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Current Blue rose. It's always been about the Blue Rose.
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Your dream and your demands are unclear.
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What I'm trying to say it's that I don't want to be god I just don't want to be human
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Now go! Let The Order come back to life!


My name is Drew, i'm a High School teacher. I'm also pretty smelly if I've been left out in the sun too long.

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As a show of respect, I should inform you (and the rest of the games I’m in/directing) what’s going on in my life. The roommate whom I’ve been living with for the last five or so years had a mental breakdown Sunday Morning that was the result of a psychotic break and alcoholic influence that led him to crash his truck, threaten a guest with a knife, strike with girlfriend, and blame his everyone for his issues. He’s in custody right now (police transferred him to a psych ward) so I have to deal with the fallout as I am the owner of the “shared” household. In short, I have to get eviction papers in order. I hope everyone understands my inconsistent activity revolving around that fact. I will be trying to continue to post as soon as possible regardless. It may not be one of my better posts as a result.

- Ink

Time for me to take the reigns of this RP and drive it STRAIGHT TOWARDS THIS ICEBERG AAAHAHAHAHA
Who will be the first to respond to the tiny teacher’s wrath?! Bwaaahahahhaha!
The next twenty-four hours are looking like the window for my next post!

I am so excited for the tiny angry woman to show her stuff!
Losing my job and getting my kids to school will not make me abandon this roleplay!

Or, perhaps they will, for 20 days at least.

I'm sorry for no posts guy, I'm jumping back onto the train right now with a Ume reaction compilation.

Oh no dude, if life stuff is getting in the way just let us know. We can NPC you if you need to, etc.
and more time for people to check out Shun's awesome pineapple!
D E L Q U I N ‘ J O R R A
Nar Shaddaa - Refugee Sector

Del leaned back in his chair for each of the ”team’s” appearances, nodding his head in acknowledgement as they all gathered around. When the blind guy called out Mo’, he kept his cool; though his left finger began to fidget slightly; he was practically ready to kick backwards and start drawing his blaster when Mo’s cover was “blown”. Except no one seemed to pay the Kel Dorian any mind…until he just popped up, acting sheepish as hell.

“Uh-“ he interjected, “The Kel Dorian here who seems incapable of speech is my first mate, Mokra. Don’t mind him. He just blends in with the crowd really well.”

What a great lie.

He kept eying the Miraluka, wondering if a force sensitive would drawn in as many credits on the market as a live Jedi would. Still, discretion was always the better part of valor, and backstabbing one’s partners at the beginning of a job was never a good idea. He could backstab them later, once money was in their palms and everyone turned their backs with well wishes and fond farewells.

Jobs never ended with fond farewells.

Nar Shaddaa Lower Quarters, Two Months Ago

“Del myo nyee, understand da this sa just poonoo.”

Del found himself tied to a chair, his left eye a dark purple color. His lower lip was split down the middle, blood drippling from his mouth onto the floor. His coat, his blaster, everything was thrown onto the floor next to him. He shivered as his white tank became speckled with his own blood as two rodians held him up to face his former boss: Frizo the Hutt. Frizo was thin for Hutt standards, a dark blue-grey skintone with crimson outlines. The slug seemed quite content with his catch, and was content grandstanding in front of Del.

“You call tying a man up and having these soft handed bugs rough me up business?” Del’s good eye stared the slug down, and he tried to force a smile through the blood in his mouth. “Frizo old buddy, you’re going soft in your old age.”

” Killing u right ateema would be soft. By doe tee-tocky jee-jee're done gee u unko, u will beg je che death.”

“Right, right. I’m going to beg you for death. What are you going to do, have your boys tickle me to death?” This was luck at least. Frizo wasn’t planning on killing him; something that made him tense less. He’d purposely kept Mokra in the dark about Frizo’s meeting; sending Mokra to check on some deliveries in the system while he met with Frizo. He was a scumbag, but he didn’t want Mokra to get too involved with Frizo from the get-go. The Cartel was messy, and once they got their hooks in you, they didn’t like to let go.

” Let's stuka kava porko u talk gee do wings clipped.”


One of the rodians approached with a small holoprojector, showing a live feed of the Quillwing being fitted with magnetic locks, and suddenly beginning lifted out of the docking bay.

“Do ship sa mine.”

Nar Shaddaa Refugee Sector

Del eyed everyone around the table now. He grabbed a drink front the tray, and took a sip, and finally introduced himself. “I’m captain Del Quin’Jorra of the Quillwing.” He then smirked, sizing up everyone in the bar.

The money on the miraluka can wait. I think I can get my ship back now.

“None of you guys are chummy with the local Cartel goons around here, are ya?”
nah demon everyone's just in awestruck silence because of nobunobu's sheer awesomeness

Or confused at Shun's pineapple antics
<Snipped quote by Demon Shinobi>

You really thought the best would be anything like the worst?

I'm glad you think Shun is the best! :D
S h u n

• Ishin Academy, Sapporo (Japan) •
April 7th -- School Grounds

Late, late late! Of course the largest boy in the class would be late arriving, as everyone else was trying to make a good impression (or get all the attention, as one loud-mouthed boy was doing). Was he a delinquent? Did he get lost? No, the answer to why he took his sweet time getting to class was in his hands: A pineapple. Shun Tanaka was a large, dark skinned boy who looked completely out of place compared to his classmates. Having an extremely jolly face, mixed with his dark skin, he did not seem to be Japanese at all, but another foreign devil come to Ishin Academy to sully its purist Japanese roots. As an Okinawan, there were still many mainland Japanese who would eye him with foreign disdain; after all as the southernmost island of Japan, its ties were still greatly connected to America, who still had a military base on the island, even after so many years of international peace.

With the age of superheroes, many expected the ideas of international politics and foreign ideology to dissipate with the advent of superhuman heroes; but instead it all seemed to worsen, with the U.N. passing resolutions to disallow quirks in military combat as part of the Geneva convention. The aim of quirks were to aid in crime fighting, it seemed, and not in fighting wars with other countries. But, many feared Okinawans as American spies. And a Okinawan boy with a quirk was even worse. Was he a ticking nuclear timebomb aimed to threaten Japan to further subjugation by the Americans? It didn't help that nationally known Okinawan heroes were rare enough; the most famous Racer Queen having died thirteen years ago.

But there was the subject of the pineapple, which probably made his classmates look at him as if he were some kind of idiot, touched in the head. Who brought a pineapple to class, and on the first day of class? Was his quirk pineapple based? Was he just really, really hungry and only ate pineapples? Shun simply looked at his seating chart, frowned, noticing he was in the final desk in the room, turned to look at his classmates.

"Hiya!" He yelped out with a mixture of sincere quality and the attitude of a young man who never notices people talking behind his back. He had completely missed Nobu's speech about being number one. In fact, it seemed that Shun's "Hiya!" was the first response to Nobu's blustering. "I brought a pineapple with me today to say hello! You tend to give pineapples to welcome folks into your neighborhood, but i'm guessin' a lot of us had to move all the way up here! So this is my way of sayin' hey to everyone, and let's have a great first year!" It seemed that the principal's message of DEATH AND DOOM had gone completely over his head.
@DruSM157all of it?!

@Greywhat's got you tasting salt mah boi?

90% of it!
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