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Current Internet was out all day (-_-) It's even spotty now and it's so annoying,,,
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Posts delayed! I got home late from work ugh -_-
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Why did my brain decide that NOW was a good time to remind me off that Eggs song from that one Land Before Time movie...
2 mos ago
My stomach just made a very loud, weird noise, and my immediate reaction was to say "excuse you" like, me, who tf are you talking to, that's you!!
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So sorry that I disappeared off the face of the earth for a couple days! Replies will be on their way once I collect myself lol
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I found out last night that my PM notifs weren't really working, so pls be patient if you've PM'd me! I have to manually go and look for new messages instead of relying on my notifications lol

Updated! I'm looking for one or two more partners, since some others dropped off the face of the earth lol


I lost a couple partners, so I can take on one more

How did I never update this with what was taken? It's been like 2 months lol

edited, but I may edit it again

oops i edited the wrong thing we're good now lol
bumped because i edited
Hi, okay look, I'm a simple gay that would like to write more gays

Please pm me if you are interested in any of the following, or if you have an idea of your own that you would like me to consider


-Two ha-ha-no-homo-bro dudes who fuck and secretly struggle with the emotions but also insist they're straight but everyone knows

- Something where a guy finds a wounded dog, takes it home, and tries to take care of it, but it turns out it's actually a dude. oh yeah baby i'm talkin' werewolf stuff! (Looking for: Werewolf)

- A rich CEO-type man gets curious and decides to visit a hole-in-the-wall "brothel" type establishment and gets attached to one of the workers. (Looking for: CEO-type)

- An unruly prince that has plans to overthrow his cruel father allies himself with his king's young, trusted advisor. With his determination and wit, and the advisor's knowledge of the king and the law, they rely on each other as they form a plan. Planning together and falling in love via mutual disdain for the cruel king ensues lol (Looking for: Unruly Prince)

- Arranged marriage between two countries for political reasons, but their families don't have any unmarried women to marry off. (Preferably in a fantasy world, but can do modern or historical if you'd like)

- I stumbled across a game called "Cloud Meadow" (if you're under 18, don't look it up, it's got adult themes lol) and I kinda vibed with the "farmer moves just outside of a city in a fantasy setting and goes on adventures and has relations with monsters"??? I'll expand on it with you if you're interested lol

- Human and Vampire. This one's pretty standard. Guy meets vampire (either under cliche circumstances or under, like, I-met-this-dude-at-a-club-and-it-turns-out-he-just-wanted-my-blood circumstances). Vampire and guy get close and fall in love. (Looking for: Vampire)

I'll def add some more later, but here's what I got for now
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