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Sounds good consistent posting wise I'll try to post soonish in response! I'd say not to worry about it, but guess there's the whole time constraint thing before you leave ><

But hey ho the rp is still great!

Town Hall
@Ruler Inc@Atrophy@Ciaran

Caelea was on edge the whole time. She disliked the way this Amethyst person was talking and how much they seemed to think killing Britney was right. Sure she may have thought of it a few times when she’d really hated Britney but it had never been serious. God, traitor or not that didn’t mean she had to die. Seems they were medieval both in dress and ways.

Got it, I’ll be ready, she thought back at Penny, hoping it would get through.

Min wasn’t sure what to make of everything. He certainly wasn’t on the side of killing members of their group, they needed everyone to win this. But he wasn’t against allying with Amethyst. Really, he didn’t understand why Penny refused to take the abstraction of the Mayor. How could it harm her in any way? If anything it would just give them another edge. They desperately needed that.

He raised an eyebrow as Amethyst told him to take it. Now, Min wasn’t a big fan of being ordered about. But he was being given the opportunity to get the abstraction… and he’d been curious what that would be like ever since Britney had told them it was possible.

He wanted to know what it was like and how the other abstraction felt.

“I’ll take it,” Min spoke up, stepping around Lynette to get to the body of the Mayor. He wrinkled his nose slightly. Not exactly a pleasant sight. “Someone should.”

Before anyone could argue against it or stop him, Min bent down and placed his hand on the Mayor’s sigil – concentrating on it like Amethyst had told Penny to.

@Ruler Inc@Atrophy

So lost in her own thoughts, it took a moment for Tuyen to realise that Rita had joined her in the sofa. Then the other girl hugged her, awkwardly. Tuyen stiffened a bit first before quickly relaxing. She also wasn’t one for frequent physical contact but it was nice for a short moment. It helped quiet her thoughts just a little bit.

To shut up the constant doubt that anyone here would even give her a second thought, and that they’d all be happy if she were to die.

A thank you was on her lips when she was cut of by the thud on the roof, literally flinching as the Wendigos started talking. Fuck, there was no way they were getting away from this. She was exhausted and fairly certain that her shadow wasn’t going to jump to her rescue again. Not that it had wanted to the last time anyway. She didn’t even want it to become physical again. Everytime there was a fear that it would damage something, someone, important.

Rien almost cursed under their breath at the loud thump on roof, instantly snatching up the map and putting it back in their coat (thank god for ski jackets and their pockets on the inside). At least they didn’t know exactly where they were but, well, it wasn’t exactly a good situation. Sooner or later they’d be found.

“Yeah, I think I can,” Rien nodded at Rita’s idea. It was a good one, better for them to do whatever they could to get away. “I’ll do an alarm clock, since a firecracker requires something to light it… which I don’t have.”

They grabbed their sketchbook and started drawing. Doing an alarm clock from memory was harder than expected, but they managed to draw one of the kind with the two bells on the top and pulled it out of their drawing. It was small but seemed like it should work.

“Let’s hope this is functional.”
<Snipped quote by Atrophy>

All Amethyst has to do is promise to use her strap on on him and he'll do whatever she wants

Hey look

Mins need for knowledge outweighs his kinks, she wouldn't even need to do that it would just be an added benefit

But yes Min will definitely take it, causes he's a little bitch who loves knowledge and what's another useless abstraction on top of his current one anyway

Also hopefully post tomorrow
Short post because I'm low energy, but figured I should get something out

I'll try write one for Cael and Min tonight too - but I've got stuff going on in like 5 minutes so we'll see

@Ruler Inc@Atrophy

Tuyen was exhausted, and had curled herself up on the sofa in the living room they’d take refuge in. It had taken a while for her shadow to go back to its normal state once she’d started running, even when the immediate danger was gone it had taken great pleasure in remaining in the physical world. There were quite a few dents in buildings from it just going ham at punching whatever it could. It seemed to take great joy in the way the damage made Tuyen flinch.

Thankfully it had gone back to normal before she’d properly met up with the others (or it might’ve attacked one of them). Now it was just there, taunting her with thoughts of how everyone could die. How those things might find them again and forcing her to constantly hear their laughter.

She really hoped Justin made it out – he was a good friend, one of the few she really trusted. Probably technically still her boyfriend, not that that mattered anymore. They hadn’t exactly talked properly in a long time. And anyway, it had been more of a close friendship the whole time.

Not that any of that was important right now.

“Yup, I do,” Rien nodded to Kimberley, pulling the map out from where they’d had it protected under their jacket. Good thing too, or the snowfall would’ve destroyed it. “As much as I was running for my life, I wasn’t going to lose what they came for.”

They stood up and cleared some space on the table to put the map down on it.

“Gotta say, though, map reading was never something I was good at.”
I'll try get something up tomorrow - I've been super drained the last but recovering finally with the weekend here

Town Hall
@Ruler Inc@Atrophy

My god, this was just getting messier and messier. Caelea looked away from the dead body of the mayor. Still she listened intently as the woman who called herself Amethyst, one of the watchers Britney had told them about, went on. There was a lot of back and forth arguing that she honestly couldn’t care less about.

Honestly, she didn’t believe this woman. How was she meant to believe someone who’d just stepped out of a fucking portal and shot someone who was about to give them some important information.

“Alright, look,” Caelea spoke up, shrugging one shoulder. “I’ll be the first person to admit that I don’t really trust Britney and, honestly, I hate her guts. But, I trust you even less. You waltzed in here and straight up killed someone. You look like you’re from the fucking middle ages. I don’t see any reason to believe you.”

They glanced at Britney before continuing. “And whatever, she may have fucked up, but there’s no way someone lies that well for so long. So no, I don’t trust you.”

While she talked Cael casually looked around, trying to figure a way. She could probably get past the people at the doors if she really needed to - her abstraction made it pretty easy to flip over people’s heads. She’d probably only get stabbed a little. The others on the other hand? Probably not.

It was probably a bad idea to disagree with a bunch of armed and probably experienced people, but for once she actually felt vaguely on Britney’s side (also she just didn’t like being told what to do).

@Ruler Inc@Atrophy

Panic ripped through Tuyen as a white creature grabbed her, her breathing speeding up and eyes widening. She was going to die, she was going to die, she was going to die. She couldn’t even close her eyes as it went to drive its claws into her stomach.

It was all a blur as white light erupted from Jordan, the book shelf was destroyed and Tuyen was dropped. She lay winded on the floor, side hurting from the fall. In a delayed reaction to save her life (and for self preservation) her shadow materialised itself, growing into a ten foot shadowy version of the Wendigo.

This served to panic Tuyen more, but also jerked her into action as she pushed herself off the floor and did exactly what was shouted to do.

Her shadow was being far from helpful, doing the opposite of self preservation and actively trying to attack every Wendigo that was close enough for it to reach. It’s attacks were powerful enough to knock them out of the way but each time they got a little closer to Tuyen, and it’s swings were a little too erratic. Mentally begging it to stop wasn’t working.

Ignoring the pain in her side and the ghost of the pain she would’ve felt if the Wendigo had stabbed her, Tuyen slowed down slight - so she was behind the others. She didn’t want her shadow to hit someone (accidentally or otherwise) and she didn’t know how to stop it doing whatever it wanted to.

Rien shoved the map into one of their (thankfully large) coat pockets, holding the tiny hammer tight as if it might help in this situation. They were all too quick to run towards the window because by god were they not staying here.

“How are we going to stop the following us out?” Rien shouted to the others, mostly directing the question to Justin. “We can’t ice the door back up.”
@Ruler IncMan, now I'm wishing I had join some of your earlier RPs just to see those giant ass collabs in all their awful glory.

Should have time tomorrow to get a post out.

My god, don't wish for the dark days or they might repeat themselves please
I'll get a post up tonight or tomorrow at least

Noooo not the collabs >< but also would be fair enough to try resort to them, there's only really 3 or so of us at this point so could probabky make it work?

@Ruler Inc@Atrophy

“My god, this is a bunch of bullshit,” Rien muttered under their breath after all the visions from the speakers and old that he said. If you seek the truth, you will have all the answers you are looking for. Yeah right as if that was how it worked at all. Rien didn’t believe them one bit - then again, they weren’t sure they trusted the child either. It was hard to trust these higher beings.

Though the child had saved them at least once. But that could’ve been for selfish gain.

Tuyen was zoning in and out, constant cackling in her ears. At this point she’d realised that it was probably a hallucination caused by the shadow. No one else seemed to be reacting to it like she was. She tried to take breaths to concentrate on what was being said.

She realised Rita stepped forward after the first question was out of the other girl’s mouth. Just in case she moved to stand beside her, blocking her left hand from the view from others. She doubted that the speaker would, or could, do anything against her but she stuck there just in case it took offence to Rita using her abstraction on him.

“I don’t trust him,” Tuyen shook her head as he disappeared. “He sounded like he explained things, but he really didn’t.”

“I agree with Jordan - that doesn’t mean the child was telling us the truth either,” Rien pointed out, before giving a nod to Justin. “I’m on it.”

“Yes, let’s leave,” Tuyen said quietly, voice shaking as she tensed out the now louder cackling. She moved closer to Rita, but in a way that kind of moved both of them towards the way out.

Rien pulled the small hammer they’d been drawing out of the paper, taking only a few hits to break the glass and grab the map. They only got a few glass shards on their hand, it was fine - and mostly because they were rushing to get it out. That cackling was not pleasant or something they wanted to stick around for.

“Got it,” Rien rolled up the map as they spoke, keeping a tight grip on it, more than ready to leave.
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