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Is it bad that the inaccuracy of a nurses' job in medical dramas is pissing me off and putting me off them?
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We live in a depressingly crazy world where people run around with a ball beating each other up earn significantly more than people who save lives everyday ;-;
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If I fell for guys like I do music I'd be the biggest relationship whore ever
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Why is it when I have all the time in the world there's no RPs that interest me but when I have 60hrs of study and 16hrs of classes a week, 2 2500 word essays and 2 upcoming exams the good RPs arrive?


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I'm Soufflegirl123. Over my time on the guild I've accumulated a lot of nicknames. This includes; Souffle, Souf, Clara (HylianRose), typo queen, little lady (Americore), dweeb (Sgt Easy) and so many more. If I understand you're calling me there's little I won't respond to.

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Emily & Lana

A collab between @SouffleGirl123 & @PureHeroine
Location: Dark Shadow HQ.
Date: 4th August 2017
Time: 10:30AM

After the events of that morning Emily, who was still bruised and sporting dots of Jordan’s blood from the prior night, went for a shower. Cleaned and fully clothed she went out to find Lana. ”Hey, I know you're a kick ass female who doesn't need no practice but as you made the effort to get out here might as well get some training done, right?” she offers.

Lana was still riled up over what had just occurred with Aloysius, so much so she was no longer in the mood to do anything she had originally planned to do for her day off; which only served to irritate her even more. After a few minutes of pacing around in the meeting room -which she had chosen because she knew no one else would be there- she decided she would head down to the training room and see if she could release some of her pent up frustrations and energy on the dummies.

She wasn't looking for anyone to join her, in fact she would have preferred to be alone, but along the way she wound up bumping into Emily of all people. For some reason, the idea of training with the pyromage didn't actually sound so bad, so when Emily suggested it, Lana nodded in agreement. She liked Emily, she even felt comfortable around her, despite not knowing her for very long. Which was likely because the redhead didn't poke fun at her or treat her like an outsider like everyone, even Ty, did. She also wasn't scared off by Lana's unstable emotions, as proved by the fact that she was still willing to be around her even after seeing her rip into Al so viciously.

“Awesome,” Emily replied, leading the second in command to the large training hall. Show rolled her shoulders as she tied back her ginger hair in a large ponytail. ”I… er… guess I should thank you for the other day, convincing Al I should be captain,” Emily wasn't very good at giving thanks but she felt she needed to, especially with Lana. That woman was her friend, she proved that today especially as she barged into Al’s room. Even if it were ill-advised it was with good intentions, good intentions on Emily’s behalf. No one had really had her back in that regard before.

Lana couldn't help but chuckle a little at how awkward Emily was while trying to thank her, it wasn't hard to tell that the woman wasn't very good at it. "No need to thank me, you more than deserve it, being here as long as you have, and you're obviously strong enough. You proved that in the way you handled yourself with Al." She wasn't very experienced in giving compliments, but she thought she did a nice enough job. "So, did you have anything particular in mind? Personally I've been wanting to work on this new technique of mine, it's quite a nifty little trick I picked up recently."

At Lana’s compliments Emily gave a smile accompanied by a meek ”Thanks,”. She looked at the room around her, she already knew every nook and cranny. Every burn mark, every scratch. Even if she wasn't present half the time, and usually drunk or hungover when she was, this was her home. Had been for years. “Show me this new ability then,” Emily replies.

Lana had secretly been hoping Emily would ask for her to show her, her new technique and when she did she could hardly hide her eagerness to do exactly that. Although technically she had already seen it earlier that day. "Well it's a little difficult to show you, since the constructs themselves are confusing to look at, but basically I can make objects out of my psychic energy." She created a small blade in her hand and threw it at one of the training dummies, hitting it square between the eyes.

Lana’s eagerness made Em chuckle a bit. Although she acted like a mother most of the times she was still young, they both were really. Watches as she waves her hands around for a bit before making a throwing action at the dummy. Although she couldn't see the blade an indent was created in the dummy. Emily’s eyes widen. “Man, that is sooooo cool!” she says, looking between her and the dummy.

Lana grinned triumphantly at the praise Emily gave her, she was quite impressed with the ability herself, but getting that kind of reaction from someone-especially someone she considered a friend- was a big boost to her confidence. "Right? That's just the beginning though. Watch this." She held her hands out, palms facing together, and slowly widened them, generating a small orb of psychic energy in the space between them. Once it was around the decent size of a bowling ball, she launched it at the dummy.

The orb exploded on impact with the dummy's head, creating a shockwave that sent the dummy and anything within a total of 5 meters in radius went flying in all different directions; the closer the object was to the orb, the stronger the impact on that item. It was basically a bomb made from psychic energy. "Pretty cool right?!" Lana exclaimed excitedly while beaming like a little kid in a candy store, she was obviously very excited about her newfound ability and all of its potential. "You know what would be even cooler though? Lighting that shit on fire! You wanna try it?"

Emily just looked in wonder as Lana showed her another use of her powers. Emily had to dodge a flying piece of wood and noted to be careful whenever Lana was ready to cast. That was when Lana gave her the next recommendation. A glint came to Emily’s eye alongside a devilish grin. She started a flame in her hand before proclaiming, ”Fuck yeah!”

Lana's beaming smile shifted into a devilish grin to match Emily's when she agreed to the idea she suggested. She didn't waste any time in creating another orb like in the same manner as the last one. Then she waited until Em had lit it up with fire before launching it at another dummy this time, since the other one had gone flying off. The second time round Lana was a little more prepared though, and cast a shield up in front of them to block any potential projectiles caused by the explosion. It was much more dramatic and fascinating to watch after the flames had been added.

"Okay that was fucking amazing, but I want to try something different this time." Lana created another whip in her hand, just like the one she had used to lash Al with. Once it was fully formed she cracked the whip at the dummy just to show off a little, before turning to Emily and giving her a nod. "Light 'er up."

Emily watched as the blast lashed out, engulfing the surrounds of the mainly invisible orb in flames. It blew out over the area and caused what was essentially an explosion. Emily laughed maniacally screaming. ”FUCK YES!!!” as the explosion blew around the pair, flinging objects in all directions. At Lana’s next object she didn't have to ask twice for Em to carry out that duty. She rushed forward to light it on fire.

Lana looked on excitedly as the fire traveled along the length of the whip, lighting it up with bright dancing flames. "Now hopefully this works." She struck out at the dummy again and watched with great amusement as the whip not only knocked the target backwards, but burnt it too. Of course the burn marks would fade after a few seconds as the dummy was fire proof, but there was still enough evidence to show that her idea had worked. "It’s not as exciting as the bombs, but it's still effective." She gave the dummy a few more lashings before letting the whip disappear. "I wonder what else we can do..?"

Emily watched in amusement. ”You're like a badass, female Indiana Jones,” she points out, moving closer to her friend to stand by her side. ”I wouldn't even know, man, they’re your powers. Where did they all come from though?” she asks

Lana couldn't remember the last time she had had so much fun training. It wasn't exactly very entertaining when she trained by herself but even when she had trained with other members it hadn't been very interesting. It was amazing to her just how much difference it made to have someone around she really got along with. Which is why she was so grateful that Al had brought Emily along to train with them.

"Well, you know that tablet from the auction? At first when Aloysius absorbed all the power, everything seemed fine, but then it became too much for him to handle, and he was forced to pass some of it on to me and Ty. It was after all that happened that I got this new ability, so I guess that's where it must be coming from." It was the only logical explanation she had come up with when she had asked herself that very same question. "Hey Em, this is a bit random but, have you ever flown before? And if not, would you like to?"

Emily took note if the explanation, wouldn't be the oddest thing to happen that week, or to come she bet. At Lana’s next suggestion the cheeky glint returned in the woman's eye. ”I’m in, I’m totally in!” she replies excitedly, tugging the hair tie out of her hair. ”Lift me up, Lana!” she says, waiting for the woman to do so.

Eventually Lana would comply and Emily was lifted into the air. In doing so it did mean Emily practically had no control on her body which she wasn't quite expecting to happen, that was a bit if a set back as she was looking forward to flipping around but the experience itself was something. Once Lana had controlled her to float around the room Emily took advantage of one of the few things she could control and lit herself alight with her flames. The flames danced in the sky and licked the air around her. ”I’m like the fucking human torch but a chic and heap hotter!” she proclaims.

The first thing Lana did was push everything as far aside as she could to give Emily more room to be able to float around in. Then, once she was sure the woman was ready she gently lifted her into the air. She started off slow at first, wanting her to get used to the feeling of flying. She remembered her own first few times weren't that graceful or fun, and she didn't want that to be the experience for Emily.

When Emily lit herself up on flames and made the reference to the human torch Lana couldn't help but laugh. She then laughed even more so at the comments the pyromage made about how she was a chick and much hotter. It had been a long time since she had felt so happy and carefree, and she loved it.

After awhile of simply floating Emily around in circles, Lana decided to make things a little more interesting for her by adding a few loops and twists. Nothing too extreme though. "So, how do you like it so far? Pretty cool right?" She was sure she could have made it even more exciting if she had more space, but she hoped what little Emily was getting to experience was fun at least.

”Very cool!” she replies, extinguishing her flames. She was enjoying herself, she really was, but she was becoming light headed, and alcohol wasn't the culprit for once. Like when alcohol was the culprit, however, she ignored it. Enjoying the moment until Lana had had enough.

Lana kept floating Emily for another couple of loops around the room before she gently set her on the ground again. Before she completely released her to stand on her own though, she would give her some time to adjust. She knew from experience how flying could often lead to feeling lightheaded or in some cases even nauseous. "You know I've never actually flown anyone around like that before. I guess it's good to know my powers can bring more than just pain and destruction."

As she hit the ground Emily stumbled a bit as she gained her bearings. When she finally did though she turned to Lana announcing, ”That was fun!” At Lana’s next reply Emily gave a shrug. ”There’s nothing wrong with pain a destruction. Pain and destruction is fun,”

"Yeah, I guess. Speaking of pain, how are you feeling? Looks like that bitch really did a number on you." Lana asked while taking a step closer so she could get a better look at Emily's bruises, specifically the one around her throat and neck. "I know you like to go out and drink for fun, and I have no problem with that, but I really wish you would be a little more concerned for your own well being, Em. Getting into fights all the time and waking up in different stranger's beds could end up getting you into a lot of trouble someday." She knew it probably wasn't her place to be saying such things, but she would be damned if she was going to let that get in the way of taking care of someone she considered a friend.

Emily sighed ”I guess a little sore? But I’m fine, really, don't worry about me,” she replies, sitting on the ground. When Lana came to the rest of her advice Emily chuckled slightly, it wasn't like she’d never heard that before, ”Lana, it’s lovely how much you care for me, it really is, but I’m already in trouble, like, all the time anyway. This is my brand of fun, I’m not turning back from that,” she replies.

Lana joined Emily in sitting on the floor. "I understand that, but there are some horrible people out their Em, just be careful you don't wind up mixing with the wrong crowd." She knew the pyromage was more than capable of taking care of herself, but that wouldn't stop her worrying.

At Lana’s comment Emily gave a meek smile, ”I don't know if you noticed but I am in the ‘wrong crowd’, have been since I was a teen. I can perfectly handle myself in dangerous situations, I can fight well enough and if things get real bad I have my fire. I do bad things; I sleep with different men each night, I get drunk and I get into petty bar fights. I am the wrong crowd but I love it, I’m not changing now,” she replies. Looking Lana right in the eyes for this part, showing she held little fear or remorse for those actions.

"That's not exactly what I mean by wrong crowd. There are some very sick, dangerous, people out there. I just..." Lana sighed. She could tell just by the look in Emily's eyes she wasn't getting anywhere with what she was saying. "Doesn't matter. It's your life and it's not my place to tell you how to live it. Besides, you've more than proven you can take care of yourself. Just remember if you ever do need any help, you can always call on me. Okay?"

Emily gave Lana a smile, not quite sure on what to say. She’d never really had anyone be there for her before, sure, she had friends but not like this, not someone willing to beat up a guy for her or, quite frankly, really cared that much about her. Not that she blamed anyone for it, she made it easy for people to not want to be closely affiliated with her. She puts a friendly hand on Lana’s shoulder, ”I promise, if I get myself in shit so deep even I can get out of I’ll come to you so you can suffer too,” she replies.

Lana laughed. "That's good enough for me." Though normally she didn't like being touched, and would have pulled away from anyone who tried it, she was willing to tolerate Emily's friendly gesture. Unfortunately, as much as she was enjoying their nice little moment, there was something important they needed to discuss. Eventually Lana would pull away a little, before turning to face Emily head on, with a more stern expression on her face. " wanna tell me what the hell is going on between you and Aloysius?"

In any other situation it wouldn't be any of her business who Emily slept with, but the case with Al was different. He was their leader, and he was still grieving, if the two of them weren't careful things could get messy and that would be bad for the whole group. Naturally, now that she held so much responsibility within the Dark Shadow ranks, Lana felt it was her duty to try and keep things running as smoothly as possible. So she wasn't asking as a friend, but rather as the second in command.

As her next question was asked Emily’s gaze shifted slightly, her hand dropping from the little of the woman's shoulder that was still in reach when she shifted. She didn't regret what had happened that night but that didn't make it less awkward, especially as the way Lana asked seems more of a questioning from a second in command other than a friend willing to gossip. ”There’s nothing going on between Al and I,” she replies. ”It was a one night stand, nothing more. It’s unlikely it’ll happen again. I was drunk, he was grieving and we were both in need of a fill. We flirted and things happened. That's it. We're not a couple or anything, even a casual one. Long story short, there’s nothing going on between us, we just had some fun last night.“

"That might be how you see things Em, but are you sure that's how he sees it?" Lana knew all too well what effects grief could have on the mind, what kinds of things it could make people do, which they only end up regretting later. She knew how the pain of losing a loved one could cloud people's judgement and drive them to do things they don't actually want to do, and she was concerned that because of all of that, someone might end up getting seriously hurt. "He just lost Ty, who we all know meant a great deal to him, and he obviously isn't in a good mind space considering what he's been spending his time doing lately. Have you even stopped to think how all of this could affect him, and in turn affect the rest of us?"

Em took a long, slow breath. In all fairness she didn't think that deeply about the scenario, she never did. She took consequences as they came other then consider them earlier. She thought back Aloysius’ offer, Lana did have a point. ”Look… he did offer to go casual I guess but I never properly accepted and I mean, he didn't retract it but he did apologise after. I don't think he expects more, after how long we’ve known each other he would be a fool if he did.” She gave a sigh, running a hand through her hair, ”And, honestly, what effect will this have on everyone else, really? What happens between Al and I when we’re alone only concerns us,”

"Thinking he is okay with it isn't good enough, you need to make sure you and Aloysius are on the same page. If you aren't looking for anything else then tell him so he knows. Other wise you run the risk of leading him on and hurting him, and that's only going to make his already poor judgement even worse." Lana didn't want to have to get strict bland pull rank, but if that's what it came to to get her point across she would. She had worked too hard, and the cause was too important to let it all fall apart. "Dark Shadows is vulnerable, and the last thing we need right now is a leader who can't get his shit together."

Emily sighs once more. This wasn't how she did things, ever. What happened, happened, it didn't need to be brought up again. Then again, it was almost always strangers. ”Lana, it’s fine. He knows how I work, I never promised him an ‘again’ let alone ongoing. If he’s being lead on it’s his own fault.” At Lana’s following comment, Emily looked her square in the eyes. ”Dark Shadows has been vulnerable for quite some time. Hell, Aloysius hasn't had his shit together until long before you joined. Any chances of him doing so disappeared with Rebecca. Us sleeping together isn’t gonna change that,”

"I know that!" Lana snapped slightly. She had been hurt a little by Emily's statement, as it was just a reminder of how much of an outsider she really was. Even though that probably wasn't the intention the redhead had had, it still upset her. "That's exactly why I can't just sit here and risk letting things get any worse, because we both know what can happen when Aloysius let's his emotions get the better of him. Regardless of who is doing the leading on, if Al gets hurt because of it, it's only going to make him worse. I just want you to realize that and be more careful from now on. You say you don't plan on it happening again, but that's hardly reassuring when you didn't plan on it happening at all in the first place."

Emily was slightly taken aback by Lana snapping at her, unsure on why that had annoyed so much. In all fairness, at this stage, Emily was really the only one left who had seen all of Al and the Dark Shadows’ stages anyway. With that Emily got up. ”Look, Lana, I’ll do what I can but you need to know I’m just not a careful person, it’s just not who I am. I don't plan these things and I don't think them through but if it makes you feel better I won't sleep with Al again, wasn't gonna anyway, ‘Kay? Good now? Good,“ she says, before walking away.
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Honestly, some days Christina thought that she wouldn't get to this point as the days slogged on but, somehow, she did. Although she sat on mainly Bs (except music where she came out top of the class with flying colours) she was proud of herself. She knew she wasn't the smartest of the bunch, nor did she try to pretend it. She stood in the bathroom of town hall readjusting her white dress. Christina's mum was already in attendance as a teacher so had offered to help set up, Christina went along to help also. Working is not easy in a dress so she rocked up in simple loose denim jeans, a black shirt and her scruffy red converse high tops and took her dress along to get changed into. She had 'forgotten' to pack other shoes and her dad 'wasn't able' to bring her others. With a sigh she then stepped into the hall.

"There's my little girl," Leslie greeted her with a smile. She tugged the hair band holding Christina's hair back and giving it a quick brush before pressing a kiss to the top of your head. "I'm so proud of you,"

"Thanks mum," Christina says gently, giving her a quick hugging her quickly before turning to look at the room. A wave of excitement rolled through her. She was the only one there thus far but it wouldn't be long before others started rolling in.


Christina greeted students as she passed them, well most students- she avoided the usual crowd she kept away from. She offered congratulations to most of them too. She eventually grabbed a cup of punch and cradled it in her hands between sips, awaiting one of her friends to enter, or to be approached, whichever came first. That was when the Bishop twins rocked up.

"That'll be the day," she mutters to herself as he gives his grand entrance speech. Eventually Kora became visible behind her brother. She walked over to her, offering Julian and quick "Congratulations, " before greeting Kora with a smile and a simple "Howya?"
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