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I would really love to play a Naruto RP with OC's, starting as a Genin and building up a story.


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DEC 17 2022 | Unknown place

Otto's spirit floated face to face with his own body. Something was preventing him from leaving. There was no calm, placid expression on his sleeping face. A daze he didn't seem to recognize overcame him. When looking around he didn't identify where he was. He tried to remember how he got there, but the last thing he could remember was going to bed with a college classmate. There was something, a message from his father, the contents of which escaped his mind. He knew he would leave when he remembered walking into Lionel's room. But he couldn't remember where to. As he watched his own sleeping body, he also didn't recognize the clothes that covered it. A pair of pants and shirt in a thick, white, fleece-like fabric with an almost antiseptic appearance.

With some effort, he was able to more effectively detach himself from his body to explore his surroundings. As he floated through the door, he found himself in a hallway with rooms with an entrance identical to the one he had left. Curious, he entered the first one and came across a girl with short black hair, fair skin, and a few piercings on her face. She wore the same tracksuit as him. The rooms, as little as he could remember, were the same. No big difference. He tried to recall if he was in a hotel or retreat, but he felt that was not the case. While exploring the other rooms, he found some other people. All dressed the same. He questioned his vision as he saw one of them with blue skin and the other with a pair of horns. He wondered if the four-armed girl was truly a person or one of the spirits he usually encountered.

Even stranger than those people was the lack of spirits in the room, he had realized. He couldn't remember such an empty spot since he'd discovered his gift. The few souls he saw hid from him. Maybe, they weren't used to seeing a person who could look back at them. Like a magnetic wave, he had felt his body waking up. He could resist and maintain in astral projection. But he had decided to go back and find out what was happening. He was sure that as soon as he looked at the recent photos of his neglected iPhone XR, he would remember how he got there. Maybe he'd had more than enough to drink after all.

"Alexa, play the Gimme Gimme Gimme remix on YouTube Music." Said Otto as he returned to his body. His muscles felt tired, and his head was extremely clumsy. He had never felt a hangover like this. Maybe someone had drugged him to drink the night before.

"I'm not Alexa, but I can play a song if you want." The boy looked up and saw a small metallic sphere floating above him. Startled, he threw one of the pillows within his reach at the thing that didn't seem to move a millimeter.

"Don't worry, Mr. Whitestone. I'll be your personal assistant while you're at the Istituto Nova per Giovani Eccezionali." The robot said explaining itself. 'Istituto Nova.' Otto remembered that name. His father's message on the phone seemed clearer. Now he remembered that the only reason he'd agreed to go out with Lionel was the fact he was going to spend some time in seclusion on a military program in the Italian countryside. He also remembered something about memory loss. But he wasn't certain.

"I hope your transfer was smooth and that you were able to get enough rest." Otto still wasn't sure if the floating metal ball was a robot or if it was a speaker and someone was talking through it. The voice sounded very human. Alexa could never. "Actually, I need to ask you to get dressed and to change for the opening event. You will have time to shower if you wish."

Otto did not object. He felt like he needed a shower to soothe his muscles. He felt extraordinarily tense. Glancing in the mirror he noticed how deep and purple his eyes looked. He took off his clothes with some difficulty. He hadn't stopped to realize how luxurious the place he was in was. He had grown up surrounded by fine items and knew how to recognize the level of detail and finish in the room. From the millimeter cut of marble to temperature-regulated lamps. The touch of hot water felt like a refuge. He still wasn't sure why he was there. But now he was resigned. He remembered his father's angry glare telling him he had a "duty to collaborate with international security". And that it was the least he could do after "electrocuting James Klark" all those years ago.

There was a wardrobe full of his clothes. Apparently, the staff at Istituto Nova had taken care of everything. The boy dressed and went to the room indicated by his robotic assistant where he found half the people he had seen in the other rooms.

DEC 17 2022 | Somewhere in Northwest Italy

The constant wind made the huge windows that covered the institute's walls creak. A lot of movement was going on. Several androids carried heavy objects around. Cassandra had changed her mind about the arrangement of the rooms at the last minute. All the students who would make up the new class had already arrived. They were probably all still asleep from the heavy dose of XNM that had been given to them.

Karine wasn't sure if she was proud of having invented the drug. It was a heavy chemical, capable of making people forget pieces of their lives or selected moments, according to a specific electromagnetic pulse. If it weren't for the drug, new students would be able to remember the path they took to reach the facilities of the European Union's new venture. And secrecy was a fundamental part of it. That was the second class to enter the institute. Karine had been part of the first and was the only one to choose to continue.

Things would be very different this time according to Cassandra, thanks to the mutant prodigy's inventions. The androids and artificial intelligence developed by the young woman made the whole process much more automated and restricted. Cassandra no longer needed the help of a staff connected to Alchemax Industries, one of the main developers of the project. Just her and Karine were enough. The project was almost closed after the graduation of the first class.

Cassandra had not managed to cultivate a strong enough feeling between them to cement the creation of a team of heroes that could defend Europe in case of attacks. The United States owned the Avengers, but the European Parliament urgently wanted a group it could direct at close quarters. It wasn't easy for her to convince them to give her the opportunity to create this team. And four years later, she still hadn't shown significant progress. Not only was her chance slipping away, but closing the institute would also mean the end of the diplomatic immunity granted to her. They still didn't know exactly who Cassandra Nova was. But the acts committed by her would never be forgotten.

Karine watched the new students wake up through her augmented reality lens. Each student would encounter one of her "blobs" - small floating robots purposely built as cute spheres. They were cute, at least in Karine's eyes. They would serve as personal assistants to the students, always guiding them through the halls, reminding them of their schedules, and keeping records. The girl couldn't wait to meet them in person. She and Cassandra handpicked them. All with unlimited potential to become great heroes. But some with powers with the reach to wreak an even greater disaster than her last gang.


Guys see if any of the images can suit you up! In any case we could try generating new ones.

Edit: I know the eyes look funny, but if you like any of the pictures I can try to make them look better. Just choose before I do the editing.
Guys, I posted the NPCs in the character section. Feel free to discuss them. Also, I made a discord server so that we could chat!
@The Man Emperor Hey, I took the liberty of recreating your face claim in the app I've been using. I saw that somewhere in the file you mention the fact that he is Filipino, so I just added the word "Filipino" to the text I used to generate the first three images and generated two more. You don't need to use any of the images I created, but if they interest you, feel free. Know that there is nothing wrong with your current avatar. I only generated the images in case you were interested in keeping the same "aesthetics" that @Blizz and I are going to use.

Somehow I completely missed the whole use realistic art for your character bit. But I would totally accept your offer to create an image for me based on Logan Lerman. As for the character alias, Phantasm was more of a placeholder. I've been really struggling to come up with an alias for Thom, so if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them.

Well, usually this AI is great at recreating famous people's faces, but it is generating Logan terribly! Hahaha. Would you like to come up with a description of how you picture Thom? I think it would be better to go from scratch than to use a reference.
@Blizz It’s an app called wonder! You may choose the ones you like the most and move your CS to the characters section.

Soon, there will be an application.

Really glad you are interested! I will be happy to review your application.
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