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Turns out I didn't get hurt by swallowing air. My lung just collapsed and it took me a month to realize
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Did you know that you can hurt yourself by swallowing air? Fuck you too lungs.
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Seriously i am sick and fucking tired of the fun police. Why the fuck would you care how i have fun in an offline, single player videogame? Kindly fuck right off please.
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Of course now was the best time to develop random lung issues. Thanks body, i love you too.
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Totsu recoiled a bit at the sound that the stunt she just pulled could lead her into a hole she couldn't climb her way out of again, biting her lip and nodding her head timidly, "I... I understand" she said before packing away her quest item into her bag and started to head out, listening attentively to her travel companion.

"Well I don't know much about programming other than like simple stuff I've read on forums. I went to school for economics and business management..." She responded after his explanation before adding "Not like I had a choice" before sighing and looking up at the larger of their duo, "You're too hard on yourself, things will work out, they always do in some way. Maybe the cynicism is setting in with your gray hair" she smirked teasingly, making their way back to the tent that served as a sort of operations base, or at least that is where they had picked up the quests for far. She turned in the item to the facsimile of a bishop they had met earlier and with that got the message flashing on their screen that was familiar to her by now.

Quest Complete


Naturalist Leveled up. Skill -Nature's Reclamation learned

She looked down at her skill bar and saw her new skill grayed out, "Huh... Why is it grayed out... I can't use it?" she mused to herself out-loud before inspecting the skill, opening a dialogue window for it. <Requires Crystals> served as her explanation, being reminded of the last skill she acquired which generated something of that ilk. She looked up at Beardo and smiled a bit, "I'm sorry I can't really help you on the concept stage too much, maybe I can like... uh.. playtest? Play the part of the impartial bystander that isn't ingrained in the community and culture? The view of a new player as it were?" she offered before thinking, "I don't know how else I could help you, I don't think classes of economic theory that were drilled into me would be of much use..."

She pulled up the next quest on the line, helpfully marked [3], by the description looking like it took place on the practice grounds, accepting it before looking towards the exit of the tent, "Care to lead the way to the next objective while we talk?"
"Oh, no worries, were I not doing this I'd probably be sitting in bed, reading or re-reading a book or something. I'd take spending time with friend over any timewaster that I'm doing by myself" She explaining reassuringly as they walked down the streets, her eyes following the rock as it shot through the air and got stuck in something, spinning in the air-non stop likely until the game despawned it.

Beardo starting speaking up again, this time with a question, she thought for a bit before nodding along with what he was saying, "Oh, probably something similar. I only have one class now but I saw that you have... a few. I think I might get lost in trying many of them out or trying to find stuff, y'know?"

They got to the area where Totsurugi started to search, opening one cabinet drawer after another, though strangely some drawers were... a special kind of empty, at least to her mind, there seemed to be a near-flat texture in it with files, doccuments and books, almost like someone painted a picture of this drawer being full but none of them were interactable, probably to give a sense of the world being live-in rather than to have it empty. The further down they went the more it became like that, sometimes an actual envelope or folder between the blank textures.

Her attention turned back to Beardo as he asked a rather valid question, did she know she was looking for, closing her eyes for a moment she nodded hesitantly, "So... These are toys magically brought to life or something yeah? This is a patent office, so it would stand to reason that we are trying to find the... uh... either the patent manual for the toys or an instruction for it that it would list to us the conditions of victory or how the game it supposed to be played? I mean, since they are alive it probably wouldn't be One-to-One but since this is a videogame and that is our objective, stands to reason that we are trying to find a manual on how we can kill the king?" She thought for a moment before looking down at her currently open drawer, one envelope sitting in it that she'd already checked out, listing the way on how to make an Abacus used in a competitive counting game.

She ran her fingers gains the flat texture, feeling a bump where the folder was and a distinctly different feeling as her hand grazed upon the envelope. She looked, her eyes scanning the environment, "That actually gives me an idea..." she said, walking to where two cabinets met but there was a bit of a gap between them, a bit smaller than the thickness of her fingers, "You mentioned that everything glitches sooner or later? I got an idea" she pushed her hand into the crevice which at first seemed to not go anywhere, being stuck in the small space until suddenly it fell in... no... through. Her hand was inside of the cabinet now, she chuckled a bit and moved her hand back and forth.

She moved her hand through the cabinet and to the next one, checking all of the shelves by moving her hand down it's length before moving on to the next one, then next one, able to check each and every cabinet rapidly like that until her hand finally hit something, the one thing that wasn't a part of this room as the world was created but was only put there by the quest, the one thing that was different in here; the quest objective.

Totsu pulled her hand from the cabinet and flexed her fingers a bit, still not wholly used to the cognitive dissonance the videogame world afforded, she opened the drawer and pulled the folder out, titled "A re-imagining of Chess: A tactical progression game"

Totsurugi listened to her friend talk before turning to face him, "You're doing it again. Focus, one problem at a time yeah, you have a bad habit of Spiraling you know" She held the folder close to her for know before listening to the rest of what he had to say, nodding her head towards him slowly before she got patted on the back, grunting a bit and stumbling forward at the unexpected force but just chuckling it off, it most likely wasn't intentional.

She packed the folder away in her bag for the moment before walking up to him, "Hey, listen. We all go through stressful times sometimes, I could use the distraction myself after..." her voice trailed off slowly before just shaking her head, "One problem at a time. I always liked talking to you, spending time in a videogame is no different. Things will work out, we just need to get the worries out of our heads for long enough to focus on fixing the problem and we'll come out okay"

She patted him on the back in turn though likely not nearly with the same impact as he had done before, "If you like my input maybe I can hear about this project you have going on."
Totsurugi sat on the ground for a few moments, wiggling her feet back and forth, her gaze fixated at them. She leaned back and stretching out, simply just enjoying some rest. She spotted her friend coming back a few moments later, luckily the wait between her finishing the quest and him clearing the way before practically non-existent. She stood up and stowed staff away by hanging it on her back and jumped off the chess board to meet him.

"Oh, no you're right on time, I was just finishing up. The next quest is... Yeah the one in the town square, right?" she responded, looking around before looking up into the corner of her screen to check the time, "Sure, I got some time left before I need to go. Will be about... hm... maybe an hour-ish before I can return, then I can stay until dinner time, we could maybe clear this area by then" she added, smiling softly.

Just as Beardo had said, the route towards the next quest in their line was rather barren, she could spot some enemies in the distance that they would have to go out of their way to defeat but decided that it would just be a waste of time to take such a detour for little to no benefit. The path stretched on for a while but they eventually reached their destination in front of the building where their quest marker pointed to. A large house with a placard reading "Shelian Archival and Patent Office"

Walking into the front door and past the reception desk; a a long wooden piece of furniture that looked chipped and stained, a toppled chair laying on the floor behind hit. She walked into the door labeled "Archives". Past there doors where rows upon rows of cabinets, arranged by functions. Toys were in one section, tools in another, furniture or toys the size of furniture in yet another. Turning up into the Toy section in the very first isle, marked "A-F"

Heading down the row and pulling a random drawer open, taking a random envelope and rifling through it, half skimming this application and diagram on "Bone Flute that causes rice to stand on end", raising an eyebrow and just chuckling, placing it back before looking at her travel companion and figuring that at least some small talk might ease the pain of bureaucracy. "We haven't really just talked in a while have we... How've you been? I think you mentioned something last time about... some frustration with work? Or?".

She rifled through some more documents while waiting for an answer, this one listed as "Cycltronic bicycle" detailing the construction and making of a bicycle which was made from two large circles, one which was in contact with the ground and you sat inside of and the second slanted at an 90% angle, seemingly so you could ride along walls as well and seemlessily transition between the two modes of transportation.
Totsu gazed at the menacing forest in front of her, thinking it would be better to collect odds and ends on the way, a sprout of odd looking grass here, some reeds there, seeds or roots from hither and flowers from thither, sticking them all in her bag. It wasn't a viable storage solution for the long term, they would surely wilt by the day's end but for a quest that wouldn't take more than a few hours she figured that it was better to have some supplies since by the looks of it life was sparse in the rapidly approaching miserable looking thicket of dead trees

As they walked towards the forest and spotting there a hooded figure whom had laid in wait, promptly starting to explaining away his situation and making his plea and as if it was on queue, which it likely was, a popup appeared, giving Totsu the next quest in the line which would lead them deeper into the woods which all but the darkest gods had abandoned.

Walking through the forest with their guide, Totsu couldn't help but get interested and wondering if her picked class could get some use out of these dead flora all around her. Walking up to a tree she passed she put her hand against it and spoke [Absorb] but nothing appeared to happen, maybe she was still too weak to absorb entire trees to use as ammunition, maybe it was because the tree was entirely void of life, either way she put it in the back of her mind before following with a few paces of a brisk jog to catch up on the ground she had lost with their short experiment.

Totsurugi's legs stopped by no force of it's own, rooting her to the ground as something caught Chelvric's attention, it felt quite unreal though strangely not unsettling to be a passenger in your one's own virtual body. This small animal looking like something either long extinct or from the imagination of a bored artist; more likely the latter rather than the former. It limped sluggishly through the barren ground, probably looking for something to eat. It however reached foul sorcery so as soon as it's paw touched a faint magic circle on the ground, it suddenly lit up and barbed thorns shot out, wrapping the pitiful animal around it's leg and pulling it in closer, a second thorn shooting it and doing the same, pulling it in to the center where several other thorned vines wrapped itself around it's neck, body and hind legs, forcing it to the ground before a flash of light exploded, emanating from the creature itself.

Totsu's senses lit up like the candles of a centennial's birthday cake. Not a sense they had been keenly aware of before, an inkling or a nudge before while now it was more like walking from an air conditioned house into the horridly hot and humid air outside as if the air was a wall. It was not a sense they could easily describe, similar to the way your thoracic cavity vibrates to loud music or a tingling sensation of goosebumps, maybe a bit of both. Elves had the ability to sense magic and with such a gush of it in front of herself made her keenly aware of her sense.

Totsu took a deep breath as they walked forward, avoid the traps the best they could, occasionally facing against a monster which was done in by a single large swipe of the bearded man-mountain's axe. They continued onward, ever deeper into the defiled forest until they reached the board made of eight by eight with caricatures of chess pieces on each side. The white pieces would rather uncharacteristically dispatch of the opposing force with the use of firearms. The black pieces meanwhile would charge with uncanny dexterity and flexibility not possible of stone nor material, thus they were locked in what looked an eternal stalemate. Totsu was entranced by this macabre display unraveling before her, only to be snapped out of it at the unknown voice behind them.

The person, if you could still call them that, was standing in front of the group, a rather horrifying yet still fitting the theme of this place. The large caricature of a Bishop, assumably belonging to the chessboard. She seemed to know their errant tour guide by the way they talked, by their conversation it was evident this was his long lost wife. Totsu felt rather weird to just stand there while the non-player characters talked to each other, she felt like she should be some part of the conversation considering her role within this story but their lack of humanity gave her pause, if they were just programming could they even response or just give a pre-programmed response. Deciding to stay silent, the band of less than merry wanderers were lead towards the tent where a war table sat in from of them.

Totsu started to tap her fingers on her thigh rhythmically as they stood in front of the table, looking almost like she was playing a tune. Eyes scanning over the war table, looking over the quests texts of the various quests before deciding to pick up the first one, appearing like a normal kill quest like they had gotten before, except with lurid living chest pieces instead of rodents. Taking steady, deep breathes, Totsu closed her eyes and tried to maintain some semblance of composure, sure the things in here weren't that bad and there was a degree of separation, knowing this was fiction, there was still effort on her part to categorize these never-before seen things.

"Alright, let's go. Best to take first things first no?" She reasoned right before turning heel and walking back out of the tent, making her way towards the checkered field of eight by eight, filled with the combatants. "Hey so. Quick tip. Red is dead, stay out of the red zones" advised her bearded mentor quickly.

As they approached the field the human pieces took a few steps back. "Thank'ye kindly... We need but a moments rest, you truly are life savers" one of the pieces said, stepping off the field and sitting down against nearby tree, what remained of one at least.

The assault of the pawns that had thus far charged forward stopped, the larger piece by the back center of the board, protected by a forcefield and presumably the king turned it's gaze towards the offending elf before turning towards his head towards the side. One of the knights; a centaur wielding a glaive, jumped over the line of pawns and slowly strode towards Totsurugi.

Second Knight


Both it's name and a what appeared to be a health bar appeared over it's head. It's eyes fixated on Totsu, a red glowing cone shaped field appearing under her feet. It took her several moments until the warning rang out in her mind again, don't stand in the red. Just as she made it out of the field the centaur leapt up and swung it's massive glaive, it's weapon covering the entirety of the lit-up area. A marker of the attack area she reckoned, it stood still for a moment after that, turning it's head towards the elf and gripping it's weapon tightly.

Reaching into her satchel and pulling the first thing her fingers touched out, some sort of ivy. When she absorbed it she gained some sort of a poison buff, launching her first projectile into it, landing square into it and dipping it's health bar but with a concerning IMMUNE also appearing with her own damage number... right, stone can't be poisoned, makes sense really. The knight lifted it's glaive up and reared on it's two hind legs, a red circle appearing around it, followed

Running away to a safe distance and grabbing something else from her pouch, this time a flower with a bell or a cup shape, trying that this time around. The bolt landed and this time did a good chunk more than she'd expect, not only from the extra damage not being blocked by what appeared to be a + alongside the damage number too, it would appear that the stone was weak to Acid damage. It took a while, at least to Totsu's focused mind while the battle itself couldn't have gone on for more than five minutes, dodging the various attacks; diagonal strikes, jumping sweeps, lunges, and others. Finally the last sliver of health it had had disappeared and the knight fell down and disappeared in a grand puff of smoke.

Breathing a sigh of relief and looking towards the axe wielding friend, which only smiled and gave a directed nod, seeming to direct her attention back to the battlefield. This time, the piece occupying the position of bishop moved. It grabbed it's staff and disappeared in a shimmer, appearing right in front of the slack-jawed, staring elf. It's name and health bar quickly appearing.

Second Bishop


"Oh... Great" came out of Totsurugi's mouth as the creature raised it's staff as red areas lit up again, except this time targeting all of the black spaces on the chessboard excluding the one it was standing on which soon were all hit by a bolt of lightning. It's attacks seemed different, being magic based in nature so rather than a predictable weapon swinging somewhere it could create magical affects nearly anywhere. In a toroid around it so the safe zones were really close or really far, diagonal lines away from it as well as seemingly random fields.

It took a good while but when it's health reached it's half way point it teleported away from it's position and re-appeared on a black space close to the center and extended it's hands away from itself, it's staff floating in front of it. The King and Queen raised up one of their hands, on apposite sides away from each other and closer to their respective edges, both firing a projectile diagonally that moved only along the sides of their opposite colors, a sphere of white followed black spaces in a diagonal pattern, bouncing off and changing directions each time it hit an edge while the black sphere did vice versa.

The fight became just that bit harder, not only avoiding the areas of death but making sure that she wasn't standing in a collision path with the spheres that were slow moving but deceptively so, creeping up on the space you thought was safe before you knew it. Perhaps by overly focusing on never being in danger, calculating the path of the spheres and standing a space she knew was safe and only then attacking, sure it did elongate the fight by a rather significant margin but in due time and a great deal of patience the bishop lay dead.

Totsurugi slumped to the ground and groaned, "That was harder than I thought It'd be." she huffed a bit before leaning back, "That was fun though, I can already imagine doing that with way more people in a way harder fight. I'd look forward to that"
First with the dealbreakers in spirit of saving you time. I mostly do my roleplays on discord. It would be rather hard to convince me to do it on here but not impossible. And as a side note, i do not intend for this to turn mature.

I cannot get this thought out of my head, it's been several years since i first started to look for these kind of roleplays but here is the gist of it.

Artsy shy kid X Jock/Popular person.

Sure open to more depth and detail than that but that is the bases of it. The character i had in mind for this, and the setting in general. Would be of the shy kid. It would most likely happen in a slightly more upscale highschool or college (Highschool has uniforms so that's a point up for me, open for debate though). I really like the theme of societal expectation VS personal wants and needs, someone being made to fill a box they don't fit.

Personally i'd love to play the Artsy kid, the shy one in the back that doesn't make an effort to hang out with other people and isn't exactly the best in social situations. Send me a PM if this sort of thing interests you.
First with the dealbreakers in spirit of saving you time. I mostly do my roleplays on discord. It would be rather hard to convince me to do it on here but not impossible.

I cannot get this thought out of my head, it's been several years since i first started to look for these kind of roleplays but here is the gist of it.

Artsy shy kid X Jock/Popular person.

Sure open to more depth and detail than that but that is the bases of it. The character i had in mind for this, and the setting in general. Would be of the shy kid. It would most likely happen in a slightly more upscale highschool or college (Highschool has uniforms so that's a point up for me, open for debate though). I really like the theme of societal expectation VS personal wants and needs, someone being made to fill a box they don't fit.

Personally i'd love to play the Artsy kid, the shy one in the back that doesn't make an effort to hang out with other people and isn't exactly the best in social situations. Send me a PM if this sort of thing interests you.
The Guard Captain walked in, while being irrefutably fair and surprisingly young-looking for her station, she also appeared to be worthy of that title based on the brief interaction between her and her subordinate. Totsu took a seat and was about to close her mouth again when she realized that in a world like this, she would have to rethink her preconceived notions of danger outside of bureaucrats, bullies who had nothing but their vitriolic words and mediocre muscles to aide them, this evidently was a world of myth and magic, where the extraordinary was commonplace.

Every single glance in whatever direction had been a new experience in it's own rate, people with mild animal features were more normal than the rest, often seen on advertising where some cute girl with an obvious headband and not dressed for the weather at all tried to sell you something you really didn't need. The further divorced from humanity or even just reality it got the harder it was to keep one's concentration after seeing one for the first time, snake people with hands seen in some religious texts or talked about by that one obnoxious dude in high-school, tall, slender blue alien looking things with hands reaching nearly to their ankles. The hooded man was especially memorable, looking right out of a fairy tail too, reading about such things could feel so vivid in your imagination but seeing it in front of you as if real was a bigger shock that Totsu was willing to let on.

Totsurugi's mind was already ablaze trying to piece together the what they had been so lovingly exposited, some magic that brought inanimate things to life, seemed to merge animate and inanimate things together and... something to do with glowing blue line, 'magic' was the only reason she could muster up, as general as that sounded. She'd have to pull some bullshit out of bullshit her way through this, but hey, at least those Latin classes they was forced to take finally came in handy, most of magic names seemed to be based on it.

"Well. From what i have gathered, there is a town not too far a way from where the refugees hail. Shelia is believe is the name. A town of great artists, painters, toy makers, all sorts. Until they started to experiment with Animagic. Using magic to make magic come to life. Dolls that dance by themselves, golems to help with the fieldwork. But they didn't stop there, if they could make their doll alive... why not people too? I have no confirmation but a logical conclusion of animagic would be necromancy, i know that they started to experiment with human souls at least which is a step too far. I know not what tragedy befell them, to have such a mass exodus is unlikely to be the result of a political disagreement, i can only guess that one of their magics or even a sufficiently powerful mage had gone rogue"

Most of that was just strung out of the aether and a lot was flair for dramatic effect but she'd hope that it would have gotten across most of the information that Totsu had learned so far.

"I see... In such a delicate matter i am loathe to rally the guard and raise awareness to our actions. Thus i would ask of you to go under my command to Shelia, i will reach out more of my contacts while you scout ahead. Can i trust you with this?"

Totsu could see in her mind's eye a small text reading "Answer" a second after the guard captain had stopped speaking, prompting her to nod slowly "Yes Ma'am" and just then she could see another text, in what appeared to be gold saying

Quest Complete

Quest Accepted: The Deadland's Trail.

"Alright, next objective is.... 'arrive in the dead forest' it says"

"We have to move through the Trostlands to get there. She should have another quest to kill some pests in the farm fields, might as well pick it up if it is on the way" Beardo responded.

Totsu nodded, looking through the quest list by quest giver and there saw the name of the guard captain, one aptly named "Pest Control" seemed to be the one she was looking for.

Farmers of Trostland Fields have sent request of aid in dealing with Riebo plaguing the crops, eating large chunks and leaving the rest to rot. May this notice serve as bounty for dead Riebo, either whole or head only for proof of kill.

-Maryl Decroux. Captain of the Royal Litopian Guard.

Objective: Collect 10 Riebo Heads from slain Riebo. [0/10]
Rewards: 20 silver. 20 XP.

The party of two exited the building and walked across the street until they exited the gate, being met with rolling plains with the occasional farmhouse indicated by their stable and tilled farmland. There were several roads leading to several places, the direction Beardo pointed to however showed a less than vibrant forest in the distance, practically a black mass some walk away from them currently.

It was a few minute's hike towards the farmland, in there were small squirrel-like creatures, short and thing with large, bushy tails and rather adorable faces. Having an icon above their names similar to the quest icon, marking them as what they should be killing.

"So, what? I just... killed them one by one?" she asked, taking out her staff and looking at one of the furry critters that made a rather delicious sandwich.

Beardo sighs, mouth and skin twitching a little before he resigns himself to saying it "No, you just deal them a little bit of damage, to as many as you can. I'll do the rest."

Totsu raised her eyebrow and looked towards the Riebo, starting running and bonking one over the head with her staff, causing it to become hostile and start attacking her. The inhaled sharply and ran away, towards the next one and made another minimally damaging head-smack with her wooden staff, moving from critter to critter, gathering them all up.

As the crowd grew, Beardo suddenly leapt forward like he was a part of some anime, closing the distance between himself and the group of rodents before giving one large swing of his axe, cleaving the entire group at once, being massively over-leveled for this area, even the most basic of attacks was enough to kill them in one hit.

They continued this routine for a while, getting more than doubled the required amount and a fair chunk of experience before they looked towards the forest, nodding to each other and dusting off before making their way towards the forest.

It did take a bit of walking but they finally arrived at a grove of dead, black trees as far as the eye could see, there was nothing the first few dozen feet, not even so much as a patch of grass. Further in however one could see something shambling in the distance, white bones and leather rags hanging off of them, a forest in which skeletons called their home.
Totsurugi's attention was pulled by a notification by the system, an alert from outside the virtual reality of a message being passed through. They opened up the system menu, causing a small icon to appear over their head that they were out of the app at the moment, returning a few seconds later once the conversation had finished, both Totsu's and Beardo's as it happened. She let out a short sigh and breathed in before speaking up "Sorry, real life intruding. I should still be good to go until dinnertime, a few more hours at worst." the bunny maid put down their food just as she had finished her sentence before walking away, looking half exhausted.

Picking up the sandwich and biting into it, looking visibly surprised by the flavors, having a sense of familiarity of it, almost like she could recognize parts of the flavors that mad it but couldn't pinpoint it; like if someone had split complex flavors into it's parts and recombined it in a combination that didn't exist in the real world, at least not in Totsu's albeit limited gastronomical experiences. The tea tasted just as wonderful, surprising Totsu yet again that not only could complex flavors exist in this virtual world but also did other experiences, like recreating the feeling of hots drinks, there were a few irregularities however, like she couldn't feel anything if it wasn't touching her tongue, the drink felt like nothing if against her cheeks or going down her throat, as if it only existed while on her tongue. With a few tweaks she could see how someone could live entirely within the game, given that their bodily needs would be taken care of outside of it.

After finishing her meal Totsu leaned back with a content smile, nodding her head in agreement with her bearded friend, "No argument there... I might become addicted to this place for the food alone" she chuckled a bit and leaned back in her seat, listening to Beardo speak up with his explanation. She nodded her head and stood up, getting her staff back out as soon as they left the establishment.

Walking down the streets into what she gathered was more the slums, the poorer or less wanted populace making their home here away from the places regularly patrolled by the city guards. Their walk ended with them stopping in front of a run down tavern that seemed rather popular nonetheless judging by the noise coming from inside it. Stopping in front of it she fumbled through her menus until she found the quest menu, going through the sections before she arrived at the 'Kingdom Quests' and found the correct one.

The quest icon looked rather fancy, like a poster that would be nailed to a notice board in medieval times with various notices, classified, official information, warning or requests. Reading through it carefully she scrolled down and hit 'Accept' seeing a "QUEST ACCEPTED" stay on her screen for a few seconds, seeing the quest name on the side of her HUD, listing it's name and first step but no indicator or guide arrow to speak of.

"Alright, got it" She responded when Beardo explained why they started here and not where the first step of her quest told her to go. "Oh, i can go first. Don't want to hide behind you too much" she smiled, walking inside the bar and taking a good look around, just as her hunch had told her, the people around here looked like they would not not to be approached by guards. A lot of hidden faces, some people with tattoos which looked like crests or symbols, some even sharing the same ones. A lot of people who looked liked 'Night Workers' who took coin for services which the morally self-righteous would oppose to. The main bar had some people sitting around it, some empty tankards and flagons sitting around with dirty plates that hadn't been cleaned yet, some having various meal scraps.

Totsu walked towards the bartender, seeing a flagon in front of her that had been left practically full with a clear liquid with no one around. She looked towards the barkeeper after looking at her companion, following his instruction and asking him for the stew. She looked down at the flagon and dipped her finger into it, "[Probe]" she spoke, a faint flash of light coming from her finger, causing Totsu to chuckle a bit, "Of course... Hey, Did you know that..." she said to Beardo before she heard someone fall down on the floor with the man bellowing out and the instruction popping into her mind. "Well, time to see if this works...." she said quietly, taking a deep breath and taking the tankard with her.

She lifted her staff up, walking towards the main and holding it about two feet in front of her, Energy started to collect at it's tip, forming a sphere of magic at it's tip, the effect of "Holding" the [Adaptive Bolt] spell without firing it. "If you have a problem with this man, I suggest you take it outside" she said, her voice sounding a tad bit deeper and as serious as she could muster. She lifted the tankard in on hand, spilling it onto her hand where it disappeared in a faint light, a red trail moving through her right hand, through her chest and towards her left where she held her staff. Suddenly the ball of energy pulsed and caught onto fire, the blaze rising above it, giving off a fair bit of heat. Not surprisingly, the drink she had absorbed was not water; Down here in the slums it was the cheapest thing one could buy, practically pure alcohol fit for use as fuel.

The petite elf visibly recoiled at the "battlecry" coming out of nowhere, obviously startled by the sudden and very flamboyant entrance of the maid carrying a precariously tall stack of plates, platters and food of various kinds. While the loud force of disruption scanned over the place Totsu spoke up "The other guys talked about it, do I thought that is what it did, or at least somewhere along those lines" her eyes scanned the room, coming across quite the varied selection of people, groups, loners or friends all hanging out.

There was a large human looking man, appearing to be in his early twenties and wearing all black; black, short hair, a long, long coat which reached nearly to his ankles, what looked like a military cargo vest, just in black and slacks in a color you'd never guess. He sat alone in a corner with his hands resting behind him on each wall of the corner with a massive sword on his back despite the rule, likely bigger than him and surely weighing more, as if to complete the entire ensemble he had piercing, almost glowing red eyes... The entire visage of gave Totsu the uncanny feeling of Dejavu, memories of highschool flooding back to her mind.

Her eyes followed the bunny girl for a spell as she moved towards the different groups and let out her catchphrase every sentence like she was a pokemon or a character from an anime... in which case she'd likely fall right in with her bright maid outfit and moe mannerisms, from the halfling wizards to the lycanthrope to the lizardfolk, four armed bug people and finally what looked like some kind of dragonkin, or at least draconically inspired with it's long toothy snout and red scales.

When the strutting (and sometimes jumping) moeblob made their way over to their table with an impressive display of her vocal range followed by the jump, Beardo gave their order before Totsu added, "Oh, and tea please. Any is fine." before turning back to her companion and mentor, "So is there some" she started only to be interrupted by yet another edgelord walking in, slamming the door open.

Seemingly mesmerized by the odd display of a plague-doctor-cowboy and a peppy maid in maid uniform staring each other down before doing this weird greeting ritual of jumping together with hands touching, chanting her catchphrase. She blinked a few times and could only muster a nod in response to Beardo's comment, seeing the "cowboy" turn towards the, seemingly knowing Beardo.

As they spoke up the question she was cut off from asking seemed to become pretty evident, it seemed like there was a stigma against powerlevelers, if she had to guess it was likely due to "As intended" kind of people that seemed to plague every single field one could gain proficiency in, be it music, arts or any sport, there always seemed to be a rather vocal group of people that had a right way of doing things, if you didn't do it like they wanted you were doing it wrong.

This cowboy however seemed intent on getting Beardo to come and teach, she personally couldn't even vouch for if people new his name, much less of any skill he might or might not have that would be worthy of teaching but appearantly this "cowboy" was quite eager on getting his help, not that Beardo seemed comfortable with that. As they turned back to Totsu to ask she just shook her head slowly, bowing her head politely, "Oh... uh... thanks for the offer but i think we got it. We should be fine on our own" she responded, not really feeling confident in being around a larger group this early, especially if she would have to fight them or compete with them, going alone for now seemed like the best course of action for them at the moment until she knew whatever she was doing.
She walked along with the large bearded man away from preying eyes, notably those of the monohorned equines topped with an unknown condiment. Listening to the large man speak she just nodded her head, "Yeah. Sorry i just thought that 'at the cathedral' meant somewhere outside it as opposed to 'in the cathedral'... The courtyard was big and i didn't exactly know what you looked like... i guess it's on me for not asking"

When being beckoned to walked Totsu nodded her head and slowly followed him along, looking down at his hand when it was offered, hesitating for a bit but deciding to go with it, taking his hand as they walked down the streets. There were a fair few people walking around, past them, behind them or in front. Nobody really seemed to care aside from a few stray glances before going to to their business. Totsu however was noticing a fair few things; the construction of the buildings, how the road started to deteriorate from the clean hewn rocky streets reminiscent of old roman roads that had stood the test of two thousand years to a more worn or less put together, mostly loose cobblestone with patches where the packed dirt was visible.

Following him down the streets and starting to walk behind one of the buildings she wanted to speak up but thinking that it could maybe be some sort of a hiding place or something. Looking through the window of the shop it looked like it was for potions or healing items of some sort, confirmed but a moment later when Mr.Beardo started to speaking up, hearing about it was one thing but seeing it was a whole another deal, seeing his hand go through the wall and later pull her in behind the counter, the man not even reacting.

She looked up at her guide as he started to take potions off the wall, she blushed and leaned in, "But isn't that..." and her question was answered before she had time to finish it by the potion reappearing. The more she thought about it the more it made sense, stealing or theft in general relied on the loss of value from one to benefit the other, these potions appeared to be infinite and there was no hint about the shopkeeper being alive or even existing in any capacity out of standing there and selling, most of the money just disappearing into the void she imagined. From the looks of it, it appeared like it was benefiting one party with no downsides to anyone so she ended up reaching up to the shelf and taking a few, putting them in her pouch before they left the way they came and walked back down the way.

Totsu walked into the fancy looking diner and took a seat at one of the pouffes and leaned back, looking at Beardo as his Axe disappeared, she blinked a few times before nodding and opening her menu screen. Uh.. Inventory? Ah, there it was, the [Stow Weapon] button. Seeing the menu for the place being handed over she took it, receiving it with both hands and looking it over carefully for a few moments before smiling, "So what you mean to tell me is that i can actually eat here and not just [Absorb] it?" she asked rhetorically with a bit of a chuckle. "Well in that case i guess i will go for the [Riebo&Tanzo Sandwich]" she decided without having any idea what those two things were.

Listening to his first point she nodded a bit "Yeah, i did go through the tutorial but...They only really taught me the basics of my class, i still have no idea how to get new classes or races or whatever. I'd appreciate help with that" looking on as he pulled out the large suitcase and opened it, continuing to speak, "Well... i am guessing they let you reset your race or class or something along those lines?" As he raised his second finger she nodded again and just shrugged, having no idea of the significance of the event or the merchants so she just stated that it was up to his better judgement what they should do with their time.

On the third point she just blinked a few time? Power leveling? Beardo had a weird look on his face when he mentioned it so it must have been something frowned upon on... By her best estimates it was something like gathering levels as quickly as possible. She nodded her head slowly, "Well, i'd be pretty overwhelmed with the amount of new skills i would be getting but you seem to be rather knowledgeable about this so i think i would be okay if you would guide me through it. I'm guessing there isn't much use in someone who is of a low level so if i could be useful quick i wouldn't be against it" she mentioned, nodding slowly.
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