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"Mecha Cowboys" has less than a thousand hits on Google. I've never been more upset.
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RP Concept: "Screw just the plans, we're stealing the Death Star and taking that baby for a joyride!"
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The VeggieTales theme song has been stuck in my head for at least three days now. Can't decide if it a good or bad thing yet.


Fun Facts About Atrophy

-Has roleplayed for more than half of his life. It doesn't show.
-Once wrote an essay that got published. It was in a college magazine. They were hungry for anything. He didn't get paid.
-Was rejected from the first RP he ever tried to join. He was ten. It still bothers him.
-Tends to spend too long when it comes to creating a character, due to fact checking. Even if it's a fantasy game.
-Especially if it's a fantasy game.
-Really likes the movie Lost In Translation, which is about two hours of people doing nothing in Tokyo. It has good music.
-Prefers vodka tonics over other mixed drinks. Uses diet tonic water, meaning it has even less flavor.
-Can make the hell out of some guac.
-Keeps writing up potential RPs to GM only for him to realize he's just totally stealing from Nausicaa.
-Uh, the manga, not the film. Yeah, he's one of those "the book is better" guys.
-But really, what's not cool about a world covered in miasma where people use gliders, fighter planes, and airships to get around?
-Like, that'd be dope, right?
-Started listening to a podcast by a guy who made the show Community before ever watching a single episode of Community.
-On a related note, really likes Community.
-Is secretly embarrassed by everything he writes.
-He should be, too.
-Favorite band: Titus Andronicus. Dances in secret to their music. It's not music you dance to.
-Also likes: Grimes. Dances in public to her music. His roommates aren't impressed.
-Actually buys music.
-And books.
-Like that's impressive, right? Pfft.
-Still knows all of the words to Don McLean's "American Pie" after singing it in the shower for months straight. Ten years ago.
-Is trying to not be a jerk anymore. Tell him if he is.

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Ayyyy I'm also here. Should be free to write up something around Tuesday or Wednesday.
Trust me, I will.

Trust me x2; I will also revive the RP after the dust settles. I promise... and even if you all aren't here I'm fucking finishing the RP myself.

Man I was gonna say I'd happily wait but now I wanna see this one man RP show happen.

Good luck with that IRL shit. Maybe we'll have a post ready when you're back :D
Is it also late to announce that I'm also moving after my vacation?

Yep. You gotta cancel that move, bud.

@Ruler Inc@FernStone
Grand Ridge Academy

Rita’s lips drew thin as Britney and Cyrus tabled her question. There was no point is asking again by using her abstraction. She could imagine that if abstractions generally had to be taken off of someone’s cold dead hands than giving one away probably didn’t help the gift giver out much in the end anyway. Besides, she didn’t like using her ability in such a large group. Tuyen was already able to intuit it when it had failed against her. She was surprised that Penny hadn’t figured it out, although the more time she spent around Penny the more she realized that her abstraction was almost unnecessary: brutal honesty was her default.

Rita’s face remained grim as Penny offered her a bottle, which she declined. The last time she drank alcohol she made an ass of herself and then an entire camp got massacred. Penny shrugged and returned the bottle back to Billy, but not before she poured a little of the whisky into her mug. Rita’s face finally softened as Tuyen joined the group. She scooted over so that the girl could join them on the windowsill.

“Did I miss anything important?” asked Tuyen, leaning in towards Rita.

“Just more bad news. We can steal or give away abstractions, but I guess it’s deadly to lose one,” said Rita. “Next I guess we’re going out in a blizzard to do some research.”

Penny nudged Rita and glanced over at Tuyen as Paige called out Britney once again. “You’re timing’s good, though,” said Penny. “Made it just in time to see the claws come out.”

It wasn’t an outburst that came next, but a recollection. After the vision unfolded, Britney offered the group a warning: "... The Watchers - the League - they're gonna be a problem."

“You’re telling me the group of weirdos dressing up in cloaks aren’t here to help the everyman? Wow, bro, this is shocking,” said Billy after a beat.

“Billy, stop,” said Penny. She stared a Britney, confused as to how to process this. They had been friends up to only a couple of years ago, and never had Penny known anything like this had happened to Britney. She frowned. “I’m sorry for what you went through. I know that means next to nothing coming from me, but I am.” She bit her lip. “Still. If those bastards are gonna become a problem, then we’ll deal with them.”

“Wait, how are they gonna be a problem?” asked Billy. “Didn’t they say that their whole gimmick was stopping monsters and what not? Like, isn’t that also our thing?”

“We aren’t really good at it,” muttered Rita.

“The idiot has a point,” said Penny. “Wouldn’t their primary concern also be the Glutton?”
Yeah my creative time has been sapped by a major project the past few weeks, but things are about to wrap and my next work week is a short one so I should be back to posting hot garbage in a few days.

Grand Ridge Academy - Night

The grasp of sleep was about to completely consume Penny when the knock came upon her door. She grumbled underneath her breath, turned over in the bed, and pushed a pillow down on her head. Her night shift of patrolling the halls for any wannabe Scotts had been entirely uneventful, and the thought of actually getting some real sleep—not whatever coma bullshit escaping the Glutton had put her in—had been quite appealing. For a second she thought her ruse of pretending to be asleep had worked, and then there was another knock. And another. Penny threw her pillow off of her and rolled over so that she could sit up. Whoever was outside her door must be desperate, because only a desperate person or someone with a deathwish would try and ruin her beauty sleep. She slipped into a pair of pajama pants, flicked on a lamp, and stomped over to the door.

“What!?” she barked as she threw the door wide open. Rita stood there, her fist raised up to knock once again. The mousy girl stepped back, an apology already forming on her lips as Penny sighed and dragged her inside. She had promised the other girl a talk. She had only figured it wouldn’t have been in the dead of night.

“Sorry to bother you,” said Rita as Penny closed the door behind her with a slam. She looked around the room. For someone who obviously put so much effort into her appearance, it was quite the mess. Piles of clothes haphazardly thrown this way and that covered damn near every free surface that wasn’t taken up with untouched school books. The handful of posters on the wall gave the impression that the room belonged to someone who had picked up a few Greatest Hits albums of commercial punk bands without ever skimming deeper into the genre, and the few burnt up pieces of incense couldn’t hide the stale stench of cigarette smoke that would blow back in through the bathroom window when Penny didn’t feel like taking the walk outside.

“Trust me. If it had been anyone else, they would be,” said Penny, sitting down on her bed. She gestured to her desk chair for Rita to take it. As the other girl sat down, she spoke again, “So, we’re alone now. What the hell did you want?”

Rita shuffled in her seat and didn’t look up at Penny.

“You’re not gonna confess your feelings to me, are you?” asked Penny. “I’m flattered, but I’m not really into that sort of thing. And this ain’t the time for that kind of shit anyway.”

“N-no!” said Rita. “I-I-I-I—”

“It was a joke,” said Penny. “Although judging by your reaction…”

“It’s not that!”

“No shit. So since it’s not you embarassing the ever living piss out of yourself, why don’t you just sack up and say it?”

“I don’t know if I really can,” said Rita. “It’s just...I don’t understand you quite yet. You act all standoffish and like you’re better than everyone else, but whenever something crazy happens you always jump right in with no hesitation. It’s weird.” She pulled her sleeve up over her hand, and then looked directly at Penny. “If you don’t like everyone, then why are you helping them?”

“Because it’s the right fucking thing to do,” said Penny.

“So you would help me if I was in danger?”

“I already have. I wouldn’t stop now.” Penny blinked. Her head felt funny. What was going on? She glared at Rita. “What’s with this fucking interrogation?”

“I have to know if I can trust you,” said Rita. ”If someone in the group was trying to harm one of us, would you stop them?”

“Yes,” said Penny, and then she shook her head. “Rita, is—”

“Do you completely trust me?”

The question hung in the air for a second, and then Penny crossed her arms, “Not entirely.”

The stony mask of zero emotion that hung on Rita’s face cracked as she choked back her words. She broke eye contact with Penny and looked at her knees. This had been a stupid idea. Even if Penny had trusted her, it wasn’t as if she would take the word of what amounted to little more than an unfortunate acquaintance over her brother. She rubbed her face and stood up, ready to bolt for the door. She was stopped by Penny grabbing her other arm.

“Wait. Clearly there is something wrong that you want to tell me. If you want to be a little bitch about it and runaway, fine. I mean, no, not fine. It’s too late for that. You already got my attention. So I might not take your word as gospel. Shocker. You’re lumped in with everyone else. Fortunately for you, there is another way.” Penny let go of Rita’s arm and sat back on her bed, and then she gestured at the empty air between them. “Show me.”

Rita stared into nothing for a moment, “How?”

Penny paused. “I don’t know,” she said. “But let’s figure it out.”

Grand Ridge Academy - Morning

Another night, another trippy vision about the cute bug girl’s dad as a child. Billy was thankful that he hadn’t taken any psych classes, otherwise his inner Freud would’ve been having a coke-fueled field day of psychoanalysis. He didn’t have any dorm of his own since he stayed at home, but due to the events of the past few months there were more than a handful of empty rooms in which he could crash. And crash he did, but only after a pleasant raid of the school’s cafe and a hot shower. Weird vision aside, the sleep was kind of nice once he discounted that fact he was sleeping in some other dude’s bed.

Of course, not having a fresh set of clothes was kind of a bummer, but one Febreze bath later and he smelled like canned mountain spring. He just hoped that they weren’t going to be going to build a snowman that day, since cargo shorts and a thin hoodie weren’t much to protect against the blizzard. In fact, he kind of hoped that they weren’t going to be doing anything today. Maybe they should just roll with what the Speaker had said, what with his whole one love schtick as if he was Bob Marley. Honestly, it was a pretty crazy idea, but then again fighting against a world-eating son-of-a-bitch was also totally nuts.

Billy made his way down to the lobby. He figured he’d find some way to stay in the school while the rest of the Justice Friends went off to Mt. Doom, but if he didn’t make an appearance his sister would tear apart the school looking for him. Speaking of which, she was already down in the lobby dressed to go, a red peacoat folded up to act as a cushion as she sat on the windowsill next to the mousy girl, whose sweater finally seemed reasonable. Both of them had coffee and the tired look in their eyes of a college student after an all-nighter of studying. Penny caught Billy’s eye and then leaned over to Rita to whisper something in her ear before beckoning him over to them. Billy was hesitant as he approached; that Rita girl had always been weird, and she had been even weirder ever since they awoke in the hospital.

“You gonna bolt again, dude?” he said to Rita as Penny handed him a cup of coffee.

“Sorry about that. You just startled me,” said Rita, staring at the rim of her cup.

“I would if I saw your lanky ass lumbering around, Lurch,” said Penny.

“Seriously, by the way you were acting I was beginning to think you had a crush on me or something,” said Billy, ignoring Penny.

“W-w-why does your family think I’m into them?” asked Rita.

“I don’t know, our parents were too supportive so it inflated our self worth. Now will you two shut up,” said Penny as Britney entered the room, “there’s gonna be another fucking civil war.” Paige soon joined the others in the lobby and commented on how she understood, although did not condone, Britney’s lie of omission. Penny raised an eyebrow. All things considered, everyone normally was screaming within the first second.

“I think we can all agree that we understand where Britney was coming from and think her decisions were almost all entirely dogshit,” said Penny, nodding as if she had just said something sagely. “I’m curious about this guardian thing. Does taking an Abstraction kill the person or something, or is it just easier to rip it off of a corpse?”

“And if we gave it away, what happens?” added Rita quietly.
I should be able to write something Friday or Saturday!
<Snipped quote by Zombiedude101>

I'm in balls deep.

I'm also in all three inches, baby!

Somewhere Else --> Grand Ridge Academy

“...You can’t.”

“Fuck,” cried Penny. So that was it then? There was nothing they could do against the Glutton? She buried her face into her hands. She was torn between crying out in anguish or exploding like a volcano, so instead her body did a weird amalgamation of the two and left her shaking between short, staccato gasps of breath. She was pissed. She was so pissed that when Lynette clarified the question and the Child gave a different answer she erupted with mean laughter, more at herself than at the Child. When Penny spoke next, her relief could be heard battling with her anger.

“You-stupid-literal-fucker-I-hate-you,” she said, shaking her head as she wiped her eyes after the Child asked if they’d stop the Glutton for the whole entire universe. She quietly added on, “How is that even a question.”

Penny was resolute, but it was clear from the Child’s answer to her question that she couldn’t be the only one jumping at the call. She looked at her brother; he didn’t meet her gaze. Nate tried to keep things light; his levity only gave the Child another excuse to drop more hurtful information on them. Penny walked over to Lynette and put her hand on her shoulder as her friend mentioned Aliana. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the mousy girl choke up and turn her face from the others. The Child was prompted once again to unintentionally fill them all with self-doubt, and as Penny mulled over its questions everything vanished and they were in the lobby of their Academy. Penny bit her nail as the others talked.

"... and also changing out of these old, dirty, clothes is a good idea, too," Jordan said. "Maybe a shower."

"Oh?" Britney looked down and saw that she was filthy. "That too."

“That’s!” The heat was still in her voice, and for a moment it appeared as if she was going to rip the girls a new one. Then Penny stopped, looked around at the dejected group of misfits, and lowered her voice in acceptance of their situation, “That...that actually sounds kind of nice. I doubt the Child would put us anywhere dangerous, but we should probably check around and make sure we’re safe here, too. See if there’s anyone even here.”

“I vote raiding the cafeteria,” pipped in Billy, “I don’t know about you nerds, but all that doom and gloom talk really made me crave a shitty slice of ‘za right about now.”

"It is the end of the universe," said Penny, mildly cheered up but her brother's inability to take things seriously. "What's the harm of a few extra calories?"

Rita had already walked away from the group. She didn’t say it out loud, but she needed to be alone.
@Ruler IncI second moving on from the exposition for a tic. Should get something up today or tomorrow, now that I'm no longer doped up on cold meds!
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