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Out of nowhere I just got a flashback of Filthy Frank Anime Opening. For no reason. How and why?


By far I've seen meaningful things go up on this section of the profile. Introductions, or some stuff about anything else you can get a lesson from.

May the meme guide you.

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bald, just like Saitama
Puff at most times, down at... I don't know. Romantic events or something?
Maybe at Sandwich Sundays.
And Hiems has his hair magic off for the Sports Festival(he forgot to do it).
I don't know if which looks better so uhhh
Depending on which hair style you choose Hiems will have his hair changed.
Or he'll keep doing that puffy hajr stuff no matter what.
Hiems blinked. He blinked again. He obviously missed Iida's warning and almost let go of Todoroki, breaking the cavalry. Luckily he didn't. He gripped hard and he stayed calm. Still, his lazy empty gaze was dumbfounded for a moment as Iida activated a momentary super speed with his engines. 'Well, that was fast.' He thought to himself. Then a cheer erupted from the audience. Hiems didn't bother to look at the scoreboard, but knew something happened. Probably something about Todoroki taking that headband.

Midoriya froze in confusion for a moment. What was that? He never knew they had a way of moving so fast. He was completely dumbfounded, took off guard by a secret weapon that one of the cavalry had hidden up their sleeve. And the only headband he had was in their hand.
Present Mic yelled out in just the right timing. Midoriya pushed himself to recover fast. They were locked in the ice walls with each other. He had no headband left to defend. The only choice was to attack and reclaim the headband, no matter what. For once he had to use his quirk. Midoriya gulped as he stared into Todoroki. This was a risky plan.
"...we should try attacking, take back the headband. It wil be one chance for us."
He said.
You saved me.

I tried naming ships based on quirks.
Hiems and Momo's quirk are hard to match.
I can't think of a good way to mix ice and fire with punching at the strength of 9 anime people.
Names it is.
DekuNensu and....
only through battles will the ships happen
Ooh, neat.
and Hiems will spectate, aka sleep, during the whole battles
Should Yaoyorozu confront Hiems then?
Thinking of it we haven't planned the tournaments.
I might be interested.
"Oh, right. Can't risk that to happen again."
Hiems answered. Others seemed to realize too- back at the training Nensu's "odd" behavior was shown widely to the whole class. They were lucky to have had only a few of them back then. Something like that happening in a wide opening like this with even more people was just a disaster.
"Man, that's hard. I hate complicated situations."
Kaminari complained.

"My pleasure."
Tokoyami answered Nensu. Dark Shadow rised again in front of him as the cavalry faced Todoroki's group. They couldn't run any further away without giving them a free chance to attack. Even if they went airborne again, having Yaoyorozu on their back wasn't very settling. Then, having Nensu on their side meant Todoroki couldn't charge in so easily. Still, he had to think of the worst. Midoriya gulped as he raised his arms. 'The image of the egg not exploding...' he told himself.
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