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22 year old computing science graduate and soon to be industrial slave. Most of my time is spent gaming, drawing, sewing, cosplaying and reading / watching trash for entertainment. Much more of a casual rper nowadays I don't plan to join more than a few at a time. I've been roleplaying for... too long, and around on the guild with varying degrees of activity since the olden days. I'm an alright rper but I'd say I'm pretty fussy about what I join at the moment, which is alright since I'm so busy anyway. That being saiiid I am getting back into rping more AKA completely procrastinating the webcomic I said I'd be starting soon. So uh, maybe I'll join more than two for once. We shall see.

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Isla nodded at everything Zoey said cause she was right, they needed rest and there was no point in asking aimless questions. Also why hadn’t they just tried leaving? She doubted it would be that simple but hey, it was worth a try. After sleep. She watched as various people went off to take watch before pulling her beanie properly over her head and drifting off to sleep…

… Only to wake up to a loud yell what seemed like a moment later, automatically blinking and falling right on her ass on the floor next to where she slept. Disoriented she jerked her head around as she tried to figure out where she was. This wasn’t her room… fuck. Of course it wasn’t. As sleep left her brain all the events of before she slept came flooding back. And the yelling wasn’t from some drunken Scot shouting abuse at a friend outside but instead Hagan. She rubbed her head as she pushed away the confusion from her face and replaced it with a normal, lazy smile. As if she was dealing with all this just fine.

Slowly, Isla pushed herself to her feet and glanced over at the large man. Nightmare, for sure, it was written all over his face. She couldn’t easily tell the lie in him saying he was fine (as an expert liar). She walked over to the water cooler, filling up a cup of water and then went over to Hagan and Zoey. She held the cup out towards him.

“Here, drink this, you’re covered in sweat,” she said. “Gotta rehydrate or some shit. Have to say, this ain’t my normal wake up call, but when is anything normal here?”

Isla didn’t bother with any questions about if he was okay cause she knew he wouldn’t talk about it. No point pressing for something that you ain’t gonna find out about. As she waited for him to take the water she glanced back towards the door and muttered, mostly to herself, “I wonder if we can find any food here.”

When Maya had returned with shots, Sin was there, and she smiled at her - already tipsy enough to not stick with her normal distaste for the girl. Today was about having a good time and being a bit less of a bitch! Probably. Drinking mellowed her out, that was for sure.

"Hey lovergirl! This one's on me."

Rolling her eyes at the nickname, Maya took the shot and knocked it back. “Thanks, more drinks always welcome.”

She grinned as that shot hit her nicely, pleasant buzz in her body and brain shutting off everything that was concentrated on enjoying herself. She was glad she wasn’t as much of a lightweight as she looked - but she’d had enough that it had hit her now. It was nice.

"... I dare one of you to go up and slap her ass."

“Hell no!” Maya shook her head at the dare. There was a shit load she’d do personally, but risking her life to slap Madison’s life wasn’t that. Especially considering she’d activated the Jaws when someone had touched her ass in the elevator. “I don’t want to risk getting beaten by her if she finds out who did it. I’m not drunk enough for that, yet. You saw how angry she was earlier!”

Somehow, she had a bit more self preservation than normal at this stage of drunkenness. That, and a dare was basically like being told what to do - and fuck that.

She was glad when Izzy appeared and gave her a reason to completely ignore the dare. “Hey Izzy, surprised you’re late to this kind of event,” she said teasingly, for once with a lot less bite than her words would normally have. She forced her gaze off of Madison, which was hard, to glance around the four around her. A pretty good group… meaning that Emily wasn’t there, so Maya could enjoy herself without worrying about that bitch.

Still leaning on Lyss, Maya turned around to look around the other people in the club… totally not to distract herself from how uncomfortable hot Madison was on stage. Definitely time to look for someone else to focus on. After all, what was the fun in going to a club and not hitting on strangers while drunk? She tilted her head as she spotted two much older women - distant enough that she couldn’t entirely make them out, but they sure did stick out… And she half recognised them. From where, she wasn’t sure since it wasn’t exactly easy to tell through all the bodies.

So she nudged Lyss and pointed towards them, asking, “don't those two look familiar?”

Maya grinned as Lyss walked up to them - she was also dressed up for the club, and she looked pretty good. It was pretty fucking nice to actually be out with some of the other girls without having to worry about all the serious nonsense. “Yes, let’s make the most of tonight!”

Speaking of drinks, Maya was without one now that she’d given it to Taylor. She’d have to fix that soon. She turned her head to Lyss as she asked who else was there. “Sin said she was coming, and Izzy too? They’ll be somewhere here.” She flung her free arm out to indicate the crowd of horny drunks around them.

Then her jaw dropped as her attention turned to the stage and just who walked out. “It that… Madison?”

Fucking hell, the last thing Maya had expected when going to a strip club was to see one of the coven member’s on stage. And she looked really, really hot in that outfit and with those moves. In a way that made Maya uncomfortable because the last thing she wanted was to look at the other girls that way. But when Madison was up there dancing? It was hard not to.

“I need a drink,” Maya coughed, shaking her head. “Or a few. I’m going to go get shots.”

She turned away without asking what they wanted and quickly pushed her way through the crowd to the bar, glad when she got quickly served. She ordered five of the strongest shots they did and downed two right there and then. Once she’d done this, she headed right back to Lyss and Taylor while precariously holding three shots. She handed one to each girl before holding hers up. “To a good night.”

Maya quickly knocked back her drink and sighed at the pleasant buzz she was feeling for everything she’d drunk. Her gaze quickly found its way back to Madison on stage. She moved closer to Lyss, meaning to just talk to her but ending up completely leaning against her. Being tipsy enough she just went for it and slung an arm around the other girl.

“We totally need to talk to her after this,” she nodded her head towards Madison. “She’s so good… Even if this isn’t what I expected.”

Like, couldn’t tear her gaze away kind of good. And she’d drank enough now to feel a bit less bad about it.

Maya went straight home once they’d decided where to go, both to get changed and knock back some cheaper alcohol before heading to the club. The place wasn’t exactly classy but it was free entrance which meant more money for alcohol. Not to mention that the atmosphere of the place was buzzing. The first thing she did when she got in was head straight to the bar, ordering two drinks and leaning against it as she waited for them. She was dressed pretty different from normal, in a black tube top and shorts along with an iridescent, see through jacket (which she’d spent far too much on years ago) and platform boots that added at least three inches to her height. Far from her normal light coloured fashion but much better for the club. And she felt pretty good, either way.

She downed one of the drinks as soon as she got it before making her way past people to find somewhere with a good view. And damn, was it a good view as she found her gaze torn between the different girls working there. Definitely better than some stuffy ass dinner. Damn she was already enjoying herself and the night had barely started.

"... Hey wassup, sugar! I bet the rest of the girls are just kickin' themselves right now! But, know what would make this night much better? Getting me some booze!"

“Heyyyyy,” Maya drawled as she easily smiled at Taylor, accent more noticeable even though she was hardly tipsy. She straight up slung an arm around Taylor’s shoulder. Just a little bit of alcohol in her and she was immediately more tactile, and personal boundaries weren’t even a thing that crossed her mind. “Of course they are, they chose a fucking meal over this.” She rolled her eyes.

“Here, take this,” she held out the second drink she’d bought, which she’d only taken a sip out of. She honestly couldn’t say what it was - she’d ordered whatever had the highest percentage. “I’ve hardly touched it. I don’t know about turning invisible but it won’t be hard for me to buy you drinks. Just gotta make sure nobody notices. I wasn’t joking about the drinks being on me.”

Considering the lack of workers that weren’t dancing around poles, it wouldn’t be hard at all to do it unnoticed. Maya had drunk plenty in clubs when underage too.

Then she grinned. “How about I buy us a round of shots to get this night going?”

A lot of what was being said went over Isla’s head as it began to swim from a sudden wave of exhaustion. She raised a hand to rub her forehead with a frown. She didn’t really understand how they could be trapped in a shared dream but this was all weird so… it was always possible. Whatever it was she’d go with the others to get out. She was glad Odessa seemed pretty confident that the dead girl wasn’t going to become another ghost trying to kill them.

She was incredibly relieved when Penny suggested going somewhere where they could take a break. She may have napped for the entire short period of the lifeboat escape but it didn’t feel nearly enough. She may have told Trent she could teleport out, but she wasn’t confident enough time had passed since she last had (or that she had the energy). Completely ignoring whatever Penny was asking, she quickly followed Zoey towards the Bank.

As soon as they got inside Isla went to an empty sofa and collapsed on it, spinning around so she could lie down. She felt like she hadn’t rested in weeks. She pulled her beanie down over her eyes to try and keep out the blinding whiteness of the place, even though the knitted material wasn’t the best for actually blocking her sight. It helped a little.

“Couldn’t we have chosen somewhere with a bit more colour?” Isla asked with a slight groan, glad that the whiteness was now going through a yellow filter. She then sighed as she stretched her legs out. This was nice.

"So... where were we?"

“Weren’t we talking about some shared dream or somethin’?” Isla rolled over where she lay so she could actually look at the others, moving her beanie so one dark eye peeked out. “How’re we even gonna find out whose it is, nevermind find ‘em? That doesn’t sound easy at all. If that’s even what’s going on.”

She then tilted her head thoughtfully. “Ain’t it possible that it’s the dream of… that thing?”

“If you don’t believe me, you don’t believe me,” Maya just shrugged at Taylor. She was pretty sure when Phillis had said to call her it was more like a booty call kinda thing than to prove a point and boost Maya’s ego. Also, not on the same day. She wasn’t going to turn around and backtrack from what she’d said either… which was entirely the truth.

"I was joking, sugar."

Her lips turned downwards at that, away from a relaxed smirk and much closer to her normal resting bitch face. Of course she’d known that Taylor was joking… but it was actually a good idea, to her. Dinner sounded like a fucking bore.

“I’d much rather go to a strip club,” she muttered, folding her arms and leaning back where she was sitting. She could understand why everyone else would be reluctant but it didn’t mean she was happy about it. She tilted her head slightly as Emily talked, highkey creeped out by how different she was being to normal. Sure she hadn’t considered it… but why would she when Emily was always being a bitch? She shook her head. Whatever. It was her choice to try so hard to do something for someone else, which just seemed ridiculous to Maya.

"Given that you're all laughing and playing it off as some kind of joke and bragging about it."

Maya bit her lip to resist making a snide retort - there was something just not fun about kicking someone that was already down (or seemed it). Also, for once she didn’t want to go even further down in everyone’s estimations. Instead she just met Emily’s gaze with a narrowed one of her own, eyebrow raised.

Yeah, this was fucking weird. She almost preferred the normal Emily. Almost.

“I’ll pass on dinner,” Maya put her hands up in a half shrug. “If anyone’s up for drinks or going somewhere actually fun, I’d much rather that.”

Otherwise, she’d probably just go home. She’d never enjoyed sitting in stuffy restaurants forced to just talk to people… they already did it enough. And she couldn’t just lose it in a place like that. Well she could, but it was generally better not to. Either way it just didn’t appeal. She’d much rather go to a place were she could drink and make dumb decisions with alcohol as an excuse.

If nobody else wanted to that was their loss - she could just go alone, anyway.

“I can’t believe it is,” Bryn grinned, practically vibrating with excitement as she followed the other two towards the really tall man - Hagrid. She knew him from what her siblings had told her… that meant they were going to be taking the boats!

“C’mon, let’s go,” she went and dumped her luggage on the pile before looking at her two new friends. “Do you think it needs to be four? That means we need to find someone else.”

Vivienne’s lips curled up in disgust as they reached Hagrid, delicately placing her luggage beside the pile - she refused to have it tarnished by other’s ugly suitcases. “I agree. I can’t believe he’s still here even after all the complaints from parents.”

She lowered her voice. “Did you know that my brother got injured thanks to his teaching, but they didn’t fire him! Can you believe it?”

She shook her head before continuing about the matter of the boat trip. “I hope they don’t force us to get someone else in our boat. It’s bad enough we have to ride those things.”

Gus rolled his eyes as Archie hugged him, but was quite happy to follow his twin out the door. He half directed him over so they could dump his luggage and had a wide grin on his face. He wasn’t quite as visibly excited as Archie but… he still was.

Ben came out last of the four, making sure that the other three got off safely and helping them with luggage as needed. He had enjoyed the journey, even if it had been a bit loud, but he was looking forward to getting sorted and having a good meal.

“Four? Well, that’s a perfect number,” Gus smiled as he glanced around the other three.

“Shall we get on a boat together, then?” Ben asked, indicating to one of the nearest boats. He waited for responses before getting into it and holding out a hand to help the other three onboard.

“Thank you,” Ishbel smiled as Carter helped her with her luggage, carefully carrying it outside towards where the other students were gathered.

“I guess,” Liqin sighed, but followed the other two out. He kept his camera even as he dumped his lugged, holding it in his hands and beginning to snap pictures. Ishbel half rolled her eyes at him.

“Should we find another person?” she asked the two boys. She then pointed over to a group with two girls, both Asian, and a boy. “Why don’t we go talk to them?”

“I hope so,” Olivia laughed, not quite sure how Saoirse could be so confident. It made her feel a bit better though. She looked around the other students with awe - there were so many! She couldn’t believe how many young witches and wizards there were… she had thought it would be a much smaller number.

Thanh made sure to stick close to the two girls and they followed them off the train, feeling more comfortable with them than the large number of strangers. Still, they frowned as the tall, bearded man said four to a boat. “Will we need to split up?”

Olivia shook her head. “I’m sure it’ll be fine! We should just try and find someone else who needs in a boat.”

Thanh shrugged. If necessary, they could leave the two of them - they were used to being alone after all.
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