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Current If there's no end // It feels like forsaking the dawn // We awaken and still we don't see
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Tall, short; black, white; man, woman; I'll devour you whole anyway.
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Just respect people because respecting people is the right thing to do. I literally do not understand why that's so hard to grasp.
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Ooo-ooo-ooo, why so blu-uuuu-ue?
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LOCATION: Snowy Forest, going towards New Berk

Steven returned the sneer when he felt Hiccup's hand on his shoulder and heard the condescension in his tone of voice. Like, did you hit your head? Seriously-?! "No," Steven replied curtly, shrugging the man's hand off his shoulder and standing up straight. He sort of pouted as he continued, "No. I did not hit my head, and I'm not crazy! I promise you, just- Look, if you look real close-" As he turned to show where, exactly, Hiccup needed to look on the mangled tree, he beamed.

The tree was slowly starting to patch itself up! It looked best where his spit had made direct contact with the damage, but the healing was radiating outwards to the rest of the tree all on its own. The healing was certainly taking longer than he remembered it ever taking before, but.. It worked, just like he knew it would! And honestly thank the stars, because not being able to heal other people or himself would be less than ideal. Especially in this positively bizarre situation he's found himself in. Plus, like, he definitely would've looked insane if his healing powers had decided "alright, it's time to not work and make Steven look like a loon and a fool!"

He let out a little laugh of relief before turning around with a smug grin and a grand gesture towards the tree - a sort of playful observe my magical prowess and bask in my radiance sort of posture. The mask dropped as soon as he saw how the man and his dragon were both leaving, though. The dragon looked especially insistent on leaving - for very valid reasons, of course, but Steven huffed out an irritated breath anyway. Like, y'know, of course. Of course they'd turn around and walk off before they could see he was telling the truth-! You know what? It's fine. It's cool. He's not mad about being brushed off as a dumb kid...

He almost let the pair walk off into the forest purely out of petty spite before he realized something. There could be far less friendly people, and far more bloodthirsty dragons in this forest, and if his healing powers were altered-

"Hey!" Steven's voice cracked slightly as he shouted after them, running to catch up.

@Lmpkio 602 is absolutely babey.

Steven saw the dragon's ears rear back, but he continued his advance anyway. Like, it'd only take a couple seconds of contact for his healing powers to kick in and it'd be done! But then he heard the growl, and his blood ran cold. Before he could pull his own hand back from the fear, he let out a little surprised yelp as Hiccup grabbed his wrist, grip ironclad as the man wrenched Steven's hand back, bending his arm awkwardly in the process. Steven was quick to then take his hand back from Hiccup, rubbing his wrist with the other as he looked at Hiccup with a confused look on his face. All he was trying to do was heal the Night Fury! Was that really not obvious-?

Steven's face fell as he realized that wait a second, no, it wasn't obvious. Of course it wasn't obvious. This wasn't Steven's home, obviously. This was that Crossroads place that he was texted about. Whether or not it was a Gem thing or some other bizarre situation, it wasn't HIS home. There was no way that Hiccup and this Night Fury would know of Steven's whole.. Shtick. Like how would they know about his healing powers, or his status as a Diamond, or frankly anything about him? Like, to them, this random kid just came up and donked them in the head with his weird magic shield, then slimed the palm of his hand with spit and went to touch them with his spitty hand. It was weird! No, it was beyond weird, and- Oh, stars, he probably seemed like he was some kinda cuckoo.

Steven's expression shifted into a meek sort of smile. He wiped the palm of his hand on his jeans as he spoke, using his other hand to gesture, "Wait, just- I swear I'm not crazy. I can explain-" his eyes lit up as he added with a smug little smirk, "Better yet, let me show you."

He quickly looked around for something that looked damaged or already half-dead- OH! That tree that the Night Fury blasted at looks pretty rough, but not totally beyond fixing. That'll do nicely! Steven did a little half-run over to the tree, then re-wet his hand before smacking it against the baren section where the dragon's breath attack had damaged it. He put his other hand up only holding one finger up to signal for Hiccup and the dragon to wait a second... It turned into five seconds. Steven's confident grin falters as he shifts his weight, laughing nervously.

"Any second now. I swear, it-it'll-" he makes a little popping noise. "and it'll be fixed." He rests his free hand on his hip, and then looks at the tree trunk expectantly.

...Aaaannyyy second now.

@Lmpkio well ok fine but also I've already named 602 Curio in my head and if you let him die I will end you.
@MissCapnCrunch? You there or did you died?
everyone else joining a battle royale rp: doing what it says on the tin and doing it marvelously

me and lou joining a battle royale rp: TIME FOR SOFT BOYS

Steven took a small step back, sort of laughing with Hiccup before replying, "I-I really am sorry about that, I just- Y'know. The shouting, and- Big.. Dragon, I just.. Yeah." he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, not really sure what else he could say beyond that. There wasn't really anything he could say unless he wanted to keep repeating himself, which.. He didn't. So he stayed silent. Awkwardly. Because that was the type of person Steven was. Awkward, and weird, and.. Apparently throwing the punches first and asking questions later.

That's what felt awful, honestly - he prided himself on asking questions first and whacking people later, but lately he's ended up hurting people without meaning to. First it was when he pummeled Jasper literally into the dirt in a forest not too dissimilar to this, then it was when he'd shouted at Volleyball and Pearl in the Reef, then venting his stupid frustrations and his feelings to Cactus Steven, and then Cactus Steven hurt all the gems before Steven was capable of pulling his own head out of his rear end, and now he's started off on the wrong foot with Hiccup and his- His freaking DRAGON, how in the world is this dragon a reality?! The guilt was just barely overridden by his joyful, boyish curiosity about the creature. He was used to seeing aliens when he was off-world and liberating colonies and such, but- But this is a whole other sort of giddy excitement! Like, childhood-wish-fulfilment sort of giddy excitement! Who doesn't love giant winged lizards, man?!

A grin formed on Steven's face as he looked at the still-wary Night Fury. The dragon had such big, thoughtful eyes - eyes full of secrets and wonder, he was sure! - and funny little ear-like appendages on his head that moved to follow Steven's movements- Well, until they couldn't, obviously, and the creature was forced to move his head to watch Steven with those big ol' eyes instead. As Steven continued to walk around the dragon and just take everything in - the jet black scales, the rounded-off spines along his back, and the cool artificial tailfin that he can only assume Hiccup made - the light bounced off the dragon's head in such a way that made Steven wince. There was already a lump starting to form on the poor creature's head. Once again, good job, Steven. You done messed up.

He glanced over to Hiccup, briefly, before licking the palm of his hand and going to place it over the injury. He needed to at least try, right?

It felt like Steven's brain just blue-screened. Like.. Wait. Wait a minute. What was he looking at?

His mouth was slightly agape as his eyes darted from the giant, black, scaled animal- Lizard? Is it a giant lizard? To the bearded man dressed in furs and leather and- and he looked like he was from a medieval fantasy movie or something. The guy- Hiccup? He just.. tamed? The lizard? Was Hiccup a giant lizard whisperer? The darkly colored thing was still.. Eyeing him.. With a certain kind of hostility, in those frighteningly green eyes, but at least Hiccup seemed like he was willing to talk, which seemed to quell the animal's desire to fight, which.. Was good. That was good! That was more Steven's speed, honestly- talking things out and.. Trying to not get in a fight. Steven inwardly cringed as he realized that he technically threw the first punch- Eugh. Good job, Steven.

"I.. Well, uh, firstly, I'm sorry," Steven said, though it was spoken more like a question, what with the upward inflection and all, "I-I, uh.. I heard you shout out, and- And I thought you were being attacked by a.. Uh.. "

Suddenly it clicked in his brain what the large, black, scaley, winged lizard was. He covered his mouth in shock. Like.. No. No, there's no way, but.. It was. There was only one thing it could be. He weakly pointed at the animal with his other hand as he spoke, his voice muffled and teetering between a childish glee and terror, "Is that a draaagon?"

godzilla vs a dragon and a boy with magic powers

who wins.

But also hang on I was in the middle of working on a post.
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