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5 days ago
Current Hey, partners, life has kicked me in the dick with more illness, so replies are delayed /again/, especially posts regarding characters and first IC posts.
10 days ago
Sorry partners for dropping off the Earth! Posts coming soon!
20 days ago
Replies coming soon!
22 days ago
Yeah I am
28 days ago
Apparently I'm an rp partner plague. They plan one rp with me and then drop off the face of the earth for months.



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@EmyBear8913 Whoops, I thought I responded! If you're still interested, PM me :D

I'm trying so hard literally every new partner dropped off the face of the Earth
Updated a lil

Space/Fantasy is taken :))
@VerticusPM me :D

Added one more pairing thing

Back to editing this

*slides in* Hey I'm lonely and bored how about it?
(It'll be edited again soon)

Wowie it's been a hot minute

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