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This sounds interesting! If you're still looking, hit me up!
Very interesting. Sending pm
Hey there, sorry for the long absence. Had some health issues come up. I tried getting back into this rp, but I can't seem to find my muse. Again, sorry.
It's fine. I'll have an updated post for you shortly.
*sigh* would you like me to rewrite it? I'll rewrite it.
Sorry. Didn't see the message. This is why I'm not a fan of forum rp. Yes. He's in the village. But it was his men that found the cellar. I was just going with my cs and your post. Was going to have Mathias rejoin his men in my next post.
Do you have any pairings or ideas in mind? I have a few MxM ones I could offer if interested.
War had clashed throughout the land for years, but quick wit and patience had finally awarded their kingdom a brief respite. Though outright war had teetered on the precipice of breaking free once more, negotiations had managed to keep the would be battle-fields on the borders between kingdoms quiet. Unfortunately, the raiders and bandits refused to follow the same code of peace and neutrality. Almost daily, Mathias received reports from various parts of the kingdom where villages were raided and sacked, many put to the torch if his men were not able to get there in time. The kingdom was vast and the army was being spread painfully thin in his attempts to keep everyone safe. He had moved some in closer to the capital to try and minimize the casualties, but many refused to leave their homes and families despite the looming threats. It was all Mathias could do to keep his towns and villages covered, but he continued to try. The last report of raiders attacking one of his Southern-most villages had come in the night, and Mathias had instantly dispatched the remaining small cadre of guards, mostly his own personal guard, to accompany him as they went to see to their safety. They would be travelling most of the night to get there, but he didn't give them a choice. Though the village rested on one of the further borders, they were still his people, and Mathias intended to do whatever he could to keep them safe. Even if, at the end of the day, that meant nothing more than laying their bodies to rest with all of the appropriate respect and dignity they deserted. Sometimes, that was all he could do. They rode in silence, bodies braced low against necks of mounts as they fought against time and distance to get there before all hope was lost. The trip had passed in a blur of hurried scenery as they'd galloped through towns and hunting trails alike. The scent of smoke had the horses snorting and tossing their heads long before the blaze became evident to their eyes. The carnage of the village came as no surprise, but was still a hard thing to see. Brooding silently over the destruction of their home, Mathias sat back in his saddle and let Arius take control. Twice his age and equally experienced, the captain of his guard didn't need guidance in this matter. "Spread out!" the captain called, rising in his stirrups to look over the twelve men and women who had come with them. "Find any survivors." he called, even as his old, tired eyes scanned the burning buildings from beneath his cowl with little hope. "Sari, Lex, take the perimeter. Find me the bloody beasts that did this!" The two men in question gave a quick fist-to-chest salute and wheeled their tired mounts to scout the countryside. Frowning, Mathias picked a direction and kneed his mount into a walk. So much damage and destruction. So much unnecessary death and pain. Anger fought with exhaustion and sadness as he carefully picked his way through the carnage. Ari frowned briefly as he watched Mathias take off. Briefly, he debated following him, but in the end he turned to search the city himself. He didn't expect they'd find anything, but he'd be damned if he didn't at least try. Nudging his own colt forward, he began to pick through the rubble in hopes of finding at least some survivors. Activity from one of the cellars in the far side of the village drew Ari's attention and he dismounted and tied off the reigns of his horse to a solid-looking tree before approaching. By the time he'd gotten there the soldiers were already well on their way of clearing out survivors, and he didn't hesitate to jump in and help carry out some of the injured older villagers. Leaving them behind with a few of his other men, Arius ducked into the cellar to explore the space for himself. Grateful for the mask that covered his nose and mouth and protected him against the dust and smoke, he moved down the steps. Eyes squinting as his gaze adjusted to the dimness, he frowned when he noticed the beast at the feet of his Sergeant. "Definitely not." he echoed her words as he looked from the felid on the ground to the villager that had come over to answer the woman's questions. His brows rose slowly at the elder man's description, and he looked down to the unconscious male with new interest. "He protected you?" he asked in disbelief. It wasn't like the beasts to help out the humans, but it would certainly explain his presence here, especially with all of the children clinging to him like some great savior. "I'll take him," Ari rumbled when the children had finally been cleared away. "Help the rest of the villagers." he instructed the soldier, though the few remaining stragglers were already making their way out. "Seems the rest of the village is gone." he rumbled quietly as he crouched down and hauled the beast-man over his shoulder. Adjusting his weight, he braced the unconscious beast with a hand against the small of his back and headed up the stairs to rejoin his comrades. "We'll need a wagon to get everyone out of here. Majesty wants them taken inland for their own safety in case the raiders return." Ari announced as he draped the beast-man's form across the front of his own saddle as gently as was possible. "Him I'll be taking back to the keep for questioning." he informed, leaving no room for argument as he vaulted up into the saddle behind the beast. "Is that everyone?" Mathias asked as he approached the small group of villagers. He didn't mean to sound so disappointed, but there were so few! "Aye, majesty." Ari rumbled as he mounted and settled a hand on the cat to keep him from slipping. Mathias' expression twisted into a frown as he did some quick mental math. So many dead. And for what? "The scouts found no sign of anyone." Mathias groused as he moved his own mount closer to Ari's for the trip back.
I think that about covers it all... hm... would you be so kind?
Hey, I'm really sorry this took so damn long. Was laid up and on some pretty heavy meds for a while, couldn't get two thoughts straight. But I'm back and if you're interested here is my king. If not, I totally get it and hope you at least enjoy the read :)

Name: Mathias Anaxkolasi

Race: Human (Mage)

Age: 21

Height: 5'11”

Weight: 155lbs

Hair: Ebony black with tips of deep crimson red. It falls shorter around his face, tapering to about jaw length, while the rest reaches to just below his shoulderblades. Three thin braids fall from his left temple while the rest tends to be kept tied back with a leather cord in a simple tail of faint waves.

Eyes: Emerald green with flecks of gold

Skin: warm caramel, sun-kissed. Tends to be a bit darker in the summer, lighter in the winter.

Build: Best described as a "swimmer's build." Broad, well-toned but not overly-muscled shoulders tapered into lean hips. A flat abdomen showed undeniable definition, without being a full six-pack.

Extra: He has well-defined, almost sharp features. High cheek-bones, thin lips and almond-shaped eyes that tend to be ringed in Khol whenever he is in public. A band of black tribal-like vines have been marked into the skin of his right bicep.

Clothes: Varies a great deal. He is fond of his fine silken shirts and leather trousers when in the comfort of the palace. On the battle field, he prefers leather instead of any true armor, though often layered with chain-mail. Most notable would be his calf-length leather surcoat that holds the golden-dragon crest upon its back. Knee-length leather boots almost always have at least one small throwable blade tucked away.

Accessories: 3 small, silver hoops pierce his left earlobe. Small (2-3" max) throwing knife tucked into the ponytail and hidden within the thick waves of his hair whenever he has to go without visible weapons. It was a gift to him by his trainer and one he holds dear to his heart.

Powers/Skills(If Applicable): Well-trained fighter with sword and staff. Talented archer. From a young age he learned to lead: Politics, military maneuvering, court etiquette, etc.

General Personality: Looking quite young for his age, Mathias has always had to fight to be taken seriously. A keen mind is well hidden behind bright green eyes, and he never hesitates to let it be known. Though this tends to make him a rather serious soul, he is not without his humor. He takes loyalty and family very seriously and is not above correcting those that do not agree. Though outwardly a calm, gentle individual, he is not one to be crossed. He does not enjoy bloodshed, but neither is he truly opposed to war and violence if it gets the job done and his point across. Those that truly know him, know that when the smile comes out during negotiations, someone's life is short. Mathias will do whatever it takes to keep his people safe and happy. It was a promise he made to his father, and Mathias never breaks his word once it is given.

Background: Mathias was born the only son to king Azarien Anaxkolasi. When his mother had two miscarriages after him, it became obvious that he would be the only child and heir to the kingdom. One might think that this would leave the boy lavished in riches and spoiled. It did not. His father chose quite the opposite route. The boy was never to be coddled, but rather raised to grow into the leader that his father had been. He was tutored from an early age in all the aspects of court and warfare. Assigned his own private training instructor, the boy worked daily with blade and staff until his twelfth birthday, where he began to train alongside the troops as well. Along with his physical education, Mathias was tutored daily in history, geography, logic, mathematics, politics, etiquette, and anything else his father thought of to make him a well-rounded and well-prepared ruler.

It was a brief skirmish with one of the neighboring kingdoms that pushed Azarien's plans into action long ahead of schedule. When his father did not return from one of the final battles, it fell to Mathias to take his place. At barely sixteen, it was no wonder that many on the council questioned him and his right to rule. But as the only living heir, there was little they could truly do. Still, it was his first year upon the throne, and his own actions in ending their current strife, that finally convinced both the council, and his people, that he not only belonged upon the throne, but was ready to sit it.

His time now became split between the daily duties of a ruling king: Meetings, court appearances, and other daily tasks within his kingdom, and the continuation of his training. With his father gone, Galen, his trainer, quickly became his cherished mentor. By his twenty first birthday, he had already led his armies into two more campaigns - both successful for their kingdom. He was not going to sit back and direct. It was something that garnered him the loyalty of not just his generals, but the common soldiers that fought and died at his side. Mathias never hesitated to pick up a sword and run head-long into battle right alongside his men. He fought, bled, and celebrated with the common soldiers, ensuring that they knew his gratitude for their sacrifice. And when those men fell, he always ensured that their families were taken care of.

When one of the larger kingdoms on their Northern border decided to begin hostile movements again, Mathias was quick to dispatch his men in hopes of preventing battle. But the Outlanders refused to back down. Before long, they found themselves caught on two fronts: The main front where the two kingdoms clashed, and within their smaller villages where raiding parties periodically came and struck - looting and burning whatever they found. There was no other option, he had to split his attentions. Leaving his generals to the front lines, Mathias took a small party and set off towards the villages to do what he could to protect those people that had given up their boys and men to fight for their king. Three villages they passed, turning back the raiders despite being outnumbered. By the time they reached the last village, most of it was up in flames. The raiding party gone, Mathias scoured the small village, his men putting out fires as they moved until finally a small group of survivors was tracked to the hidden cellar.
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