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7 days ago
Current Finally home! Replies should be sent pretty soon :)
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16 days ago
I'm travelling again and service has been spotty. If you need a response asap, message me and I'll make sure to reply as soon as I get reliable wifi or even phone service.
27 days ago
I'm so slow with replies I'm sorry partners :"((
1 mo ago
I should be catching up with replies tonight!
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1 mo ago
Catching up with replies, sorry I'm late, partners :")))))


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It's been 2 years... and it's still funny

@Dynamo Frokane DM me :D



BUMP! Edited again

I updated this with something other than vampires? It is mermay now soooooooooo.....
@bleezyaid PM me :D

UwU? What's this? An update?
Updated again ;))
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