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Current I don't have a bio. I am also not included in anyone's bio. That I know of. *shrugs*
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My page is so empty.


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The Discord invite expired.
In The Portal 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yeah, I feel like I get it. I'll try and see if I can figure out a character concept and then get back with you from there. As for times, I'm usually always free on Saturdays but this one I have a Martial Arts tournament(It's super early so shouldn't be a problem) but a good amount of family is gathering for a birthday get together thing so not sure how long or what exact time that will be. Sundays for me are good except I am busy before Noon and then from 5:30 to 7 I'm busy. Other than that those days tend to be free. Oh, and I'm EST as well.
In The Portal 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
How many players are you looking for?
@Sep The Discord link is expired/invalid.
@Zapdos Generally yes. I do tend to look at the pages of other guilders I like to role play with, you being one of them despite not much interaction with each other outside of that one piece rp, and if they’re in a rp I like the sound of I will generally attempt to join it. But this time no. I discovered it in the interest check only just after the ooc was posted.
Gonna reserve a slot for someone who has hyperkinesis/photographic reflexes. But bedtime for me.

Do I sense another Taskmaster fan with that photographic reflexes? Or just a fan of the abilities it yields?
This sounds extremely cool. Dean Geyer and Kira Rausch would be the FC's I'd be using. Not certain on color yet. Anyone wanna do an alternative rock style band?

*Time - Early Afternoon
*Location - The Old Starboard
*Interaction - Tao Jang (@Allycat); Aria Hyoon (@KatKook)

Having finished the cat which she had started on the plane, Sadie looked around the quaint pub for a new muse. She hadn't been to this place often despite it being so close to her apartment. But the interior was so warm and cozy it caused her to wonder why she didn't come here more often. Looking around the place her eyes eventually landed on a boy on a laptop who seemed to be hiding away just like her. His hands were gliding along the keyboard with practiced ease. Not really sure as to why Sadie found herself wanting to draw him. She moved her pencil to paper and the crude attempt at making art imitate life began.

She hadn't made it very far in her doodle before her booth was approached. Sadie looked at the girl asking if she was ready to order. At that moment Sadie realized she hadn't even looked at the menu. She dropped the pencil to quickly look over the menu until something caught her eye. She looked up at the waitress and said, "Umm, could I get the Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Brie. I've never even thought of combining a PB&J with cheese. It sounds interesting. Oh, and can I get a fresh cup of coffee? Black."
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