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"Mecha Cowboys" has less than a thousand hits on Google. I've never been more upset.
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RP Concept: "Screw just the plans, we're stealing the Death Star and taking that baby for a joyride!"
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The VeggieTales theme song has been stuck in my head for at least three days now. Can't decide if it a good or bad thing yet.


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Well it isn't the Coins reboot but I still dig this idea, @Opposition.
Heck yeah.
@Ruler IncThat alternative might work for the best; it'd be easier to pick it back up. Do you know when you head out exactly?
@Ruler IncOh I did. I like to think my dialogue is what brought things down to "god awful" status.

What's the plan from here? Should we continue posting per usual until you head out for basic?
@Ruler IncYeah man, I don't see any problem with us waiting to finish things up. We been doing this RP for two years (fucking hell!), so I rather we give it a nice ending after a short break instead of just rushing through it all.
I'm good with waiting for Fern and the scenes to wrap, boss.
@Ruler IncYeah do you need me to post for the Hound? I figure Rita's gonna pass on hogging all the abstractions since she already snagged one.
Reynolds didn’t get a chance to reply before more washed out supers showed up for the call. The arrival of a couple of familiar faces added some much needed legitimacy to their gathering and, fortunately for ET, mellowed out her jumpiness. Truth be told, the heavy footsteps had initially put Maysah on an edge, but she was quickly pulled away from as a man in a domino mask and rocking a Union Jack stepped forward. She didn’t have to know him to recognize the Tower.

Hex had spoken highly of the Tower and his family to Maysah more than a couple of times, and he’d tried to find a way for them all to connect. Nothing ever lined up, partially due to Maysah being so resistant to the idea of having a meet-and-greet that sounded like little more than a photo op and nothing else. There was one time where Harrison almost convinced her to tagalong with him to some stupid graduation event. She agreed to it as long as she was in plain clothes to avoid any kind of press. Then, she got doxxed and everything fell to shit. It was funny how things sometimes worked out. Harrison had been dying for the two to meet; turns out dying was the only way for it to happen. The Tower tipped his hat at her and headed towards Reynolds; she narrowed her eyes in return.

A twig snapped. Maysah folded her arms over her chest and fixed a frown upon Harrison’s protege as he stepped out of the shadows with his arms held in a “don’t shoot” position as he spoke. They’d never met as far as she could remember, and why would they? Stardust struggled as it was working with heroes that were her equals; there was no way she was going to deal with their superpowered interns. Still, she enjoyed Artistomancer’s anti-corporate antics from afar, although found them somewhat trifling compared to her methods, and would often tease Harrison by congratulating him on raising such a rebel. Harrison only brought him up once after the trial, and that was sometime after he had reemerged as Avant-Garde. She couldn’t tell if he was more disappointed in himself or the boy. Now, she looked at Lazlo, hiding behind a gas mask with a sick looking body that a stiff wind could break in two, and felt her own kind of disappointment. If Hex’s legacy amounted to little more than a strung out terrorist calling himself a revolutionary then what hope did she have of leaving anything worthwhile behind?

“Given both of our colorful histories,” he said. “Having the federales on our asses is not what we need right now."

“If either of us thought the feds could actually do anything, I highly doubt we would’ve shown up,” said Maysah with a scoff as the goddamn Biomancer, of all people, walked in. “Case and point.”

“Nice to see a reliable face,” said Eli after he’d the stones to call Maysah an old lady.

A surprised, singular, staccato laugh burst out of Maysah’s throat and shredded her intense severity to ribbons. She clamped a hand over her mouth, an actual smile poking out from around the edges of gloved fingers as she shook her head in disbelief. The only thing that had ever been reliable about her when it came to the Biomancer was being a thorn in his side. How many times had they fought in the past? Half a dozen? A dozen? It was enough for the memories to smear together into a scrambled mess of blurred, government black sites and corporate compounds while Stardust danced around Biomancer in a deadly game of keepaway.

There had always been a strange excitement whenever she faced Biomancer, partially spurred on by the knowledge that if she accidentally ended up blasting off a limb he’d end up growing it back. She had lost track over what the score was, but despite his little stint in prison it seemed that Eli had won their game in the end—Biomancer was a free man while Stardust was a wanted woman. Maybe she should’ve had Hex work her out a plea deal instead of help her disappear. Maysah dropped her hand to her hip; a smirk was still ironed onto her lips as a voice cracked from outside the fading light of Reynold’s fire. Like the first arrival, Maysah did not recognize the last arrival.

“Oh wow,” said Maysah to Eli, rolling her eyes at him after the woman called him out. “You should have that black heart checked out. You know, given your age.” The corner of her mouth twitched up. “ I’d hate to see that reliable face of yours croak.”

The group shut up as Reynolds spoke, catching everyone up to speed on the whole Reality Bringer situation. Maysah didn’t really give a damn if Cedar Fort was literally swallowed whole by something huge, but she was with Reynolds on one point: Harrison’s death wasn’t an accident. She owed it to the man to find out who or what exactly the Reality Bringer was and to bring his killer to justice, and if that meant rubbing elbows with a bunch of assholes in military grade armor mixed with thrift store costumes then so be it. She wouldn’t even complain too loudly about having to go to New Mexico. Hell, she’d even try and play nice with the man she’d put the fear of God into who was now asking her nicely to not blast him as he took one of pagers.

“Since you’re here for Hex, I’m not going to stop you,” said Maysah as she stepped to the side and folded her arms over her chest. It was only after the man had grabbed his pager and retreated to the wall that Maysah stepped forward and grabbed her own.

“I appreciated hearing that you kept his identity secret,” said Maysah in a low enough tone so that only Reynolds could hear it. Maysah didn’t know much about Harrison’s personal life. She always thought he never really had one, but maybe the guy was hiding an ex-wife and some shitty kids. Her voice grew grave. “Bad things happen when that kind of information leaks,” she said, fixing Reynolds with an unblinking stare. “To everyone involved.”

“Okay, well,” said Maysah loud enough for the warehouse to hear, her voice free from its sharp edges, as she stepped away from Reynolds. “I’m putting my faith in your, Reynolds. Harrison was a…” Maysah wrinkled her brow. Friend wasn’t the right word. “Harrison was important to me. Let’s bring down this Reality Bringer.”

Maysah settled by the entrance of the warehouse to keep an eye out while the others grabbed their pagers. She fidgeted with her own for a moment before deciding that it would be safer if she tucked it away with her phone. It must’ve been damn hard for Reynolds to get her hands on such prehistoric tech, and Maysah didn’t doubt for a second that the side effects of her power would fry the pager in an instant. Maysah reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a black bag that was designed specifically to prevent electromagnetic interference. She shoved the pager in there next to her phone and sealed the bag shut, blissfully unaware that at the moment she had one unread text message from a ghost.

Man, you just know how to get my attention.

Town Hall

Penny’s face twisted into a look of shock and disgust as her repulsion successfully buried Amethyst’s dagger into one of the archer’s bellies. It was what she had intended to do, but the sight of the girl collapsing before she disappeared through a portal burned itself into Penny’s eyes. There wasn’t enough time to feel the guilt sink in as Amethyst wheeled around on her with another dagger flourishing in her hand. Penny ducked backwards to get out of arms reach and found herself being swallowed by a cloud of smoke. Moments later, Lynette’s glyph exploded and Penny was tossed (almost) harmlessly to the ground by a shockwave.

“Everyone, let’s go!”

There was no need to tell Billy that twice. Now without a gun and seemingly stuck with a broken abstraction, he was more than ready to make a break for the stairs. It was only when he made it to the steps that he finally paused and looked back, his eyes searching for Penny. However, his concern for his sister was not able to beat back the fear that had only momentarily relaxed its clutches on the man, and after just a couple of seconds he had already turned and bolted up the stairs, through the lobby, and out into the snow. Hopefully the storm had let up.

Penny stayed crouched low to avoid being choked out by the smokescreen. She hated to admit it, but running was really their only option. She blamed herself entirely for things falling to shit. If she hadn’t been so insistent on the group sticking together, they could’ve easily surrounded the Watchers or—now wasn’t the time. As she ducked and ran towards the stairs, she kept an eye out for any robed legs getting near their exit with a pen in her hand just ready to fly loose at their ankles. Only then did she notice the crutch and her stomach sank. Paige.

Penny was now crouched right by the exit. The others could easily make it up the stairs and to the school. Paige, not so much. There was no way Penny could live with leaving the girl behind. Forget the smoke, it wasn’t like her lungs hadn’t been tainted by cigarettes long ago. Penny stood up and, cursing under her breath, disappeared into the smoke as she rushed to grab Paige.

Grand Ridge

Rita didn’t have a chance to speak back up as the Hound stared her down while its fog swarmed around her. The slightest moment of alarm, fear, and confusion was swept away as a strange peace fell over her, albeit not a very calming one. It was impossible to describe. How can someone explain actual nothingness? As the fog drifted away from her and Rita regained her feelings—all of them—a ragged, chilled breath escaped from her throat as she shuddered. There wasn’t an argument to make. Her eyes fell away from the Hound. Even as Justin returned, her reaction wasn’t a strong one. The Hound was right. Why bother?

No, wait, why should she believe that he was right? From the sounds of it, he’d screwed up before by letting Jordan and Madeline live past their expiration date, so maybe he was screwing up now. Rita bit her lip hard. As Jordan and Madeline accepted their fates and began to say their goodbyes to everyone, Rita looked up from the ground with a strained and screwed look of concentration on her face. The Hound asked if anybody had any last words, and even if it proved to be pointless Rita wasn’t about to just allow them to go so gently with that scary Hound.

“I think you two are cowards,” said Rita. She glared at Jordan as her abstraction fired up. “They’re dead. This won’t bring them back. Do you honestly believe that this is what they’d want? To see you just give up and kill yourself?” She shot an angry look at Kimberly. “How can you pretend to be okay with this?”
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