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Today is an unexpected day off. Going to clean the house and work on all my replies. If I miss you let me know!
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The narrator really makes a difference in how enjoyable an audio book is. Love this author, but of the 12 books I have, only ONE narrator is tolerable
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Working hard to catch up and get caught up. If you do not hear from me by 9pm EST 06/12/18 send me a reminder, I probably read it, mentally composed a reply, and never sent it.
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Ya’ll... I am about to start driving with a 9 and 4 yr old in the car for 24 hours... send HELP!!
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Starting my 24 hr drive to get kiddos. Responses will be super slow


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@SinfulSkills Sorry it took so long! I had to take the kids back and then had scrambled brains while recovering LOL
Lucia looked at him as he finally spoke. She knew he had a point, but it was really difficult for her. It had been her against the world for such a long time, she had no idea what exactly it was she was supposed to do as far as reaching out. This whole family thing confused her. She opened her mouth to ask him more questions but his cell phone went off. She watched him stand, and heard his voice. She quickly found her nails to be very interesting indeed. She kind of froze, she wanted to leave to give him privacy, but she didn't want to move and draw attention to herself either.

His conversation finished and she heard him speak to her once again letting her know that Elias would be coming to take care of her, and that he would be gone for almost a week. She pinched the bridge of her nose, she didn't like it, but there was nothing she could really do. It was what it was, so she had to suck it up and deal with it no matter her personal feelings on the matter. She quietly reassured Serge that she would be ok, to handle what ever he needed to take care of.

She was still sitting on the couch when Elias showed up, she hadn't moved much at all. She watched the men, and told Serge she would see him Monday. She glanced over at Elias and smiled a little as he made an attempt to speak to her. "I'm here, and they say any day above ground is a good day, so... yeah." She said lamely as she stood up to change the sheets on the air mattress. She had needed to go do laundry today, and Elias needed a clean bed to sleep in.

She stood with her arms full of bedding and looked him over. "No offense man, but you look like you died a week ago and just ain't had the good grace to lie down anywhere. Do you need a nap?" She asked gesturing toward the air mattress with her elbow as she started putting the bedding in another trash bag to take with her to do laundry. She tossed the bag in the corner with the collection of others that needed to be done, and walked over to the closet to grab new bedding. "So you drew the short straw huh? Sorry about that. I can call Dad. If you ask me this is all over kill, and you guys really don't have to be here." She found the bedding she was looking for and turned to head back toward him.

She set the top sheet, blanket and pillow cases on the arm of the couch as she started putting on the flat sheet. "Elias? Is Serge ok?" She asked. She was really worried, she had never seen him off his game, and she had thrown a lot at the poor man in the last two days, but whatever it was today that came in really hit him.
Color me interested!
You won't regret RPing with Mitheral! He is incredibly creative and keeps things very interesting!
Did you ever find someone to play opposite of Hector in your Reaper RP? HOW did I not see that idea before now is beyond me, but it looks awesome!
Courtesy bump!

Ya'll will never regret starting an RP with Sinful. Two years, and I am still in love with the story we are working on :)

I missed you too!!! I will take a look through your stuff tomorrow and see if we ant get something going again, although shit was just getting super interesting with Sergei and Lu. Lmfao
Welcome back!!! I was just thinking about you!
I generally do 1x1 only because they are easier for me to keep track of with my work schedule. Group RP's tend to move too quickly for me leaving me with 20+ posts to read and integrate into my own posting by the time I get off work.
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