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Current One of these days someone’s going to make a joke about smoking crack and I will produce a pipe and they are going to be thoroughly confused as to why I just have one on hand
5 days ago
The apocalypse has been drawing near for like six months now can it just happen already
8 days ago
My hemoglobin dropped 9g/L so that would explain why I’m so tired all the time
15 days ago
15 days ago
@LittleMouse mood. The other day I had the equivalent of two large rats cut off my head and it was glorious
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the writer

  • I was a theatre kid!
  • non fluent polyglot
  • paramedic
  • B horror film lover
  • Dogs are life.

the role player

  • I like most genres.
  • But I really love superheroes, apparently.
  • I'm big on character driven stories and all the twists and turns that come from that.
  • I tend towards darker, grittier stories, or lighter stories with liberal amounts of dark humour. There is little you can do to throw me off.
  • I enjoy writing explicit scenes, but they are not an essential ingredient. I'm here for the story first and foremost.
  • I will try my best to give you what I get in terms of post length.
  • I reuse my characters, settings, and plot points with different people sometimes. You are welcome to do the same.
  • Ghost friendly! In the words of a GM I admire, your spot at the table's secure. Whenever you're up to participating, grab your seat and jump in. (If I love the story we've been writing I don't care how long ago it was since you last posted- if you're ready to get back into it I'll be waiting!)
  • Check out my 1x1 interest check if you want to see what I'm specifically looking to role play right now. That being said, pitch away if you think I might like it.

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God of dealing with people’s crap
I love collaborations in general, so I very much tend to the player/player kind of style. I usually have SOME idea of where the story is going to go- not necessarily an end point, but a goal for the characters to work towards at the start. Both of us contribute plot points, characters, etc.

Sometimes there’s a lot of discussion beforehand, sometimes there’s not. During the stories there is always OOC discussion (in a separate thread) as to where we’re going.

The biggest thing is finding partners that I mesh with, I think.
I want to play the strong, confident-in-her-role-in-life woman thrown into a situation involving the alpha male werewolf and now all of a sudden she isn’t so sure anymore.

I know it’s not a lot to go on, but if this sparks any ideas, PM me!

@Zoey Boey

If you are bored I’m still here (for now)
@NorthernKraken Oh no! Thanks for letting me know.
My apologies and condolences to @RedVII as I just saw your last status update.
@role model

Are we still playing? Is the story a little much. Is anyone in Australia? Or an area affected by the corona virus? I suppose I’ll poke y’all on the Discord too...
@role model

February 4 is your deadline for characters if you’re going to play :D
@Gcold Sorry for the wait, looks good! Drop it in the character section :P
I also updated the intro with the following minor addition, since I just realized I hadn’t mentioned Bonnie in the introduction, whereas she is assisting you in your cover up IC xD

But this being Anneliese, she will protect you. She directs Frank to stage a murder suicide in the woods with the bodies. Bonnie deals with everything else as usual- leaving no trace that anything ever happened.
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