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Current I think I was watching d&d videos, why isna skyrim mod video on recommended
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Somehow I got an idea of a story during nap.
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All in all it was all just memes in the wall.
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Taaaaaake meeeeeee oooooon



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Next doodle will probably be Deku and Nensu in mathing shirts and Hiems and Momo in suits.
Don't ask why I thought up of suits.
Oooh, okay then. Time to come up with a plan.

Midoriya flinched in surprise as Nensu turned his face to her direction, his eyes closed tight as he felt contact on his lips. There it was- she kissed him again. After a second of dead silence on his brain, he started functioning normally again, picking up Nensu's offer a beat late.
"The... mall?"
He repeated. It wasn't a bad place to be. There were all kinds of stores gathered in the area, so whatever they wanted to do it was not much of a problem. Simply, the possibilities were endless. There was no reason to say no.
Midoriya said without hesitation.

"I'm fine."
Hiems said. Noticing the concern in her look, he continued stroking her hair. It was just a little remainder- nothing to be worried about. Unless he was actually breaking down inside, which he wasn't.
"Stop worrying about it, will you?"
I got an idea.
What if the two couples meet at the MALL?!

Should my villain gang be related to the League of Villains in any way for the plot, or should they be a completely different guys(though they mighr cross paths some time) threatening the heroes from another side?
Either ways they will mostly be a part of a small subplot there for a bit of character development and showing off new skills Hiems spotlight and stuff. Less dangerous than the League in general.
Just by having this little time of messing around with each other, Midoriya felt relaxed, and generally mesmerized by Nensu. With an accepting little squeak, Midoriya smiled and let her thumb gently stroke his hand. He tried to continue thinking about their happy future together, but the constant show of affection was making his romantically awkward mind occupied. Midoriya closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment of love Nensu gave him.

Hiems said as Momo’s arms rose up around his back. The boy pulled back slightly and stared down at the girl, noticing the blush on her face. He reached for her head and gently stroked her hair.
“Now that we got that over with, why don’t we go outside and grt you some fresh air? I didn’t really clean up my room today.”
Maybe he was just being honest. Or the change in mood made him want a little walk outside, even if his back would hurt every now and then.

Another member of the villain gang has a grudge against Aizawa. He's a dropout of UA, about a year or two older than the crew, and Aizawa dropped him out of the school. He's been holding a grudge against the teacher ever since about it, and ended up all the way in the bottom of the villains.
He also has an obsession of 'countering' Aizawa.
More random news: I might start drawing short "abridged" series based on my pointless OOC rambling OOC conversations and IC happenings, twisting and distorting the events to make it look like a total mess.
some nice family moments. :]

And I might introduce Hiems' sister at some casual arc, if it can happen.
just on the day when Momo decides to use the window again

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