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    Upon the mention of Eddy looking for her, Marian’s whole body seemed to tense. That man, a good man… for the most part, but not the best men. Then again who was? No one really stood up for what’s right anymore. In fact there were only two people she could picture within the integrity to be considered a ‘great man’. The first one would be her father. Her father was an amazing man who wanted to do what he could for the city in order to protect and serve. That was an admirable trait that she appreciated from the bottom of her heart about him.

    The other person was actually Robin Hood. She understood why he was doing what he was doing although his methods were questionable and dangerous but they made sense. Sometimes you need to do some bad in order to create some good. Again, she’s not fully sold on the idea of all of the plans of action. She does truly believe the goal of Robin Hood and the Merry Men is to do good for the city.

    Nearly choking on her drink she swallowed it back before turning her blue gaze up to him. “You’re joking right…” After staring at him she blinks a few times. “Oh you’re not joking. Well… I had thought about it to be honest. But I couldn’t convince myself to become a lawyer. No discredit to you by any means Robert but I feel like it’s not my calling; same with joining the police force. My father would just put me behind a desk and I’d sit there doing nothing. At least working for the courts I can do something I feel is right. I don’t know about getting into politics…” Her voice trailed off as she turned her attention to the misled crowd of people. Maybe… maybe Robert had a point.

    The call to the doors left her shaking her head at the dramatic flare he brought with him and she giggled an honest giggle at his statement of staring at his reflection for too long. “Oh I don’t doubt that’s why he’s late. Or everyone else was early in his opinion.”


    Marian and Robert took their seats at the table and began to make small talk as the waiter came by and took the glass of wine being offered. “Thank you sir much appreciated.” She said with a grin before taking a long drink.

    It was a bit after Robert vanished that Marian placed her fork and knife down and excused herself as well, leaving her father with a concerned look on his face. “Marian…” He said with a small tone as he softly took her hand and pulled her down a bit. “Please don’t go chasing a boy for the evening…”

    “Dad… it’s that time of the month. I need to go.” She said softly as to not embarrass him. He gave her a quick nod before letting her go, He was always a kind person, thinking about others before himself and his hyper focusing on protecting his daughter. Even when it’s something as simple as needing to use the lady’s room.

    The trip was brief and she soon found herself stepping out on the bathroom letting out a small sigh of relief. Though her gaze moved to the men’s restroom hoping that Robert was feeling alright, he had been gone for a bit. Or; he’s socializing which would be nice to see. He should be able to reconnect with people again after being gone so long. He’s not a bad guy after all.
    My eldest is in town visiting for the next few days so reading is my only available thing to do right now hahaha.
    Standing and talking with a bunch of bureaucrats was something that Marian never enjoyed doing. But sadly as the only child of the chief of police, it only made sense for her to be present at big social events and gatherings. This being no exception. If her father wasn’t invited to the event you wouldn’t find her within a mile of things like this.

    Maybe that was something that she didn’t like about the possibility of being in a relationship with Edward. At that point Marian would be nothing more than a piece of arm candy for big events. At least without a social status requiring partner she could be her own person at the event. In her stance of not being with Edward it allowed her to speak her mind (for the most part) on politics. And while she kept some topics at arm’s length she knew she could express where she stood without it being a conversation afterwards of ‘you shouldn’t have said this’ or ‘why would you say that’ conversation on the drive home.

    “Marian, what do you think of the Governor?” A party patron asked her as she was standing in the group chatting.

    The rant she had dumped on Robert came rolling back to her. The Governor’s response to her mother’s death, the lack of care of a small family grieving, the refusal to let him attend the funeral all pushed its way to the forefront of her mind and she took a breath. “He’s an impressive man. Did you know that he and my father attended the same college and reconnected because of their respective positions? Interesting fact, when they were in school together they were in the same dorm building and he was known for sneaking a girl into his room at night. And that same girl came back over and over again and now… they’re married!” The group is erupted in laughter and cheers. The men finding it hilarious that the governor could have been seen as player while the women felt like it as a true ‘love story’ that they were destined to be together forever.

    The shmucks.

    It’s amazing how many people love that story, the one story she knows about the governor that she could share without holding her own personal grudge against him. The conversation then took off in a different direction. As the group talked Marian just nodded looking around. This was a pretty large formal event and it really brought a lot of faces out but she couldn’t help but wonder if any of the Merry Men were here. But maybe it’s best at that she doesn’t know. She can play innocent and foolish. But Robin did say he had connections in the law firm so does he have connections elsewhere? And would those connections be able to get him in here?

    His level of concern for her is involvement was admirable and if they ran into each other, she would have just to chalk it up to coincidence. Her reason for being there was purely based off of the invite she was given and she, admittedly, knew it would be the best idea not to be involved with any plans or hi-jinx. She was too close to too many people who could turn her knowledge into very problematic situation.

    Problem people included her father for obvious reasons; the chief of police. Another problem person would be the Taylors, both Edward and his father who would love the press to convict Robin Hood of his crimes. The newest factor being Guy, the FBI agent sent to track Robin Hood down, Guy was too much of a factor in this and while getting close made sense, keeping him at arms length was an important thing for her to do as well. So many problems and things to look out for… not to mention…

    “Ah thank you Robert.” The final factor. Was she getting too close to Robert? Robin doesn’t think he’s as much of a treat as Guy. Maybe she should distance herself from Robert. Pull back from this… ‘not date’ scenarios she was dragging him into. She might need to ask Robin for a suggestion. If he really thinks Robert isn’t a threat, not spending time with him isn’t a bad option. No matter how much he’s changed and how well they were finally getting along; they could be friends right? "As long as it's a everything pizza and a stupid B movie than that would be a good night."
    Hahaha I'm sure it will be great. I will read this tomorrow .
    No sure, I'm excited to write again.

    I will need to re-read out chats and RP to catch up but I'd definitely be interested in continuing. Whatever time works best for you to respond.
    I'm patient.

    Wow didn't think you'd respond. Something called me to return ironically. I will say I'm certainly not gonna be a daily poster but weekly is responsible, same length and detail if you're still interested in continuing.
    Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here. Not sure if you're still around but yes I'd still want to continue.

    @Captain Swan
    Miss you
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