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17 days ago
Current It means a lot! I know with my setup and the games I play I’ll never make a dime off of streaming, but I always hope I can make an enjoyable time for those watching!
17 days ago
Streamed for three hours and got 14 different viewers! That was an exciting new milestone for me. I know weird janky cult games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s fun to stream them.
26 days ago
Phew, another huge JRPG beaten. Time to waste time making a proof of concept on how to turn it into a workable rp now. Because I have the bad brain.
1 mo ago
Star Wars is dumb, and the dumbest thing is the near religious fervor fans get over the movies. It's just people in rubber masks, CGI suits playing space samurai wizards and cowboys.
1 mo ago
Sorry for like the 5 or 6 folks that have been waiting for me in RPs. Just need some time to myself to get away from a lot of toxicity at the moment. Remember to take care of yourselves.
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Hi, I'm Drew, and welcome to my bio on my profile.

Why are you here? There's nothing to see. Go home.

Oh you're still here. Reading. Like a weirdo. Well that's okay. I'm a weirdo too. I guess I'll give you a little list to look at.

The Drew Shit

Video Games

Small Children
Rude Attitudes
Your mom

Does that satisfy your Drew cravings? Please tell me it does. What else do you want to know? My roleplays?

Fine fine. You may remember me from such RPs as:

NCQ Polaris A New Anchorage Story As Alan Fouren

MHA: You Can Become a Hero! As Shun/A Co-GM

Final Fantasy Crystallum en Absentia As Edgar/The GM

Everbrook: A Teenage Mystery as Will/The GM

I also sometimes make RPs. Usually weird sci-fi or fantasy things. With a twist and usually a refreshing kick of lime. So yeah if you see a poorly structured, ugly interest check, you can bet your nancy booties that I am probably the guy who made the IC. Or I pressured Inkarnate into making the IC. I'm a pretty shit friend like that.

What, do you want some music too? No. You don't get music. Go home already. Unless you're cute and you have a nice butt. Then you can...hang out here I guess. It's the internet, what do you expect me to do, put my Minecraft bed next to yours? Degenerate.

Uh. Here. Have a song I like: Lakeside View Apartments Suite.

Just listen to that and leave me alone now.

Please, god, just leave me alone. I am a self-destructive piece of shit that makes everyone around me miserable and worried. You're far better off finding someone else to...I don't even know what you're doing at this point. Stalking? Just scoot.

...hey. Do you like calzones?

If you said yes, and want to be a part of discord where I am a dictator and have literally no control over anything, join me and my calzone empire here. Warning, this is my personal calzone discord. If you anger me I will destroy you.

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I’ll be throwing Yuuhei at somebody to bother interact with when I get home. I’m assuming the boys will all be in the common area, yeah?

Should be! Even my dude is still in the common area for now. Girls should also be arriving in the common area soon too to meet with the female dorm advisor

Weather: Clear.

Hiroichi checked his watch and looked up at the large building in front of him. Well, it was more like two buildings with a shared common area. The dorms were arranged in cardinal directions, with the West facing building being the girl's dormitory and the East facing building being the boy's dormitory. The dorms themselves were pretty cushy, another enjoyable perk being connected with the hospital. The shared common area had multiple areas for students to sit, study, and even a kitchen area if they felt inclined enough to cook. Hiroichi scoffed at the idea of high schoolers wanting to cook for one another, but that wasn't his business. The student rooms were also comfortable, albeit bare. Students would have to decorate their room themselves, but each room had a desk to study or read, a bed, shelves to decorate, and even a small television. If they wanted to play games on them or watch movies, they'd have to purchase those items in town.

Hiroichi waited around in the lobby for his assigned group of boys. They were all supposed to meet up at 11 AM, and it was almost meeting time. The girls would also meet their dorm advisor as well. Hiroichi hadn't had a chance to really talk to her, but he knew she was the school counselor. Watching after a bunch of kids with a woman, huh? Kind of like I was married-nah, don't even start thinking that kind of stupid crap...

After waiting for a while, the chosen time had come: the group of boys had gathered in the dorm, sitting on some of the couches or standing. Hiroichi fixed his glasses on his nose, and decided to start off his schpeel:

"Alright everyone, I'm your dorm advisor, and I'll probably be teaching a lot of you guys as well. I'm Hiroichi Yamada, and you're all in my care this year." He eyed the group of boys; most looked typical for a high school, but some stood out. Foreigners, kids of mixed descent, or just some weird punks. "The school's pretty lax about what you do after school. A lot of students here work part-time jobs in the city for extra money. Even then, curfew is at 11:00 unless you've got documentation from a job. Just follow the rules and don't cause me too much trouble, and we'll all get along."

Hiroichi fidgeted with his glasses again, before remembering: "Oh! Here are your room keys." He handed out the keys to each of the boys. 3rd years got the 1st-floor rooms, 2nd years on the 2nd floor, and 1st years on the 3rd, just like at the school. "Everyone should have their own rooms. If you're missing anything, just let me know. My room will be on the first floor with 3rd-year students. Alright, you guys have the day to yourselves! Introduce yourselves to your classmates, go check out the town or take a nap. I'm gonna go unpack."

He walked off to his own room to set his stuff down for now. This was going to be a long year in the country, he could feel it.
now that everyone’s posted, should we get some interaction goin or wat for another GM post?

If no one does any interaction stuff I’ll get a gm post going as soon as I get home. It’s the start of the school year for me so my morning/afternoon stuff is pretty much all work related for the next few weeks, but Hero and I will keep the story moving

Everbrook Public Library
Basement. May 28th 2020.

He'd not gotten too far from the others when he'd been chased, specifically by Jessica, Amira, and Gabi. They were all concerned with him, and who wouldn't be? After all, he was acting crazy. "Look-" he started, gripping Sarah's journal in his hands tightly. "For ten years I thought my sister hated me or something because out of the blue she took her life. After that, my parents started fighting, my mom got big in the church and my dad pretty much stopped being around. For ten years I thought it was my fault, that somehow me being around her all the time made her miserable." He shook his head. "But this journal can give me something, even if it's just closure on why she died."

Amira had the right idea in her own line of questioning: Where are you going to start? He opened the journal to her earliest entry after her explanation on what was going on:

June 4th, 2010: Checked out the old mine last night. The clues were right. Another group was killed. The third shaft had the mark.

"She wrote about some kind of mark in the old mine." He looked to the girls, then back to the journal. "She found some kind of clue there. And it might still be there. I think that's where I need to go." Jesus, he'd need a lot of gear for it. Plus the old mine was condemned. Going in might mean never getting out. But what else could he do now? He was prepared to follow this to its natural conclusion.
Radical! Your work is great, like always! : D
I’m gonna already lock down whatever character I make deals with planes. Biplanes, zeppelins, gliders, I don’t care I wanna fly
<Snipped quote by DruSM157>
I have no preference in this regard. Might be part of the subversion, I guess.

Woah! That’s a first! I’m so used to pro-japanese anti-gaijin ink!
<Snipped quote by DruSM157>
No preference in regards to original age, because they are likely being transported into a 18-25 year old person from Acera.

Gotcha. Since it’s an isekai, are we all a bunch of Japanese people?
What's the age range you want for the protags before they get isekai'd by a truck?

July 2nd, 2400. The Federation still reels from the major political backlash from the events concerning the insurrection by Romulan terrorist groups, improper leadership and a focus on internal politics instead of the importance of the tenants of The United Federation of Planets: universal liberty, rights, and equality, and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation, scientific development, space exploration, and mutual defense. The galaxy needs a message of peace and understanding now more than ever. The decision comes nearly unanimously from Starfleet Brass that the new Odyssey-Class Starship being built in the San Fransisco Fleetyards will be given the designation: NCC-1701 Enterprise-F.

The mission of the new Enterprise is a mission of peace: to travel the galaxy, strengthening bonds with other species, to uphold the tenants of the Federation's core values, to seek out new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Space, the final frontier.
The purpose of this roleplay is selfish. It is to create a story that defies the cynicism and darkness that permeates the culture of "new Star Trek." Instead of outwardly rejecting what had already come, the story instead seeks to offer a new voyage with a new crew, fulfilling the idealism and the dream of previous Star Trek stories. The Enterprise-F is the newest Starship to bear the name, and it carries with it a legacy of exploration, heroism, and the ideals of the United Federation of Planets.

The story is meant to explore more philosophical and political themes instead of simple action and violence, though the story does not lack those things. The crew are not warmongers, they are not racist/specists, nor are they needless edgy or cruel. They are humans, and they possess human flaws. Kirk was emotional and tended to let his emotions lead to knee-jerk reactions, some of which would come to harm in and his companions. Picard was very aloof and cold early during his command and Benjamin Sisko carried the anger and pain of Wolf 359 for years.

It comes to the stories where these humans do the right thing or find a new option to ensure the best possible outcome that makes Star Trek special. The 24th century should be a time of great discovery, peace, and prosperity instead of the fear and confusion that the events of 2399 culminated in. It is that reason above all that I want to see a story about the Enterprise, a ship that is a symbol of the idealism of the future as much as any quote from the show can be.

These are the continuing voyages of the Enterprise...
You are enlisted in the crew on the Enterprise. You may be a seasoned Federation officer, or perhaps you are an ensign, fresh out of Starfleet Academy. This RP is meant to be an ensemble cast, and having characters represent different species, races, and walks of life. The 24th Century should be a time where you are not judged by your species, your lifestyle, or your beliefs. What matters is what you can do on this continuing mission of exploration.

Your rank falls between crewman (non-officer class) to chief petty officer. Officer ranks range between Ensign and Commander. Your position on the ship falls within one of three areas: Command, Science, or Operations.
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