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Current I successfully made a Frozen 2 reference that is also a Borderlands 2 reference.
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Odin the Omnipotent
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Alty man, Alty man, cringing at the status fam. Posting memes, music refs, anyway he's pretty dank.
Look out, here comes the Alty man.

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Ah. Okay. :D
Are we still here
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Not much is done. Sorry for that.
Working for an organization against the giant monsters as a soldier that fights giant monsters was a tiresome job. But it also yielded interesting stories to tell people about, like watching two giant monsters fight. Or shooting at an angry monster.
Being assigned to guard a super secret group of monster-human hybrid teenagers... even if he was allowed to spill the ideas, it sounded quite crazy of an idea.

As his ride finally touched the ground, Mir let out a small sigh of relief. In this violent rain, with the possibility of one of those Tenshi's showing up in the middle of their ride, they made it without a scratch. Cool, very cool.

Soldiers who carried cargo unloaded the equipments out of the ship as the hatch opened. Mir, however, stayed behind. As the major approached, he answered with a salute and stepped aside so she could talk to the kids.

The operative waited as the Zasshu's and the Major got used to each other, ready to follow.
I shall try to post soon.
Name: Sting Raymos
Race: hooman
Gender: male
Age: 27
Height: 174cm
Weight: 82kg
Sting is a flirty, jolly person. Anyone he finds interesting gets the chance of him flirting with them. He is more into following his heart than follow an order.

-“Bedtime Story”: an estoc Sting looted from an opponent. Sturdy, sharp, good for stabbing exposed points between armor.
-Sea’s Song: A knife Sting got from a man in a seaside village.
-Tide Splitter: A magic harpoon that can fly at high speed underwater. Stolen from the Order’s armory.
-Shark’s Jaw: A sword breaker dagger.

Magic Artes:
-Poseidon’s Breath: Water mana arte that allows him to breathe underwater.
-Charybdis Arrow: Fires a high pressure jet of water, effective up to 10 meters. Strong enough to cut through metal, but requires water to shoot,
-Pacific Steed: Summons a water horse to ride. Sting named it “Butt Stallion”.

Sting is a notorious operative, an assassin known for his skills. There are a handful of people who claim to be him.
He is wanted by the Order and the Pastorian Empire for his crimes.

Trivia: (optional extra info)


Nice. Also am I clear to post Mir’s cs on the cs section?
Ah. Then Mir would be trained for other firearms like rifles as he works in the field mostly?
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