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17 hrs ago
Current Replies coming soon
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2 days ago
All caught up! :D
5 days ago
Laptop decided to crap out again and phone is being EXTREMELY slow. Please be patient with me because replies will be very spaced out.
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8 days ago
I'm close to catching up today! Yay!
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9 days ago
I'm so booooorrrreedddd I have nothing to do I don't even have any errands to run :((((((
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Ok so here I go with broken up ideas that can be built upon. A G A I N.

Some ideas I was thinking about
  • Witches in a secretive town? I have an interest check kind of explaining this...

I fixed the title...
Added some more
Edited finally!

More editing coming soon (I just got back so it might take a day or so)
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