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"Mecha Cowboys" has less than a thousand hits on Google. I've never been more upset.
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RP Concept: "Screw just the plans, we're stealing the Death Star and taking that baby for a joyride!"
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The VeggieTales theme song has been stuck in my head for at least three days now. Can't decide if it a good or bad thing yet.


Fun Facts About Atrophy

-Has roleplayed for more than half of his life. It doesn't show.
-Once wrote an essay that got published. It was in a college magazine. They were hungry for anything. He didn't get paid.
-Was rejected from the first RP he ever tried to join. He was ten. It still bothers him.
-Tends to spend too long when it comes to creating a character, due to fact checking. Even if it's a fantasy game.
-Especially if it's a fantasy game.
-Really likes the movie Lost In Translation, which is about two hours of people doing nothing in Tokyo. It has good music.
-Prefers vodka tonics over other mixed drinks. Uses diet tonic water, meaning it has even less flavor.
-Can make the hell out of some guac.
-Keeps writing up potential RPs to GM only for him to realize he's just totally stealing from Nausicaa.
-Uh, the manga, not the film. Yeah, he's one of those "the book is better" guys.
-But really, what's not cool about a world covered in miasma where people use gliders, fighter planes, and airships to get around?
-Like, that'd be dope, right?
-Started listening to a podcast by a guy who made the show Community before ever watching a single episode of Community.
-On a related note, really likes Community.
-Is secretly embarrassed by everything he writes.
-He should be, too.
-Favorite band: Titus Andronicus. Dances in secret to their music. It's not music you dance to.
-Also likes: Grimes. Dances in public to her music. His roommates aren't impressed.
-Actually buys music.
-And books.
-Like that's impressive, right? Pfft.
-Still knows all of the words to Don McLean's "American Pie" after singing it in the shower for months straight. Ten years ago.
-Is trying to not be a jerk anymore. Tell him if he is.

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Hillview High - Mason Square.

Penny stood back up to her feet as she continued to repulse the blade into Reese. Sweat was making whatever was left of her makeup run, and a trickle of blood from her nose was beginning to flow more steadily. Still, she wasn’t going to stop until one of them expired, or at least that was what she had thought before Scott began to transform back into his normal, scrawny, asshole self. She dropped her Abstraction and stared in a somewhat state of shock as he began bawling like a baby, begging for forgiveness. She felt her stomach twist as her throat tightened, the blood hammering in her ears. Had killing him really been the only option? He was a reprehensible murderer, but if his final words were true…

“Nobody can make you do anything,” came a hushed voice from behind Penny.

Rita had kept herself away during the fight. She was too curious (or, she thought, stupid) to run, but smart enough to know that she couldn’t really do anything to help. As Scott Reese began to transform back into his original state, Rita had felt that compulsion again to start ripping whatever facts she could out of the man. She had quietly approached from behind Billy, who seemed to be nursing quite a headache, and had walked up behind his sister. Her eyes danced around the scene, darting at the wicked blade dripping with Reese’s blood to the other kids who had been knocked around in the fight. She brushed herself past Penny and began to slowly approach Reese, his head hung low. If she could lift his face and look into his eyes—a hand grabbed her shoulder.

“Stop,” said Penny, pulling Rita away from Scott’s dead body. She didn’t know what the creepy girl intended on doing, but something bad was happening. Orange light flooded the hall as the hair on Penny’s arm stood up. A heaviness—different from the one of her overusing her Abstraction—came upon her, almost as if something was sitting on her chest. Her rapid breaths grew shallow and her eyes widened with horror as the being morphed into reality. It kept shifting in and out of forms, all of which seemed familiar but none of which seemed possible either. Penny’s hand fell from Rita’s shoulder.

And Rita stepped forward: “What the fuck do you want with us!?”
Got hit with nine straight days of work. I'll be dead til Friday.
@Surtr IncNot really. Out of my characters, only Penny has used hers—and I feel like we could justify it as a secondary part of her Abstraction. Same can probably go for anyone whose character's aura helps with their power.

Hillview High - Mason Square.

It all happened so fast. By the time Penny had recovered from the burst of light, Reese had already closed the gap between himself and Paige. She felt a scream in defiance rip from her lips as she rushed after him, knowing all too well that she’d never make it in time. “Billy, do something!” flashed into her brother’s mind, ripping him out of his daydream just in time for him to witness Tuyen’s shadow come to life. He, too, was not going to get to Paige in time, but thankfully Jasmine had the time to freeze him in place. Penny sighed deeply in relief, and slowed her sprint to a trot as the shadow slammed Reese into a locker and Justin and Lynette turned up the heat.

Her aura was still going strong, which meant her head was buzzing with pain and her senses were beginning to overload. Still, she would not turn it off, not until she made for certain that they were in the clear. Reese’s screams filled her ears. She hated the sound. She hated him. Yet, the sound of him suffering caused her to freeze up. She knew that there would be no reasoning with Reese, that he was more monster than man now, that he had killed people that, while she truly didn’t like, certainly didn’t deserve it, and yet despite all of this she felt bad for him. He disgusted her, but she pitied him.

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t ready to do what was necessary.

"Barbie! I'm gonna toss this, do your little magic trick!" shouted Claire before chucking the blade that had killed so many of their classmates at Reese. Penny didn’t even hesitate. Her aura calculated the arc and she reached out with her hand. One second the blade was sailing through the air, and the next it was gone. At the same time, Penny felt her legs give out from underneath her. She collapsed to her knees. The world went silent and she saw a blackness begin to creep into her peripheries. She turned her aura off and pushed the hair out of her face; she was sweating and blood had begun to drip from her nose. As she looked up, sound began to return to the world, and then her vision cleared.

The first thing she saw was Scott Reese, his own blade buried in his chest up to the hilt.

“Nice fucking throw, O’Sullivan,” huffed Penny, sitting back on her rear. She glared at Reese as he screamed and struggled like a worm on a hook. He was trying pathetically to pull the blade from his chest. As his hands were about to reach the hilt, Penny reached back up and repulsed the blade again. Then again. And again. Anytime she saw the blade shift, she pushed it again. Penny started seeing red and could taste the iron in her mouth, but she would not stop. Not until she was certain.

Scott Reese wasn’t going anywhere.
Will be able to get a post up by Friday at the latest. Turns out drinking in 100+ degree weather is exhausting.
Meanwhile, I'm outta town til Tuesday. Vegas, baby!

Hillview High - Mason Square.

While Nate was preparing for his charge upon his maintenance stallion and Paige was drilling Reese with what looked like a miniature Laser Floyd show, Billy had entered into some sort of Zen-like state. Jasmine had stopped the hulking monster long enough for Claire and Britney to attempt to hold him in place, and the daydream Billy was forcing on Reese would soon make his continued struggles sluggish and sloppy until he possibly succumbed to unconsciousness. His sigil glowed from underneath his shirt as he continued to stare down their nightmare, his jaw slack and his eyes glazed.

Penny often took to ignoring or actively antagonizing Britney’s directives—even when restrained Reese was still dangerous—but Maddie’s situation forced the defiant girl to act. Blinking, the word around her began to buzz with energy. She knew before Lynette that the ice wouldn’t make it to Reese, and the vines that had wrapped around his ankles gave her a headache as they grew. Still, she rather deal with a migraine than have Reese smash her with his hostage without giving her even the slightest chance to move out of the way.

Rushing forward, Penny kicked off a shard of ice and carried it like a dagger. She ducked around Reese and blasted the shard into the back of the shoulder of the arm that was strangling Maddie, while at the same time she caught sight of Nate charging in out of the corner of her eye. Judging by her aura, there was only a few seconds before he shoved his makeshift battering ram right up Reese’s ass. If her ice dart freed Maddie from Reese’s grasp she’d have just enough time to tackle the girl out of the way. Otherwise, well, there was no time to consider anything else.
Sorry y'all, busy ass week. I should be able to get something out by Wednesday, but don't wait up.

Hillview High - Mason Square.

Penny’s hands clenched into fists of rage, but if she was going to smash Britney in her stupid face for jerking them around for so long then it’d have to wait. She hurried to respond to Paige’s bark, and her heart sank as her stomach rose when she saw Reese rip into Dexter. She looked away, trying to tune out the sound of entrails splattering on the ground, just in time to catch Claire rushing by her. A suicidal attack, if not for it being Claire, who was quickly chucked away like a ragdoll. The follow-up by Maddie was a surprise—Penny, not remembering that the girl had been “killed” by Reese once before, held back as a swore escaped her mouth. If she launched a barrage at Reese now, she’d likely end up stabbing Maddie in the back.

“You can stop him again, right?” asked Penny, sidling up to Jasmine. “Now would be a nice time to do it.”

Billy didn’t like the idea of leaving, but he didn’t like the idea of leaving his sister behind even more. Shrinking into the doorframe, he leaned out ever so slightly so that he could keep an eye on the outcome. If shit got bad he’d grab Penny and make a run for it, but for now he was sticking around. His eyes burned a hole in Scott. He couldn’t help but try and figure out what the deal was with this dude’s inability to chill. As Billy glared at the creep, his Abstraction begin to work subconsciously. Like Penny, Reese would feel that Billy was doing something to his head, making him sluggish, drowsy. Unlike Penny, he wouldn’t be able to telepathically snap at him to cut it out and pull him out of the focus.

But he could just bum rush him.
Happy 1000th post you nerds. Here's to wasting it.
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