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@MissCapnCrunch Aye aye mon capitan.
Apologies for not posting in a while. I’m in an area affected by Florence and have no WiFi as a result. So, I haven’t really had the opportunity to work on anything.
I am still in this.

Location: Twins room -> Kitchen/Living Room
Interacting With: Each Other and Practically Everyone Else
Collaboration between : @alexfangtalon & @Peridot

Clothes were strewn all over the floor as two scenes unfolded within the beach house bedroom. Over near the dresser and closet, Mackenzie Pruett was digging through the closet looking for the absolute perfect summer dress, but each one seemed to be an emphatic NO! In one corner beside the messier of the two beds sat Katie Pruett and Belinda Scott, but call her Bill, playing some video game. Finally, Mackie seemed to find the perfect dress to go over her swimsuit. She quickly threw the dress on and turned to her oh so 'captive' audience. "Alright, so. Give your honest opinion. What do you guys think?"

Almost as if rehearsed, Katie just grunted an affirmative response not even sure what had been asked of her. "Bill, you going to that bonfire thing tonight?" In all honesty Katie didn't care to go to the party, but Mackie and a few others had been pestering her to go so she thought might as well get some fun out of it, and Bill being there would make it a lot more interesting.

Shrugging in response to Katie, Bill gave a cursory glance at Mackie and allowed a hand to leave the controller for just a second to give a quick thumbs up. "Lookin' hot, Macks." Her eyes had already darted back to the television screen competitively as she put down an NPC. Grinning in victory, Bill properly answered Katie's query. "Yeah, I'll probably go for the booze. Wanted to head out to the beach soon-ish anyway." There was still just enough sunlight left to not have to worry about sharks in the warm, Florida surf, and Bill was never one to turn down a party.

Making sure not to be outplayed by her co-op partner, Katie took out a conglomerate of NPC's with a needlessly overpowered super move. "If both of Y'all are going, then I might as well join in in the 'fun.'" Meanwhile, Mackie continued digging through the closet despite having picked out her outfit. She wasn't going to let her sister show up in just a t-shirt and shorts. "You say that as if you had a choice. And thanks, Bill." Mackie walked over to the two laying an outfit out for Katie to wear. "I'm not letting you go in your pajamas. Get up and change already."

The more anti-social twin mockingly groaned and stood to look at the outfit laid on her bed. Her party attire consisted of her favorite boots, some lightly faded jeans, and an oversized cropped tee. As Katie finished dressing was when a shrill voice rang throughout the house followed by some horrendously loud rap music. "TURN THAT CRAP OFF!" But no matter how loud she screamed it was unlikely whoever turned the infernal noise on would hear her. So, Katie simply reached over to grab her phone and earbuds. If the area around her were being beaten upon by some disdainful music, she would just flood her own ears with her music.

"No point in changing the masses, dude. You can't educate 'em away from the bad shit until they actually listen to some good shit." Good shit like her own music, but Bill didn't feel the need to boast of her confidence in her musical skills. She enjoyed playing, and that was enough for her. The crowds and attention just made her feel better... especially paid gigs, too. As for Bill herself, she was about as ready as she ever would be in regards to a party. Not anything particularly different from her usual look, Bill was done up in denim shorts, doc martens, and one of her various band tees, this one in particular emblazoned with Eddie the Head. Underneath that laid her bikini, while her wetsuit had been hung up outside for when she needed it next.

Throwing her console controller to one side, Bill rolled from the bed and landed on the floor, springing up with a grin. "C'mon girls. Let's go show these people how to really party."

"Now you're talking my language. Oh, and Katie you will be trying some alcohol tonight." Mackie simply laughed as her sister gave her what basically amounts to a death glare. With that, the trio set off for the location of the pre-party. Once arriving downstairs the girls set about interacting with the rest of the housemates. Katie walked over to the sofa area, "Fireworks sound fun. Just get me a lighter, and we can get the show started."

Mackie made her way towards the kitchen where she knew that the alcohol resided. The first thing she noticed was the numerous shots lined up by Sonny. She grabbed the closest one to her and downed it. "Oh, that is strong. I bet Sonny made these." Mackie looked around to see who stood in the room with her and, other than she who shall not be named, she liked what she saw. "If we're gonna watch some fireworks we need to move the drinks outside. Come on someone help me." She then grabbed a nearby platter putting a few shots on it and took the 'beverages' out to the patio.

Bill had acquired one of the several shots as soon as she had entered the kitchen behind Mackie, downing it and then frowning at the few remaining drops of liquor within the glass. "Who the fuck made these? If this is your attempt at a pre-game, consider me unimpressed." She'd had stronger, but the drink was really okay - the fighting talk was just her usual way of welcoming others, and she shot Sonny a teasing grin as she plucked another one from the tray. In the time it took to move outside with Mackie, a third shot was snaking its way down her throat, and the familiar warmth of harsh alcohol was settling in her belly. Despite the shitty music, it was probably going to be an interesting night.

It was most certainly not the most graceful of meetings but colliding at high speeds is definitely one way to make a lasting impression. Elle landed hard but at least someone had broken her fall. Sadly, it seemed as though he had not intended for things to go that way. Smiling to the out of breath boy, Apologies. I'm Elle. I heard a band was starting here. I brought snacks. Once she said that Elle frantically looked around realizing the grocery bags were not in her hands. The girl attempted to stand but without help, the lack of stable ground kept her from being able to stand. So, to deal with that issue she began taking off her rollerblades.

By the time she got her first rollerblade off another girl walked up to the two. Soon after a fourth person joined the little group upon the sidewalk. Elle took the girls hand and replied, I'm fine. Not sure about him. Are you also here about the band?" Once she stood up, Elle took off her other rollerblade and then set about to finding the snacks she brought. She then noticed one bag was under a nearby car. She went to get it as another person came. "Hello. I brought snacks cause I didn't know if we needed to bring anything." If one were to look in the bag it was just a bunch of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. It was fairly obvious that she wasn't a 'snack' person.
Even though Prometheus is a Titan he eventually sided against the other Titans. So what would you think about a son of Prometheus?
Here just working on a collab and keep having to edit it as Y'all post lol. Sonny was going to get a compliment for his drink making skills but oh well.
Tempted to just have Micky come in saying that was actually his locker just because it’d be hilarious.
I purposefully left open who he was talking to. At the moment I couldn't think of anyone, in particular, to have him ask so I put it like that so if someone wanted to they could be the one to answer his question, but I'm perfectly fine with it being some random.

Blue as far as the eye could see. The wind blowing on his face and through his hair, Micky flew as fast as the Falcon. He watched the ground below him zoom by and on the horizon was the one thing he always wanted. If only he could reach a little --- BRRRNNNNNNNN! The young teenager lurches out of his dreams and bed in one fail swoop. Next to his bed stood his older brother Oliver laughing his butt off with the offending air horn in his hands. "WHAT THE HECK, OLLIE!" Micky took a few moments to catch his breath as his evil sibling just stood there enjoying the misery of his victim. "Dang. You almost gave me a heart attack." Ollie sighed out the last of his laugh, "Don't get your breeches in a twist. Had to make sure you were fully awake for your first day of school else ma would kill me."

"And you couldn't think of a better way to wake me up." The two brothers chuckled for a moment before both going about their morning routine. Heading down to the kitchen, Micky could smell the wafting scents of breakfast flowing throughout the house. On the table sat three plates two of which were filled with sausage, eggs, and bacon while the other had a boring old salad. "Thanks for the breakfast, Elle." The growing boy reached for one of the good plates before a lithe hand grabbed it first. "Hey, how do you know I didn't make the salad for you?" Micky just laughed at his sister-in-law, "Because you're vegetarian and I'm not." She paused for a moment then set down the plate saying, "Point taken. Enjoy."

Not too long after Ollie joined the two and they gathered around the table. They prayed, and the two 'boys' dug into their meal while Elle giggled watching them. Once they finished, Micky quickly attempted to escape before more teasing, but he was soon stopped by Ollie. "Hold it. Ma wants me to send a picture of your outfit so she can approve it." Micky groaned in faux annoyance as he waited for his brother to take the picture. Moments later a reply came from their mother. "She says it's alright, but you need to tuck your shirt in." Micky quickly rushed over to a mirror to examine himself and did as his mother requested. The three exchanged goodbyes as Micky exited the house. He rushed over to his bike and sped off in the direction of the school.

Arriving at the fabled sanctum for talented youth, high school in the common language, Micky locked up his oh so sweet ride with two, count 'em two, bike locks. No one was stealing his baby. Looking at the building itself though the 'new kid' was easily intimidated. Seeing the large number of people didn't help with that. So, he focused himself on trying to figure out where he was supposed to go. Pulling out the map and his schedule he quickly located where he was intended to be. On the map that is. Doesn't really help if you can't exactly tell what is what on the darned thing. So, Micky did the one thing he dreaded doing this morning. Asking a random stranger for directions. "Umm, ex-excuse me. I can't quite figure this map out. How do I get to here?" he asked pointing at the map.
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