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Current Crisis averted! Thank you to everyone for all your help!
13 days ago
So, I realize this opens me up to all kinds of vicious mocking. But does anyone want to distract me from cutting? BTW This is a serious request. Not a joke.
19 days ago
Multiverse of Madness was pretty darn good.
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Sunday May 17, 2020

Hello! I figured it was time to update my profile bio. It’s nice to meet you. I’m LadyAnnaLee! I’ve been role-playing on this site for about a year and a half now. I like fantasy and sci-fi role-plays with a strong focus on character development. I do have a few fandoms that I don’t mind role-playing in, but it’s always as original characters. I’m willing to try just about anything but I will not do 18+ bedroom scenes. They make me uncomfortable. So, if that’s what you’re after please move on. I am mainly a weekend poster and will let you know if there is a weekend that I cannot post. I am a strong believer in letting my partners know if I cannot continue a role-play. I will not chase people looking for posts. If you choose to ghost me, I will let the role-play die.

Here’s some fun facts about me. I live in the CST time zone and work a set schedule Monday through Friday. I am an “essential” worker and a hard worker at that. I like the color purple and I am trying my hand at growing flowers for the first time. It’s not working so well. The rain washed away my dirt. When I’m not working or role-playing, I’m either sleeping or watching Netflix or Disney+. I enjoy junk food and I really like the new cherry vanilla Coke. I’m in my late 20s and can’t seem to get a date to save my life. That’s okay. I am a strong independent person who pays all my own bills.

It was so nice to meet you!


PS. Check out my most recent interest check here.

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Progress report time!

Wow! I didn't realize that we would continue to pick up interest! It is both exciting and a little overwhelming. We are still working on things for this role-play. I do think about it every day. There is a vague (and please imagining me doing a little hand waving motion as I say vague) plot in the works. It would involve crafting at least 4 to 5 NPCs. I knew there would be at least a handful of villain NPCs, but I didn't know that. If that makes sense. I do have a rough character sheet template made. Though once I got started with that it was completed quickly. Confession. I just copied and pasted from a few of my older character sheets. So, once we have a plot that works rather than just a vague idea of a plot we will be able to move along faster than we seem to be doing now. It is exciting that we have people calling dibs on spots, but please remember that when the time comes my amazing coGM will get first pick.

On the other hand, progress is slow because I am currently hanging on to life by my fingernails and I have a tendency to bite those off. Translation: I'm not doing so hot. I continue to be excited for the Lesser Evils but excitement is a little bit different from motivation. If that makes sense. It's a lot of work to turn a concept into a workable idea and all I really want to do is sleep. I continue to thank you for your patience and ensure you that you will be the first to know when the role-play goes live. Even it takes a couple of more months. The good news is seeing how slow it is going now is helping create some more realistic ideas for how fast the role-play will actually go.

Thank you for sticking around! Hopefully the next progress report will bring better news.






Darin let Ridahne get her back to the room even though they paused to speak to some people on the way. To the servants’ eternal credit, they did not comment on Darin’s clearly tear stained face or dejected posture. They just hurried to follow Ridahne’s orders. Upon arriving at the assigned room Darin took on look at the bed and had to restrain herself from just falling face down into it. Instead she forced herself to wait for the bath. When it was ready, she finally sank into it and at that moment it was the best feeling in the world. The hot water felt great against her skin and the water smelled amazing. She felt better. She could just melt and sleep in the tub.

Instead she listened to Ridahne suggest leaving Tasen as soon as this thing with Harai was done. That made good logical sense. Originally Darin wanted to spend a week in Tasen, but if this were anywhere else, she would be ready to go by now. She had seen the market. She had learned about the people of Tasen. She had caused just a little bit of trouble. She had rested. There were extra things like Ridahne laying her demons to rest and Darin figuring out public displays of her powers. The only thing left was resupplying, and Darin had a feeling that the Sols would take care of that. Well, she still needed to write her letters to Ravi and her mother. That could be done tomorrow. They could leave the day after tomorrow, bright and early.

Would that be enough time to deal with Harai? Darin wasn’t sure. Actually, no, that was perfect. If Darin didn’t give herself a time limit, she wouldn’t actually solve the problem. She had tomorrow to figure out what to do with the man. That should be plenty of time. She scowled at herself as the water cooled. She didn’t want to think about this now. She wanted to spend time with Ridahne, to get clean, to finally sleep long enough to not feel tired. So, she pushed the thoughts of the Red Hand far from her mind to deal with in the morning and picked up the bar of soap to start scrubbing. It wasn’t long before she was clean and levering herself out of the tub to put on clean clothes that were slightly too big but made out of an impossibly soft cotton. She was ready to sleep.

As she stepped out from behind the screen, she told her sister, “Let’s leave for Atakhara the day after tomorrow. I like the sound of that. It sounds like.” Darin paused as she searched for the right word, “Simplicity. We can see Hadian and meet his wife and plan your wedding and see another part of Azurei. Tomorrow we finish up what we need to do in Tasen.” At long last she fell into the bed, “Is that okay? Do you have anything to do in Tasen that will take longer than a day? Or can you get everything you need for the wedding tomorrow?


Hello! I just thought I would give a shout out and a progress report! @Pascal and I are working very hard on coming up with a solid foundation for this role-play! It's just a lot more work than I really anticipated. I'm still very excited and I still want to see this story come to life, but due to not being 100 percent sure what I'm doing and both of our busy real lives it might take longer than anyone, certainly me, thought. I dont expect any of of you to wait on this, but I hope I'll still be allowed to give you a shout out when we have something playable. Thank you so much for both you patience and understanding!

I love you all!


PS. The setting is The City! So at least we have that.

PPS. If you have any ideas or questions feel free to shout them out! I can't promise your suggestions wi be implemented, but they will be considered, and your questions will be answered!

Awesome! Pascal and I are working on ironing out some details. I'll let everyone know when we have something solid!



Looks like we have a CoGM! We might get this off the ground at some point. I am terribly excited! Let me and Pascal discuss plot ideas and other technical stuff and when we have something solid we'll let everyone know!

Maybe. I'll admit that is a very cool idea, but I don't want to set it in stone. That leans more towards character interaction instead of plot or setting, so I don't really want say too much about stuff like that. I want to the type of GM that guides the story rather than godmodding it.

Awesome! Thanks for your interest. Did you have any questions. I am in talks with a potential CoGM. Depending how those talks go, I might be able to figure things like, I don't know, an actual plot, a character sheet maybe. It depends, but I'll keep you posted!
Bump! Maybe. Is that allowed?
I just wanted to make sure you were okay, or at least mostly okay. I can understand being in a creative slump. Thanks for the update, but there's no real rush.
Hello! I hadnt heard fromnyou for a while and I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright. How's life?
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