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I am a Japanese-American (half-Japanese on my mother's side) with a twin half-sister. Yes, you read that right. To explain it real quick, during mom's monthly, she dropped 2 eggs instead of 1 after 2 (or more) guys took her to bed. Each egg was impregnated by a different man's sperm.

Anyways, I'm a kind guy who really hates fighting. However, if I have to stop a fight, whether verbal or physical, I will. I'm here to have fun and be crazy with my OCs, new characters and even some canons. So far, my favorite RP I've been in on the site is the Multiverse reboot. As a whole, the Multiverse was 6 years old. I love the idea and have even used it (with a few minor changes here and there) for a few LARPs with my local friends RL.

Other than RP, I am also a Wiccan Witch following the path of Gaia and a hypnotist studying the varying effects of hypnosis on various age groups and am always taking willing volunteers.

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So, I'm having computer problems. I'll post when I can. Just a heads up.
So I'm having computer problems. Posting this from my phone. I'll post when I can.
@Xaltwind I probably wasn't completely awake.
@Xaltwind Trip through the sky?
"First of all, children, I was not here about your current conversation. Being a bully to a child is still wrong. I need your name for security over there because you were part of the incident.

"Secondly, Just because I look like Jensen Ackles doesn't mean I am him. My name is Mark. I doubt Jensen has such a cool epithet anyways.

"Thirdly, with what I did hear of your conversation, you would be followed, possibly interrogated, and most definitely detained when you're caught breaking the law. Be smart, kids. Get out of the Blasters before it's too late."

He looked at them, frowning softly. The look on his face was full of sadness, hope, and smug satisfaction. He wanted the kids to do the right thing.

"So, what's it gonna be? This poor excuse of acting like nothing's wrong or the truth and the right thing? Your choice, kids."
Mark frowned at the sword girl before noticing some movement behind her. And she fell face-first into the sand. And there was security. "Hey, glad you're-" He was told to leave. He didn't.

He stayed and watched, listening as the little girl told her story, but also keeping an eye on the girl who had run away from him calling him Jensen Ackles. When it got to the point that the security man was asking for names and epithets, Mark gladly gave his up. "Mark O'Dess. Stride is a movement-based epithet. Since sword-girl is innocent, I'm gonna go talk to the other girl and get her deal." With that, he used his stride, not giving anyone a chance to respond in any way, to get on the rock behind the teenager.

"I'm actually here... yeah, to scout the place out! Because... uh... for a BIG HEIST. See... you need to CASE THE JOINT before you do any damage. A genius captain like me knows how important preparation is. Which is why I don't have my Blasters with me. FOUR OF THEM. And, uh, they're called the FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS. It's PRETTY BADASS. The beach is perfect because, uh, there's a LOT OF STALLS lined up in a row and not much security. So I figure... yeah, if we blitzkrieg it, we can get away with a LOT OF STUFF scot-free!

...Out of curiosity, did you and your buddies pack your uniforms?"

"How did I not realize you were the bad guy?" he asked, ready to stride in front of her if she tried to run. "Let's make this easy. Tell me who you are and what you can do and I won't drag you to security. Got it?"

He hoped she ran.
@Xaltwind Just a bit of meta knowledge, Gromgard doesn't think he's the leader of the cult.
Hey Jude, don't make it bad

Take a sad song and make it glad.
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As soon as Chompy and Ashara joined Gromgard outside the doors, he nodded. "Let's move swiftly. I have a sense our time is limited." He didn't care where his companions traveled, as long as they stayed nearby. With his scouts leaping through the trees again and the rest of his goblins following behind him, Gromgard led the way to the first site he had visited with Mamoru. As they got closer, he noticed a small group of cultists. With a simple motion, he ordered his scouts to take them out with their bows. The closer they got to the first site, the more cultists they killed. After passing the first site, and following the trail of cultists, the eventually reached a new place.

"This place looks strange. Let's finish up here quickly. I don't want to see what the aura will do to any of you." He glanced back at Ashara and Chompy, wondering their thoughts.

The further they went, the stranger everything looked. His goblins began getting more and more scared, except the one with a hammer who just tried attacking everything. Apparently, barbarians feel rage in place of fear... He decided to send them back to the chateau.

And then the... gardener? Warlock? Whatever he was, he began telling them to leave. Since he didn't have the aid of his goblins, he drew his sword and stabbed it into the ground, a show of both strength and, as he was disarming himself, an attempt to appear less threatening. He took a couple steps forward, putting him just out of reach of his weapon. He just hoped the man didn't have a way to tell he could also cast spells.

"Who is he and how can we help him?" he asked, kneeling to look the tender in the eyes.
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