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Current @crystal what can I say, I'm a Black Eyed Pea
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Does Bakugan count
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Eyyyy kid wanna see some eldRriTtch bLAST
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All the other kids with the roundhouse kicks
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The hell is a laser kiwi
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I'm gonna fill this section to the brim with my self produced edgy quote things
Like seriously its useless info
-4;49 AM is best for edgy quotes and remembering regrettable life decisions
-Well made guacamole is bad for your waist line
-I keep typing waist waiste, is that common?
-Anime girls.
-It's not 4 am yet but good enough to add on to this unholy list
-Fresh avocado required
-What should I eat for dinner tomorrow?
-do you ever have mii theme stuck in your head at 3am
-you came all the way into my profile to read nothing but shower thoughts and immature comments. Interesting.
-I want more corn salad.
-ATLA is neat so far
-I like talking to myself in two barely different voices.
-ATLA is neat so far
-you know, I just realized this is more or less prime cringe material. But that's the exact reason this is going on.
-Mashed potato in sandwich is nice.
-So, ya like jazz?
-my sleep schedule is uncomfortably uncomfortable
-Mother of all omelettes
-Omelettes. I googled it.
-If you ever want to rp with me trust me you don't I watch anime and eat doritos but not with mountain dew but with milk
-trust me you don't wanna hit me up, I'd rather tell you my dubway sandwich combo, I wish they added marinara sauce to the choices here tho
-Chocolate chip cookies mmm
-Learning from mistakes is important. I keep learning it the hard ways. So make sure you do good when playing Dark Souls games.
-anime girls with big guns?
-mmmmm sugar glazed donuts
-like seriously, your fingers gonna get dugary but still, mmmmmm
-I dunno if milk goes well with it but its decently good, just less strong compared to the sugar
-just plain sugar glazdd is good, I dunno bout filled ones tho never tried much
-sugar glazed donuts, man I gotta work out to stay alive
-the hell is the INTP thing
-Beastars is fun but I'm not a furry
-sometimes I think, do I like pineapple pizza?
-Seriously though, Beastars is just so good
-Still not a furry
-this IS a JoJo reference
-metal man metal me a metal
-but if we are here, then what about there?
-love does not conquer, what conquers would be violence eith the mask of love
-laugh but with sympathy, chocolate chip cookie but with milk
-become anime girl ride giant robots
-I swear if you post that lyric again I'm going to write a shitty rap
-I had a shrekless childhood, maybe watching it whennI was like 7 or something mighta changed something I guess
-old habits may die hard but that leaves me live hard
-they fly now?
-resident baby dragon doodler
-We Are ODST trailer is best way to get ODST hype in your veins
-Giving them back their memes
-Nutrition is a joke, calories are an illusion. Eat borgar
-having one of the bands I like get cancelled is an interesting experience
-I've seen dank be used for what it actually means recently, it felt new
-bonless ham
-you came here with your free will, you deal with the consequences now hahahhahahhahahhahhahah
-update after a long silence, I still am cringe.
-I want some sugar glazed waffles. Is that a thing?

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Look up "Tifa Italian senate". There's your context.
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I be sp00king your page!

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*Arrives wiff maple cream cookies an cheese poofs an Astaria Oakvane the wizard* QwQ
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*Sits on your keyboard.* You see the thing is ... ( > u ˯u)> ... yis
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How dare you mention dingoes! Dingoes ate my parents!
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Thank you for the help my good sir! If you are ever in need of an ex-villainess assassin gone good for love (or something less cliche) do let me know as you shall have first dibs! FIRST DIBS I SAY!
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Not leaving without dropping off a message this time...

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I once saw a screen shot of a text message, it read "Hewwo! X3 It's me, your Uner Dwiver! Watashi waiting for you :3" and the response was just "I'LL WALK"
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join mortal
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Isekai is afterlife
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are all of your status updates shitposts
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I'm on your profile, judging your cringe!
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I sees you lurking.

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