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Well that was oddly confusing since you have referred to Cecil having a map already repeatedly in other posts. haha
Hey all!

This is a shameless plug for my favorite webcomic, Demon of the Underground. It is a LGBTQ+ friendly comic about a big-mouthed thief who ends up in a brutal underground world where survival is based on strength and intimidation. He has a telekinetic ability and a stray ferret. It is recommended for 16+ with violence, sexual content, and explicit language. (Paraphrased from "about" page of webcomic)

If it catches your fancy, check it out. And please consider giving it a vote on topwebcomics.
Even though Adrianna requested to be notified when the foreman was ready to meet with them, no such notice came. She learned from the barkeep that the town was having problems with tigers, but then he walked away before providing much else about the foreman and his likelihood to help the shipwrecked people. The other crew member who had followed her into the bar, fortunately took his drink and brought it to a spot where he could see outside through a window.

“Oye!” He called out, and Adrianna looked over to see the man pointing. “There’s a guy talking to Ethan. He looks… like he might be important.

Adrianna walked over, taking another large sip of her drink in case she needed to finish it quickly. The man, himself, was broadly built and he was accompanied by two guards. Of course they were moving ahead without her. “Ugh.” Adrianna groaned and finished downing her drink quickly. She left the mug on the bar along with a few coins, and stepped out to catch up with the group. She approached just as the foreman told Ethan to deal with the tigers in order to get aid.

Gesturing to the children with their group, Adrianna interrupts before the townswoman can reply to the foreman. “You want US to go out and kill a bunch of tigers that you lot couldn’t manage in order to get medicine and aid carrying more than a dozen injured to safety?” Adrianna asks, her arms crossed incredulously. Fortunately, she sounds more like a moody teenage boy than an exasperated healer.

“I’m Adrian, by the way. I was aiding the medic with the injuries from the wreck. Since you seem fit to question that it even happened, I can show you some of the blood I couldn’t get washed off before I set off for help. Or recount a list of all of the injuries I attended to.”

A woman, who had come over to talk to the girl with her pet moorcat, turned to Ethan then, asking more details about the shipwreck. She wasn’t going to interrupt until the woman asked about the injured. Ethan wouldn’t be able to answer that question competently, given what he said to the guards when they were trying to enter the town. “We have four who were near dead when we left. They might not make it, and certainly can’t walk. One has a twisted ankle, though he can walk with support, and another one with a more grievous leg injury. One woman I stitched up had gotten bits of wood from the ship embedded in her stomach. Some were uninjured, and a few had minimal injuries, like a guy we put together a makeshift sling for after his arm was dislocated.”

“I would say we are looking at 7 who can’t walk independently, and another 8 who are injured in some fashion but can walk on their own, albeit slow.” Adrainna summarized. “But your foreman said we weren’t getting anything unless we took care of some tigers that seem to be bothering you locals.” She glared at the foreman again, bewildered at his demand from help from the strangers.
I was midway though a post, waiting on vena to respond to a pm message with question for collaboration. Will edit and adjust, having her come out midway through this so she can hear the questions.
@mogtaki Just to remind you, everyone *should* think my character is a guy.
Adrianna was a bit surprised they made it to the town before dark. Though she knew the trek was not long or arduous, they had gained a few children along the way, and none of them had a map with which to help them navigate. In any case, “town” was a bit generous of a name for their location. They had passed a mill, and the small cluster of buildings was surrounded by a set of gates, a big investment for such a small place. The men’s armor was far from quality. It was possible the town had been plagued by creatures and bandits, causing them to create their own band of relatively able-bodied guards to protect the women and children inside. But it was also possible these men were mercenaries, exploiting the town’s people. They might also be bandits themselves. The town could have been abandoned, and these men could be using it as a trap to make their targets overly accommodating.

Ethan stepped forward to talk to the men while Adrianna considered her options. If they demanded the groups’ weapons, she would take this for a robbery. Hell, they could be slavers. But they had children with no weapons…sort of, with them. If it were just her, she would have been making a few demands of her own. But in this group, it was better to just follow along. She looked over at the children while Ethan spoke, curious if either of them would step forward and speak colloquially with the guards. She had imagined at least the boy was from here. After all, how many small towns were around to just let their children run off into the wilderness?

The guards critiqued Ethan’s story, and Adrianna was hesitant to provide completely accurate information in his stead. If they were bandits, and they learned of weak people unable to defend themselves nearby, what would they do with that information? Could they go and take what little the survivors had? She could have stepped forward and interrupted the man with the actual numbers of survivors and insights, but the guards walked off to go check in with their foreman. Good. If they went inside and spoke to someone with a bit more authority, perhaps she would feel as if this was more than just a set-up to rob them.

Ethan seemed oblivious to the possibility that this was a big trap. He sat down, and let his guard down completely as they waited. Adrianna stayed standing, hand on the blunt weapon affixed to her waist. Perhaps it was coming from her previous company, but Adrianna tended to focus on the ways people could trick and deceive each other rather than ways in which people could be generous and kind.

When they were invited in, Adrianna wanted to hang back a bit, wait to see if men were going to jump out and attack them, but she caught sight of the group of playing children and relaxed…slightly. One of the buildings was supposed to be an inn with drinks, and while the shipwrecked group likely didn’t have much in the way of spending money, she sensed a bit of…desperation in the man’s voice at the suggestion to go. What had happened here that made them low on supplies, and in need of business? Perhaps they had been raided in the past. The buildings looked in disrepair, though more from neglect than purposeful damage.

She probably should have stayed to keep an eye on the children, but she really didn’t want to be responsible for them. The girl at least had been brought to town, just as she wanted, and would likely wander off anyway. As for the boy…well, Adrianna wasn’t sure who he was or what his plans were. “Well…I’m going to get a drink. Grab me when the foreman gets here.” Adrianna said to one of the crew members standing near Ethan.

“Great! I’ll come with!” The man said. It was the same one who had banged his leg earlier on the trip. Adrianna shrugged her shoulders and turned to go to the inn. She had preferred to go alone, but whatever. The guy, Shay, followed her to the rather deserted inn, and up to the bar area. The barkeep was an older man, a big ragged and unkempt. He was cleaning up some mugs from a group who had left sometime before when the pair walked in. The pair ordered and paid for drinks. When the man returned with the beverages, Adrianna struck up a conversation. “So, what’s been going on here? I’ve only just gotten here and things seem a little…bit troublesome.”

“Business’ been slow.” He said, his voice gravely and accompanied with a bit of a cough. How pleasant.

“What’s made it slow?” She asked.

“Can’t get lumber for the mill. Onna ‘counna tigers showing up in the area.”

So it was true. Adrianna had thought perhaps the Ydran was making that up, or wanting to make them rely on her further because of the threat of an animal attack. But there really were tigers in the area. “I’m not local, but I didn’t think tigers were a local animal.” Adrianna said.

“they ain’t.” The barkeep replied gruffly. “you gunna get food”? He asked.

Adrianna shook her head, and the man walked off, not eager to continue the conversation with the stranger.
Sorry for the delays! I had some big stuff at work this week. Should have time this weekend though. :)
I hear ya, this weekend is busy with holidays and all. Just this 2 weeks between posts thing is killing me!
Yea, I don't mind if we set a posting order, or if we just roll with whatever order seems fitting as we go. Anyone else have a preference?
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