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Current Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my campaign, and all the players in it. I couldn't be happier…
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Loving the cast in my current campign. Couldn't be happier. Nightlands will be quite entertaining as well. Kudos to @Kino End. Well done...
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getting ready to finish up some stuff on the campaign. Eager to get it started.
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Info dumping.
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Back from a loooong hiatus. Just got dungeondraft and i'm revamping an old rp.


Likes, Interests, and Dislikes-

I am always looking for new Rp'ers and writers to help fill in gaps between my posts in Rp's that I am currently participating in. I love to create new characters, realms, worlds, all very displayed. I am an artist so I like to add a bit of visual stimuli when I have the time. I try very hard to make it all very immersive. I have a few characters listed below along with my interests and other info...

My likes and interests are Medieval, Low-medium Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Ancient, Steampunk, Pirate/Swashbuckler, Dark, gritty themes (18+), Modern, Sci-fi, Future, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Slice of life, Romance (with plot only), Mystery, Military, Mech/Mecha, Western, Colonial, just to name a few. I like play by post, or chat as well. Large group, small group, 1x1.

My dislikes are Fandoms, High School, ANIME, anything with FUR.. Did I mention fandoms? and fur, already?? I really prefer to play original Rp's and original charatacters for the most part, and I am always looking for new and engaging people to write with. If interested please feel free to PM me.

Writing Style-

Literate, descriptive, multi-para to novella posts. Mature and well written, with grammatical and punctual prowess, and I expect the very same from my partners. Please do not waste my time, and I will do my best not to waste yours.

Winds of Fate- A Thief's Adventure
(Writing Sample)

Winds of Fate - A Thief's Adventure


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A flood of cold water splashed violently over Y'Vanna's face and and body as she lay entwined with several other degenerates on the floor. The sight was to the serving boy's wild amusement, a twisted knot of savory baren flesh, all mangled and now soaked and sopping wet. Then he grinned and gave no warning as he doused them. Oh what dreams were made of, he thought to himself... and what a story for the other lads. He would surely waste no time in boasting about this one, and why not. After all, Y'Vanna was definitely not bad on the eyes to start with. It had always been easy to see that she was quite in shape, her leathers were taut and clinged close to her body, but to see her in the nude was altogether different. Aside from a bit of scarring here and there she was absolutely stunning, and nobody could deny that...
She gasped for air as if she had been drowning, the cold water was quite the rush to the senses. Her body tensed up as she slowly raised her arms in shock of what had just transpired. The other girls shrieked as if they had been hit in the ass with hot pokers and scurried like rats to find shelter. Nora gave them little reason to do much else either, scorning them all the way out the door. Young Thomas couldn't hold his adolescence any longer and gave a good chuckle as they fumbled to find their things, all the while trying to avoid a good thwarting from the sand walker. It was quite the spectacle. Streams of water beaded down Y'Vanna's head and trickled down her barren chest swaying this way or that around the curves of her body, taking the path of least resistance as it found its way to the floor. Unable to speak momentarily, she sat gasping for air in short bursts as the cool water sent shivers along her arms and back causing tiny bumps to form. Then the pain in her forehead began...

"What.. in the actual.. feck... you little shite!" she said as her head yearned to meet the planks below, "gods be damned."

She leaned down for a moment letting the coolness of the floor soothe her forehead for a second before rising back up into a sitting position. It was apparent that she hardly even knew where she was at yet, but it was swiftly coming into focus. Her eyes opened slightly and she could begin to make out the details of the room. Oh, wow... she thought to herself as her eyes scanned the room turned brothel. Must've been some night, if only she could remember any of it. Garments were all over the place, seemingly belonging to no one... the room was wrecked, bottles and amphoras lay discarded everywhere. The air was thick and stifling with the smell of stale alcohol and steamy sweat. Her eyes roamed about until they found the alpaca, which prompted her to snort with wild laughter. Nora was less than pleased.

"Are we going to need another bucket?" Nora said, standing firmly and clearly vexed. She moved to the window and thrust open the drapes, letting a sea of light flood into the room. The rays lit brightly in the smoke filled room. Y'Vanna winced as the light was unbearably bright but she cackled still, unable to control herself. She let out a hearty laugh and fell back on her palms in the floor, her balanced still wavering. Nora was not amused.

"Thomas!" Nora clamored over her shoulder.

"Alright, alright.. calm yerself woman." Y'Vanna thrust an arm out to display her submission. "I'm up."

Y'Vanna took a moment to steady herself as she stood from the floor, her bare body out for everyone to see without a strand of modesty. That had been taken from her a very long time ago, stripped away and never to return. It was of no concern, and why should it be? She was well beyond attractive, despite her attitude... It was at this moment that she noticed Marengo, also bare as a babe and washing up. Her eyes widened and her demeanor changed for a moment. This was embarrassing, which was a relatively new experience for her. She couldn't pull her eyes from him though, he was quite the sailor after all.

"V!" Nora barked again.

Y'Vanna shook herself out of it and turned to find her leathers on the sill, she grabbed them up underneath her arm, her silhouette outlined vibrantly in the morning sun. She raised a brow, realizing that her undergarments were nowhere to be found. She looked about the small bench nook there in the sill with no luck. She turned looked around confusedly.

"Anyone seen my-" Y'Vanna said looking daft.

Nora clears her throat and flicks her wrist, pointing in the general direction of the alpaca and tilting her head in visible disgust. Y'Vanna's lips pursed as her head fell forward in disappointment.

"Right.." she said, throwing her scabbard and belts across her shoulder.

She then walked across the room with as much swagger as she could muster, hips swaying in pure confidence and only stopping briefly to relieve the poor animal of her undergarments before making her way to the door, still very naked. She made sure to make eye contact with Nora on the way out.

"Don't look so grimaced, we'll invite you to the next one." Y'Vanna said as she passed by the now fuming Zherpian. "I'll be down directly, I've got to hit the pisser..." her voice dwindling as she rounded the exit.

Percival had also made haste towards Ne'miah's room and was rounding the corner as Skarsat was bidding his plea for him to open the door. He had been making a parcel for him and the other party members who had not yet shown to breakfast when the sheriff had arrived. He was not known for how well he handled stressful situations and it was beginning to show. Sure, he could take a verbal lashing from Vargas just fine, but this sort of thing usually led to the gallows and he was absolutely terrified of Gerranti, and rightly so. The sheriff was indeed a bad and evil man, all the way down into the very bowels of his soul. He had tightened the noose on many nuisance and all of Guillan knew it because they all had bore witness to it. He was perhaps the most corrupt entity in the entire city, and that was definitely saying something... for there was much competition in rank and file, and that wasn't even counting the common folk either.

"You must hurry!.." he whispered exitedly as he rushed to Skarsat's side, thrusting the parcel into Skarsat's belly. "this is not the time for shenanigans, it is not safe here any longer!"

Percy fumbled for the keys to Ne'miah's room, shaking violently as he did. He finally managed to find the room key as he fished for the keyhole, which he eventually found, but not before making quite the racket. He turned the latch and opened the door to the room and immediately made his way to the window to pull back the curtains to let in some much needed light to help jostle the young thief from his slumber. He also took a moment to look down to the street for any other guards who might be lurking about. He could notice a few towards the left near the square but the alley looked clear, at least from what he could see...

"The entrance to the warehouse is just across the alley down there... you mustn't go through the tavern Ne'miah, if the sheriff spots you we'll all swing from the gallows." Percy said insistantly. "I'm certain of it. Skarsat please shut the door behind you."
He made his way over to the bedside and started digging for the warehouse key so that Ne'miah could get inside. He found it and began to pull it from the ring.

"You've got to get dressed and get out here immediately. Skarsat and I will come down and assist you but you mustn't be found here."

The sheriff nosed up at the mention of more coffee, especially from someone so easy on the eyes. He was indeed a man of simple desires. Unfortunately for Solange the sheriff was well aware of Solange's reputation, for many things. Talk traveled fast in Guillan, and so did praise, where it was due. Talks of wild pleasures circulated well, so did the tales of anguish, and Solange could be found entwined in both. If anything it was a testament to just how enticing she was, for only a fool would coddle the cobra...

"Ah, I could sit here all day..." Gerranti said, locking eyes with Solange directly. "especially in such graced company." Gerranti licked his lips as he looked her over, her supple bosom nearly spilling over dress, and most assuredly on purpose.

"However, I am a very busy man, with ever pressing matters to attend to, and you and I both know that Vargas will most not likely return so long as I sit here in this chair with my men roaming the tavern... no, we've all been patrons to this game many times over." he said as he wiped the corners of his mouth and stood from the booth. "I will take my leave now and not waste any more of anyone's time here, or before my plate gets any more full, as I have much on it already."

Gerranti moved right up onto Solange, practically breathing down her neck. Her perfume toyed with his nostrils, exciting him to no end. All the things he wished to do flooded his mind as it did, and he could almost taste her. He was much taller than she was and he was poised over her in an unsettling manner as he leaned in to whisper in her ear, yet he did not. He inhaled deeply as if to savor the smell of her sweet and succulent perfume mixed with fear... and then he pulled away.

"I would advise none of you to be around when I find this Ne'miah... it would be terrible if you were to get wrapped up in that trouble." he said loudly. His voice echoing through the main tavern floor and balconies.

"I'm not one to make empty threats, and i'm sure you all know it. Come lads, let's be off before I decide to make a mess of things." waving his hand to the other guards to follow him out. "We've made our point."

The guards who were aggravating the other patrons of the tavern stopped harrasing them and made their way to the front and walked out the main entrance to secure the street as Gerranti turned to speak once more before exiting himself.

"I'm sure we'll be seeing you all again... really soon."


Sheriff Gerranti nor his men take the bait on the coffee
1= No, 2= Sheriff takes, 3= Guards take

On Gnok Island...

The ship anchors at the end of the longest dock in the port. Men start to shift provisions and gear from the ships cargo and begin to unload it onto the docks. Several of the local workers greet them and start to help them with the task. The captain of the ship, a large man, exits the ship, followed by another man who is shrouded in a dark cloak, make their way down the wooden planks to meet with the dock quarter master. He also goes out to meet them as they approach.

Guillan, 8:32AM

The sun is now well into the air, and the swelter causes the humidity to rise greatly, forming a light fog in the harbor. The rains from the previous days did much to aid this along. The mist would surely dissipate before too long, but the humidity would fearfully cling on for quite some time, It was shaping up to be an unbearably muggy day. This also caused those still stifled from drink and slumber to rise whether they wanted to or not. They rose to roost like sluggish zombies and one could almost hear the cumulative groaning as they all put themselves on the shortest path to finding something to subdue that brick that was seemingly tied to their foreheads...
It was still far too early for music or the drums, but once the lot had one or two to rewet that whistle it'd going again before too long. The masses had begun to move, and the festivities would continue. The King's Guard were already patrolling, and rousing the streets free of those slumbering there and they generally seemed to enjoy the work. Prodding them with the ends of their halberds and pike poles, or a good firm kick to the kidneys looked to be the most preferred, and most efficient ways to go about it. Shop keepers and Pub owners were thrilled by this of course. Whatever got their patrons back to shedding coin in their establishments was welcomed whole heartedly. Shutters were opened and their hearths had already been lit for some time and the broth was warm and ready to serve. Pitchers were poured and horns were filled. The smell of broth and cooked eggs, blood sausages and bacon, filled the streets with their savory aromas. It was common practice for a lot of taverns to offer a spot of breakfast for free, as long as they were buying more drink. Savvy pubs and taverns knew that patrons could stand to buy far more drink on a full stomach than not.
The Faded Lantern offered breakfast to everyone, though most patrons were not afforded the same feast that Lord Vargas had set forth for the party. The regular breakfast was much more modest, consisting of quails eggs, a few links, and some porridge or a bit of bread, and was limited to those who had purchased a room. It was also good practice to offer a free bit of breakfast to the King's Guard...

Sheriff Gerranti had returned with four of his guards and some of the serving staff were quick to intercept them as they entered. Sheri was the senior most staff next to Percival so she spoke to greet them. She was well versed in this sort of thing.

"Ah, sheriff Gerranti, to what do we owe the pleasure?" she said, forwarding a most generous smile and welcoming demeanor.

"Your Lord Vargas, is he in?" Gerranti spoke, his words sharp and to the point.

"Oh, sorry but no, he's off on errands since early this morn..." Sheri was doing her best to deflect. "there's no trouble, I hope?" she said, raising her brow inquisitively.

"Just a bit of a loose end from yesterday I'm hoping he can help me with is all." he said.

"Lord Vargas has been out since very early. I'm sure he will be back soon if you'd like to wait for him. Perhaps a spot of breakfast while you fine fellows wait for him?" Sheri said, waving another server to come over and seat them. She already had a basket of freshly baked sweet breads and a pitcher of black water ready, and the wafting aroma was intended to entice.

"Well now, I suppose I have worked up a bit of an appetite." He said, as the basket of breads caught his attention. "You know what? I think I'll take you up on that. Lord Vargas sure is a man of renowned hospitality. Hamish, why don't you and John go and have a look about the place and make sure that Lord Vargas's patrons are behaving themselves until he returns. Here, take a bit of bread and a horn with you before the other two eat it all gone."

The two nodded and helped themselves to a bit of the bread as the servant poured them a horn of the coffee. The other two and Gerranti took to seating themselves a few booths away from the front door, with a good clean line of sight to it, and the kitchen door in the back. The two other guards took to surveying the tavern and making rounds. Sheri was beginning to fret slightly.

"Indeed, then I hope you find it to your enjoyment, and may it fill your bellies sufficiently. I will tell Lord Vargas of your kind compliments." she said, curtsying as she did.

"Oh, not if I see him first, dear." Gerranti smiled slyly as he spoke.

Sheri took her leave from the sheriff and did not hasten her step until she was around the corner and out of sight. She then took to the stairs as quick as she could to notify the others and find Percival, bounding them all in just three leaps. This would have to happen in Vargas's absence, she thought. Damn her luck. She crashed through the threshold clumsily with a fear that had solidified in her eyes, and in her voice..

"Has anyone seen Percy?" she clamored, "Sheriff Gerranti is back with his guards and no doubt looking for Neh'miah!" blurting the words out as fast as she could, having to remind herself mid sentence to keep her voice down.

Panic was now setting in, and things were beginning to look grim...

Operation Boomstick

Unit Type: Infantry
Location: Golmud
Date: ??

Operation Background Briefing:

Our forces have been gridlocked from any further forward advance via an Armored AA and small tank detail to the west of us. This area is currently occupied by the _______________, who have taken control of a small warehouse to the south of the small village. This warehouse is part of a vast supply chain that supplies the region. A small village to the north has been turned into a makeshift barracks and forward observation post for the _______________.

Operation Mission Briefing:

Bluefor will be flown into the east side of the village by transport chopper, maintaining a low flight path to avoid detection and being spotted by the enemy AA. From the east, two squads will move in to clear the village. Once cleared they will need to move to a suitable location to neutralize the AA vehicle. Squad will paint target from one location with a PLD, and the other will neutralize the vehicle with a SRAW. Once the target is neutralized bluefor may call in for close air support to neutralize two tank vehicles in same detail with ordinance, and gun strafing to finish off the tank crews.
Bluefor will then move south to the warehouse to hold position until other ground units arrive and then will be extracted via transport chopper to end the mission op.


Map and Logistics

Map: Golmud/Conquest
BlueFor Team: RU

Minimal Personnel:

BlueFor: 8-10, X2 squads
OpFor: 8-10

Special Characters:

BlueFor Camo: Marpat
OpFor Camo: Dice Black/Default
OpFor Difficulty: T2 (possibly?)
Civilians: Area has been taken over by Opfor, but some civilians may still be present, ROE applies.
Required MOS: AT with SRAW, Recon with PLD, Transport chopper pilot, Armored vehicle driver
BlueFor: Transport Chopper, Armored transport or tank vehicle for end of op.
Opfor: AA Armored Vehicle, X2(3) Tanks

Victory Conditions: Neutralize the AA and Tank vehicles, reclaim warehouse.

Stage by Stage breakdown of the Op:

I also do a bit of Milsim on Battlefield 4, and soon to be on 2042 as well. I run a small unit called the 86th MEU Sons of Odin, as well as a PTFO platoon called Valhalla Death Squad. We have a Facebook group, Discord, messenger, as well as a Youtube channel from which we all stream quite regularly. Links to all below.

This is a list of all of my operations that I have written myself for milsim OP's on Battlefield 4... I hope you all enjoy them, or find them of some use. I will also add any assets like maps or cards as well.


Elsewhere, on Gnok Island...

A light fog dissipates as a ship pulls into the harbor bearing the flag of The Black Lion Trading Company, the early morning turns to swelter as the sun is well on its journey across the skies. The island, still within the tropical band familiar to Guillan, was for the most part a lush tropical island, with sparse bits of rocky, sandy croppings strewn about here and there across the island. One of these sparse bits of land, cleared of vegetation long ago to make way for a great cathedral. This holy site was once busy with many patrons who would make the pilgrimage annually to fortify their strength in their faith. Entire families would make the journey if they could afford to do so, to witness the sunrise on the longest day of the year. A day of gratefulness, and remembrance, and for a renewal of hope Before the sun begins to make its way lower down the horizon as the winter approaches. To prepare for these months to come, and to strengthen the bond a family shares through their faith.
This practice died out some five hundred years ago, as the faith progressed to what is now known as The Keepers of The Light in the current era. The Cathedral had fallen into disrepair, and had been scavenged throughout the course of time. It now sat atop a sandy hill, a crumbling skeleton of spires and buttresses, whipped by the salt and the sand. A near forgotten ruins, only known to the local inhabitants who paid it little attention. A small town and port is the only thing still inhabited, and was of a fairly modest size. Comprised of fishermen and those who practiced the most basic trades, completely self sufficient from the outside world and not reliant on need of supply. The tropical forests were bountiful enough and the population was small enough in size not to put a strain on the natural resources available.

These people, many of which had came to the island to seek a life of solitude, to be left alone and far enough away from any real civilization, and the long fingers of it's lawmen. They keep to themselves and wont go out of their way to greet anyone on the street, but modest enough to help when asked or welcoming enough to provide services when needed. One would argue that these were the best types of people, especially if one was accustomed to the hordes of Guillan. Content in minding their own business, and tending to their selves and their own needs, but a very tight-knit community, held together by the sinew they all shared. It was a paradise for them. One they would not see changed in the slightest way, and this gave them strength in that shared bond, a silent and and understood constant...
The trading company was well versed in dealing with all sorts of cultures and knew how to ease their way in to just about anywhere. They knew just how to weasel themselves into a position to acquire whatever they desired, and held a strong monopoly across the globe. Their reach and wealth has no bounds, and could even be considered a superpower in their own right. Which brings one to wonder... just what would the Black Lion be interested in on such a small and irrelevant location?

One wonders indeed.

The party faced a journey of ninety eight miles, a good three weeks at sea with adequate winds, and maybe a bit shorter if their luck and the winds permitted. Lord Vargas had prepared well for the trip, and there was little concern as far as rations were concerned. As long as nothing dramatic happened along the way the party would make it to Gnok well faring, and unscathed. Captain Griffin was a well seasoned man, and so was his crew. Many of them Afriks from Baakara, and as hardy as they came. Great looming hulks of men, hardened by sail and sea, donned by decorative scars in their skin, and many scars that were not. Intimidating men, the lot of them.
Lord Vargas was no slouch when it came to those he would call his retainers, and Captain Griffin and his crew were some of the best to be had, and well equipped to the seas surrounding Guillan. This was for certain. The crew had been busy since before the sun had crested the horizon and were eager to meet the sea. Captain Griffin paced the deck in anticipation as the quartermaster made sure that everything was in order. Vargas had already met with him earlier, a conversation made privy only to themselves. The crew paid them no mind as they toiled away on the rigging and loading of the hull. Vargas produced another coin purse which he gave to the captain, the two nodded and Vargas left as quickly as he had emerged. One would wager that this outing had more facets to it than one could see, submerged just beneath the surface... and there was real danger to be sure. One wouldn't shuck out so much coin if it wasn't of great worth, in whatever form that would take on. For one that was as well off as Vargas was it was to be sure that coin, or the promise of more of it was not to be it...

Guillan, Early Morning
Weather: Sunny

The sun shined brightly as it rose over the port city of Guillan, as if to signify some grand new beginning had taken place. A welcoming sign after the last few days of rain, though the rains did little to hinder the patrons of the city from their festivities which lasted well into the early morning. Only just now had the majority of them finally put themselves to rest, while there were still a few stragglers trying to keep the party alive until the next evening ramped up once more. Those too, who worked nightly hours and those just coming in from the sea all welcomed the early morning drink. The festival of the Crescents was perhaps the most favored event of the year and everyone seemed to make the very most of these three days. Guillan was usually already bustling by this hour but it was at a slow and crippled crawl presently. This was a festival of perseverance, and all fell prey to the slumber and grog, sooner or later...
It was already very warm and was expected to be sweltering later on, not to mention all the rain they had just received. It was a beautiful day none the less, and the humidity would hardly be noticed once half into a bottle. Cockatoos and parrots were already clucking at the morning rays, as hundreds of seagulls eagerly swooped to pick at the discarded fruits and treats that had dropped down to the cobbles. A beautiful chaos enjoyed by many an early shore walker, and very convenient for the city considering the the amount of discarded waste. Several ships of new arrivals were expected throughout the day, as well as several vessels containing cargo and provisions to relieve the stress of the festivities and fend off gaps of the availability of food items, and more importantly, the spirits. People flocked to the city from all over the continent and most of the surrounding island chains for the festival, and was perhaps the best three days for the economy and commerce out the entire year, so all the tourism was welcomed and encouraged.

Percival had left before first light to deliver Vargas's request down to the quartermaster at the docks and charter the ship and captain, who was seemingly at leisure for Vargas to call upon whenever he wished to, and was his man through and through. Percival admired Vargas's knack for retaining so many individuals with that level of devotion and loyalty, but he was always quickly reminded that it was all paid for, generously at that. He took a moment to stay by the docks and soak up the first rays of the morning before returning to the tavern to prepare a hearty breakfast before the party's departure. It was a pleasant few moments, which was a rarity for him at the tavern. Along the way he was to also stop by and schedule a private appointment with the dockside market. In Guillan, if you had enough coin you could do such things, and this private viewing was not uncommon to the markets, and was often done by nobility and other prominent people to avoid prying eyes and pickpockets. He also retrieved a vendor list for the day for the party. He also requested all the items that Neh'miah had asked for to be delivered to the tavern immediately. Yet again he was impressed with the power attached to Vargas's name, and to his coin...

The dock workers and ship hands start working diligently upon payment, loading the supplies and rations for the expedition. The men were hearty and used to the labor, and would make quick work of the list and would be fully loaded before their departure with ample time to spare before the party would arrive. They would then shift to prepare the vessel and it's riggings for the departure. Decks would be freshly swabbed, sails checked, lists would be gone through, then gone through again. Taking to the seas was a major endeavor, and it was not advised to sail if one were ill prepared. The sea was no place to be stranded or without all the necessary equipment. It would be bad enough for the individual, but multiply that by an entire crew and well, you get the picture... all sorts of problems begin to pile up, exponentially. Starvation within days, and those that turn to eating the flesh of other men when things get desperate. One would be better to take one's own pistol to their head and save themselves the despair. Percival shuddered to think about it, and was content with his station at the tavern. All affairs seemed to be in order, so long as the party adhered to the schedule everything would be in accord with the day's plans, though that would be a feat in itself.

The Faded Lantern, around seven...

The items requested from the markets were delivered promptly as Percival was in the middle of setting the table for the party to eat breakfast before their departure. He had set them in a meeting room as to not be disturbed by any of the other patrons. The kitchen staff had prepared quail eggs, sweet pork sausage links, freshly made biscuits and hot breads, fruit tarts and a basket of fresh fruits, including oranges, grapes, persimmons, plumbs, and melons sliced to eat. The aroma filled the hallway as the servers brought it to the table, right on schedule. For everything that the Faded Lantern lacked in, the kitchen and it's staff were to make up for the lot of it. No finer food could be found in the slums, or the docks, and was a little known secret to those who did not wish to congregate with the likes of those who frequented the district, and it could be said that perhaps that was the way that they liked it. Percival made his way down to to accept the goods and to take them to Neh'miah's room. He knocked briskly upon the door and made mention of his parcel and then went back to his duties with preparing for the party's departure. He still needed to divvy out their allotted coin and separate them all, with a small care package of sweet breads and dried plums...

Y'Vanna nodded as Skarsat found himself a seat at the table, pressing a smile on her face between chews. It was true, Y'Vanna's table manners were also less than admirable, but in their defense the pheasant was exquisitely prepared. So well prepared in fact that it was almost a guaranteed given that this fowl was never intended for this lot. This was surely meant to find itself laying elsewhere in front of a whole other group of people, who surely had the manners to go along with it. She was doing her best to keep her eyeballs from floating, and stuffing heaps of pheasant in her mouth was a sure sign of it. Y'Vanna could feel the dust tugging at the back of her mind. She was well overdue already, and if anything could quell the room from spinning the dust would surely do the trick.
The hour of the evening was growing late. The festival was in full swing now and the tavern was packed full of people, most of which were nearly shoulder to shoulder at this point, and the music was lively. Y'Vanna finished up the last bit of her pheasant leg and slung the bone onto a plate on the table. She licked the grease from her fingers and finished the last bit of wine in her glass. She could feel the rhythm of the music taunting her. She closed her eyes and her head and shoulder began to sway along with it. She had endured enough seriousness and amassed enough debt for one night, now it was time to enjoy the rest of her evening. Y'Vanna was a wild and sensuous young woman, and a bit of grog and some upbeat music was just about all it took, add a bit of the dust in with that and well...
She definitely wasn't bad to look at either. Had she not been a bit clumsy and always awash with the drink she could nearly have man she wanted. But that was neither here nor there, and when one's main goal is usually a one night stand it hardly matters for they don't have to get to to know one another anyway. Y'Vanna wiped her mouth on her arm and set the glass down on the table and then she stood from her chair.

"Well, I don't know about you lot but I've about had my fill with all this seriousness and shite." she said. She looked to all the members of the party at the table. "It's been a pleasure, but if we're to leave on the morrow for this journey and it be as treacherous as I believe it to be then I'll be off to enjoy the rest of my evenin' while I'm still alive to do so." She bowed to the party and grabbed her belts and sabre and threw them on her shoulder as she began to walk out of the meeting room.

"I suggest you all do the same."

She exited the room and made her way across the balcony and down the stairs. She stopped by the lavatory to powder her nose but there were crowds of people already waiting. Damnit, she thought. Oh well, it wasn't like anyone was actually paying attention to anything other than themselves. They surely didn't seem to notice or mind the spit and froth that went flying from one's mouth to the other's face so surely they wouldn't notice her either. She made her just beyond the crowds for the lavatory and wedged herself into a small nook in the corner, her fingers digging about wildly in the crotch of her pants as she tried to retrieve the small vial she had tucked away in a piece of cloth. She finally managed to get her fingers around it as she notices a burly chap eyeballing her as she did with a huge grin on his face and nearly drooling into his horn.

"Oh piss off, you feck.." Y'Vanna scoffed and flipped him off, the man laughing voraciously as he walked on.

She turned towards the wall and dug her fingernail into the vial. She put it to her nostril and inhaled hard. The effect was instant, and her pupils shrank to pin pricks. She could feel the dust as it coursed through her veins, the music now magnified in her head. It was go time. The festivities had the masses enthralled, and the music enticed her to follow suit. There was a table somewhere in need of a dancer, and she aimed to fill it...

Y'Vanna had been doing her best not to make too much eye contact with Maréngo, but she could certainly feel a lustful tension growing deep down in her belly. She had always had bad luck with men and she knew that making eye contact with a semi-burly, musclebound sailor was not in her best interests at the moment. It could be said that Y'Vanna wasn't known for her decision making skills, and when he spoke... she just couldn't do it. She looked right at him, and then immediately shifted her focus back to the pheasant, taking a large bite, mincing it voraciously. What the fuck are you doing Y'Vanna? - she thought. Solange interjected and Y'Vanna was glad she did. Y'Vanna shoved her glass over as soon as she offered to fill it. Then Vargas chimed in.

"Of that I am most certain darling..." he said, Y'Vanna was unable to contain a snicker to the retort. He turned to acknowledge the party. "Goodnight to you all, and I bid you good fortune on your journey."

And with that Vargas made his exit. He was a prudent man at times, but he was always about his money first. That was a given. He was also the sort of man who would walk out of the room and not give this affair another thought until they returned either, and that's exactly what he did. Vargas could be detestable at times, but there was a certain air of confidence about him that one had to admire, if nothing else. He had managed to accomplish a lot for one man, especially in a city such as Guillan, even moreso to be said about his line of work. The fact that he had managed to survive for this long was astounding in it's own right. Vargas was a smart man. He knew people, and more importantly, the right ones. He also knew how to implement them for a desired outcome. Why, if Vargas wasn't up to his neck in the black market and consorting with undesirables he be a perfect fit for a man of the courts. The man could literally plan kingdoms if he wanted to.
The party would most likely not see him before they departed, and the tensions in the room seemed to leave alongside him. Y'Vanna rolled her eyes and bit another huge bite from the pheasant leg. Royal pheasants had been bred to produce a more plump fowl and were usually reserved for royalty or other important guests. Vargas having set forth two before them was just another way for him to flex on the party and it made the sweet poultry turn to ash in her mouth. It also fortified the notion that Vargas was not to be fucked with on the grand scale of things for his reach was long, very long.

"Ugh, I thought he would never leave..." she said, letting off a sigh of relief. She took a drink of wine from her glass as she tipped it in gesture to thank Solange. "I suppose I owe you all a debt of gratitude on this. I hope I haven't bitten of more than I can chew... we can chew."

Several servers from the kitchen arrive just as Neh'miah raised his glass and toasted to their new expedition. They brought with them two Royal pheasants that were exquisitely roasted in rosemary and several other aromatic herbs, six Cornish hens, a basket of fresh fruits, and a basket of assorted breads. They also brought in more wine for the meal. It was fine Bavorian wine, and a very decent vintage at that. It would seem that everyone for the most part was on board with this plan. For better, or for worse. Neh'miah took a short bit of time to produce a small list of things which he then handed off to Percival. He glanced over the note and scratched the back of his head before giving it to Lord Vargas.

"Indeed, at least to the fortune. I'm not sure fame should be sought on this one, but I like the attitude. It shall be a necessity I'm afraid." Vargas said, raising his own glass. "Ah yes. It would seem that we will need to acquire you some sort of disguise, and I suppose it would be better to do his shopping for him, lest he wind up in the dungeon before you can depart on the morrow."

Vargas set his glass down and took a moment to look over Neh'miah's shopping list. he began to do some figuring and began to jot down the costs of each item. It only took a few moments for him to do so. Percival stood next to Vargas as the rest of the servants left the room. The aroma of the food swelled in the small space, even though it had an open balcony the smell was still very rich and pleasant.

"You could probably find a suitable disguise here Neh'miah, unless you're absolutely set on spending the money. Why don't you and Solange here go up to my dressing room next to my private quarters after you all have a bite to eat and pick something suitable from the stores there. She has a wonderful eye for such things and I'm sure she'll find you a fine disguise. for the rest of this it will be another sixteen gold and forty bits. If you'd like to give Percival the loot for it now that's fine, or I can just add it to the tab you already owe for this trip." he said. "I'll have these items waiting for you on the ship. Nora will escort you to the ship while Skarsat takes the others to the market for a few things. At any rate we can't afford for you to get caught. The less you are out in the open the better"

Skarsat then mentioned needing a hammock as well as some arrows. There would most likely be hammocks on the ship, but it had been noted by Vargas that Skarsat was extremely large. He could see where this would be an issue. He nodded to Skarsat in approval.

"Quite right. I will also make a note to the ships quartermaster on your uh, issue on size, and I'll see to it that he makes the proper arrangements." Vargas said with a smile. "As for your arrows, you will accompany the rest of the party to the markets in the morning so I'm sure you can find something suitable while there. There wont be a ton of time but the ship leaves at eleven so that's plenty of time to get a few last minute items. Plus it'll be good having you around to keep an eye on them while they do."

Vargas highly doubted that any of them would be stupid enough to run away and cross Vargas for such a small bag of coin, but he didn't want any problems before they set sail either, and Guillan could be very unpredictable. He then stood up from his place at the table and bowed to the party ever so slightly.

"Now, I'll leave you all to it. Enjoy the rest of the evening and please, do try to get some rest. The morning comes before you know it and the hour is already growing late." he said. "Eat up and fill your bellies, for you'll need the strength for your journey. Someone make sure that Y'Vanna at least eats something solid. She's definitely going to need it..."

"Someone make sure Y'Vanna eats something because nyeh nyeh nyeh..." she said in a mocking tone. Y'Vanna scowled at Vargas, cutting a sharp eye at his comments. She reached over the table, tearing a leg from one of the pheasants and tearing a huge chunk from it with her teeth. She chewed on it as it she were a calf chewing cud. she was glossy in the eyes and the grease would be most welcome to her belly.

"Goodnight, dearest partner..." Vargas said as he took Solange's hand in his own, giving it a gentle kiss. His gaze was slightly unnerving. "mind you help Neh'miah find something suitable from the wardrobe upstairs before the morning comes. I have early business to attend to on the morrow so I doubt I will see you before you depart. Should you wish to see me you know where I'll be."

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