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Current Guys! I did it! I survived high school! Just had my graduation :)
12 days ago
I did it guys! Just presented my last HS assessment ever
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Strap in brothers and sisters NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow
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So it's Thursday in Australia (only just) and with that end my childhood. That's right peeps, Souf is 18 today :D
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Shamelessly listening to the Life Is Strange soundtrack cus it is pure gold 👌


Hi I'm Soufflegirl123!

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Look at you having some interest in who I am! You're so lovely and gorgeous :). After waaaaaaaaaaay too long this outdated bio is finally getting an update and thus is currently under construction! Please remember to wear a hard hat and steel tipped boots upon entering this worksite. Soufflegirl123 constructions are not liable for injuries, deaths or anxiety attacks. Thank you and have a great day c:

To somewhat make up for this lack of bio here's some awesome songs

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As stuff is established I'll wait for this scene to end and jump in whatever the next is :)
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You are allowed into the tea corner. congratulations :)

Yes! Tea corners are the best kind of corners!
Hannah Kathleen Rosewad

Age: 20

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 126lb

  • Music - particularly rock
  • Tea
  • The cold - particularly rugging up
  • Sweet foods
  • Joking around
  • Comedies
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Casual drinking
  • Reading

  • Hot weather
  • Spicy food
  • Snobby people
  • Maths
  • Fake people
  • Snakes
  • Sports

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Special Talent: Hannah has a certain knack for music. Not particularly in performance, although she does have a noteworthy singing voice and instrumentation skills, but more in the knowledge of theory and how to make songs work. Her ears are very attuned to the world around her and she can pic up on even the small things in music.

Profession: Intern at Solace Recording Studio. Hannah's hoping to work her way up to eventually become a music producer, perhaps even own her own record label, but every big dream has a first step.

Hannah is an extremely outgoing and funloving person. She does not find it hard to make approach strangers, make friends and put herself out there. Hannah has a certain kindness to her outgoing personality that tends to make others around her feel welcome and accepted, however, that doesn't deprive particularly shy or introverted people from the clutches of awkwardness he loud and out-there nature may put them in. Hannah tends to be very loud. This tends to get worse when she's excited, which is rather often. She's very much an open book. Although she will keep secrets for her friends, she has a tendency to be straightforward and say anything on her mind which can lead her into big trouble at times. Hannah is a vey loyal and caring friend, however, her career goal means the world to her. She'd happily embarrass herself, push herself too far or give up nights out for a friend but she wouldn't jeopardise her career goal for anything.

Although Hannah tries to keep an open mind she is very strong-willed, so when her mind is set on something talking her out of it is not an easy feat. It's safe to say she's not the brightest bulb in the packet but she's not particularly dim either, however, she does have a certain persistence and drive to push herself when it comes to things she finds interest in. Hannah sometimes tries to push the social limits of her less sociable friends. As being someone who hasn't really ever been shy or introverted she tends to go a little too far at times.

Hannah was born second of four children in a smaller town quite a while away from Sol (about a day's worth of travel). Growing up there's little of too much interest to be said about Hannah's life. Her family were rather average both financially and relationship-wise. Unlike Thomas, her older brother, Hannah never showed huge promise in academics, nor interest in such things, and generally only valued the social aspect of her education. That was until Hannah was introduced to music and drama. The only subjects Hannah excelled at were music and drama, picking up both with absolute ease. Neither of her parents were musically gifted so it's still a mystery where that talent came from but she found her fondest memories in those experiences.

Through her tween and teen years Hannah joined a theatre group and seemed to soon be involved in production after production, some through the company and some just from around town. Particularly in her last few years of her teens she snagged quite a few leading roles in local productions but her highlight in her theatre 'career' came when she was 16 when she got chosen from thousands of teens to play Liesl in semi-professional production of The Sound of Music that toured her state over the Summer holidays. It was during this time she was starting to learn about the sound part of the arts industry.

During her production she became close with Connor, the sound engineer on tour, who happened to work in a recording studio when he wasn't touring with musical theatre acts. Through him Hannah learned the basics of working with sound on tour and even assisted in some of the sound checks. Connor even taught her the basics of producing music and found herself falling in love with learning things along that line. As much as she adored musical theatre she quickly found her passion lied more behind the scenes and although she continued doing amateur theatre she cut back a bit and focused on her goal.

While she was touring Hannah found she loved the cities particularly and found herself convinced to move to Sol, one of the places she performed at, but city living is not cheap. Instead of moving fresh out of school, Hannah stayed with her parents and worked for a couple of years to earn some money. Eventually, she applied for an internship at Solace recording studio. She got accepted, which brings us to now. Only a couple of days into her job and new residence, Hannah is still adjusting to her new life but does enjoy it.

Your character's favourite song:


Approved, jump on in.

Just curious, which part of Aus? I have a relative in Rockhampton, but she's originally from Airlie Beach.

Awesome! Thanks.
Currently I'm in the same state as your cousin actually but much much further south XD. I went up to Rocky once for an eisteddfod. That town has an odd obsession with cows from what I remember XD. I'm hopefully moving to Melbourne next year though

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Soley sits there in corner with tea, crumpets as part of afternoon tea and plants a UK flag to be different.

My dad's from England. There's a lot of running jokes between my friend, who's also half British, and I XD

@PrinceAlexus Hey, I'm pretty much done but was wondering if there was any chance of putting in a recording studio into the city? Thus far the plan's to make my character a producer's intern but I easily change it to radio station intern if you'd rather not :)
Awesome! I'm out rn but will make a character this :)
Hey, did you have room for more? I'd be interested in joining with a female character :)
I scarcely wear dresses and never makeup but I had my graduation formal so I actually look like a girl XD

@HaleyTheRandom Our cringey kid conversation 😈
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