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17 days ago
Current OOPS replies delayed, had some issues :')
1 mo ago
Replies soon! I got a little caught up with work (>~<)
2 mos ago
I got dizzy from sitting still. I breathed wrong, I guess, and I got dizzy... my body hates me LOL
2 mos ago
I thought I'd be happy to be back to work, but these hours,,,, I'm dying here,,,,
2 mos ago
Y'all ever listen to music and you're like "ooh the characters in our rp would def kiss to this song" LOL



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A bump after a long long time lol

Edited again

Bumpin' up!
I found out last night that my PM notifs weren't really working, so pls be patient if you've PM'd me! I have to manually go and look for new messages instead of relying on my notifications lol

Updated! I'm looking for one or two more partners, since some others dropped off the face of the earth lol


I lost a couple partners, so I can take on one more

How did I never update this with what was taken? It's been like 2 months lol

edited, but I may edit it again

oops i edited the wrong thing we're good now lol
bumped because i edited
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