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2 mos ago
Current I have an unhealthy preference of having the urge to drink smoothies and eat hotdogs. And I'm all out of baked beans.
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2 mos ago
anyway what are yall beautiful brigands up to
2 mos ago
if you remember me posting gibberish on the status board you are old and so am I
4 mos ago
Hey guys, Alty here with eight simple steps. That's right, with these eight simple steps, you too, can take Vorkuta.
5 mos ago
I ate some food today it was great
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I have done rhe thinkable

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Ayyy lmaooo

Is there room for more?

also take this cut animal vid yall

may the light be with you and something
Is it too late to say i never played any FF games and just know the memes
I go away to binge watch Inferno Cop and a new page is built

zamn yall very hyped for this
techinically speaking if you destroyed the planets of the solar system we wouldn't have a planet to stand on
Please don't destroy the world
In Soup Man's case he goes gamer mode and starts beating his drum very intensely so that his allies are extra motivated.
Game wise it'd be like putting a bit of aggro on himself and giving his allies attack buffs
it's not too late guys, we can all make a Vagrant and form a House Squad
I'll upload the reference pic later, I gotta sleep for now.

I have added in the reference pic and additional appearance description that describes the colors.
Other than my very belated reference image my sheet is pretty much complete
and it looks quite lackluster compared to other sheets lmao
A party of Vagrants but their weapons combined assembles a house
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