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6 days ago
Current That moment when you a notification on an interest check for an RP that never started, so you hope the would-be-DM finally returned, but it ain't them.
14 days ago
Adding my two cents on the matter of the Mulan movie, personally I think the movie isn't bad-looking but it really detracts from its own story and themes in giving Mulan and some others superpowers.
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25 days ago
That time when you just keep refreshing cause no one in the RPs you're on engages in OOC on their own, and you're waiting for the GM or more players for the rest.
27 days ago
Before or after turning themselves in?
28 days ago
Anyone's death, and that at times law enforcement unjustly causes them are a terrible tragedies. But there is also a lot of jumping to conclusions and misrepresentation. Fight for justice not revenge.


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That's good to hear, that's good to hear. Holding out hope still!
How's it going folks?
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I feel like saying that I appreciate the occasional poke on the RP thread to see how we are doing than just being too completely silent. That being said, how have things been on your end and how is your character personality and backstory going so far.

Glad to hear it! Yeah, a dead OOC is usually a recipe for a dead roleplay, so if nothing else I want everyone to at least see some activity left :)

As for me, I'm a little stuck. Like I've got the ideas in my head, but my character sheet has a few reskins and weird concepts I need GM permission to go forward with, and the GM has been absent lately... They are probably just busy with something, not blaming them, just I can't work further on the character until I know that I won't have to redo it all from the ground up.
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All is well on my end.

fine ta

Awesome to hear! :)

Been busy with work and life stuff, but still okay

I see, well it happens. IRL comes first!

How's it going everyone?
Sent the details of the character, just gonna work on solidifying the personality and backstory once the @bacon is fluffy tells me whether the things I wanted for the character are acceptable.
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It would depend on what players are more comfortable with. Voice obviously works faster but play by post can also work if that is what the group prefers.

Well, if you go with play by post you can count on me! Also, since you mentioned level 3-5, I would love to start at least at level 4 if possible (and actually getting to use a feat without a being human for a change...)
Would this be play by post or voice?
Table top tends to be a more unknown and niche in any roleplay forum by my experience. I don't know the exact reasons but I can venture a few guesses:

1. People don't like being tied down to or having to learn a tabletop system. Even extremely simple ones can look overwhelming AND very restrictive at first glance, plus while the former goes away the later is harder to as many effects that people enjoy in freeform roleplay would just utterly break a tabletop system.

2. It's harder than it seems to find a tabletop roleplaying group for more niche systems, much the way finding them for a niche fandom is. However, for both those and more popular ones there is an even bigger hurdle, the need of a GM. GMs don't get characters in tabletops whereas its more common for them to have that kind of participation in freeform. As arguably the most essential person to have for a tabletop game, while at the same time there being an added responsibility far above that of freeform (as it adds managing and knowing the system very well on top of the responsibilities of freeform) AND the fact that for many, not having a character of one's own can make the whole scenario a lot less appealing... it becomes much harder to actually find groups, much less ones that are sustainable.

3. The reasons @rapid reader pointed out probably play a good part in it too.
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