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I’ve advance rp’d with kings and queens, and I’ve written in free chats and Gaia with pork and beans daddeh!
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My biggest secret is that all my hours are sad boi hours.
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Deep thoughts: The song goes True Love Will Find You in the End but Daniel Johnston died lonely and crazy so what hope does that give me?
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I suppose that explains why my creative writing degree is gathering dust in the corner


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The gruff voice of Mr. Red was enough to wake Alvin out of his usual stupor. It fit the man, honestly. He only needed to say what was important, and those words, Keep your guard up was exactly the reminder Alvin needed. Was he also here for some reason other than rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful of Arkham? He definitely did not look like the sort who would go to a party like this. Alvin made a mental note, thinking that the large man could be a potential ally if things went poorly in the estate. Lady Gold was another such potential ally, though she could easily be a danger to him as well. Her familiarity with him was something that could be used against him, by herself or by others.

As they approached Wilde Hall, Alvin had to shake himself out of his thoughts once more. As the carriage slowed, and he took the enormity of the estate in, he tried to mentally prepare himself, to create a kind of game plan. Get in, find someplace quiet to collect his thoughts, and begin to observe the area. Find a moment to excuse himself from the party and start…

Then the doors opened, and one Avery Wildes was there to greet them. That was unexpected. Alvin anticipated a footman of some kind to greet them, not the lady of the house herself. That kind of importance was something he assumed was reserved for...his betters, for a lack of a better word.

Alvin helped Lady Gold out of the carriage and gave room for Mr. Red to climb out as well. As Mrs. Wildes greeted them, Alvin felt tense. She was beautiful, even for a woman of her age. Somehow that unnerved him. The women he’d known in his life did not age gracefully. Years of hard work and birthing children took their toll on their bodies. He was not used to someone who still looked so vibrant. He sighed in relief as Lady Gold broke the ice and took the woman’s hand. She definitely had the personality to deal with these types, which was a skill he dreadfully lacked. He’d let the young woman take care of the talking. All he really wanted was to finally get inside.
I've been swamped with work and irl stuff this month, especially with finals coming up for my students.

I'll do my best to try and put something together during the morning tomorrow
Welp, here we go.

Location: Blacksmith-- The City of Thorinn, Aetheria

“My friend here needs something from you, Ieddy.”

Benkei hefted a thick leather bag from his shoulder, unveiling its contents. He was used to quickly paying for his armor to be repaired without much worry, but now things had changed. His armor looked worse for wear, from wearing it during the dungeon fiasco, to the recent few small jobs he’d taken. It was partially why he wasn’t on the rat job; he desperately needed to get his armor patched up.

“I’ve been pushing myself too much,” he admitted, both to himself and Sif. “If this armor gives out, I’m dead.” And that was another admittance. He was simply a human now; and he lived by human rules. Once he died, that was it, no do-overs, no respawns, no extra lives. He knew he was no good to anyone if he was dead, but his mind wandered to those who’d gone to challenge the dungeon. Were they all dead too?

Part of him wanted to take a small team to investigate, to look and see if anyone had survived. After all they were badly hurt after their foray into the dungeon; it was only dumb luck and the skill of the party that they’d even come out alive. Could they do it again?

Not that everyone would agree. After what happened...after all the words were said…

Would Kazuki ever agree to do something so dangerous again?

This seems really cool! I am working on a CS that I hope to have completed in a few hours for your consideration!

Is this character related to your jelly jiggler profile picture? If so I would die for them

There, I worked on this thing for a while today and this is all my brain could muster up for now. But a character is made.
Time for a young woodcutter who is obsessed with kodama spirits
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