to meet up with the Decoy squad and bring 'em back with me. All goes well, we'll all regroup in the Realist's holdin' chamber," Kelan told them. "By the by, those troops were talkin' like someone else is already in here. Keep your guards up extra." It didn't track with them talking about the Decoy Squad. Something didn't seem right, but for now all they could do was continue to follow the plan.

With that, he gave them a quick, two finger salute and then stomped off the way the two soldiers had come.
Weird. As far as I can tell all the character sheets are still there. Who is missing? Maybe I can fill you in from memory or something. @Crazy Scion

"You got it, kid. It'll take a minute to kick in, though, so make sure you're safe when you use it," he told her. He was then caught off guard by her next concern. Apparently she hadn't brought a spare change of clothes? Or at least nothing to fight in. So not only were the super-soldiers children, but they weren't even all that well equipped. His faith was waning, but he supposed he'd reserve judgement for now. He had seen her literally turn invisible, so hope wasn't lost just yet.

"Gear lockers in the garage, farthest one t' the left near the door. If some idiot locked it and you can't find someone to unlock it, just take a hazard suit from the maintenance room. It's at least better than a skirt." he told her. He then turned to his own locker in his room, opening it and pulling out a bandolier. "And consider this a welcome gift from me in return for volunteering. It'll hold your knives and just about anythin' else you want. It'll at least tide you over til' you find something more your style." Indeed the bandolier had enough hooks, pockets, and pouches to hold a good number of small objects, including the mag-sphere.

"Once you're all set, I suggest you go find Reisus, take a minute to get used to each other 'fore you get to sneakin' about out there," he suggested.

The door slid open, revealing Kelan's room. It was somehow a mix of messy and empty at the same time. The furniture comprised of one bed, just big enough for him, a large two-door locker, and then multiple workbenches lining the walls. There was nothing much in the way of clutter, but the room had a metallic, greasy smell. The ventilation system in the room sounded like it was working overtime.

When Stella would have stepped into the room, she would have noticed something suddenly touch her shoulder. It was Kelan's disembodied right arm, atop one of the workbenches, one of its fingers poking at her curiously. Or was it caressing her affectionately like a dog happily greeting someone new? It was hard to say. Meanwhile, Kelan stood at one of the workbenches, setting down the tool he'd been using before turning to Stella.

"Whoops, sorry 'bout that. Come on, pal, leave the girl alone," he said. The arm slowly pulled away, as if ashamed or embarrassed. "He says hi..." Kelan rolled his eyes. Despite the containment unit crawling about on its own, Kelan still had two arms. He now had a right arm that much resembled his left.

"Catch," he paused for just a moment after giving the warning before tossing a small, metal sphere at her. It had one clear panel, and the rest of it was solid, riveted and welded metal. It had a reinforced band running along its circumference, which also held two buttons, one bigger than the other. "All right, here's your present. We'll call it our lil' equalizer. This is what you'll be deliverin' to that hull breach. Now I'm gonna run you through how this is gonna go from best to worst case scenario, all right?"

He leaned against his work bench before beginning. This might take a bit.

"So, I dunno how much you been told so far, but we got two teams. Decoy and infiltration. You're obviously on the latter. Now it's up to the cap'n, but I reckon we'll be sending Reisus with you to keep you safe til' you reach your destination. So best case scenario, you make it there all quiet like and get into the hull breach with no one firin' a shot, not even the decoy team. Realistic scenario is you scope it out and tell the decoy team when t' start shootin'. Either way, hopefully you an' whoever's with you make it inside and deliver the package," he told her. "However, if it's real bad, you might have t' sneak on board alone to avoid bein' seen. And then we get t' the real ugly possibilities. If they have some way t' detect you when invisible, like maybe thermal scanners on them tanks, you might have t' deliver the package early. Don't worry too much about that. You need to, you go right ahead and chuck that sum' bitch at a tank and just stand clear. Right, probably shoulda said that sooner. Wherever you end up droppin' that thing, you stand nice and clear from it, ya hear?" He stared her down to make sure she understood that part. He didn't want her blood... or whatever... on his hands.

"Last thing ya need to know is how to work it. It's pretty simple. Big button turns it on, small button magnetizes it so it'll stick to anything metal. Don't worry, magnet's only on one side and it's on a delay, so you shouldn't have to worry about it stickin' to ya," he smirked and held up his own, mechanical hands. "I know t' think 'bout those kinda things. So hit the button and toss it, or wait a second an' stick it somewhere all precise like. Ideally, right in that breach. Any questions?"

If all went well, Stella and her escort would get on board without anyone knowing they were there. Once she delivered the device, then all havoc would break loose, but by then everyone would have had time to scope things out and get into position. Otherwise, the decoy team would do their job and hopefully make an opening for her.
I have shit to do before we officially hit the ground, but arriving at the planet and stuff is fine.

With Reisus chiming in, he had more than enough volunteers. He honestly didn't know who would be best for this. This was a fortified encampment. But, it wasn't exactly a base. They might have troops and armor, but static defenses would be limited at best. With that in mind, he personally liked Stella for this job. Full invisibility just might guarantee success in this situation. However, he was hardly gonna decide for them for something this dangerous. That wasn't his place anyway.

"Well, I'll let you three hash it out, but whoever you decide on, come see me tomorrow 'fore we drop you off. Gonna have a lil' present for ya," he told them. "But fer now, take a look. See this here hull breach in the Circle?" He had the computer zoom in the image they'd been provided. "That's our target. Big enough for us to enter the ship, and likely t' be less defended then the front door. You'll just need to get there, drop off my present, then stand back. Don't worry 'bout it too much right now, I'll give you some more details tomorrow when I actually hand it to you."

The breach would require them to climb a little bit to reach, but that was why it was perfect. A gaping hole at ground level would be an obvious entrance... but this? This gave them a shot without them having to break through the enemy front line. At the end of the day, elite soldiers and tanks were a bad gamble when they had limited numbers to throw at them.

"I s'pose all y'all could work together, but if it comes down to it, we might need to try sneakin' one person to the target," he told them. "So just keep that in mind even if you don't wanna decide on someone right away." He gave them a nod. "Anyway, gonna go make sure I'm ready fer tomorrow or I won't have anything t' give ya." With that, he gave them a casual salute before walking off to start his preparations.

He then stopped for a second a turned around, "Oh, and don't you worry too much 'bout those tanks. Don't need you kids gettin' blown t' smithereens." He gave a playful wink before walking out of sight.

Vera's legs grew weak as she heard the guards calling for back-up. She slowed to barely a jog, trying to think of a way out of this. The likelihood of her pepper-spraying her way through security was... slim. A patsy, then? Pay someone to run through security and distract them?

Ugh, no, the area was practically deserted and they were looking for someone with pink hair! Curse her uniqueness!

She could see security closing in on her now. Looking back, she saw Galbrek himself closing in. And there was more security that way too. She was hemmed in. Welp.

Vera sighed. She was in the right here, but she had a feeling Galbrek would get his way long before she could get security to figure that out. So, being in the right, she took the last thing afforded to her.

"I give up." She raised her hands over her head. She then took a step backwards as Galbrek got close, spun around, extended her baton, and aimed to crack him across the face.

She was nothing if not petty, a mild comfort as security finally grabbed her and pulled her hands behind her back...

Rurik sighed at Bak's instruction. Did she really want his help, or was she trying to keep him from becoming a liability? The implication kind of stung. He pursed his lips and began... pacing. Kind of? With a mildly annoyed look on his face, he began walking in circles around the "flag bunker", running his hands along the four walls as he did so.

At this point, Bak had begun firing volleys of shots over the walls. In between salvos, he gave her a smalls nudge to step away from the bunker.

Then, even more oddly, he began walking in a line, slowly, in front of Bak and the bunker, pausing in between large steps. He only stopped once he'd made it from one end of the field to the other... or the enemy showed its face. Whichever came first.

He offered no explanation to his teammates, but that was fine. It might be better that they didn't know. Or maybe he was just too lazy to bother spelling it out.

Vera almost laughed, but she was too stressed out for that. However, he made it just so easy. He was literally saying, out loud, that he was a bad guy. It gave her all the justification she needed to just hold up her pepper baton and blast him in the face while he was busy with the woman he was trying to hypnotize.

Trying... successfully, unfortunately. She was already under his spell as she let loose. She quickly turned on Vera, lunging at her. Vera threw up her free arm, the woman latching onto her. It took a bit of struggle, but Vera was able to aim the spray at her face next and let her have it. The woman shrieked in pain and then fell to her knees, sobbing in pained confusion at why she'd just been peppered.

Vera took the opportunity to bolt and run for it... the wrong way. She'd headed toward the exit, away from people who might be able to help her. She saw a security guard jog past, heading toward the sobbing woman. Vera had a feeling she didn't want to be around for when the guard met up with the man who was probably Galbrek. The last thing she needed was a hypnotized man with a taser after her. Did guards have tasers? She decided not to find out.

Exit into the city it was.

Tanks. They had tanks. This was just getting more and more ridiculous by the moment. He'd never had to fight a tank before. He'd been a rifleman, anti-armor hadn't been his thing. His one big battle had quickly ended with him in pieces. After that, he hadn't exactly been up against the kind of people who could afford tanks. Not the kind they'd be dealing with today at the very least.

"So... close in all quiet and then go loud. That's gonna be tricky, but I think we can make it work," he said, the beginnings of a plan in his mind. "Real quick while we're all here," he spoke even as Reisus ironically made to step out. "I'd like t'ask who among all y'all is the best at bein' sneaky?" Kelan himself certainly wasn't, the orc was a no go, and something told him that a floating medical bot would stand out. That left possibly Reisus or the newcomers for what he had in mind.

As he waited for an answer, he took a closer look at the footage of the crashed ship. It was in decent enough shape that it made sense for there to be survivors, but between the crash and whatever had brought it down in the first place, there were still some noticeable hull breaches... Yeah, his plan could definitely work.
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