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Current I have a flu, I have an AlternateMan, Uh, IGOTAFUCKINGFLU. Sorry, won't be able to reply that much for the next few days to everyone
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When you try to sing Queen songs but can't hit the notes
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A casual early morning at school, just a bit foggy and cold... *sirens sound* o shit
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By far I've seen meaningful things go up on this section of the profile. Introductions, or some stuff about anything else you can get a lesson from.

May the meme guide you.

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I can’t really reply rn but here, have this.

The explosion went off from his hand, sending shock and a wave of heated air against Bakugou's face. Even in the short storm of heat, he kept his eyes open in track of his opponent's movement. He saw a flash of red and silver slide below him. The boy flinched, surprised by the sudden choice of move Nensu had decided to execute. His reflexes reacted with a blast toward the floor, but it missed and hit the cold concrete floor. Bakugou growled and turned around as pieces of concrete hit against his chest and arm. The girl was putting up quite a fight, and it wasn't too bad. Bakugou fired two short bursts of explosions at her.

Without much time for Nensu to calm down her frightened mind, her turn to fight again had approached. Midoriya said farewell to the girl as she disappeared out the infirmary door to the arena. They had just saved themselves from a big disaster, and the damage was lingering, but the Festival still had to progress. All Midoriya could do was cheer for her. He nervously clenched his fist. There was no screen to look at the Festival in the infirmary, so he had to sit and wait there without a clue of what was going on.


Small explosions sprouted from Bakugou's hands. His ever angry eyes were fixed on Nensu, ignoring the half frozen stage with pieces of ice littered all across the arena. Their battle, the final one of the first grade Sports Festival, was seemingly coming to an end after countless clashing between the two. The ash blonde teen raised his hands and pointed them at the girl. One last shot would do it.
"Pretty good job laating this much, half and half."
He spat out.
but what if he wants to
Okay then! Seems fair enough.
Should I skip to the post battle do you wanna see how the fight goes?
Mmmmmmmmmmm. I can picture that.
And Midoriya's there?
Awww. Too bad.
So what happens after the infirmary? A little explosion man vs Nensu fight?
OwO lovely.

Meanwhile Momo has to drag Hiems around
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