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Ravadon now:
“Oh, that’s adorable. The rocks are reflecting my beauty once again. It is almost as though they were as pretty as I am. ALMOST.” The lacking of minecarts made Ravadon imagine himself riding a chariot across the tracks at high speeds, jumping out at the last second and saving the day as all enemies fell down to beg for even more mercy. “A storage container of metallic format?” Raising one hand and throwing his head back and forth. “Pretty brutal” Ravadon got off his high horse for just a few seconds… “But not as glorious as I am…” Or at least, he thought about it.
He celebrated his findings in hope that if the chest or any other would attack his glorious persona, the drama of such an unexpected attack would forever mark the attacker as a villain. Approaching the chest, he sought to take all of its content in the way the fat lady that sings, eats her oatmeal.
Till there’s nothing left(inside) and you can’t take any more(singing).
When the chest was emptied, he realized some of this might not be just a pile of loot. A plié performed perfectly followed, before he decided to rush down the blue marked path. “I hope petty tiny patch-eyes doesn’t chase me…”
Ice-broken corruption now left a light on the floor. Though the source of the light was unseen, the shadows surrounding it would darken any object resting on it.

Kor put up his best stature, looked the puggers in the eyes and exclaimed as official he could: "You have no right to hunt and slay the innocent..." A low tremble surrounded the young Kor. He almost displayed a primal certification about him. The raging storm heading towards him melted the dust they stood on. "A lord fights not. And I shall not serve." Was the answer in the wind of the storm, ever closing on the young one. The young one only stood there. No weapons, no armors, no abilities. Kor spit his final slimes.
"I do not fight..." The power of the storm shook his ears. Unchaged resolve overwhelmed him as he let out a tear.
"I hunt!"
The storm ended. The few puggers fell down on their knees and elbows before him. With power surging from them into Kor, slimes filled their throats. Shaking filled their joints even, as their authority was taken from them for agressive inconsistent wrongdoing.
Kor effortlessly reached into the puggers bodies and relieved them off all vital organs, one by one...
The balance organ, the digestive system, the ocular eyenabler...
With all organs layed out before him, the slimes now stained the palms of his hands as the puggers started to fall apart, never to be relieved from there again. A small pool of corruption was slowly making it's way towards Sargom.

Kor noticed and decided to follow.
Interested, will read up on more of it later.

Cool. Nice too see you manage hectic so well. ^-^
Hey @Skrubsetsu!

Did you get your new laptop yet?
There's a minor misinterpretation. The crystals are embedded in the ceiling for guidance and cannot be picked up.

Well.. that's going to change my post a little.. *Retcon intensifies!!*

' Having swapped the blue with the yellow crystal, he ran into the darkness. ' this got adjusted...

Post is up, pranks are too.. I just hope i didn't misinterpret what you said... O.o
Ravadon knew there would be no better oppertunity to escape this cavernsystem than to walk right into the sunlight and read the letter. However, as was natural to him, his curiosity got the best of him. With little regard for the one-eyed boy, he ran into the dark tunnel with the blue crystal first. Seeking glory in surviving the dangers of the depths.

Rushing to take or pick up the crystal, he concluded that taking all three would be impossible without "patch eyes" noticing. "Hm..." he whispered to himself. "I might navigate to the escape away from patch eyes using these crystals." Having memorized the blue and the yellow crystals position, he ran into the darkness. He was pretty proud of his achievements, but sadly had little time left to celebrate out loud.

With curls and turns flying by him, Ravadon hurled himself down through the darkness. While wearing spare clothes and a letter he snatched from the one who woke him, he thought to himself: "Where does this inferior tunnel lead me and my glory!?"
Hmm.. Thin might be busy writing up. After all.. It's way easier to be a partaker than a worldbuilder.
(reader, watcher, consumer, ...) (GM, movie producer, actor,...).
Has life truely caught up to us? Have we gone too far!?!
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