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That moment when you plan an RP and get the first post up and then your partner deletes the OOC PM thread and doesn't answer... ~_~
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The moment when you're having a Disney movie marathon and you regret nothing. Not even caring that your parents are looking at you funny because your singing along ^^
3 yrs ago
Gonna rewatch the Harry Potter series ^<^ <3
4 yrs ago
Rest in peace Alan Rickman, we will miss you and hope you rest easily now. Good-bye Professor Severus Snape, may you enjoy eternal happiness. <3



@kryusa The Sasuke to my Naruto. My kouhai and new bestest friend. You've made my life complete with our Roleplay's and I adore you and thank you for it. <3 <3

@Rhage My partner in crime and a dear friend :) β™‘β™‘

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@lostnotfound I may be rusty as all hell but I'm willing to shake off the dust for a friend, this should be fun :) Bring on the romance and sol! \^~^/
Awake before the sun even breached the sky, James moved silently through the thick woods around him. Paws silent on the dew-covered ground, pricked ears twitching with each faint call of a bird. The need to shift and run had been hard to control during his trip back to England but he'd managed, it was harder there to just run free then here in the Preserve. The air smelled crisp and slightly floral and it soothed him, body relaxed as he ran through the trees and over creeks. It was best to do this now before classes began, dealing with the full moon was hard enough but add the need to run in and you had a recipe for disaster.

So he ran until his flanks were heaving and the sun had long since risen into the sky. Before turning and heading back towards his car, tail wagging happily behind him. That had hours ago and now with the prospect of classes beginning so one couldn't blame him for wanting out, which led him to his current location. Now as he made his way towards the trees behind the dorms he couldn't help but glance at Ashton, who was like a shadow by now to him. Even if he was human he loved research and seemed intent on sticking around. The breeze that swept around them promised a chilly night, but it also brought with it the scents of everyone on campus. Two hours they's been here which gave them enough time to kill, they'd grabbed lunch as well as settled their things into their dorms. Just as he reached the edge of the trees he felt his phone vibrate from within his jeans, which drew his attention from the branches before him. Reading what filled his screen be couldn't help but snort in amusement, before tucking his phone away without replying.

Aston blinked at him in question but said nothing, before a grin split his pale face and he turned to follow him. ❝It was Tobias, shall we we go?❞ He asked rhetorically even as they began to walk once more, nostrils flaring slightly to search for the odd scent that came from the banshee. Which was a bit hard to do since his scent was slightly muted due to the sheer mass of other scents around, but he did find him by the fountain without too much trouble.

❝Hey there, Tobias. Sure send a message to James but not me. I've been stuck here all break without a word from anyone.❞ Ashton said with a grin and waggle of his pale-blonde brows, tone teasing even as he sat down on the edge of the fountain. James rolled his eyes before reaching out a hand to instinctively run it along the pale skin of his neck, the need to scent-mark hard to ignore. Ashton then began a story of his trip to Russia to see his family, which James tuned out in favor of simply basking in the warmth of the sun above.

He wondered he if could take a nap for a bit, internally cursing in Japanese at his parents for booking a return flight for last night. While he'd enjoyed his break back home in Osaka the time difference was killing him, well and the lack of sleep too but whatever. His stuff was already in his room and he'd even met his roommate, now he was just wandering the campus for a bit.

Catching up with old friends and his family had been the best part, as well as shopping and just being back home. But there was something in the back of his mind that told him that this was his home to, so here he was fighting back a yawn. His parents were lucky to have a day off to sleep in, he didn't get the invitation which sucked. Between one blink and the next he was surrounded by a few friends he'd made during last semester, depleted energy returning as they shared excited stories of their own breaks.

He excuses himself with a forced smile and a wave before turning away, only to pause at the shout of his name. He sees a familiar figure jogging toward him from the other side of the street, snorting at the frantic wave of arms before they meet. The greeting is nice and he manages a soft ❝Hey, back. ❞ Before a yawn interrupts him, a hand rising up to rub at his eye. At the next words from Monty he finds himself launching into his story once more, gesturing with his hands while they continue to walk.

He wasn't aware of how sometimes he'd switch back to Japanese sometimes, it was habit to do that now but it was only temporary. He hadn't been paying attention to where they were walking until the sound of rushing water reaching his ears, just before he turned to see those before them. He saw James first before focusing on Tobias and Ashton, with the blonde-haired male speaking a mile a minute. They were all an odd group but it was working so far, except for the lovers spat but hopefully that would work out. His lips pulled up and an unknown sense of tension left his shoulders, before he stepped forward and greeted each with a fist bump. Except that James caught him by the neck and easily caught him in a headlock, his sandalwood-mint scent invading his nose long before he felt a warm hand glide along his neck. He wondered if the myths of foxes and wolves never getting along were true, because this just felt right for a reason be couldn't explain. Once he was released he sat down beside the other two with his attention on Hames and Monty, exhaustion temporarily forgotten in the face of seeing what would happen next.
I'll check it out :)

Got some good music playing to get my post done, I'm so pumped for this~
@BleedingLover That's fine that clock time I mean, what confused me was that the text was sent at 9PM x3
@BleedingLover That'll be a big help, I've never done that to an image so I'm curious haha

Alright, just wasn't sure is all. I was half asleep when I read your post and if kinda confused me cause I thought they'd be arriving in the morning/afternoon. Sorry~

@BleedingLover It's perfect! β™‘ how did you do the image thing where they're in a circle? The text message was adorable -but there is one thing- the time, both say PM, unless it is? I'll stop now :)!

@BleedingLover Can't wait to get this started~ Let's see what we can create :)
I'm finally a able to log on x,x it's been a week since I've been on here, so I'm alive just haven't been able to get on x3
Twins x3

Of course! Anytime ^^
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