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Mycel stayed seated at the table, his head cocked slightly to the side, until he noticed Koharu looking at him, waiting for him to stand up.
“Oh, right, it’s my turn.”
He said as he pulled himself up. He straightened his back and let out a grunt as if he were an old man. He cracked his neck and walked up to Koharu.
“Well, I’m here.”
Mycel stared at Edith.
“Well, not all heroes are good or bad.”
Mycel said, both hands with their index fingers unfolded, each facing opposite directions.
“Some can be ones with heroic spirits and stuff..”
His right hand spun excitedly.
“And some others just want fame and stuff.”
His left hand perked up violently. Mycel shrugged as he looked between the two.
“I’d say the good or bad depends on your opinion.”
He said, retrieving his arms.

When Edith expressed her curiosity for others’ quirks and the excitement for the test, Mycel wore a mischievous grin. His quirk wasn’t some flashy or destructive quirk, but he could surely put up a show in some cases. He gathered his hands and fixed his head over them, supporting his head with triple colored hair in it and his mischievous grin as wide as ever, as if he were a villain in a tv show plotting evil.
“Oh, you’ll enjoy the show.”
He said in a cliche villain-like tone.
"Physical test?"
Mycel said. Hs pulled his head back, and raised an index finger.
"Physical. Test?"
He let out a sigh and let his arms dangle around to the gravity. He stared at the ceiling as if he was sucked of his soul. Right after lunch? Must a school be so cruel?
"Well, sounds interesting enough."
Mycel said as he sprung back to life after a few seconds of nothingness. He scratched his chin. If they had to do one, what would it be?
"I wonder what's waiting for us."
Mycel followed Edith's happy atmosphere, nodding his head as the girl bobbed around. That was, until, the girl said the last sentence. 'As far as they're alive'? What was this, a dark themed anime? Mycel's right eyebrow slowly increased its altitude.
"Yes, most certainly."
He said soon after, nodding. At least it was pretty much right.
Upon hearing the girl’s insane laughter, Mycel answered it with an equally mad laughter, only a bit more quiet, and mischievous. Edith was quite a bright, and mad-he wasn’t sure if she was mad the way he was for now- girl, and he liked that. His hand slowly reached towards the girl’s stiffly extended hand.
“My pleasure, Edith Row.”
He shook the hand. Up and down. And then released it.
“Ah, always good to have new friends. Isn’t it right?”
He said, partially to Edith-and partially to himself.
My Hero Academia: Friendship is Madness
Mycel retracted his face as the girl poked his face. Quite surprised by her action, he pulled his torso backwards and slowly pulled his head back up to place. Raising an eyebrow, he raised his arms into a shrugging position, but with his shoulders not raised, and the palms facing up.
“Why, thank you. Not many likes ‘odd’ people around them.”
Mycel said, spinning his index fingers around, pointing at both sides over and over. His eyes rolled with them, only facing the opposite direction to the fingers. His focus returned to the girl as he was done with the small action.
“So. Haven’t really heard your name, have I?”
He said, one eye wide and one eye not, his head cocked slightly to the left, his left arm stretched slightly to the side.
“What’s good about cheese? A slice of cheese in good condition can make the day a lot better.”
Mycel said, looking at the girl who lowered her head on the table once again, shaking his index finger in the air with every word he said in the second sentence. For him, it was a nonsense question-cheese was his favorite food. And it could make a meal much better. Noticing another student talking to him, he turned to the boy and made the most graceful bow he could without touching the food and sitting on a chair.
“Mycel Fung, at your service.”
He said.
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