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There's not really much to tell. Tbh I'm not sure why I'm making some kind of fancy biography thing. I'm a 19 year old Scottish person just getting through the day to day life at university (doing Computing Science, but that isn't very important). I spend most of my time kicking around doing literally nothing, while sometimes gaming or writing or socialising. I probably socialise a bit too much - I certainly can keep talking for quite a while. But hey ho. Not really sure what else to put here, so that's it for now.

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I'll do Lhindél tomorrow or something
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I'm busy the next few days but I'll try and get Lhindél and Cassi adapted for the new CS ASAP. Should be easy enough cause they'll be essentially the same characters :)

Strong-Gold Community, Silver Hills_

It has been three days, I have neglected basic needs in favor of scanning this book for whatever I can get out of it.

Wendy wrote her own journal with one hand... literally. She had her hand pressed against an open book, and generated ink that she willed into the shape of sentences. While also obsessively scanning the book. Her talent with ink manipulation was to such a level she could write... without even looking. A talent that's probably... less than impressive in the Metahuman community. But, that was far from important. She had the second edition of Sean Rosier's notes! Amazing!

"The theory of traveling from one dimension to another could possibly be related to mechanic of quantum tunneling, or how it is often explained to the uninformed..." Wendy repeated the words from the book, in a low tone. "Traveling over a hill without having the energy to... and just go through it instead. The basis of quantum tunneling is a particle piercing through a potential energy barrier of a much higher energy value...."

It was a little while since Wendy had left the room. Not to shower, or interact with people (... not really her M.O to begin with). She merely left to go to the bathroom, and eat the food that Kumiko left her. But, otherwise, kept her attention on the books. In fact, she was wearing nothing but underwear (Very sweaty underwear). She was certain that her friends would be fine without her, in fact, she dismissed them until she made a discovery. They're only doing this in their spare time, after all, and probably had school and other activities to attend to.

"What if... what if the energy barrier in this context is the aforementioned barrier that is keeping the universes separate? What if there is a way to pierce through it without an insurmountable amount of energy? As I proposed earlier that, to pierce through such a barrier, you would need more energy than the world could ever produce... but what if you don't need any? What if there's another way..."

Wendy repeated what the book said verbatim. Then she thought about the last phrase. "... Another way?" She asked herself. There was probably something he was implying here. Something she'd learn by the end of the book... but, a knocking on the door interrupted her.

"... Hey, Wen," Kumiko said through the door. "You've been locked up in there for three days straight, come out."

"Kumiko... I'm busy." Wendy pleaded.

"Fine, drastic measures!" There was a pause between that statement, and the next. "I invited your bird girlfriend."

"Wait, how-" Wendy looked to the side, and noticed that her phone was gone.

"Remember, Wen," Kumiko cockily said through the door. "I did nothing espionage for a good ten years! Take a shower, and take your mind off that damn book."

Well, there was a chance that Kumiko was bluffing, but Wendy knew that there was also a higher chance that Kumiko actually got Rori to come. She wasn't going to get caught unprepared... and maybe she did need a shower. So, it was time that Wendy took a break....

It had taken Rori a while to arrive, due to being in the middle of painting when they'd got the text. They still had a bit of paint splattered on them, especially the feathers around their neck, but they'd changed into a nicer shirt and jeans before leaving (not that Rori had many fancy clothes). After double checking that the address matched the door in front of them, they rang the doorbell.

The door opened, and it revealed Wendy in a skyblue summer dress stepping out towards her. "Heeeeeeey, Rori!" Wendy greeted her with an open hand. "Glad you could make it."

"Hey, Wendy," Rori grinned at their friend, going to hug then in greeting - though it was a bit awkward because they weren't sure how appropriate that was after three years of not seeing each other. "It was easy enough - I don't exactly do anything these days. I should get a job." They laughed. "How are you?"

"I'm doing fine... I'm just looking at the other book," Wendy awkwardly said, before she glanced over her shoulder, before holding the door open for Rori. "Come in, come in."

She lead the bird girl to the couch in Kumiko's house, and plopped down on it. This was tough... as Wendy didn't plan on any social interaction until she found all the secrets of the book. Even if it took months to do so. But, maybe Kumiko was right. Maybe a break would stop her from overworking herself (well, it did help her take a shower). Well, she needed a subject.

Having followed Wendy in, Rori sat down on the couch beside her and took a moment to adjust themselves so that they could actually sit properly without their wings in the way (the constant pain in their everyday life).

"So, uh, remember that thing I wanted to talk to you about in the cafe?" Wendy said, "About that one research book... not the one by Sean Rosier, but the other guy?"

"Oh yeah, the thing you wanted another perspective on?" Rori nodded. "I remember that. I'm assuming you want to talk about it now that there's no chance of someone else arriving and interrupting?"

"Well, definitely not, just you and me..." Wendy shook her head, as she wondered where Rowan went, but she figured that she should just show Rori. She quickly got up, and skipped her way back into her room, before coming out a few moments later with a large book. The book where Wendy stored all of Ezekiel's research notes. She placed it on the table, before taking a gulp. She trusted Rori not to go flapping her gumsabout this, buuuuut she was wondering if a second opinion would help her make a decision. "You just need to promise not to tell anyone, not Reinald, not Kannix, not... anyone else in our group."

Wendy shrugged as her eyes drifted to the side.

"... Not that I don't trust them- well, I kiiiind of don't," Wendy trailed off. "But, that isn't what I mean, I don't trust them to keep this to themselves."

"Don't worry, I won't tell them," Rori nodded. They barely knew the other members of the group anyway.

Wendy smiled as she said, "Let me get started..."

Wendy softly said, before she gulped.

"The concept of the Machine was born from many factors... first and foremost, the fact that every Metahuman is a low-yield reality warper. Subconsciously able to alter reality on a person, or impersonal level. The Metahuman energy is seemingly an innate connection to what composes the world... reality itself."

Wendy repeated the book verbatim, before looking up at Rori, then continued.

"For the sake of everyone, everywhere... the Family has been suppressing this information for decades now, along with one simple fact that, if spread, could cause some major detriments... Every man, woman, and child... Has the potential to become a Metahuman, as everyone on Earth has the Metahuman energy inside them."

Rori listened carefully, trying to wrap their head around what Wendy was saying. "So... metahuman energy has always been around? It is a connection to the world? And anyone can become a metahuman?" It was difficult for Rori to fully understand; they knew for a fact they weren't as smart as Wendy, and it might take some explaining. They were trying, though.

"It might be a little hard to understand, but that's essentially what this is saying," Wendy trailed off "Our powers aren't grounded in science, but bending reality around us... but, I'm wondering if it's really valid."

Wendy sighed, as she stuck her hand out, and turned it into paper, as it flipped page by page. "On one hand, it'd explain this."

Rori nodded. "It would definitely give an explanation," they absentmindedly touched the feather's at their neck as they talked. "But it also makes sense for some powers more than others, to me."

Wendy then tightly closed her fist, and turned it into flesh yet again.

"... On the other, of course, they're maniacs, and have a God complex that'd put Caligula to shame."

Stretching out on of their wings, the one that wouldn't hit Wendy when they did so, they kind of pointed to it. "I find it difficult to figure out how something like this is bending reality around us. Though maybe that's me not really understanding how science works, either. Not my strong subject."

"I mean, you can turn into a bird a million times smaller than you," Wendy pleaded, "That defies mass conservation, and many biological laws. Such as, a bird has a different biology than a human, and transformations between the two should be impossible."

"Oh, yeah, I guess that makes more sense... I tend to think more about the physical changes," Rori blinked, seeming to agree with what Wendy said. "I don't know the Founding Family as well as you, well I know nothing at all about them, but I probably wouldn't trust their research. Then again, they probably believed it was right." Rori pulled their wing back towards their body, and sheepishly rubbed the back of their head. "Sorry if that doesn't help you at all in terms of another opinion!"

"And it's a good thing you've never experienced them..." Wendy moodily trailed off. She couldn't put into words how glad she was that Rori wasn't a victim. "The Founding Family... despite their insanity, were geniuses capable of science shoulders above the rest of the world..."

She realized what she was saying.

"I'm not saying you're wrong or anything," Wendy shrugged. "I'm saying we have to consider all possibilities until proven otherwise... but..."

Wendy looked at Rori for a moment.

"Thank you anyway."

"It's no problem," Rori shrugged, not looking at all put out. "I'm probably more likely to be wrong than you anyway. This isn't something I know much about. "Thank you for telling me all this, though, and I wish I could help more."

They smiled slightly at Wendy before continuing. "If you want the book translated into a song, or a catchy tune to sum up our future adventures, I'm right here to do that."

"Ummm..." Wendy was unsure of how to respond to the song idea. But, it couldn't hurt, right? "... Sure."

"I mean I was mostly joking," Rori laughed. "Though it is something I could do - I just don't think you'd let me have the book long enough to do it! A small tune might be easier... hmm..." They looked thoughtful. "Now I'm actually thinking about composing a piece."

"Come on, what about a little?" Wendy said, teasing her.

"Now you're just putting me on the spot," Rori rolled their eyes with a smile. "See, I'd start with a verse about the group, but the name's are just a bit awkward!" They looked thoughtful. "There once was a group of misfits, and a book. God, no, that sounds awful." Rori was beginning to look a little flustered. "Why did I even go to art school?"

"Keep going..." Wendy said with a playful smile on her face. "Keep a rhythm going!"

"From the founding family it was took, leading to wonders they had never seen, and places they had never been." Rori paused, grinning at Wendy. It was difficult to think of something like this but, hey, it was fun. "It's beginning to sound more like a poem than a song. Why don't you add something to it?"

"Well, maybe we should take out 'Founding,'" Wendy said, "It flows better."

Part of Wendy wanted to contribute, but how? She didn't know much about music, and all, but she was going to try.

"All because someone..." Wendy trailed off as she tried to (awkwardly) add lyrics. "... Had a dream. Stuck in her cluttered...." Then Wendy couldn't say anymore, and just broke out into laughter.

"Sorry Rori, but maybe you're right," Wendy chuckled, "We should leave it alone, stick to the things we're good at." She didn't have her camera on her, but if it was, she'd be playing with it in her hands.

"Yeah, seems neither of us have a talent at writing lyrics," Rori laughed along with Wendy.

"Hey... know what we haven't done in awhile?" Wendy asked. "We haven't gone out and taken some shots."

"No, we haven't! Sounds like a fun thing to do again," Rori grinned. "Where do you want to go?"

"We can head over to the Orchestra Mall," Wendy said. "C'mon, I can take you there on my moped."

"Sounds good," Rori hopped up. "Let's go!"

Greencrest Heights, White Coast_

“So why exactly are you sitting in my kitchen, acting as if you still live here?” Lihn shot an unimpressed glance at Kei as she descended the stairs, having just left her office. “The key you have doesn’t give you a free pass to just turn up out of the blue.”

“I thought you’d be pleased to have me visit,” Kei grinned. “I stopped Thanh from breaking a glass so you had a bit of peace and quiet.”

Lihn sighed, looking over to where her daughter was now lying quietly on the floor beside her dog. “I would be happy for you to visit, if I wasn’t so busy.”

“Busy with what? I thought you didn’t have any clients today, past three?”

“I have things out with of clients to deal with for work. And more personal research, too.”

“You’re still looking into…” Kei glanced over at Thanh, and then back at his sister without saying another word. Lihn just nodded with a sigh. “How’s it going?”

“Slowly. Nothing has come of it yet.”

“Why are you looking intit now, after all these years. It has been so long that it makes sense that it’s difficult.” Kei didn’t normally question what Lihn did, but this time it was something he was curious about.

“Because of all the stuff with animals,” Lihn eventually responded with the sigh, voice dropping to a whisper. “She’s getting more powerful, Kei. It’s beyond what our father could do. He was an animal empath, and I’m just an empath. I don’t know what she’ll be able to do.”

“And I can control ice, which has nothing to do with that kind of stuff,” Kei shrugged one shoulder.

“Our aunt can control fire,” Lihn countered.

“Point taken,” Kei just nodded. “But still, I’m sure it will be fine. So how about you relax for a little bit? I didn’t just come round to pester you while you were working. I need to go shopping and don’t want to go alone, so I thought it would be a nice opportunity for some family bonding.”

“You want me to buy you things, don’t you?” Lihn raised an eyebrow.

“Well, maybe. But it will be fun for Thanh too!”

At the sound of her name the small girl looked up with a grin. Well, that didn’t give Lihn much choice about going. “Fine.” She turned to look at her daughter. “Thanh, we’re going out shopping. I need you to get your stuff together for me, please, and get ready.”

“Okay! Chi wants to come too!” Thanh stood up slowly as she responded in English. As much as she understood Vietnamese she still hadn’t gotten her head around talking it.

“We can’t bring Chi,” Lihn frowned slightly. “Dogs aren’t generally allowed in malls.” Not to mention the last thing she wanted was her daughter talking to an animal in front of strangers. Most still didn’t take kindly to metahumans. And Thanh was only young.

“But she wants to come,” Thanh pouted, looking like she was about to cry.

“I’m sure it will be fine, Lihn,” Kei put in, moving over to ruffle Thanh’s hair as he also switched to English. “If she’s not allowed we can just go home or leave her in the car.”

“Okay, Thanh, you can collect bring Chi if you get her ready to go after you get your stuff together,” Lihn conceded, getting an excited response from her daughter as she jumped up to get ready. Her gaze move to her brother, eyes narrowing. “I can’t believe you just convinced me to bring a dog to a mall.”

“Hey, what’s the worst that can happen?”
Posting as interested - from the roleplay this is a rework of :D going to be bringing back my elf from mirkwood and hobbit who is a daughter of the Warden of Westmarch / Shore (aka a Fairbairn).

Should be fun!
Pelennor Fields

Oh, how exciting! In her (somewhat) short life Cassinia Fairnbarn had only ventured out with the borders of the Shire a few times. Each time had been in a group of scouts, and they had barely gone past the border. Going to Minas Tirith? That was quite the event. The city was beautiful, more so than the pictures in books she’d read as a child had made it out to be. It seemed that the emissary, Adelard Took, also seemed to be excited going by what he was saying.

To say that Cassi had been delighted when chosen as a guard for this journey was something of an understatement. All her life she’d been brought up on the stories of the great adventure four hobbits had gone on to save the world – one being her great grandfather, Samwise Gamgee. She’d lapped up these stories and wished to have an exciting life, and practically demanded she be taught how to fight. After all she was the fourth child of the Warden of Westmarch and unlikely to have to take a role like that. The bow had been her first choice, and here she was one of the most accurate among the hobbits scouts and rangers. She’d always wanted to go on something like this, though; something more than just scouting the borders of her home. Her father’s status as Warden along with her skill and renown among the scouts, even at such a young age, was why she had been recommended and chosen. It probably helped that her family was close to Adelard’s.

“Oh look, there’s people over there,” Cassi whispered fervently to the guard next to her, pointing from where they were just a bit behind the emissary and Bracegirdle guard. “I wonder if they’re here for the meeting too! What do you think, Robin? Ooo, this is so exciting.”

The older hobbit gave her a weary look. Robin Noakes was a more experienced member of the hobbit Rangers, at least twenty years Cassi’s senior, and had been done with her constant talking since she had joined the Scouts and they’d had contact through that. Still, she didn’t let the looks he shot her way stop her. After all it was nice to have someone she knew there, especially since he was far more experienced than she was! She was always learning from Robin.

“I wonder if there are Elves… I’ve never met one before, imagine how wonderful that would be? Though it will only make me feel younger! Do you think there will be any?”

“There will be people of all kinds attending the meeting, Cas,” Robin sighed, looking down across the fields with a frown. It seemed they would be meeting with any others earlier than expected. “I’m sure there will be.”

“I can’t wait! I wonder if they’re nice. Will the other guards look down on us because we’re short? Cause I bet I can outshoot all of them! Well, maybe not any Elves, but everyone else. We’ll show them not to underestimate a hobbit!” She kept up the chatter even as they continued to approach the already congregated groups on the fields, getting only nods and grunts from the older ranger.

As they continued to their destination her bright green eyes widened at something of a spectacular sight, mouth wide open and rendering her speechless. Even through his own shock Robin had time to chuckle at the sight of her face. Cassi had never seen anything like it and had only heard of Oliphaunts in stories. She’d honestly thought they were a myth. Seems she was wrong there.

“Oh wow! I’ve never seen anything like that… Hey, why couldn’t we arrive on something so big and dramatic?”

A glare from Robin was all she got in response from him.
Pelennor Fields

The sight of Minas Tirith, from his position in the centre of his five guards, was something of a new one to Lhindél. He had only visited the city once before and in passing, giving it barely more than a glimpse. He had been younger then. Though, he was still young for his people. And once again there was no time for him to admired the beauty of the manmade city – they were here on urgent business and the most important thing was to press on and reach the capital as quickly as they could, just as they had been trying to do since he had left Eryn Lasgalen.

As his horse easily moved into a gallop Lhindél found his gaze curiously drifting to the other two groups of riders, narrowing slightly to try and discern their banners even as the moved. His curiosity only grew slightly as they stopped and he could finally make them out. Well, that was certainly interesting. He turned his head to look forward and gave a slight nod as he caught Elennína’s eye when she glanced behind her. It only seemed logical to change course to meet the two other groups. He was quite happy for his head guard to take charge of changing their route, anyway. He may be the emissary and technically in charge but, if anything, she seemed more capable than he was.

If he was honest with himself, there was still a small part of Lhindél that questioned why he had been sent as an emissary. While he was of nobility in Eryn Lasgalen and a skilled swordsman at that he was hardly experienced in the way of the world. Especially from an elven perspective. It was not that he had no confidence in himself, he could definitely do the job, just that he was sure there would have been many elves more experienced and capable than he was. But now that he was here he would carry out his role to the best of his abilities.

Lhindél pulled his horse to a halt, stopping so that he was just behind Elennína but still visible to her side. It made it easier for him to look over at the members of the other two parties with guarded grey eyes. Though clad in the browns and green typical of those from his forest home, it was clear from his stature and the quality of his clothing that he was not one of them. The sword that hung at his side was enough to show him as nobility; passed on to him from his father, it was a family heirloom that was still beautiful even though it showed the years of use.

He didn’t say much as Elennína introduced them, only putting in his own greetings and making it clear that he was the emissary. He did not have much to add so instead allowed her to do all the talking while he silently observed. There would be plenty of time for him to bring his opinions forward at the upcoming meeting, anyway.

Greencrest Heights, White Coast_
5 hours ago

Thanh was being a nuisance again while Lihn was trying to work. It was becoming a more regular occurrence – Lihn would settle down in her office to do some work when the bangs and clatters began to ring around the house. Some part of her missed years ago when Thanh had been a quiet child, as calm as Lihn was, and if she was full of energy for one day Kei was in the house to keep her entertained.

Of course, she understood that this was just her daughter growing up. She was glad than Thanh was becoming more adventurous and confident, even if it meant she was always making a mess or talking to her dog. And she’d never wish for Kei to move back in with her. It had taken long enough for her to get him to do something with his life.

Thankfully she had very little do right now, and she got it done while trying to ignore what hopefully wasn’t her daughter injuring herself while playing. The noise stopped just before she finished and she let out a sigh of relief. She wouldn’t have to go down and check on Thanh, at least not right now. Lihn had plenty of other, more personal and less work, things she wanted to get done which she’d rather not put on hold. Getting just a little bit of time to herself was difficult enough these days. She hadn’t realised how much she depended on her brother to help with Thanh until he had left.

God, being a single mother was hard.

She wasn’t too long into the research she’d decided to take on herself when her phone started ringing, an annoying buzz that interrupted her stream of thought. Well, that was just great. She reluctantly answered after checking the caller ID.

”I hope that this is important, Kei, because I’m very busy right now.” She slipped into her native Vietnamese easily, rolling her eyes at the laugh at the other end of the line.

“Sorry to interrupt you at a busy time, though you always seem to be busy,” Kei sounded amused as he spoke. “I’ve got a bit of a problem.”

“What kind of problem?” Lihn frowned. She hoped that it wasn’t work or college related – Kei had been doing so well lately and last thing she wanted was for him to have to move back in.

“I got an email from our cousins saying they were coming over on holiday, and asking to stay a week or two. I don’t really have the room to put them up so…”

“You were hoping I could? Why did they email you and not me, and which cousins? We do have quite a few of those.”

“I can’t tell you the answer to that first one, because I have no idea why. The one’s visiting are Minh and Tuyên, I believe.”

“Phoung’s youngest?” Lihn mused. Well, that was certainly something she hadn’t expected. She had hoped after the events in Vietnam last year she wouldn’t have to see any of the extended Phan family again. “They were better than the rest, I’ll give them that. I’ll give them rooms if you’re the one who spends time with them.

“I guess that’s fair, but I have work too sometimes.”

“We’ll work something out.” Trust that side of the family to cause problems again.

“I’m sure we will. How is it going for you? Busy, as always?”

“Between work and Thanh I have my hands full, but you already know that. I was just taking a break now when you called. Really, I could do with more breaks.”

“Hmm.” Lihn could tell that Kei was thinking. “I don’t have work for two more days. How about I pick up Thanh in an hour and give you tonight and tomorrow off? I’ll take Chi too, if you give me some dog food.”

Lihn smiled.“Thanks Kei, I appreciate it.”

“No problem! Well, see you in an hour.”

“Yup, see you in an hour.” Lihn hung up and turned back to her laptop.

The Golden Throne – Strongriver Plaza, Hedgemont_

It had been a long time since Lihn had a chance to kick back and relax. Between work and looking after Thanh she was lucky to even get a quiet night in. But with her brother promising to look after Thanh for the night, taking her to stay with him and all, she had a few more options for something to do to let her hair down. She wasn't the kind to normally go out for a drink, or go to a club, but it was something she had always enjoyed when younger. Being saddled with a child after one of those times had been enough to stop her frequent visits. But there was no harm in going somewhere like that just once on a while.

She didn't exactly plan to even drink enough to get drunk, nevermind to the point where she'd been making bad decisions.

Lihn didn't know why she had chosen the Golden Throne. It had seemed popular enough, and she was yet to be hit on by any sleazy guys. The clothes she wore were practically prude for a club like this - so no one was going to mistake her for a prostitute or anything of the like. She'd been enjoying herself sitting off to one side watching what was going on, only on her second drink of the night and not even near being tipsy.

She'd been absentmindedly checking her phone when she first heard the screams, immediately followed by an overwhelming anger that broke through the quiet buzz of emotions that Lihn had grown to ignore. Then there was fear stabbing through it, a sharpness through the throbbing pain that was the rage. She froze, unable to process what was happening as her eyes moved to whatever that thing was. Most people were running out, a sensible reaction to the fear she knew they felt. Lihn knew she could definitely follow them too. But she was stuck, her brain caught up in the anger emanating off what looked like a monster and her legs too weak to move. Her head hurt from the sheer force of the emotions she was sensing, but she was sure that a migraine would be the least of her worries if she didn't get out. Yet she sat still, barely seeing a man hit the beast with fire through her crowded vision.

It was the sprinkler system turning on that snapped Lihn out of it. The water hitting her allowed her to rip herself out of her own mind, offering a clarity around the fog of anger than hung densely in the room. She stood while looking for the neatest exit. Her search brought her gaze to the man that had tried to fight the monster and whose abilities had now been rendered useless.

If she left, he was probably going to die. If she stayed? Well, they'd probably both die. She knew she should think about her family, really the last thing she wanted was to leave Thanh without a mother, but she couldn't leave with her conscience clean. Lihn wasn't the kind of person who could just abandon someone to die. And anyway, she might just have an idea.

"Hey, keep it distracted, I can try and calm it down," Lihn called out, hoping that her words would get through to the man engaged with the beast but wouldn't draw its attention to her. She needed to be able to be able to focus and couldn’t exactly do it if it came running at her.

Not waiting to see if it’s attention had switched to her Lihn concentrated, easily finding the anger that was resonating off the tumour covered beast. There was no need to concentrate on reading the emotion and finding out what it was – that much was way too obvious as it railed against her mind. She forcefully took hold of it, throwing her will against the creatures to push the anger down. If she could reduce it just a little maybe it would stop its rampage. Then she could increase some more calming emotion in it, and maybe also extend her reach to the man fighting it.

That was the plan at least as she forcefully took it’s anger and decreased the intensity of it, without any of the subtly she normally had. She didn’t have time for subtlety.

All she could do was concentrate on using her strength as an empath to forcefully calm it down.
Also remember that wizards in lotr aren't typical wizards, like humans with magic, but are maiar who were sent over. Technically there are only a set number of wizards (5) so unless you make stuff for one blue wizards or bend canon a wizard character would be difficult to have?

A human with magic is another thing entirely.
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