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Current Cataract surgery happening today...send good vibes/well wishes, please? I'll be back soon~
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Officially 27...getting closer to 30 xD happy birthday self!
4 yrs ago
"In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength." Uncle Iroh
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That moment when you plan an RP and get the first post up and then your partner deletes the OOC PM thread and doesn't answer... ~_~
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The moment when you're having a Disney movie marathon and you regret nothing. Not even caring that your parents are looking at you funny because your singing along ^^


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Hello, hello!

I'm Ari~ An adult who loves video games and my pup equally, I'm a dork who loves watching the shows I adore and then ranting about them until I get all my Feelings under control.

I'm a veteran when it comes to roleplay, I've been doing this long enought to know I'm better suited for 1x1's then Group Rps. My level is at the high causal to low advanced, once I get really into an RP its on my mind in a way that I don't mind. Feel free to send a PM with plot ideas or pairings, the most I can say is no thanks, which is rare and unlikely to happen~

Thanks for dropping by!

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Finding a smashed window wasn't unexpected, slipping inside and finding the apartment building was actually clean and in pristine condition was. Bare feet silent on the linoleum floor, Aneira let her senses expand outward cautiously. She was on the fourth floor and alone, her ears catching only a few heartbeats within distance. Standing slowly and letting herslef move down the hall, she sniffs the air subtly in search of an apartment that held no human scent.

The door read 408 and smelled of cleaning supplies and nothing else, fingers curling around the door handle she let's out a slow breath. It opens easily and with little force, revealing a small entryway that's dividing by wooden floor and grey carpet. Nostrils flaring outward as a door not too far away opens, Aneira slips inside and shuts the door just as soft footfalls echo down the hall.

"Sure, feel free to come over. I'm just gonna get this last load of laundry done and then I'm free." A women's voice echos her footsteps, heartbeat slow and steady. She doesn't focus enough to listen to the conversation, curious as to where she was headed. Thunder outside had her jumping slightly, head snapping around to lock eyes on a balcony window that showed a dark sky.

Licking her lips and slowly opening the door, Aneira inhales slowly as she slips out and begins to follow the women. She's careful to keep her distance and body crouched, ears focused on the heartbeat that had passed her and everything else in an almost muted way. "He's a sweetheart, the property manager of this apartment building. If you're really interested I can send you his number, Mr. Solomon would love new tenants." Aneira catches seconds before the laundry room door opens, revealing a young woman with long brown hair and dressed in jeans and a black sleeveless shirt.

She doesn't move until the woman turns the corner, taking off on silent feet with her destination in mind. The room when she enters is actually larger then jt appears, holding five washers and dryers respectively as well as a small counter meant for folding clothes. She isn't picky with what she chooses, focusing instinctively on finding which are clean and picking ones that are well-worn enough to hopefully not be missed.

She returns to Lucian's side just as the rain begins to follow, bundle of clothes tucked under an arm and an empty broken into apartment waiting for them. She should feel guilty she tells herself as she gently lifts the other up to his feet, but she can't muster up the energy to and instead settles into her current objective. Helping them both by getting them inside and out of the storm, everything else can wait.
Lol, if you meant the curse from a werewolf's bite then yeah Aneira doesn't count and can't do that x3
<Snipped quote by Arista>

Well it's a good thing I'm making my dude immune to the werewolf curse lol

Curse? What Curse?

You're fine!

There's a reason for it! Werewolf siliva has healing properties~ ūü§£ūü§£
You're fine! I have moiticed a few typos/misplaced words though, but nothing to worry about ^^
Adrenaline: a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, especially in conditions of stress, increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion

Her brain whispered as they took off, wind rushing past as powerful white wings flapped. She caught a glimpse of the city, dark clouds covering the sky in what she hoped was rain. Tall buildings and streets filled with cars and people, before all she could see was nothing but the sky.

Lucian guided them with his wings working along his spine, grip around her midsection tight but not unbearable. Her own body though buzzing still, settled as he guided them through different heights before settling on one that seemed to be alright. Slowly her heart began to slow and with it, pain began to register along her body. Time seemed infinite as they flew high above, hidden by thick clouds and a the scent of approaching rain thick in her nose.

Alarm bells blared in her head as the metallic scent of blood reached her senses, head snapping up just as Lucian pulled her closer to his chest. His heart sounded like a besting drum, his lips parting in a gasp as he tried to flap his wings once more. She wasn't sure where they were but slowly they began to droop, lower and lower in a way that had panic sparking in her chest. The roof he was aiming for wasn't too far away, a yelp left her as his grip released and she was let go of. She landed on her paws and turned immediately to follow his form, running towards him when he came to a harsh stop.

Leaning over him with her eyes scanning him from head to toe, Aneira felt fear Nd panic trying to choke her with their strength. He was pale and clammy in a way that had her pacing, the blood darkening his shirt had a whine leaving her throat. She could still hear his heart pounding, he's breathing far too ragged and harsh to being comfort. Nervously pacing around him with her ears lowered to her head, Aneira wondered if there was a way to help him. To keep him alive.

She needed hands, a voice to possibly ask someone from the apartments below for first aid supplies. There was no way in hell she could ask someone to call for help, she didn't even know where they were or where they'd come from. Whining softly and gently touching her nose to his clammy cheek, Aneira let her eyes closed as she listened to his heartbeat.

Without conscious thought, her nose moved along his cheek and down along the side of his neck, hovering just above the wound hidden beneath his shirt. Aside from the metallic scent of blood she couldn't smell anything foreign, and how she would know that she has no clue. There's something in her head whispering that she can help, that she can heal him even if temporarily.

Gently taking his shift between her teeth, she tugs and watches as the material rip and tear with little effort. The skin beneath is pale and strained crimson, glistening with perspiration and quivering. Nostrils flaring Aneira let's that whispering voice -presence or instinct- guide her into her next movement, tongue slowly licking the wound in slow passes. It should be gross, and on some level it is but she can't bring herself to stop.

And slowly, the wound begins to close and heal.

Thunder rumbles not far away, followed seconds later by lightning that lights the sky with color. Pulling away when the wound is barely more then a slight cut, Aneira closes her eyes and tips her head back as a cool breeze teases her face.

Lucian got them to this point, now while he rests she needs to do her own part to help him in turn. Which would be easier if she had hands. Between one blink and the next she's no long sitting on her haunches but crouched with her knees bent. Another breeze teases her but this time it has her hunching into herself for a moment, bare skin quivering at the unfamiliar sensation. Then she's moving away from Lucian and towards the opposite side of the roof, waist-length hair acting as a shield as she moves. Making a mental note about needing to grab clothes for them both, Aneira glances down a fire escape with slightly narrowed eyes.

Now it's her turn to help.
I swear I usually write more detailed and longer posts, I think I'm still getting used to the setting and my character. I'll do better!
He threw me!

Aneira thought irritably as she was thrown like she weighted nothing, soaring over the platoon of guards until she was clear of them. Her landing was anything but graceful, limbs flying every which way. His words rang in her ears as they took off, ignoring a loud shot that followed them that had her ears aching painfully afterwards.

If she could talk she would, but as it was she wasn't even sure if she could change back into her usual self. Nose tipped up and flanks heaving, she focused on guiding them towards that teasing scent without pause.

The small hallways opened up the further they moved, small windows that let light in such an off sight to see. Turning a corner sharply just as distant footsteps caught her ears, Aneira skid to a halt at the massive wall of windows that decorated one half of the large room. Tables with chairs filled the space and the lingering smell of food meant that this was the cafeteria, she realized her heart pounding in her chest hard enough that it hurt.


She didn't fully understand her new abilities, but something in her head was whispering that freedom wasn't too far away. Now with less guards and no more drawing closer yet, Aneira focused her eyes on the small cluster before them. An acidic scent came from a few as she shifted where she stood, lips curling back to show her teeth.

One twitched and then moved forward, a cattle prod sparking to life. Aneira dodged it and let her teeth dug into his arm, ignoring his screams and yanking him forward. Another moves forward and Aneira shifts with her jaw never realessjng, the men hit one another and the arm she holds comes free. Shaking her head as she drops it, she lunges forward with a foreleg raised and claws extended.

Her nose twitches when the scent of something resembling moist earth and sometimes spicy. Ears swiveling forward then back, Aneira uses her body to slam into the last row of guards. Barking twice at Lucian even as she dodges another cattle prob, Aneira focuses on that distant scent that has her stomach squirming. Spinning on her paws and kicking up with her hind legs up, she sends a man flying with enough force she hears bones snapping when he hits the far wall. Drawing closer to Lucian she carefully nudges her head against his hip, tail wagging once as she tries to guide him away and towards what smells like freedom.
The army of guards this time was larger, both in force and weaponry. Aneira's muzzle parted to show her canines, body shifting to lunge forward as Lucian took the lead.

Her ears worked to determine sounds far off, body moving on its own and sending two men standing behind a riot shield flying back. Their cells were kept separate from the others, and yet she can hear so many other heartbeats that it makes her head spin. A yelp of pain escapes her when something sharp pierces her side, head snapping towards the pain and teeth sinking in. The pain fades in seconds but there's something else, something warm left in it's wake that has Aneira locking her jaw and pulling agaisnt the arm she holds hostage.

The hand is tossed aside and then she's pinning the man with her frame, senses still working even as she bites deeply into his neck. There's a buzzing sound teasing along the edges of her mind, the faint smell of food coming from somewhere far off. When she lunges forward again she can feel weakness beginning along her side, a cold sensation that has her faltering for a second before continuing. The remaining guards stumble back with pale faces and shaking hands, Aneira barks once to grab Lucian's attention and then rushes forward. Nose tilted up in hopes of catching a whiff of something not inside the confines of the building, something that spoke of freedom.
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