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2 mos ago
Anyone up for a roleplay? PM me!! ^^
3 mos ago
When it's your birthday and you forget until a family member shouts it in your face with a grin xD Happy 24th birthday to me!! ^^
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5 mos ago
TFW you have posts to answer and they just don't want to be written x.x Anyone agree?
5 mos ago
Waiting for posts is a measure of patience xD
11 mos ago
Got both Sun and Moon, excuse me while I disappear to play them :D:D:D


Of Science and Magic

Destroyed World



A War between the Races

College Days

@kryusa The Sasuke to my Naruto. My kouhai and new bestest friend. You've made my life complete with our Roleplay's and I adore you and thank you for it. <3 <3

@BoyMom035 New friend, can't wait to see what we created together <3 <3 <3

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It's actually not summer-hot out like it was yesterday, yay lol

Afternoon indeed x3
It's cold this morning so I can only hope it'll be a more cool day then yesterday. Lol

'Kay! Alao, good morning ^^
It's like 80° -not now since it's night and all- and I'm here like "Noooooo, go awwwwwaaaaayyyy I wanna wear hoodies!" x3

True enough, when people stop bogging me I'll type up my questions ^^
....WHY IS IT HOT's supposed to be chilly and great!

I call BS x,x

I also might message you with a fee questions that relate to my post :)
Likewise!! I'm excited to see what happens this month ^^
Roger! ^<^
Who doesn't? Lol, but that's true enough. Let's keep moving forward and see what we can create from this RP ^^
I'll more then likely have it be from an outsider point of view, hopefully it'll be long enough x3 Hm....good idea there, I'll have to remember that for later ^^

Now to see if I can do justice to this post xD
Long post=Happy Ari ^^

Roger! So I start off my post with Byrce's attack just starting, he's mindlessly searching for anything or anyone and catches a faint hint of Thea's scent? I get to play a Feral wolf amd I'm excited and yet hesitant. New territory and all, I'll give it my all though! I won't be writing this is Bryce's point of view right? It'll be like from the outside looking in...?
Viva la tension! Can't wait to see how this plays out ^^

It'll be my first time playing a Feral-wolf...can't wait! :D

Lol, opps? xD
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