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Current If your writing partner goes radio silent with absolutely 0 warning, yeah you can go ahead n shelve it. You probably got ghosted for one reason or another. It happens.
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I apologize for inactivity - muse has been elsewhere lately. I will reply to RPs here asap
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Physical Details
Percy, unlike the other pilots he's soon to meet, does not subscribe to a rigorous work-out routine, nor is he naturally prone to being thin. He's also got something of a sweet tooth, which he shares with his daughter. That said, with all the running around and lifting he does due to his secondary job as quartermaster, he's not totally out of shape either.

When it comes to clothes, nine times out of ten he prioritizes comfort over color cohesion or looking good. His closet is basically t-shirts, flannels, sweatpants, and like.. two pairs of good jeans.

Background Information

Polaris Shift
While Percy's had one instance of a Perfect Sync before, it won't be until the next time he hits that sweet spot that he'll feel the effects.

In Percy's case, the Polaris Shift is a severe case of personality bleeding, which could be categorized as a case of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Dissociation, memory lapses, the sudden onset of uncharacteristic behavior, and visual/auditory hallucinations are all symptoms. The visual hallucinations specifically are what scare Percy into trying to get information from whoever's willing to give it.

When Percy is in the dissociated state, he has no doubt in his mind that he's the previous pilot of Breechlock, Michael Emerson. So much so that he takes on Emerson's mannerisms and even gains his memories until the dissociation stops. When it does, whether it takes a few minutes or a few days, Percy has little to no recollection of what Emerson may or may not have done. Eventually, he'll end up losing all sense of either identity, becoming an amalgamate of both.

Personal Mission
*slaps roof of thread* THIS BAD BOY CAN FIT SO MANY TESTS ON IT. MAYBE. If I remember to use it. idk we'll see lol
I might be, but I also might wait and see what everyone else comes up with.
This is absolutely fucking adorable and metal as hell - I dunno if I'll actually play but I will certainly read along and lurk when this gets going
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