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5 yrs ago
Current Might not be around for a while. Thanks for visiting, though. ^^
5 yrs ago
I'm BACK!!! Get ready to be receive some roleplay, roleplayer!
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6 yrs ago
Won't be actively playing until I'm out of my burn-out. Good luck and happy roleplaying to everyone.
6 yrs ago
Reached my 1 year roleplaying milestone. I really couldn't have done it without you! Thank you all so much. <3
7 yrs ago
Ready to wreck some p(h)ools!


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Yeah, what's up?
Here, I'll leave it open for ya. ^^^

Gotta love me some tik-tok memes
Sure. Here's the link:


(will work for 24 hours)
Dude, I've just been dying as I was building up a dnd discord server. :P
It's only nearly ready and very RP heavy.

Other than that, Life's been busy.. school's a pain.. >.<
Lel, nice. You guys are just in time too.

One of our students "Elnesto" got kidnapped and we're rallying a rescue party. ^^
My character's name is Rux. A slow burner and an orc.
You can read more about him in "Characters"

I'm at the school's playground. If anyone wants to enter, this might be a good place to start. :D
Do we actually have any weapons other than our powers?
"I'm certain it was Elnesto."
Rux lies.
"Let's get a move on."
I would think so, but @Shadow Dragon has the final say.
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