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So sorry for reply delay! My past few days got very very busy with personal stuff, so I am just fighting to find time to sit and write lol
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How is new status?
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Link repost bc I added some stuff lol…
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Updated this again, I'm just looking for only one or two more partners so I don't get overwhelmed lol…
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Updated the character ref again, might add some more things about the base plot as well soon

Good morning bump :3

This idea is scratching an itch in my brain I've had for a while LOL very self indulgent and an excuse for me to write these characters ;3
In the eastern region of the fantastical world Ithirios, the prosperous kingdom of Taburh thrives. Encompassed by the Argent Vale, the kingdom sits safe and quiet behind it's walls.

At least, it used to.

With the threat of the raging war looming from across the Triton Sea, tensions within the traders of the noble class are high. And, if it were not enough, the king has fallen ill mysteriously, leaving them weakened against any incoming enemies.

YC will be a royal knight (can be human or not, up to you), tasked by the queen and her council to travel north to Cawic, the City of Iron Towers, to find a sorcerer to help their king and aid them in the coming war.

In this city of magic users and scholars, all who reject his offers to assist his kingdom, he will encounter the twin rabbitkin sorcerers; Silas and Valentine, who become very interested in helping this desperate knight with his quest. Returning with him to Taburh, they discover that they can heal the king. However, the cure must be made from various rare ingredients.

Thus begins the main plot. The knight and the sorcerers will travel together to collect these items, encountering monsters and obstacles along the way. And, of course, romantic and nsfw hijinks will ensue. {What do you expect from me when playing two rabbit boys LMAO}

I do have a whole map for the world, because I am the way that I am, and more details can be worked out between us.

PM me if interested!

Updated again

UPDATED (and I'll only be accepting like one or two people so I don't overwhelm myself lol)
@The Goblin King Shoot me a PM for #2 or #3


@Euphoria Go ahead and send me a PM
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