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Current Lynn Gunn does Sia better than Sia does Sia 😍
22 days ago
Honestly, I'm so sick of being picked on by my family for my introvertal nature. Occasionally is teasing but this happens all the time, why do they expect me to constantly take their insults as jokes?
26 days ago
All these Northern hemisphere guilders are graduating and I'm just here crying myself to sleep cus I'm piled in schoolwork and don't graduate until November ;-;
1 mo ago
Idk if I sound be impressed or concerned for my town's radio when the Christian channel plays the heaviest music. And I mean, like, hard rock heavy. Being a Christian and a hard rock fan I love this
1 mo ago
Mum: You need more sleep Me: *Has to be up early enough to leave at 7:45am, works until late usually until 12am at least 3 nights a week, is expected to do hrs of study a day & assignments*


Hi I'm Soufflegirl123!


Typo Queen ¤ Dorky Dork ¤ Alternative Fangirl Queen
Current theme song; pretty much all of -insert a long list of songs here. Almost all, if not all, rock. A good chunk of them Paramore, Flyleaf and Icon For Hire-

Welp, it looks like you've found your way to my profile. Welcome!
Over my time on the guild I've picked up many nicknames, too many to remember them all. These include Souffle, Soofles, Dorky-dork, dweeb, ETL (my nickname on the guild discord room is Emo Trash Lite (TM)), Typo queen, fool (I wouldn't accept awesome person XD) and countless more. I don't really care what you call me really XD.

I'm an awkward af 17 year old aussie with very little self-esteem (it increases and decreases at random times XD). I play quite a few instruments though I'd hardly call myself talented at them. I'm an asexual Christian, no I will not hate you for whatever you are, I'm, or I try to be hopefully with success, accepting of all. I spend my Sunday mornings working in the children's ministry, I love kids, adore them. I'm a high school student (in my last year of High school) and have a part-time job in fast food that has taught me hate people (not all people, not always). I do a lot of fundraising so my life is hectic, yet, I'm here way more than I should be, not gonna lie. I plan on studying a Doctor of Medicine to become pedriatric surgeon so I'll be studying for years to come :P.

I'm the enemy of stereotypes, I can't be placed into one successfully, feel free to try if you wish XD.

I'm chat's typo queen, have been so for almost 2 years now. I wear this title as my crown 'n' jewels. I am alone the figurehead of typos. There are people who've claimed to have that position but chat's claimed them wrong :P.

Alternative fangirl Spam Queen is another title I shamelessly hold, even though both probably aren't queenships that are to be proud of. This is a title hold not alone but with my spirit twin @HaleyTheRandom. We've even brought the likes of Lady A, a spammer gutter, to love us. We are total insanity and accidentally spam everything we touch with fangirly goodness. In advance I say, sorry but we're really not.


Banner supplied by @Altered Tundra

My favourite shows are Doctor Who and Grey's Anatomy. My favourite Doctor is 10 (team TENnant)
My favourite companion is Clara but I quite like Donna too. As far as Grey's Anatomy goes I can choose a favourite XD

My favourite music styles are Alternative rock and Hard Rock
My favourite musical artists are Paramore, Icon for Hire, Flyleaf and The Letter Black
Other Bands/singers I like; Fireflight, Evanescence, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Linkin Park, Tonight Alive, Panic! At The Disco, Halestorm, Skillet, VersaEmerge Bayside and Fall Out Boy and many more that's make this too long-winded.

Books/series I like; Throne of Glass, The Wind on Fire Trilogy, Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Percy Jackson/Blood of Olympus, pretty much all of Shakespeare's works

My favourite movies; The Little Rascals (What? That movie's cute af!), The Sixth Sense, Now You See Me 2, Suicide Squad (screw critic's thoughts)

Bunch o' Crazy Guilders Who Associate Themselves With Me <3

You hurt these people you better have a bloody amazing excuse as to why these knives shouldn't end up in your body.



@Carla6677 Our lil' fangirling sister ^-^. We get at each other's throats sometimes but love ya all the same <3
@artersf My sister in Christ and sistership, don't you forget me when you're big-time author, or working with the kids you love so dear <3
@TheTwistedOne My chat mum, I still don't understand how you adore me so much <3
@Lady Amalthea My (and Haley's) forum mum, spam fan and favourite old-fart ;P. It's nice to know Haley and I are amusing someone (even if it is our forum mother XD)! And your RPs are simply the best. Beside that you're an amazing woman <3
@Nallore You're just downright amazing, I love our conversations <3. You also have the best taste in music (after Haley of course but that's inevitable XD). It's also great to swap rant-work-stories with someone who gets it :3. Love ya girl.
@Altered Tundra Your graphics are amazing for starters, so much talent, but one top of that you're just a downright sweetheart. Don't forget how much you mean to us all <3

My brother from another mother and banter buddy. Yeah i stab you and tease you a lot but what are little sisters for? (Even RPG sisters). You're cool though. And one day I will have that essay explaining the workings of your big-ass ego
@SgtEasy- Now you, sir (or should I say sergeant?) are truly amazing. A great friend, truly loyal and very very sweet. Our talks often end up in me laughing, I cherish you for that <3
@lovely complex Mum number 3 (whoa) this time of discord chat. You're lots of fun to talk to. I still won't forget meeting you as a drunk senior who choked on a snack XD. I'm looking forward to using our characters together again XD. <3
EVERY FRIGGING PERSON IN CHAT'S CRAZY TWISTED FAMILY- It'll make this too long to add every one of you here but you lot are truly AMAZING. You always seem to have my feelings rising, love you all
My guild family! It'll take up waaaaaaaay to much to add something about every single guilder I know but RPG is just one big family. Love all of you guys <3

Ish people say about me

your taste in music is awesone, you can handle our craziness. And i can imagine that you are quite charming in looks as well..
- @souleaterfan320

You are my loveable dorky dork after all. I see you're my loveable typo queen as well. - @SgtEasy

You're amazing, Souffly @RomanAria

Sou...I feel you're like a harmonizing wind, nothing can flow without you ~ @King Tai

- @Lady Amalthea

So I don't know how someone can write an 11,000 character essay about me but, somehow, someone did. This is absolutely sweet <3

- @Carla6677

What can I say? You're my sunshine so I gotta sweeten ya up 😃 ~ @POOHEAD189

I SHIP YOU WITH CHEESE- @HaleyTheRandom (Yeah... thanks miss Random)

Thought I might leave you with one of my favourite convos 'cus... why not?


HaleyTheRandom: YAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm over that now.
I think...

Me:* 2 minutes later *
HaleyTheRandom has died a sad death of overfangirling but you can still hear her spirit fangirling like crazy this very minute

Like.. you'll have to give it in a video conference thingy, but you're writing it.

Me:Oh totally!
.... unless we die fangirling together XD

HaleyTheRandom: I can see it now While fangirling on totally opposite sides of the world, besties Haley and Souffle died from over extensive laughing while eating pizza, listening to Icon For Hire, waiting for a Paramore concert to come near them, and, last but not least, browsing Tumblr.

Me:My gosh YES XD
We can amuse the whole world through fangirling in the process! (Nice food choose btw XD)

HaleyTheRandom: YES!
Wait.. are we fangirling about death?

Me:No, we're fangirling about fangirling 'til death. Totally a difference! Totally.....

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Lucrica gripped her wand, wiping raindrops from her forehead as if it were her own sweat. Her brown hair glued itself to her neck as she allowed the rain to pound her petite body. She watched her group spread the area while she remained concealed by the bushes. Small. Invisible. Observant. Just as she liked it. She looked over at the scenery. The structure of the rock that were probably in a formation that assisted their potion. She watched her group in turn. Finally, her eyes rested upon a young girl. How old was she? Young, definitely. Probably younger than yours truly.

She watched the wizards around her, the evil witches and wizards mainly distracted. She pulled the hood of her robe (she had handmade and sewed it weeks prior) over her head and swiftly and carefully ran across the battlefield, attempting to remain unseen. She gripped her wand tighter but, somehow, managed to get rather far without being noticed. As she approached Iz and the young woman, however, her cover di not last. She muttered "Lacurnum Inflamarae," under her breath and a small fireball flew out of her wand, hitting one her attackers. It didn't do much damage more than push him to the ground but it did temporarily frazzle the wizard. Lucrica ran behind Iz, muttering an apology in his ear on her way past, and stopped at the young girl.

"Don't worry, you're safe now," she mutters in her Irish-tinted accented, inspecting the girl for major injuries and wounds.
I'm in!
My post is tiny af. Sorry;-;
Lucrica ran a hand through her soaked brown hair as the rain continued to pour. Unlike what was probably a couple of her… were they colleagues or teammates? Sure, they ‘worked’ together hence making them colleagues but teammates seem more… how should she put it? Kinder? Co-operative? Lucrica shook her head. Not time to focus on such things, she definitely will ask the others on their opinion later.

Crouched in her spot behind a small collection of low green bushes. Their leaves swayed in the breeze as they were shot by the bullets of fierce rain from the heavens. Iz stood seemingly lonesome. Lucrica almost wanted to stand behind him in silent support. Almost. Sure, her skill of Apparition hand served her well thus far, putting her ahead to silently survey the area prior to the scene, she knew she would be of little use in this part, the beginning. As her fresh-faced and fierce team erupted out of their hiding spots she would stay in her place, awaiting something useful to do. Sometimes she worried she wasn’t the greatest asset in such a job, she was probably right, but her role head importance too! Right? Lucrica shook that thought out of her head. Another thought for another time.

Iz’s speech, as expected, was not effective. They were dark witches and wizards, fat chance they’d go so easily. The rest of her group jumped into action as Lucrica stayed put, watching as her group fought the collection of witches and wizards. She gripped her wand (ebony, unicorn hair core, 13 1/4”, rigid) and pursed her lips, awaiting a useful task to do. For the meantime she looked around at her group and silently hoped for their safety, trying not to flinch and their every new bruise or fresh cut.
Celio Pegaso;

"That boy's got something coming to him, I swear. I just hope I don't have to be the hand that delivers this forthcoming..."
Celio has a strong idea of what he deems 'worthy' when it comes to people (well, witches and wizards, I suppose) and Lucrica doesn't make the cut. She's very aware of this. She's had little to do with the guy and well probably won't make an effort to change this. In saying this, however, she kind of hopes it won't be long before he needs anything from her, perhaps it'll teach him worthy is past duelling skills and status

Dexter Montogue

"Competition, impetuous and the need to be the alpha of the pack personified and somehow rolled into a Hufflepuff,"
That boy; the numbskull should really slow down and think sometimes. Let's be honest, he won't. He does have a heart of gold behind that Alpha persona, I just wish he would play to that as much as his competitiveness. Anyway, he's a sweet guy. I suppose we're not as close as the really early days when I was his refuge from the judgement of leaving the beloved quidditch team but he's a still a good friend. I guess sometimes I understand why he's a Hufflepuff.

Izaiah Perntide

To be discussed

Mandy Ellison

"I think she relies on her charm a lil too much, I'm not the only one who doesn't give into that. Nonetheless, she's very talented and actually a genuinely good friend if you get to know her,"
Mandy and Lucrica are most possibly 2 of the most unlikely of friends, hence why Lucrica didn't have anything to do with her during her time at Hogwarts, however, a lunchtime of silence lead some mutual trust to start to form. Lucrica found some oddness to encounter but eventually found some comfort in charming figure. She cherishes having a friend who is happy to step back from drama every now and then.

Demetria Graves

"Despite her quick temper and easy jealousy she's actually really sweet. She's also been helping me with some stuff with help in herbology and healing in return,"
Lucrica is a very tiny individual and with her love of being alone, lack of alpha persona and lack if skills in aggressive magic she probably appears quile fragile and frail to a large majority of wizards. Demi has taken the young woman under her wing and the pair have become much like sisters, well, what Lucrica would imagine a sister was like, she's never had one

Keira Summers

To be discussed
Hey @Muscleshroom! It's great to see you willing to get to know the place. To be honest I'm terrible at finding my way around websites but once you know what you're doing navigating around here is a breeze

When applying to a roleplay, do you just PM the creator?
Generally No. If you're interested in the interest check section add a comment. If it's in the actual RP section above all the comments is 3 tabs. IC, OOC and Character. Best to read through the first post in the OOC to check the GM's wanted method to apply. If nothing is said just drop a comment into the OOC claiming interest. The only exception is if the GM tells you another way to do so. I have seen one or 2 cases where the GM asks you to PM them but this is rare unless you're in the 1x1 section

Is there any specific format to PM them in or do you just ask?
As for format, usually not, they may specify so in their first post

I noticed the character section, should I have a thread there to post my characters, or is that optional?
This is totally optional

How important is it to be active on the more casual sides of roleplays here?
This depends on the GM. Some state you must post so much a week while some are more of a 'whenever you can'. Talk to the GM about it. We understand life happens so if you're in a RP with posting standards and you have to disappear just shout the GM a message in the OOC or PM them to let them know

Hope this helped :)
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