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Current Love this new job! Can't wait to go in every day.
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Snow is over knee deep in my neighborhood, tried to walk to work today, but that's a no go. Boss will come get me if he can
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All I want for Christmas is a post LOL
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Got a new job! Super SUPER excited! Can't wait to start, going to be working two until 01/02 but I got this!
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Job searching sucks! I need a new one, but finding a job just blows


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I thinks we will get along awesomely.

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Lucia fell into step with Serge. “I understand that, but you guys have real problems to take care of, and I feel like your time and talents could be used better elsewhere.” She told him. “My laundry could have waited, and I was going to tell him that too. It’s not as important and Eliases health.” She offered as they approached the kitchen.

She glanced around and it did confirm in her mind that Serge really did love to cook. She loved that he could watch her play outside while he cooked. It was a perfect house and a perfect set up for a family. He had told her earlier that there was no Mrs Serge, but hey people had babies together without being married, she was living proof. She felt a little guilty interrupting their time together. She didn’t see his partner, and as she thought that word, it occurred to her that perhaps there was no Mrs Serge because there was a Mr Serge. She blushed a little at the direction her thoughts were going.

She was grateful for the distraction Eve provided as she asked about homemade salad dressing. “I can’t say that I have kiddo.” She said as she backed up to one of the chairs so she could let Eve slide off in a way she knew would be safe and secure. She took a seat next to Eve, her normal diet was like that of an unsupervised six year old, so the last few meals she had shared with Serge had been quiet the change for her, and veggies? In her world that’s what food ate, but she was sitting next to a child so not a word about it would be spoken.

“Elias was a perfect gentleman. I am afraid I started the whole thing when I told him he looked like he died a week ago and just haven’t had the good grace to lie down anywhere.” She said with a small laugh. “I am sorry that we ended up here. I did make up the air mattress for him, but he wouldn’t hear it.” She said.

She watched the look on his face and she did what she had done before. She reached over and gently rested her hand on his forearm. “Hey, things slip through the cracks all the time, you are human. Everyone is ok, I am safe and protected, Elias is getting a nap.” She said as she started to eat.

She couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face as Serge tried to start a conversation and his daughter dissolved into giggles. Lu could sense his discomfort and she smiled a little. “Yes, so your folding skills may yet get tested.” She said referencing the earlier joke between them. “I really am sorry about this, I know that having your personal space invaded is not a comfortable feeling.” She said comfortingly. “Try to remember it’s temporary, I will be back home soon, and you and your family can get back to normal.”

She glanced over her shoulder at Eve and smiled. “Princess precious over here is gonna help me get the laundry washed just right.” She said and glanced back at Serge. “If you have things you need to do Eve and I can hang out outside While the laundry is cycling so you can work.” She offered. She didn’t know if Serge really trusted her to watch his kid, but it was the least she could do for him for all that he had done and was doing for her.

@EasilyAmusedi totally love the SN change BTW
Lucia was glad that Elias took her comment with the good humor in which it was intended. She hated to offend, but joking was how she managed to get through her days and keep her sanity. She watched the thoughts fly across his face, he was in really rough shape. He needed sleep, her laundry could really wait. She had no problem hanging out and watching Netflix while he slept. She was about to suggest just that when he told her he had a solution. He had everything gathered up before she could say a word. She really wanted to let him know this wasn't necessary, but he didn't seem that he would take no for an answer.

She did however take some of the bags from him, and when he objected she pointed out he needed at least one hand free in case he had to reach for his weapon. She walked with him to his car and raised an eyebrow, it was a nice car, but the white color kind of gave it the girl car feel. She smirked and bit her lip because she wanted to tease him, but he was obviously short of sleep, besides Serge had put up with enough of her snark for two people the last two days. She slid into the car but said nothing as they drove across town to a much nicer area than she lived. She turned her head to look out the passenger window as he typed in the code. It wasn't likely she would remember it anyway but looking away was simply the polite thing to do.

Lu stepped out of the car and followed Elias to the door. She was shocked when they were greeted by the child, and she had thought perhaps he had brought her to his home, but she called him uncle rather than daddy, so she was really unsure of what was happening. She was going to ask, but soon the child was in front of her and speaking directly to her. Lu smiled and grabbed her jeans right above the knee pulling them up to give her enough room to squat down putting her on the same level as the child. "Hello Eve, it is nice to meet you. I am Uncle Elias' friend Lu." She said with a smile. She didn't have kids, or much experience with them, but she did remember when she was a kid she hated feeling excluded when everyone around her talked, so she made sure to get on her level.

She was about to ask her a few more questions but she jerked her head up as she heard Serge's voice. Lu smiled and glanced over him, his personal apron was a lot more fitting for him than the frilly one she had at her place, not that he didn't look gorgeous in both. Her attention was once again drawn to the little girl as she grabbed her hands and tried to sell herself on her skills as a laundry helper.

"You know what Sugarplum... I would REALLY appreciate the help, maybe you can teach me to do it the way your Daddy taught you. I mostly just throw it in an hope for the best." She said as she reached out and tickled her tummy a little. She looked up at Serge as she stood from her squat and was about to object, but she had to stop to catch her balance since Eve tugged in the middle of her standing. She looked down and grinned. "I know your Daddy is an awesome cook! He's one of my friends too, My Daddy asked him to help me with some things, and when he was helping me he cooked."

She bent over and scooped up the girl settling her on her hip before scooting her to her back. "Hang on kiddo." She said as she placed her arms behind her under the girls little bum to hold her on her back as she fell into step with Serge. She wasn't going to say a word about it, his personal life was his own, and he was under no obligation to share it with her. "I'm sorry about this Serge, I just offered the kid a nap, and next thing I know he was sticking me in the car and headed here." She explained. "Not sure Why, I mean I do think Dad's being a little on the over protective side, but I'm pretty sure I could have handled watching Netflix for a few hours while my babysitter caught some sleep." She joked.
@SinfulSkills Sorry it took so long! I had to take the kids back and then had scrambled brains while recovering LOL
Lucia looked at him as he finally spoke. She knew he had a point, but it was really difficult for her. It had been her against the world for such a long time, she had no idea what exactly it was she was supposed to do as far as reaching out. This whole family thing confused her. She opened her mouth to ask him more questions but his cell phone went off. She watched him stand, and heard his voice. She quickly found her nails to be very interesting indeed. She kind of froze, she wanted to leave to give him privacy, but she didn't want to move and draw attention to herself either.

His conversation finished and she heard him speak to her once again letting her know that Elias would be coming to take care of her, and that he would be gone for almost a week. She pinched the bridge of her nose, she didn't like it, but there was nothing she could really do. It was what it was, so she had to suck it up and deal with it no matter her personal feelings on the matter. She quietly reassured Serge that she would be ok, to handle what ever he needed to take care of.

She was still sitting on the couch when Elias showed up, she hadn't moved much at all. She watched the men, and told Serge she would see him Monday. She glanced over at Elias and smiled a little as he made an attempt to speak to her. "I'm here, and they say any day above ground is a good day, so... yeah." She said lamely as she stood up to change the sheets on the air mattress. She had needed to go do laundry today, and Elias needed a clean bed to sleep in.

She stood with her arms full of bedding and looked him over. "No offense man, but you look like you died a week ago and just ain't had the good grace to lie down anywhere. Do you need a nap?" She asked gesturing toward the air mattress with her elbow as she started putting the bedding in another trash bag to take with her to do laundry. She tossed the bag in the corner with the collection of others that needed to be done, and walked over to the closet to grab new bedding. "So you drew the short straw huh? Sorry about that. I can call Dad. If you ask me this is all over kill, and you guys really don't have to be here." She found the bedding she was looking for and turned to head back toward him.

She set the top sheet, blanket and pillow cases on the arm of the couch as she started putting on the flat sheet. "Elias? Is Serge ok?" She asked. She was really worried, she had never seen him off his game, and she had thrown a lot at the poor man in the last two days, but whatever it was today that came in really hit him.
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