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So, I finally got to posting. I was honestly in need of quite some recovery after your post. It had impessed me deeply.

" He could use her against them. He could use him against everyone else." <== this line, right here :P
Ruckus was afoot.
The encampment was busy assigning the guards and traders for the day. They calculated that with their riches they would be able to buy out exactly one shop. Dividing their earnings equally to gather the supplies they needed (and liked) to save their friends. With a handfull assigned specifically for the task of gathering rogue/thief tools.

Sargom was still asleep when the morning hours had passed.
"Can't believe I've slept this long..." The young warrior rose from her slumber. "Ugh.. the drinks were a bit too strong last night"
There was no doubt that the girl was having a bad hang-over. One of the younger companions tended to Sargom: "We're going to go to the auction, would you hurry up!"
Sargom would pick herself up from the floor saying: "A great person in the evening, a great person in the morning." Though the feelings of nausea would not conform to how tough she'd like to act.

With a thousand flashes of light having passed, most of the party was out shopping.
Kor had gathered Mildor, Aegnith and Sargom. Soon they would meet the museum of the Merchants city. A city seemingly open to strangers. The first thing that was noticible were the large spike-doors hanging from the ceiling. The owner of the establisment known and announced as Mr. M was happy to wave his arms open and welcome in all that paid. The auction was about to start.
A list of Items inside: "5 golden statues in the shape of an M, a new mystery from many miles away, a bleeding coin, a fiery axe and the one and only Skull of Kod."
Or at least, that's what the poster read.

It seems the weekend will be my first opportunity to finish what I was prepping to post. (Will update this and tag you in my post)
I'll get you a reply.. probably within 48 hours. (I know, long time.. but I'm behind on a mountain of homework and only just found inspiration enough to do it... as it is due tomorrow xD )
It's ok. People could say my middle name is patience. But that's false. As it is "Josh".

(Also, I could have made a meme about this, but I was busy failing my schoolcarreer when the server was down for a bit... So, no biggy ;) )
And I'm still staring into the abyss that is discord, though we'd probably not use it unless RPG goes down again.

Having a means of communication outside of RPG

Finally get to tell you: YES, PLEASE!

Hit us with the link if you can? O.o

A Hall somewhere in the heart of Denegrim

“Don’t you think you’ve gotten a little extreme? It’s not like the children could do any actual harm…”
“You, of all people, shouldn’t be talking about getting extreme.”

“Wow, way to bring the mood down, Tendum. ”

Tendum let out a sigh. With a shrug of the uttermost absolute carelessness, he wandered away from the pitiful confrontation. Like a victor standing over their spiteful foe, he looked around for a better challenge. When none forced themselves upon him, the mountain tree branches rubbed off on him.

Not used to the heights, …(not Tendum… greeted the people of Denegrims capital. “War, how fare you?” His hand reached the height of his head as the fingers circled his palm. The gesture hardly matched his common greeting, but one of the people replied with similar response. Getting into a conversation about the usual topics of controversy. Whether they be beast attacks, the newest hall or even the clan leader struggling to remain loyal to the Manhandler’s denomination of strength.

A few weeks passed before ….(Tendum and the crew)… were entirely adapted and established in their new environment. Getting used to the accents so far away from home, they couldn’t help but take time to bring themselves up to date on the latest distinctions of the words “kill” and “food” in both Denegrimian subcultures. All the extensive worldly discovery details aside, they were asked to be seen by the dictator. The person who was effectively emperor, high king and pope. Luckily for them, it would be one visit and the visit would not include the Vassal clan leaders or any of the pretentious wannabe’s that so often usurped the dictators time. (The parliament & above.)
Arriving at the hall, there’s not a single person in sight. Nor was there a single person inside. Sheepishly staring into the hall, the group began to doubt their original premise. The emperor wasn’t going to show up and they would be stripped from their rights as citizens, just because they failed that one boar hunt last month. And to top it all off, the pesky council of honorable wannabe pretenders were going to be the heroes that exposed them too.
The rampaging thought process of future despair was interrupted. A deep voice, untrained and not very loud and outspoken fluttered in between the walls. It did not sound like a commoner: “War…”
Well aware of the dictators presence and slightly frightened by the clarity of such a silent greeting, the few humbled themselves and gave back a greeting of their own as gently as they could. “War…”
The lighting in the room was minimal and progressing through the hall happened very slowly. When out of thin air, there seemed to be two bright eyes afloat, reflecting in what little light the hall let into the room.

The eyes were accompanied by a set of instructions. Both booming and unnerving, they were as followed: “From this inner city to the outer reaches where they greet you, walk.”
Genuinely confused as to why they were being sent on a quest to tour the country in a broken sentence, … uttered a “As you will?”.
The instructing continued: “A map of all you find, you will bring to me.”
Mapmaking. The quest the great and proclaimed nearly all powerful warlord, magician master of all of Denegrim needs a group of youngsters for is mapmaking. “He hasn’t done anything for me, he hasn’t provided me with anything, he hasn’t even bothered to change anything to the stupid and redundant psychological study system that tries to divide people into 8 categories.” Resounded within Tendums mind. With a deep sigh in his mind, Tendum replied in sync with the rest of the group: “As you will”.
“Your final instruction is to name them to me. Once you can no longer remember the places you have visited, you may return and deliver.”
“As you will”, the group replied once more. Tendum was still not convinced this entity was supposed to be their grand leader. “What was with the shady behavior? Did he really need to hide his body from the handful of people that came specifically to serve him? Why was it so incredibly important that this remained a secret? It wasn’t like anyone wasn’t going to be asking them what the reason for their visitation was. And if the dictator was not in fact such a great warrior, he could at the very least have resorted to sending out letters. What was with all these shenanigans and secrecy?...” The chain of thought was broken.
“Shame is a powerful tool”, The deep voice seemingly replied. “And exactly why you wisely do not openly speak your mind against your dictator. But there is no place you could hope to hide from me. Skilled warriors don’t need protection to strike their enemies.” Tendum took a moment to swallow his pride. “You will do my bidding, worse yet. You specifically will reread your mind and remember every location you visit. And visit them all you shall.” Before Tendum had a chance to response, the voice continued to address the others. “Now leave before your body submits entirely to my authority too. ”
Tendum woke up with the sound of doors slamming shut behind him. The memory of that red shirt underneath the piercing gaze still staining his eyelids, he felt like something unexplainable had just happened to him.
“Haha, I knew it, dude! This guy is the real deal. Just look at the authority this guy has. I couldn’t move! I couldn’t even resist. And I’m said to be the brains of the party. I better not get to close to this place again or I might just start growing bodily hair just to conform to the emperors will. Whoohoo!”
Couldn’t she shut up? Didn’t she realize we were just mind controlled by some sick trick? “Hey, mind control doesn’t share your excitement. And there’s good reason for the brains of the party to shut it.” “Yeah, sure. That’s what all these barriers here are for. Let’s face it, you felt it too. You felt the power. The real unbridled power of authority. And you even listened to it twice in a row, now. Sounds to me like that’s pretty consistent. But hey, don’t dally on your defeat to be your own man, we can still get you a book and have you hallucinate on fertility.” The words would have driven Tendum to more spite if he actually cared about books. Sadly for him, the decision to rush back into the room was met with a fully lit room. Clearly visible torches and open, curtain free windows revealed not a single person inside. Not before hundreds of fangirls stormed in, nearly trampling our hero and the rest of the party.

Staring at the blankness of what once might become his greatest adversary and role model alike, Tendum couldn’t suppress the urge to go out and have a look at all of Denegrim. Marking the beginning of his adventure, he spend the next month working for gold, preparing to leave and gathering supporters to fund his religions representation in parliament.

But it wasn’t long before Tendum noticed a surprising change in the atmosphere. The people here were, without a doubt, the tallest among those that lived in Denegrim. With more than a few being several feet taller than Tendum, he expected there to be some form of corruption ongoing. Corruption he was introduced to in the form of an encounter with The Ogres Militants Camp.
Tendum, the intrinsic.

Accompanied by those he forces to work for him, the orc’s known temper has on the one hand made his parliament members increasingly worried about him. They had to save him from public shaming more than once.
His dominance has always been praised among the craftsmen, on the other hand. Many hoping to one day give their weapons a chance to be wielded by the mighty Tendum.

He’s not certain what his god, the Manhandler wants. But he’s certain it has something to do with his desire to establish his own nation, if not, just taking over Denegrim.
With his rebellious behavior, many are certain he’s of the religion of the strong. Though none are really certain as he’s never been seen taking part in their events, nor has anyone bothered to ask.

Tendum is a tower orc. The big, muscularly impressive orcs that carry out feats well beyond their size. But pay the price by having an insatiable need for such challenges, lest cramps take their very lives.

Tendum considers all invisibility, some stealth and the occasional ranged weaponry illegal. He mostly doesn’t stop the trade or use of these. But he does tend to kill or maim those that use it against him, even if the children didn’t intend to do any actual harm.

Having lived in the center of Denegrim for most of his life, his body has gotten used to scaling hills and seeing a ton of wildlife, though not used to them having a lot of fur or pelt. The winter is harsh on this orc. During the winter he finds the need of being warm if he wants to avoid getting cramps.

Tendum values drinkable water above any other resource. Though glaze steel makes for a close second. He’s not particularly fond of most soft materials, though he won’t openly admit it any more than he’d deny it.

He fears all that goes on outside of the realm of nature. Though he seems unbreakable in most occasions, rituals, the occult, mages and magical beings, such as fey scare the warrior. Their unnatural materials will do the same.

Tendum doesn’t really own a house, neither eye for art nor cares for attaining fine taste.

His favorite foods include, but are not limited to meat, oil and marrow.

Tendum is an aggressively superiority focused, bent on obtaining power through sheer physical strength. His physical prowess is but an extension of his force of will and all that share his vision on such things are considered beautiful by him.
In his pure lawful chaotic nature, he will try and overtake any form of established law-enforcement, if given the chance.

Egg-burst to a family embedded into the parliament Tendum spent most of his life either giving or following orders. Typical Denegrim fashion, but even more so for the upper classes. His youth was spent training, always provided with the tools he needed to further his abilities. Though slowly enough for him to manage his bodies aggressive growth responses. His teenager years were spent climbing hills and fighting off a rebellion of militants. Luckily for him, ogres had not yet shown their faces until he was already a man.
Generally determined to find out how to rid the world of mystery, his blunt nature makes his tongue one of direction, uniformity and clarity. “War” being the key word in his lexicon, the brute carries little for the minor details of combat and will hurl whatever he can get his hands on. Keeping up the fight until a blooded, bitter end, Tendums big, heavy blades make for his greatest military advantage.

Tendum has no real feel or association with the history of Denegrim. But that will be changed soon.

Tendums current state is alive(healthy), looking for a fight(motivated), visiting the Denegrim dictator(goal) and knee deep in blood of the meat pile(location).

Age: 27
Build: Great Muscular
Eye color: Green/yellow
Skin color: Green
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Race: Tower orc
Weight: 195 lbs
Height/Length: 9'
Occupation: Member of parliament, religious honorary member, party leader
Personality: Aggressive, bossy, skeptical

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