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Current I think I'll be carrying out actual replies after the exam. Sorry folks.
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Not a problem when you can hardly make a good character lololol.
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D&D books are here. >:]
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Random pointless villain design report: I gotta study more wacky hairstyle.
Exam is coming, you know what that means?
More creativity blocks and less posting.
The shopping village came into the hunter's eyes, and a number of draugr mindlessly wandering had him reach for the gun stuck carelessly on his hip. Then, just as he was about to pull it out of its place, Mesmund spotted the giant, and slowly pulled his hand off the weapon. No need to startle the big guy just to handle the little ones. That's just more trouble. The hunter held his position, watching the demons stride... and an eagle came. Its shriek directed the draugr, leading the lesser demons away from the area. What a sight, it was just what he needed for his day. He would've appreciated more if the demon dragged the giant one away too, but perhaps that was just asking for too much. Mesmund shrugged and observed the slumbering terror in front of him. There was ice around the area, on trees, buildings, the floor, everywhere. Since the zombie demons didn't use any ice powers, Mesmund guessed that the giant must have done the work. Or something else that paid a visit, if it wasn't the slumbering demon.
"Might as well find out."
He told himself, and carefully trotted up to the giant. He pulled out his gun and poked its head with it, surely and strongly.
"Wake up buddy, it's past dawn and you have some cleaning to do."
He grumbled at the monstrosity.
<Snipped quote by AlternateMan>

But, I'm sure that you have a lot of ideas.

Perhaps the Sports Festival or First Kiss?


Alrighty then. >:]
Still need to catch up with season 3, finished up to the All Might fight tho.
Is there any specific doodle you want me to draw or something?
Midoriya's mother gasped as Nensu slowly took the boy's hand. She watched as Midoriya's face slowly heated up to bright red from embarrassment, almost as if she was trying to embed the moment into her brains. She then took the free hand of Nensu and looked at the dual haired girl in the eyes.
"Please take care of little Izuku well."
She said, and let go. Though the lady had been worried about her son and his reckless injuries, seeing that he had someone to rely on and stand beside, she felt relieved. Her concern was that he'd have to go through all this trouble alone, far off from his mother, but so far, he was going well. Seeing him hurt still made her chest ache, but how he was doing cut off a portion of the pain. She could finally manage to smile again.
Midoriya gingerly wrapped his fingers around Nensu's hand.
"'s fine, we always look after each other."
He said.

Hiems sighed. It was like the boy was drawing all the trouble to himself. Ever from USJ, where he broke his finger, to when he encountered that hero killer-though he didn't see the fight himself, he saw the injuries and figured it was a very strong foe- and now the leader of the League of Villains himself having a talk with him.
"They've got the guts to pull out big plans in times like this, when Japan's symbol of Peace stands tall."
He said.
"And for Midoriya... I honestly don't know. It's almost like he himself is pulling trouble."

A bit of a lore to how Hiems lives before dorms happen.
Also this is completely pointless, but I am building a security company lore based on MHA universe.
Pointless brainstorming for now, theres no place to put it.

And I think I have one idea I didn't draw for Abridged, but I forgot it for now. If I remember it it will happen. If I don't...
Well, something else will. Something like intense Midoriya family talk.
If I didn't mention I like the minor height difference of Midoriya< Nensu.

Also Hiems is 188 cm tall or something, so that makes him a bit taller than Momo.

Little height differences are cute.
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