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3 yrs ago
Current The ending to Life is Strage BTS episode 2. Holy fuck.
4 yrs ago
Halo 3 came out 10 years ago today. Still my favorite in terms of multiplayer.
4 yrs ago
Even a month later I'm still listening to the soundtrack to Sonic Mania. It's that damn amazing.
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4 yrs ago
Oh man Sonic Mania is such a fun game. Definitely worth the price especially if you grew up with the Genesis games. Made me feel like a kid again.
4 yrs ago
Spiderman Homecoming was really good. Easily the best Spiderman movie since Sam Rami's Spiderman 2.
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Still looking.
Bump. Really craving one of the ideas I have in mind.
Bump. Still looking for partners.
So I'll get straight to the point. I've been recently re-watching RWBY again and now I'm craving a roleplay. Note, I have not seen Vol. 7 yet. So no spoilers please. I'm mainly looking to do canon x OC pairings, me being the OC. The only real canon x canon I would do right now is Jaune x Pyrrha.....maybe Jaune x Weiss. I do have a couple ideas as well. Anyway, before I get to the pairings, a few rules.


1. No Godmodding.

2. At least one paragraph, no first person and decent grammar.

3. Don't just ghost me. At least let me know if you're not interested. It's extremely irritating.

So if you can actually follow those rules, put your favorite color in the subject when you PM me. Failure to do so will result in your PM getting deleted.


Note: Bold means I'm craving it. If you see * next to it, that means I do have an idea for that pairing. I am open to other ideas for said pairings. Also, all characters will be bumped up to 18, if they're not already.

Jaune x Pyrrha*
Jaune x Weiss*
Ruby x OC*
Weiss x OC*
Blake x OC
Pyrrha x OC
Nora x OC
Coco x OC
Velvet x OC
Penny x OC
Winter x OC
Cinder x OC
Emerald x OC


1. This one is fairly simple. This would pretty much take places after the series. Yes, I know the series isn't over yet. Anyway, it's been several years since Salem was defeated and Remnant is in a time of peace once more. However, that peace would not last forever. A new evil arises, bringing chaos to the four kingdoms once more. This is definitely open to more ideas within this concept. I'm down for hearing any idea or suggestions you have for this.

2. So this next idea is more of a harem/smut based roleplay, staring the lovable leader of team JNPR, Jaune. It's set in an alternate universe and based off well...from a canceled comic from the looks of it. Basically Jaune tries to stop a dust robbery lead by Roman Torchwick. Things go wrong and some dust blows up, covering the poor blonde. It wasn't not ordinary dust though. It was some kind of Pheromone dust.....which means now pretty much every single female is attractive to Jaune. This can go one of two ways. More of a light hearted, comedic kind of way. Or the dark yandere type of way.

So that's pretty much it in terms of pairings and ideas. If you're interested or have questions, feel free to PM me. We can discuss other ideas as well kinks in the PM. I also roleplay on Discord, so if you want to roleplay there, PM for my Discord ID.
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