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3 yrs ago
Current I have this craving - I just can’t figure out what it’s for.
4 yrs ago
Proud mama of a beautiful baby boy who has wonderfully taken over my life but I miss you guys.
6 yrs ago
Sorry for the delay. Holidays are a busy time of year!
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7 yrs ago
Still looking for another high casual partner. I really should make myself an interest check.
7 yrs ago
Sorry partners! Crazy week. Will post soon :)


I love the raw sexual energy between two characters that deny feelings for one another. I love being the arrogant badass who knows seduction as a weapon and defiance as a defense. I love the struggle between need and pride, power and humility.

I need a partner willing to explore; who's not afraid of death and destruction, of love and passion. A partner who isn't so attached to their characters to portray themselves to give the perfect fantasy - I want to slap an ass as a cocky son of a bitch without the fear of offending my partner, while having the chance to grow my character too. I don't need to be the cliche where 'bad boy meets nice girl, and changes for the better'. You know what? Maybe he starts on the right path, but in the end it gets shot in the chest and never makes it out.

A vampire who can't outfight the hunters. A wolf who can't outsmart the traps. A witch emerged in a power he or she can't handle. A demon that doesn't have a soul to be saved. A human who's thrown in a life that he loves, but it comes at a price.

I want to inspire and to be inspired. I need a writer - not a personal fantasy teller.

I can't say that I'm the most skilled or interesting writer here, but I want to be on a path to better myself, and I hope that I can find a partner willing to work with me. I can take criticism as long as it's given respectfully, and I appreciate honesty. I've been itching to play a character that isn't perfect; a man with his own demons, a woman with an unhealthy obsession, a superhuman creature who is broken.... I just need something new.

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I hope you find what you're looking for! Good luck :)

Thanks you too!

I am. I've got my fill on 1x1s ^^
Must be a new thing, since I was able to update it once before. Not necessarily new here, but I never did introduce myself..

So.. hello. :)
Have fun!
You've got some interesting plots there. Looks like you've had them for quite a while too.
Still looking?
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