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2 days ago
Current Slowly working on replies, but if the site will be down,,,, dang it,,,,,
4 days ago
Laptop crapped out on me. Replies delayed ugh...
8 days ago
OOPS I dissapeared for a little bit sorry partners
18 days ago
*sees art on twitter* Wow this could be the stem of a 1x1,,, but I'm already behind on replies,,,,
19 days ago
All hail the history queen



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I lost a couple partners, so I can take on one more

How did I never update this with what was taken? It's been like 2 months lol

edited, but I may edit it again

oops i edited the wrong thing we're good now lol
bumped because i edited
hi okay i'm tired please excuse the all lowercase typing but look i'm a simple gay that would like to write more gays

please pm me if you are interested in any of the following, or if you have an idea of your own that you would like me to consider

i'll def add some more later, but here's what i got for now

Edited and bumped bc I'm feeling better

bumped + edited

Updated again
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