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Current I'd love to get a deep dish sausage and pepperoni pizza dropped on my face. Mmm, pizza.
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I'd purposefully fuck with the thermostat just to get a snuggle, I love snuggles.
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Lake Michigan v2
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@Hey Im Jordan I make my mac n cheese with as much cheese as I can stomach, and then some. It's pretty good.
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Stupid people tend to also be evil, my dude.
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You know those cookies from Shell or w/e? They're fucking dope. So's their pizza. Gas station food is just, like, the best.
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Good Lord it's a taco party up in this adventuring group.
@Shadow DragonWell the first OOC post says to write at least a paragraph.
lookit all those colors
"Are you daft or something?" comes the woman in furs. She continues, her voice in a more hushed whisper, "You should keep that to yourself. What's this all about anyway?"

"You'd rather me lie about who I am?" Deston asked in his regular voice, Cassius finding a hint of amusement in the somewhat incredulous look on the prince's face, "It is a fair point to have, and yet I struggle to fathom myself obliging to it. Hiding behind smoke and mirrors was never my style, anyway."

Hopefully that would become his style. While Cassius isn't one to back down from challenges such as this, it would make his job much easier if Deston at least tried to lay low. Based on what was just said, though, it's not likely to happen anytime soon.

"It's about adventure," a new voice interjected, making Cassius turn his head and then promptly have to swallow the heart which had attempted to leap from his throat. "What else starts in a tavern, aside from sex and drinking? Do these seem like the kind to drink with common people, unless to gather a misfit band of adventurers to save the world?"

That's a dragon. Or, more accurately, a dragonborn. A dragonborn! Though he's seen them before during his own little adventures, it was from a distance. For good reason, too, he felt - to put it plainly, fucking with dragons is not something anyone should do if they value keeping their life. Sure, dragonborn aren't as dangerous as their dragon kin in terms of sheer destructive power, but from what Cassius has seen (from a distance), they're formidable enough foes. Maybe it's a good thing to have one on their side? Maybe?

"-and now that I'm here," came another new, feminine voice, "the adventure can begin!"

"And adventure it shall be!" Deston exclaims, the excitement in his voice palatable. That was when he revealed a scroll sealed with wax, "While I doubt there'll be any world-saving, I do have a bounty posted by a group of miners about a day or so from here. They struck a kobold nest while digging, and their progress has been impeded since. Until now, however - if you're willing to join us on this quest of ours."

Oh what an absolutely odd, motley bunch they are. A prince and his lady escort, three other women of varying levels of unruliness, a dragonborn, and then himself. What their business was, though, he didn't know. Maybe they all gathered purely for the adventure, but there was also the possibility at least one of them were here for some ulterior motive. Surely, right? While he couldn't be certain of that, he was certain of how this first little quest of theirs was going to go.

"Kobolds, you said?" Cassius replies, "That shouldn't be too much trouble."
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