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9 hrs ago
Current Me, looking at Sidon in BOTW for the millionth time: 💞💖💗💕💞💖💗💕💞💖💗💕💞💖💗💕💞💖💗💕💞💖💗💕💞💖💗💕
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8 days ago
Replies are on their way. I woke up super sick and slept all day (-_-")
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15 days ago
I keep getting logged out every time I refresh even though I have the Remember Me checked off (-_-)
22 days ago
Replies soon. Had a hectic day and my brain is screaming for a break.


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Updated again ;))
@Noxxis PM me :D

Me? Updating an old check? Wowie!

She's the leader of a Home Owner's Association and she's using the excuse of a new children's park to cover up where she wants to hide the body of her ex husband.

He likes eating eggshells.

She's an elementary school teacher and has been sacrificing children to Beelzebub during her free time.

She is Beelzebub.

Her name is Sandra and she knows what They did to the body.

He probably legally changed his name to Esteban because he hates his dad.

That's right

It's me

Here to bring more randomized images
Except this time it's not InspiroBot

No no no

It's something much more cursed

May I introduce my friend This Person Does Not Exist

This wonderful link takes you to a page, with an image of a randomized person on it. Except, this person does not exist at all. It is randomized features placed on a randomized face to create a completely randomized, nonexistent human being.

Join me as I dig up these individuals and give them a small sentence or two to describe how I think they would be if they were to be real.

Here's some examples for the road:

Named something like Carl or Richard. Invested in bitcoin because his stoner step-son told him about it and all he wants is for him to think he's cool.

Probably named Tammy or goes by a nickname like "Sunshine" or "Butterfly". PTA mom and will absolutely never let anyone forget ever.

His name is probably along the lines of Wayne or Jeff. He likes to watch baseball and he loves his wife a lot.

Changed a few things and looking for another rp (I'm really enjoying doing vampire rps again lol)
Ah shoot, I totally missed that message :(((

@HokumPocus Thank u for humoring an old man lol
Don't be afraid to PM me with whatever plot you'd like to do (The already-dating plot might be ideal, though, since they could be, like, soft, non-sexual boyfriends lol)
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