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Current Exams stress me out but when I am stressed I tend to cry instead of eating chocolate, can I quit exams for the rest of the time I hate exams WHY ARE THEY EVEN A THING AT ALL EXAMS ARE STUPID honestly.
4 mos ago
*does best impression of Moaning Myrtle* Hagrid stole my cheeseburger *starts crying* WAAAAAAAAAAAAA *sob* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *sob* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games

Where everyone who visits my profile will be put in an arena to fight to the death until one remains so good luck.

What random people like to call me
Hi, I'm Carla6677 but I also go by these lovely names, Ce-Ce,
Firecracker ,
Lil Sis,
and Dawn.
What I am like
Socially awkward
Quick Tempered
And I have a huge imagination
Wait for it
Wait for it

For Harry Potter fans everywhere
I am in Ravenclaw
And Slytherin
My patronus is a dolphin

Hunger games fans out there
I am from District 2

Pokemon fans out there
My favourite generation is Gen 4
My favourite pokemon is Eevee

I also cause drama sometimes and I like to dance:
Wait for it
Wait for it

Rp preferences
Free or very low casual

@King Tai The most awesome friend forever and he is like a big brother to me. Trust me he is amazing and he is always there if you need someone to talk to. Tai Tai is awesome
@silverlucario5 you will always be my pokemon buddy
@CrazyShadowy always there for a chat amazing and incredible Zeze is so cool
@13org you are an awesome rper
@Luna You are so cool even though we don't talk much
@HaleyTheRandom She is my crazy big sister on here
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@CherriesJubilee So cool
@AdamantiumWolf Tita is amazing and so cool
@Ahkiliz This guy is cool and a great rper
@blazeflame13 She is awesome
@Overlord24 I missed ya buddy
@Shadow007 Awesome hp fan

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@King Tai

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and Friendly

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@Letmehaveone2 sorry about not replying I was busy
@SammyPanda are you doing this
@Letmehaveone2 Cece is
Will get CS up on next few days
Cece opened her pad and started writing. She turned it around and it said 'My name is Cecilia but you can call me Cece what is your name' as she gave a small smile making it obvious that she either had a sore throat, lost her voice or is mute.
She smiled and ran into the house and started to search for her room and she looked in this room which was beautiful and she just knew this was her room as she put down her bag and went downstairs, only carrying her notebook and her pen and walked into the dining room, there she saw Price and Juno (or whoever is in there if they are not) and she waved with a small smile towards them.

Cal walked in quickly and found her room almost immediately as she put some of her favorite music on and she laid on the bed, sketching in her notepad absentmindedly as she decided to keep to herself for a bit and go to talk to the others later as people weren't really her scene that much especially if there were humans here, that rarely ends well for either of them.

Gemma was holding Kat as a little kitten as she approached the house quietly as she looked for Kat's room first and she found a kids room with some cat toys and stuff in there as well and a human bed and a cat bed as she laid Kat down before leaving to look for her room and when she found it she instantly loved it and decided Kat would be okay for a little bit.

Kat went in with Gemma and as soon as Gemma left Kat became human again and she started to explore the room slowly and quietly and she loved the room and she became a kitten again and she started playing with the cat toys in the room and she was playing with a little mouse in her room.

Ebony split ways with Kira and looked for her room and she soon found it and afterwards started to go downstairs and went into the living room and sat down with her arms crossed and surveyed all the people there, not talking to anyone just yet and rolled her eyes at certain people.

Kira parted with her sister and started looking for her room and it took her a while to find it and once she did find it, she laid on her bed quietly with a small smile as she started to read her book quietly and laid on her bed while reading quickly and peacefully as she decided to stay in her room for a bit.

Ali flies in really quickly and she started to search everywhere for her room and she eventually found a room that was a perfect nature room for her as she flew in and there were even plants as she laid on the bed which was a bit big but she didn't mind as she laid on the bed quietly.

@Letmehaveone2 Edited it now
@Letmehaveone2 I rarely ever play humans in a supernatural rp so Cece and Cal could be tricky but if I was allowed then maybe I could add a creature to them. Both of them represent something and opposites. Water is used a lot in healing so Cece would be a mermaid with only extra powers being the ability to breathe underwater and manipulate water to an extent especially when used in healing with an added weakness of feeling unwell and weak if out of water for very long periods of time while Cal would be a vampire (I get they are twins but they are opposites) with extra weaknesses with control and being around humans and only other powers would be extra speed and strength in demonic form (which would be different depending what gender Cal is in at the time), is that okay

It is just I rarely do out of supernatural and in supernatural I rarely play humans, if not I could try to play them as humans
@Letmehaveone2 Done but you might see later on that their personalities or history become a bit more fleshed out as time goes on

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