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Current Just really tired of being *me* right now...
9 days ago
I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid. From empty souls who just wake up and look to debate. Until you staring at your seed you can never relate.


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@Alfhedil The instant invite for the discord channel is expired, btw. ://

Ignore me, my phone was just being dumb.
@Alfhedil Awesome! Thanks for getting back to me. I should have a character, if not both of them up later tonight! I’ll join the discord once I get off of work. ^^
@Alfhedil Are you looking to cap off the member count at any specific time? And are we only allowed one character?

I’d love to join. I’ve been playing back and forth with the decision for the last couple days, but have finally decided. I like the new approach, getting to see the SW universe in a different way, in a sense. I’m not, like, a HUGE fan of SW..I have only watched the movies about a billion times but the side shows and all the other stuff, I haven’t gotten into. One day, maybe. For now my knowledge of the ‘verse is solely from the movies. Will that be enough to go on, as well as whatever I can search up on the web if and when I may need it?
@The Fated Fallen

@officaz No worries. I've GM'd quite a few RP's but with even fewer success rates xP I just never took the time to really plot out what direction I wanna lead the RP in. I just get an idea, post it and then have people join and it usually ran out around page 10, if that. I am taking a long, extensive break from trying to be a GM. I need to work on the storylines for my RPs before I open back up to the idea of taking the helm. I'm here to help you out with whatever you need, though. ^^

And also, Happy Single's Awareness Day to you as well, officaz xD
@officaz What do you mean “How do you claim GM status”? >.<
Like, how do you GM an RP? It’s simple. You’ll just start the RP in the Free Roleplay forum section. Once posted, it’ll have your name up in the top left as “GM”. You’re automatically GM when you begin a RP post. (:
@mattmanganon So far, besides the GM of course, it’s just you and I.
I have to go to work, so I will leave her here for now.
Also wanted to know how many characters we are allowed to play. Because I have a couple of other character ideas. One being a male Iridonian/Zabrak and the other a male Togruta.
See you later!

@officaz Would you mind if I added to it just a bit? I'll PM it to you before I post it public, so you can look it over and give the seal of approval. I just like being a bit detailed with my characters. If not, then that's fine too. I'll make a more detailed one later and post it to my character vault ^^
I’ve alwas wanted to join a SW role play. I’m more of a Casual and Advanced RPer, but I think it’d be best to start out Free just to get my roots in the SW RP scene. If that makes any sense... heh. I’m only privy to the movies (watched all 8 of them multiple times, the first 6 a good billion lmao), so anything outside of the movies I am not too sure of. I’ve always wanted to get into the books (and comics?) and REALLY submerge into the SW-verse. Maybe one day. But I’d be willing to go along for the ride. If this doesn’t get any attention, would you maybe consider a 1x1? @officaz
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