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22 year old java developer who regrets becoming an industrial slave so soon after graduating. Outside of work most of my time is spent gaming, drawing, sewing, cosplaying and reading / watching trash for entertainment. Much more of a casual rper nowadays I don't plan to join more than a few at a time. I've been roleplaying for... too long, and around on the guild with varying degrees of activity since the olden days. I'm an alright rper but I'd say I'm pretty fussy about what I join at the moment, which is alright since I'm so busy anyway. That being saiiid I am getting back into rping more AKA completely procrastinating the webcomic I said I'd be starting soon. So uh, maybe I'll join more than two for once. We shall see.

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”Artifacts?” Tuyen repeated thoughtfully, head slightly tilted. “There’s a chance that one of those might be magical, and what they’re looking for. I would appreciate it if you took me there.”

Tuyen held back a frown as she spoke with a false confidence about her abilities that was getting gnawed away by a voice inside her head. She was nowhere near the expert that she was trying to be when it came to this kind of thing, most of her knowledge of apparitions and sealing of them coming from other members of their support group - and there was only so much you could learn from a stupid snapchat group chat. And if there were magical objects that wasn’t that? She had no clue how to even begin identifying that. But she had to pretend, at least.

It didn’t help that it was intimidating, for all her abstraction was powerful when not working against her, to be left with people who were essentially strangers. Especially when one hadn’t approved of Tuyen and Justin from the start.

Well, fake it till you make it, or something.

"The Irish girl used the secret passage. It'll behoove us to do the same, since the witches and their dogs went in the direction of the gallery."

Tuyen followed Georgie’s finger to the secret door that someone else had opened, holding back her thoughts about rich people. Because of course they had a secret passage. Nevermind how the girl who pointed it out was talking.

”Let’s go that way then,” Tuyen nodded, not waiting for any confirmation before heading into the passage. She assumed that they would follow and show where the gallery itself was - or not, and she would wander around until she got lost. Thankfully the passage was easy to navigate and lead her out into another hallway.

And was met with the sight of a hellhound tearing down the corridor, towards two girls trying to make their way from one door to another. Fuck. Thankfully they made it to the other room- and she really didn’t want to face down a hellhound without the guarantee of her shadow helping.

But she couldn’t just stand back as she watched one of the girls (witches?) and hellhound went towards the very door the other two had run into. She glared at the shadow beside her, willing it into action - she wasn’t exhausted enough yet, when it had only been out for a short period of time before. What other option did she have but to beg it? Throw herself at them and hope?

She approached the four in the corridor as she silently pleaded with her shadow, even as it refused to listen. Fuck. She forced a smile and ignored it’s taunting, the constant whispers in her mind that she wasn’t good enough to be doing anything of this. She stuffed a hand in her coat pockets, pulling out a small notebook she carried around. Before she could second guess herself she threw it at the hellhound in the hopes that it would stop it from ramming into the door (an unlikely hope, but a hope nonetheless).

”Surely you’ve done enough property damage by now?”

She was going with what was likely her worst plan: get their attention on her and hope her shadow manifested to protect her, or just heal any damage if it didn’t.


Tuyen automatically recoiled from the massive wall of fire, even as her shadow reached out its claws towards the dog limping away. Before it could get far the intense heat started burning Tuyen’s hand. She bit out a curse, backing away from the fire. With her came the shadow, forced away from the fire and further injuring Tuyen. She could already feel the exhaustion that came with it being active like this but didn’t ask for it to go away - she just needed to get past that fire, and then maybe… she could chase after them.

“Justin, you-” Her eyes widened when Justin leapt into the fire, lips opening to call him an idiot because for all his fire powers he really shouldn’t just leapt into a fucking magical fire wall. She cut herself off before she could get any further because that would be really unprofessional and they were already on thin ice as “experts.”

Thankfully he ended up unharmed, and she let out a sigh of relief when she saw his hand explode into flame on the other side. If he had his abstraction back that meant she could rest a little bit. His was much more reliable than her own. He could handle going after the intruders. She’d do damage control here. She shook her head and shouted over the fire towards him (hoping it would get across), “Justin, I'll stay here and make sure nothing happens, you should go after them.”

She was fairly certain that was his plan anyway but... It was best to make sure.

Wouldn’t you agree, Oscar?”

Oscar was shocked out of the static state he’d been in, staring after the hellhounds with a gaze sparked with curiosity. Oh how we wanted to know just how they worked. Where did they come from? But he turned his attention to Ezra and then the raging fire that another brother was ripping up the house to put it out. He gave a somewhat lazy smile.
“I’ve got it.”

Thankfully even with the fire there was still a lot of residual water around, in his siblings clothing and beginning to evaporate in the air. He narrowed his eyes as he drew all the water towards himself, before beginning to splash it on the fire. It was much faster going than the earth slabs being put over it and much less damaging.

While the fire was being put out, Tuyen took a moment to collect herself. The shadow disappeared from everyone else’s view, returning to something closer to normal to her. She wanted to go after the group with Justin now that there was a path, but she was already drained enough.

“Mr Vanburen,” she said as she approached Ezra, who was clearly the one in charge. She smiled politely at him, and then nodded to Alexander. “My, uh, partner should try to go after them. I take it you haven’t seen these,” she paused, trying to come up with the right words, “invaders before? Do you have any idea what they might be after?”

She assumed the answer would be no. She turned her head to where the fire was being put out. They would be able to get through soon enough. Though she was defenceless now that her shadow had gone dormant and wasn’t confident she could convince it to help her again. Thankfully she was good at not letting any of these worries show, her smile that didn’t reach her eyes well practiced.

“Anywhere they might go within this manor?”

Before Tuyen even got a chance to step out a door, or respond to Ezra’s comments about proving themselves (which didn’t have her anxiety shoot up at all), a massive beast crashed through the wall.

One minute she was preparing to go deal with whatever it was, the next she was choking on a cloud of debris and narrowly avoiding getting hit by it. The dust that had come off it clung to her wet clothes and hair, which she was seriously regretting not tying back when wet strands hit her face. Fuck.

This situation just kept getting worse.

She didn’t give herself time to think, because thinking alway led her mind down dark paths that had her confidence wavering. The dust cloud obscured her vision, but not enough that she couldn’t make out the massive figure of the hellhound. She doubted there wouldn’t be more- but that was their immediate problem.

She glanced at Justin, who was positioning himself with a chair leg. She didn’t know what the Vanburen’s could do so… she was probably the only one with an abstraction that could at least reach the size of this thing.

We just have to show that thing that we’re scarier than it, yeah?

She directed her thoughts towards the Shadow as if it would listen to her, or entirely understand. But she was beginning to get better at… manipulating it as it did her, even if she didn’t have complete control over it.

Can’t have something else scaring me more.

Tuyen stepped forward towards the hellhound that had crashed through the wall as her shadow grew in size until it was the same height, if not a bit taller, as the creature. It took on a monstrous form, crouched over with shadowed spikes running down its back and long claws. Once in reach it swiped at the hellhound, aiming to rake its claws across its face.

Everything went to shit a lot faster than Oscar had expected it to. He barely had time to slam his hand up, bookmark glowing red in his pocket to part that water that came directly towards him. He cursed under his breath, even as he watched in something close to awe when the two imposters transformed. He wanted so desperately to know how that worked. His mind was only half on the scene unfolding in front of them as he quickly latched onto considering the new magic.

Tuyen was knocked back by the wave of water, slamming against the wall with a hiss. She’d just bought this dress for the occasion! She wasn’t exactly made out of money like this family was! Her mind quickly moved past this, pushing herself up to her feet. This was not good. Water meant that Justin couldn’t use his abstraction. Which put them in a tight spot, seeing as she had no idea how much help any of the Vanburen’s would be. Or her for that matter.

“There’s more of them down the hall! She let them in with a portal in the bathroom. They must be using some sort of cloaking spell so that I couldn’t see them, but I know they’re here.”

More of them? That was great. Typical. Tuyen tried to push down the anxiety crashing into her mind, the shadows flickering in the corners of her vision. Why could it never go well for them? Nevermind that one of the Vanburen’s themselves was brandishing a knife at all of them and seemed to include Tuyen and Justin in the two he wanted out.

“I don’t think he’s going anywhere,” Oscar commented, eyebrow raised as he witnessed the sheer efficiency with which Alexander wrapped the imposter in chains. Even so he manipulated the water that soaked everything around them, drawing it out so it floated over his hand. “It would be better to speak before I treat you to a taste of what you did to us.”

“Or they could just leave!” Trisha spoke up from where she was pressed against the wall, laptop back hugged to her chest like it was a lifeline and a particularly vicious scowl on her lips. If her laptop, the only thing that let her use her stupid abstraction, was broken because of this? There would be hell to pay. “Ezra said to get out, so we should just throw him out.”

As if she was ever one to follow the orders of their eldest brother unless they benefited them.

Oscar opened his mouth to comment that there were other intruders to worry about- when right on queue a demonic scream ripped through the mansion.

Tuyen shuddered at that. The man they’d caught in here seemed subdued enough but whatever they’d just heard? She was quite certain it was coming for them.

“Justin,” she said quietly, taking a step towards her friend. “You can handle him, right?” She nodded towards the chained man. She continued, loud enough for the rest to hear. “I’ll go towards whatever that was.”

She then glared at her side. To the others, it looked like she was staring down with an empty space. Internally Tuyen was battling with the shadow that slunk around her. She needed it to work with her for once. Even if this was a terrible idea, it would be worse if whatever could sound like that got into a room full of people. She would make this work. She was not going to let her abstraction refuse to do what she wanted it do, after all the times it had before.

Tuyen let out a visible sigh of relief when The Shadow physically manifested, a solid but inky black version of herself coming into view beside her. She took quick steps towards the dining room entrance, shadow clinging to her each step of the way and eerily flickering towards more monstrous (but still small) versions of her. She stopped when she reached Ezra, where he stood with a glowing orange knife.

“If you would let me past. Unless you want whatever that was to come in here.” She spoke with a confidence she very much didn’t feel, but was doing a good job of pretending.

As soon as the demonic cry had been heard, Trisha had pulled out her laptop and knelt down with it. Thankfully the water didn’t seem to have damagic it (probably because of the spirit or whatever inside of it), and it booted just as fast as normal. Which wasn’t as fast as she’d liked. She muttered at it as it finally turned on, pulling up her programs and hurriedly typing away. It wasn’t difficult when she already had the base code written, and what she needed was simple: to look and see what it was. She hit run and after a painful few moments hoping it wouldn’t error out, a single tiny blob like creature appeared beside her. It instantly ran out the door, past Tuyen and under Ezra legs, and out towards where the scream had been heard.

Trisha very much did not want to be here. This feeling was made even worse when Oscar waffled on before introducing two teenagers. They looked younger than her, and she was already amongst the youngest in the family. She didn’t hide her displeasure, lips curling up into a grimace as she glanced between Justin and Tuyen. Judging. Neither were particularly attractive, so she dismissed any interest immediately and went back to her phone.

She could have stayed in her room rather than having to come sit surrounded by people she disliked listening to boring drivel. Sure, her room wasn’t a place she felt at home in, but it was better than this.

Oscar wasn’t at all taken back by the generally disapproving looks he got from various family members. Right, he’d not asked them, because he’d just latched onto what should be a great opportunity! He doubted any of them would understand, which was why he had gone ahead with it. Not that they would be able to stop him in his pursuit of knowledge anyway.

“Really, Georgie, I don’t think this is me going off the deep end,” Oscar laughed it off as if it was a joke rather than something his little sister probably genuinely meant. It didn’t really affect him but he was glad when Sabrina suggested they hear them out. He’d rather this meeting went well, but even if it didn’t he would continue to seek their help. If he had to do it alone so be it. “I can vouch for them.”

“I have my own theories about your curse but to explain them, I'm going have to ask how much do you all presently know about magic? Because there is a lot to know, and a lot of different beings out that.”

Oscar opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted before he could. First it was Ezra who executed himself. He noted his statement about doing it as a family and pretended he’d follow if they decided to not get the help.

Then Alexander spoke next, the supposed brother that he had very little knowledge of (and didn’t really care that much about, seeing as he didn’t know a lot about magic).

At the back of his mind he did consider that he’d already told them this before… but then again, it was likely they wanted to know what the entire family knew. Which was sadly substandard (though they hadn’t spent a year researching it like he had).

“I know a fair amount, as I mentioned before,” Oscar said after Alexander had said his piece, with a smile. His phone buzzed in his pocket a few times but he ignored it in favour of continuing. “I won’t bore everyone by going into the details of it all, but I would say enough. I know about the different types of supernatural out there, about Apparitions and methods to seal them. Sadly I have no knowledge about curses. I can go into more specifics, of course, but I think that summarises the basics I know.”

“Why does it matter what we know, anyway?” Trisha spoke up, not even bothering to look up from her phone as she did. “Just explain your theory and help us, or get out. We’re not here to learn about bullshit magic.”
The first years only had to wait a short while before Headmistress McGonagall came out to get them, fixing them all with a sharp but not unfriendly gaze. She quickly scanned through them for any who were already proving to be troublemakers before telling them to follow her.

She led them into the Great Hall, filled with older students and teachers alike, and up to the front where the sorting hat was waiting.

(The sorting hat sings a song that Fern cba to write out).

Headmistress McGonagall cleared her throat when that was done. “When I call your name, you will come forward and I shall place the sorting hat on your head. It will sort you into your houses.

Vi and the other three with her were among the first to reach the other side, and she made sure to get to the front of the group of first years on their way in. It was only their right, after all, as purebloods.

“Vivienne Nott.”

Her name was one of the first ones called and she smiled. It seemed they knew to give her priority, even if Hogwarts was going down the drain.

The hat didn’t even need fully put on her head until it was shouting out Slytherin. She smiled more and went to join that table among cheers, sitting to wait for the other two to inevitably be sorted into the same house.

Bryn & Ishbel

Bryn was practically vibrating with excitement when they were lead into the Great Hall, even as she stuck beside Min and Ishbel - both of whom seemed much shyer than her. After that it was just a case of waiting. Ishbel shifted from foot to foot, biting her lip nervously.

“Ishbel Maclean.”

She blinked, glancing over at the other two with an anxious smile. She walked up to the front, hat humming and hawing before shouting out “Hufflepuff!”

“Bryn Park.”

Bryn’s name was called not too shortly afterwards and she confidently strode up. The hat took much less time for her, quickly sorting her into Gryffindor.

Li was drawing a couple of looks thanks to holding his camera and snapping pictures, of everything from the floating candles to the Grand Hall itself. He hadn’t stopped since they got onto the boat.

“Liqin Zhou.”

It took him a few moments to realise he was the one getting called. He blushed slightly, slinging his camera over his shoulder and scurrying up.

The hat sat on his head for a while, murmuring at him about its conflict. Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff… “Hufflepuff!”

Liqin jumped up just as quickly as he’d sat down, moving to sit down beside Ishbel - glad to see someone familiar.

“Guess this is the last time we get to talk to you guys before we’re put in Slytherin and isolated from everyone else,” Gus commented lowly to Nadia and Ben while waiting, half rolling his eyes at the other purebloods all being sorted in that direction. At least he’d have Archie with him.

“I’m sure you won’t-”

“Benjamin Sallow!”

Ben was cut off by his name being called, giving them all a smile. He leaned over to Nadia before he left. “I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

Then he walked up and let the hat be placed on his head. “Gryffindor!”

Gus waited with increased anxiety, even though he didn’t say it. When his name was eventually called up he turned and grinned at his twin. “Guess I get to go first.”

He let out a sigh before stepping up. The hat took its time before eventually calling out, “Ravenclaw!”

Gus blinked, shock clear in his features as he walked over to his table - trying to catch Archie’s eye as he did. He wasn’t put into Slytherin? Did that mean the two of them would be separated out?

Olivia was a little nervous by the time they got off the boats, which only increased when they went inside. She had no idea what to expect! Really, they didn’t teach you about this in the books.

It didn’t seem so bad as a hat started giving them houses, she watched person after person go up.

“Thanh Nguyen.”

The quieter person was called first, stepping up with a frown. After a short while the hat shouted, “Slytherin.” They ignored the quiet snickers as they went to sit down, instantly feeling out of place. Great.

“Olivia Janvier.”

“Here’s goes nothing,” Olivia huffed out, moving towards the front. She expected some kinda magical spark but it was just a hat on her head, humming before shouting out, “Ravenclaw!”

From what she remembered that was the house with all the smart kids, which suited her just fine. She smiled as she went to sit down.
I just put the tables themselves (which was a hassle), I'll fill em in when we get more people I think

Maya had totally slept in and missed the coven meeting. She was pretty sure they’d be done by now, but that didn’t stop her from driving towards the beach house. Because, why not have some relaxing time at the pool?

Really, it wasn’t her fault. She had… quite the late and energetic past few nights, and the last thing she’d been thinking about was about the potions. It didn’t affect her so why should she bother turning up on time?

Sadly, traffic just made it worse. Everyone seemed to be trying to get out of the city? She had no idea why, not exactly being one to keep up with news or random pings of her phone while driving. It just made it very very irritating for trying to get to the beach house.

Which was on fire. Maya got out of her car, which she’d pulled up a bit away, and instantly regretted it. “What the fuck?!”

Oh fuck, it looked like she’d missed an entire fight… A losing one at that. She gaped at the monstrous figure of Annabelle in the rubble of what had been the beach house. She didn’t need to be told by Meifeng to get away.

She should have just stayed at home.

Maya quickly glanced at the other coven members, cursing under her breath when she realised that Lyss didn’t have an easy way out. Fuck, fuck, could she just drive away and be alright with that? Probably not.

“Lyss, get over to my car!” she yelled, which probably wasn’t smart at all, before diving back into the driver seat and starting up the engine.

If Lyss didn’t instantly run over, she was driving away. She could save herself at that point.

As soon as fire was being thrown around, Isla was out of there. Lyss had said to stick together and she tried to do that, by sticking to Mariah as the other girl ran away.

She twisted her head at the loud explosion behind them.

“Oh shit! She ain’t dead, hell, she’s even worse now,” Isla yelled to Mariah, not stopping running even though she was terribly unfit and dying of the heat. “I don’t wanna be anywhere near this, fuck, I can teleport us like a bit further away, aw fuck.”

She really wasn’t sure if teleporting was the right idea, cause then she’d be exhausted, but also it was much faster than running - so she held out her hand in offer to Mariah anyway.
@The Ghost Note Narrowed down her abstraction from when I last showed you her.

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