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Current You have an ear piercing?
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I also have a collection of high powered foam dart blasters. All 3D printed stuff. Because the danger of blinding your friends is fun.
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.357 Mag would be my favorite caliber, but the guns I train with atm are both chambered in 9mm. Easy to buy and feed compared to more expensive higher caliber ammo.
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And thus the RPGuild Gun Club is born
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Oooh self defense discussion. I hope you take the handguns to a range to practice. It's good to be used to the action of the slide and the recoil of the firearm before a tense situation happens.
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Hi, I'm Drew, and welcome to my bio on my profile.

Why are you here? There's nothing to see. Go home.

Oh you're still here. Reading. Like a weirdo. Well that's okay. I'm a weirdo too. I guess I'll give you a little list to look at.

The Drew Shit

Video Games

Small Children
Rude Attitudes
Your mom

Does that satisfy your Drew cravings? Please tell me it does. What else do you want to know? My roleplays?

Fine fine. You may remember me from such RPs as:

NCQ Polaris A New Anchorage Story As Alan Fouren

MHA: You Can Become a Hero! As Shun/A Co-GM

Final Fantasy Crystallum en Absentia As Edgar/The GM

Everbrook: A Teenage Mystery as Will/The GM

I also sometimes make RPs. Usually weird sci-fi or fantasy things. With a twist and usually a refreshing kick of lime. So yeah if you see a poorly structured, ugly interest check, you can bet your nancy booties that I am probably the guy who made the IC. Or I pressured Inkarnate into making the IC. I'm a pretty shit friend like that.

What, do you want some music too? No. You don't get music. Go home already. Unless you're cute and you have a nice butt. Then you can...hang out here I guess. It's the internet, what do you expect me to do, put my Minecraft bed next to yours? Degenerate.

Uh. Here. Have a song I like: Lakeside View Apartments Suite.

Just listen to that and leave me alone now.

Please, god, just leave me alone. I am a self-destructive piece of shit that makes everyone around me miserable and worried. You're far better off finding someone else to...I don't even know what you're doing at this point. Stalking? Just scoot.

...hey. Do you like calzones?

If you said yes, and want to be a part of discord where I am a dictator and have literally no control over anything, join me and my calzone empire here. Warning, this is my personal calzone discord. If you anger me I will destroy you.

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Ferris Wood
Deep Forest. 21st Sun of Ondine
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Edgar was busy kneeling, battling with the mechanical device he had unstowed from his bag. "C'mon...c'mon..." he muttered, extending a piece out. Another piece loudly clicked, and finally, he hefted the machine up. He cranked a piece, loading multiple crossbow bolts into a chamber, and then dropping of his grenades into the firing chamber.

He aimed the device as best as he could, then pulled the crank back, sending a flurry of bolts into the mouth of the Malboro. The explosion erupted in the creature's mouth, and smoke billowed out, alongside something else: black crystals.


The Malboro was being hit hard on all sides. Artemisia's salvos broke more pieces of black crystals from the mouth, and the other shots pierced several of the tentacles, and Avaddon's strikes tore off one of the tentacles. Another thick tentacle moved to curl around Ianthe, aiming to wrap her up.

Blaike's fireballs burned into the flesh of the beast, and Mitra's slash cut into the thick flesh of the beast, following up with an explosion that tore more flesh off.

All of the attacks connecting caused the huge monster to reel backward, as it began making a loud, disgusting burble. Purple gas began billowing out from the mouth of the beast, as it was preparing to hit the group with a huge attack. It suddenly belched, and a huge, noxious gas poured out, aiming to engulf the entire party.
GM post will be done tomorrow, prepare your butts for blasting.

That sounded gross.
Classroom has been cleaned out, new computer desk is built and everything is installed, that means it's time for me to get back to work full force! Until Friday when I have to clean out the rest of my junk at the rental house I left but besides that FULL SUMMER FORCE!
In Guild News: May 2020 8 days ago Forum: News
What have I been doing during this pandemic?


Can’t stop writing.

Nothing gets ones brain off of horrible disease and cultural fear like writing a bunch of things. So I’ll just keep doing that!
I love it that the horror expert is doing horror cliche of going alone because curiosity killed the cat XD luckily, we know some of us will join but still makes me smile

If everyone was smart in a horror story, nothing bad would ever happen :)

Everbrook Public Library
Entrance, May 28th 2020.

"It's Will," he responded to the Canadian girl. He couldn't fault her for not knowing his name, after all, he didn't even have an idea on how to pronounce hers. Still, her assertations were right; he felt something was off. His sister had a big book that went into all of the different signs of a haunting. It had been based on one of those stupid ghost-hunting shows that had been all the rage a decade ago. But he remembered several of the signs quite well.

Unexplained temperature changes. Strange glitches with technology. Unusual smells. Objects moving and strange sounds. Animals reacting in strange, unnatural ways. "Temperature changes and strange sounds..." he muttered to himself. It wasn't enough to go around shouting "GHOSTS! We've got ghosts here!" He was weird enough at school without getting his ass kicked every day. Besides, he still had to survive senior year.

Other girls were also mentioning the cold, and Will nodded to them walking over to one of the vents in the room, running his hand in front of it. Nothing. "The air's not running," he mentioned, and looked back to the stacks. "I came here to get a book from the basement, but when I tried to go down the stairwell, the door was locked. The staff elevator isn't working either." Glitches with technology too. Three signs.

He started walking towards the stacks again, looking towards the corner door that led to the stairwell. It was wide open as if something was holding it open. He turned back to the others. "I swear when I got here the door was shut and lock-" As he turned back to the stacks, he could see the soft motion of cloth in the corner of the door as if a woman's dress had moved enough to be seen.

Like someone was holding the door open for them. Will looked to Jenny Emerson, who was either so involved in her shitty Netflix show that she didn't even register the change in temperature and the commotion from the teenagers in the room, or she just didn't feel anything. Not that Will thought she'd be much help anyway.

"I'm going to check it out." Sarah was always going on about exploring and finding the unknown. This was his chance to do the same. He started walking down the stacks, seeing the door close gently as he moved towards the door. "Is-is anyone there? Is anyone in the stairwell?" No answer. The only way to move now was forward, for him at least. Anyone else was free to follow or stand around and talk, or wait. But you would have to be a blind idiot to think that there was nothing weird at all going on.
Since the Guild will be offline this "weekend" if you haven't posted yet, do not fret. Any posts that don't make it before downtime can be continued into next week.
Careful, writing vortexes are well known to be fatal
Hey everyone, might not be able to get a post up today like I thought but we will see. Had to take my mom’s dog to the vet since she is out of town and the poor pupper ended up puking all night so I stayed up to keep her hydrated. Seems like she ate rocks again so I will be dealing with her surgery and trying to work as well. I’m not sure if I will be up for much else. My mom is probably going to be home before I get off work so I might be able to get something up late tonight after a decent nap or tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay and will try to keep everyone updated on how everything goes.

thanks for keeping us updated!
I feel called out by this topic D:

<Snipped quote by DruSM157>
why? you don't put effort into OOCs like the topic creator says and certainly don't make entire wikidots like i do

I don't know whether or not to be relieved or hurt by that statement buddy
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