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Sunday May 17, 2020

Hello! I figured it was time to update my profile bio. It’s nice to meet you. I’m LadyAnnaLee! I’ve been role-playing on this site for about a year and a half now. I like fantasy and sci-fi role-plays with a strong focus on character development. I do have a few fandoms that I don’t mind role-playing in, but it’s always as original characters. I’m willing to try just about anything but I will not do 18+ bedroom scenes. They make me uncomfortable. So, if that’s what you’re after please move on. I am mainly a weekend poster and will let you know if there is a weekend that I cannot post. I am a strong believer in letting my partners know if I cannot continue a role-play. I will not chase people looking for posts. If you choose to ghost me, I will let the role-play die.

Here’s some fun facts about me. I live in the CST time zone and work a set schedule Monday through Friday. I am an “essential” worker and a hard worker at that. I like the color purple and I am trying my hand at growing flowers for the first time. It’s not working so well. The rain washed away my dirt. When I’m not working or role-playing, I’m either sleeping or watching Netflix or Disney+. I enjoy junk food and I really like the new cherry vanilla Coke. I’m in my late 20s and can’t seem to get a date to save my life. That’s okay. I am a strong independent person who pays all my own bills.

It was so nice to meet you!


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@Jasper19 They are all questions about what type of mutations are allowed. It looks like you will be answering those in an ooc if you put one up. I am content to wait until then.
I'm interested. I would have to have more details before I commit though.
Mrixe was quick to correct the warrior, “This is not quite apple pie. It’s close, but not exactly right. Though if you are looking to try apple pie, I can talk to my partner about making you some before you leave Lihaelen.”

Darin practically lit up like the sun, “Yes please!”

Mrixe raised an eyebrow, “Well aren’t you polite.” He held out the basket towards the young human, “Here. Why don’t you take a couple to share with you faithful steeds while Warrior Torenzi and I discuss the plans for today.”

Darin nodded, “That sounds like a good idea.” She reached in to pull out a dumpling for Talbot and one for Tsura, “Thank you!”

She then moved to returned to where the horses were stabled. While apple dumplings were not the best for horses one a piece certainly would do much harm. She held on out for Talbot and giggled as he pressed his mouth to her hand to practically inhale the treat. He then eagerly pressed his nose against her shoulder, looking for more of the sweetness that she was carrying. Darin laughed at him as she gently pushed him off. Then she moved to give the other dumpling to Tsura. The warrior horse acted much the same way as the farming horse. It seemed that somethings were universal. Once both treats had been distributed, she moved to wash the sugar, butter, and horse slobber of her hands. She didn’t want them to dry sticky.

Meanwhile Mrixe was speaking to Ridahne, “I here that Azurei are oftentimes more frank than most people are or expect. That is not the Eluri way, but I will try.” He took a deep breath to prepare himself, “I have been sent by to Council to do two things. One is the reason that will be known by all people; that is to watch you for trouble. The other is the reason that I think only she,” He nodded at Darin, “Has figured out. I am here to ensure that The Seed-Bearer’s stay in Lihaelin is as productive and comfortable as possible. I cannot hope to win in a fight against you. I deal mainly with drunkards and the occasional thief and protecting the Councilmembers. Then again I do not think we will have much reason to fight each other because you are wrong about the whims of powerful people.” He seemed to shift the direction of the conversation, “Let me give you some wisdom that I have learned in my near five hundred years of life. People like us are almost always at the whims of powerful people.” H nodded at Darin again, “And you are currently at the whims of the most powerful person in all of Astra.” He laughed lightly, “You should just be grateful she seems to utterly adore you and care for you.” He sighed, “That’s all people like you and I can hope for; to be at the whims of a master or leader that cares for others rather than is consumed by selfishness and a lust for power. I know you have been hurt by such people in the past. So have I. Yet now we both seek to serve the same cause. As such there should be no reason for tension between us. Is that not correct?”
Darin felt something hit her as she jerked awake, “I’m awake! I’m awake!”

She then looked around as she rubbed the sleep sand from her eyes. It was easy enough to figure out what had happened. She must have fallen asleep while visiting Talbot and Ridahne had woken up and then come to find her. Darin stretched out towards the sky as she pushed herself up. She suddenly remembered that she did not like sleeping in the stables. She was sore and stiff. Luckily, she was young and would soon work out the kinks. She bent down to retrieve the apple Ridahne had tossed at her in order to take a big bite out of it. No matter why she was or where she would go apples would make an excellent breakfast.

Darin smiled at Talbot as she reached out to rub a hand along his flank, “Thank you for sharing your bed with me Talbot. I’ll be back later.” She turned to speak to Ridahne, “Where to today? I figure we still need to resupply, and I would like to see the archives you spoke of.”

Another voice called out, “I can help with both those things.” Darin turned to see Mrixe Janeel, “I hope you don’t mind me accompany you today Warrior Torenzi. The Council has asked me to ensure you don’t cause too much trouble while you are visiting.”

Darin thought she knew what was going on. The Council wanted to provide someone to escort The Seed-Bearer about Lihaelin and saying they wanted to watch Ridahne made a perfect cover story. They also showed some wisdom by having Guard Janeel be the one to do it. He and Mr. Armin were probably the only two people from the meeting last night that Darin would have tolerated, and the guard was the person that would have made sense to trail after an exile and a criminal. Darin just wasn’t sure if she wanted a shadow today or any other day that she was here. She took a few deep breathes. What would happen if she said no? She wasn’t sure and wasn’t sure how to ask.

Then Mrixe held up a basket, “My partner made apple dumplings for breakfast. They’ve been out of the oven for a little more than an hour.”

Okay, Darin could be bribed. She would admit that she could be bribed. She left Talbot’s stall and practically flew towards the basket. Mrixe laughed as he held it up. She reached in for the breakfast pastry. It was the perfect warmth and there were plenty that Darin didn’t feel guilty or greedy for taking a whole dumpling for herself. It was just warm enough that was perfect. She bit into it and let out an appreciate moan. The cinnamon and sugar were in perfect balance. It reminded her of good days of home. It wasn’t exactly the same as what she made at home but it was close enough. The pastry that the apple slices were wrapped in was almost perfectly flaky. Mrixe’s partner didn’t skimp on butter.

She turned to Ridahne with a smile on her face, “Ridahne! It’s like apple pie! For breakfast! Come try it.”

Mrixe laughed at the almost childish antics, “If you don’t mind me asking how old are you Mr. Lively?”

Darin looked at him with wide eyes, “19. Almost 20.”

Mrixe looked at her with surprise on his face, “That’s young. Even for a human. We’ll have to work in some fun for today. All work and no play make apprentices very, very tired.” He looked over Darin’s shoulder at Ridahne, “Wouldn’t you agree Warrior Torenzi?”

What did that even mean? Darin wasn’t sure. She understood the concept of having fun as a way to rest. She just didn’t think that fun was called for. Did her climb yesterday count as fun? What was Mrixe’s idea of fun? She wasn’t sure if they had time for fun. She finished her dumpling and eyed the basket. She could have another right? Mrixe smiled at her as he held out the basket. She took that as an okay to have another. His partner was a really good baker. She wasn’t going to worry about fun right now. She was just going to enjoy her treat.
I know it's been a while but BUMP!
Darin supposed that Ridahne had a point. It was the visions alone that had allowed people to know who and what she was. Not everyone in Astra got visions and even the ones that did weren’t promised to receive them. It was more of a hit and miss type thing. Darin supposed she might be overreacting or worrying for no good reasons. Then again it seemed like the Red Hand had people all across Astra. It was very possible that even humans, who were admittedly the most mundane of the Children of Astra, that knew already and were just waiting for her to come back to human lands. It was yet another dilemma or problem that Darin had that she had no real answer to.

The human let the warrior lead her back towards the inn and back towards bed. Ridahne seemed ready to return to rest, and so was Darin. Then Darin heard with the Azurei had to say right as she fell asleep. Darin stared at the sleeping figure with wide eyes. That couldn’t be right. She had to have heard wrong or Ridahne must not have known what she was saying. That was a possibility. The Elf had only said it as she was falling asleep. Darin was exhausted. Ridahne had just misspoke or Darin had just misheard. That was the only explanation. There was no way that Ridahne was proud of her. Right?

Darin sat down on the bed as she stared at her sleeping companion. Darin desperately racked her brain for the last time someone said they were proud of her. Was it Ravi back at The Farm? Darin couldn’t remember. Maybe it had been The Tree. That seemed more likely. Except the human couldn’t remember either of them saying it; just that she was glorious, amazing, beautiful, incredible. Was that the same thing? When was the last time her mother had said it? She hadn’t, had she? Darin could not recall a single instant of Talia claiming to be proud of her. The elders certainly never did and if Martin ever did Darin did her best to block those memories from her mind. Talia must have said it at least, once right? Maybe when Darin had first gotten The Seed? Darin wasn’t sure. She couldn’t remember anyone every claiming to be proud of her. She was the disappointment, the daughter of the runaway, the daughter of the lost, the foolish girl who thought to work a farm by herself and not get married, the village disappointment. How could anyone be proud of her? How could anyone think she could do anything right?

Suddenly the room was too warm, too close, too small. As quietly as she could Darin exited the room and somehow stumbled downstairs. The tavern portion of the inn was finally empty as the forest returned to some semblance of normal. There was no one to watch her as she stumbled outside. The trees rustled in worry, but Darin did her best to reassure them that she just needed some air. They ceased to rustle but their worry was still felt in the air. Without knowing where she was going Darin picked a direction and began to walk. She knew she would get lost. She knew she would probably trip at least once. She didn’t care. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t process. She misheard, there was no reason, none whatsoever, for anyone, especially Ridahne, to be proud of her.

Somehow, though a mix of luck and guess, she arrived at the stable where Tsura and Talbot were. There was no door so there was no need to break in. Talbot sense that she entered the building immediately and looked up in distress with a whinny to let his person know where he was. Darin stumbled over to him and threw her arms around his neck. It wasn’t long before she started to cry. She couldn’t do this. She was trying, but there were so many questions that she was supposed to have answers to that she just didn’t. She was supposed to be good, but she barely qualified as not bad. How desperate was she to pretend that she was a good person that she was making up things that no one would ever say about her? Why did it even matter? She had never cared about having anyone’s, not even her family’s, approval before. So, why did she so desperately want Ridahne’s? Finally, all the stress from the day’s events caught up to Darin and she fell sleep next to Talbot. The horse did not seem to mind.
Darin had wanted to give Ridahne a chance to avoid answer the question yet again for yet another crowd of people that simply didn’t seem to care. Yet when the warrior asked her to wait, she did so gladly. It was Ridahne’s business. If she wanted to share the choice was hers. The human would not begrudge the Azurei that. There was nothing to begrudge anyways. The story she gave the Council was briefer than the story she had given others in the past nut it wasn’t any less true. Darin did appreciate the brevity. She wasn’t sure she would have been able to stand being here in this room for too much longer.

Ridahne’s response to her question cause the young girl to wrap her arms around the warrior in as tight a hug as she could manage, “Thank you Ridahne. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much than means to mean.”

It meant more than Darin could ever hope to verbalize. She hadn’t been looking forward to taking Ridahne with her when they first meet. She could remember trying to hide who she was. She could remember being apprehensive of taking in a stray. Yet Ridahne had changed. She wasn’t torn up by guilt anymore. She knew the love The Tree had for her. She walked with a confidence that Darin didn’t realize people could have. She was not afraid to admit her crimes and the truth of the entire situation. She seemed proud to be both the Guardian and to be Seed-Chained. She was someone Darin couldn’t imagine living without. Darin loved her the same way she loved her mother, as dear and precious family. The fact that she was willing to modify the traditions of her entire culture to comply with the whim of a silly human girl was a good example of how much the relationship between the two girls had changed.

The human did her best to tighten her grip on the warrior as Darin had to consider how she had changed since Greyrock. She didn’t feel like she had. She still felt like she was out of her depth. She still had no idea what she was doing. Only now it was worse; much worse. She could level this forest and it wouldn’t even be very hard. She was still afraid of people knowing she was The Seed-Bearer; not just because of the threat to her life, but also because she felt unworthy of the role. She swung between wanting to avoid people to keep her name and face a secret and practically screaming from the rooftops that she was The Seed-Bearer. The problem with the first was that she was trying to make friends. So, she couldn’t avoid people. It was also becoming harder and harder to hide her identity. People just seemed to know. The problem with the second was that Darin didn’t want to seem like she was bragging, She was also unsure of how people would react to her. She really didn’t want to be showered in praise. She was just trying to do a job.

With great reluctance Darin pulled away from Ridahne, “And I suppose we should discuss if there is any point in continuing to travel as your apprentice. More and more people seem to know the truth. What do you think?”
President Silen hummed before speaking, “You both had given the Council much to consider, but yes, any further discussion can wait until tomorrow. If people, ask about the nature of this discussion we will simply report that the Council felt the need to question your motives for being in Lihaelin. We were satisfied with the answer given and while we will pay close attention to you we do not believe that you are a threat.”

Then a Councilperson that Darin did not know leaned forward, “Out of curiosity. Why did you kill?”

Darin’s snap cut off the rest of the question, “None of your business!” She pulled away from Ridahne to glare at the asker a glare that could freeze the very air, “The death of that monster is the business of Ridahne Torenzi Seed-Chained, The Tree, by extension me, and no one else.” She turned her glare to the president, “Watch for the Red Hand. Discuss what you will. We are leaving.” She held out her arm towards the bird, “Come Taja.” She smiled at the cat that was still purring, “Will you lead the way MItaja?” Her attention shifted back to Ridahne, “Come along. Talking further at this point would be pointless.”

With that Darin was done with this whole pointless endeavor. She moved to leave the building only to pause for a moment when she came level with Mrixze Janeel. Darin smiled wildly at him as she ducked her head in respect. He was shocked into gaping at her like a fish. Taja let out a screech and Darin took that as her cue to move. As they moved though the halls Taja took flight again and as they finally exited the building was lost to the night sky. Darin was not unduly worried. She figured that the hawk was headed back towards the stable with Talbot and Tsura. At least she hoped that Talbot and Tsura were still in the stable. The forest seemed to be at peace for the moment. Though people would be suspicious that the two of them were asked to stay. Yet again Darin was left questioning the wisdom of traveling anonymously. It would all fall to pieces when they reach Azurei. Maybe traveling discreetly would be better though even that was debatable given the fact that all of Astra grew excited as she walked.

Then, halfway towards the inn, Darin stopped to ask a question that had been plaguing her mind for some time now, “If you had died that night. If the Red Hand had gotten you. What story would your Ojih tell the Keeper?”

Darin wasn’t sure she would ever really understand why a person would want their entire life story on their face, but she did know that was the purpose the Ojih served. She also knew that Ridahne’s story was incomplete. She was also painfully aware of the fact that the warrior could die at any time. She didn’t want that to happen, but if it did Darin wanted Ridahne to receive a fair judgement based on both her crimes and her attempts to make it right. They had discussed this before and had discussed waiting until they got to Azurei before Ridahne made changes to her Ojih but that was almost a whole year away. Who knew what could happen between now and then? It didn’t help that Darin was simply sick and tired of people looking at her beautiful, amazing, stunning Ridahne and thinking she was a stain on Astra when she was one of the strongest Children there had ever been. Darin didn’t care that people may not know what the new mark, whatever that may be, was. She would know, The Tree would know, The Seed would know, and people would be forced to take at least a second glance. She couldn’t make Ridahne make changes to her Ojih if she didn’t want to, but Darin felt she had to at least try to make her concerns understood.

Pax didn’t close their book, but they did look up from it when the military tactics teacher began to speak. Pax resisted the urge to scowl at what they heard/ There would be eight hours of classroom study for a mere five classes? Not to mention that they weren’t particularly fond of those five classes to begin with. Though to be honest if Pax had to pick five classes a military school would limit themselves to those would be the five. It just seemed like such a wasted opportunity. There were no classes on language or diplomacy. Though Pax supposed that diplomacy could be considered part of military tactics. They just hoped that Estermere didn’t teach a “hit first, ask later policy.” If that was what students were taught Pax figured they would have a harder time then they already planned on having here.

Pax was also alarmed by the announcements of houses. That just screamed out that there would be rivalry within the school. The last thing they needed was an assigned enemy. Pax could already see how they wouldn’t fit in here. Their knowledge of military tactics was sketchy at best. They knew nothing of magical creatures while their knowledge of history was limited to the knowledge of Rockveil’s history. The best that could be said of their weapons skills was that they were average. As for magic, Pax feigned an ignorance of magic that they intended to continue. They were going to be a dismal student that would study all the time to make up for it. They wouldn’t socialize even if they wanted to. Pax was suddenly aware of the fact that they had never been planning on making friends. They had hoped not to make enemies. Now the school was assigning them.

As the speeches ended, they rose from the bench to go and find their room. Their book was carefully marked before being closed and placed in a pocket. They did their best to remain invisible. They did notice people clustered around a notice board. A quick glance showed Pax that it was a class list. Pax took the time to note that they were in the Alpha Class. Reaching into a pocket they pulled out a notepad and stick of charcoal so they could record the class schedule. It wouldn’t do to miss a class or forget one entirely. Pax would have to go exploring sometime today so they could find their classes tomorrow.

Once the schedule was recorded Pax followed the crowd across courtyard towards the dorm building. It was easy enough to see that the first years were on the bottom floor. It was even easier to find the room with their name on the nameplate. Opening the door revealed a small but clean room. Their trunk was in the center of the room. Suddenly Pax was glad that they had packed light. The few changes of clothes went in the tiny closet while their near countless book practically overwhelmed the bookcase. The writing case was placed on the desk. Once the trunk was empty it was pushed underneath the bed to be forgotten until it was time to return to Rockveil. With a sigh Pax sat on the bed to consider all that they had learned.

Only to let out a shout of pain. Pax clutched at their head while the migraine bloomed behind their eyes. Pax hated this. They always hated this. It didn’t matter what they saw from the past, the present, or occasionally the future, it hurt like hell. Pax would gladly give up the visions if it meant getting rid of the head splitting headaches that came with them. This time the vision was of a girl with fire orange hair with corkscrew curls that fell in a tangle to her waist. She had to be a past occupant of this room. She sat at the desk scribbling something. Then just as quickly as it came the vision left. The migraine lingered and would remain for a while yet. Pax couldn’t help the harsh laugh that escaped their lips. They had had a hope that the visions would be left in Rockveil. Apparently, that hope was vain. They couldn’t let anyone know about the visions. That was just another reason to keep to themselves.
Darin let out a bright laugh that almost betrayed the solemnity of the moment as Ridahne made her oath. Oh, how it differed from the oath that the Eluri had given. Oh, how Darin cherished it. The Seed-Bearer had no doubt of her Seed-Chained’s loyalty. She had no doubt that if she had reached for the blades they would have been given willingly. Darin felt like she could sing, and that Astra would sing with her. Ridahne stood by her, guided her, bent to her whims. There was no doubting the warrior’s loyalty and, dare Darin say it, love. Those Sols had no idea whatsoever what they had given up. No matter, The Seed-Bearer was more than happy to reap the rewards of their folly.

Darin smiled at her friend one last time before turning back to the Council, “Now that that is settled, how did you know who I was?”

President Silen sighed as she flapped a hand at the human, “Visions child. The Eluri are graced with visions. They are unpredictable. Legally it is required to report visions. That is not always the case. It is possible that others know of you.”

Not just possible and being called “child” cause Darin’s nose to wrinkle. She wasn’t sure why. When she had first meet Ridahne she had insisted that she needed no fancy titles, that she was just a farm girl. Well, farm girls didn’t mind being called “child” by people that were certainly their betters the way President Silen was not only in age but authority as well. Months ago, it wouldn’t have bothered her. Darin would have simply raised an eyebrow and moved forward. Of course, the person Darin was months a go wouldn’t have any dreams to meet the President of the Eluri. Things and changed, and while she knew it was connected to being The Seed-Bearer she wasn’t completely sure how or what it meant for her.

President Silen was not privy to the young human’s thoughts, “That’s why we would appreciate you not exciting the trees of the forest. We don’t want any unsavory characters being able to find you.”

Well that was a thought that was long overdue. Unsavory people had looked for and found her already. They also tried to kill her. Ridahne had said to look for the Red Hand. Darin was starting to wonder if the president was listening or just heard what she wanted to hear. If she only wanted to hear what she wanted to hear that would make telling the truth that much harder. Darin was not looking forward to harder. Harder was not what her tired mind needed right now. Absently she lifted a hand towards the uloia. One landed on her extended finger. Darin hadn’t asked for that. It simply wanted to be closer to her. With wide unblinking eyes focused on the flashing insect Darin slowly moved her hand towards Ridahne’s face. Slowly her hand reached out towards her complanion and the uloia took flight again to land on the Azurei’s nose. Darin giggled at the sight. Other uloia took heart at the noise and moved to land in the warrior’s hair and face. Darin watched for a moment, a craftly but gleeful smile on her face, before turning back towards the Council.

Her truth was simple, “I’m not. I’m not exciting the trees or the creatures that live in the forest. They know I am here and grew excited on their own. I do not control their actions now nor will I in the future. Occansionally I ask them for something, and they oblige me, but in the end the choice is theirs. That is the greatest gift that any citizen, whether human, Elf, Siren, tree, animal, Sea, Stone, or Sky have; the gift of Choice. The Children of Sea and Stone and Sky have to make choices with consequences that are more complex than the choices that plants or animals have to make. Yet they still have the right to their choices; just the same as you and I. The Tree and The Gardener refused to take their choice just as They refused to take ours. I do not have visions so I do not know what the future I am trying to create will be like, but I do known that is one choice I am happy to make; the choice to let others make their own choices.” She gestured out with empty hands, “So the trees are excited I am come. The rains are eager to please me. The ground trips me as to drag me close. That is their choice. I choose to respect it.” She paused as her hands dropped and she grew more serious, “I have asked them not to bend as to show the stars again, and they have agreed. I will ask them behave, but I do not know what they will say.”

Darin decided that if President Silen was going to call her a child she might as well act like one. She was tired and tired children pouted. Without thinking too much about it Darin wrapped her arms around Ridahne’s neck and slumped her head on to the warrior’s shoulder. She upset the uloia that were landing on the Azurei and they took flight quickly to avoid getting rattled further. Darin paid them no mind as she pressed her face into her friend’s shoulder. Taja had still been running his beak though Ridahne’s hair and let out a screech to protest. Darin didn’t pay him much mind either. The bird pouted as he fluttered to regain his balance. He started to run his beak though Darin’s hair since she was now available.

Darin spoke in quiet Azurei, “Ridahne. Will you tell them about the Red Hand so we can go? I’m tired. It’s been a long night. And we have things to discuss. Just the two of us.”
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