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Current Life proved how much of a joke I am today, so if I don't reply its because I'm in a much darker place than I've been for many years.
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I forgot how awesome having your own personal space was....with privacy.
10 mos ago… here, it's stuck in my head so now I'm getting it stuck in all of ya''re welcome
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I long for the day I can find someone to play either Hook or Emma so I can roleplay my OTP c:
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Yes but it left open for a Third, and we all know how much of a mistake that was.


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Shoot me a pm, we can figure something out.
Still a couple open spots!
I'm not gonna add them to the list just because I don't think we need a reminder what a fish and a crab look like xD
They look great xD

Takeshi Momori

Location: City of Hargeon

Takeshi kept pushing his way through the crowd of screaming girls, gritting his teeth in irritation as a few of them tried to push him back towards the back of the crowd, clearly wanting to get as close to this Salamander guy that they could. Takeshi couldn't see why, it's not like the guy was a celebrity, right? If so, Takeshi would have heard about him before. Or at least, he thought he would have. But then again, maybe he wasn't a wizard. Takeshi didn't really follow the news if it wasn't magic related.

But when he got to the front of the crowd, the strange man hadn't become any more known to him, and Takeshi was starting to wonder why he had wasted his time. He should be searching for Emerala, not chasing after some guy named after a lizard, even if he was famous. Shaking his head slightly, he frowned.

"Why the heck are you?" He said in total curiousity and just like that, it was like a bomb had gone off right there in the square. Girls all around him turned around to shoot him murderous glances, yelling at him for asking a simple question. It seemed that they couldn't even begin to believe that he didn't know who this guy was. Apparently, this Salamander guy was quite the big deal, though Takeshi still couldn't figure out why.

"How dare you?!"
"Do you even know who you are talking to?"
"Show some respect!"

Takeshi furrowed his brow as he stood next to some blonde girl he didn't recognize, "Why? Who is this guy?" He asked and looked back at Buster, who had just flown to hover in the air next to his head. Buster simply shrugged and shook his head, clearly making it known that he also had no idea who this guy was. Which meant that Takeshi had never met him, Buster would have told him if they had crossed paths at some point. The exceed's memory was much better than his own.

Sighing softly, Takeshi moved to turn and head back in the direction he'd come, not taking a step quite yet but thinking about doing so. Hanging out here was pointless, it wasn't going to help him find Emerala, and it wasn't [going to help him get a full belly. At that thought, his stomach growled loudly again and he ran a hand through his messy hair, debating what to do. He should probably go and continue his search for something to eat. Looking down at the ground he dipped his hands into his pockets, surprised when they were empty.

"Where's our money?" He asked Buster curiously in shock.

"Don't ask me! You told me you had it," Buster said and shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest.

Hanging his head, Takeshi groaned, "So much for eating...".
Will do.
@Crimson Flame If we actually wanted a Triton we can take seriously I found a couple options for you:

@alexfangtalon Got them all added to the list, I love your choices lol especially using Kronk's VA for his FC
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