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I am a Japanese-American (half-Japanese on my mother's side) with a twin half-sister. Yes, you read that right. To explain it real quick, during mom's monthly, she dropped 2 eggs instead of 1 after 2 (or more) guys took her to bed. Each egg was impregnated by a different man's sperm.

Anyways, I'm a kind guy who really hates fighting. However, if I have to stop a fight, whether verbal or physical, I will. I'm here to have fun and be crazy with my OCs, new characters and even some canons. So far, my favorite RP I've been in on the site is the Multiverse reboot. As a whole, the Multiverse was 6 years old. I love the idea and have even used it (with a few minor changes here and there) for a few LARPs with my local friends RL.

Other than RP, I am also a Wiccan Witch following the path of Gaia and a hypnotist studying the varying effects of hypnosis on various age groups and am always taking willing volunteers.

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@Dusty Your post.
@MissCapnCrunch I don't think it's your storylines as much as the management. Perhaps we could try running a game together? I have plenty of ideas.
@Polaris North@Dusty Post moves with you two.
@Tenma Tendo Hoppi?
@sassy1085 Quantum made a portal for everyone else to get through before he and my character had a little race that ended as a tie.
Beek smiled as he began talking with his friends. Ossar had a riddle but the eagle Kwami was too busy examining his friends. There was 2 times he thought he heard feet and hushed his friends to not get caught. One of the times, a small bag was tossed under the stairs. Beek hesitantly looked in the bag to find a snack for each of them. "Food!" he giggled as he pulled out a Cadbury creme egg to unwrap and devour. After eating, he pulled something else out of the bag; a miniature Clue game. "Want to play?" he asked, smiling. "I had Eddie buy it when I saw it at a local restaurant."
Maybe I should have Kivaat show up? What do you three think? Good idea or no?
Edvvard Erikson

Eddie looked around at everyone, recognizing mostly everyone. "Hey, Mrs. Deville." he smiled, wrapping his arms around her gently. He said a few words in his native tongue, something he hoped would make the older woman smile. He moved of to the side where Donnie already sat. It wasn't long before Vivian joined them. "Hey, Vivian. How you been? Married yet?" he asked with a chuckle.
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