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How do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul?
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They say the strongest shade of red comes from a bleeding heart.. out of the pain of a love that’s been torn apart.
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Who are you? What are you? Perhaps you should ask yourself these questions, because right now the answers seems to be 'nobody' and 'nothing'.
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Some girls are full of heartache and poetry, and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running from them.


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wolf rps, not werewolf but just wolf, pack life, territory wars things like that, i miss those

YES! Seriously, it's like they all just disappeared at once and just stopped being a thing out of NOWHERE! It irritates the crap out of me cause I LOVE wolves (obviously). I miss when you could find at least 2-3 in the forums but nowadays there are hardly even mentions of them. Dx
(Wolf pack RPs)

Ahem. Uh, truthfully I'd love to see more Post-Apocalyptic RPs. I thoroughly enjoy writing in those settings.
A 1x1 RP based out of a group RP called Palm Beach Royals: Senior Year where my character Sawyer Lockwood and @ineffable's character Georgia Fielders will play out the time spent together during their Winter Break. Showing you a different side to the two star-crossed lovers.. shedding light on some unsettling memories.. a bit of trouble in paradise...

Personal Details

Full Birth-Given Name. Sawyer Harvey Lockwood.
Nicknames. Smalls. Soybean. Bruv. 'Sawyie'. Lockwood.
Age. 17-years-old.
Birth Date. January 17th.
Sexuality. Heterosexual.
Relationship Status. Taken by his first love.
Labeled As. Ex-Junkie. Classic Rock Elitist.
Sports? Lacrosse Midfielder.
Appearance Details

Hair. Dark Brown | Wavy | Slicked Back
Eyes. Hazel, but turn a shade of green when emotional
Height. Five ft. Eight in.
Body Type. Mesomorph
Clothing Type. Dark & Brooding | Black t-shirts with Dark Jeans, dark sweaters and dark boots. The boy doesn't have much to work with when it comes to range of color. Or rather, refuses to work with what could work for him.
Scars/Piercings. Sawyer has many scars, most taking occupancy on his back from the many fights he used to get in when he was going through his "ripper" days. Boy never turned down a fight, even if he knew he'd lose. Got beaten to a pulp several times, and one of the fights involved him being slashed across the chest/arm with a knife.
Personality Traits

Stoic. Zealous. Hard-headed.
Sarcastic. Protective. Neurotic.
Upbringing Synopsis

Birth through Childhood
Sawyer was born just a few minutes after his brother Gavin, although they don't share a birthday. Gavin was born January 16th at 11:58:47pm whilst Sawyer was born on January 17th at 12:03:59am. The boys grew up with an older brother who had 10 years on them, but they typically received all the attention. That didn't seem to bother Nathan one bit, though. As they grew older, it became clear that the boys' father had a distaste for Sawyer. The reason was never explicit, but one thing definitely was. Gavin was the favorite. He was the bright star while Sawyer was constantly struggling to shine at all. With an older brother who was an absolute beast in sports and a talented vocalist and instrumentalist for a twin, it was hard to compete for their father's attention. While Nathan and Gavin received their father's approval, love and praise, Sawyer had a special place in his mother's arms. It remained this way well into his teens, until..

Sawyer managed to find himself hooked on Lacrosse. Although his dad never seemed to care to make it to any practices or games, it meant everything to the boy that his brothers and mother made it to every one. Even his grandfather who lived out of state made it to his games! It was all he really needed. In middle school, during the summers he would head out to the mid-West and stay with his grandfather, where he found his love for mechanics, as well as horses and the "western way of life". This tradition continues on to this day. Sawyer often looks forward to his summers with his grandpa, and getting away from the Lockwood house. After his mother's passing, he spent a few extra months out there, doing a bit of homeschooling so he wouldn't fall behind in his studies. Of course, he had Gavin back home at KA to keep him up on all the juicy drama that went on while he was gone. Once he came back to school, he decided to drop JROTC completely and pick Lacrosse back up, thanks to his friend Max (the team captain of the team) who helped get him back in gear with the team. His twin helped him keep up with his studies while he tried to once again balance sports, a social life and his schooling. All while trying to remain free and clear of drugs. Something that eventually led Sawyer to drop many of his friends because the temptation was just too strong when hanging around his old buddies.

Overall Current Home-life
Sawyer spends much of his time locked in his room or in the garage blasting his country or rock music while working on something, be it his truck or just simply tinkering with something. When he's not being such a recluse, he likes to take his rescues over to the dog park and hang out there for a few hours and let the boys socialize. If he's not spending his extroverted non-school hours with the pups, he's hanging with his best buds Jack and Kol. As for his interactions with his father, brother(s) and sister... well, lets just say they are few and far between. With his twin and younger sister, he at least makes an effort with them. His father, on the other hand, he tries avoiding at all costs. Sawyer always looks forward to phone calls and visits from his older brother and his girl, though.

Plans for the Future
Sawyer honestly doesn't have any set plans. Most of his thoughts of the future never make it past graduation. A lot of things are still up in the air for the boy. He knows college would be a good option but realistically, being stuck back in a classroom again just isn't exactly the ideal place for him to be, in his opinion. He'll figure something out. For now, Sawyer just plans to live in the moment and hope for the best with whatever he's got going for him. One day at a time.

Harvey Richard Lockwood | Father | 45 | Unfortunately not Deceased | FC: Hugh Jackman
Valerie Marie Lockwood-Zsasz | Mother | Would have been 42 | Deceased, Passed less than a year ago | FC: Teri Hatcher
Marcus Avery Zsasz | Maternal Grandfather | 67 | Alive | FC: Jeff Bridges
Nathan Richard Lockwood | Eldest Brother | 27 | Alive | FC: Richard Madden
Ashley Lockwood-Thompson | Nate's Wife | 24 | Alive, Currently Pregnant | FC: N/A
Gavin Marcus Lockwood | Twin Brother | 17 | Alive and Annoying | FC: Greyson Chance
Veronica "Ronnie" Marie Lockwood | Younger Sister | 13 | Alive, staying with other family for some time.. | FC: N/A
Scooby "Scoob" Lockwood & Bagheera "Baghy" Lockwood | Shelter Rescues, Pit Bull Terriers | 1 1/2 year-olds

FC: Tom Holland | #40733d

Sawyer really enjoys dancing. Although he would never do so in public, especially in front of his boys, he rather enjoys it very much. He's been dancing practically since he could walk. He stopped dancing publicly after elementary when his father said some very choice, unkind words to him and forced him to stop. His mother, however, always gave her full support. Sawyer used to spent a lot of time with Kellie Anne Nicholson and practiced her routines with her. It was a great outlet for him, and kept him out of trouble for the most part. Came most in handy after he decided to cut drugs out of his life. Helped him focus on something more than just the withdrawals he was having from quitting cold turkey. That, and helped distract him after losing his mother.

ᴴᵉʸ, ʸᵒᵘ
ᴴᵉʸ, ᴹʳ. ᴷⁿᵒᶜᵏ ᴼⁿ ᴹʸ ᴰᵒᵒʳ
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵒʳʳʸ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᴵ'ᵛᵉ ᵇᵉᵉⁿ ᵉᵐᵒᵗⁱᵒⁿˢ ᵍᵃˡᵒʳᵉ
ᴬᵐ ᴵ ᶜʳᵃᶻʸ ᶠᵒʳ ʷᵃⁿᵗⁱⁿᵍ ᵃ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵇⁱᵗ ᵐᵒʳᵉ?
ᴬ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ ᵒᶠ ʸᵒᵘ
ᴬ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ, ᵃ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ ᵒᶠ ʸᵒᵘ
ᵀʰⁱˢ ᶠᵉᵉˡⁱⁿᵍ'ˢ ʰᵃʳᵈ ᵗᵒ ⁱᵍⁿᵒʳᵉ
ᴾˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ˢᵃʸ ʸᵒᵘ'ˡˡ ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵇᵒʳᵉᵈ
ᶜᵃⁿ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇˡᵃᵐᵉ ᵐᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ʷᵃⁿᵗⁱⁿᵍ ᵃ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵇⁱᵗ ᵐᵒʳᵉ?
ᴬ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ ᵒᶠ ʸᵒᵘ
ᴬ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ, ᵃ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ ᵒᶠ ʸᵒᵘ

Location: Dorm Room • Apollo's Cafe
Interactions: Chris @alimariloasun • Greyson


It was right about now that Brynn was missing her cabin back at camp out on the lake. As good as she was putting on a smile and seemed to enjoy company, Brynn rather preferred and enjoyed her solitude. Having a roommate really wasn't ideal in her book, but it is what it is. It'd been a long morning waiting for Kazuma to leave the apartment before Brynn made her way out with Duke, who had been leaning against their room door staring her down for the last hour now. It was past the time to take him out for a walk. The girl walked up the door and grasped the handle, raising an eyebrow at Duke when he whined softly.

"Having a little trouble today, D?" the girl frowned slightly as she bent down to grab poor boy around his lower abdomen, hoisting him up into a standing position. The dog let out a low grumble, then a hefty sigh as he looked up at his girl and wagged his tail slightly. "There you go, buddy. Let's go outside." And just like that, he was a puppy again with a little hop in his step as he trotted to the front door. Brynn half-smiled at Duke, walking after him as she snagged his leash and a doggy bag from off the counter, stepping outside to take him out for the morning.

Once that was finished, Brynn brought Duke back inside and fed him a bowl of kibble before going off to take a hot shower. As much as she could have just stayed in the comfort of the warm shower, she knew classes needed to be attended. And if she didn't make the classes, she knew she'd have at least one person coming to drag her out of her apartment. She dressed herself in one of her favorite outfits, was sure to give Duke one last pet before heading out to the door. Just as she got there though, she heard a gods-awful sound from behind her. Brynn turned to see Duke coughing up water looking guilty up at Brynn, or at the very least embarrassed. Whatever the poor boy was feeling, it wasn't good. Brynn pinched the bridge of her nose, sighing heavily as she dropped her hand back down.

"You just don't want me to leave, do ya, D?" The old dog wouldn't even look at her. Poor guy. Brynn walked over to him and pat him on his side gently before wandering down the hall to grab a towel from the cupboard. "You gotta be careful, Duke. Can't be drinking your water so fast, bud." The girl walked back over to her dog and cleaned up his mess, spraying it and finishing it off with some disinfectant cleaner before tossing the towel into her room's hamper. As Brynn headed for the door, she checked all her pockets to make sure she had everything she needed. The girl snagged her canvas backpack before exiting the apartment, giving her pup one last 'be good' look as she closed the door.

For the first time this morning, she checked her phone and realized she had a few messages waiting for her. The two main ones that caught her eye were Chris and Greyson. She opened them both and checked the time stamps. 10 minutes ago. 'Shit.' They were probably already down there. She didn't bother replying. Brynn jogged downstairs and sprinted her way towards Apollo's, waving at a few passing friends along the way.


Brynn pushed her way through the entrance doors to Apollo's Cafe, narrowly missing a seemingly anxious student who pushed past her to get out the door. The girl stared after them a moment, thinking to herself, 'The charm never stops around here,' before turning back to the small crowd of people inside. Brynn headed for the counter up front while keeping her eyes open to try spotting Chris or Grey. She turned around and slowly walked backwards as she looked outside and spotted Greyson walking up with Haley and David. She smiled to herself and went to turn back around only to get run into, coffee spilling all down her front. Brynn gasped and threw her hands up, looking down at the floor. And her shoes. Her poor shoes.. that stain wasn't going to come out very easily, if at all.

All the girl could think to herself was 'Wooow.. first Duke, then this? What next, today?' Brynn turned her attention up to the person who'd run into her when she heard the familiar voice utter a 'sorry', only to realize it was Chris. Brynn quickly took the napkins given to her and started dabbing at her shirt, mumbling, "Was my fault, Chris. I'm sorry. Wasn't watching where I was going. I-I'll get you new ones." Brynn stopped dabbing the napkin on her shirt and bent down, picking up the spent coffee cups and lids from the floor with an apologetic grin.

A David Almas, Greyson Davies and Haley Asher Collab

Location: Haley's Dorm @HaleyTheRandom ; Apollo's Cafe
Interactions: Chris @alimariloasun; David @Obscurus; Brynn
Mentions: Beau @Crimson Flame ; Vivian @Altered Tundra

Greyson chuckled and returned a fist-bump back to his friend. “No, mate. You’re fine. Was just giving you a hard time, is all. Just seems everyone wakes before dawn anymore.”

The young man made a slightly confused face when David called Haley ‘moonshine’, shrugging it off as he looked down the hall at the monstrous canine gnawing on the door handle to someone else’s apartment. “Tha’s going to be quite a problem. Good luck to whoeva’ on get’in into their flat late-uh,” Greyson rubbed the back of his neck firmly as he chewed on his lower lip, taking out his cell from his pocket to quickly shoot Brynn a ‘Hey B. Where are you? May wanna give Zo a heads up she’s gonna wanna have maintenance fix her flat door before she gets back to it.’ text before turning back to look to his two friends.

With Greyson stepping out into the hall, Haley expected for life to return to its perfect balance and leave her to her loneliness and potion making. Scribbling down quick notes again, it took her a moment to realize that she actually knew the second voice. When David offered to go to Apollos, Haley looked at him for a brief second as she nodded her head.

”Yeah, sure. Gimme just a sec.” Shoving her notes along with the currently used vials and boxes of ingredients into the top drawer of her desk, the young woman walked out of her room and looked towards Greyson. ”Did you wanna come to Apollos too, or did you have some other plans?”

Greyson turned his attention to Haley, nodding with a soft smile.“You were the only thing stopping me from going in the first place, luv. Le’s get on with it, shall we?.” The young man clapped a hand on David’s shoulder as he took a step back out into the hallway, clicking his tongue twice before turning to wander off with Sheba at his heels.

David watched how Greyson’s pet was completely obedient, and then at how his own, was feasting on the metal door handle of apartment 2G. Wasn’t that the Zeus’ kids place? He put his left hand on the back of his head. At least there hadn’t been a fight. He was glad, but also left with a faint disappointment that comes with anti-climactic events.

Suddenly the giant head of Dusk pushed David aside somewhat and looked into Hayley’s room. ”I think he’s hoping you’ll bring Nala along.” There wasn’t much that animated Dusk. Haley’s dog was one among few things.

As the three pet owners walked on through the hallway, David rubbed some more sleep from his eyes. He had hoped to be just with Haley. He didn’t have anything against Greyson. It was just that he was waking up, and preferred his comfort zone. What a rollercoaster

Greyson headed out and down the sidewalk, taking a short cut across the grass field towards the campus buildings in the direction of Apollo’s. As the young man walked, he pulled out his mechanical pencil and clicked it out into his training bo staff, twirling it in front and behind him as he walked. Had Brynn been up and about at the break of dawn, Greyson could have easily gone for an early morning training sesh. It’d been a bit too long since he’d had a sparring session with his good friend, Bronwyn. She’d been busy doing her own thing, training with others who were better skilled than him. It was completely fine, he just missed the old days when it was just their thing.

With everything packed away as it should be, Haley shut and locked the door to her apartment after her. Whoever was her new roommate better had hoped that they had a key. Giving Dusk a pat on the head before she responded to Greyson, she quickly looked around for Nala.

”Truth to be told, Nala’s probably roaming around campus somewhere. I let her out earlier this morning. Considering she always follows her nose, I’m sure we’ll see her on the way to Apollos.”

Once they were down the stairs and out of the door to the apartment building, Haley was surprised at how warm the sun felt on her skin. Truth to be told, she hadn’t really been outside of the apartment for a few days unless it was for class, and even then she had worn her hoodie like usual. It wasn’t that she was scared to be outside, or that she didn’t like it outside. She just had a few things that added to her comfort or comfort zone and she liked to keep them close. If that meant getting questionable looks as she wore her favorite hoodie in eighty degree weather, so be it.

”So what’s y’alls plans for the rest of the day?”

”My first class for today is power use and control. Not too fond of going there after how it ended last year. ”
Anastasia had pushed David to make a hole as large as he could. But then it swallowed one of Aphrodite’s kids. She spend a full day in the underworld before they could get her back. She probably still hates me.
”After break it’s MC, with Socrates. Always nice.”

Dawn had started chasing his tail, when they were halfway the grass field.
When David opened the door to Apollo’s, the aroma of fresh coffee caressed his nostrils. Which already helped his morning mood.
”And what about you?” He asked his companions.

Once inside, he realized that despite the early morning, the demi-gods would display extravagant behavior. Gods, Beau, put your shirt back on.

As they approached the cafe, Greyson retracted his staff and slid the pen through the top of his button-up shirt, smoothing it out before stepping forward to hold the door open for Haley. His eyes were fixated inside, keeping an eye out for Vivian and his set of keys. Within seconds, he spotted her sitting by the window accompanied by Luci. He looked to David and Haley with an apologetic smile, “Sorry guys, I ‘ave’ta go see Viv. Catch up lat’uh.” he began to walk towards Vivian between the scattered groups of people standing around but before he could go very far, he spotted Chris and Brynn with what looked like latte spilled all down the front of them. He looked to Viv, then to the girls and sighed softly as he grabbed a few extra handfuls of napkins from a table, walking over to help his friends.

"I cah'nt take you girls anywhere, can I?" The young man smirked at his two friends, handing them each a set of new napkins and threw some down onto the floor spill for added measure.
A Greyson Davies and Haley Asher Collab

Location: Haley's Dorm @HaleyTheRandom
Interactions: Chris @alimariloasun; David @Obscurus

Greyson’s smirk turned into an equally soft, friendly smile as the girl spoke his name. She seemed flustered. The young man’s smile faltered slightly, keeping his gaze on her.

“Haley,” Greyson chuckled, trying not to go into a fit of laughter after what he was about to say next, “And what is this ‘horrible’ nonsense? I’d say you look quite lovely. And don’ worry, I won’ be telling anyone about your dance moves. They’re pretty posh, I mus’ay.” He flashed the girl a charming, playful grin, uncrossing his arms to clasp his hands behind his back in a more formal stance.

The son of Poseidon’s smile slowly faded, taking on a more serious look. One a caring, concerned friend would have. “Alright, Haley? You don’t, uh-” Greyson hesitated, unsure if he’d be stepping over any boundaries, but he had his concerns. He didn't know Haley as well as he knew, say Brynn, for example. But Knowles tended to blast her music when something was bothering her. He hoped nothing was troubling Haley. Rather than going straight for the more blunt observation he had intended to say, he offered a softer approach.

“D-do you need any help, luv?” Greyson offered a gentle half-smile.

While she wondered why he had a concerned expression on her face for a brief moment, she didn’t bother to ask why. It wasn’t that she didn’t care, she just didn’t know how to ask or what the question would ensue. After-all, the only thing that could bring on a concerned look from him was something that she had said or done, and she hadn’t done anything, right? At least not yet.

Haley sighed before answering him. ”Believe it or not, this is one of the potions I don’t really need a test subject for. I just have to be really precise with one of the ingredients and it’s a little bit of a headache.” She paused for a moment to think. The moment an idea came to her, her eyes lit up with their usual mischievous glimer that promised Greyson he was in for something special. ”I do have this one recipe that’s supposed to be for… sort of like a babbling potion?” The young woman turned to grab one of the books off the table. ”Says here that it’s supposed to make the drinker talk nonsense for roughly an hour. Takes about twenty minutes to brew. Side effects include babbling, dry mouth from not being able to stop talking, and… that’s about it.”

Slamming the book shut, she looked back up at him. ”If you don’t want to be a test subject, I completely understand. But the healing potion is something I think I just need to come back to later.”

The boy nodded with acceptance to her reply, lightly chewing on the inside of his cheek as he stood listening to the daughter of Hecate speak. The mischievous look she gave forced a curious brow raise, his face flushing a couple shades lighter at what she was offering to him to test. Greyson smiled nervously a moment before it turned playful again.

“Would you like me t’stay so you can record your findings, as well?” Greyson chuckled, shifting his stance slightly as his eyes drifted down to Sheba who had wandered over to sit beside him. “You don’ wanna try it out on your new roomie I overheard you were getting?” The young man laughed, adjusting his gaze back up to Haley’s.

“I’m sure you’d enjoy that quite a bit more than testing just about any potion on me.” Greyson pulled his right hand from his back to check the time, noting it in his mind before returning it behind him. He knew Vivian most likely wouldn’t be at the Cafe all morning. He still had some time before he had to rush down there to snag his keys from her.

”Y’know what? It’s fine. It was just a random thought that I had,” she responded. ”And don’t remind me about the new room mate. Always messes with me before I meet them. Don’t know how they’re gonna react to - ” she spread her hands out wide. "- this.”

Greyson rolled his eyes at his friend, smirking slightly. “I can’t really complain about my roommate. Only thing I really had to get used to was waking up to the smell of blueberries radiating throughout the dorm on Saturdays, ha. But honestly, I don’ have the sligh’est clue why you seem to have such a low opinion of yourself, luv. You’re qui’e a lovely person to be around.”

Greyson gave the girl a stern look paired with a soft grin. This.” The young man shook his head, sighing heavily while still grinning at the girl. Greyson let a few moments pass before tilting his head, “Would you like me to leave you to your-" the boy spread a hand out, gesturing to her and her work, -this?” he smirked a bit.

Would it be wrong if she asked him to stay? Would it be weird if she admitted that it was actually sort of nice to have someone to talk to? Someone that didn’t think she was insane or just came to her whenever they needed something?

”You can if you want. I’m sure you have something else to do. Mornings are usually one of the busiest times for people, I guess. I’ll probably clean all of this mess up and head out here in a bit myself.”

Before Greyson had the chance to reply, he heard a voice from down the hall that took his attention away from the girl before him. Taking a quick glance down the corridor to spot David Almas and his pet two-headed dog, who could just barely be heard growling from where Greyson stood. Greyson gave David a grin and quickly looked to Haley to mumble, “‘Scuse me, luv. One sec.” before turning back to David. “Ih’s aw’right, David, don’t worry ‘bout ol’ Sheba. Pup couldn’t do any damage to her. More than welcome to have ‘em come check her out.”

Greyson looked over at the mechanical cat and clicked his tongue twice, calling her outside of Haley’s apartment just to be sure if anything did happen that it wouldn’t damage anything in her place. At the familiar call, the feline walked up to Grey with a head bump to his leg before stepping out into the hallway, gracefully sitting down staring at the young man and his monster canine. Greyson gave David a once-over, smirking a little. “Late start, mate?”

The young man heard his text-tone pop off in his pocket, quickly pulling his cell out to see a message from Chris. He shot a quick text back before pocketing his phone.

That would be great. Mind getting me one of those fruit/yogurt parfaits? The one with the granola? Thanks! Be there shortly.
To: Christina

Scratch that..... I need to think on this. Found a few other promising FCs. Will most likely be a male FC though...maybe........ gotta think on it overnight

Location: Dorm Room • Haley's Doorway
Interactions: Charlotte (niece) • Sheba
Haley @HaleyTheRandom
Mentions: Vivian @Altered Tundra

"When are you coming back, Grey?"

The young man chuckled, readjusting the phone between his shoulder and ear as he fumbled around on his desk trying to find his keys.

"Luv, I was jus' there las' week. Won't be back some time."

The silence on the other end of the phone was a bit heartbreaking. Greyson knew just how much the young princess loved when he came home.

"We can video chat soon, yeah? Promise. But right now, I've goh'a meet with some o' my mates and ge' my day star'ed."


Charlotte wasn't making this any easier on him. He could practically see her pouting in that very moment.

"Love you, Charlie," Greyson said quickly, hearing a faint voice in the background prodding the girl to hand over the phone. Sounded like William. The boy sighed heavily when the line went dead, rubbing the back of his neck as he clicked off his phone. Greyson turned to look around at his bed where Sheba lay, silently staring at him with her glowing golden eyes. "Happen to know where my keys are?"

The mechanical cat slowly rose into a crouch, pushing herself down and off the bed to wander off through the bedroom door. Greyson raised an eyebrow and smirked, standing there a moment before slowly following the beasts lead. Sheba walked into the kitchen and slowly sat down at the base of the counter, waiting for Greyson to walk around the corner. Once they had each other in their sights, Sheba stood up on her hind legs, stretching up onto the counter top where a small sticky note was placed. The young man walked over, nudging the big cat off the counter before she tore it up with her tungsten claws, reading the note his roommate had left him.

Finders keepers I'll be at the cafe.

Greyson shook his head and laughed, crumbling up the paper before tossing it into the trash. "Fancy a walk, Sheeb?"

After a short while, Greyson had gathered what he needed for the day and exited the apartment. Before he could make it very far, however, he could hear someone's music blasting through the hallway of the dorm. Sounded clear enough that whoever it was that was playing it had to have their apartment door open. Just down the hall, he could see a big white floof disappear out of sight. He knew exactly who was playing the music now. If Nala was wandering the dorm, her owner was either wandering with her, or she was the source of the racket that flooded the halls. Greyson stood there at his door listening to nearly half the song before his feet began to carry him forward down the hallway, finding his way to a familiar face's doorway.

The young man stayed just at the entrance to the apartment, peering in far enough to spot Haley in the corner of the room brewing her potions and jotting down notes. Greyson folded his arms over his chest and leaned against the doorway, smirking slightly. He contemplated how to get her attention. By no means did he want to startle the poor girl, but he definitely couldn't try talking over the music. Greyson looked down at Sheba and nodded in Haley's direction, the mechanical cat taking the hint and pushing forward into the apartment. The beast stepped slowly towards Haley, wandering up beside her and rubbed her head against the girl's calf to get her attention.
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