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I caught a cold two weeks ago and it decided to leave an aftermath that makes me cough every time I try to talk. Not so bad when you don't have friends to talk to.
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Eyes up, guardian
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I'm running out of things to litter on the satus board except old meme songs.
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I require memes

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Too lazy to do an Abridged episode featuring Hiems
I'm just gonna pull out random Midoriya and Nensu stuff, don't ask why
Looks cool!
Eyy lmao

I thought it was supposed to be winter, it was like 25 degrees celcius around here. Which is an average spring or summer day.
Hiems' quirk is definitely not based off of real life struggles
Also I need to draw Nensu in an oversized scarf. Don't ask why.
I'll probably skip to the summer camp after your post. All good?
Midoriya remembered that the little suggestion wasn't just between him and her. Shoto would have to come into consideration, and meeting his mother-who was the one to suffer from Endeavor most- might not bring back so good memories. He hoped not.
"Right. We... should at least try asking him... right?"
He suggested. This might be a chance for the twins to ease down their scars possibly. If not, then at least it'd be a nice family reunion. He wanted to help them have a nice moment. Hang out a bit with Nensu in the meantime, maybe get himself introduced to her mom. Nice little things.

Hiems followed Momo outside the station, temporarily dumbfounded from her suddenly taking his hand again. That was quick.
Probably the summer camp.
Let's skip a non-descript fan service for once
So, what was supposed to happen next?
Exam ends tomorrow, yay!
Not to mention I caught a cold a day before exams began.
Your long not-so-awaited random hero academia partner shall return soon!
I still haven't drawn any Abridged episode please don't block me
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