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Well, day one was a disaster. Not in the usual ways. For Emiho, her first day in her hero studies was bad because she woke up that morning feeling ill. The whole day Emiho was forced by her mother to stay in bed and rest. She tried to sleep but her mind kept thinking about how the others in the Hero Course were likely already getting to know each other. Sure, she could talk to them all tomorrow but having to reintroduce themselves just for her sake would probably be annoying.

Her room had been dark the whole day as she let the stored negative emotions leak out. This as well as feeling much better the next morning left her being very positive and shining. She was very happy to catch up with the others in getting to know her new peers. She had assumed that the hero course would have the first class of the day but going to normal classes kind of felt weird with how excited she was. Sure, she wanted to get to know her other classmates but she was here for the hero course. Because she hadn't been there the day before some of the teachers had her briefly introduce herself. It was a strange feeling as the heightened nerves from day one were gone from most of the students so they weren't affecting Emiho that much. It may have been an odd mix of the confident introductions and how she had a faint glow about her but by the time lunch rolled around she had made a lot of new friends among her classmates. Unfortunately, though, none of them were from the hero course.

During lunch, she asked those at her table what they knew about the hero course students. The first thing mentioned was rumors about the teacher. Eventually, she got the conversation to turn back to the students and the first they mentioned was Acion Nakamiji. The family name sounded familiar but she couldn't quite place it. She couldn't seem to get much information about him though as the girls around her just kept talking about how handsome he was while the boys grumbled to themselves. They started talking about a boy who from what they could tell was a black blob. None of them had gone out of there way to figure out more about him. She then felt a rush of anger as well as embarrassment as some of the boys mentioned how a girl in the hero course had scared one of the others at the table when showing off their powers yesterday. The boy was quick to try and save face claiming that it must have been apart of her quirk despite not having any proof. Before the conversation could continue the bell rang signaling the end of lunch.

The rest of her classes leading up to the hero class were essentially the same as the others. The whole time Emiho was watching the clock. She felt like she couldn't wait to see what the hero classes would be like. As she walked into the room she took in the characters that she saw. For the most part, they all stood out. Being the second day of classes she had no idea what to expect. She knew a few things that might happen from stories that her father told but Mako-Sensei wasn't your normal hero course teacher. At the announcement of a team fight varying different emotions sprouted around the room. Emiho herself felt kind of torn. She had been placed on the villain team. But why? Did Mako-Sensei know something that she didn't? Sure, she didn't have confidence in the control of her quirk but that was part of why she was here. Emiho had confidence that she would become a hero. She also knew she wouldn't have much of a problem empathizing with others even if they are villains with the nature of her quirk. She was confused but maybe the reasons would come to light during the activity.

By the time she made it to the training grounds, she saw that quite a lot of her classmates had already arrived. She wasn't exactly sure who was who but she noticed the girl who asked what the villain team would be doing standing off to the side in a group with a few others. Emiho assumed that maybe that meant they were her team so she approached them, "Hi. Sorry if I'm late for the team meeting. You are the others on the villain team, right? I'm Katō Emiho, but you can all just call me Emi. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Tentative intrigue.
Blue Lion for life right here.

Maizey watched as the loud panicky group which was in various states of health stumbled into the cave chamber. They were obviously human now that she could see them. Looking closer they seemed like they might be new. When they noticed her the range of reactions told her they had no idea what they were doing. She had no intention yet of answering any of their questions nor did she want to shoot them. Maybe. But it didn't seem like that even mattered as one of the lake greenies had appeared instantly continuing its little game. She was surprised to see only one what with the state of injury the new people were in. Maizey stood by to see how these people handled it. In her opinion, they were lucky to even have made it to the caves. They were freaking out like idiots and then one even started screaming at her to help them. Maizey wanted to laugh. These guys were interesting. But she didn't think staying with them would be a good idea.

She took a step back but one of them caught her attention. She looked at him and felt like she recognized him. For some reason, this spurned the child to let loose the arrow which was aimed right at the goblin's head. However, as they weren't made very well the bolt veered a little off course and struck right into the side of the creature. Maizey frowned at this. "Dang it. Stupid greenie!" With the yell, Maizey pulled out her knife while tossing the bow aside and ran straight for the Goblin and Freya. Once she got there she plunged the knife into the spine of the monster. She then used all of her strength to try and shove the creature off of Freya and then began stabbing it again."Stop panicking you, idiots. That fixes their damage!" Once she saw that Freya had gotten up, Maizey quickly moved away from the Goblin. She held her knife up with it pointed in the monster's direction. She had no idea if it was alive or not and she didn't care it was time to leave. "How many?"
Will have my post within 48 hours.
@Silver Carrot@Melpaws Got coding stuff I plan on doing but as I'm done with the actual sheet and needing to go wanted to go a head and get it out there for y'all to tell me what needs fixing before I go full on aesthetics.

How good? Only one good? I’m content with continuing my lurking if not.

Marcus' mind was a whirlwind of questions and confusion. The teen who usually could always come up with something to say had no idea how to respond to the events that had been going on. They were being chased by monsters. They were also fighting monsters. Nothing made sense anymore. All he knew was that he and the others needed to keep moving. Everyone was either hurt or helping the hurt to run away. He and the youngest kid had basically frozen while everyone else acted. Standing in the cave among the others he vaguely remembered grabbing the collar of the kid who provoked a monster and running alongside him. The two of them would've been trampled by the beast had Aubrey not attacked it when it wasn't looking. His mind was still blanking on a few of the details which had lead them here but other than the injuries and Aina's issues they had all made it.

But despite the fact it didn't seem like the monsters were following them, the situation wasn't exactly getting any better. Aubrey was injured trying to drag an injured Victor along with trying to help Hannei pull along the drifting Aina. Both Freya and Breton were starting to panic but at the very least it seemed Brenton's panic was getting Freya to almost ignore her own. Then there was himself, Julian, and Annette just silently following behind. This wasn't working. Who knew how long they had to get a lead from the low-level persona. He smacked himself in the face trying to get himself to focus. They needed to get moving and they needed to work together or they'd probably become water horse food. "Julian, Annette, we aren't hurt so please help the hurt people move. Hannei, you don't know me but dragging your sister isn't working so help me get her on my back. Brenton, think about your dream vacation spot and just look at Freya's back. Bucephalus isn't going to wait forever so just GO!" Despite trying to sound calm Marcus' voice cracked many times but he still moved towards the twins. They had to run. Hopefully, whatever that blue glow was happened to be a place they could rest or was at least safe.

It's cold. The small, dark, and cramped space stretched on and on. She was regretting not grabbing a light source when she had the chance. There had to be an exit somewhere, right? Maizey stumbled along clutching her stomach. How long had it been since she had something to eat? It hadn't been that long since she had gotten away. Had it? She couldn't tell anymore. It was way to easy to lose track of time when you couldn't see the sun. Or whatever these monsters chose to call their version of the sun. She had never tried to ask what they called anything. Maizey reached out to feel the wall and slowly slid down it to rest. Where had they taken Hazel? She was always better at figuring out what to do next. Maizey had just gone along with what the older girl said. She was more action than idea and planning. The young girl decided that she would take a short nap before continuing her search for a way to the forest.

Before she felt her eyelids drop completely, a cacophony of noise echoed through the natural halls to the ears of the child. She was soon wide awake tightly gripping the bow in her hand. Had she accidentally left a trail? No, it sounded like it was from the direction she was heading. She got to her feet in a crouch and slowly made her way towards the noise. As she got closer she could see the usual blue glow that seemed to infest these tunnels. She wasn't sure if approaching that light was a good idea but turning back wasn't that great of an idea either. As she got closer she could begin to vaguely hear the voices. They sounded panicked? Terrified? Both and more was the likely answer. Did that mean they weren't some of the monsters? Not really but chances were leaning towards that option. She kept moving forward until she could see the source of the light. She couldn't see the source of the voices but they sounded like they were getting closer. She nocked one of the ugly arrows into her bow taking a deep breath waiting for the voices to pair with something physical.
Apologies for not posting sooner. The past few weeks my family and I have been doing a lot of work on both the yard of my parents' house and just working on my Grandma's house in general. Somewhat lost track of things. Will get the first post of a character I've been working on with Lucky out hopefully tonight. At least tomorrow.
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