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I am a Japanese-American (half-Japanese on my mother's side) with a twin half-sister. Yes, you read that right. To explain it real quick, during mom's monthly, she dropped 2 eggs instead of 1 after 2 (or more) guys took her to bed. Each egg was impregnated by a different man's sperm.

Anyways, I'm a kind guy who really hates fighting. However, if I have to stop a fight, whether verbal or physical, I will. I'm here to have fun and be crazy with my OCs, new characters and even some canons. So far, my favorite RP I've been in on the site is the Multiverse reboot. As a whole, the Multiverse was 6 years old. I love the idea and have even used it (with a few minor changes here and there) for a few LARPs with my local friends RL.

Other than RP, I am also a Wiccan Witch following the path of Gaia and a hypnotist studying the varying effects of hypnosis on various age groups and am always taking willing volunteers.

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And there's our antagonist. How many is that so far? I think about 5 including me.
@Legion-114 Then I could use my pony CO with his small list of powers and abilities.
@Legion-114 Are there any characters that you have to say no to? A similar RP told me I can't use Raziel from Soul Reaver because he can swallow souls. And, if I'm correct, you've already said no to OCs, right?
@PKMNB0Y Oh, sorry, I just got this mixed up with another RP of a similar nature that I'm trying to join. I know nothing I could say would make it any better but I would at least try the other 2 characters. It's fine if you say no.

@Raineh Daze Multiple other characters with the same name do have the h at the end. (Ulfrich Stern from Code Lyoko for example.)
I have 3 perfect characters. Yoshitsune Minamoto from Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, Raziel from Legacy of Kain; Defiance, and Jarl Ulfrich Stormcloak from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
@jynmi88 And I think that would work if everyone had a discord.
@PKMNB0Y Question: OCs or no?
If we're talking antagonists, I could always bring in Kagekiyo Taira from Genii: Dawn of the Samurai with a few of the abilities of Buson from Genii: Days of the Blade.
I'm gonna try to join this.
@Duoya Take your time.
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