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Current Is it bad that the inaccuracy of a nurses' job in medical dramas is pissing me off and putting me off them?
13 days ago
Am I the only one who's not satisfied with just making a character and being like "inaccuracies halpen" and have to research? Eg, I'm writing for an Irish character so I've found common Irish slang xD
16 days ago
We live in a depressingly crazy world where people run around with a ball beating each other up earn significantly more than people who save lives everyday ;-;
26 days ago
If I fell for guys like I do music I'd be the biggest relationship whore ever
5 mos ago
Why is it when I have all the time in the world there's no RPs that interest me but when I have 60hrs of study and 16hrs of classes a week, 2 2500 word essays and 2 upcoming exams the good RPs arrive?


Hi I'm Soufflegirl123!

Look at that! Some gorgeous person is wanting to know a bit about me. Yes, I mean you! Welcome!
I'm Soufflegirl123. Over my time on the guild I've accumulated a lot of nicknames. This includes; Souffle, Souf, Clara (HylianRose), typo queen, little lady (Americore), dweeb (Sgt Easy) and so many more. If I understand you're calling me there's little I won't respond to.

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Thought I might leave you with one of my favourite convos 'cus... why not?

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@Dirty Pretty Lies there we go. Will probably have family FCs later on
Actually, Miranda Cosgrove instead of Emma Watson
True@Altered Tundra
Kay then, Michael Cera and Emma Watson then@Dirty Pretty Lies :)
@Dirty Pretty Lies I'll do one of each. I'll claim Andy Samburg as a fc, idk for the girl yet xD
@Dirty Pretty Lies Yay! I'm not certain on what to play but I'm thinking a dry, outspoken, 'give no fucks' kinda person or a happy-go-lucky type but I'm not certain XD
@Dirty Pretty Lies As I said, spirit of the RP takes over, damn you!

Honestly, some days Christina thought that she wouldn't get to this point as the days slogged on but, somehow, she did. Although she sat on mainly Bs (except music where she came out top of the class with flying colours) she was proud of herself. She knew she wasn't the smartest of the bunch, nor did she try to pretend it. She stood in the bathroom of town hall readjusting her white dress. Christina's mum was already in attendance as a teacher so had offered to help set up, Christina went along to help also. Working is not easy in a dress so she rocked up in simple loose denim jeans, a black shirt and her scruffy red converse high tops and took her dress along to get changed into. She had 'forgotten' to pack other shoes and her dad 'wasn't able' to bring her others. With a sigh she then stepped into the hall.

"There's my little girl," Leslie greeted her with a smile. She tugged the hair band holding Christina's hair back and giving it a quick brush before pressing a kiss to the top of your head. "I'm so proud of you,"

"Thanks mum," Christina says gently, giving her a quick hugging her quickly before turning to look at the room. A wave of excitement rolled through her. She was the only one there thus far but it wouldn't be long before others started rolling in.


Christina greeted students as she passed them, well most students- she avoided the usual crowd she kept away from. She offered congratulations to most of them too. She eventually grabbed a cup of punch and cradled it in her hands between sips, awaiting one of her friends to enter, or to be approached, whichever came first. That was when the Bishop twins rocked up.

"That'll be the day," she mutters to herself as he gives his grand entrance speech. Eventually Kora became visible behind her brother. She walked over to her, offering Julian and quick "Congratulations, " before greeting Kora with a smile and a simple "Howya?"
@HaleyTheRandom Is it bad my mind went the other way when 'getting dirty' came up? Man, I've been playing Em too much 😂. Nah, never enough Em :P

Anywho, the main reason for the tag, damn she is such a basic white bitch
@Strange Rodent Discord stuff mainly
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