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They're back outside in the slowly rising temperate, a clue already in their grasp. Kira makes no mention of Remi still holding her hand, or how her face had looked almost foreign -in a good way- with her smile. Her own lips pulled into an excited grin, though it faded a bit as confusion filled her head. "Would Ms. Simone still be on the beach?" She asks with a furrow of her brows, and that's what starts a miniature search and locate mission.

By the time they return to the hotel, Kira can feel her stomach rumbling in hunger. They find Ms. Simone sitting beneath a large umbrella with a drink in hand, Kira's eyebrow twitches in irritation.

"Hello dears! How can I help?" Her words are slightly muffled by the straw between her lips. Kira exhales in an attempt to catch her breath, before launching into their story. Ending with how they found a part of the clue and that they needed items.

The straw slips from Ms. Simone’s lips. She sits up, giving the girls a long look, as if she’s evaluating something.

“Kahuli Point… there’s a thought.” Excitement bubbles in Remi’s chest. That reaction… means something, right? Remi tries to read Ms. Simone. Approval? Surprise? Remi decides to take it as a good sign, whatever it is. “The first couplet references Tapu Koko. Most would think to start at the Ruins of Conflict, where it’s believed to dwell.”

Remi shakes her head. “Wouldn’t make sense. The second line refers to friendship - opposite of conflict. I think the first couplet is only there to reference when we’re supposed to arrive.” She glances at Kira. “I looked it up. The full moon is tomorrow night. We have until then to get to Kahuli Point.”

Ms. Simone gives them that same measuring look. Then her lips curve into a smile. “I have a good feeling about you two.” Remi’s chest swells. She tries to keep from smiling. Schooling her face into a serious expression, she nods. With that, Ms. Simone stands and starts getting them their requested supplies: some camping food, oxygen filters, and rope. “Be sure to grab some repels and healing supplies, too. Never know what you could run into in the forest.”

Once the girls have their supplies packed away, she gives them another nod and smile before sitting back in her chair.

“Best of luck to you two - and work quick.”

Something feels different between them after finding the clue, like a small wall was cracked open a bit within Remi. Lunch is spent dividing their attention between the map and their food, the air full of amazing aromas.

"If we go up this path we can cut out some time." She murmurs with a finger trailing along the screen before her, the path is winding and goes up which means they'll need to climb. Once they finish Kira suggests they check everything one last time before setting out, excitement thumping through them.

The breeze feels light along her skin, Astral perched quietly atop her shoulder. She can see other students ahead of them along the main road, but she doubts they know where to go. Hands reaching up for her hair she ties it easily, jumping on the balls of her feet with a grin. "Let's win this." She states with a grin, hands gripping the straps of her bag. "We're already one step ahead, let's win it all." She adds with a chirp, before spinning to face forward once more.

Remi only nods, her eyes laser focused on the back of Taran’s head. He’s far ahead of them on the road, that annoying smugness of his in every step.

She can’t wait to rub their victory in his stupid face.

Remi retreats into herself as they walk, mind working on all the problems that needed solving. Once they made it to Kahuli Point, they’d no doubt have to be on the lookout for some sort of signal - a light, or shadow, or something that they’d only notice on a full moon. The next couplet was about ilima flowers… from what Remi had read there were two main types of ilima, a kind that grew low, and a kind that grew high. They were supposed to be tiny, golden-yellow flowers with paper thin leaves. Would there be some sort of flower patch? A carving? And then what? They follow it to some sort of hiding spot?

Then there’s the matter of them hiking out into the wilderness, for who knows how many days… she trusts Tack with her life. She knows her little Pikachu can handle just about anything thrown their way, but Trouble is completely new. He has no training, she doesn’t know his style, and Remi wants to prove herself too badly to be willing to take a chance on a complete unknown.

Time to start training, then.

Trouble floats a little ways ahead of her, his worm-like body rippling through the air. Tack trots below him, ears twitching this way and that.

Without warning, Remi lets out a short, high whistle, and then kicks a stray rock directly at Tack. He flashes to the side, dodging reflexively. Trouble jolts in the air at the sudden commotion, spinning around frantically.

Kira watches the display out of the corner of her eye, hands clasped behind her lower back. Nothing is said for the entire walk up towards the Ruins of Conflict. Astral jumps down once they reach the location, ears swiveling this way and that.

Without a word she picks up a rock and tosses it towards him, Astral dodges to the right without even looking back. This will be a test now more ways than one, endurance means more than brute strength. With a jerk of her chin she indicates a barely visible path towards the left of the ruins, it goes up at an incline that means they'll be higher up vantage point wise.

Inhaling slowly she glanced at the others are still walking, before rolling her shoulders and moving towards the path.

Remi feels irritation prickle at her skin when Kira decides to show off her Eevee’s dodging skills, mirroring what Remi had done minus the whistling. She lets out a short breath and rolls her eyes. Dodging isn’t the point. She needs to teach Trouble to listen to her, and respond. Remi’s spent the walk periodically whistling and kicking rocks at Tack’s back. Each time she did it, Trouble seemed more and more interested in the exchange, until finally, when he was looking at her, Remi had whistled, swiped a rock from the ground, and chucked it at him. He’d given a surprised chirp before darting out of the way of the sailing pebble. Remi had grinned triumphantly. And so the walk had passed with remi taking the first steps of training Trouble, Tack observing with interest - he’d always been an ‘only child’ so to speak. He’d never seen Remi train another Pokémon before.

It’s dark by the time they make it to the Ruins of Conflict. Remi’s eyes follow Kira’s to the path. “Wait,” she says softly, to not alert the other students. “We’ll need to camp soon, and we don’t know what’s in that forest. Safer to spend the night with the group, get an early start in the morning.”

She doesn't say anything in response to Remi's words, simply nods once to indicate that she'd heard her. Joining the group is easy enough, setting up camp takes a little more effort. Astral darts away from the flickering shadows casted by a fire someone had started. It's a way that he's always trained, shifting this way and that as if he were dancing. As she finishes with setting the last pole of the tent down, she clicks her tongue twice in quick succession.

Astral jumps up into the air with a twirl and his tail already up, slapping the rocks she'd thrown at him away. They hadn't always been on the best terms, Queen had been her first Pokémon. They'd been together for so long she sometimes forgets that this Eevee hadn't been hers, her mother had caught it during one of her trips to heal a sick Pokémon. Their foundation was nonexistent and now they had their own way of training, Queen will need to be taught again now that she's evolved. Food begins to fill the air as well as laughter and voices, Kira settles down on the dirt with a soft sigh.

Tomorrow would be tough she knew, while they figured out part of the riddle it still had so much more to it. They'd just scratched the surface, with a wrinkle of her nose she focused her gaze on the star-filled sky.

Suddenly there’s a small shock of light, and the sound of electricity cracking through the air. A brown paper bag lands in Kira’s lap. Inside is a hot malasada, crisp and steaming as if it were fresh. Sitting across from her, Remi takes a bite of her own, sugar crystals dusting her face. Tack sniffs at it, and Remi tears off a piece for him, then another for Trouble. The Dreepy snatches it up, zipping through the air with a wad of cooked dough in his mouth, like he doesn’t know where to go with it.

A startled yelp leaves Kira’s lips, body jumping at the sudden weight and heat in her lap. Only to smile when she sees what it is, her stomach rumbling with hunger. "Thank you." She murmurs with a smile aimed in Remi's direction, before opening the bag. Astral chirps and paws at her leg, which has her giving him a piece. Queen joins them moments later, Kira setting her Dive Ball down beside her thigh.

It’s delicious.

Remi just shrugs a shoulder, eyes following Trouble as he darts around. He seems to finally settle high up in a tree. Remi listens to the sound of leaves rustling and Trouble eating.

“You found the first clue.”

The rest of the night had been mostly uneventful, they'd settled in a time to depart without anyone seeing them. Which is how Kira finds herself traversing in a pitch-black forest with the stars still bright in the sky. Cries of Pokémon are quiet in the predawn darkness, eerie sometimes when it happens after a few moments of silence.

She doesn't relax until they're deep into the untamed foliage, steps light even as she picks her path with careful eyes. Astral is perched upright between her shoulders with his front paws on her head. Ears twitching this way and that as he listens, ready to warn the if something is close by. It isn't until sometime later that they pause before a small stream, that something catches Astral's attention.

Before Kira can ask what's happening the small fox is taking off with a sharp cry, tail raised and ears lowered. "Astral!" Kira whisper-shouts, glancing at Remi for a split second before taking off after her partner. It's stupid she knows that but she has to, Astral wouldn't just run off without a reason. What she sees when she bursts through a small clearing as her breath hitching, eyes going wide as Astral approaches a curled up form. Her phone is out in an instant even as she steps forward, which draws the other Pokémon's attention.

It shows its teeth, its eyes narrowing even as it tries to stand. "Astral, go get Remi." She commands firmly but softly, inching forward with slow steps. When her partner doesn't move she snaps her fingers twice, Astral takes off with a soft cry. The little wolf -A Rockruff- whines softly, the defensiveness fading just as quickly as it had come. Reading the entry of the Pokémon Kira sits down slowly when she's close enough, crossing her legs and letting her eyes scan the small form. It's been hurt, badly if it can't even get up.

She's not sure what to do.

Astral doesn’t have far to run before he finds Remi and her team, already following after. They dart through the forest, leaves and twigs brushing at Remi’s skin, before skidding to a stop. Remi’s eyes widen as she takes in the sight of the injured Pokémon, Kira hovering over it.

“What happened to it?” Remi murmurs before she can stop herself. She knows Kira doesn’t have the answer. The sound of the little wolf’s pained whimpering makes Remi’s heart clench.

Then another sound stills her. A branch snaps in the darkness of the forest. A growl rumbles.

“Kira, pick it up,” Remi whispers, frozen in place. Her gaze is stuck on the dark shadow that spawned the noise. Then two golden eyes with black slits for pupils cut through the darkness.

With a roar, an enormous cat pounces through the forest, razor claws outstretched and fangs bared. Trouble lets out a terrified yelp.


Electricity jumps through the air, illuminating the forest like daylight for the briefest of moments. Tack’s thunder wave dances over the cat’s crimson fur, as it lets out a pained growl. The Incineroar falls to the forest floor. It’s muscles spasm as it fights to regain control of itself.


Barely giving Kira enough time to scoop up the Rockruff, Remi grabs her arm and takes off through the forest.

The Rockruff yelps as they run, no doubt the jostling making its wounds hurt. Kira can't pause to comfort it as they keep racing through the trees, the distant sound of a roar filling the air spurring them on. She can hear heavy footfalls following and it has her teeth gritting hard, free hand reaching down as if to take out Queen's Dive Ball.

A sharp cry from Astral has Kira looking over her shoulder, her heart nearly stops at what meets her gaze. "Shit! Remi, get down!" She shouts seconds before she's diving down to the ground, a stream of searing heat above their heads. Flamethrower.

Oh, that's it. She thinks darkly before rising to her feet, eyes narrowed as she reaches for her belt. "I've had it!" She calls out while tossing the ball in the air, watching as Queen appears with a cry and flash of red.

The Incineroar doesn't even halt, its arms move close to its body and its chest expands. Then another burst of flame emits from its mouth and aims straight towards them, Kira shifts her stance before raising her free arm. "Queen!" She calls out and the reaction is immediate, Queen straightens with a cry and a burst of water expands outwards to meet the flame. The explosion creates a plume of white mist, making it impossible to see.

A sharp cry from the Rockruff in her arms has Kira spinning around in a circle, only to sent flying backwards. She hits a tree so much force it knocks the wind from her lungs, another sharp cry has her head snapping up only to see a towering figure heading straight for them.

Except it never makes it.

A melodic cry fills the air just before a slender figure appears from the mist, golden-red-orange tall swaying in a way she's seen several times these last few weeks. Queen extends her tail outward and it's surrounded by water, slamming hard into the Incineroar with enough force to send it back a few feet. Queen doesn't even let the feline regroup, her head rears back and her water pulse hits home. Another slam of her tail -aqua tail- has the large cat hissing before turning to flee.

The silence in its wake is deafening
Kira wakes up slowly, body warm and mind empty of all thoughts. Her ears catch the faint sounds of waves from the beach she'd caught a glimpse of. Slowly her eyes open and immediately squint half-closed, sunlight hitting her directly in the face. Blinking to clear the brightness away, when she opens then she finds that a shadow has settled over the spot, her eyes lifting to see Queen yawning.

A hand reaches out from beneath her blanket, fingers outstretched to glide along smooth skin. Only to press close and immediately pull back, guilt flooding her system like ice water. In the next instant Kira's up and shifting bee legs over Astral, lips pressed into a thin line as she stands. She'd forgotten completely last night about finding a water-filled place for Queen, and now her smooth skin was as stiff as it had been when she was a Feebas and sje was no doubt uncomfortable in more then one way. At home while she slept out of her ball she had access to water, they used to have a small pool in her room but they took it down when Queen evolved. Thankfully they had an outdoor pool that she could soak in, which had Kira pausing with a blink. Spinning towards the large windows she felt like smacking herself, a large pool with crystal-clear water was only a few feet away.

"I am so sorry Queen." Are her first words that fill the air, she doesn't even care if her roommate is within the room. She should've looked while she was eating, no doubt Queen is uncomfortable. Her worries cease when she feels a large head rub along her cheek, a soft melodic cry filling the air. Her father's voice echos in her head that she needs to always remember that Queen needs to be in water, or it'll have negative outcomes. Patting along dru-rough no doubt painful skin, she pushes open the doors and is met with the scent of the sea. Queen straightens upright immediately with her fan-like tail beginning to sway, happy to be allowed near water. A glance down the snake-like body she can see just how dry her skin is, and it has her reaching for Queen's Dive Ball. With an apologetic gaze she recalls her inside, before stepping out and walking along the path that leads towards the pool. Once there she tosses the Dive Ball up and watches as Queen appears after a flash of red light, her melodic cry is followed by a twirl within the crystal-blue water. Her smile is small as she watches Queen happily twirling beneath the water, some of the tension in her shoulders relaxing a bit.

Before she realizes that today's the first day of the trip.

With a curse she turns on her bare heel, taking off back to her room to check her phone. It isn't as late as she feared it was, but she makes quick work of getting ready. Once she's dressed and Astral is awake, they exit the room once she's sure the glass doors are closed and she has her key card. Breakfast is in full swing when she reaches the buffet area, not that it matters much.

She and Astral share plates of food without a word, Sandra and her Kirlia joining them mid-way through. And now she's watching as each person around her pair up with different levels of enthusiasm, apparently they weren't the only ones having issues. She feels her phone vibrate but pays it no mind, sighing once she decides to be the first one to make a move. Going back to last night she can see that they were both at fault in some way, her reaction was uncalled for but blame that on the exhaustion.

Her pace was slow due to her shoes sinking into the sand, but she never stopped her approach. Once she was close enough she felt her shooters tense a bit, Astral chirping soflty in her ear questionly. With a lick of her lips and pauses a few feet from the brunette, and offers a nod of her head. "Before we start this assignment I wanted to apologize." Her expression doesn't change but internally she's smacking her head, she hadn't meant to say that. But as she thinks about it she settles down, though they'd left her mouth without warning she means every word. She's not someone who stays angry very long or hold grudges, she's too friendly and stubborn to let it keep her down.

And that, we'll kick everyone ass here by getting this artifact first." She adds after a beat of silence, a smile pulling her lips up. Noa where do we start...we have an entire island to search..." Her brows furrow in thought as she watches the other pairs plotting, glancing at Ms. Simone as she writes something down on a clipboard. While she had some supplies in her suitcase and her messenger bag, it wouldn't be enough for several days. Food especially, tilting her head and offers her roommate a grin before taking off towards Ms. Simone, excitement buzzing along her skin.

A plan slowly forms in her head as she asks what she can ask for, Astral's tail beginning to wag at her change in mood. While she isn't sure her apology will help patch things up so soon, but she's willing to be optimistic and say that this will go great.

Age: 26

A group with an unknown plan that originate from Galar but have branched out into Alola.

Preferred species of Pokémon: Dark/Ghost or pure Dark or Ghost


One moment she's fast asleep and warm in her bed, the next she feels a body collide with her own and she's falling. A startled yelp leaves her lips as she lands on the hard wood floor, limbs flailing every which way in her confusion. For several moments her muddled brain is blank, her heavy eyes blinking slowly. It isn't until a melodious cry fills her ears that she's sitting up, a sharp cry follows and Kira fumbles to escape her blanket. The air that had been cool before now felt weighted, and each passing second made it more suffocating.

"The hell was that?" She hisses out angrily as she slowly stands on her feet, eyes narrowed and focusing on the other person in the room. A girl with dark hair sits on her bed with a Pikachu beside her, then she sees the Luxury Ball in her hands and sighs in irritation. Her hands reach for her two Pokémon who radiate anger and confusion, her heavy eyes sting as she pets along soothe skin and soft fur. Anger is simeeting beneath her skin as well as slight curiosity, because something had collided with her. She knows it wasn't a dream-infused hallucination, pain flared along her side everyone other second.

Queen sways forward with her eyes narrowed, her fan-like tail beginning to rotate. Astral too is slowly beginning to move his body, paws lightly tapping along the mattress as his ears flatten along his head.

If she doesn't calm them down both will attack, reason doesn't matter when it comes to their protectiveness over her.

With a sigh that expands her entire chest, Kira runs her hands through her hair before focusing on her teammates again. With gentle hands she reaches for Queen's face, tugging until she can run her cheek along smooth skin. She can feel Queen relax and it helps her breathe slightly easier, usually Milotic don't get angry but this is one occasion where it can't be helped. Unlike its Pokedex entree it can get angry and it doesn't always calm those that are angry. Once she's sure Queen won't attack with her tail, she releases her to pick Astral up.

Silence continues to fill the air. But right now Kira can't be bothered to say anything else. Her temper is shortest when she's tired, and despite this hard-earned trip if the girl -she had to be Remi- says anything all bets are off. Astral nuzzles her cheek and relaxes with a sigh, the air lightens again and she can relax again. Soothing her hand along Queen's blue 'hair' one last time as she sets Astral down, she moves towards her discarded suitcase. She'd noticed the others were hair and it reminded her that she no doubt smelled of plane, wrinkling her nose she goes about collecting her pajamas.

As she passes her roommates bed she can't help but narrow her eyes in irritation, her usual friendly demeanor nonexistent at this hour. As she opens the bathroom door she glances over at her two Pokemon, pointing at them and clicking her tongue. "Go back to sleep, I'll be out soon." Are her only words, the warning clear in her tone. Both remain upright for a moment longer, before both nod and lay down once more. Licking her lips as she closes the door, Kira rolls her shoulders once with a huff. Then she moves towards the shower, turning the water on before pulling out her toothbrush from her small toiletries bag.

She's done ten minutes later, her exhaustion rearing its head halfway through. Stumbling a bit as she slips into her pajamas, Kira lazily makes an attempt to dry hwr hair. Grunting at the effort it takes she gives up halfway through, exiting out into the room once more. Without a word she passes her roommate towards her own bed, crawling in with a soft sigh.

She curls up and smiles when Astral settles along her side, a smooth nose nuzzling her cheek before disappearing. Within moments she's asleep again, damp brown hair fanning out behind her.
Her excitement had dimmed within the first few moments that she'd stepped into the large buidling, her dislike of planes rearing it's head. Astral is a familiar presence on her shoulder as she moves toward where one of a small group waits, slightly familiar faces. These trips are required to have an adult with them and it's a toss up between parents and teachers. As she draws closer she can feel eyes on her and it makes her frown, gloved hands flexing at her sides. Chris had told her that these trips weren't all for fun, and that despite having classmates with you didn't meant they'd all be nice.

"Kira! Finally!" A voice chirps out just when she can feel her irritation rising, her head turning away to find a familiar form running at her. Her childhood best friend Sandra slammed into her with an excited squeal, squeezing around Kira's waist. What's funny is her friend is a foot shorter then her and has an almost doll-like appearance, her strength surprises others.

"I literally saw you last night at dinner. Let go." She mutters with a wince, spitting out blonde hair from her mouth. Instead of letting go Sandra grips her tighter, which has Kira hissing lightly. A soft chirp draws her attention behind her friend, to another familiar figure. Sandea's Kirlia is watching them closely, slender feet tapping along the marble floor. Astral chirps and jumps down from her shoulder, tail wagging as he begins to mirror the tempo Kirlia has going.

"Why is our flight so late? I wanna go nooooowwwww~" Sandra whines out dramatically, face nuzzling against Kira's stomach. Before Kira can reply someone is Xiaoping their hands from behind them, and a smile tugs her lips up at who she sees is their chaperone. Ms. Simone is one of her favorite teachers because she doesn't have them just reading books, she's let's them battle in class sometimes.

"Almost everyone's here, just waiting on a few more stragglers. Let me see your ID's so that I can hand out your tickets." Her tone is gentle and a smile plays along her lips, her partner a Gogoat stamps it's foot once before standing still.

Once their given their tickets all they can do is wait, conversation is mostly nonexistent which isn't all bad Kira guesses. She's just asked Sandra whar ti,e it was on her phone when the last few kids arrive, not that she really cares if she's being honest.

She blinks when she pulls out her own phone, noting the barrage of texts from her brother. He must've already had his coffee which flips the switch from grumpy to talkative, curious she taps her screen to see what he's sent.

Chris -Bro- 8:00 AM
Don't trip

Chris -Bro- 8:03 AM
I was kidding, did you make it????

Chris -Bro- 8:07 AM
Image Sent

Chris -Bro- 8:09 AM
Image Sent

Chris -Bro- 8:10 AM

You 8:11 AM
Whoops, sorry forgot I had my phone on silent

You 8:11AM
I didn't fall. And yes I made i

You 8:12AM
Image Sent

You 8:13AM
Congrats on the baby Litwick! I hope the trainer and you take good care of them! Gotta go, security check time.

She's just locking her phone with the intent of putting it away, when it vibrates one more time. Curious despite her growing unease, she glances down at her screen as Ms. Simone leads them towards their gate.

Chris -Bro- 8:15AM

Chris -Bro- 8:16AM

It makes her snort a soft laugh which has Sandra immediately crowding into her space. Thankfully before her hyper friend can use her phone to spam Chris whatever she found online about just about anything, Ms. Simone calls for their attention. Soon they're all settled into their rather stylish seats after passing through security and the captain is speaking. The good thing about their school owning get own planes is that they don't have to deal with random as strangers. And the flight is straight instead of dealing with layovers, they'll be cutting down a twenty-four hour flight down to fifteen.

Kira swallows as the hears the engines rumble to life, Astral settled comfortably in her lap. Her hands grip the sides of her seat so hard her fingers begin to cramp, the music she'd picked to distract her doing nothing to help. She's never been a fan of planes, thankfully take off is over and they even out. From there a low rumble of conversations fills the air, and slowly Kira feels herself relaxing. The flight will be long and no doubt the patience of both humans and Pokémon will be tested. Joy.

She can't feel her ass, or her legs.

Everyone is slow to get off the plane, even though they'd landed five minutes ago. She's expecting a bright sun above to blind her as she steps out, but instead she's met with a sea of stars. The air smells of salt as she inhales slowly, stretching her limbs out as best she can while walking.

"Come on, let's go check in and get settled for the night. Check your phones for a text I'll be sending out that'll tell you where we're, we meeting in the morning." Ms. Simone sounds just as tired as they all feel, Astral chirps softly in her ear before nuzzling against her skin.

"Dinner...breakfast...? Food first and then bed..." When murmurs around a yawn, guilt swirling in her chest as she remembers Queen had spent far too long within her Pokeball.

She doesn't notice the device Ms. Simone holds isn't her usual phone, or how restless she gets as they move towards the hotel. Kira doesn't even question how she has their numbers to text them, she's tired and hungry and wants so spend some time with her Pokémon.

"Kiiirrraaaa~" Sandra whines out, collapsing against her even as they continue to walk. She stumbles a bit because Sandra may be small but she's heavy, and they both have rolling suitcases which almost trip them up.


"Come on!"

"I love you, Sandra. I love you so hard platonicly but no."


"God dammit, fine!" She hisses out with a narrowing of her eyes, her usual cheer is buried beneath hunger and exhaustion. Sandra takes it in stride, taking her hand and taking off in a dash. Agreeing to be temporary roommates is both a blessing and a curse, because they were told from the start that roommates were already picked beforehand. Once they reach the lobby of the hotel Ms. Simone begins calling out nanes and roI'm numbers, two per each room. She's starting to drift off when she hears Sandra being paired with another girl, the pout that's aimed at her makes her snort.

"And lastly, Miss Kira and Miss Remi. Room 316." And for a long moment Kira doesn't move, and then she's being handed a key. They're told Ms. Simone's room number and that they have a whole floor to their school, and then they're being ushered to their rooms. Her legs feel like lead as she's left staring at a wooden door, Astral pacing around her feet impatiently.

Whoever this Remi chick is she better not be loud, or heads will roll. Is her irritated though as she slips her key card along the reader, pushing open the door with it clicks. The room is massive she notes tiredly, with its own kitchen and twin beds separated by a dark-tinted glass door. Letting the door close behind her Kira moves forward, intent on the left bed which is closest to the window, her tired eyes take on the large living room with a blink before she's flopping on her bed. Astral has wandered off somewhere but she isn't concerned, what little energy she has fades as she lays still with her face buried against soft sheets. She must doze off because a weight landing on her back has her jerking, only to huff when she realizes it's Astral. "Food, I know. Water to no doubt. Alright off." She murmurs before pushing herself up, before turning to head for the kitchen. She let's Queen out once she has both food and water ready, petting along both her Pokémon's sides in silent apology as they eat and drink. As she leaves them be she moves towards the refrigerator, phone in hand as she opens the door. Finding a plate of pasta she grabs a fork and seats herself in the couch, unlocking her phone and opening her camera app. She takes pictures of them eating before focusing solely on her meal, when all three of them are done Kira sets about cleaning up their dishes. The bowls she brought with her as set beside her bed, while her used plate is washed and left to dry. Then she's sitting down heavily on the couch with a sigh, tipping sideways until she's no longer upright. Her phone feels heavy but she holds on, opening up her messages she begins to type. Relaxing when she feels Astral settle on her stomach, Queen curling up beside them with her head tucked beneath her gold-red tail.

Chris -Bro- 2:45PM
Let me know when you land. 😊😊

Chris -Bro- 7:40PM
Miss you~ Night 😴😴

You 10:00PM
Image Sent

You 10:00PM
Image Sent

You 10:00PM
Image Sent

You 10:00PM
Image Sent

You 10:02PM

And before she knows it. She's fast asleep.
The day of...

She awakes to the smell of cooking food filling her nose.

As well as a familiar weight against her stomach.

For a long moment it takes Kira's half-asleep brain to register why that's so odd, until realization hits and she's sitting bolt upright. "Oh, shit!" She shouts before scrambling to the edge of her bed, not even noticing how the weight along her stomach had jumped off seconds before she sat up. Though her mind is awake and whirling with thoughts, her body is slowly waking up. Her movements are jerky as she races to her already prepared clothes, nearly tripping over her recently evolved Queen who's asleep on the rug in the center of her room in her haste.

"Ki? You awake?" Comes a muffled voice from behind her door, clicking her tongue Kira focuses on switching her pajamas for actual clothes. There's silence for a few moments, only the familiar muffled sound of music filling the air. Until a knock breaks it, Kira huffs out a breath just as she finishes buttoning her pants.

"Go away, Chris!" She says in the direction of her door, already turned away to head into her bathroom. Her brown hair is a mess of curls when she looks in the mirror, she rolls her brown eyes before picking up her toothbrush. Five minutes later she's stepping out with her hair combed and her hat atop her head, smile wide on her lips. She pauses when she finds two familiar figures waitingon the rug in the middle of her room, both awake and patient. Queen is swaying and her tail is tapping along the fabric almost rhythmically, Astral is licking his front paws slowly. "You two ready? We have to hurry or we'll be late." She murmurs as she moves closer, hands reaching to pet them both. She's just reaching for her bag when her door opens, her elder brother stands just within the doorframe with a book in hand.

"Come on." Is all he says, before turning away. His partner Spook -a Trevenant- waves a clawed hand at her before following Chris, Kira snorts and follows both down. The smell is heavenly and makes her stomach growl, which draws a the attention of her mother.

"You need to hurry, good morning, sweet." Is her greeting with a smile, before she gestures to the plates on the table. A glance at the clock is enough to have her cursing softly and sitting down, her mother already setting bowls out for the three Pokémon to eat from. Her father must be in the nursery because he doesn't join them, his partner Rose -an Aromatisse- wanders in just as she's finishing. Handing her mother her plate she hugs her before repeating the sameto Chris, who holds her tight with a paton her head. Spook and Rose press in close to her before doing the same to Queen and Astral, before stepping back. Just as she reaching for Queen's Pokeball, the sound of a door opening has her head turning, her father has an egg in his hands and a Helioptile on his shoulder.

"Ready, Kira? We'll miss you." He replies softly, smile on his lips even as he opens his arms. Kira steps into them easily and closes her eyes, before pulling away reluctantly.

"I'll call when I can, I love you!" She shouts over her shoulder, recalling Queen with an apologetic look before racing out the front door. Astral is running right beside her, ears flopping in the wind. As the sun above warms her skin, she can't nelp but grin widely.

What a great day for this trip.


Age: 17

Location: Route 101

Heading that the first gym leader they'd face was tough, wasn't as big as a surprise. Then again he didn't know what types this region used for each gym, when he felt eyes on him he glanced up and met Soren's worried gaze. "All we can do is train." He murmured softly, gaze shifting between the group of Pokémon around them. The rest of lunch was passed trading stories at Micah's question of their precious adventures. Cleaning up went quicker then he'd expected it to with three people helping out, even the Pokémon helped by handing their bowls over with happy cries.

Moving on instinct from his precious adventure, Yuu sat down on a rock and pulled out a brush and gray rag. He'd learned early on from his parents that grooming your Pokemon could increase your bond, his former team had fallen in love with the ritual. Blinking in surprise when he wasn't immediately being jostled, he glanced up and found Ace, Haru and even Micah watching him.

[color=47E263]"I-I'm curious, what a-are you doing?" His head was titled and his wide-eyes were intent on him, Yuu rolled his shoulders in a shrug.

" It's a habit. Whenever we finish eating I would also take time to either brush or polish my Pokemon. My parents who breed Pokemon say that doing so as well as feeding them treats on occasion can help grow your bond." He explains easily, shaking both objects in his hands for emphasis. His eyes focus on his two members with a small smile forming on his lips, the breeze that flows around them warm and gentle. "May I? Groom you I mean?" Ace and Haru blink once, then share a look between them for several long moments. Before both move forward, the smile that forms on his lips is wide and happy.

"T-that's interesting. Low-Low? Would you like that as well?" He asks the bird perched on his shoulder, the small avian Pokemon chirps once with a flap of his wings. Micah laughs softly before moving to sit on a rock a bit away fron Yuu, eyes intent on the way the other boy tends to his teammates. "M-may I b-barrow those items when you're d-done? I-I'll have to buy some in the next town." Yuu nods quietly with his eyes never leaving his task, Micah stays silent but watches intently.

"Maybe Dash will like this too, Soren. Then when we reach Petalburg we can do some training." He suggests over his shoulder, hands never ceasing their movements. There was no rush to beat the gyms, nor was there a race to catch a full team.

@Dio Welcome back, friend! I've been doing just fine, hope you've been doing fine as well! Can't wait! No rush of course~ 😊
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