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The status bar is not for slamming your former writing partner in nor is it to instigate. Rules apply to the status bar as well, like keeping personal (private) conflicts private.
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Sometimes I lie awake dreaming of being as consistent in this hobby as I was ten years ago.
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If people aren't interested in your idea, maybe there's more at play then just unluckiness. Maybe you need to present your idea better to the audience of that idea.
2 yrs ago
Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
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I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.


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I tried the Watch Dogs 2 demo and unfortunately didn't like it very much despite the loads of effort into making the game world feel real and engaging. Might just not be a series for me.

Location: Tarashima Forest -- Village of Kotana, Town Square

If Honami was expecting a restaurant, she would shortly be disappointed. The merchant shrugged, telling her of the other food stands while Ipharia shuffled her feet forward, considering the well-being of her three “charges”, or at least that’s how she felt about their relationship even though they were far more important than her in the grand scheme of things. A more opportunistic person would’ve done differently than her in the same position.

Maybe that was why the gods chose her?

“Uh, well,” She began to respond to Hiroko, “Don’t worry about it.”

A few plates of rice and shokupan were not the ideal dinner, but it would be enough and not too costly as she soon learned at one of the food stalls. She had to remember to be more conservative moving forward.

Though, she wondered if they would need to find other avenues for coin before they got to the capital. With their skills, she could easily apply for grunt work if they needed to—questing was work for busybodies and with their latent talents they needed to learn more abilities to be of any use to the Princess and the Kingdoms they had been summoned to protect. It was a basic idea, though Ipharia knew it would be when they were a long way from Kotana. Honami's prediction about hell reigning upon the village because she had led them there appeared to still be false, though Ipharia returned to the thought every few minutes with dread.

When they received their food and had placed themselves down at a proper seating area, Ipharia looked to the setting sun that peered through the leaves above wondering what she would do if Honami were to be correct.

“It will take a day to get out of the forest and toward civilization.” She mused, “I doubt I'll have enough money to get us to the capital quickly. We might have to do some odd jobs on the way.”

Almost a year late and knocking off a whole lot of rust after not having written anything in the better part of a year. But I can finally say that the thing is done.

I will try to write a post that won't take twelve months to write on my end. We aren't going to get anywhere if we wait yearly on this project, so that's on me to amend.
I'm going to think about this and get back to you.
@Tadwinks, Welcome to Hell.
I started roleplaying back when I was thirteen (now 28). I didn't roleplay through AOL, but I fondly remember Invisionfree, Zetaboards, and Proboards. I had a forums of my own at one point.

But then I became an adult. Had two minimum wage jobs and worked about 60 hours a week on average and had to quit for about... 10 years? Finally have one decent-paying job so I have free time on my hands again... =D

I fondly recall usergroups and ezboards quite well, haha. The late-90s to early-00s was quite a time for the hobby.
Follow up question, what do you think makes for a most successful GM?

Patience, Luck, and Chemistry.

But mostly luck.

To expand on this, GMing is just the science of circumstance, timing, and planning. Planning too much dooms yourself to fail and expecting everything to go to plan will never ever happen. You’ve got to have a group you have chemistry with and a mutual sense of patience. Maintaining interest isn’t determined by constant activity (though it does help) but rather the will of the community. As a GM you are a director that needs to have a finger on the pulse, but even if you have that down… it’s mostly luck and circumstances aligning.

Location: Mt. Moon -- Near Old Tunnel Entrance

Lys shrugged, “Guess so.”

The map surprisingly covered a lot of ground. The purple-haired girl supposed that in a time before the main tunnel that the shafts cut through a number of natural caverns and old mine shafts to get through this part of Mt. Moon. It made her wonder what was at the “heart” of the mountain. Not that she’d find out soon. But once she got out, she’d be back, eventually. Probably when she had a proper rock type Pokémon. For now she'd have to settle for getting out. But first she’d wait on the other two to join up with her and Ella before she even began the endeavor. She’d hate to leave someone behind.

“Looks like there is a bunch of these tunnels. Finding the right one...” She uttered as she moved her finger along the shafts in the map until she reached a icon titled ‘exit’. “ the trick.”

She looked back to Ella as her concerns of the ladders finally registered, she smirked cockily.

“That’s why you bring rock climbing gear at all times! We shouldn’t need to use any, though. There’s this path that goes through a bunch of old caverns and shafts that leads around to the other side of the tunnel. Though, who knows if that’s caved in and we’ll have to think creatively about it and all.”

Location: Ishin Academy, Sapporo, Japan -- April 8th

The brown-haired woman squinted as she swiped the pineapple out of the stammering student’s hands, her expression still as cold as it was moments before. Between the antics of the loud-mouthed seat number two, the laughter of seat number three, and everything else happening in the room, there wasn’t the silence and order she wanted in the room. She wondered if other teachers in the academy had similar issues with their first years. As the boy bowed his head in embarrassment, she placed the pineapple down on her desk with a loud thud.

“It’s fine. Return to your desk.” She managed in the nicest tone since she had entered the classroom.

As the boy reacted to her gesture, she looked back to the piece of paper in her hands that spoke of the students that she would be teaching today and for the rest of the year; the students present and accounted for, and notes about them from their evaluations. Her eyes returned to the students in front of her as she placed the papers back on the desk, the pineapple sitting next to them. She didn’t immediately need them, but it was good to look orderly and the pro-hero known as Knightmare didn’t exactly get her name from taking crap from anyone. She focused her line of sight on the “problem students”, as she was in no mood to deal with comedians or upstarts.

“With that out of the way, I’m sure some of you might have questions, but before we get to that I want to get this over with. As you heard at the opening ceremony, Ishin Academy is tough and you have to prove yourself to be tough enough. If you don’t meet the grade, don’t bother even trying. Each of you needs to have the ambition to be the number one prospect and by extension the number one hero. It's why Ishin ranks you throughout the entire year. To prepare you for the rankings you'll face as a pro-hero and the pressure that comes with that.”

She looked over to the back of the class to the front.

“In fact, we've already made a list based on the data the eggheads collected from your interviews and tests you have already taken. I guess it's interesting.”

She motioned to the board behind her as she threw out her finger, the metal ring around a piece of chalk allowing the chalk to write out only two of the students names--Amuro Namie and Kunze Adrianne. There were many students in the class, yet Midori only chose to write two.

“Right now, we're leaving the majority of names out of the pool. That'll change starting this week. But, these two names? They are the top and bottom of our mock board and you will be expected to keep these two names in your head the entire year. Show me you aren’t the most likely to be class failure. Impress me. I want you to show me that you are better than number one. If you can’t, why are you even at Ishin? Everyone here needs to remember that this is not a game and from now on, going forward, you better start running because that finish line isn’t going anywhere.”

Was it cruel to start instructing like this? Midori had wondered, though temporarily.

“I'm gonna open the floor now before I let you guys show me how good you are.”

All hobbies require some amount of work and dedication to be successful hobbies.
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