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Current There will be be no posts from me until sometime late afternoon tomorrow. I'm just tired and it's late.
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I'm done moving! Posts will come will come when I have something to respond to.
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I'm moving! As such my computer will be off until late tomorrow or possible early the next day. I will not be posting IC posts until then, but I may get some OOC stuff done on my phone.
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I have to finish cleaning before I can reply. I've already put it off too long.
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If you don't want to role play with me for any reason can you just let me know? I don't handle ghosting well.


Monday December 31, 2019



I’m LadyAnnaLee! I’m looking to get back in to role-playing. I was role-playing pretty heavily on a site called Gaia Online (I was Zigzag_Dragonslayer there) for about 2 and a half years (Late 2014 to mid-2017). I stopped because I went to technical school and my computer bite the dust at just about the same time. Now I’m done with school, have a mostly steady work schedule, and a decent-ish computer so I would like to try my hand at it again.

At the time I was role playing I dabbled in a lot a differing styles. I tried everything from to one to lines to six to seven paragraphs. I did big 20+ people groups to 1 on 1. I like semi advance 1 on 1 best but am fairly flexible. I do not like 18+ bedroom scenes. Blood, gore and, violence are one thing; I just don’t like writing sex. I’m okay with it being heavily implied but, time skips are my friend. I enjoy stories that have at least some sort of fantasy/sci fi element and, I adore heavy fantasy/sci fi. I try to make new characters rather than just recycling old ones and, I like to think I’m good at writing characters to fill requests.

Anyways; here’s some about me. I live in the CST time zone and, will usually post between 8pm and 12 noon. Though I will stop to sleep at some point. This is because I tend to work either a late mid-shift or close. I work as a cosmologist and, even though I’m in my late 20s, am basically the in-training baby at the salon where I work. I do get better every day. When I’m not a work I tend to watch Netflix and dabble in writing novels. My hair changes color every six weeks. It’s a deep violet color right now. I still sleep with my stuffed animal and, I own more pajama bottoms then real pants. In short, I’m not a kid anymore and, I try to be an adult. I just don’t try all the time. My favorite color is purple.

Like I said it’s been about 2 years since I’ve done any serious role-playing. So I’m a little out of practice. I’m hoping that it’s like riding a bicycle but, would appreciate any help you are willing to give as I get back on. I look forward to joining your community. I can’t wait to join the fun.

It’s nice to meet you all.


Role Playing Stuff

I guess will start with the rules I refuse to break.

1. No sex! This is my number one rule for a reason. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t mind gore or violence, but sex is a no go. If we start to head that way, I will call for a time skip. If that doesn’t work for you, I will call it off. If you are looking for sex, please look elsewhere.
2. No one liners. I like a paragraph at least. I aim for 400 to 1000 words. I know this isn’t always doable, so I don’t ask for it but, you should be able to give me at least a paragraph. Please and thank you.
3. No ghosting. Posting doesn’t happen every day. I get that I do. However, if we get to about a week with no response the person whose turn it is should be able to let their partner know if it will be a while. That’s just good manners.
4. No stressing. If our role play is causing you stress or you’re not having fun let’s just end it. I don’t want to be the reason anyone is stressing out. Life comes first. Role playing after.

Here are a few things I’m willing to be a little more flexible on.

1. Spelling and grammar. I would like it if you at least took a spell checker to your posts. I don’t care too much about grammar. That being said, I make typos too, so I don’t expect perfection.
2. Characters. I prefer female OCs. I can play males but, you’ll have to be patient with me if I do. I just don’t have the practice. I don’t play nonOCs but, you can. Just don’t make them too OoC. I tend to make a new character for each role play unless there is one, I desperately want to play that will fit. I like character sheets but, I don’t really care about needing an image. A good description works just as well.
3. Romance. I like a good romance but, I need to know if that is what we are aiming for before we start. Personally, I identify as demi romantic, so I need time to prepare for it coming. Otherwise I’m caught off guard when the romance does show up and, my writing suffers as a result. Just fair warning. I don’t care what the genders are as long as they are not related and, both are consenting. No underage stuff either.
4. Language. I prefer we keep it PG13 but, I understand that sometimes only certain words are the only way to get the correct tone across. Just don’t start swearing in every post.
5. Be polite. At least in the OoC chat. I get that not all characters are polite but, that doesn’t mean we have to be rude to each other. In my experience things go better when people are nice. That doesn’t mean we have to agree completely. It just means we aren’t mean about it as we try to resolve our differences.

As for settings I like original settings and world building best. However, I’m open to fandoms. I just won’t do fandoms I don’t really know. As I said previously, I will only do OCs. I feel like I can’t do canon characters justice. Let me know what fandoms you’re looking for and, I might be able to help out.

Here are a few things I’m looking for.

1. I’m really just looking for a consistent partner that won’t ask for sex and, will give me decent post lengths. If you are looking for the same or anything below send me a PM with any of your ideas. I would love to hear from you.
2. Digimon Adventure. I love Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. It was my first anime before I even knew what anime was, so I always love a good story using that setting.
3. Bleach. Swords. Magic spells. Boys with awesome hair. When I ignore the declining story quality, I love it! My first serious role plays were Bleach, so I have some old OCs I wouldn’t mind brushing off.
4. Transformers. I actually have a plot for this one regrading a traitorous Decepticon and a human girl. I would be asking my partner to be playing the Decpticon and I would be playing the girl. Other then that the secondary characters would mostly be canon i.e. Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Bumblebee, etc. The Depticon could be a canon character. I realize this one will be a hard one to find a partner for but, I really want to do it.
5. Anything original. Seriously. Original super heroes. A love story. Gods and monsters. School days. Vampires. Aliens. If you need a partner for something, I will at least hear you out. If I don’t like it, I will at least be polite about telling you no.

In conclusion, I need more role plays. I will be polite and, if I can’t post I will let you know. Please send me a pm if you are interested or have any questions. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Thank you for your time,


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Darin absently pet Mitaja. She figured that Ridahne was correct. This was a hunting cat. The human was fairly positive that hunting cats should not be this friendly to strangers. Her handler’s words only proved that. Darin liked animals, and they tended to like her. Still, this went beyond that. This was something more. This was something the human didn’t quite understand.

Darin had one hand on Talbot and another entangled in Mitaja, “Animals like me better than people do, and I like animals better than I like people. In fact, I strongly dislike people though there are certain persons I like.”

That may not have made complete sense, but it was true. Darin only liked select individuals. Her mother, Milla, Thomas, Rolland, maybe Ridahne, but definitely the farmer from Greyrock. That was less than ten. On the other hand, Darin had only meet one animal she disliked, but that dog had been trained to be a bully and abused by their person. That was the first time since her father left that Darin had spent time with people her own age. The dog’s human was an older man and the teenagers of the village had worked together to get the creature away from the abuse. It had bit all of them at some point. Darin had to fight a smile. George still had teeth marks in an unfavorable location. Darin was lucky she did not. Her bite marks had healed nicely. So, there was that.

Darin shook her head, “But this is new. I think they all know. I haven’t been attacked by any animals in areas where I should have given the fact that I’ve been traveling alone. I know Talbot told his person about it. Which means other animals can tell as well, and they could tell their person. Which may not be a good thing.”

There were other people like Mark out there. There might even be people worse than Mark out there. They had to have horses and dogs and maybe even cats. Animals were loyal. They might not be able to communicate the same way Talbot seemed to be able to do, but Darin knew better than to count on that. This whole journey was making Darin a paranoid mess. She had to resist the urge to rub her hand against the band on her thigh. Ridahne hadn’t asked to see The Seed yet, and the human didn’t want to give her a reason to do so.

Talbot pressed closer to her. Darin smiled over her shoulder at him. It was clear that the horse was trying to offer some level of comfort. Darin removed both her hands from the pair of animals. She looked around for her sickle. She had lost in when Talbot all but tossed her. Talbot trotted over to a spot. Darin moved with him to see her weapon on the ground. She bent down to pick it up. Talbot blew at her hair as she stood back up. Darin looked at the horse. Once Talbot was sure he had the girl’s attention he looked at the sky.

Darin smiled and let out a small laugh, “You’re right. It is about to rain.”

The farmer could smell it, and the clouds in the distance were a sure indication. The undersides were steadily becoming a darker grey. They were also moving this way incredibly fast. Darin tucked the handle of the sickle into her belt so she could use both hands to grab on to the reins so she could get back on top of Talbot. Talbot decided to be kind and bent down so Darin wouldn’t have to climb so high. The human figured that the horse wanted to get moving just as quickly. This was going to turn into a storm; not the kind of rain anyone wanted to be caught out in for any reason whatsoever. As soon as Darin was upright Talbot unbent his knees.

The human told Ridahne, “We might want to find a place to wait out the rain. We have an hour or two at most before it hits us.”

Darin had no idea why she was telling the Elf this. Ridahne was the well-traveled warrior. Darin was just a farmgirl. Ridahne probably knew better than her. Maybe it was because Darin wanted to make it clear that she did know somethings; like weather. Her livelihood depended on the weather. Darin had learned to read the sky quickly. It was one of the few things her father had taught her. It was something everyone in the village had known how to do. If Darin was back home the whole village would be finishing up their outside work, or at least finding a stopping point, and preparing to start work that could be done in doors. That was just pure common sense.
Darin stared up at Ridahne, “I like horses fine. It’s being on top of them that I am not sure I can handle.”

She slowly pushed her way into to a sitting position. Without really thinking about it her hand came up to cup her injured shoulder. It had begun throbbing during the gallop and being tossed off had caused more pain. It wasn’t anything Darin couldn’t handle. In fact, she had suffered worse and believed she would suffer worse in the future. It just stung a little bit. At least Ridahne’s stiches seemed to be holding. Darin did not want to go though blood loss again. That had been a new experience. She didn’t like slowly losing conciseness as she struggled to stay awake. IT had been a battle she couldn’t win. It was terrible.

She looked around at where they were, “In fact, I like most animals better than people. Animals tend to be nicer, and if they are being mean they are usually defending territory or have been trained by cruel people.”

Honestly the human had a high opinion of animals than she did of people. That wasn’t a new opinion either. When her father had left the village, no one had come to help out her mother and her at the farm. They didn’t make them social pariahs, but they hadn’t done anything to include them either. Darin could only hope that Thomas and Milla were keeping their promise to take care of her mother. She had no proof that they would. Darin had never had that problem with animals. They had no concept of selfishness or greed.

Darin had been starting off into space as she had these thoughts. Slowly she turned to stare at Talbot as she slowly realized something. Talbot stared right back. Darin looked around for Ridahne’s cat. The human couldn’t remember the animal’s name. She couldn’t find them. That cat had come right up to her when they first meet. Ridahne’s horse had done no protesting when Darin got on yesterday. Darin knew that she had to have gone though areas with creatures such as wolves and bears. She had worried about them but had never actually never seen them. She had just though it was luck. She wasn’t sure that was true anymore.

Darin focused on keeping her breathing slow, “Your cat, what’s their name? Where are they?”

Talbot let out a snort as Darin continued to look around. He putted out. Darin slowly stood and walked over to him. With out looking she reached out to stroke his nose. Her back was to him. He put his nose on her uninjured shoulder, so Darin instinctively twisted her arm. She thought she might have figured out how Talbot knew she had The Seed. She wasn’t sure how to prove it though. If she was right Darin had both more allies than she thought and a bigger problem than even Ridahne could handle.
Thank you! You rock!
Okay. I would like to clarify a few things. The ojih are Ridahne's face tattoos? And they basically tell her life story correct?
Darin muttered to herself, “Right. Straight back, moving hips, squeezing my knees means go faster.” She looked up from her lap, “Are we good with that Talbot?” Talbot let out a snort and shook his head in a sort of nod, so Darin nodded as well, “We are good then.”

It wasn’t actually that hard once Darin found herself in position. At times Talbot would go a little faster. Darin found herself paying attention to Talbot’s ears. The left one would flick back when ever he sped up. So, the next time they were just walking, before Talbot got a chance, Darin reached out to tap his left ear. The horse flicked the ear back as he broke out into a trot. This time he didn’t stop. The human thought for a moment before reaching out to tap his right ear. Then he slowed down. That was certainly going to be an interesting system, and Darin could already see how it would cause problems.

She told him that, “That won’t work for everything Talbot.” He snorted at her, “I mean it! It’s fine for training me to ride, but in combat or running away it won’t work.” This time his snort conveyed the feeling of reluctant agreement, “Thank you. But we will figure something out. I promise.”

Talbot nodded again. He was by far the smartest horse Darin had ever meet. He wasn’t as sweet as Heath, but he was more intelligence. The farmer had told Darin that Talbot told him things. She was willing to believer that the horse was smarter than most people, herself included. Then her eyes went wide as she suddenly remembered something.

Her tone was accusatory, “Your person said you told him what I was doing! How did you know?”

The noise Talbot made could only be described as a laugh. Darin stared at him in shock. This was a big deal. Talbot may have seen the band around her thigh, but how had the horse known that it contained The Seed? Darin believed that Talbot knew. There was no doubting that. Still, she needed to know how he knew. That way she could make sure that her tell didn’t tell other people, people like Mark.

She scolded Talbot, “This isn’t funny! Going faster when I’m not expecting it; I can see why that would be funny. Tossing me off could be funny if I wasn’t seriously hurt. The Seed is important, and I don’t want people to know I have it if I can help it.” She gestured out to Ridahne, “I didn’t even tell Ridahne! She had to figure it out for herself!”

Talbot stopped suddenly, and it took all Darin had just to stay on. She got the impression that Talbot wasn’t all that impressed with her. That was okay, Darin wasn’t impressed with herself either. Then, with as little warning as when he stopped, Talbot started up again. He hadn’t told her how he knew. Then again, maybe he had, and She just wasn’t listening or paying attention properly. She supposed that was more likely. It would explain why he was irritated with her.

Darin asked another question in a softer tone of voice, “Can people like Mark find in the same way?” Talbot shook his head, “Well okay then. I’ll take that.”

Talbot let out another whinny. His left ear flicked twice. Darin’s eyes went wide. She was just in time. As soon as her arms were wrapped around his neck. he took off faster than he ever had before. Talbot bucked a little bit, and Darin forced herself to sit up straight. It wasn’t that bag. In fact, once she got use to it, it was a nice way to move. Then Talbot stop suddenly, and she fell straight off.

Darin landed on her back to stare straight up at the sky, “Owe.”
Darin followed Ridahne as they left Greyrock. She may have been imagining it, but she could swear she could feel the tension leave Greyrock with them. She couldn’t help but feel like her connection to people was changing. It scared her, but even scarier was the fact that that it excited her. She couldn’t explain either feeling. She couldn’t explain this connection. It came from The Seed. She knew that much. She had to wonder if it was only because of The Seed. A quiet part of her whispered that a connection took two people to make a connection. What if it was her?

Darin gave her head a shake as she continued to follow Ridahne. She wasn’t really following. Talbot was following. Darin was honestly just along for the ride. She was not riding very well. She knew that she was basically a novice. She had to wonder if the fact that Talbot was so big was contributing. She didn’t know at all. She supposed she could ask Ridahne.

Darin looked over to ask and immediately fell silent. Ridahne looked like she was thinking about something deep. The human had no way of knowing what that was. She didn’t know if an interruption would be welcome or not. Darin moved to speak again but couldn’t find her voice. Darin blew some air outside of her mouth. She wasn’t used to being silent. She talked to herself all the time. Now that she had people with her, she felt an indescribable urge to chatter at them. Luckily, she had practice being quiet. The elders didn’t like pointless noise. For once Darin wasn’t the one upsetting them. She clung to that with a tight determination until this trip. Now it didn’t matter.

Finally, she found her voice, “Ridahne? Can you give me some tips on riding? I feel like that I’m about to fall off.”

Now there was a fact. She didn’t know if it was her incompetence, Talbot’s size, or a combination of both, but she literally felt like she was one misstep from falling off. Talbot must of sense that because all of the sudden he broke into a brief trot. Darin let out a small shriek as she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. After the trot was over, he let out a whinny that sounded almost like a laugh.

Darin slowly sat up as she scolded him, “That’s not funny Talbot!”

The human didn’t think that the horse agreed with her because he just whinnied again. Darin suddenly felt the urge to get off and walk. She resisted that urge. She had just asked Ridahne for help. She would never learn without practice, and she did need to learn. Maybe it would be easy. Maybe not. Darin was thinking that it wouldn’t be easy. Nothing lately had been easy. Well that wasn’t true. Getting Talbot was easy. She had a really nice sickle. That was a big plus. It was currently siting on her lap. She didn’t want to lose it. Maybe she could turn her ripped up shirt to a harness or belt for it. That would be amazing.

She was also wondering how long it would take to get to The Tree. Darin supposed that depended on if they took a direct route. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to do that. Then again Ridahne seemed apprehensive of going to The Tree. It might just be best to get it over it. Darin couldn’t decide what the best course of action would be. That was standard at this point. At least one thing was constant.
Got it. Thank you!
How bad does Ridahne think it is? If you don't mind me asking?
Hello. Me again. I'm sorry I keep bothering you. The reason why Darin was able to sense Mark's evil so strongly was because it was so strong. I don't think Ridahne was evil and I don't want to know what she did until she tells Darin (That's half the fun of role playing) bit the closer Darin gets to The Tree the stronger her powers will get. On a scale of like Jack, the farmer, being 1 and Mark being ten how "evil" was what Ridahne did? Did that make sense?
I'm sorry it's so short. I didn't want it to drag.
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