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Current here's an idea: instead of calling it "art block," let's call it "creative constipation."
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-miku vocaloid voice- everything i make... fUCkiNG... sUcKS!!! It's bad!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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If we're doing friendly Poke-Remunders, uhhhh Pikachu zaps the shit out of things it's unfamiliar with.
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And how exactly does a short person type?
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Then don't walk on them! Get stoned somewhere else!
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Smith's Rest, New Anchorage | The NC Hangar
January 16th, 2677 (Before the New Pilots Arrive)

Percy huffed out a sigh of exasperation as he dug through his friend's toolbox, both looking for a voltage tester and trying to organize the tools inside as he spoke, "Zach, come on-"

Zach, currently in the ceiling, glared down at him from above. "Percy, I'm gonna say it one more time before I kick you in the teeth. Don't. Touch. Anything else."

"You know I didn't mean to zap you-"

"Yeah, but you did, and you almost started a fucking fire. You promised you wouldn't do that."

"No, I did not," Percy insists, "I said I probably wouldn't start one. There is a difference-"

"Oh my God, I'm going to kick you-" Zach grumbles, taking another few moments to peer down at Percy - apparently he's gotta make sure that Percy sees the disappointment in his eyes, "I swear, Pierce. I'm gonna do it, I'm just gonna fuckin' punt you in the-" After another curse in Percy's general direction and an explosive exhausted exhale, Zach apparently gives up on being irritated. Good, Percy huffs as he sees Zach's hand descend, doing a bit of a "come hither" gesture, "Voltage tester, jackass?"

"I'm still looking for it, asshole." Percy retorted as he started to get more frustrated with the mess that was Zach's toolbox. There's zero sense of good organization - like, the tools are only broadly sorted by the type of tool. Screwdrivers are with screwdrivers, wrenches are with wrenches, et cetera; but even then it's still all chucked in willy-nilly. How does Zach work like this? How is he, let alone anyone he's working with, supposed to find anything in this chaos of a toolbox-?! "Oh, here it is." He went to give it to Zach, but just as his hand went to reach the rest of the way, Percy pulled it back to examine it further - for whatever dumb reason, he always mixes up stud finders and voltage testers. "Wait, I think I'm wr-"

Percy could almost hear Zach's eyes roll out of his head with how done he sounded, "What color is it?"

"Orange?" Percy says turns it over and around in his hands, looking for any and all identifying marks on the thing as he continues, "Sort of looks like a datatool, kinda? There's a red and a blue wire sticking out of the bottom-?"

"Yup, that's it." Percy finally hands the voltage tester to Zach - but instead of a thank you, he gets a little snide remark. "Stud finders don't have wires, y'know."

"I-" Percy scoffed, trying to look offended that Zach thinks he's that stupid - even if he is, in fact, that stupid. Even then, like- how did Zach know? "I know that-!"

"Then why is that whenever I ask you for one, you give me the other? You do it a lot."

It doesn't really matter what Percy says now, because anything he tries to say will just make it worse. But if you were to just glance over the two, could you really tell the difference that fast? Really? Honestly, probably. Definitely. Absolutely, 100%, you could. For one, a stud finder doesn't usually have any numbers on the front face, and the voltage tester very obviously has wires coming out of it; on top of that, the stud finder is significantly smaller due to the lack of all electrical crap a voltage tester needs to... y'know, test voltage? It's pretty easy to pick the two apart.

With all those thoughts in his head, Percy's face burned in embarrassment as he replied with maybe a twinge more hostility than he'd meant to imply, "Shut the fuck up, Zach - or I'll start another fire."

"Uh, no you won't."

Percy grins a little bit, "Yeah, fine, but I could - and I can do it better than I can help with this, obviously. I mean, really? If I really wanted to, there isn't much you can do to stop me."

"I could remind you that our daughter is in the building, though? I don't think she'd be a fan of being set on fire."

Percy's tongue clicks against the roof of his mouth, letting another beat of quiet pass before he replies, "You got me there, Zach. Y'got me there." Of course Percy wasn't really going to set the place on fire - not intentionally, anyway. Obviously. That would be stupid- no, it'd be beyond stupid. They're just fucking with each other. That's how they usually spoke to each other, too - constantly nagging and vaguely hostile but not really intending to actually hurt the other person. Maybe they did in the past, but they've come to at the very least tolerate each other's presence, for Ana's sake.

"Hey, catch-" Zach tosses the hunk of plastic down to Percy, who catches it with the grace and poise of an epileptic walrus - he would have been more graceful if he'd gotten a little more warning, I swear. Seriously though, Zach is such a brute sometimes. It's good, in some circumstances, but.. jeez, man. "I think we're done here."

"Oh, finally," Percy says as he puts the voltage tester back, folding the toolbox into itself to become more easily picked up. He stands up as he continues, "I was getting sick of this shit."

Zach scoffs as he climbs down the ladder, "I'm the one doing all the work." When he hits the floor, he starts to walk, wordlessly prompting Percy to follow.

"Yeah, but I'm the go-fer - the dumbest job in the world."

"How befitting, then, that it goes to you," Zach says, socking him in the shoulder playfully, "the dumbest man in the world."


"Ha-ha." Percy smiles back at him, but... No, really, that hurt. It usually wouldn't - it's Zach saying it, afterall - but with all the batshit stuff going on around him and everyone here asking what, exactly, he's thinking and why he's doing the things he's doing - like, why did he bring Ana here instead of leaving her with Zach? What the hell did he sign up for this for if he loves Ana like he says he does? Is he not aware of the risk? And who does he think he is, signing up for this with no previous military experience? Did he not know what the hell an NC was until he signed up or something? All that shit and more, just... buzzing around in his head lately, so yeah, being called the dumbest fuck on Earth stings, cause that's kind of how he feels right now. He knows that's not how Zach meant it, but- Ah, fuck, there he goes again. Brooding. Moping. Being stupid.

"Oh, uh- how's Ana, by the way?" Zach asks, pulling Percy from his own train of thought, "Is she, like, y'know, good? Bad? Is she adjusting well to the move? And she absolutely, for sure, has Bunny, right? Cause I keep checking over her room to make sure he wasn't left behind, and I couldn't find him, and I know she loves that thing to death-"

Percy laughs, more genuinely this time - he forgets that sometimes Zach can be just as smothering dad to Ana as he is, if not somehow worse. Plus, hey, a change of subject! That was very much needed. He wonders, briefly, if Zach is reading his mind or something. It feels that way. "Yeah," Percy replies, "she's alright, and she has Bonbon."

"Oh, he's Bonbon now?"

"Yep - has been for a little bit, actually."

"Oh," Zach says, a little softer. Sadder? Maybe? Before Percy can really ruminate on that one, Zach continues "I swear, she changes that plush's name crazy often. First it was Baba, then it was Baby, then it was Bernie, Basil, Bot, then it was Bastion, after that it's Brownie and Bunny, now it's Bonbon? God-"

"At least there's a battern- Uh-" Percy snorts - god, so many B's. It's bucking him up, now. "A pattern to how she names him."

Zach struggled to contain his little snicker, "Did you do that on purpose? God, you did, didn't you?"

"No, I didn't. Honest. Come on, my sense of humor isn't that bad, Zach! Really?"

"Really. It is."

"Pft, whatever," Percy playfully shoves at Zach's arm. He and Ana cringe and laugh together when he cracks his jokes, that's all that matters to him - whether anyone else finds it funny is a bonus! "But anyway, yeah. Yeah, Ana's good, has everything she needs to not go nuts-o in here."

Zach lets out a little sigh and a shrug, "Alright, if you insist."

...And again, something about the way Zach said that makes Percy wonder. Maybe it was his tone - that half-defeated sounding voice - maybe it was his expression - a slight grimace, but.. It made him think. Like, he already knew that Zach was against the idea of Ana coming to live on-base with him, but after the shitshow that happened in June? Well, you already know how he feels about that, and if you don't, here's a summary - Tough shit. You fucked up. Surely Zach was aware of that - Percy pitched a fit over it a couple times, afterall. She could've been whisked away never to be seen again, or straight up fucking died. Yeah, he's not taking the risk. Not again.

"Yeah, well," Percy sort of shrugs, "I do."
just a "I watched the MLP series finale finally and want to write about ponies" kinda bump.
Sorry but I'm gonna just go ahead and drop this. I'd rather not bog you guys down if it can be helped. Have fun with the rest of it tho.
Hewwo tati, we hope uwu enjoy youw time hewe. Thiws community wouwd be gwad tuwu have uwu! >w<

Location: Rushford, Ohio -- O'Neal Family Tavern
Date: May 15th, 2019

Percy snorted before having to cover his mouth to try to restrain the sudden onset of giggles. It really wasn't that funny, but.. Something about the way she said it; it struck him as absolutely fucking hilarious. Maybe it was just how matter-of-factly she said it? So nonchalantly? Or maybe it was the fact she said it at all? It was morbid, especially considering their situation - they were, in a very broad sense, being hunted by multiple crazy murderers that would then proceed to eat them if they got a hold of them. Maybe that's why it was so funny, cause.. Now they were kinda living that situation. They weren't in a summer camp, but.. They were going to one, which is the opposite of where those summer camp kids would want to go, and.. And now it's stopped being funny. Not because it's in bad taste, or he's come to the realization it's somehow offensive or whatever. It's just that over-explanation of a joke ruins it, and.. Yeah.


Percy sort of smiles a little lopsided smile as he replies, "Well would it have been more fun if there was a crazy axe murderer, like.. Jason, or whatever?"

Location: Rushford, Ohio -- O'Neal Family Tavern
Date: May 15th, 2019

When Jennifer gave the word to, he stood up from the barstool to start looking around for... Well, basically anything. That writer guy - Dan? He thinks? - mentioned that the alcohol could be used to treat wounds, so that narrows his focus at least. Honestly, if he were to find some beer he'd probably just steal a big healthy swig of it to calm his nerves - maybe even stop the compulsions to check his phone for a reply from Laura or Ana. Hell, he'd take a reply from that Zach guy, or really anyone that could tell him that yes, his daughter is safe. It didn't matter who, just that it was said and was truthful - because anyone could just say that she was safe, but- Well wait, then that doesn't really work, does it? Because then it would matter who says it. He'd have to have no reason to believe they'd lie. Laura and Zach have no reason to lie about that sort of thing, but anyone else? They could lie, but that's sort of a pessimistic view to have. Why would someone lie about someone else's child's safety? He couldn't think of any reason, let alone a good one.

...What was he looking for again? Dammit.

He quickly checked his phone, hoping to see a reply. Of course, there was nothing. Just his own frantic ramblings, his desperate begging - and, regretfully, his threats driven more by fearful anger than actual malice. God, if the police weren't otherwise occupied these last few days, Laura could definitely go to court and make a case for him being an absolute monster, even if he knew why he was saying the things he said. He was panicking, and though he had every right to panic he shouldn't be such a dick about it.

With that, he takes the few seconds to tap out an apology for the most recent awful things he's said... And then apologizes for the rest of it too. It's.. It's sort of been a vicious cycle, actually. Overwhelming panic, begging for Laura to answer him turning into lashing out via text, and then apologizing for being such a douchebag. It's not like he can scream his frustrations out into the wind, or talk to these people about how terrified he is. If he screamed, the zombies would get him, obviously, and everyone here had a life that likely got turned upside down just like his had. They wouldn't want to hear it, or they'd turn it into a competition of "who has it worse." They all have it bad. They don't need to soak in that. He doesn't need to soak in that.

...But the quiet - aside from the rummaging around, anyway - was starting to get to him. Maybe they need not compare tragedies and all, but... Jenn mentioned going to Whispering Springs as a kid! That could be a good talking point, surely. Right? Yeah.

"Sooo," Percy started, "Uh, what- er, how was- I mean- You said you-" Oh, he loved stuttering like an absolute dipshit. Nerves. It's just nerves. "Fuck, sorry, I just- Frazzled. I'm frazzled. Words are hard. Sorry. Yeah, but- Whispering Springs. Jenn, you said you- you went there? As a kid. Uh.. what was that like? Was it.. Fun? Was it all the fliers cracked it up to be?"

A beat of silence fell before Percy quickly asked, "Actually, uh- is it ok if I call you Jenn? Is that ok, or should I.. Not do that?"

Location: Rushford, Ohio -- O'Neal Family Tavern
Date: May 15th, 2019

Percy Moore had sat himself at the bar, phone with a charge of less than 20% in one hand and his head in the other, eyes fixed at the screen. As if that'd make a message come back faster, though. He's been staring at the long, long, long line of texts he'd sent to his ex-wife, easily summarized with three little words: Please call me. But no answer, not since the last time he'd tapped out a very long, strongly-worded paragraph. Maybe her phone was just dead. Maybe she was more focused on protecting Ana and herself than answering frantic texts - which, if he had Ana right now, and Laura was the one panicking and bombarding him.. Yeah, it makes sense. It makes sense that she'd be more focused on surviving right now. It doesn't stop his brain from coming up with horror scenarios, though. Like, what if his texts were what ended up getting them killed? The undead seemed to be attracted to the noise.

โ€œItโ€™s not going to get better.โ€

Well isn't she just a pocketful of sunshine? Percy grimaced slightly before turning his head to look at her. Yeah, she's done plenty of good by now but jeez, she's not one for optimism. Not that he is either necessarily, but.. Shit, Jennifer, little white lies never hurt anyone.

"Whispering Springs is pretty far down-river," she continues, "But, itโ€™s a better fighting chance than anywhere else right now."

After checking that his phone is on vibrate and not blare-so-loudly-it-attracts-zombies-from-every-which-way levels of volume, he turns off the screen and lets out a huff of breath. Whispering Springs, from everything he knew about it, seemed nice. He could vaguely recall asking his parents if he could go - his mother would always say yes, and his father would always say no. "It's too far," he'd insist, "We wouldn't be able to come get you quick enough if something bad happened." And then his mom and dad would lightly fuss back and forth over it before finally coming to the conclusion to do something fun over the summer. They never really did, though - which, at the time, Percy was furious over it, but now that he has his own small child he's worried about? He gets it.

"We don't have a lot of supplies and this place has almost been picked clean," Jennifer starts up again, breaking Percy's little train of thought, "If you can find a drink, I don't think there's a better time for it. But, maybe we missed something." She then pulled out her handgun - the same kind he has, which he'd been so very observant to point out after the metaphorical dust settled in here. "You have a Glock," he'd blurted out before proceeding to duck behind the counter and kick himself mentally. Like, no duh, she has a Glock. At least he didn't say something way more stupid, like, "Oh, we're twinsies!"

"What do you three think? I don't like the idea of sitting in this bar for too long."

Percy turned his whole body around as he went to reply, but a harsh, I-need-to-be-oiled-type of creak came from the barstool under him. He winced, muttering a "Well fuck me," under his breath. After half-standing up to look through the window and make sure he didn't just summon a swarm of zombies to come at them - as far as he saw, he didn't - he then plowed through to what he was going to say anyway, "We should probably definitely get a move on, yeah. Whispering Springs seems like the smartest thing to do, probably." And as long as Laura and her fiance had any sense in their heads, they'd be going there too.
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