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Too much could mean any amount depending on what ingredients there are so that may not be too much for that dpecific itrm
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Then again everything is toxic if you have too much of it
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Dihydrogen monoxide aka water 2 hydrogens one oxygen H2O so yeah water
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@HaleyTheRandom That is the best thing I have heard all day
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Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games

Where everyone who visits my profile will be put in an arena to fight to the death until one remains so good luck.

What random people like to call me
Hi, I'm Carla6677 but I also go by these lovely names, Cece
and Dawn.
What I am like
Socially awkward
Quick Tempered
And I have a huge imagination
Wait for it
Wait for it

For Harry Potter fans everywhere
I am in Ravenclaw
And Slytherin
My patronus is a dolphin

Hunger games fans out there
I am from District 2

Pokemon fans out there
My favourite generation is Gen 4
My favourite pokemon is Eevee

I also cause drama sometimes and I like to dance:
Wait for it
Wait for it

Rp preferences
Free or very low casual

@HaleyTheRandom She is my crazy big sister on here
@SouffleGirl123 Another Crazy Big Sister and an awesome friend

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1x1 partners

What people say about me
and Friendly

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@Rockin Strings My post is up, the German is used as a confusion tactic. The translation is underneath if needed. She will use that if faced with Rouge Bat or a villain but will use broken or attempted learners English when talking to anyone else. (I said her English wasn't too good in her bio)
She decided to be confusing because she realized he was the villain that she had heard of. "Sie müssen Rouge Fledermaus sein, ich bin Kleine Maus, ich habe von dir gehört" She spoke in fluent German to confuse him. She thought that if he didn't understand what she was saying that could make him confused. Also her German is better than her English. She stood there with a smirk quietly.

(Translation: You must be Rouge Bat, I am Tiny Mouse (remember her hero name is that in German), I have heard of you)
I am unable to post yet as there hasnt been 2 posts since my last
Ella was in her room, studying to increase her English. She had helped a guy earlier who was struggling with some shopping. She couldn't talk to him that well but she tried to help. She had been there to pick up a few food items. She helped him out as he couldn't reach something so she went up on her toes to reach it. She then saw a small brown box on her table. That wasn't there before. Ella opened the box curiously and the first thing she saw was a grey thing flying out. "What are you" She looked confused.
"I am Molla your Kwami"
"What's a Kwami" She spoke. It was quite basic so she knew that.
"I grant superpowers to my holder, the one who wears the hairpin of the mouse"
"But why me" She looked confused having understood most of the sentence
"You were chosen, also I haven't asked your name yet"
"Ella, I'm Ella, and how, I didn't do anything amazing like the heroes around here" She was quite confused
"All heroes started like you finding their Kwami, Ella"
"How do I become a hero"
"Put the hairpin in and say 'Molla Tail Out' then to use your special skill say 'Molla, shrink down' and to transform back say 'Molla Tail in' and you need a hero name"
"Kleine Maus, tiny mouse in German, now Molla Tail Out" she transformed into Kleine Maus and used her ribbons to travel away from her home to try out everything
That sounds cool
I am such a luna fan my sig is luna too they have quotes
@HaleyTheRandom good its been a while how about you
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