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Current @Candlelitsoul My problem is that when I find someone who shares my interests they flake. People who I can tell will be dedicated usually want something different from me. That's supper frustrating.
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I can give no other reason besides exhaustion. Responses will have to wait until Friday at the earliest. Saturday is more likely. Please forgive me.
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What length of time is considered appropriate before posting another interest check?
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3 days without posts of any kind from anybody. Some one tell me not to jump the gun with another interest check.
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Forgive me partners. I know you are waiting for posts, but my body can't decide between sleep and being sick. So, I'm going to try sleep. I promise to have posts ASAP.
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Monday December 31, 2019


I’m LadyAnnaLee! I’m looking to get back in to role-playing. I was role-playing pretty heavily on a site called Gaia Online (I was Zigzag_Dragonslayer there) for about 2 and a half years (Late 2014 to mid-2017). I stopped because I went to technical school and my computer bite the dust at just about the same time. Now I’m done with school, have a mostly steady work schedule, and a decent-ish computer so I would like to try my hand at it again.

At the time I was role playing I dabbled in a lot a differing styles. I tried everything from to one line to six to seven paragraphs. I did big 20+ people groups to 1 on 1. I like semi advance 1 on 1 best but am fairly flexible. I do not like 18+ bedroom scenes. Blood, gore and, violence are one thing; I just don’t like writing sex. I’m okay with it being heavily implied but, time skips are my friend. I enjoy stories that have at least some sort of fantasy/sci fi element and, I adore heavy fantasy/sci fi. I try to make new characters rather than just recycling old ones and, I like to think I’m good at writing characters to fill requests.

Anyways; here’s some about me. I live in the CST time zone and work 4 ten hours shifts overnight. As such I will try to get responses up before I go to bed in the morning on weekdays, but I will be pretty active on the weekends. I try not to fuss at other people about when they post and will drop people a line if I plan on disappearing. I do not chase. If you decide to ghost me, I will just let the role play die. If you let me know it may be awhile, I will wait. When I’m not a work or role-playing I tend to watch Netflix and dabble in writing novels. My hair changes color every six weeks. It’s a black cherry color right now. I still sleep with my stuffed animal and, I own more pajama bottoms then real pants. In short, I’m not a kid anymore and, I try to be an adult. I just don’t try all the time. My favorite color is purple.

Like I said it’s been about 2 years snice I’ve done any serious role-playing. So I’m a little out of practice. I’m hoping that it’s like riding a bicycle but, would appreciate any help you are willing to give as I get back on. I look forward to joining your community. I can’t wait to join the fun.

It’s nice to meet you all.

PS. Check out my interest link here! I’m always looking for new partners!

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Darin walked towards The Tree briskly. She didn’t really have time to waste, but she needed to say goodbye to The Tree. If all went well Darin planned on never being this close to The Tree again. This would be the last time Darin had a chance to speak directly to The Tree. That didn’t mean that she was being abandoned. She knew more about how The Tree worked. She knew how to listen and knew that The Tree would come to visit her in her dreams. That was already more than she could ask for Darin. Still Darin wanted to touch The Tree one last time. The Seed-Bearer did not think that was too much to ask for. At least she hoped it wasn’t.

The moment she crossed The Barrier The Tree called out “’Darin! You brought Taja to meet me!”

Darin continued heading towards The Tree, “Yes. And to say goodbye.” She moved to sit with her back against The Tree’s Trunk, “We will never be together like this again.”

“But I will always be with you.”

“That’s not true. You’ll only be with me as long as I am in Astra.”

“You’ll be here for a little while longer yet. I wouldn’t say a final goodbye right now.”

Darin sighed, “I will never see you again. Probably, if I don’t have to come and drag Workers with me.”

Darin got the impression that The Tree was laughing, “Some will come. Some will stay.” And it seemed like The Tree was heartbroken, “And some we will lose.”

There was a moment of silence before Darin spoke again, “In the end we can’t make anyone’s choices for them. We can only ask them to choose what’s right.”

The Tree agreed, “That has always been true. For everyone, everywhere.”

Darin just sat for a few minutes under The Branches of The Tree in order to watch them sway in the wind. In was funny how even The Tree followed the natural order of things. It could sway contrary to the wind if it wanted to, but it chose not to for the most part. There was no reason to break rules put in place by nature itself. Darin knew that she could do a lot of things contrary to nature; things she couldn’t do before that first conversation with The Tree. She didn’t see a reason to do them just because she could. She would have to need a good reason. Thankfully protecting The Seed was a good reason.

Finally, The Tree spoke again, “It’s time for you to go. Ridahne looks for you, and Ravi would speak to the two of you.”

Darin stood and brushed off the back of her pants, “I best be going then.”

The Tree commanded, “Hold out your hand.” Darin did so and an Apple fell into it, “A parting gift my glorious Darin. It is all the tongues the Children of Astra speak. This should help you make friends. It will take practice to use them, but you will know them.”

Darin nodded solemnly, “Thank you.” Then she turned to hug The Tree as best she could, “I will do my best. I promise.”

The Tree laughed again, “That is all I can ask any of my Children to do. Now off you go and go with my blessing.”

Darin nodded and then walked off. As she walked, she studied the fruit in her hand. It looked like a normal apple but knew it was much more. Most of the Apples were essentially normal. Only when The Tree chose to make them more did they become more. Still each Apple was of great importance. It was almost a metaphor for people. Most people were normal and average even though not one was unimportant. Then occasionally, like her or Ridahne, a person became vastly important to all the people of Astra. Eventually Darin rubbed the fruit off on her shirt and took a bite out of it. It tasted like an apple; sweet and just a little tart. She ate it all, including the seeds. It wouldn’t kill her, but she knew she had to take even the bad parts of the words of Astra. She was finishing up as she, Talbot, and Taja joined Ridahne,

She nodded, “Yes we should go.” Talbot bent his knees and Taja was smart enough to hold still as she climbed up on the horse, “First we need to find Ravi or maybe let him find us. For while we don’t agree on many things, he is still more experienced than the both of us combined. We can at least listen to any parting wisdom he may have. It won’t hurt. That much is for sure.”
I'm sorry. I wish I could help. Hopefully the injections do.

This wasn’t the first time Ashe Cross was on a plane. Grandma and Grandpa Davidson lived in Florida and Grandma and Grandpa Cross lived in Louisiana. Flying was something they had done every year for as long as they could remember. Still, this was the longest that they had been on a plane and this was their first international flight. Ashe was looking forward to it and enjoyed watching out the window as all the land changed underneath them. At one point they fell asleep and only woke up to the announcement that they were beginning their descent. Ashe rubbed at their eyes before stretching out and making sure their seat belt was buckled. Luckily the landing went smoothly as she filled out the form to declare anything they might want to declare.

The first thing Ashe did after getting of the plane was to find a bathroom. They were heading to a cocktail party and hadn’t wanted to wear their party outfit for 5 plus hours on the plane. It wasn’t that difficult to change into the pressed white pants, neat blue button up shirt, suspenders, and fancy-dress shoes that Ashe had purchased specifically for this party. It was the biggest party of the young 23-year old’s life so far. They wanted to make a at least a decent impression; even if they didn’t think they anything would come of it. Their shoulder length curly hair was tied back into a simple ponytail before being toped with a white headband. For a moment the young adult wished they hadn’t packed their binder in the checked bags. Still their gender wasn’t perfectly clear, and that was just the way Ashe wanted it.

The next step was customs, and that was a new experience for Ashe as well. The customs agent asked, “Name and purpose of visit.”

Ashe responded in what they hoped was a polite manner, “Ashe Cross.” They handed over their passport, “I was invited to spend a week in The Winds; an estate owned by Isaac and Raphael Abramson.”

The customs agent’s eyes were drawn to the black band on Ashe’s right wrist. They quickly shoved their hand in they pocket as the customs agent asked, “Anything to declare?”

Ashe smiled as she handed over the document that they had filled out on the flight, “Nope!”

The customs agent handed back the passport, “Have a nice stay Ms. Cross.”

Ashe took the passport with their left hand, “Thank you.”

Then they were off to the luggage carousel to pick up their twin suitcases. Their passport was tucked inside their carry on, so they would have both hands free. It wasn’t long before the black rolling bags with yellow ribbons tied to the handle were collected. Ashe had brought two bags, hopefully, with enough clothes to last a week. They took a handle in each hand and then wandered aimlessly for a moment before they saw a man in a black suit holding a sign that read, “Shuttle to The Winds.” Ashe made their way over and loaded up their bags before taking a seat. They weren’t the first one on the shuttle, but the back-corner seat was still free so that was the spot Ashe took. They looked at the window and ignored the other passengers. Soon enough the shuttle was full, and they were off.

Ashe watched out the window as the sun set over the mountains. It was stunning. They had never seen such a sight before. It was alluring. There was some chatter from other passengers, but Ashe ignored them for the most part. They had never seen real mountains before. Even if they didn’t accomplish their main goal at least they would get to do a little bit of exploring. That would sure to be exciting. To be honest Ashe didn’t think their main objective would be reached. The odds were just stacked against them. Though this was the largest number of Fragmented they had ever seen in one spot, and this was just a fraction of the party attendees. Maybe the universe would give them a miracle.

Ashe was the last one off the shuttle and as such the last to join the security line. They were still impressed with how fast the security check went. Their bags were taken away by staff members and they followed the crowd into the main foyer. Okay, there were too many people in this room. Ashe had just gotten here and already wanted to leave. Instead they focused on making sure their translator was in their ear properly. It was stunning! Gamer’s Nightmare had a translation program, but it was nowhere near as smooth as this. Ashe found themselves being distracted by conversation after conversation as they let the ebb and flow of bodies push them to a bar a little ways away from the main gathering.

They spoke to the bartender, “A glass of rosé please.”

The bartender nodded, ”Right away sir.

Ashe nodded in thanks as they waited for their drink. When they received it, they nodded their thanks again before scooting to stand near a window. It was the closest thing they could see towards a corner in the circular room. They didn’t want to stand out too much from the crowd. They took a carefully control sips of their drink. Ashe did not want to get drunk. They wanted just enough of a buzz to take the edges of their nerves off. They grabbed a cracker and a slice of cheese from a tray. They were starving. It would be good to get some food in their stomach. They hadn’t eaten in a while.

Ashe found themselves looking at the people. It was clear that the guests had come here from all over the world and from all walks of life. Some were clearly the elite of the elite. Some looked like it was a good thing they didn’t have to pay for this trip. Ashe was willing to bet that they were somewhere in the middle. They then turned their attention away from people and towards the magnificent room. They pulled their phone out and started taking pictures of the columns and other decorations. The hologram birds were stunning. They were taking pictures of the birds when they moved towards the entrances on the second story.

Ashe watched the hosts enter the room with no limit to the drama. They supposed that it made sense. Anyone, or rather any persons, with enough funds to build this house and put on a party of this magnitude could also afford to be dramatic. Though the pretty speech did remind Ashe why they were here. Ashe looked down at the black band on their wrist. This was their chance to become Reunited. Ashe wasn’t sure they wanted that. In their experience being Reunited was more trouble than it was worth. Besides, they were ace. They didn’t think they wanted a Romantic bond and an Antagonistic bond sounded like it would take too much energy. Besides they couldn’t imagine hating someone without even knowing them. Still, they had promised their dad that they would try. As such they pushed off the wall, grabbed another cracker from a passing waiter and slowly began to mingle. Honestly, what was the worst that could happen? Ashe probably shouldn’t have asked that; even if it was just in their head. They probably just jinxed themselves. They rather suspected that they would wind up back up against the wall at some point soon.
That works. I finally figured out a good next post. Sorry I took so long.
Darin couldn’t remember much of the walk back to the Main Farmhouse. She sort of remembered Ridahne humming as the Elf helped her walk. She vaguely recalled Talbot nudging her shoulder as they passed the horse. She had a cloudy recollection of falling into the bed she had been given. That was about it. The next thing she could remember clearly was waking up to the roosters crowing feeling sore all over. Darin woke up suddenly as she looked around the room. For a brief moment she didn’t know where she was. Then she remembered and slowly left the bed to change out of the Worker’s outfit she had fallen asleep in and into one of the outfits Ridahne had stripped from the horse thieves. One of the Workers had gotten of hold of it, so it was clean and fit with a belt around her waist. The belt was new and included a spot for her scythe and waterskin. As such she put them where they belonged.

After that Darin quickly got ready to go. It was a bright morning, so it was easy to repack her bag with her fiddle at the bottom. Once that was done, she headed done to the kitchen. She planned to fill the rest of her bag with supplies only to have an already packed bag practically shoved into her arms by a motherly looking Siren. Darin was smart enough to protest. As such she just took her bag and headed towards the stables. Talbot was waiting for her. Darin instantly felt guilty. She hadn’t been taking care of the stallion the way she should have been.

She reached up to scratch his nose, “I’m sorry Talbot. I’ve left you in the hands of strangers.” She smiled, “Good hearted strangers but still strangers.” She sighed, “I’m sorry.” Talbot pushed his nose against her shoulder causing her to laugh, “I guess that means I’m forgiven then.”

Talbot nodded as Darin moved to tack Talbot up as much as he would allow. That meant no saddle and no bit, but he did let Darin tie her bags to his withers. Then she took ahold of the reins and led him outside and towards the little hut were Taja was still, hopefully resting. It wasn’t long before they got there to her the hawk screeching loud enough to prompt Darin to break into a run. When she got there it was to see a Worker trying to get Taja into a traveling basket.

Darin’s eyes were wide, “What is going on?”

The Worker quickly turned to look at Darin, “Seed-Bearer! I was just trying to get the hawk ready for travel. It did eat breakfast, so I was hoping.”

Darin didn’t give them a chance to answer before shooing them off as she flapped her hands, “Go! Go! Go! I’ll take care of Taja.” The Worker didn’t hesitate as Darin turned to her bird, “That was rude Taja!” Darin carefully extended her hand, “Let’s have a look at that wing.”

Taja eyed the human warily, but still let Darin see that the wing was still set. Darin was then left with the fact that she really did need to get Taja in the traveling basket. She didn’t seem to be doing well and gave up when the hawk flapped his one good wing to land on her shoulder. Luckily it was the shoulder without stitches. Unluckily his talons pierced both her shirt and her skin. Ridahne was going to love that. Seriously, how long could she go without being injured. Not very long it seemed. Still, it meant they could take Taja with them without too much fuss. Darin did grab the travel basket. She could try again later.

She stepped out to see Talbot had joined them, “Come on boys.” She started a slow walk towards The Tree, “One last stop and then We can be on our way.” She sighed as she ran a hand though her short hair, “Let’s go say goodbye.”
I'll be honest. I'm not entirely sure what direction to go from here. Let me think about it a little more. If you have any ideas please don't hesitate to share.

I hope you feel better soon. There's no rush I promise.
Darin was frankly surprised at Ridahne’s actions. Well, she wasn’t surprised that the Elf helped her up. However, the hug caught her completely of guard. For a moment she just stood there like a log before suddenly returning the hig with just as much strength as Ridahne; the muscles in her arms and back betraying the years of field work she had done. She pressed her face into the crook of Ridahne’s neck and did her best not to cry. When Ridahne pulled away Darin went with great reluctance. In her opinion the hug was over way to soon.

Darin was about to make a suggestion to go back to the Main Farmhouse to get some rest when Ridahne asked that favor of her. Darin was caught completely off guard. How in all of Astra was she supposed to answer that one? What had even possessed the Elf to ask that in the first place? Okay, that one was easy to answer. She was The Seed-Bearer. There was a reason to ask her to marry them. Still, what did Darin know about marrying anyone. She never personally knew anyone that was married. She knew that people in Lively got married. It had something to do with taxes or something like that. People in Darin’s village just promised to love and support each other. She guessed that was kind of like marriage, but Darin had a feeling that Ridahne had something a little grander in mind. Then there was another problem. Why would it have to be done in secret? Okay, Ridahne was an exile. Darin got that, justice and what not. That had left her free to become The Seed-Bearer’s Gaudian. Would Ajoran be proud to be married to The Guardian? If he wasn’t, he wasn’t good enough. That was that.

Darin shrugged as she gave the best answer she could, “I’ll be honest Ridahne, I’ll have to think about it. There are a lot of factors that are still up in the air. Besides, we would have to aske Ajoran about it. He might not want to be married in secret. He may want someone who actually understands the importance of marriage to do the ceremony.” She went on to explain, “Because I don’t understand it one bit. People don’t get married in my little village. They just agree to spend their lives together. There’s no formal ceremony. They just move in together and start a family.” Darin shrugged, “But if he’s okay with it I don’t see why not.” She waved in the vague direction of the Main Farmhouse, “For now we should get some rest.”

With that being said Darin started walking back in the direction of where her bed currently was. She made it about ten feet before collapsing in a heap. Her muscles felt like limp noodles or like she didn’t know how to get them to do what she wanted. She felt like she should be firmly planted. Moving was not something she was supposed to do except when there was a wind. She had been a part of The Tree for too long. She hoped she remembered how to be a person and soon.
The Tree smiled lightly as It softly shook Its head, “I cannot change her mind. I cannot change your mind. I cannot change any one’s mind. The best I can do is inspire the Children of Astra to change their own minds for the better. Sometimes I am successful.” The Tree sighed again as they looked off into the distance, “Sometimes I am not. My power grows weaker Daughter of the Night Sky. It grows weaker by the day. Ravi is doing all he can to keep me alive just a little bit longer, but it won’t be long before there is nothing even my darling Overseer can do.” The Tree’s tired expression suddenly quirked into a mischievous smile, “Though, as my power grows smaller, hers goes larger. Darin, Daughter of the Fields, is growing so much faster than my expectations that it is astounding. The Seed she carries is learning so quickly because it has such a good teacher, or rather the right teacher. That’s the trick you know; to be the right teacher. Your teacher was not a bad one. They were right for you. They would not be right for Darin. You do not need to be a better teacher; just the right one for your student. It is surprising how well a person will do with the correct instructor when compared to having the wrong instructor.” The Tree stepped impossibly close to Ridahne, “Remember that Ridahne Torzinei Seed-Chained.” It placed a hand on top of the Elf’s, “For now though I must let you go. Darin will be exhausted when she gets back to you. Make sure she gets some rest. You get rest as well. You both have an early and long day tomorrow.” The Tree pressed Its forehead against Ridahne’s, “You are doing wonderfully. I am so proud of you. No matter what happens always remember that.” The Tree lift Ridhane’s hand from Its Trunk, “I am always proud of you.”

Darin! It’s time for you to go.

I’m sleepy. I’ll just stay here to sleep.

Haha. If you sleep here, you’ll regret it in the morning. You need a bed.


Come now. Back to your body.

Okay. If I must.

You must. Remember that I love you.

Darin returned to her body and promptly stumbled and groaned. It took her all of two seconds to realize that she was impossible close to Ridahne. With half a shout she leapt backwards only to land ungracefully on her rear. There was more groaning. Her limbs felt impossibly heavy; like she had been swimming all day and had just now gotten out of the water except way worse. She wasn’t sure how to describe the feeling. Darin just knew that she ached all over and felt like there was a terrible weight on her body. The Seed burned against her thigh. That wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t unpleasant either. Darin fell to her back as she stared up at The Leaves. She wasn’t sure that she ever wanted to do that again. It had been nice to travel all of Astra but coming back to her body left much to be desired. Darin wasn’t even sure it was her body. She slowly lifted a shaky hand above her head to look at it. It looked like her hand. She was tired beyond anything she had ever felt before. She just wanted to collapse even though she was already flat on her back.

As she dropped her hand she spoke, “Isn’t The Tree amazing? Unsettling; but a amazing.” She rolled to her side to look at Ridahne, “Are you alright? I know it can be a bit much to handle.”
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