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8 mos ago
Guess who's back, back again, Souffle's back, tell your friends
1 yr ago
Never did I think I'd be avoiding my roommates to avoid getting asked why there was a fake wedding in the lounge room but here we are, thanks DnD
1 yr ago
My DM is making me have long intense thinking sessions about my character's morals and idk whether I love or hate her for all the brainingbI have to do now
2 yrs ago
I'd like to adult without the bills, constant lack of money, unending responsibilities and losing my metabolism, thanks
2 yrs ago
Is it bad that the inaccuracy of a nurses' job in medical dramas is pissing me off and putting me off them?


My bio used to be massive but here's something more digestible, maybe one day I remake something elaborate again.
Hi friends! I'm Souffle! A nerdy, quirky, rock loving dweeb. I'm an Australian, 20 year old nursing student with the gial to work in paediatrics. For the time being though I host kids parties. I love music, DnD, hanging out with friends, fantasy, deep plots and twists that throw me for a loop and the practical side of my degree :). Look forward to RPing and interacting with y'all again

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@BleedingLover never hide fanboying haha
Forgiven - Within Temptation
The Boy Who Could Fly - Pierce the Veil
Unwell - Matchbox 20
The Mother we Share - Chvrches
Sleight of Hand - Natewantstobattle
Wrapped in Your Arms - Fireflight
One Call Away - Charlie Puth
Now - Paramore
Freak Show - Set it Off
The Authority Song - Jimmy Eat World

Your music taste is A+. Wanna be friends.

Why, thank you. Yours is bomb too. We are now friends cus power of music

Can I please reserve;
Peter Robinson / Brendon Urie / darkgoldenrod
Bethany Jones / Lindsay Sterling / 00aeef
Victorious - Skillet
Useless Alibis - The Letter Black
Together Again - Evanescence
The Problem With the Big Picture is That it's too hard to see - Mayday Parade
Dawn of the Third Day - Natewantstobattle
Lanterns - Birds of Tokyo
I Don't Care if You're Contagious - Pierce the Veil
Ghosts - Mayday Parade
Memories - Panic at the Disco
So I Thought - Flyleaf
@Shinobu Another Delta Rae fan!!!!
I'm keen!
Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation
The Other Half (of Me) - Within Temptation (I swear my spotify is obsess with this band lol
Delusional Paradise - Yours Truly
Don't Stay - Linkin Park
Break in - Halestorm
What Sober Couldn't Say - Halestorm
A New Way To Bleed - Evanescence
Recover - Chvrches
The Truth is I'll Never Tell - AS IT IS
It's You - Fireflight

My Spotify lukes to play artist doubles too, never mind the 117hrs of music and probably over 50 artists haha
@Callousqueen thankies! 13
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