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2 yrs ago
The people you hate the greatest tend to have the flaws you see in yourself that you resent the most.
3 yrs ago
Sometimes I lie awake dreaming of being as consistent in this hobby as I was ten years ago.
3 yrs ago
If people aren't interested in your idea, maybe there's more at play then just unluckiness. Maybe you need to present your idea better to the audience of that idea.
4 yrs ago
Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
5 yrs ago
I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.


Gowi | Trans-Femme | 34

I change my profile too much.

If you’ve been around you know the bullet points. I’ve been in the roleplaying medium too long and for a long time not nearly consistent enough. You either like me or don’t. I don’t care anymore, I’m gonna be me. If you want to RP my interests are anime vibes that doesn’t suck, dark fantasy, space westerns, actual westerns, modern fantasy, slice of life, survival horror, superheroes, and basically everything. I’m asexual but I’m open to romantic plot beats if they’re good.

Send me a PM if you’re into semi-decent writing in any these categories.

I have a personal discord and if I know who you are, I'll give you a look.

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I like the sheet, but I do have a few concerns with Lorraine. Her information feels sparse(-ling, heh, anyhow) compared to the other characters mentioned within the sheet. I know she's struggling to support the family alone and is dealing with the loss of her husband, but what else? Did she have some kind of big job, was she a stay-at-home mom or something? Small details like that to give her more depth as a character.

Yep, I need to decide on her job which is pretty much it. That was the edit I said I needed to do.
Still need to iron out some things. But it'll get there.

Random question but if we're going to have people with multiple characters and/or potential npcs, should they be separate posts or lumped in one central post? Personally I'm more of the former just so the CS post tab can be used as a running total of all characters (pc & npc) but also it keeps things uniform, imo.

whatever the boss says tbh

@TGM you missed updating the trainee corp

Appreciate it. Will work on it.

Tell me what adjustments need to be made, morons.
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