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8 days ago
Current Ok, I'm feeling better, so posts will resume their normal pace :D
11 days ago
Got a little sick, so replies are slower. I'll get them posted asap though :"))
12 days ago
@XWillowX - birthday cake flavour... i like the sprinkles...
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13 days ago
Finally got my laptop back from the PC place, so I'll be able to respond normally now :D
14 days ago
Every time I see that I've been on this site for ~6 years I feel one of my bones disintegrating
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Hello, it's me, I'm not dead, surprisingly!

Unfortunately, where I have moved to recently is getting hit with a hurricane pretty soon, so I' may be offline for a few days, but I'm going to go ahead and post this so, when I come back, I can jump right in.

So, here's the gist:
I want to post some "aesthetic"-type photos, and create plot ideas from them with you. I think it would be interesting to see how these photos would be interpreted into rp stories.

Of course, as a gay man myself, I'd prefer we did MxM. My past of rping straight couples was a dark time of not being able to rp women lol

So, with that, let's get to posting the photos :)
(if the number is crossed out, someone has already come up with a plot for it)

There's kinda a theme with these bc I got deep into the aesthetic photo files lol

Now, I have to write these, because if I don't I'll inevitably need to decline people and I hate that. So-

  • PLEASE be over 18!
  • Please, no one-liners. I need at least a paragraph, but I'm not going to expect something super advanced.
  • Please let me know what your writing limits are. I would hate to make you uncomfortable.


It's been 2 years... and it's still funny

@Dynamo Frokane DM me :D


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