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Current I actually have some time to roleplay, for once
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Exams are happening.
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I'm sort of back ayyyyyyy
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Uni is kicking mah ass
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London this weekend hell yeah


^Yeah that's me

There's not really much to tell. Tbh I'm not sure why I'm making some kind of fancy biography thing. I'm a 19 year old Agender Scottish person just getting through the day to day life at university (doing Computing Science, but that isn't very important). I spend most of my time gaming, writing or making cosplay (I've gotten way to into that ahahaha). Not much else to say really.

Writing (Duh)

The Mistborn Trilogy (Brandon Sanderson), Warbreaker (Brandon Sanderson), Anything Brandon Sanderson, Did I mention Brandon Sanderson?, The Godspeaker Trilogy (Karen Miller), Dragonriders of Pern (Anne McCaffrey), more

Anime / Manga
Assassination Classroom, Mawaru Penguindrum, Bungou Stray Dogs, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Guilty Crown, Owari no Seraph, Shinsekai Yori, Yuri on Ice!!, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Kamisama Kiss, The World is Still Beautiful, Karneval, The Grand Magus' Bride, No. 6, The Promised Neverland, Ilegenes: Kokuyou no Kiseki, Yakitate Japan (Manga), Vanitas no Carte, Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Kimi No Na Wa., Wolf Children

Guild Wars 2 (too much), Hollow Knight (also too much), Undertale (get rekt Sans), Overwatch (a little), League of Legends (barely), Bastion (not finished),
Killing Floor, Dark Souls (barely), Pokemon

Like two, will add later

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@Tuujaimaa - Fucking gay asshole

@tsukune - We take far too long on collabs together (it's been too long since the last one :' )
@Surtr - The worst GM around

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Was planning to try respond today uni work kicked my butt again, my laptop is updated and I don't have the energy ^^" should get a post done tomorrow!
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If you’re able to post, you can. :) But you can also wait till the time skip, too. Your choice. lol

Haha it's fine I won't have time to post tonight so I'll just wait till after the time skip :)
@HushedWhispers Time skip sounds fine to me - I would've been able to write a post but it's not important enough to hold up the time skip for :)
I might not be able to get a response up until Sunday, sorry about that ^^" Very busy with University work at the moment (and will be until exams are done in a month)

Edit: yeah very likely I won't get a post till then
I'll try and get a post up sometime over the next few days - thiugh I'm pretty busy atm

Thompson Lumber Mill Inc

“Well, of course it wasn’t why I followed you out here,” Rien laughed as they took a drag of her cigarette, before tilting their to look up at the taller girl. “It was getting a bit dead in there, you see.”

They pushed themselves off from where they were leaning against the wall, just to be a little taller (though it hardly change much) and closer to Claire. “Seemed like I’d be more like to find something fun out here.”

“There aren’t many people I know at this party, anyway,” Rien gave a half shrug, light smile still on their lips. “May as well get to know some more, yeah?”

They weren’t quite sure why they were floundering about a bit where flirting normally came pretty naturally to them. Obviously, Claire was attractive (to Rien at least) but they’d been with plenty of other attractive people. Probably the earlier mood or something.

“And I feel…” Rien paused, before laughing. “Sorry, what I was about to say sounds way better in Dutch. Honestly I don’t really know many English pick up lines.”

They looked like they were going to continue to say something else because, honestly, Rien had the ability to just keep talking until things went their way. But they were interrupted by screams coming from inside, too many and too loud to just be over something small.

“What that fuck is going on in there?”
Yeah I check the roleplay when I wake up in the morning in the hope of a new post to read xD
Well that's my relationship chart done. Didn't do anything for Amberlin or Alice since Elaisse is unlikely to know who they are. I'll fill that out when appropriate xD Also if anyone wants any changes to what i've written for relationships just let me know

Princess Elaisse Hardin of Sliabh

Location; Kingdom of Abhainn
Interacting With; Queen Mira {@MissCapnCrunch}, Prince Jaxton {@Polaris North}

Elaisse found that she did not particularly mind the journey. She spent the first half of it sleeping against her brother’s shoulder before waking up and quietly sketching. Though that was a bit more difficult with the bumps. She was just glad she had managed to bring some materials in there with her.

“Of course, mother,” Ela responded softly to the questions posed, meaning for it to be an answer to both as she barely glanced up from her drawing of a flower. She was trying to prepare herself for when they arrived. She knew that there would be a lot of people though hopefully she wouldn’t have to talk to many. The attention would be on her aunt after all.

They stopped all too soon for her liking. She inclined her head slightly to show that she had heard her mother’s instructions and a forced a smile onto her lips. It was a bit shaky but she had enough practice at faking a smile. She scrunched her hands up in her dress as she exited the carriage and stuck close to Jaxton as he followed her out. Even with the attention not being on her there were far too people around. She could feel the familiar sense of panic rising but fought it down. Nobody would pay attention to her. She just had to stand there with her family and look respectable. That was something she could do.

She carefully smoothed out her dress as she calmed down, forcing herself to stay still and put her hands at her side. She urge to tug at her hair or continuing smoothing it was quite something but the sharp glances from her mother stopped her. So instead she turned to look at the nobles that were out to greet them. King Maddox was just like she’d been told – dashing and looking the part of the King. His charms didn’t invoke anything in Elaisse but it had clearly worked for her aunt. She was more curious about the younger royal anyway, the Prince who was close to Jaxton’s age. There wasn’t anything that stood out about him – but maybe that was a good thing. If he was flashy it would be harder for Elaisse to talk to him, at least. She caught his smile towards her and smiled back with a slight nod – it was nervous, but genuine. She then turned her attention to Amaranthea as her brother mentioned her.

“Oh, yes, that would be nice,” Elaisse responded softly with the slightest hint of a blush. She only had a few memories of the handmaiden, but none of them were bad. The lady was even more beautiful than she remembered. “I’m glad there is someone our Aunt knows that will be staying with her.”

She continued to watch the interaction curiously, tugging at a loose strand of hair when she was sure her mother wasn’t looking. She could still feel her initial nerves and knew they were unlikely to go away until they were somewhere quieter. She just hoped that this didn’t take too long.

“I’m not sure any kind of party will be better,” Ela laughed quietly as her brother joked, covering her mouth slightly with her hand to make sure their parents didn’t overhear them. She doubted their mother would tolerate them wanting to leave. “I would quite like this to be over soon, though. Too many people. And it will be nice to look around somewhere we’ve never been.”

Though she had forgotten there was likely to be some kind of celebration later in the evening. While it would be a good opportunity to talk to people individually it wasn’t something that appealed to Elaisse. It would just be more crowds.

“I wonder if someone will show us around at some point,” she added to Jaxton as an afterthought.
True, also you can pronounce it the more Irish way of slee-av which sounds pretty nice. And it looks prettier xD
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