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5 yrs ago
Current Might not be around for a while. Thanks for visiting, though. ^^
6 yrs ago
I'm BACK!!! Get ready to be receive some roleplay, roleplayer!
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6 yrs ago
Won't be actively playing until I'm out of my burn-out. Good luck and happy roleplaying to everyone.
6 yrs ago
Reached my 1 year roleplaying milestone. I really couldn't have done it without you! Thank you all so much. <3
7 yrs ago
Ready to wreck some p(h)ools!


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"Alright. Let's get a move on. We need to gather the students able-bodied and entrusted to join us. We'll need to retrieve Elnesto and figure out the questions we still have about his character or past.

Provided those scaley thingies don't slaughter the rest of the school in the meantime, we should have the element of surprise on our hands. Should we remain secretive about our mission?"
"Before I think. What is this all about?" Rux starts getting uncomfortable with a lack of answers.
"Eh.. not that I can remember.. There was screaming and releasing lots of lightning. It even prevented me from reaching him. Why, though? Does it mean something?"
"Ehh.. mostly that he used lightning. We were supposed to go to a party later tonight... But I guess that never happened. Why? Was there something special about Elnesto?"
"It's kinda hard to not hear you, Herm. No offense..."
Rux scratches the back of his head.
"So.. eh.. Prism. Found any leads as to where the scaley flyers went off to?"
"Oh.. nice to meet you too.. how long have you been standing there?" Rux takes hold of the hand to shake it.
Rux jumps up in shock. "Who said that?..." Looking around he tries to identify the one speaking to him.
"Dang it... I should've brought more people..."
Rux creates a little bit of heated smoke and tries to find any windows to look through.
"Ugh, what a morning." Rux makes his way towards the Headmaster.
"Ouh.. spicy. I like." Rux winks at the girl.
"Wait a minute..." Rux turns his head over. "Herm, are you serious? They just stole members of our school and you just sit there drinking shakes?"
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