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Some girls are full of heartache and poetry, and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running from them.
2 mos ago make me question things, and I have yet to decide if that's good or bad... >Β₯<
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How do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul?
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They say the strongest shade of red comes from a bleeding heart.. out of the pain of a love that’s been torn apart.


"πš‚πšŽπšπšπš•πšŽ πšπš˜πš πš—", πšŠπš›πšŽ 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πš”πš’πšπšπš’πš—πš? 𝙸'πš– 𝚊𝚝 πšπš‘πšŽ πšπš˜πš™ 𝚘𝚏 πš–πš’ πšπšŠπš–πšŽ! 𝙸'πš– πš›πš’πšπš‘πš πšžπš™ πšπš‘πšŽπš›πšŽ πš πš’πšπš‘ πšπš‘πšŽ πš‹πš’πš 𝚍𝚘𝚐𝚜! π™Άπš’πš›πš•πšœ, πšŒπš˜πš–πšŽ πš˜πš—. π™»πšŽπšŠπšŸπšŽ πšπš‘πšŽ πšœπšŠπšŸπš’πš—πš 𝚘𝚏 πšπš‘πšŽ πš πš˜πš›πš•πš 𝚝𝚘 πšπš‘πšŽ πš–πšŽπš—? 𝙸 πšπš˜πš—'𝚝 πšπš‘πš’πš—πš” 𝚜𝚘..
𝙸 πšπš˜πš—'𝚝 πšπš‘πš’πš—πš” 𝚜𝚘.

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Seraphina Oriane Williams, Daughter of Hecate

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Location: Hermes Cabin
Interactions: Miles Morrison (brother)

Crossing the threshold into the large cabin Tyler had come to call home over the last four years of his life, he couldn't help but immediately notice the mess around the place. What was it with the Hermes kids and the lost, unclaimed souls; did none of them know how to clean up after themselves... or make their beds? To a certain extent, he understood. He used to sleep on the floor beside his siblings before he was granted the rank of Master. Well, Cabin Councellor, but it was basically the same thing. Master Jedi. Cabin Councellor. Whatever. Same difference. He knew what not having any privacy was like, and the constant reminder that your belongings weren't safe. Not with a cabin full of thieves. But the sleeping bags, blankets and pillows; not to mention the clothing that littered the cabin floors. Tyler had to force himself to ignore it, knowing he didn't have time to start playing Cinderella around the cabin.

Turning, Tyler pushed himself up the stairs two at a time, gently pushing past a few of his siblings as he kept his eye out for one in particular. Miles. Alex Miles Morrison. Of course, he could easily ask Sawyer for his help but Tyler just wasn't in the mood to go searching the camp for his satyr friend. Miles was much easier to find. Just look for the scrawny blond kid sitting in a corner with his nose in a book. Out of the many siblings he had, Jaime, Anzu, and Miles were the ones he tolerated the most. "Tolerated" being used in the most affectionate way possible. Tyler had never really been a people person before camp, but especially after coming here and finding out his godly parent just so happened to father quite a few kids of his own as well as taking about a bajillion kids under his proverbial wing that he had to share a cabin floor with... it didn't exactly help his displeasure for being around too many people at once.

It didn't take long for Tyler to locate his brother doing exactly what he knew he'd be doing, in the same exact corner of the house he always read in. It was one of the quietest places in the entire cabin besides Tyler's bedroom. Tyler had told Miles several times that he was more than welcome to go up into his room and read to get away from their rowdy housemates, but Miles was one of the few who refused to enter Tyler's room without him being in there as well. Something that made Tyler admire the boy all the more. It was nice to know at least one of his siblings acknowledged personal space. As Tyler approached his fair-haired brother, he hooked his thumbs in his front pockets and came to a stop just in front of Miles, rocking back and forth on his feet.

"Hey Alex, I need a favor, man." The look Miles shot Tyler with the use of the name Ty knew he didn't care too much for (though it was his actual first name) forced a chuckle from the boy, motioning back over his shoulder in the direction of his bedroom. "I need you to keep an eye on the reps for me while I'm gone. I'd have asked Sawyer but I'm kind of on a time crunch and don't have any to go searching for him. If you can't, or don't want to, just let him know and he'll do it."

Miles shut the book he was reading, holding his place with his index finger firmly placed between the pages, eyes trained upon his brother's. The boy didn't have to ask where he was going. With the news spreading around camp quickly, Miles already had a lead on what was going on and knew that Tyler would inevitably be apart of the quest party one way or another. "So, a week, huh?"

"Gonna be gone for a week, yeah, and they're due for a feed. Though Clyde might not eat cause his eyes have been looking kinda cloudy the last few days, I think he's due for a shed. Might give him a warm bath or something in a few days to help him out, if you could manage it...?"

Miles simply nodded, shaking a bit of hair out from over his eyes. The boy had always been one of few words ever since Tyler knew him, it was kind of nice. So they were in agreement, then. Cool. Tyler began to take steps back towards his room as Miles reopened his book to read again, clearing his throat before talking again.

"The prophecy mentioned a soul being taken... so, if it just so happens it's me, and I don't come back... save the reps for Carlos when he gets back. With his luck, he's not not coming back. He's the only one besides Erin to take care of them."

"You and I both know Erin wouldn't let that happen. I'll see you in a week, brother." Well, he wasn't wrong. Even Tyler knew that. Erin was very adamant about reminding the boy that she'd travel to the Underworld and pull him back by his ear if he ever thought about leaving her, that he was too important to her to lose him. Even if she was the one who put him there herself, she'd inevitably drag him back to the land of the living. Tyler Rumancek wasn't going to get out of this life so easily if Erin Maree Chase had a say in the matter.

As if closing out their conversation, Miles turned his attention back to the pages of the novel laid out in his lap. Tyler quickly picked up the hint and swung around, pivoting on his heels, and walked off towards his room. There wasn't much else for him to pack into his go-bag, maybe exchange a pair of pants or two for some shorts and he was set. Once he reached his room, he didn't bother to close the door behind him knowing it'd be a quick in-and-out trip. Tyler reached under his bed and tugged the pre-packed bag out from beneath it, tossing it up onto his bed before going to his dresser to grab out a couple of pairs of cargo shorts for the road. His eyes caught movement in the tank atop his dresser, smiling as he saw the black pine snake poked his head out from beneath its hide, flicking its tongue out at Tyler.

"Hey bud." Tyler stared down at his pet snake a few moments longer, giving him a faint smile before turning away to fold up and pack away the shorts he'd pulled from the dresser. The next things Tyler grabbed were his weapons and shoebox with the custom winged chuck taylors his father had given to him a couple of years prior for his birthday. He knew Zeru was more than likely to come on the quest, though to Tyler it wasn't yet confirmed... how would Zeru say no to Erin asking for his help? He knew well enough that the two weren't exactly close, but even still, Erin wasn't one to ask for help. She never was, but for her to ask for his help, Tyler felt Zeru would understand the importance of his inclusion in the roster. Even with Zeru going, the shoes could potentially come in handy.

Carefully taking them out of the box, Tyler stuffed the shoes into his bag and tied them down by the laces at the bottom, topping them with some of his folded clothes. He zipped the bag up after stuffing his two daggers down on top of everything, grabbing a hoodie from his closet to throw on on his way back to the Hades Cabin, snatching up his shortsword before walking around his bed towards his bedroom door. Before he could cross through the doorway Tyler came to a slow stop, taking one last look over his shoulder that lasted a few moments as he got lost in thought. Coming to, he shook the lesser thoughts from his head. 'I'm coming back,' he told himself, grabbing the doorknob and shutting the door behind him.

Location: Bunker 9; Level 50
Interactions: Corona Talos @Zenritch and Pierre Vos @MarshiestMallow

"I imagine the location of the engine might be an issue. It would need to be functional in both positions... and everything would need to be perfect so that nothing shatters in both forms."

Brynn nodded in silent agreement with Pierre, the gears in the child of Athena's head as she looked over the blueprints and photos that Corona had provided. The girl sighed heavily as she flipped back and forth between the two, occasionally looking up at the incomplete structure before the three demigods. If this was even possible, this wasn't going to be easy. Brynn knew about as well as anyone that the Athena kids; most, if not all, suffered from hubris - as she also knew the daughter of Hephaestus had been picked by her own mother, Athena. It seemed as though the girl had the unfortunate luck of receiving said flaw from her godly Legacy. As much as Brynn didn't want to crush the poor girl's hopes and dreams, she couldn't lie to her. Lying just wasn't something Brynn could manage doing. Not even a little one. As much as it would hurt the girl's feelings to hear, she had to be honest with her.

"The actual core is still under development. Since this is a rather large machine, it's gonna need a lot of oomf to make sure it doesn't drop out of the sky while it's airborne. However, the core is meant to be compact and can be repositioned within several points of the machine to ensure that it is constantly safe from attacks."

The brunette girl was still overlooking the blueprints while listening in to what Pierre and Corona were saying, eyes only lifting when the daughter of Hephaestus grabbed her hands in her own. The uncertainty in the girl's tone and the way she wouldn't meet Brynn's gaze broke her heart. This project meant a lot to her, that fact was as clear to see as the freckles that painted the curly-haired girl's face.

"I need help on the more... techie side of things, Brynn. I'm wondering if you can help me develop an A.I. for the ship I'm building. I have a detailed list on the specifications of what she'd need to be like... since I am modeling her after my twin sister, but I'm not really that confident with my coding and developing skills."

An A.I. Brynn bit down on her lower lip nervously, watching the girl let go of her hands to wander back over to her prized project. Taking a quick glance over at Pierre, Brynn slowly closed the distance between herself and Corona, wrapping an arm over her shoulders with a soft grin.

"Corona, I will do whatever I can to help you with what you're looking for. Creating the A.I. shouldn't be a problem. I just..." The brunette gently squeezed the red-head's shoulder, sighing softly before continuing. Her eyes focused up at the skeletal structure. "I fear we may be in over our heads with this, hun. I know you mentioned you are wanting to model this after your sister, and that's very sweet of you to do this in memory of her... really, but I think it's also what's keeping you from seeing just how-" Brynn paused a moment, thinking of the right word to use. "-difficult this is going to be to complete, if it's something that can even be done."

The daughter of Athena's smile faltered slightly, turning her gaze to Corona's as she continued. "Just don't want you getting to a point down the road halfway through and get stuck on something you can't get passed, then beat yourself up over it cause you can't figure this masterpiece out. You know? I can definitely spend some time with you and maybe help figure out another project you could do in memorium to your twin. Would... would you think that would be something you're interested in, 'Rona? I-If not-" The girl paused again, eyes turning back up to the frame of the airship, chewing on her lip a moment. "I'll stay down here with you as long as you need me, and I will personally help see you through as much as we can get done for this. And if by some crazy miracle we manage to make it work, then..." Brynn nodded, her eyes finding the Heph girl once more. "Then it'll be done... so, what say you, hun?"

Brynn gently dropped her arm from around Corona's shoulder, instead pulling it forward in front of the both of them holding it out to the redhead's to shake on the proposal with a small grin.

Location: Deimos Cabin > Hades Cabin
Interactions: Each other; Erin Chase @Vicier

Dany had stood on the porch watching Spencer leave, staying a few moments longer even after he'd gone out of sight. With a soft sigh, the brunette turned herself back towards her cabin and pushed her way through the front door with a gasp as she saw a flash of grey ran past her feet. She growled to herself as she whipped around and glared at the large cat that stood a few feet away, sitting pretty in the dirt as he just simply stared back at her.

"Heimdall, damn you." The cat turned his nose up at her and stood on all fours, flicking his tail at her before padding off around the side of the cabin. Dany pinched the bridge of her nose a moment before throwing her hand up in defeat, shutting the door as she mumbled, "I don't have time for this."

Turning on her heels, Dany began making her way up the staircase that led to her and Ezra's rooms. She not only had to tell him about what was going on with Erin, but she'd also have to admit to letting Heimdall out. Great. The daughter of Deimos came to a slow halt at the top of the stairs, seeing Heathcliff laying at the end of the hall in the doorway to her room, head on his paws just staring at Dany. She smirked slightly but shook her head, holding her hand up in a silent command as she took the last couple steps up the stairs and crossed the distance to her brother's door before knocking.

"Hey, I need to talk to you."

The son of Deimos sat at his desk blankly staring at his journal, jaw clenched as the words he'd heard Spencer say while eavesdropping at the top of the stairs replayed in his mind. No, he hadn't intentionally eavesdropped. There was no reason for him to listen in on the two, though when he'd exited his room to head for the kitchen downstairs, the mention of Erin and a prophecy caught his attention and stopped the young man in his tracks. When the front door had shut behind Dany, Ezra had retreated into his bedroom and shut his own door.

So many thoughts went through his head in the minutes following. Without so much as knowing he was doing it, Ezra had grabbed a bag and had started stuffing things into it before he caught himself and stopped. What had he been doing? Who knew. As much as Ezra wanted to help, deep down he knew there wasn't really much that he could bring to the quest. Other better-suited people would be picked to go with Erin to retrieve the stupid pigeon- dove. Whatever.

It wasn't till he heard a knock at the door that he was brought back to the present, sighing heavily as he eyed his closed door. His sister being on the other end of it. Ezra thought about teleporting out of the room right then and there but ultimately canned the idea altogether. He couldn't avoid her forever. Not only was she his sister on their father's side, but she was also Erin's cousin. Actual blood cousin. He didn't really see any way to be friends with Erin and not be at least remotely friendly with his own sister. His jaw clenched at the sound of her voice on the other side of the door, taking a deep breath before huffing it out softly.

"What's up, D?" he asked gruffly.

Dany leaned into the door, hand hovering over the knob. "Mind if I come in?"

There were several moments of silence on the other side of the door before Dany just pushed her way into her brother's room without his answer that he clearly wasn't going to give. She knew he'd been up a few hours and there was no chance of running into him the way she, unfortunately, had a few months back one day when she'd decided she was going to wake him up for breakfast. Nowadays, she just let Ezra sleep in. No amount of money could get Dany to walk into Ezra's room in the morning hours before he made a clothed appearance first.

Dany swung his door wide open and passed through the threshold, standing just inside his room with her arms folded over her chest. Ezra sat across the room at his desk staring at her over his shoulder, his dark eyes seemed cold as always. She knew he didn't care too much for her, and that was fine - she didn't need him to like her. Just to listen to her. The daughter of Deimos eyed her brother a moment or two longer before speaking.

"It's my cousin. Erin's been-"

"I know," he cut Dany off, turning himself in his desk chair to face her now. "Overheard you and him talking. She's been accused of stealing Aphrodike's damn bird."

Dany began to try reciting the prophecy Spence had provided to her but was definitely butchering it, Ezra shook his head and waved a dismissive hand at her. "I-I heard that too. I don't need to hear your fucked up version of it, D."

Dany's jaw clenched when Ezra spoke up over and interrupted her, making a face at him and shook her head as her eyes fell from his, falling onto the bag that had items spilling out from it. Looked as though they were things one might take on a trip... maybe a quest. Her eyes found her brother's again as she raised a brow at him.

"Thought you were gonna just insert yourself in the roster, huh? Don't worry, Spencer already has that covered. She doesn't need another lovestruck idiot getting in the way, Ez. She's gonna have enough of a time just leaving camp."

Though Erin had never mentioned it to Dany, herself, Dany knew just why Erin was so afraid of leaving camp. There was nothing that their mother's kept from each other, they shared everything and there wasn't a secret between them. Dany's mom hadn't exactly told her, either. She just happened to overhear her mother telling her stepfather Steven. There was no reason for Dany to have confronted her cousin about it all, but she kept the information fresh at the back of her mind any time she caught her cousin being especially quiet and closed off.

Another lovestruck idiot.

Ezra's brow furrowed slightly at that, tilting his head as he stared at his sister. Sure, he harbored feelings for the daughter of Hades but he'd go to Tartarus and back again for any of his friends. Erin wasn't on some special pedestal the way Dany made it seem. He shook her words from his head as he stood up, he closed a bit of the distance between them, towering over his sister. Without realizing it, he mirrored her stance with his arms crossed over his chest, chewing on his lip a moment before addressing what Dany had said.

"May have thought about it, but after thinking about it more it was clear I wouldn't be needed. There's plenty of people who would be better choices for her. Even if she asked me to go..." his voice trailed off, as did his gaze. He'd refuse. Wouldn't he? He'd like to think he would, though the idea of seeing the quest through personally was tempting in itself. Ezra knew he wasn't fit to be on the quest. Not this one, anyway.

"Even if she asked me, I'd tell her there were plenty of other people who would be able to help better than I ever could."

"Well I ain't here ta' fuck spiders," she smirked to herself, recalling the time she'd heard the bearded son of Hephaestus say the phrase. Of course, back then she hadn't known what it had meant, but seeing Dany's extremely confused expression, Hayden had been nice enough to elaborate and put the phrase into American terms. 'Well I ain't here ta' fuck spiders' being the Aussie equivalent to the American phrase 'No shit sherlock'. The saying which Dany hadn't realized she had spoken out loud till she saw her brother's own bewildered expression, shaking her head quickly.

"Nevermind. Speaking of 'better-suited people', though... if one of us is to go see her, it should be you. She's gonna need your help, Ez. You should go see her off."

Standing there a few moments, all he could do was manage to blink at her in silence as he mulled over what she'd said. Ezra reached up and scratched at the stubble on his face a second before folding his arm back in place across his chest. Dany was right. He could help her. At least help her let go of some of that fear he knew she had over leaving the camp. He hadn't been working on bettering his abilities the last 2 years for nothing. If he was looking to make himself useful, even the slightest bit, this was the perfect opportunity.

"I think I will." Ezra glanced behind Dany's legs as a furry face appeared at the bottom of the doorway, seeing her pet creeping on the two in his room. He eyed the hellhound a moment or two longer before pulling his eyes back up to Dany's. "Keep your mutt out of my room while I'm gone." With that, Ezra closed his eyes and concentrated on the image of Erin's room in his mind, leaving Dany standing in his room alone as he teleported himself out of it.

The mention of her own pet forcing her to remember the other thing she'd meant to tell Ezra while she spoke with him. As soon as she saw Ezra close his eyes she knew he was going to teleport. It was a Now or Never situation. "By the way, Heim got out again!" she called at him hurriedly as he vanished before her eyes.

At least she wouldn't have to deal with the cold shoulder and the 'I fuckin hate you' look he always gave her any time she accidentally let Heimdall out. If she saw that look again, she might just start letting the furball out on purpose. Turning to face her own furry friend, she nudged the hound back as she shut the door behind her and wandered back down the stairs with Heath in tow. Not having eaten all that morning, the fridge was calling her name.

'By the way, Heim got out again.' ...dammit, Dany. He'd deal with that bullshit later.

Upon opening his eyes, Ezra found himself standing in the darkest corner of the daughter of Hades' bedroom. Not far from him stood the very girl in question, going about her business of what looked to be packing the last items into her bag. The son of Deimos eyed her a moment longer before speaking up, his tone soft and a little on the playful side.

"I knew you were Γ„rger when we first met. Stealing a goddess' symbol? Mm... not very becoming of you, Erin Maree Chase."

Location: Deimos Cabin
Interactions: Dany with her brother, Ezra; Each Other
A collab between myself and @Zenritch.

With nothing else left to do, Spencer found himself walking with no destination in particular. He was absorbed in that one line of the quest... 'One soul shall be taken.' If this quest was a trap set by his father, then he knew exactly how to draw him out. The old bastard must have known that he wouldn't just sit idly by while Erin was in such a predicament.

"Still, I doubt he was the one solely behind this. For someone fiercely loyal to his boss, it's hard to imagine that he'd put his boss' kid in harm's way," he thought with a pensive expression on his face.

As he shook the thought of conspiracies against him, he found himself at the doorstep of the Hephaestus Cabin. It was perfect timing too since he figured it'd be rude not to at least say goodbye to the little firecracker before they left. Besides, if there really was a chance that the soul that would be taken in this quest belonged to him, then he really needed to say goodbye to her since he didn't want history repeating itself once more.

After a series of unanswered knocks and waiting a decent amount of time for anyone to answer the door, though, he gave up on the idea altogether.

"The little troublemaker must be down in her super-secret bunker. It's best not to disturb her." He mused. Despite how seemingly close the two were, not even Spencer was allowed entry to Bunker Nine. His best guess was that she was working on something very personal that she wouldn't even allow one of her best friends to see it.

Wandering aimlessly again, he found himself drawn to the Deimos Cabin this time around. A smile crossed his face when he thought about Dany. The two practically arrived in camp at the same time so he was particularly close to the daughter of Deimos. He had taken it upon himself to help her get the hang of Shadow Travel and they'd hung out on multiple occasions in the past. Heck, she even got him hooked with Lord of the Rings and had been actively introducing him to pop culture he'd missed for the last 80 years.

With a well-placed knock, he patiently awaited for Dany to answer the door... although her half-brother could do so as well.

Having spent the previous night up playing games much later than she knew she should have and gotten very little sleep due to her annoying brother waking her up at the crack of dawn to train; she'd been on the verge of falling asleep all morning. A nice hot shower with a cold finish had fixed that right up, having woken her up enough that she felt the need to seek out one of her friends to pester and hang out with. She'd definitely had enough of her brother for one day. It was still a little weird.. calling Ezra her brother.

She was still getting to know him, but she knew without a doubt that they were related through their father. Ezra wouldn't let her forget it. She was the "favorite". He hadn't even known who Deimos was, and yet he'd been there through nearly her entire life in the shadows. Always watching over her. She was Daddy's Little Girl, and Ezra constantly went on about it. He'd said previously that it was just poking fun, but as much as he talked about it, Dany felt otherwise. She didn't really care to play into that game, though. She just left it alone and ignored him when he tried bringing it up.

Speak of the devil. The daughter of Deimos could hear her half-brother yelling at her from the other side of the door and down the hall. Something about 'your boyfriend is here'. 'But.. why would Cameron be here? He's mortal.' Dany made a face and shook her head as she quickly pulled her pants on, zipping them up before walking to her door to yank it open. "What?"

"Your boy toy, that McKnight kid? He's at the door."

Dany rolled her eyes as soon as Ezra even spoke his name, shaking her head as she took her hair down from the old cotton shirt she had it up in. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of offering a rebuttal. Instead, she simply stayed quiet and made her way through the hallway and down the stairs till she reached the door. Gently, she pulled it open and met Spencer's eyes with a soft smile. "Hey you. What's up?" Her eyes left his momentarily to scan the surrounding area, not seeing Corona in tow with him. "No Rona, today?"

Spencer chuckled at Dany's greeting. The fact that Corona wasn't with him struck her as strange but if she only knew how much trouble the she had already caused earlier today...

"Nope... Just me. She's probably in the bunker as we speak since she wasn't at her cabin when I swung by." Spencer said in a sort of awkward tone.

He knew that Corona and Dany were best friends and she must have known just how much the daughter of Hephaestus liked to involve him in her experiments ... Still, he found it strange that she was surprised to see him, given that she is Erin's cousin and... oh. Suddenly the thought had occurred to him - given how notoriously into gaming Dany was... she must have stayed up all night playing games and wasn't aware of the situation.

"So... in case you weren't aware of the situation, Erin is being blamed by Ares for stealing Aphrodite's dove. She only has a week to find it and return it to Olympus in order to prove her innocence. Otherwise, Ares is going to take her." He felt himself shaking at the thought of the God of War taking the person that meant the most to him. He could feel his anger rising, but he took a deep breath to calm himself down and regain his composure. It would be unbecoming of him to lose himself to his rage in front of Dany after all.

Dany smile quickly faded at the news Spencer had brought her. She didn't in fact know of the news. Part of her wondered if Ezra had already heard of it and hadn't told her. No. He would have told her if he'd known. With both of the Deimos siblings being close to Erin in their own ways, something that wouldn't be information they'd keep from one another. She made a mental note to go up and tell him when she had the chance.

Ares was... more or less her grandfather, in a sense. I mean, by the godly bloodlines, he was. Dany was still trying to learn more and more about the Greek gods and goddesses, but the most she knew about Ares was that he was the god of war and he was pretty much always pissed off. Why Aphrodite was so concerned about a dove still wasn't clear to Dany but she wasn't really in the mood to have a history lesson right then, instead she chose to place her attention back on Spencer. He seemed to be going over a conflict within himself. It had been clear since day one that Spencer had a thing for her cousin. How couldn't he? She, for lack of a better term, saved him from Tarth... Tart.. Pop Tarts R Us. Wherever the fuck. You get it.

"I... I hadn't been told about it." Her eyes moved past the boy before her and turned to stare down the walkway where the Hades cabin sat. Part of her wanted to go and see her cousin, but the other half knew better. She'd probably been bombarded by everyone, and talking about it would probably only make it all worse. Dany folded her arms over her chest as her eyes came back to meet Spencer's. It suddenly hit her why he was here. As much as she knew he would have delivered the news to her regardless, something in her gut told her there was more he had to tell her.

"Something tells me you've not yet told the full story, Spence.. what is it?..."

Spencer sighed exasperatedly when Dany confronted him. How was he supposed to tell her what he came here for? That a particular line from the prophecy given to her cousin gave him a bad feeling? He knew his fair share of prophecies back in the day, most, if not all of them, had one or two ominous lines in them. Still she wanted answers and he did actively seek her out...

"As with all quests, the Oracle issued a prophecy to Erin... '..six figures, tall, stand strong in the East... a land of Pisa, pasta, and much art none the least... while two might find love, one soul shall be taken... the Ladies dove shall be found, but what vengeance will it awaken..?' That's what she told us."

Letting Dany process what he had just said, Spencer remained silent for a few moments.

"As far as prophecies go, it's not that bad. Heck, it basically says we're gonna succeed. However, the third line has really got me bothered. The ones going besides Erin, of course, are Tyler, Carlos, Brandon, Zeru, and of course, me." He shakily takes out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it with his precious lighter.

"The thing is, Carlos, Bran, and Zeru... the people they love aren't in this quest so it's probably going to come down to me and Tyler... and I know just how much chemistry he has with your cousin. The way he makes her laugh, comforts her, and just the way he's there for her..." He pauses, as if reluctant to say the words stuck to his throat. But after puffing another whiff of his cigarette, he sighs and decides to face the truth head-on.

"I'm pretty sure they're the ones who are going to find love in each other... and for the most part, despite how much I want to be that guy for her... I'm willing to face the music and accept that I'm not going to be that person... If she's happy, then how could I not be happy for her?"

With his cigarette halfway done, he took a quick series of puffs before promptly disposing of it.

The oldest son of Thanatos felt a pang of jealousy and pain in his chest as he reflected on what he had just said. In the end, words are just... well, words. Was he really for that inevitable outcome? How would he take it when he was proven true all along? For a long time, while he was down there, he swore himself off of love... vowing never to repeat the same mistake he did with Madeline. He was certain that he had closed off his heart to people so much that he had given up on the idea of love altogether... but Erin Maree Chase shattered the walls he had put up as if they were made of fragile glass. That's why trying to accept that his love would remain unrequited hurt was worse than any wound inflicted on him by any monster he encountered in Tartarus... And no amount of fire water would make that pain go away, at least instantly. After taking another deep breath, he faced Dany's eyes once more.

"So if I'm not going to be the one that finds love, there's a really high chance that it's my soul who's going to be taken... I'm not going to pretend that I know exactly what that means since prophecies leave a lot of room for interpretation... but if there's a chance that I'm not going to make it back from this quest, then I want to say goodbye to the people who would care if I suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. I don't have any family... not anymore... My mom is long gone... as far as I'm concerned, dear old dad still wants me dead... so that leaves you, Rona, Addie, and Arthur the only ones left.."

Gingerly, Spencer took Dany's hand and placed his most prized possession - the lighter, his old best friend - right in the palm of her hand, enclosing her fingers over it.

"In case I really don't make it back, can you give this to Corona? It belonged to a dear friend which she really reminds me of. But if I do return alive, I'd like you to hold on to this for me... please. It may not look much but it's actually my most prized possession."

The daughter of Deimos stood absentmindedly staring off at the ground, really at nothing in particular, as she thought about what Spencer was saying. It wasn't till she heard the all-familiar sound of the lighter flicking to life. She quickly stepped out from the cabin and shut the door behind her so the smell of the smoke wouldn't get into the cabin. Normally, she'd complain about the smell, but the boy standing before her looked unhinged. Instead, she kept her opinion of the terrible scent to herself, chewing on her lip as she listened to Spencer talk more.

Dany was about to reply in regards to Bran being bunched up in with Carlos and Zeru in being people who have no one they love on the quest, but Spencer continued on without so much as giving her time to respond. She'd grown used to it in the months she'd gotten to know him, and didn't mind it much. Dany knew he always had a lot on his mind, and she let him get it out without interruption. Something that came with trial and error the first few months of their blossoming friendship. Soon she learned to just stay quiet till there was an extensive amount of silence in the air, or he gave her a certain look that told her it was her turn to talk.

She knew that what Spence said was a lie, not that Spencer would be aware of that, but she surely was. Dany knew Bran loved Erin, the depth of that love she wasn't one-hundred percent on, but it was potentially more than he ever let on. That was for sure. Erin could deny it all she wanted, but after having known him for so long and having seen their friendship from an outsider's point of view, it was hard to overlook. The Brandon that Dany had come to see the last months she'd been around him was definitely a different person than she knew back then, but one thing still remained the same. He'd drop anything to help Erin and was always at her side to defend her.

Then there was the subject of Tyler Rumancek that Spencer brought up that had Dany rubbing the back of her neck nervously. She knew more than she would care to admit, at least to Spencer. He seemed to really care for Erin, and as much as she wanted to root for him, she knew he'd already lost that race long before he'd even arrived at camp. Tyler was good for her in more ways than even he or she knew, and as much as she was happy for the two and their hush-hush relationship, she couldn't help for feel bad for Spencer.

At the mention of his soul being taken, Dany frowned slightly at him, crossing her arms over her chest as she searched his eyes. She continued to let him talk freely to get everything off of his chest, furrowing her brows slightly when he took her hand and placed his lighter in it. The girl closed her fingers around it and looked back up from it to his eyes. He was really being serious about this not coming back nonsense. Dany responded to his asked favor with a simple nod, waiting for him to finish before speaking up softly.

"You know... if you don't return, we're going to hunt your ass down and drag you back.. right? There's no way in hell we're letting you just disappear off the face of the earth."

Dany hesitated a moment before closing the distance between them, wrapping her arms around her friend's neck to pull him into a firm hug. She sighed heavily, looking over him as she spoke a bit muffled into it his shoulder.

"Just... come back, okay? Like you said," she pulled away from the hug slowly, stepping back a bit before looking up at him as she twisted the lighter around absentmindedly in her hand. "It basically states you guys will succeed with the quest. Even if.. it doesn't go your way with that, you still have us..yeah? Or..or are you saying we aren't good enough, hm?" She raised a playful brow at the eldest son of Thanatos, smirking.

The sudden sensation of Dany hugging him caught Spencer completely off guard. It brought back memories that he thought he had long buried or forgotten. The hugs he used to receive from his mom were one of them. Not a single night passes by that Regina McNight hasn't given her son the most heartfelt hug she could give, specially when she didn't know when it would be her last.

The next memory that was brought up was that of his ex. Despite the betrayal that he suffered under Madeline Fisher, there was no denying that what love he felt with her was genuine and he truly loved the daughter of Venus. He would get a certain sense of comfort, safety, and relief whenever she embraced him in the past and truth be told, it was one of the few memories he didn't regret after what happened.

Ever since then, he hasn't let anyone do that to him . The two people that did left him and hurt him in entirely different ways after all. Letting somebody embrace him like that made him look and feel vulnerable... more than he would like to admit. Thus, even the ever impulsive Corona learned not to push it when it came to the subject and hasn't made any attempts of hugging him since.

When Dany hugged him, however, he didn't seem to dislike it. He had thought that he wouldn't feel the same way he did when his mom and Madeline hugged him but the daughter of Deimos, for some unexplainable reason, managed to illicit those same feelings within him as well.

As a result, the eldest son of Thanatos felt his cheeks burning red as he felt himself awkwardly wrapping his own arms around Dany's body. Fortunately, her playful attempts of threatening him managed to crawl its way back into his thoughts and snapped him out of the euphoric trance that he found himself in.

"I'd like to see how you'd hunt me down when there's a possibility that I don't make it out alive of this quest... but I do prefer being alive than dead despite how shitty the Fates have been to me so far."
After Dany separated herself from him, he sighed in relief internally. With physical touch being his love language, it doesn't do wonders for his heart when someone as attractive as the brunette in front of him suddenly hugs him without any prior warning.

"Oh you guys are plenty good enough. Seriously, I would have been long gone if it weren't for you lot. "

Smiling at Dany, an idea suddenly pops in his head, prompting said smile to turn into a more mischievous grin.

"Although you could sweeten the deal for me and make me a nice homemade meal when I come back. Gives me a little more motivation to come back... you know... without my soul being taken?" Spencer told Dany playfully followed by an equally playful wink.

Dany rolled her eyes at Spencer, smiling genuinely at the boy. "I promise you, I'll make you whatever your little heart desires, Spence. Just promise me that you'll come back so that I can keep my promise." She suddenly remembered the lighter in her hand that she'd still been fidgeting with, holding it up between them. "I'll be sure to hold onto this for you till then."

The girl crossed her arms back over her chest, holding on tightly to the item in her hand. Her eyes turned towards the direction she knew the Thanatos kids' cabin was, lost in thought only a moment before turning her eyes back to Spencer. "You should probably get packing if you haven't done so already. I imagine my cousin's already done, herself. I'm sure she wants to get this over with as soon as possible."

With a contented sigh, Spencer looked at Dany in the eye and smirked at her. Ever since he heard Erin talk about Dany's cooking, he had always wanted to sample her dishes for himself. At least now, he had something to look forward to when he came back, even if it meant suffering heartache in the process.

"Deal. No take-backs, okay? And just so you have a clear idea of what I'd like to try, all I can say is... surprise me."

His expression softened a bit more upon realizing that Dany would really take care of his old keepsake. Honestly, it couldn't be in safer hands while he's away for an entire week looking for that damn bird.

As he started towards the direction of his cabin, Spencer held out his hand in the air and casually waved at the brown-haired girl. "See you in 7 days, Dany..."

As he drew farther and farther from the Deimos cabin, he suddenly remembered that he was watching The Ring with the daughter of Deimos the other night. Hopefully, his parting words didn't sound so ominous to her.

Location: Outside of the Hades Cabin > Heading to the Morpheus Cabin
Interactions: Corvus Helstrom @The Man Emperor

"Don't' even worry abaut' it. No neid to apologiz'," he waved off the Son of Khione's apology, giving him a reassuring smile. The mention of Erin and her quest had his smile falter, but only just. The son of Poseidon reached up both hands and grasped the collar of his shirt, sighing heavily as his eyes met with Corvus' again.

"Honestly, it's probably best' to just' steir clear for now. She's got' a lot' of support', especially from thos' closest' to her. She's already getting peopl' together for the quest'. The best' way, I've faund, to show yaur support'... is just' be her' as backup. In cas' she neids the extra push, thaugh I highly daubt' she'll neid it. Brandon and Tyler alon' will get' her going. The Thanatos bois, as well. Dorian, especially. And Spencer, too, in his own way-" However forceful his hand was... he had a way of getting her to what he wanted/she needed to do.

Greyson's gaze wandered around, catching a glimpse of Adeline and Michael Stevenson in the distance sitting on the Morpheus Cabin porch. A small smile returned to his features before he turned his eyes back to Corvus. "Hey, I'll catch up with yau later, mat'. I promised a certain someon' I'd find her again after I had a word with my cousin." The son of Poseidon clapped a half over Corvus' shoulder before letting his hand drop back to his side as he turned to walk in the direction of the Morpheus Cabin, calling over his shoulder to Corvus, "I heard they had a really great' pie up at' the Pavilion today! Mayb' go check it aut' and tell me how it is, yeah?"
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