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Current Will be on hiatus. School starting and stuff. I’ll try to reply as much as I can. See you at December 2020
27 days ago
Beep. Boop. Beep. Robot noises.
28 days ago
*sips car engine* Just another day at the status bar.
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What’s this? A shameless self advertisement?

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After a good amount of sleep for the night, Mycel was ready for action. Following the teacher's instructions, or whatever she said, Mycel walked over to his locker like many other classmates did and opened it. Inside was the costume he had asked for. Yellow training suit top with a pair of moldy green pants. Both with openings here and there for unexpected mold attacks.
Mycel's face widened into a grin few minutes later, as he put on his costume and flexed his arms around. This wasn't cool like many costumes you saw-no gadgets, no unique design- but you can easily make a substitute, and it was simple and cool. And Mycel didn't like having countless tools sticking on his costume anyways.
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Wow, a lot of things going on.
If I'm accepted, how should I jump in?
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@AlternateManI take it you drew the pics yourself? also got a theme idea for your char? i'm only asking due to the themes tend to somehow let me get a feel of a char somehow lol

Yesm I drew them. O.o not much of a good quality drawing.
Also, a theme song for old man Carbo? Lemme hear!
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@AlternateMan 2nd pic is broken and for a medieval world he's up their in age but would be called a wise veteran as it is due to his age lol

Found a mistake, fixed. Image should be there now.

Yeah, he a bit old but still buff and good to go. Though not ‘wise’-he’s kind of a battle freak(quite like the description of Blood Knight in TVTropes).
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@Azure Sea

How does this look?
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Fine for me, I’ll try to write a cs asap.
In Mirror Worlds 29 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Might be interested in this. Any room left?
Mycel stared as Kiyoshi intercepted him, explaining about a little get together party he’d throw so the class can get to know each other. Mycel nodded as the boy finished. Of course there was going to be a party. And Mycel wasn’t going to miss it.
“Of course there should be such an event. BRING IT ON.”
He said.
Mycel was busy cleaning up the mess he and his mold clones made, which was bits of mold on the floor here and there. He missed the news of a fellow student suffering a heart attack from overusing his quirk.
"A bit more..."
Mycel was poking the gym floor with his finger, letting the little pieces of mold crawl back to its user. After a minute or so of keeping the awkward posture, Mycel was done with the cleaning. He jumped and straightened his back, soon heading off for the dorm himself.
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