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6 days ago
Current Nicolas has gifted me no power for my birthday. Hopefully that will be fixed soonish and then expect posts. If not no posts today. I'm sorry.


Sunday May 17, 2020

Hello! I figured it was time to update my profile bio. It’s nice to meet you. I’m LadyAnnaLee! I’ve been role-playing on this site for about a year and a half now. I like fantasy and sci-fi role-plays with a strong focus on character development. I do have a few fandoms that I don’t mind role-playing in, but it’s always as original characters. I’m willing to try just about anything but I will not do 18+ bedroom scenes. They make me uncomfortable. So, if that’s what you’re after please move on. I am mainly a weekend poster and will let you know if there is a weekend that I cannot post. I am a strong believer in letting my partners know if I cannot continue a role-play. I will not chase people looking for posts. If you choose to ghost me, I will let the role-play die.

Here’s some fun facts about me. I live in the CST time zone and work a set schedule Monday through Friday. I am an “essential” worker and a hard worker at that. I like the color purple and I am trying my hand at growing flowers for the first time. It’s not working so well. The rain washed away my dirt. When I’m not working or role-playing, I’m either sleeping or watching Netflix or Disney+. I enjoy junk food and I really like the new cherry vanilla Coke. I’m in my late 20s and can’t seem to get a date to save my life. That’s okay. I am a strong independent person who pays all my own bills.

It was so nice to meet you!


PS. Check out my most recent interest check here.

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So, funny story. I'm laying in bed, eagerly scripting a Glory Trailer, totally excited. Beyond pumped. I finally fall asleep. Then I wake up and it's all gone. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Bleh. I will hope to find another burst of inspiration before Saturday. It's just so frustrating.

I wasn't happy with Glory's character sheet so I basically rewrote it. It's in the original post under the second hider. I don't think there's any new information, but I feel much happier with this version. It is a lot longer, but I feel like it is a lot clearer. At least I hope it's a lot clearer.

Also, I was wondering what your thoughts on "trailer" posts were. I'm thinking like text versions of the first four videos in the OoC tab. It wouldn't be part of the application, but I have a few ideas for a "Glory Trailer" rattling in my head about that I think might be fun to share. But I wanted to clear it first. If that made sense.

Thank you!

Hello! I'm about to go to bed, but I figured I would ask my questions before I forgot them. Please forgive me if this is information you've already shared. I'm just a bit loopy from being up 24+ hours. Thank you for understanding.

1. Do I still have time to do a quick revision/polish of my character sheet. I thought of some more I would like to add to his appearance and back story. It wouldn't be now. But within the next 24 hours for sure.

And 2. Would you be alright with lurkers?

Thank you for your time! I appreciate it!

PS. I think it's totally awesome that you are sticking to your two teams plan. Mad respect for staying firm. I am positive you'll figure out the math.
This is going to be interesting. Even if Glory isn't selected I might just have to read along.
Geez. These characters are all so neat and cool. I'm not sure Glory will be able to keep up.
I remember that now. I remember reading that. I forgot. I'm sorry. Thank you for answering.
Thank you!
How many players/characters are you looking for?
I present!

Let me know what you think. I accept constitutive criticism. I may not be able to work on him more today. But I do look forward to your thoughts on him!

Edit: Sheet Version 2
Thank you so much!
Here it is! Thank you so much!

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