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3 days ago
Current I'm clearly adopted. I have two drinks and I'm hammered, meanwhile my dad has a beer, a brandy and a glass of wine going simultaneously with dinner...
5 days ago
Edgelords be edgy.
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9 days ago
Deciding whether to get Warhammer Total War, seems like alot of effort
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12 days ago
How is it whenever I learn a Japanese word from this site I never feel my life enriched by the experience?
12 days ago
1x1 is the best RP, gives both players maximum creative control of the world


Early 30's. I know just enough about everything to be dangerous.

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Kenshi 2 mos ago
Do you play D&D ?

If so, check out my status 👍
Kenshi 2 mos ago
Kenshi 2 mos ago
Hello Penny, hope your having a good day or night.
Dark Cloud 4 mos ago
Nice avatar.
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
You are the only other person I know who knows Dead Like Me. I'll 1x1 it with you, playing as George, Reggie, Mason, or Rube or any combination of those four at once. We could pick up where it left off or just make a couple episodes for fun!
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
Can I open a vein with you? Interest checks piss me off too. If I had a dime for every RPGuild RP I've joined that had a popular interest check, even a popular start, but died 1-2 pages in, I'd be quite fucking rich. -,-
EasilyAmused 2 yrs ago
Never say Never ;)
Jurassic Weeb 3 yrs ago
Hey, whatever makes people happy, consenting adults and all that. Also the Sexual Politics of Xenomorphs would be an awesome article title...

Well, the Alien films (specifically the Xenos themselves) have always had sexual undertones.
DeadDrop 3 yrs ago
DeadDrop 4 yrs ago
I too, love roleplay
amorphical 4 yrs ago
"It's the only way to be sure..." :)
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