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Okay so admittedly I haven't done one of these in a very long time; but here goes nothing. I am a roleplayer that's been at this game for a fairly long time; a few eyars but don't let that intimidate you. I'm in no way shape or form picky about post length or any of that; so long as the roleplay is fun; for BOTH of us. I'm happy; haha! Anyway, so I do a number of fandoms; Animes, Movies, etc though I confess I do have a /few/ cravings I'd really love to find some help with! Especially a certain plot based loosely off a mix of the Dracula Games and the movie with Hugh Jackman *YAY remembered his name for once! xD*
Note: Bold is what Im craving like mad right now

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Hey there, Hi there, ho there

Your as Welcome as can be~

To my little slice of the roleplay world; Now I am aware I have a board for- all of my fandoms and ideas; But as of now I have a severe craving for Kpop; Namely Vixx and/or BTS. Now, What I love are Fantasy AUs; or just casual normal roleplays with twists, turns, fluff and fun. I do warn you however that while I've been a Starlight for a few years I am somewhat new to the world of Army; so forgive me for this ahead of time.

Anyway; Rules, I will try to keep these short as I can...

1. Grammar/Post Length/Etc

Look, I know this can be a big thing for- a lot of people; especially the ones like me that have been at this for a good couple of years [I've lost track of how many years I've been at this game; which is both sad and hilarious at the same time haha] But I am not a stickler, I don't genuinely care much and I won't get on your case so long as you give me at least more then one line and it's something I can work with. Exceptions to the one liner rule being the usuals; A line of chatter, quick and simple or the likes.

2. Ditching/Ghosting

I am guilty as hell of it for a few people, I am aware of this and have come to accept it but I have also been trying to get better at such things. But, for the love of all that is Kpop PLEASE; try not to do this, I hate it when I get REALLY into something only to find my partner is not as into it and has decided to up and disappear. Say something, maybe we can work something out; if not we go our seperate ways. It's not a big deal and it won't hurt my feelings, just; please say something and don't just ghost on me.

3. Doubling/Characters/Ships

I am open to ANYTHING you throw at me; M/M, F/F, trans, gi, bay- the entire spectrum; I don't judge, Never have and never will. Personally, my pairing for this will be M/f, possibly poly m/f/m if your up for this; but otherwise I am open to trying just about anything for you so long as you don't mind a bit of a learning curve. As I said as well, I don't know Vixx as well as i know BTS but again, I am more then willing and happily will try any member of either group- or both for you. ^_^

4. AUs/Alpha/Omega/Fantasy plots

-Not really a rule but I want this out there anyway-


But that doesn't mean I won't do a casual simple Slice of life roleplay as well, be it fan/Idol or idol/idol, or the likes.

-Sidenote on this rule; I do have some basic as hell vampire plots we could work into this if you wish or come up with our own thing. Come to me ith any ideas you have; I am an open book and will listen to all-

Now that thats out of the way xD

Goups i know & My Bias'


-My ultimate Stan and introduction to Kpop; Forever my first babies-
My first baby and ultimate bias; Leo Taekwon...


Yes I know the cliche; everyone lately is a member of the Army but hell; they are talented, incredible guys and I love this group to bits...

The tempting little shit is my baby-Park Jimin

If you are interested: Send me an add at my Discord:


Or my email:
[FONT=Cookie]Good day my dears; I do hope your doing well~ Suitcliff Ohara is my name and roleplaying is my game, now with the time of year for spooks and skeletons right around the corner what better time to have a little fun in a fandom just packed with demons, reapers, shinigami and fun? I am looking for a Sebastian, Grell or possibly even both if your into Poly and can double as anyone; my preference if we end up doing 1 each would be Sebastian as I have been dying to try him with the newly revamped version of my OC Maeve.

I have a handful of basic concepts; some more indepth ideas for much later in the storyline as things go on; character's I have attempted before are:


^Prefer to age up; have some ideas for this as well^




A LITTLE Undertaker

But I am willing to try anyone if you will help me try out Maeve and Sebby

Rules/info are simple as always;

No GM/PP etc

No Mary/Gary sues

I am open to both M// or F// for your pairing but please be forewarned I have little to no real experience with it

I prefer to rp over Discord or Email

I have very few limits

and PLEASE do not just up and abandon the roleplay and leave me hanging; if you lose interest/things gets to hectic on your end just /TELL/ me...That honestly bugs me to no end...
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