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22 May 2017 0:15
Current Nevermind my posts look terrible I'm sorry partners
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21 May 2017 22:43
Heyo! Feeling a bit better so I'll try to get as many posts out as I can.
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21 May 2017 0:13
Starting to feel shitty again. Hopefully I'll be okay long enough to finish replying to my partners.
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20 May 2017 13:17
How does one write sentences without making an entire post look shitty??
18 May 2017 23:26
Can birds fart?




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What are words??
edited again
Added more
I'm planning to add more, but I just need to figure out how to make them sound appealing haha
I have to add more to this...

Holy hot pockets, this topic is bringing back all kinds of weird memories of how awful my writing was (at least compared to now, haha). I'm not much for thread rps nowadays, but I just had to pop by and say hello to the ol' friend.
I hope this goes well and people join again.
*coughs* Because I'm lonely and I might add to this
Updated? :)
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