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3 days ago
Current I ghost because I feel bad for telling the other person I've lost interest cause I don't want THEM to feel bad because of my own spastic attention span.
10 days ago
I remember the days when "nightcore" was called "chipmunk version." I'm only 20 and yet I feel more ancient than then the oldest mountain.
11 days ago
why am I up at 5 am I should've been in bed like 7 hours ago???
11 days ago
that god forsaken netflix book adaptation gave me PTSD and you just tRIGGERED ME AAAAAAAAAA
11 days ago
eff you misteil that show made me cry so bad I stopped watching it for like a whole year before picking it back up
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I'm just wanting more n more man. I love et
Bow wow wow wow wow wow
Football, yeah, with the home runs and the hole-in-ones.
I don't actually see where you're going with it, but I'm having fun anyways
You made me want to play a game that doesn't even exist with those mission descriptions. gawd. aauhgg >A<

I agree that in a hypothetical fourth official Jak game (the lost frontier does not exist) the fighting could use an upgrade, but I dunno about changing it to be more "human-like", cause the janky, beat-em-up-style combat is kind of part of what makes Jak and Daxter Jak and Daxter to me. I like the idea of fighting with a staff tho. That'd be dope.
Honestly, I think I'm gonna drop outta this one. I thought I still felt up to this, but I kinda just don't. I hope y'all have fun tho.
> open the alien appearance hider
> get THAT

thanks I hate it
I'm gonna have nightmares now.

Both ideas are cool, but I dunno if I'd actually play them - I wish you good luck in finding people though! :D
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