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Current Cos it's all gonna be so much better // The moment your true self's shining through // Like the love when I'm finally holding you
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tfw you angsty and you unleash your angsty-ness on a cartoon character
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Sorry daddy, I've been naughty = Forgive me father, I have sinned.
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Ladybug + love of punny silly shit; so -b and +p = Ladypug
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On one hand I get the "don't let your characters control you" thing, but on the other.. Man, it sure does make writing easier when you're in their headspace.
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Location: Home Sweet Home!

Ana was tired, and it was for the dumbest reason.

Like, she knew it was dumb, especially since her dad - notorious for not double, not triple, but quadruple checking locks and winders - had given every door- and window-lock the Moore seal of approval - the highest of approvals, let me tell you. Despite that reassurance, she still kept waking up in the middle of the night, a hundred percent convinced someone broke into the house. She kept getting up, lamp in hand, ready to whack the absolute shit out of whoever was in the house with her- except, you know, there wasn't anyone else. It was just her and her dumb anxious brain being... Well, anxious and dumb.

Ana huffed for probably the millionth time that morning as she looked through the fridge, then through the cabinets and cupboards. They were.. very much not full. In fact, the only thing she had for food was a box of those cheap, super-sugary breakfast bars that she was a hundred percent sure she didn't pack. She smiled, letting out a softer little sigh.

"Thanks, dad."

She opened the cardboard box, and then that secondary crinkly aluminum-foil-y skin to get to the peanut-butter-chocolate-chip.. meat..? Ew, that analogy went very wrong very quickly. But she consumed nonetheless. Not as good as a hot breakfast, but better than no breakfast-!

Knock knock knock.

"Daaaddy," Ana called as she continued to crunch on the breakfast bar, "Someone's at the-"


She swallowed as her brain caught up with her mouth just said. She was alone, which meant she had no dad to save her from her worst fear- Answering the door. Like, ok, she knew that answering the door wasn't that bad - she's actually done it a couple times - but there was always that horrible nagging feeling that she'll answer the door and then just get scooped up and never seen again. So.. Who was it at her door? Were they trustworthy? She tensed- like, ok, maybe if she just stays very still, they'll go away-?

"Hello? Anyone home?"

It was a girl's voice, probably around her age - or they just sounded very young. Or maybe it was a kid with a very adult voice. Either way, it made Ana relax. If this lady had bad intentions, Ana could totally fight her off- Unless her voice was deceptively sweet? Like for all she knew, this girl could be jacked.

"My name is Irina," the voice continued, "Eugene might've told you about me."

Ana was pretty sure she hadn't even met a Eugene yet, but.. Ok, at least they're not trying to barge in or something. That was good. Maybe she could let her guard down-

"I figured that since we'll probably be seeing each other a lot, I should stop by and introduce myself. I have pie, too!"

Pie? Oh hell yeah. She scarfs down the rest of the breakfast bar, placing the trash in the bin before she went over to the door, completely confident in this person's good intentions. Like, would a bad person bring her pie? Yeah, uh, didn't think so-

And as quick as the confidence came, it evaporated when Ana saw Irina's face. She was.. to put it simply, pretty. Like, really pretty. Stupid pretty- no, not stupid, cause Ana was the one that felt stupid right now. Irina's light brown hair was all tied back and her eyes were a really pretty blue-ish green shade, and- Oh jeez Ana felt stupid. Words were completely escaping her in the moment- her first visitor just had to be a pretty girl, didn't it? This is torture- Oh no, and now Irina is staring at her and expecting her to say something. Say something! Anything! Oh God, anything to make Irina stop staring at her stupid dumb face!

Ana quickly leaned against the doorframe, trying and failing to look totally cool, unbothered, and suave as she stuck up not one, but two finger guns. "Wassuh?"

Ana almost immediately she regret her decision.


oh no, someone more babey than Ana. I am threatened.

idk, yeet.
Time to get drunk on wine sisters

For at least a week or two, ye.

shut yo unreliable ass up

u huwted my feewings ;n;
Hmmmm.... -thinking emoji-

might make the new resident, I'unno yet. Could be fun. Maybe.
If I could hold onto my inspiration for longer than 5 minutes
Oh wow it's been a month since I've bumped? Wild.

hav a bump.

Still kinda want some Steven/Connie fluff, even after all this time.
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