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Am I changing my 4 month brew NaNoWriMo concept for a last minute brain child? Yes. Will I regret this? Likely
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Today on things roleplays made me google search that's adding me to a watch list "Suicide bomber radius"
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I love that my teenage legacy in the spam forum is the sole reason my post average stayed above 1 post/day despite being absent for like 4 years haha
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No one remembers when corn kid said 'not everyone has to love it for it to be the best' and that quote hits deep
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Never did I think I'd be avoiding my roommates to avoid getting asked why there was a fake wedding in the lounge room but here we are, thanks DnD


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Yazju Fleetscale


A collab with @POOHEAD189

Fujiko slowly trailed the crowds making their way toward the palace. It truly was a sight, particularly in comparison to the surrounding buildings which seemed rather plain compared to those in Karitu. She wolfed down her fried rice as she walked, her eyes scanning every direction for anything that may make her pay seem worth it to the empire, a job of little work is hardly worth the trouble. In her lookout for trouble she also kept an eye out for her Zauri friend. She knew he had a stall around here somewhere, selling his little trinkets he put so much effort in. He was actually a lot easier to find than trouble, surprising in a crowd at such an event but although there was the occasional Zauri amongst the crowd they were few and far. Between their towering height and bright scales they were easiest to spot and none other seemed to have cut off their horns- an action of Yazju’s Fujiko could not comprehend with the Honfokun belief that such an act is shameful. She attempted to catch his eye but was unsure if he’d spot her, a brown skinned Honfo was a fish in the sea unlike the Zauri at Wen Yue.

For Yazju’s part, he had just finished his lucrative dealings with some of the many delightful locals when something had happened. He didn’t know what. From where he had set his stall up, one could just see the central square where the Emperor made his debut and spoke to his citizenry in all of his splendor. Yazju was tall enough to be able to see better than most, and still he could only barely make out the pointy hat of what he assumed was the head honcho folk. It was all very exciting. Until things began to get chaotic, and he wasn’t sure if this was some strange ritual or not. He hastily packed his things, having finished for the night anyway. He had to find Fujiko! Luckily she seemed to be just around the corner…

It was only moments before the rocket was fired followed by a parade of arrows being pelted at the crowds. Fujiko cursed as a nearby guard was shot down. She wrenched his simple wooden shield out of his lifeless hands and held it above her head. Finally, something to do. She had a battle to run to, but first she needed to find Yazju and make sure he was okay. Luckily he seemed to have just spotted her.

”Yazju! Are you okay?” she asks hurriedly, giving him a once over for any obvious injury.

Yazju’s tail lashed, but more softly than any warning of agitation. He was excited to see his friend was safe and sound. Arrows bounced off the stones of the city grounds, and to his credit he lowered his stance to make himself a smaller target. Yazju had not been injured, but what was more important was that Fujiko had come out scott-free as well.
“I am good, Fujiko! Better than good! I sold some of my stock!” He declared, opening his mouth in what very few could consider a smile. “I will follow your lead here, friend.”

Fujiko gave a gentle smile at his chirpy response, she wasn't sure if 'better than good' was a fitting phrase when being pelted with arrows but Yazju had a way of focusing on positives like that. "Good on you, bud, but let's save the celebrating for when we're safe," she replies, tossing him the stolen shield as the rain of arrows ceased. Although she wasn't much more dexterous than her lizardkin friend his height alone made him a much easier target; besides, she was primarily a two-hand wielder. She once again pulls Otto Boyuja from its sheath, lowers her head slightly and mutters "May Kizunatsu protect us," under her breath before turning to Yazju and giving him a small nod. With that, she launches herself into battle against those that had pulled out their weapons against the guards and the innocents.

The Zauri charged forward, initially guarding Fujiko’s right flank as they both waded through the crowds of fleeing people and into the melee. Men and women, and even children were dead on the ground from stray arrows or sword cuts, but the majority of them were still escaping. The rain of arrows did not touch where the two companions entered, likely so the assassins did not hit their own troops. As Fujiko cleaved with Otto Boyuja, Yazju lead with the shield his friend had given him, using his great bulk and immense strength to flatten two men and send them to the ground. He stepped on one of their heads, though more by accident than design, and cut the other down as he attempted to rise. His tail lashing, he felt something bite it from behind, and the Zauri turned to see a swordsman trying to hack at him again. He whipped his bloodied tail and slapped the man hard across the face, before turning and burying his dao into his throat.

Just as Yazju protected Fujiko’s left, she protected his right. She dexterously stepped around the fallen bodies as she slashed and hacked at the assailants. As Yazju turned to deal with a guard from behind a swordsman came running at him, sword raised. Fujiko blocks his sword with her own and slips in the man’s path as their swords connect. The clanging of swords can be heard as the pair participate in swordplay. Eventually the attacker gets a good but light hit on Fujiko’s left arm. She grits her teeth and lunges at him, skewering him in his stomach causing him to fall. She continues in her position, taking down oncoming foes until Yazju turns back toward the palace where she returns to his side.

Yazju’s side was pierced by a spear, but it was a light wound that couldn’t completely bite through his armor. He cleaved the man’s head, unable to cut open the helm but making a terrible gash on his face that left him on the ground. Pulling the spear out, he broke it and tossed it to the ground and hisses in pain. Zauri healed easily, and the wound was shallow, and so he went right back to the fight, pushing forward like a stone rolling down hill, making way for Fujiko as he hacked and bashed with dao and shield. He had the distinct impression they needed to make it to the emperor’s men, and so that’s where he was going to go.

Fujiko glanced back at her friend for only a moment but where his gaze was fixed had already told her where he was wanting to go. After 3 years of battling together and 2 of those spending most of their day together in travel she’d picked up a lot of his nonverbal subtle cues in battle- as he had hers, it was almost like a secret language only the pair of them were tapped into. She gave him a nod before working back on cleaving the men in their path. She looked up at the palace ahead, wondering if they’d get there in time for their help to be needed.
Fujiko stood at what she imagined would be the outskirts of the central part of the city considering it seemed to erupt in a maze of alleyway if you ventured any further, yet that did not stop the crowds tonight. Wandering vendors seemed to travel around her, ducking in and out of alleyways. She wondered how they possibly made it through the groups of people seeming to try and find some quiet to hear their conversations mirrored by drunken citizens stumbling around- laughing and singing at the top of their lungs. She was unsure how she felt about the chaotic display, on one hand the fireworks, performers and the sheer number of people that were here alone were impressive but the greatness of the crowd was near-nauseating. Many had to walk shoulder to shoulder and the scent of crisp Winter air was often replaced by the distinct scents of sweat and alcohol breath. Although Karitu did have its own festivities they never seemed to be as wild or crowded but that may just be her memory clouded by the rose-coloured glasses supplied by youth. She knew Tetruma would have loved this scene with all his pent energy and love of large gatherings.

Fujiko gave a sigh and placed a hand on the hilt of Otto Boyuja, her katana. She picked up a small contract in the capital of Yongcun of which included the festival of Wen Yue. The coinage was good and the man hiring her enthusiastically told her to still enjoy the festival. "Eat, drink, peruse, be merry! You'll likely just have to break up a couple of small fights and catch a couple of pickpockets!" he said. Fujiko was initially doubtful he'd meant the first half, yet the more she'd see a guard peruse the stalls or half drunkenly stumble by the more she was convinced. It wouldn't fly in Karitu, at least not in her father's cohort. No matter the event guards were expected to be professional and focused so seeing uniform guards wander so freely seemed off to Fujiko. Her eyes fluttered to the sky, filled with colourful explosions, perhaps she should try and let loose.

The closer to the palace Fujiko came the stronger the scents of spices and oil became. Her mouth drooled at the scent of well seasoned food. Perhaps she should get herself something to eat. She walked over to a vender selling rice bejeweled with cubed fresh vegetables and egg. "Got any pork to add in it?" she asks, the vendor seeming to give her a sour face for only a second before fixing his demeanour to be more gentle.

"Unfortunately not ma'am, I'm sure you can pick up some pork skewers further down and add it in," Fujiko shakes her head as she goes to her pouch for coin. She could never understand how the folk didn't favour meat in their food unless it were speared on a stick. Just as she had found her change she heard a yell from behind her and turned to see a drunken pair squaring up from a brawl.

"I'll be back," she sighs. The Honfo beelined for the two folk man who were already throwing fists. "Alright, break it up," she snaps, only steps away from the men but awaiting to see if her voice would snap the pair out of their combativeness before she had to physically intervene.

"Or what?" one of the men chuckles, throwing a punch at his rival, "You'll go tell your warrior husband? Shouldn't you be in the kitchen, woman" he slurs.

"That's it!" she snaps, grabbing the speaker by the collar and dragging him a few meters away before throwing him to the ground. He attempts to writhe out of Fujiko's grasp and punch her a few times but between Fujiko's dexterity and the man's fumbly drunken state she easily dodges his blows. "You, get out of here," she instructs the other man sternly. He seems to want to say something before deciding against it and taking off in the opposite direction. Fujiko turns to the one on the ground.

"What are you going to do, Hornhead?" he asks with a cheeky grin, "Bake me a pie," Fujiko squats down, maintaining stern eye contact with the man.

"You better be careful, boy," she growls, "Or the wrong Honfokun sword might end up in your face, may even be my pleasure some day. For now you are free to go, but next time I may not be so kind," With that she saunters away, the man yelling insults at her but she didn't bother to reply, her point was made and men like that could not be reasoned with. Fujiko returns the vendor she met with earlier and hands him some coin, finally getting her long-awaited food.

@Rune_Alchemistwould it just make ot easier if I made her human perhaps? Otherwose I can work on making a bonded fae but it'd solve a lot of the criticisms.

I genuinely don't mind her being more underpowered- that was kind of the intention but I can change it if it really doesn't work?

Miles wasn't up at the crack of dawn like some of his peers, Miles still wasn't up at 9. He got leave off of work and if he didn't have to wake up at the rise of dawn to get into a stuffy dress shirt and tie he's going to take advantage of the rest in he can take. At 9:37 Miles' alarm blared to life, it's shril yell piercing the quiet morning. He gave it a lazy thwack as he groaned into his pillow.

Despite the fact Miles had been back in Tanner for a 4 months Miles' room has scarcely changed since when he left Tanner at 18. His walls were still painted black from when his mother dejectively painted them after 13 year old Miles made a blotchy mess out of his unconsented attempt. White sticker marks covered the wardrobe where Miles had pulled off stickers in room for things he was more into throughout his childhood years. As much as he joked about the cringeyness of the room there was a sweet nostagia in its memories that made Miles smile; the family's, sadly now in another world, Border Collie- Kelsey waking him up by rubbing her wet nose on his feet; his mother bringing him hot soup and rolling in the TV to watch cartoons when he came down with a horrible case of the flu; when he figured out the power in his charm magic- convincing his cousin to sneak him McDonald's through the window that one time he was grounded. It almost made him want to live in his childhood room forever.

Brrrrrrr brrrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrrrrrr 0953- his second wake up alarm. Miles groaned, flipping himself over to face the ceiling and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He realistically could get away with another 10 minutes but he knew that was a dangerous road to oversleeping. With a sigh, Miles sat up. First day as an actual protector of Tanner, honestly he had no strong feelings about it- as the only child of a hardworking wotch he knew his time would come eventually and although Miles didn't really seem to spend much more time with the witches and wizards as the mortals he did grow up with most of his new teammates and he'd been babysat by many of their parents when his poor mother just needed a break.

Miles eventually beat his laziness and went his wardrobe and picked out a casual red top and black genes- he couldn't be bothered with stuffy business clothes in his day off. He then wandered to the kitchen to find his mother had left some pastries on the table with a note reading Be good, have fun. And please don't be late, I will know, Miles Connor. Love you xoxo -mum. Miles rolled his eyes at the note, even at 24 his mum insisted on treating him like and out if control teenager but the use of his first and middle name left a sour taste. She rarely used Miles let alone both his names- she was obviously taking this more seriously than him. "Love you too, mum" he chuckles to himself


As per his mum's wishes, Miles did indeed arrive to the manor on time. He parked his little blue Kia on the street in front of the house and made his way to the manor. Without knocking, Miles entered the house, this place was essentially his second home growing up, and entered the dining hall where most of his new crew were already standing around. "Good morning, my dudes! Ready to fight some baddies?" he calls out with a wink

@Crimson FlameI'm sure Kenji can activate rage boi status first lol
Want me to get Ayaka to join Netsu and Kentaro's convo?
My CS for your perusal @Rune_Alchemist

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