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Current I'd like to adult without the bills, constant lack of money, unending responsibilities and losing my metabolism, thanks
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Is it bad that the inaccuracy of a nurses' job in medical dramas is pissing me off and putting me off them?
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We live in a depressingly crazy world where people run around with a ball beating each other up earn significantly more than people who save lives everyday ;-;
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If I fell for guys like I do music I'd be the biggest relationship whore ever
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Why is it when I have all the time in the world there's no RPs that interest me but when I have 60hrs of study and 16hrs of classes a week, 2 2500 word essays and 2 upcoming exams the good RPs arrive?


Hi I'm Soufflegirl123!

Look at that! Some gorgeous person is wanting to know a bit about me. Yes, I mean you! Welcome!
I'm Soufflegirl123. Over my time on the guild I've accumulated a lot of nicknames. This includes; Souffle, Souf, Clara (HylianRose), typo queen, little lady (Americore), dweeb (Sgt Easy) and so many more. If I understand you're calling me there's little I won't respond to.

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You hurt these people you better have a bloody amazing excuse as to why these knives shouldn't end up in your body.

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I messed up, abort. Abort

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"Why should I give shit about what others think? I just want to have my fun and y'all can just deal with it,"

Name: Emily Florence Waring
Gender Female
Age: 24
Alignment: Dark Shadows
Rank within Organisation: Captain

Birthmark Shape
Location of Birthmark Just to the right of her left shoulder blade on the back.
Magical Abilities Emily can manipulate fire. She can form flames in her hands and throw fireballs but to do something larger scale she needs to work off a larger fire. (In saying that, she won't hesitate to light the nearest thing on fire to do so).

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Currently Residing: New York, USA
If you hadn't gathered Emily is definitely not the best of people, nor does she pretend or try to be. She is wild, rebellious and reckless- and loves being this way. Not for a day has she taken life seriously and doubts she ever will. She does what pleases and entertains her, no matter how reckless it is. Emily has no filter between her mind and her mouth nor between her mind and her actions. She speaks and acts without considering the consequences for herself or anyone else and tends to wear those consequences like a badge. She is a master liar and will tell as many lies as possible to get out of a bad situation or being caught. She will say or do anything to get her will or her way. She's not afraid to use another's confidences against them.

Emily is very much an extrovert and often the life of the party. She will push her friends into uncomfortable situations for fun. She's fun-loving and does possess a heart for her friends, however, she’ll never admit it She'll happily take the blame for people she's close too, but would prefer assisting them lie their way out of punishment. Emily is open about who she is, she will be the first to tell you she's a bitch and often proclaims she's whore. She wears her worst traits as her crown and armour.

Her ways make her seem heartless to a majority of people. Inside she does possess a soft heart towards those she's close to however, an almost impossible to break shell is in the way caused by her upbringing and past. Inside she’s still broken by the past, something she turned to a rebellious, wild nature to cover the wounds. She’d never admit so, she’s come to a point where she fools herself constantly. On top of her grief she has a form of vengeance toward her parents and past relationships.

Emily’s mother never liked her. Born an only child of a CEO of a large accounting firm and his unemployed wife, Martha The money Michael earned paid enough for the family of three to live a rather luxurious life and Emily hadn't known a life without such a lifestyle until adulthood. While most parents cooed over their children Martha groaned. It wasn’t that Martha didn’t like children, she loved them in fact, but seemed to possess some dislike toward Emily.

Perhaps a reason for Martha’s displeasure in her daughter was Emily’s knack at not excelling… at anything. She was never a high achiever in school, never excelled on piano when her mum bought her lessons, wasn’t the standout in ballet. The list goes on. As time went on the pair started arguing, it became evident there was problems between them and, as Emily’s father was either away on a work trip or too busy to deal with her Emily was practically left to fend for herself.

With little guidance Emily mixed with the wrong crowd, however, she had fun. Soon enough she was known for a bad reputation among people. She was always misbehaving and arrogant. The only notice she took to rules was how to break them. She was often in trouble for graffiting, defacing properties and even minor thefts. As time went on she had learnt the best tactics to not being caught.

Emily was 15 when she snuck out to a party, of course it wasn't her first rebellious or misbehaving act. She found to fit in perfectly and it was there she had her first try of alcohol and intimacy to a new degree. Since then the sneaking off to parties has become more common.

Although her parents were both magic users they mainly kept it hidden. They tried to live as normal as possible and never told Emily but she found out. One day randomly flames burst across her hands. She somewhat taught herself to control it, enough at least. For some time she did some digging through her parent's stuff and listening to hushed late night conversations and from there heard about the Guild and the Dark Shadows. From there (for the first time in her life) Emily did some research. From that she learnt about the Guild and the Dark Shadows, the rules and what both sides stand for and she needed no more. Em couldn't really care less about taking over the world but full right to use magic? Besides, if she was part if the group that took over the world think of all the attention! And it was against her parents morals. Perfect. They seemed to have great ideals for her reckless mindset.

At 18 she packed her things and left, but not without leaving her mother a gift but setting the flower garden alight. From there she set off for New York where she joined the Dark Shadows and never looked back.

I'm not sure if I should bring Nicola back tbh. Emily is definitely coming along though haha
You have my interest Plus, I wanna rp more with Haley and Souffles

@Altered Tundra CS 1 done

Damn, I just remember Jayanti and Peter haha
@Altered Tundra Yeah but no matter, we will here! Also, I was having a pretty dodgy last few hours and this legit perked me up so thank you
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