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11 days ago
Current Just enjoy the remakes for what they are - the original movies aren't just poofing out of existence ykno.
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This is absolutely fucking adorable and metal as hell - I dunno if I'll actually play but I will certainly read along and lurk when this gets going
I too enjoy long posts and medieval-fantasy vibes... Hmm.. πŸ‘€

I also play men more often than women, so.. HMMM...
If this is still an active thing, that medieval fantasy one sounds kinda fun? I have a big strong stoic bodyguard/mercenary character that I've been dyin to write again
bump cuz gotdamn it's been ten months. how did I go ten months without bumping? wild.

I can't make the fuckign video thing work like you guys but this shit slaps

and uh... yeap... still want some steven-y goodness. my brain's latched onto it like a tick latches onto its host.
I can't convince myself to write, so I'm gonna bail as to not hold people up. I'll still probably lurk n read but yeah.

hope y'all have fun though. ✌️
@Ambra Mentioning just in case.

I was gonna wait till I got my other two future POV characters done and post all three for review, but I figured posting them as I got them done would be simpler.

Here's Foxpaw <o/

Hmm.. Maybe.
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