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Sorry for taking so long. Was trying to figure out a way to break into the door and subsequently keep it shut right after. I saw some roller shutter doors with a lock that one could get to from the outside so I went with a little writer's prerogative to get us in.

Alex tried to think quickly. If they hesitated too much then the lot of them would likely die. He looked at the ones which were questioning him. "We can't go out the front. Likely all of the Lurkers outside will be right at the exit. We have two options. Find somewhere to hide nearby waiting it out or make a run for the main section of the mall and then work our way to an exit then get to my truck, everyone here can fit." The sound of the dead was getting louder forcing the group to make a move. "We can decide on the move. LET'S GO!"

The odd group of people started rushing towards the back of the Sears. In his head, Alex didn't want to have these three people tagging along but in his heart, he was glad for other people. but this feeling wouldn't really last long if they couldn't get out of this alive. Part way through the mad dash for safety Alex turned around to see way too many Lurkers than any one person could handle as well as Jess on the ground with a Lurker. While Kiley ran past, he turned to help but she motioned for him to keep going. Probably for the best as someone needed to secure safety. As the group neared the back Alex could see a cluster of Lurkers shuffling in from the back entrance and he froze a little in place. He didn't know what to do. They were trapped. Then Kiley yelled out to him from a nearby service area. He rushed over to find her standing next to a locked shutter door. Alex attempted to brute force the door up but the darned thing barely budged. Realizing this was no time to really worry about sound he took his gun and put two shots into the outside of the lock mechanism and thankfully it popped out.

He opened the shutter and everyone there rushed in. He slammed the thing shut but with no lock there was no way to secure it. Alex saw an industrial fridge next to the door and started to try moving it himself. Looking around he saw Kiley wrapping her belt around the end of one of the chains for the door and a new person. No time to address her. They needed to close the door as best they could. "Someone help me with this. Sadie, do what Kiley is doing on the other chain!"
Finally got my computer back.

Btw, @Unknown100 that door you had mentioned awhile back. What kind was it?
I'll try. The reason I haven't responded yet is because my computer has been having issues this past week. It's in the repair shop so I'll be able to use it soon. I can try using my ps4 or phone to get something out quick to move things along if needed?
@KatKook Then I'll wait for your post if you want me to.
@KatKook Aren't you also in Sears?

Edging along the outer area of the grocery store, Alex was looking for a safe spot to leave Sadie and Micky. If he had truly split off from those two then he knew his mind would be constantly be worrying and he wouldn't be able to focus. "Alex, the two of us are fine. Go scavenge or whatever." Alex looked behind him giving his sister a sideways glare. He looked back in front of him seemingly searching for something. He began lightly tapping on something nearby with his katana sheath. It didn't take long for a lurker to round the corner ahead of the trio. Alex stopped and then stepped aside waving his hand at the walking corpse while looking right at Sadie. The teen took an arrow from her quiver nocking it. She drew the bow but never released. Alex waited until the monster got close to cut it down with his katana. "Until you get over your fear of shooting a Lurker I can't just leave you alone. Come on."

After that 'lesson' the trio kept moving and Alex continued looking for anything worthwhile. He saw a few rotting vegetables. Not very many but he reached down and grabbed a rotten tomato. The vegetable itself was done for but maybe they could find a way to plant the seeds. If that would even work. Suddenly, in the direction of the exit to the outside, Alex heard yelling. Not sure what it was he motioned for Sadie and Micky to follow slowly. The stealth approach was thrown out the window though at the sound of gunshots. Fear started to kick in and Alex started worrying about where Kiley was. Lacking his better judgment he lifted Micky onto his back and bolted into the direction of the noise with Sadie following right behind. As he neared the location he slowed down so as to not attract any more attention than his sprinting had already likely given him. He quickly took in the scene before him. Two new people and Jess were the only living he saw.

Thankfully, Kiley showed up not long after he did. The young man quickly tried to focus. Loud noises were dangerous. They brought Lurkers. They had to move. "Kiley! Come grab Micky. We need to move NOW!" Alex rushed over to Jess. He did his best to grab her attention motioning that they had to go. Growling could be heard coming from multiple directions. Alex looked to the two new people and saw that they didn't really appear all that dangerous, right now at least. Conflict rose up inside him until Kiley called out, "We can't leave them. Come on there is a door in the back. We can hide them there." With that nudge Alex decided to at least try and help these guys. He ran to the one laying on the ground extending his hand.

Interacting with: Flavia (@Crimson Raven), Miss Illedrith (@Lord Sawsaw2), & Ceri (@Rune_Alchemist)

Annalyse thought about the information which Ceri had gathered. If there were a group of them having some sort of a meeting then it was likely the stronger ones and the leaders were in that room. "I feel like what Flavia suggested would be best with who is here. Miss Illedrith, would it be possible for you to hide us and Ceri's smoke? Because if so we'd be able to easily sneak around and take the weaker members out one by one. After that, I really have no clue what to do against the people in that meeting room."
@Blazion Who are you with so I know who not to mess with?
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