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But what if the exam dabs back at you?
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Exam ends at incoming Friday.
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so uhhh hate to interrupt but I got more evil plans for the future

I am seriously considering making Deku faint at some point. >:3
I looked at the calendar and realized the exam was two weeks away.
That means I shall be even less posting, unless I decide to give up and doodle instead.

....I hope I don’t.
Bit of romance for Nensu and Deku will come too, the Momo’s imagination one was the first to strike my mind.

Whoops, didn't upload the few last pages I drew in a hurry. My bad.

I saw the edit, I couldn't find any critical changes and I don't know if I missed any.
Mesmund reached for the bell on the handle of the bike out of boredom. The ring was like a weak scream of a sick, dying chicken-simply not satisfying. It was a long trip to Camlann city on an old bike, with nobody but him and his little demon friend to talk to, and the road. He might’ve seen some demons as he passed, but the hunter was too concentrated on pedaling the bike that he could ignore those creatures waiting to be slain. In his mind was a simple static, a result of over an hour of going through streets and highways on the ancient bike he had been keeping for an unknown reason.

“This is taking ages.”
He complained to himself just when the sign to Camlann city appeared in front of him. The man-devil shrugged. What an appreciable timing. Just then, he felt something bulging out of his shoulder. His demon friend’s avatar. It made no sound, but the thoughts were audible in his mind. Usual reminders not to get himself killed, and the questioning of his goal at this city. They may have talked about that more than a few times on their way there, only Mezz couldn’t pull out a straight answer. A random broker suggested? Not valid. Some fresh air? He always roamed around. Maybe it was some unexplainable destiny calling him.
“Hell, maybe there would be the fast food chain of my life there waiting for me.”
He told himself. Possibilities were endless.
Midoriya flinched. He could feel his heart literally skip a beat as he felt contact from behind him. When did she get behind him, and how did he not notice? Was she seriously hugging him? The boy nearly died to a heart attack when he felt Nensu’s cheek land on his shoulder. His hands instinctively reached for her arms that were locked around his waist, resting on them as his face lit up like an erupting volcano. Then he squeaked. Nensu made a revolutionary move every now and then, and it was too fast for his mind to process it in a sane state. It was as if fumes were escaping from his mouth as his mind went on static for the next few seconds.
He said.

“So, uhhh.”
Hiems diverted his attention back to the store. Did she notice what he just did? He hoped not.
“Anything you want to buy?”
He said. He tried to look calm as he reached over to his hair and tidied it up. All the action wasn’t helping him keep the usual careless look, and only let the girl know that he was definitely awkward, and embarrassed for that little move he failed to execute so proudly.
Did Nensu just give Deku a hug from the back?

Too bad, he died from a heart attack. End of My Hero Academia. :P
This fight will probably end as Nensu and Midoriya winning. unless you suggest a surprise tactic Momo can pull out, and save her boi like the hero she is
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