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I am a Japanese-American (half-Japanese on my mother's side) with a twin half-sister. Yes, you read that right. To explain it real quick, during mom's monthly, she dropped 2 eggs instead of 1 after 2 (or more) guys took her to bed. Each egg was impregnated by a different man's sperm.

Anyways, I'm a kind guy who really hates fighting. However, if I have to stop a fight, whether verbal or physical, I will. I'm here to have fun and be crazy with my OCs, new characters and even some canons. So far, my favorite RP I've been in on the site is the Multiverse reboot. As a whole, the Multiverse was 6 years old. I love the idea and have even used it (with a few minor changes here and there) for a few LARPs with my local friends RL.

Other than RP, I am also a Wiccan Witch following the path of Gaia and a hypnotist studying the varying effects of hypnosis on various age groups and am always taking willing volunteers.

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@Polaris North You're not completely innocent in all that either. I get you can't post right now. Just try to stay on top of this.
@Dusty@Tenma Tendo@carla6677 All 3 of you are able to post. We shouldn't be going without for more than a week. Dusty, I can't post for Talon before your post. Carla, I can't post for the villain until you post. I shouldn't have to tag you guys every time.

It's starting to seem like you're not interested. If that's the case, tell me and we can drop it here. Otherwise, put in the effort.
@Tenma Tendo@Dusty@Polaris North@carla6677 Please post faster. I get everyone has lives but I feel like 1 post a week is too slow. If you can post and there have been 2 posts since your last 1, go ahead if you can. Also, if you haven't already, use the subscribe button do you're notified when there's any posts. I'd really hate to see this die this way.
Eddie smiled as he reached for Tony's hand to oil her somewhere they could change in private. Once he became Talon again, he looked at Tonya with a smile before beginning to hover.

An hour later, he was walking along with her, only to hear a commotion in the distance. He looked at her with curious confusion before beginning to fly. "I'll be right back. The first thing he saw was another hero. Well, he hoped she was a hero.


Rouge-Bat stood beside the man with a smirk. "Smart man. It seems I wasn't looked to about the oriental culture. He began walking away before seeing some girl in a grey more suit. "Hello, mouse," he called to her.
@carla6677 I'm posting on Saturday. Please have something by then. If you need, I cab help you on discord.
@Dusty@carla6677 Posts ASAP, please.
@Tenma Tendo@carla6677 I need a post from either of you by Saturday.
@carla6677 Right now, your character would have heard about the return of Rouge-Bat and the group of heroes saying he's now a villain and they're trying to stop him. You have a choice of starting at your house, at the Double Dragon Chinese restaurant, or the newly reopened mall.
@carla6677 You're good. Move her to the characters tab. Post when you're ready.
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