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Current I wish dick solved all my life problems as easily as it seemed to solve BBBs problems.
26 days ago
I was bequeathed a 3 year old by a drunk lady but I have heard nothing of it since so I suppose that’s good
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27 days ago
Hey, at least he gave it a whole seven months.
27 days ago
Aight who’s helping me dig my grave I’m ready
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29 days ago
What if I’m just trying to enjoy your tree and things happen


the writer

  • I'm trained in theatre acting and voice over in addition to having gone to paramedic school. I've also worked in management.
  • I’m getting into songwriting at the moment.
  • I’m in the early stages of conducting a psychology study (hopefully, maybe).
  • One of my pastimes is watching awful B horror films on Netflix.
  • Dogs are life.

the role player

  • I like most genres.
  • But I really love superheroes, apparently.
  • I'm big on character driven stories and all the twists and turns that come from that.
  • I tend towards darker, grittier stories, or lighter stories with liberal amounts of dark humour. Thanks to paramedic school, there is very little you can do that will throw me off.
  • I enjoy writing explicit scenes if they come up, but if they don't, they don't. I'm here for the story first and foremost.
  • I will try my best to give you what I get in terms of post length.
  • I reuse my characters, settings, and plot points with different people sometimes. You are welcome to do the same.
  • Ghost friendly! In the words of a GM I admire, your spot at the table's secure. Whenever you're up to participating, grab your seat and jump in. (If I love the story we've been writing I don't care how long ago it was since you last posted- if you're ready to get back into it I'll be waiting!)
  • Check out my 1x1 interest check if you want to see what I'm specifically looking to role play right now. That being said, pitch away if you think I might like it.

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Epilogue - Rachel Hayford

Rachel had few connections in the area beyond the Syndicate. The police have an easy enough time of tracking down her parents to inform them of the situation before it hits the media, but it is immediately, abundantly clear why Rachel was here and not there.

Her father’s only words are, “well, good,” before the line goes dead.

The woman who answers the next number they try drunkenly screams at them to stop calling her already and hangs up. They opt not to try again.

They finally manage to track down an emergency contact- Dr. Catherine Holloway. They worked together only briefly, but she agrees to come deal with the funeral arrangements (no point shipping her home, she says) and Rachel’s personal effects. The funeral is closed casket, of course; she gives a eulogy to a room of curious tourists, painting Rachel as a tragic victim of circumstance, highlighting that while it may have been to the wrong people, her loyalty had been second to none.

Rachel’s apartment is organized chaos. Stacks of textbooks with colourful pages of notes closed inside, binders stuffed full, and half finished paperbacks are everywhere. The kitchen and bathroom are both pristine and still smell faintly of sanitizer. Her bed is neatly made, littered with an array of stuffed dogs, a journal at her bedside. She had evidently viewed Leo as the safest person to provoke and thought very highly of Lucia; funny how things had turned out. Maybe better that she wasn't here to see it all.

Everything seems entirely normal, until it comes to the second bedroom, now cordoned off by police tape. Tidy (no messy stacks in here), full of medical supplies, medications (the shelving unit she has for them is aptly labelled PHARMACY), and treatment records (no names- she apparently just assigned ID numbers), it will need to be catalogued and shipped off to evidence. Rachel’s meticulousness here means half the work is already done for them. It doesn’t look like she used this place for treatment, but she had the means to deal with just about anything.

They seize what remains in her bank account; it’s certainly far less than one would expect for someone in the Syndicate, and it’s all accounted for in the earnings statements she received through a shell company of the Syndicate. She even paid her taxes accordingly. Although they suspect she has more financial assets somewhere (there is mention of her selling designer drugs, even though they can't see any concrete evidence around), the account they find that she has been wiring money to is back home in her name, and it has been emptied.
Oddly enough just about every move everyone made was decently logical even if we didn’t know it

Rachel and Leo have probably been waiting for the opportunity to off one another since they met so everything worked out nicely
I mean on the one hand it makes sense because if it wasn’t Reika it would be Alice... on the other hand, Leo shot someone IN FRONT OF THE COPS
Rachel votes for Rachel, but Leo has to do it >:[
Rachel Hayford

“Are you...? Oh, my god, you’re serious.”

Rachel couldn’t sit up fast, her stomach still unsettled from this morning, only sinking further with the accusation. ”I’m trying to proclaim my innocence because if I sit here quietly, it’s going to be, ‘oh, Rachel, you’re awfully quiet, what are you trying to hide? Why didn’t you tell us you were innocent before?’ You want to know why I think it’s Reika? Because the ones who act unhinged like her usually are. She’s made it clear to everyone here that she thinks she should be in charge in Federica’s absence. If she’s in charge of the investigation, she can conclude whatever the hell she wants, including that it’s not her even if it is. She’s always hated Alice, who better to get rid of for when she crowns herself queen?”

She threw herself back into her chair with a huff, shooting Leo a hard stare. ”Good luck with your rat problem, caro mio.”

We played Mafia on my vacation.

If you think it’s addictive online, try it in real life. (I might just love it because we were playing with the Fool, and I kept getting it :P)
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