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Current I don't have a bio. I am also not included in anyone's bio. That I know of. *shrugs*
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My page is so empty.


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@Spectral So, Annalyse would have been nine when Kouta set out on his own. Are you fine with Annalyse recognizing him?

@Squirrel98 Just realized I never posted my created magic here. Umm, it is the Attribute Script that I created in the other Fairy Tail RP you and I were trying to join. So I'll take the excerpt from that sheet and put it
She won't have any use of Requip magic in this as I plan on her having been put in group two and she will be stronger with her magic in this than she would've been in the other RP's where I have used her through being forced to use it constantly.

Interacting with: Gaia (@ineffable)

Micky chuckled a little. He stood up taking Gaia's hand in his. "To be honest I'm a little outta my comfort zone as well. I'm used to talking but I've never even been on a date so this is completely new territory to me. I, umm, don't know if I actually said my name earlier but you can call me Micky. Pleasure making your acquaintance." Micky mentally groaned. That sounded weird. Didn't it? Micky felt like if he kept talking then he would make a fool of himself but if he didn't talk then he'd look even more like a fool and Gaia had said talking wasn't exactly her thing so it wouldn't be fair to make her hold the entire conversation.

Micky was struggling to come up with something to say that wouldn't make this conversation awkward or weird until he had an idea. "I'm sorry. I think I'm letting this whole 'everything' get to me. Since we don't know each other that well what if we tried talking like we're friends of a common friend and just try to get to know each other as friends first? That's a dumb idea, isn't it? Forget I said anything." After giving his idea, Micky heard Noemi mention switching the name tags around.

"That is a good idea." Micky picked up his name tag and ice cream motioning to walk over to where Gaia's seat was. He placed down his stuff and with a smile pulled out her chair hoping that it wouldn't seem cheesy. "The first topic of conversation could be work. Uh, what does an archivist do? I don't think I've ever heard that job title before.
Just found this but I don’t have time to work on a character right now but it is likely I will be trying to adapt this girl to here.
Someone help. please
I may not have my character done but I know my theme song.

Also, I'm making them a member of Kumogakure.
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