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Oh yeah there was a massive piece of foreshadowing in my last post.

And it wasn't the obvious.

Time to reread your post 50 times to give my dumb brain a chance of noticing it
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Yeah it's qwerty12345

Glad to know the town has very secure archives

Town Hall
@Ruler Inc@Atrophy@Ciaran

Caelea was quite happy to be at the front – though it did mean knowing she’d be one of the first to see any shit, or be attacked, but she was honestly ok with that. She could handle herself (and she was glad Penny agreed that she could do something).

And she agreed with Penny about not splitting up again, though not vocally and just with a nod while remaining alert for the possibility of anything sneaking up on them.

“Well shit, this is a lot more boring folders than I ever wanted to look through in my life,” Caelea commented as the group reached the basement. “Didn’t think we’d be doing paperwork to save the world.”

It was a bad joke, she knew, but hey it lightened up her own feeling towards the task. Because if there was one thing Caelea hated it was menial work. Still she joined everyone in essentially tearing the place apart (destruction she could do).

Min had searched for a bit before approaching the computer, cautiously raising a hand to it. He’d barely used his abstraction but he’d figured out that it gave him some kind of knowledge about whatever he touched. Pushing aside the doubts he still had about the whole magic thing he placed a hand on the machine. The sigil on the back of his neck glowed.

Knowledge flickered through his mind – images of people in the past using this, of what they typed in. He could use it to get them into the computer too… if only he could figure out what part of the knowledge contained the most recent password.

He turned around to say to other others only to see Billy with a gun to his head. Maybe that was a more pressing matter.

Caelea automatically turned, but froze before she followed her instinct to move towards the Mayor. That would just result in someone (probably Billy) getting shot. Instead she put her hands up in as non-threatening a manner as possible.

“We’re not like those maniacs, believe us, we’ve been attacked by them too.” She glanced at the people around her. Fuck, diplomacy wasn’t her strong point. “We don’t want to fight you.”

Though, honestly, she could just blast both of them with air and be done with it. But with the wound the mayor had it would probably kill him or injure him even further (she didn’t exactly have much control) and… she didn’t want to do that. Hopefully someone else would say something a little more convincing.

@Ruler Inc@Atrophy

Tuyen stuck close to Rita, roles swapped as she essentially shadowed the other girl (who been basically dragged in by Justin). She was silent and ignored the sick feeling in the gut of her stomach. She’d manage to avoid properly looking at the body but it didn’t stop the bile from rising in her throat from just the smell.

She forced herself to move away a bit to help with the searching, but still stayed reasonably close to Rita. Safety in numbers near someone you knew (and mostly trusted) right?

“I’ll get something,” Rien piped up as they got over to the handily place map. They pulled out they’re sketch book and started drawing a small hammer – the kind that could break through glass. Would save anyone injuring themselves trying to break it with a fist or doing something stupid with an offensive abstraction. “Won’t take me long.”

Of course, that was said right before the Speaker appeared. They tried to keep sketching through it but it wasn’t easy as they were pulled into a vision.

Tuyen had to force herself to not tremble when they came back to reality. So Kimberly had been right about the ice sealing something in the library. She could already hear the hellish cackling ringing in her ears. She knew it was because of her abstraction but it was so real, so close, that she couldn’t help herself from curling inwards. Breath, she just had to breath, of course there was something here that wanted to kill them. When would she get used to that and stop fucking panicking over every little thing?

It was so weak.

Still, Tuyen spoke up, voice shaking. “We should get out of here.”

Rien had to say they agreed with Tuyen, with just grabbing the map and going. Problem was none of them could seal the door up – not from what she knew of their abstractions. Though now that she thought about it, she only knew their own and Justin’s (and maybe Jordan’s, they couldn’t quite remember). Maybe one of them was hiding something that could.

“I agree, we should leave, but,” Rien narrowed their eyes at the Speaker, for once stopping and thinking for a moment. “Why are you telling us this? What do you have to gain from us knowing this? We’re not exactly jumping to join you.”

And even the vision was right, it wasn’t just the cackling thing that was a danger but also the hooded person who stole the girl’s abstraction.

“How does us knowing benefit you?”
@Ruler Inc Would Min be able to use his abstraction to get the password of the computer?

He might finally be useful xD

Also will try get a post up tomorrow
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I wanted to try the occasional collab in this, but I know it'd really fuck up the flow we have going unless done perfectly.

And we have you here.

Wowwww... I can't even deny that though I'm absolutely awful at collabs and would probably mean it would take dayyys (or years) to get one done
@Ruler Inc Yeah collabs seemed like a good idea but they massively slowed down the rp, I was always awful at responding to them cause it felt like more of a commitment / necessary to respond in real time

but hey at least we dont use them anymore
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Trust me motherfucker, @FernStone can attest to the absolutely massive collabs we did back in the day.

My god let's not go back to the collabs thank you, they were massive and unwieldy but yeah with the size of them you could finish this RP in 5 to 6 posts...

@Ruler Inc@Atrophy

It was absolutely freezing outside. Rien rubbed their hands together, but even the warm clothes they’d bundled up in and hand warmers they’d drawn were doing very little for them. They stuck near Kimberley and Jordan, though not right next to the two. They knew they were still on good terms with Kim but who knew with Jordan? They stuck to the middle, too. They’d quickly realised their abstraction would be useless out her – they weren’t exactly able to draw with gloves on and without them their fingers would freeze off.

“Creepy,” Rien muttered at all the carved up body, though they were desensitised to seeing dead people now. But still, this was a step beyond that. Hopefully they wouldn’t end up like all these people.

Tuyen swallowed the bile in her throat, averting her gaze from all of the dead. It didn’t get much better with each time. It didn’t help that she could never tell if they were real or a figment of her imagination created by her shadow.

Probably real, going by Rien commenting on them.

She honestly didn’t mind Rita practically clinging to her – it was comforting to have something that wasn’t her abstraction following her for once. And, well, she trusted Rita to have her back as much as she could. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any need for that.

Tuyen practically jumped at the distance cackle but quickly ignored it. It was far away, there were more pressing concerns – like the possibility of something being kept in the library. She agreed with Rita in the hope that it was just books.

“Even if it’s more than that, we still have to go in,” Tuyen pointed out, trying to sound less terrified of the prospect of something being in there than she was. Her imagination was already going wild with what it could be, images of her thoughts flickering in the corner of her eyes and around her. She tried to ignore it. “We’ve melted the ice now anyway… better to go inside and deal with it if we have to, right?”

Town Hall
@Ruler Inc@Atrophy@Ciaran

Caelea couldn’t say she was thrilled to be outside even if she understood that it was necessary. She walked in silence, mind still one what had happened before they left.

She’d heard Britney’s voice in her mind via some kind of wack telepathy. She really wasn’t sure if she liked that. Sure, Britney had said she couldn’t actually look into her head (which Caelea didn’t want at all). But that didn’t stop it from being weird and uncomfortable.

She assumed she fell under the category of being connected to Britney by hate rather than love.

Maybe she should’ve gone with the other group after that, since her and Britney could do the whole telepathy (not that Caelea had tried it). But she’d already made her mind up to go with Penny’s group and she wasn’t going to change it just off that. There would be plenty of connections between the groups anyway.

“Fucking hell,” Caelea muttered under her breath once they reached the town hall. There were bodies everywhere, even more clearly because of the contrast with the snow. It was like there had been a battle – or a massacre. Who knew. “And I thought this town was a shithole when I was a kid.”

Min remained silent, glancing over the bodies with a frown. He’d originally wanted to go with the same group as Tuyen – then changed his mind when Britney explained the telepathy. Tuyen was his cousin and they were close, after all, so he was sure he could contact her. Not that he’d tried it yet. He still hated Justin’s guts, but he knew that he had a useful abstraction and would make sure Tuyen was ok.

Penny was quick to come up with a plan for them to go in and, well, Caelea couldn’t find anything to disagree with about it.

“I’ll come up front with the two of you,” she offered to Penny, not expecting a refusal. She’d much rather be up there than at the back – and it made some sense with her abstraction anyway. “Just in case there’s any small spaces you can’t get into to check, yknow?”

While it was true that she was much shorter than Paige and Penny, she also just wanted to be up front (she doubted there’d be any small spaces).
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right when I was about to post

But anyways scrublords I have an announcement to make: I joined the RP and I'm going out to basic in October. I aim to finish the RP before then because we are more than halfway through the story. I know we stalled a bit here and there but I'm hoping we can pull it off.

I mean if I don't get a post up tonight please post instead otherwise I'll be a few days cause of social stuff xD

OOF good luck with that! And I'm sure we can somehow finish it off by October that's a good few months
I'm going to try post tomorrow! I've been at Germany all weekend, still have a flight back and work tomorrow morning but will try to after work
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