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Aproximately 8 AM.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. Over the past two days, you have been presented pure facts. And the facts show that Mrs. Gertrud did agree to the treatment. But they also show that she wasn't fully informed of the risks that said treatment entailed. The hospital wanted to shut her up because they knew precisely what may be uncovered. Looking into Dr. Hansing's past, there is a clear history of victims."

"Objection, Your Honor."

"I apologize. Let me rephrase. There is a clear history of experimenting with various medicinal practices. Mrs. Gertrud is simply the only one who was determined to speak up. All the facts lay before you. But when you go back there to deliberate, don't think only in facts. Let the emotions and feelings of those wronged by this doctor and hospital enter your minds. Try to think the way they did. If you do, you will see there is no other outcome of this trial. Thank you."

"She says thank you, Mr. Lee."

Sitting in his high-class office with his most recent client and her daughter Harry smiles. Another outcome for good. Another helpless person aided through this horrible world. "You can call me Harry. And no need for thanks. The moment your mother came to me I was set on this course. If you ever need anything give me a call." The two gave their final thanks to Harry and even tried to pay him, but the lawyer would have none of it. He'd say the platter of cookies was enough. So far his morning had been fantastic. But then the ringing of his phone occurred, and the voice on the other end reminded him of why he had pushed for such an early morning time at court. Today he was going back to his old elementary school and was reconnecting with former 'friends.' Hopefully, no issues would arise from the trip down memory lane. But first, he had to pick up Vee from the airport.

The drive had been mostly quiet other than the old jazz cd, from when Uncle Gus still played, pouring sweet melodies from the speakers. As they neared the destination, conversation soon picked up. "Of course I'm nervous. We haven't seen them in years. And don't worry about what to say. Everyone is bound to have changed just like we did. If anyone says or does anything you don't like we can just leave. What's past is past. We can easily forget them again." In all honesty though Harry was kind of excited. He hadn't seen any of them in years and he couldn't wait to see them again. Especially Valerie.

Getting out of the car, Harry grabbed his bag and the cookies from Mrs. Gertrud. He didn't feel right not bringing something to add to the table. "Let's go."

Life can be a real mystery. There was a time that Sadie never thought she'd be happily graduating from high school with friends while her family watched and supported her. But here she was getting ready to head to the town hall, thankfully without her embarrassing family tagging along, to join in with her classmates as they celebrate their successful journey through school. Tonight she was allowed to relax and have fun as she didn't have to worry about anything that could potentially go awry at the party. No one would bother her when the jocks devoured all the food. She wouldn't have to work in the cafeteria to quickly replace the spiked punch(the guilty party knows who they are). She was going to hang out with her friends and reminisce over the good and bad times that had occurred throughout the year.

Wearing a knee-length pink dress, thigh-high black socks, and her signature boots, Sadie departed from her quaint home as her family told her to have fun and stay safe nearly in unison. The only one going with her was her sister-in-law Noelle because the woman had offered to chaperone and she was the only one that Sadie thought would have no embarrassing stories of her.

Arriving at the town hall, Sadie was quite impressed with how many people had already shown up. Casually strolling inside Sadie looked around the room trying to locate at least one of her friends. She noticed a few faces that were familiar before seeing two of her closest friends. She strolled over to where Christina, Julian, and Kora stood to say, "Can't believe we finally made it. Also, you may have won this time Kora, but eventually my grades will surpass yours."

"Alright, now turn around again."

"Ma, the town is just throwing a graduation party. It's not a big deal."

"You actually passed. I'd say that's a big deal. And you know how your Grandfather is. If you don't look your best, he will make a fuss right there in front of everyone. So, just try." Derek grunted an admission of defeat. His mother was right. If Risteard caught him at a 'formal event' in jeans and a t-shirt, he'd never hear the end of it. But if Derek had to admit anything, he was actually kind of excited. Since he doubted he'd be able to attend the Senior Trip, it was likely this would be his final night with all of his classmates together. Even if a lot of them still hated his guts.

Looking in the tall mirror, Derek saw himself wearing a white button shirt, black slacks, suspenders, and black tie. He smiled as he saw himself standing there. Derek was happy with his present self. Who knows what he'd be like if he had stayed on his past track. Then in the other room, he heard the door slam shut. "Crap, I thought he wouldn't get back for another hour." Derek wanted to tell his mom that it was okay, but Mike burst in through the door before he could.

"Oh, hi, Derek. That party is tonight, right?"

"Obviously, Mike. Why else would I be dressed so snazzy."

"HEY! I'm your father, and you will not talk to me with that snarky attitude." The strong scent of alcohol emanated from the man's mouth. He must have run out of money for poker night with his chums.

"Alright, alright. I apologize. Goodnight." He absolutely despised being remotely kind to the man, but Derek knew that making Mike mad could potentially cause more problems for his mother and siblings. On his way out of the foreign house, he wished his younger half-siblings sweet dreams and departed for his class' graduation party.

Entering the town hall, he was excited that he had made it to this day. Hopefully things tonight wouldn't go badly.

"Alright, just like we practiced. One hand in front decreasing the density, and one behind increasing it. If my calculations are correct, then this should propel you forward correlating to the difference." That was Oscar. To anyone not really paying mind to the young adult, it would seem as if he was babbling out over the dock. However, there was an individual he was conversing with.

Down below Oscar within the water came a response. "If I thought your numbers were wrong, I wouldn't be doing this. Let's get this show on the road." The feeling of the water on Jake's skin was not something he expected this early in the morning. He and his friends had traveled to NYC to get away from all the chaos of their own city, and he had decided to try and avoid using his powers while here. But when his temporary roommate shook him awake babbling about some experiment he had come up with while sleeping, Jake just couldn't refuse. As Oscar's meta power is that in his dreams he has full lucidity and can think as fast as a supercomputer can compute, it is not unreasonable that he'd come up with all sorts of ideas. These experiments usually ended up allowing him to do some pretty impressive things.

Shaking out the butterflies, Jake finally got himself ready. Diving down under the water, Jake altered his own density to hold himself in place. Then putting his hands into position, Jake started changing the water around him when slowly the pressure of the water began altering as well. Jake didn't understand the science behind it and doubted he ever would, but by merely modifying the water Jake started getting pushed forward by a force of nature trying to achieve balance from the young adult's meddling. He wasn't moving very fast, but Jake could tell that as he got used to it, he'd be able to move pretty quickly through the water.

Deciding this was enough, for now, Jake made his way back to his brilliant companion. "Good work Oscar. Thanks to you I will soon be able to move like a dolphin in the water. But unless you have another reason for me being down in the water I'm getting out. I seriously am feeling like a shower right about now." Jake and Oscar quickly looked around making sure no one was watching, and then the density manipulator walked out of the water adjusting the air as he casually waltzed up to solid ground.

"Yeah, we should probably head back now. If Sam realizes we left she'll give us an earful."

"Don't worry, bud. She never wakes up this early. We'll make it back in time to make breakfast, and she won't realize a thing." However, the ground soon began shaking as a loud sound breached their ears. Not far from their location a dark cloud billowed from a distant warehouse. Not long after the pair heard sirens echoing from the same general location. "What was that?"

"I'm gonna go check it out."

"Wait, you can't. The government is still after you. If you use your powers in public, then people might start putting two and two together."

"Doesn't matter. If I don't do something and someone gets hurt or worse, then I'll be guilty."

"JAKE! How many times have we told you that doing nothing doesn't make you guilty? It just ensures your survival."

"I was given these powers for a reason. I can't just sit back knowing that I could have helped. Now go back to the hotel, and if Sam starts asking where I am, I need you to stall for me."

"And what if you get hurt again? Last time she had to save you it nearly drained her dry."

"I just won't get hurt again. Stall for me, and I promise I will be back before lunch." Before Oscar could respond, the young hero grabbed his bookbag and began running. He had to do something. If only to atone for his father's sins.

As he neared the location, the young man began surveying the scene in front of him. Not much was visible at first other than the many cops and bystanders. Jake decided he needed a closer look and took his costume out of his bag. Hopefully, no one recognized him and even more critical, he hoped no one was actually hurt. Jake donned his disguise and, as stealthily as one could in broad daylight, made his way to the warehouse.
@Naril That sounds fine.
I don't really see Jake being at a bar, so, unless Mega changes his mind, Jake shall be at the bomb.
Let's save the world.
1. What song would play the first time your character jumped into action in a hypothetical movie?

2. What would be your character's ideal first date? Something simple. A dinner at a nice restaurant then to a movie. (double date is a possibility) This is so he has an opportunity to understand them a little better to personalize the dates more from then on.

3. What's a place your character always wanted to travel to? The top of Mount Everest.

4. If your character had a recurring nightmare, what would it be? If everyone hunted him for what his father did.
@MissCapnCrunch Very much so.
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