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Yeah. Just been really busy for me recently.
That looks amazing. 100 pages from finishing first book btw :p

YAYYYYYYYY! PM me where that is specifically?

Been waiting for this movie since I read the books.

Lemon sat and listened as each friend said what crap had happened to them within the past few weeks. Everything just seemed to make her get angrier. She just wished there was something she could do or someone who would help. At this point, she didn't trust the cops to do their job. By the time Nick showed up Lemon was willing to do anything. "We've just been talking about how this city is basically screwed."

She started remembering what had happened to Ollie and she had to fight to keep back the tears. Everyone here knew that he had been killed. None of them had known it was the dirty rat who had tried to sexually assault her a few years back. "Do all of you remember what happened to me during junior year of high school? Well, about a month back that guy broke out of prison. And horrifying story short he is the one who killed Ollie. And the police know it was him but they aren't DOING ANYTHING! I don't know about the rest of you but I'm fed up with everything about this crummy city."

Interacting With : Technically Everyone

Jake reaches out shaking the hand of Velma in greeting but before he can introduce him self another person joins the slowly forming crowd, and it seems this person knows Velma. She then proceeds to introduce herself to the less knowledgeable of the group in regards to the names of their peers. The other girl in the group who seemed to be nervous around the three then introduced herself as well as saying that they should probably get to class.

Before leaving however Jake decided he should at least give them all a name to match with the face."Dawn is probably right. My name is Jake though. Pleasure to meet you all." And once the conversation was done Jake left with the other three towards the assigned meeting location.

Jake watched the monitor as it switched between various images and videos. One stuck out to him. It was an image of him and Emmanuel working together to stop a building from crashing down. He almost got dragged back into that memory until he heard someone shot out in rage as the monitor showed an image of the so-called Savior. Jake had to admit he was pissed of with the guy as well. Jake's father, no matter how horribly a person he was, had been a member of the list of people 'eliminated' by Savior. Jake sat in silence until the first one to properly answer the call to action, Dawn, spoke up. Jake decided to add his two cents to the situation saying, "All my life I've wanted to help people. If this is the way to do that then I'm in as well."
Star City

Stature stood back as the archer, who definitely wasn't Hawkeye, easily did away with the woman who had attacked. As the man then started speaking Stature became very confused because of the what he was saying. She'd never heard of a Green Lantern or someone named Canary. She still extended her hand and responded saying, "You can call be Stature."

She wished he would have stayed still a little bit longer since she had so many questions. At the very least he seemed more willing to offer information than the so-called Cupid so she decided she would follow. She moved her hand over to activate the wings on her suit but suddenly it started glowing green and before freaking out she realized that she was floating. "What the heck?" She soon realized it had to be the ring and that somehow it had given her the ability to fly. Now she just had more questions and her answers were getting away so she flew off after him. Flying right next to him as he ran she said, "So, I have a lot of questions, but first. What exactly is a Green Lantern?"
@2plus2isnot5 I'd definitely say it is an idea. ;P. One that everyone would be up for I don't know. I'd be up for it.
For rule #4 there is a google extension similar to ad block that while you type shows you if you're using the right word or helps with grammar. It's called Grammarly and I use it for everything it allows me to.

Location : Outside of Mess Hall
Interacting With : Hisakawa@TheSeriousJoke and Suzuki@Grnmachine

Ando listened as the two spoke. The fact that two more people experienced just waking up here definitely solidifies the theory that they were captured by a powerful group. He waited for them to finished speaking to respond with what he knew. Before he spoke, however, he noticed someone else exiting the building next to them. He simply watched as the man turned away and started running after the girl. That's when he realized that only Ponytail had said his name.

The purple-haired guitarist turned back to the two and answered their queries. "About those other two I'd have to say they are anti-social at best. Don't get close to them as I believe they'd bite your head off. Don't know the girl's name but the boy said he was Taka Tsuin." Ando then chuckled at a little joke that popped into his head, "He did say he prefers to be called Ponytail though. The only thing I really figured out from talking to them was that we are connected through our high school. Hope's Peak. So, I assume that is what also connects the two of you to us? As for me, I'm - "

Before he said his name, Ando realized that until he knew what the whole situation was he might as well try and keep his identity a secret in case the targets weren't just random Ultimates. He stuck his hand out to shake their hands as he continued, "Davis Gallo. Ultimate Conquest." On his face was such a heartwarming smile. There's no way someone who could seem that sincere would be lying. Could he?
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