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Current People made their chars unique by keeping things they must get over to develop. To make mine unique I gavd them none.
5 hrs ago
Maybe we could "communicate" about what terms we must use.
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6 hrs ago
You don't need a deep philosophical question to start an adventure. You just need an army of demons. And one dude pissed off to the edge of hell with a chainsaw in hand.
1 day ago
And my guy is not gonna get it
1 day ago
Tmw you're desperate not to give your char a ship
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What’s this? A shameless self advertisement?

Besides from some shameless advertising of a DA account filled with meaningless things.
I have nothing else to say.


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What do you mean bad feelings? We're gonna deal with some parasite abusing baddies and walk away from an explosion! Surely none of our cast will be mortally wounded or be infected by the killer blob parasites!
Midoriya grinned to himself while looking away as Nensu inspected the menu biting her fingernail. Boy was she adorable when she did that. He was in his own world for a short moment, the image of Nensu repeatedly appearing in his head, along with the memory of her kissing his cheek back at the entrance exam coming back to life. It took a few seconds for his mind to pop back to the real world.
"Oh! I'll... I'll have the same thing!"
He made their orders to the clerk and waited for the ice creams to come.
Here, take some casual theme for the meantime

Some vanilla ice cream and a handful of his shy smile.
"Oh, of course they are!"
Midoriya nodded in agreement. Vanilla was a mild, and one of the best flavors one could choose of all the flavors the stores were to offer. Midoriya looked at the menu, spotting a classic vanilla on the menu with variations which were mostly combinations with other flavors. He wanted to try so many of them, and couldn't make up his mind. He glanced back at Nensu again. Maybe he'd go with whatever Nensu chooses.
"So... what's your choice?"
I know Nensu's favorite ice cream flavor now.
Scared? You should be.
No vanilla ice cream shall survive.
one of his purposes is giving Hiems a hospital tour
Midoriy shook his head. If he took her out for a date, then he should be able to handle this situation well. He took a deep breath, his eyes closed, then stared at Nensu straight in her eyes. He tried to keep eye contact while his face turned red every millisecond. He managed to move his mouth a few seconds later.
"I... I'm fine. Let's eat hear. I mean, here."
He said.
Panic, pure panic in his head. Asides from the fact that he actually asked a pretty girl out for a date some new strange feeling in his guts were driving the boy nuts. It was weak and mild, but new and wild enough to confuse-and possibly terrify- the innocent teenager.
"Wh... what's your favorite flavor?"
Before I write any more of shy Deku tekka look at this boi
Or man

Vekt has a sister named Scal.
*badum tsss*
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