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Current I love both of my sisters : ( It does help that they are slightly older than me. But they've been good sisters, albeit distant at times.
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I don’t even go to the movies anymore, so if I’m spoiled by the time I watch the darn film I’ll have forgotten what happens anyways
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Yeeeup. It’s Monday on the status bar.
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Back to work: 5 more days of soul-crushing misery compounded with employment anxiety
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I don't know why I dreamed of being a writer when I am a talent-less hack. I throw myself against the wall time and time again hoping SOMETHING will improve. But it doesn't.


Hello, my name is Drew. I roleplay in here sometimes. You may notice I have a very sporadic schedule. This is because I am a first-year teacher working in an extremely impoverished swamp town, and I have to do a lot of extra work. Since I am working in an impoverished swamp town, I too am poor as dirt, and writing is the one easy to access a source of entertainment that I actually enjoy.

I'm involved in a few roleplays.

NCQ: a roleplay about mecha that I stumbled my way into. And somehow made new friends along the way.

In Search of Gaea: A Seafaring Adventure: An anime waterworld-esque, taking tropes from popular shows, games, and other places to create a fun adventure with boats, magic, drama, and a lot of crazy sea monsters to battle.

Also yes, I am friends with some people in the guild. No, I am not their crony, their butt buddy or some sort of parasitic mind slave controlled by tiny bugs in my brain. Some have been my friends for most of my life; while others I've known before they even had staff duties. I'll do my best to avoid knee-jerk reactions when arguments break out, but I feel that I can still give a snide remark about how stupid people act on here.

So yeah. It's me. I'll roleplay with anyone. I care about interesting worlds, chances to examine subversive characters and have well thought out adventures. Sometimes I just want to turn off my brain and hit stuff with a sword. But that's what I'm here for. Roleplaying. I don't give two flying fucks about "community".

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or a plane ticket

Having company in this fetid swamp is worth the price of getting throat punched. Unironically I am horribly lonely
You would need very, very long arms for that technique
This is a lull? Egads! Anything but a lull!

With how active everyone has been so far I barely noticed.

We’ve been slowing down steadily as the week has gone on. It’s understandable since I know one writer has school and work to juggle, and another is playing a buncha video games
We’ve made it to the middle of the week lull! But I have faith we’ll kick it back into high gear soon.
For the sake of rp, let’s say they can talk to each other with them
I've been teaching for almost a total year now and I still have no idea what the hell i'm doing most days
Marlowe Vallis

• Windward Island, The Skullfish. Southern Seas •

Marea moved first, and that immediately spurred Marlowe forward. In his mind, he was cursing himself for hesitating and letting her run ahead of him. He was surprised at the size of the ship; it was huge compared to the ships he’d piloted throughout his youth, but that was to be expected. A ship like this could house a crew of around 20 divers, plus hold equipment for dangerous expeditions like the one they were preparing for. Marlowe eyed the deck; seeing a few boxes still placed haphazardly around. He couldn’t hide in one of those; they still had to be moved. No, he’d have to find something in the lower deck, a place they’d already set gear down to wait out the voyage.

The deck was full of interesting devices; several metal devices with wire rolled up on them; as well as a cannon on the bow. It looked as if it could be loaded with a variety of different salvos. There was an open hatch leading into the lower decks; and Marlowe carefully looked inside, seeing nothing but darkness. “Alright,” he whispered to Marea, “I think if we hide in a crate down there, we’ll be safe until they set out.” Marlowe crept a foot into the lower deck; carefully tiptoeing until he saw a large pile of crates in the corner of the room. He almost made a dash for it until he heard the coughing of a man further inside.

“Blasted engine,” the voice hacked, and a shadow seemed to move in the arch leading to the engine room. “Constantly needing my damn attention. I never get to enjoy a nice drink at port…” Marlowe held his breath as he moved in a near crawl to a large box in the corner, carefully sliding off the top of the crate, and looking inside. Nets, gears, nothing dangerous. He looked back to Marea, and nodded.

Bron Cirrus

• Windward Island,The Sunken Shepard. Southern Seas •

“Well, no time to waste then, eh?” Bron looked around to those who had gathered. It was a small group, but it was a larger group than he’d expected. Young, yes. But it seemed one was a seasoned helmsman, and that was good news. “Alright you minnows,” Bron growled, “Let’s get geared up on the ship.”

He tossed a few shelma to the barkeep, grabbing a brown bottle and taking a long draught from it before walking out, moving towards the port. “We’re wasting light! There’s treasure to be found, jobs to be done, and knowledge to be won! That’s the Diver’s creed!” The actual Diver’s creed was Courage, Honor, Integrity.

By the time Bron had arrived back to the Skullfish, the rest of the supplies were loaded up. A blonde haired diver approached him, grinning as if he’d heard a good job. “Sir,” he said, giving a quick salute to Bron. “We’re ready to ship out on your orders.”

“Thank you Max,” Bron said, patting the younger man on the shoulder. He turned to the approaching Divers. “This ship is the Skullfish. She has four Diver reels to lock yourself down in, and enough line on each to reach damn near the bottom of the Sea of Ancients. These seas are far more shallow than the seas back home, so you shouldn’t need that much line. We’ll load the cannon with the harpoon before we ship out. If you lot have anything left to do in this town before we make way towards that rock, you’d best do it now. Once we’re on the seas, we don’t turn around unless we’re on fire or we’ve finished the job.”

Hey I'm down for an Evil Playthrough. [Renegade] I've had enough of this, Talu. Give me the boy.

[humor, heh. I'm still not sure I do it correctly]

Para-Gade is the proper way to play any game. Little good, little evil, all cool.

Edit: Okay sports fans, welcome to the point of no return in this part of the RP. The moment we get on the ship, we may not see Windward Island for a while. So if you have anything else to do, do it now. After everyone boards the ship and settles in, we're off!
I won't steal Marlowe's thunder then, I'll leave the mis-timed blunders to him.

Hopefully one such blunder doesn't occur, landing him thrown in the stockade as a stowaway, leaving him behind and thusly not permitting him to continue the quest.

That would be the greatest GM troll: I ruin my own character's storyline just because i'm evil.
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