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Current I don't have a bio. I am also not included in anyone's bio. That I know of. *shrugs*
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My page is so empty.


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Just going to work on her here. May need to resize the image.

Her history isn't all sad, I just wanted to get the big details in there without it being like 'this is what happened and then this, etc', and I didn't want to make too big of a text blob so I sorta cut it off where it is.

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@Inkarnate@Kaggs I can only imagine my guy(Name still pending) getting along with his older sister. I imagine the mom isn't that much better off than daddy dearest. So, either he crashes at big sis' place if she lets him or he lives in the garage of one of his bandmates which is where they practice.

Also, my dude is open to mending whatever is left of the relationships but will rarely make any steps towards fixing them himself. He also won't exactly let it on that he has such a desire. But if someone calls him and they are overboard drunk and can't get in the house he'll stop by and make sure they can get in and will stay the night making sure they don't hurt themselves in their possible drunken grief. Will leave before their head fully clears of whatever mess was going on.
Man, I missed out by not finding this when it started. Still cool to see. Either way, I am content with reading this. You people have given me something to read during the quarantine. Thanks.
I love Raildex. The only thing is I haven't seen all of the Dex side but I am fully caught up on the Rail side of the anime. Either way, the RP has a Level 5 esper ability to build interest in people.

Looking around things just felt eerily wrong. This couldn't be a dream. Marcus had never had any vivid dreams like this before. Also, none of these faces looked familiar to him, and dreams tended to use faces that came from somewhere. Looking at the twins specifically as he was certain he's only met one Asian person before. But that technically couldn't rule it out. He lived in a very remote place but being on the internet a lot throws the idea of never seeing these faces out of the question. However, the way it seemed that they had such detailed backstories, mannerisms, and characteristics made it unlikely this was a dream. If that was the case then that would mean this weird forest was real. That he was really here.

He looked around and listened to the others piecing together a few similarities. He began occasionally mumbling to himself as the others discussed things. "A lot of us still have our phones but no signal. Hannei has her drone and I have my GoPro so either we weren't kidnapped or it didn't matter?" With this thought he turned his GoPro on and began recording their surroundings. Some people remembered being tired or light-headed. A lot of people being out in nature. He looked to the others, "I was sitting out by a lake when suddenly I got tired. Laid down to take a nap and then screaming and a weird forest. I doubt there's anything to do with where we live. Mainly because I kinda live in the middle of nowhere and am almost certain I've never met any of you. I do pretty good at remembering those I meet in person."

Something about this wasn't clicking. There was absolutely no way he and all of these strangers just woke up in a random forest together with no story behind how they got there other than they just had. He mumbled the word, "Strangers." Then he looked up at the others. "You four. Brent, Freya, Punk Rock, and Meltdown. Each of you said you were with people? You two were camping. No sight of your friends and no sign of this Venessa for you. You were driving and got separated and you were looking for someone? You saw her before waking up here. If that's the case then why do we actually have people who know each other? Are we all supposed to know someone here but something got mixed up? Julian, right, were you alone when you were walking through the woods? Because if not then everyone other than myself, as far as I know, was with, near, or had very recently interacted with someone else before waking up here?"

He started thinking about the whole idea of someone missing. Two people seemed to actively be looking for someone. Two had just been with friends and were separated somehow. One person mentioned being on a bus with another being at a bus stop. Someone had just left their grandparent's house, and the twins were likely together before they woke up here. Then there was him resting by a lake. What was the connection? He turned to look closer at the weird woods themselves. Pretty much everything felt wrong. But the woods were the worst offender. The hairs on the back of his neck rose as if they were being watched. "Well, the saying is that curiosity killed the cat. But maybe we get lucky." He looks on the ground for something small. After finding something he picks it up throwing it into the woods with his GoPro pointed in the direction.
Realized I forgot to actually put this in the CS as in the original it was under a tab for occupation. I did allude to it in the bio and personality, but Marcus has a YouTube channel with about 1.2 million subs. He does gaming and vlogging on the channel but hasn't posted on it regularly since his father and youngest sister disappeared only occasionally posting like once every month or so. And despite how some of his content was vlogs he'd still be very hard to recognize based on that as he rarely showed his face in any of his videos. The vlogs were more following around his family.

Not long after Ziv slumped upon the counter, a white-colored patch can be seen flying from the stairs to the second floor until it smacks right onto the back of Ziv's neck. "Leave that on until before you go to sleep and it will make you feel better. But don't do anything you still wouldn't do if you felt dead tired." Annalyse called out as she descended the stairs. She had spent the beginning of her morning working on her various commission work for enhancing guildmates' armor and weapons, but she needed some breakfast before she continued.

As she headed towards the cafe's bar she nodded towards and greeted the other members present. She sat down and turned to the guild barkeep, "Mr. Tanner, could I please get one of those sandwiches that you make really well? And maybe some orange juice as well?" Despite having come down here to eat breakfast rather than to work, she still couldn't keep from it. She used her Requip to pull out a pair of gloves that one of the guildmates needed for a coming up trip to Mt. Hakobe. While her magic could be used in combat it was extremely optimal for utility so she often did commission work for other guild members to make varying kinds of things for them. She looked at the others, "Mr. Bosmir and Mr. Talentino, how did your missions go? And is that a new book Ms. Takashi?"
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@Kaggs@Inkarnate Since someone else is leaning towards the best friend character I think I'm going to go with that younger brother idea which means if y'all go with what you said you're going with we'd be familia. How much collaboration with character-building would y'all wanna do?
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