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~Awkward Dialogue~

From the way she spoke, it didn’t appear as though Totsurugi was quite fond of her educational choices- or lack thereof. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the sort of thing one could resolve by bringing it up. What was done was done after all, but that wasn’t of much comfort for the remorseful, and asking why probably wouldn’t do much for either (though from Totsu’s previous mention of her family owning a company, I could somewhat guess what might have happened). It was probably better that I let go of that conversation, so I just left the silence alone until Totsurugi was done fetching the new quest.

“You can’t use your skill? Greyed out? Maybe it’s on cooldown, or maybe there’s some requirement you don’t meet for using it?” Totsurugi seemed to find her answer shortly after, and moved the topic back to my game. Her proposal brought back a grin to my face, and I went to pat her back. “Well, of course I’d love that! What are you even talking about “how else you could help me”, just being willing to do that much is already quite plenty! Having someone there willing to test drive it without making my wallet emptier than SelfTime. Hahahaha! Really though, are you really ok with doing that for me? Cause if you are… man, thank you so much!”

I went for a couple more backpats before giving her some rest from it. We would obviously have to figure out how to set it all up and all, but the picture of it was already forming in my mind… along with that typical dread of showcasing what you’ve come up with. It reminded me of school group projects back when I was young. I always thought of something I could propose, but just thinking of how it would get shut down and everyone would think poorly of me for it… Well, in the end they did anyway because they thought I didn’t contribute (and I never really responded back either), and ended up dropping their work on me too for “compensation”.

I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when Totsurugi declared it was time to move on to the next quest after fiddling with her menu for a bit.

“Oh, right, the next objective. Which one is it?” I tilted my head slightly in her direction.

“It says here it’s called…” Totsurugi looked at their menu again. “The Practice Grounds.”

“Ah, yes, that one. Man that guy’s insufferable. Don’t attack him outside what the quest asks though, or he’ll end up killing you. He is one of those NPCs that’s just way stronger than his level would suggest you know? And even if you did manage to kill him, he takes forever to respawn cause he isn’t supposed to be killed at all, and you can’t do the quest if he isn’t alive.”

With that warning spoken, we departed towards the training grounds. It wasn’t that long a “journey”, maybe five minutes walking, but even so that awkward silence was something that built up quickly. I had to say something, if nothing else than just to break that tension.

“So, uh, do you have any siblings Totsurugi?”

She didn’t respond immediately, instead made a fate guise of looking away thoughtfully, while ever so slightly biting her lower lip. I opted not to comment on it.

“Yeah, I’ve got a younger brother. I bet you’d love him. He always does what he’s told. My parents sure do.”

Crap. I probably hit a sore spot, her voice was a much harder pressed than usual. I looked ahead, we were pretty close but not quite there yet. I forced a chuckle.

“Well, I bet he’d just boss me around like the rest of the folks that were supposedly under me.” I gave Totsu a grin.

“Yeah. I still got dibs on bossing you around first though.” She rubbed an elbow on me teasingly. “Sorry if I got all moody, sometimes I just think they forget there is an older si-”

The sound of the next quest objective interrupted her, popping the message in front of her as we arrived at our destination.

Practice Grounds
-Enter the Training Grounds and listen to Laíg’s explanation 0/1

The training grounds. They had an admittedly different feel from the rest of town: Circular steps of stone descending onto a sand field around the size of a soccer field, with a wooden fence around it and some random objects in it. More wood formed pillars at the top of the stairs, holding up ruined banners at the top, and with iron rods closer to the ground, with baskets hanging from them. In the sand there was a looping animation of man repeatedly striking a set of training dummies with his refined silvery rapier, and occasionally doing some variation move like a spin or a jump before striking. He wore a polished onyx-black armor with some elaborate markings over it, in contrast with his windblown orange hair. While his neck and face were visibly thinner than the armor he was wearing would suggest, he still kept his fencing form rather perfect, and had a permanent smug smile stuck to him. As soon as we entered the training grounds,however, the looping animation would cease, and in a single imperceivable strike (read: a lot of flashy lights and little actual movement animated), took down all the dummies. Then the man would turn to us and his smile would drop after a scoff.

“I knew we were a little short handed, but this is what they send me?” As if emerging from the shadows, a small crowd of toy-merged-people in various shapes and sizes gathered on the stone steps of the training grounds. The messy hair dude looked through the crowd, then sighed. “Well, whatever. My name is Sir Laíg, and today you’ll have the honor of competing for the role of my official squire. I will test your mettle with three challenges to see if you are worthy.”

He raised three fingers as he spoke.

“You need only complete these trials with results that impress me. I doubt you can do that much though, so I’ll be generous and lower the bar to “coming close to impress me”. Fail to do so in a single trial and you are disqualified, even if that means none of you will get the position. When the trials are over, the remaining will have duels, PROPER duels, for the honor of becoming my squire. Now I shall move to explain the trials....”

He proceeded to sheathe his sword and search his bag for something, and took out what seemed like an unlit torch. He slowly walking to various points in the sand, and place a torch which was immediately replaced in his hand, but the one left on the ground lit with a different colored flame each time.

“A good squire ought to be able to act quickly, with grace and obediently. For your first trial, you will be given several patterns of colors, and you must go from one torch to the next in the specified order. If I say yellow red green, then you will go from the yellow torch, to the red torch to the green torch. If you fail to follow the order or stray too far from a straight line, you will fail the trial. Furthermore, this trial can only be completed while carrying one of the lances stashed back there.”

Next, he used some sort of spell to create a short hexagonal pillar of stone, about half his height. He then placed a perfectly spherical sapphire on top of it.

“For your second trial, you must demonstrate the manners adequate to a squire. I will ask you three questions. Should you fail to answer them properly you fail the trial as well. Success will allow you to reach the second part, in which you will touch this orb which will project an illusion inside your mind. Within that illusion, showcase the proper manners and you will pass the trial.”

Finally, he unsheathed his sword again and pointed it at the crowd.

“And third, my squire ought to be strong. Normally of course, a knight’s squire ought to be competent at swordsmanship at least, but given the circumstances I will offer even greater generosity this time and permit that anyone who can at least put me on my toes has the right to be my squire. Fear not, I recognize how impossible of a task this is, so I will be giving myself a handicap.”

Practice Grounds
-Enter the Training Grounds and listen to Laíg’s explanation 1/1
-Complete the Three Trials 0/1

~Poor Habits~

I took a hand to my beard and scratched it, pondering on Totsurugi’s words.

“I guess that is a good point. There’s so much to pick, but only so much time one can really explore it. In fact, when one starts there’s no way to even know all the options or to really get a grasp on what you could find. Defeat the bosses in a certain order and you might get a whole class with an entirely different set of skills, it would be pretty hard to keep up with that.” For someone like me, picking out the things that fit my strategy or theme as they came, it didn’t seem like a big deal, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of headaches those really competitive players in those high-up guilds even went through, probably, trying to keep up with all the new things that were constantly being discovered, and all those millions of different little interactions each ability could have in the game. The balance of the game was also pretty out of whack, but it wasn’t like the choices were bad, plus it was all kind of overshadowed by the focus on glitches of high-level play, cheats and counter-cheats if you will. Nonetheless… “It’s definitely a matter to take into consideration. I don’t think one should get rid of this ability to find new skills and abilities by exploring the game, but perhaps it should be less uhm...prominent? Less extensive? Something like that?”

Our little chat had to end momentarily as we entered the store. My later question seemed to prompt Totsurugi to stop and think for just a bit, before explaining his conclusion that she was looking for some manner of manual on how to defeat the other quest’s foe. I grinned and nodded.

“Yep, that’s exactly right! That was some good thinking! Much better than a certain fellow who had to look it up online…” I slowly looked away as my grin grew a little faulty from embarrassment. Even after my little cheating, I still remembered taking quite a bit of time with the whole mini-game in my attempt to track down the book, but it seemed as though Totsurugi had a different thought. I raised an eyebrow as I approached and leaned over her, while her hands fiddled with the insides of the drawers as though they were palping through mud in search of a quarter. I whistled when she “bumped into” the book she was searching for, followed by a small clap from me. “Hahaha, I’d never have thought of that! But ya kinda lucked out this time. You should be careful Totsu, you never know what kind of glitch might show up. Sometimes they only happen for very specific reasons, others are more persistent. Players take advantage of the later all the time, but if you go searching for new ones, you could get stuck on infinite dying loops, or your character could start bugging out, there’s even been players who tried to play with bugs only to find they were botched hacking attempts that connected to their devices instead as a result.”

A moment of awkward silence followed that small exchange, fortunately broken by Totsurugi’s inquiry on my personal life, and my ramble. Even she seemed to have caught on to that bad habit of mine. She chuckled too, reminding me of a certain someone.

“I really should get it under control, shouldn’t I? My daughter used to make fun of me for it all the time too. I just can’t help it though, the thoughts and the worries just flood in one after the other, like I hope she’s ok, it would be nice if she hadn’t gotten involve with any more nasty people like that one bast- Ah, uh, nevermind. Not an appropriate train of thought right now…”

I sighed.

“In any case you’re right. We need to get those thoughts behind us. So, what do you say we get a move on? What’s done is done, but we can still make a better job in whatever we do come tomorrow, whichever kind of tomorrow it may turn out to be in the end.”

“Well, I can’t really tell you everything. I trust you, I really do, but you never know, right? Like you could be hacked or someone might be listen in or you might end up trusting someone with it whom you shouldn’t. If you’d still listen I’d be happy to share some of it, but not all of it, not until I get a more solid deal underway that I can be sure won’t be lost to half-assed plagiarism, get what I mean?” I raised a finger and waved it around a bit as I talked, then I looked up and scratched my beard again. “Now, for the sample, I suppose the logical place to start would be what my project even is or something along those lines, right? So, uh, here goes nothing: I’m working on a VRMMORPG. Actually, it may be more accurate to say I’m designing it. It’s been a hassle, having to deal with those back and forths with the assigned programmer. It’s like one of those public lawyers who for whatever reason barely seem to do their job because they are just assigned as the “option you take if you can’t afford anything better”. You know what I mean? Anyways, I was thinking about this system where you pick classes and as the classes get stronger you can pick between abilities the classes could get, each letting you tap into a different playstyle of the class’s core mechanics. I’ve got some in mind already, races too. I was thinking the races could maybe level up too, or at least get some sort of evolution… But I don’t know how I could implement that yet. What is your first impression, just hearing that? I guess compared to this it probably seems like a really small thing, doesn’t it? Maybe boring or unimaginative even… Maybe my job’s routine is getting to me… all those assignments, always the same thing over and over again, and then I come home, and my wife is…”

~Sharing Thoughts~

“Right... Ah, an hour is it? I suppose we’ve been here for a few already. Sorry about keeping you this long, I just kinda, you know, get a little carried away and loose sense of time. Time flies when you’re having fun, that’s what they say, right?” I rubbed the back of my head, cheeks slightly reddened. Fortunately for me, Totsurugi didn’t seem to make much of a case of it, and we moved along to continue his quest. Ah, but man, I was shaking inside! In the back of my head, I was once more considering all the possible conspiracies and double-meanings under which he might actually not have enjoyed the game so far. All because he suddenly seemed like he’d have to leave. Silly, right?

Aaah, what was I gonna do with myself at this rate…

Well, for now at least, I suppose the right answer would be something along the lines of “don’t screw this up. If you already did, you can at least do your best to not make it any worse”. Just keeping to the same strategy wouldn’t do much for us though. I had to know where to aim before I shot.

“Say, Totsurugi, I know you just started and all, but what’s your favorite part about this game so far? To you.” I inquired as we strolled through the emptied streets occasionally interspersed by random bodies of monsters which the game had yet to make disappear. My legs occasionally kicked the air as I walked as though seeking something to do, and my gaze raised up to the partially hidden perpetual moonlight of this area. “For me it’s all these choices. You just get to choose to be and act as you like. No one has to know, and there is just so much to choose from, so why would they care? There aren’t even wrong choices. There may be better choices, but wrong ones? Nah, nothing’s going to get you stuck forever, and even the worst classes may have that one in a million chance to prove why they are there someday, when the stars align. Even if the weather controls need to glitch for that happen. I mean, it’s Dissonant Steel Online. Sooner or later, everything glitches.”

A kicked a rock into a nearby alleyway with the corpse of one of the monsters still laying next ot it, it’s hand seemingly split in two. The rock flew in an arc above it, but seemingly became stuck while entering the alley, perpetually rotating in place midair.

“See?” I turned to Totsurugi and grinned, chuckling. Then I focused back on our path, and noticed it, the sign on that building we where looking for. “Oh look, we’re here.”

The building was mostly made of rustic wood seemingly painted in a dark blue greyish color which blended well into the darkness. The bits of light from outside the windows allowed for some shine from the yet to dry spilled ink, some of which seemingly came from within the toys lying around with their backs against the walls or the floor. While Totsurugi went ahead, seemingly more focused on the objective for the moment, I stayed behind poking around with things, pulling on drawers (with varying degrees of success due to some drawers not actually existing in the code and therefore being impossible to open) and helping myself to some of the random supplies within the building. They probably weren’t worth that much, but any good gamer is a good hoarder, if they don’t have to worry about using their bag space in an economically sound manner.

Eventually, I grew a little bored of what I was doing and hummed in search of Totsurugi, whom I eventually found within the archive’s space.

“Hey, you’re still looking. What are you trying to find? Do you even know?” if she asked, or if her answer seemed too far off from the real answer, then I’d tell her what the right one was. Otherwise, it would probably be best that she get to experience this part of the game, this exploration and adventure. Totsurugi just kept going right towards things without really enjoying the in-between… I sighed, but suddenly she inquired about my life IRL. I rubbed the back of my head, facing away from her. ”That’s… I, know, I… I’ve just been working on something. A little pet project of mine, well not so little anymore, I’ve kinda just been going at it and they want results, but there is no room and the time and the…. ah my wife’s going to kill me…”

I shook my head and growled.

“Ah, damnit! Sorry, I just started kind of rambling… I guess you’re right, I have been a little stressed out. They are asking something pretty demanding of me and I’ve just been trying to figure out how in the world I’m ever going to make it into the deadline. I guess that’s another point for a game like this, eh? Helping us get our mind off those worries, staving off the nausea for a bit. Not to mention, for this particular project it probably counts as research or something like that. A little less on my mind, or maybe it’s only refreshing because it’s a little different at least. It was a hard pick, the games or the chats. I’m really happy you didn’t make me choose, Totsu!”

I attempted to pat her on the back, though maybe I used a little too much strength.

~In the Meanwhile~

At first, I did stay and watched as Totsurugi held their own against the knight. That sort of marked ground mechanic was a pretty common thing in DSO and other VRMMORPGs like it, but then again from what I understood Totsurugi herself wasn’t familiar with those other games either. Nonetheless, she seemed to be fairing reasonably well, and thus there was no need for me to keep watching like a vulture watching a dying animal. I headed a bit deeper into the woods out of sight, but still staying as sure as I could that I wasn’t in the trapped territory before I opened my menu, pressed that “Local Info” button and began scrolling through.

There were some news on the event today, with info on location sites, some major guilds taking part in it, even some early interviews and adds for a few contests with supposedly exotic prices. Honestly I would have dismissed as a bullcrap if it was in real life, but people were actually far more generous with actually giving those prizes in games. I heard somewhere it had to do with the “etherealness” of the things here, giving up ones and zeros is simply easier than giving up something real, or so they had mentioned. Who was it again? Zhacksneil? Corincorin?

“There is it, local player info… And scan!” I hummed to myself as I waited for the system scanner to show nearby unhidden players. It didn’t tell me their locations, but it could tell how relatively populated the area was. Totsurugi probably wouldn’t reach level 40 in this area, but if there were few players around it was a good opportunity to show them my real avatar. Unfortunately, however… “Five, huh. That’s more and less than I’m comfortable with. Just a few more and they might be here for the dungeon, a few less and the risk of being spotted would be less of a concern. Maybe they’ll go away soon…”

Of course, that still left the question of what to do in the meantime while I waited for that chance. Was there anything of quality to grind around this place?

“Browser, window three, open. Display, show.” With that command, a loading browser window appeared in front of me. It floated just barely in my field of vision, with an adjustable opacity depending on my focus, and when I moved it moved with me. It was being projected directly into my perception, so I was the only one who could see it. Aside from being an extra paid feature, it was a pretty great feature.

I reached out to it and manually typed in the area name and what I wanted to look for. It seemed [Toy Parts] were the most common farming material here, especially due to the rare and epic drops one occasionally found, it really sped up the [clocksmith]’s and [gearmage]’s crafting, neither of which were classes we had. [Undecaying Organs] were also here and [Necrowool].

“I guess we could make a penny with those, but it would take too long. It ain’t worth it.” Come to think of it, I sure hoped those people I saw earlier didn’t think otherwise. I used the scan again. Dang, there was one more person now. The farming option was out of the picture too. Did I have time to go anywhere? Hmmm… probably not. In that case, there was one thing I for sure could do.

Axe resting on my shoulder, I headed off to the path of the second quest. Out the corner of my eye, I noticed Totsurugi was about halfway through that knight’s health. I gave her a thumbs up in silent encouragement, though she probably didn’t see given I was still behind the treeline and she was a tad busy at the moment, but you know, it’s the thought that counts, right?


I reached the actual place after some walking around, and travelling through a few tunnels and through the ruins of a couple of houses. You could attempt to go above ground through the main street instead of taking these passages, but there were flying drones in a macabre imitation of birds, mostly made from pieced together toy airplanes and other aerial-themed playthings with bugs and actual birds. Most of them weren’t anything dangerous and at worst the AI would make them come down and peck you, so even a low level character could easily deal with them. No the real issue were the broken fences always watched by the dragon imitations. If you tried going through that open path you’d be bombarded with a barrage of flames from up above. Even though it looked empty, attempting to get past the fences was a guaranteed death for anyone that wasn’t far overleveled for this zone. Even Beardo would have taken hefty damage.

Well, the main path still kept the creep factor at least. The least disturbing were giant hunchbacked skeletons with hair, thread (from brooms and the lik) or yarn from the heads of mops, all tangled and dangling like algae on someone who just rose from the sea (or a very dirty river). Their fingers were long lines of knives or sharpened sword replicas and the number of eyes they had was truly a roll of the dice. Their extremely thin, grey, shambling, creaking forms like ungreased gates of a cemetery were only made more haunting with the addition of the heavy fog that permeated the place, and if I had it turned on the lingering horror-esque ambient music. Fighting one was no pretty sight either, since they could shift their bodies to instantly face any direction and those malformed bodies gave them a skill which damaged any that came in contact with them, directly or through melee-ranged armor or weapons or even abilities.

It was a pretty well-crafted visual, showing how the staff that made this game really went all out sometimes. At the same time, however… It wasn’t really made for my kind of situation.

“Reflector Stance.” I swung my weapon in a vertical circle in front of me. A red aura glowed around me for a second, alongside a glint in my eyes of the same color.

“Deflector Shield.” I swung my axe in front of me, creating this deep blue glittering bent barrier in front of me, shaped almost like a visor that was taller than me and floated in the air.

“Clear sight.” Sparks flew out from my eyes, and suddenly I was able to see far past the fog. I smirked, crouching down and aiming my axe towards the furthest of the abandletons.

“Ram charge!” I kicked the ground, lighting pushing me against my own barrier which rammed forward. Seemingly sensing my approach, the creatures turned around, only to themselves quickly pushed by my barrier as my charge would continue until I reached the location I was aiming for. Furthermore, my Reflector Stance and Deflector shield combined absorbed and forced back a portion of the damage from the creature’s damage on the shield, which given our relative levels was about 80%. As I reached the other end, that initial group of them was wiped out already, with exception of a couple of the later ones that weren’t hit for long enough to be destroyed by the reflected damage combined with the side damage from the ram. Naturally, I was counting on it. I raised my axe high above my head, as it sparked with lightning.

“Mountain Fall!” I dropped my weapon in front of me, causing the ground to shake and a wave of lightning-covered rubble to erupt in front of me, destroying part of the buildings ahead and creatures caught within the line of effect.


I waved, still partially covered in dust as I returned from my little detour. I was just in time to witness Totsurugi hop out of the enormous chess board. Given there was no angry message about dying because I wasn’t there, and the satisfied look on her face, I surmized my decision to trust her to pull it off on her own wasn’t wrong. I grinned.

“Hope I’m not late!” She told me that she did find it hard after all, but at the same she looked forward to more. I instinctively reached out for her head. “Ho, is that so? Maybe we can tackle the dungeon together once you’re a little above level hehehe.”

I just smiled in silence for a moment. I guess maybe it was a bit intense for a first-timer, but I was glad she was at least enjoying it. Hopefully it was a sustainable thing.

“So, need a rest, or would you like to move to the next one? I cleared the mobs on the way for quest 2, since you don’t really need to deal with them for the quest, you just need to get to the quest point. It’d just be a waste of time. Of course though, it’s also only a matter of time until everything respawns…”


HP: 7/7
Prepped Spells: Identify; Find Familiar; Disguise Self; Charm Person
Conditions: N/A
Lvl1 Spell Slots: 2/2

We moved to a different room after the post-battle exchanges, with no sign of any aid from that Volos gentleman in regards to finding the person I was supposed to meet today. He didn't so much as reply, in fact, he just ignored it and moved to the other room. That said, I didn't have any clues with me, and if I was gonna search I could do it after I heard his proposal. Perhaps he would be in a more favorable mood then to help me.

Tonight's many changes of plans were very much hampering my act, so just to be safe I took a seat nearly on the opposite end of the table from Volo, on the side closest to a wall, not at the head. A kidnapping case, huh. I was told that I was to accept the mission I was asked to do, but that was pertaining to one given by the person I was supposed to meet, I'm pretty sure. Still, there was certainly a fair bit of money on the line, and good repute was good for my client, though if this was indeed a kidnapping it could easily get dangerous. Fortunately, snooping around was in my blood.

I rubbed my temples a bit. Should I take the deal? And in whose name? No, wait, before that I needed to get my priorities in order. I gaze straight into Volo's eyes and cleared my throat.

"There is no doubt that is indeed quite a tempting offer, however as I mentioned previously, I do have some unsettled business I would need to take care of first. My meeting with Obaya Uday. I'll gladly take you up on the offer and assist you in locating- and, if necessary, rescuing- your friend if and when I can make due on my earlier compromises. I do not take my word so lightly as to simply forgo it the moment a more attractive opportunity rears its head."

Interacting With: @lucius cypher
Mentions: N/A
Might Also Want to Read: @skwint @exit @vertigo

Sooooo is this still going

It seems it was never going to begin with.

Milia Crowfort
Lvl 2 Artificer, lvl 1 Paladin Zendikar Vampire (modified)
300 Year Old Loli Background

Chaotic Evil

Personality Traits:
-I make use of every tool I can get my hands on, without waste- and my definition of "tool" is rather broad.

-I hate bullying and such one-sided behavior. I will step up, directly or from the shadows, for the underdog.

-My defeat has taught me the need for tact, so I now approach things from a much more subtle and strategical angle.

-I am curious and interested in the ideas of otherworlders.

-Behind a haughty facade, I am rather more timid.

Prestige- I want to be admired, respected or feared by all.

Righteous Cause- If one is owed something, they have the right to trample on those standing in their way.

Self-sufficiency- The taboos of society do not matter if one has the power to surpass the need for it.

-I will find my spellbook, nomatter what it takes
-After having become isolated in my own mansion, my stuffed animals were the only thing keeping me any sort of company. I cherish them to death.

-Though I have been somewhat humbled by recent experiences, I can still let victory get to my head and flare up my old arrogance.
-I have a deep rooted sense of envy, especially directed at those born talented or powerful.
-I get lonely with ease and finds ways to fill that void.
-I am more childlike and guillable than I would like to admit.

STR: 14| DEX: 10| CON: 14| INT: 18| WIS: 10| CHA: 18
Hit Points: 26
Hit Die: 1d10+2d8
Size: Small
Proficiency Bonus: +2
AC: 18
Speed: 25 Feet (Walking) | 15 Feet (Flying)
Initiative: 0
Passive Perception: 10
Spellcasting Ability: Int
Spellsave DC: 14
Spell Attack Bonus: +6

--Saving Throws
Wisdom, Charisma
Intimidation, Medicine, Persuasion, History
All Armor, Shields
Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Firearms
Thieve's Tools, Tinker Tools, Alchemist's Supplies
Common, Vampire, Undercommon

  • Cantrip: Mending, Fire Bolt
  • 1st Level: Cure Wounds, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Arcane Weapon, Command

-Long Sword (one handed) - 1d8+4 Slashing
-Long Sword (two handed) - 1d10+4 Slashing
-Spear (one handed) - 1d6+4 Piercing
-Spear (two handed) - 1d8+4 Piercing
-Spear (thrown) - 1d6+4 Piercing (60 feet)
-Dagger - 1d4+4 Piercing
-Dagger (thrown) - 1d4+4 Piercing (60 feet)


• Age. Vampires don’t mature and age in the same way that other races do.

• Darkvision. Thanks to your heritage, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

• Vampiric Resistance. You have resistance to necrotic damage.

• Blood Thirst. You can drain blood and life energy from a willing creature, or one that is grappled by you, incapacitated, or restrained. Make a melee attack against the target, using either Strength or Dexterity for your attack roll. If you hit, you deal 1 piercing damage and 1d6 necrotic damage. The target’s hit point maximum is reduced by an amount equal to the necrotic damage taken, and you regain hit points equal to that amount. The reduction lasts until the target finishes a long rest. The target dies if this effect reduces its hit point maximum to 0. A humanoid killed in this way becomes a null.

• Extra Sunlight Sensitivity. You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight. You are also vulnerable to radiant damage.

• Bat Flight. You have a 15 feet flight speed if you are not wearing armor or otherwise encumbered.

  • Divine Sense. The presence of strong evil registers on your senses like a noxious odor, and powerful good rings like heavenly music in your ears. As an action, you can open your awareness to detect such forces. Until the end of your next turn, you know the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet of you that is not behind total cover. You know the type (celestial, fiend, or undead) of any being whose presence you sense, but not its identity (the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich, for instance). Within the same radius, you also detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated, as with the Hallow spell.

    You can use this feature a number of times equal to 1 + your Charisma modifier. When you finish a long rest, you regain all expended uses.
  • Lay on Hands. Your blessed touch can heal wounds. You have a pool of healing power that replenishes when you take a long rest. With that pool, you can restore a total number of hit points equal to your paladin level x 5.

    As an action, you can touch a creature and draw power from the pool to restore a number of hit points to that creature. up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool.

    Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your pool of healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple diseases and neutralize multiple poisons with a single use of Lay on Hands, expending hit points separately for each one.

    This feature has no effect on undead and constructs.

  • Magical Tinkering.At 1st level, you learn how to invest a spark of magic in objects that would otherwise be mundane. To use this ability, you must tinker’s tools, or other artisan’s tools in hand. You then touch a Tiny nonmagical object as an action and give it one of the following magical properties of your choice:

    -The object sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet.
    -Whenever tapped by a creature, the object emits a recorded message that can be heard up to 10 feet away. You utter the message when you bestow this property on the object, and the recording can be no more than 6 seconds long.
    -The object continuously emits your choice of an odor or a nonverbal sound (wind, waves, chirping, or the like). The chosen phenomenon is perceivable up to 10 feet away.
    -A static visual effect appears on one of the object’s surfaces. This effect can be a picture, up to 25 words of text, lines and shapes, or a mixture of these elements, as you like.

    The chosen property lasts indefinitely. As an action, you can touch the object and end the property early.

    You can give the magic of this feature to multiple objects, touching one object each time you use the feature, and a single object can bear only one of the properties at a time. The maximum number of objects you can affect with the feature at one time is equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of one object). If you try to exceed your maximum, the oldest property immediately ends, and then the new property applies.
  • Tools Required.You produce your artificer spell effects through your tools. You must have a spellcasting focus – specifically tinker’ tools or some kind of artisan’s tool – in hand when you cast any spell with this Spellcasting feature. You must be proficient with the tool to use it in this way.

    After you gain the Infuse Item feature at 2nd level, you can also use any item bearing one of your infusions as a spellcasting focus.
  • Ritual Casting.You can cast an artificer spell as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag and you have the spell prepared.
  • Infuse ItemAt 2nd level, you gain the ability to imbue mundane items with certain magical infusions. The magic items you create with this feature are effectively prototypes of permanent items.

    Infusions Known
    When you gain this feature, pick four artificer infusions to learn. You learn additional infusions of your choice when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown in the Infusions Known column of the Artificer table.

    Whenever you gain a level in this class, you can replace one of the artificer infusions you learned with a new one.

    Infusing an Item
    Whenever you finish a long rest, you can touch a nonmagical object and imbue it with one of your artificer infusions, turning it into a magic item. An infusion works on only certain kinds of objects, as specified in the infusion’s description. If the item requires attunement, you can attune yourself to it the instant you infuse the item, or you can forgo attunement so that someone else can attune to the item. If you decide to attune to the item later, you must do so using the normal process for attunement.

    Your infusion remains in an item indefinitely, but when you die, the infusion vanishes after a number of days have passed equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of 1 day). The infusion also vanishes if you give up your knowledge of the infusion for another one.

    You can infuse more than one nonmagical object at the end of a long rest; the maximum number of objects appears in the Infused Items column of the Artificer table. You must touch each of the objects, and each of your infusions can be in only one object at a time. Moreover, no object can bear more than one of your infusions at a time. If you try to exceed your maximum number of infusions, the oldest infusion immediately ends, and then the new infusion applies.

300 Year Old Loli
  • Feature: Childlike Body- Regardless of your race, your body size is small and your base speed is reduced to 25 feet. You do not get any penalties when it comes to carrying or using weapons with the 'heavy' property however. You do not age.
  • Feature: Ancient Being Spells
    Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature

    For you, the spells on the Orzhov Guild Spells table are added to the spell list of your spellcasting class (If you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

    Spell Level Spells
    Cantrip friends, guidance
    1st command, illusory script
    2nd enthrall, ray of enfeeblement, zone of truth
    3rd bestow curse, speak with dead, spirit guardians
    4th blight, death ward, Leomund's secret chest
    5th geas
  • Feature: Common Misconception- Your body and likely many of your mannerisms are so childlike that people can't help taking you for a child, and an adorable one at that. When meeting someone for the first time, they will assume you are a child, and it might even prove difficult to convince them otherwise. This means you could easily pass for one if you'd like, and you might be able to curry some favors from your charm, but it also means you're far less likely to be allowed in certain places or to be taken seriously- by friend OR foe.


GP- 1
SP- 8
CP- 7

-Rusty Mecha-Plate (reskinned chainmail)
-Long Sword
-Fine Clothes

-Tinker's Tools (free)
-Dagger x2
-Sack x4
-Rations (7 days)
-Pole (10 ft)
-Candle x4

In this page, we will have our character sheets!

Stuff the sheet must include:

Basic Info (name, age, gender, etc...)
Class + Subclass
Personality Stuff (personality traits, bonds, flaws and ideals) (at least 2-3 of each)
Stats (including not just typical stats, but also, passive perception, AC, spellsave DC, spell bonus, and others as such)
Appearance (and appearance details from a typical D&D character sheet) (since this is isekai, anime image is recommended)
Spell List
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