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Y'all, I have jury duty tomorrow. I am not excited.
Decision-making was taking way longer than Juniper was used to. She was generally a “have an idea then do it” kind of person. So once the plan was made for her to stay with Cain and go through the paperwork, Albert suggested they go to his B&B instead.

Penny’s phone rang, and she quickly checked the ID on her phone before excusing herself from the room to deal with whatever it was.

Juniper sighed. Would they ever get started with this?

Before she could complain too vocally, however, Albert blew her mind. He did some cool magic stuff, and opened the door to reveal…not the hallway, but his bed and breakfast. It was SO COOL. Juniper stood up from the table, in awe of the sight of the furniture and decorations beginning to shift and move around.

Cain was first to follow him in. Juniper wore an excited grin upon her face as she glanced over at Argenti, and then practically skipped through the portal into the B&B. It was… so aesthetic.

She almost forgot to take her shoes off, taking a few steps in before pausing and backtracking. She slipped off her shoes, and then trotted over to the big couch. It was cute, but it was more important for her to see how comfortable it was—how it handled a proper flop.

The couch did, in fact, handle a flop quite well. By the time Argenti was in and the door shut, Juniper was poised nearly inverted on the couch, her legs over the backrest and her head off of the seat cushions, looking at the room upside-down. Without thinking out exactly what she was going to say, Juniper addressed the group, “Well, Team Sloth, Envy, Lust, and Gluttony is on the case! Team JACA. Team AJAC? Team... GLES."

She trailed off for a moment as she continued to think through different team names. Then she rolled off of the couch and addressed the group from a seated position on the floor.

"I dunno, I'll figure out something. We are going to take care of these Ou— Oh, Albert, what’s your wifi password?” Juniper interrupted herself with what she perceived as the vastly more important question for the moment.
Sooo my computer broke. It is finally working now! Going to see what I can get done tonight.
Hey folks, I have a post partially done for Juniper, but I haven't had enough time sitting at the computer to get it done. Hoping to have a nice block of time this weekend. Thank you for your patience!
Thanks for the check in, and bummer to hear that Z is leaving.

Personally, I enjoy this RP. I like the characters in it and writing that has occured so far. I would be happy to continue it. I think one option we could use is open up the RP for new players, and explain that we can work them in as associates of our current players (but not pause writing in the meantime). Perhaps even give them some information related to the Outcasts so they bring that to the table over the course of the investigation. Those players could choose to embody one sin, or perhaps they are lesser in that they embody a few in minor ways.

@LadyAnnaLee Have any good plans for your birthday this week?
Albert. Didn’t. Own. A. Phone.
Juniper blinked blankly, unable to process. How did he order food? How did he meet up with people? How did he shop? How did he market his B&B? Did he even market it?! She had a million questions. Despite the fact that the witch was born in an era without instant communication, she welcomed technology with open-arms. She loved that the things everyone could do now would only be attributed to witchcraft had it been a hundred years earlier.

She accepted Albert’s written number, and thought perhaps her being distracted was what made the characters on the paper change. She generally had to concentrate quite a bit to read, and her eyes were already worn out from looking over those papers. Albert explained, however, that she just had to be nice to the paper so she could read it. Juniper chuckled lightly, enjoying the trick quite a bit. “I’ll keep that in mind.” She replied. For now, she folded the paper and placed it in her pocket.

In addition to the number, Juniper happily accepted a key to the bed and breakfast. Her key was a dandelion. She thought the key going right to the building was delightful, and she looked forward to trying that out later. In the back of her mind, though, she heard the vignette about the Rings echoing in her mind, modified for these handy Keys of Power. ”Five Keys for the Sinners in their City.”

As Argenti began to talk, Juniper realized the flaw in her suggestion to jump in and go on a trip. It would make the team horribly imbalanced. She wasn’t terribly concerned about not trusting the others. Either they did the right thing, or they didn’t, and more people would die. But Argenti didn’t seem fond of the idea of leaving someone by themselves.

“Well, Cain wants to stay and look at files. I can stick around with him.” Juniper said, mostly to Argenti, since he said they should all go to the shady kink club. She didn’t particularly care. She could look at her phone whether she was here or there. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see a kinky club—she just agreed with Cain that it might be a bit much for them all to go.

“As long as you do the paper stuff, I’ll look on here, and we can compare what we notice.” She offered to Cain. Ohh, she could order them a DoorDash. That could be fun. And maybe she could order Albert a phone. She could even set up one for pick-up. While the last of the decisions were being made, she pulled up a tab with some local store information. They could even just get him a trac phone, if he wanted something simple. Then he could text and call, and receive both.

“We got this!” Juniper grinned at Argenti, sitting down on the edge of the table to show her willingness to stay.

“Oh, I can come up with a team name for us!” Juniper smiled, trying to come up with something punny about Cain and her working together with some papers.

#SinCity Nope, taken.
#TaintsOrSaints Heh.
#TaintedSaints Probably less Naughty.
#CainandLessAble Might offend Cain.
#NoCainNoGain See, that one was practically a compliment!
Thanks for updating us all!
YAY! Happy almost birthday!
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