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^Yeah that's me

There's not really much to tell. Tbh I'm not sure why I'm making some kind of fancy biography thing. I'm a 20 year old Agender Scottish person just getting through the day to day life at university (doing Computing Science, but that isn't very important). I spend most of my time gaming, writing or making cosplay (I've gotten way to into that ahahaha). Not much else to say really.

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Hillview High – Mason Square

Caelea did not sign up for this bullshit. And she certainly wasn’t signing up to Claire and Jason’s death wish of attacking something her eyes couldn’t explain. If they wanted to die attacking it, sure thing. Even better if it gave them a bit of time to get out. But there was no way in hell she would.

The tentacle aiming at her did not give her hope that it would be easy to leave. Not when it had gone through the fucking floor after a barrier had appeared (she wasn’t quite sure from where). The tentacles could probably do the same.

Tuyen backed away from the creature, shaking her head at the tentacle that followed her – not wanting to believe any of this is real. She only got a few steps before falling down to one knee, each step taking more energy than she had as exhaustion hit her. The shadow remained visible and her size, draining what little energy she had as it did so.

“Tuyen, we need to leave,” Min hurried over to her, voice a rushed whisper, wanting to get him and his cousin out while Justin and the girl as idiotic as him ran some kind of suicide mission. He didn’t know what was going on with her, or why her shadow could move so unnaturally, be he wasn’t letting him intimidate him. He would ask later. “Come on.”

He crouched down in front of her, between her and the being, to try and help her up. Tuyen let him, forcing herself back to her feet even as she wanted nothing more just to go to sleep. It would be easier that way.

“Maybe between us we can carry her,” Rien had moved over to Maddie, not liking the idea of leaving someone behind but also unsure how exactly to help. With Billy checking her pulse, and two of them, there was a chance they could do it. “We just need to get her over so we can grab someone’s hand, right?”

Not liking this one bit, but realising it was the only idea to get out they had, Caelea hurried over to grab Rita’s hand.

I'm trying to write a post but hitting a bit of a wall with inspiration to write :/ Will hopefully get something done soonish
I thought this was just some big old roundabout way of getting to tentacle porn

On another note this seems like a good opportunity to sacrifice a character I can't be bothered writing anymore... if i can figure out a way to

Hillview High – Mason Square

Scott was dead.

Tuyen tried to ignore that guilt that washed over her at that, his last words chilling her. Whatever it was she didn’t want to meet this master. She just wanted to get out of here. The shadow had shrunk back down to her side, clinging to her but still visible to everyone else. It was tiring, all of it.

“I think I agree with Kimberley, let’s-” the words died on Rien’s lips, half way through standing when everything was illuminated with orange light. Everything about the thing that appeared was wrong, the way it shifted and constantly changed. It shouldn’t exist.

It hurt their eyes but they couldn’t look away from it.

Caelea took a step away as whatever the mass appeared, given the name the glutton by Sharon. Her breathing was increasing and everything was screaming at her to run. But how? She couldn’t look away and she doubted she could turn and run even though she wanted to. It shouldn’t be able to exist. But when had anything been normal recently.

“We should leave,” Tuyen’s voice was barely more than a whisper, quiet and panicked as it was spoken after Rita’s question to the glutton. She didn’t want to find out the answer… something told her it wasn’t going to end well.

Yeahhhhh I lied about making a post this week it'll be next week, this has been a bit of a shit week so I haven't really had the energy to write >< Hopefully next week though
I've been away all weekend but I'll try to get something written this week

Hillview High – Mason Square

Caelea rolled out of the way as the cart came right into the crowd, quickly hopping into a crouched position. Whatever had happened had somehow empowered Scott, she could tell that much. To her a retreat seemed like the best plan – if only he wasn’t going after them one by one.

Claire was thrown straight into the crowd – and right near where Caelea was. Letting out a curse Cael threw out her hands in a hope of somehow catching the girl and not injuring herself in the process. Instead she sent out a blast of air, enough to soften Claire’s landing just a little and probably stinging anyone in its range.

“Shit, guess that’s what I can do,” Caelea murmured, looking down at her hands before trying to come up with a plan to help stop Scott from murdering anyone else.

Rien had finally finished their drawing, in time to be pushed away from the cart and fall very clumsily to the ground. Unharmed, at least. They pulled the gun out of the paper and pointed the gun at Scott.

Except it was really hard to get a straight shot with him moving around, they’d never used a gun and where still on the ground. Maybe they’d need to think of a better way to do this.

Hillview High – Mason Square

Tuyen still couldn’t see what was actually happen, could only hear some of the shouts through the hallucination her shadow was forcing on her. The smell of the dead bodies piled around her, some her friends some she’d just met, was only increasing the more she stared at the scene.

You’re just standing there, useless as everyone else fights and dies.

Tuyen tried to ignore it, tried to pretend the whispers in her mind weren’t telling the truth. But they were. She didn’t know what was actually happening. As much as she had figured out this was an illusion it didn’t mean that people weren’t dying now.

“…Please help me.”

But why? her mind responded, shadow moving around her in an almost taunting manner as the dead bodies only grew more mutilated. Why should I.

“Because I need to. I can’t just stand by and do nothing, but there’s nothing I can do.”

That’s your fault.

“I know it is,” Tuyen wiped away the tears that had started falling from her eyes – unable to stop them where she normally would with the knowledge people might see. “But please, they can’t die.”

The shadow seemed to consider it, though Tuyen still wasn’t sure if it was intelligent or if it was just another part of her mind. It seemed to decide it was worth the effort, that Tuyen had begged enough, as the illusion disappeared to show an only slightly less disturbing scene.

Tuyen had been pulled to the side by Min as the cart flew into the crowd. As Scott grabbed and threw people she began to lose hope that her abstraction, if it even was that, could help.

The shadow attached to her by its feet became solid, now visible as a shadowy clone of Tuyen. Then it grew to double in size and change shape to a werewolf demon cross that looked like it stepped right out of a nightmare.

It turned and hit Min away from where he was still holding onto Tuyen, not much caring that it would hurt him (much to Tuyen’s dismay). Then it turned to look at Scott. With Tuyen frozen in the spot and its inability to detach itself from her, it was a good thing it was so large. It didn’t have to move much to close the gap with a fist going directly towards Scott, but also not bothering to avoid anyone that might be in between.
I'm finally working on a post today! Sorry for hardly contributing the past few weeks, not been in a great place (I'm still not) but should hopefully get something decent out this time round
Ill try to actually get up a post this weekend! Been pretty busy recently
Im away all weekend so won't be able to post until Tuesday
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