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Adrianna had nearly the same reaction as Ethan did to the prospect of taking a break. Her eyes grew wide, and she opened her mouth to protest, but heard nearly the same words coming from Ethan. Good, that meant she didn’t have to step up completely and lead this ragtag group. She looked over the others, and saw that one of the crew members was bleeding. Really? He wasn’t missing an arm or anything, it was hardly an injury worth stopping the whole trek.

“Sounds good.” Adrianna agreed to Ethan’s words about only spending ten minutes. He began to pace, and Adrianna turned her attention to the guy with the cut on his leg. She pull out her supplies, a bit annoyed at having to use them for such a minor injury when there were people on the beach who needed it more.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t need stitches or anything.” She replied. She wiped the blood away, careful to wipe away from the wound so as not to risk getting dirt inside. She did a cross wrap above and below the knee to hold the bandage in place, and declared him good. When she finished, Yarri had returned with troubling news. Adrianna completely agreed with Ethan, and gathered up her things to suggest that they get moving now rather than resting, but the giant cat seemed to have something more important to say.

Ethan addressed the intruder, and though Adrianna still didn’t know his name, she was silently grateful that someone was taking control of this situation. She rested her hand on her weapon, ready in case this new beast attacked. She didn’t even notice the kid hiding beneath until Ethan addressed her. Adrianna stepped to the side until she could see the girl, though the moorcat was still standing over her protectively.

A sudden crashing of metal drew her attention to Ethan once more, where she saw him tackled by… a young boy with a fair amount of robotic enhancements. “What is up with these woods? First a tiger and now a bunch of kids…?” Adrianna muttered, though she didn’t make a huge effort to keep her words from being heard. Looking between the children, she saw that the young girl looked injured, having some scrapes and cuts, while the boy looked uninjured. Ethan was probably more hurt by the machinery than the kid himself was.

“You take care of the boy. I’ve got the girl.” Adrianna said. It was a better way to divvy up the work, since the girl was injured and Adrianna was the most qualified (as far as she knew) to deal with this sort of thing.

“Hey there, sweetie.” Adrianna ignored the moorcat for the moment, since it had meat it would eat when it was comfortable, and addressed the girl. “You look like you’ve had a rough time… And I can see you are a little bit hurt. Why don’t you come out and let me take a look. I help fix people up.” She gestured behind her to where the crew member was sitting with his pant-leg still rolled up. “See, I just finished bandaging my friend’s leg because he fell and got it cut. And you don’t want any of those little scrapes to get infected. It would hurt.”

“So if you come out and sit over here with me, I can get you a snack and help clean up those scrapes. And then, if you want to go your own way, you can. Or you can come with us.” She smiled. “It is your choice.”

If her last crew had stumbled across this little lady, they would have likely offered her a chance to show she could hold her own among them, and if she failed they would have left her in the woods with nothing (not that it would have been much worse than her current state). It was strange to be so…nice. She didn’t hate it. But she didn’t like using her supplies on these strangers, either. What had any of them done for her?

The little girl seemed to debate the offer for a short while before crawling out and meeting Adrianna part way. “What do you say we play a little game while I work?” Adrianna asked. She looked up at the girl’s face, and though she didn’t answer aloud, she didn’t seem to abhor the idea either. Adrianna started to look at the little girl’s foot, inspecting the dirt and grime for cuts as she spoke again. “It’s called questions, and the way it works is that we both get to learn new things by asking questions. I’m sure it was scary to come across a big group of us here in the woods, so if you want to know some things, you can ask me, or my friends, any questions you have. BUT… each time you ask a question, I get to ask one, too. Okay?”

Adrianna didn’t let that count as her first question, though, and after a short pause, she asked one she hoped was manageable. “What is your name?”

The little girl answered after a few moments, supplying a name (that was possibly a lie, but Adrianna didn’t think so). “Amuné.” She grew quiet after that as Adrianna cleaned off an area, waiting for a follow-up question from the girl.

“Nice to meet you, Amuné.” Adrianna once again looked at her eyes expectantly, but no question came from the girl. Well…that was one clever way to get out of having to answer any more questions about her own situation. The girl probably wouldn’t make it out here on her own, but if she was stupid enough to ignore help when it was offered, then perhaps she still had some harsh lessons to learn. “Okay then….” She didn’t try to make conversation again to the girl, and looked over her shins. She patched up a few other spots, wiping the dirt away and making sure that nothing was getting infected. She grabbed some of her own rations and handed them to the girl. “Here, like I promised.” Now the kid could run off into the forest with her cat, and hopefully avoid the tiger.
I'm sure we can have a bit of dialogue here. As Ethan said, we have about ten min before we are going to get moving again. A lot of dialogue can happen in ten minutes.
@Mogtaki I'm confused, Mog. You wouldn't put any of your plans/ideas in the OOC, and now you are upset because we are not playing exactly into the hand you wanted? How are we supposed to ever integrate Cecil if we don't have communication? We can't read your mind.

You are making me feel like I can't post at all because I might interfere with the plans you won't share, and that is extremely frustrating. If you at least had a post of what Cecil was doing right now, we might get an idea of how to help those plot-lines meet.

I thought we were waiting for shy to take the opportunity to introduce her character to our group. Maybe we should let vena and shy weigh in?
Sorry for taking longer than expected. My dad is visiting my house for the weekend- so I lied and said I was doing work on the computer to get this post done. :P
The Ydra introduced herself as Yarri, though she didn’t introduce her animal companion. Adrianna didn’t mind terribly—the few Ydra he had known were quite introverted individuals. She didn’t pick up on Yarri’s discontent at their other traveling companions, more specifically directed towards the hunter. If she had seen the insignia on the man’s garment, she probably would have declined traveling with them as well.

Adrianna was surprised when Yarri darted off into the trees, but she was somewhat confident that the woman would meet up with them later. She returned to the crew members and directionally challenged hunter, and set off towards the South after telling them that the Ydra would catch up with them, and in fact she did.

They didn’t speak much for a while, keeping a steady pace that the Ydra set. It was a bit faster than Adrianna would have likely set on her own, but it wasn’t so quick that she would tire out before they reached their destination. Everyone looked like they had other things on their mind, and Adrianna wasn’t sure what kind of small talk would be appropriate for this sort of thing.

In the end, it was the white-haired Muran who spoke up, asking the rest of them about the plan. Adrianna turned back towards him upon hearing his voice, wondering for a moment if the lad was a bit dim. The crew didn’t immediately interrupt and answer, and Adrianna thought it over a moment before chiming in with her thoughts.

“When we get to town, we ask to speak with the elders or the guard, whoever is available. We tell them about the shipwreck, the location, and the number of injured and survivors, so that they know the urgency and magnitude of our needs. If you didn’t check, I saw 12 uninjured people on the shore, not including us, 4 with more serious injuries, and another nine or so with small scrapes or bruises.” Since she had helped with those injured, she could also recount the nature of their injuries, and what they would likely need, assuming they made it through the night. Having some crew members with them helped to ensure that the local guard wouldn’t think they were planning to ambush those offering aid…hopefully.

“We ask for their assistance, an escort with doctors, supplies, food, and transportation for us to get the more severely injured to town. They can then send a message onward to Galloway. I’m sure the crew will have a message to pass on to their contacts, and can call in additional support if necessary. As far as funding it, we shouldn’t have to pay for all of this out of our pockets. The guard should be able to handle things, and petition a larger town for supplies if necessary. If they report back appropriately, then they should be reimbursed for whatever they are expending in terms of supplies and wages.” Accidents like this generally fell under the responsibility of the government, and the guards would be taken care of for making sure that the citizens of Adelon were taken care of.

Adrianna knew most of this because her old crew had a brief deal with a guard crew to skim supplies being delivered to a larger city. They were able to pilfer some of the supplies, no hassle, and then kicked back the profits to the guard. Their guard claimed the supplies were used in duty, and they were replenished in a timely manner. Their deal didn’t last very long, though. The guard they had made the deal with wanted to up the cut for the guards, and her group would have barely turned a profit. The guards tried to blackmail Adrianna’s crew, which was not received terribly well. It went without saying that their arrangement fell through quite quickly after that.

“As far as not having what we need, it is possible. But once they know what we need, they can send a request with a runner to another town, while we arrange for the rest of the supplies and help to be brought to the rest of the survivors.” Adrianna didn’t think it was a terribly complicated situation, truth be told.
Hey all, I should be able to post tomorrow. I had to go to urgent care tonight, so I am a bit drained from all that. (Don't worry, I shall live and I have all my fingers in tact for typing.)
@Raylah shhhh... Not where vena can see!! Haha. Do you Skype or discord?
Great! Thanks.

I figured Yarri would be more likely to accept if Ethan wasn't there, and Adrianna doesn't know their compatriot is a hunter. She probably won't be too pleased once he joins them so they can depart, but O WELL...

You’re being selfish.

I’m being practical.

People are going to die because you are sitting here twiddling your thumbs instead of helping.

People are always dying. It’s what we do best.

Do you really want to have nightmares of these screams and think. “What if I hadn’t been a cynical ass and had actually tried to help them?”

Stop exaggerating.

During these internal arguments, Adrian was more interested in self-preservation, and Adrianna knew that she had been given these powers to help people. She had learned to heal people, with and without magic, and withholding it felt like stealing bread from a peasant. The potential for guilt overrode the potential for being discovered, and Adrianna climbed to her feet, throwing her bag over her shoulder.

While she had been arguing with herself, her eyes had been following the doctor, and the few who were trying to help. Adrianna approached him quickly, after the doctor left some skinny white-haired dude watching over a lady with a leg injury. She didn’t pay much attention to the Muran, even though the fact that he was rather young and white-haired should have set off alarms. She was focused on helping people. And probably avoiding that lady she had cursed at.

“I can help.” Adrianna said, sitting on the opposite side as the Doctor for their next patient. She didn’t pull out her own supplies, because the selfish part of her still understood that she might not be able to get more right away. The doctor had plenty, she told herself.

The man looked skeptical for a moment, but nodded, eager to accept whatever help he could get at that point. Adrianna quickly proved her worth. The older man had dislocated his shoulder, and Adrianna held him down so the doctor could set it. The next person was another with a large laceration, and some bits of wood coming out of her stomach. Adrianna mostly cleared the area and helped hold her down as the doctor removed the pieces of wood. She threaded his needle and held the skin so he could stitch, but stopped him when she noticed a 3cm shard still beneath the skin. Grabbing his tools, Adrianna quickly dug it out, and then resumed supporting his stitching. Whatever the doctor thought about his new assistant, he didn’t complain. Adrianna wasn’t squeamish around blood, and seemed to know exactly what he would need before he called for it. She certainly had seen her share of injuries. Another person screamed out, and the doctor looked for the source before looking back at Adrianna. “Can you stitch?” He asked.

“Yea, I’ll wrap this up. You go.” She said, cutting another length of the thread to use on the last two wounds in need of stitching. Adrianna didn’t make much small talk with the woman she was stitching. She mostly asked her to keep talking about herself to keep her conscious, and soon the man whose arm was dislocated came over and asked follow-up questions so she could just concentrate on the work. Once she was finished, Adrianna excused herself to clean up, check in with the doc, and see what else she could do.

As she walked, she passed by the captain and a few others who looked in charge, along with that white-haired guy again. She honestly might not have noticed him if not for the insanely stupid question he asked as she was passing. “Seriously?” She asked, glaring at him. She probably didn’t look like the most…sane individual, walking by holding a needle with her hands covered in blood. Fortunately, she had put her gloves away before starting to work with the doctor, saving those from being covered as well.

“It’s that way.” She pointed off along the beach.

Adrianna didn’t stick around for his response. She went to rinse her hands in the ocean, and then went to help out the doctor. It looked like most of the more grievous injuries had been tended to, though a few were so near-dead that Adrianna knew it would be a waste of supplies for them to try to bandage the wounds…unless she used her magic. It was too late for some, but there were others who could be saved if—

“Excuse me, are you using your assistant?” One of the crew members interrupted her thoughts, addressing the doctor. Adrianna was holding someone’s foot as the doctor bound the ankle with some spare cloth rather than wasting a bandage. The ankle was merely twisted, and there was no real risk of infection with using some scrap fabric.

Adrianna raised her brow but kept her mouth shut. While she didn’t mind being thought of as the doctor’s assistant, (hell, the gig actually sounded like it might be not-awful as a potential career prospect, albeit a little on-the-nose) she did not like the man asking him rather than addressing her about whether she was busy. The doctor asked what he needed, and the crew member explained that they were gathering a few people to go to the nearest town to get more help. He said that Adrianna, whom he called, the lad, looked pretty agile and uninjured, and seemed to have a better sense of direction than their other recruit. He gestured at the white-haired man and Adrianna chuckled.

“Well, it’s your choice, kid. Thanks for you help, in any case.” The doctor said, turning the decision (rightly) over to Adrianna.

She looked back and forth, affirming that most of the injuries had been tended to, and then agreed. “Who else is going?” She asked the crew member as the doctor finished with the binding and she excused herself.

“Just you two, so far. See anyone else who might be more use than burden?”

The pickings were slim, but there was one person, err, pair, rather, who stuck out to Adrianna. “Yea, I’ve got an idea.”

Adrianna walked over towards the sparsely dressed Ydra and her very large black…cougar? It looked formidable, which would hopefully keep them safe from some potential predators during the journey to the nearest town. Anticipating that the creature would get a bit defensive when she neared, Adrianna walked towards the edge of the woods slowly. “Excuse me?”

“Hey, Um… The crew wants to send a small group of people to the nearest town, a bit south of here, to try to get help for the injured. I was wondering if you wanted to come. It beats sitting around and waiting for…whatever hungry critters might be in the woods.” She chuckled, though it was a poor attempt at humor. “And I was hoping that your companion would be a good judge of potential threats while we travel.” She added. The Ydra was probably capable of defending herself and hunting, but Adrianna would have also assumed that most adults knew which way South was, so she had already been proven wrong once today.

“I’m Adrian, by the way.” She added.
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