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22 days ago
Current When it's your birthday and you forget until a family member shouts it in your face with a grin xD Happy 24th birthday to me!! ^^
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3 mos ago
TFW you have posts to answer and they just don't want to be written x.x Anyone agree?
3 mos ago
Waiting for posts is a measure of patience xD
9 mos ago
Got both Sun and Moon, excuse me while I disappear to play them :D:D:D
1 yr ago
Pokemon Sun or Pokémon Moon....the struggle is real x.x


I'd like to thank you for stopping by, this is my little page on the Internet that I tell you about myself.
Shall I get started? ^~^

Once. Open to doing it again.
Fantasy, Horror, Slice-of-Life, Drama, Action

☆These are a few Fandoms that I'll participate in, I love original ideas and will love to create something with a partner. Here is my Interest check if your curious :D And my character storage

This is it for now, feel free to PM me with ideas or if you'd like to create an RP with me. I'm game for anything, though just have a plot and pairing and we're set. ^^

Of Science and Magic

Destroyed World



A War between the Races


@Love Dove My Sweeny Todd song-bestie and all around awesome person. We haven't known each other long, but your just awesome ^~^ <3

@Grey Another person that I instantly connect with. We bounce ideas back and forth and come up with characters I really adore <3 I'm glad I messaged you and we became friends :D

@kryusa The Sasuke to my Naruto. My kouhai and new bestest friend. You've made my life complete with our Roleplay's and I adore you and thank you for it. <3 <3

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We all live in a single house for now -my mom and I jave a plan to move to another state- and its always hectic xD

Yay Fall!! I can't wait! ^_^
One's 15 and the other is 10 so its a hassel sometimes xD

I also wanted to mention that Byrce's grandfather is a Mage instead of a Were, is thats okay I mean. It just really popped into my hwad and that's why my post reflected it, if i need to chanfe anything let me know ^^

Fall is soon and that means more time to post :3 ^_^b
I've had better to be honest xD first my mini-vacation happenes then my birthday and then just a boat ton of other stuff. I'm glad school starts up todsy for my younger cousins cause while I loce tbem, there's only so much hypernesss I can take before wantingto hide away for a bit xD

I'll have a post for you soon I swear, I'm lime the worst partner ever x3
Thanks for the hwads-up ^^ I'll have a post for you soon
Sorry for the wait! Mini vacation happened, I'll be back by tomorrow and will get right on my post ^^
Yeah, I understand. I might be moving to a new state ^^ So, Vi boss-lady up for an RP? :)
@ViolentViolet VIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! *tackles into a hug* I messed you!!!!!!
It keeps slipping mu mind that you're doing a fiffernet timeframe then I am xD Yeah that works for me ^^

What I haf in mind was that Bryce's grandfather (who he doesn't really know since the other doesn't visit -as much as he used to- the kingdom due to disagreements with his son-and-law) is a mage amd he's able to warp time for a few seconds which allowed Byrce to escape while another, already dead wolf (that looks exactly like the prince) took his place. If that's too much let me know, its just an idea that came out of nowhere. And yes, I'll edit that in as well, slipped my mind xD

Ill explain it all in the next post when Bryce isn't dying of wolfsbane and injures his body cant heal xD Everything will make sense! So explain again -sorry x.x- the extensions? I think I did it on purpose to give a bit more of a backstory, I think x3
Bump! Looking for partners! :3
This post feels like utter crap, but if I redo it I'll hate myself even more. I'll explain more in the next post of just where he is and what happened...I feel like I kept you waiting for this wasn't fair...guessI can't write poisoned/sick character's or something...I'll do better next post...sorry! -.-
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