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Current Loving the cast in my current campign. Couldn't be happier. Nightlands will be quite entertaining as well. Kudos to @Kino End. Well done...
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getting ready to finish up some stuff on the campaign. Eager to get it started.
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Info dumping.
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Back from a loooong hiatus. Just got dungeondraft and i'm revamping an old rp.
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“All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.” ― Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy


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I am always looking for new Rp'ers and writers to help fill in gaps between my posts in Rp's that I am currently participating in. I love to create new characters, realms, worlds, all very displayed. I am an artist so I like to add a bit of visual stimuli when I have the time. I try very hard to make it all very immersive. I have a few characters listed below along with my interests and other info...

My likes and interests are Medieval, Low-medium Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Ancient, Steampunk, Pirate/Swashbuckler, Dark, gritty themes (18+), Modern, Sci-fi, Future, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Slice of life, Romance (with plot only), Mystery, Military, Mech/Mecha, Western, Colonial, just to name a few. I like play by post, or chat as well. Large group, small group, 1x1.

My dislikes are Fandoms, High School, ANIME, anything with FUR.. Did I mention fandoms? and fur, already?? I really prefer to play original Rp's and original charatacters for the most part, and I am always looking for new and engaging people to write with. If interested please feel free to PM me.

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Literate, descriptive, multi-para to novella posts. Mature and well written, with grammatical and punctual prowess, and I expect the very same from my partners. Please do not waste my time, and I will do my best not to waste yours.

Winds of Fate- A Thief's Adventure
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Winds of Fate - A Thief's Adventure


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Y'Vanna nodded as Skarsat found himself a seat at the table, pressing a smile on her face between chews. It was true, Y'Vanna's table manners were also less than admirable, but in their defense the pheasant was exquisitely prepared. So well prepared in fact that it was almost a guaranteed given that this fowl was never intended for this lot. This was surely meant to find itself laying elsewhere in front of a whole other group of people, who surely had the manners to go along with it. She was doing her best to keep her eyeballs from floating, and stuffing heaps of pheasant in her mouth was a sure sign of it. Y'Vanna could feel the dust tugging at the back of her mind. She was well overdue already, and if anything could quell the room from spinning the dust would surely do the trick.
The hour of the evening was growing late. The festival was in full swing now and the tavern was packed full of people, most of which were nearly shoulder to shoulder at this point, and the music was lively. Y'Vanna finished up the last bit of her pheasant leg and slung the bone onto a plate on the table. She licked the grease from her fingers and finished the last bit of wine in her glass. She could feel the rhythm of the music taunting her. She closed her eyes and her head and shoulder began to sway along with it. She had endured enough seriousness and amassed enough debt for one night, now it was time to enjoy the rest of her evening. Y'Vanna was a wild and sensuous young woman, and a bit of grog and some upbeat music was just about all it took, add a bit of the dust in with that and well...
She definitely wasn't bad to look at either. Had she not been a bit clumsy and always awash with the drink she could nearly have man she wanted. But that was neither here nor there, and when one's main goal is usually a one night stand it hardly matters for they don't have to get to to know one another anyway. Y'Vanna wiped her mouth on her arm and set the glass down on the table and then she stood from her chair.

"Well, I don't know about you lot but I've about had my fill with all this seriousness and shite." she said. She looked to all the members of the party at the table. "It's been a pleasure, but if we're to leave on the morrow for this journey and it be as treacherous as I believe it to be then I'll be off to enjoy the rest of my evenin' while I'm still alive to do so." She bowed to the party and grabbed her belts and sabre and threw them on her shoulder as she began to walk out of the meeting room.

"I suggest you all do the same."

She exited the room and made her way across the balcony and down the stairs. She stopped by the lavatory to powder her nose but there were crowds of people already waiting. Damnit, she thought. Oh well, it wasn't like anyone was actually paying attention to anything other than themselves. They surely didn't seem to notice or mind the spit and froth that went flying from one's mouth to the other's face so surely they wouldn't notice her either. She made her just beyond the crowds for the lavatory and wedged herself into a small nook in the corner, her fingers digging about wildly in the crotch of her pants as she tried to retrieve the small vial she had tucked away in a piece of cloth. She finally managed to get her fingers, as she notices a burly chap eyeballing her as she did with a huge grin on his face and nearly drooling into his horn.

"Oh piss off, you feck.." Y'Vanna scoffed and flipped him off, the man laughing voraciously as he walked on.

She turned towards the wall and dug her fingernail into the vial. She put it to her nostril and inhaled hard. The effect was instant, and her pupils shrank to pin pricks. She could feel the dust as it coursed through her veins, the music now magnified in her head. It was go time. The festivities had the masses enthralled, and the music enticed her to follow suit. There was a table somewhere in need of a dancer, and she aimed to fill it...

Y'Vanna had been doing her best not to make too much eye contact with Maréngo, but she could certainly feel a lustful tension growing deep down in her belly. She had always had bad luck with men and she knew that making eye contact with a semi-burly, musclebound sailor was not in her best interests at the moment. It could be said that Y'Vanna wasn't known for her decision making skills, and when he spoke... she just couldn't do it. She looked right at him, and then immediately shifted her focus back to the pheasant, taking a large bite, mincing it voraciously. What the fuck are you doing Y'Vanna? - she thought. Solange interjected and Y'Vanna was glad she did. Y'Vanna shoved her glass over as soon as she offered to fill it. Then Vargas chimed in.

"Of that I am most certain darling..." he said, Y'Vanna was unable to contain a snicker to the retort. He turned to acknowledge the party. "Goodnight to you all, and I bid you good fortune on your journey."

And with that Vargas made his exit. He was a prudent man at times, but he was always about his money first. That was a given. He was also the sort of man who would walk out of the room and not give this affair another thought until they returned either, and that's exactly what he did. Vargas could be detestable at times, but there was a certain air of confidence about him that one had to admire, if nothing else. He had managed to accomplish a lot for one man, especially in a city such as Guillan, even moreso to be said about his line of work. The fact that he had managed to survive for this long was astounding in it's own right. Vargas was a smart man. He knew people, and more importantly, the right ones. He also knew how to implement them for a desired outcome. Why, if Vargas wasn't up to his neck in the black market and consorting with undesirables he be a perfect fit for a man of the courts. The man could literally plan kingdoms if he wanted to.
The party would most likely not see him before they departed, and the tensions in the room seemed to leave alongside him. Y'Vanna rolled her eyes and bit another huge bite from the pheasant leg. Royal pheasants had been bred to produce a more plump fowl and were usually reserved for royalty or other important guests. Vargas having set forth two before them was just another way for him to flex on the party and it made the sweet poultry turn to ash in her mouth. It also fortified the notion that Vargas was not to be fucked with on the grand scale of things for his reach was long, very long.

"Ugh, I thought he would never leave..." she said, letting off a sigh of relief. She took a drink of wine from her glass as she tipped it in gesture to thank Solange. "I suppose I owe you all a debt of gratitude on this. I hope I haven't bitten of more than I can chew... we can chew."

Several servers from the kitchen arrive just as Neh'miah raised his glass and toasted to their new expedition. They brought with them two Royal pheasants that were exquisitely roasted in rosemary and several other aromatic herbs, six Cornish hens, a basket of fresh fruits, and a basket of assorted breads. They also brought in more wine for the meal. It was fine Bavorian wine, and a very decent vintage at that. It would seem that everyone for the most part was on board with this plan. For better, or for worse. Neh'miah took a short bit of time to produce a small list of things which he then handed off to Percival. He glanced over the note and scratched the back of his head before giving it to Lord Vargas.

"Indeed, at least to the fortune. I'm not sure fame should be sought on this one, but I like the attitude. It shall be a necessity I'm afraid." Vargas said, raising his own glass. "Ah yes. It would seem that we will need to acquire you some sort of disguise, and I suppose it would be better to do his shopping for him, lest he wind up in the dungeon before you can depart on the morrow."

Vargas set his glass down and took a moment to look over Neh'miah's shopping list. he began to do some figuring and began to jot down the costs of each item. It only took a few moments for him to do so. Percival stood next to Vargas as the rest of the servants left the room. The aroma of the food swelled in the small space, even though it had an open balcony the smell was still very rich and pleasant.

"You could probably find a suitable disguise here Neh'miah, unless you're absolutely set on spending the money. Why don't you and Solange here go up to my dressing room next to my private quarters after you all have a bite to eat and pick something suitable from the stores there. She has a wonderful eye for such things and I'm sure she'll find you a fine disguise. for the rest of this it will be another sixteen gold and forty bits. If you'd like to give Percival the loot for it now that's fine, or I can just add it to the tab you already owe for this trip." he said. "I'll have these items waiting for you on the ship. Nora will escort you to the ship while Skarsat takes the others to the market for a few things. At any rate we can't afford for you to get caught. The less you are out in the open the better"

Skarsat then mentioned needing a hammock as well as some arrows. There would most likely be hammocks on the ship, but it had been noted by Vargas that Skarsat was extremely large. He could see where this would be an issue. He nodded to Skarsat in approval.

"Quite right. I will also make a note to the ships quartermaster on your uh, issue on size, and I'll see to it that he makes the proper arrangements." Vargas said with a smile. "As for your arrows, you will accompany the rest of the party to the markets in the morning so I'm sure you can find something suitable while there. There wont be a ton of time but the ship leaves at eleven so that's plenty of time to get a few last minute items. Plus it'll be good having you around to keep an eye on them while they do."

Vargas highly doubted that any of them would be stupid enough to run away and cross Vargas for such a small bag of coin, but he didn't want any problems before they set sail either, and Guillan could be very unpredictable. He then stood up from his place at the table and bowed to the party ever so slightly.

"Now, I'll leave you all to it. Enjoy the rest of the evening and please, do try to get some rest. The morning comes before you know it and the hour is already growing late." he said. "Eat up and fill your bellies, for you'll need the strength for your journey. Someone make sure that Y'Vanna at least eats something solid. She's definitely going to need it..."

"Someone make sure Y'Vanna eats something because nyeh nyeh nyeh..." she said in a mocking tone. Y'Vanna scowled at Vargas, cutting a sharp eye at his comments. She reached over the table, tearing a leg from one of the pheasants and tearing a huge chunk from it with her teeth. She chewed on it as it she were a calf chewing cud. she was glossy in the eyes and the grease would be most welcome to her belly.

"Goodnight, dearest partner..." Vargas said as he took Solange's hand in his own, giving it a gentle kiss. His gaze was slightly unnerving. "mind you help Neh'miah find something suitable from the wardrobe upstairs before the morning comes. I have early business to attend to on the morrow so I doubt I will see you before you depart. Should you wish to see me you know where I'll be."

I hate to but I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out. I'm working 16 hour days all week this week and I don't want to keep everyone waiting. Very sorry for the inconvenience but I'm going to be tied up for at least a week or possibly two so it's probably better for the group if I bow out now. I really hate to but I just can't maintain right.
I'll have to post tomorrow, been a busy weekend.
@Silentfeather very sorry but we are currently full.

"I think you'd do well to take this deal Neh'miah, seeing as how half the King's Guard are currently out seeking your pretty little face. Even as we speak they are out in the square searching for you." Vargas said without making eye contact with Neh'miah, somewhat perturbed that he had spent coin to send them away once already. "It's literally your best option, at the moment."

The party was coming together. Had she known that it would have been this much trouble she'd thought better of even mentioning it. Vargas was always a hard deal, but he had made it very easy this time. She pondered why. The why, she suspected had something to do with what he stood to gain from all of this. It would have to have been substantial for she had never seen him cater to anything so swiftly. His rates were a bit high, but they always were, and they usually didn't come with a crewed ship, rations, and gear...
Nora made her way into the room with Skarsat as Vargas had instructed, as the rest of the party conversed. It was an odd lot for sure, but at least she thought in company she wouldn't have to bear the burden alone, for failure was certainly still a very viable option here. Y'Vanna grabbed her horn at the mention of a toast and began to fill it to the brim as her eyes swam, giddy in delight.

"A toast!" she said. "Finally, a reason to quench this god awful thirst."

"Then we are in agreement? A drink to seal the deal." said Vargas inquisitively. "Nora. I assume this is Skarsat? I had an appointment with him and this little meeting got in the way. I take it he hasn't given you any problems?"

He grabbed a bottle and poured himself a glass of wine. He swirled it around in the glass as he glanced over the party. The sweet aroma risng to his nostrils above the rim of the glass, as he mulled things over in the brief moment of silence. The music giving a dramatic presence to the occasion.

"My apologies for your wait sir. I Have a use for a man of your... talents. This fine lady is Nora, she will be your superior. The two of you make sure that this lot makes it back to me, along with my share. I was to offer you a job helping out with security around here for the festival, but I will double that salary and pay you five hundred gold to escort my investment with Nora. You will recieve half before you depart, and the other half you will receive once the party has returned to Guillan. If that works out then maybe we'll work out something a bit more permanent."

Vargas left little room for bargaining or even a retort. Five hundred gold was a lot of coin. He took a sip from his glass as he paused. He took a moment to savor the flavor before beginning again.

"Nora I'll add an additional two fifty to your salary as well as a cut of the loot for you and for Skarsat. I am sorry for the inconvenience and the short notice. I would ask someone else to go in your stead, however this is a rather large investment... and, I couldn't bear it if anything were to happen to... my partner here." Vargas said, clasping a hand over Solange's. He met eyes with her and grinned.

Vargas's affection for Solange was undeniable, but so was his love for coin. He was not to forget about this for quite a while. Vargas had his own ways of dealing with her. Truth be told hey had a lot in common, Vargas and Solange. Both vindictive, and thirsty for wealth. Perhaps that was part of the allure for him.

"Which reminds me. As my partner we shall split everything, say, sixty forty, on whatever loot we acquire. That's after the shared cost of course, which I can take out of your share later on if you don't have the coin for it now." he said, again with the same twisted grin. Still yet, the man did not oust her to the party for her lie. A courtesy of sorts, which was a courtesy coming from him.

"So, if everyone is in accord we can settle this matter. I fear if we don't Y'Vanna is going to dry out and then she's absolutely worthless. You will all stay here tonight. I'll have rooms prepared for each of you in the servants wing above the warehouse. The last thing I need is for Neh'miah to be out in the streets causing a scene, and god knows what any of the rest of you have done recently so everyone is forbidden from leaving the inn until morning. Food and drink is on me tonight." he said. Y'Vanna cutting sharp eyes at him, but she knew there was truth in his words.

"I will see that the list is taken to the quartermaster immediately. In the morning I shall leave your allotted coin with Percy at the front desk. Nora, if you would be so kind as to make sure everyone is promptly up and ready to go by eight in the morning, and make sure they make it to the docks. The ship, a small brig by the name of The Pinned Seal, will be docked in stall 14.The ship is marked by a blue flag with a red griffon on it's main mast. The captain's name is Griffin, as is on the flag. He is well seasoned, a hard man, but he'll give you no trouble so long as you do the same. His word is law on the sea, no exceptions. His crew are loyal, dedicated men. Should any of you lot give Nora or Skarsat any trouble they are to back Nora without hesitation. You are all now in my debt and I expect to be... I will be paid my due share back. If we are in agreement then we are in business from this moment forward, and all matters henceforth will be dealt with accordingly. So are we in accord?"

Vargas leaned back in his chair as he awaited their reply. Y'Vanna knew this was the best offer to be had, especially in such a short span of time. Lord Vargas was the only person that she knew of who had enough retainers to pull this sort of thing off. Perhaps she was just sulking at the large sums because she was so unaccustomed to setting up such a large deal. She was usually much less ambitious with her endeavors, which was obviously something that she had grown tired of. Leathe willing, they'd set their sails to the wind of the morrow, and new horizons were all she could think of.

"Aye, I suppose don't be having much of a choice..." she said, raising her horn. "but what do the rest of you say?"

I'll try and get another one out tonight as well. I'm still working out of town and I didn't get in until 9:30 last night. I'll do my best to do another one. I like momentum, especially when it is reciprocated. I have my other campaign as well but I seem to be maintaining fairly well. Looking forward to more.

I like the idea of them coming back together at the station as well, and I will try to get another post in with @MST3K 4ever before the weekend in transit if I'm not dead and busted when I get home tonight.
@Kino Endthank you so much. I've been wanting to switch all my work in the guild to a font that reads more like a book. This is most appreciated.

Also thanks about the time stamp inquiry too. I like a bit of info at the top of my posts on locations and time, sometimes the weather, etc. I figure it helps with us being in separate locations as well. I can probably get another post in before the weekend if work doesn't kill me. I'll try and post at least twice or three times a week. I'm also running my own campaign but I think I can manage the two. Definitely trying to be in this for the long haul, not planning on going anywhere if I can help it.

"Ah, finally" Vargas said. "I was beginning to wonder if you had gotten lost."

Percy did everything in his power to not make eye contact with Vargas as he entered the room carrying three pitchers, one of which tucked daringly into his elbow. He set them down on the table before everyone. He was very mindful to not spill anything, though his cage had clearly been rattled as he seemed a bit shaky as he did. He stepped back from the table as a good servant would, bowing slightly. Y'Vanna couldn't wait to fill her glass. Once finished she raised the pitcher to Neh'miah and Marengo, offering them a hornful as well.

"You guys good?" she said raising a brow.

Vargas could see Nora's outline just behind Percival. This put the man more to ease. He could also not help but to see another large fellow standing there with her in the hallway, which assumed was his appointment, taking note that this little meeting had yet again screwed up his evening. The redness in his face began to calm now that Nora had arrived. All the talk of making money had made him hungry too.

"Percy, as you leave would you send in Nora and the big one please... and send us up a few pheasants and some food for our guests before returning to your duties downstairs. I will be unavailable for the rest of the evening." he said calmly, not bothering to look at him either.

"Nora, do come join us... and bring your man please." Vargas said, shooing Percival out with a gloved hand.

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