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Current My big critique of Solo was its lack of imagination. You had all the lore of Corellia and Kessel and you went with generic industrial on both? Live a little!
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I theorize that the sequels exist to make Solo look awesome, and they succeed!
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What a night, two dead, one dying, one too close to call. Wear your helmets if you own a motorcycle!
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Im sorry you had a tough day @Undead_Eyes
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Happy Horns of Hattin!
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Early 30's. I know just enough about everything to be dangerous.

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He recalled that long ago day, holding the knife of Heimdall as he carved out a portion of his biological human needs such as companionship.

Oh if he ever missed it, he still had it in a jar within his basement.

Wait, he gelded himself and has the left overs in a jar in the basement?!
Opportunity shivered with the soaking chill of the North Sea, even if it wasn't as cold as it should be in these nearly arctic latitudes it was enough to freeze her bones. The drenching they had revived during the crash surely wasn't helping. Staggering to her feet she began to gather the small pieces of driftwood that wind and abnormally high tides had pushed into the mouth of the shallow cave. She glanced down the tunnel, making sure they were indeed alone and there wasn't some polar bear or other horror being rudely interrupted from a winters nap. Just how Hralf Kraki had made the voyage, let alone the landfall on this god forsaken rock, if it was the right rock, she couldn't begin to fathom.

"You don't think they will see?" James asked, his voice seeming abnormally loud after the shriek of the storm. Opportunity piled the wood in a small heap and squatted over it, shredding a piece to kindling with the help of a pen knife. Her teeth were chattering and her hands shook as she drew one of her 45s from a pocket and racked the slide, ejecting a round into her hand.

"I don't think so, not with this..." a great sheet of lightning lit the gloom like it was day for a moment to punctuate her point, "storm. Besides if we dont get dry we will be dead of hypothermia in an hour." Carefully so as not to create a spark, she prized the firing cap away from the bottom of the bullet and poured the powder into the kindling.

"If they are here, they have to be anchored on the other side of the island, otherwise the storm would drive them ashore," she reasoned, she patted her jacked and found her lighter missing but James wordlessly pressed his into her hand. Sparking it to life she touched it to the loose powder and it fizzled to life with a hiss and a momentary stink of sulfur. The dry wood began to burn and crackle and Opportunity leaned over it allowing it to begin to dry her. As she did so she emptied her pockets, revealing one magazines, a small compass and a deck of playing cards.

"Forty five, well forty four rounds and a pen knife," she observed mournfully, "Not really what I had hoped for to take on the German army..."
Eleanor sipped her own champagne and nodded her head. There were many things she had experienced since joining the Sunday Group that she wished that she could forget. Things that she had seen. Things that she had done. Most of her fears did not dwell in the past however. It wasn't general knowledge, even among the magical community, but something was coming, a conjunction of stars, a nexus in the points of fate that bound the universe together. A knot in the twine out of which Edgar would claim the Nornes spun mens future. The Group, or at least it's myserious leadership, wasn't certain how far in the future the crisis point was but it WAS coming. Even that fear was abstract though, the question that kept her awake at night, was what might SHE do in the future.

"Do you know what I did before I came to the Sunday Group?" Eleanor asked. The question was entirely rhetorical of course, Emmaline alone, now mostly retired to her academic work, had been with the organisation long enough to remember the younger Ellie Tregelan.

"I was a doctor," she told the young alchemist. Eleanor's face was almost puzzled by that fact, as though she could scarcely credit she had ever been such a thing. Even then she had been a practitioner, though her magic was far more prosaic than it was before Emmaline had come along with her theroms and datasets.

"I saw my first bodies as a medical student, cadavers in anatomy class," she explained.

"But the things I have seen since," she deliberately put down her wine to avoid from draining the glass in a single swig. There had been far too many bodies, victims, bystanders, friends and team mates, to allow her to shrug it off all together.

"I think it's important never to forget," she said at last, "all of us have a reason to do what we do, but for me, the less people I can put in the bad memory column the better. A good enough reason not to be a trophy wife in the Hamptons like most of my med school classmates anyway." She laughed but it was a brittle and slightly unpleasant sound.

"To the second point... each of us has a unique skill set. You aren't here because we need another...." she paused, considering the words carefully before concluding with "Belligerent."

"Sometimes it is handy to have someone around whose first instinct isn't to open fire or call down spell flame," she explained. A pudgy woman in the aisle beside them started at half heard snippets of that conversation. Eleanor slapped her eyes back to the romance novel in her lap with a glance. Eleanor relaxed slightly and picked up her wine taking another long drink.

"Of course sometimes that is exactly what you need to do, and in those cases it is helpful to have people along who think that is a good idea."

@Rapid Reader
"Chief of Ship, you may light the thrusters," Sabatine instructed. Almost before the syllables had left her mouth thrusters one and eight light with a roar. One on the port bow and the other at the aft stern, the two thruster balanced each other out and the Vickie began to bob and shudder in her birth. Kaiden irised the thrusters fully open to disperse there thrust rather than fiddle with the output volumes, though she didn't remember how he had fared at ship handling during the academy, he had obviously had plenty of practice since. The thrusters continued to come online in pairs until Kaiden controlled all eight units from his holographic console. Sabatine's nose began to itch as inonized steam from the slip began to infiltrate the ship, stinging her sinuses and the back of her throat. She took some pleasure in the look of discomfort the familiar irritant caused to Tilda.

"Chief of Rig, seal all hatches and all hands stand to," she announced over the intercom. In truth there was little for the riggers to do other than seal the hatches and then take thier places in the forward and aft airlocks, ready to spread the rig once they reached orbit.

"This is the Chief of Ship, reporting all stations optimal," Chief Engineer Savachev declared over the command push. The Vickie was buffeting now, surging on the wake of its thrusters as they dispersed thier force into the slip.

"Herculaneum control this is RCN Vicount, requesting final clearance to lift," Sabatine said, switching the comm relay to the port control. She wondered how those personnel felt about the dispersal of the fleet. Intellectually they probably understood that the minefield offered far better protection that the ships but it had to be demoralizing to see the vessels which were the symbol of the RCN scattering.

"Acknowledged Vicount, clear to depart," came back a flat female voice, too degraded by the microwave signal that was beaming through the clouds of ions being raised by the thrusters to convey any emotion. Sabatine pointed a finger at Kaiden to let him know they were clear but he was evidentlly listening in on the comms because his hands smoothly irised shut all eight thrusters. The jest of ions which had been widely dissipated concentrated and the ship leaped upwarards, her deck seeming to slam into Sabatine's boots. Kaiden made a hurried adjustment and the upward flight smoothed out. He might be an expierience ship handler, but he was new to the Vickie and her quirks. Sabatine supposed she could have warned him that the controls were a little touchy but she hadn't imagined the Captain would have him take the ship up his first full day aboard. Perhaps he was taking the measure of Kaiden as well. The ship rose rapidly up through the atmosphere. Sabatine had split her screen in four, one quadrant mirrored Leyla Savachev's board in engineering. Anything that conerned the engineer was worth knowing. Sabatine didn't quite have the woman's skill, but her time in the yards at Harbor 3 gave her a better grasp than most RCN officers. The second screen was Kaiden's, fully occupied just now with the thruster controls, though he was preparing to cut in the high drive in a side bar. The last screen showed the Captain's screen, he seemed to be checking Candleworth's astrogation plot. Micha was a fine astrogater, one of the best Sabatine had met, and he was busily making corrections to Candleworth's course plot. The midshipman's plot was so unimaginative that she suspected it had been lifted verbatim from the astrogation computer. Well she would check that later, and if Candleworth was a terrible astrogater, well the RCN would find a use for him regardless. Her own screen held a 3D representation of the space around Herculaneum, there was nothing of interest besides the mines but Sabatine plotted several missle attacks based on her assumptions about likely appearances of an attacking fleet. The odds of such a fleet arriving and not being destroyed by the mines was slim but a slim, but in battle the few seconds the computations could save her might be vital.

Gravity vanished suddenly as Kaiden shut down the thrusters. It returned with a jolt a few seconds later as the high drive kicked in. The high drive functioned with matter anti-matter converters, which were far more efficient than the ion thrusters used for maneuvering in a gravity well. Unfortunately high drive couldn't be used in an atmosphere as undecayed particles of antimatter would mix with the atmosphere and chew the drives themselves to pieces. Even in space there was a certain amount of particulate, but not enough that the motors were at risk with regular maintenance. The Vickie began to pick up speed and Sabatine unstrapped herself. It would be a three day voyage to Errhai and she didn't want to spend any more time looking at Tilda's smirking face than she had to.

"Sir, with your permission I'll join the bosun on the hull, it is his first time with us and I'd like to make sure the riggers don't give him any grief."
Val: Has anyone seen my....
Clive: *drinking a 'soda' that was actually filled with magical lsd*
Val: Uh... never mind.
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