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Uni deadlines
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I've got the flu, so responses are gonna be slow
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Exams rn, will be busy
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I actually have some time to roleplay, for once
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My 9 exams start next week, so I'm honestly unlikely to be able to post untim they're done (in a month). I spend my whole days studying p much, with like short breaks I use to mindlessly scroll >< it's very energy consuming but I'll try write a post sometime
@Ruler Inc I know I thumbs upped two days ago but just wanted to say that's completely understandable! Everyone is up and down with motivation I'm just glad you're not dropping it, take all the time you need
Well I'm in the middle of exam studying/won't have much free time till mid May so this going slow suits me tbh :P (also won't post until both of you since my post was p recently)
That's my post for the month done, don't expect another one for a few more years :P

Grand Ridge Academy

Even exhausted Tuyen didn’t sleep well. Her sleep was fitful, filled with shadow caused dreams and another recollection. She woke up feeling more tired than she had before she went to sleep. Having helped with guard duty right near the beginning of the night, she took the time now that she was back in her room to take a long shower.

She tried not to think about the recollection and what it entailed. It was possible to steal other’s powers. When would that start to happen? She’d trusted people before all of this went down but now… now she just wasn’t sure. What if someone got just a little greedy and then the power went to their head?

Would it really be so bad if someone took her abstraction? It was as useless as she was.

Shaking the thoughts away, she ignoring her constantly lingering shadow and got out of the shower. After a quick dry she dressed in thicker and more practical clothes than normal. Thick trousers replaced her normal skirts, a wool jumper topped with a winter jacket and some boots. It was still in her normal shades of blue and purple but more muted than normal. Looking good wasn’t exactly important when there was a storm raging outside and their lives were in danger.

Tuyen quickly made herself some coffee in a portable flask and then headed down to the lobby.

Grand Ridge Academy
@Ruler Inc@MagratheanWhale@Atrophy@Ciaran

Rien had had one of the last shifts watching the lobby, so they were already there curled up in a chair sketching. They drew all sorts of things – images from the dreams they’d had, from the place they’d been taken by god child. Along with this they’d drawn some more practical items. The kind of thing that would be handy to pull out of paper should the need arise.

They raised an eyebrow as Britney entered, but didn’t say anything. They’d had a recollection they were sure everyone else had (that seemed to be the pattern). There was no point in confronting her on it when very few other people were around. Rien wasn’t the confrontational type anyway.

Soon more people arrived. Caelea walked in in the middle of a bunch of questions and answers, and some guy offering alcohol. They recognised him from in the hospital but couldn’t remember his name.

“Dangerous, offering alcohol to a bunch of grieving students,” Rien commented, though they had absolutely no qualms about getting themselves a glass and pouring a generous amount of tequila into it. Immediately after they downed half of it.

Yup, definitely grieving for all the people who died and not using alcohol to help forget it just like they always did. God, they’d missed drinking.

Tuyen arrived in the lobby as Britney began explaining the plan, quietly edging in until she stood close to Rita. She leaned in closer to the girl, the only one in the room she’d vaguely talked to and asked quietly. “Did I miss anything important?”

Britney’s plan was harsh, but Caelea couldn’t argue with it. She didn’t quite know how they’d decide on the two groups but she was sure there’d be a way of getting two that avoided everyone clashing.

She wasn’t much of a drinker but she got herself a cup of something anyway.

“To all the people we’ve lost,” Caelea spoke softer than normal and held her cup out. For Hagan, who had been an idiot right up to the end but had still been her friend. And everyone else she hadn’t even known.

Rien put their cup out, though they waited only a short while before finishing it. Then enough time for it to be appropriate to ask, “how soon are we heading out? And how are we deciding groups?”
I expect the review of all my characters just to be "gay"
I'm going to try write a post tomorrow / Wednesdaybut don't wait for me
I lied about starting something earlier but'll try do something over the weekend, though I only have my phone to use (uni sucks and continues to take up time) 😂
I'm maybe going to start a post tonight, but I'll definitely have something up by the end of the week
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Yeah sorry to ruin your fun :P

Moving on sounds good though, looking forward to the post! Hopefully by then I'll have time to read it xD
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