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25 days ago
Current Like now we have retriever mixes which are great too but I did not realize most dogs were like liquid if you picked them up after dealing with little brick shithouses for years
25 days ago
Well. Now I’m missing my bullies :( We had a pit bull who was FEARLESS(exceptwhenmomstartedyelling), a bull terrier who liked power cords, and a mini BT who was an asshole but still so loved
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2 mos ago
Why did I choose to go back to school
2 mos ago
I forgot my thermal leggings and I now understand why I am especially cold
2 mos ago
I thought you meant you were going shopping for like, fish to eat, and I was really confused about “fish shopping” like how involved is your process that you need to shop around. Now I understand
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the writer

  • I was a theatre kid!
  • non fluent polyglot
  • paramedic
  • B horror film lover
  • Dogs are life.

the role player

  • I like most genres.
  • But I really love superheroes, apparently.
  • I'm big on character driven stories and all the twists and turns that come from that.
  • I tend towards darker, grittier stories, or lighter stories with liberal amounts of dark humour. There is little you can do to throw me off.
  • I enjoy writing explicit scenes, but they are not an essential ingredient. I'm here for the story first and foremost.
  • I will try my best to give you what I get in terms of post length.
  • I reuse my characters, settings, and plot points with different people sometimes. You are welcome to do the same.
  • Ghost friendly! In the words of a GM I admire, your spot at the table's secure. Whenever you're up to participating, grab your seat and jump in. (If I love the story we've been writing I don't care how long ago it was since you last posted- if you're ready to get back into it I'll be waiting!)
  • Check out my 1x1 interest check if you want to see what I'm specifically looking to role play right now. That being said, pitch away if you think I might like it.

Most Recent Posts

Is there a limit to how long your messages can be?
If I want to send multiple candy canes, can I send one message with all of the recipients and their messages or does it need to be individual?
<Snipped quote by nightmare medx>

Slight off topic but what is RPoL? I've heard of RPG, RPN, RPA, Iwaku, etc. but never RPoL.

It's another RPG site. It went live in 2000 and while it has a sizeable player base, it's never been one of the super well known sites at least from what I've seen. It was my first real RPG site after starting out on the Neopets forums!
Sir this is a Wendys.

I think there are plenty of people here who enjoy tabletop, we just do it on different sites like roll 20 or RPOL that are designed for that.

Omg I never thought I'd see RPoL mentioned

I second what a lot of other people are saying: Roleplayer Guild isn't the best site for most tabletop games. It's doable, but RPGuild isn't designed for the sheer amount of paperwork many tabletop games require.

I'm also picky about my tabletop games. I've been following the same GM around on this one site for the last decade or so because it can be very hit or miss, just like with any RP, but tabletop games I find require a lot more effort just to get started so I want a decently sure bet.
The Rundown

  • I run the gamut from "free" to "advanced". Normally I fall somewhere in the middle, but I tend to write shorter posts the more dialogue driven a particular story is.
  • I can usually post a minimum once a day, but depending on the story, I’ve done multiple posts a day, or had months between posts.
  • I love character driven stories and am fine with starting with just characters and a rough idea of where we're going; if you'd like to go more in depth please let me know.
  • I generally play female characters as my main, but I have no preference for what your character is.
  • I usually tend towards darker stories, but it depends on the characters and situations.
  • As an adult, I enjoy mature/18+ situations and themes if they come up. They are not the only thing I’m here to RP, so no worries if you don’t.
  • I am quite flexible in general, so if you have something that's vaguely similar to something I have in here, or you think based on what I have listed here I might like it, let me know!
  • PM me if you’re interested.
  • That being said- I am down to role play in the forums or through PMs, whatever your preference. Just let me know!

General Interests

  • action-adventure
  • dystopian settings
  • horror- especially terrible B horror movies
  • the idea that gods could walk among us
  • sci-fi
  • space
  • special agents, elite officers, etc.
  • spies
  • superheroes
  • the supernatural (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.)
  • zombies

Story Ideas
current cravings

I want to play the strong-confident-woman-type opposite a complete alpha-male-(werewolf if you're into supernatural things, but I can settle). I'm seeing this as more light hearted than dark and gritty; I had a story started previously on another site where we were going for a sort of Men in Black investigative flavour, but I'm open to ideas. There are a couple of ideas below that might mesh well with this.
the latest and greatest

and the rest in alphabetical order


  • Deadlands
  • Deadlands: Reloaded
  • Don't Walk in the Winter Woods
  • Forgotten Realms
  • Numenera/The Strange
  • Savage Worlds (barely)


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Dead Space
  • Marvel
  • Resident Evil
  • The X-Files
I’m fine with dice :)
I’m always down for Resident Evil
In Deify 8 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
God of dealing with people’s crap
I love collaborations in general, so I very much tend to the player/player kind of style. I usually have SOME idea of where the story is going to go- not necessarily an end point, but a goal for the characters to work towards at the start. Both of us contribute plot points, characters, etc.

Sometimes there’s a lot of discussion beforehand, sometimes there’s not. During the stories there is always OOC discussion (in a separate thread) as to where we’re going.

The biggest thing is finding partners that I mesh with, I think.
I want to play the strong, confident-in-her-role-in-life woman thrown into a situation involving the alpha male werewolf and now all of a sudden she isn’t so sure anymore.

I know it’s not a lot to go on, but if this sparks any ideas, PM me!
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