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28 days ago
Current Never did I think I'd be avoiding my roommates to avoid getting asked why there was a fake wedding in the lounge room but here we are, thanks DnD
2 mos ago
My DM is making me have long intense thinking sessions about my character's morals and idk whether I love or hate her for all the brainingbI have to do now
4 mos ago
I'd like to adult without the bills, constant lack of money, unending responsibilities and losing my metabolism, thanks
8 mos ago
Is it bad that the inaccuracy of a nurses' job in medical dramas is pissing me off and putting me off them?
9 mos ago
We live in a depressingly crazy world where people run around with a ball beating each other up earn significantly more than people who save lives everyday ;-;


Hi I'm Soufflegirl123!

Look at that! Some gorgeous person is wanting to know a bit about me. Yes, I mean you! Welcome!
I'm Soufflegirl123. Over my time on the guild I've accumulated a lot of nicknames. This includes; Souffle, Souf, Clara (HylianRose), typo queen, little lady (Americore), dweeb (Sgt Easy) and so many more. If I understand you're calling me there's little I won't respond to.

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Bunch o' Crazy Guilders Who Associate Themselves With Me <3

You hurt these people you better have a bloody amazing excuse as to why these knives shouldn't end up in your body.

Thought I might leave you with one of my favourite convos 'cus... why not?

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@HaleyTheRandom Naaaaaaw, love you too

There are so few people I have encountered on this site who have stuck with me after my unfortunate mistakes both personal and hobbily professional (aka GMing no no’s). This list may be long, or it may be short, but know that everyone tagged here has made their way into my heart. For better or for worse, they will stay there

The Besties

@Blind Bandit
Yeh, you’re a newish member and hardly do anything but spam, but you’ve been by my side for the better part of the past two decades. Suffice to say you’re my brother. Even when I’ve fucked up more times than I could count, you’ve been there, brother even if your sarcasm does venture into the unwanted side.

@Dirty Pretty Lies
The way we first met shall not be posted for public eye, but that’s ancient history. The main thing that seems to stick is our mutual appreciation for the “we shall not speak of” things we’ve got in common. Plus, our ships. So many ships! Oh, and that thing of our three-year friendversary happening on Christmas. That’s pretty damn important too. But okay, seriously, you’re freaking great and I love you, Angie! To hell with anyone who says otherwise, you’re an amazing person and, well yeah, that’s all I have to say about that. <3

Gosh, we’re definitely going on almost a decade here, yet it just feels like yesterday when we first met and talked and gushed about our mutual shipping of NaruHina. And not to mention you were my first 1x1 partner with the one RP that has stood the test of time for the past half-decade. That says a lot about our dedication and my ability to be the most patient partner ever (not bragging but you know it’s true. :P). That aside, I know you’re always there for me and I’m always there for you. What else can I say? You’re my hero! <3 pls don’t kill for pun ;-;

Well, holy shit I don’t know how I ever ended up here but, I’m thankful every day you’re in my life and you’re truly an amazing person. Your creativity is nearly as unrivaled as the glowing awesomeness your spirit has. There have been so many moments when I’ve been, for a lack of better words, down in the dumps, yet you always managed to find a way to bring me up either just being you or taking my mind off of things. You’re just an amazing person who I have amazing writing chemistry with and any other chemistry that matters. <3

Other People I Love

Yeah, you can be a pain in my ass, but you’re also pretty cool when you want to be and have turned me onto some killer music. Also, your writing is pretty dank. If nothing else, I can count on you to tell it to me how it be without sugarcoating it. That’s something I appreciate more than you could know. Plus, you’re a killer GM and I respect that about ya.

You’re pretty great, Jo. Killer characters with style, killer face claims with style, and you’re a killer person with style. Also you’re a teacher and that’s pretty - well, killer. Did I mention you’re pretty killer? Okay but seriously, love ya. <3

My niece who keeps trying to get me to admit that I’m “That kind of uncle” even though I’m not. The game will be never-ending and you know I’m not some African river and being in the nile. Time to up your game, kiddo. Also you’re fucking awesome. Don’t ever change!

The ship queen herself. You’re the only person who a, loves Sense8 almost as I do (if not more) and b, loves Aleudrey more than Angie and I do. All that aside, you’re just about the sweetest person alive. Love you, annie! <3

Pooooooooooooooooooooo! You’re a wicked dude, you know that, right? Just need to give you a special mention because you. Are. Fucking. Awesome.

Soufs! One of the first people I met during my days of Spam spam. Those were the days, eh? Same goes for what I said to haley: don’t ever change. Keep being the awesome aussie that you’ve always been~

GTP’s resident ball of sunshine and fluff! I adore you and everything that you are. You’re a great person to talk to, to roleplay with, and I always enjoy our conversations whatever they may be. You’re always so sweet to everybody and that’s something I appreciate seeing. Love you, Witchie! <3 <3

My favorite Josh Hutcherson look alike. You are also my favorite canadian bar none. I don’t think there’s anyone else who could match anyone in our home away from away from home in salting and we all know we need a fair amount of salt with our green tea. I love that you love Sands of Time despite my failures there. Truly, it warms my heart to know I didn’t fuck up everything there. <3

My favorite sweed. You were one of the people who I have to thank for Sands’ short-lived success. And you are a freaking beast. Love your character. Love your writing. Love your personality! DOn’t change, my brodude!

@Ruler Inc
The gayest incs of them all but I guess you’re cool in the gay way. Your Rps are always a nice treat to see. I respect the amount of work you put into mapping out your Black Fallverse and how you don’t half-ass it.

The newest addition to our family but your adjustment has been the quickest I’ve seen and I appreciate you and your southern charm. Plus, I think it’s nice to have someone who likes aesthetics as much as we all do within our group of tea-lovers.

To Everyone Else!

@Okonuki @Syn @Midnight Howl @Mara @NuttsnBolts @Ruby @Ezmeralda @Tsukune - I love you all. <3

The guild needs a heart react. I love you Tundy ❤
@Hellion that's up to you you might be best waiting
Hi all! It's just occurred to me this hasn't been announced yet. This round of posts will end on Friday instead of Wednesday so we ask your posts be in by then. If life and in stuff is in the way of posting in this round all good :)
@yoyohayli I was just flipping through my old characters and came across a vampire for a RP that died before I could use her and commented on how she has the perfect look haha. Count me interested!

Location: Parking lot to Ares Colosseum
Interactions: Probably Correctly Spelled Taylor @SpicyMeatball

Great, day one of the year and Wynter was already late. Not that this wasn't to be expected, Wynter's tardiness has gotten her into a bit of trouble the past years but what the young lost to time she got back through hard work and, admittedly, a bit of sucking up to the teachers by helping them. Not that sucking up was the main motive, she liked helping alongside a reason not to mix with the stuck-ups of her year, not that all of them were so, some were quite lovely but the young woman was really one to reach out first. Nonetheless, she wanted to work on her tardiness this year and this was a foul start to it. "Should have taken a flight last night and stayed in a motel nearby, stupid, stupid," she mumbled to herself, keeping her voice low enough the cab driver in the front wouldn't decipher the mumbles. This wasn't entirely her fault, right? It's not that she knew the flight would be delayed 20mins or that waiting for a cab would take forever but, then again, her dad had. She sighed, looking down at her phone. Timing didn't matter too much today but the faculty made a big deal about actually turning up by noon, Wynter wondered why.

By the time the cab pulled up the last of waves and waves of students were wandering into the Ares colosseum. As soon as the driver gave the price Wynter practically flung the notes at him, telling him to keep the change and jumped out of the car to grab her stuff. She slung the large duffel bag over her shoulder and yanked the case from the car before running for the colosseum in an awkward fashion. She reached there panting just after the headmaster's speech had begun. Looking around her she saw people in various states from bored to eager. Wynter wasn't sure how she felt about going back yet. She didn't like the idea of leaving her father alone back in Ireland but she was looking forward to catching up with her peers here and even learning more about her power. She was too lost in her thoughts, weighing the pros and cons and trying figure out how she felt coming back that she barely took notice of the speeches out front... that was until she heard her name. Snapped out of her trance she blinked the dreamy from her eyes and noted the next person who's name was called out when to join the small crowd and front and she followed suit.

Ariana, Marcy, Dallas... her eyes first gravitated toward the 'in' crowd, great, was she being punished for something? Had her tardiness gotten the better of her before the school year actually started? But looking around she noticed people like Vivian, maybe this wasn't all bad. As soon as she got the paper she glanced at it. Apartment? And there were 2 names by each room. Wynter sighed as she realised what was happening but had no chance to find her name before a yell came from 2 a couple of people to her left. “Who the hell is Wynter? I think they misspelled your name!” It didn't take long for Wynter to identify the voice as Taylor McLaughlin's. If she thought back hard enough it was likely the 2 shared a class at some point but Wynter knew her better for her reputation as one of the editors for the school paper, better than the in crowd.

After checking for her name, Wynter treaded behind Taylor and tapped her shoulder. "That'll be me," she replies softly in her strong Irish accent."'Nd you'd be mistaken there, they spelt it right,"
@Eviledd1984Hey hun, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately all the DS member slots are taken. We have the a recruit spot left?
Good whatever-time-it-is-there, my loves! I made a full relationship sheet code for you. This section is totally optional but thought I'd make it easier (I was already doing one anyway) You're free to shuffle and remove names as desired

With a sigh, Lola took a step back, rubbing her face. The motor oil that sloshed out of the funnel onto her hand left a patchy circular streak from her eyelid and around her cheek. Another job well done, well, a job done well enough at least. She shut the bonnet of her small Mitsubishi and wiped her hands on her jeans when her phone’s text tone sounded from her back pocket. She pulled it out. Aloysius the notification read. She need not open it, the message was small enough for the whole thing to come up on the notification. She gave a groan as she read it, she was meant to be working that night, couldn’t Al set up a roster for these things? Or at least give her enough notice that her managers wouldn’t get annoyed at her for swapping out her shift. She scrambled to find a colleague to take her shift and called her manager, pretending not to notice the obvious annoyance in her voice. After that she relocated to the bathroom to wash off the grimes of her oil change.

Not long later her ringtone went off, she pulled out her fine to find her mother’s number. Odd, her mother rarely had any contact with her. The last message she sent was 5 months ago, just asking to tell Aloysius to call her back when she was free, she never called. Perplexed she answered the call. Perhaps someone had the number? Or someone picked up the phone?

”Hello?” Lola asked warily into the phone.

“Lola!” Her mother cried. She was in hysterics, Lola had never seen or witnessed her that was, for someone cool, composed and, quite honestly, a cold-hearted bitch, such emotion seemed impossible. “Have you not heard, Aloysius is dead. Why the fuck is he dead?” Well, that explains why she was in such a state but… really? Was Al really dead?

“Yeah… I’m well thanks mum… wait dead? Why would I know why?”

“You’re part of his posse, why did he die?!”

”Why would I know, I’m not around him 24/7. Why don’t you know? You invest enough in him to know that shit if you want to.”

”IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU! Why did he die, I wish it was YOU who died. I had one useful, valuable child and now I don’t even have that.” That should of been a hard blow but this wasn’t a surprising blow to Lola, she heard stuff like this her whole life but still, she’s never been outright told she was wanted dead before. Sure, her mum’s hinted that she’d rather Lola was never born but never told her to die, which is what she basically just did. Lola was fuming, she was done. There was a reason she made the exact same effort to reach out to her mother as she had her

”You know what mum? FUCK YOU!” and with that she hung up the phone. Still fuming and her actually decent day ruined she went straight to DS, if she had to be there already, she might as well attack a couple of mannequin, imagine it was her mother. Her head was swimming, was Al actually dead? Did her mum really think that a good response? Why did she even call? Greif welled up but Lola released it through her fists other than tears. Come 7:50 she made her way to the meeting room, standing in the corner, arms crossed and awaiting the others. She made no efforts to talk to anyone. She noticed a few pitiful or sorrowful glances from the more loyal members but she gave no response. It was no secret Lola was Al’s sister but neither was the fact Al was far superior. She leaned her head against the wall, looking at the ceiling and just hoped this would be over soon.

"I've spent my whole life as only a shadow, useless, worthless compared to those around me, especially my brother, but I'm working on myself until I'm more than a worthless shadow to someone

Name: Lola Cordelia Leighton
Gender Female
Age: 20
Alignment: Dark Shadows
Rank within Organisation: Member

Birthmark Shape

Location of Birthmark 2 inches above her right knee
Magical Abilities: Hydromagic- Lola can create and manipulate water. She can change water from freshwater to salt water

Place of Birth: Cambridge, Great Britain
Currently Residing: New York, USA
Lola is strong willed and hardworking. She sets wild goals and has a need to achieve them. She is very competitive and has a constant desire to be the best. Lola is very blunt and says it as it is, she's not an overly social person and having friends isn't the top of her to do list. Lola is a brash decision maker and tends to stand by the motto 'do now, think later', not to say she's not smart, Lola is as intelligent as she is strong but these are skills most tend to look over as she is constantly one-up'd by her brother. Despite her hard-ass, give no shits exterior Lola, deep down, just wants someone to see her as she is, someone who'll give her approval, someone who sees worth in her and cares for her, someone who won't compare her to her brother, something she hasn't had in a long time. But for now, if no one truly cares about her why should she?

"Aloysius this, Aloysius that."
"At least I have one useful child"
"Lola, listen to your brother, he's advanced in power and years, you have no right to talk back to him!"
Growing up Lola felt more like an extra in Aloysius' story rather than the centre character of her own. Their mother favoured power and Aloysius had a lot of it. Lola, on the other hand, as just a hydromage had nothing compared to her brother. Due to this, she was treated as lesser from her mother other than her daughter. Lola created a bond with her father but he was often away on business. Lola grew up having to be self-dependant and despite desperate attempts to gain her mother's approval, nothing worked.

At her father's death, Lola was devastated. He wasn't around a lot shut when he was Lola cherished the time she would feel valued. She received none of the company, she was only 12 after all, but the executor of the will secretly handed her a letter. Over the years her father had been skimming money off his pay and putting it aside, leaving Lola with an account worth a few million. When she turned 16 she got herself classed as independent and moved out with the money her father left. When DS were recovering the attack she joined to prove herself to her brother

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