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Let there be drums, there were drums. Let there be guitars- there were guitars. Oh, LET THERE BE ROCK!
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27 people in a discord only rp server. I'm afraid I'll miss twelve arcs every time I go to sleep. Thankfully I'm not in such a ball of chaos.
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What’s this? A shameless self advertisement?

Besides from some shameless advertising of a DA account filled with meaningless things.
I have nothing else to say.


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Bringing this thread back from the afterlife as I could use a partner or two.
In Mirror Worlds 29 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
<Snipped quote by AlternateMan>

I suppose if we must

Which brings up the subject: I haven't chosen the timing to appear on the rp yet.
In Mirror Worlds 29 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Do I count too?
I'm here.
“That was some fight.”
Mycel muttered to himself as he walked into the cafeteria. He flexed his arms and frowned. He wiggled his left arm for a moment, and spat out a shard of hardened blood on his hand.
“Nyeh. Some missed fragment.”
He said and threw it away.
“So, to say, an epic fight. Who’s next anyways?”
He walked over to his classmates with his ever out-of-mind smile.
Mycel shrugged, kicking away shards of hardened blood away-and also spitting a small shard out of his guts- and showing the teacher an unsure look.
"Well, I was penetrated by blood structure in my mold form, but I got it all out so.... I guess I'm still alive?"
He said.


After a good amount of sleep for the night, Mycel was ready for action. Following the teacher's instructions, or whatever she said, Mycel walked over to his locker like many other classmates did and opened it. Inside was the costume he had asked for. Yellow training suit top with a pair of moldy green pants. Both with openings here and there for unexpected mold attacks.
Mycel's face widened into a grin few minutes later, as he put on his costume and flexed his arms around. This wasn't cool like many costumes you saw-no gadgets, no unique design- but you can easily make a substitute, and it was simple and cool. And Mycel didn't like having countless tools sticking on his costume anyways.
Wow, a lot of things going on.
If I'm accepted, how should I jump in?
@AlternateManI take it you drew the pics yourself? also got a theme idea for your char? i'm only asking due to the themes tend to somehow let me get a feel of a char somehow lol

Yesm I drew them. O.o not much of a good quality drawing.
Also, a theme song for old man Carbo? Lemme hear!
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