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Anyone up for a roleplay? PM me!! ^^
6 mos ago
When it's your birthday and you forget until a family member shouts it in your face with a grin xD Happy 24th birthday to me!! ^^
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8 mos ago
TFW you have posts to answer and they just don't want to be written x.x Anyone agree?
8 mos ago
Waiting for posts is a measure of patience xD
1 yr ago
Got both Sun and Moon, excuse me while I disappear to play them :D:D:D


Of Science and Magic

Destroyed World



A War between the Races

College Days

@kryusa The Sasuke to my Naruto. My kouhai and new bestest friend. You've made my life complete with our Roleplay's and I adore you and thank you for it. <3 <3

@BoyMom035 New friend, can't wait to see what we created together <3 <3 <3

@Rhage My partner in crime and a dear friend :) ♡♡

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Twins x3

Of course! Anytime ^^
I took a break from the Guild for the holidays, things get hectic herd so I thought it for the best. I'm back and ready ;)

Happy late holidays to you as well ^^
I still have to work on descriptions so any help would be great :)

What I might have trouble with is how to describe his powers acting on their own while he's not in control (if that makes sense) time to put my thinking cap on x3

And yes, you did great! Now they've met again and are in the same time-frame xP
I managed it and I feel so much better now ^^

If I remember correctly she saw he's first attempts at magic just before the capture, in my head that'd be a yes to your question. Though a note I'd like to make is that right now his magic isn't controlled, at all. It'll be a withering mass that acts on its on, the concentration and control needed to keep it in check are gone. Oooh, thud fight scene is gonna be good x3

A faint scent on the wind caught his attention. Black-gray tipped ears swiveled forward and back as annowl hooted from far off, ebony nose trying to locate the direction the scent had come from. The wolf huffed a breath through his nose before slowly rising to his feet, lips pulling back in a silent snarl as pain pulsed through his left side. Head turning to see why he was injured he rumbled quietly when he saw nor smelled blood, his hind leg throbbing with each beat of his heart. Shaking his head and then entire body to remove the snow that coated his fur, the wolf began a slow pace forward.

Thr forest stood quiet aside from a few creature's moving about in search of food, the wolf kept away from the herds of deer he found just off a marked path. The scent from eaelier drifted with the wind, each time he caught it the next second it would be further ahead. His rumbling growl didn't stop once he switched to another path he'd recently marked, though he did pause when the scent filled his scenes. Ears lowering until they rested atop his head, the wolf moved forward. The trees around him slowly thinned as he continued forward, tail swishing slowly from side to side. When the scent reached his nose again the wolf took off in a run, teeth barred in silent challenge. Something new or someone had entered his territory, the wolf would confront whoever or whatever it was to defend what was his.

Thr path split in two different directions, one trail led towards town while the other led to a maze of trees that parted to reveal a large frozen lake. The wolf took the right path, slipping in amongst the trees to stay hidden from the intruder. He found no one aside from the scent clinging to thr air, the wolf snarled and took off in a run. He found a figure ahead that sraggered as if not accustomed to its legs, pace slow despite the time of day. He barked sharply once into the air, tensing when he caught the sound of a frantic heartbeat. Hackles rising the wolf slid from his hiding place amongst the trees, teeth barred and eyes bright golden. The air around him thickening as a wave of what felt like ice-cold water slid over his fur,  jaws snapping threateningly as he moved closer.

I'm really sorry for that, it's not a lack of inspiration or time. I just get easily distracted. I'm usually not this bad x,x Everyone is out toddy so Im literally going to sit, put Pandora on and get this reply finished.
Yeah i did. Did you?
I hope the same for you! Happy Halloween! ^<^ ^<^ ^<^ ^<^
^^ Good plan. Of it ends up being short I'll live x3

Also yay for fall colors! :)
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