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Current At a point where I'm just not going to do RPs for people anymore. I'll do my thing and if people app then that's cool, but no more requests.
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Open the door, get on the floor; everybody walk the dinosaur.
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I make RPs and RP accessories.
10 mos ago
The people you hate the greatest tend to have the flaws you see in yourself that you resent the most.
2 yrs ago
Sometimes I lie awake dreaming of being as consistent in this hobby as I was ten years ago.


Gowi | Trans-Femme | 32

I change my profile too much.

If you’ve been around you know the bullet points. I’ve been in the roleplaying medium too long and for a long time not nearly consistent enough. You either like me or don’t. I don’t care anymore, I’m gonna be me. If you want to RP my interests are anime vibes that doesn’t suck, dark fantasy, space westerns, actual westerns, modern fantasy, slice of life, survival horror, superheroes, and basically everything. I’m asexual but I’m open to romantic plot beats if they’re good.

Send me a PM if you’re into semi-decent writing in any these categories.

I have a personal discord and if I know who you are, I'll give you a look.

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Eolnana’s monotonous comment came from her seat at the table, as her eyes remained on her plate of food as she tried to gauge her appetite. The proper manners would dictate she would face a Grayle eye-to-eye, but she was so preoccupied with the dietary change presented to her. Not that she minded being aloof, but even she wasn’t so arrogant to shrike conventions.

She looked up after taking a bite of her food, making sure to not have any present when she replied.

“It’s an important honor. Though, probably less so than being graced by the presence of a Grayle.” She uttered as she observed the boy in front of her. “I apologize for not seeking your introduction sooner.”
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Yep. It's looking good to me. Feel free to move it to the CHAR tab without its hider.

April 11th, Year 1 On Route to Volleyball Club

If the shorter girl hadn’t realized what kind of place Utsubyo was by this point, Akari wasn’t sure she would ever “get” it.

The school wasn’t exactly derelict, but the mood of the town hung over the school like it did every other citizen no matter their age or gender. To be positive in this place… Akari used to be able to, before her father left. It was gloomy, but back then it was pretty easy to not get caught up in it. Something about being a kid with two happy parents and a large imagination. Maybe it was the stability that helped? Or maybe she was just being naive back then. It was hard to say. There was a reason that more people were like Kenzo and not so much like people like Nakano and Shimizu. From Akari's point-of-view, you either succumbed to the rain of Utsubyo or you looked for sunshine somewhere else.

“Utsubyo…” Akari contemplated out loud, “I guess it is what you see. Some people seem to find some joy in it, but we’re not exactly super competitive or worried about anybody else but ourselves. Some of the top students are just fighting for good grades so they can get out of here. I guess that goes for the sports teams, too. Look good for the universities and never look back.”

She looked over to the girl with a glance, “Your mom should've picked somewhere else for you, honestly.”

April 11th, Year 1 On Route to Volleyball Club

Nope? Huh. Maybe, just maybe Akari's judgement was flawed for the first time in a good while.

“Oh. I see.” She remarked stoically, as the teenager shuffled through the corridors.

Part of her was a little curious about how much experience she had. What school she went to, how far they had made it in regionals, and that sort of thing. Bigger schools meant bigger teams and more ability to be competitive. Akari’s first year hadn’t helped the fledgling and motley volleyball club out too much, so her thoughts wandered often about what she could do going forward. It didn’t take her long to make one more comment before they reached their destination, though it was a surprising one.

“So. What was your old school like?”

She wasn’t sure if she was even really curious. Akari hated small talk, or at least that’s what she told people.

“Must’ve been pretty nice.”

April 11th, Year 1 On Route to Volleyball Club

Akari sighed, shaking her head. “Spiking and Serving.”

The taller girl shuffled her hands in her blazer’s pockets as she looked over at the smaller girl. Shimizu had told the entire class that she liked shopping and volleyball so her absolute ignorance of the right lingo surprised her. Part of Akari was hoping that she would’ve been some kind of ace before she moved to Utsubyo, but apparently this was not the case. Akari was dumb to think so, obviously, but the idea that this loud, bubbly moron could help bring the team over the top was pretty naive of her. She was who she was.

“It’s just lingo. You’ll get used to it. Is this your first time on an actual team?”

Uh, we have 12 potential players so far, and the DM will only allow 6-7 characters at the start.

You can join the Discord and see what she says, though! Which characters start out initially is entirely decided by who gets their sheet out in time, so if you're quick, you might be able to play! <3

Nobody has even been accepted yet, so its all going to be a CS contest come OOC application time. They can be interested if they want. :)
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@Bounce @Supermaxx

See no problems with these two if they are the characters you are gonna go with. You can transfer those over to the CHAR tab without their hiders.

April 11th, Year 1 On Route to Volleyball Club

And so this was her life.

In a way it was funny, reminding her back to… better times. Before Mirei had to move on account of her father finally finding a good job that wasn’t in this horrible town. She hadn’t understood it then. Thoughts wondering why everyone kept abandoning her had clouded her mind then and it took a long time for her to get over it. Though part of her still missed having Ishii Mirei around; having her best friend to help her through the tough times. Shimizu wasn't the same, but her boundless energy, part of Akari wondered if it'd eventually have an impact on her. Only time would tell, she supposed.

She sighed, looking at the sunnier girl. “Yeah. Sure thing.”

There was still things she had to do this week, but it was also another day occupied by priorities Akari refused to ignore or reschedule. By the luck of the shichifukujin she hadn't been able to confront Totsuka. Likely due to her new friend's constant indulgences and Akari's own responsibilities at home and in club. She was still fully intending to do it, but what would she say a few days removed from the whole event? So annoying.

”You’re excitable today.”

I liked DDLC but I found it pretty mundane, but I was experienced with the medium of visual novels before, so.
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