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@Ever What are your thoughts on a character who can hear the thoughts of others. Unless she focuses hard on it she can easily be overwhelmed and won't necessarily be able to understand the 'voices'. It's like her brain is constantly on receiving and every active signal is always trying to broadcast to it. Even if she focuses on one 'voice' it can still be a little muffled. The closer, both physically and otherwise, she is the clearer the signal is. She can't control what someone thinks she would only be able to hear it. She has absolutely zero control over it and at the start would be taking medically prescribed drugs as the doctors believe she has some mental disorder.

Micky sat back as the CEO of TAP took center stage and began speaking. The man spoke with the skill of someone who had been doing this for years. He didn't take long to get to his announcement. Soon an army of waiters came out with delectable looking ice cream for each of the attendees. Micky looked at the desert being laid before him. He wasn't sure but it looked like it may be Rocky Road. He listened to Mr. Polk as he finished his speech. Apparently, there was something hidden within the dish that would indicate the one which TAP had picked to be his partner. On that word Micky gulped. Because that person sat at the table with him and other than introductions he hadn't spoken with any of them and instantly they'd start with knowing they were quote-unquote soulmates. This was nervewracking.

Micky stared at his ice cream. Honestly, he was too scared to even search for the indicator. They do say ignorance is bliss so maybe he should just take things slow and enjoy not knowing. However, everyone around him was one by one revealing the rings which had been given to them. Decided to bite the bullet he started digging into the treat occasionally eating some of it looking for the ring. He notices that yet again it seems he will be the final one to do something at his table. He doesn't try cheating to see who matches with who focusing on finding the ring. That's when he discovers it. Using his spoon he removed the chocolate covered ring from the flute. Grabbing a napkin he began cleaning it so that he may know what color he got. Once he cleaned it he could see the dark purple mineral inlaid into the titanium colored ring. He wasn't entirely sure but he believed it to be amethyst.

He wasn't much of a jewelry person but the ring was so elegant that he couldn't help putting it on. Finally, though it was time to attempt to discover who his partner was. He looked up and looked at each person's ring until he saw one that had a similar color to his. The person he saw which had the same ring color as he had was Gaia. Micky had to admit she was beautiful and had a pretty name. All he knew about her though was her first name, that she was an archivist, that she apparently liked her job, and that supposedly she was his soulmate?

What now though. Micky was good at making friends. Better than the rest of his family, but this was a whole other thing. He barely knew her and instantly the first thing that popped to mind was that they were fated to be together by TAP standards. How does one go about talking with someone whilst that was in the back of their minds? The young man opened his mouth to speak but no words came out as he had no idea what to say. It was like a horse was jammed down his throat so that nothing could come out. Deciding that awkwardly staring was definitely worse than awkwardly not talking he smiled at her and gave a slight wave.
I would like to say a character is coming along but I just can't seem to pick/make one that I like. I don't wanna hold y'all up so I think I'll withdraw for now.

Alex stood off to the side as everyone did their thing. He knew he wouldn't be much help dealing with an injury. He listened to Seoyeon say that she had called for an ambulance. Finally, as long as they made sure the girl was alright then hopefully everything would be fine. All the bystanders were giving the others space to do what was needed so his job was done. Alex was about to leave when he saw something curious. There was a woman smiling as she left to the stairwell. In and of itself that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing but Alex's gut was telling him that something was off.

Alex looked around to see if anyone else had noticed but they all had their attention on the injured girl. For reasons that Alex wasn't entirely sure of he decided to follow the unknown individual. Entering the stairwell he heard steps from up above. Slowly but surely he began climbing the stairs after the woman. He came across a door that was just closing so he assumed that was the one she had gone through. Opening the door he saw her standing in a completely empty hallway looking right at him as if she expected him.

Instantly, Alex felt a little on edge by her. He closed the door and leaned back against the wall to his right. Sticking close to the door in case for some odd reason he needed to make a quick getaway. "Hey, I was asking everyone down there if they saw what happened but they all were so drunk they could barely operate their phones to call an ambulance. I saw you walking off and you looked pretty coherent. Did you see what happened?"

"I found Abby." She said all the while playing with her hair and keeping that eerie smile upon her visage. Who was she and why was she acting so strange. Alex thought that maybe she was acting like this because the injury had something more nefarious behind it. Alex wasn't going to just accuse someone randomly but it felt like she may know more than the girl's name. "I'm assuming that's the girl who had been laid out on the floor. You didn't really answer my question though. Do you know who it was that screamed or was that you?"

She doesn't answer. She looks Alex up and down, still playing with her hair. It shines in the low light. Her mouth stays closed for what seems an awfully long time, wordless, smiling, playful. "I found her." Ok, that was basically the exact same thing she said before but the long pause definitely indicated that she had probably done something. It didn't necessarily mean she injured Abby but she most likely knew exactly what happened.

Alex looked at the young woman trying to see if something else seems off other than her actions and words. "Well, my name's Alex. What's yours?" If she didn't want to give any answers maybe it was time to try some new questions. Suddenly, Alex feels something wet trickle down the side of his head. The girl vanishes then the light. Everything vanishes. All there is, is a small spot of light in the distance. Alex feels the side of his head and pulls his hand in front of him to see what it is but other than the distant light it's to dark to see. He pulls out his phone only to discover the battery is dead. Guess there will be no extra light. He started feeling as if the light was pulling on him. Against his better judgement he begins slowly walking towards it.
@Eyeris… We are over here now. And original characters.
My main inspiration is the Arrowverse, obviously, leaning more to the light-hearted tone of Legends while having overarching baddies who will be a little more personal then how Legends tend to pick a random big bad who tends to be easily defeated right at the end only causing issues which bring about the next season. The stories in and of themselves are more or less what I feel like doing at whatever time I start writing but the majority of the main baddies I have plans for that, as I don't read many comics more or less going off of shows movies and games, so I have no idea if they resemble any actual storylines. There are random ideas for heist hijinks and the occasional idea pops into my head that would be akin to being Macguyver or Scorpion-esque sort of things. Really any inspiration I take is all over the place depending on what I want for a particular side A plotline during an episode. side B plots will always tend to be the overarching seasons story and those are stuff I came up with and probably have some inspiration from somewhere but I have no idea where it'd be coming from as my mind tends to be a mess as can be seen by my rambling paragraph where I said a lot of things yet nothing at the same time. It comes and goes in phases but I definitely will not let myself write out a post in this fashion as it would be so weird and out there even for my normal levels of weird. Anyway, I'm gonna stop while my mind is on the idea of stopping. Sorry for the weird post.

WAAAAA! The Hamster has arrived!
Location: Los Angeles, California - Scott's Apartment / Unknown
E101 P1: The Odd Couple

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"Let me kick this off. Name's Barton. Clint Barton but I'm sure you already knew that. This here is my partner ---"

"Scott. Nice to meet you."

"Scott, let me do the talkin'. Now I'm sure you already know the bull that the media is feeding the public but that ain't the whole story. You see it all started way back when this guy blackmailed the two of us into helping his little squad steal something."

"And that's exactly why we're here."

"Scott! *exhales* Anyway ---"

The room was dark other than the faint glow coming from the alarm clock sitting on the bedside table. In the distance, the sound of a police siren was going off but Scott continued sleeping soundly as he was used to that sound. It was at that moment that Clint burst through his window crashing on his bedside table.


"Shut up!" Scott cringed at how he had likely just woke up a bunch of the other people in his apartment building. Hopefully, none of them went to Mrs. Garcia with a complaint. It was at this moment Scott actually noticed the cause of his abrupt awakening. His window was utterly smashed and laying on the remains of his table was Clint. His new roommate. Taking a closer look the man looked out of breath. He also had a few scrapes but nothing bad. He more or less seemed to be laying there even though he should have no problem getting up on his own. "What the heck man. Why did you come crashing into my room? And what happened to you?"

Clint groaned acting like he was in serious pain but by the look Scott gave him it was obvious that it wasn't going to trick him. The blond man groaned and slowly got to his feet. "Would you believe me if I said I was assaulted by a vicious panther and fought it off valiantly? No? Fine, I was helping an old lady get her cat out of a tree and it scratched me up. The police arrived and thought I was some two-bit criminal and started chasing me. I easily outran them but when I got here wanted to make sure they had no idea where I went so when I got to the alley I tried out my grappling hook arrow, and you can see the results. Sorry about the window by the way. I'll pay for it."

Scott nearly began fuming but started to calm himself down. He knew shouting at this hour would merely cause the two of them even more trouble as Mrs. Garcia had a clear policy about loud noises late at night. "Clint, you know that I know that you don't have a job. I'll fix it. You just clean up the mess."

"You really do sound like a dad sometimes."

"That's probably because I am one. I should've known letting you bunk here would've been trouble. It's like having an adult-sized teenager in my place instead of my daughter. I guess this is the rest of my curse for being a thief."

Of course, though Clint barely paid attention to any of that. "Are you talking to yourself?" Scott let out an audible groan and facepalmed getting riled up again. "Anyway, as I mentioned, my grappling hook arrow isn't exactly working so could you recali-- whatever you do with it. I need it working so I can get out of pinches quick."

"Are you sure you just didn't aim it wrong?"

"My aim is never wrong." Clint gave his usual cheesy grin along with the ridiculous finger guns.

"Fine I'll work on it. Oh, and I made a little something that could be very helpful to you out in the field." Scott rushed over to his closet and opened a small safe that usually housed all of his various projects. He pulled out what looked like a little ant, some glasses, and a remote control. Clint took a closer look at the gadget. "How is this supposed to help me. It's just a little bug."

Scott put on the glasses and then started fiddling with the remote control. The ant flew off of Scott's hand and right up to Clint. "Well, I got the idea when I was at the hospital visiting Cassie. I saw some kid playing with this thing called a hex bug. Nearby one of the maintenance guys were working on the cameras and I thought about how having a little camera follow you around to watch your back could be good. So, I bought a drone took it apart and added a few things till I got to this. It was hard to get it this small but this way it won't stick out like a sore thumb. I don't even have to be all that close to control it. The range is pretty good. Whattya think."

"I don't know. Are you sure people won't notice? And I don't want you getting to close to danger."

"I'm positive no one will see this little guy, and I told you I don't have to be close at all. Anyway, the drone wasn't cheap and neither was the rest of the stuff I used for it. So, I will be using it. Come on though. Go get some sleep and we can fix the window in the morning. I need some sleep."

"I thought you said you'd fix it." Scott's answer to that was to simply shove Clint out of his room.

Cheers and laughter could be heard throughout the warehouse. "Settle down boys. The boss is back." At that, the noise grew even louder. It had been a few years since their boss had been thrown into the klink. The Reapers leader, Ace, had been gone for quite some time now but as he was back the gang was itching to get some action. "All right everyone. Now that I'm outta the slammer it's time to stop taking things easy. Our territory has been encroached upon and I hear there is a new wannabe hero in town. I've been in contact with a few other organizations like us who are requesting our services. They want us to get as much info about this purple-clad clown as possible. So, go cause havoc to get his attention. I need to see what he can do, and getting the word out there that the Reapers are back at the table wouldn't be so bad either. But first. LET'S PARTY!" The whole warehouse erupted in raucous activity. The Reapers were about to take their seat at the throne back.
<Snipped quote by Experiment 249>

You won't overwhelm me! It will be alright.

All right! Let's get everyone on the site involved. It will be the biggest RP the Guild has ever seen.
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