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Current Who are you? What are you? Perhaps you should ask yourself these questions, because right now the answers seems to be 'nobody' and 'nothing'.
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Some girls are full of heartache and poetry, and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running from them.
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They say the strongest shade of red comes from a bleeding heart.. out of the pain of a love that’s been torn apart.
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Interactions: Sawyer Lockwood
Location: Salvador Household
"𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕤 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕞𝕠𝕤𝕥 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕝𝕕?"
Gavin had found his way to the same block his brother had parked on, sitting behind the old Chevy while he quietly watched people pass along the sidewalk. He'd been sitting there for a few minutes, not really sure if he wanted to actually make an appearance at the party or just go on home where he had told most he'd be for the night. He hadn't R.S.V.P.'d. Gavin was stuck being the designated driver, so no real fun could be had, tonight. He could just have Sawyer or Astraia buzz him when they were ready. Sure.

No. Of course he couldn't. He had to go. With Yessi having been gone so long she wouldn't know what signs to look out for with Sawyer to be sure he stayed in his lane. Gavin had to go. Plus, he'd spent all of fifteen minutes with the makeup for his costume. He wasn't about to let that go to waste. Alright, fine. He was going.

Gavin pushed open his truck door and thrust himself out into the cool night air, clutching to his Hogwarts robe as he shut and locked the door behind him. The tall, lanky beanpole of a boy wandered off towards the cheering and loud music down the road. He made his way on inside and immediately scanned the crowd to find his brother. Hopefully he hadn't gotten into anything troubling yet. Then again, the night was still young. He had plenty of time to have to be saved from shit. The music being a bit loud, Gavin had no hopes of yelling to locate his delinquent brother. The boy quickly pulled out his phone and shot him a message before tucking his phone into his pocket before strolling through the crowd of people already having a good time.
*casually tosses maybe interest in*

If I decide to join in, I'm bringing Daniel Portman (a.k.a. Podrick Payne from GoT) in for a male character. No idea on name or color code yet. Female character tbt.

Kay, going to bed now.

After the one Lockwood brother fled the home, it left one with an empty home. Gavin knew his father wouldn't be back for some time, being stuck at a late night 'meeting'. As if he really expected the boys, well at least Gavin, to not put two and two together when these "meetings" seemed to get longer and longer every time he had to stay late. The man seemed to be in a better mood the morning after them, too. They weren't kids anymore. Hello.

After a half-panicked search on his bed, Gavin finally found his phone amidst the outfits that he'd laid out earlier before he'd decided on his last-minute costume for the night. He ran a hand through his hair and let out a hefty sigh before connecting his phone to it's Bluetooth speaker which he had Sawyer rig to more speakers hanging from every corner of his room. Gavin pulled up Spotify and flipped through music for a minute or two before searching up a Halloween playlist, pressing shuffle before sitting down at his counter top to start on his makeup. It proved to be a bit difficult to stay focused to create the fake scars across his face with the music playing the way it was. Paper Planes by M.I.A. It was definitely getting him in the mood to party, and didn't help that it made him want to rush. He needed to take his time on the makeup or risk messing it up. Gavin wouldn't be happy unless it was absolutely perfect the way he envisioned it.

A mere thirty minutes had passed before the Lockwood boy had finished up his scarring makeup for his Remus Lupin costume, feeling quite satisfied with the look. Now, time to slip on the Hogwarts uniform and he could be on his way out the door to the party. As he rounded the corner from his bathroom to the bedroom, he stopped dead in his tracks, caught in a stare-off with one of Sawyer's rescued pups, Scoob. Who currently, was laying directly on top of Gavin's outfit... more than likely shedding his fair worth of fur onto said outfit. Gavin looked towards his cracked open door, then back to Scoob who lay with his head on his paws while wagging his tail gently as soon as Gavin's eyes met his.

"Where's your brother, Scoob?" Gavin asked the dog, to which the pitty gave a low awoo at him. Bagheera, or as Gavin often liked to call him "Padfoot", was nowhere to be seen. Highly unusual, as the two bullies were inseparable more than half the time. Gavin made a sharp sskt! at Scoob, who obediently hopped down and off the bed, wandering off towards the bedroom door before pushing his nose through to disappear into the hallway. Gavin shook his head and chuckled to himself, grabbing his lint roller from his dresser to begin de-furring his costume, slipping it on once it was Scoob-free. Gavin looked around his room a moment before he started flipping through his sheets and discarded outfit choices as he had when looking for his phone, but this time he was searching for the wand he has for his costume. Was just a stick he'd found on his walk around the neighborhood one day that he'd whittled down to look more like Remus' wand.

From behind him, he could hear a rhythmic thumping. The boy grit his teeth slightly before turning to face the intruder, who matter-o-fact had exactly what he was looking for hanging from his mouth. "Baghy. Bring that here," Gavin spoke to the dog sternly. Now, the thing with Bagheera, he was a lot like Sawyer in many ways. He didn't like listening to you, and didn't like being told what to do. The pitty's ears tweaked as if he heard something from downstairs, giving Gavin one last big ol' pitty grin before taking off down the hallway with the stick still in tow. "BAGHEERA!!" Gavin sprinted forward to try catching the dog but of course there was no competition. The boy whipped his door open in time to see the dog's tail disappearing down the staircase. Gavin shook his head and made a mental note to talk to Sawyer about putting his pup into some real training classes.

Grabbing up his keys, phone and wallet, Gavin made his way downstairs to the front door, but not before passing Bagheera who was chewing on Gavin's stick wand. "Yeah, no, don't worry. I didn't need that or anything. You go ahead and keep it." Baghy acknowledged his words with a few wags of his tail before continuing to cronch! down on his newfound toy. Gavin rolled his eyes and pushed his way out the front door, being sure to lock it before making his way out to the garage. The boy slid into his Toyota and turned the engine over, flipping on his headlights before leaning back in his seat, picking out a song in the playlist to listen to on the way over to Kavi's to join his brother and friends in what he would hoped would be a great night of partying and having fun. With everything set, Gavin headed off into the night.

It was tempting. It was really tempting. As Sawyer stood there in nothing but his Halloween costume, if you could even consider a themed pair of boxer briefs a 'costume', he eyed his costume from the year before while chewing on his lip. 'Why did I agree to this?' The boy pulled on the fabric at his groin and snatched his cell from his desk, quickly typing out a text to his friend, Astraia. He sent it off, and nearly as soon as he had sent it, he had a reply back. Did that girl have her phone surgically attached to her hand? Sawyer rolled his eyes and typed back a couple more replies before placing his phone where it once sat, smirking to himself at the way she was so openly flirty. He knew better than to think it was only him she was like that with, but a guy could only dream, right? Plus, she was one of his greatest friends. The playful banter was cute and all, but at the end of the day he knew where they stood and that was alright with him. It'd been that way for years. Nothing was going to change that.

As if on queue, Gavin swung the door wide open and Sawyer immediately regret not locking it in the first place. Gavin's laughter filled Sawyer's room, but it wasn't at all funny to him. "You're actually gonna wear it?" Sawyer narrowed his eyes at his brother. "You know Yess' never gonna let me live it down if I don't wear what she picked out for this party. She wants us, and I quote 'thirst trappin'." Sawyer rolled his eyes with a bit of a smirk, over-exaggerating the air quotes. Gavin, however, had a coy little smile of his own on his features as he spoke. "You know who else is going, don't you?" Sawyer's heart skipped a beat, knowing all too well who his annoying twin brother was speaking of. It took a second before Sawyer could recover himself, turning away so that Gavin couldn't see the bit of hurt in his face.

"So what the hell are you going as, anyway? What did Yess pick out for you?" Sawyer managed to collect himself, turning to face his brother once more. "What's that smirk for?" Without hesitation, "I told her I wasn't going. I knew she'd pick something obscene out for us if I had told her that I was, in fact, going. I've got to finish doing the make-up for it, though. I'll meet you there, alright? Just don't do anything crazy. Only a few drinks tonight, okay? We talked about th--" "Okay, yes mom!" Sawyer mentally winced at the word. It'd been ages since it had slipped from his mouth. The boy grit his teeth as he snatched his previous year's costume up and stuffed it into his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder before scooping up his Vader mask up under his free arm.

Before Gavin could make another unnecessary comment or demand, Sawyer gave his brother a salute and slipped out of his room and on down the hallway to the stairs. He descended two at a time, hoping to get the hell out of dodge before their father made it home to see his delinquent son dressed so... horrifically. And not in a good, 'punny' way, either. The boy made it down into the garage and clicked the door button, unlocking and climbing up into his truck. It was a 1979 Chevy Silverado 4x4. 4" Rancho Suspension Lift, 3" Body Lift, 38.5" Gumbo Monster Mudders 15x12 Chrome Wheels, Diamond Plate Tool Box, 2 KC 150Watt Lights, Grill Guard, MileMarker Part-Time Kit, Warn Hubs, Dual Exhaust w/echo tips, Sunroof, Tinted Windows, Pioneer Stereo System, AirTank/Bumper Combo, and 17" Drop Hitch.

Not that every kid at King's Academy had a "sweeeeet ride", but Sawyer didn't care much for money or the fame of owning a fast & furious car. As long as it ran, and ran true, he was alright. The boy, with a bit of his uncle's help as well as a couple of friends, helped him rebuild it from the ground up. His next project would be a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS. One day... for now, he started up his truck and pulled out from their driveway, heading on down towards Kavi's place. Sawyer wasn't typically a fan of Kavi's, as he used to be his brother's bully when they first moved to the area back in Junior High all the way up to a short time ago. Sawyer had gotten into a few scuffles with the boy, but Kavi never seemed to have a problem with Sawyer. Eventually, once Kavi started to leave Gavin alone, they seemed to have somewhat of a mutual understanding of each other. If anything, Yessi was to blame for tonight. The coming to the party, and the get-up. That girl could convince the Devil to sing hymns.

Sawyer pulled his truck into a spot a couple of blocks away from the Salvador residence, blasting his own version of Halloween music. His speakers blasted the ending to Running with the Devil by Van Halen before shutting his beast off, stepping down onto the pavement. He could hear the music blasting from where he stood, chewing on his bottom lip as he stared off down the road where Kavi's house was located. The boy took a deep breath before swinging his backpack strap over his shoulder and pushing forward, texting both his friend and brother that he had made it to the party. He hoped he wouldn't see old familiar faces tonight, the kind that bring trouble for the recovering addict. Sawyer picked up his pace, hurrying along the sidewalk as he pulled his Vader helmet on over his face. As if he wasn't already embarrassed enough at just simply wearing the costume, but to have everyone gawk at him as he entered Kavi's home would be an absolute disaster. Let them think he was whoever.

The boy fell in with a small group of people heading for the door, dipping his head to Kavi as he was squeezed between the others through the doorway. Sawyer had half a mind to ask Kavi if he had a place to stash his backpack, but decided against it as the boy seemed preoccupied with greeting guests as they filed in. It was time for Sawyer to find a more familiar face to hang around to get the fun trouble of the night started, which didn't take very long before Sawyer practically ran into Aurelio. The Lockwood twin side stepped, recovering quickly as he steadied himself off Relio's arm. "Ey! Reli, nice costume, man! ...what are ya? 'Swimmin for Bitches'?" he laughed, clapping his buddy on the shoulder. The boy looked around for Yessi, knowing she wouldn't be too far away. The boy just had to spot the sluttiest costume there and it'd probably end up being her.

@Dirty Pretty Lies @Altered Tundra

@Dirty Pretty Lies @Altered Tundra

@ineffable Hello lovely. ^^ Good to see you!

@Dirty Pretty Lies I have sent you a request on Discord. Thank you. I appreciate the chance to learn more, and possibly join in. =] I totally understand the "hardass GM rules". I appreciate them more than anything (I know it sounds like I'm being a kissass, but I really do lol means the GM is worth RPing under.)

@NeoAC took my girl! *has heartattack* Dx Damn............. *goes to try and find other named faceclaim* xD

For my characters, I'd like to put a claim on Greyson Chance and Tom Holland! Thinking whether or not to bring in a third, but if I do, it'll be a female. Gotta find another FC. xP
I see the GM hasn't been on in a month but there's still fresh posts.. is this still going strong(ish)? Are new members being accepted still?
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