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Pro tip: Dr. Pepper and diet Root Beer mixed 50/50 tastes like cough syrup. 0/10, do not recommend
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In Upendi Without a worry or a care It just takes two To make it true Your heart will lead you there!
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I just want to play Mafia is that so much to ask
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I wish dick solved all my life problems as easily as it seemed to solve BBBs problems.


the writer

  • I'm trained in theatre acting and voice over in addition to having gone to paramedic school. I've also worked in management.
  • I’m getting into songwriting at the moment.
  • I’m in the early stages of conducting a psychology study (hopefully, maybe).
  • One of my pastimes is watching awful B horror films on Netflix.
  • Dogs are life.

the role player

  • I like most genres.
  • But I really love superheroes, apparently.
  • I'm big on character driven stories and all the twists and turns that come from that.
  • I tend towards darker, grittier stories, or lighter stories with liberal amounts of dark humour. Thanks to paramedic school, there is very little you can do that will throw me off.
  • I enjoy writing explicit scenes if they come up, but if they don't, they don't. I'm here for the story first and foremost.
  • I will try my best to give you what I get in terms of post length.
  • I reuse my characters, settings, and plot points with different people sometimes. You are welcome to do the same.
  • Ghost friendly! In the words of a GM I admire, your spot at the table's secure. Whenever you're up to participating, grab your seat and jump in. (If I love the story we've been writing I don't care how long ago it was since you last posted- if you're ready to get back into it I'll be waiting!)
  • Check out my 1x1 interest check if you want to see what I'm specifically looking to role play right now. That being said, pitch away if you think I might like it.

Most Recent Posts

@Zoey Boey Nope, looks good! Chuck it in the character section
The character sheet should be the zeroth post in the character tab. You make your character, then once we have enough people, I decide who snitched. (Well, a generator decides, but you know what I mean).

“So. Anneliese is in jail. Someone in here put her there.”

Frank looks like he always does. Arms crossed, ready for whatever they have to throw at him. He’s the fixer. He’ll do whatever it takes to get them out of this mess.

“And we are all going down if this person keeps talking. Who is it?” Of course, no one will admit to it. They never do. ”We are not going to hurt you, we just need to know exactly what you told the police.”

If Bonnie was going to say anything else, she didn’t have the opportunity. Frank was loud when he got angry. “Yeah, ‘cause the part Bonnie is leaving out is that they wanna charge her with murder. Whoever snitched lied in an attempt to save their ass, which is what we were trying to do in the first place. Maybe if you had followed instructions-“

Bonnie raises a hand to silence Frank. “It doesn’t matter now. What matters now is who told the cops what? We can’t keep you out of jail if we don’t know what’s going on.”
In this game, players do not have to kill one another. You can opt to tie them up, or whatever works. (If you really want to kill them, though, I won’t stop you!) Bonnie and Frank are additional connections who can give you a hand.

You do not necessarily have to be a law school student.

This round of Mafia takes some characters and inspiration from Shondaland/ABC Studios “How to Get Away With Murder”. You don’t need to know a thing about the series to play.

Luke and Heather Arnold had had bright futures ahead of them. But one night, while searching for things they weren’t supposed to see, Luke found a gun. He had never touched a gun before. He didn’t know not to wave it around. When it went off the first time, the bullet went straight between Heather’s eyes, leaving Anneliese Keating with yet another crime scene in her home. Someone had to call 911-

But then there was another gun shot. This one self inflicted. Everyone was looking at the dead body; they didn’t think to keep an eye on Luke.

Oh my god. We can’t let Anneliese find out!

She had told you to just let go of the case the group had been working on, but of course, no one could. It wasn’t technically breaking and entering- Bonnie let you in as she left- but you only told her you were there to hang out. Maybe study. You didn’t tell her that you were there to raid the documents because you wanted to know why you weren’t working the case anymore.

You tried to cover it up. Your future in law school depends on your image. Went to work cleaning blood out of the bedroom carpet after you removed the bodies- but you were not expecting Anneliese to come home so soon, not expecting Bonnie to look in the basement.

You end up having to tell her the whole story- why you were in her house, how Luke and Heather died. She’s angry.

But this being Anneliese, she will protect you. She directs Frank to stage a murder suicide in the woods with the bodies.

It would have worked if everyone had kept their mouth shut. You would think they’d know that in law school by now.


Read the rules before continuing.

This RP is an adaption of Mafia If you've never played this game before, you can learn more on this wiki.

This roleplay will be player-driven; you influence what happens, so communicate frequently. The game runs between three to six (OOC) weeks, and one IC post is required from each player per week. Your spot will be reassigned to a queued player if you miss the deadline.

After enough players have signed up (further applicants will be placed in queue), certain players at random receive secret roles. These roles are in the next section. Your role must remain a secret and will only be revealed if you die. Do not PM other participants (active or defeated).


Gameplay is divided in 2 phases:

The game starts in "Day" phase, which is the time for interaction. Throughout this phase, there will be an ongoing vote for who is believed to be the killer. At the end of Waking Phase, the character with more than half of all votes (ie. 4 votes out of 7 active players, 3 out of 5, etc.) will be lynched and their role revealed. Players can choose to abstain from voting and change or cancel their votes within the allotted time. Once both murderers are caught, the game is over and those remaining win. Otherwise, we continue into the next phase.

"Night" phase means silence. No IC posts are allowed during this phase. The GM will message everyone to determine their course of action for that night. This is the time for the antagonists to kill, and also for special roles to use their abilities. Roles will be given through PMs and results will only be returned once all actions are locked in.

Vote tally and the result of each phase will be tracked in OOC. Please specify your Daytime vote in IC (with hider), or OOC.

* Note *
Depending on what characters we get, I’m considering variants of the standard roles. We’ll still have the four roles and however many citizens.
How to Get Away With Murder
Thank you to Gcold for letting me steal everything from their game of Mafia

◤ Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead. ◢
─ Unknown
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