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@morbidity Barely but it’s possible. It would sound like mumbling. Once they arrive at the cabin they are allowed to take the muzzle off.
A thing of note. The boys and the girls won't fully know each other. The only place one is allowed to speak is in their own cabin and technically there is no consequence to speaking in solitary. But during the two years, the kids sort of develope an unspoken language largely through the acts of greens and oranges. So, you'll know the others outside of your cabin vaguely. Unless you're an orange who uses their powers a lot.

Now for the IC. You do have player agency in a sense. This is more of a showcasing of how you got to the camp. If your character steps outta line based on what a PSF or the scientist/doctors want they will receive consequences. You can alter what prompt I gave you however you see fit though.

“They were never scared of the kids who might die, or the empty spaces they would leave behind. They were afraid of us-the ones who lived.”

"No matter who or what you are. They didn't care. To them we are monsters. To them, we are a threat. At least that's what they say to themselves to justify what they've done. Despite your background, we've all ended up on the same road. The path they have forced us down brought us together for a reason. Let's make that a reason we choose."
Two years ago

Sleeping in your bed, on the way to school, resting at home it didn't matter. Eventually, they came as they did for all the other children. At least for all the children still living. Whether it was expected or not the outcome was the same. Men and women clad in all black military garb gathered you along with many other children your age and stuffed you into an old community gym for about a day.

The atmosphere was chilling. No talking, no moving around, nothing. Even the bruised and battered kids weren't given any medical attention. At about midnight it seemed was when everyone was finally moved. Walking outside you saw long lines of buses. Some already had kids within them. You, along with all the other kids, were jammed into a bus that had been slightly modified. There was a gate in the front and two guards with M16's along with the driver carrying a pistol stared each of you down as you entered the bus and forced to sit. The drive was quiet except for a few younger kids silently whimpering. It was like this for a few hours.

When the bus finally slowed to a stop you noticed the sun peeking through a few storm clouds. How long had you been near all these people and didn't learn a single name? As you exited the bus a PSF pushed you towards a somewhat medium-sized building. It looked like an old administration building. As you walked inside an overpowering smell of permanent marker and rubbing alcohol filled your nose. You could see kids standing in lines and others walking out of side offices. The ones in lines were forced into rooms just as others left them. Those that had left the rooms had some colored X's on their backs. A majority of the older kids eyed the X's knowing exactly what they meant.

There were five colors in all. Green's and Blue's had no difference other than the X on their back. Yellow's had rubber gloves on their hands. Red's were handcuffed around the back. While Orange's had some sort of muzzle while also being handcuffed. No one smiled. The place around you was full of tension and fear coming from both sides.

Just as your group that you entered the building with was about to start being examined something happened. Suddenly from the back of the room and a few of the side rooms surges of electricity shot out. The whole building felt like a large magnet in a matter of moments. Then fire burst onto multiple PSF's causing them to writhe in pain. A kid in the back who had his hand on the neck of a PSF screamed, "Everyone RUN NOW!"

Some kids did as he said. A few dropped to the ground in a panic. Some stood in shock. It didn't matter what you did because seconds after the kid yelled to everyone a shot rang out through the room and then a noise that seemed to be produced directly inside your brain caused you and all the other children to writhe in pain. Some instantly began vomiting. The experience was horrid.

After a few minutes, the noise stopped and despite the echoing effect of the pain in between your ears, you were able to stand when a PSF lifted you to your feet. In front of every one were five kids, one having a bullet wound in his shoulder, and a few PSF's with an important-looking man standing near them. "I was planning on waiting to introduce myself to you all after everyone was screened, but it seems I may need to do this now."

He walked back and forth in front of you all. "Listen up! I am Lieutenant Colonel Aiden Anderson. Here, my word is law. As long as you do what I say your time here will be at least slightly pleasant. Now, I want every last one of you to look at these five and listen to what I say. Never try to escape, hurt a PSF, or break any rules set before you. Otherwise, this will happen to you." He signaled to the PSF's standing behind the five. The guards swiftly moved into action beating the kids as a punishment. Once they were done all five were bound and moved out of the building. Anderson looked at the kids before him and said, "I recommend you forget about your lives before now because that is gone. Today begins the rest of your life. Get used to it." The man left after setting a large ultimatum over each of your heads. What shall you do now?

@AlwaysHarper Cartella

After a few more moments you are called forward and led to a small room holding only a desk and a table with some device on it. An older woman wearing a lab coat looks to you and says, "Hello. I need your name and if you would so kindly lay on that table there. I need to scan your brain real quick to make sure everything is all right." Whether you do these actions quickly or slowly doesn't affect the woman much. She appears to be half asleep right now. After the machine is done scanning you she asks you a few questions about how it feels when you touch people. Once she's done with you she gives you a few clothes and marks an Orange X on your back. She then produces something that looks like it's supposed to cover your mouth and handcuffs. "Now, sweetie. I apologize for this but you are going to need to wear these otherwise you may get hurt. Your new powers are not only dangerous to others but they are also dangerous to you." She waits for you to put on the muzzle and then proceeds to handcuff you behind your back and then sends you away.

@silvermist1116Alki Alessi

Instantly after the Lieutenant Colonel left the room the non-injured PSF's began moving again as if nothing had happened. One grabs a hold of your arm and leads you to a side room shoving you inside. A short hyper man is instantly in your face. Asking you all sorts of rapid-fire questions. He seems to be in a rush and wants to be done with you as quickly as possible. He practically forces you onto a table with some sort of machine on it. Once the machine stops he asks for your name and then walks behind you marking a Green X across your back. Then just like that, you are shoved right back outside the room.

@sly13Chris Daniels

You are given a good amount of time after everything that just happened due to being towards the back of the line before being moved into a room. Once you enter a younger woman is sitting behind a desk typing away on a laptop. Without looking at you she asks for your name and instructs you to lay on the examination table. She simply waits silently pecking away at the keyboard until you answer and does as she says. Once the scanner completes its job she asks if you could showcase your ability. Whether you do this or not she still places a Red X on your back, handcuffs you, and instructs you on what you are to do next.

@alexfangtalonAlex Hill

After the scene that happened before you, a PSF grabs you and takes you to a different smaller room. There a plump older man looks at you and requests you give him your name and asks for your color. Whether you respond to the color question or not he has you lay on a table and proceed to scan you. When the machine finishes its job the man shoves rubber gloves at you. Once you grab them he turns you around marking a yellow X on your back. He then says, "Don't remove those and you'll be fine."

@alexfangtalonMackie Pruett

You have time to gather yourself after watching the scene unfurl before you. After a few minutes, a PSF pulls you into a small room. The young woman gets straight to business and requests your name and tells you to lay on a machine to be scanned. After a few seconds, the machine finishes whirring and the woman forcefully marks a Blue X on your back then ushers you out.

@AelitaJezebelleSam Maelynn

Getting to your feet you see your brother dragged off into one of the side rooms. Further back in the line you have to continue awkwardly waiting in this room for your turn. Not long after though you are pulled into a room by a PSF to see a very angry looking man. He stares you down like he wished he could choke you out."NAME!" is the first thing he says to you. He then points to a machine sitting on a table motioning for you to lay on it. After the machine finishes its whirring he yanks you away from it marking green X on your back and then shoving you toward the door.

@morbidityMin-a Suhmoon

You feel the immense overwhelming disdain for you and the other children coming from the Lieutenant Colonel. To a point, you nearly don't sense the fear from the PSF's or your fellow children. Before you can really process in your mind that information you are nudged towards a room. Inside you see a woman drinking from a pot of coffee. You can easily tell she is exhausted and sad. Her eyes are red and puffy which is an offputting combo with the attempt at a smile she puts on when she sees you. She greets you with kindness and tries to make you feel at least a little better. She guides you to a machine and scans you. Upon seeing the results her facade drops. You can tell her heart is breaking. "I'm sorry about this but you have to wear these until you make it to your cabin." She pulls out a muzzle and handcuffs gesturing towards you asking if you want her to put them on or if you want to. After that unpleasant business she goes to you back marking an orange X. She apologizes again and sends you on your way.

@AelitaJezebelleSol Maelynn

The insanity before you just doesn't make any sense. What is this madness? Before you can determine what you think you are roughly dragged to one of the side rooms. A short, plumb, and terrified man looks to you almost scared to speak. He meekly requests you sit at the machine. When it finishes it's course he asks for a PSF to come in also while asking your name. The PSF puts the muzzle on your face and handcuffs you pulling you out of the room behind him after the man marked an orange X on your back.

@SkaiAlyssa Barker

You are in the back of the line not able to see well what happened even if you wanted to. You wait for a long time for your turn, being one of the last from your group that was brought in. After standing for so long you are guided to a room where a young man stands beside a table holding some odd machine he waves for you to come over and lay down on the machine. While it doing its test he asks your name and once it finishes he hands you a light bulb and asks you to try out your ability. Whether you do it or not he gives you a set of rubber gloves then turns you around and marks a yellow X on your back He says a curt goodbye sending you on your way.

All of you, whether those last few moments were smooth or not, are lead out of the building along with other kids by some PSF's. Walking outside going past a few more buildings and some tents something clearly noted by all are the large numbers of PSF's and the tall barbed wire fences surrounding nearly everything.

You walk down a pathway and then are separated into groups of ten. You are then moved into a cabin alongside those nine other kids. The keys to the handcuffs some are wearing are tossed into the cabin and the door is then locked. Tensions and fear are high, but does anyone dare speak?
That is plausible. The way solitary works at Du Pont is that it's a long building over in the corner of the premises. It was built specifically for this purpose. It's a long hallway. With metal doors to the rooms. The guards don't really care if you talk in there but they do bring you some work to do and you don't get nearly as much food as normal.
@silvermist1116 It's an open cabin like at a sleep away camp where all ten beds are in the big main room and in the back there is a bathroom. There are only two rooms in the cabin one being the main room, with beds, and the bathroom, with a closet for cleaning supplies and curtains for privacy when showering. I was just showing what characters based on color filled each cabin.
@Always I'd say probably not a prank as Mackie doesn't like those. She enjoys teasing and joking but pranks are not something she enjoys. Maybe one day Harper had gotten in trouble with some of the PSF's and maybe Mackie didn't know and back at the cabin teased her a little to much?
Alright, it's late for me so I won't be posting the IC tonight but it will be going up tomorrow. Something that you all can do in the meantime is think of what your characters' relationships with the others would be like. The way the camp works is that the kids are split into four different groups. The older girls, older boys, younger girls, and younger boys. Looking at the ages all of the girls would share a cabin along with a few NPCs. Same with the boys. So those are the ones that your character will end up spending two years with. The cabins are set up to have two of each color in them. So,

On that note, I’ll go ahead and apologize to everyone. I’ve been somewhat scatterbrained with work and school. Also, for Sly if you aren’t really changing anything about your guy from last time then he is still accepted. If you are changing him any let me know and an estimate of how long until he’ll be done. Other than that I’ll be posting the first IC by the end of the week.
@silvermist1116 Complete apologies. I thought I had messaged you that you were accepted. Sorry. You can move Alki over.
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