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18 days ago
Current The Crew of [i]The Pinned Seal[/i] is coming together nicely, a very lively crew indeed... thrilled to be starting Chapter 2. of Winds of Fate. The party has been a blessing and I couldn't be happier.
2 mos ago
Campaign is going great, couldnt be happier with our first bit of combat!…
1 yr ago
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my campaign, and all the players in it. I couldn't be happier…
1 yr ago
Loving the cast in my current campign. Couldn't be happier. Nightlands will be quite entertaining as well. Kudos to @Kino End. Well done...
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1 yr ago
getting ready to finish up some stuff on the campaign. Eager to get it started.


Likes, Interests, and Dislikes-

I am always looking for new Rp'ers and writers to help fill in gaps between my posts in Rp's that I am currently participating in. I love to create new characters, realms, worlds, all very displayed. I am an artist so I like to add a bit of visual stimuli when I have the time. I try very hard to make it all very immersive. I have a few characters listed below along with my interests and other info...

My likes and interests are Medieval, Low-medium Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Ancient, Steampunk, Pirate/Swashbuckler, Dark, gritty themes (18+), Modern, Sci-fi, Future, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Slice of life, Romance (with plot only), Mystery, Military, Mech/Mecha, Western, Colonial, just to name a few. I like play by post, or chat as well. Large group, small group, 1x1.

My dislikes are Fandoms, High School, ANIME, anything with FUR.. Did I mention fandoms? and fur, already?? I really prefer to play original Rp's and original charatacters for the most part, and I am always looking for new and engaging people to write with. If interested please feel free to PM me.

Writing Style-

Literate, descriptive, multi-para to novella posts. Mature and well written, with grammatical and punctual prowess, and I expect the very same from my partners. Please do not waste my time, and I will do my best not to waste yours.

Winds of Fate- A Thief's Adventure
(Writing Sample)

Winds of Fate - A Thief's Adventure


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Y'Vanna was also a bit stunned that Marengo didn't have a drink as well, as she watched as Solange took the bottle from her. She listened as Solange began to tell her story, half listening at first whilst trying to also simultaneously figure out why Marengo wasn't after one for himself. However, it was not very long before Y'Vanna became more attentive to her story. She soon began to soak up every word that fell from her seductive lips, and the more she spoke of it the more color that drained from Y'Vanna's face. Her glee from escaping a dungeon cell, certain death, or both was quickly fleeting with every passing word, and she was soon very aware of who this fable was for. The ups and downs of the day's events had already been almost more than she could bear, a quickly shifting sea of emotional and spiritual awakening, and Solange had quickly brought her right back down to center in a single moment. She watched as the rum found its way down to the planks which seemed almost as thirsty as she had been. Solange's gaze was the final nail in the coffin, and it sapped the last bit of color from Y'Vanna's face. The amount of shame she felt at this moment was crushingly sobering. She was no piece of brothel trim, but she could definitely relate. More than she wanted to admit. She felt a personal note from every word of it, she had been this low and was literally on the precipice of it now.
She had many a morning not been able to even clear the bed, if there even was one, without having a drink. That or waking up in a pool of her own vomit, filth, and piss. Waking up in Gods know where with some unknown Jack between her thighs. It was a miserable existence, and it was a flaw that she regretted a great deal, and one that she wasn't quite sure how to remedy either. Solange handed the bottle back to Y'Vanna and she took it, hanging her head as she did. She looked at the last swig as it rolled around the bottom of the dark bottle. She paused but a moment before turning it up to her lips, extinguishing its contents completely. She wasn't proud of herself for it either. Had she not been in need of that last bit she might've even passed it up.

"Well, I guess that's that, I reckon." she said as she leaned back in the hammock, "I'll be doing me best to get some rest in before tonight... I've still got me head poundin' from that blasted cannon fire."

She was doing her best not to fall into a pile of pieces before them all, and tried to roll over to face the hull away from the others with little success. The hammocks weren't at all uncomfortable, but they didn't afford one many options in which to lay so she turned her head and covered it with her cloak. She could still smell the smoke and powder on it, a strong smelling stench that lingered much like Solange's inadvertent scolding. But Solange was indeed right, Y'Vanna had dragged them all into this and she was to accountable for that, if nothing else. Her dependance on the drink was foolish and a danger to them all, and one could be sure that this was all she could think about as she lay there in silence. Y'Vanna usually had a decent game face, but this one had cut her deep and hiding her face was about the best she could do as she lay there licking her wounds.
Luckily for her the seas were calm, and the steady rocking back and forth paired well with the rum to lullaby her into a slumber before very long. A good rest was much needed and well deserved despite her shortcomings. At least knowing that they had set forth upon their way, and the sea had freed them from the sheriff's shackles, for now at least. There was definitely peace to be found in that. The muffled sounds of the gulls and the ever present and persistent waves beating against the ship's hull did the rest.

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