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22 year old java developer who regrets becoming an industrial slave so soon after graduating. Outside of work most of my time is spent gaming, drawing, sewing, cosplaying and reading / watching trash for entertainment. Much more of a casual rper nowadays I don't plan to join more than a few at a time. I've been roleplaying for... too long, and around on the guild with varying degrees of activity since the olden days. I'm an alright rper but I'd say I'm pretty fussy about what I join at the moment, which is alright since I'm so busy anyway. That being saiiid I am getting back into rping more AKA completely procrastinating the webcomic I said I'd be starting soon. So uh, maybe I'll join more than two for once. We shall see.

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Vivienne Nott

“At least we can avoid most of the weirdos, thanks to our house,” Vivienne inclined her head, thankfully to be a slytherin through and through. She could only imagine how horrible it would be to be a pureblood in another house. She shuddered at the thought.

“Good morning, Jacob,” Vi smiled slightly, before nodding to the other boys - whose name she didn’t remember, even though she had a vague memory of each of their families. It wasn’t something she needed to bother with. Only the best among the best could get attention from someone like her. “You’re right, though I’m not sure what my appetite will be like around all those… commoners.”

She snorted, starting to walk while talking. “If we talk to them, perhaps they’ll be confident enough to ask for a house change. The hat must have been wrong, and I’m sure both them and the teachers will see that.”

Bryn Park
Benjamin Sallow

“Hanging out is nice,” Bryn laughed, leaning against a wall to wait for Min to be finished. She paused at her question, trying to figure out how to answer it properly. “Well… I don’t know all the details, cause only my dad’s a wizard, and his parents weren’t. Basically there’s a bunch of pureblood families, those who’ve been wizards forever and ever, and their family is one of them. A pretty famous Slytherin family, so everyone thought they’d be Slytherin too. That’s why everyone’s so shocked.”

Ben had been one of the first Gyffindor boys to get up, and one of the leaders in heading down to the Great Hall. Once he sat down he turned back around to watch the others coming in - noticing Archie wandering in as if he’d lost his soul.

“Hey,” he tapped Archie’s shoulder before he walked past him. “Want to sit with me? Everyone else I know isn’t here yet… Here, you’ll feel better once you eat.”

Before Archie could say something, Ben half pulled him onto the seat beside him and started piling food onto his plate. He only stopped after a few moments, realising he was definitely overstepping.

“Ah, sorry. I’m used to looking after my younger siblings in the morning.”

Gus Montague
Olivia Janvier

“Hmm?” Gus blinked, turning to look at Carter. He hadn’t even realised that he was there until he’d spoken up. He gave a faint smile. “Sure, sounds good to me.”

He sat down, though not without his gaze trailing over to the Gryffindor table, trying to find his twin. He mindlessly put some food on his plate and started eating it. It took a few moments before he realised how rude he was being - sitting down and eating without even attempting a conversation with Carter, who had gone out of his way to eat with him. “Uh, did you sleep well?”

Olivia was running a bit late, running into the great hall with her hair falling out of the messy ponytail she’d pulled it into. Her tie was completely undone and she looked like she’d just rolled out of bed. Which she had, having stayed up most of the night thinking about a maths problem that she’d been doing before getting on the train to hogwarts.

She waved to Carter and Gus, before sitting down beside Nadia. She leaned over and whistled at the book in Nadia’s hand. “Already starting? Impressive! What subject are you looking forward to most? I looked into them all beforehand… It’s so annoying they won’t let us take Arithmancy before third year, though I’m sure the rest will be interesting too.”

Ishbel Maclean
Liqin Zhou

“Good,” Liqin nodded to Eli, before getting distracted beginning to fiddle with his camera.

“I slept well,” Ishbel smiled, before holding out her sketchpad. There was a light blush on her cheeks - she didn’t normally show her art, but Eli seemed like he wouldn’t make fun of her for it. “Just some plants I remembered from back at my parent’s place.”

She turned her head after handing it over to see Saiorse, giving her a smile and wave. The girl seemed a little… odd, even more so now that Ishbel wasn’t so distracted with the thrill of getting sorted. It didn’t put her off at all, though. “Yup, I think we’re ready. Let’s head down.”

Ishbel stood up, nudging Liqin to stop looking at his camera before heading towards the great hall.
Vivienne Nott

Though not particularly fond of sharing rooms with other people, Vivienne managed to get a fairly decent night's sleep. Perhaps it was because she knew this was a place where she belonged, waking up bright and perky ready to socialise. She took her time to get her hair just perfect before getting dressed.

“Ready?” she turned to Maddie, flicking her hair behind her with a smile. “I can’t believe we still have to dine with the other houses, it's truly disgraceful.”

Bryn Park
Benjamin Sallow

Bryn woke up full of energy, flying out of bed with excitement at the start of the day. A whole day without classes! To socialise! She couldn’t wait to spend more time with other students… And maybe she could explore, figure out what kind of pranks she could play… not that she was thinking of those on her first day!

“Min, you ready?” she practically bounced around her new friend’s area of the dorm, waiting for her instead of running right out for breakfast like she wanted to. “I’m <i>starving</i>, I hope breakfast is as good as dinner was yesterday. I wonder what we’ll be doing afterwards, since we have no classes… Well, as long as we stick together, it’ll be fine.”

Gus Montague

Gus didn’t sleep well during his first night at hogwarts.

He was still groggy when he woke up in the dorm, eyes squinting against the light. He was too used to Archie being around… even when they didn’t need to share a room, they often chose to. The Ravenclaw dormitory was full but it wasn’t the <i>same</i>. The twins were inseparable growing up, and they’d never expected to be split up at hogwarts.

From what he remembered Ravenclaw and Gryffindor didn’t even have that many classes together. How were they meant to spend time together?

He went through the motions of getting ready, dressing and walking out of the dorm without really thinking about where he was supposed to be going, completely disregarding everyone else and following the crowds to the great hall as if on autopilot.

Ishbel Maclean
Liqin Zhou

Ishbel had woken up early, a force of habit from living on a farm and waking at the crack of dawn. She’d quietly gotten ready and slipped into the common room to wait for others to wake up, taking a sketchpad with her. She quickly lost herself in sketching the rest of the morning away, not paying much attention when people started to filter in.

“Morning,” Liqin saw Ishbel first when he dragged himself out of the boys dorm, eyes still heavy with sleep and uniform messily put on. His camera was slung around his neck. “Do we go to the great hall for breakfast?”

“I think so,” Ishbel nodded with a smile, putting down her sketchpad. “Let’s wait for the others?”
The rest of the students slowly got sorted, and with that done that feast began.

Vivienne Nott
Thanh Nguyen

“Do you think something’s wrong with the sorting hat today?” Vivienne commented, voice dropping into a sneer, as Maddie joined her at the Slytherin table. Her eyes flickered over to where Thanh was awkwardly sitting, avoiding eye contact. “Really, our parents weren’t wrong about the standards dropping.”

She folded her arms, nose upturned as she put a small amount of food onto her plate.

“Hmph, I can’t believe we’re going to have to live with something like <i>that</i>.”

Bryn Park
Benjamin Sallow

“Gryffindor too! Amazing!” Bryn grinned as Min sat beside her, leaning in to nudge the other girl in a friendly gesture. While Bryn found making friends fairly easy, she could already tell her and Min would get on great - she was her first friend at Hogwarts after all! There was something about Min that made her want to take her under her wing, even if they were the same age, so now she got the chance. “Can’t wait to spend the next few years together!”

She then turned to Gus, who was still looking visibly confused. She wasn’t pureblood but she knew that both him and his twin had not expected to be sorted like this - the Montague family was a famous Slytherin one. Well, some traditions changed. She smiled at him. “Nice to have you here too. I’m Bryn, and this is Min.”

Ben looked at the two girls opposite him with a smile, while trying not to look at Archie in shock too much. He was sure the other boy was confused enough without all the looks he was getting.

“Ben,” he said with a smile. “Looking forward to spending time together. We should eat, it’s been a long journey.”

Gus Montague
Olivia Janvier

Gus was still reeling from the fact he’d been sorted into Ravenclaw, rather than Slytherin as expected. He barely noticed when Carter sat beside him, only following Archie’s back as he moved to the Gryffindor table. He only snapped out of it when Nadia sat down beside him.

“Fancy seeing you here, huh?” he laughed awkwardly. “Not that I mean you wouldn’t be sorted here! Of course! I was the one not expecting to be sorted… Ah, so strange.”

He trailed off at the end, words barely more than mutters.

Olivia had sat opposite the other three, with no clue why this boy was so confused about his sorting. Did he not think he was smart enough? Well, whatever. She was sad to be separated from Saiorse and Thanh but… Well, they’d see each other again she was sure.

She stuck out her hand to the other three.

“Hi, I’m Olivia! Let’s get along, seeing as we’re in the same house.”

Ishbel Maclean
Liqin Zhou

Li was already fiddling with his camera once he’d sat down, though he glanced up with a smile at Eli once he joined them. He quickly went back to looking through the photographs he’d already taken, small smile on his lips and completely disregarding the food that had magically appeared in front of them.

Ishbel glanced at Li, and then at Eli. Her gaze showed a faint bemusement… Ah, were they going to have to make sure this new friend didn’t spend all his time taking photographs? “Nice to see you again. It’s comforting to have so many familiar people here.” She said with a smile to Eli.

She then glanced over at Saiorse who had sat nearby. The girl looked a little out of it, but not unfriendly, so Ishbel waved to her. “Want to join us?”

Traversing the bone desert was no easy feat, especially when one was a three foot tall sentient mushroom.

If Ari felt much of anything, it was out of their depth. They were lucky they had consumed as much rotting materials as they could before leaving, stored in their body and allowing them to safely make it across without needing to eat along the way. It was a sad necessity for them to venture so far out of their natural habitat in the hopes of getting a better, less boring life.

Finally, the gate was in view and they let out a sigh of relief. The two guards at the door gave them strange looks which they ignored in favour of showing the invite they had possibly stolen off of someone. It was easy enough to get in from there and find the tent were the rest were meeting.

” discuss the terms of the deal... which means that you will be teleported up into Exusia. However, when you get up there, we will relinquish any weaponry or any materials you can use to cast a spell until your time there is up."

Ari walked into the tent in the middle of what seemed to be an explanation of what was going on, not seeming put out or apologetic at all for how late they’d ended up. Really, set times wasn’t really something they had a concept of beyond the way the sun moved along the sky.

They glanced around the room without a change to the flat smile on their mouth. It was quite a strange look, black eyes peering up curiously from underneath their purple tinted cap at all the much taller people. Many were humans, which they had knowledge enough of. Others, they had little clue what they were. A particularly odd looking one who seemed to be made of armour, bug like with a particularly scary looking pincer, was snickering away. What even were they? Ari had never seen anything of the sort before.

Though, it was likely most of them hadn’t seen anything like Ari either. Myconid rarely socialised among their own kind, nevermind others. The mushroom themself didn’t have much experience in human society beyond a short period of time recently.

“I accept the terms,” Ari spoke up after the strange insect bowed. Their voice was soft, human words not quite properly fitting their mouth, but not lacking in any confidence. After they said that they flashed a grin at everyone else, offering up the small knife (that looked too large in their hands) up to the woman in charge, who’s name they’d missed. “I’m glad I’m not too late, unless there was a cut off, and you’re about to kick me out.” They quickly moved on from that. “Ari, by the way.”

They didn’t know if names had been exchanged, but they had been led to believe it was generally the done thing when first meeting others. They had no qualms about offering theirs easily - it didn’t mean much to them, anyway, and they’d only used it a few months.
Wow finally posting a character its a miracle

There was agreement both for and against getting in contact with the cult member.

Though he didn’t exactly explicitly say it, beyond agreeing with one of the more rude Vanburen members, it was easy enough to tell that Justin didn’t agree with Tuyen’s idea. It wasn’t something that should bother her - she wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for his business here, so of course his ideas would make more sense.

But it was enough to fuel the self doubts constantly dwelling in her mind and for the shadow to creep in where she’d held it off for the rest of the day. The voices around her took a slight sinister tint, vision blurring with shadows she knew weren’t really there. Tuyen’s lips twitched downwards into a pained grimace, gone as quickly as it had appeared as she forced herself back to looking as neutral as possible.

She was paying attention to this, not now. As if she could just ignore what was the truth.

Oscar listened to everything Justin said with folded arms and a few nods. He wasn’t surprised when Sabrina suggested going to the police. Of all of them she was the one most out of place with… violence, in his mind. Not that it was something Oscar wanted to rush into. But a chance to see the cult’s Abstractions again, and discover any other tricks they may have? It wasn’t something he could pass up on.

"So, uh, what can you all do by the way? Mine is Pyro-telekinesis. I can move objects with my mind but whatever I control catches fire. Pretty simple, yeah?"

Tuyen stayed silent, deciding not to say or demonstrate her abstraction like Justin had. For a start, she couldn’t. Especially not right now. They’d already seen all she would be willing to explain, so even if she was asked by any Vanburen, she would only give them the most simplest answer. Even that was as a show of trust and so that they would trust her and Justin.

Oscar’s attention, which had begun to stray, was instantly brought back by the question. It was something he was curious about too. Not all of his siblings were open with using their abstractions and it could be a little less obvious what they did.

Ezra demonstrated an ability to improve objects… and himself it seemed. Oscar nodded as he spoke, committing it to memory to dissect later before flickering his gaze to the next ones to speak. Alexander’s was interesting to him, watching the conjured chains with a quickly moving mind as he tried to figure out how it worked. He wasn’t so interested in Raymond’s… terrakinesis was mundane enough, in that it was described in plenty of superhero films. The weaknesses, though? Interesting.

The new girls were the most interesting of them all, having Oscar’s eyes widen in excitement. He wondered what kind of abstraction it was. An aberration of some kind? That would make more sense, but perhaps she was awakened.

”All very interesting,” Oscar mumbled, mostly to himself. His mind was filled with questions he wanted to ask them all. How long could Ezra maintain his spell? How big of an object could he cast on, how long did Alexander’s chains go, how-

”Why does what I can do matter?” Trisha scowled, pulling herself away from picking her nails and ignoring everything going on around her. It was only when some disgusting phantom tentacle was pointing at her that she was given no choice but to look up.

This was her absolute worst nightmare. Show and tell with their abilities? Please. Like she would ever admit to something so embarrassing. Did they think she was just going to pull out her laptop and demonstrate? As if. She was never, ever letting her family get wind of the fact that she could program… Nevermind that she found it genuinely interesting. She would die before she told them.

”Georgie’s right, I’m not just going to tell you all the details of what I can do. I don’t even know you so you can fuck right off. What I can do isn't that important to anyone here, anyway.”

It was a lie that she agreed with Georgie, because she never agreed with Georgie. It was just an excuse to not have to explain why she didn’t actually want to talk about what she could do. She was glad her sister had left, though. Just her presence was irritating.

”Oh, I can do two things, predominantly,” Oscar said eventually, having once again gotten lost in his own mind. He’d completely forgotten the point of all this and ended up focusing on all the abilities that had been shown. ”On one hand I can create and control water. On the other, I can essentially channel electricity through my hands.” He demonstrated this one, bright sparks jumping from his hands for a few moments. ”Both are simple enough on the surface, but I could keep talking about the nuances of it if there’s interest.”

Trisha snorted. As if there was interest.

Tuyen was thankful to have had a chance to get changed after their investigation, bundled up in a more practical set of trousers and a thick winter jacket that she’d owned since she stopped growing. The scarf wrapped around her neck was worn and clearly old, but it still did its job.

She wasn’t going to freeze to death again, thank you very much. Though it wasn’t quite as bad as when Farmer’s Hill basically froze over. She shoved her glove covered hands in her pockets, shivering and keeping close to Justin.

Oscar had taken a short break after investigating with his siblings, traipsing through a forest and thankfully getting some information. Now Justin was suggesting going after the cult and everyone was chiming in with their own ideas. Far too many of them. ”You’ve got most of their abilities, though one must also be able to disguise themselves, so add that to the list.” He said to Ray, giving him a nod, having also kept a tally in his head of everything they could do (in hope of investigating it later).

Trisha, unlike the other actively participating, hung back and rolled her eyes. ”Oh yes, let’s just all go galavant in the woods and take out a bunch of weirdos, sounds like a great use of our time. Not to mention that you’re expecting us to work together. That isn’t going to happen. So the plan doesn’t matter, because it won’t work in the end.”

Oscar ignored his pessimistic sister and changed his attention to their new sibling(?) and her somewhat crazy idea that sounded fun but unlikely to work, and then Arabelle with her less crazy idea.

“If this girl is truly against their plans, she may know a way to stop them without violence. She may know about this goddesses weakness too. I think we should try to contact her.”

”Do you think you’ll be able to contact her?” Tuyen asked, eyebrows raised. ”We’ll have to get rid of the Triple Goddess either way, but it will be easier if we can negotiate with the cult itself. Without her, I don’t think they will be a threat to you.”

At least that was what she hoped, seeing as she didn’t have much confidence in the Vanburens fighting against both the cult and the Triple Goddess at the same time. There was only so much her and Justin could pull their weight in a fight, but they also couldn’t go alone. It was bad enough that she was as likely to be a hindrance as a help. She was just a burden, most of the time.

”Either way, I agree with confronting the cult,” Oscar spoke up, tapping his fingers against his mostly broken phone. ”And that if it comes down to a fight, not everyone here is suited to that. I can handle their water and fire at the very least.” Though their water abstractions seemed more powerful than his. He then glanced at Arabelle. ”And we need to make sure to continue to keep the Horned God away from them, right? It’s best it stays with Arabelle, I think.”

Tuyen frowned as she listened to Justin, arms folded over her chest in an attempt to keep herself a little warmer. Thankfully outside of the somewhat destroyed dining room wasn’t so bad, but she really needed a change of clothes. If there was even a chance for that.

”Magic only came back after we defeated… it, right?” she narrowed her eyes. It was strange. Why did this guy have so many apparitions sitting around? How did he even know about them? ”How did he even find all these apparitions…”

Tuyen shook her head. There was a lot to think about, and a lot that they could pursue. Too much. It was hard for her to get her head around it all. At least in Farmer Hill things there had been a clear way forward a lot of the time… even if everything that happened was horrible.

”Well, I think that it’s no wonder that his children got cursed if he was already messing with all this stuff. It’s confirmed that he knew Thorton Walters… Even if he didn’t give us any useful information, which is the opposite of helpful. Maybe he’s connected to their curse, who knows. Hopefully they’ll find something in all those books.”

She wasn’t hopeful about that, but she figured she didn’t need to say that. It would have been easier if James had stuck around and told them more, but they couldn’t dwell on that. It was a surprise anything useful had come of it anyway.

”I agree with taking things one at a time, though. We should concentrate on the cult first and make sure they don’t release that horned god, and if they have… Well, deal with it. Even if they aren’t helpful for the rest it best to deal with something that might end up dangerous.”

She wasn't confident at all if they had released the Horned God - or that they would be able to take on the Triple Goddess either. She’d already called her shadow once today, something she was regretting now, and would it listen to her again? Unlikely. Why would it.

Tuyen sighed, giving Justin a faint smile. ”We really have our work cut out for us, huh?”
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