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24 days ago
Current See, my problem is I can read I just can't type for the life of me. My ability to accidentally typo anything is a forever running joke among my friends. It's chronic :(
1 yr ago
Cheers to 3000 days on the guild. I love you all 3000
1 yr ago
Y'all ever write something and just be shook about what you wrote? Cus damn it turns out I can write sometimes
1 yr ago
I drink water now, like lots of water. The only reason it hasn't made me too powerful is because I always have to pee now and idk if that payoff is fair tbh
2 yrs ago
No one remembers when corn kid said 'not everyone has to love it for it to be the best' and that quote hits deep


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Shu 1 yr ago
Dark Cloud 1 yr ago
Dark Cloud 2 yrs ago
Me lurk page, write cave message on wall. Unga bunga.
Zetsuko 2 yrs ago
Be well, distant fren
SgtEasy 7 yrs ago
Majoraa 7 yrs ago
Sugar and Spite 7 yrs ago
So like... it's now my mission to spam your wall with my visitor messages. Anyways, how are things?

Also, I love you, dork. ♡
GirlOnMarz 7 yrs ago
Your bio is great!
I love Doctor Who! My favorite doctor was David, as well, but my favorite companions were definitely Martha and Rose.
Grey's is also one of my favs, even though every other episode has me crying like a baby.
Sugar and Spite 7 yrs ago
WHY ARE YOU NOT ONLINE RIGHT NOW??!!! I NEED you to be online right now.

Okay, I'm over that. Anyways, love you xD
SgtEasy 7 yrs ago
Dorky dork :P
SgtEasy 8 yrs ago
Hey there my dorky dork <3 I haven't even left a VM for you to look at <3

Wick 8 yrs ago
Life is not about the destination it's about the road you travel to get there.-Wick
Cyndyr 8 yrs ago
sniff, sniff.
do I smell a birthday girl?
Sugar and Spite 8 yrs ago
I just realize I of ALL PEOPLE have yet to leave you a Visitor Message!

I love the fact that I'm all over your Bio <3
Ruby 8 yrs ago
My new (Guild) life goal is getting my name on your profile wall somehow.
Lady Absinthia 8 yrs ago
~hugs her tightly~
Conorius 8 yrs ago
Aussie accents are the best XP
Tokara 8 yrs ago
Your siggy and banners are amazing! Props to @Altered Tundra :o

(Team TENnant yesssss)
Arctodus 8 yrs ago
Tenth Doctor for the win!
I Am Player 1 8 yrs ago
Wow, I agree with much of what you say. I'd love to chat some time.
SgtEasy 8 yrs ago
Awwww, you chose the lovable dorky dork quote!

That's adorable Souffie! *glomps your face*
Fennec 8 yrs ago
I'll give you a great big hug!

*proceeds to give a biiiiiig hug*
Fugitive 22 8 yrs ago
lekker job mate!
SgtEasy 8 yrs ago
HEY! We're not alcoholic! Just drunk. Most of the time. All of the time.
Tracyarmav 8 yrs ago
We appreciate the things you do well, even being Chat's typo queen. :P
Tyler Night 8 yrs ago
little trick to keeping your room cool in the heat, take a fan, stick it in the window facing out. The heat in your room will be blown outside and cool it down in your room.
Royale Luna 8 yrs ago
Omg lol I know that feeling so well; its never fun XD Your just like; so excited for the storyine...Gahh XD
Tyler Night 8 yrs ago
I love the fact that your character in the rp chose oregon, my character is actually from beaverton michigan and oregon also a beaverton of its own.
carla6677 8 yrs ago
I glomped them for you
Tyler Night 9 yrs ago

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