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Could a minor edit be made to the post with Ravadon's contract, like deleting Isabella's name? It seems to be a sticking point for ineffable (and I can kinda see why, having looked at the post again), and it would be a fairly simple edit to make.

Regarding the wait period...the king doesn't have much more to say. If we were all at court during a peaceful meeting, the king would be giving long and glowing speeches about how wonderful his daughters are, discussing compensation and rewards, and examining each potential rescuer in detail. But since he's been pretty traumatized, all he can muster is a desperate "plz halp." He might have much more to say if we waited a few more in-game days, but leaving ASAP is the wiser course of action. The Reaper can provide lore dumps along the way as needed.

Turned a representative into "any representative" ^^

EDIT: I'll also take the liberty of postponing while Ravadon isn't doing anything noteworthy, interesting or plot relevant.

Well, originally the list was with most of the names in OOC reference... Also, if le queen isabella needs saving, I guess her name would be on the contract? I'm guessing the king could reward her too(with gold to motivate her/thank her) for coming back.

Also, I think many of us are waiting for the king to say more than "Help my daughters? please, adventurers!"
(no offense @thinslayer )
<Snipped quote by Samdragonx>

Well for starters how can Ravadon have such metaknowledge.

He doesn't. (Or shouldn't depending on how you look at it)
I just don't have any feasible way of getting everyone together when leaving things to random chance. Ravadon doesn't actually know any of these things. I'm just trying to meta-game everyone into playing together a bit more... as right now things sort of seem to go spaghetti.
What are you confused by, my dear?

Well, I guess that clears things up. ^-^
Well, with consistancy out the window, Lord zee replying to himself and some peoples not posting, I guess I'll wait for me to play my part and do it as best I can. (poorly at that probably tooo... xD)

But ok, sure. Let's roll with it and see where the story takes us.
Well, that throws a wrench into the recruiting contract, doesn't it?

EDIT: as she's part of the contract...
Really looking forward to what everyone will be writing.. ^^
@Lord ZeeThe typical vanquisher of evil joins the frey, I see! xD
Ravadon's staring out over the city ended as a certain reaper was listing concerns with a contract Ravadon was going to give to the king.

"Why do we need two rangers? And why are we contracting people we do not even have yet? No, you know what? Don't answer that. You are the hero now. Do whatever you want. I have had enough crud to deal with for one day."

With that, the Reaper turned its back on everyone and let out a long sigh.
Ravadon couldn't help by hear "do whatever you want."

And so, he did. "Reaper, rewrite the enlisting in understandable language and prepare to depart. If you don't like it, you can swap our roles. "

"Edward, I hope you're done eating, because we're going to go recruit the other members on the list."
He turned towards the door when he noticed a person standing in the way...
"Ehh.. excuse me? Who are you?"
Oh, snap... Did you just say.... orcs? heavy breathing

*takes bag to breathe into*

Moar plox!

EDIT: I just read the post. I'm curious. What decisions am I allowed to make? Can I just rampage through the lands?
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