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I've got the flu, so responses are gonna be slow
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Exams rn, will be busy
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I actually have some time to roleplay, for once
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Exams are happening.


^Yeah that's me

There's not really much to tell. Tbh I'm not sure why I'm making some kind of fancy biography thing. I'm a 19 year old Agender Scottish person just getting through the day to day life at university (doing Computing Science, but that isn't very important). I spend most of my time gaming, writing or making cosplay (I've gotten way to into that ahahaha). Not much else to say really.

Writing (Duh)

The Mistborn Trilogy (Brandon Sanderson), Warbreaker (Brandon Sanderson), Anything Brandon Sanderson, Did I mention Brandon Sanderson?, The Godspeaker Trilogy (Karen Miller), Dragonriders of Pern (Anne McCaffrey), more

Anime / Manga
Assassination Classroom, Mawaru Penguindrum, Bungou Stray Dogs, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Guilty Crown, Owari no Seraph, Shinsekai Yori, Yuri on Ice!!, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Kamisama Kiss, The World is Still Beautiful, Karneval, The Grand Magus' Bride, No. 6, The Promised Neverland, Ilegenes: Kokuyou no Kiseki, Yakitate Japan (Manga), Vanitas no Carte, Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Kimi No Na Wa., Wolf Children

Guild Wars 2 (too much), Hollow Knight (also too much), Undertale (get rekt Sans), Overwatch (a little), League of Legends (barely), Bastion (not finished),
Killing Floor, Dark Souls (barely), Pokemon

Like two, will add later

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I probably won't be able to get a post up till Tuesday, cause I've got an exam tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. Though I may have time saturday? But really don't know gotta concentrate on studying for these three - even if I get a post up it'll be more shit than normal
Yeah understandable - I can do it on the days I take break but it's just hard to write during studying >< And thanks! Will definitely concentrate on the exams and get back to this when I have time :)
Didn't really know how to write things to move towards wrapping up in the post for Rien, but think I managed to do it for Tuyen at least

@Surtr Inc

Grand Ridge Academy – Smoker’s Corner

Tuyen gave a short laugh in response to Justin’s sarcasm – she knew he was just trying to make her feel a bit better, but it wasn’t exactly what she wanted at the moment. Oh, she knew that she did. Didn’t make it particularly nice to hear even if it wasn’t meant.

On the other hand, she was quite taken aback when Justin just suddenly started stripping. The hell? Not really something she wanted to see right now. She understood when he talked and went from looking away to staring at the sigil on his back. Just like the whole flame manifestation it was cooler than hers. Would be nice if she just had a phoenix-tiger thing.

“Yeah like that,” she nodded. It was a relief that someone else was going through whatever was happening. “Different design of course, but it is like that.”

That was when she noticed her shadow ago, moving in front of her to half block Justin and filling her with a crashing wave of insecurity. She’d always known it would reappear but had only hoped she could ignore it until she was done talking. But of course, it had been stupid of her to think that. Just what she wanted was to prove that she was crazy.

That’s because you are.

“Ah, well,” she tried to ignore the doubtful thoughts and phrase what she wanted to say. In the end, she couldn’t even come up with a decent excuse. “My shadow is moving again so it might be best if I go. I’m fine! Just makes it hard to have a conversation…”

@Surtr Inc @pokemad1
Grand Ridge Academy – The Parking Lot

Rien gave Kimberley a thumbs up when she came back with the butterfly. They were glad that they hadn’t had to go traipsing after it. They were still too hungover for that kind of stuff.

“Uhhh,” Rien was a bit taken aback but Jordan’s question. What did they do? “I’m not sure, I just pulled the drawing out of the paper. Weird, huh?”

Though now that they thought about it there were so many uses for it. If they needed something they could just draw it and manifest it! How could was that? They didn’t know why the hell they could do this but might as well use the weirdness. It certainly seemed to be real.

“Well whatever is going on, this has turned out pretty cool for me!”

@Surtr Inc

Grand Ridge Academy – Smoker’s Corner

“…What?” Tuyen couldn’t help but stare when Justin’s hand went on fire. That wasn’t normal. She took a step away from him, just because the heat radiating off his body was a little uncomfortable, before looking at the fire again. There was no way that was an illusion. That, or her and Justin were both seeing things. “That’s real, right?”

She shook her head in disbelief. Okay, maybe it wasn’t her who was going crazy. Maybe it was just the world. It definitely wasn’t normal for someone just to be able to set their entire hand on fire. If anything, she was a bit jealous. It was a lot cooler than anything she could do.

“I guess I’ll try to explain then, since I can’t show whatever is happening to me.” She’d realised she was the only one who could see her weird shadow all the way back when no one else noticed it. “I think my shadow is alive, or something. At least it moves and does things. I also think it’s why I see things.” And hear things, but she’d leave out the voice in her head that could be the shadow or herself. “It makes it so hard to do anything… then there’s the tattoo on my chest, and I know I definitely did not get a tattoo.”

She felt a bit better after getting all of that out – though she didn’t know if he would get half of it, since it was a little hard to explain. Her shadow didn’t appear to other people. If it did someone would’ve noticed a long time ago.

@Surtr Inc @pokemad1
Grand Ridge Academy – The Parking Lot

Rien thought for a while about what David suggested before nodding. “Ah, yeah, I know what that is! I can probably draw one of those.” They just hope that it turned out how they needed it and not with holes or anything. Or that it even came out of the paper. They didn’t even know how this thing worked.

They quickly got to work drawing. It wasn’t too hard to draw a circular net with a handle. They made sure to give it some shading just in case this strange power required it to be three dimensional when pulled out. They honestly didn’t know.

Once they knew they could do it they find it quite simple to stick their hand right in the paper. Well, looked like it hadn’t been a hallucination. Or they were really going mad. Ignoring that thought, Rien grasped the net inside and pulled it out.

“It worked!” Rien triumphantly held up the uncoloured net with a grin. They didn’t know what the hell this was or how they were doing it but it was cool. “Now we can catch the butterfly.”
Well now that you've posted I guess I can do a post... which I totally didn't mean to do last night but Im studying atm, itll happen today sometime
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Ah I'm glad :) Good luck with dealing with work and the wedding as well hope that goes well! Yeah it's just tough studying for exams cause I feel so exhausted in the evening and have no inspiration to write anything too long >< Soon I should have time though
I technically have Caelea free since I never really did anything with her, so can probably figure out something there if you'd Like? (Also Min I guess but meh)

Though it also involves writing with me and I don't do good ideas

@Surtr Inc

Grand Ridge Academy – Smoker’s Corner

Tuyen watched Justin carefully as he talked, noticeably distressed about whatever had happened that night. She knew he wasn’t telling her the whole story but decided it was best not to push him on it. There was things she didn’t really want to talk about too, after all. She understood.

“I’m glad that you made it out alive,” she responded quietly. Really, she was surprised more people hadn’t been killed. She only made it away because of Min dragging her and Martin’s distraction. Though it wasn’t really like she’d escaped what happened that night.

“Yeah, I just really needed time to think. I’m glad you understand unlike some people…” Tuyen sighed slightly. It was basically impossible to cut her cousin off, even though she hadn’t wanted to talk to him at all. Really she hadn’t wanted to talk at anyone at all.

She was a bit taken aback as Justin grabbed her hand, kind of staring at it for a few moments. She knew her problems weren’t nothing – but it didn’t mean she’d prioritise them over anyone else’s. They weren’t really important problems. Anyway, how did she even start to explain them.

“Talking about my problems would just make anyone think I’m crazy,” Tuyen looked away. “You know, seeing and hearing things that aren’t actually there. Last thing I want to do is go see some therapist.”

She glanced at her shadow, pleasantly still and normal for once. She wondered just how long that would last and just how she could even begin to explain that. If she could even explain it.

“It’s hard to talk about. I don’t even know how to talk about it.”

@Surtr Inc @pokemad1
Grand Ridge Academy – The Parking Lot

“Uh, shit, I’ll try and get it!” Rien half jumped after the butterfly, trying to grab at it but failing horribly. Okay, maybe they weren’t quite awake enough for this. But they also didn’t think they were hallucinating. That had definitely come out of the paper. And anyway, the drawing wasn’t there anymore.

After another failed attempt at getting the butterfly, they turned back to Kimberley and Jordan with a shrug. “Uh, I could just draw something again? Something not moving this time and see if the same thing happens…” 
I made a quick post, but I have to go to werk soon, so I'll either add Justin in later, and maybe expand the Kimberly/Jordan post. @FernStone

That's fine I don't plan on writing a post until tomorrow probably anyway so take you're time to add both
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