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Current Jokes on everyone I just look like a sad Travis Touchdown who has really really loud shits
2 yrs ago
You status bar people sure are a contentious bunch
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Adding to that, unless you are exhibiting life threatening symptoms (unable to breathe, etc) go to a rapid test site in your area than going to the ER. Local ERs are swamped and overwhelmed here.
3 yrs ago
As someone who has been stabbed in the past knives are not kinky
3 yrs ago
I'd rather just...never take a lewd of myself.


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Are you still accepting people?

Yup! Still accepting characters!
Got some great character sheets in already! I am getting excited about where this is going!

Signalis mentioned
Signalis mentioned

Unfortunately this means i can't make a combat engineer looking for her wife. shit.

i am interested tho..!

Signalis was my major inspiration since I love the game incredibly deeply (and why I allowed android characters). Expect references and music!

Looks solid! Go ahead and DM me Rylond's fears and regrets, please!
Interested, and I have only two ideas so far. A Vira-Legat scientist with a change in heart or or maybe a Vira-Legat clone that works on the station.

Oooh, I like both ideas! Vira-Legat clones are USUALLY used for organ harvesting, but I could see a clone of a higher up person at the station being taken care of in case they needed to harvest the clone basically.

Scientist with a change of heart is also excellent because it lends well to the opening chapters, but regardless both ideas are great!

Really love @Supermaxx and @Fading Memory 's characters. You guys can send me fears/regrets stuff via discord or rpg dm. Either is fine!
Apologies for the seeming triple bump, just declaring the sheet's complete status at this time.

I'll take triple bumps! I'll read through it in a jiffy!
New info: the CEOs of the various companies. I'll update these throughout the day as I have time.

Janus Shipping Corp

Vira-Legat Bioengineering

Tachibana Logistics

Atlas Mining Corporation

Grummer Orbital Systems
Very interesting, I really like this take on an android!
The opening post of the story is up to give some context on the world, how I write for anyone who doesn't trust me as a writer, as well as some context on how everything goes to hell.

For those interested, the actual IC story begins six hours BEFORE this scene. And at that very moment when that scene occurs, all the player characters will be in one place. But that's my job to get them there. Anyways, again, any questions, comments or concerns, I'm happy to address and answer here in the OOC!

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