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Got it. I'll be on the look out!


PS. Thanks for the definition.

I work 4 tens. On those days I wake up, I go to work, I come home, I sleep. That is no joke. On the three days I'm off I can post multiple times if need be, but I can only promise once a week. I understand completely if that doesn't work with what you're trying, but I figured I would mention it, since it seemed like you would trying to figure out why people didn't go for Drifting Futures.


PS. What does "impressive genetics" mean?
I read Drifting Futures. I was very interested. I was all the way down to play in that world. And then I read. "You will be expected to post every three days," and I was all but heartbroken since I can only do a post once a week. If that's the case here, I'm bummed I can't play. If once a week is good with you, I'll reread Drifting Futures and see if I can come up with a character for this one. Let me know, okay?
Darin couldn’t help herself. She moved to wrap her arms around Ridahne’s waist in a desperate hug, a human sign of trust on level with the Azurei touching a loved one’s face. Ridahne was easily one of Darin’s most important people in all of astra, in all the world. It had been that way for a long time now. And yes, they were sisters now, thanks to Hadian, but Darin wasn’t sure she had ever told Ridahne just what the warrior meant to her. Right now, might have counted, but the human wasn’t sure. This moment couldn’t last forever, but Darin really wanted to take this moment and stretch it out to eternity.

Darin still couldn’t help herself, “I love you Ridahne. I’m so glad that you’re here, with me. I’m not sure I could have ever done this without you.”

Okay, that was a total and complete lie. There was no way in all of Astra that Darin would have been able to do this without Ridahne. If it wasn’t for the warrior Darin would probably be dead in a ditch somewhere. Or worse, she be using her powers of communication with Astra more than she currently was, which might have led to The Tree helping her more, which would have meant The Tree would be dying even faster than it was currently. Right not Darin had hope of actually traveling all of Astra the way she really needed to. Without Ridahne, Darin’s entire strategy would have to had altered after meeting The Tree, which would not have been ideal at all.

Darin finally pulled away, “Okay. I think I’m okay. For now, at least.” She counted off on her fingers, “For today, I need to write my letters to Ravi and my mother. I need to talk to Harai, and we need to resupply, since we leave tomorrow.” She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, “I’m confidant I’m missing something.” Her hands dropped to her lap, “Can you think of anything else?”

Darin still wanted to head to Atakhara early the next morning. She had spent more than enough time in the city of Tasen. Not that her time in Tasen hadn’t been productive. She had learned a lot about Azurei and its people. She had also learned what being The Seed-Bearer openly would be like. All in all it had been a good stay, but it was starting to drag on, and Darin didn’t have the time to spend too much time anywhere. Tasen was a good place to rest and do things she couldn’t do in other places, like write to her mother and think. However, although this was Ridahne’s home, or one of them, it was just another market.

Darin suddenly remembered, “Oh! Is there something I can read about Azurei weddings? Or someone I can talk to? I don’t want to mess up yours, and I know you say I won’t, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to not know the basics.”
Hello there! Thanks for clicking!

So, this is a little bit of an odd check i.e., it’s not something you typically see on this site. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. And I’m going to be honest. I don’t expect a lot of response to this check if I get any at all. Still, I won’t know unless I try so I figured I would at least put it out there and see what happens. Here’s hoping right?

Anyways the setting for this world is one of those trope filled worlds where everyone has some sort of classification. You know the ones I mean. Everyone is either a Dom or a Sub, an Alpha or an Omega, a Master or Pet, a Littler or Caretaker. You know what I mean. I’m not exactly sure about all the details of this world. It could be one of the groupings above or a combination or something completely else. I am totally willing to discuss it further with a potential partner.

Here's where the request gets a little different. My character’s classification is one that typically has a sexual connotation. So, I imagine they are either a Dom or a Sub. I don’t really have a preference in either direction. I don’t even really have a sex, gender, or romantic orientation fully fleshed out. Here’s what I do have figured out, and what it makes this whole thing odd, they are ace, as in asexual. So even though their classification is traditionally and culturally connected to sex they have little to no desire for sex. They have a little bit of trauma, (every good character does) but their sexual orientation doesn’t really have anything to do with that. However, they still need to scene for some cliché biological reason. Oh no! What are they going to do?

This is supposed to be an experiment in writing nonsexual submission. Heavy emphasis on the nonsexual portion of that. I don’t really mind playing the “dominant” or the “submissive” role. I have a preference, but I’m not connected to that with any real desire. I have ideas for why people need to scene, mostly around getting into the correct “headspace.” I also have a few ideas for how our characters meet depending on which role I wind up playing. I should state that I have no problem with certain, for lack of better words, kink, in a nonsexual form. I even have a few in mind. But I’m not listing them since this is a public forum. As stated previously, I’m all for discussing with potential partners. Role-playing should have health communication overwise it just feels like I’m bullying the other person.

As for what I’m looking for in a partner. First and foremost, I am in my thirties, yep, I’m old. I have no desire to be one of those creepy old weirdos on the internet preying on young innocents, so I am going to ask that you be older than 24. Will I make you prove it? No. I can’t. But please remember I really have no problem with you being young. I just don’t want to be a creepy weirdo. (I realize saying that makes me a little weird, but I should get credit for trying.) Another thing is that I enjoy delving into what the characters are thinking and really knowing why they do things. I’m not looking for two sentences of actions. I’m looking for at least three well done paragraphs. I personally aim for anywhere from 400 – 600 to 1000 – 1300 words a post. That isn’t every post. I promise. I’m just looking for something a little past the middle on the advance side of the casual to advance scale. If that makes sense. Typos are expected and forgiven. Finally, I’m looking for commitment. I personally can only post once a week. I would like to ask for the same but understand that life comes first. There may be weeks when that can’t happen. That’s okay. Just please let me know. Also please don’t disappear slash quit after like 20 posts. This premise is important to me. I don’t need people getting my hopes up only to dash them.

Other than that, I suppose I should mention that this will be a PM thing. It’s not something I really want to share with everyone on the site. So, if you’re interested or just have questions send me a PM.

Thank you so much for reading this far!

Darin wanted to scowl as Ridahne mentioned always working because if though she didn’t like it, she knew it was true. Ridahne was a warrior and a guardian. That didn’t stop. It wouldn’t stop for a long, long time. At best there might be times that were less stressful, but Ridahne was Ridahne. She wasn’t going to let herself be distracted by something as childish as play. So, Darin didn’t scowl, and she resisted the urge to pout as listened to the rest of what the warrior had to say. Though the rest of it wasn’t any more comforting than the first part had been.

There wasn’t anything to say about Harai that hadn’t already been said. Darin really was just going to have to do her best. The Seed-Bearer didn’t want to ask The Tree, because she had a feeling that it was getting harder for The Tree to come and visit her dreams. She didn’t want to be the reason why The Tree died even a second before It had to. She had already consulted with the Sota-Sol, who had experience in this type of thing before, so realistically there was very little left to do except make a decision. It had to be the one that Darin thought was best, but to be honest none of them seemed anything close to the best. They were all bad.

Then the last thing Ridahne said finally penetrated Darin’s mind and she panicked, “No! Don’t leave! Stay with me! You can’t leave! Please don’t leave!”

Darin didn’t know what to do about Harai or Martin Aliceson or being The Seed-Bearer so publicly, but she did know that she didn’t want Ridahne leaving to go look for Martin Aliceson. She wanted her sister here with her. Nothing was worth separating the two of them. Well, that wasn’t completely true, but things like Ajoran and Ridahne starting a family would have to wait until just before the final stretch that would hopefully not come for a long, long time. For now, Darin had no desire to send Ridahne off to search for ghosts that Darin thought she had laid to rest. Clearly that wasn’t completely true, but that wasn’t important now.

She begged in almost pure desperation, “Your wedding! You can’t leave before your wedding. And he’s not that important! Besides if he really is Red Hand, we’ll run into this Aliceson soon enough! There’s no rush. Probably. Mostly likely. Stay with me Ridahne! Please don’t leave me. Please!”

How truly pathetic was this, The Seed-Bearer begging for just one person to stay. Darin was willing to give Ridahne to Ajoran, but that was different! She couldn’t explain it but it was different! It felt different! It felt like knowing that even though Milla and Thomas were her friends eventually it would be ThomasandMilla, MillaandThomas. One entity and then Darin on the side. Eventually it would be RidahneandAjoran, AroranandRidahne. One entity and then Darin on the side, but that didn’t mean she wanted Ridahne leaving now! She couldn’t leave now. Please! Don’t leave now! Especially not for someone who shouldn’t matter at all.

Darin found herself confessing, “The Gardener was old. Older than The Tree since He planted it. That means He got to watch everyone ever loved leave. That means.” She paused and sputtered as she finally realized the full implications of what truth she was saying crashed into her, “That means eventually I will have to watch everyone I love leave.” She hurried one to reassure her family, “Which is fine! I mean I have practice with it, and most of them will just leave when their age catches up to them.” She sighed as she ran a hand through her hair, “That doesn’t mean I want you to leave now.”
I wouldn't have had time to respond anyways. Like you said this time of year is busy. I won't really have time to respond til the last week of December. Just FYI. So. There's no real rush.
Darin sat on the bed as she finished tugging on her boots, stalling just a bit before finally speaking, “I miss home. I miss you. Both have seemed so far away since we got to Azurei and Tasen. I’m terrified of doing the wrong thing about Harai, but I;m mad at you for leaving me and playing to go work. I know you had to do it, but I’m still mad at you. I’m mad at Harai too. Yesterday was supposed to be play, and he ruined it!” She buried her face in her hand, “Did I make a mistake by being The Seed-Bearer so publicly? Would my mother be proud of the woman I’m becoming? Does what she might or might not think even matter? For that matter, what type of woman am I becoming? Why do I let being called Astra-Sol bother me so much? Who the hell is Martin Aliceson? If he is my father, did he leave to join the Red Hand, or did he join later. For that matter, what is the Red Hand in the first place?” It was disjointed and unconnected, but it was all of the fears that plagued Darin since they had gotten to Tasen, “What if I mess up your wedding? Can I mess up your wedding? Why couldn’t I be polite to the Sols? I’m probably The Seed-Bearer because I’m a self-taught farmer, but what does that really mean? It’s not even all farming. Some of it is decisions like the one I have to make with Harai. Some of it is playing nice with politicians and other leaders.” She looked up at a wall as she worried the scar on her palm, “That doesn’t seem like something you can learn just by listening like learning about coffee and fishing. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have a frame of reference for it. If I learn how to talk to nobles and rulers will I become what Harai thought I was, someone who only cares about people with resources? Will I forget my roots?” She wasn’t crying but her voice was dead, “I can barely remember what my mother looks like. Or Thomas. Or Mila. Or anyone from home. Is that normal? I haven’t seen them in so long. I feel lost and untethered.” She finally looked at Ridahne, “What’s wrong with me? You’re so happy to be home, to see Ajoran, to get married. And I’m happy for you. I really am. I promise. But I feel like I’m losing you. And I know that I’m not. I promise I know that. But I don’t feel it. I’m sorry. I really am.”

It was a mess. She wasn’t crying, but none of Darin’s thoughts were organized. It was honestly surprising that she was coherent. Her knuckles hurt from where she hit the wall. The old scar on her palm ached from where she had pressed into it. She knew that Ridahne wouldn’t think less of her for any of those thoughts, but she was worried that she may have accidently broken her promise to come to Ridahne instead of running, by putting off this conversation for so long. She didn’t think so. It had four days since they had come to Tasen. It had felt so much longer. So much had happened that it was scary. Things were only going to move faster from this point forward. That was almost as scary as things that had already happened. What was she doing? Darin had no clue. It had been a long time since she had felt like this, like she was drowning.
Hello everybody.

This is hard for me to say, so I'm going to keep it brief. @Pascal and I have discussed it, and we are ending Lesser Evils. I make this decision very reluctantly. We just feel it's best.

Best of luck in all your future role-plays

I forgot to post a reminder to post! Woops! My bad. So, have an extra day. Posts are now due by Tuesday night.

Love you!

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