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6 days ago
Current We love feeling sick and probably needing to go to the medexpress but not going bc I don't want to spend the money :')))))
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7 days ago
Replies hopefully being sent in a few hours,,,, got distracted with house work,,,
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7 days ago
Woke up and it's almost noon whoops,,,, replies sometime today
9 days ago
aaah finally got the registration site to work so now I can work on replies :D
9 days ago
Replies soon,,, the course registration site is being a bitch,,,,


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@Dynamo Frokane DM me :D



BUMP! Edited again

I updated this with something other than vampires? It is mermay now soooooooooo.....
@bleezyaid PM me :D

UwU? What's this? An update?
Updated again ;))
@Noxxis PM me :D
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