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A wild Lurker appears and opens with the move Ultra Lurking.

Well, they bought the act. While it was true she didn't want her status as a demi-human to get out, it wasn't because of the reason she stated. If the people in charge of this get together realized a demi-human child had snuck in alone she doubted she'd be able to convince them she was supposed to be here. There was a chance they had a list of people who were coming and she couldn't risk putting herself out in the open.

Then they were told that it was finally time to meet the heroes. Well, this could be the make or break time. I've either got to get in a heroes group without being noticed to early or just hope the hero says nothing. Elysia activated her conceal skill walking in the center of the throng of adventurers. She had been distracted for too long talking to the other two and was just lucky that no one else seemed to notice her. Once they entered the room in which the heroes were waiting she stood towards the back of the crowd looking through the cracks studying each hero. She partially paid attention to the words being said by everyone else but her attention was largely on the heroes. She had to determine her target.

The first one who spoke up, someone calling themselves Cole Smith. He looked kind of creepy but something about him seemed prim and proper. Maybe it was just the way he introduced himself. The next was definitely not prim and proper. Elysia wasn't gonna lie to herself, that girl terrified her. Absolutely no chance of her joining that hero, if she could even call her that. After her was one Garret Lancaster. For some reason, upon hearing that he was the shield hero she started remembering stories that she had been told about past shield heroes and how they seemed to be the kindest of the heroes to demi-humans. That right now didn't matter to her as if she went through with stealing from her mark it wouldn't be likely they'd be kind to her. The last hero to introduce himself said his name was Frederick Ryker Jones. He seemed quite a bit older than the other three and what he said confirmed that. There was a good chance it'd be harder to trick him.

Taking all that in mind that left her with two choices of who to join for now. Either the sword or shield hero. She decided to try and figure out where the other two were. The 'super-adventurer' was still standing among the crowd and it seemed some of the other adventurers were giving him the side-eye. Weird. The lady had approached the sword hero. Looking at the two it seemed that she was joining his party. Due to that, Elysia reconsidered potentially choosing the sword hero. The Lady seemed to be fairly observant. It may be harder to do what she wants with her around. That just leaves her with the shield hero. Unfortunately, not many adventurers had made any movement. Especially towards the shield hero. If she made this decision now she could risk being noticed, but if she waited too long in the lingering crowd it may get worse.

She took a big gulp and decided to just take her chances. She deactivated conceal and began briskly walking through the crowd and then towards the shield hero. She didn't look up keeping her eyes level. She didn't even look at the shield hero. She simply walked straight in his direction and then went around him and stood directly behind him. If he turned around and tried to talk to her she'd just have to turn on the charm. He looked easy. Easier than Super-adventurer. This would be a piece of cake right? She just had to continue playing the role. In order to make her seem at least a little like an adventurer, she subtlety made sure one of her daggers could be seen attached to the side of her belt. Hopefully, no one would see her tail through her cloak. What wasn't good was that the bottom of her tail still slightly poked out of the bottom of her cloak. Despite how calm she was trying to appear she was freaking out. She was breathing shallowly and her body was getting stiff. Elysia was nervous. This was the most dangerous thing she has probably ever done. Please, just let us leave soon.
Elysia will probably go with the Shield Hero as she does vaguely remember stories about that specific hero. Even though she doesn't remember the context, and she also thinks he looks like the easiest mark anyway. Just don't have time to work on the post right now.

The sea shifted and churned pulling the small rowboat which Alex manned along with the waves. As experienced as he was at piloting a vessel, it wasn't really helping him as the tiny dinghy was not well suited for waves this rough. He continued onward as he was not but a mile from land. It had been just under a week since he left his home on his search and he had neglected to acquire more food at the last island he stopped at largely in part because they actually had information on the jolly roger he'd been carrying around.

Apparently, the crew to which the flag belonged had been terrorizing random islands in the West Blue for roughly three years ever since they made a return trip from the Grand Line. From what information he had gathered they weren't very strong but they had an impressive array of Devil Fruit powers that made up for their lack of physical strength. The one thing that unnerved Alex the most about this crew is that supposedly they kidnapped people forcing them to fight for their amusement. This was the key piece of information that made Alex rush out of the town. The people didn't know where these pirates were so he didn't want to waste time asking useless questions. He had to find them as soon as possible so that he could save his family. He had nearly rushed out before even hearing the name of the crew or the captain. But stopped long enough to learn the name of the one he was hunting along with receiving a bounty poster of the captain.

Alex pulled the bounty out of his pocket when the sea began to lighten up making it easier to get to the island he could see. "Don't worry everyone. I'll beat this guy until he tells me where you are. I'm gonna take down the Pack Rat Pirates and make their captain pay. I'm coming for you ..."

Something about this town was off. It was the middle of the day but no one was out and about. Eadgar could tell that the people were in their homes, but only just barely. He knew that there were pirates in this area, but that didn't usually keep people from going about their lives. This wasn't normal. Something happened. Something bad. He knocked on door after door but each time was either greeted by silence or someone slamming the shutters closed so he couldn't peak in. Did they think he was a pirate? Determined to find out what was going on Eadgar journeyed to the next town over.

There, the people were at least out and about. Just not as much as he expected. It was as if everyone on the island was scared of something. As if there had been a recent event and the danger still lurked nearby. He tried asking the people what happened but every time they just looked at him in shock and ran, presumably to their homes. Eadgar was rightly getting a little frustrated. "Come on people. I'm not a pirate. I'm a bounty hunter. If there is a dangerous pirate in the area threatening you just point him out and I'll beat him!

"They think you're weaker than him, boy." Eadgar quickly turned to see a tall figure leaning against a nearby fence. The woman looked oddly familiar. He couldn't really see her face properly as she had her head covered but there was just something about her. "Then they don't know about the Gray's. We are the strongest bounty hunters this Blue has ever seen." A few of the passing townspeople stopped at the name he had used. They began eyeing Eadgar and some of them even seemed to be growing a hopeful smile.

The woman chuckled at first and then began bursting in full-blown laughter. Eadgar growled at her putting his hand on his sword. "Slow it down there boy. I'm merely laughing at your false bravado. Everyone knows about the Grays. Father and Son duo going about the West Blue sending all forms of criminals to rot in a cell somewhere. We both know which of the pair is strongest and we both know that one isn't here. Otherwise, you'd already realized that there's a jolly roger flying atop the building in the center of town. Just look at it and I'm sure you'll know why these people cower in fear."

Eadgar was angry. Whoever this woman was she wasn't some common thug. But did she know about his dad? No, there's no way. Only a very select few knew. Begrudgingly he turned from the woman to look at the flag hoisted atop the center building and his eyes went wide. He knew exactly who that flag belonged to and how despicable that man was. He was weak but smart and had been avoiding Eadgar and his father for three years. He turned to look back at the woman to see that she was gone. He could tell that she wasn't a part of his crew. She seemed strong and there was no chance of him allowing someone stronger than himself to be on the crew. "Whatever. I'll find and deal with her later. For now, I'm gonna finally turn this wretched trash in. Screw the rules. You're not getting away this time ..."

Drip, drip, drip. That was the constant sound that Adelinde could hear. The incessant dripping inside the small damp cell was driving her mad. Those rats had purposefully made a contraption which would simulate that infernal sound. To a normal human, the sound would be a little aggravating, but to the one who had eaten the Onsei Onsei no Mi, the soundwaves were like an invisible force pushing her body with millions of tiny needles all at once. Normally, one with her power wouldn't have to deal with such a sensation as the soundwaves which constantly emanate from her body would push them back, but she had Seastone cuffs on her wrists which caused her natural defense to normal sounds to essentially be turned off.

For about a week, she has been a guinea pig to these people. This was an entirely new fruit to them so they were going all out doing various experiments. Right now they were testing how much other soundwaves affected the user. Thanks to this rotten cuffs she could barely muster up the strength to move let alone escape. She had to get out of here somehow. She needed to know that everyone was alright.

The dripping device ran out of water and as she was exhausted, Adelinde was getting close to falling asleep. However, she could faintly here footsteps coming in her direction. With bleary eyes, she looked up to see the fat pig who had trapped her down here. "Ah, I see you're still awake little one. I'm surprised. I was certain you'd be out hours ago. Lucky for you we're done with formal testing of your fruit. You won't be locked up in this cell for much longer. Isn't that wonderful? And do you want to know what's next for you my dear?"

With a snarl on her face, Adelinde spit at the rotund man. "I don't believe that was a proper answer. Anyway, you may want to get some rest as it's finally time for you to show what you can do with that power of yours. You're finally joining the others in the fight pit."

In her delirium, Adelinde began laughing. The man looked at her in confusion. She stopped laughing and looked him right in the eyes. "Go ahead. Put me in the pit. You'll see what this fruit can do. I'll use it to shatter you and your crew. For someone so smart you're an idiot to think you can keep doing this forever. You should've expected that one of these days someone would fight you in that pit. And it will be me."

"Poor naive girl. I've been doing this for years. I've thought of every possibility. No one escapes from me. It would take the power of a god to free you from my grasp." He began walking away laughing. Adelinde screamed out at him, "I don't need the power of a god to destroy you. A devil will be enough to beat you. YOU HEAR ME! ..."

So, I may have gotten a little carried away setting this guy up. I love creating villains so I tend to build them up big even if right after they're beaten they'd be the equivalent to Mr. 3.
One Piece is weird but brilliant.

Anyway, this Arkin guy isn't gonna amount to much once he's beaten. He's fairly weak and is really only a jump pad for the Crimson-Cloaks.
First teammate yay. Almost done with my first post so that'll let ya know where the rest of the crew are at. It should be done at latest tomorrow around lunchtime at earliest before I go to sleep. I'm EST if that helps you figure the timetable.

Oh, and Amon, if all goes according to plan Eadgar should be consuming you in my second post. I should be able to have that one by Saturday's end.

Interacting With: Myrila(@Hammerman) & Griffon(@Infichi)

Elysia looked at the man as he spoke. So, far so good. Sure he thought it was weird for a child to be here but he wasn't going off to tell anyone about her and was talking to her. "I'm Elysia. I am allowed to be here. I'm an adventurer in training and my teacher is here to join with a hero." Any lie was a risk, but so far, despite this guy supposedly being a great adventurer, seemed like he wasn't too bright. How would a lost child end up in this place anyway? Maybe all the talk about adventurers being so amazing was just exaggeration.

She was beginning to think that it would be very easy to get away with this until the lady spoke up. Elysia had the hunch that she might know but she never expected the lady would just blurt it out. Upon hearing the question her eyes had gone wide for a moment and her faux-smile dropped but it didn't last long. She switched to a nervous smile and looked down to the ground, "Umm, I was told not to tell anyone but I don't feel comfortable lying. Uhh, yes I'm a demi-human. I'm not from Melromarc and my teacher told me as long as I was in this country I should try and keep it a secret." Elysia looked up at the lady clasping her hands together. "Please, don't tell anyone. I don't like to believe in prejudice but I've heard scary things about what this country does to my kind." It was certainly dangerous to outright admit to them what she was but trying to deny it could've ended worse. May as well play the sweet innocent girl for now.

Interacting With: Myrila(@Hammerman) & Griffon(@Infichi)

OK, she successfully made it in. Elysia roamed around the great hall trying her best to seem inconspicuous. She kept catching herself admiring the interior though. Everything was grander and more beautiful than anything she had ever seen. However, she needed to stay focused. If anyone figured out she wasn't suppose to be here let alone that she was a demi-human it'd probably be over for her. So far though no one seemed to pay much attention to her. They probably thought she had been brought by one of the older adventurers as some sort of trainee. She was walking around lifting a coin or two as she went. She had to be careful. Removing to much weight from their pouches and they'd easily notice. She also wasn't entirely sure how aware of things adventurers were. This was the first real time she had been around any.

Everything was going well until she felt a shiver run down her spine. Over time working with Teacher she had gotten to where she had like a sixth sense for anytime someone got a look at her ears. It was ingrained into her by Teacher to keep her ears out of sight at all times. She knew that the majority of people in this kingdom weren't exactly the friendliest to her kind. Frantically she looked around until her eyes locked onto a woman who was looking right at her. Did she see my ears?! Elysia watched the lady out of the corner of her eyes trying to determine what to do. She seemed to be staying put, so maybe she didn't notice. Just to be safe, Elysia tugged on the front of the hood to try and better cover the top of her head. Unfortunately, by doing so she tugged the back of the cloak up a bit to high and just at the bottom her tail barely poked out so if anyone was looking down at her they had a chance of noticing such.

Elysia was still watching the woman when some guy just walked up to her looking at her staff. She couldn't hear them but it seemed as if they were talking to each other. I need to figure out if she knows. Elysia walked near them trying to figure out what they were talking about. It seemed as if they were just meeting and talking about her staff. She listened to the mans introduction of himself. Huh, if that's true then maybe he has some good coin on him. But if he's that good I can't just do a simple lift. I'd have to switch his coin with something about the same size and weight. She checked her own personal belongings to see if she had anything that may work so she missed out on hearing how all of that nonsense was an obvious lie.

All I have is bread and a rag. That wouldn't work. Either way that lady is looking right at him. If she saw my ears she obviously wouldn't miss me doing a switch if it was in her line of sight. I'll just have to get close to them and wait for a good opening. It'll help me see what that lady knows as well. Elysia thought over her options and decided that acting like a child lost in the beauty of the great hall would be a good way to get in on their conversation.

She turned her back to them and began backing up towards them holding her head high looking at the inside with an awestruck look on her face. She made sure that they could see her face but not her ears and kept backpedaling until she 'bumped' into one of them. She quickly stepped forward and spun around, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was told not to bother anyone but this place is beautiful I kinda just forgot to watch where I was going. Sorry."
@Inner Demon@Slendy Awesome Possum. I'll PM both of y'all so we can discuss things.

I'm just gonna start logging various info here mainly for myself for reference. If anyone wants me to put something here just tell me.

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