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Overcast skies were surprisingly helpful for even lighting. Juniper’s vibrant blue(ish) hair was a stark contrast to the dreary day. She wore a pink lattice back cross crop top, jean shorts, oversized midnight blue suspenders and some midnight blue strappy shoes. She loved the sound the heels made when they clacked along the sidewalk and street. She had a small white backpack on her back, one of her favorite recent purchases, and it held most of her essentials—apart from her phone, which was of course in her hand.

Scrolling through the photo settings, Juniper examined her profile with various filters before making a few extra tweaks to the settings. She took a few pictures, shifting her pose and expression between each. After a dozen or so, she went into the album and critiqued them. She settled on her favorite, then added a caption.

#AsUniqueAsACloud. No… That wouldn’t work. It sounded weird.

#CloudyWithAChanceof … ugh…

#CloudyWithAChanceofChange? Too inspirational.

#CloudyAndRoudy But she wasn’t even dressed that scandalously.

Juniper took a break and searched cloud captions. She hated all of them.

#TheDayIsAsBeautifulAsYouMakeIt Okay… But kind of wordy.

#TheCalmBeforeTheStorm Ominous.

Juniper’s alarm went off. She swiped the notification of the meeting to the side and began walking down the street. She paid little attention to her surroundings, and instead continued to think about crafting the perfect caption. She alternated researching puns, rhymes, and cute quotes with looking at her picture and second-guessing her choice. Maybe she needed to start with her quote then come up with the picture to match.

She passed a mural on the wall and was inspired. Pulling up her livestream, Juniper looked over a few settings and plastered a huge grin as she started it up. “Hey all you Juni Junkies. I need your help.” She turned slowly, panning her camera so the mural could be seen.

“I came across this wonderful work showing a bunch of people in the community coming together to make something beautiful. And it made me think of my awesome junkies. Hearts!” She blew a kiss at the camera and continued.

“But in a few moments, I am going to post my most recent selfie, desperately in need of a Hashtag Caption. I can’t wait to read your suggestions, and my fav will get a Shoutout in my next stream. Thanks Junkies, and don't forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe, Boost, and turn on your notifications so you can be the first to get my next Junkie post!”

There. Problem solved. Juniper posted the selfie and briefly glanced at some of the comments that were already coming in as she continued along the main thoroughfare. Her phone buzzed again for her meeting. She looked up at the street sign. Still had plenty of time to get there. Actually, she could even stop and get coffee, she thought as she spied a sign for an adorable café. She would have to do a full review later. But for now, she could try something.

Juniper went up to the counter and ordered a Grande nonfat lavender latte with oat milk, plus a croissant, scone, and a biscotti. While she waited for the beverage to be made, she walked around the shop looking for the best table for the background of her picture. When she got her drink, she arranged each pastry in turn on the plate beside the drink. The biscotti looked the best. She took a handful of pictures, lamenting that they didn’t have a lavender cookie or sprigs of fresh lavender to adorn the plate. Fortunately, she whispered a few words and they appeared perfectly in place. Juniper waved away another notification for her meeting and took a few pictures.

After she was satisfied—or rather, her desire to show up to this meeting outweighed her desire to take more pictures in the coffee shop—Juniper took a few bites of a pastry, then took a sip of her coffee before throwing them all out. Lavender was such a strong taste.

There was a good reason that Juniper set her reminders for the meeting for every ten minutes from 9am to 10:20am. She could get distracted on the way by things like murals and coffee. Fortunately, she still made it to the hotel before 9:40, and there weren’t that many good photo opportunities with the horrible fluorescent lighting in the hallway. The lobby had been nice, though, and she took a few moments there to enjoy the scene before moving to the boardroom location that kept popping up on her notification bar.

”Morning!” Juniper said cheerfully as she entered the room. She saw the folks at the table, with a variety of anxious and anticipating expressions.

”I hope you don’t mind if I grab a pastry.” Juniper said to the Detective, who was the only one she recognized here, having met them prior to them. Juniper opened the boxes and spent more than a full minute looking over the different ones before she carefully made her selection. She helped herself to one or two from each box, and got a plate, then put them all in her spot. Like she had done at the coffee shop, she experimented with different combinations of pastries on the plate, taking a variety of pictures while basically ignoring the rest of the people in the room. Of course, she already did breakfast pastries today, so she couldn’t post this one right away.

Or could she…

#SecondBreakfastBestBreakfast #WhatAboutElevenses

There, nothing like a lively debate to keep the notifications rolling in. She finally relaxed in the chair, and picked up one of the pastries, taking a small bite of the claw shaped one with almonds and icing on top. She then tried a tart, but found it too tart and put it down quickly.
Super excited to get started, folks!

I also wanted to let you know that I am sorry I didn't reach out to folks to establish connections between our characters. I LOVE collaboration, but my character is a bit younger than most of the others and pretty self-absorbed. I am just not sure she would have built up a rapport with anyone else yet.
Look forward to seeing the IC posts.

I know Juniper will take her time to get to the meeting, pausing whenever she has good lighting for some selfies.
Indulge and enjoy life, or don’t. Either way, you die at the end.

Hey folks, I had messaged a few of you with similar color scehmes that someone should change to make it unique. I didn't realize there were three people in the green color area until sheets started moving to the CS tab. Whoops! I was too distracted by the content itself, haha.

If green is a preferred color for multiple people, that is totally okay, and my apologies for pressing a change on some folks rather than making a blanket statement to the group.

If everyone wants unique colors for those pieces of dialogue and such, then y'all can figure out who wants what color, or how close together colors can be.
@Dragonfly 9 as long as you settled the color issue, go for it!
Also, please add in the details we talked about via PM, like the teeth and shifting notes.
It happens! Thanks for the information. I am going away briefly from June 29 to July 1, but I'm sure it will be fine!
Indulge and enjoy life, or don’t. Either way, you die at the end.

Awesome plan! Can't wait to see what you come up with. My Gluttony is about half done
Great question! I am going away on a work trip this week so I will be working on my CS with ladyannalee when I get back.

I am planning on doing Gluttony for my sin. My basic concept will be a social media influencer who overindulges with enhancements, filters, etc.
@Voidfloofin that's okay. We get it, life happens.

For all interested, feel free to post questions here as well, about the setting, specific character thoughts, etc.
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