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Current More RP ideas than time to RP :(
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Sometimes the universe provides you with a great idea at the perfect time
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Covid is really killing my desire to stay in medicine :(
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I don't have my sketchbook with me and now I am anxious to draw!
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Then Kinkshame away, so long as you have consent from those you kinkshame.


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The Graf was found cowering in a supply closet. Graf Von Donkeubruk had been a powerful man in his youth as was testified by his ropey muscles and the several portraits of him which hung around the place. Time however had not been kind to the man, he was emaciated and his flesh seemed to have withered on his bones. There was no logical justification for it but Camilla had the impression that he had lost every pound his wife had gained. The Graf's skin looked patchy, as though it had been painted on rather than growing naturally.

"Is it over?" the old Graf asked, his voice trembling. Camilla helped him out of the closet and deposited him on a setae. He blinked vaguely and then seemed to focus on the mercanaries and his wife. The grafin rushed up to her husband. She had lost the axe but her clothing was a ruin and her cheeks were flushed with her recent exertions.

"You are alive!" she gasped, enfolding the Graf in a hug that threatened to smoother him. Camilla averted her eyes politely for several seconds until the couple could compose themselves.

"Do you have any idea why these... things would attack your home?" Camilla asked after a moment. The Graf looked compltely baffled.

"My dear, I'm afraid I dont have the slightest clue."
"Perhaps you speak wisely my son," Ramon said after a moment, his eyes cut towards Yuki again as she blew an improbably large bubble with a wad of pink gum she was working. He clearly viewed the strange girl with more than a little suspicion. Regardless he placed his hands together in an attitude of prayer. Without speaking further he turned and led the way down to the nave. Ramon paused in front of the cross and genuflected, crossing himself as he did so. It might have been January's imagination but it seemed there was a slight reverberation in the room as the priest did so.

"Over the years St Anthony has provide storage and sanctuary for many," he explained as he rose to his feet and turned into the sacristry. Inside another pair of priests were sitting at a table playing a complicated game of cards with a tarot desk. They both looked up as Ramon entered. They were big for priests with knuckles swollen with old scar tissue and eyes which had seen more than the mercy of their god.

"Peace be with you brothers," Ramon told them and was answered with nods as the pair turned back to their game. Ramon led them down a series of curving iron stairs. They coiled down and down until they were several stories below the earth. Here a vast corridor opened in a series of baroque sculpted arches which stretched off into the distance. Along the corridor small alcoves were set off with iron doors each inscribed with a strange rune.

"Welcome to the Vault of Lost Things," Ramon told them as he led them along the corridor to a section where the pearl inlaid walls had been blackened and scorched as though by fire or some strange blights. The runes on the doors hear pulsed angrily and in places the pearlesenct finish seemed to be regrowing. At the center of the strange discoloration several alcove doors had be completely unhinged, their runes cold and silent.

"These were the vaults which were defiled," Ramon admitted, a touch of old testament anger coloring the last word.
I dont think they can do so mechanically no, though a GM could probably make something like that happen
IF any old timers are looking for another crack at a horrible death:…
@Xacha Its really an excellent system for crowdsourcing creativity and pace. It stipulates when supernatural elements can be added in overtly and when they can be alluded too so it builds in the slow burn. It also uses a collective head cannon where everyone has to keep track of what is going on in their own minds and then you pick the best one. You might have to add rules for action though as in Lovecraftesque the protagonist is always kind of passive, just like in the actual stories.
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