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Current I don't have a bio. I am also not included in anyone's bio. That I know of. *shrugs*
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My page is so empty.


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I'll just go ahead and put it up so that the rest of it can be looked at and if the magic is to weird or not even possible I'll just quickly change it.

I was gonna go Roggenrola but I LOVE that Mr. Mime idea. I’m shooting for it if no one else does. He can help my private detective.

Jk probably though. Not really sure.
lol. Decided to read some of the bios and it’s a good thing I did as the background I was making for my character was very similar to another character already in the group. Time to come up with another idea.
This sounds pretty cool.
@Hitman Alright then. I'll hop right to it.

Assuming A-C refers to the ranks?
I saw something about not taking anymore so I'll just watch for now.
This is interesting. As such I am interested.

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