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@Rawk It's fine. RL always comes first.

@sly13 Well, Red's are considered the most destructive of all Psi's. Typically every Psi's powers are heightened in states of emotional and physical stress/distress. So, at first they wouldn't be that great at controlling their ability. What this means for Red's is that if they purposefully try to use their power it could go wrong. Also, they can't be hurt by their own flames. Through training they could basically become similar to fire benders from The Last Airbender. Another thing of note is that, along with Oranges, the more they use their power the more they get addicted to it. For Red's it, the addiction to the power, manifests it self via some physical tick. Like twitchy hands, shifty eyes, or even sweating. For Oranges it manifest itself typically through headaches or the powers activating on their own.

So, as for your question. The power of a Red wouldn't boost their abilities in any way. It just basically works as a new ability they have that they have to typically train to use it better. It equates well with the natural abilities of running and strength.
@SolusFalcon@sly13@Hallion@Rawk So, how're the CS's coming along?
Just so that everything doesn't stay quiet too long I will talk about the location that we will be starting at. The camp that all the Psi's will be a part of is called Du Pont Camp. It is inside Georgia and is the second largest camp in the South East being outdone by Thurmond, the largest camp in the entire US. Unlike most camps, Du Pont still has a few Reds.(Most Reds were taken from there camps and WAIT! No spoilers. Just know they were taken from their camps in large number.) Du Pont also has more Oranges and Yellows than most. At Du Pont, the children are separated into four different groups which rarely are able to interact.

The four groups are separated by gender and age. One group is the older half of the boys, another is the older half of the girls, next is the younger half of the boys, and the last is the younger half of the girls. After that, the groups are separated into cabins of 10. Two of each color.

When outside of their cabins, Psi's aren't allowed to speak unless spoken to. If they get caught doing something that they shouldn't be doing or if a PSF just feels like it they may be put into solitary confinement dependent on how long the PSF that put them there wants them to be there. The day of a Psi in Du Pont goes like this. Morning Roll Call for all at 7 am, The older half of kids work while the younger ones eat breakfast, switch, for an hour mandatory 'PE' sorta thing and general checkups to make sure no one is sick after everyone has eaten breakfast, everyone goes to their area for work(Older boys do garden/farming, Older girls do cafeteria cleaning and food preparation, younger boys do janitorial duties outside of the cafeteria, younger girls make clothes and shoes for all the children), they do the switch between work and eating for lunch, basic learning for about four hours(a commodity that very few Camps actually give), dinner is the only time everyone eats together, and then everyone goes back to their cabins and wait for a PSF to check if everyone is there. After that, the PSF's really don't care what the Psi's do inside of their cabins as long as they don't try to escape.

Over time the Psi's figure out various ways to communicate. The primary method is a sort of system like Morse code that they developed which is primarily made up of stomps, coughs, and some body language involved. The way they developed this system was through the Oranges developing their skills and communicating with other Oranges and being messengers for their cabins. It took about a year to get the system down. Other than that they sometimes find ways to slip notes to others without PSF's noticing but this was very difficult.

A few things of note are that, other than a thing that will happen in the beginning of the RP, there has only been one escape attempt and the kids involved were used as an example and no one ever saw them again. Also, at a certain point, probably a year and a half after our characters were taken to the camp, Reds were slowly starting to be removed from the camp but only a few cabins at a time. About three months after that Oranges started going with them.

Now sorry for how long this has been but there is still more. We will start with our Psi's being taken to Du Pont. After a certain point, not very long after the start, there will be a time skip of two years to just before the time where our Psi's will escape Du Pont. For now the other info you guys will need will be in my World Update/IC post things. I just didn't want to bog those down with to much exsposition and wanted to just tell you all.

I also know my mind works weirdly and I may have made a lot of confusing questions pop up in your minds. So, if you have a question go ahead and ask it and if it is something I can answer you then I will. If it is something I can't I will tell you why. Most likely will be because it would ruin some kind of surprise.

As I end this I'mma also ask how you guys might feel about having a Discord server for this?
@Majoras End Your character and mine should do performances for the other characters.
@Rawk That you did. And with the number of people we have, I am ok with you having a second character that isn't a Psi. Still want everyone to at least have a Psi as we still have a slightly low-ish number. Don't wanna risk anyone being left out.

Definitely not late. Especially seeing as (other than having to many players) people will always be free to join. It's a pleasure to have you.
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Katie Pruett - Alive - Du Pont Camp

Alex Hill - Alive - Du Pont Camp

Lucy McAllister - Alive - Du Pont Camp


NPC's we know

@SolusFalcon@sly13 All good choices. And take as long as you need as long as it's needed.(Weird sentence makes no sense.) I want everyone to be happy with the characters they have made.
@Xandrya Awesome. Orange is a good choice as that's what Ruby was. They are also probably the most difficult ones to deal with. Good thing she will hopefully be on my character's side.
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