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11 days ago
Hoping you get back to 100%, Fab.
6 mos ago
Sometimes I lie awake dreaming of being as consistent in this hobby as I was ten years ago.
12 mos ago
If people aren't interested in your idea, maybe there's more at play then just unluckiness. Maybe you need to present your idea better to the audience of that idea.
2 yrs ago
Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
3 yrs ago
I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.


Gowi | Trans-Femme | 32

I change my profile too much.

If you’ve been around you know the bullet points. I’ve been in the roleplaying medium too long and for a long time not nearly consistent enough. You either like me or don’t. I don’t care anymore, I’m gonna be me. If you want to RP my interests are anime vibes that doesn’t suck, dark fantasy, space westerns, actual westerns, modern fantasy, slice of life, survival horror, superheroes, and basically everything. I’m asexual but I’m open to romantic plot beats if they’re good.

Send me a PM if you’re into semi-decent writing in any these categories.

I have a personal discord and if I know who you are, I'll give you a look.

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Caramelle rolled her eyes as Turq and Veloce went on to explain why they wanted to become a huntsman.

Power. Strength. Money. Travel. A bunch of trivial reasons as far as she could tell, though Veloce’s story about owing a debt to a huntsman was at least half-admirable. She wondered what the other member of their group would say, though frankly, she was only slightly curious about the reasoning behind it. The brown-haired girl raised a brow as she mused over her own thoughts. Was it really their business that being a huntsman was something that ran in her family? All they need to knew was she was a huntsman because she was a huntsman.

“Does it even matter?” She groaned, “I’m a huntress because I’m good at it. Who cares?”
I'm not about to start another argument or risk player fallout, chief.

You want to DM, make your own game.

“Normally, I’d say we don’t have the numbers to play seek and destroy.” Gaida smiled warmly as she put her hand on Ezmy's shoulder, “However... we aren't exactly lacking in people or suits.”

Gaida understood the logistics of tracking down pirates when their orders were contrary to that, but the red-haired woman would remind that she signed up to protect this junk-rig of a ship. Nothing more and nothing less. She didn’t have any skin in the game with the pirates, though she knew the shortstock beside her most certainly had a sort of axe to grind. She was certain she yearned for action rather than protecting the ship or scanning around junk fields hoping that something interesting happened for once.

She looked back toward Disker as she released her hand from the girl’s shoulder.

“I can power up my suit and join your group. At least, as long as our defenses here are ample enough. If we end up not doing little Ezmy's plan.”
inb4 there's an invisible barrier through the torii and Junichiro just ends up running face-first into it

You run through the torii. Nothing happens. There's forest and mountains as far as the eye can see... if it wasn't already dark.
Well isn't he edgy.
I have another RP idea for anime if you wanted to hold out for that.

We shall see what I think of it, but I do owe you a finished CS for this by tomorrow.

Just kidding don't shoot me.

A more realistic portrait is preferred here, though.

Also as some have already done so and to my surprise that I actually like, please PM me your characters when you feel they are about finished. Anomalous especially but even if not, I would like to take a look at them. Just to see what's up.

So more like a casting call for a Netflix series than an anime. Got it.
@TGM Tsk, tsk. What are you doing (if you are) and what position in marching order will you take?

I honestly don't care.

But since I'm the only meat to protect the squishies you should be up front somewhere.
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