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Current Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.
5 mos ago
Lost my grandmother on Valentine's Day.. I know its rare to hear this reaction, but honestly Im at peace with her passing. Shes not suffering anymore, and I know I did everything I could to help her<3
10 mos ago
How do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul?
11 mos ago
They say the strongest shade of red comes from a bleeding heart.. out of the pain of a love that’s been torn apart.
1 yr ago
Some girls are full of heartache and poetry, and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running from them.


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Danielle’s eyebrows raised as a bright smile spread across her face, along with a bit of color flooding her cheeks. ‘This is it, this is how we die. Death by embarrassment,” she thought to herself sarcastically. She accepted his hand, taking it tenderly as she closed a majority of the distance between them.

“Or some other cheesy shit,” she mocked and winked at him playfully, glancing around to see if she could spot either of her cousins. At the moment, she couldn’t spot either of them, to which she was thankful. She knew that they knew her well enough to know she did not belong on the dance floor and would probably laugh their asses off seeing her out there. Well, Max definitely would.

Dani hoped that they’d get lucky and avoid having pictures taken by the yearbook kids, though. God help her if she made it into the final cut for the yearbook and her mom saw the pictures. Danielle would never be able to live it down. But she wasn’t about to back down if he wasn’t, either...

Cause momma didn’t raise no bitch. c(;
Sawyer awkwardly smiled at Ariel as she slurred her words while putting her hands all over him, still keeping a hand under her arm to steady her. The boy quickly shook his head when she mentioned his ruined shirt and buying him a new one, laughing a bit. “Don’t even worry about it, really. My brother bought it for me. I hadn’t originally planned to come tonight, but uhm..” Sawyer’s words trailed off as he looked Ariel over, raising his eyebrow at her suggestion of more punch.

“Hah, uhm, Ariel.. I think it’d be best if you stayed away from the punch for the rest of the night. No offense, sweetheart. But, really, I think water is the way to go, here. Or I could take you to get some coffee, if you’d like. Maybe some food with it? Help ya sober up, some?” Without waiting for an answer, Sawyer started to slowly make their way over to the drink area while steering clear of the punch, going for a cup of water for her instead. Something to start the process.

“Here you go. S’just water, for now.” Sawyer glances around the dance floor, then out amongst the crowd of his fellow classmates till he noticed Kavi some distance away. It was the moment he saw Kavi that Sawyer remembered they were together. Were, as in currently or past tense, Sawyer honestly didn’t know. He didn’t pay much attention to the couples at school or the drama surrounding them. Wasn’t his cup of tea, really. All he knew was he became a little anxious about his and Ariel’s exchange. He turned his back towards the direction Kavi was in and focused on Ariel, not exactly wanting to be here for fear of getting in the middle of some drama but he also couldn’t just leave her like this. His momma didn’t raise him like that.

Danielle watched Jasper's expression throughout the exchange, smirking a little bit. He seemed like he was in pain accepting the offer to dance, which only made this more amusing but as he led them out onto the dance floor she figured she could save both of them the embarrassment if she spoke up. She wouldn't force him through that, they just met afterall.

"You sure? You know, we don't have to." She laughed lightly, peaking around at him in front of her. "I just figured since everyone else was, and we were gonna just be left here alone together..." she drifted off and just kind of shrugged her shoulders without finishing, offering, "If I'm being completely honest, I'm not much of a dancer, anyways. So if you don't wanna do this, it's not gonna make me think bad of you, or anything." She offered him a friendly smile, looking around them to see if she could spot any other familiar faces in the crowd.

Danielle just found herself watching Ryland and Julie's interactions from afar, smiling a little bit. 'That shit's cute as hell,' she thought to herself.

"They're just idiots. They can easily be ignored," Sawyer chuckled, his attention quickly getting ripped away from Chanel to stare at Ryland as he spoke up. The boy raised an eyebrow and watched as the scene before him unfolded, side-glancing Chanel when he noticed the girl with the spotlight on her was looking her way for some kind of queue or help. He felt kind of bad for her. The girl Ryland was wooing, not Chanel. She seemed to be offering about as much help as he imagined could be given in the situation.

After having been dumped recently, Sawyer wasn't exactly much for the romantic-type of stuff.. his weak clap was drown out by the thunderous applause and hollering throughout the club. The boy sighed heavily and took a big gulp of his punch, he turned his eyes back to Chanel as she spoke up. 'Cute? Ugh.' Sawyer faked a smile and simply nodded, feeling that his tone of voice would betray him. "Hope someone got a picture of that. No doubt that that's yearbook-worthy." The boy downed the last of his punch and took a deep breath as he turned to say something more but noticed Chanel had gone.

Sawyer pressed his lips into a firm, thin line as he made a barely audible 'hmph' before stepping over to the punches to refill and head back over to his boys who were eagerly awaiting his return, stuffing their faces with their own food. They looked like animals. These two idiots were never gonna get girls. He chuckled to himself at the sight of his buddies before looking out at the dance floor at all the couples dancing, his smile quickly fading. Whether they were together or not didn't really matter. Just the sight of them hurt. As much as he acted like he was cold-blooded and couldn't care less, Sawyer was an emotional little shit. ()

He wouldn't think of her, or speak her name. It'd give too much power to the pain he was already feeling. Instead, he'd numb it with some more feel-good. The boy continued to chug his punch as he gave the boys a look as he reached into his pocket for his keys, heading towards the doors to go out to his truck for a second smoke sesh.... but everything happened so fast, Sawyer was on the ground with punch spilled all down his front. The boy nearly shouted a curse, luckily catching himself when he realized it was a girl who'd run into him. It was...Ariel? Yeah. Ariel. That was her name.

Sawyer cleared his throat and forced himself to his feet, offering an arm for her to grab as he also hesitantly placed a firm hand under her other arm to help her up to her feet. "Oh, no. D-don't even worry about it, it's fine. Are.. you alright?"

Danielle had been distracted by a particularly goofy group of classmates dancing like no one was watching, only getting pulled back to reality at the sound of a familiar voice. A smile immediately spread across her face as her eyes met up with her cousin's, seeing his arm wrapped around his boyfriend. It was cute seeing them together. Archer always looked so happy with his beau standing beside him. Made her happy just seeing it. "Hey." she began, not knowing how else to respond to his unfinished question besides a smirk, as if to say 'I'm sure you know the answer.' Seems he did, since he never did finish his sentence. She just rolled her eyes and laughed, looking off towards where she'd seen her other cousin go off to, a bit of confusion flashing across her features when she didn't find him. Dani would let it go quickly, though. It's not like she was here to babysit him, anyway. She turned her attention back to her cousin, beaming at him. "Heh, thanks. I-"

The music had come to a sudden stop and the crowd of kids in the room were looking just about as confused as she was, it seemed. Danielle's focus was ripped away from her cousin, friend and new acquaintance when a voice carried out over the crowd, silencing everyone in the club. She watched with much confusion as Ryland made an announcement and even began singing his way towards a girl. Someone had a bit too much punch. The girl inhaled sharply, turning her attention back to her friends about halfway through the whole ordeal, catching a glimpse behind them of an old friend of hers. She made a mental note to go catch up with him later. With them all standing there, Archer and Kavan paired up and.. well, Jasper and Dani were both dateless for the moment. The girl definitely wasn't going to commit further social suicide by dancing with her cousin(s).

Danielle peaked over at Jasper, smirking as she mumbled, "Now, I'm not gonna go serinading you like Ryland just did to that poor girl, but uhm.. care to dance, er.. somethin?" Suddenly her heart was racing in her chest. She'd never really been one for school dances, and she more-or-less had two left feet... but even so, I'm sure this would call for some good memories to look back on. Like Ryland, she'd just moved back after some years away from home.. it was the last semester of senior year. What did she have to lose?

Sawyer picked up a cup and inspected the inside of it, narrowing his eyebrows a little as he blew into it to expel whatever dust particles could've been residing there. Balancing his plate in his one hand, he carefully began to fill his cup with a randomly picked punch from the line, taking a sip. Mm. Some kind of limeade. Sawyer made a face at the aftertaste of the beverage.. bit on the sour side. Definitely wasn't a spiked one, though. The boy pressed his lips into a firm line as he looked at the other fountains before he heard a vaguely familiar voice come from behind him.

Her words forced his gaze to his plate, blushing deeply in embarrassment. Truth be told, he really hadn't paid attention to just how much he had filled his plate. Sawyer smiled sheepishly, replying, "Anything can taste amazing with help from a little bit of green." The young man chuckled, falling silent to listen to the rest of what she had to say, nodding with a slight smile. He'd definitely be sure to visit the specified punch fountain. "Yeah, that's me." 'Only known as Gavin's brother,' he thought to himself bleakly. "I'm sorry, I'm really bad with names. I know my brother hangs out with you from time to time, I've just never really paid attention to his friends. We run with two different crowds. What is your name?"

A familiar whistle and a holler from across the floor tore Sawyer's attention away a moment to glance back at his two friends who were trying to wave him back over, Sawyer waved them off with a 'hold on a minute' gesture. The boy turned his eyes back to Chanel, shaking his head. "Prime example. My brother's friends have manners and respect for others, mine clearly don't."

Sawyer grabbed a paper plate and started down the line of food at the table, piling a couple pieces of pizza, a handful of doritos, a couple of Ritz peanut butter crackers, and... 'Are those strawberries? ..fuck YES!' a few strawberries added to his plate and he was off to find a place to stand against a wall and grub on his food while he watched all the drama unfold that he knew would happen tonight.

Once Sawyer found his place, it seemed his brother appeared at his side out of nowhere nearly giving Sawyer a jump-scare and causing him to drop his food. "Fuck, man! Don't do that!!" Gavin eyed him with a look from over the plastic cup he was tipping back, taking a breathe before asking, "Where's your date?" His tone was dripping in with sarcasm, and not the kind Sawyer was in the mood to laugh at at the moment. Sawyer was simply going to ignore his brother when Jack and Kol showed up at Sawyer's side with perfect timing.

"We're right here!" the boys said in complete unison, sharing a look before laughing at themselves. They always seemed to be on the same frequency, it was kind of weird, really.

Jack clapped an arm over Sawyer's shoulder, throwing the poor boy into a coughing fit as he nearly choked on a bite of pizza. "Sorry, man," he muttered to Sawyer before looking over at Gavin. "We gave up our dates to keep him company, tonight." Gavin smirked and lifted his cup to take another sip, stopping just at his lips to mumble, "Not too much company, I hope. That Lockwood brother doesn't swing that way." Gavin chuckled before wandering off into the crowd to find his own date he was attending the dance with tonight.

Kol was currently stuffing his face with pizza as well while eyeing a girl out on the dance floor, Jack shaking his head as he took a big sip from his cup, starting to crunch on his chips and dip. "Thank the gods for Jasper Fray, amirite?" Sawyer turned to glance at Jack's cup, then at his friend before asking, "You serious?"

Jack turned his gaze on Sawyer with a confused look before answering, "Did you expect anything else? What, did you not get a drink?"

Sawyer simply answered his friend's question by offering a better look of his full plate grasped in both of his hands, to which Jack nodded off back towards the table. Sawyer didn't hesitate, he quickly turned and sped off towards the table with the punch bowls lined up to get himself his drink.

Danielle stood perfectly still as she watched her cousin wander off towards Ariana, rolling her eyes as she turned away mumbling to herself under her breath, "Yeah, okay. Thanks. Like I didn't see that coming." Dani huffed to herself as she tapped her small leather wallet against her thigh, taking a glance around. Maybe she could find Stella or some other familiar face to go pawn herself off on. Suddenly a familiar voice came from her side as she glanced up to see a friendly smile, matching the grin with her own. "Oh my gosh, hey!" The girl shook her head and gave Kavan a look, sighing heavily. "No, no. I came here with Maxwell. You can probably guess where he's off and ran to. Or, should I say, who he ran off to." She gazed off in the direction the couple had gone with a knowing smirk, turning her attention back to her friend.

"Where is your d-"

Dani's words were cut off as she let her voice fade hearing another speaking to Kavan, running a hand through her hair shyly as she glanced out towards the dance floor while she waited her turn to speak to her friend again. Then she realized the voice was now addressing her. The girl turned her attention back towards the young man known as Jasper Fray. Danielle's eyes wandered from his dress shoes to his hand and trailed up his arm to meet his gaze. Tall, blonde, handsome.. and a gentleman? Whew. A small smile spread across her lips as she swapped her wallet in her hands, extending her hand out to take his with a firm but gentle grip. "Danielle Kennedy at yours, my good sir."

Dani stood there a moment before she forced herself to take her eyes from his, glancing over at Kavan as she dropped Jasper's hand to finish the question she had started to ask him before the other young man had showed up. "K-Kavan, where's your date?"
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