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Current When your “inner voices” are screaming at you, trying to bring you down and make it seem like the world is out to get you and nothing seems just gotta scream “FUCK YOU” louder than they do
8 days ago
One day.. granted the day actually comes... I want to have a Game of a Thrones wedding. With the “You may wrap her in your cloak and bring her under your protection.” and the vows. Just... ugh <3
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11 days ago
Why is it so wrong to need someone? But then there’s times the person you want and need doesn’t want or need you.... and that just makes it worse.. cause then you have no one but memories and ghosts.
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13 days ago
If home is where the heart is, I’m homesick for you..
2 mos ago
I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid. From empty souls who just wake up and look to debate. Until you staring at your seed you can never relate.


"Cut off a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite."

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You should have seen RPG in it's prime, @Venorik. Should have joined up a little over 5 years ago before "The Great Crash of the Guild". It was surely somethin', back then.

BUT! For what it's worth, glad to see you've joined up with the likes of us. Hope to see you around more often. And good luck getting back into the writing! God knows some of us need it more than others (Myself included.)
I’ve recently been wondering if bringing around a Wolf roleplay would stir up any interest in the community. I remember doing wolf RPs years ago, never did do the Warrior Cats thing (never read the books).. but this has much been a question for me, as of late. We should be the start of the revolution to change this, and make them a thing again! I miss them, so much.

Location: Noreaster Cargo Bay
Interactions: Solace

Oh, right. Shooting at people, whether at or near someone... especially a large group of someones, tends to put everyone in a panic. Whoops. Not exactly what Dak had in mind. Then again, the boy hardly thought before he did anything no matter what the situation. Emotion-driven, the boy only knew two things. One, his partner had sent him a distress signal over comms. And two, he was going to do what it took to make sure she was safe.

So many voices echoed out through the cargo bay, as well as several blaster shots fired back at Dakry's one. The young man shot off a few in response and quickly tried to duck for cover, growling to himself as he felt the searing pain in his shoulder from a blaster bolt burning a hole through it. Taking sharp breaths through his teeth, Dakry pushes himself to stand but doesn't get far before a thermal detonator lands right beside him. His eyes wide, the boy turns away to get as far from the grenade as possible, immediately stops when he feels hands wrap around him from behind, feeling something pressed to his neck. The thermal detonator in the corner of his eye seemingly pushed away, exploding in a pit nearby. Dak swallowed nervously, taking a glance over into the direction of where he last saw Brin, gritting his teeth out of frustration because he didn't have eyes on her. The whole cargo bay was dark except for two red eyes staring back at him inside.

It was then a woman's voice spoke to him, causing an eyebrow to raise slightly. 'A girl? Hmm,' he thought to himself. Tarrok, snarling ferociously, bounded straight for the girl and his boy but not before Dak could breath out a sharp breathy whistle between his teeth, holding a firm fist out at Tarrok. The anooba quickly ceased, sitting back on his haunches with his eyes trained on the girl behind his boy, teeth bared. Slowly, Dak reached his blaster down as close to the floor as he could manage with the knife still at his throat and let it drop to the ground. The young man pushed it off to the side with his foot before standing back up again with his hands up, palms facing outward. 'If we don't die, she better at least appreciate the effort,' he thought to himself sarcastically.

Crazy haha, I had an idea exactly like this called "War Dogs" (EDIT: Actually, I just looked up the site I had made for it a long time ago ((2012 to be exact lol)) and I had called it "Army Dogs" and "Militia Wolves", not "War Dogs"... although that's not a half bad name for the RP too!). I'd be interested, if you'd be willing to let me in on it.

(Personally, I vote for Underworld-type werewolves, but that's just me xD .... I'd say Twilight werewolves, but 1. that's too typical of a girl to say, and 2. I only say Twi-wolves because they're just heckin large wolves, for crying out loud...and who doesn't like MASSIVE wolfies?!)

EDIT pt.2: I see this kind of became dead. I am going to look into making my own RP, if any previously interested parties would like to join.
Lost my inspiration.
@Rockette Thank you SO much!! It’s beautiful ❤️

It had been hours since the young man had seen his partner, which wasn't unusual for the pair. He wasn't at all worried. He knew the girl could take care of herself. Hell, their first meet had consisted of her decking him straight in the face which ended with him looking up at her from the flat of his back. He made a comment about her rather small lekku, so he had it coming. In his defense, he didn't understand the extent of his comment and how offensive it may have sounded to a Twi'lek. With the kind of skills she had up her sleeve, he's lucky he got let off as easy as he did. It didn't take long for the pair to connect, they worked well together, and continued to do so over some time. Dak considered her somewhat of a sister. She reminded him much of someone he'd been very fond of back home. He took it upon himself to make sure she was safe. Again, not that she needed it. It was just something to give him piece of mind.

To pass the time, Dakry had wandered into a cantina where he sat at a lone table until a someone approached him to ask what he'd be having. The young man stared at the woman a moment before pointing to a drink she already had on her tray, giving her a charming smile. A bit confused as to why he couldn't have just spoken his order, the girl turned away with a half smile to get him his drink. Dak's eyes scanned the crowded place, eyeing a particularly shady pair sitting at the bar who kept giving him glances over their shoulders. One of Dakry's hands rested on his blaster at his hip, the other holding his mask. It was at the same moment Dak spotted the waitress making her rounds around the tables to deliver drinks that his commlink went off, quickly silencing it before reading the message. Brin was in trouble.

Dak tossed a few credits on the table for the waitress and slipped into the crowd of people, pulling his fingers up to whistle before slipping his mask on over his face. As the young man dipped out of the front door onto the even busier streets, he could feel Tarrok rub his head against his leg to let him know he had heard and obeyed Dak's call. With the anooba at his side, Dakry stalked off towards the location Brin had pinged herself at. The boy pulled his blaster rifle from his back, carrying it aimed at the ground with his finger ready to slip to the trigger at the slightest show of trouble. The boy's pace picked up from a determined walk to a light jog as he dipped between people, even roughly pushing past a few. If he could've, he'd have said sorry for pushing past the way he did, but he couldn't. Kinda hard to be polite when you don't have the ability to speak.

Dakry was nearing the pinged position, coming up on a large freighter in the port. Checking his commlink to be sure of the exact location, the young man pushed forward and advanced right up to the ramp into the cargo hold, spotting a... clone trooper? Dakry pulled his rifle up to aim at the man, breathing two sharp breathes through his teeth at Tarrok who stood at his side with his teeth bared and fur on end, snarling at the trooper. Dak's eyes scanned the cargo hold and luckily spotted Brin not too far away, thinking to himself, 'Sure don't seem to be in trouble, B.' But maybe they wanted it to look that way. If he and Tarrok hadn't been noticed yet, they were going to be. In one swift movement, Dak held his rifle in one hand and with his free one snagged a pistol from his hip and took aim at the people standing around Brin. He quickly pulled the trigger, shooting a round off above their heads. He kept the rifle trained on the trooper while Tarrok kept his eyes on him as well, Dak's own watching the group of people carefully.

Request Type. //
Avi/Siggy Set

Stock and Images. //
I don't have any specific image.. thought I'd give you a bit of freedom to choose your own and be creative with it? Only thing I request is it be a white wolf theme. Realistic would be more preferred but I'm not too picky. Drawn or anime wouldn't bother me. ^^

Size. //

Text. //
"Cut off a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite."

Misc. //
Can the color scheme be contained to mainly (blood) red, black and white please? As much as possible, but if any other colors are added in, please keep to darker colors. ^^

Thank you so much, in advance!! <3
Still here.
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