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Current How do you sit there and judge me for my mental illness and talk down on me for not having 100% control over it but when it comes to you I’m supposed to give you a pass and understand right away?! Wtf
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Who are you? What are you? Perhaps you should ask yourself these questions, because right now the answers seems to be 'nobody' and 'nothing'.
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Some girls are full of heartache and poetry, and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running from them.
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They say the strongest shade of red comes from a bleeding heart.. out of the pain of a love that’s been torn apart.
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Location: PBR Lacrosse Field
Interactions: Lacrosse Team @spooner

“Emergency team meeting in 10 minutes on the field! Fail to be there douchebags and you’re kicked out of the team!”
From: Wallenburg

Sawyer had stopped in his tracks in the middle of the quad as he read the recent message from his team captain. He exchanged a look with the boys once their eyes left their own phone screens to meet his, all three shaking their heads as they headed for the field as they had before.. not looking forward to it too much, this time around.

"Can't wait to hear what's Max's problem, now."

"Poor Maxy Pad. Must not have gotten enough, on Saturday." Kol laughed, Jack offering a bit of a smirk but Sawyer just eyed Kol.

"Okay, seriously Kol? If rumors are true him and Kel hooked up.. you know how I feel about Kellie. Sh-she and I are good friends. And more importantly, how Max feels about her. She's not just another conquest to him. Be a bit more respectful, yeah?"

Kol furrowed his eyebrows and readjusted his backpack shoulder strap before looking ahead and away from Sawyer's hard gaze, "Yes, dad."

Sawyer rolled his eyes, letting out a heavy sigh. "Whatever, man. Just be sure and shut up while Max rips us a new one for whatever we fucked up on this time."

As the boys made it to the field, they could see Max and half the team standing around on the green. Max looked as if he was fuming. This wasn't going to be good. The three boys greeted the rest of their team, shortly being followed by the last few members. Everyone fell silent when Max's voice boomed a 'So!', the air thick with tension which seemed to quickly defuse with the next sentence Max spoke to his players. Tripling with the following. Sawyer's eyes followed Max's till they found the target he'd locked on, his eyebrows furrowing. Brad.

He'd had a few run-ins with the guy off the field, which were never pleasant. One in particular, in which Brad had crossed Gavin's paths and had left both Lockwood brothers' having major dislike for the guy. Brad may not have been as bad as Aidan, in Sawyer's book, but he was up there with the other massive DBs of King's Academy's senior class.

Kol nudged Sawyer with his elbow, drawing his eyes over to his friend.

'What?' Sawyer mouthed.

Kol made a gesture with his hand, his facial expression reading as clear as if he'd spoken the words himself. What's his problem?

“It has come to my attention that my cousin got beat up. By one of you fuckers.”

Jack and Kol both looked around with extremely confused looks for a moment before they noticed Sawyer glaring at Brad. The two boys pieced it together, narrowing their eyebrows in vicious glances towards their fellow teammate while everyone else seemed to be clueless dumbshits. As if they didn't know.

Sawyer had heard about what had happened with Archer and Brad.. and Marisol, and Sonny. The rest of Max's rant left Sawyer with a bit more than a bad taste in his mouth. Not only for Brad, but for Max as well. Sure, the guy had some anger issues but to take one teammates off-the-field DB moments out on the whole team? That was some shit.

"Soooooo.. why not take it out solely on the guy who actually did it?" Kol held his arm out towards Brad, staring down Max's retreating back.

As much as Sawyer hated to admit it, Kol had his support on this one. Sawyer gave Kol a 'Shut the fuck up' look before stepping in front of his friends and a few other teammates, some dispersing to go about their lunch hour while some stayed behind. It took a lot for the boy to speak up next. Sawyer knew Max wasn't in a forgiving mood, and he was going to put his spot on the team on the line just as Kol (hopefully inadvertently) had.

"Max.. you know as well as I that family is important. And our team is like a family in itself," Sawyer gave the large, douchebag teammate of theirs a glance before looking back in Max's direction. "You know my brother is also... gay. And I would do anything for him, expecially if it came to some asshole taking shots at him. You know this. So, why give him a break?" He gestured over to Brad who seemed to be uber pissed off. "Just because he's on our team?! He's not acting like family, so what gives, man? You say you're not okay with hate crimes, yet you let him go? Was Marisol smacking him around enough retaliation for what he did to your cousin?"

There were moments of silence that followed, only to be broken by Jack mumbling under his breath. "Bro."

1. I'm a Believer by Smash Mouth

2. Sucker by Jonas Brothers

3. Beer for My Horses by Toby Keith

4. Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

5. Peach Scone (Live) by Hobo Johnson

6. Saturday Nights by Khalid

7. In My Feelings by Drake

8. Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco

9. Can't Help Falling in Love by Christian Leave

10. Story of My Life by Social Distortion

Kol & Jack (NPCs)
Kellie @Dirty Pretty Lies & Max @spooner <----
Georgie @ineffable, Gavin [@self]

Sawyer quickly pushed out of the classroom and fell in with the crowd that moved their way towards the lunch hall and the quad, his eyes searching the sea of students for a few faces. It wasn't long before the boy was nearly knocked to his knees from behind, tackled by his two best friends. Jack Donovan and Kol Halliday.

"LOCKWOOD!" the boys called out obnoxiously loud.

Sawyer smirked at his friends and shoved them both away from him with a laugh, readjusting his grip on his lacrosse stick and helmet. "Boys," was all Sawyer managed before he was interrupted by said boys.

"Lock, we still running drills for lunch?" Jack asked as he peeked around Kol.

"Yeah, man. We need to make up for the slack this weekend. What with the recovery time after that party at Kavi's." Jack and Kol exchanged a look and smirked as they low-fived each other. It had been discussed that the two of them had gotten lucky that night, and Sawyer, well.. he got thrown up on. Which had been an extensive joke over the weekend. Lockwood was surprised it wasn't the topic of the hour. They were never going to let him live it down. Sawyer'd shared some other details about the night. Not the proclamations of love, but the drunk kiss and the morning to follow. Although the morning after the party's details were kept vague, he let the boy's imaginations take them wherever they thought the morning had gone. Of course, boys will be boys. Sawyer let them believe him and Georgie had done more than just kiss and cuddle. It was a lot easier than telling them the truth and getting teased about him being the only one in the group who hadn't gotten laid over the weekend. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

"Yeah, and what with Fockwood going on all day yesterday." Both the boys broke out in big ol' grins as they shoved Sawyer, roughing him around as they pushed their way out from the main building and into the quad. Sawyer didn't respond, he just pulled his helmet on and gripped his Lacrosse stick in both hands.

"You girls gonna stand there and talk all day, or what?"

Kol rolled his eyes and Jack flipped Sawyer off with a grin. "Should we see if ol' Maxy is up for it, today?"

'Ooh. Speaking of Max, that reminds me,' Sawyer thought to himself as he stuck his lacrosse stick under one arm and pulled out his phone, typing out a quick text.

Hey. So, uh.. is it true, about you and Wallenburg? G told me. Was just wondering if it was fr or not.
To: Kellz

"Umm, hello. Earth to Lockwood." Sawyer looked up to see both his friends staring at him with confused but curious looks.

"Sorry." Sawyer quickly tucked his phone away, looking at his teammates. "Long as he's not busy entertaining the ladies, I'm sure he'd be willing to join in."

The boys set off together with their new mission of finding their captain, Sawyer keeping a watchful eye out for Georgie. Partially because he wanted to see her, but also to keep the boys far away from her. Neither of them knew how to keep their mouths shut, and might end up saying something that'd upset her. Plus, he'd probably get teased for how 'soft' he acted around her. They'd probably go so far as to say he was 'whipped'. Pfft.

Sawyer sent out another text, this time to Max.

Hey, I got Jack and Kol with me. We were gonna go to the field and do some drills. Wya man? Interested?
To: Wallenburg
Ello lovely! @EternityRose
@Sharidi37495 you as well (: maybe I’ll see ya around the Guild! Take care.
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Collab by myself, @eclecticwitch, @ineffable, and @ejected
Starring Bea, Carter, Gavin, Georgie and Sawyer.

Sawyer walked away from Georgie in a sort of hurried shuffle, only making it a few paces before he stopped in his tracks to make an awkward failed attempt to pull his backpack from off his shoulders. He needed his phone to call Gavin. There was no way he was going to be able to drive home like this. Why hadn’t he just waited and ridden with his brother in the first place? Whatever.

The boy growled a curse at the ground as he finally slipped off one strap, unzipping the bag before digging through it to retrieve his cellular device. He pressed his thumb into the power button, lighting up his face, causing him to pull the phone back several inches as he squinted at the screen. Quickly, he found Gavin’s name and hit send, pressing his phone up to his ear as he slowly started to scan the crowd, trying to focus on standing in one place.

There were a few rings before Sawyer felt a hand on his arm, pulling him back nearly causing him to stumble and fall back onto his ass. He lazily recovered himself and stood up, holding onto Georgie for support as much as he was trying to support her in the process, his head and shoulder scrunched up to hold his phone to his ear.

”Georgie,” the boy let out a heavy sigh, shaking his head as he opened his mouth to say something before he heard his brother answer on the other end of the line. ”Gavin, we need t--” and that’s when it hit him. Literally.

The boy paused a moment, practically frozen in place. He didn’t know whether he wanted to be mad, walk away, ask if she was okay, or throw up, himself. Sawyer forcibly swallowed, taking a deep breath before looking up at Georgie with a conflicted expression on his face. ”Come find me, please,” he spoke into the phone before grabbing it from his shoulder to end the call and stuffed the phone into the side of his costume.

He blinked solemnly a few times before saying in a soft, concerned tone, ”We should get you t-” It was then that Bea came up with Carter following close behind. Bea took the lead and offered Georgie some help which had Sawyer a bit relieved he wouldn’t have to deal with this alone. It’d been a while since he’d seen Bea, it was nice to see a familiar, friendly face in this dark hour.

Georgie reeled back from Sawyer and clutched herself in horror. Holy shit. She’d just puked on him and while she was still feeling awful, it was all heightened with the guilt. She didn’t want to say it but it looked like she’d created a pretty horrible mess and he was still concerned about her? She looked up as Bea came to support her and shook her head at the concern. ”Thanks Bea but-” Georgie waved a hand in Sawyer’s general direction, too ashamed to even say his name.

Trying to make light of the situation as well as attempting to take his mind off of the puke all over him, Sawyer playfully chided his friend. ”You know, I’m the one who got thrown up on, right?”

Although Carter didn't hesitate to follow behind Bea towards the scene of the crime, the young man suddenly found himself wondering if his presence was even needed at that particular moment. Sure, he'd given Georgie a ride to the party, but they had yet to develop the sort of close relationship that she'd obviously already had with Bea and... Sawyer. God, was that smell awful; Carter couldn't help but hold his breath as he stood near the boy whose chest was now freshly painted with Georgie's vomit. It was almost enough to make him gag a bit himself. Nevertheless, he stood by just in case his assistance was needed; he'd even grabbed her a bottle of water on the way over and offered it to her as Bea tried her best to assist. "Happens to the best of us," Carter said with a reassuring half-smile as he did so.

Bea languidly moved her gaze from Georgie to Sawyer. Her eyes travelled down, up, and then back down his frame. Her cool, even stare was nearly clinical as it assessed the young man. "Yes, you did," she responded in a blithe manner. "Let's step outside. Fresh air and a hose do wonders." Her voice offered a calm foundation for the drunken pair to stand upon. "Come along." She gestured for Carter to help steady Georgie while she pushed Sawyer toward the backyard.

Sawyer simply raised an eyebrow at Bea’s look, pressing his lips into a fine line at her tone. ’Alright then,’ he thought to himself flatly. It was just then that he felt a hand on his bare shoulder, turning to see his brother’s face beaming at him. The smaller boy glared at his sibling. ”What?”

Gavin chuckled softly and shook his head. ”Nothing, bruv. I wasn’t observing you guys from just over there the entire time, or anything,” he laughed, squeezing Sawyer’s shoulder as he helped Bea lead the two out towards the backyard. Gavin looked over at Georgie with a soft smile and reached a hand out, tenderly rubbing her arm. ”Hey Geeg, after we get all cleaned up, think you’d like a ride home, or.. Did you get a ride?”

Georgie grabbed onto Carter quite unceremoniously as they walked outside towards the water hose. She could smell the stink of her own puke and wrinkled her nose, glancing over towards Sawyer. ”Sawyer, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I’ll-We’ll clean you up.” She was glad that she had such good friends who took care of her all the time but she didn’t feel particularly nice to think that Sawyer was still covered in her vomit from basically head to toe. She turned to Gavin as he spoke and nodded.

”I’d love to get a ride home from you...Hopefully I won’t stain the car or anything of the sort or else I can Uber from here...” She trailed off as she reached for the hose and turned it on, holding it up so it splashed Sawyer. However, soon enough due to her inebriated state she stumbled and dropped the hose, watching horrifically as it snaked water everywhere.

In quick motions, Carter used the heel of his boot to stop the hose from snaking around in the grass; he then picked it up and offered Georgia a meek grin before continuing what she'd originally set out to do. "It's fine, I got it. Don't worry about it," he said, figuring that it'd be wise to let someone who wasn't totally drunk handle the hose.

Bea took the chance to light herself a cigarette. She blew smoke away from the small group and approached Carter. "Allow me." She retrieved the hose from him before turning it on Sawyer first. It didn't have one of those fancy nozzle things on it so she used her thumb to direct the spray. From top to bottom she was sure to thoroughly wet the young man. Georgia was next. She didn't soak the girl as much but did give her a good spritzing.

Gavin nodded at Georgie’s reply to accepting the ride, giving his brother’s shoulder a firm squeeze before letting him go as they reached their destination. The boy would have taken up cleaning off Sawyer but it seemed Georgie had it in mind to make it up to him by trying to ‘help’. When the hose fell and began snaking everywhere, he stepped back out of the way knowing one of the other two would get it. He may not have spent much time on his makeup for his ‘stume, but he was kind of anal about keeping it looking nice. Gavin simply looked on as Carter recovered the hose, with Bea taking charge. Cigarettes. His distaste for the scent pushed him even further away, smirking as Bea started spraying Sawyer off.

Sawyer half-smiled at Georgie’s attempt to help, not really minding when he got sprayed by the hose after it dropped. The sound of a lighter caught in the boy’s ears, his eyes quickly latching onto the cigarette in Bea’s hand being lit. He grit his teeth so hard, then, they started to ache. It had been quite a long time since he’d had a hit off of one. The smell was bittersweet. Bitter because of the withdrawls, but sweet because.. Well, it was definitely better than the upchuck smell. Sorry, Georgie.

Sawyer hadn’t realized he was focusing so hard on Bea’s light until he felt the cold water hit him. The stream was much harder this time, and Bea didn’t seem to care that his backpack was getting soaked along with him. He lazily took it off and tossed it at his brother, which fell short and landed just at his feet. The boy grumbled something to himself under his breath, giving Bea a look once she was done hosing him down. ”Thanks.”

“Any time,” Bea responded with a breath of smoke. A rare grin appeared on her freckled face.

Sawyer shuffled over to his bag and snatched it up, wandering off behind a bush as he attempted to unzip his backpack to snag out the costume he had hidden away in it. ”Um, where are you going?” Gavin asked, raising an eyebrow at his brother. Sawyer chuckled to himself, making sure he couldn’t be seen by anyone in the yard and quickly pushed the sopping wet costume bottoms down to the floor, reaching around the bush to slingshot the bottoms out at the group with a drunken howl of laughter. Somehow, he then managed to pull on his fresh pair of boxer briefs and back-up costume from the year before, leaving the hood off as he came out from behind the bushes with a grin-smirk plastered on his face.

Georgie mentally face palmed herself as she watched the rest of them clean up for her. She gave a lazy smile to both Bea and Carter before she turned slightly, basking in the spray of water from the hose. It was cold and nice and pulled her relatively outside of her own drunken thoughts for a second. With that going on it meant that she had a small moment of clarity, a coincidence as she watched Sawyer’s gaze catch onto the cigarette in Bea’s fingers. Even in her drunken state she had some distaste staining her mind. She should just let it go, she knew that but after all that had happened...God she had to stop. Georgie looked around her as Sawyer made his way to the bushes, probably to change his outfit before she gave a wide smile to Carter, Bea and Gavin.

”Thanks for helping me out here, guys. You guys are the absolute best. And thank you Carter for helping me to deal...I’m sure Bea and Gavin know my antics well enough to not be disgusted by me but well…” She gestured towards her wet self and wrinkled her nose. ”I’m a mess!” She giggled before letting out a loud whoop of laughter as a pair of flying briefs sailed through the air and Sawyer’s delighted exclamation followed it.

"It's no big deal," Carter said with a chuckle as he took a glance down at Sawyer's costume bottoms that had just landed at his feet. "We all have our own messes."

Bea went about turning off the hose and putting it away. As she was coming back toward the group a pair of Star Wars themed shorty shorts landed at her feet. She blinked down at them before she picked them up between her forefinger and thumb. Her eyes landed on Sawyer as he came out from behind the bushes. “I think you dropped something,” she said in deadpan. Her eyes then slid to Georgie. “We gals gotta stick together. Take care of each other.” She tossed the wet shorts at her.

Georgie squealed in surprise, grabbing onto the sopping shorts before she let out a loud ”URGH!” and throwing it quite frantically into the air, ran to give Bea a push and a snub to the nose. ”Girls gotta stick together my ass, Beeeeeaaaa!”

Bea blinked in surprise at the contact and then smiled as she wrapped an arm about Georgia’s waist. “I believe I deserve a little more kindness than that,” she teased lightly, before pulling her into a light hug - careful not to burn her with the cigarette.

Gavin nodded at Georgie and smiled at her words, watching as his brother stepped out from behind the brush with his Spiderman costume on. Sawyer rolled his eyes at Bea’s ‘you dropped something’ and stepped forward to take his shorts from Bea before she slung them at Georgie, his face turning a bit shaded at the action as he tried to hold back a laugh. Gavin watched the shorts sail into the air like a pop-fly as Georgie threw them away from her, following them till they landed directly in his open hand.

Sawyer stepped up to his brother, snagging the shorts from his hand and the backpack at his feet before walking off towards the back door to head for the front. Gavin watched as his brother just wandered off without a word, raising an eyebrow a moment before clearing his throat as he turned to face the girls in their embrace. ”Well, I hate to break up the band, but I think Peter Parker is ready to go home.” He smiled softly at Georgie, holding out an elbow for her to grab and lean on while they walked. ”Madam, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Georgie turned to the rest of the group, giggling a bit as she held up one hand for a wave and locked her other arm on Gavin’s. ”Thanks for helping me out tonight...Bea, Carter I both owe you a big one. You know my number.” She winked at them before turning to give Gavin a kiss on the cheek, whispering happily in his ear.

”And as for you...An early thank you for helping to drive me home. If I puke on the’s no longer my fault for being allowed there in the first place.” And with that she started dragging him off of the lawn, throwing frantic air kisses in Bea and Carter’s direction.

Bye bye, vomit cleaning crew.

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