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Didn't mean to take so long but ay here we go

Percy Moore
LOCALE // Smith's Rest, New Anchorage
TIME // Afternoon-ish

Percy was completely and utterly silent the whole time Madison talked him down, the scolding and the good hard slap to the face sobering him up just enough to realize he was being absolutely inappropriate. His big drunken grin was replaced with the far more familiar look of concern and nervousness. Madison doesn't deserve that kind of behavior out of him. While he actually had no clue of her preferences, he did know that Madison looked up to him. Just like he saw her as a sort of second daughter, she sees him as a father figure. That made his stomach churn - the thought of saying similar things to Ana really put it into perspective. As she stormed off, one thought crossed his mind. I fucked up hugely.

Even if his brain was a muddled drunk haze, he was trying to think of how in the hell to even begin to apologize for being such a creep. Would an apology even make it better? He had a strong feeling it really wouldn't. He froze up as he noticed all the pairs of eyes glaring at him, his stomach lurching once again. He gave a brief glance to his two fellow pilots, but then focused back on everyone else, chest tightening.

First it was the shit on stage, and now it's this? Percy would be shocked if his dumb face wasn't on the news the next day. He swallowed whatever it was that was burning the back of his throat, be it literal bile or just the figurative sting of anxiety, and he quickly stood up, stumbling out of the canteen. The lobby looked far more inviting than either the conference hall or the canteen.

With a mumbled apology to nobody in particular - the whole room, really - he walked out of the canteen. Since he took a seat closest to an exit, the obvious odor of alcohol went with him. More people stared, their gazes gouging into Percy's skin as he sat down. As much as he wanted to run and just go home with Ana and Zach, Graham stated that the group had to stay in that building until it was over, or else. The pilot didn't want to figure out what 'or else' might be, so Percy didn't. He instead leaned back into the chair and watched the small flecks of snow fall to the ground outside. His breathing had slowed and calmed when noticed he had a notification. He pulled it up, and when he read it, he smiled just a little.

As Percy marked it as read and locked his datapad again, he sighed. At least he's doing right by Ana, right?

Yeah man don't worry about about a damn RP when you just got out of the hospital. Rest up and get better. <3
@Ambra@LetMeDoStuff HELLO AGAIN

I think I will be lurking.. may join.. don't know just yet. ',:3

Percy Moore
LOCALE // Smith's Rest, New Anchorage
TIME // Afternoon-ish

"So what was it you were saying about getting down to your socks?" Tahlia whispered, her breath on his neck making Percy shiver a little. "You know... I'd be willing to take that further, if that's what you want?"

He swallowed as his body betrayed him. The light drunken flush on his face got redder, and he could feel the hairs standing up on his neck. Did she really just say that? Is she kidding or is she being for real? He could only wipe his mouth with his shirt then stutter out a soft "What?" before he heard Madison object.

"What the fuck Mads?" came the drunker of the two women, "You even said yourself that y'old Freckles here needs some cheering up, and well fuck... a sympathy root never hurt no one."

A dumb grin crept onto Percy's face as his brain took the raunchy thoughts popping into his head and running with them - and then he felt the bottle in his lap. He went to take one more good swig from it as Tahlia asked him her question. The redhead's grin got a little bigger as he very blatantly fibbed, holding the bottle sort of limply. "Psh, nah. I-I'm.. I'm so not a crier. I don't do that."

Percy then dared to leeeaannn closer so he could keep his voice low, setting his bottle down, "Wit'hat said, how's about we go somewhere a lil' less cr-OHshit."

And the pilot got pulled off the stool by Madison. "Come on Freckles. It's time to go and see how Ana is doing." the bubblegum haired woman insisted.

"Pf, Ana's fine," Percy said, using his free hand to wave it off, "She's wit'Zach at home. S'no big deal-" a little laugh as he pulls his arm from Madison but continued to walk with her, "You, uh- What, you- Are you jealous? I mean.. you're really cute, but that's the problem!"

Before Madi could figure out whether to be offended or not, Percy continued going as far as to stop her and then grab her face in his hands, sort of smushing her cheeks together. "You're really cute. Like.." Percy let go of her face, resuming his walk with her, "like a puppy. I can't fuck a puppy, Madi. I c-can't- Goddammit-" The redhead pilot stumbles over his own feet a little bit, having to stand still for a minute to make sure he wasn't about to topple face-first into the floor. With a little nod, he walks backwards, away from the exit, towards the bar, but still speaking with Madison, "But'cha know what I can get in bed with me? A woman - 'specially if she wa-AH!"

Once again, Percy stumbles, but instead of catching himself, he falls backwards into a table - the side of the table hit him the back and he was forced to sit at whatever chair was closest. He tried to act as if it was totally intentional, leaning into the table like he's some suave Casanova, but the pained grimace on his face said it all. He stayed quiet for a moment before he turned to look at the people he was sitting with - Eli and Alan.

"Oh, hey, hope y'don't mind me droppin' in li'that," Percy said, his voice a little choked from the pain, but he grinned at his pun. He didn't even do that on purpose, it just slipped out.

Percy Moore
LΜ΅O͞CΜΈAΜ‘LE // Smith's Rest, New Μ΅AΜ›nchoragΜ΅eΜ§
TIME // Afte͑ŕnoon

Percy couldn't keep himself from snorting, sort of waving Kane away as he spoke, "Psh, nah - I mean, yeah, shit sucked ass, but, man.. Man I'm.. I am not fucked up. Do I look fucked up?"

Percy's cheeks, nose, and even the tips of his ears were flushed red; he was having to squint to see; he had a partial grin on his face; he was having to lean into the counter to not fall backwards off the stool. He looked completely fine, if completely fine meant positively wrecked. Percy lets a moment pass before he huffs in an exaggerated way - he wasn't even really sure why he was lying about it.

"Yeeeaah, ok I'm fucked up," he admits, like it was a secret, "Buuut, if I'm gonna be fucked up might as well do it where the alcohol is, amirite!? Actually, yeah, y'know what- Barkeep!"

"Sir, I've already said-"

"C'moonn," Percy interrupted with a whine, "Don't be a dickhead - two bottles isn'uff to get totally hammered! Man, if I was half as drunk as you people think so, I'd be down to my socks.. And I would be-"

"Jesus, ok," the bartender says, merely sliding the bottle that Percy had abandoned back to him - not that Percy really realized that, "Shaddup. We don't need to hear.. whatever you were gonna say."
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