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Current I have about had it with this PCStitch software, I am going to have to cave and spend the money on WinStitch.
3 days ago
The bank put a hold on my account and won’t release it! I work so damn much I have two weeks before I can go in and start a new account
6 days ago
The adventures in online dating continue... this is hell... absolute hell. Why do I keep doing this to myself?
7 days ago
Can we just cancel today and go back to bed?
10 days ago
That totally sucks!!! I am sorry that happened to you.


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@headintheclouds PM me and we can work something out
Lucia turned her head toward Serge so fast you could hear her neck crack as he suggested posing as if they were dating. A million thoughts running through her head as she considered the possibility. First of all, how in the world would she possibly get people to believe that he was dating HER.

She turned on Netflix to Stranger things before turning her attention back to Serge. "You really think people are going to buy that we are together?" She asked eyeing his perfectly put together self. "I mean, and if we did that, how did we meet? When did we meet? People are going to ask... especially coworkers on my end."
Lu listened to Serge, he had good points. Her true identity may not be revealed, but as he spoke something else started niggling in the back of her head. She let him walk out of the kitchen while she kept thinking.

She smiled as she heard him ask for his coffee. She refilled it freshening it up before walking to join him in the living room. She leaned over the back of the couch, close to him and handed him the cup of coffee, holding hers in the other hand.

"There is one possibility I don't think either of us thought about." She said quietly. "It occurred to me while you were talking. Not everyone knows he was searching for his daughter, but everyone knows who you are and what you look like. Erik is a young, healthy, attractive man." She said sipping her coffee.

"Who do rich powerful men often assign staff to?" She asked, wondering if it would occur to him that someone might mistake her for his mistress.

She was leaning close, but not encroaching on his personal space, but close enough that she could. She sipped her coffee with a sigh. "That is a problem for minds other than ours I suppose." She said.

She patted his shoulder as she stood up letting him type his report. She grabbed her project bag before settling down on the other side of the couch, her feet tucked under her. The two of them just spending time together quietly.

"Would it bother you if I put something on Netflix?" She asked while grabbing the remotes. She often liked to have something playing quietly in the background.
No rush. I feel like I died a week ago and haven’t had the good grace to lie down anywhere
Chloe blushed brightly as he teased her. She normally would have been really freaked out by a conversation like that, but Rayne had a way about him that kept her from freaking out. She was about to say something, but she heard the door close and a voice call out.

She jumped back from Rayne as if she had been burned. She turned toward Kenton as he entered the kitchen. She swallowed nervously as he approached, but calmed a little as he extended his hand. She grasped his hand firmly. "Chloe Edwards. It is nice to meet you. Can I get you something to eat?" She asked dropping his hand moving quickly towards the cabinets before he ever had a chance to answer.

"Once we get you settled, I will get the laundry switched over. If you have anything that needs to be done, please leave a note on the counter or the fridge and I will get to it right away." She said chattering nervously. Chloe didn't have much experience with good people, but she did have experience with people, and that experience told her that others, males especially were not safe.

She was bustling about giving both boys a wide berth as she set about making a plate for Kenton. Once she set the plate down for him she moved back to the dishwasher, there weren't enough dishes to fill it, so she instead started running water in the sink.
Lucia laughed as he teased her about this meal being a luxury. She shook her head and decided to play a little. "Well it, certainly won't earn any Michilin stars, but a solid 3 out of 5 on trip advisor. Had to dock for ambiance... the gourmet food, doesn't match the hole in the wall decor." She teased. She was really enjoying spending time with him. It was getting hard for her to remember that in a week or so that this would be over, he would be on his way to his next job, and she, would be left to negotiate life as the adult child of a very rich and powerful man.

It didn't take her long to finish her breakfast, she was used to living on the run. He stood in the kitchen washing his dish as he mentioned needing to go over the schedule for the rest of the week. She stood up and headed to the kitchen sliding her dish into the sink, before leaning against the counter.

"Today, is what my mom would have called a mental health day. I am not going to class. I am not going to work. I am going to take a deep breath, and try to figure out exactly what the hell has happened to my life in the past..." She glanced at her watch. It was hard to believe that it had not yet been a full 24 hours since he had knocked at her door. "18 or so hours." She pulled a hair tie off her wrist and tied back her unruly mess into a quick pony tail. "The only significant thing on the agenda today is laundry." She smiled. "I mean I normally would let it go another week or so, but I have seen you eyeing the mess around here, so lets hit up the laundromat before you get desperate enough to set up a washboard in the bathtub." She teased.

She knew her place was a chaotic mess, it was so bad that he had made her relax in a bath just so he had some space to clean up a bit yesterday. "Tomorrow was a scheduled day off, and I have nothing planned really. I might try to do some studying, or I might not."

She pushed away from the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee. "The rest of the week is school and work." She ignored the hard part of what he said. 'If something happens to me' She couldn't even process that. What could possibly happen, no one knew who she was, or who he was.

She held the cup of coffee tightly between her hands. "Serge, I want you to be straight with me." She said seriously. "In your opinion, what are the chances we make it through to the election without my identity becoming known?" She sipped her coffee. "I am not worried about a leak from your team, but how many people are in and out of Erik's office?, before he turned to you, how many people did he talk to in his search for me?" She was just thinking out loud.

"And it begs the question, politically, is hiding me in Eriks best interest? If it comes out later, will his supporters feel betrayed? Like he lied to them in some way?"

She wasn't excited about the possibility of having to come forward, as a matter of fact the idea of being discovered scared the hell out of her, but right now in this moment, her life wasn't entirely her own.
No problem!
@SinfulSkills quick reminder Serge TOLD her she was going to election night and took her dress shopping. He even put her shoes on her. Lol “once your hands have been up my skirt you get to call me by my given name”
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