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Current Glad to get back into the swing of writing again. A few promising RP's currently running so things are off to a good start.
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A plague on both your houses...
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Not going to take you to church if that's what you're asking....
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Still working on getting a few new characters pollished up and ready to go. Link is here:…
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Still amending my list of characters. Adding tons of images for future use, and completely bored out of mind..


Artist, writer, illustrator, sculptor. I do art with all types of traditional as well as digital mediums. I also like to write fantasy fiction novels. I am from a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I am currently at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for my bfa, my major is visual development.

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no biggie. I have a bit of battlefield 4 with the platoon tonight but I might be able to post afterwards. Thanks [@hokumpokus] and @stitches for posting. I'll try to reply either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I'll try and keep it short and simple, since its going to be shared dialogue.
I'll post again tonight possibly, unless anyone else has yet to post and would like to get in before the small get together at the inn. I'm about to head out for work but I will check back when I get off. If no one else is interested I can go ahead and make an entrance and another bit of dialogue between us @Stitches.

The whole idea or basis behind her wanting to do this is more or less to get everyone on the same page within the group. I'm sure it would be good for everyone to get a bit of an introduction, or at least a "what the fuck is this" bit of dialogue. Again if any other characters would like to get in on this that'd be great.

Even though I think this is a good Idea I'd like not to waste weeks on it. I'm very eager to get this thing rolling, as it is a bit more fantasy than I normally do, and that's something I've recently been wanting to remedy. I do low fantasy, or some mid fantasy, but I definitely enjoy the feel of this one. I just wanted to have a brief bit of convo between the party, as it only seems to make sense to do so as a player.
<Snipped quote by Arkitekt>
And are you thinking of playing like a medium of sorts? I would love that.

Yes, I was thinking of possibly playing a sort of medium and another character that was a ghost, or possibly two.
In my last post Y'Vanna offered to meet up with everyone for a drink and a bit of time to get organized as a group if anyone is interested. I figured it'd be a good opportunity for some shared dialogue within the party.

Name: Charity Von Brandt ( V.)
Species: Human
Relationship: Quartermaster/Gunsmith & Maintenance
Faction: Pirates
Demeanor: Cold, Cynical, and sometimes sensually twisted. Manipulative.

Creator of whores, peddler of flesh, and taker of lives.
Tactful, crafty, and extremely lethal with a pistol.
Master Gunsmith, Quartermaster, and Slaver.


Master Gunsmith and Quartermaster. She can repair or embellish, upgrade, or customize anything that fires a round, but her skills aren't cheap. She was born on Quattryn and has honed her skills over the years as a gunsmith and trader for Black Star Trading Co., which she still holds a good standing with. She also developed quite the gift of gab, and is a stern barterer. She's also as tough as nails, so don't think she'll be going soft or giving extra rations. She'll tear your head off despite being a woman, so no funny business.

Charity services the crews personal weapons and gear, and is tasked to keep up with rations and supplies. She is also tasked with the handling and seeing to of prisoners or slaves whilst on the ship, and has been known to torture or exploit them to whatever her desire be. Sometimes she even whores them out for a profit when in port.

    Special skills:

  • Master Gunsmith
  • Deadeye
  • bladecraft/duelist
  • Apothecary
  • Batrer/Gab

Hoping this is still a thing??

Central District Manor- Morning.

Y'Vanna could hardly believe her ears. Some 1,800 missing, not to mention the bit about cocoons. The scenario was becoming dreadful and she began to wonder whether or not she had bitten off more than she could chew, as it were. It wasn't completely uncommon for her to overstep her means, especially upon stumbling into a somewhat lucrative opportunity much like this one. You would think that she'd be up on this by now but she just couldn't help herself. But an animal that can be tamed and tethered was never really wild at all, she thought to herself, raising the corner of her mouth into a slight smirk. She began to raise a hand, as if to inquire that she had in fact heard him correctly, but he had already turned and was beginning to take his leave. !,800... and in such a short time too. The extent of the missing had her mind in knots. She stood and bowed slightly, then nodded to the others, those that were paying attention and were not in their own affairs.

"Well, it's been interesting.. I don't know about the lot of you but I fancy a stiff drink." she said as she straightened her coat and corset. "If you care to join me I'll be at The Lazy Pheasant Inn on the east end of the trade district around 2pm." Perhaps through a few drinks and some dialogue amongst the group could get them a bit more organized. Not to mention she was damned thirsty.

And with that she turned and headed out from the main hall. She made her way down two more elegantly posh corridors before reaching the entrance where she stopped to gather her weapons and rigging from the guard post. The guard nodded as she came to the small counter. He then turned to fetch her things and soon returned with them placing them jostled and heavy like onto the counter top.

"Careful you fecking twit! those aren't to be tossed about like that.." she clamored.

"Calm yerself lass.. no need to get fussy. You know, all you lot are the same. You come 'ere to the castle all invited like, then you go 'round puffed up like a prized cock, all entitled like." the guard retorted, slobbering about from the mouth. Disgusting fellow.

"Yeah, well you wouldn't be feeling so swift had one of those went off in here. They're highly calibrated, the slightest tug could've sent a round bouncing about in here. You could've started a war and got us both hung you bumblin' feckin' whoreson.." she stated. She wasn't exaggerating in the least either. They weren't loaded on this occasion because she knew shed be turning them in so she didn't bother. Good thing too. The guard's face soon changed and his demeanor followed suit.

"Er, um, right you are lass.. we dont usually get a lot of that sort of thing 'round 'ere.. Apologies." he said, scratching the back of his neck in an awkward tick. "Oh right, almost forgot. These are for you. One's a voucher from the Prince to get you started on provisions and what not and the other letter was left 'ere for you earlier this morning. I don't think it needs saying but this isn't your personal posting box you know?.."

Y'Vanna threw her belts and rigging over her shoulder and reached out to snatch the parchments from his hand, making a 'shrak' noise while all the while cutting him a sharp eye and heavy scowl. "FECK OFF" she scoffed as she stormed away, muttering as she disappeared into the crowd. She hadn't counted on a voucher for provisions, nor was she expecting a letter. Especially not one that had been dropped off at the Manor. She stuffed both deep into he crevasse between her bosom and her corset. The voucher would most likely go unused as she was already well commissioned. Perhaps she would acquire a few things once she had a better understanding of what she was up against. She wasn't well suited for the supernatural opponent, should that be what this in fact was. As for the message, she would deal with that later. She hung a left a few blocks down and headed east for the markets. Now it was time for a spot of breakfast.

Trade District-Morning

It wasn't long before she was at the major Market Square in the Trade District. The market and it's vendors and patrons were already bustling about and business was in full stride. Smoldering incense and blazing cook fires sent an armada of sultry and succulent scents free into the air, and colorful hand dyed linens and patterns of color were everywhere. It was a complete bombardment of the senses proper. The scent of food was pulling at her insides and her hunger intensified. She marveled at various trinkets and odd tchotchkes that lined the racks and hangers of the thin walkway that cut through tents and booths like a small winding brook, dragging her hand across various fabrics and beaded treasures as if her fingers were sampling each from a lined buffet.

A vendor to her left soon stole her attention with a waft of fresh braised hen cooking away as he tossed the pan into the air to mix the contents as they cooked, the fire blasted out around the pan as he did sending a huge flame about. Speckled wild hares and game hens hung from hooks across the booth's entire length and down one side. An older woman was just behind the fellow cooking cutting fresh herbs and two younger boys were unloading another fresh delivery in the rear.

"Need any help lass?" said the cook, grabbing a halved lemon as he squeezed it over the pan sending a fresh blast of citrus and cilantro into the air. "fancy a bit for your belly, aye?"

"Aye sir, that I would." she said. The aroma of the hen tugged hard at her nose. "Half a hen and two eggs please.. A spot of caffeine if you have it."

"Aye we do. I'll have Lysandra boil you up a pot. There's a few tables under the tent there just across the way. Give us a bit and I'll have it right out. Is that going to be all miss?"

"Aye, I think that'll hold me for now."

"Right then.. that'll be 5 bits.. no, make it 4 on account of that pretty face." he said with a smile and a wink. "Lys would you go and clear her a nice spot on one of the tables, one towards the middle away from the dust being kicked about." And with that the lady nodded and curtsied, offering a smile to Y'Vanna before setting off to clear her a spot.

Y'Vanna didn't usually take to flirtatious comments but she didn't mind this one. After all, he wasn't a bad looking fellow. In fact he was rather handsome, and hard working. His confidence and attitude were also pleasant, and were a fair change to what she had seen as of late. Their pleasant demeanor was surely in part due to their success in the market. The tented area was nearly packed and everyone was quite and consumed with the task of shoveling food into their mouths. A good sign.

"Here, take 6. Consider it a well deserved gratuity for such a fine vendor." she said as she pulled her coin purse free and loosened the drawstring. She produced the 6 bits and handed them to the man, placing them into his firm outstretched hand. Sweat glistened and gleamed on the curves of his muscular arm, hot from the cook fire. No, no time for that now. Any misting thoughts of lusty romance would have to wait, there were more pressing and pertinent issues to tend to. She smiled, making sure to catch his eyes, running her tongue under her teeth playfully. She turned and crossed the lane, making her way to the table that the woman was nearly done clearing. Lysandra smiled as she finished up and spoke with a very soft voice.

"Won't be long miss.. give us a yell if any of the other patrons give you a hard time."

Y'Vanna laughed slightly as she returned her purse to her belt before sitting. She glanced about at the shopping masses as they went about their day. Odd she thought, that most of them were either oblivious to the 1,800 some missing, or they were simply too stupid to realize that something sinister was afoot. It was a chilling thought. It was only a couple of minutes before Lysandra returned with her food. She sat the plate down in front of her, and the small but piping hot shot of coffee next to it. The edges of the hen were crisp and blackened, and the cilantro and citrus and peppercorns were generously slathered about. The aroma was quite succulent.

She didn't waste any time with the meal, downing it in just a short while. She followed it with the shot of coffee. It was black and quite stout, and it's effects were nearly instant. She stood up and shook her head as the strong liquid made it's way down her throat as if to shake off the kick it had. Then she was off towards The Lazy Pheasant Inn. A bit of rest was in order to clear her thoughts before going down to the tavern later on. Y'Vanna hated everything about morning affairs, as she was more of a night owl. Getting up at the crack of dawn to be summoned by anyone was unbearably torturous.


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