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21+ year old software developer. Outside of work most of my time is spent gaming, drawing, sewing, cosplaying and reading / watching trash for entertainment. Much more of a casual rper nowadays I don't plan to join more than a few at a time. I've been roleplaying for... too long, and around on the guild with varying degrees of activity since the olden days.

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Flowers and Canvasses

They voted to let Kali stay - which, whatever. Linqian didn’t actually care that much. As long as he stayed well away from her it was fine. She didn’t trust him one bit but keep your enemies close, or something. At least most of them seemed to want him to stay to actually keep an eye on him. Jack gave a whole speech of thinly veiled threats. Hopefully some of it would get through Kali’s thick head.

”I hope you didn't let Emily or Vashti know about this little reunion, then,” Linqian said. ”Last thing we need is Emily turning up and crashing the party.”

She didn't like Emily (who did), but if she wasn’t involved with Father Wolf Linqian didn’t care. He was the one who’d killed her brother, and who she was here for. She leaned back, feeling something warm pressing against her mind. It was nice, almost a feeling of relief from the heaviness of her thoughts, and she almost leaned into it.

Wait, she recognised that subtle touch, like someone knocking at the door to her mind. The warmth turned to something slimy, and disgust roiled in her gut. Fucker really hadn't changed… but nor had she. There was no way she wanted someone messing with her emotions like that. They were her own, thank you very much. She immediately slammed the hypothetical, mental door in his face and shut him out.

"Fuck’s sake, Greyson," Linqian snapped, sharply glaring at him as he was staring down Kali as if they were in a Mexican stand off. Linqian honestly didn't care if they were about to shoot each other, she was much too pissed off with his attempted mind probe. "Stop tryna fondle my brain."

Having told him to fuck off, her flare of anger dampened again, and she turned back to the rest of the group.

“Anyway, I’m with Drake, let them deal with each other, Father Wolf is who we're all here for. I couldn't give less of a fuck about petty coven turf wars.”

It looked like everyone was in favour of getting a move on anyway. Linqian stood up, only half paying attention to the door opening. She recognised the voice, of course. Seemed Britney had decided to join them after all. How nice. Not that Linqian felt one particular way or another about Britney… and she certainly wasn’t running to hug her like Everleigh did (what the fuck, they hugged now? Gross).

Instead she just followed right behind Greyson… and right into him when he stopped in his tracks. What the fuck? Had Britney grown a second head or something? Or was Kali suddenly, creepily, whispering in his ear enough to stop him in his tracks?

One scowl up at Greyson was enough to tell her what was actually going on. Holy shit, he was head over heels for her. Had they dated after the coven? They definitely weren’t together anymore, otherwise they’d have arrived together, or be making out in the back. Damn. For the first time that night Linqian’s expression softened, dark eyes shining with pity and lips curving up into a smirk.

”Damn, buddy,” she patted Greyson on the shoulder (if he didn’t stop her), lowering her voice so hopefully only he (and maybe Kali) could hear. ”You sure got it rough. Don’t worry, I get it. Been there.” She still was there, but she wasn’t exactly going to just spill that she wasn’t over her ex from ten years ago. ”If you ever want anyone to drown your sorrows with, I’m here.”

She then leaned around him and gave Britney a lazy wave.

”Hey Britney. You're late. Meeting’s pretty much over, actually, we're on the way to the strip club now for some much needed fun.”

Interactions: Simone @QueenBea, Specifically avoiding interacting with Britney
Flowers and Canvasses

Kali was staying. Good. Luca wasn’t sure what was going on with him, but he really didn’t want him to get kicked out. Maybe he should try talk to him after… See if he was doing alright, because some of what he’d said was unhinged. Luca was still reeling from him being alright with someone shooting him.

Like, we should probably do some digging or surveillance before taking him on.

“Simone has a point,” Luca said, glancing over at her. ”Maybe some of us should stay behind and look into other leads, do the digging and all. It’s better to have more information than less.”

Also, he couldn’t really go to the strip club, and he still wanted to be useful. If they insisted on everyone going, so be it, he could keep watch outside.

As he thought about this he felt a warm, slightly familiar feeling - someone tapping at his mind asking to let him in. He considered it. He’d done it before, once, ten years ago… And he felt better than he had since the rot adjoined to him. But that was just the problem. Back then the rot had used the opportunity to slip in the gap he’d opened up for Edict, trying to whittle away at Luca’s sanity. He’d been able to resist it then, but now? After ten years of its constant torment? He wasn't so sure.

So he didn’t let Edict in, and turned his attention to the opening door. Who else was there to come? Surely it wasn’t-


Just like that, Luca's mental walls cracked, leaving a gap large enough for Edict's renewed, probing tendrils to slip in, unnoticed by Luca himself.

Luca didn’t let his smile slip, expression calm even as his feelings ran wild inside of him. There was pain there, and the hatred he’d thought had long cooled off. It wasn’t as strong, but it was there, suddenly eating away at his positive facade just like his abstraction ate away everything around him. Everything he’d suppressed surged up.

Part of him, the part he tried to keep buried, wanting to walk right over there and shake her hand like nothing had happened… Like he was offering a truce, letting her know he'd moved on. The pain she’d feel from it would only be a fraction of what he’d suffered, but it would be satisfying. He’d pull away before her skin started to rot, of course. Well, maybe he’d let it start, just a little-

Do it.

The harsh whisper of the rot in his mind snapped Luca out of the horrible thoughts he’d been dwelling on. No, he wouldn’t. He’d moved on from this. Sure, seeing her was a lot… But he’d been prepared for this when he decided to come back. The turbulent concoction of emotions made it difficult, but it was fine. He’d be fine.

Ignoring her was the best move.

Luca turned away from the door, reaching for his bag. Maybe there was a back door he could leave through, he’d ask Auri-

The side of his bag that he’d grabbed disintegrated in his hand. Three cheap phones clattered out onto the floor, along with a couple of tubs of prescription pills. It wasn’t quiet, because the phones were built like bricks and landed with a bang.

So much for making a quiet exit.
@Punished GN Final NPC from me lol, really should've written her ages ago but yknow. Here ya go the long away ex of Linqian's

Inspired by Atrophy, tried something different for Luca, again posting here in case anyone wants his relationship with their character changed

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Flowers and Canvasses

Eksa disagreed with her… Or at least, wanted to hear Kali out. Linqian rolled her eyes as she suggested he didn’t have to be there as an FBI agent. Right, cause that was possible. If Kali had wanted that he could have just not told them. Then this meeting would’ve been a lot faster.

At least Drake agreed. One more person on the sensible side… Even if he’d damn near destroyed her eardrums a moment before. Maybe it would’ve been better if he did, cause then she wouldn’t have to hear all the bullshit Kali was spewing.

Offering to let them kill him was new, though. The whole thing, mentioning Russians, tracking them all and using mafia style concrete barrels on Father Wolf, was so ridiculous that it dampened Linqian’s anger. She was still irritated, but she was also insanely miffed. Did this guy even hear himself? Had he taken lessons in speeches from a right wing politician?

”You’re talking circles… The feds don’t know about us, but they were going to use us as bait? Really? Do you think we’re stupid?” It didn’t take a genius to tell most of what he was saying was bullshit. Too many contradictions. Sure, Linqian didn’t have her brother’s brain. But she had a healthy dose of scepticism and was far too disagreeable to just accept what someone said. ”If you’re really FBI, you’re real bad at your job. Could’ve just led with the whole wanting to keep everyone alive thing and left the rest out. Or better, just kept quiet like you used to.”

Linqian shrugged. The whole thing was stupid to her now that he’d given an incredibly long, inane speech, and her anger had gone away as quickly as it came. She was just bored now, and her remaining annoyance was mostly about how much bullshit she’d had to listen to.

”I vote to kick him out, without murder, but I don’t really care as long as he isn’t going to tell us what to do.” Linqian glanced at Eve. ”He isn’t the only dangerous one anyway.”

”Oh, and thank you so much for not spying on our phones, by the way. You really saved some poor underling from browsing my porn history,” Linqian added as an afterthought, the corners of her lips twitching up into an almost smirk. You should consider yourself lucky.”

Interactions: Eve (@LanaStorm), Everyone
Flowers and Canvasses

”Hey let’s not jump the-” Gun. Yeah, ironic. Luca was out of his seat the moment Kali pulled out the gun. Seriously, what the fuck. This whole FBI thing went completely over Luca’s head, and he really didn’t care either way, but offering to let people shoot you went too far. He wasn’t fast enough, though, barely standing when Everleigh had already grasped the gun.

She wasn’t actually going to shoot him, right?

Luca hesitated, smile dropping from his lips. What would be faster, Eve pulling the trigger or him running over there? Definitely Eve, with his knee acting up. There was a risk of touching Eve as well if he tried to grab the gun.

He let out a breath he hadn’t even realised he was holding when Eve lowered the gun, almost as quickly as she’d put it to Kali’s head. Luca kept his eye on it as Eve decided it was hers… Which he didn’t really feel comfortable with either. Really, he’d rather there was no gun at all. Sure, they all had various paranormal abilities, but resistance to bullets wasn’t a shared trait. He did wonder if a bullet starting to rust once it got near him would slow it down… He didn’t want to test that out, though.

”Maybe no one should have a gun?” Luca suggested, glancing at Auri. He was sure the last thing she wanted was someone dead in her flower shop… Which somehow everyone else had destroyed a lot more than he had. ”Let’s not start killing each other too.”

He shook his head. Not like anyone, especially Eve, would listen to him on that. Whatever. No point dwelling on the possibility of being shot! Best to stay positive and assume everyone would make it out of here alive!

Including Kali. Honestly, Luca wasn't so bothered either way about the whole FBI thing… If it was true. On one hand, he'd count Kali as a friend. He trusted him. But on the other, a lot of what they did wasn't going to work under government watch. If Luca slipped up, touching someone and rotting their skin off, would he suddenly find himself in jail?

That would be an incredibly depressing last few years. But he also really doubted Kali would do that to him. Yeah, trust definitely won out. Kali was a good, if weird, guy. And Luca could understand why he was like that, just a bit.

”I vote to let Kali stay,” Luca said with a far too relaxed smile, finally sitting back down. “He’s just here like everyone else.” If you ignored him announcing that he was FBI. ”And it’s better to have someone who knows what he’s doing, right? Everyone’s jumping to the worst case scenario, when it’ll probably be better to have his help! I mean, this whole thing could’ve been prevented if he didn’t tell us in the first place, but whatever! He was just being honest.”

Luca clapped his hands together, expression unwavering even as the fraying gloves on his hands completely disintegrated. It was fine, they’d lasted a good amount of time! He had plenty more in his bag.

”We did agree to move on from past issues, so why don’t we count this as in the past too and move on?”
Sharing Linqian's relationships here before I add em to her sheet, in case anyone wants anything changed... Since I mostly arbitrarily decided them without discussion

@Punished GNFinally wrote the NPC sheet for Luca's missing friend (who's definitely not missing instead of dead because her apparition took her body when she was murdered)

Flowers and Canvasses

Luca was glad that nobody questioned his sudden offer of a shit ton of painkillers (yet), cause he hadn't really wanted to deal with giving out answers. And Sully came in just in time to save the day, by healing Everleigh and saving Luca a bit of money on the meds he would've given away. Perfect.

"Hey, wait," Luca jumped out of his chair when Drake pulled out a sword right in Jack's face. His knee buckled underneath him and he had to grab the back of the chair to not fall over, concentrating on not destroying it and grimacing at the waves of pain radiating from his left leg. Ah, fuck. He really shouldn't just jump up like that. And Simone already had it sorted. What had he even been planning to do?

Pretending nothing had happened, Luca sat back down... Just in time for Kali and Auri to reappear. He gave Kali a cheerful wave and grin.

When Kali and Auri walked in, Linqian looked up and finally stopped ignoring everyone else. She was still on the edge, and the reappearance of Kali's smug face (in her vision, he wasn't actually looking smug at all) had her clenching her hands into the rough material of her trousers. The irritation, bordering into anger, that she'd just gotten under control flared up again. He had a lot to explain now rather than later, as if he was already running the show. Yes, he had a lot to explain, but Linqian doubted it was going to be what actually came out of her mouth.

Hopefully Drake would turn his blade on Kali next.

"Never thought I'd say this, but Everleigh's right." Linqian fixed Kali with a sharp glare, arms crossed over her chest. "I don't want to hear his bullshit explanation, unless it includes why he should even stay. Why is he even still here? Does anyone want government oversight? I don't fucking think so. Y'know, maybe this'll be the first thing we'll all agree on." Her heated gaze moved to Auri. "Or were all your words about coven not being a dictatorship bullshit? Cause 'heading the investigation here' is just a nice way of Kali saying he's going to be in charge this time."

She gritted her teeth, tone growing sharper with every word. She knew it wasn't Auri's fault, she'd been taken by surprise like the rest of them, but that didn't stop her from getting in the line of fire. Linqian's mind was filled with the anger she’d been trying to hold in, trying to push down by pretending she was more mature than she used to be. Kali hadn’t even said anything yet, but every move of his ticked her off, pushing her over the edge. Jinhai wasn’t here to hold her back. He wasn’t here at all, and this piece of shit wanted her to hand over the reins and let him take charge finding who’d done it. Fuck that. The temperature in the room ticked up, slowly, almost imperceptibly.

"I don't even care if you threaten us. You can send your other fucking agents after me, you can throw me in jail after, I don't give a fuck. I have nothing left to lose. I’m here to avenge my brother, and I won’t let anyone get in the way."

Downtown St. Portwell

"...So, let her have her time to speak and explain properly, rather than quickly!"

"Oh for fucks sake, Greyson," Linqian rolled her eyes, jerking her head back to look at him. She'd actually gotten on alright with him back in the day... Till she'd not. As was the case with most people and Linqian. She liked them, then she didn't. A constant cycle of friendliness and coldness. To be fair, Greyson had done plenty to piss her (and everyone else) off. "You think just cause you're playing priest we'll gladly listen to you preaching?"

The wolf pack sounded... Fun. Linqian had heard of them, of course. She'd only been back a short while, but people were loose lipped at the bar she worked. It was easy to listen in on conversations from middle aged men drinking for most of the day - it wouldve been more surprising if she'd never heard of them at all. Though she hadn't known much beyond them being a criminal gang till now.

A strip club, though, sounded like an actually good time. Not that they were there for a good time, danger and all, but what was the harm in enjoying the sights while there.

She fucking needed it.

Linqian opened her mouth, ready to agree to going (danger be damned), when Kali walked in. Same as always, staring at them like they were a terrifying exhibition, stuttering over his words. She rolled her eyes again, starting to zone him out. Nothing he had to say was interesting.

Until suddenly it was. Holy shit. Linqian was unable to keep the shock of her face, usual scowl morphed into parted lips and wide eyes. Kali, FBI? What the fuck had gone on in the last ten years. Sure, everyone had changed, but this was extreme. Admittedly, Linqian had barely paid attention to him during the old days of the coven. He barely talked, hardly did anything of interest, so she had no inclination to be friendly with him.

"The fucking FBI," Linqian stifled a laugh, shaking her head in disbelief. "I can't believe the feds are interested in our old catch-up. Well since they're involved, we don't have to worry, right?"

She spoke sarcastically, of course. Linqian didn't trust government agents, formed coven members or not, to actually figure out this shit. How many more of them would die first? And what, they'd give Father Wolf a slap on the wrist and call it a day. She might not have had much experience with them herself, be she heard things, and dealing with the police when Jinhai was murdered had been more than enough to lower her already bad opinion. They'd been useless. Sure, maybe the FBI would be better than the police. But she doubted it.

Linqian rolled her eyes as Greyson started up again, filling the peppy void that Auri had left when she dragged away their resident wallflower turned government spy.

"I'm coming to the strip club," Linqian raised her eyebrow at Greyson, who was spouting off nonsense again. "Are you sure they'll let you in, Father Devola? Going into a strip club isn't a very good look for a priest. Is that even allowed?"

Not that Linqian believed he was actually a priest. There was no way. Even if he actually was, didn't exactly make the way he was talking any less annoying. If anything, it'd make her lose the little respect she'd had for him.

The sudden thump of Jack's boots against the floor made Linqian jump, almost getting to her feet. She covered it up with a heated glared at him. Did he have to do that in here? Could he not have made his weird portal outside and walking in the door like everyone else? She was already on edge, lack of sleep after her brothers death combined with seeing all these people making an even tetchier than normal Linqian. "Can you not appear out of fucking thin air?!"

She ignored everything else. She was too busy trying to suppress her temper, which had been simmering under the surface since she'd arrived and was triggered by the sudden appearance of Jack out of thin air. Linqian gritted her teeth. This was fine. It wasn't an attack, and nothing had been directed at her. It was just Jack, the edgy piece of shit. Not a threat.

Didn't stop her feeling pissed off, but it stopped her from snapping.

Flowers and Canvases.

Drake was right. They had voted Britney out of the group, and it didn't look like she was showing up today. Good. Sure Luca didn't hate her, not like people probably expected him to, but that didn't mean he wanted to see her. Hating her took too much energy he didn't have, and forced him to dwell on the negatives. Seeing her would be the same. He didn't have the time to waste on her.

"Well, as long as she isn't here, we're all good."

"I can see when my advice isn't appreciated. But I will say this: you're asking the wrong question..."

Luca shrugged, offering Alizee a slight smile, though she didn't get to finish what she was saying. She was right, he was asking the wrong question. But what would the right question be? A question needed an answer, didn't if, and he didn't really think there was an answer to his problem.

Not truly.

Though if she considered that advice, she really needed to work on helping others. She'd basically just told him to suck it up in nicer words. Which, yeah, he was doing pretty well, actually. Didn't stop him from wanting to find a solution.

It seemed like everything was moving on. The first lead would take them to a strip club... Which Luca definitely couldn't go into. Sure, he wouldn't kill anyone unless he touched them (which was a risk). But just being in his presence was enough to hurt people. There was no avoiding that in somewhere so crowded. It was a kind of pain he knew too well, after all, and didn't want to inflict on others. Shame. It sounded fun.

Luca's attention quickly shifted to Kali's attention, sending a bright smile and a wave his way. He was just about the only one he'd kept in contact with after the coven dissolved, outside of Olivia, so he'd count him as a friend. Probably one of his only friends, sad as it was to say that. His little peculiarities had never bothered Luca, who had plenty of his own, except-

Kali, with the feds? That shocked Luca. He hadn't let it slip once, even when they'd seen each other occasionally the last few years. Perhaps he'd been saving it for a time like this, when he could dramatically announce it. Or more likely cause it wasn't exactly something you went around bragging about.

"What have I missed?"

Ignoring the aggression coming from certain people in the group (Linqian), Luca actually answered his question.

"What haven't you missed?" He began counting things off his fingers. "We're moving on from past issues, the leader of a criminal group seems to have the same name as our murderer, and Kali's with the FBI. I think that's the important points. Oh, and the strip club, of course. Very important, since that's where we'll find our information."

Luca sighed, leaning back in his chair. He immediately regretted it, hearing the poor thing creak underneath him, and swung back forward so it had all four legs on the floor.

"Much as I'd love to come along I don't think I can. Too many people and risk." He shrugged. He appeared unbothered by his circumstances, his smile genuine and eyes slightly creased. "Nothing quite kills the mood like crippling pain. Wouldn't want to ruin that for everyone... I can stay outside as backup, though."

Then there was another late surprise appearance... Everleigh, Luca vaguely remembered. People really couldn't turn up on time, huh. Maybe being late was fashionable.

She looked an absolute mess.

"If you want some painkillers I got some," Luca offered, against his better judgment. Should he be offering his prescription painkillers (the only good thing to come out of his doctors appointment, if expensive) to someone he barely remembered? Probably not. Would it make him look like a drug dealer? Probably. Would explaining why he had them all on him be a pain? Definitely. They didn't just hand out strong stuff to anyone with chronic pain. But, it was fine. Anything to ease some suffering. "I got the normal over the counter stuff, then there's some codeine as well... Got some low dose morphine tablets too. What do you want?"

He also had stronger morphine tablets, but those were sustained release (according to the doctors) and only there in case he was still out at the time he had to take it. Not that it helped loads, the whole rotting thing really reduce the effectiveness of medication. He definitely wasn't offering it to anyone else... And it'd only cause more questions. That one was harder to explain.

Not that his list of drugs wasn't already suspicious.

It was fine. Surely something else dramatic would happen before anyone has a chance to question him about it.

Downtown St. Portwell

Work today was a drag.

Linqian had expected it, since the only people in a bar before 6pm on a Monday were old retired men and college students skipping classes to get pissed. She was only in at all, working a half shift, because she really needed the money.

And the distraction.

At least she had a job at all. She’d only moved back to St. Portwell half a week ago, thankful that Jinhai had the foresight to keep their parent’s old home even if it was expensive - and that he hadn’t sold it like she’d tried to convince him to when the last renters moved out a year ago. She’d needed to get away from their apartment... Even if her parent’s place didn’t exactly fill her with joy. It felt even emptier.

At least it wasn’t a crime scene. It wasn’t where her twin had been killed (as much as she still didn’t quite believe he was gone).

She glanced at her phone. 6:30pm… She should be able to get out of work soon, then get to that stupid coven meeting. The only reason she was going was because of Jinhai. If he was still here, if that… fucker hadn’t killed him, she wouldn’t even bother. It was a group from the past she didn’t particularly want to revisit.

Hopefully her ex wouldn’t be there.

Either way, it didn’t matter. She was just going there for revenge, not to revisit old friendships.

Flowers and Canvases.

Linqian walked into Flowers and Canvases a bit late thanks to work running over, just in time for Auri to name the man who’d killed Jinhai. Her immediate interest quickly waned when Auri started doing all the positivity crap that had been so pervasive in the old coven.

Linqian scowled, glancing around everyone who was there while trying to strategically decide where to sit. Simone? Absolutely not, she’d been too friendly with Jinhai for her liking back in the day. Tayla had sat in the front row, and Linqian wasn’t going to sit in the front row. Luca had given everyone a wide berth, which was very telling. Alizée? She’d rather stand. Eksa wasn’t too bad… But again, giving everyone a wide berth. It was like everyone wanted nothing to do with each other.

They probably didn’t. Linqian disliked a fair few… But she didn’t have her brother with her anymore. Being a lone wolf really wasn’t her style. Sighing, Linqian took a seat next to Drake. He was the best, somehow, out of seriously lacking options. They didn’t have any issues with each other that she could remember.

Linqian’s eyebrow raised at Auri’s suggestion that they all move on. Well fine by her with all the people here. Honestly, any ‘past transgressions’ were already forgotten. All that was left was a vague memory of her feelings towards each person. Mostly ambivalence. Jinhai would’ve remembered more.

She couldn’t care less about what Britney had done, because it didn’t affect her.

”I agree with… Tayla,” Linqian spoke up, hoping she’d remember her name correctly. It’d been ten years and all, she hadn’t exactly kept in touch with these people, and Tayla was one of those she didn’t have strong feelings towards. ”I already have a family, thank you… And Father Wolf killed one of them.”

Linqian’s voice was cold, as if she wasn’t talking about the twin brother she was so close to. Of course her grief ran deep, but right now she felt very little. Completely numb. It was easy to talk about it because it still didn’t feel real. A tiny voice in the back of her mind told her that this wasn’t real, and she’d go home to Jinhai, alive and well. She knew that voice was wrong, she’d seen his body, but she hadn’t quite accepted it yet. ”Enough with inspirational bullshit. You said you don’t know where Father Wolf is, but you’ll get to it. Well get to it now, cause it's all I care about, and I'm sure everyone else agrees.”

She fixed Auri with a sharp glare, lips pulled into a thin line. She couldn’t give less of a fuck about not repeating the mistakes of the past. They’d stayed together long enough to defeat the Stygian Snake, right? That’s all they needed to do now. Deal with Father Wolf then get on with their lives.

Flowers and Canvases.

"Sacre bleu, would you give Brittany a rest? I'd dare to say the experience of being adjoined is good for you...Give you some perspective."

Luca snorted, lips curving into a lazy smile, completely unbothered by the apparition staring at them. He vaguely remembered her. Adjoined too, obvious with the apparition floating at her shoulder, but not by Britney. Luca didn’t know her circumstances, just as she didn’t know his, so he wasn’t particularly bothered by her words.

”She’s right,” the Rot whispered in his mind. ”I am the best thing that happened to you.”

Luca rolled his eyes, ignoring it. The sudden, burning pain in his elbow was more difficult to ignore, his smile wavering, but he was also used to that. It would pass, or move onto another body part. His whole body was rotting away, after all. That didn’t come without pain.

”You think I should give Britney a rest? Well, that’s fine, are you offering to help me instead? You see, since being adjoined with my apparition, I’ve ended up with quite the spending problem. Maybe you can start by helping me pay for my next phone. After all,” he reached into his bag, pulling out his phone. It began to corrode where his bare fingertips touched it, outer case cracking and the electronic insides turning brown with rust. Within seconds it had turned to rust coloured dust. ”I just keep destroying them. You’re not wrong, though, it has been good for me. It’s really beneficial not getting attached to material belongings.”

Luca shrugged. Of course he had another two phones in his bag, just as cheap as this one, because he was used to this. He just wanted to make a point. He always remained positive about his own situation, but Alizée’s comment had rubbed him the wrong way.

Accepting that he was stuck with it didn’t mean pretending it hadn’t been preventable in the first place.

St. Portwell, Luca’s Apartment

beep, beep, beep, BEEP.

Luca groaned, rolling over and hitting the button on the top of his cheap alarm… only to have it crumble under his fingers. Well, that was one way to shut it up. He rolled out of his bed, which was really just a decaying and worn mattress, and threw off the threadbare blanket. He’d have to replace them soon. With a yawn, he scrambled for his phone, concentrating on not destroying it.

6pm. Not bad, if he got up and left now he’d make it in time to the coven meeting. His limbs still ached, but it was better than before he’d taken a nap. At least his mind wasn’t so foggy. The Rot was silent, for once.

He shoved his phone in a worn bag (which was only a few days old) before his concentration slipped and he eroded it. Again.

Luca traipsed over to his wardrobe, or at least what was left of it, quickly pulling on a pair of baggy, light blue trousers and a white t-shirt. He perused through his button down shirts with a light hum. What would be best for this meeting? Plain and simple, or his brighter shirts. Perhaps one of the nicer ones would make a better impression… He picked out a long sleeved, navy button down shirt with small maroon stars all over it. It was one he rarely wore because it was made of natural fibres, so it wouldn’t last more than a few days, but- his concentration slipped and the material under his fingers disintegrated, remnants of the shirt floating to the ground.

“Ah fuck, that was my favourite shirt.”

Oh well, it was his fault for not wearing his normal gloves. Shrugging it off, because it was just another occurrence, Luca grabbed a simpler white and green shirt. Yeah, this one looked good too. Perfect. On his way out Luca grabbed a pair of cheap cycling gloves and pulled them on.

It wasn’t a perfect fix, but it at least stopped him from destroying anything he touched. Which was more than good enough.

Flowers and Canvases.

Luca was one of the first to arrive. His worst nightmare was arriving late and having to sit somewhere close to other people, or flowers. Not that there was any avoiding it… It was a fucking flower shop. This was the last place Luca should ever be! And it was small. There was no avoiding plant life!

Trying to keep his nerves, mostly about ruining Auri’s whole business, in check, Luca quickly entered the shop. He sped down the rows of neatly arranged flowers, wincing as the ones closest to him started to wilt. He grabbed a metal chair, glad that his gloves were still mostly there - they were starting to disintegrate away at the fingertips, but he probably had an hour left till he had to replace them with one of the many pairs he had in his ragged backpack.

Luca guessed he should be thankful the more powerful part of his abstraction was restricted to his hands. How awkward would it be if he had to change his clothes in the middle of the meeting.

He dragged the chair away from the others, leaving a gap the size of at least two chairs between him and the rest… As well as trying to avoid flowers as best as possible. Now that he wasn’t so worried about everything, he grinned and waved at everyone who’d already arrived. It was nice to see familiar faces after so long.

”I’m doing well!” Luca chirped up as enough people arrived, and Auri decided to start. He was sure most here weren’t doing too good, either losing people or fearing for their lives. He was worried about Olivia too, but it was easier to smile and say it was all alright. He didn’t feel like it wasn’t, anyway. ”It’s nice to see everyone.”

He leaned back in his chair to listen to the rest… Which was sounding a bit culty. Didn’t cults normally say they were family? Maybe it was like this when the coven first formed. He wasn’t sure, since he wasn’t there.

”I’m fine with moving forward, but-” He tilted his head, flashing the whole group a smile. ”For some of us it isn’t all in the past. I’m not talking about the petty fights we had, but what Britney did… I know she’s not here yet. Some of us are still living with that. Case in point,” he pointed to the flakes of rust starting to form on the chair he was on with a light laugh. Of course, he’d have to sit on it for at least a day for it to completely corrode, but the effects were already obvious. ”Sorry, Auri, hope you didn’t need to keep these in perfect condition.”

As if the worst thing about it was eroding a chair.

”I don’t want it to be like it used to be… With everyone blaming her and that. I’m past that. All I’m asking is when all’s said and done with Father Wolf, as a coven- family, whatever, we try and help those of us that still need it.”

It was fine if they couldn’t help him in the end, anyway. He’d accepted that. While he hadn’t forgiven Britney, and would never give her that relief from any guilt she may still feel, he’d moved on a long time ago. Holding onto the anger he’d felt at first was just as damaging for him. While he didn’t plan to vocally forgive her, even if she apologised when she arrived, he also didn’t plan to tell her exactly what his abstraction was doing to him. Or anyone, for that matter.

”Oh, also, can we hold meetings somewhere that isn’t a flower shop? The place is lovely, Auri, and I really don’t want to ruin it. Otherwise, all good with me.”
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